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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey all...I'm on spring break, and not a moment too soon. I have so much anxiety over something right now that I feel like my chest is going to explode. Not to mention the student that called me up on Friday night telling me about how she wanted to kill herself. It's been highly fucked. Oh yeah, then she called me 24 hours later, after everybody was looking for her to no avail and YELLED at me for telling her family.

I can't win for losing.

Count me as another okayer jealous of Diva's shopping trip. Diva, it sounds like you got some beautiful items. Enjoy!

CH, I'm glad you talked to PR boy. I think you have the right idea. Even if he's not chumming around with the Ex, it sounds like a smart plan to keep a little distance. How are you enjoying your car? Did you put the old one in the paper yet? Any interest?

Hi FJ! It is so good to see you! I am so happy little jackaroo is doing so great. It sounds like he is developing and growing a lot. Nice!!

Jenn, the Forewoman! I am sure you did a fabulous job. That stinks that you guys had the verdict quickly but had to sit around for 3 hours. BAH! Are you done w/ your duties now?

Hey Doodle! Glad to hear your eye is getting somewhat better. Your job does sound really interesting! I think you should post a pic of yourself in the bustier & let us help you decide. wink.gif

Hey Poodle!!! That's totally rad that you and XRB are enjoying each other's company so much. yay! ~~~~dad health vibes~~~~~ How stressful that has to be. I will be thinking good thoughts for you, him, and your family.

Hey Dusty!

Who have I forgotten....I am sure more than one person......

Things here are good today. I work from home on Tuesdays, which is always sweet. I have a chiropractic appt at 2:20 and then I booked a massage for 3:00. Can't wait!! I need to pick up a few birthday gifts after that, and then I am supposed to be having dinner with a couple peeps from the hospital, to celebrate the end of my tenure there. My last day of actual work there will be next Thursday. I can't believe it! smile.gif

Mox, your student yelled at you for showing some care and concern? ~*~*~*calming vibes~*~*~*~

Hey Kari! The car was put in the paper this weekend, not too sure if there are any bites yet. I should call my dad and find out. I LOVE the new car, it's got a much larger gas tank though. It cost me $44.00 to fill up. But the gas also lasts mucho longer. It lasts a week and a half, if not longer. So, it's a fair trade off.

Where are you going tonight for dinner?
Hey peepers!!

Nice to see you FJ!! "i know it may seem quite unfeminist of me but this is what i was born to do." WHATEVER!! I say embrace those instincts rather than feeling guilty about it!! Actually, from a purely scientific standpoint, reproduction is was we were all born to do. smile.gif

Wow, turbo, I'd say that it's a pretty good sign that you need to switch jobs if you'd rather be doing jury duty!! We already knew that though. That's too bad that the cool position is in Hotlanta. I wouldn't want to move there either. Ugh. I just don't think I could bring myself to live in a red state (no offense folks).

Culture, you are wise to maintain some distance from PR-boy. Another suggestion I have is "self love." Tell yourself and others that you're dating yourself. You and yourself go on dates to the gym, walk the pooch together, have fun at the bar, etc. That's always fun.

You so totally deserve a massage, kari!! I hope it helps you feel a little better!!

Hi dusty, doodle, and minx!! (((minx)))

Thanks for all the papa vibes!! He had his head shaved on Sunday and he looks pretty badass, like a bouncer at a biker bar. He needs a skullcap or something.

As for XRB, maybe I should upgrade him to "poodleman" or "mr. poodle." Any other ideas? Sigh...I miss him when he's not around. I wish he lived with me and worked normal hours.
FJ, I agree with Poodle...the whole point of the "third wave" feminisim is that we all, as people, should have the freedom to CHOOSE our life path. Yours is snuggled with the boob-master right now! smile.gif Well, 2 boob-masters, hehe.
Poods, you want I should make yer poppa a kick-ass skully?
Good morning everyone!

FJ, there is nothing unfeminist about finding joy in motherhood! It is only when motherhood is considered our ONLY path option as women that it becomes unfeminist, and that's not about motherhood, but about societal expectations.

'K, that's out of the way. smile.gif

My eye is still pink and still has a big red spot (which, fortunately, is mostly hidden by my eyelid), and it's watering a little, but I think most of the swelling has gone down. On the up side, the pinkish colour really makes the green of my iris stand out! wink.gif On the down side, once this has started to go away, I’m going to have to buy new mascara and eyeliner, because I finally read about conjunctivitis and realized how contagious it is. sad.gif

And…..if y'all think I'm posting a pic on the internet of me wearing a corset, you are completely off your rockers. tongue.gif But I will let you know if I notice any pants-tenting in BEB. biggrin.gif

I was gonna post more, but I've got to go process a new self exclusion application right way. So for now, hiya CH, poodle, minx, mox, and kari!
Hi mox!! "Boob-masters" Hahahahahaha!!!

My dad mentioned that his head was cold. I have no idea what he's wearing to keep warm right now. Gosh, a handmade skull-cap would be so funny!! Only if you want to, minx!!

It's Good Things Tuesday!!
1. Boss is super busy today
2. Nothing to stressful to take care of
3. Have money in the bank
4. Delicious and nutritious homemade miso soup for lunch
5. Coughing is mostly gone
6. Dancing with the Stars tonight!!
Good Afternoon!

