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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Okay, I have an update re: Joe...he has a brain tumor. We don't know if it's cancerous or benign. They will be doing a CT scan on Monday. So, continued vibes are in order...and thank you for the vibes so far! It was really scary. I went out to get beer (alcoholic me..hehe), but when I came home they were both in the parking garage, Mark was kind of freaked out...I stayed with them till 911 came.

But.....I also have sort of bragging rights coming tonight! I got a phone call from our apprentice coordinator to come in to the hall to "fill out some paperwork", and since I taught that class and felt like a colossal failure, I thought for sure it was going to be signing off on some really terrible course reviews or something....

(the apprentices, after each course, fill out a "course evaluation" ranking the instructor, the course, etc...)

But....ALL the apprentices gave me, on a scale of one to ten, one being horrible, ten being great....All except ONE of them gave me a 10! And the one dissenter gave me a 9! Yay! I almost feel like teaching the class was worth it, now. smile.gif

ETA:...xpost with CH...((((culturehandy))))) seems like you need one.
Thanks Tree! I really did need that!

~*~*~*~*vibes for Joe~*~*~*~*

Congratulations on the raving reviews!!!!! WOOT!!!! *throws glitter*

Wow Tree! You're a ROCKIN' instructor! smile.gif Wooooo!
Sorry to hear about the brain tumor. That's scary! Guess I ought to be more thankful for my health.

Heya heya Culture! Sorry about the delayed gratification and the mom-spat sad.gif
Maybe this prank video will cheer you up a little.

I had this thought today when I was out taking care of groceries. With the lack of action this week, I've been feeling sorta downish, and I thought of what kinds of stuff I miss. I really tend to miss the physical activities that make me go WHEEEEEEEEEE! like longboard skateboarding, skiing, swinging on ropes out of trees, climbing rocks, and stuff like that. Also, my brother has had clinical depression for over a decade already, and it kinda gets worse. I was thinking that maybe what a lot of people need is that physical stimulation. We need more instances of our minds processing a bunch of new physical info (as opposed to number crunching, word-crunching, and hypothetical organizing). It's like how we're getting hurt by our diets nowadays because so much of it is so unnaturally over-processed. We're better off eating the more organic old-fashioned ingredients. Well, maybe our brains are starving for the more organic, less-processed input. We need more of that stuff like the sensation of water swirling all over us as we skinnydip or the feeling of rolling down a grass hill. Even if we bicycle to work every day, it becomes automatic, so we need to switch it up, like giving mountain-biking a whirl. That ought to fix some of us, anyway. *sigh* or is this the onset of a mid-life crisis? Meh.

ETA: can you guess I'm drinking my first beer of the night?

X-traETA: (((Culture)))
Lore, I think you're on to something...I know I'd benefit from some of that primal body sensation stuff.

ooooh...that could be taken SO many ways...some of them dirty. others not. heh.
I think Adam Corolla is arrogant pretty much all the time. It's like life for him is a big dick-measuring contest.

But really, I think the difference between confidence and arrogance is the attitude you put with it. If you have to shove it in people's faces, it's arrogance. A person can be confident and incredibly capable, and have the chops to back it all up, but if you have to go on and on about how great you are, that's arrogant. It's better just to display that thing you're confident about and let others make their own decision about if they agree with you or not.

Lore, I think you're onto something with the physical stimulation. Lordess knows I could use some lately. And the thought of going swimming sounds so lovely, I haven't been swimming since high school. I used to love to swim, then I got fat. I'm scared shitless of most other stuff, though. I won't even ride a tame roller coaster, I'm so scared that I'll get terrified and my heart will stop.

((((((((((CH))))))))) Sorry about the spat with your mom. How much longer until she retires?

Hi, Tree! Congrats on the great reviews!

FJ, I'm jealous of your art walks. We could totally do them in my neighborhood, since we live about 4 whole blocks away from one of the artist centers of the city, but we never do. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow and you can take the little guy out with you.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a lovely day here in the TC. It's too bad that I have to work, since I've already taken too much time off in the last couple weeks. The giant looks and feels like death right now, so the weekend will probably be spent taking care of him. At least my gay boyfriend is going to pick me up for lunch tomorrow, so that'll be nice to get out of downtown for a little bit. No plans for the weekend yet. I have to go to Minx's "Death Star" on Saturday to pick up my new khakis. Saturday was supposed to be "date day" with the giant, since he's got a bunch of money from selling off a crapload of video games and he was going to take me out proper, but since he's so sick, we'll probably have to hold off until next weekend instead.
Yo, all! I'm loving the answers to my query! Keep expounding! I'm finding this fascinating....

~*~*~*~*~continuing vibes for Mark and Joe~*~*~*~*~

But HOO-RAY on your awesome evaluations, tree!!!!

(((((CH))))) Soooo sorry about the momspat - that's crappy. I hate fighting with my mom, but at least with moms, both of you are usually able to get over it pretty quickly. (I hope!)

Hiya also, diva, lore, and FJ!

