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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello, OkayLand!

I, too, am definitely down with cookies. In case anyone was curious.

CH, when you said you'd like to get into sex crimes, some highly inappropriate thoughts entered my head. Heh.

When I was living in Brighton with Sheff, a Scientologist in the tourist district handed me one of their questionaires. I just stuffed it in a bag and walked away. Later when I finally got around to reading the 16,327 questions, I had the best laugh. The questions are like, "Do you ever feel unhappy?" "Do you sometimes feel confused about your life?" "Do you ever feel like something is missing?" blahblahblah.

I missed Good Thing Tuesday, too, so I'll do it today.
1. A nice tax refund is on its way. I'll be using the money to pay off our last 2 debts (not counting the mortgage). Really exciting stuff!
2. My Millie cat is snuggled up on my lap. She's such a sweetie.
3. Today marks exactly one year since we toured our house for the first time. Can you believe it? Seems like it wasn't too long ago that I was telling you all about my house hunting adventures.
4. My parents are home from their cruise. I missed chatting with my momma.
5. Gorgeous weather.
6. Homemade sugar cookies with pink icing
7. The survey thread. I hadn't read it until today. So cool!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 15 2008, 10:17 PM) *

hey where is tree?

I'm here, I'm here! I've just been boring lately, I don't have much to say. I do have to say, I did something crazy a couple days ago...I bought a vending machine. Yay me. It's an old classic one, all mechanical, and I am hoping to set it up in the refrigeration shop and maybe guys passing through will get something. I only have slots for six different varieties of things, though. (I think microwave popcorn HAS to be one of the offerings)

MRG arrived today. I thought she'd be here Sunday at the latest. Heh. Who knows???

Lore, really, really NICE torch cut on that sandal. Good job!

(at least I'm thinking it was a torch cut...around the sole??)

I coulda crapped yesterday...leave it to Madison. I was walking past a "pizza by the slice" place, and I saw the advert:

"We have "special" cookies for 4/20!!! Stop by at 4:20, on 4/20 for special cookies!!!"

(I'm thinking they couldn't be real "pot" cookies....COULD THEY????) I mean, this was emblazoned on their front window!

Awww...crap...I fizzled out. I will respond to other Okayers in the AM, when I am more together.

*apologies to all I missed*.....back tomorrow. It sucks to be a morning person, sometimes.
Hey all! I'm home! Wow - nice to get home early! Saw my neighbour's place, showed him mine, saw banjoboy and he invited me for spaghetti dinner in a short while, and then we'll be jammin' later, so I can't be online long.

tree, you bought a VENDING MACHINE!? Girl, you are so kookie. In a good way. tongue.gif The boys would love you.

Why would they call them "special" 4/20 cookies if they aren't "special?" Hmmm.

Hiya rose!

Ooh, doodlemama's cheque arrived - I can go CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!

I gotta run - still got to tidy and make myself purdy for the boy!
Goooooood Evening!!

Diva, that's really cool about the hald way, transitional housing. there are places here that do that, too. But waiting times are rediculous, up to 3 months at some places. and there are few places that treat crystal meth addiction.

Hey Dusty! I guess I am a cop eater!

Doodle, yay on cash for clothes!!!! Doodle and BEB sitting in a tree...

tree, that is so freakin' awesome that you bought a vending machine!!! where exactly does one acquire a vending machine? It doesn't seem like something you could pick up at your local target or grocer...

Well, I took hound for a super long walk, worked out and and AND my mom got me a tour of a firehall!!! I'm going tomorrow. the fact that I'm so excited about this is quite odd. I actually would like to see the inside of a truck. With my feet planted firmly on the ground thank you! The guy she knows thought I was younger, then she told him I was 25 and he chuckled, saying that the younger guys there would enjoy the fact that I was there. This is going to pretty neat! Should i wear tacky tourist gear and take photos? laugh.gif

anyhows, I'm pretty psyched, now I must eat, as I'm kinda hungry and tired.
Hi ya'll! Its one of those freaking gorgeous spring days here, so I *finally* rode my bike to work today, though it was quite a slog - 30mph gusting winds off the lake. Ooof. Took me 10min longer to get to work, but I fucking sailed home with the wind at my back! So awesome! 22miles round trip.

(((((dusty)))) So sorry to hear about your job loss! After 17 years, they can't find another place for you in the company? Yikes. BUT, I wish that a completely fabulous and prosperous opportunity falls into your lap.

CH, sounds like the grad schools helped you make the decision you needed right now. I think grad school can be a great thing, but with the commitment and expense required, you've got to know that its really what you want to do...sounds like a wise decision. And yeah, I really admire peeps who really have a passion to do a particular thing - I don't think I've got that, but so long as I can pay the bills, its fine with me.

Lore, that steel slipper is AWESOME!!! I hope a jobby job comes through for you soon.

Hi hi tree - I feel boring lately too, so I haven't posted much either. I feel ya'. I think you should *definitely* stop by that pizzeria and scope out those special cookies! Do report back if you go!

Well, I need to settle my achey bod into a hot bubble bath. My right knee is a little cranked out today...its never been quite right since the last time I got hit by a car. It'll be fine once my body gets used to the long rides.

I just found out two things on the Internet that absolutely floored me! It's been a very surreal internet session indeed.

The first thing, and only slightly less bizarre, is that my college friend, the Lioness, is going into outer space! I mean, literally, she and her husband are going into orbit as part of the "Americans In Orbit - 50 Years" program. (I haven't looked into what the 50 Years part means). Now, while it surprises me to hear that one of my friends is going to vacation off-planet, it doesn't surprise me that it is her. The Lioness has always lived larger than most of us mere mortals around her. While I was graduating at a record slow pace, she was graduating at a record fast one, all while starting and leading the ECO club, going for her pilot's license for free (The U.S. Air force picked up her tab even though she's not military and not even a U.S. citizen), learning advanced SCUBA diving, volunteering at Sea Life Park so she could pet and feed penguins, seals, and dolphins, getting married, and training for an Iron Man triathlon. (Regrettably, she could not participate in The Iron Man due to breaking her leg in an SCUBA accident.) So, yeah, it's only sorta surprising to me that she'll be blasting off into orbit. Meanwhile, I'm still hoping for employment.

