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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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(((((job vibes for doodle and dusty)))))

Doodle, I SO look forward to the daily installment of "doodle days" when I get home every night! Nice on the shopping scores! I wish I liked to shop for clothes - I really hate the looking around part and trying things on. I get overwhelmed easily, and even though Filene's Basement (big discount dept store) is right by my office, I can't stand the clutter and crowds. *shudders.*

CH, now aren't you glad you're not going to grad school now? You sound WAY more excited about your law enforcement possiblities than you were about going back to school!

Oh, and I called the USPS hotline this afternoon, and talked to a very nice lady this morning who filed a complaint ticket with my local branch. The manager of the local branch called me within an hour and told me that they found my package!! Apparently the postal worker had accidentally marked the package "delivered" instead of "delivery notice left." YAY! I should have new bath goodies tomorrow! Of course, I went out at lunch and bought a couple of bubble bars to tide me over in case my package wasn't found, bit it'll all get used.

Dusty, your coworker is a fucktard - be glad you're leaving someone like that behind. What a mean thing to do - and to wake you up for that to boot - even worse!

Diva - good for you for evacuating for the rethuglican invasion - what a horror en masse, corrupting your independently minded liberal stronghold.
Turbo, yaaaaaaaaaaay on finding the package of goodies!!! And that is service!

You're right, I'm much more excited about the future in law enforcement than I am about grad school. I'm even talking to police officers and seeing what they think of it, and I'm really excited about things. Soooooo, here's hoping that all goes well. The written portion, the officer I spoke to, said was nothing, she has a degree in education, and didn't find it hard. I'm not concerned about that as I did the university thing.

Oooh, I totally forgot to tell you, i had some guy who said he was the building manager at the current location harass me and tell me he was going to get my car towed. Then he was trying to block me from leaving the parking lot! So I threatened to call the police on him and picked up my phone, then he freaked. In all reality, i call the supervisor I'm working for and told her about what had transpired, and she knows who he is. While he does work for the building, he's not a manager, so she's going to the actual building manager to talk about his crazy beahviour. who doesn't let a person out of the parking lot. he stepped in front of my car when i was attempting to leave! What a dork. Anyhows, I'm parking in staff parking tomorrow. what a mysoginist freak. he said he had not given me permission to speak! cuntwad doesn't know how far up I'll go.


It makes me laugh now.

Soooooo, how is everyone? smile.gif
Good evening, troops! Hiya turbo and CH!

turbo, I hear ya on hating shopping. Generally, I hate it too - kind of ironic that I'm working in a store, huh? But once I started really getting into clothes a few years back, I started planning my wardrobe a bit, so I tend to shop with a list in my head, and look to fill specific needs, and that makes it go fast and much easier. Like, I knew I was looking for neutral-coloured jacket-y type things today, so I didn't even look at anything else. I'm a very focused shopper!! Total WAHOO on finding where your package is at!! (Ooh, that didn't come out right at all.)

CH - ooh, don't you hate it when people get on a power trip like that? Ugh! Glad you are tough enough to kick ass! You'll make an excellent cop. But I guess your weed days will be over....?

The rest of my day was okay....just kept my head down and kept working, mainly. Had an amusing conversation with one of the techs, who I think might have a crush on me. Talked with BEB and hippiegirl tonight - hippiegirl and I are going to meet BEB downtown after work and all come back here together, where I will be cooking...eep! BEB warned me that he tends to eat quite a lot, so I guess I will go start chopping and marinating stuff now.....

Hee hee! I actually "got" the little jokester when I answered the phone....I answered it as "Paula's Porno Palace." (I have call display.) BEB kind of sputtered, "What?" And then after I laughed, he rolled with it: "Yes, it's the Prime Minister calling...." Had me almost in tears laughing by the end of it.
*Flicks on Doodle Days* "-These Doodle Days are your's and myyy Doodle Days!"

He he! Great that you two can joke around like that smile.gif Even if he turns out to be just a friend, he's quite the friend (though we're cheering for roamnce). Good luck in the keeechen!

Ooh, speaking of, I've been roped into making my slightly-sourdough crepes for a Mother's Day brunch. Maybe some cornbread pancakes, too. Sounds like there'll be 80 guests! *gulp!* Meh, so I guess I'll be impressing a lot of people smile.gif Any suggestions for crepe fillings? Gourmet fillings, yet affordable and perhaps stuff I can make in quantity beforehand.