Poor BEB has the same cold I have. He was all sleepy and droopy and sweet, and he drank nothing but hot water with lemon and honey. We hardly even jammed - maybe half a dozen songs. Mainly we talked and talked, and listened to my weird internet radio station, which he loved utterly. Funny, 'cause nobody else I know does! Also, I finally got him to try my massage chair - well, it's BFF's, but she doesn't seem to want it back. It's one of those shiatsu massager thingies that sits on a regular chair, has a whole bunch of weird settings. He would never try it when anyone else was around, but he pretty well jumped right in this time when I suggested it. I love watching people's reactions to it - he totally got into it. Also, when I was showing him how to use the hand control thingie, I expected him to move his digits out of the way. But no. Not at all. Quite the opposite. *ahem*

It's funny - I got all weird and moody at work this afternoon, and it stuck for the rest of the day, plus I got uncomfortably restless after I got home. I don't know if it was PMS, or starting to get paranoid about the whole pack mentality at work (that's partly where my question came from - wondering if they thought I was being arrogant b/c I avoid socializing, and a couple of other things I'll explain tomorrow), or a combination of that. But spending time with BEB just somehow peaced me right out. smile.gif So easy to be with him - it's like I just relax right into his companionship. Also, he totally cracked me up when he was in the massage see, you can set the seat to vibrate....well, I'll leave it up to your imaginations. tongue.gif

I SOOOO have to go to bed. I was so damned tired last Friday, I kept losing it during the 2nd shift. At least I'll have a ride this time - such a nice boy. wink.gif Plus Friday is $3 bacon and eggs at the cafeteria...I want to get there early!
Oh fucking hell, I lost my whole post because the lounge is fucked up. grrrrrrr.

I'll try and remember all of what I wrote.

((((lore)))) Sorry you're feelig gloomy. The link was really great, made me laugh. I'm really digging what you are saying, too.

Hey Tree!!

Diva, how are you feeling? ~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for Diva and Tree~*~*~*~*

Arrogance vs. Confidence, arrogance, to me, is cockiness taken up a level. A narcissist. I believe that men are arrogant more often than women. I'll need to think about this one a little bit more.

Doodle, I'm listening to Groove Salad from somafm right now, and I'm really enjoying it. Great stuff!!! It'd be good for a night drive or even just chilling after smoking. I'm glad that you and BEB are having good times together.

Now I have to put a question out there for you all. I told a man that I had a wall up (as in, an emotional one) and he told me he was good at climbing walls. When we hang out or I see him, even briefly, he pulls me in for a hug and kiss goodbye. We can text constantly, all evening, for a few days, then one of us pulls away. How would you interpret this??

haven't spoken to my mother yet. I think she feels bad for going linda blair on me for no reason.

tonight, I'm supposed to be going out for someone's birthday. The staff at the bar hasn't seen me for at least 6 weeks, they probably think I'm dead or something. It'll be a shock if I end up going out. Meh.
I have decided to become a self-made computer geekette. I am downloading Ubuntu OS to give to Minxlette on my old box. Looking at configurations and compatibility is a bit of a mindfuck, but I'm willing to try it since it's freeware and I love me some Linux geek. I have a buddy at the UM here that is a mainframe architect and general hacker extraordinare, so he says he'll help me with any issues that come up since someone I know defaulted on their commitment to fix the fucking thing. Bastard. Ah well...these things they do happen. I'm actually looking to do a little action with wireless hoo-ha and possibly hook the thing up to a new teevee. I figure, my set is from 1992--I can totally justify getting a new one! smile.gif

I think that part of a mother's job is to go Linda Blair every now and then. I have accepted this as part of my mom make-up, although I do have the choice as to how I execute said headspin. Still working on that one...

Per the man, CH, sounds like he likes you or likes a challenge. I dunno...proceed with caution in case he is a drama junkie and will lose interest as soon as the conquest is completed. Sorry if that was fairly unhelpful.
hi minx!! sounds like you are making good use of your break!

heh, speaking of computer geekettes, i just totally geeked out and made this video of the jman. i've never used the movie software before so don't front on my styling. i know it's totally random action, but i can't stop watching it.


doodle and beb, sittin' in a chair

ch, i hope you and your mom don't fight too long. that's gotta be stressful since you live with her and all. have fun at the bar birthday thingie. that should be fun! i bet everyone will be checkin' out your hardbody. if you've not been there in 6weeks, they'll surely see a difference with all that working out you've been doing.

lore, you're def onto something with the physical/mental stimulation. i know i feel a hundred times better if i just get out and take a walk every day even. i heard the other day that there is new research showing that physical stimulation is what helps our brains continue building neural pathways even into our 60s and 70s, not mental stimulation as previously thought. so yeah, you def have something there.
It's Friday, you mealy-mouthed crotch pheasants!!! Heh, that never gets old.

I haven't read yet, so I'm gonna do that real quick. I shall return.
I feel poodle totally wins on the insults this morning. I got nuthin'.

CH - Groove Salad is good; I like Secret Agent the best! Have fun at the bar! (Like you need to be told to have fun at a bar. wink.gif)

FJ, I can't watch your vid at work, but I will at home!

Go ahead, make fun of my BEB crush. tongue.gif But I'll tell you something else....he watered my plants. He did. He just said, "Can I water your plants?" (Then he said, "I mean, MAY I water your plants?" wink.gif) Like I'm gonna turn that down. They were looking kind of sad, anyway. (Which I suppose is why he offered.) Seriously, what is up with this guy? He's so sweet and cute. I want to jump his bones. Actually, I want a lot more than that, but I'd definitely START with it. wink.gif

Hiya also, minxie!

Breakfast was pancakes and sausages this morning....kind of a disappointment as I'm not really a pancake fan, but I still gobbled them up. I was hungry! Plus I love sausages. Mmmm.

I just met one of the new tenants in my building - he works here! I guess the gay ex-priest told him about me working here, too, so he e-mailed to offer me a ride to work, and then came to introduce himself. LOL!
I'm back!!

