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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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(((((Kari))))) I'm so sorry to hear about the school deal.

(((((Kari's BFF's family)))))

Yay on the shoes and purse though!!!! WOOHOO! Don't they have things you can actually put in your shoes to make them stretch out?
This is soooo quick - I shouldn't even be online, got to get ready! But I'm wolfing down breakfast, too....

Hiya CH and kari!

The reason I'm even posting....kari, on the shoes - if the shoes are leather, you can get a spray-in shoe stretch stuff from any shoe repair place, and it's pretty cheap (under $10). I have this problem all the time, with my big flat wide feet, and I do this often. You just spray the stuff inside the shoes, put them on right away, and walk around right away. It might take a couple of tries, but don't overdo it, as the leather will relax around your feet over time.

Can't stay!!! Got to go get gorgeous 'n' stuff...
Hi Doodle!

Bye Doodle!

Where is everyone at??? Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo??

Tumble weeds, what the fuck?
Thank you for the shoe tips!

I have decided to try to swap them for a larger size. It was raining so hard today, I wore in my running shoes, and switched to the flats when I got here. Hence, I've only worn them indoors & they don't have any signs of wear on them. Now have the running shoes back on. They look lovely. smile.gif I'll drop by the TJ Maxx today to swap the flats out. I don't want 'em if they don't fit.

My boss is starting to drive me nutz.
Hi, peeps!

It's taken me forever to write this. Between all the calls and walk-ins and the crap I have to do for them, I haven't had a moment to breathe. At least people are taking care of their shit before the last minute.

CH, it's been awhile since you've had the special cookies, hasn't it? (((((((((stepmom's father health vibes))))))))) That sounds like a pretty big deal. How's he handling the stroke?

Kari, we both kinda sucked last night at the tourney. It wasn't head to head yet, that's in 2 weeks. We're entered for that, but we had to post some scores so they can put us against people who are closer to our skill level on our chosen level of the game. The giant and I played songs on the '80s version that we normally ace (that's the easiest version they've made - wasn't our choice to play that version), but due to the different TV and the guitar controllers they had there, we didn't do as well as we should have. I was all looking forward to playing "Carry On My Wayward Son," which I missed only 9 notes on out of 600 when I practiced it, but ended up doing "Bathroom Wall" by Faster Pussycat and "Hold On Loosely" by 38 Special. I hate to admit it, but I really like that Faster Pussycat song. It's stupid, but really fun to play. I can't remember what the giant played.

That super sucks about those requirements. What do you think you're going to do about it? And what kind of shoes did you get? I wonder how one would go abou stretching out a fabric shoe.

((((((((((Jenn))))))))) Sorry work is sucking so bad, yet again. I just don't understand how upper management can go around unchecked, nobody giving them reviews or making them work up to standards, or even make them not be assholes to those they supervise.

Hi, Marileen! Sure, we can go out in a few weeks. I'm getting my Fabulous Fern's fix in about 15 minutes with my gay boyfriend, anyway. I might have money again by then, too. Hovercraft is stupid. I'm glad you don't humor her when she's an idiot and forgets shit.

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. This is another eternal week, only I have to work 5 days this time. I'm soooo super jealous of you guys who get days off for Easter. And now the bathroom 20 feet from me is broken. The door's open and there are repair guys in their flushing all the toilets. Just what I wanted to hear, a symphony of flushes.

Kari, what's the boss doing to driving you nutters?

Diva, indeed it has been a while since I've had cookies. And these ones are goodly. The tourney sounds fun! Hurray for month end. *gag*

I'd prefer to be at home right now. I want to work out!
Hi everyone! Hi diva, kari, and CH!

It's going to be harder to BUST here at the lotteries, as everyone can see my screen at the moment - until I take over my trainer's desk, anyway. But my trainer was out somewhere when I got back from lunch, so I thought I'd risk a quick peek in!

They have an amazing cafeteria here - I got creamy veggie soup, a huge bacon and cheese scone, a gigantic tiger brownie, and a can of diet pepsi for five bucks (CAD). Took it down to the park for lunch (the cafeteria ladies even wrapped everything up in saran for me), then walked around town for a bit. Discovered that I can totally make my hours flexible, i.e., take a shorter lunch, or come in early and leave early, or even work fewer hours if I want, so I'll be able to pull off the clothing store after all. WHEE! This is a cool place - good vibe.

Oh, the big band musician isn't one of the IT guys - my mistake. It's one of the older guys in my department. And there are a few other musicians around the building, mostly older guys, too. Speaking of the IT trainer says she's only knows the name of one of them, doesn't know who the other guy was at all, and has no idea which one is the one she knows by I gather they've never even been here before. So I'm definitely guessing came down here yesterday to check out the new temp. Hope I didn't disappoint them. wink.gif
i been a baaaaad bustie!

but from what i've read of the archives, i've not been the only one in lurk mode lately. i've tried to keep up a bit...

first off, (((((((((poodle, poodlepapa and family)))))))))))). i hope your dad recovers well from this.
(((((((((((kari and kariaunt and family)))))))))))))))), i hope she is comfortable.

kari, sorry also about your school. that really sucks ass. how can they just change things up on you half way through? shouldn't you be grandfathered in? ugh!

