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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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We went, we listened to music, we drank beer, we talked, we shared, we played pool, he kicked my ass, we had a pretty good time. It was nice, easy, friendly, close - not weird like I worried it might be, after the whole e-mail thing. And I looked motherfucking hot in my new jeans. So much so that a couple of musicians kept chatting me up. biggrin.gif

BEB clung pretty close to me, and after awhile, when these musicians started chatting with me.....he started getting more and more closely into my space - at one point, you couldn't put a piece of paper between us....almost possessive. Weird. Then one of the musicians (drunk) kept trying to find out about "us," and after a series of questions about how we knew each other, finally asked if we were "boyfriend and girlfriend." I said we were friends, and then BEB said something I didn't hear and turned to the band, but the musician said to me, "Did you hear that? He said, 'We're friends...I think.'" I looked at BEB deliberately, but he kept looking away.

WTF? Gah. Boys.

I came out again, accidentally. We were talking about bears, and he wanted to know how I knew so much, so I said something about my ex-partner teaching me, and you know, you just can't hide gender in some conversations. Not that I'd want to. I never know how to bring up the fact that I'm bi with new people, but I guess it's out there now!

Ran into one of the guys I was jamming with at the coffee house - he invited us to a jam he runs on the Wednesday nights now, so we might go to that!
Good Morning!

doodle, I am glad you got to hang with BEB. It sounds like you two are getting on very well. So what's up with the other person he is dating, I wonder.?? Sure does not sound like he's very into her. Maybe he broke it off w/ her b/c he couldn't stop thinking of you! Sure sounds like you've been on his mind a lot. tongue.gif you have a new car??? I hope so! Very exciting!

hey jenn! I hope your boss chills out this week. Sheesh.

I had a very good, long weekend. Friday I chilled at home, worked out, then we had a potluck with some friends and went bowling. Saturday I met a friend for lunch, went to the flea market, and did yard work. Yesterday I went to my mom's. We took a bunch of food to my aunt's house & hung out there. It was fun, but there were also some of the more unpleasant family members grandmother & also my ex-stepdad (who is the aunt's brother). All things considered, it was not too painful. I ate a ton of food.

Now am back at work for another lovely week. Have a busy one. Work is busy & also internship stuff. Send me some energy vibes!

doodle, you're bi like other people are anything else. It just let it be!

We had a very fun weekend with the kidlet. Apparently, the Easter Bunny visits humanists on Saturday instead of Sunday in moxieman's world, so we did that thing. She LOVED her basket, and I was so tickled that I picked good stuff. Mostly, she loved the Jasmine/Cinderella watercolor paint set. I'm SO totally stuck with a Princess kid. But, to date, she "loves" Cinderella b/c she talks to mice and Jasmine b/c she gets magic carpet rides. Can't really challenge either of those, eh? Traditional easter dinner was can one go wrong with ham, cheesey potatoes and more cheesey potatoes?

OK, i've got to do actual work-work. ttyl!
Good Morning!

Doodle, that is interesting about BEB. Really intesresting. Hmmmmm. It sounds kike fun times! And awesome about new people to jam with!

Turbo, I hope that you have a good work week and cry boss isn't a total wank.

Kari, I was pre approved, now I just need to wait to here if Honda has approved me. There is no reason they wouldn't, in all honesty.

Mox, do you have pics of moxette on her humanist treat hunt?

Well, I just relaxed yesterday, I was so incredibly tired from the day prior. Today, I'm just waiting to hear from the dealership. I have to take the dog out, and squeeze in ower body workout. No cardio as my upper body is still sore from my workour and my portions. Thank goodness today is a day off.
Hey everybody!!

Sorry I've been MIA. I guess I just needed a vacation from the Internets for a while. Can I just jump back in, please? Blah.

A couple updates:
Bad news first: My dad was diagnosed with acute myologenous leukemia and he's undergoing chemo and all that business. He'll be in the hospital for a few more weeks. He's responding well, but it's still a very scary and painful situation. We're all feeling optimistic right now.
Good news: My sister had a baby girl a couple weeks ago. Her name is "Lauren" and she's a cutie-pie!!
More good news: My new kitty, L'il Keith, has adapted wonderfully to his new home and I've even seen his big brothers give him affectionate licks here and there.
Even more good news: XRB and I are officially "boyfriend" and "girlfriend!"