Culture! Kickass that the saltwater gargle seemes to have worked smile.gif If it didn't the next step, (though extreme,) would be to gargle... a werefish! ohmy.gif Oh, and great that you didn't take no shit from that garage bastard! He ACTUALLY said that he did not give you permission to speak?!? He sounds like someone who could be working his way up to bolder things, and crimes at that, perhaps. I'd suggest not letting him know that it was specifically you complaining about him, if you can keep your anonymity to him. I'll bet he's the vengeful type. Pathetic as he is, it's best not to have him focus on you.

Turbo, Yaaaay that you'll be getting your bath products after all! I'm glad you weren't stolen from smile.gif

*Jobby-Vibes for Dusty, Doodle, and all those in need* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Diva, Poodle, sorry about the mixup! unsure.gif Hope you're both healthy and havin' fun!

ErinJane, he he! Isn't that the coolest feeling? I remember getting done with the last of papers and finals and feeling like I could scale walls like I was a ninja! (Well, I sorta could, actually ph34r.gif )

Heya Kari, Anna, FJ, and GT! smile.gif

So today was a bit of a relief in a couple of ways. Earlier, after I was laid off from my previous job, I filled out the unemployment ensurance claim, and I guess I did it too honestly. I put down that they had given me a reason for laying me off, and it was for taking too many sick days (Well,I was sick a bunch sad.gif ). Anyway, so they had been withholding giving me unemployment insurance checks (which I paid into while working) for the past few weeks, including when I was doing training for two weeks. There was a whole thing about them eventually getting back to me on deliberating over my eligability. It was my fault for being honest in the paperwork, I'm told. Well, we finally got a lump sum check! Yaay! Also, I finally got to the bottom of what was causing my computer to be so sluggish. Since I did so many other things in desperation to speed it up again, now it's even faster than before the problem smile.gif Not by much, though.
Good Morning!

Well, I was late for work this morning as I fell asleep, then was up at 2:30 then didn't fall back asleep until 3:30. I'm contemplating ending two friendships because I don't feel valued in the friendship. The first is PR boy, what I think I'll do is just not contact him at all, he can do whatever. The other is a friend who I've had issues with for a while, I have issues with the fact that when I want to leave the bar, I want to leave. I don't want to hang around and watch people get drunk all the time. Which is what happens when we go to the bar. In fact, when he's in town when he's not working I don't give flying fuck about the bar.

aren't I just a complainer lately!? laugh.gif

Doodle, that is too funny about how you answered the phone. I'd like to have been there. And yup, my weed days are done. Kinda sucks, but even before I decided to become a cop, I was not smoking because I am working out so intensely. Have you decided on what you are going to make for dinner?

Hey Lore! I'm not the only person who's had dealing with fucko, but I suspect he'll know it's me. BUT, yay on the extra fundage!!!! Any other news on another job yet?? And yes, he did tell me he hadn't given me persmission to speak. Now I'm thinking of Ninja's.

~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity job vibes for Doodle and Lore~*~*~*~*~*
*rawr* Coffee. Need coffee.

Hiya CH and lore....I'd have more to say, but I'm not sure I'm awake yet. Stayed up kinda late, thinkin' and singin' to myself....heh.

Is it good things day?

1) I look amazing in my new beige cardi, with black dress pants, black fitted cami, and embroidered turquoise Indian shawl worn as an Isadora Duncan strangle-yourself-by-mistake scarf.
2) Also wearing my hairs fabulously curled this morning, 'cos I actually got up in time for more than a quick flip.
3) Came into the building singing "Three Little Birds" this morning, which seems to amuse my co-workers. One cute boy at the coffee station just kind of smiled and grooved around in silence to my singing while we both got our coffee.
4) Still working for pay today! (Always a good thing to account for, if you're a temp.) And hoping to negotiate a decent package for staying here.
5) Jamming tonight, and dinner, too, made by me! (Think I'll get BEB to stop somewhere for a bottle of wine on the way back to my place.)
6) Going to see a boy I like very much this evening.
7) Coffee. Beautiful, beautiful coffee.
Hey Doodle!

The outfit sounds smokin!!! You always sounds so sexay!!!!!

I was talking to a supervisor and she told me she say through a police interview, as she worked for the police and advised me of some of the questions they asked. I'll ask around a bit more about the stuff that goes on and take it from there. She also advised that police don't have a sense of humour in the interview. Figures.
Does that mean you're going to become no fun when you become a cop, CH? wink.gif

I love the idea of one of our own beoming a cop!!!!

I do feel sexay, even in a cardigan! (It's a hip cardigan. tongue.gif) This one guy in my office keeps looking at me today....this particular guy's interest has been off and on, and all I can think at this moment is, "Dude, I wore this outfit for a boy, but it ain't you."

ETA: why, why, why, why do people give out their social insurance number? Why? Do they not know it's against the law to even require it as ID? Why? I'm half-tempted to leave it off the database processing....
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the check, Lore! That is bullshit that you can get penalized for being honest. But really, you were sick! Are you supposed to go in and infect everyone so everyone can get canned, too?

