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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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GT, i'm partly Ukrainian. On my dad's side I'm Ukrainian, Romanian, and possibly a bit of German, and on my mom's side i'm English, Scottish, and Norwegian. My grandma was born in Canada but grew up speaking only Ukrainian on a prairie farm and she had a fairly thick accent. I thought she was an immigrant until I was 18.

Unless I feel that I wrote an awful paper, I'm pretty sure you can read it. I feel like I could be putting in more effort than I am, and I ended up talking about psychoanalytic feminist theory a LOT more than I intended.

Kari, I'm majoring in sociology and women's and gender studies. But I'm definitely more interested in the women's and gender studies part. I hoping I can finish all my work by the end of the week so I don't have to think about doing school work ever again (or at least not for a few years).

FJ, good luck in the interview...although I guess not too much good luck depending on what you're hoping the outcome will be. tongue.gif

I'm feeling like an asshole today because I broke up with my boyfriend last night and he was so good about it. Just made me feel even worse. sad.gif
((((((((((minx)))))))))) I'm so sorry, hun. I can't open the link either, but from what you've described, it sounds awful as hell.

Can I have some vibes for my co-worker's dad? He was taken to hospital on Friday with stomach pains, and has had to have major bowel surgery. The surgery went as it should have, but they are not sure how he'll recover, as he is 75 with a recent history of medical issues - he had a heart attack over Christmas.

Goddamn. I didn't have any caffeine yesterday, and I've had a headache until now. I just gulped down my first cup at my desk, and it's already starting to recede. It's amazing what the body gets used to, huh? Just three weeks into this job and I'm a coffee junkie.

GT, your dream interp. seems apt - the only thing I'd add is that I never knew what home meant till I was here, so it makes even more sense. My mam is 1/4 Ukranian and 1/4 Russian, and she also looked like young Liz Taylor when she was young - even guitarboy remarked on it when he saw her pic. My ma was so pretty she was Miss Vancouver in '57!

erin, your papers sound really interesting! Under normal circumstances, I'd ask to read them too, but my time is quite crazy these days and I couldn't promise to actually get to them. sad.gif

kari, I still think that's such utter crap about the licensing requirements. Is there a chance you could get licensed from another state or something like that? It seems like a good idea to take the summer to process it, though - gives you some time and space. But na na!!! Dammit.

~*~*~*~job interview vibeage for falljackets~*~*~*~*~

CH, I keep telling you to come out for a visit! We'll have fun, and I do have several sources for the BC bud....heh. Also banjoboy makes his own hash - quite fucking deadly. SPRING CLOTHES PORN!!! Yeah!!! The polar bear dream made me snicker out loud at my desk - and I had to look around to make sure no one was wondering why I was laughing at the problem gambling counselling referrals I'm supposed to be making. wink.gif

I am wearing my brown/cream top today and feeling oh-so-pretty! I like the pattern, too – it’s like one of those WWII Japanese planes they painted with patterns in all different directions to confuse the allies about the shape. Heh. You know, I wasn't sure about the brown, it being spring, but it works, because it's kind of floaty and feminine. I can't believe how "feminine" my style has actually become over the last few years, considering I used to be the superfeminist who always wore baggy black clothes, unstyled hair, and no makeup! But I think all that started coming back in 2004-5, when I started planning my escape from the women's centre. Of course, my hair stylist is taking all the credit for the girlie-ization of me. tongue.gif

hippiegirl thinks we should make pot cookies soon, as we haven't done it in a long time. I am thinking maybe this coming weekend would be a good time for it, and I think I'm even going to invite BEB and allow him to witness the secret process. Heh. Also, I am going to try to set up a jam for Wednesday.

WTF, does anyone else keep getting IPS Driver Error when they try to post? I've been getting this for weeks, but again and again this morning.....oh, it finally posted!
Hi hi!

((((minx)))) how are you doing?

hello again FJ! How's bebe? ~*~*~*~*interview vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*

erin, how is your dad doing?

Doodle, I should come out for a few days, I know we would have a blast! It'd be pretty cheap for me to go out there, too. Hmmmm.

~*~*~*healing vibes for co workers dad~*~*~*

I will not rant about the IPS error. Grrrrrr.

I'm tired, and it's so nice outside, I just want to be at the park with houndy, Soon enough, though.

I'm going to have to second feeling rather attractive today (not that I don't feel attractive, I just feel super attractive!) anyhows, wearing the new outfit from yesterday. I just need a pair of spring/summer heels then I'll be good to go. Perhaps I'll go check things out tomorrow at lunch. I also need a new pair of white pants, tis the season for white pants.

((((((((Minx)))))))) That is just terrible. sad.gif Geez. I'm really sorry. His poor family.

((((vibes for doodle coworker papa)))))) scary.

GO FJ!! I hope the interview goes smashingly! Though I hear what you are saying about not wanting it to go too well.

((erinjane)) sorry you are feeling like a jerk. How long had you guys been dating? We have similar majors! I got an MA in sociology, my mentor was also chair of the Womens Studies Dept, so I got a good dose of gender studies as well.

CH, it is indeed the season for white pants! I wore some white jeans on Friday, as a matter of fact.

I need some new spring stuff. I feel a shopping trip coming up at some point.

I have been making some good headway on this report. I am the lead author on it & am having to merge another person's work with what I've written. It's taken some massaging.
What a looooooooong day. I have towork 8-4 at this place. They don't have flex hours, which is not okay with me. However, at least it's not 8:30 - 4:30. Blech.

And the supervisor is gone, I think I'll duck out early.

I haven't had any phone calls today! I've been going through muscle and fitness hers for workout and meal tips. Aren't I exciting? oooooooh!
BAH! Another technical error holding me up from doing my job, and I can't fix it myself because I lack the stupid permissions!!!!

When I got back from lunch, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Commissioner and his entourage were visiting and had taken over my desk area....and the Commissioner was in my chair!!! He is the kind of guy who uses all the letters after his name when introducing know what I mean. Ugh. Screw you; I ran a women's centre for eleven years and know way more about confidentiality issues than any damned degree can give you. mad.gif At least my chair was nice and warm when I made him get up. wink.gif

Also, I wrote another verse to the new song over lunch!

I gotta go figure out this PDF glitch....wonder how long it will take tech support this time? They're probably scrambling to clean up their desks before la Commissionaire gets there.....

Doodle, good vibes are on their way.

CH, thanks for asking. smile.gif He's recovering well but he's really grouchy. He was already pretty grouchy to begin with. My mom said that they told her he'd have mood swings and might get depressed and angry and I said, "So, same as usual?" But seriously, he's just so damn stressed. And he's used to having an active lifestyle and right now he's only supposed to exercise by walking for 5 minutes a day. I think he feels pretty useless, but it'll pass.

