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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Awww, crap! My internet went down yesterday morning and I had company last night so I MISSED POODLE'S BIRFDAY!!!!

Anyway, happy Belated! I hope you had a great time. smile.gif

My headache went away. Now, I wish my hip, shoulder, knee, and the big lump on my head felt better. But, yay, no headache. Well, not much, anyway.

Wow, erinjane, you've got a lot on your plate! Makes me feel like a slug....

Daycare is terribly expensive, that's for sure! I can't even imagine how a single parent could do it, especially.

Turbo, I can't seem to open your link???

CH, I will never forget an article our local newspaper printed about a "blighted" area of my city (low income/high crime/high drugs/housing project)...they were talking about the generational cycling of poverty...they interviewed a young girl, she was maybe twelve? And this part struck me...they asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, she said she couldn't wait to get her period so she could get pregnant and get her own welfare check...that way she'd be off of her mother's welfare check. It was so sad, that was the only potential this girl saw for her future.

So, I'm waiting for Bear to rip the last two floorboards for my closet so I can resume putting up the modular pieces. I asked him about it yesterday and he said he'd do it this morning. I hate having projects half-done. I found out when I had the shack, that once you start a project you HAVE to keep going, once you lose momentum, it's easy to just have it undone for months. I REFUSE TO DO THAT AGAIN! Heh.

I do believe Bear may not receive oral gratification till I get those boards back. I've been waiting since Easter. I mean, with a table saw it's only a 5 minute job. And I was the one who gave him the saw!

(lore would appreciate's a beauty of a saw. It's 12", 240 V saw...lots of power. I bought it for $100.00 from a guy who inherited it and DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS.....)
Happy Friday Assholes!

That's all I got this morning.

Doodle, did you make it through your long day? Do you have another long one today? That is awesome that you took a nap on the cafeteria couch!

Hi, Rose! Yay for getting the tax refund! Our accountant should be wrapping ours up any time now. She called to verify our checking acct. number, so I assume we are getting a refund, but don't know how much yet.

Hi erinjane! It's good to see you! It sure does sound like you have a lot going on. ~~~~anti-stress vibes~~~~ I hope your dad's recovery goes smoothly, how terrifying that must have been. And right after your mom had emergency surgery too. Sheesh.

Poodle! Happy Belated Birthday! Did you do something fun? Or are you gonna celebrate this weekend?

Hi CH, Minx, dusty, diva, moxie, jenn, and everyone else!

It's a rainy day here. But! At least it is a rainy Friday & not a rainy Monday. I'll take it!

Guess what?? I am now freeeeeeee! I completed my last shift at the hospital last night! Woo hoo! What, oh what will I do with this new free time?
Happy Fucking Friday you pus filled anal Fistulas! Oooh, that's a good one.

So Poodle, what did you do yesterday for your birfday??

RV horray for rebates!!! Woohoo!!!

Doodle, how are you feeling after your day yesterday?

Hey Anna!

Turbo, that's an insane amount of money for child care. I also couldn't open the link. sad.gif

Hey Erin! It's good to see you in here. ~*~*~*healing vibes for dad~*~*~*~ How is he doing today? ~*~*~*~*calming vibes for EJ~*~*~*~*

Tree, that is a good plan on withholding. Hee. ~*~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Kari, congratulations on the last hospital shift!!! Now what's in store, I say you enjoy all of your free time!

Last night, worked out, took hound to the park, the usual. also washed the car, it was soooooo gross and dirty. Umm, also loaded more music onto itunes.

This weekend, well tonight is the cop social, tomorrow not too sure. going out for lunch with a friend today. Mmmm steak!


Happy birthday Poodle!

Yay, I didn't have to leaflet this morning because it was raining.

Black underwire...sorry, wrong thread.

Man, I saw a rat right outside my office, it was the size of three chihuahuas and sooooo fat.

Wow. You *do* have a lot on your plate, Erin. Shall I send you my copy of How to Break Up With a Guy?

And the government is pushing through a bill on violence to the unborn because, y'know, they have such a track record for caring for children. Just as we are fighting in Afghanistan to, uh, protect women's rights.
happy friday, you filthy cum receptacles!

ahhh, it's been a while since i used that one. it's an oldie but goody.

i LOVE that annak, erinjane and dusty have joined us! i've always appreciated all of your posts!!

yeah, mox, i'm definitely getting more and more ok with the idea of daycare for jackaroo but i'm not quite where you are with it yet. if it's a difference of a couple hundred a month, i'd definitely choose to stay with him. of course, once he starts, i might have a different opinion. but i think either way, i'm going to find a playgroup or start taking him to parks and things soon so he can socialize.

turbo, i can't imagine 1700 a month! it's bad enough at right around a grand here. but then, the cost of living is lower here as well so i guess it rounds out. ugh. i wouldn't want to think of going at this alone. but then, if i didn't have mrfj, i wouldn't have j'roo either.

jman had his 9month shots yesterday. only one, actually. but he was such a trooper. shrieked a bit when she stuck him but after that, was back to smiling when i put his clothes back on him. he's really starting to interact more with us - creeping, crawling, squawking, laughing and even HUGGING. that is the best. THE best. we're taking him to mrfj's university this weekend for the football scrimmage. it should be fun, although i'm not sure how much of it he'll stand for. then we'll go see sil and wifey. should be a nice time.