I read everything, but now I'm a little overwhelmed!!

((((((((((((joe and loved ones))))))))))) That's very scary. All you can really do is deal with it one day at a time. sad.gif

~*~*~*~*~financial vibes for all~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~get well vibes for all~*~*~*~*~ Diva, I had pretty much the same thing last week. It seems like everyone's getting it. That sucks that the giant has the full-blown flu. Blech!!

~*~*~*~job vibes for lore~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~make-up vibes for culture and culturemama~*~*~*~ "going linda blair on me" Ha! That cracked me up. That's so true about it being a mom-thing, minx. My mom is very difficult to be around right now because of my dad's illness. She's so friggin' sensitive that I can't say a damned thing without making her cry. Other times she'll just spazz out.

I'm calling the Mall of America the "Death Star" from now on!! I've always called it the "Mall of Hysteria," but "Death Star" sounds much more sinister. God, I was there last Saturday and it was so packed that I thought I was gonna scream and jump over the 3rd floor railing. I don't understand why people go there for fun. It's strictly business for me.

I've always hated Adam Corolla, but I've warmed up to him a wee bit since watching Dancing w/ the Stars. He's in a more vulnerable and humble position. I didn't realize how truly insecure he is until recently. He doesn't have a whole lot of power when he's not allowed to draw attention to himself by degrading women.

I was gonna say some other stuff, but I can't remember now. Ah well, it probably wasn't that important anyway.

ETA- Doodle, to be fair, I stole that insult from Stewie on Family Guy!! smile.gif
doodle, i wasn't making fun! i think he sounds awesome! the way you describe being with him is how i feel about mrfj. it's been like that since we got together. we used to joke that being with each other was like being with ourselves only better - it's just comfortable and free and we have no inhibitions with each other. i think it sounds great and i hope the obstacle has been removed. i LOVE that he watered your plants. how awesome is that?

mmm, pancakes sound delish! i love sausage too. i just had a hot turkey cheese sammich though. i need to go grocery shopping. i was going to yesterday but i didn't want to do it in the rain.

it would appear that we'll be doing the art walk tonight. doesn't look like it will rain again until saturday. YAY! chili rellenos for me! hmm, now what to wear...

It's me again.

Minx, have fun playing with you box. hee...sorry, I couldn't resist.

FJ, I love the video! So cute!! I also watched the Japanese Toilet training which popped in the related feild. how bizarre.

Doodle, he watered your plants?!?! Sweet! I'd be confused by this one, too.

I was wondering what you all were talking about with this death star business. ooooh, the Mall of America. ahhhhh.

Poodle, how is your dad doing?

Well, spoke to my mother, and things appear to be patched up. And my laptop has arrived.

Now I just want the end of the day to be here.

ETA: Poodle, I love the insult! I had to go back and watch the episode on DVD to ensure I heard it right. I love it so much!

Hey again FJ! Yay on Art walk!!! WOOHOO!!!

Thanks for the insight support smile.gif (Now to find a way to capitalize on it, build up a huge empire, and hold a bunch of zombie-slave employees at my beck and call. Muhuhahaha!!!) Actually, it just made me wish I could prescribe longboard skateboarding to my brother and make him stick to a regimen of regular doses. I think I ought to go for that treatment myself, but it's hard to start a routine. Buko kudos to you who can get yourselves to a gym or out running on a regular basis.

Also, I had a funny idea for a Café Press T-shirt/bumper sticker slogan: "Obama Nation Now!"
Kinda leaves it up to the reader's interpretation whether the wearer is for or against Barack
Gah! Whatever you do, don't Google Obama Nation. It leads you to a lame-ass fundie anti-Barack/anti-abortion site that would love your donations.

Diva, I hope your household gets better and has a good date day soon!

Doodle, which station do you listen to most on SOMA? I'm into Secret Agent, but sometimes I'll put Illinois Street Lounge on quietly in the background if there's guests.

Good luck with the geekin', Minx! I'd like to know more about computers myself, for sure!

Tree, sign me up for Primal Body Sensation Therapy! smile.gif With a name like that, who could say no to treatment?

Culture, I'm not really sure how to interpret him. If you feel the chemistry, though, maybe see how a mutual getaway feels. It kinda gives you a chance to try out being a team. It gets you out of the 'your space' and 'his space' situation that dating tends to throw people in.

Hey-o to everyone else! smile.gif

ETA: As usual, my slow-posting leaves me X-posting with everyone.
Hey Lore! It is hard to get into a routine, but you just need to throw yourself into, then it becomes addicting.

as for the boy, no one really knows how to interpret him. It's all rather fucked up. bah.
My mom goes Linda Blair on me all the time. She always answers the phone "what do you want?" instead of nicely, and she throws tantrums all the time. With her, you need to just leave her alone for an hour and all is forgotten. We don't make up in my family, we ignore. Healthy, huh?

I'm going to call it the Death Star, too. Damn, that means I'll be making plenty of Star Wars references on my own, which will make the giant laugh at me because he's all obsessed with the big SW. Dammit! Too bad it's such a funny name.

Poodle, I was there on Saturday, too, but later on in the afternoon. I'm surprised we didn't run into each other, since we shop at the same places.

Hi, Lore, Doodle, FJ (it's great to see you around more often lately!) and everyone else!