We'd only been dating for 3 months. I think the timing was probably bad, in that I'm super stressed with leaving for two months in just over a week, my mom had surgery 4 weeks ago, my dad's surgery last week, and trying to finish my undergrad. I dunno, I just felt like being committed to someone was too much right now. We had lunch today though and talked things out and since Thursday is the last day he'll see more for 2 months (we want to stay friends) we decided to go the ole' breakup sex route.

It's a funny thing about women's studies...I remember in grade 12 doing a tour of the University and they had tables for all the different majors and I saw women's studies and thought it sounded interesting but I just figured there was no work if I got a degree in women's studies. Anyways, in my 2nd year I finally took a WS course and fell in love with it. And I've already been working in my field for 2.5 years and have a job lined up when I come back from my trip. Honestly, I think double majoring in socio and WGS was the best decision I could have made. I'm sad to leave but soo happy to be finished going to school.

CH, it's beautiful out but insanely windy. My cats won't even go outside. I was going to ride my bike to Wolseley but I wouldn't even be able to get myself going.
Hi, peeps!

I'm a preppy today. I'm wearing my new Michael Kors khakis with a pale pink polo shirt with a crest on it, and a Pucci-esque headband. I impress myself with my preppiness today, since it's not my normal look. The headband really does it.

GT, it's nice to see you in here more often lately!

Kari, whatever are you going to do with all this spare time on your hands over the summer?

Hi, CH! Your comment about skinning boys and wearing it reminds me of the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs.

((((((((((Minx)))))))))) The link didn't work for me either, but I'm so sorry to hear about your student. Do they have any suspects?

(((((((((((job vibes, but only as many as FJ wants, and no more)))))))))))

Hi, Lore, Doodle, Jenn, ErinJane, Tree, and everyone else!

This has been an eternal Monday, probably because the weekend was so nice. The giant and I went out for pizza at a local place on Friday night, then had our date day on Saturday. We went to the snobby mall to check out the new Crate & Barrel, which is it's own building and 2 stories of stuff. I can't wait until the giant and I get engaged so I can go through there with a zapper gun and run amok. The giant got his xbox360, which he's been playing with like a little boy. He bought me a really cool sterling silver necklace. The pendant is 3 ovals set vertically with the middle one being hollow. It's not that fancy, but pretty cool in it's simplicity. Then he took me out for steaks, which was kinda fun because our waiter was an older queeny guy. I love older queens. We didn't do anything yesterday, really. I made 2 full batches of these delicious oatmeal/choco chip/coconut/walnut cookies (some are for work or freezing) and would have made banana bread, but I ran out of flour, so I'm going to do that tonight. Then today, the gay boyfriend picked me up for lunch and I had Thai iced tea, which I've been craving lately. It'll be a long session at the gym tonight, I'm sure.

I've become really obsessed lately with housecleaning shows. I watch "How Clean Is Your House" incessantly, and "Clean House" whenever I can find it on, but only the episodes hosted by Neicy Nash. I could watch people cook and clean houses forever if only I didn't have this dumb job to go to.

((((((minx))))))) (((((((student's family))))))) Cod, that is such a tragedy, minx....breaks my heart just hearing about it. I couldn't do what you do everyday. Hell, seeing a couple of the kids I used to mentor standing on corners selling drugs makes me angry everytime I see it...though I know they're doing it to feed themselves and their families, I just wanna grab them and bring them back to the computer center, and show them a better future. Be gentle to yourself this week, my dear.

And thanks for all the garden porn!!!!

Well, I've got a pot of soup started on the stove, and I think I've got enough time to get a walk in with the dog before I need to tend to it again, so I'll be back later.

I decided to just take it easy, order a pizza, get the girl finished in her homework, and make some gooey chocolate cookies.

Best Chocolate Cookie Ever

It uses less butter and utilizes the beauties of yogurt (although I apologize in advance to our dear Jenn who suffers from the stuff).

Thanks for all of the thoughts today. It was well-received.

It was really difficult, and there are these responses to news reports from these rednecked, bigoted, racist fuckwads saying that he was a banger and that they hoped he had a painful death so that it would teach the other bangers a lesson. Fucking assholes.
Minxy, how did I *know* you were going to link to that exact orangette recipe?! Maybe because I have drooled over it, myself, and failed at making a GF version...GF baking is still a bit of a mystery sometimes, but fun to play with.

Oh, and doodle, when you're buying GF bread, the main thing seems to be buying it from a person who recently baked it...they don't have as much shelf life as wheat bread, and all GF breads usually contain at least 3 different grains, and my general rule is that if you've got balls enough to make and sell GF bread, you probably know what you're doing. Not many bakeries do it, just because if you're really and truly celiac (I'm not a severe case), you probably couldn't even buy from a bakery that deals with wheat, unless they had a special shop just to bake GF stuff. Its tricky business.

Diva, sounds like you had a really great weekend! And nice on all the new springy clothes! I need to pick up a few things myself, and I meant to do it this weekend, but it was so much nicer just to stay home, putter around, take naps, snuggle with turbomann...I love weekends like that.

Seriously, I am drooling over all the baked goodies in here. smile.gif Wish I had the stuff to make some tonight, but alas, I do not.

Erin, that is *amazing* that you've not only been working in your field, but that you have a job already lined up after grad - BRAVO! Seriously, I have so *few* friends who are actually working in their degree field, that I think its an accomplishment, whatever your degree.
Good Evening!

Doodle, did you get everything figured out at work with the tech stuff?

Erin, it is rediculously windy here, I was at the park and just about took flight. I also had the joys of driving on Bishop Grandin today. Avoid it at all costs! It's that or the perimetre for me to get home, and of course there is mass, down to one lane of traffic on both! I'm sorry that things didn't work out with you and the boy.

Diva, I LOVE How Clean is your house! If I'm home to watch it, I'll watch it. It's rather horrifying on occasion. The necklace sounds really pretty.

Hey Turbo!!

Minx, the recipe sounds amazing! Chocotastic! *drools*

Well, I took Em for a long walk at the park, came home, did a long work out, now I'm adding more to itunes, as usual. Just winding down. Not very exciting. You know, one could set their watch to my schedule.
Good evening all! I actually did stop in when I got home from work, but all I had to say was "I hate Mondays," so I bailed and went out on the balcony to make phone calls and play my guitar (and try out the lunchtime-produced lyrics) for awhile. All refreshed now!