i had a minor freakout last night. well, less freaking out, more of a "sorry for myself session". i decided to do an ab workout off exercise tv and a couple minutes into it realized that i couldn't do most of the movements because of my spinal rods. i watched several different workouts (on-demand) and just kept getting more and more frustrated. i have lost all my baby weight, plus some actually since i was about 5 lbs over my normal weight when i got pg. but my belly is still sort of saggy and poochy and i'd really love to get some nice abs. i don't need a six-pack, just some shapeliness to them. actually, i would love to be able to rock a bikini this year. not just wear it, ROCK it. anyway, i'm watching the videos and had to turn away from mrfj because i didn't want him to know that i was sitting there crying. i wasn't crying because i might not have my rock-hard abs... it's not that. it's that i *can't* do things that i should be capable of doing as an otherwise healthy 31yo. i felt weak. i felt victimized. i felt all those awful feelings that i had that first month after the car accident. for the first time in a while, i thought of the asshole drunk drivers and mourned over what happened. of course, mrfj knew what was going on and came to comfort me and told me that it's ok to feel this way sometimes; that i deserve it. he's great at that stuff. but it left me feeling sort of blah.

anyway... done with that!

what's everyone else doing this weekend?
Good morning, you crusty cunts! God, I've got to come up with better insults.

Hiya CH, dusty, diva, FJ, kari, tree, rose, poodle, turbo, lore, and the rest of the gang....and welcome to erin and anna!

I am okay this morning - hippiegirl drove me up to my 2nd shift, and then I got a ride home from one of my co-workers and her fiance, as they can't imagine a woman walking home at night, especially with the "Merritt Killer" (the guy who killed his kids - Merritt is the name of the town) on the loose. *rolls eyes* If that dude isn't in Saskatchewan by now, I guarantee he's either killed himself or frozen to death in the mountains. Anyway, I was crawling into bed around the time I'd normally get home, and I woke up at FIVE. Can't believe it. Couldn't sleep any longer.

Am eating $3 bacon and eggs at my desk. Wonkaland indeed. Plus the cafeteria cook is one of my customers at the clothing store, so she piled my plate up with bacon, cause apparently I "need the fuel." wink.gif There must be 7 pieces of bacon on this plate. ohmy.gif

I picked out a top at the store I'm going to buy when I'm up there tomorrow. It's brown and cream, kind of a choppy abstract print, hip length, with elbow length sleeves (thank god), and it's an empire style but it looks sort of fitted through the waist. (I am sooooo fussy.)

What are we all wearing today? I think that should be our Friday thing....underwear optional! (Underwear description also optional.)
Well. This is fucked. My mouse has gone insane. A tech guy was here to fix it yesterday, but all he did was reboot the systems and unplug/replug stuff. Worked then, but now it's insane again. How much do these tech guys make? I'm absolutely certain it would have been cheaper to bring me a new mouse the first time, LIKE I ASKED. I am using my co-worker's workstation, but she's back in an hour. Plus I can't get the database to work properly over here. This is totally fucked.

Thanks for all the kind welcomes. smile.gif

My dad is recovering really well. We have sort of a dark sense of humour in our family and I just got back from visiting him and he was joking around. The doctors keep telling him he needs to see a dietician, but I don't know anyone who eats as healthy as my dad. He eats stealcut oatmeal for breakfast every morning, only eats whole grains, is crazy for fruit and veggies, and the only time he goes for fast food is if we're traveling...the last time I saw him eat fast food in fact was in August. One of the doctors also told him he'd have to make a whole lifestyle change and quit which my dad kindly informed him that he's never smoked a day in his life. He also plays hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer, and walks and rides his bike everywhere once the warm weather hits and is really only about 10 pounds overweight if that. He's also only 57. Just goes to show how much genetics plays a part...both his grandfather and father died in their early 60's from heart attacks. He's such an atypical heart attack patient. However, I can honestly say I do not know anyone who lets themselves get stressed out over stupid things as my dad. He's agreed to work on that.

I am wearing pj's and sitting at home in my room...whahah. I love being finished classes...but I do have a final tomorrow.
Good Afternoon!!!

I had a client freak out on me, so much so that people in the back of the office came running out because they heard him. Oh well, comes with the territory, and I'm getting the heck out of this office Monday.

Dusty, the unborn victims of crime bill, don't get me started. Stockwell Day needs to be punched in the face, then stomach, then groin.

FJ, i'm sure you look fantabulous. I can certainly understand your frustration though. You iz a smokin' hot momma!!!

Doodle, the shirt sounds really great! and sexy. IT people, yup I can unplug things too.

Erin, that's great to hear that your dad is doing better, nice that the dr's jumped to conclusions. at least he takes care of himself and it isn't an uphill battle.

I've been busy this afternoon. Taking puppy to the park when I get home, then going to an upper body workout, then get ready for the cop social. I hope there is at least some man meat to look at.

What am I wearing. Well, a pair of wider leg jeans, black flats, blue knee high socks with what appears to be robots on them. a black turtle neck and a red knitted hoodie with devil horns on the hood.
not a ton of time, but i'll play, doodle!!

denim-colored chambray shorts with navy ribbon ties at the cuffs (not cuffed though)
black, white and gray striped empire waist/baby doll tube topwith built in bra
seafoam and melon striped "day after period panties"- thong-style smile.gif
was wearing black flops with white hibiscus print when i took jackaroo for a walk.

ch, that sucks that you had someone go off on you. that happened to me once at my last job. it was sort of nice when all the people came to my aid. i felt a lot more secure after that.

erin, i'm glad your dad has his sense of humor. i think that makes a big difference in times like these. ~*~*~positive health vibes~*~*~

(((Erin))) Wow, so much for lifestyle factors. Yikes.

(((CH))) Nice to know that your colleagues came running.