Jenn, that's great that you got your package, after all. I've never heard of such good service at the post office.

CH, that man sounds like an asshole! Since when do you need some man's permission to speak when he's blocking you in a parking lot, just to be an asshole? That's very quite funny. And when you're a copy, please be one of the cool ones. There are so many asshole cops out there harassing people who do nothing wrong, just to throw their weight around. The giant's brother is thinking of becoming one, too, but I have a feeling he could be one of the asshole ones, what with all the military experience and all.

Hi, Doodle! Have fun with your dinner party.

Today is just a day around here, but that's fine by me. I talked to Sam for awhile before I left work yesterday. We had a lovely conversation, actually. He was telling me all about the houses for sale near my parents, then suggested that we move in with his dada, and then told me about a publication to look through for new places. "First, you go to The Swede (Swedish Inn, a greasy spoon diner in my parents' city), then you pick up the apartment finder, then you look for the house in Pinecone Grove, Texas." Then I told him who lives in Texas (Bush) and he went "eeewwwww! He's a bowl of rotten eggs!" Then he told me more stories about the Mean Green (snapping turtle) before I had to go. He even invited me to "hurry over for dinner" with him. I really miss him when he's not around. I love him like he's my own. After that, I went to the gym for a little bit, then we signed our new lease for 6 months. Now we don't have to think about moving again until the fall.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I'm wearing a lemon yellow polo shirt. No biggie, but it's a really happy color. It's one of my "Tim Gunn made me buy it" shirts.
2) No worries about where to live for the next half a year
3) Good shot of sunshine from Sam yesterday to tide me over for awhile
4) Good thunderstorms last night
5) I'm wearing sandals again!
6) This girl at work who I fixed a necklace for last month finally paid me yesterday out of the blue. It'd been bugging me for awhile, so I'm happy I don't have to ask her for payment anymore.

Time to heat up some lunch. Today it's a WW pineapple beef teriyaki something-or-other. I'll go out for a coffee, too. The day doesn't seem quite right if I don't venture outside for lunch for at least a few minutes, especially on a day like this.

Oh, I'll be fun still, just a different kind of fun. I think I'll have to keep it to flogging fun! laugh.gif

We have to have a persons social insurance number because of investigations purposes. If somoene is collecting from another agency, such as CPP, EI, or Social Assistance from another province, it comes up on reports.

ETA: X posted with Diva! Hey! you also got wicked thunderstorms last night? Cool, we got it during the day. And I think I'd be a cool cop, not an authoritarian totalitarian mofo. Awwww Sam!
anna k
I worked out for two hours yesterday at the gym, doing a body sculpt class with weights, then jumping on a trampoline for about an hour. I feel much better today.

I thought more about that guy I dated. He lives in an area of Queens that I don't know, and I don't feel like going to his place yet, nor do I want him in my place. I even had a fantasy of hooking up in a peep show booth, though I think I like the fantasy better than the reality. I'm flattered and can easily hook up with him, but I know that I don't feel the desire and it may be like other boring, emotionless sex that I've had before. I feel guilty about being picky, but I've been with guys who were into me who I wasn't interested in, and would feel bored and unchallenged.

turbo, I don't like clothes shopping too. I also hate having to find specialty bras, being a triple-D cup, and those bras being pricier. I'd rather pick up inexpensive bras that fit a D cup, but those are too small for me.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with my siblings. I rarely see my brother and my sister is moving back to NY after being down south for a year and a half. We're all going to see a concert, and I want to get reacquainted with her, even though she can get on my nerves.
Anna, you should never feel guilty about picking who you are going to be with. It would be worse if you weren't into the person and led them to believe that you were into them.

No need to hook up with someone after one date, especially if you met them online and you're not attracted to them.

CH, when you ask for a SIN number, that's 'zackly what its for. What Doodle's doing? Well, unless its for the purpose of having taxes deducted on your winnings, not what its intended for. I practically went ballistic when the province suggested I use my credit card as ID to get my drivers license renewed. I think not.

Not sure why the guy was giving you a hard time over the parking, but he sounds way out of control. Or into control.

Yay for Lore's cheque!

Hee. Doodle's got me singing it too. Everybody's looking sidelong at me to see how I'm coping with the fact that my job of 17 years is ending next week, and I'm singing 'Three Little Birds'.

Yikes. Mother's Day. Really soon. I forget these things because I don't actually have a mother, but Mr. Dusty has.

Great photos of our rally on Sunday
Hee hee! Everybody's got the Marley today! Yay!