Who is BEB?

Congrats on the new car, CH!!

I would love to see moxette's egg hunt pictures!!

It's good to be back. smile.gif So did I miss anything huge?
Poodle, it's so great to see you in here!!!!

I'm very sorry to hear about your father. (((((poodle and family))))) I hope that his treatment is successful.

And yay on a healthy baby! And cats getting along!!! Ooooh, Poodle has a b/f!!!!!

Now if I'd hear from the dealership, everything will be better. I'm bored and I'm not too sure what i want to do. Maybe I'll clean the digs.
That looks like a great car! Why do you have to wait to pick it up?
I had to be approved for financing. WHICH I AM!!!!!!!!

And they have to clean the car and detail in. I go down there at 6:15 today.
* tosses confetti!* Congrats, CH!

that's great news!

HEY POODLES!! I have missed you! I am so sorry to hear about your dad being sick. ~~~~~healthy vibes~~~~ I can't imagine how stressful that must be for you, him, and your family. In brighter news....I am happy for you and XRB!! WOOT!
Congratualtions on your new niece!

I just got back from le gym. It was a good workout. Now I am very hot. Uh, temperature wise, I mean. wink.gif
POODLE! HI! (((poodlepop))) I'm sure your family is coping as well as can be expected; you all sound like a tight clan. Yeah for new babies, new kitties and new-ish love!

We got some faux-easter pictures, but didn't do an actual egg hunt. We were gonna go to the cool-ass one at our zoo, but it was snowing. Moxette loved her chocolate bunnies and was carrying the basket itself all around all weekend...and to school today! hehe.

OK, got a meetin...ttyl later.

Kari, that's so funny, you're hot! hee. Funny that I didn't interpret it as being hot and bothered.

Hey again Mox!!!! Good luck at the meeting.

I also did a workout. Did a lower body workout, sweated my ass off. And of course it's snowing a little bit here. Bah.
Hi all! Such a quick post - really quick this time....banjoboy just went home to get his bass, and the jammers are due any minute now.

But I saw poodle and had to say HI!!!! And that I'm so sorry about your dad, and I hope everything turns out well. And YAY on XRB!!!!!

BEB = browneyedboy....he is a guy (banjo/bass/keyboard player/civil servant) I met at the coffee house jam about a month ago, with whom I experience amazing chemistry and compatability, and whom I have definitely expressed my interest in, but when I did, he confessed he is going out with someone else. Or was? Who knows? Anyway, we are still friends and jammers, and I still have the hots for him, and the chemistry/vibe is still definitely there between who knows where that is going?
Crazy crazy stat holiday....hey, where is everyone?

I mis-heard hippiegirl and she said 6:30 for jamming, as she is working. So I tried to phone BEB and tell him, but he was already here by the time the message went through. We jammed with banjoboy anyway, across the hall, and he's not sure, but he might be able to come back later when hippiegirl and singergirl get here. If he does, I am pretty sure I will play the two songs, Heavy Load, and Gonna Die Someday, without saying much about them at all.

Poor guy - when he arrived, I had just run home from across the hall to grab the dustbuster for banjoboy. I buzzed him in as I was racing through the apartment, and as he was coming up the stairs, I just came out of my apartment, pointed across the hall with the dustbuster, and hustled him inside! That's how he met banjoboy for the first time. tongue.gif And then I marched in and vacuumed up the spilled ashes. rolleyes.gif

BEB played the double organ that the gay ex-priest gave to the boys - it was AWESOME! OMG, we did really cool stuff, like Shambala, Ramble On, Mary Jane's Last Dance, etc., and we made up some stuff, and I played two of my new songs - the one I am still working on, Theory of Everything, and another one, Green Water (neither of which I've posted here yet). BEB thought they were both great, and he really got into playing the keys, plus his playing totally changed the rhythm of Green Water - slower, different.