Black long sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, black blundstones. Black crepe wool sweater and black fleece vest hanging over the back of my chair because it is 30 degrees in my office. Black...well you got that part already. Red cotton bikinis. Silver and dyed red coral earrings, love the colour, hate the fact that I didn't really think about them being coral until after I bought them.

oh, boy, if it is going to be a "what are you wearing" Friday tradition, may as well copy and paste this for me....

Tee shirt, jeans, boots. Work keys clipped to belt loop. Cell phone in back pocket.

Lather, rinse, infinity......
Heh. I change my underwear and my earrings.

Most days.
Okie-dokie, I'm back at my last.

CH, how yucky to get freaked upon by a client. Maybe there's something in the moon today - I got freaked on by a barred casino patron, too. He thought a year was far too long to be barred for repeatedly doing something totally illegal. rolleyes.gif

IT did manage to teach me a trick for easier switching between systems (I have 2 systems & 2 monitors for this job), so I forgive them the mouse exploits.

My game and I didn't even start! I am wearing the sexy new black jeans, black leather city boots, the red velvet (velour) bust-enhancement top, a multicoloured silk-look scarf tied Frenchie-style around my neck, big thin silver hoop earrings, and about 4 homemade beaded bracelets on one arm - they are memory wire and similar in style, so it looks like a big eccentric cuff bracelet. Oh, and 'neath it all, purple and black tiger striped lace-edged boyshorts and the sturdy black foam cup bra.

I went to Value Village at lunch and found a brand new-looking fitted black microsuede shirt, with snap buttons, for ten bucks! And a green striped spaghetti strap tank top that's actually a bit too big, but for three bucks, I can take it in. I needed something new to wear 'neath the shirt, so I can wear it open! tongue.gif

I wish MY period would get here should be any minute now, but the suspense is killing me. It's like, I've had the PMS, I've had little physical signs, so where's the actual big event??? Maybe I should go back outside and jump up and down.
Hi, peepers!

CH, that sucks that that guy went all freaky-freaky on you, but awesome that people came running to your defense. My boss is an asshole, but he's the first guy I'd want to come running if that happened to me (he's really big and intimidating).

Hellos all around to everyone, especially the newbies!

What am I wearing? Jeans, my pink/purple/red/orange striped v-neck Tommy sweater, and my usual everyday shoes because I need to wear my orthodics and these are the shoes they fit in. My foot's been bugging me lately.

I'm actually really looking forward to the weekend finally getting started. My phone has been ringing off the hook today, with nobody on the other end I want to talk to. I was supposed to go to lunch with gay boyfriend, but he's AWOL. The giant and I are going out for dinner somewhere tonight, then tomorrow is our big date day. We're going to go buy me a little bit of pretty and he's taking me out for fancy dinner. We're also going to probably get a Costco membership so he can get his xbox360 cheaper there, which is cool by me because I've wanted a membership for the last year. I might talk him into going to the MN Rollergirls bout tomorrow. I know a couple of them (one of them used to be a Bustie), and I've been wanting to go for ages, so it should be fun. Then I'm baking banana bread and my awesome oatmeal/choco chip/coconut/walnut cookies, because it's been awhile since I've baked anything and those are 2 things I know the giant will eat. And at some point Poodle and I need to get together so I can take her out for her birfday! All in all, lots of stuff going on, but it's all fun stuff, so that's okay.
i missed the poodle b-day too! happy b-day poodle my love!

heh, ch you sound like my ex-- she was always handling some crazy. and she was always saying, "comes with the territory...."

i'm right there with you tree. same thing, different day. everybody else at my work wears something else, but if slag gets on my overalls, it burns a hole in it, the light from welding fades damn near everything and it's all covered with aluminum grinding and dirt. why bother changing my clothes:

2 pink union suits (think long johns with the butt flaps)
thermal shirt (long sleeve)
pull on pony hoody
sneakers/steel toed boots

that said, yay for weekend!
yay for liking my new job!
yay for this week being done....
This could be the beer talking, but: 2 pink union suits, a thermal shirt, a pony-hoody, and steel toes... If I were tran, I could only hope to be as badass as GT!

I just finished another week of training and have enough skill blocks for another level. All I need now is to WORK enough hours to become 5th period. The dude from Hawaii I met in the welding class came through on setting me up with his interior finish carpentry company. I talked with his boss, and he said that he'll give me a call when their next job gets green-lighted! Hopefully, that'll be soon.

Happy (post-)Poodle Day!!! Sorry I missed it unsure.gif

I'll have to catch up on reading later.

Good Evening!

Hey Dusty! I'm really liking the sounds of your earings.

Tree, how are you feeling? Are you still withholding from bear?

Doodle, the shirts sound great.

Diva, enjoy your dinner with the giant!

GT, people being assholes totally comes with the territory. Pink uniform!! FUN!

Lore, I hope you get the job!

Well, the rest of my day was quiet, which was fantastic. That guy didn't come back, I didn't think he would. wooooo was he pissed off at the system (ergo, me). Tonight is the cop social!!!! I hope that it's fun. Next up, cleaning Eugene's fish bowl. Fun times on my Friday night.

Mornin' everybusty!

Tree, I think you have inspired me with your hold-out plan! I've been trying to get turbomann to take this gigantic pile of stuff to Howard Brown Center to donate for ages, and its really starting to bother I threw down this morning that there shall be not HBI until he takes care of that....looks like it'll be getting done this afternoon. heh. smile.gif

(((((erin's pop))))) Sounds like he's a very healthy guy - yeah, with heart-stuff it can be SO genetic. Turbomann's family has similar heart issues, so we make sure we keep things healthy at home. But the emotional stuff is a huge component personal intuition about why men suffer heart attacks/disease at a higher level than women is because they bottle all their emotions up, and then periodically "explode." A heart attack being the penultimate "explosion." Just my theory, though. Sounds like your pop is on the right track, though.