O.K., the second thing, the one that had me more startled, was something I saw on YouTube. This one requires a tad of background in the telling. To start, while a lot of people know me online as Lorewolf, some others know me as Tard_Boy. Quite a few people know me as that guy in the Tardboard armor that tried to start a webcomic that used photo images. My original armor was crated for Halloween back in the mid 1990's, and it had a large patch of Velcro on its back to attach other cardboard inventions of mine. The most famous by far was the Urban Camo Pack. I wore it to Halloween, had OtterMan take some digital photos of it, and then threw away the Urban Camo Pack. I stitched together some sequence shots into this GIFF animation, and it kinda got spread all over the Internet. Here's the original:

O.K., now here's what I found on YouTube today blink.gif
From Russia. (you don't have to watch it all, but around the 2nd minute made my jaw drop!)
From the U.S. or Canada or somewhere
Again, from who-knows-where
This one, I had to look really close to tell that it wasn't me on that Halloween
I found more, too. There were some in Japan, of course. I also found a lot of my original footage on YouTube, re-packaged. This one actually used it plus only a minimal amount of work on their side to make an advertisement for their lame-ass marketing site. They called me the "Mexican Transformer".

Anyway, sorry for the long, self-absorbent post, but it's kinda weirding me out.

I hope you all are having good evenings smile.gif
Yay, its Tree!

Wow, Lore, you better take out a patent on the sandal and the glasses! Its a way cool video, no wonder everyone's ripping it off.

Thanks, Turbo! After a year long fight, it looks like I will have an opportunity at other jobs that come up in my workplace, but they will likely pay less. We'll see smile.gif

Yes, please, CH, take photos and post them here.

In Ontario, gambling addiction treatment is extremely well funded because the casinos have to give part of their proceeds for it. So if you have any kind of addiction plus gambling, you're ahead of the game.

Maybe they figure you have to be into pot to know what a 4/20 cookie is. Kinda like back in the day when my mom finally told my brother that she wasn't so dumb she couldn't figure out what 'combustibles' were when he was talking to his friends on the phone.
Holy crap, lorewolf.....YOU ARE A CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*shits pants*

dusty, good luck with the job....I hope something works out well for you.

Yeah, gaming funds gambling addiction services here, too, plus gaming funds non-profits, like the women's centre I used to work for. In fact, when I left, gaming was the only decent money the women's centre had left, and it's probably the only thing keeping the mother society going right now. I guess I should remember that when I'm bitching about the lotteries corporation, huh? Though technically the money is funnelled through government. Anyway.

turbo, yay for bike riding! Whoosh! Do yer legs hurt now? My co-worker who runs tells me that really cold water right after exercising like that is the key - she and her running club walked into the river after their last session, and she had no pains or aches afterwards, like she usually does.

CH! Firehall tour! OMG, now you're going to become a firefightereater. wink.gif Ask them about the slidey pole.

Well, we just finished jamming for the night. I had to end it at 10, before the neighbour started to complain! Even though it's banjoboy's neighbour. I know the gay ex-priest has to take the shit for it otherwise! We had lots of fun, lots of good songs. Yes, a few of the romance-related ones again. Well, BEB started it, so I just carried on. tongue.gif Then he asked me to do Wild Horses again (I tried it - badly - last time BEB and I jammed by ourselves, when we were both sick and I was flipping through my songbook trying to find something to play, and before that, I haven't played it since last summer)....he POUTED when I said I didn't want to (he insisted it was good last time), so then I had to. rolleyes.gif Also we did Gonna Die Someday right before I ended it for the night, and now BEB definitely knows who wrote the song, because banjoboy and I said so....he really liked it. smile.gif

Ooh, I forgot to mention, I wrote a couple more verses to the new song (I Don't) at lunchtime today. Still not sure it's finished, but I played what I had for banjoboy before BEB arrived, and he seemed to really dig it.

Also, banjoboy made us spaghetti, and BEB made up a hilarious rhyming song with pasta names when I said I couldn't sing yet because my belly was full of spaghetti. And then the first couple of songs I sang tasted like spaghetti!! BEB said that's the best kind of singing. laugh.gif

ALSO, BEB agreed to attend both the Peace Walk and the Big Band live recording session with me. biggrin.gif
Yaaay! Tree's aliiive! smile.gif Please take care of noggin! Cool about the vending machine, Tree. I bet you'd be able to fix anything that might go wrong with it. Smart to get an old-school one. Does it have cork-screw thingies to dispense stuff? I suggest vending microwave popcorn, Trader Joe's blueberry 'newton' bars, mouse traps that have their springs already cocked back, guacamole-filled easter eggs, hornet nests, and vials of ether... or maybe not... Ooh! and speaking of gambling, maybe you could load it so that it might randomly drop something extra cool along with whatever someone bought. Say, maye just one of the microwave popcorn bags has a $5 gift certificate to a coffe shop you'd like to see get more business, and you could let buyers know there's a random chance of getting it. ANyway, have fun, Tree! Oh, and the sandal cut wasn't all that perfect. I just traced my shoe with a Sharpie and tried to follow that.

Dusty, what careers did they suggest to you!?!? I mean, considering how I'm supposed to spread happiness, this is something I ought to hear about.

Culture, have fun at the firehouse! I bet you'll get some good attention smile.gif Watch out about any skirts you wear on that fire pole.