CH, no! No one from tech helped me out! Although they could have come while I was out....I had to enroll someone in the self-exclusion program, face-to-face, for the first time, and it took FOR-FUCKING-EVER, 'cos I had a 15 minute lesson on how to do it before my trainer left on vaycay (it's all done on the computer, including the photos and the signatures), and I also had to call one of the guys from my team to bail me out - plus my schledge wouldn't work on the door to the room, so I had to get security's help, too. I felt like a practicum student! On the up side, the person was very patient with me, and I got to use my counselling skills.

Basically I had one of those days where I had 15 things on my "to do" list and got 0.5 of them done.

turbo, you know....I don't even think there is a damned bakery on this side of town. Except the one in the Safeway. sad.gif There is a place that sells just baked goods, but I think they have it brought in, so it won't be fresh, is my guess.

Hiya also to diva, kari, minx, and erin!

I got fed up with my PC again, and tried setting up the old laptop last night - I got the system re-loaded from scratch, but the keyboard is still fucked, so I'm using the external one right now. Sometimes, though, the old one sticks and I get nothing but a row of zzzzzz's! Still, I hope I can make it work, as the PC keeps crashing, and it takes up way too much space, plus it's so awkward on my neck and shoulders, with the big monitor.

I called hippiegirl and BEB from the balcony....hippiegirl can't jam Wednesday, but BEB can, so it might be him and I again, if the boys aren't around. And on Sunday, we are going to bake pot cookies, though BEB will just partake in the smoking, 'cos he doesn't think he can do cookies on a Sunday night. I'm not sure I can anymore either, but I haven't made them since last summer, so they could turn out really lame, for all I know. Alternatively, they could have hippiegirl and I on the floor. tongue.gif

I told BEB that I had a dream about him and his grandma, and confirmed that he does have one still around. He asked if she was nasty in my dream, and I said she was very demanding, which he confirmed was pretty accurate. tongue.gif We had a nice long happy conversation - if I didn't know better, I'd say we missed each other while he was in Vancouver. wink.gif

It's cold and windy here today, too. I think rain is on its way.

I need dinner so desperately.....
Gooooooood Morning!

It's Tuesday. Hmmph.

Doodle, shitty deal about the computer, hopefully that will get sorted out. weird aboutt he accuracy of your dream! Spoooooooooooooky.


Did some cardio this morning, and now I'm at work. still no messages for me to check, though. What am I going to do for two weeks?

Hmmm Good Things Tuesday.

1. It's lovely outside, a bit breezy, but nice!
2. Cardio this morning left me feeling energized.
3. Muscle pain, I know I kicked things up a notch.
4. Looking forward to a walk at the park this evening. A long one.
5. It's not snowy!
6. Spring is here.

That's all I can really think of at the moment.
Good morning CH!

Well, I just got the other 0.5 done of what I didn't finish at work yesterday. tongue.gif

Co-worker's dad is doing okay - he's awake and flirting with the nurses. Yay for bustie vibes! Although naturally, bustie vibes would have the side effect of restoring the natural perversion in an individual. wink.gif

Got a notice from the NDP about the local Peace Walk this morning, so I sent a quick e-mail to BEB inviting him. God, I haven't been to the Peace Walk in years, but it seemed like it might be fun.
Hey Doodle!

Have you heard back from BEB about the peace walk yet?

It's still quiet here. I just want it to be lunch! That's all i want!!!!!!!!!!!
Nah, I wouldn't even expect to hear back until tonight at the soonest - that's when he seems to check his personal e-mail. Anyway, the Peace Walk isn't till May 3rd....but I did tell him he has to let me know soon, as it's a Saturday and I have to negotiate some work shifts.

If you are bored, you can come to my office and help me catch up.... biggrin.gif

ETA: crap, I have to return a call from yet another person wanting to get out of their self-exclusion. People, we read the form to you before you sign it, and ask you whether or not you are sure. Don't you get it?
Doodle, what happens when someone calls wanting to get out of self exclusion?

I'd be happy to come over and help!
Basically what happens is I read them the part of the form they signed that says they can't modify, revoke, withdraw, or rescind their self-exclusion agreement, and then steel myself against their rage and/or manipulation. You try to talk it through with them, but you can't waver on your position - they are signing something in accordance with a provincial act. I just keep reminding myself that it's the addiction talking, and even though I'm not familiar with gambling addiction, it's not really any different from other addictions.

Okay, I need some filing help, and some help putting together subject summaries....get yer ass over here, CH!
I did a class on gambling addictions in my counselling course. They are SCARY. They come on faster than most addictions, so by the time you realize that your partner has a problem, he's already cleaned out your bank accounts and sold the kids. Or granny got taken to the casino as an outing from the seniors home and suddenly she's in debt up to her eyeballs.
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, what kinds of excuses do you get for people wanting to get out of their contract? It sounds like they're trying to take back their big moment of clarity when they signed the self-exclusion, so I wonder what would be a good reason for gambling addicts to want to go back to the casino.

Personally, I find casinos really boring. Putting my money in a machine that takes it from me for pretty well nothing doesn't sound like a very good investment of time or funds. I find that money is better spent at the movies or at least on video games, where you get to actually interact with the damn thing.

Minx, I've seen that recipe before, too! Funny how it seems to go around every once in awhile. I'd try it out if I hadn't just made something like 7 dozen cookies the other day. Fortunately, there's going to be a birthday potluck for one of the supervisors tomorrow, so I can pawn them off on my coworkers.

Hey, CH, Jenn, and everyone else!

Today's an okay day. My boss is gone, I wasn't too late, and it's supposed to be gorgeous outside (will find out after I post because I have to drop my taxes in the mail and get something for lunch). I'm going to buy a new shirt or sweatshirt (maybe both, because the new shirt I'm wearing doesn't fit as well sitting down as standing up, I always forget to test that when I buy shirts) and get some kind of salad. I'm trying to be good so I can maybe lose 10 pounds before summer. I blew up at the giant last night because he made a little comment that bugged the crap out of me. I was saying how it seems like some of the much larger women at work have been losing weight, and he goes "why haven't you?" WTF!? Like I can just wave a wand at myself, like it's as simple as getting a shot. Maybe it wouldn't be so damn hard if he weren't around and always wanting to eat crap for all meals, god forbid he eat a real vegetable. I lost a lot of weight before I met him. He knows how I struggle with this and then makes a remark like that without even thinking. I can't even believe he'd say that. I was so pissed off I went to the gym for an hour and didn't even tell him I was going. Anyway, I think I'm over it.

