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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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fj-- he's under your water closet?! Surely you jest.

I'm self-conscious about money again because I pay rent for the new place for the first time in about a week at the same time as I go on vacation AND two nights ago I went on a summer clothing spree at the new H&M on Newbury street -- two fashy long skirts, two SLAMMIN v-neck little cap sleeve t shirts -- you GOTTA buy them if you have an H&M cause I have road tested them and they cover the brar straps and still fit tight and are not stifling hot and a small fits my usually size 12 to 14 self and the colors are nice and they dont RIDE UP though I have a pot belly --MWAH!!

I have been roadtesting them for two days and for 8 bucks per, they are all that.

and I got socks too.

So that plus all the shoes is 120 bucks or so to be all light and frilly -- I never before felt the frilly need but hate to be toddling along all covered up in black looking like a frump -- we're a girl ie bunch around heah.

But the mools is actually okay--- it's okay -- yes

msgoofball happy drunk skanks of porn!!!

Happy birthday turbojenn!!! and say hi to jose C. for me...i think me and fj are sisters of a kind...we both laugh at porn, giggle during sex, and tend to strip when the tequila starts pouring. hehe.

speaking of concert tickets, i am going to my first concert EVER!!!(cuz yanni does not count in my book) wooooo...rob thomas and jewel...right on...and its next sat nite...!! my friend L wants to 'lick' rob. she's willing to go to jail for it too.

ok...yesterday turned out to be a great day at class..since we ended up watching 'pirates of the caribbean'...le sigh..johnny depp....while coloring our and yes...I DID IT! i have black pieces..very subtle...and flaming orange pieces which go from pink to orange to blond....i happen to love it for the moment...and my friend A did some razoring of my do...its less bulky which is fab. i'll post pics on monday...she's coming over tonite to fix this one 'piece' in the back.

sorry to hear she 'whacked' your hair, turbo. we spent 45 mins on my hair just cutting alone to try to diffuse the hole in my head that the last person left. bah. not that i am irked or holding it to her in any way, shape, or form. lol

(((moxette-no sniffles-vibes))

jake is still a sniffly bug, and very cuddly. but he's eating and talking so he's not that bad.

WHOOT! I got paid WAY more than I expected this time around! PLUS, I get to take a whole bunch of shiznit to Once Upon a Chid and I am hoping to make about $50-$100...perhaps a wee bit more. I have such ghastly amounts of children's clothing and I

1. Refuse to have any more children unless someone really sweettalks my ass someday.

2. Am certainly NOT dragging that crap around with me to the new place.

Hmm...Edward Penishands? Sounds like a winner. I say we get that one, and then an Oldie but Goodie and a case of beers. However, we cannot do it this weekend because of Pride and the fact that Our Lovely Lurv has her mommacita and sissie in town this weekend as well.

Still haven't heard from Weasel. I suppose this should cause me great pain...instead it feels more like a combination of heartburn and anxiety on a low level. Harumph. I can't even take this as seriously as I would like because the man is so ill. Huh, that's interesting. I would like to be grieving heavy-duty. Fuck that noise. I love him, but I am not going to get depressed over this shit.

BUT HEY! I will probably be able to get a rockin' haircut and color out of this dropping off the toys and clothing extravaganza!!
"1. Refuse to have any more children unless someone really sweettalks my ass someday."

You'll do. Let's have kids. How's that? :-)
Is this another thinly veiled reference to the rusty trumpet again, Mr. FJ?


Good for you, minx. That poopstain isn't worth wasting brain cells over.

*spins in circles amongst the dancing poppies and raises arms like wild daisies with their petals reaching towards the sun*

Christ. This day is taking way, way too long. I'm almost tempted to leave while the office meddler isn't looking.
Poodle, you NEED to come and hang out with me and the gay at Pride this weekend. We will be in the BLUE area (#1012) by the corner of Willow and 15th.

The ex-asshat was supposed to be here over an hour ago with the Minxlette. I really want to go and get something to eat. Grrrr...

There is a single-parent lesbian at work who has been hitting on me for about a month now. I only just realized this because I have had my head firmly places up my anal cavity due to Weasel interference. She's nice, but just isn't butch enough for my taste. :-)


*rolls down the grassy hill with Poodle and gets yellow dandylion stains all over her t-shirt*
I'll try to visit you at Pride, but last year I ended up getting lost and I couldn't find diva's booth to save my life.