Risiev, yeah, Scientology is super dumb, but I wonder how it actually tricks so many people into joining. I mean, I can understand a lot of religions having members because they grew up in the religions, but Scientology only recruits by suckering people. They sure have suckered a lot of rich and famous people, though. Creepy! Now that I have my own cardboard cult, I ought to pay more attention to methods. (Yikes! It feels creepy to even joke about it.)

Diva, good luck on finding the baby-momma. I hope whatever happens puts the kid in a good place.

*envies Turbo's biking*

Doodle, I totally wish I could jam with you guys! Not that I play insturments with any skill, but I could always make snacks and dance in a goofy fashion.

Heya Kari & GT!
Okay, I'm back, more bright eyed and bushy tailed. I still have a sore spot on my head but it's just that one spot, I'm feeling fine otherwise. MRG is bothering me more right now.

Lore, it's still a good cut...It doesn't look like a beaver chewed it's every bit as good as a cut I'd make, especially in something that thick. And, you're a cult! WOW!!

Doodlebug, I agree with Lore...wish I could jam with you guys too. It sounds like fun. I had a really, really wicked thought when you said, "slidey pole"...... wink.gif

I just think it couldn't be real pot cookies, here in Madison, pot is legal IN PRIVATE...illegal in public.'s gotta be a play on words or shaped like a leaf or something.

Rosev, those are nice anniversaries to remember...and yay for tax refunds! Mine's going to take a long time for the IRS to process, I think, because of our weird capital gains thing with selling Mom's house. I dunno when I'm going to get it back. I hope soon, cause I want to finish my closet.

~*~*job vibes for dusty*~*~ hope things go well for you.

Sooo, the vending machine. It's old, probably older than some of the Okayers. It does use spring/corkscrew thingies to push the stuff out. I was thinking, if it doesn't work out at the shop, bringing it home and vending out miniature bottles of likker. It's a little old and stuff, and the knobs don't turn very well, but I think some cleaning and oiling and some aligning and it'll work fine. It was in the classified ads in the newspaper for $50.00. I thought it was a steal, and I'm sure it will eventually pay for itself. Cool idea on the random gifty thing, Lore!!
Good Morning on this lovely Thursday!

Lore, fuck a duck, that is so frekain' cool!!! What a good costume. What a cult following!!! The cult of Lore the transformer!!!!

Turob, how are your legs feeling today?? Woot on the first ride of the season!!!!!

Hey Dusty! Combustibles. Hee.

Doodle, it sounds like you had a really great evening! Now I feel like writing a spaghetti haiku. Or a pasta haiku!

Oh dear, RV, I totally forgot to say hello to you in my previous post! sad.gif anyhows, congratulations on the income tax refund!!

Tree, the vending machine sounds so fun! Now I want one.

Well, my mother is feeling sick today, but I told her that i'd still happily go to the firehall to pick up what she needs to get there, not a firefighter, it's work related. I have no issues going on my own. Besides, it'll allow me to flirt a little more. smile.gif

I have an evil MRG brought on headache, blech.

aside from that, it's going to be a little cooler today, but that's okay, it's better than snow!

What are everyone's plans this weekend?
anna k
I'm planning to go out with a guy I met through OK Cupid, but his cell phone number is from Florida and I don't want to call him often to ring up charges. I save long-distance for my parents. I told him we could talk through email 'til we meet. I'd like to go to a movie tomorrow, though we could hang out beforehand. He's alright-looking, but I haven't dated in a year.

Someone made a comment about how much weight I've lost since the last time she saw me. I am getting back to being a skinny minnie, but still with curves, the pants I bought are 28 by 34, so that's promising. I just want killer muscle definition, and it's getting there.

That's awesome. I've been getting compliments on my physique too. I haven't lost much weight, but have gained some muscle and a better waist.
Hey Anna! congratulations on the more muscley defination!

Yay for healthy BUSTies!!!!

Where the heck is eveyone else???


My new purple sunglasses, with purple tinted lenses are ready! I'm very excited, I'm going to pick them up at lunch!
I thought this picture would make everyone laugh.

Fucking hell, I woke up at FIVE GODDAMN AM, with a leg cramp and body aching. Last night, nobody had any weed, so banjoboy got the brilliant idea to scrape the THC crystals from the bottom of his grinder. I only had, like, 1/3 of a toke, but seriously, I cannot do shit like that on weeknights. It's actually a good thing I woke up early - I spent a half hour in the massage chair! Now I'm not so much achy as just plain cranky.

*grumbles, chugs coffee*

I'm gonna go get another coffee and come back in a little while, when I'm more capable of respectful socializing.
He he he he! Mission accomplished, Culture smile.gif
CH, purple lenses are the BEST! You are going to love those sunglasses.