Also - it was the first time BEB's jammed with me in daylight, and I realized I was wearing my sunglasses, as I always do when I jam in daylight. So basically I was standing up playing/singing in my sexy new jeans AND my sunglasses. I'm such a diva. wink.gif

He's so totally into me. I'm so totally into him. We make each other happier. Why does there have to be a barrier? Damn. Damn it to the pits of hell. mad.gif

Some more of banjoboy's musician friends came over after BEB left, and we jammed. I am just home from that now, so I could eat before MORE jamming, so I'm going to do that, and catch up on the reading! biggrin.gif

God, I have to get up at 6:30 tomorrow...................
Pooooodle! We've meeeeeced you, darling!!! And of course we understand the internets vacation - we all need that from time to time, and especially when so much is going on in your life and family. ((((((poodlepop)))))) I'm so glad you're close enough to home to really be there to help your dad and family. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help support you...turbomann and I have been in your spot too many times.

And YAYAYAY for XRBOYFRIEND!!! Finally! About time that boy committed to your sexy sassy self!

(((((good jammin for doodle))))) Wow - seems like the chemistry with BEB is stronger than ever - very cool...that boy is going to leave his supposed girlfriend for you, I am sure of it. (of course, I'm always an optimist for love. smile.gif)

WOOT! For CH's hot new ride! Where did you drive first?

And I'm so glad moxette had a fun easter, full of fun goodies!

Okay, off to walk the doggie trio again...and then, a bath. Mmmmmm.
Good Evening!!!!

Doodle, I totally understand where you are coming from about BEB. I feel the same way about the situation between me and the PR boy. Le Sigh. Anyways...Enjoy your jamming filled evening!!!

Hey Turbo! I drove home, nothing too exciting, but I did get to take the car on the highway, it's great!

Aside from that, I worked out, had dinner at my dad's and that's all. I'm pretty tired, think I'm going to chill now.

Good Morning.

Where is everyone?

I'm at work, it's a short work week, it's a pay week, I'm doing lunch with PR boy on Friday, aaaaand that's all. I was happy to drive the car to work this morning and groove to music!!! not crappy radio.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well!
Heeeya Poodle! smile.gif Really sorry to hear about your father's condition sad.gif Congrats on progress with XRB. Your kitten is superdupercute!

Wow, Culture! Two in the same day smile.gif You are a Mack Mama! I wish my bootaylife were more exciting. You're awsome! You even got a new superheroine-ish ride!


Hey Doodle! Awsome that you're getting so much jamming in and having a kickass social life with romantic twists smile.gif Great you're producing creatively, too, and saving women's self-images to boot. Any thoughts about channeling the self-image struggle energy into songwriting? I bet you could bring some great positive energy to people that way if inspiration hits.

Heya Moxie! Talking to mice is a very noble princess power, indeed!

As for me, I'm taking this week to go to training. I'm learning about 'rigging', which requires me to learn a bunch of knots and stuff.
Hey Lore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indeed, ask me who I'd prefer to be with though. It probably won't happen though. Le Sigh. that's okay, I'd rather have PR boy as friend than nothing at all. See, now that I say it, it seems so silly. Fickle CH. Figures being a Libra and all. Heh.

Lore, does the rigging still have to do with your trade?

Mornin' y'all!!

Do you have the new wheels yet, culture? I think you should add some curb-feelers and spinning hubcap thingers.

Ooooh...kari's all hot and sweaty. We're like a bunch of tween boys in this thread!!

The BEB situation sounds fun, doodle!! That stuff is always exciting, well, that is until emotions get in the way.

Turbo, I did a LUSH shopping spree a couple weeks ago and thought of you the whole time!! The Alkmaar soap has saved my sad, dry winter skin.

Awwww....moxette loves her basket!! Cute!!

Lore, at the risk of sounding like a moron, what is "rigging?" What exactly are you training for?

Keith has grown a lot since I got him. He kind of reminds me of a growing teenage boy who eats like a sumo wrestler but still appears long and lanky. He's my little noodle cat. So cute. He's really into snuggling next to my cheek. Such a sweet boy.

Thanks for all the hugs and vibes for my dad and fam. One thing we've all learned from this is the importance of donating blood. I wish I could donate blood, but they don't want my stuff because I'm on anti-convulsants.