On to Good Things Tuesday:

1) boss is gone
2) lovely outside, though I hear it's supposed to be very windy
3) haven't got a phone call I've been dreading all day from a teen mom's idiot mother who doesn't understand that "because I said so" is actually a valid reason for her daughter to cooperate with child support, not that I'm even supposed to talk to her anyway because she's not a party on the case but I know she's going to try anyway

OK, time to find some lunch and maybe a new shirt and sweatshirt!

Hiya diva and dusty!

Well, it's hard to describe what I hear from people without breaking confidentiality....but I think basically wanting to back down from your moment of clarity is like anyone with an addiction who has a think you don't have a problem after all, or you think you've reached a place where you can control it, or something bad has happened in your life so that embracing the addiction seems to outweigh the personal cost, or you just miss the rush and nothing else matters - or some combination of that. Plus with gambling, it's a mind game - lots of them think they can calculate the odds to their advantage - which I guess is a form of thinking you can control it, just like thinking you can control how much you spend.

I'm like diva - gambling is a "high" that I don't understand, personally....unlike people who gamble, I just don't have any faith that I'm going to win at some point. Spending $50 on a gaming table or a slot machine would be like spending $50 on a psychic, to me - I'd think of it as throwing my money away on a really, really poor risk. Sometimes you do win, and sometimes you might get a real psychic, but honestly, I'd rather throw down $50 on some clothes! (Actually, I've known lots of people to replace the rush of addictions, and/or to begin self-medicating, with shopping, which I do understand, although at least with shopping, you have something at the end of it! But there are shopping addicts who don't wind up giving a crap about what they buy; it's all about the "rush" when you're doing the buying.) And yeah, as dusty says, gambling addiction is something that can wreak total havoc on people's financial lives as well as their emotional/psychological lives - it can cripple entire families. Plus lots of people are in the database for stealing from other patrons, or trying to screw the casinos or pass counterfeit money, or even panhandling outside to gamble inside....gambling can make them really desperate about money.

diva, I'd have whacked the giant with a head of cauliflower if that had been me.
It's me again!

Doodle, I'll be over there as soon as I catch a flight. May not be until this summer though. sad.gif Sowwy. How long does the contract last? Does this mean that a person isn't allowed in a casino, and what else? Not to sound like a dork, but does this also mean a bingo hall or something? What happens if the person goes into a casino? Aren't I Ms. 20 questions.

Dusty, that is so true. I see how addiction ravages a person, and how they have family or people abandon them. Gambling I can see because of lonliness, as with any addictino really. Underlying mental illness perhaps. With drug addiction, people are often try to self medicate and make the pain, or voices go away.

Diva, I'm with you, I find casino's and lottery playing really really boring. I'm sorry about the giants comment. It is hard to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle when one person doesn't live by that.

I went and ordered a new pait of sunglasses at lunch. Purple frames with purple tint. I also forgot, we got a department wide reclass, effective March of 2007, which mean that the department has a years worth of back pay coming! I may have 8 months, but this is great!!! The raise is 3%. i think. It'll add up.

And that's pretty much what I've got at the moment.

ETA: X posted with Doodle! Hey! The work does sounds interesting, I can see how abusive people can get with things like that. Nothing is that persons control anymore.
I feel your pain, Diva. And if you ever want to come over to my house, I guarantee you that Minxlette will tell you that your belly is beautiful. biggrin.gif She's cool like that. I'm having a difficult time getting the gumption together to exercise. I know that I have to just JUMP and do it...I'm being lame. I have nearly no problem modifying my diet; I eat shitloads of veggies. Fucking would be so much easier right now if I didn't have a student teacher and I was running around my classroom being spazzy. But no...I have to sweat in an irritating manner. mad.gif

I can't really stand casinos, but I get really miffed by lots of flashing lights and retarded noises going off 24/7. I get enough retarded noises in education; I don't need to pay for them.

Good Things Tuesday:

1. I had two really good chocolate cookies.
2. My kid was in a really funny mood this morning, and I love her dearly.
3. I have been sitting at my computer all day doing peripheral stuff while the student teacher completes her last month.
4. I have my own garden now, with no ass pirates involved. My seedlings are going nuts.
5. The world is getting sunnier and warmer. This is too bitchin' for words.
I have absolutely no interest in gambling. Ok, maybe at this particular juncture I am fantasizing about winning the lottery, but that's because I'm out of work in two weeks. I would have bought one, but I don't know how to buy a ticket. Mr. Dusty and I hated Vegas, and when we go to concerts at casinos, we leave as soon as the lights come up.

A friend of a friend of mine robbed a bank because of his gambling addiction. Such a sad story. No one had any idea until they saw his picture from the security camera in the papers.

Good things Tuesday:

1. No meetings tonight

2. I took a late lunch and managed to catch the UPS guy on his second visit.

3. Gorgeous day.

4. Pretty much sandal weather.

5. In two weeks, I will have no more worries about this job, and some time to myself.

6. I'm feeling lucky, I should buy a lottery ticket. Heh.
anna k
I've never been in a casino. I don't trust gambling, don't like loud noises, and don't want to be around jackasses who think they're in Ocean's Eleven. I went to Montreal a few years ago with my family, and opted out of going to the casino (I was 21 at the time) in favor of seeing a movie with my brother, who was 17. I think my older sister lost $50, and my parents gambled very little. They also did some gambling in Vegas when they visited some friends there.

It's a gorgeous day in NYC too.
Hi Hi!

Vegas would be differemt, but like Minx said, I think the sound and flashing light would drive me nuts. either that or I'd have a seizure from all the flashes of bright light.

Dusty, that is horrible about your friend. Did he beat his addiction?

Hey Anna!

well, only a little while longer, and my offie mate is listening to the radio, and the station said the best new music, this right after playing the song Tainted love by soft cell. WTF?

So....the Big Cheese is up from the Richmond office....can't play around here anymore today!
The thing with Vegas is that gambling can be really secondary if you want it to be. When I went several years ago, I think I stuck a whole $20 or so in the machines over 2 days. There's so much other stuff to do, you can get away without even walking past the gambling floors. We used to go to the casinos a fair bit when we were younger. There's one that will let kids in to go to the buffet with their parents, so we did that every once in awhile. The only thing notable about the local casinos are the buffet spreads, if you're into that kind of thing.

My brother, Sam's dad, used to have gambling as one of his myriad addictions. Meth was the real bad one, but he used to spends scads and scads of money at the casinos. He still buys the occasional lottery ticket, but I think the treatment he got for drugs also helped him out with the gambling thing; that, and he doesn't have a huge sum of money from his settlement from when he broke his neck to play with anymore. And having a kid kind of helped. : ) Sam makes everything better!

CH, that sounds like such a lame-ass radio station that lady listens to! Fortunately, I sit in the part of the building that's underground and really far from the windows, so nobody can get crappy radio station reception back here (although I did once tune in some right wing Xtian station a long time ago).