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Tree.

~~~~~~ soothing for Doodle ~~~~~~ Those cramps sound awful.

The night before last I woke up at 3am and I couldn't get back to sleep. My cat was doing her little squeaky snoring thing & that kept me awake for hours. Ugh. I kept nudging her to wake her up, but then she'd nod back off and she'd be at it again .... squeak snore, squeak snore. I guess that would technically be a snork? Or a squore? Or a sneak or something?
Doodle, I feel your pain. are you feeling better??

Hey Lore! That made me laugh out loud when that picture was e-mailed me this morning.

hey RV! I see that you've posted as I'm writing. Kittie sounds sooooo cute! I always think it's adorabel when animals snore.
Buenos Diaaaaaaas!

CH, that picture of the shark is hilarious! It made me laugh. I'm with're a cop eater! You are going to the firehall, alone? Uh oh! wink.gif

Lore, that costume rocks! You are so funny. I would be a little freaked about all the You Tube videos too though!

Tree, that is so super rad that you bought a vending machine. I love it. $50 is a bargain! I'm glad your head is feeling better.

Hey Diva! Glad your boss is out today. Or was that yesterday? Are you still planning on going into baking full time one day?

Hey Jenn! I was thinking about you while watching Top Chef last night, since it's in your city.

Hey Rose! Pooo on the crappy night of sleep. MR K had a similar night last night. He said he only slept about 2 hours b/c he couldn't breathe. Poor guy. I did not wake up once.

Hey Anna!

Hey Doodle! Sounds like you had a great night jammin' last night. Excellent! Even though you did some naughty stuff. THC crystals? Youch!

Things here are decent today. Still busy at work. Getting stuff done though, so that's positive. Had a nice evening yesterday. Went home, hung with Mr K, got a quickie HBI, went to the gym, came home, ate pizza, drank a beer, & watched Top Chef. I'm taking the night off from the gym today. I might take the dogs on a jog. I also need to go shopping for a baby shower gift for a shower on Saturday. It's my friend who had her baby prematurely at 28 weeks. Baby went home last week! yay! She'd been in the hospital since November. The baby, not the mama. I am so happy for my friend. smile.gif

Ahhhhh!!! Why did I leave all this stuff until the very last minute? I've been running around like crazy the last day or so trying to study and complete my papers. And now I'm feeling like my fem theory paper is just way too broad but it's due tomorrow and i've already written 10 of the 12 pages. I had my last exam this morning which I was FREAKING out about, but it actually went really well. I'm so glad it's finished mostly because it means I can just concentrate on my papers. I was really hoping to everything finished by tomorrow but Monday is the new date.

Fuck, going on a longish international trip is so stressful and right now it's not because of getting everything ready but because everyone wants to see you all the time, every night before you leave. I really just want the whole weekend to myself but tonight me and the ex are having one last night of fun, tomorrow I have dinner with a friend, saturday my brother is having a party...and I unfortunately doesn't like like I'll get a chance to meet culture (unless you want to come to a house party on saturday:wacko:). Insanity.

Sorry to just come in and vent but I have to get cracking on my papers!
Eek, Erinjane. How is your father doing?

Ouch, Doodle.

RV, last night I was sitting at my computer and I heard squeaking. I thought maybe the neighbours were going at it and then I realized it was one of the cats doing her wheezy thing. She sleeps with her head hanging over the side of a cardboard box. I don't know how she can breathe or sleep at all.
Hi, peeps.

Tree, that is too cool that you bought an old vending machine!

Kari, that's great that your friend's baby is at home now. I don't know about baking full time, as I intend to hire a couple pastry chefs for my shop and work more in a business owner role. I'd personally rather spend time tending to customers and getting tips.

Lore's an internet celebrity!

Woot! on Jenn riding her bike to work again!

CH, you should totally wear big pleated khaki "mom shorts" with tube socks and a fanny pack for your trip to the firehall.

Bon voyage, ErinJane!

Hi, Dusty and Doodle and RV and all!

I. Am. Mad. Today. The giant and I are within 2 weeks of our lease expiring and one of our landlords doesn't want to let us sign another long lease because he and his stupid girlfriend, let's call her "Coughing Girl With Annoying Dog" or CGWAD for short, are thinking of moving in together, which would mean that either she would live where the giant and I do or that our other landlord would move into our space, which would make us have to find a new place to live. We might be able to get another 6 month lease, then go month to month after that, but unless we can do that, I'm thinking we're pretty well screwed. Now we can see why they've been so awful about getting together to do another lease. Fuck! I looked at 23 places before we signed our lease where we are now, and I am so not prepared to do it again, especially for a rental. The giant and I are in no position right now to look into buying a house, and won't be for at least a year. I am so fucking pissed off right now!

Can I please get some Bustie vibes for my idiot landlord and CGWAD to break up? He's been through several girlfriends in the last 2 years and it's not like he's ever even around lately since he seems to always be in Korea or Hong Kong or New York (where he was when I talked to him a couple hours ago). Maybe if they spend enough time together, they'll grow to despise each other and break up so the giant and I can not have to move.

Hello all!

Hey Kari! So good to hear that your friend's baby is going home!

~*~*~*~*calming vibes for Erin~*~*~*~* Everything will work out, it's hard that it's the last stretch. we can get together when you get back, I don't want you to think like you have to stick by my side at a house party. I don't have any immediate plans to leave Winnipeg!

Dusty, that is too cute about your cat sleeping that way! Isn't it bizarre the positions animals get themselves in when they sleep?

~*~*~*~*lease resigning, stay where you are vibes for Diva~*~*~*~*~* I'm so sorry to hear about your situation.

I picked up my new specs, and they are great! Now I don't squint when I drive!!! woohoo!

That's all really.

Well, I've read everything, but can't really respond, as it's been craaaaaayyyzy. But I read, I promise!!

I had to go upstairs and process another face-to-face self exclusion. I think that's my favourite part of the job - getting to talk to people at the point where they're "ready." But it's time consuming!! But I did it without having to be rescued this time.

Also, I am listening to my contraband Soma FM again.

Also, the pain has reduced itself to my biceps and the roots of my hair on the crown of my head.