Good things Tuesday:
1. Found a handful of M&M's in my purse (I snagged 'em from my dad's hospital room)
2. Delicious egg salad sandwich for lunch
3. Boss lady is on vacation this week
4. No pressing deadlines
5. Dancing with the Stars!! Yeh, I'm a dork. I know.
Hey Poodle!

How is your dad doing today? How is feeling from his treatment? How is the family doing?

I do have the wheels, I picked 'em up yesterday. I LOVE the car! Plus it's great on gas. Like, highway driving didn't even make a dent in the gas. Honda's are known for that. So, I'm feeling good about that. Only thing is, the insurance. We have public car insurance here, and it's based on driving record (as it is in most places). The insurer is owned by the province, so it's a crown corperation. I'm paying almost $2000.00 a year, as what I'm driving is considered a sports car. Bah. I'm also paying storage insurance on my previous car, but that's super cheap and won't make much of a difference. But, I knew that's what things would be like when I went in and got a new vehicle. Besides, what I'm paying out for insurance counters the fact that I won't be laying out car repairs every fucking month.
Good morning all! Hiya poodle, CH, lore, and turbo....wonder where kari is? She's usually here!

Sadly, BEB couldn't make it back for Jamming Part 2, but the rest of us picked Thursday evening for the next one - I e-mailed BEB and he wrote back almost right away that he's down. You just feels not quite as fun without BEB there. It's not that I have the hots for him (although I do); it's what his playing brings out in my playing/singing/songwriting. I dunno how to explain it.

I am so damned horny. This boy has me so damned horny, I can't believe it. I'm half tempted to slip off to the washroom to deal with my problem....seriously, did I just write that?

Oh yeah, but I found out he is a Pisces....I don't know if I see a Pisces leaving any sure thing girlfriend behind to take a risk on a woman who doesn't know where her own future lies. sad.gif

lore - it's funny you mentioned that song theme....I actually had a lyric scribbled down about the girls on the covers of magazines when I started Theory of Everything, but I never wound up using it (since it went off into this weird theoretical physics tangent) you've got me thinking!! I already scribbled down some theme notes this morning. biggrin.gif

I am sitting here meant to be processing problem gambling counselling referrals; I should probably get on with that before someone has a nervous breakdown somewhere.....
double taco
Am I a weirdo for not really wanting to socialize with my colleagues on my breaks? I this new place, they seem to all travel as a pack on coffee breaks and lunch breaks, but I want to do my own thing....for starters, get the fuck out of the building and into the sunshine! We don't have any natural light in our department.....

Also I don't really get involved in the chat when they come by and start chatting to my cube-mate. But honestly, there is so much stuff to do, that I still don't know much about.....

I just hope they think I am not being a snobby, aloof temp or something. To build relationships or not? Normally on assignment, I wouldn't.....but I guess I am already thinking ahead, in case I decide to take on the part-time work once this assignment is done. But even then, you know, I still want to be able to separate my time from work time, and I'm not sure exactly how much relationship-building I want to do in a work place - I have a pretty darned full life already. How much is enough? Thoughts, anyone?
Good Afternoon Doodle!

Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with not wanting to socialize with co workers. I don't see anyhting wrong with that.

And BEB makes you hawt! I can agree with that, it's when some are unatainable, or whatnot, that's really when they get to you.

I just came bcak from the doctor, nothing but the usual cunt scrape. bah. All is well. and it's beyooooootiful out there.
ARRRGGH!!! My property taxes are going up $16 more per month!! Bastards. They better use that money to fill in some damn potholes already.

I only socialize with co-workers when I'm supposed to be working. During my "breaks," I like to hide in my cave.

Glad things are,, well down there, CH!!
poooooooooooooooodle!!!!! poodle, I wished you were here a few weeks ago at the coffee house....this banjo player (not one I've written about) played this song he wrote, and it was about a poodle, and it was all kind of yodel-y.....pooo-ooh-del....poodle-oodle-oodle-ooh! Oh it was so funny and cute! tongue.gif I was totally thinking of you at the time.

Boo on the property taxes! Write a complaint letter to city hall 'bout the's the only way.

CH, I'm not sure I want to know what you did to your vagina..... wink.gif

I scarfed down some food at my desk before lunch, and then went out walking through downtown over the lunch break. Re-booked my next hair appointment to fit my new schedule, browsed through the thrift shop. Not sure, but I think I might have seen BEB at a patio cafe, with a girl! But I'm not sure it was him. He does work next door to me, so he could easily be having lunch around here, but my mind could be wanting to see him everywhere right now....but not with a girl! Especially not with a girl that tiny. sad.gif
Bwaaaaaaaaahahahahaha. I'm going to have to edit that. What I meant is that I went to the doctor. And then in a new paragraph, in regards to the weather, it is beyooooootiful out there, not in regards to my vag.


Colour my pink with embarASSment. I'm so sorry ladies.
HIhihihi! It feel like SPRING outside! Thank the goddess! I took the three greyhounds for a Looooooong walk this afternoon, I've got laundry in and dinner simmering on the stove (chicken tikka masala) - its a good day! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to come home not only in the daylight - but in the sunshine!

Doodle, turbomann is a pretty extreme pisces...I wouldn't rule out BEB leaving the GF, BUT, as a pisces, he's likely going to have to do his research, evaluate all angles, consider every relationship he's ever had, analyze his relationship to you now, what may or may not develop, do all his laundry, clean the house, and write a few songs before he can be reeeeeealllly sure about making a move. Let's hope his sun sign is a very action oriented one. wink.gif

Poodle! So good to see you here! And lil Keith sounds SO cute! Mmmmm....LUSH. The alkaaamar soap is really nice - if you like the scent, you may want to pick up some Silky Underwear - its a dusting powder, and makes your skin soooo silky because of the corn starch in it. Also good for freshening up after biking 12 miles to work. A tub lasts a really long time, too. heh.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the new car, CH - though that is INSANE for insurance! sheesh.

Well, laundry calls.
Well, turbo, when you put it that way, BEB sounds tremendously enticing. rolleyes.gif wink.gif Any tips on how to deal with all of that? Since you've been through it yourself, of course.....

I wanna go home now. Five more minutes. I could probably change into my runners now and duck out.....................
Well, doodle, turbomann's uber pisces-ness *is* a bit amplified by him also being an aquarius cusp...but truly, as much as I sometimes hate to admit it, his measured responses and careful examination of any issue is exactly what I need...I could be a danger to myself otherwise. I prefer to trust my gut, shoot from the hip, and make snap decisions on important issues, and he's a good balance for me. Sorry if I sounded a bit down on the pisces men...they are also deep feelers, which is refreshing in a man. smile.gif

Oh, and my pisces hero just saved me last night from my impulsive *need* for a new laptop (which I really couldn't afford), as this one was *barely* loading the internets, let alone all my design applications. He spent 3 hours last night working with various disk repair apps and accelerators, and my well-loved laptop has a whole new zip to her, and I think I can hold out for a few more months, and I may be able to upgrade my software instead - WOOT!
I think lorewolf's song just started to bounce right out of me. In between the veggies I stir fried and gobbled down 'cause I couldn't wait, and the baking potato I'm still waiting for. wink.gif

And bounce it does. But I can't tell you much more than that, 'cause it's only less than 15 minutes old, and it only has three chords and a few very free-form lines so far, and I have no idea where it's going. This is definitely a walking and inventing lines kind of song!

Ohhhh, turbo....I dunno if I have the patience for a Pisces. Well, maybe I might have it for this one. wink.gif I guess we'll see.

