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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Hey Hey!

Diva, I am so glad your landlord agreed to 6 more months on the lease. Good! Maybe he & the gf will break up by then.

Doodle, did you eat a hot dog for lunch?

The earthquake was in Illinois. They say people felt it in all directions though. We're about 225 miles at least from where it happened & I felt it. Wild!

So, Mr K said he got the hospital bill for the surgery he had....they said we don't owe any money. I called the insurance company, they said we should not owe any money. How is that possible? I mean, I would be ecstatic if that were true, I just can't believe it. The insurance lady said our coverage was very good. But 100%?? That would be suuuuper sweet. And amazing. Mr K did say that the bill total was $16K. That's crazy. The most nutty thing on it was $40 for a blanket. Huh?

So I'm outta here in 25 mins. Yay! Going to the gym to work out with a friend. Then might go shop for that baby gift. That's all I got.

Oh! Clothes call....I am wearing jeans, a redish/coral color fitted t-shirt that is gathered at the chest, and black & turquoise Pumas. White leather watch. Silver feather shaped earrings.
hi kari! meant to say how great it was that your friend's baby is out of the hospital. how good for their whole family.

and erin! great that your papers are coming together better than you thought. i remember when i was in school freaking out toward the end of every semester because i'd waited too long AGAIN and then doubting my papers at the last minute. i'm sure you'll be great. smile.gif

and annak, i have so much respect for you for putting yourself out there. i hope the guy was just nervous on the phone and is a phenomenal date!

doodle, your outfit sounds great. good luck with the hook up this weekend and with the cooookies!
Thing about frisking is that the agency has to have a same gender police officer do thte frisking, they don't want sexual harrasment charges brought up. I know when I got arrested that I had to wait for a woman officer to come down from the other part of the city because they had none at that district to do it. And then she was asking about the peircing I had... My boobah.

Hey FJ! GREAT about the interview!!!! ~*~*~*ongoing jobbity vibes~*~*~*~* It's the authority, ahhhh, I have my fetishes, and, well I don't get into details here.

Kari, excellent about full insurance coverage!!!!

Well, only a little while longer than I may leave. YAY!

Oh, it was GuitarBoy's grandma's money! I misunderstood sad.gif That's just wrong. Still, I hope BanjoBoy finds the help he needs and gets treated. I think I have some mild anxiety issues of my own. I can relate a little, but don't excuse stealing from people.

I can also relate about anxiety toward approaching the opposite sex for dating attention, Culture. I'm apparently one of few guys who can happily make just friends who are female. In fact, I find women easier to befriend than guys. The awkwardness for me would come when I knew I was approaching a girl about romantic interest. When I'm smitten with someone, I get really lost in it. On the other hand, when I was just out and about, and someone pretty comes around, there's nothing to start with when you're starting from zero interaction. If I don't know a girl, then it's not like I'm smitten with her yet anyway. I kinda needed things to progress naturally, and that wasn't likely to happen starting with some kind of pickup line. Good thing Goaty and I had mutual friends to facilitate us being around each other in an extended way. (Heh heh! I said "extended.") I still don't rule out shoving, though, as a tactic. Sometimes guys need a little push.

ETA: Gaaah!~ Massive X-posting! Heya FJ! Heya KAri! smile.gif
Sorry to hear about the Jackaroo fever sad.gif Poor dude! Yaay about the good interview report, though. I hope they'll pay well enough!

Heya Kari! Woot for free surgery! (Hope it's true. If not, ask them for the blanket to keep.)
Hey, I totally felt the earthquake HERE too...way up 380 miles away in Madison, Wisconsin! I was even lurking here at the time(I get up really early)...but I was too shocked to really believe I was feeling it. Until I saw the reports. I was drinking my morning coffee and I thought my knock on the skull was coming back to haunt me...then I thought it was wind until I realized, DUH...the trees aren't blowing around coffee was sitting on the table next to me almost tipping over! It was wild! I never thought I'd feel an earthquake in wisconsin. smile.gif

Okay, gotta read some more, then will post back. smile.gif
No shit...I just found out the Big Band live recording a dance, too! Shit! I hope BEB doesn't think I set that up on purpose. I'd never spring a dance on someone - I can hardly dance myself.

Maybe if I give him a big SHOVE, we can stop all this pretense and get to the making out. wink.gif

I gotta go in a few to the other job....craziness.
anna k
My date was alright. The guy, despite being interested in drawing comics, seemed pretty boring, and I didn't have any attraction to him. We ended up seeing Drillbit Taylor, which was silly and entertaining. I'd see him again if he calls, but he seemed very "duh" to me.

I got some dance DVDs to work out to.
Hey all,

Sorry your date wasn't everything it could have been, Anna.