Vibes as required to Divala. Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where he tries to get his uncle to break up with his new girlfriend so that his parents will move back to Florida?

Vibes for the roots of Doodle's hair.

Cool on the sunglasses. I so wish I had bought sunglasses instead of lenses that change colour, whateverthefuckthey'recalled. Especially when I'm sitting at my desk trying to look like I've been there since nine and my lenses are all dark.

There's a job I should be applying for. Today. But...not sure I want it, not sure I have the energy to think about it today. It makes me anxious just thinking about it. We're kind of closing up shop here, plus I'm on the organizing committee for a rally on Sunday and we have a meeting tonight.
Oh my god, I'm going to crash right here at my desk. Nobody's here right now, except one of the bosses, of course. If I could just put down my head and nap.....I'd probably not wake up till it was time to go home. It's my own damned fault: since I was running around picking up my cheque and doing my banking at lunch, I grabbed Mc-freaking-Donald's and an O Henry for lunch. Defintely the kind of food you eat if you want to crash!


dusty, what is the rally?

I phoned up to the store, and it doesn't seem to be a problem for me to get May 3 off for the Peace Walk. I'm still kinda stunned (happy stunned) BEB said yes to both things. I'm kinda nervous about bringing him to the Big Band thing, though. Lots of the people from work will be there - I don't know how I feel about a boy around in front of my co-workers. Of course, who knows? My trainer comes back on the 21st - I might not be working here by the 26th, depending how it goes with my negotiations!

The bossman just left....I am here all by myself. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*time jump* co-worker (the cool one) just came back and told me to go home, and bill for the time! She phoned up to security and told them everyone was gone, and then she ran out the door. WOOT!!!!! I'm going shopping!
anna k
Scanning Wikipedia (reading about porn on Jezebel made me look up Thora Birch cuz her parents did porn, and linked to the movie Now & Then), I found out that her co-star in the film, Ashleigh Aston Moore (who played the "fat girl") died of a heroin overdose last December. She had stopped acting as a teen and lived in Canada with her family. I didn't know what she looked like outside the movie, because she gained 20 lbs to play the part (think Jerry O'Connell's part in Stand by Me). It's a sad story, though I'm not surprised it didn't get any attention, since she wasn't famous.

Today was quiet at work. There's a Biblical art lecture going on and I'll leave in an hour. Every Thursday is a 10-hour workday, which feels long but not much happens besides greeting people and doing other duties.

Hopefully I get a message back from that guy I'm going to date. I'd really like to go out on a date for kicks and something different.
Good Evening!!

Doodle, what did oyu buy???

Hey Dusty! What kind of job are you applying for?

Hey Anna! Did you get a message from that guy?

Well, I went for the tour of the firehall, and saw a hottie from a visitng hall, who I caught staring. but, I was just way too into the cool stuff they had there! Firetrucks and the coolest thing. EVER. I got to go inside, and I knew they were ginormous, but it exceded all expectations. It was fucking huge. and the inside is really neat, and I felt soooooo small sitting in the drivers seat. It was so cool. I forgot all about the firefighters cuz the truck was so neat!

The guy was really nice, too. he was trying to convince me to become a firefighter versus a police officer. So, my mom is going to arrange me getting to see the largest fire hall in the city, number one. I've driven past it, and it's huge, I'd like to see more than one fire truck at a time. And she's going to arrange for me to see the main cop shop, and maybe I can talk to someone who works in sex crimes, just to see what the person thinks of the job. As I've decided that I really am going to try to get on with the police force.

Sooooo, that was my excitement for the day.

Now, I need to calm down, I'm so tired, I think I'm going to have a bath then go to sleep. MRG headache is back, and I feel pretty lousy.
Hey all! I'm not really sore today - my legs are strong as ever, since I've been ellipticizing over the winter, but what does hurt is my right got injured last year when I got hit by a car, and never been quite right, but I think fighting the wind yesterday put a little extra wear on it. But I figure I'll hit the bath again tonight.

Lore! You're an inspiration to cardboard artists everywhere! Who knew?

CH - sounds like you had a most excellent time at the firehouse -ROCK! I love that your mom is helping you set this all up! Are you actually considering applying to the fire academy? You'd be totally badass!

(((((stay put diva & giant))))) That totally SUCKS. I hope you're able to get another long lease - you worked way too hard to find that place!

I've read all the archives today, but my brain is too tired to really retain anything at this point....must be time to hop in the bath.

anna k
Yeah, I got a call back from him. He sounded like a dud over the phone, with a "duuuuuuuh" voice. Hopefully he's more interesting in person.

That's great that the firefighter was encouraging you. I was watching Ladder 49 last night, and being reminded of a documentary special about female firefighters in NYC dealing with harassment on the job, the men trying to push them out of the firehouse or get them transferred somewhere else.
Heya all y'all! smile.gif

Bummer about the old injury acting up, Turbo! DO you think there might be some PT exercises to help? I'm sure you'll get better once you've gotten back into the biking groove.

Heya Culture! Cool that you found stuff even cooler than the firemen there! I hope you find your calling soon. I'm sure some organization could really use a superheroine like you smile.gif

Good luck with the date, Anna smile.gif I hope it turns out comfy and fun.

Rock on about the early scrammage, Doodle!

Best of luck on the job search front, Dusty. I think job search is easily one of my least favorite activities. Sucks worse than doing taxes.

Divaladivaladivala! (viva-la-Divaaa!) That's cool that you have such advanced plans for business. I hope you find great people to work for you, like ones who can be friends, too, and who are competent. I also hope your landlord gets dumped on his greedy ass.

Good luck on your final stretch, ErinJane! I don't miss the last weeks of a semester at all! *calm, confident inspiration vibeage* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kari, your life sounds really happy at the moment smile.gif That's where I wish I wee at.

Rosiev, your cat sounds really cute. I don't think I've ever heard a cat snore. Is it impossible to acclimate to?