I've actually moved on to Steve Earle's Copperhead Road. Heh. wink.gif

Actually I was wondering if I was singing Three Little Birds to myself to squelch the job sitch nerves....maybe that should be our job issues theme song for Okayland. "Don't worry...about a thing....'cause every little thing's gonna be alright...."

Hiya diva, dusty, and anna!

Yeah, we're not collecting SINs for tax purposes - people are giving it as ID for their self exclusions! I don't even think they can make you give ID - the program IS voluntary, and some people don't have ID on their profiles - but I think some folks just react to authority (like casino security - many of them are retired cops) with compliance. I wouldn't even give my SIN to the credit union when I joined, although as they pointed out, they can get it anyway. But still. Actually, one guy gave his credit union membership card as ID, I noticed this morning! Oi!

anna, ditto on what the others said about the guy. I don't really have anything intelligent to add except affirmations. wink.gif

diva, I love your Sam stories!

dusty, I almost forgot mother's day, too! I just realized yesterday it was coming up, when I saw the ginormous mother's day cards at 7-11. Now that's bad.

CH, I'm still sad about your new no-weed policy. sad.gif I'll have to smoke it on the balcony when you visit me, so we don't have some kind of weird Ross Rebagliati effect!

I noticed there is a seamstress up the road from work, so I took my new satin top there at lunch - the bodice was twisting a bit, and I figured it might be one of the is. So they're going to move/shorten the strap for me. (I didn't want to fuck it up by doing it myself.) It's not the top - it measures perfectly. So it's my body. My shoulders must be misaligned...probably all those years of carrying a heavy backpack/purse on one shoulder! Anyway, I told her I needed to wear it for a boy on Saturday night, so she promised to have it for me by Friday lunchtime. biggrin.gif
I got the heads up about Mother's Day at a meeting re: Bill C-484. Heh.
Good Evening.

Dusty, the rally looked like it was a great success! the asshole has left me alone and my plate number has been given to management of the building, so no tow for me.

Doodle, I'm also sad about the no weed policy, too. But, this is what I want to do, so I'll have to make a few sacrifices. heh, Ross Rebagliati. I wonder what ever happened to him. How long does weed stay in your system? a year? If I wasn't planning on entering until next year, i always could... I'm glad the seamstress is getting you your shirt.

Well, I took emily to the park and that's all I've got in me. I'm pretty tired. I'm thinking of giving PR boy the axe, and there is another friend, lets call him, N, I'm pretty fed up with him. we used to go to the bar all the time, I got tired of watching everyone get drunk, and I had the joys of being DD. well these people are all in their 30's, I don't want to stay out all night every weekend. I enjoy my leisure time on weekend, I only have two days. so, I started bailing out early, and they had to figure out how to get home. I think he has issues with that. I don't care. I'm sick of the bar, I like quieter evenings. So with that said, I think N's having issues with that. I'm moving on, I'm growing up, and I think some people are also having issues with that. Well, i don't want to be a cougar at the bar, an there comes a time when you need to stop getting drunk all the time.

and that's my deal.

I think the time frame for weed is more like a week or a month, but it bears looking into I think.

Sadly, sitting around watching people get wasted when you're sober isn't a whole lot of fun.
Since I double posted anyway, I'll just add that according to wikipedia, its up to 120 days in your hair, one to two months for urine, and twelve days for blood.
CH, I love that you're really feeling centered about what you want to do AND who you want to spend your time with! Bravo! I definitely remember sifting through my pool of friends a few years ago and really choosing the friends who I wanted to spend my precious free time with. And I have always loved my alone time.

Speaking of which - turbomann's BFF was supposed to come visit this weekend, but now he can't, as his fiance's purse was stolen from her locked locker at the gym - wallet, IDs, house keys, car keys, and the thief immediately went and charged $5K on her cards. even though she changed the locks on her house, she'd rather have her fiance home with her this weekend - I would too. SO, I'm packing turbomann off to their house in MI this weekend - alone time for me - YEAH!

And even better, I threw a bribe in there to boot - he has to clean both of his closets out, otherwise - no boys' weekend! How sweet is that?! I am fucking brilliant.

Dusty - I thought they could also test your whole length of hair for weed. I could be wrong though....

Dusty - those pics of the rally are awesome!! Looks like a great turnout.

Diva - I, too, am a big Sam fan. And I love his thoughts about GWB. Awesome.

Anna, I hear you on the bra favorite one just busted yesterday, and the wire from the underwire was poking me in the pit all day. Booo! I've been needing some new underoos for awhile, I guess I'll really have to do it now...the bra shopping just really pisses me off - too hard to find my size.