That earthquake sounds really exciting! I didn't hear if anyone was hurt.

Sounds like you got a lot of clothes for your money, Doodle!

I stopped to watch when a fire truck went by and I thought of CH and Fiddler. Everybody loves the truck.

Yay for not owing money.

Thanks, FJ!

Be well, Jackaroo.

I ended up not applying for that job. It was totally management.

I am wearing...same as last week. Black tshirt, black jeans, black sweater, black blundstones. Brass necklace with glass leaves, flowers, ladybugs, and a little tomato:

We went to a hockey game tonight. Our NHL team didn't make it to the playoffs, but the farm team did. Tomorrow I poster. Sunday is the rally I have been organizing since Christmas. Its for climate change. Er, against climate change.
I am officially getting old and crabby as fuck. I just called the police for a disturbance of the peace. There are these teenagers that use our parking lot (one of them lives in this building) for their fucking social club on the weekends. I was kind of shocked, actually, because the cops showed up within about ten minutes. You know, I don't mind teenagers hanging around being dumb, but when they are being loud and obnoxious right underneath my damned window, I take issue. And it's not like I haven't talked to them individually, and to a parent. I have. Several fucking times.

Grrr...I take care of other people's children for a pittance all damned day long; I don't want to do it whilst in the privacy of my own home.

Why can't parents PARENT their own children?!!! Don't they get it that "being their friend" deprives these kids from feeling protected, and infringes upon the rights of other people?

Harumph. Apparently not. And I'm on the "good" side of town.
Okay, seriously? Fucking SNOWED tonight. SNOW. It started as I was leaving the 1st job to hit the 2nd. Holy CRAP. And it's COLD. I got a ride home from the clothing store, thank goddess - I was going to cab it.

Good job I didn't have to pay for a cab, 'cos I bought one more top. *sheepish look* Brand new in the store - I saw it when I got there. I went to the roll bar to start re-racking clothes from the previous shift, and that top never made it back out on the floor. Totally frivolous. Satiny. Sexy. Shaped to fit the boobs, then cut so it hugs you under the boobs and then flares out and ends at the upper thigh. Ooh, I just found it on the store's website. (It looks more flared in real life.) I don't know what came over me - it's so frivolous, and I would never dare wear it without my little sheer shrug. But anyway. I did it. One of the younger women bought it too! We were both trying it on at the same time and seeing how different it looked on one another (she has an enormous - and younger - rack).

I need to go eat something, then will read, and then probably fall asleep....
Anyone else still having trouble getting into the Lounge? I got that stupid IPS Driver Error forever this morning. Now it's too late to hang out.....I have to go get ready for my shift soon!

Think I might wear my newest top to work - I mean, where else am I going to where it, except maybe out to special events? Actually, I think I bought it 'cos I was thinking about what I wanted to wear to the Big Band thingie. I am having second thoughts this morning - I haven't taken the price tag off yet - but I think I should keep it. I've been working hard, I deserve something besides just work clothes, right? It's not like I had to pay an outrageous price for it, since I got it with my staff discount. And at this point in time, I have a compelling need to feel like a girl! Though it does put the financial kibosh on my plans to find a new blazer right now - on the other hand, for the next while, I'm either going to be working for the lotteries or going out to temp in clerical positions - it's not like they're expecting me to dress like an executive.

Why do I need to justify this, anyway? wink.gif

It's still cold and yucky this morning. Bleargh. But I slept about 8 hours last night, finally, so that's good. George tried to wake me up at 6:30, though! Anyway, I'd better go shower and stuff.....
Good Afternoon all.

Hey Lore! You'd laugh at how pathetic I am when it comes to approaching a man. If I'm introduced, I rock, but otherwise, I usually needs me some liquid courage.

FJ, how's 'roo feeling?

Tree, that's wild that you felt the earthquake!

Doodle, just tell him you didn't know it was a dance, maybe good things will happen at the dance! I had issues logging in this morning, hence why I'm only posting now. Hope your shift goes well!

Anna, sorry to hear you aren't into the guy, but if you aren't into him, you aren't into him.

Hi Dusty!! I LOVE the bracelet! It's great!

Minx, I feel the same way about teenagers.