Let's try the linky from yesterday again. It really shocks me how many people attack Penelope for hiring the help she needs to make her house work. No one would question a single dad doing the same thing while balancing a career. mad.gif

This morning, I got up, looked in the empty fridge, with not a thing to eat for breakfast, and decided to make granola bars, which I've never done before, even though I make granola all the time. I found this recipe online, modded it a bit - adding a couple TB of unsweetened PB to the wet ingredients, adding coconut, cashews in place of peanuts, and some cinnamon...they are SO good. And made enough for about 20 bars - now there's an easy to-go breakfast!

Congrats on the job hook-up, Lore! That's awesome that while you're taking classes, you're making connections to keep movin' on the job path!

Not much going on here this weekend - which is wonderful! Just chillin' at home with my man. Nice.
hi okayers!!!

hey-- with lore taking a welding class that makes 3 welding busties: me, tree and lore! how funny is that?

and i missed it what are you working towards lore?

turbo love that you guys are so heathy-- personally i'm eating a package full of bacon....
...mmmmmmm bacon.

i think there is a theme in the thread lately....

i am so hung over and happy. i got home from work and a friend, L, left me a vm saying a mutual friend was djing an art opening and needed a lounge dj, and she wanted to know if i could do it. i love l. she's a social butterfly who always has a group of us dj her 4th of july party. this year she asked me if i would choose the music, i'm picking barbarella soundtrack, which is funny since that is the reason L and i became friends....<3. i had the best time. L and i went for noodles and caught up, then went to the opening, my set went very well (i forgot how much i love djing) i got mass complements, the song that won them over-- my killer-- a gypsy guitar/sitar version of "paint it black" by gabor szabo. i love hearing people whisper, is this...? OMG! it is! i got some info if i want to pursue a new art show, and got a new idea for a series of "paintings" that i can use power tools on! whoo!

i had a ball and it feels like the dark cloud has finally started to evaporate...

now i go nyquil liquicap my brains to oblivion.
*waves bye-bye*
YAY, GT!!! Its *definitely* time that dark cloud shoved off! And that's awesome that you got to do a DJ set last night! I'm definitely going to look up that szabo song - sounds awesome!

Turbomann and I just had the *most* amazing lunch! A new gluten-free cafe/bakery opened up a couple of months ago here, and I hadn't had a chance to get out there yet. It was WONDERFUL. Busy, every single table full, you could see how thrilled every single customer was to have a safe place to eat - there was such a good, friendly vibe in there, it was awesome. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with spinach, feta and red onion and homeade sweet potato chips. Divine. And of course we had to get some dessert to-go, and a loaf of bread for brunch tomorrow. Makes me SO happy to have a place to get baked goods when I don't want to make my own. smile.gif

Now, I'm gonna curl up on the couch with a good book. Perfect Saturday, and the shitty weather is a good excuse to lay low.
jenn, when you made the granola bars, did you leave out the wheat germ? my youngest 2 are gluten and dairy free and i'm trying to find healthier snacks for the kiddos that they can all have. also, are oats ok for gluten free? thank you!

Hey Turbo, you are having such a great weekend! Enjoy it, it sounds really lovely.

GT! It's great to see you in here. It also sounds like you had a really great evening!

Hi Damona!

My evening was good, got a little drunk, there were plenty of cops there, and so were their wives and/or girlfriends. I had my eye on one, and I kept on seeing him looking, and one of my friends saw him very obviously staring at my ass for a long time. She caught him. then it turns out he is involved with someone. Seriously, don't make it seem like you interested then. Looking is one thing, but I almost approached him because I thought the interest was there.

Today, I worked out, and I'm going to be off to take the dog for a second walk.

I'm also really tired today. Just beat. I think I'll lay low tonight. I also left the most rediculous drunken message for PR boy (nothing sexual in nature) explaining my frustration with men, I believe I said I wanted to skin them, then wear their skin afterwards. Seriously. Hee.

Hello, Okayers!!! my "holding out" plan worked. I didn't even actually have to hold out, I just threatened it. I had the boards, properly ripped to specifications, the next day. I rock. Of course then I had to do the anti-holding out deed. smile.gif

I got those boards installed today, plus now I installed the outlet to power the kitty's litterbox. And then I went out for a drinky or two. Or four. We'll see how much more I get done today. smile.gif

GT, Lore is a Carpentry apprentice. And, OMG...Pink union suits???? the only ones in my neck of the woods are red! And....ALUMINUM dust? I am *SO* Impressed...Seriously! smile.gif I have always heard that aluminum is one of the most difficult metals to weld. I've never even tried it.

I'm sort of craving a BLT lately,....but it's gotta be with those nice summertime/springtime tomatoes, that actually have FLAVOR. Mmmm, bacon......

Damona, YES, I definitely left out the wheat germ - I'm allergic too...I'm not sure what its purpose would have been, but I LOVE big toasty coconut flakes in my granola, so I added some to this recipe. YUM. I think next time I might toast the nuts and oats at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, so they get more toasty without burning - 400 is a bit hot for that. I don't generally buy GF oats, I can get away with any bit of contamination there might be, but when I'm cooking for my extremely celiac nephie, I do buy the Gluten Free Oats, and those keep his tummy happy. I've got a great new GF choco-PB-oat cookie recipe - PM me with your email addy if you want it. I warn you that they are addictive!