I agree, FJ. There is nothing unfeminist about what you want and enjoy.

Poodle, I also think you should make your dad a scull cap! that would be pretty cool. As for a name, I'm really bad about things like this. Huuray on feeling better!!!

Hey Mox and Minx!

Doodle, there is nothing wrong with buying new makeup!!!!! I lurveth me some shopping for makeup! WOOHOO!

So, there is a coworker I know who is marrying a cop, and she is having a wedding social. Now, I know I said I hate wedding socials, but because she is marrying a cop, there will be cops there. Hot cops. So, where there's a man in uniform, there is a place for me to whore myself out. Perhaps, I can have a cop sammich? Sweeeeeeet.

....mmm... cop sammich.
you're making me hungry, CH!!
Hiya poodle, CH, and jami! Wow, where is everyone tonight? Is anyone else having problems with the Lounge being offline a lot?

I just got home from jamming across the hall....shouldn't have pushed my voice, but I did need to test songs before tomorrow night.

In addition to me having a cold, there was a fire today on Rabbit Island, not too far from my home and work....thus my low singing register has been strangled by low smoke. An interesting, possibly karmic-linked turn of events: If I sing at the jam tomorrow night (and I'm presuming I will), I am not going to be able to sing Gonna Die Someday, and will have to do Heavy Load instead. My voice can't cut the other one, and only either of those two, plus the new one, What Do You See (lorewolf's song), are suitable for jamming (due to very limited chord structures). I was planning to do one or two of mine plus Ramble On, depending how many I am allowed to do. Heavy Load is....put it this way, I don't think BEB will NOT notice his role in the lyrical story of that one. EEP!

I have been having second thoughts about the corset top, too. I don't want BEB to think I am trying too hard for his sake, or something like that....especially if I'm going to do that song without explaining it a bit first. I'm freaking out a bit. The only thing keeping me from tossing the idea altogether is that I really think it's what I SHOULD wear, when I do lorewolf's body-image song. I think I will definitely have to keep the jean jacket on when I'm not on stage, to make sure the corset top is seen as stage gear. Which is exactly what it is - several of the people from the jam will have seen me in it before....though not without a jacket!! I am so NOT a person to expose my body!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
I was around last night but too tired to post.

Doodle, I think you should wear the corset top.

So, refrigeration work is getting a little slim, it probably will be from now until school lets out, when the research kicks into high gear. So, they put me on building work...fixing steam leaks, repairing radiators and things like that. It's a nice little mental break, but boy, did I get dirty yesterday.

And, now that I'm doing more relaxed lower key work, they gave me a service van, right before I left work yesterday. Finally. But it's only for a month. The guy who normally drives it is off work recovering from back surgery. He's a heavy smoker so his van smells bad. We've got deodorizing spray in the ref. shop though. I'm going to get spoiled, being able to carry tools and parts with me. It'd be nice to have one of my own. But maybe this means I am next in line if somebody retires or something. I'm not going to get my hopes up though, it's just setting myself up to get them dashed. Again.

* * *

So I started a new project at home, prompted by Mojo the cat. The only good place I had for his litterbox (read: unobtrusive and hidden) was in my walk-in closet. Don't get me wrong, he is a champ about using the box and never misses...but carpeting and kitty litter don't get along. So Easter weekend, I walked in there and saw the kitty litter all ground into the carpet and just had ENOUGH so I ripped the carpet out of there, put in a laminate floor (pecan) and tore all the baseboards out and now I'm putting modular shelves and drawers in there, floor to ceiling. Well, almost to ceiling, it's going to be 84 inches tall. (seven feet). So there's going to be a "top" shelf all the way around. I'm also installing an outlet to run Mojo's litterbox (it's a self-cleaning one) with a special recess between two of the cabinets for it. I'm excited about the project.

Jami, hey girl, how are you doing?

Hi poodle! *waves*...nice to have money in the bank! It sounds like a good things Tuesday, for sure.

CH...of course, cop sammich portions MUST be posted in LTAS afterwards so we can live vicariously!

FJ, it's so great to see sound very happy with your life right now, it's uplifting. It's nice to see the peace that's evident in your posts. Bear's talk of moving north has been dropped. So either he's lost interest now that the weather's getting nicer here, or he's more satisfied at work.

Poodle, I hear you about living in a red state. Wisconsin is getting more and more borderline, and it's disgusting. I'm glad to live in a major blue oasis...I think Madison is the only thing keeping our state blue! Once I get out of the city, I swear it's right out of Kansas or something with the fundie billboards. (no offense to Kansans)...

~*~*ongoing papa vibes for poodle*~*~

Mmmm, kari, a massage sounds lovely right now. And your time's already almost up at the hospital! Just in time to enjoy spring for a while. What's next? smile.gif

Divala, it sounds like you got some lovely things on your shopping trip! I'm also envious. Enjoy your fresh new beautiful clothes. The colors sound wonderful.

Turbo, here's some ~*~*perfect job*~*~ does suck that you'd rather be at jury duty than at work. Ms Forewoman, too. smile.gif

Minx, you did the right thing with that student. Try to enjoy the rest of spring break.

*waves to okayers...I know I missed somebody....apologies.
Good Morning!

Hey Jami! It's good to see you in here!

Doodle, I've been having lots of problems with the lounge. It's getting to be a real piss off. WTF is going on? Anyways...I think you should wear the corset. You may just be wearing it because you like it, not for the benefit of BEB. That would just be an added bonus.

Tree, I'm am again totally in awe of your skillz! the project sounds fantastic! and anything that gives you more shelf space is great!

Aside from this, I worked out and took the dog out yesterday. The usual stuff. and here I am at work. How great. Pttttht.

Good Morning!

HI JAMI! Where have you been, lady? I've missed you!

Hey Treehugger! Your new closet sounds amazing!! WOW! That is cool that you got a van, enjoy it! I hope you get one of your own really soon. You deserve it, sister.

Doodle, pants-tenting! That made me giggle. I understand your clothing dilemma. Hmmm....I think you have arrived at a good solution: coverage if you want it, and the corset if you're feeling saucy.

Hi Poodle! I will continue thinking good thoughts for your pop. Hmm...a new name for XRB.....How about Mister Poodle? I'm really happy that you guys are so happy.

Hi Minx! Wow, what a rough time of it you are having! I hope it is not wrecking your spring break. Anything we can do? I'm not surprised the student got upset about you telling, but it still stinks.

CH, I'm glad you are digging your new car! Good gas mileage is so important, esp now when gas is so f-ing $$$. I hope you get some bites on the old car!

Things here are ok today. I had a nice day yesterday. My back is feeling good after the massage. I also went out shopping & bought the 4 gifts for people I had on my list. Three birthdays & one for my supervisor at the hospital. I got my supervisor the most kick ass bracelet. She loves jewelry, and is not afraid to rock loud (but not tacky) jewelry, which made shopping fun. She loved the bracelet I gave her. We went to dinner last night: me, another intern, her, and another staff member. My fellow intern and I were really flattered, my supervisor and the other staff member told us that we have set a bar for quality of service. They also bought us a lovely dinner & each gave us a gift. rolleyes.gif

Mr K is still recovering. He was hoping to go back to school today, but he is not ready. He is still fairly uncomfortable & needing to take the pain killers. Can't drive on those things. Today is the 4th day after surgery, so I hope he gets over the hump soon.

I am going to the funeral today for the friend's brother that drowned. Not looking forward to it, obviously. I slept poorly last night, just had too many things on my mind. I'll be happy when this week is over!
Mornin' babes!!

I'm glad you finally had a decent day yesterday, kari. I'm so jealous of that massage. So is the funeral today?

Tree, that's cool that mojo is gonna get pimped out toilet facilities. That sounds like a great project. Oh, and Minnesota isn't that different from Wisconsin in its volume of backassward voters. If it weren't for the large metro area and union iron workers up north, then we'd probably be a red state. Our blueness is also very fragile.

I think you should get a "if this van's a-rockin, don't come a-knockin" sticker for your van!! Ha!!

Doodle, if you're comfortable putting on that corset, then go for it. The idea of wearing a corset makes my fat rolls hurt!! All that pushing and poking!!

Hi jami!!

Score on the cop wedding, culture!! You're so funny.

Not much going on today. Boss-lady is in meetings all day, so I don't have to listen to her go on and on about her "gifted" daughter and her ivy league college prospects. Good news: I get a combined fed/state tax refund of $2,300 this year!! Plus there's that whole $600 economic incentive thing, so I have just under $3,000 comin' my way soon!!
Hello Hello.

All this talk of red and blue. It's funny because in Canada, being red is being Liberal, blue a conservative and orange an NDP supporter.

Kari, so glad you are feeling better after your massage. Finerals. not so fun.

Poodle, sweet on rebates!!! That fucking rocks!!!! Woot!

I still have nothing going on. Aren't I exciting???
Waaah! Glad you got such a great tax return, Poodle. We owe $1,700 sad.gif I'm also still job-deprived and just brought my car in for its 90,000mi checkup, and it needed a new break system sad.gif That's another $700 slippin' away. When we bought the Focus, the breaks were squeaky whenever there was too much moisture. Well, there's ALWAYS too much moisture in WA! I got used to hearing the squeak, so when it did its warning squeak, I wasn't warned. It was already doing its I-warned-you-already grind sad.gif Oh well, it's all fixed up now.

Tree, I hope they give you a Tree-Mobile! You deserve one smile.gif (They could even build a Tree-signal and shine it into the sky when a freezer needs a fixin') Cool about the remodeling, too. Where are you getting the modular shelves from?

Hey Kari! Your massage reminded me of a business sign I saw on a strip mall I passed by while waiting for my car to get checked up. There's actually a business here called, "Wang Massage" biggrin.gif I have GOT to take a picture of their sign.

Have fun at the cop wedding, Culture! I always wondered what it would be like if someone baked pot butter into a wedding cake and didn't tell anybody. Then again, there's children at weddings, too. That's not recommended. Basically, though, I vote for a more mischievious world out there. Not angry or dangerous, but certainly more entertaining.

Heya Jami! smile.gif

Wooo! Spring Break for MINX!!! Whatcha doin' to relax?

Dooodle, you already took in the corset. Go for it! Also, awsome to hear you're performing What Do You See? smile.gif If you don't take the jacket off, how will you feel toward the end of the song? You're beautiful! Go for it! *mischievious peer-pressure vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
(What's gotten into me this morning?)
Nah, just thinking that you should wear it for stage sometime, if not this time. I have some costume-ish items I wear that let my freak-flag fly. I have this striped pirate bandanna that flows down my back, and I like to wear it to concerts and hikes and places where I need reminding that I'm not just a normal person. (I also have a cardboard armor set and a Robinhood hat I made for Halloweens, but those aren't worn so often.) What I'm saying is, you're a performer, and that's awsome. Have fun with the performance gear smile.gif

Heya Dusty, Diva and Tess, if you're lurkin'! smile.gif
D'oh!! That sucks about the money, lore!! Car trouble always seems to happen during the worst possible times. There's never a good time, I guess.

"Wang Massage" Hahahahaha!!!

Culture, what is NDP?

ETA- I just got the word that my boss' "gifted" daughter wasn't accepted by any of the ivy league schools!! Hahaha!! Is it wrong for me to take pleasure in this? Ah, fuck 'em.
New Democratic Party. In Canada, if the Conservatives are our Republicans, and the Liberals are our Democrats, then the NDP is left of the Liberals, and right of the Communist Party of Canada. Kiefer Sutherland's grandfather, Tommy Douglas, was the first leader of the NDP.
hey hey hey!

happy wednesday!

i'm just in here for a sec to remind doodle of the two ladies that she helped the other day at the store... wasn't it a corset top that they both tried on? and you tried with all your might to get the smaller girl to accept that she looked good in it but then the other girl that needed a bigger size relished over herself in the mirror and even wore it out of the store? remember how PROUD you were of her? now, doodle... i say put that corset on and ROCK it! you KNOW you look good in it. and like lore said, you've taken all that time to take it in, you should definitely wear it now! embrace your inner rockstar goddess! hell, bring along the scarf or the jacket if it makes you feel more comfortable. but i bet you will look amazing and feel damn proud of yourself if you wear it. and there is NOTHING wrong with being proud of yourself for losing weight over the past several months. it feels good!

oh, and thanks to all of you for the mama-love. i wasn't really apologizing for feeling the way i do. but now, i'm feeling all the more feminist-y. hehe.

poodle, i think we should give xrb a dog name. like "scottie" or "jack russell". hehe.

ok, i better post this or it won't happen until midnight!! 'boobmaster jr. is growing another toofie and it a little bit needy today. poor buddy.
Awwww... ((((jackaroo's mouth))))

Give XRB a dog name? Ha! I think he'll just go by "mr. poodle" from now on. smile.gif I've always wanted a mr. poodle.
SOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo much to do today! AHHHHH!! Have actually skimmed, but no time to post much - wanted to say hi, and yes I'll wear the corset top. It really does have to do with the song, not BEB. biggrin.gif
We believe ya, Doodle. Thousands wouldn't, but we do.
He he he! smile.gif

Well, if you REALLY want a Mr. Poodle... but I'm just thinking that if he doesn't know about you being PinkPoodle, and then he somehow discovers that dozens of BUSTies (possibly thousands, though they are the dis-believing masses) know him intimately by the moniker "Mr. Poodle"... there could be an adjustment period, let's just say. biggrin.gif

Still, it has an ironic punkness to it as well.
Heh, howabout "poodledude?"
Hey ya'll! Let's see if I can get the friggin lounge to post this one today...I lost three yesterday - booo!

Poodle that is awesome about your refund!! We usually do pretty okay, but I filled out one of my withholding forms wrong, so this year we owe a thousand - pretty much the exact amount of all the freelancing I've done in the last month. Oh much for my visions of a new laptop.

Tree - you are going to have one swanky closet when you're done! You must post piccies of all your flooring and organizational goodness! And congrats on the van! I'd say fight like hell to keep it, or work out a share - you've been there a long time, and deserve a vehicle, dammit!

Doodle, I'm SO glad you're going to wear the corset - YEAH! ....And of course, come home and tell us all about it, and any, uh, tenting activity. heh. smile.gif

Kari - congrats on finishing up at the hospital!!! You MADE IT! You are going to be a most excellent therapist/social worker/whatever-you-decide-to-do with your degree!

Poodle, I'd totally be laughing with you about the Ivy League rejection - funny shit! We just get to laugh at our stupid boss who is harassing one of my co-workers about her apathy about planning a wedding (she's more interested in planning a marriage, not a party), meanwhile boss' daughter is engaged and is not speaking to bosslady, and will not discuss the wedding with her. Hi-larious. That she tells us all about her anger at her daughter not allowing her to plan the wedding is even more funny.

Lore, sorry to hear about the taxes and car trouble - bites. ((((((($$$$$$$$ for lore)))))))))

Well, the weather is finally nice here....well at least sunny, so I'm going to take turbo for a long walk!
Good Evening!

Ugh, Lore, sorry to heare about your car troubles and owing the taxman. Blech. A weed wedding cack!!! I'd love to do that if I had a bunch of stoner friends at my stoner wedding. Heh!

Poodle, I like Poodledude!!! Rejection also gives me a sick satisfaction. Then I feel bad. I gloat for a bit, then that's it.

Heya Dusty!

Hey FJ! Poor jackaroo and his toof.

Turbo, enjoy your walk!

I took puppy to the park and did a quick workout, want to take a day off. Tomorrow I'll squeeze in a morning cardio routine. It's a lovely day here, not much else going on. I have the hankering to watch That '70's show. But, I don't own it on DVD.
Lore...DAMN. It's too bad you don't live close to me, cause I'd totally hire you on a side job to do this closet. Money issues suck, I was laid off as an apprentice. I remember one year (I just saw the tax form, cause I keep all the information together, and I saw it when I was gathering stuff for THIS year)...but I earned just over 14,000 GROSS....and I OWED taxes. Talk about tough! Anyway, if you were here, you'd be getting carpenter's rate in cash to finish my closet. Of course, if a Carpenter (like YOU) were doing it, I wouldn't be wanting any stinkin' pre-made modular stuff. smile.gif And I DO want to see a picture of "wang massage"...sounds pretty funny indeed.

But, anyway, ~$~$~$money vibes$~$~$~ for Lore.

Doodle, count me in the Busties who are proud and glad you're wearing the corset!

Ivy league rejection....Hahahaha! I love it!

Turbo, there isn't much funnier than a wedding control freak not being able to participate in a wedding...Hehehe.....

FJ, I think YOU were the one who pep-talked our Doodle into wearing that corset! What a great post you made! ~*~*~jackaroo toof vibes~*~*~

Poodle, I think FJ's right XRB needs a dog name. I have a particular affection for the dog breed "labradoodle"...hehe. Although i understand if you don't use it, it's kind of lengthy isn't it? Is HE lengthy??? wink.gif

I'm naughty today.

I need a spanking, hmmm??? wink.gif much as having a van in general is convenient, I'm not sure I want to be responsible for THIS one. It's freaking HUGE. And I can't see out the back due to the tool racks and stuff, so I hate backing up using only the side mirrors. It freaks me out. I hit two curbs sort of's just so freaking BIG...hehe.. I think I'd prefer a minivan, if I ever get offered my own one. I can travel light.

Uh, oh...I hear a weird vomiting noise coming from Mojo's general direction.....

ETA: Xpost with Ch!!! *waves*

EETA:...can I ask for some vibes, please? Mark's partner, Joe, was just taken away in an ambulance...he was found unconscious and they couldn't wake him up....
~$~$~$~$~$~$~lore, the fj family is going through money issues too right now, so i'll send you sympathetic vibes! ~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~. my job is keeping us afloat but only barely. mrfj's job usually pays him very well, but because he is in sales, the current market situation has definitely affected us. he is bringing home about 2/3 of what he was toward the end of last year. we're hoping things will change. the good news is that we just paid off our volvo last month. the bad news is that our property taxes are due. not to mention that we owe the irs the moon still from our days of independent contracting. we'd have gotten a couple hundred dollars back this year but that and our "stimulus" will just go right toward our tax bill. ah, well. that's most likely what we'd have done with it anyway, but it'd have been nice to make that decision ourselves.

anyway, i hope things work out for you soon!! and i'll say it again how much i LOVE your positive, upbeat posts.

now, where is my paddle! "is he lengthy?" BWHAHAHAHA! tree, you bad girl! you made me giggle!!

poodledude is cute. mr. poodle reminds me of mr. pink from reservoir dogs.
*snorts* wang massage! Bwaaahahahahaha.

~$~$~$~$money vibes for Lore and the FJ's~$~$~$~$~

*winds up and spanks tree* Oh dear, did the gentleman have any medical issues before? Was he diabetic? ~*~*~*heaing vibes for Joe~*~*~*~*

Boobies. For some reason saying boobies outloud makes you feel better. Seriously, try it. No I am not high. I just enjoy saying boobies.
oh goodness! tree! i'm sending vibes to ~*~*~*~*~*~mark and joe~*~*~*~*~*~*~

i must have x-posted with your edit! i hope he is ok.
Hi all....haven't made it thru the posts yet, 'cause I saw tree's and wanted to post ~*~*~*~*~vibes for Mark and Joe~*~*~*~*~

Wound up not going to the jam as BEB is not feeling well today, and neither am I really, but he IS coming over tomorrow to jam, and it will probably be just him and I - which, I have to say, he seemed pretty darned pleased about. wink.gif I like it when it's just him and I, as he opens right up to me, and doesn't really open up at all when other people are involved in the conversation. Also, TURBO (and others), I asked him about getting a ride to my 2nd job on Friday, and it's no problem for him. biggrin.gif

Ironically, I was thinking of wearing the corset top to the clothing store on Friday. No seriously, I was. He won't get to see much of it anyway, since I'll be wearing a jacket in the car!!! But after watching that one woman struggle with her body image in the corset top, I decided I wanted to show the customers how it's done. tongue.gif That's part of the reason I dug it out to try on the other night. I won't be wearing it with my hott jeans, though, as I can't wear jeans there. (Ooh, that reminds me, some little kid hugged me the last time I was there, and left gum on the ass of my good black pants....I need to go try to get it off.)

I'm not actually upset about not going to the jam - I was kind of freaking about my voice not being up to par, and I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to be good. Plus the pressure of exposing myself in the outfit, plus I'm just feeling rushed around this week in general. I was starting to get a weird feeling about never goes well when I hit that pressurized place. (That's when I fuck up the songs and do dumb things like falling off stools.) Plus I still get to jam with BEB tomorrow.

~*~*~*~money vibes for everyone who needs 'em~*~*~*~

There's been lots in the astrology stuff these few days about money issues. I had a weird thing happen where my automatic paycheque deposit didn't go through when it was supposed to, so my automatic rent debit bounced! I didn't know till I logged into my online account at work this morning. But I sorted it out with the temp agency and credit union at lunch, and with the landlords after work, and no one is charging me any fees or anything. Phew!! That would've been $55 in charges, otherwise!! I'm going to get out of my automatic rent debit thingie until my financial system is a little more stabilized....

Okay! I'm going to finish reading now!

PS - I vote for "poodledude." wink.gif
Good Morning!

Hey again FJ!

hey Doodle, did you try ice to get the gum out? excellent that you are going to wear the corset, if it's at work, that'll be great to show your customers what it looks like! Ooooh Doodle and BEB alone? hee.

Doodle and Turbo, I need your astrology wisdom, since what I'm reading online seems to not makes sense at all. What do you think of a Libra Woman Aries man match?

Well, my laptop was couriered to me yesterday, but i wasn't home. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. UPS will try again today, now, here's hoping I'm home this time. If not tomorrow, but my mother will be home all day tomorrow. Soooooooo, it's all good! ummm, what else can i tell you. I had a smokin' dream about PR boy last night. smile.gif This morning I was up and working out at 5, and I feel fantabulous. Back to it this evening.

And some dork in an sluggy looking interepid almost hit me this morning. Thank you for not shoulder checking moron. I get that you are in a rush to get to Tim's, support poor working conditions for the growers and fuck over the environment while letting your car idle in the drive through instead of either 1) making your won damn coffee at home or 2) bringing a travel mug and going inside. i think there should be a fee for fast food places where you get disposable, non recyclable crap.


So, how is everyone this morning? any plans for the weekend? Someone from work is having her birthday party at a bar near my house tomorrow, so I'll head out to that. I actually hope that twat, mean woman is there, because not only do I have VIP there, but also it's my territory...anyhows, now that I'm done virtually pissing on my firehydrant!
Buenos Dias!

~~~~~~~~~health vibes for Joe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ treehugger, any update? How terrifying. sad.gif

Ooooh! Doodle is gonna spend some time alone with BEB!!! OOh! I think you should definitely rock the corset top at the store. Do it!

Hey Lore! Man, that blows about the taxes you owe & the car problems. I'm really sorry.

Jenn- Boooo for owing $1,000 to the tax man. I know you were dreaming of a new laptop.

~~~~money vibes for everyone~~~~~~~

I know, I'm feeling the pinch lately too. I know we're gonna get a bill for Mr K's surgery, just no idea how much. Not even ballpark. ? Plus, he's not been able to work lately, so we're missing some moolah that way too.

Poodles, I would have been laughing about the ivy league rejection too! It is not because we're mean people, but it is really hard to feel sympathy for braggarts. They bring it on themselves.

Fj, I hope your little man's tooth gets in soon so he can relax.

Things here are better today. Thank goodness! I feel like things are getting back to normal after all the sickness & death. I got a solid 7 hours of sleep last night, which always helps. Mr K has gone back to school today, so that is improvement. Guess what? Only two more hospital days for me! Tonight and next Thursday night. I thought I'd have to go in Tuesday AND Thursday next week, but I only lack 8 hours right now. SWEET! I think my fellow intern is a little irked about that, b/c she needs more. Aw well. Not my fault.

Hiya gang - just wolfing down my brekkie before I get ready for work, so this is quick, but I'll check back in at the office.

CH - BOO on missing your laptop! I hope you get it today!

kari - gosh, I never even thought of the medical bills when you told us about Mr K! That would freak me out totally if I had to pay medical bills. I don't know how y'all live under such a system. I take it for granted that I can go to the doc or the ER whenever I need to.

*hugs Canada very tightly*

Speaking of Canada, AND the NDP - I just got an e-mail from our local NDP candidate, and Jack Layton, leader of the party, is in town on Saturday - there's a thingie for members of the party, which happens to be the same time I'm working at the store. BAH! I would've totally taken BEB with me and impressed him with my connectionzzzz. Heh. And also signed him up for a membership. Heh heh heh.
Hey Hey *in best Krusty the Klown voice*

Kari, you only have a few more days at the hospital!! Woohoo!!!!

hey Doodle, I was thining, dayum, the woman is up early. Then I saw your post, and then I remembered that you are lotteries still.

It's been quiet here. I'm done case notes, and so forth, I'm fucking around doing nothing.
I am fighting off a headcold that my child brought home from gramma's. Actually, things have gotten mellow with my parents. For now. I imagine it's like the drama of anyone; you get the high from the conflict and a nice buzz for a little while until you need the next fix. Anyhoo, they gave all of us two grand, which about nearly made me fall out. I'm strategizing to pull off paying off some credit card bru-haha, and also got some stuff I've been dying to buy for years--like MATCHING TOWELS!!! Whoot! Macy's was having a mazzo-sale, and I got an extra 15% off with my card, so I got eight huge-ass bath towels and matching rags and hand towels for about $50, plus some new pans since mine went the way of the dodo, and I cook A LOT so this is detrimental.

That was a seriously beefy run-on. Mea culpa.

And I found some more Belgian ale I've been wanting to try, the groceries are completely stocked, the girl has some spring clothes and funky monkey socks, and I got this body scrub at Target which rules. It's this new line from Britain--very pink and obnoxious, but lovely. I need to do a Lush trip here as soon as I work up the clit to travel to the Death Star (MOA). Fuggit...maybe I'll just go online.

Break has been enlightening. I'm still having these retarded perseverations before I go to sleep, but mostly it's under control. A friend of mine offered up their yard for gardening, so not all hope is lost. smile.gif

Dude, paying medical bills blows. My co-pay went through the roof when Minneapolis switched their insurance plans with Medica. My office co-pay went from $20 to $55!!! This is apparently because my clinic is a "tier 2" and not as cost-effective as others. Well, I refuse to switch because of the quality and continuity of care. I also refuse to switch for political reasons--my clinic specializes in HIV treatment, and my doctor is gay, and I'm going to stay to support their practice. Anyhoo...with my onset of nasty psoriasis in October due to the five rounds I went with strep throat, it got pretty fucking expensive. I hate our health care system.

Well, I'd better sign off, or my computer will instantaneously turn off at any random moment and I'll lose this.

(((busties and busters)))
Medical care should be a right. Actually, it IS in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. God. It seems unreal to me that a nation of such impossible wealth can't provide core health care for all its citizens. I feel unbelievably lucky to be a Canadian. You know, I hear lots of Yanks complaining about how supposedly high our taxes are here...and they aren't, really, because when you add in what U.S. citizens pay for health care, we have it a lot cheaper, but in our case, EVERYONE has access to health care. When I was visiting NYC, I had this conversation with a Texan couple who were somehow convinced that 80% of our earnings are payed out in taxes (don't know WTF they were smoking)....but in the next breath, they kept saying one of the things they admired most about Canada was how we have a spirit of taking care of one another. Durrrr. That's where the tax system comes in!

God, this job site totally IS like Wonkaland. I am eating a gigantic chocolate chip muffin right now. Only a buck! biggrin.gif

CH, I think a Libra-Aries match is not a bad one. Best for Libra is supposed to be Gemini and Aquarius, with Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries following in second. But it's hard to know what to think when it comes to that stuff. I've been reading lots of stuff lately (out of pure curiosity, of course *ahem*) that says Sagittarius-Pisces is the worst match ever, and lots of stuff that says it's the BEST match ever. Who the fuck knows? Plus they say it's affected by all the other stuff in your chart, like your moon sign, your Venus, your Mars, etc.

Damn that BEB anyway. I've never felt more totally "myself" with a new person in my entire life. Why does there have to be a glitch???

Don't mind me, I'm just whining.
Hey Hey again!

Minx, I live the fact that you are supporting that clinic!

Doodle, word on health care. It certanily is something I nkow I take for advantage. I don't think twice about booking an appointment with my doctor. People's health shouldn't have to suffer because of insurance nad profit.

As for the astrology stuff. The boy is an Aries, ruled by mars, and I'm a libra, ruled by Venus. It's so fucked up. ((((doodle)))) I'm sorry you are so frustrated. I do know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about someone. When things just fit and feel right, and good and and and. Le Sigh.
Hi everyone!!

I still have about half of your stuff to read, but I wanted to drop by and say hi. Yay!! It's Thursday!! I came in thinking it was Wednesday, so I'm pretty happy right now.

I'll be back!!

ETA- "Poodledude" it is!!
The Steelworkers tell me that it costs more to make a car in the US than in Canada, because of the health care costs in the US. Health care is cheaper per capita in Canada because its universal.

Aries-Gemini, anyone?
Poodle, I also thought it was Wednesday today! I though Monday was the first of April. Imagine my happiness when my mother told me it was indeed Thursday.

Heya Dusty! I find it interesting that the US spends the most money per capita on heath care, but so many people can't afford insurance. How does that make sense?? Interesting fact about producing a vehicle.
Bummer about the co-pay, Minx! Rock on about the $2GRAND smile.gif (and funky monkey socks!)

~$~$~$~$~for the FJ's and all else who need 'em~$~$~$~$~

*health and comfort vibes to Mark and Joe* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Rock on about hospital completion and a healthier Mr.K!

Mr. Poodle sounds good, too. I was just poking fun about how he might feel about learning that's his name. I was thinking about Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs, too. He may react better to PoodleDude. Labradoodle, while clever, sounds like Doodlebug has part-ownership of him.

Culture, I hope your laptop comes safe and sound, too... oh, and that you also get your computer! wink.gif

Really glad you got your rent charges cleared, Doodle! I was getting a bit concerned about how you were going to perform so worn out and sick-ish. Good on you for knowing when to bow out.

(((Tree))) (heh! I'm a treehuggerhugger!) Thanks for the job offer! That's really sweet. I'd be concerned about how much a project like that would be from scratch, though. I built a file cabinet that's not even 5' tall, and the materials cost me over $100! That was with my designing it to maximize use of the lumber I bought. Also, I used the facilities and equipment at my training center for it.

Tentative yay, though, on a guy I met during rigger training who is recommending me to his boss at a large, local, and prominent interior finishing carpentry company! He thought I'd be a good match for the company since I'm into doing stuff right and I'm easy-going and polite. Those can be pretty rare traits in the union carpentry world.

FJs, congrats on paying off the car! Also, it's cool that you're getting rid of tax debt at a slightly accelerated rate, anyway. Yeah, the economy is pretty scary. I hope Mr.FJ isn't feeling too down. I took a bad economy ride last year, and that does hurt the ego no matter what.

ETA X-post with everyone again! Heya Dusty! *wonders where he can get 'nad profit'* "Hey, Goaty! Our money problems are solved! biggrin.gif "
Lore, i had to read your comment a few times to get it. Then I laughed hystericall!!!

that's really great about the man who is recommending you! ~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((Tree's friend Joe))))))))))))))

I've only skimmed the posts a little, so please excuse me. I left work sick on Tuesday around noon and took yesterday off. I've got this nasty throat thing going on that makes me sound like Lauren Bacal after smoking a carton of cigarettes. It's really kind of funny, and I'm trying to freak people out with my weird deep/squeaky/barely there voice. It actually sounds a whole lot worse than it feels right now. The giant's got the full-blown flu, though. He can't sleep, has body aches and chills and was sweating profusely last night in bed, has a fever, and now lots of congestion. Poor guy.

We ended up not doing the Guitar Hero tournament due to illnesses. I woudn't have won anyway, and the prizes were kinda lame, unless you don't live 50 miles from the place it was held at and could utilize the prizes (no, I don't want a tattoo from a random shop in the crappy suburbs, thankyouverymuch).

On my day and a half off, I got totally addicted to Clean House. That show is dangerous, yo.

Sorry for the me me me. I feel kinda bad that I didn't read the archives.
~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Diva and Giant~*~*~*~*
Ooh, ~*~*~*~jobbity-job vibes for lore!!~*~*~*~

I have a question for y'all. Two questions.

1) What do you think is the dividing line between confidence and arrogance?

2) Do you think a confident woman is more likely to be considered arrogant than a confident man would be, and if so, why?
doodle, i think confidence is carrying yourself in such a way that people can't help but respect you. it's natural, and comes from an inner peace with who you are as a person. arrogance is talking about yourself or acting in such a way in order to make people respect you. it comes from a place of insecurity.

i think men can probably get away with confidence a little more easily than women without being thought of as arrogant or snobbish.

thanks for the money vibes and the toofy vibes, ya'll.

~*~*~*~*~*~get better vibes for diva and giant~*~*~*~*~*~*

~~$~$~$~$~$~$$~get that jobby-job vibes for lore~~$$~$~$~$~$~$~~

culture, i am in awe of your workouts. i keep saying that i'm going to start working out at night after jackaroo sleeps, but i've been working instead. grr, not enough time in the day!

weekend? we are planning to go to the art walk tomorrow night. haven't been in several months because the weather has been threatening. and wouldn't you know it? rain forecasted for tomorrow. we hate to get the boy out in the rain but we might risk it tomorrow. i think it's going to be a game-time decision. i really want to go because it also probably means that we'll do our fave mexican joint. mmmmmm.
ThankeyDoodle~! smile.gif

My answer to 1) even before reading 2) is: Confidence is a belief in ability, whereas arrogance is a belief in entitlement. Both are beliefs which expect results, but confidence implies reliance on effort. Arrogance implies that the results are owed. With this set of explanations, there is room for a gray overlap area. For instance, if you're Adam Carolla in Dancing With The Stars, and you have already danced for the night and feel that you kicked ass, you could have both confidence and arrogance. Adam could be confident that his performance was strong enough to stave off being booted for one more show. The very same feeling could be arrogance that his performance deserves higher votes than at least one other couple. In this example he is being both confident and arrogant for the same thought. The words aren't perfectly mutually exclusive.

My answer to 2) Eh, it really depends on more than gender in my book. Depends on who's judging him/her, what the confidence is about (job? sex appeal? performance talent?), what backdrop your situation has, and the many other personal traits of whoever is being judged. In Adam Carolla's case, people think he's a pompous douche-bag, but really, he's very sensitive wink.gif

ETA: X-post! I like the inner-peace / insecurity definition, too smile.gif Good luck about the rain. We should look into art walks around our town, too. Those are fun and stimulating.

Hey Doodle. I'll have to think about that question before I'm able to answer.

Hey FJ! I am very motivated to work out, but I also don't have as much going on as you.

Hey again lore.

Well, I got into a spat with my mother. She was screaming and I didn't take it. I told her she had to get over he work issues (which she's been talking about since almost 8 months now). She told me she didn't want to hear about my issues with that horrible woman. uhhhh, I haven't been talking about her every day for two years! I don't even talk about her at all anymore, so I tossed that back in her face. Ugh.

UPS attempted to deliver my laptop again, but again, I wasn't home. Tomorrow I'll have it.

I worked out, pretty hard because I was pissed. I'm just feeling blue. Fark.

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