I did a two hour upper body workout last night, I am sore today. And I woke up at 1:30 this morning, and I had a wicked sore throat. I have a sinus headache today. I am NOT letting this cold get any worse. So, I took the dog out and vaccuumed the car. Now I don't want to feel like I've over donw it, so I'm going to rest.
If you don't feel like a girl, I don't know who should, Doodle! There are Barbie dolls out there with fewer friends, less cool clothes, less talent, and lamer careers than you smile.gif

Rock On, Girlie! \m/,

Culture!! (X-posted wit ya!) I sure hope your throat gives you a break sad.gif Maybe gargle with warm salt water. It's gross, but it sure sanitizes.
Lore, I'm going to go gargle right now.
Dusty, don't you love your blundstones? I got a pair in the fall and they're all I wore all winter. So comfy and I love the way they look. Plus, I have super teeny feet so I got the children's ones for almost $100 less.

minx, I probably would have done the same thing. I need quiet to sleep and I value my sleeping time a lot. Screw the teenagers and their 'fun'. tongue.gif

I have to admit, I'm a little smug that Winnipeg is having such fantastic weather while various other parts of Canada suffer with huge amounts of snow. Our river walk isn't even flooded this year! Today is so amazing. I'm hanging out in a short skirt and a tank top today and perfectly comfortable.

I'm getting the error like crazy lately. So frustrating. I need my busty fix!

I rode my bike to my university yesterday. It was the first bike ride of the year and my ass is so sore. I always forgetting about the initial painfulness of bike riding.

Erin, isn't it amazing here!! I just sat outside for a nice long time, and now I'll be off to the park again soon.
Hey Erin - I'm with you on the ass-soreness. After riding to work three days this week, and riding today, I'm getting my sit-bones broken in good, but *damn* it hurts. smile.gif

The weather isn't bad here today - 50 degrees, and alternately sunny/cloudy. What is cool though, is the lake is all foggy, and its blowing off the lake into the sunshine, then disappearing. Weird.

I'm so sad. I ordered some new bath goodies from Lilypad Bathworks, since I've heard nothing but good things about their products, and I'm getting a little annoyed about the constant price jacking on my beloved LUSH products. I checked my shipping notice - it was delivered on Thursday, and I have no package!!! Waaaaaaaa! And I have enough bubbly stuff left for *one* more bath, that's it....I ran through my whole stock of everything to make a clean start with smaller e-tailers, and someone fucking steals my package. Grrrr.

Happy Saturday!

Jenn, bah! Someone swiped your package? Those fuckers!

((CH)) yeesh, sorry to hear about the cold. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Doodle-that new top sounds hot! I am not surprised you couldn't resist it. I am sure it would have the same effect when you wear it....for uh, a certain someone. wink.gif

Minx, good for you on calling the cops. I am with you...teens will be teens, but sometimes they need to check themselves.
Also with you on the lack of parenting....that's pathetic.

Tree, that's crazy that you felt the earthquake in Madison!

Hi Lore!

Hi FJ!

Things here are good today. It is chilly and overcast though. Poo. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow. I went to the baby shower earlier today, it was nice. For a gift I bought a carseat base. My friend liked it. Mr K took Yuki to the groomer's to get shaved. I now have a baldy dog. She looks so little without all the hair. Later Mr K & I are meeting my mom at the movies.
Hello hello!

Turbo, what a bunch of fuckwads. May they break out in warts.

Hey Kari! which movie are you going to go see?

I did a salt water gargle and that helped tons. Also sat outside for a long while, the fresh air helped, and took puppy to the park for another walk. I'm tired, I think I'll just sleep tonight. Can't smoke anymore either, as the police test for drug use. Sucks, but if it's what I want to do, then I'll do it. It's one of those evenings where I wouldn't mind smoking a bowl and enjoying the evening.
hi busties!

hi fj!

minx, tha cop calling doesn't mean you are old n crabby, you're just fed up. i used to have to do that every weekend for a while, and then they started firing off guns....

tree--- that is scary. earthquakes aint nothing to fuck with. there have been two minor once since i moved to seattle, and i hate, hate, hate 'em. and there is always that second it takes to register-- no matter what state you're in.

doodle, the weather has been crazy here too. last week and this week we had these sudden hail storms-- tiny but just bizarre-- it's sunny, 5 min later it's a hailstorm then rain... and it's been like thurs 2 weeks ago, and friday... so weird n random. i guess it snowed, but i'm in the heart of the city. if it snows, you have to actually witness it, it melts as soon as it hits the ground...

sorry about the date anna. comic drawrin' guys are a wierd lot, having been one at one point. some of them are super cool, others are socially very awkward...

the dating thing is weird in general, lore, and while i have no problem being friends with women-- most of my friends are female-- i have the biggest crushes on my friends. it's not that i want a relationship with any of them, i just think the world of the women in my life. i tend to idolize/idealize them a bit. they don't mind since i usually complement them LOTS, because i think your friends should know how swell you think they are... my issue is that i have no idea how i am supposed to be around women. when i was a boy i new the rules, the role, and it was all easy, now it's just a mess.