Nice on the finished out snazzy closet, tree! We similarly have oodles more space in the 2nd bedroom. wink.gif

Mmmm....BLT sounds good. Everything is better with bacon, afterall. I have to confess that I bought GF bread today at the bakery, just so that I could make openface fried egg sammies (over med) with bacon, bleu cheese and thyme for brekkie is my very favorite breakfast. Side of diced mango on the side, please. If only I could get your very fine Nueske's bacon here in Chicago...I may have to make another mail order. Mmmmm.
god, now i want more bacon.... i ate all of mine..sad.gif
blt sounds dreamy... oooooh spring tomatoes.... damn.... stomach says M'UNGRY!

yeah, tree, aluminum is a pain in the ass. i did a bit of steel a the start of the week and i was so happy i kissed, then sang to the steel. steel is sooooooo quiet, where as welding aluminum, doing it right your weld sounds like an electric razor. it's very tempramental, with tig you usually sharpen the tungsten, but with aluminum there's no point, since to weld it you are just below the point that tungsten melts. if you do it right it's very clean, no splatter, but it's very very different from normal welding. because it's a pain in the ass. wink.gif

right on lore!
carpentry-- man! i am trying to figure out how to build myself a loft bed, i wish i had those skills. when it comes to wood, i'm a moron!

god, i need to do the spring cleaning thing too. i've still got lots of my boy clothes... and i transitioned more than 8 years ago. time for the heave-ho! they gotta go!
Those granola bars sound pretty good. When I was on Vancouver Island we stopped at this little bakery/cafe in Port Alberni and they had the best granola bars ever! They were very subtly sweet and had mostly different types of seeds. It was a really loose bar that crumbled easily and the bottom was very oily like it was held together more by butter than something sweet. The one I had was half covered in chocolate and I've been having cravings for them ever since I got home.

On top of everything else, I broke out in hives tonight! All over my thighs and hips, and one lonely one on my face. Luckily they're already disappearing.
Hives! Good heavens, erin! Not sure if this'll work, but.... ~*~*~*~anti-hive vibes~*~*~*~

And also, ~*~*~*~more jobbity-job vibes for lore~*~*~*~

turbo, I bought wheat free organic bread last week, thinking of you, and because I was curious as hell. I guess it takes some getting used to? It seemed much....chewier, or harder, or....? Dunno! Made an odd piece of toast! I'll keep trying, though. wink.gif

tree, how's yer head doing now?

CH, how's that bedroom coming along?

Hiya also to GT!!! And diva, and damona!!

I took a nap when I got home from work, then had a peanut butter and honey sammich and an apple for dinner. But now I'm craving bacon. Even though I got those 7 pieces for brekkie yesterday from the cafeteria cook! Mmm, bacon....

I started writing a new song this evening, too. Not sure where it's going, but it's another funky one, this time in a minor key. I think it might be another one for BEB. Hmm, I wonder if it's true what they say: "never marry the muse"? wink.gif

Speaking of my muse, I had a dream while I was napping that BEB, his grandma, and I went to visit my brother. ohmy.gif Where the FUCK did that come from? I don't want to think about introducing ANY of my friends, let alone their families, to my stupid brother. And hell, I don't even know if BEB HAS any grandmas left.

The day at the store was good, but a little long. But good. I had a gorgeous woman describe the friend she was shopping for as "very elegant, like you," which was awesome! biggrin.gif Also, I got this pair of customers: a down syndrome woman about my age and her dad. Soooo sweet. I gave them all my attention, and searched high and low for the bright colours and pretty things she liked, while still being easy to put on and take off, and that her dad could still afford and wouldn't have to have altered (she was super short). She's going to wear the new embroidered capris to church tomorrow. smile.gif Also, I beat my sales goal today by FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! It's interesting to see who customers will turn to for a personal opinion and assistance. Lots of the really young 'uns turn to the young' uns (unless they've got a job interview or something), but outside of that, I'm surprised that it's so often me they seek out, no matter what age they are. A number women have actually asked me when I'm usually in the store. What's kind of sad, though, is that some of them don't even look in the mirror; they come out of the fitting rooms and ask me instead.....I guess it's nice to be trusted, and at least I'm an honest saleswoman (well, everyone is - it's one of the things the store prides itself on), but you know, it makes me wonder if I'm a total narcissist, b/c even back in the days when my self-esteem was in the crapper, I've always been someone who could barely pass a mirror or a window without seeing how I look! biggrin.gif

And I bought my brown and cream top, too. Regular $50 - I got it for $25! biggrin.gif I have to keep this job just for the discount. ALSO, doodlemama phoned tonight - she got a surprise tax rebate of $150, so she's spending half on art supplies and sending me the other half for new work clothes! ohmy.gif It boggles the mind. I think I'm going to invest it in some good new bras, actually - the down side of losing weight is that it all goes from the boobs. sad.gif I got fitted last November, but I've gone down at least a band size AND a cup size - it's the singing keeping the band size from shrinking more (singing expands the ribcage), which is kind of a pain, b/c I'm always a really weird bra size. I can get three really, really, really good ones with that money and my discount. Or maybe two really good ones and a couple of racy ones, just in case I need 'em. wink.gif

By the way, did you know you should get re-fitted for bras at least every year? The store recommends six months, but a year is a minimum, b/c women's bodies change so much.
Good Morning!

GT, it's so nice to see you in the Okayers lounge again! I'm really happy you are back. That rocks that you were able to DJ!

Hey damona!

Doodle, would you believe I've never been fitted for a bra? Congrats on beating your sales goal! You are a killer sales lady. The customers obviously really enjoy talking with you too. That's great!