"One asshat at a time* Hahaha!!!

*tackles minx and drags her into mud pit*
just a drive-by to say

thanks for all the birfday wishes ya'll! (especially the filthy ones)

I'm finally back home after driving all over creation this afternoon to the DMV in BFE and getting my pretty new license (which took two attempts because they had a typo), and going to home despot and petsmart, oh and a wee lil' birthday stop at New York and Company....good sales right now, BTW - got a skirt, two blouses, and 2 pairs of cropped pants for $65...I love a bargain!! I've decided that shorts are totally least right now, while I'm a little chubbier than ideal, so I'm all about the wide leg crop pants this season....and because I'm short, they're perfect capris on me!

minx...time to get off the asshat food chain, darlin', and pick yourself up a hunka respectable, hot lover!

Ok, I gotta get cracking on finishing up the house cleaning...I think Jose will be helping me out. ;)

Hi Shug! "TURBOSLUT" Hahahaha!!!

I have several bottles of Newcastle waiting for me at home and that's all I can think about right now. Here's my plan for this evening:
1. Drink beer
2. Listen to The Who on my record player
3. Throw away green chair
4. Sort dirty laundry
5. Paint decoupaged frame
6. Listen to CSNY records
7. Spend some time with my filesharing peers

The problem is that my boss is here and as long as she's here, the office meddler will be here. That means that I'm trapped and I can't sneak out.

I wonder if I could convince the resident boy to go to the hippie beach with me. HEY MINXXXXX!!! We should do that one of these days!!! That would rawk!!!
happy birthday turbojenn! i hope you get to do some celebrating in your birthday suit! wink wink nudge nudge.

i'm almost done free money quest 2006 (aka tyger drives around town today getting her scholarship shit together so that she doesn't realize she still has stuff to mail out the day it needs to be received by). i just need to stop by the post office, since i don't feel like using way too much postage simply because i haven't bought new stamps yet, and then by the restaurant to say when i can work (though that isn't part of free money quest, i should really just do it)

so, i don't know if it's a mental thing or what, but it seems like once i've been at a job for a while i just feel like i don't want to be there anymore. usually it takes 3-ish months, but i think the way one of my bosses was being at the restaurant has made it happen faster. on one hand, i really do like working there, but at the same time i just don't want to anymore for no good reason (as well as not wanting to for some valid reasons) maybe i'm a job commitmentphobe. i guess it's because other than going to school i'm a floater, and as soon as i have something to tie me down/something i start to depend on, i just want to run.

my cd collection has increased nicely this afternoon. i love when my bro does a purge, 'cause i get first dibs on everything. that boy was getting rid of his radiohead singles from hail to the theif! honestly. and bjork's greatest hits (though he owns all her albums, so i guess that one makes sense). now i just have to listen to all the ones i grabbed and decide if they are worthy of occupying space on my comp and/or ipod.

oooh, office barbeque tonight for my mom's job. i get to eat dead cow on buns. mmmmmmmm, dead cow. i can't believe i was a vegetarian for a year, i don't think i could do that again. it's funny, though, lots of people don't appreciate how i talk about meat, but i figure if you can't accept that your burger used to moo then you shouldn't be eating it
Hi, peeps!

Just wanted to catch Turbojenn before the end of the day. HAPPY BIRFDAYYYYY!!!

I've been doing nothing but making stuff for the last 2 days solid. If the giant weren't home, I probably would have worked straight through the night. I've probably made a dozen necklaces, several pairs of earrings, and I'm finishing up my 3rd bag. The coolest thing happened - I bought this Cohiba box (really good cigars and classy boxes) and there was a cigar left inside. Sweet!

Anyway, sorry for such a drive-by. Check me out tomorrow and Sunday at Pride. My booth is called Die Trying Handmades, and the booth number is 5020. Come over if not just to give me a chance to go to the bathroom and sit in the shade for a bit.
Hi diva! Hi tyg!

Yes, I'm going to try to make it to Pride.

Tyg, most people don't want to be at their jobs!!

Okay, I'm outta this hellhole. It's time to get my drink on.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENN!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT! How many spankies is it? And who is administering the spankies?

I haven't finished reading 'cause I wanted to say that. Ok, now I'll go back and finish.