As for my cardboard fame, I've known for years that my animation was making the rounds on the internet. There's a bunch of people who know it's me, and proof of it beyond that, but this is the first time I've run into videos of others having fun immitating me! The coolest thing about it, though, and I truly am happy about this, is the type of people who have decided to do it: They're just people who are happy to not take themselves too seriously and let their freak flags fly. They're just dorky kids like me! I feel like the BumbleBee girl in the Blind Melon video, finally finding others who can appreciate and relate. I remember seeing the "Star Wars Kid" video online and being really disappointed that he was made fun of and humiliated. I could totally relate to him. He was just having fun. The Peter Pan guy, sure it's about as gay as it gets, but he's at least not as boring as anybody out there who judged him harshly. I just happened to luck out that some other people were cool enough to laugh WITH me as well as at me.
Fuck, I lost a whole post to the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz key.

Anyway. I bought: good black dress pants; good charcoal grey dress pants; four of those really good quality tanks I wanted (heavy cotton with a bit of spandex, thin straps, good fit, princess seams, not too low cut) in royal blue, turquoise, rich violet purple, and black (to go under my thrift store microsuede black jackety-type shirt); two really really good bras, and a whole bunch of underpants (boycut AND thong tongue.gif). Cost me $160, but it would have been double that without my staff discount. Me so happy! Me so glad me had a mummy who taught me the magic of separates. wink.gif The bras were the most expensive thing - two of them ate up 2/3rds of what doodlemama sent me! But it's worth it - I got the superduper good ones that push all the aging side boobage into the cups. wink.gif I was dead on about the sizing - a whole band size and cup size smaller since November. This time last year, I was a double D - now I'm a C. sad.gif Anyway, with my black jeans and the tops that still fit me, and my zillions of accessories, this mix and match affair should hold me for awhile, till I see where the body settles next. All I really need to fill it out is a new jean jacket, though I'd like a new blazer, too.

guitarboy is moving out! I guess he's had enough of banjoboy. I wonder how banjoboy will pay the rent? Hmmm. You know, I've known it was bad between them for awhile, and I often thought it was me keeping guitarboy here in this that I've been so busy, not to mention distracted by (and writing songs about!) you-know-who, there goes guitarboy. Not that we will lose touch or anything. He's become more like a little brother to me than anything. We had a really nice hug-a-thon tonight.

I wonder if I dare trust banjoboy with money to go get me weed for the weekend....he's going to be hurting for the rent money....guitarboy told me his grandma sent him money, and when the envelope arrived, it was mysteriously taped shut, and no money.

I still haven't unpacked my shopping bag! I need to go do that. Sorry for not responding to everyone - I did, I swear, but the zzzzzz key ate my post!
Good Morning!

Doodle, sounds like your new clothes sound great. Nice! Guitarboy is moving out? hmmm. I think you are right to be wary of giving banjoboy any money. With the incident in the past AND knowing he doesn't have rent money. That guy needs to get it together fo' reals.

CH, it sounds like your trip to the firehall was really interesting & fun. I've never been in a firetruck, I bet it's pretty cool. I can't wait til you go visit Station One!

Hey Jenn! I don't remember you getting hit by a car! When did you say that happened? Ouch. Glad your legs are feeling good, sorry about the knee pain.
How are you doing after that earthquake last night?? That's crazy! What's even more crazy is my dog started barking at that time b/c she felt it here. It woke me up & I noticed our bed was vibrating. Nuts.

Hey Lore! I am in a pretty good zone now. Getting done with my internship & only working one job has really lightened the load. It's a whole new world....

It's Friday. SWEET!
Good Morning Panty Wastes!

Turbo, that is so great that you are right back into cycling! The Elliptical sure does help, I know I love mine! How are things going at work? Any new prospects yet? I am considering becoming a firefighter, but I do have my heart set a little bit more on the police service.

Anna, I did ask about women on the job and they said it's like anything, so long as the person pulls their weight, there are no issues. But, there are always going to be assclowns in some jobs. No matter where you are. He said that out of approximately 800 Firefighters, there are only 60 or 70 women. But, it's better than NO women. When do you meet the boy?

Lore, again, you are so cool! You don't seem to be dorky or nerdy at all. And even if you were. Who cares! I think your rockin' no matter what. That star wards kid, that really hurt my heart. The kid is really messed up now, I think it was Leno who was talking about it, he said the boy was in therapy. this coming from someone who aired it on his show...Sigh.

Doodle, that is a rediculous amount of clothes! that is so great. And a C cup is still a good size (I am also a c cup, or so the bras say). That is really too bad about banjoboy, looks like he's starting to slip again. But when you can't trust your own roommate...that's no way to live. I really hope you two will keep in touch. I know you are close, but things are pretty great between you two.

Hey kari! It's good to see you in here in the morning!

I slept last night, headache is still here. I think this weekend will be a low key one. enjoying the nice weather and working out, taking puppy to the park for walks.

And it's Friday. this is all I really care about at the moment!!!

anna k
I meet the guy tonight at 6 pm. Even though he didn't sound too engaging on the phone, I'm looking forward to it, since it's been so long since I've dated and I need something fresh. smile.gif We're going to see Doomsday, I've read good things about it.

I haven't been able to get to the gym too often because I've worked later hours or my fave classes start when work ends. Plus I've been eating some frozen yogurt almost every night (low-fat kind), so I've gained a few pounds in my belly. I'm going to look for dance DVDs at the library so I can work out more if I can't make it to the gym classes (I don't like being on the machines, I prefer dancing or doing trainer-directed exercises).
Greetings, Spawn of Bill O'Reilly! (Hey, I thought it was a pretty good insult.)

Whoa - holy shit, last night must have been a big night for gambling your life away - I've got a huge huge pile of self exclusions to process this morning!!! So this'll be pretty quick, I guess. I can't believe my trainer will be back on Monday....where did the time go? More importantly, I wonder if she's going to totally freak that I de-cluttered and cleaned her desk?? tongue.gif