Jenn, those granola bars look mighty tasty. I am considering making some today. I am in the mood to bake.

Erinjane, that really stinks that you got hives! Any idea what brought them on? ~~~vibes~~~

Treehugger-I'm with you on craving summer tomatoes. I am really ready for some good produce.

Hey Diva! Hey Lore! And anyone I've forgotten. Oh! CH! Hey!

I am just lounging about on my couch in my PJs, sipping on some coffee. Sunday mornings are the best. I had planned on doing a lot of yard work today, but yesterday I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I am so irritated about it, b/c I did it a stupid way. Was in a hurry, leaned over to pick up a laundry basket w/o bending the knees. Stupid! It does not hurt as badly as I thought it would today, but is definitely uncomfortable. I wanted to go to this 75 minute weight class at the Y, but that won't be happening. I am trying to decide if I will still be able to mow the grass. I also need to put some seed down.

It's chilly here this morning. I've got spring fever...ready for some warm weather!

I have had a really nice weekend so far. Friday night I met my mom, sister, and niece for some shopping & dinner. Yesterday MR K and I went to Target to spend a gift card we had. We bought a bunch of stuff we've been needing but that is not fun to iron cover, a rug pad, etc. Last night 2 of my friends came to my place. We ordered Thai food and watched a movie. Very relaxing.
Good Morning!

Tree, excellent that the holding plan worked.

Turbo, did your plan work?

Hey GT! I'm so glad you are making regular stops by okayland!

Erin, have your hives cleared up? ~*~*~*hive clearning up vibes~*~*~*

Doodle, I'm currently in the decluttering phase, getting rid of junk of all sorts. books, clothes, really anything that I don't think about anymore. Ooooh racy bras! Sweeeeeet.

Hey there Kari. All this outside stuff! The last of the snow is just melting here. ~*~*~*back healing vibes~*~*~* ooooh, I see you changed your avi! I like it.

I took the puppers for a nice walk at the park this morning, the birds are out, and the resident bald eagle is apparently back at the park. I've not seen it yet this year. Now I'm off to the drug store, contemplating going to the mall to find a pair of cheap pants, given everything I have is getting on the large size. I have size 8's that are too big, hovering in size 6 territory, I know it's because of my obsessive works outs, but I don't want to look like skeletor. I suppose with the weight routine, that won't happen.... /tangent


How has everyone's weekend been?

Thanks for all the vibes! I took an antihistamine and by the time I crawled into bed the hives had disappeared. I was taking some meds for an ear infection so I'm thinking it was either that or stress or a combination of both. Either way, today looked much brighter.

CH, isn't it gorgeous out? I'm thinking about taking my bike out this evening. It's supposed to be 17 tomorrow!

I've got to get back to paper writing...all this procrastinating isn't helping me. biggrin.gif
Erin, it is gorgeous outside! I think I'll be taking two more walks to the park yet today. I'll take a quiet post dinner stroll with hound to close the Sunday evening.

I went to the mall, found a pair of jeans (28!) a shirt, a cute little zip up hoodie, and some undies. It was lurvethly.

I did an upper body workout, tried cardio, but I slept funny and my back hurts, so no cardio for me. the walks will take place of the cardio.
Brrrrrrrr.....its pretty cold here again today - about 33F, but 30mph winds, that just cut right through you. Turbo got a medium-length walk this morning, since I was cold, and forgot my mittens! But, since its cold, its a good excuse to make a big pot of soup today - I think mexican tortilla soup will be on the menu tonight.

Doodle, you are quite the saleswoman! And a trusted/honest salesperson is a rare quality in shops today, so no wonder customers are seeking you out! Plus, to approach retail sales with any sort of positive attitude at all is a rarity around here, so I'm sure your customers really appreciate the service at your shop.

Yeah, I *only* buy GF bread direct from a handful of bakeries that make it fresh daily...the stuff you buy at the grocery is typically dry, dense and has a texture of sawdust. I don't buy bread much, so when I do, I spend the $$ for a really good loaf. The one we bought yesterday was still warm from the oven. YUM.

Kari, sounds like you had a much needed relaxing night at home...I love weekend nights like that. We just had a quiet night at home on our own - I made some red beans & rice for dinner, and we watched some TV.

WOW, CH - I hope you get to spot the eagle soon! I do miss seeing them - we'd see them in northern Michigan all the time when we went "up north" to my aunt's cabin in the summer.
Sounds like you got some good purchases at the mall, CH. Very nice! I need some new clothes myself.

Jenn-tortilla soup sounds delicious. I am making Mark Bittman's bolognese sauce for this evening. It's a good thing to make on a chilly, lazy Sunday. I checked the weather, and it is supposed to warm up here later in the week, I am happy about that.

Hey Erinjane! I'm glad the hives subsided. Whew!

Mr K worked til around 3:30 this afternoon. He came home for about an hour & a half and now he's gone to campus to study. I am all by my lonesome. Texted a friend to see if I could coerce her to come to my place for dinner. Haven't heard back yet. I hope she does.

Is there anything good on TV tonight? I have a movie, Michael Clayton, maybe I'll watch that.

Okay, I won my Outer Limits DVDs. That should set me up as a single gal for one more weekend, but I need another series...or someone amusing, or another amusing project.