culture, if you have a sore throat, i have a recipie for you-- it's a drink i make when i get them. it's called a dragonslayer, and a healthfood store used to make them around here. you get a cup of hot apple juice, the other porportions are up to you. add enough cayanne pepper to give it kick (or lots if your throat feels really bad), add a dash of lime/lemon juice, then add honey to taste.

sounds weird, but they are awesome-- sore throats are my nemesis.

jenn do you have a neighbor who is home and can recieve the packages? that sucks...

ej, dusty-- i am jealous-- i've wanted a pair of blunds for years...
treehugger brother called me today. He said Mom's not doing well. It seems that her alzheimers' has progressed now to the point where she no longer feels the sensation of "hunger", hence, she doesn't want to eat, ever. We, us kids, have forbidden any kind of force feeding, and no feeding tubes, so this means, the nursing home staff is just kind of offering her high-calorie liquids when she's willing to take them. Hospice has been called. I think this is the beginning of the end.

And I feel awful for saying these next two words: THANK GOD.

((((((treefamily & treemomma)))))

I completely understand that feeling of relief when the end is near. And with a disease like Alzheimers, there really is no need for your mom to linger on in confusion and suffering...and its no sin to feel the peace and blessings in the close of a life for someone you love.

Yeah, it totally sucks about the packages. Drunk Janitor signs for all the packages, and that works out pretty well. Our lobby is locked, so the packages are pretty safe. This one was USPS Priority, so no need to sign, and the postal worker may have left it in the outer lobby, which is not locked. Fuckers. I hope they're enjoying my bubble bars. I'm sure I'll be able to work something out with the owner of Lilypad, she's super sweet.

Minxy, you were totally in the right to call the police. We're just as crabby about that stuff, and call the police all too often in the summer, but they may or may not come. Still, I at least like to make the call to report it, so that maybe they'll check out our beach area more often at night.

Hi hi GT - dragonslayer, eh? Sounds like a good combo to cure an inflamed throat. I've got swollen lymph nodes myself today, but it happens every spring when I start bike commuting, and the weather changes every 5 minutes. I do nasal lavage everynight with a warm salt water solution to help purge the nasties, and that seems to work most of the time, and keep from needing allergy meds.

I made some tasty chorizo/black bean tacos tonight for dinner, with *homeade* tortillas! YUM! I don't make them often, but they are SO very tasty.
Good evening!

GT, I'll have to give that a try. throat is doing pretty good, but if it acts up tomorrow, I'll swing by the store to get me some apple juice. Errrr, how does it taste?

(((((((tree and family))))))) there is nothing to feel bad about in feeling relief that a persons suffering is near done. I took a bioethics class and we discussed things like this. There is a pain worse than death. It is hard to see someone you love and care about deteriorate into someone we don't know anymore. Seeing a person a stranger in their own body must be horrible. Wanting it to be over is very normal. You aren't saying this out of hatred or anything negative at all. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

Turbo, I'm glad that you aren't completely up shit creek with the package. Can't you complain about drunk janitor? Mmmm the tacos sounds divine!

I'm absolutely keeping it low key tonight. I want to enjoy my lunch tomorrow. Plus, the restaurent is right across the street from the fire hall I toured! I will view some man meat. If there are some women there, I'll ask them what they think about being fire fighters, too.

<3 tree, you're gettin' a huggin'! <3

culture-- it tastes tastee! i can't get enough of it, and once i drank too many of them, and well, lets just say the dragonslayer had a "backfire" to put it politely. as i said, you add everything to taste, and the lemon and honey mask any harshness of the pepper. you want it to have some bite, because the burn "smokes" the illness out of your system, but they all work together really well-- if you're asking me... oh wait you just did... wink.gif
Hee - GT, I can imagine that sort of thing can backfire if overdone. smile.gif

CH, I'm sure Drunk Janitor (DJ) had nothing to do with my package. Dude is an agressive, alcoholic asshole, but I don't think he'd screw with our mail. He just happens to be around during the day, so he takes care of that sort of thing. The epic of DJ is a much longer epic, but we've managed to call a truce in the last couple years, and there's no problems between us.

Hope you feel better tomorrow, CH!
good mrning busties!

just a quick hello to all. 'roo is still feverish. was 103.5 last night. he plays as usual and the doc (and everything else i've read) says as long as they're acting normal, not to worry so much. of course, i AM still worrying but he def seems better this morning. no fever yet.

i dreamed last night that i was standing in my living room with a bunch of new workmates and i looked out my door and saw it snowing. even though it was 70 degrees outside. and i exclaimed to everyone, "it's snowing!" and they all looked at me like i was mad so i said, 'no, really, it is! come look". but when i looked again, it was bubbles. thousands of little bubbles.

hehe, gt, the dragonslayer backfired. smile.gif i have no doubt it would work well. my mom makes the same thing but with water instead of juice. i'll have to update her recipe. the apple juice has got to taste better!