Doodle - Paula's Porn Palace cracked me up!! Truly, I hope you get to lay a big smooch on BEB this weekend!
hi hi hi! just a quick note before good things tuesday ends!

good things tuesday:
1. had a good 2nd interview today. lasted 2.5 hours! i really liked the office, the manager and the potential office-mates. they even had an office gerbil!! how cute! anyway, the only roadblock now (aside from getting a decent offer!) is that there are two internal employees also interested in the position. one lives here in town and works at an office across town, wants the closer office. the other lives in wisconsin and wants to transfer to be closer to family. the manager told me that she's looking for a perfect match and is even willing to leave the position open rather than fill it with someone that doesn't match up. i'm hoping i made a good impression. i did have them laughing a few times and really got a good feeling from it. so, we'll see... vibes would be awesome!

2. today, jackaroo stood up in his crib or the first time. AND, he WAVED hello to another child that lives down the street. he's been sort of half-heartedly raising an arm for the past several weeks but today when i said, "say hi, jackaroo!" he lifted his hand and waved it back and forth! ahh! my baby boy is growing up! sweet boy!

one bad thing - i somehow pulled a muscle in my neck/left shoulder. it hurts when i turn my head. didn't bother me at all until i got home from my interview today.

i hope doodle is having a good jam session. i sense a kiss coming up soon.

turbo, that sucks about turbomann's friend's purse getting stolen. i'd want my man nearby after something like that too. damn... $5K on the credit cards? heh, i guess this is when i should be thankful i have poor credit and couldn't get that much of a limit to save my life. dry.gif but cool that you get a weekend alone. and clean closets!

culture, i'm proud of you too. but i was hoping that i'd one day get my ass above the border and share a bowl with you. wink.gif but seriously, good for you for deciding that it's something you want to do. i wish you the best of luck! all this working out will serve you well, i'm sure! i've had a little issue with my "bff" lately. i was just about ready to cut her off after several unreturned phone calls and weeks of feeling like she was putting me on the back burner, but she called yesterday and wants to hang out this weekend. i hope she doesn't bail again. if she does, it's really gonna sting. i don't make friends often and certainly not close like i am with her...

hi diva! sam seems so sweet. count me in on loving the stories!

hi lore! mmmm! crepes!

dusty, those rally photos WERE great! much bigger than i had imagined from your earlier descriptions.

annak, sex in a peep show booth sounds pretty hot to me, but it would probably be better with someone you feel more than lukewarm toward...

you doing ok, tree? i'm thinking of you.

kari, how is your first week of freedom going?

i feel like i've forgotten some people. but i'm really sleepy, so i'm gonna have to stop here.

hmmm. i guess the jury is still out on our democratic candidate.

Dudes. Apparently, Ross Rebagliati is running the Rebagliati Alpine Snowboarding Training Academy or (I'm not making this up) RASTA at Kelowna.

Yay for FJ's interview (parts crossed)!

Hey to Sam and Jackaroo.

Boo on locker being broken into, but yay for alone time and clean closets. You are truly an evil genius, Turbo.

The rally was probably about 700 people. We were pleased. Even though we got 3500 out on December 8.
Um.....I promise I'll read tomorrow. I am too lost in thought at the moment.

As I was closing the door tonight after BEB and hippiegirl, BEB blew me a kiss from the hallway. Like, a slow, kinda romantic one. With a very long, lingering, serious eye lock that didn't break till the door was closed.

No, that's not even the whole story. But I can't tell you tonight. I need to process.
good news tues?
i think i'm getting back together with my gf/daddy...i broke up with her a month ago, and well i ended up staying over at her place over the weekend, and well, i got tied up (among other things that belong in the flogger thread), but i think the time on my own has motivated me to keep working on my own life, but i also see how much she loves and cares about me. which is nice. all the girls i've dated still kind of expect me to be a boy, or play many elements of that role, which just bugs me. my daddy (mr. trouble?) totally treats me like a princess, she teases me when i do something butch, but she thinks its sexy, n cute too. she gets me. and, well, we are both kinky as f#$%, and it's nice not to have to explain the weird shit i'm into. (cos she's into even weirder shit. ) it's sypatico. besides, i think of her at work or hear her voice and i get week in the knees.

the downside is my friends don't care for her. sad.gif they say she keeps me from hanging out with them....

the job thing is going well, and i'm still sending out my resume to a furnature fabricator.
my best friend and i are going to get stoned and see harold + kumar on friday--Whoooooo-hoooo!

i'll read tomorrow too, i just realized how late it is...
I'm here...just in more of a lurky mode. I'm introspecting. I'm following along and sending vibages, cheers, to all the Okayers though!

Good Morning!

DOODLE! Deeeeetaaaaaaaaaaaaaaails! I need more details!