My nose is freaky stuffy today. I keep sneezing really hard, which makes my eyes water, and I look a mess. Oh, well. I'd rather be out and about with my stuffy nose and raspy voice than in the flu incubator with the giant. He took the whole day off, so I'm hoping he'll be better by the time I get home. I'm going to Panera for lunch now. It's been ages and ages since I've been there, and this is one of those perfect days for driving with the windows down and the radio on loud.

I don't remember where I first heard it called the Death Star, or if I can even claim genesis of that, but whenever I think of going there I hear that march they play whenever the bad guys and Darth Vadar show up.

I need to go shopping or something. This cold is fucking with my head, but I don't want to spend the entire day's too fucking gorgeous.
Y'all are making me love doodlemama even more. I wish I could phone her right now. But she's at art class anyway! Heh.

lore, I'm totally down with Secret Agent! It's my fave - I'm listening to it right now at my desk.

Yeah - cats are totally 150% down with him (even George), and now my plants are probably doing that "Secret Life of Plants" BEB-adoration thing. But where am I supposed to put MY adoration of him? Hmm.

Have to keep flying in and out - got to catch up on everything I let go of yesterday afternoon, when I was moody and weird.
He watered your plants. Dude, does it get any more Freudian?!?





No, it doesn't
Well, crap. BEB went home sick from work, and can't drive me. But in a stroke of luck, my co-worker overheard the convo and offered to drive me - which means she'll be leaving early, which I've NEVER seen her do....she's here when I arrive, she's here when I leave, she eats lunch at her desk, etc. So it's a bonus.

Why are boys so pathetic when they are sick? I came to work every day. I didn't even get antibiotics, but he did. He swears his pink eye is worse than mine was. Wimp. wink.gif

Anyway, he was not too sick to eagerly ask if we're still jamming on Sunday.
There's a bunch of guys playing guitar hero in the cafeteria.
I thought it would be pretty cool to not only play Guitar Hero well, but also to harmonize with the vocals. For instance, I'd have fun with Led Zeppelin's Battle of Evermore. Well, that is until they start throwing the rotten produce at me.

I remember last New Year's Eve, I was at a family party at my favorite Aunt & Uncle's house, and my father's cousin brought over a compact kareoke machine that hooked up to their TV. After enough wine, I sang Just a Giggolo, and while somewhat scandalized, some of the people liked it. I later followed up with Zep's Immigrant's Song... Nothing like putting your heart into the line, "We are your overloooOOoooOoooorrrds!" in front of your parents' Korean War era siblings and cousins.

Good times smile.gif

I think I need a party.
Good Evening.

Diva, how was your lunch?

~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for minx~*~*~*

Hey Doodle! That's really cool that coworker helped you out!

Hey again Lore!

Bah, I'm sleepy and I have to go visit another friend. Maybe there will be something cute for me to flirt with so I can get over the boy situation. I don't like liking people like this. (that's a lot of likes!) The situation is far too confusing. Dammit it all to hell.

ETA: Xposted with Lore! Hi hi! *waves*


I've been lurking throughout the day, but was trying to be productive at work. So I did not post. But, I am here now! Wait a second, at least I don't think I posted today. Hmmm.

((((Joe))) Oh my. I am sorry to hear about this. I hope it works out ok and he gets better.

Diva, man I am sorry the giant has the flu! And you are sick too. ~~~~healthy vibes!!~~~~

And BEB is sick too? Geez!. Doodle......I took a nap when I got home from work and guess what I dreamed? That I was at a living room jam! I thought "oh! so this is what doodle is talking about....." I thought that was really funny.

FJ, That video is tooooo cute! What a sweet boy. I enjoyed it, thanks for posting it. Have fun at the art walk!

lore, that video you posted earlier about the people freezing simultaneously was pretty cool. I wonder if the people were actors? I would not have been able to keep a straight face. I'm sorry you have been in a slump lately. I think your idea of more physical fun is a good one.

CH, I'm sorry about your boy sitch lately. Ugh. Did hanging with your friend help?

Minx, I hope you found something to do to enjoy the day. Is it the last day of spring break? Noooooooo!!!!!

I am just chilling at home. I was going to go to H. Depot to get some soil, but it has not stopped raining all day. I am just going to stay in tonight. It is supposed to be pretty Saturday and Sunday. We have got to get our seeds into pots. I feel like we are already behind.

My day was pretty good. I did end up getting a good bit of work done. I made it to the gym at lunchtime, so I feel good about that too.

I think tonight I'm going to plan the week's menu & make a grocery list. Maybe watch some tv. I'm a real party animal, eh?

Tomorrow night I am watching a basketball game with Mr K on tv and am gonna make some snack foods. He said he thinks we should go all the way and make Rotel dip. I told him I am down with that. Delicious processed cheese goodness.....
i'm back from the art walk. we had a nice time, although we were home much earlier than we used to be. miexican joint was yummy as usual. they make the. best. guacamole. evAR! but no, there was no butt-sex on the table tonight.

haha. butt-sex on the table.

anyway, i just wanted to send a shout out to all mah busties, particularly you okayites, but really all the busties. i wish i could meet you all in person. *sigh* i love you guys!

(i might have had a couple glasses of wine at the art walk, just not really enough for the inebriated thread)
okies, i've been lurking for ages, but too afraid to post because so much has gone down since i was here the last time. i've been thinking - maybe i could just pop in and talk about whatever has gone down on the last page? cheat, and not read the archives?

for instance, on this page, we've got:

lore is in a slump and needs a PAAR-TAY!!! (i'm going with the get more physical, lore - always works for me!!)