Yay for TURBO-charging the laptop! *applauds turbomann*
hi peeps. it's been a while since i've posted, but i need to get this out of my system.

i'm heartbroken. this last week has sucked. breaking up with my gf on sat+sunday, getting in an argument with my new boss on tuesday, getting fired on thurs, i saw it coming so i had a job interview on fri and got the job. good right? i planned to take monday + tuesday off. yesturday my (now ex) gf called saying that bella, her puppy mastiff (she's a mastiff so that means she's about 170lbs) is in the dog hospital. she's had phenumonia off and on for the last 4 months. i love this puppy. i tried to talk my gf out of getting a mastiff cos they drool almost constantly. but the second i saw her i was in love. she was adorable and while my gf and her breeder were having a conversation, she seemed to follow it, like she was watching a ping-pong game. looking at whoever was talking. she had this super wrinkley forehead that makes her always look bewildered (one of my nicknames other than puppy monster, is "dog newhart" because she has this deadpan confused look on her face that really does remind me of the comedian (bob newhart). on the drive home she fit in the palms of my hand and was so nervous she got the hiccups. most mastiffs don't like to run, but she does. she is the dopeyest dog when she runs, and you can tell she loves running 10 feet as much as a block. i have never ever met a dog who loves her people as much as she does, but loves dogs too. i have always loved dogs, but even among all the dogs i've had as a kid, all the dogs i've known, bell is my all time favorite hands down. she's my heart. like most huge dogs she thinks she is chihuahua sized, and when she's frightened, her first resort is to run between your legs, resulting you landing on your ass. but she is also the most philisophical dog. she'll go outside some days and sit under the apple tree, and just like ferdnand the bull, i swear she will stare out into space as if contemplating the mysteries of the universe. i love my puppy monster. today we went to visit her at the hospital, she was having trouble breathing, and didn't want to eat. we left and got her lunch-- a whopper w/cheese, chicken fries and a vanilla shake, which we had to leave with the vet. we heard back that she sniffed at them for a sec then wolfed them down. when my gf called later to say she was coming home we both thought it was good news. when she got back to the vet, they said that they think bella has an enlarged heart and it's full of fluid.

the net result is she may not live past age 5.

So TurboMann is a fish at the edge of an aquarium with deep feelers?

I fear I'll never understand Astrology wink.gif

Yaay on song inspiration!

My rigging class is going well. I've learned a whole bunch of knots. The teacher has us practicing them every morning before we break into the book work. He said, "Just keep practicing, and you'll be able to tie them in your sleep." and I said, "Well, at least I might tie some of these in my bed." biggrin.gif Hmmm... might be a pretty good idea, actually. The post-hitch looks pretty wrist-friendly.

Rigging is where you help out the crane and other lifting operators by securing stuff to pick up and lift to places. It's a lot of understanding the properties of straps, cables, chains, hooks, knots, and pulleys. I'm also going to be learning the hand and spoken signals to control what the crane operators are doing.

ETA (((((GT!))))) *X-post, of course!* I'm sooo sorry to hear about the PuppyMonster! The job and GF, too. Please take care of yourself. I'm glad to hear you got another job so quickly. Keep coming back in here where we care!
Good Morning!

Turbo, yay on speedier laptops fixed by turbomann!!!!!! I can certainly feel your need for wanting a new one!!!

Doodle, any IT guy spotings lately??

((((((((((gt)))))))))) I'm so sorry to hear about puppy monster, break up, and job loss (but yay on the new job so quickly!!!)

Lore, rigging sounds really cool! heh, you're being knotty! (in this case I did mean the pun knotty = naughty, sorry, I really couldn't resist).

Ummmm, what can I tells ya? Nothing. I have nothing.
Good Morning!

(((Girltrouble))) I am so sorry to hear about things being so rough lately. I understand how heartbreaking having sick pets can be. Poor puppy. I'm really sorry. It is good to see you though. Come on in anytime.

Lore! You naughty boy! Bring some of those ties over to my place, eh?

poodle, that stinks about the property taxes! Ack! Can I tell you how happy it makes me that one of your Good Things was finding M&M's in the bottom of your purse? That's definitely a good thing for me too! Heh. Got any new pics of little Keef? He is in adolescent phase huh? I am happy that all your kitties are getting on well now though.

jenn, yay for turbomann fixing your laptop! Woot!

Hi doodle!

Things here are decent today. The week is trucking right along. I worked at home yesterday, then worked at the hospital for about 4 and a half hours. Got home late last night, ate some dinner real quick, and went to bed. The rest of the week is busy as well. Looking foward to the weekend! Already!
lore, that is SO not fair when most of us are at work, busting! (seethes and counts hours till kidlet goes to bed...)
Hey Kari!