Also to say, oh terribly sorry for not reading or posting yesterday, but a couple of friends came over after work, and we ordered pizza and sat on the balcony and smoked this huge herbal thingie that one of them made. HUGE. Jeebus. I fell asleep after they left.

No, okay. I watched some more Eddie Izzard first.

Waste not, want not.
mmmm, skunk anansie, how i missed thee. i borrowed post-orgasmic chill from my brother in grade...10? yeah, 'cause i had friends when i had it (i don't bother thinking of my first two years of highschool much, now that i think of it. highschool started when i found my friends, as far as i'm concerned), and when i gave it back to him he said 'i don't want this anymore, do you want it? i'll find the case and give it to you'. well, three years later, and here it is. my brother is, i swear, the human embodiment of the music genome project, only better. i can go through his cd collection and hold up cds, and he'll tell me if i like them or not (and he's, like, never wrong), and there has never been a bad mix cd made for me by him. for all the mocking of him i do, i hope he knows i really do love him, even if he does smell funny.

i got groped at fivebucks :P. it was my gay buy friend who is fond of grabbing my bum. i wasn't expecting it, though, 'cause i didn't see him come in, so i made quite the squeek.
Have a good Pride, y'all.
I wish I could be there with ya.
Your stuff sounds cool, diva! and how great you got a good booth!
and that turbojenn designed the banner!

Tres awesome

~*~*~Do NOT rain on PRIDE vibes ~*~*~*~

ours was a total wash...

Eddie Izzard. I loved him in Velvet Goldmine.

Another great one -- Toni Collette
Ooooh, I wish I could go to Pride with ya'll, but we've got our own down here to check out!

I'm done cleaning, finally, and just polishing off my first 'rita. Mmmm....

That would be 29 spankings, doodle, and ya'll can take turns!

Ok, I gotta walk the dog, and then I just remembered that I need to de-winterize the AC unit in the pleasure palace for our friends who are visiting. To keep the winter gusties out, I stuff the entire inner chamber with plastic bags and old tshirts, and then use painters' tape to cover the whole damn thing...

Tyg, my bro has the same knack and head for music. And I adore when he takes the time to make me a mix. Our tastes are not similar at all, but he can pick out stuff I'd like.
Right now I'm trying to work up the motivation to start purging my apartment of stupid crap that isn't even worthy of the Goodwill outlet (well, at least not in my eyes). I live in the type of neighborhood where people dumpster dive, so if you set things next to the dumpster, someone almost always takes it. I figure it's easier for me and cheaper for them. When I was in college, my roommates and I would make a night of walking around alleys and taking stuff that was left out for the trash. We actually found some cool stuff by doing that.

You're only 29, turbo?!!! You seem so much more mature!! Wow. You're an awesome woman. I feel like you're the thread mom...or maybe more like the thread madame. :-)
Ok, I've read the last three days! Y'all had me laughing to the point of tears at some points...I can't even try to write responses, or I'll crack completely.

diva, it's probably too late for you to read this, but I hope you do really well at've certainly put in the work! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ big $ale$ vibes for diva ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

pink, I was thinking the same thing about turbo being much more mature and wise than 29. Or, well, where *I* was at 29, anyway. Hey, congrats on the CSNY tix!

turbo, I get to do the last 10 spankies. 'Cause they're the most important ones!! :-) You'd think turbo would at least walk himself on your birfday, though.

whammy, I think I prefer Izzy in the makeup and heels. I dunno why. I'm probably a freak.

tyger, I do so love having your energy in this thread. I hope the free money quest works out well!!

*boobie squishing shuggah hug!!!!*

Hi also to moxie, FJ, dirty old Mr FJ, minx, miz goof, karianne, 'soup, marileen, and...oh fuck, who am I missing this time??? *gasps for breath*
Hey poods...I just refurbished a chair that someone left by my dumpster. I always leave stuff sort of "set apart" from the dumpster, too...I think a lot of us do that, hoping our things will be rescued by someone.
Oh, I definitely think Izzy is *way* hotter in makeup and heels....a man who can walk in heels and really pull it off....HOT. I can't even walk in heels!

Yup, I'm just a wee tyke of 29...29 feels pretty good for me, but who the hell knows, my saturn return starts in August, so we'll see what's up then. So far, so good.