CH, that's crappy you still have a headache - I hope you feel better soon. The firehall trip sounds awesome! I've never been inside a firetruck. Did you get the cutie firefighters digits? wink.gif

kari - there was an earthquake? Damn, I didn't hear that on the news this morning.

Speaking of news, they caught our local Merritt Killer yesterday morning....the guy who murdered his 3 kids. He was caught by one of our local eccentric hunter/trackers.

Hiya too, anna!

It's What Are You Wearing Friday!!! So....what are you wearing today?

Me: new black pants with awesome waistband that no one will ever get to see because I refuse to wear tucked-in shirts; new violet fitted cami; black microsuede snap-button shirt, worn open with cuffs turned up like a jean jacket; black leather city boots; loooooong black/aqua/blue flowered skinny scarf with silky black tassel ends; real turquoise beaded bracelet; turquoise/blue/yellow glass teardrop pendant on black cord; big silver hoop earrings; turquoise/black metallic-finish headband; and of course, my photo ID/door key schledge. Oh, and 'neath it all, new black bra and black thong underwear. smile.gif

Damn, I love clothes.

Okay, gotta get some work done....
dusty, my dad is doing well. A few days ago he was pretty miserable, but i think he's starting to feel better, so that's positive.

Culture, right after I wrote that post I sat down and relaxed, re-read my paper, and re-worked it a bit and I'm loving where it's going now. I just have to write a conclusion and then drop it off at uofw. One more paper to go and I have to finish marking exams. If I'm really hardcore I could be finished everything by Sunday.

That's awesome about the firehall/cop stuff. Whenever I take my niece to the teddy bears picnic I always go on the tour of the fire truck. biggrin.gif

Anna, good luck tonight. I've been eating way too much junk food myself. It seems like a certain friend and I are always going out for cake. But it's soo good!

Morning, erin!

I forgot to mention - it was frigging SNOWING this morning! More like rain-snow. Nothing that stuck. I wound up taking the bus to work. It's stopped now.....

Apparently it's snowing in Vancouver, in April. Holy crap, that is totally weird.
Hey Hey!

Kari, I did hear about that earthquake on CBC this mornig. I actually immediately thought of the busties!

Anna, does the Y or university not offer fun dance classes? If you could do it for free though...

Doodle, he had to go, but with that said, I'm feeling a lot more confident about approaching men now. They are just men after all! Of course, I say this now when it happens again, I'll probably be just as shy. Which is really funny because no one ever thinks of me as shy! Shitty about the snow, but the outfit sounds smokin!

Erin, so happy to hear that you are feeling better and calmer about school and exams. ~*~*~*ongoing calming vibes~*~*~*~*

What am I wearing today. Trouser style silver jeans, purple, blue, grey and black hippie style top with elasticy empire waist. little brown, hoodie (it's cold in the office!. High heeled sandals. Amber ring and necklace, other rings, hair down and curly, with top pulled back with bobby pins.

Hiya peeps!

Good luck with the date, Anna! When the giant and I first talked on the phone, I wasn't really attracted (I've got a thing for deep voices, which he doesn't have), but we totally hit it off in person. That was almost 3 years ago.

Kari, you seriously got an earthquake in Tennessee? Wow! I didn't know you could feel them so far inland.

I remember that video of the Star Wars kid. They spoofed it on Arrested Development. Poor kid, with shitty, shitty friends.

CH, that's so cool that you're figuring out what you want to do with life. Any idea how much and what kind of schooling you'd need to be a cop? A firewoman would be pretty cool, too. The giant's dad was the fire department engineer way back in the day. You've got to love that as a career choice, it's the kind of thing kids say they want to be when they grow up.

Hi, Lore, Dusty, and ErinJane!

I talked to my landlord again last night and he's agreed to let us sign for 6 months. It's better than not being on a lease at all. I explained that it's pretty nervewracking to not know where you're going to live for the next half-year, and I've been pretty nervous since our 2-month notice came up at the beginning of March. And who knows, maybe he and CGWAD will break up in 6 months and this won't be an issue at all. I can't necessarily say I'm happy about this, but it'll have to do for he forseeable future. We're signing the new lease on Monday. I've been looking online a little to see what other housing is out there, and there's really not much. If it's the right price, it's teeny-tiny (seriously, most of them are half the square footage we've got now, which is large, but I can't do with under 1000 square feet for 2 people) or it's way too expensive. I just wish we could look into buying a place, since there wouldn't be that much difference in price, but the giant isn't ready yet.

I called and told my mom about this, and she was pretty ambivalent. She's such a grouch.

I probably don't have any weekend plans. Poodle and I were thinking of going out tonight, but she's been sick (thinks it's bronchitis), so maybe next weekend. It's pretty gloomy out anyway, even if it's not actually cold. We were supposed to visit the giant's family tomorrow, but they have the plague. His neice picked up something at daycare called "Fith Disease" which is something like the measles, I guess, so we're not going to go there to get sick. We are going to his cousin's, though, for an ethernet cord so the giant can hook up his xbox360 to the computer. Geek! No plans for Sunday, yet. I might get together with a friend for coffee, but that would involve showering and putting on real clothes, so I'm not sure yet. I'm really lazy on Sundays.

Friday wardrobe report: jeans and a lavendar shirt with a wide collar and sleeves that go to my elbows, which I'm covering up with my new blue hoodie. Not too exciting, but comfortable.
Yeah, when I read about the earthquake, I thought about jiggling bustage, too happy.gif Then I hoped people were okay.

Culture, we're pushovers, us men. We're dying for a woman to pay attention to us. You could probably just literally shove a guy, and he'd be in hevan. Might even gloat to friends about it. "This girl just came up and shoved me! It was great!"

I'm dressed boring and work-ish in order to check out prospective job sites: dark grey Carhartt 5-pocket jeans (from a garage sale), white undershirt T-shirt, red plaid flannel shirt, CostCo Kirkland work boots, brown leather belt, butt-watch (my sphinctoral chronometer... okay, so it's a belt clip watch. I'm not into stuff on my wrist), blue, aloha-print, knit boxers, white tube socks. It's like a carpenter disguise.

Cool that things are going better with the exams and papers, Erin smile.gif