Minx, your kid rules! We should all hang out again sometime, especially since it's starting to get nice out. We should get a big bunch of Busties over to Psycho Suzi's one of these days shortly. With the exercise thing, it works for me because I get a pretty large discount, over 1/2 off, if I go 12 times a month, which pretty much forces me to work out for at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. If I weren't paying for my membership or getting the discount from my insurance, I'm sure I wouldn't go as much, not that it's really even doing me much good as it is.

So I got a new hoodie on my lunch break. It's just a plain blue thing with a zipper and pockets and about as thick as a t-shirt. I didn't want anything bulky, just something to make me not freeze on cold mornings or to help cover up my stupid shirt. I was even good diet-wise and got a salad and only a light frappuccino for a treat (they're only 3 or 4 WW points, which I think is pretty reasonable). No roll, no Rice Krispie bar, no brownie, no fattening coffee drink. Now I just need to keep this up.

I had a pretty interesting walk-in just now. I was actually helping someone else out with hers because she's less experienced at this stuff than I am, but she had to leave early, so I took over for her. This guy comes in thinking he knows all about how the system works and this and that. Kind of cocky, but still cool. He knew my co-worker's daughter who was just killed in a car accident a few weeks ago, so we talked about that a little. The funny thing is that the mom was with him on the way, then she ditched at some point before he got to the office. Weird, huh? They were supposed to sign a document to make him the legal father, then she just goes up in smoke. Some people are really funny, and by funny I mean stupid.

I saw my first sandal sighting in the office today. That must mean it's finally spring! It was so exciting to see toes again!

mrfj and i play the lottery pretty often. i guess i hardly think of it as gambling although, i know it IS. and when we go to dave and buster's arcade, i'll play those machines where you put your quarter in and try to push the rows of quarters out. but i really don't think i'm ever going to win, i guess. i just do it for fun more than anything, and the fantasy of winning. i've never been to vegas as an adult and have no interest in gambling outside of that stuff from up there.

interview was good yesterday. it was really sort of like going home, since it was my previous company and the office that i'd originally interviewed with even. most of the people i used to work with are no longer there and my old work partner is now the manager there. he basically told me that he wants me for his team but he knows that the distance would make it difficult (the office about 35 miles away from my house) but there is another office within ten minutes from me and they have an opening as well. i met with the district manager that i'd never met before and i've already heard from my old manager this morning, who said she'd given me a raving reference. so... there's a good chance i'll have an offer soon. i just hope it's a good one.

and while it's been a process and i'm under no delusion that it'll be easy, i'm coming to grips with the fact that jackaroo is going to go to day care. he'll be ok. the manager was VERY understanding - she has a 4yo and a 6 yo at home. the manager at the closer office has a baby, so i'm sure she'll understand as well.

of course, it's the bank account that is probably my biggest push... we were broke before mrfj's paycheck even cleared our account this time. he makes good money usually, but his commissions have been cut recently and our bills just keep going up...


/self-absorption. for now... hehe

doodle, i think it's awesome that you plan to make pot cookies on 4/20. you should make them come out of the oven at 4:20pm for added flava. wink.gif oh, and is it possible that beb reminds you in some ways of your dad? that's what i thought of when i read about your dreams. the drunk driving one maybe represents your uncertainty with where the relationship is going. but i thought it was significant that you were "voicing" your concerns.

kari, i haven't congratulated you yet on finishing the hospital! taking the summer off sounds like a great plan. give yourself some time to figure out what to do.

minx, i refused to open the cookie recipe. i had some yummy gooey cookies at sil and wifey's house. just out of the oven, with barnyard animal sprinkles. i didn't even know they made barnyard animal sprinkles. but the cookies were damn good.

diva, sorry about the comment from the giant. that sucks. i understand though. mrfj used to be anti-veggie and thought mac n cheese was a food group. and it was easy for me to be persuaded into going to wendy's or letting him make his decadent mac n cheese. he finally decided to clean his act up though and eats a lot better than he used to. it took a lot of me just making what i knew was better and eventually he came around and tried some of the stuff. he doesn't eat a ton of veggies still but he's much more open to them than he used to be. but it was really his own decision to make the changes in his lifestyle, mostly from seeing himself in some pics of us on a cruise 5 yrs ago and deciding he'd let himself go. still, the giant should be ashamed of himself! and good for you for going to the gym and taking out your frustrations there!

how is poodle? you out there, poods?

dusty, do you have a new job lined up for when that one ends?

bwah... ass pirates. smile.gif

Re: the gambler, oh dear, no I'm not sure how he's doing. It was a very sad tale. Maybe because everyone thought his life was going so well until that moment...everything fell apart. I don't hear as much about him any more because I don't see the person who actually knows him every day any more.

No, I don't have a job to go to. I've had this one since...oh, before Kurt Cobain died.

I hope you get the offer you want, Falljackets.

I'm working on organizing a rally on Sunday on climate change. Heh. None of us thought of 4/20 when we picked the date, but its maybe not a big conflict after all.
Hey all! smile.gif

(((Minx))) Sorry to hear! sad.gif That's awful! My Goaty is really riled about gun laws in this country, and I thought she was over-reacting at first to all the reports of shootings, but they just keep a coming, and I'm a getting her point. *world making sense again vibes for Minx* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

As for the gambling thing, you all totally made the points that I'm used to making on the subject. Seriously, I'd much rather blow the money on a video arcade so that I know I'll have fun with it. I really hated Vegas because of all the attention on shoving your money into a mob-owned abyss. When I was there. I felt like everybody either wanted me to be a sucker or were suckers themselves. Vegas wasn't even as classy as I was led to believe from TV. I hear it's gotten more fun now with more non-gambling things to do. I guess' if I get dragged there again, I'll have some water slides and roller coasters to go on. As for gambling, though, that money is better spent on pot.

*sigh* I'm in that frustrating period again between jobs. I finished my training week and now have enough skill blocks done to become 5th Period and get a nice little raise, but I don't have the work hours yet for the period raise. I did use my beefy spare time today to install a motion sensor light in front of our back door. That should give us a leeetle more security. We'll have to ask our renter's insurance whether it lowers our rate.

Oh, and speaking of the training, does anybody want a 10 lb. slipper? I made it out of steel.

Hello to all-a-youse!
"As for gambling, though, that money is better spent on pot."
amen, brutha. amen!

i lurve the shoe! that is so awesome. are the others in your class still making random pieces of metal or have you inspired them into making cool practice stuff too? that is so neat, you should hang it someplace!

dusty, cool for you for being able to take a little break!

i made a really yummy peppersteak-type dinner tonight. but now i'm super hungry. i always start focusing on food when i'm supposed to be workin'.

