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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Doodle!!

How was the rest of your work day?

I took ound for a lovely walk, made some potato soup, and I'm sunk. Super tired today.

How is everyone else?
*drools at the thought of grand marnier cake* Mmmmmm.

I guess that's one thing that's an understandable constant working at a non-profit - we totally "get" not being able to go out to lunch everyday. The only hard thing about bringing my lunch at this job is that the lunch room in the office is not only tiny, but it has no windows - I cannot spend my lunch hour that way - the cubicle is bad enough. Sometimes we take over a conference room with windows, sometimes I take a walk, and sometimes I just hang in my cube and read.

Sorry about the spring cleaning, Lore. smile.gif I happen to strangely enjoy it, and yesterday was even better, since it was warm enough to open the windows, and I hung all the laundry out to dry on racks on the balcony - good stuff. AND, I have a new vacuum that kicks serious ass! I'm amazed at all the dirt it has picked up....probably all the more dramatic since the old vacuum was limping along for the last many months.

And tonight, I fired up the grill for the first time this season, and made some chipotle/garlic puree slathered skirt steak which we put on top of tostadas with homeade refried beans, and all the trimmings. YUM!

Minxy, I hear you on feeling like a bafoon when doing things like pilates...its just not natural to me, nor is yoga. I'm an adrenaline junkie, and its the only kind of exercise I'm really interested in. Treadmill, elliptical, bike. That's it.

There's a Top Gear marathon on BBC tonight....I'm a happy girl. I don't much like cars, but I LOVE this show. Its so goofy.

HI hi CH! MMmmmm potato soup.
*hobbles in to Okayland, grabs an ice pack out of the ice machine and flops down on the sofa*

OMG...ouch. I fell off a ladder today. Headfirst. I was on the fourth rung up (about kitchen countertop height, a little taller), and I somehow FELL OFF, headfirst, and cracked my head on a (engineered stone) lab bench on the way down. I knocked myself out for a few minutes.

I am in SUCH pain right now......I did something to my arm, and my knee, my neck, and my back too, somehow.

I'm not sure I am going to go to work tomorrow.

Yes, I did fill out an accident report. Bear came and sat with me for the evening, we've decided that I do not have a concussion. I am not seeing double or blurry or dizzy or anything, just killer headache.

(whimper whine whimper)

(sorry for being self-absorbed)....vibes to ANYBODY who needs them. ((((okayers))))
(((((treehugger))))) OMG, hun, I hope you're gonna be okay!!! Did you go to the ER? You should definitely get checked out - it could have long term repercussions. Poor thing! ~*~*~*~*~huge anti-pain/anti-concussion vibes for treehugger~*~*~*~*~

turbo, I couldn't stay in my cube for lunch either, unless I had windows, either. Usually I go for a walk. I am envious of your dinner AND your vacuum - my vacuum isn't working properly for some reason. I've been borrowing the gay ex-priest's. I need to take mine apart and see if it's the belt.

I am also envious of your potato soup, CH!

Guess who just randomly appeared at my apartment? Yeah. I e-mailed BEB last night, 'cos he left his capo at the boys'....I offered to meet him downtown or something (since he works, like, next door), but instead of replying, he randomly showed up here just now....and I was on the toilet! Which I actually TOLD him when I explained my dash for the door. *hangs head in embarrassment* Luckily he just finds me amusing. Damned boy. Plus he went right into the kitchen and asked if he could have some water, and my sink was all full of dirty supper and breakfast dishes, and toast crusts, and a plastic bread bag. And my desk area (aka: Command Central) was its usual random Monday explosion. Oh well. It's not that bad. And at least I hadn't changed into my grubby old jammies yet! (Though if I had some sexy kimono or something....hmmm....)

I had kind of a "stupid" day at work (meaning I felt inadequately prepared for the job I'm doing), that made me feel blah, so when I got home from work, I went out onto the balcony to play and sing to the river. Which made me feel better. But is also why I hadn't gotten to the Monday tornado clean-up yet....

Tomorrow I have to waste an entire half a morning on some stupid Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act workshop, and Wednesday morning on some stupid teleconference call. I am already getting behind on everything - I can see why they need help around there! Too many frickin' meetings.
((((((((((((((tree)))))))))))))) oh man! are you ok!? i'm glad bear is there to sit with you! damn, a STONE bench? ouchie! i hope the pain goes away soon.

ch, i made potato soup a few nights ago. i love that stuff. i wanted to put bacon in it (because EVERYTHING is better with bacon) but i didn't have any. so i had to just stick with scallions and a little cheddar. but damn it was good. i'm sorry your gut is in a rut with prboy. that sucks. i've been there. i'm sure we all have. but you're doing the right thing. sounds like he has some shite to work out and will call you when he is ready. (((((((((ch)))))))))

(((((((minx)))))))) just because. oh, and i suck at anything that requires coordination. well, besides sex. see, there's always a bright side.

hi turbo! your talk about the pugs reminds me why we will not be getting another dog. and now i'm forgetting if i told you all that miss grover passed. she stopped eating food and her back legs started giving out on her more and more often. poor baby. i like to think that she lived her last couple of years as a happy dog.

doodle, congrats on your excellent sales! good for you! so, did you wear the corset for jammin'?

hi kari! congrats on almost being done with the hospital!! seems like you just started there to me... but i'm not the one doing the workin'! how is mrk's belly??

i did a little spring cleaning, but i guess it was more like baby-proofing. the little guy is really moving now so everything had to be moved from the bottom cabinets under the sink (cleaning stuff and such). the good part is that i now have more storage space. so there's that!!!

ok, i'm s'posed to be working...
((((((((tree!)))))))) do take the day off. ich, chica, take care of yourself, k?

hi okayers, minx, fj, doodle, ch, turbo, lore, kari, moxie and.... tes?!? o.O

sorry i need to vent for a sec....
sigh. another exahausting weekend. it's getting so i yearn for mondays.