minx, mrfj and i once called the cops on our 40 yr old neighbors for singing really bad karaoke for hours when we lived in an apt. it wasn't so much the bad karaoke... it went off the tracks when they started screaming obscenities at each other in the mic. they were a strange lot. cops came and couldn't find them. we invited the cops in to our place and they could hear the music/screaming through our wall, but the way the apts were built made it difficult to find which apartment it came from. they finally just stopped. passed out, most likely.

hi turbo! sorry about your bath stuff. that really sucks. i'm just about out of bath goodies myself.

sweet top, doodle! you deserve to be girlie!

ok, gotta run! love to the rest of you!!

anna k
Thanks girltrouble. The guy sent me an email the day after and said he wanted to hang out again. I may give him a second chance, but I didn't really feel like kissing him or getting intimate, I didn't have that pull or desire. It's happened before when I make myself have sex with a guy, and it can feel boring and mechanical if I'm not really into him.

((((tree)))) My grandfather died of lung cancer three years ago, and it was hard to see him change and become a shell of what he was before. I still miss him, he was a great guy.
Good Morning All!!

GT, I was concerned it was going to taste nasty! It seems that I won't need it, yet. I did another salt water gargle and all is well this morning.

Turbo, nice to see that the DJ can maintain his job...

FJ, glad to hear that 'roo is doing better!

Hey Anna! When are you going to see the boy again?

I slept last night, didn't want to over do it and be whipped today. Took the dog out and did cardio, so I'm feeling pretty good. Ugh, my glasses are super dirty, I'm seeing spots!

I want a Doodle update!!!!!

I had such a lovely conversation late last night! I met this guy who is an artist, gardener, single father of two girls, and chefmaster...that combo is hopeful already. He actually goes to the WHORE every year! How odd is that in combination with:

He lives 1/2 mile away from the ex. Go fucking figure. dry.gif Oh yeah, and the ex managed to get out of getting my plants to me AGAIN. This is getting so fucking irritating.

He's shaved bald and is 6'2". I think that I'm getting back to my "type". Regardless, he's sweet and we're meeting for coffee on Thursday.

I do think, however, that it's time to get outside and enjoy this weather. Goodbye all!

Greetings all....good morning, good afternoon, er...whatever. I just woke up, sort of. I was up this morning for awhile, but I went back to bed for a loooooong nap....I'm still kind of waking up.

The store was kind of slow for a Saturday, because of the weather, I think, which is very odd indeed. It was FREEZING yesterday. I went to the manager and told her if she felt she had too many staff on and needed to send someone home early, I didn't mind, so I got to get out of closing chores and leave at 5:30 instead of 6:30. Much to the envy of the other staff, but I guess I'm just not afraid to talk to management like I'm an equal, so it's not my fault they didn't think of it. smile.gif Finally did some grocery shopping, got home around 7:30, connected with banjoboy, got combustibles for tonight, and jammed.

I don't think I'm going to make cookies - I'm too tired, and I haven't made the butter yet. But there are 4/20 combustibles anyway.

Just talked with BEB, who called to check on jamming time. He said he saw the flyer in the paper for the Big Band live recording session, and thinks it sounds fun and interesting. I told him I just found out there'll be dancing - apparently it doesn't say so in the ad - but he didn't seem put off....he just said, "Well, I'm not against dancing." tongue.gif

On the down side, there will be a staff meeting at the store next Sunday morning at 8:30, mandatory, which is the day after the Big Band thing. I already told the manager I might be hungover, because I already made plans for Saturday night - I said I believed in honest communication. She just laughed. wink.gif

Fuck, I've slept my day away. I need to clean house!
Good evening my pretties.

Hey Minx! The man sounds promising! Let us know how it goes.

Doodle, sounds like a busy day. BEB isn't against dancing!!! Sweet!

I went for lunch with my friend, which was nice, I treated myself to some lemon cheesecake, which was lovely. Talked to a woman police officer and got her perspective on things, she told me the big thing was not to get discouraged if things didn't work the first time around. So, I'll try with my glasses, then if I don't get in, then I'll go from there. It was really great to get her thoughts on things.

I thought I could work out, but I'm still a little tired, so I'm just going to rest tonight.

Doodle, I love that you told your manager you might be hungover for the meeting next week - too funny! But probably good to be honest, as well!

Its been gorgeous here today, so turbomann and I got out and rode about 15 miles - made the trek up to the GF bakery we found last week and got some more bread and hamburger buns! We just finished dinner - grilled hamburgers with BUNS! And mango-avocado salad. YUM.