Doodle, how was the visit from the Big Cheese?

Diva, excellent on the successful healthy eating!!

FJ, mac and cheese, it's own food group. *snorts* ~*~*~*good job offer vibes~*~*~*

Hey Dusty, what's happening with your job?

Lore, cool shoe! Imaging hitting someone with THAT!

So, I got my second letter of rejection from grad school and I have to say I'm actually relieved. I'm not too sure if I'm ready to go yet. know that I have the car, I'd like to pay down some of that. and my dad is getting better, but I don't want to be in the midst of exam time and worrying about my dad. So, I was upset for about 30 seconds, then realized that I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

on the plus side I took houndy for a long walk and then I did a killer upperbody workout, I kicked things up. also did cardio this morning. I'm currently watching frontline, it's about health care and yet again, loading more music into iTunes.

And that's that.

Word on gambling money better spent on WEED!

Sorry, (((Minx))), that's awful about your student.

Ha. Steel-toed sandal!

(((CH))) Sorry about grad school, glad its ok with you. A part of me is relieved I didn't get the job last week, because I need some downtime.

I had someone come up to me on the street tonight and ask me to help them out by filling out a survey. I looked at it, and I swear, it looked so homemade, it looked mimeographed. But there was something about it, that put up a red flag for me (like perhaps that we were a block away from the Scientology building) so I asked him what it was for, and he (he looked about fifteen) said that they wanted to use it to determine what would make people want to buy their books and so forth. Then I asked him if it was to do with Scientology. He said yes, so I handed back the survey without filling it out. I wish I had said that if they want to sell more books, they should lose the Cruise. But then, I don't want to give them any help...

Job. They are shutting down my department and I am being laid off after 17 years. Part of me wants to go get an MSW, but I am lazy and tired and not sure that I would get a job with no related experience.

I dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce and broke it. What a mess. How to dispose of spaghetti sauce AND broken glass. How to keep the cats out of the glass. I cut both my thumbs and now I am doing laundry.

Good things Tuesday:

After scrubbing out my pantry, it appears that I have more than enough coffee to keep me going while unemployed. Whew.
hi peeps!

too tired to really type, but have to say i am scared of that sandal...

hey where is tree?

good things tues: did my @#$%&* taxes, got $$$ in the bank....
i eat n sleep now!

later agitator!

Aw fuck, I had a whole post written, and George walked across the laptop keyboard and killed it! Fuck me!!

Anyway, to sum up....

dusty, no!!! You are being laid off? Oh, that's craptastic, I'm sooooo sorry! (((((dusty)))))

FJ, I had no idea it was 4/20 till I read your post! Yay on job possibilities!

CH, I'm glad you're okay about the grad school thing. Yay on purple sunglasses!

lore, LOVE the steel thong slipper!

diva, yay on the new hoodie, but WTF with the client???

Hiya also to anna and minx! ETA: and GT!


Ok, yes, the Big Cheese visit was okay - basically he sits at a work station and works like the rest of us. He'll be there tomorrow, too. I got a lot done today, and I finally feel like I'm not going to be quite as far behind as I thought I was by the time my trainer gets back from vaycay.

And I've been thinking about the job sitch for awhile. I think what I've decided is, I'm going to wait till my trainer gets back (next week) and lay the truth on the line: I can't afford to stay as a part-time temp, but I could afford to stay as a part-time staffer with a decent wage and hours - basically, I can't afford to lose the opportunity for other weekday temp assignments, for a work sitch that won't pay the bills. Of all the people I've met, I think she is the one who is tough enough to fight it out with the powers that be, and if she wants me there bad enough, she'll be willing to try. I've proven I can do the work, handle the difficult stuff, and maintain confidentiality, plus I'm already trained and through the security clearances, and I get along with the team, so if I leave, they'll have to start all over again with someone else. And I know damned well how badly they need the help - and so does everyone in every other department. Plus being on staff would give me a leg up for the future, not only in terms of getting on there full-time, if I decide to go that route, but also being able to have a crown corporation job on my resume, after the non-profit stuff. I figure if I can get them to offer me 3 days a week at a decent wage, then with my 2 shifts a week at the store, I'll be okay, income-wise - I wouldn't even have to pick up any extra store shifts. But I COULD pick up an extra shift, at that pace. Plus I'd rather be a part-time staffer than a full-time temp, b/c this 5+2 shifts a week stuff is not something I can handle in the long term. And I just won't stay as a part-time temp. So at least I know where I stand, and I can negotiate it from there, I guess.

On that note....

~*~*~*~*~jobbity-job vibes for everyone~*~*~*~*~

Also, the gay ex-priest got a lovebird. It's a sweet shade of olive green, with a turquoise blue tail and an apricot/banana yellow face - aside from the colour, it's face looks a bit like an owl's. I may have convinced him to name it Peter.
Actual conversation in the hallway this evening:

doodlebug: Yo, dude. Dude! DUDE!
banjoboy: Hey, what's up?
doodlebug: You down for jamming tomorrow night? BEB's coming over.
banjoboy: Hmm, I dunno. Maybe. Is it just BEB?
doodlebug: Yeah, hippiegirl's got a birthday party to go to.
banjoboy: Yeah, I could be he bringing his banjo?
doodlebug: I imagine so.
banjoboy: Then I'm even more down.
doodlebug: What are you up to on 4/20?
banjoboy: Um....I dunno.
doodlebug: hippiegirl and I are going to make cookies.
banjoboy: I am definitely down with cookies.
Good morning.

fuck, am I tired, and my arms are sooooooooooo sore.


(((((((dusty))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your job. Any idea why they are shutting down the department you work for? Ooooh, sauce and glass and getting kitties to stay out of said mess. How did you manage? I think I'd just sit down and cry. or roll in it. Oh wait, there is glass. hmmmm.

Hey GT!

Doodle, ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~* I really hope that something works out for you there. Mmmm cookies.

Well, all I want to do is sleep today, I thought about calling in sick, too. I'm just blah.


Good morning CH! I wonder where the rest of the gang is this morning?

How are your arms now?