Actually, did I tell you guys that a friend of mine at school who lives in a gorgeous house in Prospect Park is giving me her entire backyard for gardening? And she CAN'T dump me right when harvest comes around!!! Very exciting to have a platonic garden. I have seedlings started for more of those bloody butcher tomatoes, sweet peas, pole beans, muskmelon, tomatillos, grandpa otts, lavender, amaranth, lobelia, and my brother is setting me up with seven different varieties of heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, and some other crap. A friend of mine back at home is setting me up with raspberry canes from her huge mess of berries. Guess that we'll have quite a bit of garden porn this summer again, ladies. wink.gif

I'm still waiting to see if the ex will keep his word and return my blueberry bushes, strawberries, and Russian garlic. sad.gif
Hey Minx! Your garden space sounds awesome! I've got some Bloody Butcher seedlings started too! I have not had them before, have you?

I need a new project too.
Good Evening everyone!

Turbo, do you see bald eagles often when you head to the cabin?

Kari, did you get anything figured out for this evening?

Minx, that is fantastic about the garden space!!!! Woot!

I took the dog for a very long walk, like 2 hours long, I'm beat, loading more music into itunes, I think I'm going to just chill now, early to bed tonight, me thinks.

Yup, Kari. Hi!!! I did those last year. They are positively one of the most scrumptious tomatoes I have ever eaten, and plan to do them every year from now on. Plus, they freeze really well when you have excess. I just stuck them in a blender, and put them into quart-sized freezer bags for stuff like chili.

I feel like I should be doing some sort of retarded humanitarian collage or installation piece. Seriously, I am just feeling the need for something much larger than myself right now. I guess that's part of the healing process...

Hey CH!!
*is jealous of all the gardening busties*

I have zero interest in owning an actual house - taking care of one does not interest me. Condo living suits me just fine. But I would LOVE to have a gardening space, and there just isn't any community gardening close enough to home to be worth it. Minxy, I shall live vicariously through your garden...and I love the platonic garden!! I think you should take the pink mafia to the ex's house in full force, and reclaim your precious plants. smile.gif

I didn't end up making the soup...I'll do that tomorrow night. But I did make hummus, and just now made these egg muffins with bacon, leek, cheddar and spinach for quick brekkies this week, since I have to give up my beloved goat yogurt and granola...after 5 years of eating goat yogurt (since cows' dairy doesn't agree with me)...last week I had bad acid reflux all week, and as soon as I quit the yogurt on Fri, it went away completely.

It did scare me enough to find myself a general practice doc, so I can get a basic physical/bloodwork....since the last time I did that was 8 years ago. I don't generally like docs, and haven't had much use for them, thank cod. I'm much happier seeing my naturopath/acupuncturist.

CH, we would see bald eagles pretty much every trip up north - they're smart enough to make nests close enough to the highway, and I imagine they were well fed on all the dead deer by the side of the road...seen all too often. But you'd always see the eagles perched in the top of the trees, or gliding on the air currents. So beautiful.
Okay...let's do a little refresher.


And Baby Bloody Butchers:
Good evening everyone!!!!

CORN PORN!!! It's time for CORN PORN again! I lurve it! Hiya minx! Yay for your new garden! I totally laughed my ass off when you said your friend couldn't dump you at harvest season....sorry to laugh at your pain, but it was pretty funny. wink.gif

Ooh, CH, I wish I was there to help ya with your room - I'm the decluttering queen! We'd have it done in a day. biggrin.gif Hurrah on the new clothes! What kind of jeans and shirt did you get?

turbo, we are twins, I'm sure of it - I don't want a house for the same reason! I am thinking about taking over part of the garden here, now that the crazy cat lady who did it is gone....but not this year. Although hippiegirl offered to help - this year she'd probably wind up doing all of it! wink.gif So what kind of GF bread is best to buy, presuming I can find a good bakery?

kari, boo on the pulled muscle! Wish you could be here to use BFF's massage chair thingie! How is Mr. K feeling now, btw? Get thee fitted for a bra, young lady! wink.gif BTW, now that your hospital hours are done (I think that's what I read?), what else do you need to do to be ready for practice?

Hi erin...what is (are) your paper(s) on?

We have a couple of eagles here - I saw one yesterday morning on my way to work. They like to fish on the river. It's pretty cool. Oh, also, I forgot to mention - there is a baby falcon that lives at the lotteries building....apparently it has learned to hunt pigeons by chasing them till they smash into the upper windows and stun themselves! Scares the shit out of the people on those floors when it happens.

Well, Sunday was definitely a day of rest for me! I stayed up really late last night watching West Side Story (!), so I slept till about 11:30. I worked on my song for a little while, and then I went back to bed for about 6 more hours! I guess I must have needed it. I feel pretty refreshed now, I think. I'm awfully glad I didn't book a jam for today. Sleep was the right prescription.

I had some straaaaaannnge dreams, though. Not bad ones, just....strange. In one, I dreamt I was a kid, being a passenger with my drunk-driving dad, but in the dream, I was totally articulating my feelings about feeling unsafe to him, like an adult. So weird! In another, I was with my mom and a guy who was my dad in my dream, but he wasn't my dad, actually, and I was going to work on a new temp assignment, so we were all SKIING down these steep mountains to get there! WTF? Then we stumbled on a snowy cabin fever-type murder scene and my "dad" and I were trying to solve it, but I woke up before it got very far into it. !!!??? In a third one, I dreamed the building I'm in now was a block away from the condo my dad lived in when I was a teenager, and guitarboy was actually my little brother, and someone started a petition to bring some rock band here. And in the same dream, I bought a pack of SweetTarts, but they were all weird and warped and gigantic, and the kitchen I was examining them in morphed into the apartment kitchen I grew up in. ??????? Anybody want to psychoanalyze me??