Aside from biking, I've been cooking of course - more granola bars, more egg muffins for brekkies, prepping stuff for dinner during the week. And, we've been seriously cleaning the closets in the second bedroom/exercise room....which I LOVE doing. Nothing quite as satisfying as a well-organized closet. Of course my zeal for organizing nearly terrifies turbomann, who is a bit of a packrat. Seriously, I pulled out a shoebox filled with the ticket stubs from every movie he saw in highschool and college - WTF? To think we've schlepped that along with us for three moves? Gone to the great recycling bin in the sky.

CH - so they may not let you in to the police academy because you wear glasses? That's strange...I mean, I know vision is important, but so long as its corrected with glasses or contacts, who cares? I know I see cops all the time wearing glasses - seems like I hardly know anyone who doesn't wear glasses or contacts.
Hiya gang! Hiya turbo and CH! And also FJ, anna, minx, and ohhhh the loads of peeps below that.

And (((((treehugger))))) Meant to do that last time. Don't feel guilty about how you feel, hun. You have a right to those feelings, and they are totally normal. You are strong because you're able to own your relief; lots of people don't, because of the guilt. It's soooo okay.

~*~*~*~peaceful passage vibes for all those who need them~*~*~*~

turbo, I was so tickled to read about your hamburgers with BUNS! Tee hee! I can't believe you make your own granola bars! BTW, did turbomann have a ceremonial good-bye for his movie tix?

CH, yeah, why wouldn't they let you in with glasses? I've known lots of RCMP with glasses. Is it based on how you do on a vision test, or something like that?

FJ, I think your dream means you need to take time out and blow some bubbles with your kid! biggrin.gif

I can't believe it, but I whipped through the apartment and got it clean, and got myself ready, just in time for jam arrivals! Smoked one with hippiegirl, and then another after BEB arrived, which was pretty quickly after the first one! But hey, it's 4/20. We were about to play one of my favourite Blue Rodeo songs when BEB arrived, so that's how jamming launched, which I feel is a perfect way to honour 4/20. We carried on BEB's pasta-rhyming song, too, only this time we kept coming up with names of cheeses (which didn't rhyme, but you can drive anything with a good bass line).

We decided to jam again on Tuesday, but earlier, because we don't get much time to jam or listen to music before it gets too late. They both kept offering to drive me home that day, so I quickly offered to make dinner, to distract them so I wouldn't have to make a choice on the spot! wink.gif I'm kinda nervous about dinner, though, as I think BEB's a bit of a time I was talking to him on the phone, and he was making himself a dinner of jerked chicken, okra, plaintains, etc....eep! At least my stir fries are reliable. rolleyes.gif

Can I just tell you that tonight I looked totally hot in my freshly washed sexy jeans, with the violet fitted cami (boobs enhanced by the fabulous new bra) and the microsuede shirt, and when I turned around from tuning my guitar, I caught BEB looking quickly up from staring at my butt?
Good Morning!

Doodle, it is only a matter of time til BEB realizes he is powerless to your charms. The outfit sounds hot indeed. I am glad you had a good 4/20! I thought of you yesterday.

((Tree)) Girl, it's ok. I don't think it is abnormal whatsoever to have that feeling of relief. I know it's still painful though. We're here for you if you want to talk.