This morning on my way in, I ran into the Big Cheese in the cafeteria, waiting in a big line for the coffee to finish brewing. I said, "You know, there's probably coffee in our own kitchen." He was so excited - I don't think he even knew we had our own kitchen. So I showed him the way. Now I've GOT to be in the good books, for helping the boss access his morning coffee. Heh. I even poured. tongue.gif

Tomorrow be payday - the big one I've been waiting for, with about 85 hours on my cheque. After all this time of pulling in a little cheque here and a little cheque there, it's going to be a big relief. Plus doodlemama's clothes money cheque should be in the mail when I get home from work today. I think I might go clothes shopping after work here tomorrow. It's so hard to "shop" at the store when I'm on shift - even when I'm on a break, customers know I'm staff, so it's kind of a pain. Plus I want someone to fit me for new bras. And I definitely want some new dress pants, as I've taken my good black ones in at the waist TWICE now....for awhile I could pull it off as trendy wide leg pants, but now they just look too damned baggy.

Remember I mentioned one of my co-workers here is in the local Big Band? Apparently they are doing a live recording session, not this coming Saturday, but next (26th). I want to go, but I never want to go to these things alone. I wonder if BEB would go with me? I'll bet he would....I'm gonna ask him tonight.

I've been working away today on this report draft. Turning it in tomorrow to the boss so he can have a look-see. No idea if he will like what he sees.

((Dusty)) Man, that stinks that your dept is closing! Ugh! I'm sorry.

((Diva)) I would have been pissed off & hurt too by what the giant said. Dudes just do NOT think sometimes. I hope you felt better after your workout.

Lore, that sandal is totally boss! Cool!

Minx, I am glad your student teacher is doing lots of the teaching for now. You need a break! Some of my bloody butcher tomatoe seedlings came up the other day! I'm excited.

Hey CH! Sorry to hear about the grad school letter, but totally hear you on not knowing what you want to do. I'm in the same boat right now. That's kind of how I've started to feel about the increase in required licensure hours. At first I was extremely pissed and disappointed. But then I let myself think further about it & maybe I'm just not destined to be a full time therapist. Who knows. I'm still thinkin' on it. But, I definitely think it feels good to realize you have more than one option.

Hey FJ! I'm glad your interview went well & the staff will hopefully be understanding of your life needs. ~~~~~~good offer vibes!~~~~~~ Sorry to hear about the financial issues of late. sad.gif Money is so stressful.

Hey GT! Hey Anna! Hey Dusty! Who have I forgotten??

Things here are busy today. I'm taking a breather right now to gobble down my sandwich. I may go outside for a bit after that, to get some air. The weathe here today is absolutely marvelous. Sunny, upper 60s.

Good Things Wednesday, since I missed Tuesday's
1. Mr K and I signed off on our tax return last night. We are getting a killer refund. More than expeted. MUCH needed.
2. I made Yuki's haircut appt for Saturday so she will quit dropping a million hairs a minute all over my house.
3. Weather!
4. Met up with two gal pals for dinner & beers last night.
5. Got movie tickets for a film at the film festival happening this weekend.
Doodle, as someone who works in a clothing store, do you know how to fit people for bras? Is it something you have to let others do, or can you do such a thing yourself? (This is very important because... you know... bOObs! tongue.gif ) Good luck about the part-time staffer thing, BTW smile.gif

Heya all! smile.gif

(((Dusty))) That's really a bummer! sad.gif I sure hope you find something better and soon. It's a stresser being between jobs.

CH, yeah, I kinda wish I knew what I'm supposed to be when I grow up, too! (((CH))) I had a spiritual journey years ago that gave me frank answers: primarily that my life's propose is to spread fun, happiness, and appreciation for the world, but I didn't have the career choice hammered out for me. I mean, WTF does construction have to do with spreading happiness? Maybe it's so that I can relate to a wider range or people. Anyway, I certainly wish you luck with the schooling/careering. If you do want to go back to academia, though, do be aware that it gets hard to go back after being away for a while... We'll all encourage ya, though! wub.gif

Heya GT! Good luck with stuff! I'm actually glad my web cam is kinda low-rez because the actual welding I did for the flip-flop was atrocious, and I'm sure you'd notice if you saw.

Dusty, good on you for refusing to participate in the Scientology marketing! The whole pretense of a questionnaire was just a marketing scheme to get you thinking about Scientology. I HATE aggressive, lying-in-your-face, proselytizing religions! Look at what they do: They convince people to give them money and then to dedicate their lives and souls to convincing others to do the same. They turn people who could otherwise be cool people to hang out with... people who have energy to put toward championing something that the world NEEDS, and they trap them into selling their awful cult. They often do it in the name of a religion that was meant to do GOOD for the world, or in the name of world harmony, exploiting and corrupting things that may otherwise be good for the world. If this isn't evil, then what is? When I see people screaming scripture at the top of their lungs at a bus stop, scaring and annoying the public with words that were initially meant to help people, I think of how these people aren't just crazies. No,somebody put them up to this. I bet that somebody lives in a nice, cushy house, too, with domestic help.

FJ, the class is over. Someone in it was an artist, too. He was a better welder than I. He was drawing some cool shit with it, like this funky skull. I encouraged him to cut the picture out so he could keep it. He later made some dice. Nice paper weight, anyway. After welding, I did a skill block in kitchen cabinet installment. It was pretty cool because I hope to do stuff like that. Cool about your cooking, FJ! I should learn how to do peppersteak. Good luck on the job front! *Jobbity vibes for BUSTies in need* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee$!

Whoop! Heya all to anybody I'm skipping, but I gotsta go~!

ETA: X-post with Kari! Good luck figuring out your purpose! (it's haaard sad.gif)
Ahhh, the guy to ask about boobies. wink.gif I haven't trained yet in bra fittings, as there just hasn't been time, and it's a serious business, apparently, where I must watch a video under the supervision of a very experienced staffer, while practicing on someone at the same time. I want to say I'm looking forward to touching boobies, but I think that's one area where if I let on about my bisexuality, half of the women won't let me near them! (On the other hand, the other half might ask for me specifically. wink.gif)


BTW, I am listening to Secret Agent, RIGHT NOW! biggrin.gif I wish I could pipe it in to everyone's desktop.

Hiya kari! Yay on the killer tax refund!

I don't think any of us knows what we want to be when we grow up, ever. A couple of years ago, I had that convo with my mom - I wailed, "I'm 37 and I still don't know what I want to do with my life!" She said, "I'm 67, and neither do I." I've had very similar conversations with lots of older people.

I am getting a surprising amount of stuff accomplished these last couple of days - I think I am finally over the worst of getting to know the work, and it's coming together a lot more smoothly.

But in the area of technical issues, the up arrow on my keyboard died this morning. Do you think IT is doing this to me on purpose, so they can keep coming over here?
Thanks for all the good wishes! Umm, spaghetti sauce. I mopped it up and was surprised to find that seemed to take care of the glass shards.

They should totally hire you, Doodle. I can't believe they would go to a temp agency to get someone to do counselling.
Good Afternoon!