Dusty, that is soooo funny about RASTA. *snorts* Thanks for the weed information. I heard it was upwards of a year, so I suppose I could still smoke if I went out to see Doodle, but that's only if was alrady on and not up for promotion.

Turbo, that's horrible about the finace, is the bank not holding her accountable? That's rediculous that the merchants were not checking the signatures. I noticed here that merchants are hardcore about checking that your signature matches. They'll examine the signature to the credit card. YAY on alone time this weekend. It is hard to get rid of friends, but there comes a time when you see that people are holding you back and not there to help you at all. I know with N, for a while before I really decided to go for the police, he said I wouldn't make a good police officer. Nice huh?

FJ! That is so great about the interview ~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~* awww 'roo is recognizing other bebe's!

GT, I'm so happy that you rekindled your relationship!

Hey Tree! How are things going with you?

Where has Kari been lately?

I took Em for a walk then came home, did the purge of numbers, then slept.


Turbo, surely she's not on the hook for the $5K?

Waiting to hear more about romance, from GT and Doodle. Woohoo!
Whew, no time to catch on posts. I just stopped in to say hello before I leave for my flight. In 2 hours I will be on my way to London. biggrin.gif
hey Dusty! How are things in your neck of the woods?

Erin, enjoy yer trip!!! At leas you are escaping the freezing rain, snow storm of dooooooooooom. Or so the news it making it seem.

So, where is everyone else? I saw Kari lurking about.
Hey CH! Cool. I found some veggie samosas in the cafeteria. You?

Hope you have a wonderful, trip, EJ! You deserve it!
Things are pretty quiet at work this morning, did some paperwork it made me want to bang my head against the desk.

I'm getting some body sugaring done at lunch, so I get to take a long lunch, this makes me happy. Next week I'm off to a different office.
Good morning all....yeah, I still haven't really read, yet. I'm sorry. I will catch up tonight, and at least try to keep abreast of the day's postings today.

Heh, I said abreast. wink.gif

Yeah. BEB. It was a verrrry interesting evening. A very good evening. The three of us met outside city hall after work. BEB met my demands to hit up a gubbernmint likker store for the wine, and we also stopped for cigars. (Yes.) And went back to my place so I could cook dinner. And BEB was browsing my book collection - he exclaimed with excitement and pulled my WONDER WOMAN book off my shelf! And said, "I've been looking for this everywhere! It's so hard to find!" And then he read it and we had a Wonder Woman-related conversation while I was maknig supper. I swear to god, how can I not fall for this man?

So he "casually" mentioned his EX-girlfriend. This is the 3rd time recently he's been sure to use the phrase EX-girlfriend in conversation, btw. This time, he said she is unhappy in her job (in Vancouver), is thinking of transferring to the area, and wants to know what it's like working for the municipality. He said, "What do I do - say, 'It sucks badly, don't do it?" I said, "Well, yeah." Right. So then when we were jamming, he said he had learned a new song. So we tried playing it. It's about getting back together with an ex-lover. Yeah. So even though I was feeling kind of..."oh shit"....I moved on to the next song - I wanted to try Copperhead Road - but I ended it suddenly and went out on the balcony to smoke. Both hippiegirl and BEB said, "Why'd you stop so soon??" I just said, "I dunno, I've got a weird feeling, I have to stop for a minute." Because let me tell you, I was just devastated. Devastated. And I'm sure I couldn't hide it, not from him, anyway. And the whole energy of the jam changed.

But I was right when I said something was shifting. It's hard to believe, but it's true. Even though I was feeling so awful, I kept on going. And we kept playing, and sort of managed to get the jam back on even keel (after I insisted on smoking another doobie with hippiegirl). And the eye contact between me and BEB got stronger, longer. And then he requested for me to sing Ring of Fire. And jeebus, I've never sung it like that in my life: slow, moody, kinda heartwrenching. And jeebus, he was right there with me. WITH me. I don't know how to explain this. It was like making love via song. Don't throw tomatoes at me.

Then hippiegirl said to make the last song one of my own. So I picked Gonna Die Someday. ("Looking for the real thing/no time for games...") He totally loved it, for the 4th time. And then at the end he started to make up a goofy song - he hit this one line and, looking straight at me, sang, "I ain't playing...." and our eyes just LOCKED. I mean, LOCKED. And he stopped singing and our eyes stayed locked. For a really long time. And he was so sincere and serious and intense. Christ.

I swear to god, the man can read everything about me, and it's like he knew how devastated I was - I almost wonder if he picked that ex-lover song on purpose to see how I really felt about him. Seriously.