Hi Jenn, FJ, CH, Minx, and everyone else!

~~~~~~healthy vibes for jackaroo!~~~~~~~

Minx, oooh! A new man! Sounds muy interesante!

Nothing new to report here really. Had a nice weekend. Met my mom at the movie Saturday. The film festival is going on, so it was a movie being shown there. It was called The Art of Negative Thinking. It was pretty good. Yesterday I did a lot of yard work. Mowed & weed whacked. I am sore today.
Good Morning!

Turbo, the burgers sound so good!!! Ticket stubs kept since college??? Wooooo.

Doodle, I agree with Kari, BEB will realize what's going on, maybe he just needs to be hit with a makrel????

Kari, whenever you talked about yard work, I thought, there's still snow. Oh wait! hee, you don't live where I live.

As for the glasses deal, you can wear glasses but only to a certain degree. I'd be willing to undergo laser surgery, too. I've been wearing glasses for a loooooooooooong time. I'll apply and see what happens, then go from there. I'm pretty psyched.

And that's all.

Hey all,

I'm sorry (((Tree))). I think you are the best daughter.

Our rally went really well yesterday. It was my job to deal with the police officer in charge, a woman. During the summer, when Mr. Dusty and I went to the cottage, one of the highways was closed off because a fire engine had flipped off the road. We found out later that a volunteer firefighter had been killed. We were lucky to hit the very end of the road closure, so we stopped and had dinner and when we came out the police were just opening the highway. The police officer who blocked off the road put her glasses on to drive. I thought it was really funny. She would take them off again when she wasn't driving. She was OPP not RCMP.

Mr. Dusty saw an abandoned camp fire near his house on Saturday. If it had been my house, I would have called the fire department. But perhaps he remembers how much entertainment I had when I got him to call the fire department over an abandoned camp fire (in the brush) last spring...

Yay for Minx!

Healing vibes for 'Roo.

Sorry about your bath goodies, Turbo.

Yes, I love my blundstones. They have been so worth the money. My last pair held on for three years, normally I kill shoes in one season. I wear them out.
Hey Dusty! So glad to hear the rally went well!

I've never had dealings with the OPP, I'd really not have any reason, too. The RC's, I have, but not anything I'd want to do for a living. I could not live up North. the poverty and suicide and the utter complete despair on reserves would kill me. Not that what I'm doing currently is any better.
I just wanted to clarify, since in many parts of Canada, it would be the RCMP policing the highway and smaller communities. Yesterday for the rally, of course, it was the city police.
Well, my trainer has arrived back at work, and has disappeared somewhere already. So I'm still sitting at her desk, doing her work. She just got back Saturday night from Europe, and I don't think she's to thrilled to be back at work! So today, I imagine, I will put forward my position on the work situation.

Send lots of vibes!

Yeah, maybe BEB does need to be hit with a mackerel! But anyway, I'm very interested to see if anything's going to happen at the Big Band spidey senses tell me something's definitely shifting, so even though I'm not really a great dancer, I'm looking forward to the whole thing with nervous anticipation. Heh. God damn, and it's only Monday. Ooh, ironically, I booked a hair appointment weeks ago for the same day as the Big Band thing. I don't even have to work that day! (Too bad I have to be at a meeting the next morning, but I've always been the kind of person who tends focus all my energy on the BEFORE and the build up - anxiety - so it's good I have all that time to work through it.)

Shit, I gotta do some work - will try to be a little more INTERactive next time! tongue.gif

ETA: I replied to an e-mail from my boss this morning, basically saying that a case file was before my time so I didn't know about it. He replied with...get this...."Don't fret my pet - being looked into even as I speak."

Don't fret....MY PET? Is anyone else totally icked out?
Hi hi!

Hey again Dusty!

Doodle, so you're getting tour hair done, so you'll look even more smokin' HAWT, and your intuitionis telling you things will be good. I think this is a real positive! As for the supervisor, that's border line, he may have not been thinking or was joking around. I'd see if it happens again, then be weirded out.

Only a few more minutes until lunch. Woohoo!
Hiya CH - what didja wind up having for lunch?

Yeah, BEB....god damn, it's hard to stop thinking about him! Sorry I can't stop talking about him, either. Yannow, it's not like I don't have other admirers....I've got three right here in this building, I have to say (including one older dude who has been making eyes ever since he discovered I had Tom Petty as my desktop wallpaper). But I'm just not interested in anyone else, no matter how hard I try. When the other admirerers started cropping up, I thought about each one carefully, and wound up going, "Nope. I want the weird one." Heh. True. My heart wants a weirdo, like me. tongue.gif

My trainer is still wandering somewhere around the building - dunno where she is, but she doesn't seem too interested in having me catch her up on what's going on with her actual job yet!
I'm currently eating an organic mixed green salad, with tomatoes, cheese, brocolli and carrots with ranchers choice dressing. I also have a ton of fruit, and some chocolate milk.

I really hope something comes about with you and BEB.
Culture, good luck with the RCMP stuff. Speaking of laser surgery, I was just saying yesterday to my mom that I'm thinking about having that done in the next couple of years. I recently started wearing continuous wear contacts, and it's so nice to wake up and be able to see clearly, but I'm really conscious that they're there, and I hate wearing my glasses.