I wish I could apply for some scholarships, of the "please give me money, because working for the cause is not really paying" variety...what do you think doodle - think we can get some investors?

I totally furnished my first apartment between trashy treasures and good will....I still have a few of the pieces, 'cause they were nice.
Yeah, I've collected trash/thrift store goods over the past few years, but I figure it's time to pass them on. I just placed my old leopard print chair out by the dumpster. It's super uncomfortable and low quality, but it looks kind of cool. It was the only seating I had in my apartment for at least a month. Gus and I used to snuggle up together in that chair before I had any furniture. It's almost hard for me to give up because Gus was just as new to me as the apartment. He went from starving on the street to cuddling up with me in my empty apartment. *sheds a tear*

The resident boy and I have been talking about throwing away this olive green 60's chair for a while now and we decided that now is the time. The cats can almost tell that it's going away because they keep hanging out on it. I hate that chair, but the cats like it for some reason.
Double taco!!!

Turbo, I hope I'm as mature as you are in 2 years. I still feel like a baby. I think part of it is that my mom still sees me as her baby (I'm the youngest of three). In fact, she still says "My baby" when I call. :-) I don't think that will ever change. I don't mind it though.
Man, i have a baby and i still feel like a baby. I referred to myself and moxette's "old lady" today, and my dad replied "huh? you're just a kid. But you have a kid..." (random stare into space). There are days when i feel 18 still...turbo, remember when we were tygers' age? sigh...
pinkpoodle old is tyg again?
Tonight we are having a town party. We have one every year, but unlike most years the town hasn'nt flooded this year( pray to God) We had a killer firework show and tomorrow promises to be one of the best drunk places around!!! I love living in po dunk Iowa!!!! Ha yeah
Tonight we are having a town party. We have one every year, but unlike most years the town has'nt flooded this year( pray to God) We had a killer firework show and tomorrow promises to be one of the best drunk places around!!! I love living in po dunk Iowa!!!! Ha yeah
I think that Tyger is still hovering below 25, Pinkietuscadero. She's what us old-folks call BARELY LEGAL!!


Holy crap is it raining out there. I am gonna meet Lurv's sister and mother today (and Lurv) for brekkies here on the Southside. Way cool.

I am also still trying to avoid the Weasel. What I really want to do right now is go to his house and take back my strawberry plants and Russian garlic. He totally doesn't deserve good produce from my SIL's organic garden. Small price, I guess. :-(
I cross-posted this in the FAF thread but txplumwine was the only one who responded. Thanks tx! I thought maybe more people would see it here. I didn't see any moving/relocation threads about....

Question for the TX busties or busties who have lived there: I'm contemplating moving to Austin in about a year's time - if I'm able to get a teaching job there and was wondering if any of you could give me a few tips on the place such as...
Would you recommend living there - why or why not?
Cost of living - high, medium, low?
If I was to move there what area would I want to live in?
Could anyone recommend another city I could have overlooked? It just needs to be one with a demand for teachers. I have looked at Charlottesville VA and Asheville NC too, but Austin seems to be winning out.

and any other general information that would help me to decide if/when I would move there or somewhere else. Just to give you an idea I tend to like the artsy up and coming neighborhoods and like to be in walking distance to groceries, shops, resturants and such. I would expect to spend about 600-650 on rent maybe 700 in a place I couldn't live without. I have pretty much lived in Ohio all my life, but have travelled fairly extensively in the south. Oh yeah and my favorite American cities are NOLA and Seattle if that helps, so a city along those lines.

To avoid clogging up this thread you can always pm me my address is on my profile, thanks!:-)

No idea, october. Maybe there's some kind of Austin group in Myspace.

I just woke up a little bit ago and it's a-rainin' outside. I can't really decide what tonight without being able to drive. I think this is a good evening to go through more old junk.

How's everyone doing today?

That's too bad about the produce, minx. Don't you dare use that as an excuse to see him, though!

Speaking of dumb boys, the resident boy seems to be making one last ditch effort to find an apartment. Interesting.
I won't, Poods. Actually, I have only gotten a one-sentence email from him in nearly a week now. I feel...numb. I keep writing these letters to him, and pretty much get it that it really doesn't matter. I just feel really badly for the next woman he hoovers in. My guess is that he hits the warpath within two weeks...if he hasn't already and just hasn't let me know :-(

Do you all seriously want to do the porno party next weekend? It will probably be the last weekend that I have everything in the house and that would be cool.