Is it Friday yet?? I really want to go home. People here are being a little catty, saying it's up the current supervisor to approve my vacation time. uhhhh, no it's not. It's up to MY supervisor to let me know if I can take vacation or not. Boo urns on that crap. It's not my fault that things are being run so piss poor in the department as a whole. Sheesh.


Anyways. I want some food, but I'm not too sure what exactly it is I want. hmmmm. decisions decisions.

ETA: Holy x-post. Hey Mox!
So quick a post - not sure I can be in today....yesterday my trainer was off, but today she is back, and there are 67,000 things I need to know before she leaves for Europe on Friday....AHHHH!

I had 2 new IT guys yesterday, CH, plus one of the other ones....maybe they are talking about me, HEE! Silly thing is, I never even called them in.....
I think for sure they are checking you out!!!!

How are things between you and the neighbours?
Checking me out indeed. tongue.gif There is also a younger guy in my department who is now into chatting me up about my music and holding doors for me. Dunno how old, maybe 30? Kinda cute, but doesn't do it for me like BEB does. wink.gif I guess maybe I've got the watery depths of the Pisces on my brain too much!

Which neighbours - the complain-y ones, or the boys? The ones beside me are fine and haven't complained in months - I think they were adjusting to apartment life; the crazy lady across the hall, next to the boys, is definitely touched in the head. She told the management that the gay ex-priest (also our assistant manager) was selling drugs out of his apartment!!!!! CRAZY!!!! And it is totally crazy, and she presented this allegation with NO evidence (b/c there IS none)....but it really really hurt him emotionally and psychologically, you know? He wouldn't even know where to BUY drugs, presuming he did them, which he doesn't.

Right. Back to the casino surveillance database.
Hey Doodle!

I did indeed mean neighbours on all sides. Wow, the complainer neighbour sounds like there might be something going on upstairs. that's got to be tough on gay ex priest. Is that what was giving him anxiety?
T-25.5 hours until Spring Break. This is a good thing, because I'm finna kill something. wink.gif

I got new glasses from Specs--they are these super-nerdy thick black plastic cat-eyed things. They are my favorite haute couturier in the Twin Cities.

I've totally been lurking because BOTH of my computers at home have gone the way of the dodo. Some drama with my momma, some drama with the baby daddy, the return of weirdness in other fronts, and a student teacher. Anyhoo, I gotta split, but wanted to say HEY and wish Poodle's poppa a whole lotta health vibes. My BFF's sister had that same type of cancer and she beat it after two years. Nasty fucking fight, but she beat the hell out of it and has been in remission for nearly five years.

Oh yeah, and this is for all the Bacon Lovers out there. Minxy loves ya.
Good Evening everyone!

Minx, what's been going on? Is everything okay now???

I took the dog out, worked out, and now all I want to do is pull the sheets over my head and go to bed. Le Sigh. It appears that I'm also getting Friday afternoon off. I want to go pick up some super white's for my car. They are the headlights that are, well superwhite. And I need to go pay the place that's helping me out with my ticket. Sigh.

Later kats.
Hiya all! Home from work - almost got blown over on the bridge, I swear! What a wind! Dayum.

Hiya minxie! biggrin.gif Nice to see you!

Hiya CH!

I had 2 more DIFFERENT IT guys in today. These are the guys no one in my department ever sees, right? What's going on there, I wonder? wink.gif

Took over the phone today for the first time. Aaaannnnnnd had my first gambling addiction phone call this afternoon - a family member of an addict. I just decided to take the call instead of handing it off....what the hell, since my trainer was right there at the next 'puter to help me out if I got stuck. Funny, all those counselling skills I thought might be gone were dead front and centre, although I felt a little..."sensitive" afterwards. Kind of brought up some of the trauma calls I used to deal with, but it wasn't the caller - it was just a little trigger back to the "old days." Not bad, though - I forgot about it after I took a wee break! Plus it's easier that working with women in general crisis, because it's only one issue, and there's an actual solution you can offer, real options - basically you tell them about how the voluntary self-exclusion program works, and promote the free counselling, which is for families, too.