Anyway. The whole blowing the kiss thing at the door (from my previous post) was probably exactly what I needed to be sure. It was just so....sweet and reassuring and romantic.

I think Saturday night is going to be very interesting indeed.

I gotta stop writing this and get some work done!! Or it's gonna be my ass. Anyway, that is your Daily Doodle Update.
Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me *fans herself*.
Doodle, wow. I don't know what to make of this. Maybe he's trying to gauge your reaction to the ex girlfriend, or he's looking to you for advice on how to say to the ex, I don't want you hear? I'm leaning towards the latter.

There is certainly an intensity here.
doodle! i KNEW a kiss was on the horizon... so it was an air kiss - that's somethin! and EX-gf? good. very good.

erin, enjoy your trip! i hope you have a wonderful time. try not to let everyone stress you out too much along the way!

hi dusty!

oooh, gt has romance in the air, too! really cool. you deserve some happy days ahead!

i'm just hanging out here today. jackaroo is feeling much better over the past couple days, no fevers thank goodness. i heard back from the manager from yesterday and she's supposed to be sending me some online tests to take. not sure what that's all about but i do know that when i was hired before, they gave me some tests and i scored very high. so if it's the same stuff, no worries!

i am so tired of thinking about money and budgets. i would love to just go shopping and not think about how much i'm spending. even if i get this job, we won't have an unlimited amount of disposable cash, of course. but it would be enough that i could go and buy myself a few new things.

hi tree! glad you're here even if you aren't chatty. i think we've all been that way a time or two... wink.gif
Hi Hi!

Hey there FJ, what are you thining of buying? Glad to here that 'roo is doing better.

I went and got my sugaring done and it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was. It should last at least 4 weeks. Now for some HBI. smile.gif

Where the heck is everyone?
Hey skankerellas!! I'm behind again!! sad.gif I've been sick forever. I'm finally starting to recover.
Fuck, I can barely work. All I can do is daydream and wander around singing Moondance to myself. I'm sickening.
Heya Poodle! ~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle. Hee. You're so great.
Ha ha, I'm great! tongue.gif Seriously, I've done almost nothing this morning. God, I'm a badass.

I'm totally gone, aren't I? Totally gone over the moon, over a boy.

Oh, Mr. On-again/Off-again co-worker is ON again today. The more I ignore this guy, the more he seeks my attention. I must be wearing BEB-related bliss all over my face this morning, judging from co-worker's behaviour.
anna k
Wow doodle. That was intense to read.

Def FJ. There are good fantasies that I have, but I don't want to waste them with someone who I'm not completely into.

Nothing new here.
Doodle, I cannot wait until Saturday!!!!

Hey Anna!

I have nothing going on either, still at work.
Hi, peeps!

Just a quick buzz-by...

My asshole cousin is going to be on Millionaire this week. He was supposed to be on today, but he wasn't, so it'll probably air in the next couple days. I really can't stand him. Can I please get some Bustie vibes to root against him?

Sam's coming for a visit on Saturday and I bought new Dr. Martens sandals, since my current ones are about 7 years old and stinky. I've taken a shit ton of walk-ins today and haven't even had time to eat lunch yet. That's my day.

I'm playing hookey tomorrow. Hooray!!! The thought of 300+ county attorney employees in one room for roughly 2 hours for a group hug makes my stomach turn, so I'm skipping tomorrow to have fun on my own instead. Plus, it's Dining Out For Life Day, and now I can take full advantage instead of being stuck in sucky downtown St. Paul.
Well, this is kind of a drag...apparently there IS going to be a part-time position here, but HR is so backed up, they don't know when it will be posted. So tomorrow is my last day.

Hi Hi!

Diva, good for you for skipping out on work!!! I'm thinking of doing the same tomorrow, the weather network seems to think that 4 centimetres of snow is some sort of snow storm of doom. Your cousin will screw up. When is the last time someone actually win on Millionaire.

(((((doodle)))) I'm sorry tomorrow is your last day.

I took puppy to the park and worked out. I'm feeling pretty darned good.
Whoot! Date with Artman is tomorrow. But here's a minor conundrum. Tell me what you gals think:

Ex has been stamping his feet about getting my plants to me. He says now (after four weeks) that he can meet me tomorrow...even though the last two times he said he'd get them to me he ditched. Personally, I don't even want to think about seeing him during date-day. Should I just email him and tell him to drop them by my house and just hope he actually does, or go meet him? I guess I'm not that bent out of shape to see him anymore. There's nothing left to say other than, okay what was it this time?