i'm still reeling from reading about turbo's 5 hour meeting. i'm not even sure now when it was. i read too many archives and now it's all running together. but it DOES sound like you had a fine st. patty's day. smile.gif

things here are hunky-dory. i'm still super in love with mrfj. still absolutely adoring my little guy. he is so expressive now and even though he isn't talking, he's so easy to read. he's much more interactive and plays happily with his toys, squealing and shrieking at them. of course, his favorite is an empty water bottle that i put a penny in for noise. seriously. the kid has all the greatest developmental toys he can get, but he loves an empty water bottle. hey, whatever works. smile.gif i am still working, which has greatly reduced my online "playtime" since every free minute is usually spent dialing. it's still working out fine and i am making enough money to stay afloat. still looking for other work but seems like it's the same companies offering the same jobs day after day. blah!

anyway, just wanted to check in with you all and let you know i'm still breathing!

and here is a pic of jackaroo from this weekend...


I left work early, just wasn't feeling so great. I don't feel sick, but just tired & kinda achey. Maybe I'm just tired. Anyhoo, I came home around 2 and took a nap. Supposed to work out tonight, but going to bail. I've been very lame on the workout front this week and last week. Ah well....

Diva, that stinks you guys did not do as well as you'd hoped in the GH contest. I know it can be really hard to do things in different environments, AND in front of people. It throws me for a loop. I think it is very cool that you guys are doing that though! I'm sorry you don't get off work Friday. Boo. mad.gif

The shoes I got are cream colored leather flats, with a black patent toe. They are Tahari brand. I love all their stuff, and TJ Maxx has it pretty regularly.

Hey FJ!!!! It is SOOOOOO good to see you! I am so happy to hear that things are so great. Jackaroo is too too adorable. OMG.
How old is he now? How is your work going?

Ch, the boss....ugh. He just gets on these things were he gets all excited about things & writes me lots of notes with lots of exclamation marks telling me to do stuff, look stuff up. Today he requested something which is a big job. When I e-mailed to ask for further clarification and direction, he did not answer my questions, but gave me even broader requests. He sometimes likes to answer questions w/ questions. Fun. wink.gif
I'll get it worked out somehow.

doodle, I am glad your new work place is cool. It is especially great that they let you be flexible with hours, that helps a lot, doesn't it? How much are you working at the clothing store nowadays? That lunch sounds tasty! I think I'm gonna make some pasta tonight.
Hey guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys sad.gif

'Kay, so I was sick for 5 days... never knew I could sleep so much nor have so many covers over me without spontaniously combusting, much less not sweating. My inlaws visited, only they had to stay in a Motel 6 on account of me being toxic and all, so no going into Seattle with them, no having awsome breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with them, and no participation in Goaty-Dad's birthday which, by the way, I picked out the birthday present for: A NEW AEROPLANE!!! (may be the size of a magazine and remote-controlled). They even brought their skis with them!!! Waaaah! So it turns out that I was suffering from a post-flu sinus infection that gave me a persistant fever. I missed Friday's work, missed Monday and went to the doctor to get anti-biotics which required Tuesday off to kick in. Today, I go back to work, and I'm laid off at the end of the day for having missed too many days of work sad.gif

It was kinda ominous when the boss that made that call asked how I was feeling, and I said, "better!" and I noticed him sneezing, so I asked out of concern how he was feeing, and he replied angrily, "Fucking awful!" The boss that broke the news to me at the end of the day, though, was genuinely sorry to let me go. He thought I was learning stuff really well and was busting my butt to get stuff done. Anyway, no asking for your job back in the construction world. It's purposely engineered to look like a pathetic effort.

Sorry for being AWOL so long, though.

Heeeya Kari! smile.gif Bummer about the aches and low energy. Good to see you back in here, though. I'm glad you got to visit your aunt.

Heya FJ! My, that's a lot of teeef! biggrin.gif

Doodle, I'm super proud of you, and I especially like "Prove". I sooo wish I could magically appear in your jam sessions. I'm also proud of what you do for your clothing customers. You're spreading happiness in sorely-needed ways.

*really really really REALLY REALLY wants a Culture Cookie!* (reeeeeeeeally!)

Diva, I soooo wish Goaty and I were going to stuff as fun as your Guitar Hero tourney! OMG! We so need a life that's more like yours! Goaty and I are getting frustrated with ourselves and our lack of wacky plans. It's awsome that you guys even both like the same videogame.
yeah, it's lurky mclurkerson here. wink.gif

Anyway, my heart goes out to (((poodle)))

I just am in the depths of, blah. I have little or nothing to say. I'm rebuilding an ultracold that I'm hoping to put the vacuum pump on tomorrow. A new guy got hired and got given a service van. The first fucking week. I've been there six years and no van yet. It's just an endless cycle of marginalization and crony-ism and just, blah. I really don't suck, but I have to keep telling myself that because nobody else does.

My dishwasher broke. I don't know if I fixed it or not, because the first time I run it I want to stay the whole time, laying on the floor peering underneath it to make sure nothing floods or drips or anything. 'cause I got people living below me and if they get water stains on their ceiling, it could get ugly. I don't want to have to hire a plumber or anything. I know the pump works and the drain's clear, anyway. It wasn't draining the water. The only other thing it could be, is that maybe the pump isn't being TOLD to turn on, which would be a circuit board or timer problem. But I can't troubleshoot that without running it.