bella-- the puppy monster-- has been checked by a heart doctor, her heart isn't enlarged, but there is some sort of growth on it that makes it difficult for her to breathe. she hasn't wanted to eat much, and has lost a lot of weight, this week she's being force fed, and is getting some of that weight back.

got in a huge fight with my ex, reduce to tears for two days, and, an old gf, k, called, an old friend of ours died. it was kind of fucked up. for years she had been getting sicker and sicker, and lost a lot of weight, she said she was having some sort of allergic reaction to pretty much everything, and that doctors couldn't figure out what was going on. if you are familiar with the movie safe it was like that-- about a month ago she moved back home in the south to be with her family. she ended up in the hospital, where the discovered she had AIDS. what bugs me is that she didn't feel like she could tell anyone. not her family, not any of her friends, and i can only guess, she was too afraid to get checked. k remembered talking to her about her health problems and she asked her if she had been tested. she was so offended k never asked again. but i don't know why she wouldn't. or why she couldn't confide in us-- i mean, she knew me when i was a boy, and watched k and i love each other thru a rather hellish transition, we wouldn't have thought any worse of her... we both had friends who had it, that we cared about. it just seems so sad.

sorry, i know i'm this cloud of impending doom right now, so here is something that does make me happy (since fj was talking about the best think since the potato-- although nothing is better than a spud), baconsalt because everything should taste like bacon...

Good Morning!

((((((((((tree)))))))))) How are you feeling today??? I think you should see a doctor to make sure everything is okay.

Trubo, I'm with you on no windows in the office, I need to do something, our lunch rooms have windows here.

Doodle, so BEB stopped by eh? Interesting, very interesting. government has so many meetings! This is yet another reason why I heart my position in float pool, I don't have to attend staff meetings! I'll go to training, but no meetings pour moi.

did you and BEB hang out for a while?? you just stopped the story!

Hey there FJ! How is work going anyway? How's the mister?

((((((((((gt)))))))))) I'm sorry about the fight, the friend who died. I'm so sorry to hear.

I slept last night, then texted PRboy, I have to say that now he's irritating me. No particular reason, I'm just annoyed with him. It's one of the steps in CH's get over the boy deal. I'll talk about it, then feel rediculous for talking about it, then I get to the point where the person irritates me. Oh, let's not forget the all important denial! If I deny feelings aren't there and pretend they aren't there, they go away. that's how I got over ex boy (remember 7/7/07 guy?)

minx anybody home (ome...ome...ome...)?

Tree, sweetie, I'm so sorry about your fall. Make sure that your take lots of baths, rest, and get that back looked at.

CH, I'm totally with you on the being annoyed thing. That's totally where I'm at. They annoy me. I have a vibrator. It all seems to be working for now.

GT, babygirl, I'm really sorry about your friends. I worked for awhile up here at the Minnesota AIDS Project, and it was just so difficult for people to tell even their best of friends, but I can't imagine your pain.

And Kari, too. I'm really sorry about your friend.

I just got done eating this lovely spinach salad with almonds and cherry tomatoes. Yum! Okay, that and hummus and baked pita chips.
I am here, just lurking and I have to see an appointment.

Minx, the salad sounds yummy! I also got my income tax refund and my GST cheque. Woohoo! More money for me yo bank, soon I can pay off my loan! YAY!

Sorry I have no time to read at the moment...will try to get back in later. This is just one of those crazy days. Plus I just had my first solo flight with a gambling addict trying to get out of his self-exclusion. *headdesk*

I am starting to understand why the woman I'm temping for is so behind in everything. She definitely needs some extra help when she gets back. She's smart to put in for it, but it seems like everyone here is in the same boat - maybe if they all put in for extra help, I could get a damned full time job out of it.

Also, this morning, I woke up and realized with a pang that I am developing feelings for BEB. *gulp*

And the stupid thing is, he is the friend I most wanted to be around after that phone call. I am half tempted to call him up and invite him for a tea or a beer this evening, but I don't know, maybe that's pushing's not like I could even tell him about it, without breaching confidentiality....

Heya all! I've done me Riggin' class and passed it, and now I've been taking Welding & Cutting. GirlTrouble, I've been thinking about you all week because of this class. It sounded like you were doing well in welding, and after trying my own hand at it, I gotta say that it's not easy! I mean, sure, I'll pass (probably), but the way you described being able to make clean welds and know where you're putting your capacitor while totally blind under the hood... THAT's impressive! It's inspiring to think of how quickly you picked it up, GT! I'm really sorry to hear about the tragedies your life is cramming in, though sad.gif *better times a-comin' vibes for GT* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tree, too, is an inspiration for me when I'm doing stuff like this (trade stuff). I feel like I'm a tad behind in life sometimes, and I wish I had the marketable, testable, acknowledgeable competence in a career like you do. I'm sure you'd have tons to teach me about welding, cutting, and soldering, not to mention the whole makin' stuff lifestyle. You rock smile.gif

Well, during this class, I decided to try to use the opportunity to actually make stuff, even if it's silly stuff. I mean, we're given the equipment, materials, and time, and we're told to weld and cut pretty much whatever, so the whole class is basically just farting around, cutting random weird stuff off of junk and soldering scraps to more junk. Instead, I looked for what I could be making out of this stuff. Yesterday, I made GoatyGirl a small heart pendant and tied it onto some hemp necklace cord (using my tyeing ability that I gained from Rigging smile.gif ). She really liked it. I'll have to post a pic. Today, I made something silly and pretty Heavy Metal punk:

I made sheet metal sunglasses! (Guranteeeeed to block 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays, microwaves, and perhaps some gamma radiation.) Yeah, they're opaque, but they're pure punkass! Well, and it made some classmates laugh.

Oh, and TreeHugger, PLEASE get yourself checked out! Any head injury that leads to a blackout is worth not ignoring. I'm sure your neck will be complaining a lot, too. Pleeease be careful, though this could happen to anybody, and good on you for filing a report!