BEB sounds like a DEFINITE keeper, doodle. c'mon - not only does he want to water your plants, but he corrected his grammar from can i to may i!!! AND he likes to jam!! AND you are so at ease with him!! fj is totally right, that's how it ought to be. "vulnerability is total protection"

too many peeps are sick. diva, giant, BEB...... ~*~*~*~*get better vibes y'all!!~*~*~*~*~*

who is joe?

poodle man!!! poodle, is this XRB? i'm confused. whatever, it sounds great!!! yayayayay!!!

diva, your mom going "linda blair" was toooooooooooooooo perfect. wine came out of my nose the night that i read that! moms have a tendency to go through that phase. i know mine did. there was this issue between me and my sister the pennwee healer, and my mamae called, she would grill me on it. has it been settled? have you done what she wants? ruthless. and every time i would say, mom, this is between me and her. i'd really rather that you stay out of it. it kept going on until finally i said, mom. this is your last warning. if you mention it ONE MORE TIME, i am hanging up on you. so she said, really really really fast "well, if you think that you are getting the better of me, you are Wrong!!! I'M HANGING UP ON YOU FIRST!!!!!

and she hung up. jeez.

kari, so good to see you! is the basket ball that you are watching NCAA? did the tarheels win??? or, wait. is that tonight? i'm so confused. what is rotel dip?

butt sex on the table. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!! now, that's what i'm talking about!!!

arrogance vs. confidence.

i think that yes, there is a double standard between men and women. if a woman is confident, i think that she is more likely to be dubbed arrogant. for me, arrogance is the entire silver spoon concept. a sense of entitlement. i don't have to DO anything to have this, whatever it is. it is simply what is DUE me. white people in africa are often arrogant.

MOA = the Death Star!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! (and i've never even been there, mind you)

minxie m'dear, how ARE you? be a geek. it's good for the soul. smootches.

culture handy, querida, go with what feels right. frell the rest.

the weather here is perfect. not too hot, not too cold, slight breeze off the indian ocean, soooooooooo nice. my favorite time of year, here.

mimi the african attack cat is sleeping on two chairs beneath the dining table. her belly is halfway to the floor in the gap between them. can't IMAGINE how that is comfortable!!
*YAWNS* Good mornin' ya'll!

And how lovely to come in here and see the beautiful tes!!!

((((((joe))))))) May the tumor be benign and easily removed.

((((((party prosperity for lore))))))

(((((Health for all))))))

Goodness - so much going on in here!

Tes - mr. poodle is indeed XRB! YAYAYAYAY for the poodles!

I had to take turbo to the other greyhounds' house last night for the weekend because I have the three asshole pugs, and oh my - turbodoggie was PISSED! The hairy eyeballs he gave me were pretty hilarious, if a little pathetic. I can't have him with the pugs, as there is one of them that is a bigger asshole than the others, and turbo would like to eat that one. Turbomann is gone for the weekend paintballing, which I am not pleased about, but he's had this on the books since Jan., and I couldn't say no to the pugs, since their owner's mom died. Its just what you do for friends. I honestly do not understand why anyone would want to own one of these dogs, let alone three. Impossible to walk - they pull constantly, don't take corrections, and three of them means a giant tangle. And I'm allergic to them, so that's not so fun. At least this time we've banished them from the bedroom, so we got some sleep last night...they did stand outside the door and cry for three hours, but I just turned the air purifier and white noise machine on high to dull the noise. smile.gif

FJ, I'll have you know that everytime I eat guac, I think of the butt sex story and smile. heh.

And the weather is FINALLY nice here, so I think I'm going to get out and do some biking - YEAH!
I"m doing my own pathetic version of the wake 'n''s vicodin and coffee!! I woke up with a screamer of a sore throat, and while ibuprofen would have been the logical answer I felt that being floaty while looking for DVDs was a more obvious winner. So here I am, spacegirl. Good times...good times.

This is my last weekend of vacation until June. I am going to do one more orgiastic spending spree today and then spend the rest of the time playing and finishing laundry and food prep. My baby brother turned 30 this week, and we are doing a seedling exchange at the end of the month. He wants some of my tomatillos and bloody butcher tomatos, along with some second gen Grampa Otts morning glories and cardinal climbers, and I want his seven types of toms and eggplant and blahblahblah.

Okay, the buzz is starting to fade, so I'm gonna dash. You all enjoy your Saturday.
Good morning everyone! Me so tired today....Fridays are killers! But mainly I'm tired b/c when I walked the hour home after the last shift, I did it on a foot that was hurting me all day. Don't know what I did, but something to do with my instep. My instinct told me to bind it up really tight when I got home, so I did, and now it seems to be okay....but I'm kinda fatigued, from that and the double shift! And I work again this morning....

One of my young co-workers was TOTALLY freaking last night that I was going to walk home "at 9:30 at night?? To the north shore????" Like it was an automatic recipe for rape and murder! Honestly, it was so silly. You are more likely to be raped by someone you know, and besides, this is a pretty small city, especially compared to where I grew up. But it seems like quite few of the youngers who grew up here (like guitarboy and organicgirl) are frightened of stupid stuff like that. I think they need to get out of here for awhile and taste some BIG city life!! (I mean, I think this for many other reasons, but this adds to it.)