Artman looks kinda scrumptious, and apparently he is pretty interested. He's about 6'2", looks to be about 190, and is shaved bald and SHINY! And he has POWERTOOLS! Powertools that he is teaching his daughters how to use!!
hi superfreaks!

minx: i say that you have the ex drop stuff off. if he's flaking on you, he still has feelings (even if it's just slight). having him drop stuff off gives him responsibility. but have him do it other than date day. you want to have that all to yourself, mama!

hi tree! job vibes for you FJ, hi dusty, hi anna! divala n poodle: where have you guys been? and wait... culturephone... a cop? that is so awesome! it's the cuffs isn't it?

and i agree, doodle, you talking about that beb (what does that stand for?) scene.... uh, super hawt! out of curiosity, have you heard tom jones' version of ring of fire? when i dj it's always a hit. it's surf-guitar country.

i called in sick today. which i shouldn't do. i am such a slacker, but i am afraid the fumes from welding are fucking with my system. my place is such a mess. ugh. and i am going to have to rearrange things again in a week or two since i am planning on building a loft... got lots done today, finally got my main records put up. yay! i have way too many. upwards of 1500, easy. the main ones are the ones i dj with. it's about 2/300 records. i miss djing, and since i guest dj'ed a few weeks ago i've been wanting to make a mix cd so i can get gigs again... sigh... i miss having people to dj for...

i was cranking my stereo testing out a set that starts with hard guitars:
i start with the in-your-face-butt-rock-guitar of 'sing, child, sing' by heart (so fucking good! it should be up there with barracuda) followed by 'hey, hey, helen,' by abba(hard rock guitar rollerskate anthem), and then chased by 'fopp' by the ohio players, ( a funk song so hard that soundgarden covered it). then some bowie song that everybody knows, bowie, haven't decided which. somewhere after that, 2 or 3 songs later i have to put in 'private life' by the pretenders. it's a great little reggae groove. hopefully the music curve is rock, soul, ez listening then lounge then finally jazz. my friend is throwing a party for cinco, i think i might just test this set there... at least part of it...

Good Morning!

Yeah, I've been lurking.....Work was kinda busy yesterday, no time to post. It's slower today. I have lots of tasks I need to do, but just am not feeling motivated.

I'm jealous of you Okayers that are playing hooky! I wish I was!

At least it's Thursday....

FJ, that is so adorable that jackaroo waved at another kid! *swoon* I love his pic in the avatar too. I'm happy your interview went well! 2 and a half hours is long! ~~~vibes!~~~

hey Diva! I will root against your a-hole cousin with you.

~~~healthy vibes for poodles~~~~ It's good to see you, lady. How's your pop doing lately? I am thinking about you guys.

Hey CH!

Hey Doodle! Dusty's right...It's getting a bit *ahem* warm in here! I'm with the others...I don't know what to make of his behavior. You're getting mixed messages for sure. I hope something happens on Saturday night!! Enough of this playing around! wink.gif Sorry your tenure at the worksite is ending.

Hey GT! So you might be getting back with your ex, eh? Bowie songs....I vote for Moonage Daydream. I love that song. Fame's always a good one too.

Hey Anna k!

Who have I forgotten?? I am sure more than one Okayer.

Things here are ok today. I'm kinda cranky, for no particular reason. I couldn't get to sleep last night, maybe that's it. Plus Mr K is stressed with finals & busy all the time studying. I feel disconnected lately. He's done with his finals on Monday though, so that's good.

I had a good night last night. My friend and I went to a power sculpt class, then went back to my house & had pizza & beer. I am taking the day off from working out today. Very sore.

Oh, my stepaunt passed away yesterday. She was suffering from stomach cancer. I was not that close with her, but my mom had gotten to be good friends with her. The aunt had been in an unconscious state for about 2 weeks, so I'm kind of relieved she passed. It is sadder watching someone just deteriorate.
HI! We have the INTERNET back! Long story...

gonna go catch up!

Good Morning!

Put me in line for playing hookie, although I'm feeing okay, I can't see out the front window. YAY Freezing rain. I feel quilty about calling in sick though. Figures that I would.

Minx! I'm looking forward to hearing about your date!

GT, there are many reasons for me becoming a cop, but the cuffs (and uniform, mine and my co workers) will be HAWT!! I'd love to have you DJ!!!

Kari, I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, with that said, it's good that she is no longer suffering.

Hey Mox!

I'm at home in bed, but since I'm hear, I think I'll accomplish something and do more decluttering!

Hey all!

Kari, sorry about your stepaunt, sorry you're cranky.

Hey Moxie!

Wow. GT, bunch of songs I need to investigate!

Two confessions. First, I just told a buster to fuck off. I'm so fucking articulate. Second, I think of Doodle when I hear that Miley Cyrus song.

Yay for Minx's date! I don't know if I know who initiated the breakup, but I would say, whatever makes you feel strongest.
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