I got my some HBI over lunch. Ahhhhh, much better, helped my cramps.

Hey Doodle! YAY on paycheques!!! The recording session sounds super cool. Arms are doing better, still sore, but that's a good thing! Someone made a comment about how much weight I've lost since the last time she saw me. I am getting back to being a skinny minnie, but still with curves, the pants I bought are 28 by 34, so that's promising. I just want killer muscle definition, and it's getting there.

I won't get started on working out, I feel like a lunk head when that's what I talk about. Doooooooode.


Hey Kari! What kind of films are you going to see at the festival?

Hey Lore! I really like your perspective on work and spreading happiness. Hee boobies!

I talked to the cop today about becoming a cop actually, and I'm thinking about it. I'd like to get into sex crimes. It's an idea I'm throwing around.

Then he and I had a good conversation about poverty and education and substance abuse and how this affects both of our jobs. I asked him how often he's gone into someone's home, or there has been violence, how it is often prompted by addiction, or substance abuse. How can you find gainful employment when you don't hae the education or knowledge of where to seek treatment. and sure you can stick someone into treatment, but where do they place these people afterwards? Right back into the situation and area that caused the addiction in the first place. It's not just the abuse that's the problem, it's one's social situation as well.

ETA; X posted with Dusty, hey!

Heh. It doesn't take much discipline for me to resist Scientologists, Lore. They used to approach me every day with leaflets for a couple of years and they were always in my face about it. Plus, I disapprove.

I did some career testing recently and it turned out that my groove is to spread happiness. I got so excited. And then they suggested careers, and it just sounded

Hmm. CH working with cops. Sounds...dangerous. Hee.
Dangeous because I'm a man eater? Hee.

Scientologists scare me.
Hi, peeps!

Hey Dusty, do you ever try to have fun with the Scientologists? They've got to have some kind of idea how wacko everyone thinks they are, you'd think they'd have a sense of humor about it. You can't have a real religion based on a science fiction book. Not to say that the Bible couldn't also be fiction, but at least there aren't alien lords named Zenu and thetans living inside us in it. I hope you get that job right away after you come back from your trip. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now.

Maybe I need to get some career counseling. I have a degree, but have no interest in working in that field (speech communications), but I know I don't want to stay where I am, even if I got a different position within the county. All I know is I want to do my own thing, but I also want a measure of security so I don't have to worry about how I'm going to keep up with things like rent.

Good luck with getting hired on permanently, Doodle. What you're doing there is far more than any temp should be expected to do, especially with the kind of client contact you have. But I hear ya, it'd be a shame for you to stay on as a part-time temp if you could be giving up full time wages elsewhere.

CH, sorry about grad school not coming through, but you sound really well-adjusted about it. A cop, huh? That'd be cool.

Hi, Lore!

Congrats on the big return, Kari! I'm waiting for mine to come in, but I don't expect it until the end of May at the earliest since I just sent my stuff in yesterday. It should be a pretty good amount, too. I think I'm going to buy a dishwasher and a couple dining room chairs with it, or maybe save it up for a house or wedding or my business.

Today's a pretty good day, but a stupid day to be here since it's so crazy gorgeous outside and my boss is gone. I didn't do much last night, just went to the gym for a little bit then cleaned our spare bedroom up some to prepare for Jenn and Turbomann's visit in a month and a half, and just because it needed to be done.

Good Things Wednesday

1) absolutely freaking gorgeous outside
2) boss is gone again
3) free eats this morning
4) delicious all-fruit smoothie for lunch
5) I'm wearing one of my new shirts, and I love it even more than when I bought it, it's roomy and pretty
6) I remembered to wear the necklace the giant gave me

With that client who came in yesterday afternoon, I'm going to assume the baby mama fell out of the car. I honestly can't think of any other reason she wouldn't come in if she were with the dad. Signing papers to make the babydaddy the legal father is something people usually jump at. So she fell out of the car. That's the story I'm going with.

I don't know how it is in Canada, but the way they do treatment here, if they're being thorough about it, is that they have the addict stay in a halfway house after they finish in-patient treatment. My brother went through treatment probably 4 times or so before it finally stuck (it was court ordered after he spent a month in jail because the local cops though my brother was the big kingpin drug guy in the area, who knows if that was actually true). After that, he went between several different sober houses, and not in our area. It kept him out of the social aspect of drugs that got him in trouble in the first place. He didn't like it at first, but he stuck with it and has been sober for about 5 years now. Treatment really can work, but there's got to be follow-through and follow-up to go with it. I personally don't believe anyone can recover in 30 days like so many people assume.

No, dangerous because you're a cop-eater. Heh heh.

Hey Divala.
Hi all - I had to bug out for awhile, as the tech guy was here at my co-worker's workstation.

This particular tech guy insulted SOMA FM. He said he used to listen to Soma, but then he grew up. Then he called me an elitist snob! Hmmm. He's a big jokester, so I think he was teasing me, but still. An insult to a musician's taste is a pretty serious insult. wink.gif Also, apparently I am not allowed to listen to online radio at work ("corporate policy" - uses too much bandwidth), and I may get a bandwidth notification. Hmmm. Well, I'll wait till I get an official warning, I guess. Billion dollar corporation, they should fucking well spring for more bandwidth.

Just to clarify, I wasn't actually hired to do counselling, I was hired mainly to work with the security database and other aspects of the self exclusion program. The counselling bit is just one of those things that happens off the side of my desk, because a few people have some gambling issues and I can help them a bit. If I hadn't been able to handle it, they probably would have farmed it out to one of the other staffers.

diva, in Canada, addictions treatment is a real problem, b/c it's chronically underfunded. I don't know - do people have to pay for addictions treatment in the US? In Canada, it's included in universal health care, but drugs aren't the big political issue here that they are in the US. In my town, if you want to detox (our 30 day treatment program), you are on a waiting list from 2 - 4 weeks (which is ridiculous - if you're ready to get clean, you're ready right now). Then there's follow-up group support, and hopefully some counselling, but a lot people wind up dependent on programs like NA and AA. It's a lot better in the big metropoli (not great, but better), but like all health care services, treatment is really terrible to access outside of those areas. Lots of people wind up having to go outside of their communities for remotely adequate care, like detox care.

Okay, I have to get some more work done!

Remember I mentioned my new neighbour works here? I finally took him up on his offer of rides, for this afternoon. I still need to tidy up at home if there's gonna be jammin', so I want to get home as soon as I can! Plus I figured it was about time - I didn't want to be rude and keep rebuffing him. And I don't think he really knows anyone locally - he has a farm on the outskirts, and keeps the tiny (bachelor) apartment to avoid weekday commutes.
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