Has resident boy been kinda lame about finding a fucking apartment, Poodle? Yeesh. You want I should put a burning spear up his ass?
since inquiring minds want to know...i'm 19. but i still get carded for *everything* when i was 18 in jasper (where 18 is legal age to do all the fun shit) i never got carded. apparently i 'look 18', but since when is there a noticeable difference between the two.

so, i didn't stay up way too late last night watching videos of emo boys making out with each other because of female friends egging them on :P nope, that was not the reason i was up too late last night.

i'm fighting with freewebs right now. under the influence of ourselves, last night cougarlion and i decided to make ourselves a website, wherein we would upload videos of us doing dumb shit. we need to get stuff worked out first, like making videos of dumb shit, so right now i'm just trying to make it play 'i'm too sexy' in the background, with a 'wanted: friends' notice on the frontpage, but really i'm just hissing at my computer a lot. also, i'm really tired from working out and then working today. and i work at ass in the morning tomorrow. i might just go to bed at, like, 8 or something
Poop. I just woke up about a half hour ago, so I've blown yet another afternoon. The good news is that my grandma crap car is goin' to the wrecker today. I'm so happy to have that thing out of my life. Hopefully there will be a motorized vehicle and valid driver's license in my life within the forseeable future.

It's all good with the resident boy and the apartment situation, minx. I doubt he'll find a place anytime soon, but that's fine with me.

Time to call my mama.
Hey ya'll!!!

Wowzers, am I tired! A weekend full of serious playing, and then working a fundraiser all day...I am ready to unwind!

Minx...I hope you're doing ok, and ready to drop the weasel once and for all. You deserve SO so so much better!

We had a ton of fun with our visiting friends this weekend. Good mexican on Friday night, beers, Saturday, farmers market, art show, beer, millenium park, downtown wandering, beer, sangria, tapas, and then many hours of chilling on our balcony....a most excellent time.

And now we're dogsitting turbo's greyhound buddies for a week, so we've got 3 hounds crashed out on the floor. Super cute.

Ok, now back to my regularly scheduled Saturday evening.
Oofda! I just made it back from Pride and I got a pretty decent workout. It feels good to be in my icey cold apartment in my pajama pants.

I made it there just in time because many people were starting to pack up. I got to see diva's booth and hang out for a bit before she and the giant packed up. That sign is awesome turbo! I can't believe that's a stock image. Very cool.

Mmmm...I'm eating ginger icecream right now...soooo good...

I could totally fall asleep right now.

*drives by, covered in bees*
i'm tired, warm, and feel icky. i voluntolded at a diabetes walk today. my job was to tell the kids that the water cooler water wasn't for putting on hats or throwing at each other, that was why we had taps in the bathrooms.

also, my mom's friend's birthday party was tonight, so i have m&ms swag. a ball cap and t-shirt from m&m world, m&m lipgloss, and a pencil.

i did actually go to bed at 8:30, but didn't fall asleep until 9:30-ish. tomorrow i have to work at 6:30, so i have to get up an hour early. today the only stuff i didn't do quite right was stuff nobody told me i had to do, like bring bread to the deli or sweep the floor before opening. go team me! next summer my goal is to have a job where i can dye my hair neato colours. that's, like, my one criteria. when i get back from my vacation i'm going to talk to my bosses and be like 'i just got my schedule for next year, and i honestly don't have any time for a job'. which is true, really, but i've known that since march. i just didn't tell them because it's sooooo hard to get a job *just* for the summer, it's easier to say 'and i'd like to keep it during the school year if my schedule allows'

i've rigged up a poor man's ipod dock on my desk. i plugged my charger into my computer power bar, and plug my computer speakers into my ipod. then i put it on broken social scene or stars and let it play on repeat all night
G'mornin' chicas!

So, I just got off work in the hotel lounge. It was all right. I made a little bit of money in tips, so I can put gas in my car.

It's hot here. Holy shit, is it hot here.

tyger, I bet you were the best water cooler enforcer that the diabetes walk has ever seen.

turbo - sorry I didn't get to tell you Happy Birthday *on* your birthday - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tomorrow I have to work by myself in the pastry shop, and I'm going to be so lonely and bored. At least I get to listen to whatever music I want.

