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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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You know, that's totally appropriate to say, tree, b/c I wonder that myself - am I posting all the "good stuff" and somehow ignoring all the bad? But yeah, I don't see browneyedboy as a game player at all. He seems to be a really deep, thoughtful, compassionate guy. And I think that's why I wrote the e-mail, because he's either shy and/or needs to go really slow for whatever reason, or else he's distancing....and I think he'll be honest enough to tell me the truth. He could be shy AND distancing, I suppose - although he can keep up a one-to-one conversation easily, he is quite introverted and says my place is only the 2nd person's place he's been to since coming to town 5 months ago (the other was a co-worker's)....

I just can't stand this waiting! I don't know what's worse, the waiting, or the fear of what he's going to say. I feel like a fucking teenager.
Good Evening!

Doodle, in my experience (having been close with players, and one could argue that I am one...), I think BEB is shy. that's my opinion. I think you should take the lead here and make a move. Have a good time this evening!

Hey Tree! Enjoy your evening with Bear.

So, I was rather busy today, then I thought I lost my wallet, called my bank to cancel my debit card and visa. turns out my wallet was at home. I didn't even panic that much, just mild red flush to the face.

I came home and took the dog out and worked out.

That's all I've got.
Doodle, I hope BEB emails or calls you soon! Email's a bit of a hard place to discuss such delicate matters, but it sounds like the boy is shy, and that might actually be easier for him - do keep us updated! And I'm glad that your bod is feeling a bit better today.

Kari - how did you like the premiere of Top Chef? I was lovin' it - all the shots of my beautiful city, *plus* Anthony Bourdain?! *swoons*

Hi tree! Enjoy the grillin' and lovin'! It was 55 today here - I was itching to be out on my bike, but of course its supposed to be 31 degrees tomorrow morning, so I'm not likely to ride in just yet - 31 + the wind off the lake is a bit harsh for me.

Not much new to report here - I have a 5 HOUR staff meeting tomorrow. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get through it, what with my boss fawning and flirting with asshole boss the whole time, telling him how wonderful he is. Ugh. He asked me this morning to come up with an "icebreaker" to start off the meeting with. I told him that I don't like icebreakers and would rather get straight to the meeting, so we could get out a half hour earlier. And then he stomped off. Prick. I am not in kindergarten, and do not need to play games with my co-workers.
5 hours?!?
DAAAAAAAMN! wacko.gif

Hey all! smile.gif
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. He wrote me a very nice e-mail that says he is going out with someone else at the moment, and thinks it's better to keep things as friends and musical partners. FUCK.

I REALLY like him, too.

Why is my barometer so off????? Maybe I should go back to dating women. Except I kinda want some penis for a change.
I am writing a new song. No, it's not about him! Neither is the other one, really, though he's in it. But they are about me. (They're all gonna be about me. Oh, the narcissism of songwriting.) Anyway, sitting down with guitar and pen was the only thing I could come up with to "deal."

You know, I haven't written any music since last October or early November, and until now, I've only ever written that one (not terribly good, IMHO) song by myself. These new songs are good, and they're all mine. Whatever else, this guy has helped open up a whole new level of music-making in me, and that's really, really cool. And I can't wait to play my new songs for him! (Yeah, even that other one - I think he'll be cool with it.)

Yeah, we're goin' with a little positivity in the end....
Happy Motherfucking Friday.

Turbo, that's rediculous, a 5 hour staff meeting. I already hate staff meetings as it is, but a 5 hour meeting. Gag.

Hey Lore!

Doodle, I'm sorry honey. (((((Doodle))))) Why wouldn't he be open about this from the get go? Makes me wonder what kind of partner he really is...

It's Friday, this is all I care about. And it's payday. And I'm ordering my new lap top today!

Good Morning!

It's a rainy one here.

((doodle)) I know you are bummed. I'm with CH, I think it's kinda weird he did not mention that at some point. I mean, not weird weird, or sleezy weird, just...I would have thought that may have come up in conversation. I think he was kinda leading you to believe some things, I don't think your barometer is off. I would have thought the same thing. In any case, at least now you know what is going on. Better than wondering....

Jenn....what is there to even talk about for 5 hours in a staff meeting?? Geez oh pete. We have an hour of "ethics training" this morning that I'm dreading. And it's only an hour long! I enjoyed the Top Chef episode. I have a couple the New Zealand dude. Also like the crazy dude that made his own mayo. I don't know about his cooking skills, but he cracks me up. He's nutz.

CH! You're getting a new laptop? Sweet! Whatcha gonna get?

Hey Tree! Did you & bear uh, work everything out?

Things w/ me are ok today. It's Friday & I am feeling it! Mr K and I both had much difficulty getting up this morning. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. I did go see my aunt yesterday, it was good. The whole situation makes me really sad, but she is in good spirits and they seem to be keeping her comfortable there. Which I think is all we can ask for. I mainly feel bad for my mom, she's having a hard time with things. If there is one thing I do not deal well with, it's seeing my mother upset or crying. That is really hard for me. sad.gif I am glad I went by though.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I have a meeting after work today, then am getting some dinner w/ my hospital supervisor. Mr K is working & meeting a friend for a drink after, so I imagine I'll be in bed early. Tomorrow we are going to try to Weed & Feed our lawn. That's all I got so far....
I'm sorry (((Doodle))). Your barometer is not off. First off, he *totally* should have said something at least the first time you emailed him about the kiss, if not sooner.

I think guys sometimes who are attached sometimes do give off a vibe, because they're kind of thoughtless about it. I guess you could call it flirting. I think of it as being kind of detached from how it feels to be single and looking, and lacking some empathy. And I think he was aware, at some level, that he was flirting.

I do think though, that we are getting to an age where we should think carefully about assuming a guy is just shy. Because they have had about twenty-five years now to get the dating thing sorted out.

I'm glad you went (((Kari))).
Good morning all, and happy Friday! I don't have any cheery insults today.

You know, I don't really suspect BEB of anything sinister....I suppose I do feel a little led on, and I've been wondering if maybe he made this other person up to gently extricate himself without hurting my feelings. Who knows? Maybe once he got to know me a little more, he changed his mind, for whatever reason....maybe it's b/c I told him about being sick/tested for cancer and it scared him, or maybe I'm too independent or settled or self-interested, or maybe I'm just so damned forward that I frightened the shit out of him. Maybe, could be a hundred things. But I honestly don't suspect him of anything more than that. Maybe he's even telling the truth. Yeah, I'm really, really disappointed, but what am I supposed to do about it? Nothing I can do. Move on, I guess. Write songs about it, perhaps.

Anyway. I took TWO long naps yesterday, so I've been wide awake all night. Not mulling over the BEB thing (okay, well, a little), but more working on my songs. I re-wrote a few of the lyrics from the first one (still title-less), not to change the content much, but more to tighten up some of the more awkward passages. I think it's done now; I feel a lot happier with it. And I've been working on the second one (also title-less) off and on, trying to develop the musical structure and figure out where the lyrics are going (I have two verses, the bridge, and the chorus - it needs one or two more verses, and part of the chorus needs a re-write), and also trying to figure out how much of the music I've stolen from Blue Rodeo and Great Big Sea! wink.gif (And with that, whether I'm breaching copyright or not....I did manage to lift an entire chord pattern from BR, but I think it's okay legally.) Also read a bunch of stuff on songwriting - which is what actually inspired me to fiddle with the lyrics of the first and plot out the structure of the second. I feel like another song is probably on it's way, but I have no clue what it is yet, musically or thematically.

I really miss my laptop, as I don't have a recording mike on the PC, so I can't get the songs down in audio. sad.gif I'm afraid of forgetting them if I don't (but then, I haven't forgotten any of the others). Maybe I'll walk up to the pawn shops later and see if there's anything there. If I can find a way record, I'll try and upload some of my stuff somewhere.

ETA: cross-posted with ya, clarify, BEB is 8 years younger than me. So maybe not 25 years, but 15 anyway. wink.gif
Hmmmmm....where is everybody?? Off enjoying a long weekend, I hope!!

I bought a mike today! And I uploaded a couple of songs!! You can hear me!!!

I'll be taking these links down in a few days, so as not to have my songs stolen by someone who is not a trusted regular bustie. wink.gif So get 'em now!

Be warned that the low bandwidth versions sound pretty crappy, but are quick to DL; the high bw versions are worth the difference, the diva arteeste. tongue.gif But if you're still running on dial-up, you'd be waiting forever. And I mean, the sound quality isn't fabulous, since it was recorded acoustically in my living room, where the mike picked up the electronics buzz (but it's worse on the low bw versions). Also be warned that when I tested the DL links, I got a pop-up ad and also one of those stupid video chat ads with bimbo boobage. I also should tell you that I was stoned and barefoot when I recorded these, and I think I sped up on Prove - probably also b/c I've played it sooooo many times. Also, I'm still a little stoned.


You know, I always thought Prove (co-written with guitarboy and banjoboy) was my best song to date, but I think I totally surpassed it with Heavy Load (written by myself, but definitely scratched out of my head during jamming with BEB).

GUESS who knocked on my door and invited me to jam? (If you read about me being stoned, you already know the answer.) Yes, guitarboy! And when I went over, banjoboy was there! And also a couple of other young jammers from the coffee house. I think guitarboy had had enough of banjoboy's damage regarding me. And everything was all normal - nothing was referred to about before, and banjoboy was extremely polite and friendly. They fed me an early easter dinner of chicken slow-cooked with maple syrup (it actually wasn't half bad), with cranberry jelly from the can, and four little baby carrots. wink.gif And we toked. (I so rarely toke these days that I was done in two hits.) And we jammed. And I played them my new song. One of the other jammers, a very gifted, sensitive young guitarist and singer (and fellow Sagittarius), said, "It's really good. It's kind of sad, but it's really good." I said I didn't think it was sad, really. He said, "It's a love song, isn't it?" I stammered: "'m not sure." I honestly hadn't thought of it that way when I was writing it, and never thought of it that way at all until somebody else made the point. So now I'm not so sure I can play it for BEB at all! Fuck me!!! blink.gif

Over the last few of days, all the young men who hang over there have invited me to this big "dollar doobie" house party tonight, with several of them setting up as "the band." (I have to work tomorrow.) Also? I got ID'd for tobacco again today.
Hey Doodle!

I've been lurking about today.

That's so great that guitarboy invited you over!!!! The songs fucking rock! Wow!!!!

Kari, I'm getting a thinkpad, I've got it all ordered, and thus far, I'm getting almost $6oo.oo off, I just need to see if I can get more off by using the rep id (if that's his employee number. I hope so!). I'm pretty excited about it.

Hey Dusty!!!!

And work is done for another week, not too sure if I want to do something this evening. Maybe I'll just smoke and enjoy an evening alone. I had a nice walk at the park and did a short leg workout.

And that's all.

Doodle!!! Your songs are amazing! You are SO talented - I can really feel that this is where your passion is in the strength of your voice. Heavy Load is definitely my favorite. I think I'm gonna see if I can convert these to put on my ipod. You ROCK, sister....but of course we already knew that. smile.gif

Of course I am sad to hear that BEB is seeing someone else....but you have a connection beyond that, and I hope that you'll be able to sustain your musical connection and friendship.

I'm with you, CH - thank cod for the weekend.

I did make it through the 5-hour staff meeting. It was VERY painful. Lots of bad behavior from the bosses, plenty of evango-publican language, and they continue to fail in listening to their staff's challenges and give our complaints validity. Everytime we go up against them with our frustrations, it really just affirms that this is not the place for me. Oh well.

Turbomann and I just went to our local hippie cafe for dinner, and now we're just chillin' at home. Tomorrow night we're going to see Gaelic Storm with some of our cruise pals - YAY! And Sunday, my annual corned beef dinner. YUM.

Ladies, turbomann and I are considering coming to your town the first weekend in June - whatcha think? We're gonna do a little midwestern tour, and bring our bikes along to do some riding everywhere we stop. Should be fun. And I would love to meet ya'll while we're around!
Sorry for the quick buzz-by, but after staying up all night last night (and not yet napping), I promised myself to be in bed 2 hours ago!!!

Thank you for the music kudos; I'm glad you like my music, and I'm thrilled at the thought of being someone's iPod selections! And I'm SOOO happy I'm finally able to share something of this part of my life with you all, because reading about music isn't quite the same as experiencing it!

And yes, BEB and I have already e-mailed back and forth about our mutual desire to carry on as we have been. No worries there, I think. He is actually in Vancouver right now, where he went to pick up his bass amp so that we can jam with bass! And now that banjoboy and I are speaking again, I'm anxious to get BEB to teach him some bass and banjo stuff, too.

SO TIRED! Will come back tomorrow and check in after work!
Good Morning, well almost afternoon.

Hey Turbo, all your bosses need a stinky fish shoved in their pants. And knickers.

Doodle, I'm glad that you and BEB are able to maintain a friendship!

Okay, I think some of you need to come to Winnipeg, in summer. It's really nice here. I promise. It's even been a mild winter, not nearly as much snow as the East.

Sooooo, took puppy to the park and worked out, I think I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes today, given I only lost $400.00 on the laptop, but with my income tax return coming, it's not a big deal at all, I'l have that money back in a week.

How is everyone today??
Hello all!

CH, Canada is definitely the next country I want to explore...I know that will take many trips...first up, though, I want to go to Newfoundland/Labrador....I want to see where my favorite lads, Great Big Sea live....and they always tell fabulous stories about their home.

Turbomann and I are enjoying a quiet day at home - I got up to do some grocery shopping - had to get the corned beef for my annual Irish Dinner tomorrow, night...seems I forgot the whiskey, though. And then I puttered around the kitchen some, made cookies, cleaned. Nap. HBI. Late lunch with turbomann, and an afternoon hanging out reading and listening to music.

We're headed downtown soon to see Gaelic Storm tonight - YAY! But the show doesn't start till 9pm *whines*, and GS go on at 10:30...this one's going to be a stretch for me. The venue is right by my office, so we're going to go down a bit early, catch a quick dinner in my work 'hood, and I'll show turbomann around my haunts....he has a hard time imagining *where* on Michigan Ave. I we'll wander around, walk by the river, and then head up to the show. I only wish it was a bit warmer. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up with all of our friends from the cruise tonight, too.

Doodle, I'm so glad you and BEB will be just fine in continuing your musical friendship as-is!
Good Evening Turbo and any lurkers.

You should come up here. All the busties should! Doodle, have you been to the Peg?

Enjoy your evening Turbo!

I'm still deciding if I want to go out tonight. I'm pretty tired today. I went to the mall, picked up an adorable pair of black flats that are so comfy. I've been wearing them around the house. I still have yet to post pics of my room, I think when the new laptop is delivered.

Also bought some more protein powder, and had a cute boy flirt with me when I purchased said powder.

I'm sleepy.
Good evening, intrepid Okayers! I am only just really in the door. Got home from work, stopped in to soothe the gay ex-priest for awhile, and met guitarboy in the hall on my way up the stairs....who invited me for dinner and jamming....and guitarboy and I came up with a new song, with lyrics for the chorus and everything! It was guitarboy's riff that set it off....awww, we did miss each other. wink.gif It was so awesome how it just started to come, and we were really hypnotized into the creation process. It's really cool and bluesy. I am in love with it! I ran home and recorded what we have with my new mike, so I wouldn't forget I could....more like so I could loop it endlessly while I think about where it's going. tongue.gif I have no idea where it's going, lyrically. That's the really fun part, I guess! It's my new muse.

CH, I have never been to the Peg, but I remember there were some really great women's and human rights events out there that I really wanted to attend, if the women's centre could have afforded it. And I hear the arts and cultural scene is really cool there!

turbo, how was the concert? Did you love it!?

I also brought up going to the "real" jam with the boys - the blues jam at the local blues place, on Sunday afternoons. Guitarboy is not ready to even attend, but I think *I* might be. And perhaps ready to play? We'll see about that! Though I'm already planning my three songs in my head....and I think BEB could be convinced to go with me, too, and would undoubtedly play bass with me when I'm ready to go up....which will probably be whenever I get my acoustic wired. I just have to convince the clothing store I need Sundays off, which should be easy, as there is another new hire.

I had the best clothing store day ever! I mean, I only missed my sales goal by $4 or something, and totally got the performance love from management (not only for my sales, but for my work with the customers), but the best part was that I am really starting to figure out how to find the right clothes, so I really enjoyed working with the customers. I had one woman who had the worst body image I've seen yet, it was so sad, and she just hated shopping for herself, and I made her feel so much better (even though she still left with sweats and tank tops) that she got a shoulder massage and I got the biggest smile and thanks ever when she left. It was really cool to help a woman make a little bit of peace with her body. I even told her when I'm usually in the store - I think she'll be back when she's ready for some serious clothes! Seriously, screw the women's centre; this is a job worth doing for the love! biggrin.gif

Today I was singing A Heavy Load to myself at the bus stop, in a fairly quiet voice, and the (elderly!) woman sitting beside me was swinging her leg along with the rhythm! Such a rewarding trip when you know someone doesn't even know it's your own material.

Also, had some young men try to chat me up from their car at a stoplight. I ignored them. wink.gif Also, I got ID'd AGAIN!! By a woman who'd IDd me before!

I have so much shit to do, and work to attend tomorrow!
doodle, you're totally a WNTW in REAL LIFE person!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! smile.gif
Good Morning.

Doodle, you are amazing! The arts and culutral scene is pretty freakin' cool here. There's always something going on. Of course, summer is the time for most of that.

Hey Mox!

Well, I totally bailed on going out last night, I didn't want to. I have not been in the mood for socializing lately.

Now I must get ready to take the dog to the park.
What up!

Good Sunday morning to everyone.

Doodle, I wanna hear the songs! When I go to the link, do I think push "download now"? I think that is what I am supposed to do, but wanted to check. Sorry- I am still figuring out the digital age. smile.gif

I am glad you & guitarboy got to chat and hang. Also glad that you and BEB are still going to carry on as usual. That's great news! And it sounds like you are rocking the clothing store. Woot!

Jenn- Did you make it through the show last night? I am the same way, it's tough for me to go to shows anymore when they start so late. It just does not jive with my schedule. Even when I don't have to get up the next day-I just get tired staying up late. I think I'm getting old.... wink.gif
That would so rad if you and turbomann got to hang with the MN gals!

Hey Moxie!! What's up, lady?

Things here are good this AM. Mr K is off to work, I'm just chilling out, writing up a grocery list. Guess what? I was totaling up my hospital hours and I think I am at the point where I can ditch going in on Sundays! I can't tell you how happy this makes me. So.....I think I am free for today! yay! I'm meeting a friend for brunch at 11. Then I'm going by her house to see her 6 month old little girl, who is absolutely adorable. I may go back by the Hospice after that, then do my grocery shopping.

Mr K and I bought a new kitchen sink faucet yesterday. We have the new sink, and the new faucet now...just gotta install 'em. I am excited!
G'mornin.....oooof, late nights do not agree with me. We got home around 1:45am this morning, with very sore feet from 5 hours of standing and jumping around. Great show - Gaelic Storm are such amazing performers and storytellers - I love seeing them! Unfortunately, I somehow forgot what going out on St. Patty's weekend in Chicago means....its pretty much like Mardi Gras here - complete with shiny beads, wacky get-ups and much much public drunkenness. And WAY too much of it at the show....which put a bit of a dent in our enjoyment of the show. It was a little like attending a performance that was mistaken for a frat party. Half of the audience was "our" people - folks interested in the music, and the other half - drunk and screeching. Ugh. But the train ride home provided much entertainment - there were some people in bad shape, but many of them just goofy drunk...and just as crowded as rush hour, so you had these drunk folks falling all over the train car every time it lurched.

When we got home, I soaked my feet, and then had to put the corned beef in the oven with all the spices - our family recipe requires a 12 hour simmer in a 200 degree oven. I cannot *wait* for dinner tonight - corned beef, cabbage, and colcannon. YUM!

Kari - that's awesome that you're getting your Sundays back - YAY! The end of this journey is in sight! Yep, Kari, you should be able to just click "download" to get Doodle's songs.
Hi all!! Quick Sunday morning post - gotta get ready for work soon. Hiya moxie, CH, and kari! Gosh, the love I get in here is so amazing, thanks, y'all!! It keeps me going sometimes, it really does!

I fell asleep and woke up with the new song in my brain. Can't wait to get going on it! I am looping my recording on my headphones right this very's giving me chills!

Life is so amazing....yesterday I stopped in at the grocery store after work, and when I was walking (strutting, really wink.gif) home with my spoils in the drizzle, still singing A Heavy Load to myself....I had this feeling of finally being totally present in my life and in control of my own fate, of being the person I utterly craved being when I was in my early 20s, and of having the kind life I really wished I'd been immersed in back's never too late!! Never thought I would feel so grateful for having to face down the spectre of death. Or course, there are lots of 5-hour sleep nights these days, as I'm more interested in trying to pack it all in. tongue.gif

kari, yes, push download now....there might be one of those little confirmation box thingies, where you have to type in the letters you see before you can get to the downloading. Yay for getting to ditch one of your surplus days of working life!!!

ETA: cross-post with turbo! Good morning! Glad to hear the band was great - that's the most important part! Even if all the other stuff going on makes ya crazy. The band just wants you to be happy! biggrin.gif
ooooo, quick flyby...turbo have you ever tried pressure cooking corned beef? I pressure cook mine for 1 1/2 hours at 10 PSI and it's really tender and juicy...people who've had it swear it's cooked the traditional way. smile.gif I'll never go back.

I'ma get mine going right now. Then all I's gotta do is reheat tomorrow.

Y'know what, Doodle? I downloaded your songs and didn't have time to listen to them right away...then today I decided to open them up and listen and somehow they are ALREADY in my Itunes!!! So I'll be able to get them onto my Ipod! Yay!

Good job, by the way, chica.

Be back in a bit!

Good Afternoon!

Hey Kari! What does the faucet look like?

Turbo, the food sounds delish!!!! How did it turn out?

Doodle, I'm so glad that things are going great for you!

Hey Tree!

Soooooo, I made Diva's potato soup. Holy. FUCK!!! It's amazing! 'Cept I used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon. It's like an orgy in my mouth. It's sooooooooooooooo good.

I removed some left over stubborn border trim, and that's all. Also worked out, I think I'll head off to the park again shortly to take houndy out for another walk.

How's everyone's weekend been?
Ok, can I have a total "brag about my kid" moment? *waits* I can? Cool!

So, my 2 year old is on a MUI destructive streak, and is having a hard time with consequences the last couple weeks. Its being in the new classroom with older kids, and she's really, really stimulated and imaginative. At any rate, this evening, she broke (on accident) her aunt's old piggy bank. Said aunt LOVED this piggy bank, childhood memories, etc. Moxieman told me what happend when he brought bebe downstairs (they were upstairs) immediately following, and I was PISSED. Moxette started to play with other toys, but I looked her straight in the eye, and told her Aunt A was very sad b/c she loved her piggy bank alot. Moxette was then marched upstaris to apologize, which she did VERY nicely. We then all played and went on a walk, and we showed moxette guitar hero. In other words, incident forgotten by the grownups.

Fast forward 2 hours, to bedtime. We were talking about our day, and moxette sees her own piggybank. And says:

"... Auntie's piggy broken. Moxette piggy fixed. Moxette piggy (to) Auntie. Apologize". NO SHIT. She felt REMORSE ON HER OWN.

I was SOOOOOOOOO proud, I almost cried.

I also just made cookies for her class party tomorrow. I get SUPER mom points for today. smile.gif

Ok, gotta go school moxieman in Guitar Hero. We just got it today, and I'm kicking his ass. Which is extra awesome, as he's a gamer. smile.gif I'm a metalhead. hehe.
Hi!!! Quick one....sooooooo late, have to work tomorrow.....

Hiya, CH, moxie, and tree! moxie, that story made me "awwww" right out loud!

Finished the lyrics, I think! HOO boy! I was scribbling in my notebook all over town today, but it finally all clicked together when I started working within a specific repeat rhyming pattern. (Funny - I despised poetry in school....still don't really get it, at least not on the written page.) Don't know if I can record it tomorrow or not, as I've got work and then am going to a shower in the evening, but will try....maybe I should play it for the co-writer first, though, before I start spreading it about....hmmm.....heh. wink.gif
Good Morning.

Mox, that is so sweet! Awwww. Yay on kicking some guitar hero ASS!

Hey Doodle!

So, I was at the park yesterday and I saw the ex, I pulled in and thought, ahhh that looks like his car. Get out of the park, and there he is, hanging in the off leash area, which I don't go to in the winter, I do a walk around the perimetre of the park. Then I started to text the pr boy, and then I got all freaked, because I thought; what if the ex sees my car and decides to do something to it? So I called pr boy and we had us a chat. And everything weas fine. I find it rather funnny that I've not seen him at the park for two years, and suddenly, after he sees me at the grocery store, I see him at the park. He doesn't bring the dog to the park. Why now? Hmmmm. Suspicious.

That's all. I'm at work. Bah. I iz not happy about this.
Good Morning!

Monday. It is a short week for me. Is anyone else off on Friday for the Easter weekend? I am stoked about a 3 day weekend.

Doodle, I downloaded & listened to A Heavy Load, I love it! Your voice is rich and truly beautiful! I am so happy I got to hear your song. I will listen to the second one soon.

Mox! Moxette is such a sweet girl, that was so thoughtful of her to offer her aunt her own piggie bank. Shows a lot of maturity, even at her young age.

Jenn, did you already have your St Patty's Day dinner? I think you were having it over the weekend? Corn beef....yum!

CH, I am glad you avoided a run in with the ex. I hope he is not snooping around, waiting to run into you. ~~~~vibes~~~~
This is the faucet we got:

I like it, I cannot wait to get the new sink & faucet in! We were holding the new sink up to the old one just to make sure there were no sizing issues, and man, the new one looks so much nicer.

Can I tell you all how incredibly NICE it was to have a Sunday w/ no work yesterday? I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I brunched with my friend, then went home & chilled out. Read magazines, messed around online, cleaned, did my grocery shopping....absolutely lovely. I went back up to the Hospice last evening. Aunt doing ok, but steadily declining. She is getting much more tired now, and they said her circulation is getting worse. After that I had a coffee with my mom, which was really nice.
OOooh Kari, I like the faucet!

I did buy new shoes this weekend. A pair of cute black flats, I wanted something that didn't have heels, all I've been wearing are chunky heels as of late.

And I want my laptop!!!!

Hi, peeps!

Kari, your faucet is so sleek and shiny and gorgeous! I like the really streamlined ones like that, and chrome is an extra bonus. That's great that you can reclaim your Sundays. Sorry about your aunt. It's good that you went to see her, though.

You guys seriously get this Friday off? We don't. It'd be nice, but since it's overtly religious, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Hi, Jenn! How long do you guys think you'll be visiting for? If you need a place to stay for a couple nights, you're always welcome to crash on the extra bed at my house. I'd be happy to take some time off, too, to show you guys around. I mentioned it to Poodle, too. She was excited.

I try to avoid all the St. Patrick's Day festivities. There's a parade in St. Paul that runs downtown, which I try to avoid. I'm not particularly Irish and I won't drink green beer, so it's just another day to me. I even decided not to wear green, so I wouldn't be mistaken for someone who cares. I just think it's really weird that this day falls during Holy Week this year, since they seem so opposite.

It'll be good for Lent to be finished up, and I won't have to be a pain in the ass about not eating meat on Fridays. Even though I'm atheist, I've kind of figured out why I keep this tradition. I like the period of being mindful of what I eat and being intentional with it. I suppose it could be anything else, but the solemness sits well with me. And also, since my family celebrates Easter, I figure that a sacrifice should be made if the reward of the celebration is to be taken.

Doodle, that's good that you and guitarboy have reconnected. Sucks about BEB, but at least you got that out of the way in a fairly non-akward way so you can move on with things and be friends. It still sounds like he led you on a little, though. I find it hard to believe he treats everyone with the attention he gave you.

CH, I'm glad you liked the soup. It makes a ton, though, so you'll be eating it for awhile. I'm glad you avoided contact with your ex. That is weird that you came so close to each other twice in a week.

Moxie, your girl is so SWEET! She really gets it, and it's because she has good parents in you and Mr. Moxie. I'm sorry about the broken piggy bank, though. How far are you along in Guitar Hero?

Hi, Tree and everyone I missed!

I had a lovely lovely weekend. The giant and I played hookey on Friday. We wandered around the MOA and ate ice cream, then went out for dinner with my brother. I got a pair of Coach espadrilles for a lousy $40, which makes this my first sandal purchase of the year, which means spring is on it's way. On Saturday, we went to the giant's mom's house to visit, then out for dinner with them. I had the best pancakes in the entire universe at this little place in Burnsville, so fluffy and the syrup was buttery, so it was like drizzling liquid maple caramel all over them. On Sunday, Poodle came over to visit for awhile. We had a ton of crostini and cheeses, dyed eggs, and played Guitar Hero. She's not bad at it, for a beginner.

Tomorrow night, the giant and I are entering a Guitar Hero tournament at some bar in some far-away suburb. Should be fun. He's entering on the "expert" level, while I'm sticking with "medium." I could do it on "easy," but honestly, I can do way better than that, and I'd rather not dumb myself down. It'll be something different to do, and kinda fun. Long drive, though.

My boss is back to being a dick. First thing this morning, I'm told I'm supposed to respond to some email he sent me almost a week ago about coming in late. I didn't know I was supposed to do anything, since he didn't ask me to. So I'm in trouble for not responding to an email I was never told I had to. So I ended up changing my work hours to the ones I usually end up working anyway. I just hate having any kind of contact with him. But honestly, I'm so beyond caring. I'm going to channel my anger into the review I get to do on him this month. They're supposedly anonymous, so I'm going to let 'er rip.


Oh Diva, it does makes loads. It's so wonderfully tasty!!!

YAY on sandals, and annonymous reviews. That fucking rocks.

How is Poodle doing anyways? I know you said some stuff was going on. Is she okay now???

I was going to say something of importance, but I honestly don't remember now. Oh wait, yes I do. Not only do we get Friday off, but Monday also. It's going to a lurvethly long weekend! And I should be seeing the PR boy this week sometime. I think I'm going to request Thursday evening. Maybe some HBI? Doubtful though.

I reallllllllllllllllllllly want this day to be over.

My legs, ass and thighs are killing me. I did a lower body workout last night, and it hurts to walk today. Bah.

Diva, you got a pair of Coach shoes for 40 bucks? WoW! Color me jealous! That Guitar Hero tournament sounds like a lot of fun! I will send you some vibes! I also avoided wearing green today. I was about to iron a green sweater, heard on the radio it was St Pat's Day and I ironed a coral colored one instead. Well, I guess it's more pumpkin colored.

Where is that Poodles?

Diva, I'm sorry your boss is being such a prick. You'd think he would be a good mood after a week in Mexico.

Ch, I'm jealous of your sore ass & thighs. I did no workouts this weekend. I did take the dogs on 2 long walks, but that's it.

Dudes, I am seriously, seriously irked. I just found out that the state TRIPLED the licensing requirements for therapists. Now I don't know what I will do. The old requirement was 1,000 client hours, to be completed in a 2 - 3 year period. It is now 3,000 hours in a 2 - 4 year period. My plan was to stay at my curent job & get the 1,000 hours in by working part-time somewhere. Can't really do that if 3,000 are required. I suppose I could look for a job in the field, but w/o the license, options are slim. And crappy paying. I'm the money maker in my household right now, so that does not make my options look good. sad.gif I am just so frustrated, I feel like I've already done so much extra shit. You'd think I was wanting to do open heart surgery on someone or something.
Kari, are you not grandfathered in? If you are enrolled in the program and doing the work...

I'm sorry hun.
Kari, that sucks! But CH is right, can't you get grandfathered since you started the program long before that change was made? You went into it knowing what the requirements were, they can't just pull the rug out from under you like that.

There were probably a dozen pairs of these Coach patchwork espadrilles at Nordstrom Rack over the weekend. I think they were originally $160 or $180, so $40 works great for me. They're not too high, either, so I can walk in them easily, and the ankle laces aren't too long, so I can keep them low and not accentuate my huge calves by trying to wrap a ribbon around them.

Thanks for the GH vibes. I'm gonna need them, and so is the giant. There's a guy who already entered on "expert" who aced a song. There's no saying if that particular song is going to be part of the tournament, but the giant will definitely have a run for his money!

Damn, CH, Friday AND Monday off? That's positively decadent! Color me jealous.

Poodle's around, but she's been really busy with work and life. She told me it'd be okay to share that her dad is really sick. He was very recently diagnosed with leukemia, so he'll be in the hospital getting chemo for awhile. It's just strange, I've only met him once, but he really struck me as a big boisterous man that you wouldn't think would be susceptible to this kind of thing, then it hit him like a ton of bricks.

((((((((((((((health vibes for Poodle's dad and the whole family)))))))))))))))))

Hey Diva! Indeed a long weekend.

(((((((((((((((poodle and famiy))))))))))))))))

Well, I'm off to work out. Doing upper body, no cardio. Nothing that involves legs. It's enough that my dog walk was so painful.

(((((poodlepapa & family)))))) Poodle, if you need anything, support, whatever - let us know. I've been through the cancer thing so many times with my momma and turboman's...we know how hard it can be. Also, if your dad needs rides to treatment, support from another leukemia survivor - call the American Cancer Society hotline - 800.ACS.2345 - they're there 24/7, and available to answer questions, connect to local support options....its an amazing resource. /end shamless shilling for work.

Diva, I'm thinking we'd hit town on a Thursday, leave on Saturday, of that first week of June, and we might just take you up on the spare room - we'll let you know, when we start to actually plan stuff.

Happy St. Patty's Day, everybustie! I actually took the day off today, but was pretty busy, doing some freelance, and meeting up with a friend for lunch, then stopping by to visit a friend who's home with her new bebe.

Mox - that story about moxette is too cute! You guys are doing a stellar job raising that little lady up right. smile.gif

Kari, that totally bites about your licensing requirements. BOooooooooo! That's a TON of client hours, and you would truly need to be working full-time to get that in. No fair!

We don't get any time off for eater, either, which is why I took today. And I made some killer corned beef hash for dinner tonight, with leftovers from last night. Mmmmmmm! I totally need to make corned beef more than once a year - I luuuuurve the leftovers!
Hi everyone! I'm home from work - but not for long....going to a shower for one of my bosses at the clothing store. She and her partner have been together for 26 years, but they recently got married "for fun and for ourselves," so all us girlies are getting together to surprise her.

((((((((((poodle and family))))))))))

kari, that totally SUCKS ASS!! I can't believe, as the others have said, that you wouldn't be grandmothered in. That's totally wrong....I wonder if you put up a protest if they would make sure you slipped in under the wire...? Totally evil to do that to you. That's pretty much like changing the entire requirements for a degree just as you're finishing your last course!!


Hiya CH and diva! I totally need to play Guitar Hero....

diva, I dunno, maybe BEB did lead me on, but I don't think it was intentional. He's just too kind/good a person for that - if you could meet him, you'd know what I mean. I think there is definitely some magnetic chemistry there that probably affected the level of attention he gave me. At least he was upfront and real about it when I asked him outright....anyway, who knows what the future holds? People break up all the time. wink.gif

Speaking of BEB....I have to confess this....I had a bunch of strange dreams with him in it last night. First I dreamed we were dating and participating in a huge summer jam circle at my apartment, with all this gorgeous golden light streaming in. Then I dreamed we were looking at a house together...I remember this part distinctly, because he was opening and closing some ugly brown kitchen cupboards with a lacklustre expression, and I told him we'd just paint them up all funky, which cheered him greatly. True confessions of my dreams!! (Hey, you can't help what you dream.)

I had a rockin' day at the clothing store! I am getting so good at this....a woman came in for pants, hadn't bought new ones in years. I actually fitted her so successfully that she just stayed in the fitting room and asked me to bring her any tops I thought she might like/that might work for her. She totally trusted me and tried on everything I brought her. It was such a blast! Like dressing Barbie. Plus I exceeded my $1150 sales goal by almost $200 today! In, like, 5.5 hours. I actually SKIPPED through the store to show the manager my stats for the day!

And then I walked home! Wow, can't believe it, after being on my feet all day. Took me an hour....might do it more often, as the days get longer.

Tomorrow I start with the lotteries. Also, I told the clothing store I needed Sundays off to rest and to go to the blues jam, and they're totally with me. tongue.gif

Okay, so I was up early this morning, and I recorded the new it is! As with the others, get it now, 'cause I'll be taking down the links soon-ish.

Gonna Die Someday (high bandwidth)
Gonna Die Someday (low bandwidth)

Oh shit, I gotta leave in 15 minutes and I'm still sitting here in my bra and knickers!
Good Morning!

Turbo, you all don't get time off for easter? Ugh. You aren't shilling for work, the cancer society does do good work, it's just like anything else, that the administration is full of assholes. I'm still hung up on that sick time bit. That's tacky.

Doodle, congrats on the awesome shift at the store!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Hmmm for some reason my work computer isn't liking the links. Damn blocks.

Kari, have you found anything out about school?

Well, I'm still sore, but not nearly as bad today. Thank goodness. I can walk a little better. Had a good upper body workout today.


Good Things Tuesday!

1. It's Tuesday and a short work week!
2. Short work week next week too.
3. 4 day weekend!
4. New laptop.
5. It's nice out. