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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Doodle, I never even thought of the geek factor of saying IT magnet. hee.

~*~*~*~*healing and anti-cold vibes for Doodle~*~*~*~

The song sounds cool.

Fucking hell - how can I be suffering with a stuffy nose AND be so damned fucking horny at the same time?

I damn well hope that boy is going to cough up some sugar at some point.
Hi, peeps!

I've been in more of a lurky mode than a posty mode lately, but I've been around.

(((((((((((GT and puppy)))))))))))) That sounds miserable. Congrats on finding a new job so quickly, though.

Hi, Minxy! Enjoy your spring break! Any plans for it, or just relaxing around home? I am envious of your schedule, though, except for the early morning part. I'd kill to have breaks in the year for the hell of it and summers off.

Kari, I posted about meeting Tim Gunn in the PR thread. He's a really, really lovely person. He's exactly what you'd think he'd be like judging from his shows. I hope any kid I have grows up to be as polite and gracious as him.

Hey, Poodle! Any new developments with your dad?

Congrats on the car, CH! I'd love a Honda Civic, but I couldn't afford it. They're damn good cars.

Hi, Doodle and Jenn and Lore and everyone I missed!

I haven't been around for about a week, I guess. My Easter was pretty good. My parents had Sam the whole day, since his other family did their thing last Saturday. When I got to the house, Sam screamed "Angie!!!!" and bolted up to me, then stood there jumping up and down. I took my jacket off, put my bags down, and when I went to hug him, I guess he was jumping up because he bonked me really hard in the nose. Oh, well. He was just excited to see me, so I wasn't mad. We had a lovely time with the egg hunt, all indoors. He got his first whoopie cushion, which I believe every 5-year-old should have, and a lot of other little crap. We played games, ran around, and had lots of fun. The rest of my week has been pretty blah. The giant's making a ton of money off selling his old games/guides/gaming systems on ebay, so he's very busy sitting on the damn computer all evening. The highlight of my week was meeting Tim Gunn in person. I have the picture hanging up at work. It makes me smile.
I just read a disturbing story on celebrity camel toe.. When will celebs learn to dress themselves!
Um, WTF?

Hi diva! Nice to see you posting! I agree that every 5-year old needs a whoopie cushion. So does every 39-year old....maybe I'll get one! Really cool on meeting Tim Gunn - glad to hear he was awesome!

I wrote a verse to Theory of Everything on my lunch break. Will try it on the jam tonight. This is my lunch these days - spend half of it walking and singing, and the other half sitting in the cafeteria, singing to myself and scribbling stuff down like a madwoman. Then I dash back through the halls to my office, staring at the notebook and singing. A few people are starting to look at me funny. tongue.gif But most just comment on how happy I must be if I'm singing.

I can't get ahold of hippiegirl for some reason. I wanted to firm up her participation tonight. I've been trying since I got home from work last night, but her cell phone is not accepting calls. Dunno what's going on, but I'm getting a bit worried.
Where'd everybody go??

I got my first irate self-excluder today. WHOO! He was pissed. I had to hand him off, as I didn't know enough about what he was pissed about.

Also I found one of those ergonomic desk seats, being unused - the kind with no back, where the seat is angled and there is another angled rest for the knees. I'm trying it right now! It's pretty groovy. I feel so tall!

ETA: WOOT! There is breakfast in the cafeteria tomorrow - $3 bacon, eggs, toast, and hashbrowns buffet!

Also, I got ahold of hippiegirl - she and singergirl are both coming to the jam. biggrin.gif
Good Evening!

Hey Doodle, how are you feeling?? The ergonomic seat sounds pretty neat.

Hey Diva! I agree, a whoopie cushion is a must have. I'll bet he was using it everywhere! I love the civic! It's such a great a car to drive.

I took the dog for a walk, and now I'm just chilling out. Not much going on. Tomorrow is payday!!! Woohoo!!!

Hey ya'll!

Diva that is *awesome* that you got to meet Tim Gunn! I adore him - he just seems like the kindest man, and I'm glad that he seemed that way when you met him. I love that he appears so tickled at his own popularity.

((((((((GT)))))))) Know that you've given that pupper the best life possible, and she may be with you for awhile yet, so enjoy her beautiful presence as long as you can.

Lore, when I wait for the train, I've been watching a crew build a building for about 6 months, and I just find it SO fascinating - its truly amazing, these tall skyscrapers that we spend our lives inhabiting, now that I see one go up. And I watch the crane guys alot - it really is a technical skill to see them tie up stuff to lift up to the working floors!

Minxy!!! Enjoy your well-deserved vacay! Are you staying in town, or getting out of dodge?

I'd just like to report that we're in the middle of another snow storm. Feh.

I mentored tonight, and it was all my favorite kids - the rowdies probably stayed away because of the crappy weather, but it was so much fun to just hang with the kids who really want to learn graphic design stuff.

Have fun with the jam tonight, Doodle!!!
thanks okayers!

i miss this thread, but i am away from a computer most of the day at work, so i check the thread and i can't keep up with all of the posts... makes me sad... i need a tv w/o pity or cliff notes summary of all the posts on the weekends!

my puppy monster goes to the heart specialist tomorrow. say a prayer for her.
i hope it's good, i do love her so much. i know i've said it a lot, but she really is the loopiest, sweetest doggie that i've ever met.

ttyl, okayers!

ps, thanks again....
~*~*~*~*~bigtime puppy vibes~*~*~*~*~

(((((((GT)))))))) I know how hard it is to deal with things like this, when it comes to a beloved pet. I'm a little like you - I didn't know I wanted George till I had him, and now I don't know what I'd do without the little guy. Sometimes there is a magic connection between you and a particular animal, like you and your puppers'll always feel it, no matter what.

Hiya turbo! Glad to hear you had so much fun with kids who wanted to be there! What kinds of stuff did you teach them?

Well, I kicked everyone out around 10:30. Two shifts tomorrow! Back to back! YEARGH!!! Anyway, it was me, BEB, hippiegirl, and singergirl. Don't know what happened to banjoboy, but he came begging for ibuprofen when I got home from work, so maybe his headache took him down. BEB arrived first, with beer, and we talked for awhile, about all kinds of stuff. Then the girls arrived, with weed, and we played lots and lots of great music, and I played Theory of Everything with the new lyrics (still not finished, though), and the new, new one (lorewolf's song), What Do You See. Everyone really liked them, especially BEB, who got right into playing with them, except for when he was watching me, of course. Ooh, and I totally blew his eccentric little bluegrass socks off when I pulled out that old chesnut, Sixteen Tons - well, you'd have to hear the way I sing it: low and deep and uber-bluesy. But anyway. Blew. Him. Away. I tell you one thing: whatever else may or may not ever happen between this boy and I, he is already falling deeply in love with my voice. A singer knows. wink.gif

There was one moment where I asked BEB if he wanted a tea or if he was fine with his beer. He looked at me with this should have seen this face, like it was all lit up, and he went, "What did you call me?" I repeated myself, and I realized he thought I'd somehow said something ending in "dear" instead of "beer." I was so dead serious and unembarrassed when I repeated myself, that he knew I hadn't said what he thought - he looked kind of let down! I swear I'm not making this up. I think he wanted to believe I'd made a Freudian slip. Or maybe he heard something he wanted to hear. Or maybe he was just disappointed that I hadn't given him an excuse to tease me. Or whatever. wink.gif

I was telling BEB about the amazing subsidized cafeteria at work, and he wondered if I could get him in. (He's also dead curious about the place itself, which is like a fortress of curiously happy workers, shielded from the eyes of the world by mirrored glass and uber-high security.) So - heh - I think tomorrow I will find out if I can sign guests into the building....he works right next door to me at city hall, right? A few one-to-one lunchtime conversations with the boy might be in order right about now. tongue.gif

God, I SOOOO have to go to bed.
Yeah, I've been a lurky mclurkerson myself lately.

Doodle, your life sounds so exciting right now! Enjoy this time.

~*~*major, major puppy vibes for GT and puppers*~*~

Lore, I loved rigging class. Tieing those knots is pretty neat..we'd get into competitions to see who could tie them the fastest. I was pretty good at it. I actually, when I was maybe a second year apprentice? Third year? (it's running together)...but I got a chance to operate a (small) crane. I have way new respect for crane operators...the way they can move the loads without them swinging them all over the place. I really had difficulties keeping an even load when I had to simultaneously extend the boom and keep the load the same height in the air. I think I had people running for cover! Luckily I was out in the middle of a field on a very, very small construction site. It was cool, though. I liked operating Lulls, too, which I got to do out at the GM warehouse I worked on for a while.

CH, a new car! WOOT! How nice. smile.gif

So I have a good things Friday since I missed tuesday...or maybe it's a self accomplishment...I, this past week, rebult an ultracold COMPLETELY ALONE. Including wiring them up which is a challenge because the wiring box is up in the cabinet and you have to do it blind, and know where to put each wire. I charged it up with refrigerant myself, I did it ALL myself, and it was at -80 Celsius within three hours, once I got it started. Yay!
Well, I'm glad to see that I can finally log on here!

Turbo, that's really cool that you can mentor kids who want to learn about what you do! That's great!

((((((((gt)))))))) come in here whenever you like. How did the appointment go?

Doodle, were you able to get BEB into the building as a guest?

Tree, that's fantastic that you built a ultracold on your own!!!! How have you been feeling these days?

Well, it's Friday, I'm done in an hour, I think I'm just going to go home and chill. There is a winter storm watch in effect. We could get up to 15 cm of snow. Yuck. And tomorrow I'm supposed to see a friend compete in a body building championship and then go out after that.

What's everyone else up to this weekend?

Hiya CH and tree.... I the only one who's been having problems getting into the Lounge, and/or getting stuff to post?? GRRRR!!

Sadly, no, I'm not allowed to get BEB into the building, mainly BECAUSE it's an open cafeteria, and they don't want people to take advantage of it. Which was the whole point. But I'm thinking I might offer to pick him up a cheap cafeteria lunch sometime and meet him at Riverside Park or's only a block away. I guess the lotteries building will have to remain a dark mystery! Maybe I could sneak him in for a tour, though....

Got to eat $3 bacon and eggs at my desk this morning.....mmmmm.......

I was thinking of inviting him for lunch today, but I think it's too soon after just seeing him last night!! He's definitely someone who needs room to think about what's going on that is. wink.gif
Hey Doodle!

It also took me forever to get in, I know some others have been having issues too. I could get in on the low-fi version, but still couldn't post.

I was actually going to suggest you and BEB getting together for lunch sometime.

It's gorgeous out here today. I am enjoying my afternoon off. I didn't do lunch with the PR boy, but I did just come back from the cops. So, I suppose that somewhat made up for it. He doesn't have the same effect on me as PR boy though.

Well, I think I'm going to haul my ass to work out.

I've been having trouble with the Lounge for a few weeks, but it was really bad this morning.

I met the big cheese this morning, who is up from the Wet Coast. He re-iterated the desire to keep me around part-time after my trainer gets back from Europe, so I guess it's for real. I re-iterated my need to think about my money situation....kind of a hint, I think, that I'd like more hours, if they want me! He seems really impressed with my skills, which is great.

Honestly, the longer I'm here, the better this place's kind of like being a free range get all these cool little perks and flexibilities, and you are trusted to do the work without supervision....and subsequently nobody wants to leave the chicken farm!

Nice to have a day off, CH!! I'm starting to value those a lot more....

Yeah, I have been hoping for awhile to have a few lunches with BEB, now that I'm next now that he's brought up the actual possibility of eating lunch together, I feel a little more freer to issue the invitation. Hard to know how to do these things, with the spectre of a girlfriend (whom I'd prefer out of the picture!) looming over my head. Hopefully offering cheap cafeteria food to be eaten in the park won't seem too intimidating!

I'm still laughing over the whole dear/beer incident from last night..... tongue.gif
Blergh...the republican gave me his evil virus. Stupid assclown refuses to go home when he's sick. Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say hi. Okay, I'm gonna go back to bed now. Later babes!!

*tucks poodle in with a hot water bottle and a mug of tea with lemon and honey.

I've been sneezing all frigging day, and have a bit of a cough. Bleargh.

I am not sick. I am not sick. I am not sick. I refuse to be sick. I will not be sick. It's just hayfever. Yeah, that's it.

I took a short lunch today so I can leave early for my 2nd job....these days will be my crazy days! Can't believe I smoked weed and drank beer last least I'm not hungover. tongue.gif God, I wonder if I reek of it in the mornings??
Hi, peeps!

I can't really do much at work right now. I accidentally kicked myself out of one of my systems I need to use every 3 minutes, so I'm forced to play online. Oh, well. : )

(((((((((((get better vibes for Poodle)))))))))))))))) I hate it when people spread their germs around. Like other people want them or something. Feh.

Doodle, your cafeteria does indeed sound awesome. Ours sucks here, and it's overpriced.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~))))))))))))) that's me trying to blow the snowstorm away from Jenn in Chicago. It's far too late in the year for that shit.

Hi, CH, Lore, GT, Tree, and all!

I haven't been up to much today. Free bagels for breakfast, picked at my salad for lunch, going out for dinner with the giant tonight, then a B&N hang out session. I love doing that on a Friday night - it just seems like the natural thing to do. I don't know if I want to do that before or after dinner. We'll be hungry if we go before, but my tummy will probably hate me if we go after. What to do?

I've decided to take a National Divala Day tomorrow to do my spring shopping. I'm going to get rid of most of the t-shirts I bought last year because they're either all stretched out or they've shrunken to the point of being too short and make me look like a giant square. I'm going to venture out alone tomorrow, because I know the giant would be bored as hell on one of my clothes shopping binges (they only happen twice a year, but they're intense), so that means I can go to all kinds of weird places he'd never want to go to. It's supposed to be lovely out tomorrow, so I'll spend most of the day on that. Other than that, we're going to do my taxes, then do a whole lot of nothing. Both of our families were visited last weekend, so we're not going to play with them this weekend. We might go to my brother's place for Wrestlemania on Sunday, but it's iffy.

What's everyone else up to for the weekend?
Hi everybustie!!!

*bows before ultracold-genius of tree*

It's friday and I'm done working - YAYAYAY!!! I think I want a free range workplace like doodle!

Actually, the *perfect* job came across my desk - senior graphic designer with the same org, but at the national home office....I know I already love the team and the guy who is the director. The problem? The job is in Hotlanta. I cannot live in Atlanta. *sigh* I talked to the director, and working remotely isn't an option on this one, and I don't blame him, and I would want to work on-site with the team too...I think it was a disappointment for both of us. But I am not a southern belle, hot weather is not for me, and I particularly dislike the tremendous suburban sprawl of Atlanta, and how badly they've mismanaged growth against their natural resources. So, time to make that perfect job appear in Chicago. smile.gif

Doodle, I love to come home everyday, and catch up with your life everyday - such an exciting, intense time for you! Too bad you can't get BEB in for lunch at the lottery, but not surprising. Its like you work in one can come in. Mmmmm.....chocolate.

We're going to a tequila tasting tonight at our local wine shop, and then dinner. Tomorrow, we're having some friends over for a dinner party, including the contractor who designed/built our kitchen - should be fun. I think I'll make my pinwheel pork roast, stuffed with a spiced apricot/apple chutney - its sooooo good. Must pick up some wine tonight to go with.

Enjoy your shopping spree, Diva - I totally need to do that, too. I'm totally screwed for spring clothes at the moment (if spring ever arrives), since I'm up a size from my summer cycling weight.
Good Evening!

Doodle, the current position sounds really promising. I hope that something comes up and you can stay! even if you went casual to start. ~*~*~*onoing healing vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*

(((((poodle))))) ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~* want me to go kick him in the shins??

Diva, that national Divala Day sounds fantabulous! enjoy your shopping trip, buy something super fabulous!

(((((Turbo)))) I'm sorry that the perfect job isn't in Chicago. But, if they moved it over there, THAT would rock!

my day was a quiet one, worked out, took the dog to the park, went to see my dad and we picked up my old car (which has passed safety) it's going in the newspaper this weekend, and I hope that it will sell so I canbank the money! My dad is doing better, saw an endocrinologist today, they are trying new meds, and are going to see how that fairs.

Tonight, probably just stay low key, now that my ass is broke. I also found out my laptop is on it's way to me via UPS! Woohoo!

Good evening all - just got in the door 20 minutes ago! PHEW! What a day! Luckily, one of my co-workers gave me a ride home, so I didn't have to walk....I'm not afraid of the people, but where I walk, I'm afraid of the drunk drivers on a Friday night! And waiting for buses would've taken twice as long as walking, ugh.

It was kind of a crazy rush to get there today, too! This existence is going to be a little insane, now that I'm full-time on days with no car. I dunno how I feel about this, but if I get on lunch-taking terms with BEB next week, I might ask him to drive me to my 2nd shift next Friday....he lives up near there, and he'd be leaving his job the same time as I'd be leaving mine next door. Or would that be too much to ask?

turbo, that's too bad about the job being in Atlanta....but I'm so sure the perfect thing is going to come up right where you want to be! How did the tequila tasting go? (I love the Willy Wonka comparison, btw - I'm totally using that.)

diva!! National Diva Day for shopping sounds perfect! Be sure to tell us all about what you bought!

CH! HURRAH for the laptop being on it's way!! WOOT!

God, I can't believe this day. Meeting the big cheese at the lotteries, trying to get all that last minute info before my trainer left for her tonight's the night they finally got me properly into the system and decided to teach me the computerized cash register system at the clothing store, so that's come on top of all the stuff I've been trying to cram in with the lotteries' security database....AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Too. Much. Information. In. My. Brain. Plus, damn, I can't believe I kept so smart after smoking weed and jamming last night.

The big cheese is going to to be in a few more times while my trainer is away - I'm hoping I'll get to talk with him some more about exactly what they are proposing in terms of me staying on. If it's just temping part-time, then it probably wouldn't pay for me to stay, b/c I'll lose other opportunities - but if they're willing to actually hire me part-time on staff, at a decent wage, then I'd probably take it. It would probably work out around the same cost to them, as I know temp agencies charge a whack of dough for temp placements, plus I'm already trained, so they wouldn't have to find someone new and re-train. Maybe I could propose something....after all, they do like me. The big cheese was impressed with me, and he actually said, "We could really use your skills around here." It would be cool to parlay that into a regular staffing gig, I tell ya. And apparently there are quite a few employees who came there from my temp agency and never left, so you never know.

I don't know how I did with my numbers at the clothing store, but I'll know tomorrow - probably pretty well. It was quite steady. Oh, and we had these 2 annoying women come in fifteen minutes before closing time, and they hadn't even started trying on stuff at five to. We tried to rush them, told them we were closing, but they didn't seem bothered, and left a huge messy pile of clothes in the fitting rooms afterwards, which kept us late straightening it out, and there is a bunch of clothing for the morning shift to re-rack. Luckily it's all re-hung and sorted, but still. People, please don't do this to those of us in retail! I also had an older woman kvetching hard about the cost of our swimsuits - even though the last one she bought of the same quality (for a third of the price) was decades ago, and according to her, it lasted years and years and years before it finally fell apart. Hello? You get what you pay for, and yeah, the cost of things go up in a couple of decades. Do you want to buy a cheap crappy discount store suit every couple of years, or do you want to invest in another one that will last you for decades? Durrrr.....

I've got lipstick on my good black pants (don't ask) - I'll have to wash them before bed so they'll dry, and iron them before work tomorrow. Ugh.

I'm officially a vegetable. I wonder how long I can keep this up? If I do wind up getting permanent full-time day work, I'm definitely going to have to give up evenings at the clothing store, and just do Saturdays. At least I'll still get my discount....
Good Afternoon!

Doodle, it is so irritating when people come into a store when it is so close to closing and then are assholes about it. When I worked in retail at five minutes to close, we'd lock the doors so no one could get in. We'd have someone at the door to let people out. It was so highly irritating when people came in and made a mess. I'd ask BEB for a ride, you could offer to pitch in for gas as an incentive.

I did nothing last night, I was soooooo tired. And then I got cranky. I've taken the dog for a walk, now I'm trying to get my ass in gear to work out.

i've been lurking, too. cliff notes would be a huge help! i feel so far behind that i feel overwhelmed and don't post because i think i'll never be able to shout out to everyone and i'll miss someone and woah, am i neurotic or what?

doodle is not sick. doodle is not sick. doodle is not sick.

poodle is, though. poor poodle. feel more bettah soon, babe. are the kitties being good and cuddling with you to make you feel better?

~*~*~*~*~*~ vibes for girl trouble's puppy ~*~*~*~*~*~*

jenn, i NEED the recipe for that pork roast! YUM.

willie wonka! i first heard about willie wonka in here. was it diva who said that the oompah loompahs freaked her out? have to agree with that, dude. i just saw the johnny depp version last night. they were scary. i fell asleep at one point, though - did they ever say WHY they all looked the same?? how did they reproduce, i wonder??

hugs and shout outs to poodle, doodle, turbojenn, lore, minx, puppy kitty, falljackets and the mr, culture handy, minx, mouse, diva, tree hugger, girl trouble.......and everyone else i am, of course, missing.

i wanna come and play with all of you more often!!!

No fair not telling what is going on with you!!!

damn. i knew i would miss someone!

i am hugely busy at work. our desk officer in new york (a good friend of mine and an incredible help, not just in that he is really great at financial stuff and helping out with all the crap the us govt wants us to report on but also in that i could vent with him and get it off of my chest) left the project. it was time for him too, he needed more challenges, he was fed up with a lot of things....i knew it was coming, i even gave him references..but i've been in denial.

(mimi the african attack cat is pawing my leg and biting my calf. she wants attention)

my sister's husband was diagnosed with leukemia on 2 feb and died on 22 feb. she's been a complete wreck and i've been having a really hard time not being with her and the rest of my family.

i'm going to cape town for a heavy duty workshop in how to link pediatric aids services with pMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission) aids services on 13 april.

on 19 april i leave for the usa - neiceoid elle was SUPPOSED to be induced on the 22cd - but she is already 70% effaced and 2 inches dilated, so i'm thinking that i'm not going to get to be in the delivery room with her after all....but i'll still get to see her and the bebe!!! who will be my (pseudo) grandson and who we will have call me no-no!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, i will spend some time with mr. hotbuns, too. so things are looking up.
((((((tes and tes' sis and family))))) It is so hard to be away when family challenges arise - but you will be going home soon to visit all who need your bright light, and that's a wonderful thing! (((((safe delivery for ellebaby))))

I'm sorry to hear that your friend left the program. Boooo! I know I couldn't keep doing this job without my partners in crime - it helps so much to have solidarity with your co-workers.

I've just been cooking up a storm all day here, getting ready for the dinner party. I'll have to post the recipe tomorrow, its from Cook's Illustrated, though - so you *know* its goooooood. And it looks amazing sliced on a plate with the fruit swirls in the roast - very impressive, even though there's nothing really difficult about it. Hardest thing is opening the pork roast into one big sheet.

(((((health vibes for doodle)))) You are one busy woman! I think you should definitely ask BEB for a ride to your 2nd shift - I'd certainly do it for any friend, and if he lives in that general direction, then its no big deal at all. Go for it - I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
Good evening, Okayers!!

So sleeeeeepyyyyy.........

HIYA TESAO!!!!!!!!! SO lovely to see you here!!! I MEECE you!!

turbo, you didn't fill us in on the tequila tasting! Did you get drunk? Drunk turbo is so cute.... wink.gif

CH, how was your workout? What else are you up to this weekend - how's the bedroom coming?

It was crazy busy today at the store. Non-stop. I think management is singling me out for my sales ability, because I never have to do any of the regular "chores" like sweeping and dealing with garbage, and I am usually shooed away from re-hanging clothes at the roll bar (aka: at the fitting rooms), and encouraged to "get out there on the floor." Even when the roll bars are overflowing. Ditto on the shifts they are giving me - the busiest times. I do love it, though. I love helping women buy clothes. Who knew? I don't know exactly how I did, but the manager told me I made my week's goals, and she'll go over my numbers with me next week. Yay!

Funny about women and body image - I get to think about it every time I'm there. The differences in individual women blow my mind. I had one young woman come in and try on clothes for a party tonight - she looked terrific in this corset top, but felt sort of "overflowing" in it, really uncomfortable. She kept pointing to her flaws, moaning, agonizing, etc. I tried to work her through her body image stuff, but nothing would have convinced her of her fabulousness - she would never have been comfortable wearing it out in public, let alone dancing in it at a party, worrying about her wobbling flesh and her shape. Wound up buying something else that didn't look half as good, IMHO. Another woman came in and grabbed the corset top right off the roll bar, before it even went back out on the floor. Then got me to find her a bigger size, and it took forever to lace her into it - she kept going, "I can't breathe - lace it tighter!" I made lots of bawdy jokes about her not being able to bend and having to be "on top," etc., which she loved. She wound up wearing it out of the store, under her clothes. What was really cute was that her boyfriend came in to the fitting room to look at it, and his eyes totally bugged out. I told them they weren't allowed to close the door of the fitting room. wink.gif Afterwards, she was looking for some matching underwear, to "hide" the bottom part of her tummy....I said, "Honey, I saw the look in that boy's eyes - he don't give a shit." Should have seen her walking out of the store. biggrin.gif I wish the first woman could've been there at the same time as the second woman, watching her buy the same damned corset top in a bigger size and lapping up the sexual innuendo. *le sigh*

Was kind of stuffy and sneezy earlier in the day, but it seems to have mostly passed - probably temporarily, but whatever works. I think the walk home helped a lot.
Mornin' Okayers!

(((tes and family))) I am so so sorry to hear about your sister's husband. How terrible. sad.gif I know it is hard for you to be away during this time. Yay for elle having the baby soon! Exciting!! It is really good to see you, tes!

Doodle, you are a selling machine!! Yeah!

jenn, how was the dinner party? Sounds like fun! I definitely want that recipe. That stinks that the dream job was in Atlanta. I share your feelings on that city. The traffic alone would make me think 2x about moving there.

Diva! I am so jealous of your shopping day! What did you get?

Well, my weekend did not go at all as planned....took Mr K to the walk in clinic yesterday b/c he was having abdominal pains, though not severe ones. The dr there couldn't determine the problem & told him to go to the ER. After several hours there, they finally determined it was appendicitis, so poor Mr K got his appendix out around 10:00 last night. I hung at the hospital til shortly after 1AM then came home. Gonna go back in a bit, he will be discharged today.

For another situation: I need some of those magical bustie vibes....a friend's brother is missing after his canoe flipped in rough water yesterday. His canoe companion swam to the shore, but he himself never showed up. They've had rescue crews and divers out, they are looking again today with the crews & also a helicopter. I don't think it is looking good, but please, please send some vibes.
Good Afternoon all!

Hey Tes! It's great to see you in here. ((((tes and family)))) Woohoo on seeing the fam and Mr. Hotbuns.

Turbo, the roast sounds delish!!!! Mmmm. *drools*

Doodle, the work outs have been going great. The room has been a little stagnant, as I've been concentrating on working out, and I have a little situation in my love life. Not such a great one, not that bad, but an irritant. Boo. Anyhows. I have peeled off the border trim and have been packing some stuff away and gettig rid of some junk. You are amazing at the clothing store! I wish everyone in retail was as great as you! How has the rest of your weekend been? Have you talked to BEB about getting a ride?

Hey Kari. I'm sorry that your weekend hasn't been so great. ~*~*~*healing vibes for Mr. K~*~*~*~ How is he doing? ~*~*~*~vibes for friends family~*~*~*~ I hope they find him.

This weekend was another quiet one. It was an interesting night in terms of weather last night. It was sper snowy, and it was mostly melting, but visibility was crappy, and it was slushy, messy, and wet out there. I went and watched a friend compete at a bodybuilding event. She won her category and is now headed to provincials. She looked fantastic. No pictures of the event yet, but when there are, I may post some pics.

I also need some vibes, my step moms dad had another stroke. I was going to head over there today, I just want to let them do there own thing today.

The wind is kicking up a right mess today. blah.

Hellooooooooooooo? Anybustie out there???



~~~~~~vibes~~~~~ Ch, I am really sorry to hear about your stepmom's stroke. How is she doing?

Congrats! to your body building friend! That is sweet.

I can't believe it is still snowing there. When does winter officially end? I could not deal with that. It has been warming up slightly here and I am sooooo ready for spring.

Mr K and I got home from the hospital around 2 this afternoon. After that I got his prescriptions, groceries, and came back home. I am exhausted. This weekend has been bad. Even worse than the week, which I did not think was possible!

They found my friend's brother's body. sad.gif sad.gif

So sad.

(((((kari and friends family)))))

I'm so sorry to hear they found his body.

My stepmom's dad is not so good. I suspect that he'll be gone soon.
Good evening all! I am posting this around eating a late dinner, so it may be scattered. You are so warned.

kari, I'm sooooo sorry about your friend losing his brother. How awful. (((((kari and friend))))) And how scary and awful for you and Mr. K! I am glad to read he is alright, but phew! No wonder you are exhausted!

CH, boo on anything that distracts from decorating! ~*~*~*~healing/peaceful journey vibes for your step-grandpa~*~*~*~ No, I haven't asked BEB about a ride yet. Will be seeing him this week, so I'll see how I feel about asking then. I hate asking people for favours! That's the thing. I'm used to relying on myself....little Ms. Independent!

My weekend....well, jammed with guitarboy today - he said banjoboy was raving about BEB's playing, and also, we came up with the stuff for 2 new possible songs. With me on guitarboy's electric, no less. Hope to goddess I can remember; I scribbled down the chords, but I haven't recorded them yet and it's far too late in the evening. One of them we sort of stole from 16 Tons, but not really. The other one was a really cool process of trying stuff and trading riffs - I actually felt like a "real" guitarist, and not "just" the singer coming up with the melody! Then banjoboy came home, and they both turned up their amps, I swear. At 9:45, I told them I had to go, b/c they were going to get in trouble and I didn't want to be there when it happened. wink.gif (They did turn it down after I left.)

I e-mailed BEB on Saturday morning to see if he wanted to go back to the blues jam. He couldn't, but asked if I want to go to the new jam on Wednesday, the one the guitarist I know from the coffee house has organized. (God, I hope SRG is not there; I can't deal with so much drama at once!) He says he might be up to bringing his bass; I'll bring my guitar if he does, even though my voice is now shot from singing with a cold. I miss performing! Seriously. doodlemama sez I got the bug. wink.gif But I'm also thinking a few of the new songs are totally jam songs - I'm dying to test them on other people. I'm thinking Gonna Die Someday (still evolving - we made a slight alteration on the rhythm tonight that changes the way I sing it even more), and maybe the new lorewolf-inspired song.

hippiegirl told me tonight she acquired an acoustic bass! (And named it Darwin; her guitar is named Ophelia.) So I'm setting up a jam for Tuesday night, too, with the boys, and I'm inviting BEB.

I am actually glad BEB couldn't go to the blues jam tonight; last night my left eye started itching and watering from this cold, and this morning it was swollen up and red! And still watering. Yucky! Now both of them are red, and one's still a bit swollen, plus watering a little, but other than appearance, it's improving. (Though to be perfectly honest, the real issue WAS my vanity. wink.gif)

What else....had some absolutely fucking amazing kissing dreams last night. *ahem*
Hello mah bitches!

CH, I thought you said your stepmother had a stroke, it was her father? My bad. I am sorry to hear he is not faring well. ((((hugs))))

Hey doodle! That is cool that you are going to a new jam on Wed. Where is this one? ~~~~~~~eye vibes~~~~~~~ I hope your eye gets better!
I hope SRG is not there on Wed. night either. ugh.

Things here this AM are decent. Mr K was snoozing comfortably when I left for work, which I was happy about. He had a tough time sleeping last night, b/c of the pain & discomfort. Hoping that was the worst night of it. I am here at work, just trying to get motivated. I told my hospital supervisor I was coming in on Wednesday this week instead of today. A long day today just might put me over the edge. I'm gonna go home from work & just chill. I think tonight we might go to my friend's house. The person who's brother was killed has requested that all his friends get together. I hope it provides him some comfort. I feel so sad for him.


to me it is not a good one. Sorry.

Doodle, how is your eye doing today?? ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~* I also hope srg isn't there.

Hey Kari, I'm glad that Mr. K is doing well.

Bah, I slept in. I'm totally heartbroken over PR boy, I have (had) feelings for him, and I think he hooked up with his ex. Again. regarldess, I haven't heard from him in over a week now. We get really close, then he pulls away. so, I've set myself up for this, and I just want to cry. hmmph.

And I was late for work this morning. Like over an hour late. I just had to sleep in.

I'm going to go and try to stop feeling sorry for myself.
Hey ladies... CH, so sorry to hear about the step-family stroke. And PR boy. sad.gif

Doodle...moxette had the same groody eye cold, and it went away after a couple days. But, seriously, the eye-cold is the grossest cold. Hope you're feeling better!

We had moxette's 2nd birthday party this weekend. She's such a cool kid now! A;; her presents were totaly "kid" toys...a BIG 4-square ball, a tea party set, a sleeping bag, loads of art supplies, etc. SO GREAT. She wanted to open and play with everything, right away! heehee.

Now, must work. Love to alls! is your papa?
Hey Mox! The birfday party sounds really cute!

Can I go home yet? I also did a killer hard workout yesterday and my muscles are killing me! I need a massage. On the bright side, it was fun to whip through traffic this morning in the civic. That car is so quick. I heart it.

And I just came to the realization that PR boy is missing out, if he wants to be with her, then fine. If they aren't and I'm over reacting, he doesn't need to be such a cock badger, either. Ahhh, slowly starting to get over things.

I also met a vry cute French student yesterday. He had this very nice French accent, and he's my new crackbook friend. But, he's from France. It was still fun to flirt.
Such a quick post - I did read, but I can't post "real" responses right now, as I am off to get some kind of training, and I need to find the conference room in this huge building!

The eye is still yucky, and I have a big red spot up in the corner, but you can't see it unless you are actually pulling up the eyelid. Bleargh. I was smart - didn't put my eye makeup on until AFTER I got to work this morning. (Can't be in public without at least mascara, no matter how sick I am!)

It was freaking SNOWING this morning! But I walked anyway.

Got to run!!
Hi, peeps!

((((((((((((Kari's friend's family)))))))))))))) That's so awful about your friend's brother. I can't even imagine how hard it must be for him, having been there at the time. (((((((((((recovery vibes for Mr. K)))))))))))) I'm glad he got it taken care of in time.

(((((((((((((((CH's stepmom's dad)))))))))))))))) I hope he's not suffering.

(((((((Doodle's eye))))))))) I hope that guy doesn't show up to the jam.

Happy Birfday, Moxette! I love when kids open presents. They're awed by everything. The giant's neice, who just turned 3, says "thank you, I love it, it's so cute!" to every gift she opens.

CH, that boy will come to his senses eventually, and you don't want him until then, anyway. This ex-GF thing sounds like something he needs to get out of his system before he can get with a girl who has her shit together like you. Is this the psycho ex he's back with?

Hi, Tes, Tree, Catsoup, Minx, Poodle, Jenn, and everyone who's posts I can't see in this window anymore!

I had a pretty decent weekend. We went out to Applebee's on Friday night and had to complain about our server, she was so bad. It was to the point where I was asking other servers walking past if they could help us and please not send our server back. Then we went to B&N for a little bit. I took my National Divala Day on Saturday and spent a crapload of money on spring clothes. I'll list them off below. Then we went out for some Chinese buffet, which was kind of weird because there were only 2 other tables with people eating. Some of the food was great, some of it sucked. We stayed home yesterday and did my taxes and ordered pizza.

These are the clothes I bought: Michael Kors khakis on sale at Nordstrom (pricey, but I love them), 2 plain t-shirts in lavendar and blue, 2 t-shirts with stitched necklines in yellow and lavendar, several big gauzey long sleeved shirts (2 white, one in a green/blue tropical pattern), 2 shirts with swirly patterns and black necklines and waistbands (I finally found one with a waist seam that doesn't make me look pregnant), a white t-shirt with cute black/silver screenprinting, a light lavendar long-sleeved t-shirt with screenprinting, a polyester shirt with a really busy pattern that hides what I want it to, a blue t-shirt with some pintucking in front, and 6 pairs of socks. In total, I got 16 shirts, a pair of khakis, and 6 pairs of socks. And I bought it all just in time for it to snow today. Figures.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. I've got a cough in my throat that won't go away. I'm already thinking of taking Wednesday off because the giant and I will be at the Guitar Hero tournament late on Tuesday, but I guess it'll have to be because I'm legitimately sick, not just to sleep in and play hookey.

It's me again.

Doodle, how's the weather? Is it still snowing?

Diva, the clothes sounds wondrful! As one who has bought cheap and expensive dress pants (and jeans for that matter) the cut of good quality clothing makes you feel good, and you know they'll last.

as for the boy, I don't know for sure if they are together, but I have my suspicions. If he wants to be with her, so be it. I'll be here as a friend, as I always am. Oh well. now I'm listening to a good tune which is helping me get over it.

poodle, how are you feeling, how is your dad doing?

Grrrl hasn't been in here in a while. nor FJ.
'Morning! smile.gif

Awsome about the toy-love, Moxie! I'm a toy guy, but not a collectable collector. I have a lot of respect for the toys you get to play with. I miss playing stuff like 4-square and doing slumber parties and stuff! (Goaty keeps pointing out that I NEED a kid.) Awsome that you and Moxette will get to play with some of your favorite stuff together. I hope party planning goes smoothly.

Sorry to hear about Step-Mom's-Dad! *comfort-vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Bummer about the PR Boy situation, too. Congrats on your friend winning regional, though. I bet you two could intimidate anybody! *Pictures Culture and friend putting helpess guys into headlocks "Buy us chocolate mousses!" mad.gif*

*Health-vibes for the K-Fam* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Rest up! I hope your workday treats you well.

Doodle: Wooo hooo on the kissing dreams! smile.gif My dream life should be so exciting. Cool about new jammin' too! Your songs sound really nice, and especially in your voice. Your self-image song rocks as-is. It's great to think that you're helping people feel better about themselves. What more important work is there? (Well, helping to battle gambling addiction is pretty noble, too!)

How'd the dinner party go, Turbo? Pork roast with fruit roasted in sounds gourmaaaand!

Heya heya Tess! smile.gif I love how they made all the Oompa Loompas look the same but have all sorts of un-likely voices. Mmmmm! Surrealiscious! I hope you get to attend Nieceoid's birth!

*Waves at Catsoup* smile.gif

He he! I love your snowstorm-blowing illustration, Divala! Made me smile biggrin.gif

*Anti-Assclown-Virus-Vibes for Poodle~!* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Heya Tree! *waves* You're like Mr. Freeze's replacement-in-training! You should perfect a super-cold ray beam to terrorize the city with. (I believe the secret is really big diamonds to power it. Expensive, yet oh so worthwhile. You can make your investment back by holding the city ransome in no time.) Yeah, rigging class was way more fun than it sounded! It sounds like you took the exact same curriculum. Wasn't it cool to operate the crane, but just following hand signals from the rigger? (or be the rigger and controlling the crane by hand signal?) It always stressed me out when they had me give hand signals for big equipment when I wasn't trained and had no idea how to do it. Heck, I even enjoyed the math part about calculating cable diameters for weights.

How's the PuppyMonster, GT? I hope you're doing better. (((GT)))

ETA: X-posted with half the page, already!
Hi everyone!!

I'm feeling a zillion times better today. I'm actually somewhat relieved to be back at work because I was starting to get really sick of laying around and watching daytime TV.

((((kari, friend, and friend's fam)))) Ugh, that's awful. I don't even know what else to say. So scary. ~*~*~*~recovery vibes for Mr. K~*~*~*~ What an icky weekend!!

((((culture's step mom's dad)))) How old is he? Poor guy. (((culture's heart))) Screw PR boy and have fun with that french boy!! Or just pretend that you've moved on and you're now dating Johnny Depp (even if Johnny's not aware of it).

(((tes))) Sorry 'bout your sis' husband. My dad was diagnosed with leukemia a couple weeks ago. He's doing well so far, but who the hell knows what'll happen.

That's exciting about your neicoid though!! ~*~*~*~smooth and healthy delivery vibes~*~*~*~ I like the idea of Bust Cliff Notes!! Ha!!

I'm way jealous of your shirts, diva. I needs to get me some decent casual shirts that aren't so boring.

Hi lore, doodle, catsoup, jenn, mox, and anyone I'm missing!! Happy birfday to moxette!!

Not much going on here in poodleland. I'm feeling better. My dad's feeling okay, but there's no prognosis yet. I spent most of the weekend with XRB because he actually had some time off work!! We went to see 10,000 B.C. on Saturday and it was AWFUL. So incredibly cheesy and historically inaccurate. He heard that it was good from some co-worker. Yesterday, we went out for brunch, napped, went grocery shopping, had some din-din, and watched a little TV before retiring early. It was so nice. I hope we have lots of those kind of days ahead of us.
hey ladeeeeez!


i know, too much energy for a monday. but the boy is asleep and i am in a fantastic mood. instead of working right away, i just jilled off. i'm feeling very much better now, thankyouverymuch!

tes, it's wonderful to see you in these parts. i'm so very sorry to hear about your sister's husband. but yay for ellebaby coming soon! i'm sure you can't wait!

kari, i am also very sorry to hear about your friend's bro. wow. that is so awful. i hope your friend can get some comfort from the visits of his friends. and mrk! wow, what an unexpected occurrence to wind up in the hospital! i hope he sleeps better tonight.

culture, you are RIGHT. prboy is missing out on a very good thing with you. it sounds like he is a friend and i hope you can salvage some of that relationship. congrats on the car, by the way. bad ass!

diva, damn girl! when you declare diva retail day, you really mean it! holy crap! that's a lot of shirts. i bought myself a few spring stuff a couple weeks ago, but nothing like that loot! i did get some cute seer-sucker pants, though. not michael kors!! and i am jealous of your meeting tim gunn! WAAAHH! i wanna meet him!!

poodle, can i just tell you how happy i am to hear of you and xrb's relationship status! some things really do take time. i'm sure the patience you both showed in reaching this point will pay off for you. sooo super cool. best of luck again to your father.

happpppy 2nd birfday, moxette! how incredible that she is two!! what a big girl! your pictures of her last week (?) were soo cute!!

tree, you continue to amaze me with your skillz! am i right to assume that bear isn't moving? or maybe you shared that info and i missed it ... hard to read everything, heh.

~^~^~^~^get well vibes for all~^~^~^~^~

doodle, i listened to your "gonna die someday" song last week or so and i was super impressed. i mean, really. i am a singer myself and was dying to know how you sounded. well, you sound awesome! and the musicians rock too! oh and hey, if srg IS there at the jam? who friggin' cares? not you! you rock like no other, sister! you don't care if he's there!!

all is well here. i *might* get an interview this week with my old job. well, old company, different position. not sure it'll be worth it after daycare and other expenses, but i won't put the cart before the horse just yet.

jackaroo is growing up and is just as beautiful as i could have dreamed for. he's so mellow and sweet. and he's learning... he has learned how to operate some of his toys and can keep himself entertained for longer periods. he has been clapping for the past several weeks, but the other day i started singing "if you're happy and you know it" and he started clapping right on cue (without me prompting him, so he wasn't just mimicking). he also has a habit of looking at the light while i reach for the lightswitch... like he knows that the light will come on. i know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it shows that he is learning cause and effect. he is babbling like crazy and creeping and low crawling on the floor. this morning, he crawled over to abigail's waterbowl and flipped it over, then looked at me with this stunned, "wtf just happened" expression on his face that was just priceless. of course, this also means that i have to pick EVERY LITTLE BIT off the floor or he goes for it. he's eating some real foods already and has an affinity for sweet potato-wheat puffs. he learned this morning how to pick them up with his thumb and forefinger like "mama" does. he is just smiley and happy and i am still enjoying every second of mommyhood. i know it may seem quite unfeminist of me but this is what i was born to do. i have found my passion!!! ok, gushing...

ack! boy just woke up... thankfully he waited until just now instead of about fifteen minutes ago!! see the confessions thread if you care for an explanation... tongue.gif

hi lore, hi turbo!!
be back later!!
Hi ya'll! Well, I am home early after doing my civic duty as a juror - and I was nominated as forewoman! It was actually pretty interesting (those two years of poli-sci school with moxie def. came out), but mostly it seemed like all that fancy language and processes are there to rack up more billable hours for the lawyers. Honestly, after 5 minutes, it was clear what the outcome was, but we had to sit there for three hours of back & forth. Boo. And how sad is it that I was looking forward to jury duty rather than going to work. wink.gif

(((((kari's friend's fam)))) What a terrible loss - I'm so sorry to hear about it. (((((swift healing for Mr. K)))) You have had a really rough few weeks here - I hope you're taking care of yourself as best you can, and perhaps make an appointment for a massage when things settle down a bit?

Oooooh Moxette's two years old! So hard to believe, and I'm sure she's going to enjoy all the good stuff she got!

Diva, you inspired me to do a little spring clothes shopping, myself on my way home from the courthouse - stopped at Ann Taylor Loft, and got a pair of spring pants on sale, a couple of their fab v-neck t-shirts, and a blouse. Score!

Doodle, ask that nice BEB for a ride friday PRONTO! Its not about being weak - its about a practical solution to help you conserve energy for your long days! I'm sure he'd be delighted to give you a lift. Do it.

Xpost with FJ!!! Hey there sexy! Sounds like jackaroo is a growing cutie-pie wonder! How fun to see him figure out the world around him - we truly are an amazing bit of bio-engineering! I hope your old job offers you buckets of money!
Good afternoon, Okayers! Can't stay on too long, as I'm behind on my regular work, due to the training this morning, which I honestly feel I could've skipped, as the woman I'm taking over for pretty much taught me everything I need to know. But anyway.

kari, glad to hear Mr. K is doing well! Phew! What a scare, huh?

CH....((((((boy trouble hugs))))))....totally empathize. If he's gonna choose now to be a dickwad, then what can you do but chalk it up to bad timing, I guess? sad.gif PR boy is totally missing out, IMHO, so fuck him. Or not. You know what I mean.

diva, I am SO envious of your purchases! Sixteen tops! They sound gorgeous, too - I love the sound of all those purples and blues, and purple is so hot right now, too! I wanted to buy a new top at my clothing store job the other day, but I couldn't find a single thing I wanted, except this one brown and cream top that fit really well (I've become super-duper fussy about fit!), but I wanted something more "spring"-ish, so I wound up not getting it.

Because, the thing is, what the hell is up with all the short sleeve crap? Almost everything available right now is short-sleeved. I know it's spring, but surely I am not the only woman who has upper arm issues....what about all the older ladies? I know most of them have upper arm issues, even the skinny ones like my mom!

POODLE! When I was in training this morning, I saw that they had used Johnny Depp's name as one of their examples of a lottery patron. I said, "Johnny Depp lives in BC? I have to tell this friend of mine." Hee hee!

Thanks lore and FJ for the music love! Hee! *blush* Actually, FJ, that's just me on the guitar in the audio. Hope to record with some of the gang one of these days, but it doesn't really work well with my crappy mike in my living room.

mox - moxette TOTALLY has my empathy on the eye cold. Thank goodness she is too young to have to stare at a computer screen all day! But too young to understand why her eyes feel so yucky, poor kid.

The eye is still kind of yucky and swollen, and a little irritated, plus both are red. I am almost tempted to keep wearing my shades at the office, but they seem to think I'm eccentric enough already. My hair stylist told me I should just go around telling everyone I got in a fight. Heh. I love her. Oh yeah, and I got my hairs cut at lunch. Well, just my bangs. And she curled up my hair, too, so I came back to the office a different girl! Hee!

In sad news, BEB can't make it to jam on Tuesday (I should have known; he's never been available on Tuesdays), but we'll still go to the "real" jam on Wednesday....

In other news, I got carded AGAIN today. Seriously, WTF is up with that? And me with conjunctivitis, too!

ETA: cross-posted with turbo....wasn't expecting to see you so early! So sorry jury duty was so disappointing....I was called up once, but the case was dismissed, so I never even got to see what it was all about! Yes, I will probably ask BEB about the ride when I see him on Wednesday. I dunno, I just feel weird about favours, I guess....especially favours from men!
Hi Hi All!!!!

Lore, I pictured the same thing when you wrote that. Although my friend is way more cut than me. Wooooow. I'm so happy for her! How is your training going?

Poodle, I'm glad that your dad is doing okay. ~*~*~*ongoing Poodlepapa vibes~*~*~*~* I heard that 10,000BC was cheese city. Mmm Johnny Depp!

awwww FJ! How sweet!!!! I did read your confession. smile.gif

Turbo, sorry you didn't get more time off of work.

Hey Doodle!! Ya on getting carded.

So, I talked to the PR boy. Here's the deal the ex g/f is still that. She still wants to be with him, but he's having none of that. We had a long conversation about why he'll never be with her. She's not such a great person. He's currently in the process of buying a house, put a bid on one, that's what he was doing this weekend. I'm still going to step back from the situation though. It is his loss if he's not into things. But, after talking to him, I'm not really that into things right now. K, I'm done now!

My fish is rubbing himself against one of his plastic plants. Weird.

Phew! Monday is over!

CH, glad to hear you had a chat with PR boy....good on you if you are able to step back from the situation a bit. I think that can be the hardest thing to do sometimes. What are you up to this evening?

Me, I see a nap in my very near future. I don't care about the whole upsetting the REM sleep thing....gotta do what ya gotta do. I wound up staying up pretty darned late last night, for a "school night," lol.

Plus today was my first day alone in the job I'm doing - I think I did pretty well, though! It's actually quite interesting work, without being overwhelming like the women's centre, and nothing major occured, plus I only got flummoxed twice: once when I couldn't find someone in the database (my colleagues rescued me), and once when I accidentally did something to fuck up my phone (which I fixed by crawling around under the desk, randomly unplugging and re-plugging things). I also managed to calmly organize "emergency" counselling for someone who was ready to deal with her gambling addiction right that very minute, still in a casino with her cell phone. I also met another bigwig from the other head office today, and his glowing face told me all I needed to know about how much my skills really are valued there. Heh. I wish I would've skipped that training, though, as it wasted half of my day on stuff I'll never need to know....and, as always when formal trainers try to teach technical knowledge, I was three steps ahead of them at all times and bored out of my tree. (I kept checking BUST and my e-mail while waiting for them.) At least when the woman I'm temping for taught me, she kept up with my own learning pace.

Still haven't recorded those song bits guitarboy and I came up with yesterday, but I haven't forgotten, so a little time won't kill them.

I seem to have one of those hard, painful, pre-menstrual zits just starting to develop on my chin.

ETA: ya know, that whole corset top incident from Saturday at the clothing store....has me thinking I should wear my corset top to the jam on Wednesday and see if I can make BEB's eyes bug out. After all, it's not like I've wouldn't normally wear it - I BOUGHT it for the coffee house jams! (It's actually too big now - I have to lace it as tight as it will go.)

I managed to impress myself yesterday by sleeping in, having a nap, and then getting to sleep right away.

Doodle, is it possible you have conjunctivitis?
Hiya dusty! Wow, I am impressed, too!

Yeah, I think it's a mild case of cold virus-related conjunctivitis, actually. But it's not too bad. It's not watering anymore, and the swelling - which wasn't too bad anyway - has gone down quite a bit. Still red, but it's all okay. I'm not too worried about it. I can still function quite easily! wink.gif

Well, I never took my nap. Well, actually, I decided to try on my black corset top before I crashed. Two sizes too frigging big - just not having any of the desired shaping effect anymore. I just bought that in November, too. So instead of sleeping, I decided to drag out the sewing machine and take it in. Quite a bit of taking in was required. And holy fuck. I never felt so exposed in my life. I put it on with my new, totally-fitted black jeans, and kept thinking there was no WAY I was going to wear that at the jam on Wednesday. No WAY. Unless I never took my jean jacket off - and that, I have to say, is really rough when you're jamming, 'cos it gets HOT when you're up there, and this would also totally hide the top (because yes, the jean jacket I bought in December is ALSO two sizes too big now), so what would be the point?

Anyway, I tried it with a little sheer black shrug I had (*cough*upper arm issues*cough*), and that was better, but I still kept saying, no, no, no. Then I threw on a long silk scarf, which hangs to my knees, and which made me feel a lot less exposed (and a little more dignified), and decided I would do it, maybe even with the high heeled boots. BUT I'm probably going to keep the jean jacket on over this outfit for a huge chunk of the evening. I don't even know for sure if I'll have the guts to take it off. EEP!

I gotta go to bed now.....
Good Morning!

Doodle, I am in awe of your sewing skillz! And I do think that you need to wear the corset top to the jam! Congratulations on a successful day at work and meeting with office bigwig!!!\I was actually sleeping last night when you posted. I was sooooo tired last night that I fell asleep at 7! But I feel refreshed this morning.

Hey Dusty! How are things going with you?

Well, this morning I get in and there are e-mails sent from the front staff asking me why I'm not seeing a client. Sent after 3:30. Well, the reason I'm not seeing them is because I'm not at work! my fault as I forgot to turn my out of office reply on. But still, if someone sends me a message at 3:29 do you think I'm going to see them? NO!

This morning I also did some cardio and an abs work out! I was up at 5...but I'm feeling pretty darned good at the moment.

How is everyone else?
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