Anna, yeah, us Northern Americanicios really ought to dance more. It should be a more casual part of our culture like it is in other countries. I bet we'd all be fitter, more social, and less stressed that way. I think, like music-making, we've decided that it's too embarrasing to do in public if we're not skilled, and the hurdle to learn is too high. Do you get to use any of your exercise dance when you're in a social dance situation?

Doodle, YIKES! That Merritt Killer guy is one scary-looking dude! (I googled him.) Glad they caught the bastard. Bummer about GuitarBoy moving out :(Did BanjoBoy's grandmother try to mail him cash? He might have been telling the truth about it getting stolen in the mail (convenient as it sounds). Can HippyGirl hook you up with 'cumbustibles'?

ETA: Xpost with Diva. Yaay about the lease extension. Bummer about bronchitis! I hope you stay healthy.

hey Hey!

Diva, that is fantastic that you at least got the six month lease! Thank goodness. Are you ging to look around just in case?

In order to be a police officer, you have to pass medical stuff and the physical testing. Then if accepted you go the academy. No money, except for paying for fees for the repots the department requests. And it you want to get the physical training, which I'll do.

I went and sat outside at lunch, it's so gorgeous out, it's going to be a great walk at the park today!

ETA: X posted with Lore! Hey! I am super shy. It's painful. I have approached men before, but I really don't know what to say! At least when someone introduces me, it's not a big deal, it's breaking the ice that I'm pretty bad at.
Shove them! SHOOOOVE THEEEM!!!! biggrin.gif
I don't know how well that would go over with a cop! they carry guns!!!!!
So you'll run the risk of being frisked? happy.gif
Or arrested! Again...maybe it will be more fun the second time around to be "arrested". heh.
I never got frisked when I got arrested on the civil disobedience thing. Damn it.
I hit "add reply" before I'd finished!

Hiya diva and lore!

The Merritt Killer is indeed scary looking - he has some mental illness and alcohol addiction issues, from what I understand (funny how they usually go hand in hand - I wonder how many people there are out there self-medicating?). The community of Merritt is incredibly relieved he's been caught.

Banjoboy - hard to NOT believe he took guitarboy's grandma's money, since he has a history of stealing, and not only from me. guitarboy had put a lock on his bedroom door, and kept everything in there, including his food. banjoboy is another one who is self-medicating, with weed. He has social anxiety disorder, and I'm pretty sure that keeps him from going out there and doing what he needs to do to get on with his life. I just hope he can start to get some help before he hits a really bad kind of rock bottom, like homelessness....but it is coming up summer, so there's a chance it could go there if he doesn't find a new roommate. We'll see.

Lunch time! It's hot dogs and fries in the cafeteria....not sure how I feel about that, but I'll have a look....and I'm going to try napping again, since it's double shift day again.
Here's hoping that he gets the help he needs.

So, what's everyone's plans for the weekend?
oooh! all this talk about frisking! i need to be felt up soon. i think a good frisking is in order tonight.

hiya wayward hotties and hottiers! happy friday! i'm currently wearing jeans with little finger-sized holes in the thighs. (i know, stacey and clinton would NOT approve, but whatevs) and a cornflower blue deep v halter top with ruching at the v. i was wearing a long-sleeved light green t-shirt earlier, but it got too warm. it's 77 outside! no shoes. no brar. *checks undies* white vs bikinis with baby pink trim and the word "PINK" emblazoned in silver mock sequins across the ass. no, i would never have purchased these myself - they were a bday gift from a friendly acquaintance.

honestly, i didn't think much about my outfit this morning. i had to get up this am and take the 'roo to the doctor! i noticed that he was feeling warm last night and just wasn't quite himself. he wasn't what i would call "cranky" by most standards, but certainly not his normal cheerful self. i took his temp (UGH! i hate having to do it because i feel like he already feels bad, doesn't need me probing him!) and he didn't register as having a fever but he was SO hot. then, this morning, i realized that my thermometer was broken and tried with a different one and he was 101.7f! eeek~ called the doc and she said come in since it's the weekend and she didn't want me to wind up taking him to the er over the weekend. he's fine. they did a throat culture and a breathing treatment on him, which thoroughly pissed him off. no strep though. and the doc basically just said it was a "virus" and just to keep an eye on him. i was hoping for more of an explanation or solution but i'm glad it's nothing serious. so he's been super clingy and sweet today and i've just been coddling and cuddling him. he is napping now and has been for some time. i guess poor pookie just needs his rest.

diva, glad you got your landlord to give you at least 6mo. here's hoping you won't have to worry with moving at that point. and maybe you'll feel more comfortable about buying at that point too!

culture! sweet on the fire hall tour! i'm glad you had a good time. of course, i *knew* you would!! wow, so do you have anything for ups guys, mailmen or other uniformed men? or is it the authorit-eye you're attracted to? that would be cool if you became a firefighter! you should talk to kiss_the_fiddler... she's a firefighter herself! i love all the women on this board with non-traditional jobs. hehe, says the stay at home mom. tongue.gif

speaking of, my friend called and said she's heard good things about my interview. they were all impressed with me. i have a second intv on tuesday with the office that i'm interested in, so we'll see. she also told me though, that there is a new budget recently rolled out and she isn't sure that i'll get what i asked for salary-wise. but i'm trying not to focus on that and just see what happens next week. it just won't be worth it to me if i don't get at least close to what i asked for. ah, well. figure that out next week.

tonight, it's tacos and beers here at home. maybe a scrabble game!

'roo woke up while i was writing this, so definitely a time jump like doodle had yesterday, hehe.

he is now sitting and playing happily with his new donut stacker toy that his grammy got him at ikea. she's been waiting for the orlando store to open for months and it finally did last month. i haven't made the drive yet, as it's close to three hours away. i want to visit ikea, but not THAT badly. smile.gif

lore and dusty! how awesome that you are both supposed to spread happiness according to your career paths. sounds like you're both doing your jobs, since you both made me laugh today with your posts! biggrin.gif
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