So, anyway, since a cycle takes approximately 2-3 hours, I need a block of time to test it.


I'm tired of fixing broken things. I want spring to come.

I kinda miss just being a welder. It was sort of Zen. Very meditative. I'm missing GT.

They are saying we are going to get 4 inches of snow between now and Friday. Blah.

Sorry, all......

FJ, yer boy is CUTE!!

Divala, sorry about not doing well at GH. If it makes you feel better, since I work for the state, and we have the whole "separation of church and state" thing going on, I don't get any time off this week either. I do get Christmas eve and day off, go figure.

Kari, you've asked me several times and I keep forgetting to answer....Bear has pretty much let the "moving to Canada and working" thing drop, he hasn't mentioned it since the first time I brought it up here in Okayland. I'd like to think that means he's decided he doesn't want to pursue it.

Lore, that sucks. It's pretty typical, though. How far along are you in your apprenticeship, if I can ask???

Doodle, nice cafeteria pickings! smile.gif I've gotta listen to your song soon. Usually when I'm online I'm not wearing my hearing aides so I can't hear anything...I've gotta remember, once, when I CAN hear, to open it up. I do have it downloaded, though.

Oh, and that boobie bimbo, she always says she's from Madison. I wonder if you get the caption that she's in Kamloops, and is it the same picture? I'm thinking ya.

CH, here's some ~*~*end of the month energy vibes*~*~

Jenn, I'm sorry work is so sucktastic. Blah.
Oooooh look at all the bustie sightings!

Doodle, I'm glad that you have flex hours at the lottery place.

FJ, the boy is freakin' adorable. I'm glad to see you in here!!!!

Hey Kari, did you get your shoes exchanged? Your boss is there for guidance, not to act as some sort of vague figure it out your fuckingself swami.

(((((lore))))) I'm sorry about the job.

(((((tree))))) just cause I think you need a hug.

Well, tomorrow the work week is done. I did an abs workout this evening and took the dog out. I think I'm going to chill with my ipod now.


Good evening all!

kari - I'm still working out the scheduling with my manager at the clothing store, but I basically told her I'd like Thursday and Friday evenings, and half days on Saturdays, with Sundays off, and she's totally open to it. They really are amazing about working around my scheduling. And having the lotteries be flexible is an added bonus. It would be kind of nice to get on there on a more permanent basis, actually, as it's a good environment and I could write my ticket anywhere afterwards. I'm not sure if it's union, but it's a Crown Corporation (translation for the Yanks: a corporate entity controlled by the state), so it would be union wages and benefits. Anyway, lots of time to investigate that possibility. Did you exchange the shoes yet?

tree - the boobie bimbo says she's from Salmon Arm, actually, which is about an hour and a half east of here. I always thought of Salmon Arm as more a hotbed of cult activity and neo-nazis than porno bimbos, but whatever. wink.gif Good luck with your dishwasher - I would never even attempt something like that, but you are very smart in the ways of those things, so I'm sure you'll do well!

FJ!! So nice to see you! I can't decide who the li'l guy looks more like - you or Mr. FJ.

diva, you are making Guitar Hero sound like so much fun! Have you ever played that new one, Rock Band?

(((((lore))))) Sorry to hear about the layoff, especially after being so crappily sick and missing out on goaty girl's folks' visit. That truly sucks. Major suckage, as BFFdottirs would say. I don't understand why they'd do that, if you were doing so well. sad.gif Thanks for the love, though! wink.gif I'm glad you like Prove - I was feeling a little ambivalent about the recording.

Thanks to everyone for the music love! I meant to acknowledge everyone specifically, but things have been a little out of hand here lately!

On that note, I finally managed to lay down the new version of the latest song guitarboy and I have written. Be warned that my voice sounds a little raw as I've been using it a LOT lately, and it's also affected by lack of sleep. But I still think it sounds cool. You have to imagine it with more musicians to get the full rockin' out effect. I can't decide which one I like more - I'm tempted to say the new one, because the strumming rhythm on the other one is kind of the same as Heavy Load, but slower, and the new one is quite different....I think the new one would be awesome at a jam, with a full band behind me!

Gonna Die Someday - version 2 (high bandwidth)
Gonna Die Someday - version 2 (low bandwidth)
Happy Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy because my work week is DONE today!!! Woohoo!!!!

Doodle, again I'm at work, I'll try again though. Some sites are funny that way. Weirdly. Boobie bimbo. *snorts*

Well, I have shit fuck all today. I'm going to go look at a civic today at lunch and see what the dealership can do for me in terms of that! Sooooooo, we'll see what happens.

ok, i can't seem to get the damn flickr site to post a picture directly here. So, we put a couple new ones up this week. My favotire is when she's actually singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" just as off key as her mama!

OK, off to work.
Mornin' *yawn* I'm sleepy!

(((tree))) I am sorry you are in a funk lately. sad.gif That makes me really mad for you that the new guy got a van after only one week. Grrrrr! Stupid male dominated workplace. I think March is a tough month, it's always been my least favorite. If you can make it through the end of this month, things will get better. That's cool that bear is not going to move. Excellent.

((Lore)) Aw man, sorry you were sick! And that really stinks that you got fired! You were sick! How are you feeling about it? Are you going to be looking for new work then? That also stinks that you missed out on all the fun w/ goatie girl's fam. Bah.