TESAO!!!! I LURVE seeing you in here!!!! Yeah, I agree BEB is perfect for me, and vice versa, and I've never, ever, ever in my life met a guy I feel so at ease with, and there's definitely been a vibe thingie between us. PLUS I started writing songs again (haven't since November) since I met him, AND for the first time, I've been writing on my own. But I already fessed up my attraction, and he fessed up that he is going out with someone else. So there's that. sad.gif But as my neighbour, the gay ex-priest, pointed out the other day, "It hasn't stopped him from coming around, now has it?" So I guess we'll see where it all goes. It hasn't stopped me from hoping, either, just a teeny-tiny little bit. wink.gif (By the way, of interest to you, he is completely in love with Brazil and spent 12 months there doing development work.)

Ooh, and in news, I've decided to devote my next clothing store paycheque (Friday) to buying new clothes! Seriously, I only have, like, five tops that fit my shrinking shape, and even a couple of those are getting kinda big. I started scoping out the store last night....

Shit, speaking of that, I've run out of time! I have to go get ready for work. And shower! Cripes, I can smell my feet from here, and it's not a good smell at all!!! Anyway, hiya minx, turbo, FJ, kari, CH, and lore....I'll be back when I get home! *smooches*
He he! I love Tes' "smootch" with a 't' smile.gif

Reclaim the neighborhood, Doodle! Yaay!

Cool on the seed trade, Minx! I hope you guys feel better soon and can wake&bake old-school (or perhaps make blueberry muffins).

Turbo, it's super nice of you to pug-sit when there's a family tragedy going. Goaty Girl like pugs. I was pretty indifferent to them for a long time, but then I saw a couple of pugs wrestling and trying to flank each other and stuff in a park, and I thought, "Ooo! Pug-Battle!" I could tell the pugs were friendly with each other and just playing. It was nice. I could picture pug owners being like Pokémon trainers and trying to train their pugs up for the next encounter. Maybe buy them hoodies to increase their street cred. Owning three of them sounds like chaos, though... 'Gotta catch 'em all!' I guess.

FJ, I'm glad you got to do your art walk and taqueria! Mmmmm... Guac! We loves ya too!

Good luck on the gardening, Kari! Yeah, the frozen people were part of a huge group called Improv Everywhere, so they're mostly improv actors, and they spring weirdness on the un-suspecting. I gotta say I approve smile.gif

Heeeya Culture! How'd flirting go? I bet you're awesome on the prowl. A force to be reckoned with smile.gif
Good Afternoon everyone!

Kari, your evening with Mr. K sounds really great! Seeing my friend did cheer me up a little.

FJ! No butt sex??? Bah. At least you had a good time otherwise!

Hey Tes! I'm always so glad to see you in the lounge. The boy. Le Sigh. I'd go for it, but I'm way to fucking scared.

Turbo, sorry you have three pugs. Not so fun. Ugh. You're right, though, that's what friends do.

Hey Minx! ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle, woohoo on new clothes! Your situation with BEB is like my situation with PR boy. He's the boy I'm having issues with, who told me he's good at climbing walls and what not. Some boys are dumb.

Lore! How is your training going? Any news on the man who was recommending you for work??

My evening was a bust. It was okay when I went to go visit my friend, but then she had to start work, and it was pretty busy. Went to the bar, and it was dead there, as usual I ended up talking to the staff. I was at home by midnight. Not a late one for me, nothing to get my mind off the boy deal. I did workout today, that helped.

My dad also sold my car today!!!! I got $2100.00 for it, he's on his way to drop it off now. I'll got cancel my storage insurance, and deposit that in my savings account. I'm not even going to do anything fun with it, the new car makes me happy. Also did some cleaning. Not much else to say I'm afriad.


Am I a thread killer or what?

....I'm beat. I'm gonna go nap and check in later....
Good Morning!!

CH, That is super sweet that you got 2100 bones for your car. Nice! Sorry your night was a bust. boooo.

Hey TES!! It is good to see you! It was in fact NCAA basketball. I am not much of a sports person, but I do like basket ball ok. NC got beat by Kansas.

Jenn-I hope the pugs are not driving you crazy. That's a whole lotta pug!

Doodle, are you recovered from your long day on Friday?

Things here are good. Yesterday was a nice day, despite the shitty weather. Cold and gray. Today is slightly warmer, but still overcast. Yesterday we just hung around the house, for the most part. We did go eat Thai food for lunch. Then I went to the grocery store and the wine shop, where I spent too much money. Oops. Mr K is at work now, I'm meeting a couple of people for lunch later. Should be a good day.
Whoot for Thai food, Kari!! I grabbed some red curry last night in Uptown, and it was fantabulous! They actually had these deboned chicken legs stuffed with some kind of pork. Amazing.

I have a sinus infucktion. Le blargh.

CH, sorry about your busted evening, but hurrah for the cha-ching! I actually just got a surprise check in the mail for being a sponsoring teacher to my student. Wasn't a shitload, but it was more than I had yesterday!

I have had a thoroughly booty-less vacation, and I guess that I'm okay with that. I've gotten a lot of stuff done without interruption, and got T2 and some grindhouse kung-fu movies to watch during this dreary, gray morning.

Tes, I'm okay, but I decided to be done. I wrote something to him that I hope will piss him off enough to never contact me again--nothing false, just to the point. I'm not going over there, even to get my stuff.

Anyone wanna go out and get me a gyros and fries?
Good Morning all.

Doodle, how was your evening?

Kari, where are you going for lunch?