I just finished officially, all of my undergrad work! My last paper and all the exams I had to mark are finished and ready to be dropped off to my prof. I'm soooooo relieved. It feels like the biggest weight is off my shoulders and I've been smiley and giddy all day. The fact that my workspace is no longer covered in articles, books, papers, and notes is so nice especially considering I am a HUGE neat freak. Now I can concentrate on packing and then hopefully tomorrow I'll get to relax.

I broke out in hives again this morning...that's the 4th time in 9 days. First I thought it was from smoking up, but now I think it's just stress. Hopefully they'll subside once I get on my trip.

It's sooo gloomy here today. Makes me want to curl up with some tea.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((Tree and Tree's mom)))))))))))))) I hope her passing is suffering-free. I can see how you would feel relieved after all this time.

Jenn's getting a lead butt! I wish I could develop one of those, but it means I'd have to get on a bike and I prefer to walk. Sorry about your new bath stuff getting stolen. I hear ya on how expensive some LUSH stuff is. I think I paid something like $8 for a small-ish bar of their "bohemian" soap. It smelled great, though.

CH, good on you for not letting the glasses thing get you down. I know they're really strict about that with the air force, but you're going to stay on solid ground, not be flying up in the middle of the air. I don't know why they'd turn down an otherwise capable candidate just because of something that can totally be fixed.

I read up a little over the weekend, but I can't remember half of it.

Lore, it's Poodle that's sick, not me. ((((((((((((Poodle get over her bronchitis)))))))))))

Minx, that new guy sounds pretty cool. Whatever happened to that other bald guy, the rethuglican?

Hi, Kari and Doodle!

The giant and I had an okay weekend. We went to his cousin's to pick up an ethernet cable, then to his mom's. She took us out for dinner, which I'm eating the leftovers from as we speak/write. The giant's been in terrible pain since last week because one of his wisdom teeth is doing something that apparently really hurts. And it looks like he won't be able to get them pulled until next week, which is far too long to put up with this. It's hurting his neck and shoulder, too. On the upside, that'll be a day I get to take off to drive him to and from the appointment. I just wish it could've been this Thursday because I'm looking for a reason to not be here. That day, we have the annual attorney's office meeting which takes all afternoon and is very much pointless, just a bunch of "this is what our department does, not that you have any reason to care" and some dumb awards, then an update about the RNC that's going to be happening about 2 blocks from here. I'm not going to be around for that, mostly because I can't stand to be around that many Rethuglicans concentrated in such a small space, so I'm going to take that time off to protest.

Anyway, enough of my whining. It's absolutely gorgeous outside and I'm wearing sandals. A day like this really can't get too bad... sandals! I think I'll take a little walk later to get an iced coffee. That's my favorite warm-weather drink, just a glass of regular brewed coffee with ice and some simple syrup. Yum.
Hi hi!

Erin! Congratulations on finishing!!!!! WOOT!!!!! *throws confetti* ~*~*~*soothing, anti-stress vibes~*~*~* It is a little rainy, I like it. I heard thunder on my way back to the office when I was driving on Regent.

Diva, shitty on the meeting. ~*~*~*soothing vibes for giant~*~*~*

~*~*~*healing vibes for Poodle~*~*~*

I just want this day to be done. Nothing to do Mondays suck!

Yay for Erin!!! The idea of eye surgery just squeeks me out.

I too hope something will happen with BEB. Soon, because the wait is killing me, hee.

Hope the giant feels better soon.

I feel so out of sorts in so many ways today. It doesn't help that I didn't get my sleep-in this weekend. My former coworker called to tell me who did get the job that I didn't. She was all dramatic about it, which irritated me, and now I'm wondering if she's telling everyone she knows (who works in our field) how devastated I am. Because I'm not.
(((((dusty))))) Your former co-worker needs to mind her beeswax!!!

Yeah, the suspense is driving me a little nuts, too - sorry to be inflicting it all on you! Heh. I know you love the soap opera stuff. Just imagine how bored you'll be if BEB and I settle into a nice, ordinary relationship. wink.gif

Hi diva! ~*~*~*~vibes for the giant's teef~*~*~*~

erin, congratulations!! You must feel SO awesome!!! YAY!

CH, I am envious of your salad - I had another fast food day, 'cos I went to Value Village over lunch.

AND, at Value Village, I found an awesome beige long sleeve knit cardigan, zip-front, with a collar, Denver Hayes, for $4! That will at least meet some of my needs for a jackety-type thing till I can afford a new blazer or something.

I did try on a few blazers, but 2 were too big (including a gorgeous teal velvet one, *sniff*), and there was also this nice glen check one that was just a hair too tight in the arms. Friggin' arms, they make me crazy. Ironically, my upper-arm hatred is why I need jackets so badly. I considered buying the blazer and taking it to a seamstress, but it was already $15, and I thought, with my discount, I'm bound to find a better-fitting new one sooner or later, for not very much more than the cost of that one plus tailoring.
Where'd evwybody go??


My trainer just left for the day. I think she must be cranky to be back to work. sad.gif I guess I would be too, if I spent 3 weeks travelling around Mediterranian (sp?) Europe.... I've been at her desk all day - we'll switch up tomorrow, so I can catch her up and figure out what's to become of me then, too.

Still seeking vibes for my job sitch negotiations, please!!
Good Evening!

Dusty, your former co-worker is a wanker. Talk about rubbing salt in an open wound.

Doodle, ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~* how was the rest of your day?

I took hound for a walk, and when I went out for lunch today, I heard the rumblings of thunder!! Emily has waaaaaaay to much energy at the moment, and she was chasing and chasing and chasing a stick. bah. I did an hour and a half work out. I'm tired.

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