Doodle, that's a good clothing store schedule. It makes all the difference if they are flexible w/ scheduling. I will listen to your new song when I get home later!

Like I said, I'm back at work today. I reaaaallllly conidered calling in, just b/c I wanted to sleep late. I am feeling much better than I was yesterday. All I did was sit on the couch all night, which was great. I did make some pasta w/ sausage for dinner. Today I have work & hospital. Ack. But then have a breather starting tomorrow. Thank goodness. I need it. I am even going to attempt to get to the gym today at lunch. Need that too.

I did not take the shoes back yet, will do it tomorrow. If they don't have another size, I'll just get my money back.

Who's got weekend plans in the making? I think we're hanging with some friends tomorrow night. Throwing around the idea of bowling. That's all I have so far.

Oh! My mom called, my aunt was doing so well at Hospice, they sent her home. I am sure she is much more comfortable there. I'm gonna go by her place this weekend.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((Tree)))))))) I hope the upcoming nice weather helps you out of your funk. That's good that the bear isn't going to move up to Canada. But that sure blows about the newbie getting a truck. Is there a reason they won't give you one?

Kari, that's great news about your aunt! Your boss sounds like a real piece of work. I hate when people are vague with answers. I usually keep asking until I get a real one, which I've been having to do a lot lately here at work, because one of the people I work with is vague about stuff, then tells me I have to do crap I was specifically told I don't have to do. It really irks me. Cool guy, not so cool to work with.

Doodle, nope, I haven't tried Rock Band yet. We'll get it eventually, though.

(((((((((((((((Lore))))))))))))))))) Sorry about your crappy week. That's all just so lousy on so many levels. I still don't get why you were fired for being sick, while your supervisor was sneezing. The flu's going around, and you either have to stay home and get better (and you even went to the doctor, for fuck's sake!) or come to work and give it to everyone else. Jeebus H. Christ! And then on top of it, you don't get to see Goatie girl's family. That's just comcastic.

Hi, FJ! Your boy is adorable! So many teeth!

Hi, CH! Good luck with the car shopping!

I've got nothing going on around here. I tried to work out yesterday, but only spent maybe 15 minutes at the gym. They're expanding, so all the treadmills are out of order until they get this power strip thingy to turn them back on, and all the other cardio equipment was in use. This is a really good thing, though, because my gym was teeny-tiny, so now there will be some room to move around and more treadmills, so I won't always have to wait for one if I go before 7:00 pm. It'll be really cool when it's all done. I ended up doing a short upper-body workout, and I'll do lower body tonight. I wish they had more lower body stuff, but since it's a male-owned operation, I really don't think that the owner sees the importance of leg machines. There are maybe 5 of them there, and not a huge range. Guys tend to be more into the upper body fitness and ignore everything below the waist, kind of like that SNL sketch.

My lunch with gay boyfriend was lovely. I had the best bruschetta I've ever had in my entire life. The bread was toasted, but still soft in the right way, so it was really delicate. Then they spread pesto on it before they loaded it up with tomatoes, basil, and parmesan. Truly amazing, I tell ya. I love love love pesto. He brought a friend with him who wanted to ask me about paternity cases. She has a friend who's trying to find her real father and wants to open a child support case. That'd be fine and dandy if she weren't 22 years old. It'd kind of be a waste of resources for a person who they wouldn't even get to collect child support for.

For Easter, I guess the giant and I are going our separate ways. He's doing a family thing at his aunt's while I'm going to my parents' place. Sorry, I just like being up there. The food's way better and I have my annual egg hunt for Sam, which he really looks forward to. I wouldn't miss it for anything. His aunt is lovely and everything, but I haven't been to my parent's house since January.

If it weren't supposed to snow tomorrow, I'd take the day off. I'm itching to go shopping for spring clothes, and I know the giant won't want to come with me. Maybe Saturday will have to be a National Divala Day where I go out on my own for the day and do all the crap the giant hates to do.
So, total drive-by.....I sent out a little e-bleat for help from IT when I got back from lunch....and both of the young 'uns just wound up here again, with wide grins. These are the guys nobody in my department ever sees b/c everything is done by phone or network. One showed up first, then the other, after the 1st had fixed the problem. He said, "Oh well, it got me out and about." I told him to come back and visit any time.

Hee hee hee!!!! They're adorable.

Lunch....holy wow: most delicious hot fresh chicken and cheese fajita, garden salad, boston cream donut, diet pepsi....five bucks.

Gotta run! Back later from home!
Good Evening!!!!

Kari, what did you end up doing this evening? Do youhave tomorrow off?

Hey Diva! How did your workout go?

Doodle, the lunch sounds delish!

So, car shopping. I found a 2005 civic with around 50,000 km on it. The list price is around 16 my friend said he could get me 13, I'm shooting for lower. I can have the car paid off in 2 or 4 years.

Here's a picture.

Can I get some finance car vibes? I'm going back on Saturday. I really would like this vehicle.

((((job vibes for lore)))) (((((health & healing for poodlepapa)))) (((((work equity for tree))))

(((((happy neighbors with earplugs for doodle)))) ((((((comfort & healing for kari's auntie)))))

CH - that looks like a great car that will get you through many winters! I hope the financing comes through!

Today, my supervisor locked herself in her office and cried. Twice. Once was apparently my fault. I am a mean, mean person. OR, I'm tired of bad review processes and told her so. Apparently it was a personal attack. So she says. Really, this place is so fucked up, we can't do anything but laugh anymore - its beyond getting pissed off about. And, when she gets upset she stays in her office all day, so that's a bonus!

Moxie - moxette is such a cutie pie! What a personality she's developing!

Diva, that bruschetta description made me drool just a little. wink.gif

I finished a little freelance project tonight, so that's good. And I have NO plans for this weekend - what a rare luxury! I'd love to get out and bike, but once again, the weather conspires against me, and we're under winter storm warming through saturday. boooo.
It's me again.

Turbo, it sounds like you are working for a 5 year old. That is si fucked up that she's looking herself in her office. Do you think it's because she's under pressure from her bosses that she's become insane? YAY on a quiet weekend!

Okay, so here are the pics of the room prior to it being reno'd.

And a picture of Emily just because she's happy.

And I finally figured out what the hell was on television when I was taking the pics! Fraiser!

Walls are getting patched, border trim has been removed.

turbo........WHAT!???? WTF is wrong with your supervisor??? OMFG. THAT woman needs to find a new fucking job. How is it that there are some women who STILL don't realize how unprofessional it is to cry at work? Seriously, I'm starting to wonder if she's using her tears as a manipulation tactic. Because that is just so.........impossible to believe. How could anyone otherwise even ATTEMPT to write off a totally 100% legitimate job concern as a PERSONAL attack? A supervisor, no less, to whom you are generally EXPECTED to take your concerns about work and work processes. I think it's either deliberate manipulation, or else she never graduated emotionally out of the sixth grade....and since she's obviously made it through life otherwise, then I truly suspect the former. turbo, if you think I might be right (and you'd know better than I), then you've got to let her know somehow, even if it's just through your attitude, that you're onto her game. I'd lay down money that it's the only way she's ever going to move past that way of relating with you.

~*~*~*~*~*~car finance vibes for CH~*~*~*~*~*~

Oh, and YEAH!! That pic of moxette is freaking ADORABLE!

And that's as far as I've gotten....just got home a little while ago, and I've just sat down to catch up PROPERLY! I'm taking an early night, and I'm taking it all to myself - and no work tomorrow, so I'm really going to catch up on my sleep.

I also bought two packages of big black garbage bags after work. I'm wayyyy due for a de-cluttering spree! I guess that will make up the bulk of my weekend.

Also, hippiegirl phoned and wants to jam, probably with singergirl, and also I invited a co-worker from the clothing store to jam with us next time I put one together (she also sings), and perhaps browneyedboy might be able to jam over the weekend, although he hurt his shoulder skateboarding (!) and is having a difficult time playing, so we'll see if he's up to it. He said we'd jam during the week if he can't play by the weekend.

I woke up with fucking "Wayward Son" in my head this morning. Seriously, Kansas??? Where did that even come from? It took hours for it to go away.

I am still giggling over the IT boys. IT boys are sweet.
Hi, peeps.

This is a miserable fucking day. It's snowing really hard here and isn't supposed to let up anytime soon. I'm on my ladytime. My tummy is angry with me, and I don't know why, and my left arm is going numb. I really should have just stayed home. I'll probably go home early today, since the days have been seeming eternal lately.

Jenn, your boss is an idiot, but you knew that already. Why does she keep doing this whenever anyone has a complaint? She really needs to look for a new line of work where she's not in charge of anything, since she obviously can't handle it emotionally. I can't wait until the day you finally announce that you're quitting and they can all suck it!

CH, have you ever noticed how Frasier looks a little like Chris Matthews from far away? Good luck with the car financing. I got lucky with mine a year and a half ago: $10,600 for a 2005 Sebring with 23,000 miles on it. I got it for $1,000 under Blue Book quote. $13,000 sounds fair for the car you're looking at. What kind of extras does it have? Mine doesn't really have anthing special, I was just happy that it wasn't my old car.

Hi, Doodle!

I think I'm going to leave around 1:30 today, just because this is a shitty day. I never went to the gym last night because my body was bugging me and I didn't want to exacerbate it. I just sat around watching TV and we had steaks for dinner and watched Lost. I'm starting to get into that show, even though I've only watched this season and last season a little bit.

(((((diva))))) Sorry you are having a craptastic day. What's up with your arm? That triggered alarm bells in me when I read it! It really sucks that you don't get today off! We have the whole separation of church and state here, too, but Good Friday is definitely a statutory holiday, just like Christmas.

I slept in till all of 8 this morning! Have been up for only about 20 minutes. But I went to bed early, like 11 or something, so I guess I got lots of sleep to make up for the last week.
Good Morning!

(((((Diva))))) Sorry for the shitty day. I was thinking that Fraiser looks like Chris Matthews! Then I said to myself, I never watch Chris Matthews, so what the hell is on TV???

Hey Doodle!!! Do you work at the clothing store this weekend?

the civic has everything on it, remote keyless entry, auto doors and locks (which I really don't care about) sun roof, AC (which is all I really cared about), it's automatic transmission, 4 cylinder, 1.7 L, vanity mirrors, front wheel drive (all important in the winters here!). It's a fully loaded civic. There's more, I just don't remember what else. I want to pay $150.00 biweekly. I really hope I get it tomorrow. I really will be heart broken if I don't. But I've got good credit, and the finance rate is lower than what a bank will give me right now, and Honda's are excellent cars, the civic has a great safety rating. Blah blah blah.

Well, I'm off to do some cardio, i already took the dog out, but I just am triny not to be antsy for tomorrow.

I also have to change Eugene's fishbowl water.

Hiya CH! That car sounds awesome! Can you afford to make the payments?

Yeah, I work tomorrow, and the store is closed on Sunday for Easter. I have Monday off too - probably b/c I told the manager I worked Mon - Fri at the lotteries and didn't clarify about the Monday stat holiday (it's a Crown Corporation). OOPS! But it'll be nice to have 2 days off in a row. I'm definitely going to get at some de-cluttering, and hopefully some more songwriting and jamming.
Doodle, $150.00 will be no problem for me to make the payments.

Woohoo on two days off in a row!!!

Now off to clean the interior of the current car.
CH, that's good to know you won't have a problem with the car payments!

I think I finished the song I started a week ago. May be pending a re-write of a few lyrics, but otherwise, I think I've got it. Yay! I feel another one coming on, but I have no idea about any part of it yet - music, lyrics, chords, theme, nothing. It's just a big black void! That's not the right way to put it's like something mysterious and exciting is hiding behind layers of curtains and I have to start pulling them back. I'm going to go muck around with my guitar some more.

It's noon and I'm still sitting around in my underwear and a vastly oversized BC Coalition of Women's Centres t-shirt. Actually, when I first got it, it was too small! wink.gif
Doodle are you going to post the song you wrote when you play it??? YAY on too big clothes!!!!

that's really cool about the song writing process, it's like it's there, it just needs to be into place. If that makes any sense.

I finished cleaning the interior of the car. BLECH! It was soooooo gross. Dog fur, dust, dirt, I did find some change though! Now I just need to wash it and hope for the best tomorrow.

*jumps up and down with excitement* I'm so giddy! This is going to be my first really big purchase. I'm scared, but I feel so grown up. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
CH, I'm not sure if the new song is quite ready for recording yet....I want to run it by a couple of other musicians first, and as I said, some of the lyrics may need improving. But when it is ready, then yes. smile.gif

I'm still trying to understand the songwriting process. It's very mysterious - there's usually a spark or a seed that triggers it, and then the rest kind of flows from that. I mean, it is work, and you have to keep experimenting with melody, chords, rhythm, words, and theme to develop the song - and the more confident I get as a singer and guitarist, the more confident I get at experimenting. But once you have the seed, the rest is just about developing it without compromising it. I don't know where those seeds come from. I must look like a complete nutter sometimes, walking around town singing to myself, stopping to scribble in a notebook from time to some kind of absent-minded professor! But I can't help it. Music totally fills my head these days.

CH - it's tomorrow you find out about the car, right??
Doodle it is tomorrow that I find out about the vehicle.

The song writing process sounds like it's be interesting. Challenging, but in a good way.

I just picked up way too much dog poop.
12:55 PM: we have chorus melody, chorus chords, and one single line....
YAY Doodle!!!!

So, on the car front. I found out the car will less than $150.00 biweekly, even at list price. So if friendboy gets me lower than list, it'll be even less.

Please ongoing vibes!!! If I get approved tomorrow, I can have the car tomorrow. Wooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!

*squeels delightfully*
YAY for the car, CH!!!!! And for the room redecorating!

Yeah, doodle, I'd say you've got my boss right - she is definitely emotionally stunted. We joke that we think she was beat up by cheerleaders in high school. She has such a negative feeling about anyone perceived as remotely popular, and she's particularly threatened by me, as I am not there to be subservient to her bad ideas. Her relationship with the VP is perhaps the worst case of co-dependency I've ever seen. Its all I can do not to laugh.

Yeah, its snowing pretty insanely here today, too. A good midwestern Spring welcome, I'd say! smile.gif

Since the weather is crap, we're not going out this evening. We've called our neighbors and asked them to come over for dinner and card playing, so hopefully they're up for it.
Hey Turbo!

Well, I took hound for a walk, then washed the car. My appointment is tomorrow at 10 am! If all goes well, I can drive the car off the lot that day. Can I get some major bustie vibeage for tomorrow at 10?

Now I have to do a leg work out, and complete cleaning my room.

How is everyone doing today?
Hiya CH and turbo!!

~*~*~*~*~car vibes for CH!!!!~*~*~*~*~

turbo, yer boss is just nuts. wink.gif Toxic, more like it. I can't stand people who use manipulation as a method of control. Especially a boss, for god's sake. It's not like she doesn't have the control already! I think the only reason a person in that position would even bother with manipulation and other unhealthy tactics is her fear of having her incompetencies uncovered....

Well. After I posted last, I wound up doing some de-cluttering and taking a nap, hope the nap would inspire the song some more. I wound up dreaming about Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze playing over and over, very loudly, filling ALL the space in my head (at one point, I dreamed the boys and I were trying to learn it), and then woke up with KT Turnstall's Suddenly I See. Hmmm.

But oddly, when I sat down with it again, I came up with the rest of the chorus lyrics, and then the chords for the rest of the song, and at last, the rest of the melody. I also managed to incorporate a new (to me) chord (D11) that BEB forced me to learn for one of his dang Bob Dylan songs, and which, at the time, he told me I should make my signature chord now that I'd learned it. I didn't plan to use it, but it turned out to be the one that worked. So yeah! I recorded it so I can loop it and burn it into my brain/think about lyrics, but it's definitely not ready for posting yet.

Fucking Carmella just drooled all over me, yet again. Fortunately, I am still wearing my oversized BCCWC t-shirt, which is due for a wash anyway....
Ummm...good wink.gif

Up at 9 today - work at the clothing store in a little while. It's gorgeous out, so I'm going to take my runners and jeans and try the hour's walk home again. I didn't leave my apartment yesterday, and for the first time in a long time, it felt....strange. Also, I have a song to write! (I'm listening to the loop right now.)

CH - didja get the car!??
Goooooooooooooooooooood Afternoon!!!!!

I did indeed get the car. I pick it up on Monday!!!!!!!!! I got it for $14,793. It's $155.00 biweekly over 5 years. 5.9% interest. Soooo, if I'm approved for financing I'm good to go. But, there's no reason I won't be.

Hey Doodle YAY on the song

K, I have to go again,

Later all!
Oooh, CH, congrats on the car!!!! WOOT!!!!

*throws confetti*

Are you trading in your old one?

Work was good, but I didn't make all my goals b/c I kept forgetting to tell the woman at cash which customers were mine. sad.gif But the store made it's daily goal by 4:30, and I beat all the more complicated breakdowns on the customers I did remember, so I they know I'm still good. I walked home - brought my runners this time, smartie pants, huh? Dug out my old backpack, too, which makes things easier. (I need a leather one - more suitable to my age and style. wink.gif Maybe I'll hit the thrift stores.) I like the walk home - I'm down about 10 minutes in my time, with the runners. When I got to this side of town, I ran into the gay ex-priest, so we visited for a bit. And then when I got up the stairs, banjoboy pulled me into his apartment to toke me up and show me his newest toy - a sound mixing foot pedal box for the bass. Wonder how he can afford that? Anyway, not my business. We jammed, and one of his friends dropped by, so we jammed with him as well.

OOH! I bought new jeans today. Holy motherfucking hell, they are 2 sizes smaller than the ones I bought in November/December! 2.5, really, since this brand fits a half size smaller than the ones I was buying before. And holy hell, do I look good in them! I finally figured out how to find the ones that fit my body properly - guess this fashion biz stuff is working out for me! My ass looks awesome. AWESOME. My legs look awesome. My hips and thighs look awesome. I look motherfucking awesome. biggrin.gif

I am so not trying to care about all the weight I've lost. But damn, I look fine in these jeans. One more size and I'll be down to the jeans I wore in the 12th grade. Seriously, it's HARD not to care!!! I want not to care. And I'm not dieting or anything - hell, I'm eating Ruffles right now. It's totally the medication, and probably the walking, too. As a feminist and a self-actualized, formerly eating-disordered woman, I sooooo want not to care....but in the end, I feel good about being so much smaller, so I guess I have to admit it.

I came up with the lyrics to the new song's bridge on the way to work this morning - on the bus! And then I sang what I had all the way home. Also played it for banjoboy, and he kept saying how much he really liked it. (I think he is trying to make up to me, in his way - he is over-generous with everything he has right now.) His friend (a guitarist and bassist) also thought the song was really good, even though I had to explain I'm still working on it....he even asked what that new, stolen-from-Dylan chord was, and said it sounded really good with the progression. I STILL don't really know what it's about! Which is somewhat paradoxical, since it's called Theory of Everything. I think it's really catchy, and it's more structured than the heavy-duty blues ones I've been writing - it also requires a little more lyrical thought than some of the others, since it's actually about the theory of everything, as in the grand unification theory. But it's not really. Well, you'll hear it when it's done, and you'll get what I mean. Tomorrow I'm off, so I can work on it some more.

I'm gonna try and play a little bit before it gets really late....really late for Saturday night, I mean. Fuck you, crazy lady across the hall. tongue.gif

Today at work I wished aloud that Eddie Izzard would come into the store to shop. (My GOD, can you imagine how fun that would be!?) The manager totally thought it was cool, but I had to educate the young ones about the many facets of transgender-ism and about the greatness that is the Izzy.
Good Morning!

Doodle, that is great about the jeans, you sexy thang!!! *wolf whistles* the song sounds really interesting!

My current car I'm selling privately, I'll get more for it that way.

Sooooo, yesterday was a good day. I pretty much got the car, saw the cop, then went out with the PR boy, we were out all evening, got some HBI from him, too. smile.gif

Funny story involving the police last night. the PR boy and I were at the park, we had smoked a bowl, and we were just chatting. Park closes at 10, we were there for a few hours, anyways, around 12:30 or so, the police come in, pull in behind me and just sit there. Okay, I figured they wanted me to leave, so I drove away. Lights go on. So I stop. Cop comes to the window, he's just young. And he's grinning, asks me if I have a habit of routinely running away from the police. I started laughing and asked him what he was talking about. Turns out he had gotten out of the car to come and talk to me when I drove away. Since it was dark out and they wear dark blue, I didn't see him. Then his partner, who is another young guy, comes out, and here I am laughing and the first cop was laughing, second cop was amused by everything. They just wanted to remind us the park closed at 10. I told them I knew that, but we were just shooting the shit. They were both cute. PR boy was laughing at me, saying they probably wanted me.

So, that's my funny police officer story from this morning. Too bad they couldn't all have senses of humour. I did apologize for driving away. Plus, I did get to be all flirty. smile.gif

All in all, yesterday was a good day. Today I think I'll just chill, I'm a little sore from the HBI, a lot actually. Tomorrow I should pick up the car. I think I'm going to take a nap.

Hiya CH! I totally laughed my ass off at your cop story - I'll bet they totally wanted to get in your pants. wink.gif Hope your car didn't smell like a hot box, though. tongue.gif

I actually slept in till 10 this morning (ahh, the goodness of banjoboy's weed). Am going to walk up to the grocery store this afternoon....was going to go after work yesterday, but after making it all the way across the city on foot, I didn't want to walk the extra 12 blocks there and back.

BEB called and then e-mailed while I was out yesterday. His shoulder is still too effed up to jam this weekend (tendonitis), but he's printed out some stuff on chord progressions for me, so it seems we're still good for jamming later when he's better. (Yes, I'll be wearing my sexy new jeans next time I see him - give him something to think about. wink.gif) Tomorrow hippiegirl and singergirl are coming over, and maybe the boys, too, so that ought to be fun!
Hey Doodle!

It was a funny situation. Makes me laugh. The car didn't smell, but we did have to do a scramble to hide the pipe, as it was sitting right on the dash. I would have gladly been in the middle of that cop sammich.

Oh, I totally think you need to make BEB see what he's missing out on!!!!

I just had a long nap, I'm still on the prowl for some food. Fruit just isn't cutting it at the moment. Not too sure what I want. Hmmmm.
Just got home from the grocery store. Talk about a Heavy Load!! In addition to the healthful stuff and cat supplies (therein lies the heavy load - clay litter), I bought gigantic bag of chocolate mini-eggs for tomorrow's jam, and I'm going to try to get a bit of weed from banjoboy.

Wrote back to BEB this morning, kind of a casual "oh too bad about your shoulder" since we're jamming tomorrow, and, "would have been fun to have you there - next time." Thanks for printing that stuff, having a super weekend, thanks for asking, etc. When I got home, a speedy reply from BEB: "What time are you jamming? Maybe I could swing by and sing badly," etc.

Funny thing is, I totally knew he was going to want to come over. Shall I let him?
Mmmmm Mini Eggs!!!!

Doodle, I think you should let him come over, and wear the new jeans that show off your ass!
I knew you'd say exactly that, CH. wink.gif

I haven't responded yet, or decided. I'm gonna go vacuum....
Hee. Am I really that predictable?!?! laugh.gif

I just had some really great tasting pineapple. Not too sweet, nice and juicy. Mmmmm. Tastylicious!

You totally are, and you know it. tongue.gif

Still haven't e-mailed BEB back. Vacuumed, visited with the gay ex-priest, am making supper right now. Ooh, burnt the toast. Damn.

I suppose I'll let BEB come over, but I'm trying to decide if I'm going to give him warning about the song, Heavy Load. It's a good song; I'm not going to hide one of my new songs from a jam - especially since it's so simple in structure that it was pretty well written for jamming. I had wanted to explain where the lyrics came from, so as not to have him make too much out of it without knowing the real meaning (especially after the boys' guitarist friend called it a love song!!! which it isn't), but I don't want to do that in front of other I'm deciding if I should e-mail him about it or not.
Yes I suppose when it comes to going after something one wants and men, I suppose that I am predictable. hee.

I do agree on making him wait though. As for the song, I wouldn't say anything about it. Wait until he asks, if he asks.
Hi hi CH & Doodle!

Congrats on the new car, CH!!! That cop story is hilarious! You do have quite a way with the men in uniform, it seems.

Doodle, of *course* you should invite BEB over to jam...and shake your sexy booty in those new jeans! Sounds like you did well again at the store yesterday, even if everything wasn't recorded and assigned to you for sales goals. And nice that you could walk home!

The snow is melting here, thank cod. And the sun was shining too...spring is coming - slowly, but its there.

We've had a nice relaxing weekend. Dinner with BFF downtown last night - went to our favorite tapas place, and talked for a couple hours and caught up - very nice. Today, turbomann and I have just been chillin at home. Worked out, took a nap, dog walking, and made some yummy GF/dairy-free pizza for dinner - SO good. I used a new dough recipe, and its much better than the one I had been using - its always a bit tricky with the GF flours.

I am so not ready for tomorrow. Bleh. I think I'll turn in early, though, and read for awhile. smile.gif

doodlebug interesting developments....guess who called at 7:30?

Guess BEB got tired of waiting for me to e-mail. He actually called not only to check on the jamming time tomorrow, but to say he was thinking of going to check out (not play at) the blues jam tonight, and to see if I wanted to come with him.

Yep, that's what happened.

So I'm going. He's going to come pick me up around 9:30.

Yes I'll wear my new jeans. I've been wearing them all day anyway - it's not like I'm gonna change for a last minute invite. wink.gif
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