I am currently on a cleaning binge. Took the dog to the park, then I'm going to do an upper body workout. I was thinking of going to the mall to pick up a book. I'm also going to start de cluttering and getting rid of stuff I don't use, want, need anymore. I have so much junk. It's time to downsize. I was going through the basement, and there is a ton of stuff. Lots of stuff from my teenage years which i don't need anymore. Clothes (from my skater days), books (LOTS of R.L. Stien, and Christopher Pike). All will go to charity, I'm far too lazy to organize a yard sale. Plus, I hate people pawing through stuff. Better to leet someone else do that!

ETA: X posted with Minx! Hurray on surprise cheques! Enjoy your movie day!
Good, it's two minutes to noon as I start posting this. So, good whatever! I had a post almost ready to go around 10, but the power went out! I forgot BC Hydro was shutting it off to do some work on the transformers, but damn, it was supposed to be at 11!!! Anyway, hiya CH, minx, and kari....and also lore, whom I rudely didn't say hello to last night! Forgive me, hun? wink.gif

I was so exhausted last night....lesson learned: don't go to a physically demanding job and then try to do the hour's walk home (with groceries in your backpack, including a ten pound bag of potatoes!) without breakfast, and with only a bag of peanuts and a tiny bit of cucumber for lunch! Damn. I crashed so hard - I was only going to have a quick nap; I had a potato baking in the oven and was going to do a tofu/veggie stir fry to go with, but I slept through the timer, so it wound up cooking for....I don't know how long, but it was hard as a brick by the time I forced myself out of bed to retrieve it! Then I just ate toast and honey and went back to bed to read for awhile till I fell back asleep. I'm a bit stiff and sore this morning, and quite in need of some "downtime," so even though I woke around 9:30, I've been pretty much lounging around doing nothing - a tarot reading was the most exerting thing so far! Jammers are coming this evening, which is about all I can handle today. smile.gif

And the furbabies are pretty glad of the downtime, too....George is poking me in the leg right this very minute. George has this thing now - if the alarm goes off and I'm not waking up fully within 20 minutes, he sits on the nightstand and prods me on the arm with the pads of his paw. Soooooo fucking sweet and cute. Also, he sits on the back of the toilet watching me when I'm getting ready for work.

On the up side, I smashed $200 past my sales goals yesterday with a quarter of my shift still left to go. Management loves the crap out of me. biggrin.gif Next Saturday is a long one for me - 6 hours - but I work Thursday evening instead of Friday, so that should help break up the tiredness....also I will be sure to eat a proper breakfast next time!!! Something with bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.
Well, in further developments, I am going to go have a "pre-jam" with guitarboy in a little while. Heh.

And BEB just called to eagerly inquire if we're still jamming tonight. I've already confirmed this twice for him - what is his deal? Silly wabbit. wink.gif

He keeps teasing me - it amuses him to refer to the guys as "your little boys."

I must go shower. God, I stink.
Good Evening Doodle!

Congratulations on beating your sales goal!!! That's a heck of a day you had. You do need to fuel up more after a long day like that.

A pre jam eh? hmmmm...

I worked out, made dinner, cleaned more, and now I'm just chilling. I'm watching something on History Channel about what would happen if humans disappeared, it's talking about the far reaching effects from everything from trees to insects to mammals. It's very neat.

AND I haven't texted PR boy at all. I've decided to let things be and just avoid the whole thing. So nerts to that.

Hey ya'll!!

How the frell is it SUnday night already? Where did the weekend go?

I have SO much respect for parents with small god, after 2 nights of howling pugs outside my bedroom door, sleep deprivation, and 6 loads of laundry after one of the pugs repeatedly hosed all of turbo's beds, blankets, and every single bathmat and throw rug in the apartment. Ugh. Worst. Dogs. Ever. I could not do this everyday...but then again, I would not have dogs with no manners either.

Doodle - you are a sales wonder! Congrats! Just make sure to properly fuel up before these long days - you MUST take care of yourself - no more burnout!

CH, I was totally with you on the spring cleaning today - laundry certainly started it, but after I took the pugs home at 10am when I could no longer stand them, I deep cleaned the living area to de-pugify it, and of course cooked and cleaned the kitchen.

The weather here was GORGEOUS this weekend - 60 degrees and sunny, so I did get out on my bike a couple times, and rode about 25 miles, all told....awesome. I truly feel like my bike is a visceral extension of my body, and it was SO good to be back out there.

Okay, time to take a bath, and dump my exhausted self into bed. smile.gif
Spring Cleaning?!? Shhhhhhh! Don't tell GoatyGirl! I don't want her to get any cleansly ideas sad.gif

Cool about the Turbo-Bikeage! I totally want to get me a used bike once I'm employed again. Zoomin' around under pedal-power is a big part of me.

Culture, that show sounds really cool! I dig that sort of hypothetical scientific exploration. Technically, it's science fiction, but it's putting some decent scientific research into an interesting format (if done right). Maybe that'll show up on NutFlicks sometime.