One of the guys in my department was carrying a Fender electric case with him as he was leaving - this is the one who's in the local big band....he was going off to a jam. He's one of those types who's bashful to talk about his music, so I said, "Ooh, you have a Fender in there! Can I see it?" He said, "It's an old Fender bass." "How old?" I asked. "It's older than you." "How old do you think I am??" (Nervous laughter - men hate being asked that question!) "Well, this is a 1974." "Well, I'm a 1968!" And then I told him about the new jam on Wednesdays, and asked him if he ever went to the blues jam on Sundays - he does sometimes. So maybe I can get some new jamming buddies from work!

Anyhoo, I think I'm gonna make some dinner, firm up the jamming for tomorrow, do a bit of tidying, and have an early night!
Doodle, you are an IT magnet!!!

As you know, it's hard helping some people out, because of where they are. How can you not make that personal? While you can try not to keep things personal and not let them bother you. Sometimes one thing can bring back a whole rush of emotions. It's hard, and you don't want to be uncaring or anything like that. It's almost like you have to care too much, then not give a flying fuck until you find a place right in between which suits you well.

Yay on the potential new jam buddy.

Okay, now I'm going to go lie down. The fatigue has hit me like a ton of bricks.
Hellooooo? *echoes*

What the heck?

Well, I have tomorrow afternoon off!!! Woohoo!!!!

And I still haven't recieved my income tax return in the mail, it's been almost a month, I have to call these people this morning so I can find out.
Good Morning, Bitches!

CH, that is totally rad that you have tomorrow afternoon off. NICE!

HEY MINX!! You know, after I posted yesterday, I was thinking that you had not been in in a while. I am glad to see you are still alive & kicking. Your new glasses sound hawt. Are things cool with your mom now? Whatcha got going on for spring break?

Diva! I did you meet Tim Gunn last night?? I want to hear about it!

Doodle, I'm glad you did not get blown away in that wind storm. That's cool that you met another musician at work. That's great that you got to do some counseling over the phone at work, and I am happy to hear that even though it triggered some feelings from the past, they went away no sweat.

*yawn* I'm tired today. Mr K and I stayed up til about midnight. I have got some coffee, but it is not doing the trick. I might be able to take a little nap later though. I have to go home to let the dogs out before the hospital, but I decided rather than leave at lunch & come back, I'm just going to leave at 1. That will give me a couple of hours to chill at home before work.

I had a nice night last night, though it was busy. I had a meeting at school at 6, then my book club met. They were all still hanging out & having a blast, but I cut out of there around 10:15.

Anyhoooo....What's everyone got going on for the weekend?
Hey Kari! I totally forgot about the weekend.

A friend of mine is competing at a body building thing, so I'm going to go see her. I've committed to a wedding social, but I don't know if I'm going. I really HATE wedding socials. I think they are boring as all hell. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be doing lunch with PR boy. Maybe him and I will do something afterwards.
Urrgghhh....I think I am getting a cold. Either that, or I'm stuffed up from all the dust that blew up my nose when I was walking home in the gale force wind yesterday.

CH - IT magnet....*snort* Maybe one of them could come up with something clever and geeky about the danger of magnets and computers....but I'm not that geeky. tongue.gif

kari - I was up till almost 1, and I feel kind of the same. I just downed a big coffee with 2 packages of hot chocolate in it....I do love our cafeteria. wink.gif

No nap for me today - still have to tidy a bit when I get home from work, before the jammers arrive, and then tomorrow is my 2-job day! Eek!

I'm going to play the new lorewolf-inspired song for the jammers tonight and see how it goes down. I fiddled with a few of the lyrics on my lunch hour yesterday, but I haven't gotten much further. (Picture the eccentric sitting alone at a cafeteria table, still in her sunglasses and jean jacket, singing softly, bobbing her head, and scribbling furiously in a notebook with a cover that says, "Who says I want to fit in?")

Still haven't finished Theory of Everything, either. It's just got a bunch of doo-doo-doos on the verses. But then, as I told BEB, maybe doo-doo-doo actually IS my theory of everything, and the song doesn't need to be finished. He agreed that doo-doo-doo covered a lot of ground. biggrin.gif
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