The song is coming along nicely. I've got chords, melody, lyrics for the chorus, and also a couple of lines for one verse. Tentatively titled "I Don't." This one can be my new walking muse; it's got the right rhythm for it. And it's definitely another one about BEB! What can I say? tongue.gif
I'm so excited for the gardening season! When I was a kid my grandma used to pay my brother and I to help her maintain her giant garden. Then she'd fill us with deeelicious Ukrainian cooking. The last two years my mom and I have been expanding our own garden. Our favourite thing to come out of it last year was buttercup (not butternut) squash, my new favourite veggie!

doodle, one of my papers is on gender and the nobel prize (for a second year feminism and science class) and the other is for my advanced fem theory honours class, I'm writing about racial performances of masculinity in drag kinging. Once those two papers are finished, my undergrad work is complete, then I just wait for the diploma to arrive in the mail. biggrin.gif

I've been having weird dreams too. I think when I get stressed they come up, but mine are usually more along the b-horror movie lines. I have a zombie dream about once every month, and last week I had two in a row. And they're always like the cheesiest dream 'storylines'. Like a group of high school kids is swimming in a lake at night beside a cemetery, haha!
corn porn?!? wtf!? what happened to the bacon lurve? jk!

i don't care for gardening, but i love gardeners... all this talk makes me miss my daddy/exgf.... we've been talking and just reading emails from her gives me chills. :/ i miss watching her tend her garden... it just made me happy to see how excited she got. sigh...

ej-- you're ukranian? very cool. i had a gf who was too, taught me a lot... sigh... she looked like a 20's elizibeth taylor...

hey if you don't mind i'd love to read your gender paper... i'm rather obsessed with gender, as you might imagine.
i wish that i had zombie dreams... zombies are cool!

turbo, doodle, i'm with you, although i am firmly an apartment person. i have friends who have houses, and while i am jealous part of the time, the amount of work they put into them is certainly prohibative...

i don't have any eagles, but there is this annoying couple of pigeons who, it would seem, are exhibitionists-- they love going at it-- LOUDLY-- in my window. fuckers!

if i was to guess about your dreams doodle, (i usually have goofy dream interpetations, but i'll play this one straight), it seems that you are finding where you live is home, and you are starting to let go of your family being where your home is... you're creating your own home/family place. it's rather sweet, actually.

hi kari-anne! i hardly recognise you with your new avi! <3



Hey GT! yeah, I was getting tired of my old avatar, decided to load up a new one.

ErinJane, so you are just about done with school then? That's wonderful!! Your papers sound really interesting. What's your major?

Minx, I can't wait to try the bloody butchers. I could not resist them, due to their name. I love when you post your garden porn pics! Summer's a'comin'!

hey Jenn! Booo. I am sorry your yogurt was giving you acid reflux & you had to stop eating it. sad.gif Those egg muffins sound mighty tasty!

Hey Doodle, I am glad you got some rest finally. I am sure you need it. Good luck on the new song! Yep, I am 100% done with the hospital gig. And soooo happy about it. I am kind of at a stopping point right now. Honestly, I am trying to decide if I want to pursue licensure or not. I mean, I want to, but it is SO much work. The work is not really an issue for me, but the financials of it are. Now that they've increased the licensure requirements, I'd basically have to switch jobs right now, in order to be able to acquire the hours needed. The job prospects of an un-licensed person are not that great, so that kind of leaves me in a pickle. Prior to the fuckers increasing the licensure requirements, I was going to keep my job & work PT on the side to get the hours. Now that's not possible. With MR K in school now, I can't afford to take a huge paycut. Sigh.....I don't know. I'm going to take the summer off from all things counseling & try to resolve this.
corn porn!! woooot!

i'm jealous.i haven't gotten my garden going yet this year. it'll just be container plants but i usually have several planted by now. finances and time-management haven't been on my side lately. dry.gif

ok, i was gonna comment more but i gotta get some breakfast and put the boy down for a nap. i have an interview today at 1pm. i think i'm most afraid that they're going to make me a good offer and i'm gonna have to take it... is that horrible?

but please send me vibeage if you have a chance!

be back soon!!
One of my students was killed.

Sometimes this profession gets the best of me. I just want to go home now. He was one of my 11th graders this year. Real sweet kid.
((((((((((minx)))))))))) i'm sorry! your link didn't work but what an awful thing.

Good Morning!!

Wow, lots of posts!!! Woohoo!

YA Minx on supply garden and corn porn!!!! Oooooh how I've missed it. ((((((((((minx)))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your student.

Turbo, the muffins sound mighty delish. Ick acid reflux and heart burn and other assorted nasties.

Doodle, I so wish we lived closer than two provinces! Maybe I should spin out to BC during my vacay. I do enjoy decluttering. I'm also going through lots of crap in the basement as well. too much stuff! I bought a pair of silver jeans (on sale at that!), a few shirts, I'll have to take pics of, I should do that when I get home! It will be spring clothes porn.

I'm going to have to third strange dreams, I had a dream I went to a steak house for dinner and it took two hours to get a meal, but when i went to complain to the waiter I ended up having sex with him instead. Then there was a polar bear roaming the neighbourhood. Odd.

Erin, the papers and classes sound really interesting!

GT, some exhibitionist pigeons huh?

Kari, I'm sorry that you in a abit of a funk because of the liscensure crap.

hey FJ!!!!

I'm sore today, increased weights and tried some new ones. But it's good pain. I'm at a new office and the office mate is listening to pop music. Blech! I think I'm going to ask her to turn it down. I feel like I'ma lternating between the bar and wuss rock. Vomit.

He was one of my 11th graders. He got shot in the stomach and was dumped somewhere up here on the Northside and left to die. What a bunch of bullshit...
fuck! damn, minx, i'm sorry. that's even worse than i'd imagined.

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