Rock on with your sales, Doodle! Way to be valuable! Watch out, though. Pre-Jam has been known to contain some sp... Dangit! Goaty juat saw my post and now wants to schedule Spring Cleaning sad.gif

*Pokes a stick at the lurkers* Pokeeeeey! --------------
*poked by lore's pokey stick*

(why does that sound so DIRYT????)

okies, okies, i'm posting!!!

it is almost 9 am on monday morning. today is a national holiday - Mozambican Women's Day - honoring the women who fought in the rebellion, and the women here today. women get treated the way they ALWAYS ought to today.

i am planning to be a slug. yes, i am. my plans: finish reading a thousand splendid suns. try to find mozarella cheese. if i find ANY kind of melty cheese, make eggplant parmegiana. if i don't, make bobotie. read non-fiction book about cultural mozambican approach to HIV/AIDS. play with mimi. sleep. maybe bake bread.

am also toying with idea of doing ball workout. or at least part of one. but then i wouldn't be a slug. i would be healthier, however.....

doodle, you continue to amaze me, no matter what your bad self decides to do!!!

those pugs sound like nightmares. i hope you are rid of them SOON, jenn! how will turbo react to the hosing of his stuff (even though you have cleaned it)?

spring cleaning. i need to do that back in the states. i've loved living here with so little. (although i did break down and buy kitchen appliances - stand mixer, blender, food processor) you ROCK for doing spring cleaning, ch!!

kari, hope your day was as good as it sounded it was going to be! mmmm. thai food.

mmmmm. deboned chicken legs stuffed with pork. the stuff that dreams are made out of.

((((minx)))) it was the right thing to do, querida.
Turbo- those pugs sound horrible! Our BFFs have a pug, and he's dumb as bricks, but well behaved. Like a toddler, its a combination of temperment and training. And, the whiny baby stuff only lasts a couple months, and you can feed them to make them shut up...all in all...much better than an ill tempered pupper. The mega laundry...that is unfortunately the same.

Ugh...i ate all my cherrios and am still hungry. Frak me. Yes, I said it. (hops over to BSG thread)...

We had lovely weekend. My sister was here from LA, and spent saturday night with moxette. They both had a great did we on our pseudo-anniversary date. Our actual wedding is April 24, but we figured April anytime is good enough! Moxette did NOT want to come home from gramma and papa's house on Sunday! Too much fun with her grandparents and masi! Then yesterday, we just played outside all afternoon and after dinner. I LOVE springtime!
Happy Monday.

turbo, I'm glad the pugs are away from you. I like dogs, but I hate dogs that are like children.

Hey Lore! Spring cleaning is like decluttering, it makes everything feel better. At least in my opinion. not fun to do it, but good when it's all done.

Tes, how has your day been? Did you find cheese?

Hi Mox! Does Moxette enjoy jumping in puddles?

I slept last night, hauled ass this morning and did some cardio. I'm still in a funk because of PR Boy, and it's pissing me off. Grrrrr.

Good Morning! It's Monday again!

Woot for surprise checks! That rocks that you got some cashola, Minx!

Doodle, how was the BEB jam? Inquiring minds want to know!

Jenn, ugh, that pug filled weekend would have worn me out too! I don't understand how anyone lives with dogs that behave that way.

It turned out to be a lovely day here yesterday too, thank goodness. It was about 70 & sunny. Very nice!

My brunch was mighty tasty. We went to this restaurant that usually just does dinner, but they also have a Sunday brunch. It's a nicer place, the food is French inspired, but more like country French. I had a sopresseta (sp?) panini w/ fresh mozzarella & an arugula pesto. Delicious.
After that I went home, got my seeds potted finally, and mowed the grass. I made pasta for dinner & then we watched some Breaking Bad on AMC.
I did pilates this morning, and it made me feel completely retarded. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Seriously, the movements are so weird!! I don't have a problem doing it, and I KNOW that it is good exercise, but I feel like I'm pretending to be a machine.

Yo soy deux ex machina. Just thought I'd let that be known. wink.gif

Anyhoo, I'm crabby. I'm pissy because I'm not able right now to stop my brain from attempting to control a stupid situation. So then I go and do something like pilates. Go fucking figure.

I've been saying that all morning. Like a pirate.

lore....what the hell were you about to write!? ohmy.gif wink.gif

Hiya kari! And CH! And tesao! And minx! And mox!

Jamming was good, many many instruments: banjo, guitars, bass, acoustic bass, keyboards, glockenspiel, treehugger's djembe. BEB finally got to meet guitarboy. He also made enough subtle inferences about how he might have gotten the cold and the conjunctivitis from ME, that after he left, hippiegirl seemed to think he and I had been making out! Jeez. I wouldn't even have minded, if we HAD been making out. Double jeez.

Yesterday afternoon, I elected against housework and in favour of learning the Beatles' With a Little Help From My Friends (easy) and Sheryl Crow's Soak Up the Sun (hard).

Okay, I gotta process e-lottery self exclusions....
Good Afternoon

Kari, your brunch food sounds fantastic!

Minx, I'm in the same boat. Can I be cranky with you?

Doodle, mate-y! Arrrrrrrr. thar be a lonely man. Aiiyyyyyy squidy, I heard there was gold in yer belly!

I wanna go hooooooooooome.
YARRRR! Hiya CH!! Yarrrrrr, it's Monday. I sure kinda miss having 2 days off a week....

That boy. I can't think about it anymore. He's just making me feel horny and frustrated. Maybe I'll start flirting with that cute older guy down the other end of my office. He's made doe eyes at me a couple of times....

It was somebody's birthday here today, and the whole herd went for lunch at a Greek restaurant. Everybody asked me if I was coming with them, and I got odd looks when I said "I can't"....finally after lunch one of them asked me why I didn't come, and I had to admit I couldn't afford it. *cringes with embarrassment* He totally let it go graciously. (Retired cop.) But jesus, what kind of dough exactly do they think the temp is making? Anyway. There is grand marnier cake later this afternoon, apparently.
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