OK - night night time for me. And good morning time for you. I hope to be back tomorrow, -er, later today.

Smell ya later.
good morning cute and fuzzy bunnies!

And how is everyone this &*%$#@* monday morning? Personally, I'm consoling myself on the fact of the current monday-ness with the shining promise of a 4-day weekend ahead. thank cod for that.

hi hi PK!!! Sounds like you are working really hard - I hope you're taking care of yourself too!

tyg is a "voluntolder" - I love that!!!

I hope diva checks in and tells us that she made buckets of money this weekend!

Ok, work. Sigh. Do I really have to?
My dear ladies! Good MONDAY! I'm trying to chipper myself up. After promising myself a quiet weekend at home (since we had to cancel the chicago trip), we still ended up busy beavers. Yesterday, moxette had her first long car ride, after i got grandpa-conned into going to my uncle;s cottage for the day. She HATED it, and let us know the whole drive. Feh. SHe never could have handled the 5 hours to chicago. Anyway, i'm sleepy now. More coffee!

will stop being a board-hog and catch up now. KISSES, and for tes (wherever she may be), SILLY FISHES!
Happy Monday, y'all.

I like to be back to my fussy, controlling tasks at my job except for the fact that It makes me leave my fussy, controlling tasks in my apartment.

The guy and I cleared a lot more living room floor. I know, I know, total bore to anyone else, but, it feels good.

And!! If Steppenwolf!! plays anywhere near you!! You must!! Go!!

I figured it would be kind of a joke, but they have been working on their CHOPS, The guy (singer John Kay) even has a song about keep fighting/working what have yah and stay clever no matter how old you get, and they had the original organ which was this badasss hammond B3 with giant old wooden cabinets and you could see the black shiny diaphragm inside go "Roowwwrrr!!" with every "Rooowwrr!!"" They also had big racks of lighting and marshall stacks and this is at a free show in a grassy park where there were tons of old people and "family" types -- the silliest stereotype "family" entertainment usually is had -- I don't mean hipster families like yon hip bustie mamas. ;)

it was hilarious because it was almost like the 60s -- this "heavy metal thunder" biker psychedelic band and these really pissed off straight people in the audience with the cops hovering about.

Me and some other weird old broads started dancing and people that had staked out their lawn chair spots for 6 hours got really mad and wanted us to sit down!! What is wrong with people that don't like DANCING GIRLS?? The BAND likes dancing girls!!

We finally found a spot reasonably frontish where a lot of people were standing including young boys with white boy fro's and heavy metal t-shirts and some old white haird guys wre dancing too!!

ha! so there!
heelllllooooo busties!!! i have van halen in my head for some reason...hehe

i did absolutely nothing...this entire weekend...ok...thats not entirely true.

there was a surprise bday party...which resulted in a possible hair training job in my future connection...which is AWESOME!!! and we watched the world cup at the pub, which is always was a little embarrassed that i brought my knitting with me...but as i couldn't drink since i had a client later, and that the team i was rooting for was failing miserably...i knitted right thru it.
Oh and the client(my friend Em) worked out great! a root retouch and then slathered it thru the rest of her hair...she's got waist lenth locks so it took a bit. but i fed her rice krispie treats and iced tea and sent her home with homemade pasta salad and she was thrilled. i am so glad i picked up some of that stain remover blue black foreheads! and now i have another 'job' set up for friday doing highlights and a red weave on my friend N....woooo

but enough about me.

yay for moxettes first road trip test that it went 'screamingly'.

hi minx, moxie, whammy, tyger, poodle, doodle, diva, pk, turbojenn.....and hi to all the others i have forgotten....or are lurking...

oh the doc said i have a sprain..(duh) but if its not better in two weeks, i need to call in for physical therapy...sheesh...thats not a good sign. even was like 'what?'
msgoof - I think your friendds are very very lucky to have you to do all their hair for them!! I know its practice you need, but still...having a friend do your hair, so totally rocks!

(((heal up fast msgoof)))

whammy, you crack me up with your Steppenwolf review...sounds like it was a blast though, once you got away from teh crabby people!
yes they are sweet to let me practice on them...em bought the hair dye so there was nothing out of my pocket but time...and she gave me a very nice tip!!! i don't know if N is buying the hair stuff or if i am or what.

wooo! the big concert is this sat...
Afternoon Busties, thought I'd mingle in and say hello. I have a huge booze/drug hang over and feel like i pile of crap, so I figured I might as well share.

In better news, as I pulled up to the office this morning, parked and got out of my car I all of a sudden got a huge wave of nausea and had to hurl in the public garbage can outside of a convenience store in a strip mall. Passers by were less than impressed.

hahaha, cute twenties girl in red heels and a mini skirt puking into a public garbage can at 9 in the morning. So priceless.
good afternoon, my dears!

sounds like you all had good weekends! what a variety of activities! whew!

we had a busy weekend. friday night dancing went very well. met some new internet peeps at da club, ran into a larger group of people and wound up taking the party back to someone's house. we partied there until about 5:30 in the am, which i haven't done in years (no drugs even!!!). then we caught a taxi back to original internet peeps house and hung out for a couple more hours until finally deciding to put the party to BED! got up at their house about 11:30a and drove home and took a nap!

then, we got up and went to get some vitamin g (greasy cheeseburgers with bacon. mmmmm, bacon) and took off for gainesville, with our friends S-squared. yesterday was spent on the river. we got to the state park around 9am, parked the cars and had our tubes in the water by about 10am. the sun wasn't shining too hot yet, which was great, we thought, because that meant it wouldn't get too hot on the water (even though the water there is spring-fed and FREEEZING, you get used to it pretty quickly when the sun beats down on you). so, off we went, floating merrily along until - loud rustling of leaves in the distance, getting ever closer - oh shit! rain! it started pouring down on us. and it was cold. and the 70 degree water was colder. boooooooooo! first i was able to hide under a log that was sort of a bridge over the water, but my intertube was caught in the current and it pulled me right out in the middle of the river. i was already wet and there was nothing to cover myself with that wasn't already soaked. the rain stopped after only a few minutes, but the sun never really came out for long. instead, another rain storm started, this one worse than the first. we finally came to a place to "dock" the intertubes and hauled ass to the car, where we found S&S already there with beers in hand. it was their first time to the springs and probably the last, regardless of how *fun* i swear it is on sunny days. :-)

but it wasn't terrible or anything. i was incredibly cold, but that's more about the metal in my back than the actual temperature. we'll do it again for sure. maybe not this summer though. eh.

mrfj leaves wednesday to go to orlando for a trade show. boooooo.

moxie, sorry the little one didn't like the car ride. i thought ALL babies liked car rides!!

msgoof, a weekend of nothing sounds like my kind of weekend. i am hoping for one of those sometime in july. *crosses fingers*

turbo, i'm glad your bday went well and that you had lots of fun! that reminds me. my niecoid's birthday was the 21st and i sent her a cute card that i'd found among the crap cards that target has for little girls (they all read something like, "hey little miss diva you" or they're pink and googly and girly. niecoid just doesn't fit that mold and i don't want her to, either!) so i found a card that says something about her being a free-spirit and special and one of a kind, etc. she called me on saturday to tell me that i had sent her THE SAME CARD for her birthday LAST YEAR! ha! who does that!?! i told her that i guess the card really was made for her since it jumped out at me twice! she wasn't put off by it at all. she agreed that it was a perfect card for her personality. haha. i'll have to remember NOT to get her a card from target next time, lest i choose the very same one all over again!

hi pk! hi doodlekins! hi pink! hi minx! hi tyger! hi everyone else :-)
Hi everyone! No time to chat right now, but I just wanted to stop in.

Welcome citrussss!
Good Morning, Okayers!

I have only skimmed through the current page, have not read archives. I am all out of sorts, keep thinking it is Tuesday bc/ I had to come to work yesterday. I'm beat. Fortunately, I work at home tomorrow, that is the only thing keeping me going at this point.

Welcome citrussss! Sorry to hear about the puking.

Moxie, why did you guys have to cancel your trip? In any case, I am glad you are now enjoying your day at home.

Jenn, how was your birthday??

Hi poodles, doodles, FJ, msgoof, & whammy!
hi kari and fj!

hi citruss! public puking is never well received...

oh fj, i had to tell this...and you can tell your dear mr. fj 'thanks alot' the party on sat. nite, one of the guys mentioned 'rusty trombones'....and i thought of bust. and the fj's. and i could not help but smile....which was very odd for the topic.

(goes back to knitting socks)
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