Heya heya to all else, but I gotta run. More later!
Lore, I think you should take a cutting torch and cut a bunch of horizontal slots in the eyepieces of those gamma-ray blocking glasses! *taps foot* wink.gif ...okay, test is on. *whips out the stopwatch*

I actually enjoy reading your stories of brings me back a few years.

I was never that good at cutting with a torch, it'd always look jiggly. I know a guy who can cut a razor straight bevel in pipe using a torch. He's my inspiration. smile.gif I loved welding, and I still miss it. I even invested in one of those automatic darkening hoods.

So I just sat around on the couch all day yesterday watching HGTV. Doodlebug knows of my second obsession!

Doodle, just take things as they come with BEB. ~*~*lucky in love vibes for Doodlebug*~*~

CH, here's some ~*~*anti-games vibes*~*~ (I read your letter)...

Minx, that salad sounds delicious! I really need to start eating more healthily. I made some delicious homemade salad dressing that's awesome, because it has so much flavor you don't need much of it to dress a salad and make it taste Delicious. I should get myself one of those bowls that you can carry salads in, and it dispenses the dressing when you're ready to eat it. Then I'd be having healthier lunches, for sure. I usually don't eat lunch at all, now.

Kari, here's some ~*~*general coping vibes for you and your friend and your friend's family*~*~ Sad way to begin Spring, for sure.

GT, I don't know what to say...I'm sooooo sorry about all the cards life is dealing you right now. Can your puppymonster's heart be operated on?

FJ, you made me want to make potato soup, but all I had in the cupboard was one shriveled up little lonely potato...I didn't feel up to going out and getting more, either. But I'm thinking it might be on the books for this weekend!

Oooo, crap, I gotta fly out of here! ~*~*vibes to all I missed!*~*~
Good Morning.

((tree)) Girl, are you ok? I agree with others, I think you should get checked out by a doc. That sounds like it was a really nasty spill.

((GT)) I'm really sorry to hear about your friend's passing. sad.gif

Lore, the glasses rock! Nice work! The necklace you made for your lady sounds really beautiful. So thoughtful too.

Doodle! EEK! Unannounced stopbys make me nervous, for precisely the reasons you mention. I am the type who only likes people in the house if I've had time to spruce it up a bit. I understand your feelings on the work lunches. That stuff gets expensive.

Speaking of expensive....I've got to put a plug in this money leak that's happening lately out of my wallet. Geez oh pete. Last night we took a coworker from the hospital out for dinner. I did not mind treating him, b/c last week he took me & the other intern out. But my wallet is hurting. I am just not accustomed to taking people out to dinner for birthdays & such. It gets really expensive. I feel like I need to go on a spending diet as well as a food diet. Have been overeating lately and not working out enough. Hoping to remedy that starting next week when my school obligations are 100% done.

Hey Minx! How is your week back at school going?

Hey CH! Sorry PR boy is getting on your nerves. Grrrr.
Good Morning,

I've been trying to figure out itunes and crud. See my ipod is fuckered (ahem, my fault, something spilled on it. So now I have this 4GB which is almost full, and I had an extended warranty from where I bought it, sooooo if it can't be fixed, I get a brand spanking new Ipod. I'm slightly irritated, however, because I previously attempted to load my itunes and ipod onto my new laptop and I couldn't carry over the old library, which means I have to get my library off my external hard drive back onto my old laptop, but the complete itunes library back onto the external hard drive and then get everything loaded with my new lap top. Either that or just import all the cd's onto a new laptop and then put on external hard drive, but there is still the issue of the stuff I purchased and downloaded, not to mention the fact that I can't find some of the cd's I've imported.

*grumbles to self*

Anyhows, off my itunes issues, there is someone at my mothers work who may be able to help.

Doodle, did you hang with BEB last night??

Lore, the glasses are the coolest thigns! Fucking neat!!!

Tree, how are you feeling?

Hey Kari!

Update on the ipod, yup, I'm fucked, I need to import all my cd's, again, onto my new lap top. What a load of shit. I think what I'll do is just delete itunes on my new lap top and start anew.

What a great day it's been so far!!!! HA! I suppose it could be worse, if importing cd's is the worst of my worries then I really shouldn't be too concerned.

Good morning all....

lore, your sheet metal sunglasses sound awesome!

tree - how is your head??? I've been thinking about you lots!

kari, I hear you on plugging up the wallet. I don't even know where it goes sometimes - seems like I haven't bought anything frivolous or for myself in months, and I'm still brokity-broke. Dang, huh?

CH, I might have missed it in the archives, but did your new lappy finally arrive?

Well, I wound up phoning BEB and telling him I needed a friend, if he could stop by in the evening. He called in the early evening - I told him he didn't need to come over, but he stayed on the phone, all soothing and concerned and refusing to let go even though I kept saying, "I dunno, I dunno." By that point, I couldn't even really identify what was bothering me, but he was really concerned that I sounded "shaken," so I guess I must have been. I don't even know why I called him, really, and I said as much. But there it is - he was the one I wanted for comfort. And I managed to tell him some of it, the work stuff, without giving away anything confidential. He had me laughing by the end of it.

I think this morning I did finally put my finger on what was bothering me so much yesterday. There's been this situation in a nearby community, where an abusive ex-husband murdered his three children on Sunday, to get revenge on the mother, basically. And yesterday I was sitting in this workshop listening to the government version of how to protect this government corporation I'm working for from freedom of information requests - when I used to make FOI requests from the womens' centre (to government, but not necessarily this organization), because FOI is actually really important legislation, in terms of getting real information to the public. And THEN I had that oily, slippery gambler phone yesterday afternoon, who just made me feel icky, when I had convinced myself I could work for this billion dollar corporation because I was helping people. I think it just all coalesced into me wondering why I'm not still out there fighting for women and children's rights anymore, when it's all so very needed. Wish I'd been able to articulate all of that to BEB, but I still think talking it through, even without understanding all the factors, helped lead me to this revelation.

Not that I'm planning to ditch the billion dollar corporation, but I needed to work it out and find a way to reconcile all of this in my head. Anyway.

Plus there was the PMS factor. Which I certainly didn't bring up on the phone.
hey Doodle!!!

I heard about the deal in B.C. and the father and the murder and and and. *deep sigh*

In terms of what you are doing, it's hard to let things go at first and everything gets to you. It's very difficult to leave things at work, I mean how can you not let thigns bother you? you will get to a point where this will happen, I know that I can leave things at work (most times).


I did get the new lap top, I heart it, but I do miss my old one, which is currently sitting next to me at work.
I'm tired of hearing about people killing their kids. I can't imagine what the mother is going through. I'm guessing the father offed himself though.

Maybe it would be helpful if you could tell yourself that you will go back, Doodle, but that you're burned now. I hate this feeling that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and there's just a few people fighting to stop it.

So if BEB has a gf, when does he actually see her? That's what I wanna know.
Hiya CH - glad to hear you got the new lappy, tho' I understand missing one's old system, fer shure! wink.gif

Yeah, it's not so much taking the work home with me as I guess I was having a bit of a moral crisis about the new direction my career is taking. How to keep within my principles and still tolerate the corporate vibe, you know - listening to the self-important dialogue and the whining about overwork, and remembering how truly important what I used to do was, and what it cost me to do it. I want to shake some of them by the shoulders and tell them Wonkaland has gone to their spoiled little heads. And god, I just got back from coffee break, where almost everyone had something to say about how so many Aboriginal people are lazy and drunk and dirty and selfish, and they don't even see their words as racism, ya know? I guess everyone has to make a living - I suppose for the rest of my life, it's going to be a choice between this kind of stuff, or the other kind of soul-crushing futility and workaholism that goes on in non-profits.

And the stupid teleconference is 2.5 hours this they wanted to do it by video conference!! When there's only 2 of us on the call here in the interior office. Fortunately my co-worker put her foot down and said she wasn't organizing video equipment. We can't figure out why they wanted to video, since they never do video, but I suspect they want to know who the hell I am. Co-worker says if they want to know who I am, they can bloody well come up here and find out. I like her a lot. wink.gif
Dusty, I am also sick of men going an killing their wives, g/f's, and the family, then offing themselves. I get that some people are very mentally ill, but as a revenge thing... I don't even want to rant.

Doodle, I get that question a lot about people being on social assistance, so many people think that everyone on social assistance is, and I really feel very uncomfortable about saying this, a drunk Indian. If pisses me off to no fucking end. Your coworker is cool!

I'm backing up my itunes to disk now. Le Sigh.
Hey okayers!

Turbo, I saw this story in The Onion, and thought of you. It's from last year, so maybe you've already seen it. tongue.gif

Tree- owwie, owwie, owwie!

Minx, Costco has a great spinach salad- it's got bacon, onion, hardboiled egg, tomato and shredded cheese, with a poppyseed dressing. It's so yummy.

((hugs to doodle, culture, lore, diva, poodle, kari, fj, moxie, anyone else I missed))
Salad of the Day Report: spinach, shallot, pepitas, dried cranberries, a wob of chevre, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Yeah, ya know, I got to feel like shit when I was on medical assistance--I didn't even receive monetary assistance and I was still treated like an dipshit in the hospital when I had Minxlette. I actually had to tell several nurses and doctors that, YES INDEED, I was nearly finished with my master's degree and NO, I didn't need breastfeeding explained to me one more time. It was really demeaning. I think that generational welfare recipients have become the posterchildren for social services, and they really are in the minority.
What the eff? Double taco.
While we're reporting salads, here's our dinner: mixed greens with left over chipolte-garlic marinated skirt steak, cubed mango, toasted pepitas, goat's milk bleu cheese, and dressed with a garlic-lime-pepita dressing. YUM! Thank cod for Rick Bayless - I heart his new cookbook. smile.gif

CH - You may be able to get a double-firewire cord at your local electronics shop (probably about $30), connect the two computers, mount the old lappy as an external HD, and move everything over. I know I've done this with our various Macs...not sure if PCs work the same way, but it saves you a ton of time.

Doodle - do NOT feel bad about your new job, you hear me, sister?! You are taking a well-earned sabbatical from saving the world, while spending time in Wonkaland, and you DESERVE it! It doesn't invalidate your morals or who you are - you ARE doing good work, its just a different population. There is nothing wrong with kicking back with a cushy job for awhile! Hell, I am itching to get out of the do-gooding business for awhile and do the same. And you are finding so much love and passion in the rest of your life - don't forget that you are helping women everyday working at the clothing shop. And giving people the gift of your music - these are not small things! *breathe* and enjoy life awhile! smile.gif

Lore, those shades are *awesome!* I'm glad you're having fun in your new class, and using it to not only hone your skillz, but to be creative!

(((((((peace for GT))))))) Many, many hugs to you, my dear.

Polly, I cut that article out of the Onion last year and gave it to our friends - I still love it! We have the pugs again this weekend Sun-Mon, but we're not letting them stay here, we're just going to walk them from their house. I can't take it anymore....and I don't want to do more laundry and cleaning because of those little monsters.


Tree? I know I'm being all Momma Bear and stuff, but could you update us on how your head is feeling? It's been almost 12 hours since your last report. I worry!

Doodle, when I read the racist comments made by your co-workers, my jaw hit my lap. I'm so sorry you were put in that position.

(((((((((GT))))))))))) Sorry to hear about your friend. sad.gif I hope the puppers gets better.

FJ, good to see you!

So many yummy salads in here! I feel a bit guilty now when I think of what I'll be having for dinner (cheese tortillini with pesto, peas, and pepperoni).

All is fine in Violet-Steel country ... although we could use some money. We had to pay a huge bill to the veterinarian & we're hurting a lot more than usual. But at least our cat is healthy and happy now, so that's good. smile.gif

Is it Friday yet?

*falls to crumpled heap on Okayland lawn*
Holy crap!! The Wilson sisters just did Barracuda on American Idol!! Unfortunately, Fergie had to get involved and do all sorts of cartwheels and shit to compete with Ann Wilson. You can't upstage Ann Wilson during Barracuda, dammit!!

Okay, I've read most of archives. I'll be back in a sec.

ETA- Crap!! I'm so far behind!!

((((((girl trouble))))))) So sorry 'bout your friend and pup. Ugh. When it rains, it pours.


I hear ya on the financial woes, kari. I've been getting stuff ready to sell on ebay and craigslist. I can't wait for my tax refund and economic incentive check!! I won't be using that money for anything fun though. sad.gif

Shit, I read everything, but I've had 5 beers and I'm forgetting now.

"whole lotta pugs" Hahaha!! After lore's Led Zep references, my brain couldn't help but form a song outta that!!

Butt sex for guac...hahahaha!!

Congrats on the car sale, CH!! That's good money that I would LOVE to have right now!!

That sucks about work, doodle. Ya know, I've done this work thing for a while and I'm not sure if it's right for me. I mean, I started working because that's what everybody does, but I don't know if I'm cut out for it. wink.gif

I took a welding class back in college and I loved it!! Arc welding scares the shit outta me, though. You can't see anything!!! It was fun though...mostly because I had the hots for the stoner teacher who was really into incorporating mummified birds into his artwork. Yeah, he was cool.

Tes, poodledude=XRB. I'm just giving him a better name e'er since we declared our "officialness" together!!

Not much going on here. I've been busy measuring road frontages 'n' shit, which is very thought consuming. I'm gonna have dreams about plat maps tonight.

How's everyone doing this evening?
(((((tree))))) Do come back and give us an update on your noggin!!

Poodle that is quite an interesting mix...the Wilsons and Fergie???!!! WTF?

*pours a hot bubble bath and glass of vino for doodle*

(((((prosperity for RV & Sheff)))))
Hi turbo!!

Ooh, I forgot!! Nice to see you rose!!!
sing it, sister. this week has gone by so incredibly slow. i'm exhausted.

and yet, i'm working. *sigh*

culture, you asked a few days ago how work was going... it's ok. it just sucks having to work at night so much. i just want to be with my family, ya know? i've been having my mil over one day a week and i go to their place one day a week so i can get my work done during the day. it would be better if i still worked at night on those days but i just can't bring myself to do it every time. it's so flippin' boring!

i do have an interview next tuesday with my former company. i don't have my hopes up too much though - even if they started me at the same pay i was at before, we'll basically have just a few hundred dollars a month more after daycare and other expenses. we're not sure if it'll be worth it. but i appreciate that they thought of me and feel like i should at least give it a shot.

but bloody hell, if i have to hear another fucking voicemail using larry the cable guy, i am going to break my headset. jeebus!

i'm also in the midst of a serious crimson tide over here. my cycles are still all wonky, and i've had the "pms" for this one for about the past three weeks. i knew i wasn't pregnant at least, but damn if i didn't just want to BLEED! but now that i am, i'm over it! mad.gif

i think i need to hit the hay early tonight. after a bath and a glass of wine. have to take the 'roo to his 9 month appointment tomorrow, which will mean shots. sad.gif poor dude.

eta: hi poodle, hi turbo, hi rose! sorry, got all self-absorbed!

((((((((((gt))))))))))) i hate that you're having such a rough time right now. if you were here, i'd make you some potato soup!!!
I've been lurking without much to say. I swear, I'm so exhausted and tired when I get home that the thought of communicating with anyone -- email, phone, Busting -- is just too much. I barely talk to TB. smile.gif

I'm totally with all of you who think the week is going slow. And I've barely been to class this week. I was sick Mon and Tues and today I had to work all day at a health fair. Tomorrow it's back to the school grind. Ugh. This semester will never end, I swear...

FJ, isn't it ridiculous how much day care costs?! I have a few friends in the same boat as you. They can't decide if it's worth it to go back to work when they'll be making so little after all the costs. I don't know what TB and I will do when we have kids. That's a few years off but it's in the back of my mind.

Any word from Tree? I'm worried about her.

Turbo, I saw awhile ago you said you're coming to the Twin Cities!! The bummer is, that's my wedding weekend. But, at least Poodle, Diva, and Minx will get to experience the Turbo Family!

Well this is a random post. Seems to be the story of my life right now. Only 20 minutes until Top Chef!

I don't watch American Idol very often - what's the deal tonight? Why is Hannah Montana talking about poor people? I just want to see who gets kicked off. Oh boy, now it's Robin Williams. I know it's not "cool" to like him but I really do. He amuses me to no end. Well, not enough to see the shitty movies he's been doing but you know what I mean.

I'm here, still kicking! I called my neurologist (I have a previous brain injury)..and went in to get checked over just to be sure. As long as things are improving I'm cool. If I start walking funny or I get confused I am to head straight to the hospital, pronto. I better stay away from the ultracold stuff for a while, that in ITSELF is confusing..heh.

I still have a headache, though. Blech.

Rose, it's nice to see you here! smile.gif

Poodle, I once heard arc welding described as "a miniature acid trip"...hehe, your mention of the stoner welding instructor made me think of that.

I could use a bit of cash, myself. I've been scattered lately, I sometimes do that, and it just didn't occur to me to pay the credit card bill...for two months in a row. Then I tried to download some old cheesy 70s song, I can't even remember which one it was and it was declined! Yikes...they had drastically lowered my credit line. To punish me. To like $500.00. And my balance was like $3000. So, to keep my bills from all bouncing all over hell, (I have several bills paid out of it) I paid the entire balance in full outta my checkbook. Ouch. At least it's payday tomorrow. I'm such a space cadet sometimes.

What aggravates me is I wasn't anywhere near maxed out, either, I just sorta forgot to pay the bill. It disappeared under piles of papers, and I just got...busy I guess. I'm not fiscally responsible. Heh. On the bright side, though, now that it's paid off it'll be easy to pay it in full every month. Yay!

*searches for some "dedication fairy dust"...

I've just been eating a basic spring mix with my homemade salad dressing..if anybody's interested, here's the recipe:

1/2 cup safflower oil
1/2 cup olive oil
3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup tamari soy sauce
1/2 cup sesame tahini
3 cloves crushed garlic
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp basil

Mix in a jar~shake well. Makes a large batch but keeps a long time in the refrigerator. It's got so much flavor you don't need much for your salad!

Hmm...I'm gonna go throw some dried cranberries into my salad mix for tomorrow.... biggrin.gif Minx inspired me.

ETA: XPost with Catsoup! *waves*...sorry to have worried you, hun....
Good Evening!

Polly, that Onion story is super funny!!

Minx, the salad sounds amazing. I'm get started on social assistance, but I want to leave work at home... Maybe I'll get on something when I get to work tomorrow.

Hey Turbo! I stored my downloaded music on the external and bought a jump drive so I can just take it from one and move it to the other. Mmmm food. *drools*

RV, it's so good to see you in here. And good to hear that furbaby is healthy now. Isn't it funny how much money we'll spend on our animals and freak out over their health, but we don't do that to ourselves.

Doodle, *hands chonger* this weill help you sleep. *passes chai green tes*

Hi Poodle! Mmm beer, I smoked a bowl so I am fantabulous!!

Hey FJ! Sorry about the work situation. ~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*

Well, I took the dog for a walk and it was gorgeous out there. Emily has spring fever, she's being such a goofball. I worked out, now I'm doing some stuff with itunes. But, I think I'm going to go to bed, I'm sleepy.

Night all!

ETA: Hey Catsoup *hands tea*

Tree, so relieved you are okay and saw your neurologist! The recipe sound tasty, I'll have to give it a try.

Good evening....almost good night! But I still have to make some food to truck around with me tomorrow, as I won't be home from 8 in the morning till about 10:30 at night! Yep, it's double shift day.

We sort of tentatively arranged a jam for tonight, and hippiegirl pledged to come, and did, and brought chocolate for my PMS!!! YAY! BEB wasn't sure, as he is driving to Vancouver tomorrow for some civil servant-y workshop. I honestly didn't think he'd come, but he did, while hippiegirl and I were already jamming. I sense that involving BEB in my little blowout yesterday has shifted something somewhere there....shifted it positively. I don't know what to make of it, but I'm definitely getting some more overt (and dare I say playful?) affection. Still waiting and seeing, I guess!

Oh, and I played Gonna Die Someday. Didn't say a damned thing about it. We were waiting for the computer to re-boot (it crashed right after BEB made us watch We Are the World on YouTube....hmmm), so I just said, "Let's play something while we wait." Didn't even know if I was going to sing it - hell, I didn't even know I was going to PLAY it until I started. I just started playing the chords, thinking that was all I'd do of it. Then I was humming it, thinking that was all I'd do. Then I sung the chorus kind of quietly, again, thinking that was all I'd do. And then I thought, "Oh what the fuck." The chorus is the most revealing bit anyway, so I started to sing the whole song. Never even said whether or not I wrote it, but BEB knows all the cover songs I know, and normally I always say whether I wrote a song, or else (if it's not a well-known song) who it's it was probably kind of obvious in the way I had to work up to it, so there can't have been any doubt. I've never let him hear (or even know about) Gonna Die and Heavy Load, but I dunno - there was something that made it feel like it was time to stop holding Gonna Die back from him. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he got the sweetest, dreamy, sort of satisfied and "knowing" smile afterwards, and he initiated the sweetest hug when I finally kicked them both out. (I feel obliged to add here that we haven't actually hugged since the whole e-mail thing - I just couldn't initiate them after that, and I guess I got kind of stand-offish too.) Jeebus, ya know, it was a smile almost like he's been waiting for a song like that to come out of me. I swear, he can read me like a book.

God, there really is something about the guy. When it was just hippiegirl and I jamming, I couldn't seem to find a song for my voice, and I was still feeling really low and craptastic. Then he showed up and everything clicked into place, and damned if I don't feel perfectly at ease with myself all over again.

Ok, I'm going to catch up on the reading while I make some food for tomorrow!

Oh, P.S. - I dozed off during the teleconference! I actually snored one tiny little snore - then I pretended to my co-worker that I was awake the whole time and just making a joke of how boring the teleconference was. Heh.
Good Morning on this Thursday!!

Doodle, good cover at the conference! BEB is an inspiration? hmmmm.

I see that it is an Okayers Birthday today!

HAPPY BIRFDAY POODLE!!!!! *throws glitter and wheels oout some cack*

What are you doing for the big day?

I didn't do much last night, slept. Was way too tired this morning to work out, so back at it tonight. I'm focusing more on cardio right now anyway.

That's all I've got at the moment.

HI! FJ- the daycare thing is a challenge...we've had such a great experience with it, that we think if we can even break-even, its worth it as an experience for the kidlette. Esp after you mostly wean jackaroo...playing and structure with other toddlers is a great way to spend days for a kid, I think.

Moxette is a full blown 2yr old, repleate with shot (just 1) and the dr.'s blessing for all normal development. Phew! We took the rail off the crib yesterday too...she was CRAZY excited about that. smile.gif Her best friend has had a Big Boy Bed for about 4 months now (christmas time), and I think Moxette was just itching to get her very own! hehe. glad you're OK. That kind of fall is scarrrry.

My body is being wacky...i'm either pregnant or starting the MRG a full WEEK early. I'm bleeding, crampy, etc....but I've NEVER, EVER been irregular or early...since I was 11. I have always been a 29-day CLOCK when off the pill. I bled alot with moxette, so I don't know what to think. Pheh. I'm actually tempted to call my OB and ask about this. Its that weird. Anybody got any bright ideas?

HI ALL!!! and HUGS to ALL!!

Is it the Poodles Birthday??

Mox, no idea on the bleeding. Can you take a pg test? Yay for moxette being a healthy 2 year old! smile.gif

Doodle, good luck on your long day today! I have one too. I'll be right there with ya, babe.

FJ, sorry you are having to work so much! I know that's got to be hard to work at night when you just wanna hang out with Mr FJ & your bebe. I hear you on the daycare thing. I have no children, and that is one of my main concerns. I'm the breadwinner in the family, so I would not be able to stay home. Don't know if Mr K would be able to either, or want to. I don't know. Guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

CH, I'm about to start working out more too. I've kinda been doing maintenance workouts with the crazy schedule I've been working. But! Today is my LAST day at the hospital!! So I can now get back to more regular workouts. My friend and I went to a power sculpting class last night. My arms are sore today.

Tree, I am so happy your doc said you were ok. Phew! Really sorry about the cc bills. sad.gif I fucking hate cc companies. I copied down that salad dressing recipe. It looks delicious!!

Things here are ok today. Boss driving me nuts with this project. I just want it off my desk. BADLY. Work at the hosp tonight, but I can deal, b/c like I said, it's my last day!!!! Can't tell you how happy that makes me.
Helloooooooo all!

Mox, that is so darned cute about Moxette and her bed!!! ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~ what did your doc say?

Kari, WOOT on your last day at the hospital!!! That's great!

Okay, I'm getting me some HBI from the cop.
haven't called the doc. i feel both like I SHOULD and like I'd be a wussy wuss for doing so. LIke this is something I should know about...

I want HBI too...phoey bleeding.
I hardly dare ask? HBI? Something diryt?

ETA not to say that I'm afraid of diryt, but I'm at work.
Hi, peeps!

((((((((((Tree's noodle)))))))) I'm glad it's nothing serious. I can't believe you fell that far on a rock and didn't get a concussion out of it.


Lore, your glasses are silly! You should cut some slits in them and go all Max Hedroom on us.

HAPPY BIRFDAY, POODLE! When do you want to get together?

Moxie, that's so cool about the 'ette being excited about the crib wall being taken down. Sam's 5 years old now and won't sleep in his own bed; he only sleeps with my mom, his dad, or his mom.

Jenn, I don't know how you can deal with 3 pugs at the same time. Oy. The giant had 2 of them and they were far too much for me. They're cute and everything, but I'd never want to have one.

Catsoup, how are the wedding plans coming along?

Kari, congrats on your last day at the hospital!!!

Hi, FJ, Doodle, RV, CH, MINX and all those peeps I missed!

I've been lurking lately, just haven't had the energy to post. The giant and I are feeling better, for the most part. I've still got a tiny bit of stuffiness (my sinuses declared war on me over the weekend) and the giant has a little cough still, but we're way better than we were. We've spent the week taking it easy. I've only been to the gym once because my tummy's been acting up for no reason whatsoever. We watched Lord of the Rings over the weekend and finished it off on Tuesday. Damn, I love those movies.

I'm kind of torn about what to think of social assistance. There are so many people who get medical insurance through the county, usually for very good reasons. They've usually got jobs, but those jobs either don't offer medical insurance or it's too expensive for them to enroll. I really feel for them. But lately I'm dealing with so much baby daddy drama crap. Just yesterday, a 15-year-old girl came in because she had to name a second possible father for her kid. She didn't know the guy's name, didn't know where he lived, nothing. She got stupid drunk one night and let herself be picked up by a random stranger who was 10 years older than her. This kind of stuff becomes really generational, and it's scary. These people who've never worked a day in their lives and have just taken welfare really need to be taught some self respect so maybe they can get jobs and won't keep getting pregnant by losers so they can get more welfare money. It's really, really sad.

On the Indian thing, I really don't know what right anyone has to discriminate against them. They were here first. If anyone should be marginalized, it's the rest of us.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got a little visit from Sam on Tuesday! My mom and brother had to bring him downtown to get a copy of his birth certificate so he can enroll in kindergarten, so they took me out for lunch. My brother was telling me about how when they were waiting for the certificate, a black guy walked into the building. Sam said "look, it's Barack Obama!" Of course it wasn't but it's still cute. Then I asked him again which candidate he likes for President. He said "Um, I still like Hillary. Anyone's better than Bush, he's a bowl of vomit." Hehe!

moxette is a clinton girl b/c she heard hillary laugh on tv one day, and thinks she's funny. I'm dead serious.

Dusty--HBI=Hot Beef Injection. Ripped off from The Breakfast Club, John Bender.

Oooh la-la. smile.gif

*waves at Diva and pokes at Moxie*

I'm bored and bidding on an "Outer Limits" DVD set. The ex had them, and now I'm jonsing for really good 60's sci-fi.

Oh yeah: HEY POODLE!!!

It's meeeeeeeeeeee again!

Mox,I'd keep an eye out and see if your flow is getting lighter or remaining heavy, you don't want to be hemhorraging.

Heya Dusty!!!

Diva, I totally hear you on the social assistance thing. I was talking about it with a coworker. People often ask, why don't they jsut go out and work, well, we are looking at their situation through our eyes. It's difficult, and there is a disproportiant number of women on s.a., day care is expensive, rent is expensive, especially when you are trying to work with low education levels. With that said, there are so many programs in place for people to utilize in order to better themselves, what then happens is you often have groups of low income people/s.a. recipiants living in a complex and the other residents try and sabatoge the persons attempts at furthering their life and they ask the question "do you think you are better than us". It is cyclical and generational, often times. Young women get pregnant, and when their daughters are the same age they give birth. it's all some people know and it so frustrating fighting with people who think that it is their right to collect assistance. There are self esteem issues, you are fighting with years of the system... *deep sigh*

anyhows, Sam has fantastic political musings!!! Bush is like a bowl of vomit!!! Bwaaaahahahahaha.

Minx, did you get the Outer Limits??

I have nothing else going on, got some HBI now waiting to finish my appointment, but need supervisor approval. And some hot cops came into the office (not like THAT, getcher mind outta the gutter!!!!), so I was able to drool a little.

Yesterday, I was looking through some documents from the 60s and found a speech from a first nations person basically saying you pull the rug from under our feet and then ask us why we're not standing up for ourselves.

The Ex told me that the (very) pregnant woman who was put in jail to make sure she testifies against her abusive partner is a person of colour. I don't know where he found that, I have seen no reference to it. This country is going crazy.

I gots a headache, but (((Tree)))'s is probably a lot worse.
The mass number of young mothers relying on social assistance is a massive failure of the system. Not that I'm saying I could solve it, but policy and law makers need to come in and see first hand what things are really like here.

Not only that, but the current government undid the unversal child care, and gave $100.00 a month per child. i'd like to know which daycare you can find for $100.00 a month. Then they decided not to make good on the Kelowna Accord. Stephen Harper, you forgot your white sheet at home.

Dusty, that quote is exactly right.
Happiest of birthday wishes to the pinkest of poodles!!

Tree, thanks for the update. It was such a relief to read that you saw a doctor. Hope you're feeling better this afternoon.

Just finished our taxes. We're getting money back! Hooray! But now I have a headache & need to take a little nap.
Hello all....this has to be a quick one, as it's been a CRAZY busy day around here, but I couldn't let the day go by without saying....


*breaks out spanky paddle*

And also to say that I took a late lunch so I could have a wee nap on the sofa in the cafeteria today. wink.gif

And also I am wearing a huge gold-embroidered purple Indian sari shawl as an Isadora Duncan strangle-yourself-by-mistake scarf today, and I have gotten TONS of compliments. (And the racist ones haven't said tickity-boo to me today. Hmm. Maybe if I adopt more so-called "ethnic" clothing styles, it will keep them in check.)

AND tomorrow is payday! Thank goddess!
anna k
It's a habit. I like reading the feminist/pop culture blog Jezebel, which has blown up into being much bigger than it was when I started reading it a year ago. But I don't like how the writers can have these snotty attitudes while proclaiming themselves as liberal and intelligent. One of the bloggers posted a childhood photo of herself because she had gotten an email from someone who wanted to write about fat kids who grew up into successful, thin adults. That premise sounded dumb, but the blogger putting that photo up seemed like a way to fish for compliments from her blog's fans, to write "You are totes cute! You are not fat! You're so hott!" Or watching a video of some of the writers talking about America's Next Top Model and finding their voices grating and snotty. It's like they're aware of hipster stereotypes and write about it, but can come off as elitist self-absorbed snobs themselves.

Or when someone complained about the lack of black/Latino/Asian stars not posted for their "Snap Judgements" (a feature where they show a paparazzi pic of a young female star and bloggers discuss her outfit, weight, facial features, etc.), mostly showing white female stars, one of the writers responded with "We have our accounts with Gawker Media, and this is what they give us." That sounded like such bullcrap. The nonwhite stars who are mentioned are Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Eva Mendes, and any other A-list nonwhite star. They even just wrote a blog post saying how overexposed Kerry Washington is. It sounded so weird because even though she's become more famous, she's not a household name. My sister follows pop culture, and I doubt she knows who she is. Jezebel is not Concrete Loop, they don't show black stars who are more famous to black media than white media.

I often read Jezebel because they have good news coverage and clips from documentaries and are good at making fun of pop culture, but the writers can have this ego trip of being "celebrities" on their own blog, or saying that we shouldn't shit on female stars while posting the same pics of people who shouldn't be getting much attention (girls from the Hills). For about a week, they kept posting a picture a day of Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, and it looked really intrusive to keep posting a pic of them everyday, showing them just walking around in whatever city they were in. Or posting photos of Madonna's daughter Lourdes sans Madonna, which looked really creepy to be snapping pictures at an adolescent without her famous parent nearby. It's something where if Jezebel is a "feminist" site that still enjoys pop culture, they can find a happy medium.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY POODLE!!! How many spankings do you deserve this year?! I hope mr. poodle is providing fitting celebratory activities! heh. wink.gif

((((((tree and dusty peaceful brains)))))

Funny, my preggo co-worker and I had the same discussion today about the cost of daycare vs. coming back to work...daycare in our city runs $1700-2000 a month - and working in NPO, that doesn't leave much extra after paying childcare. She doesn't quite know what she's going to do, since she also needs the healthcare benefits from this job, as her husband is an entrepreneur...but working for our bosses is so bad, is it worth coming back for healthcare & a few hundred dollars? That's a tough one.

In other news, my absolute favorite business/life blogger, who isn't afraid to jump into the wildy personal aspects of her life and business had a great post today on the struggles of single parenting & the expense of needing help. Good stuff, and the comments are pretty entertaining too. I wish every working parent could afford to hire a personal assistant/house manager/whatever they need.

Diva, Sam is THE CUTEST kiddo! Bush is a bowl of vomit! Bwahahahaha!!!!

Doodle, you really do work in wonkaland - a sofa you can take a nap on - I love it! And I LOVE the comfortable, soul-connecting relationship that you have with BEB. Beautiful.

((((moxie happy uterus vibes)))))

And can I get a HOORAY for FRIDAY tomorrow?!!!
I feel weird posting in here because I tend to lurk in it but whatevs. tongue.gif

anna, I totally agree with you. It reminds me of the issues that were going on at my uni women's centre; girls being catty to each other while claiming to be feminist.

CH, the whole childcare sector in manitoba is so fucked. My brother totally got screwed finding affordable care for his daughter when that happened. Luckily when he went back to Uni he qualified for the child care supplement. It seems like such a tease that we were so close to starting a feasible child care plan and then it got snatched away.

In a totally ridiculous turn of events, I leave for england in two weeks with my two brothers and no parents, as my dad had totally surprising and emergency triple bypass surgery on tuesday. So now my brother and I are planning a trip to england, I still have two papers to write and two tests, and exams to mark, I've been sick with a wicked ear infection for more than a week, my mom had emergency gall bladder surgery three weeks ago, i'm really thinking it's time to break up with the guy that loves me, and i have to somehow finish everything before the 23rd when we leave. It's never just one thing with this family.
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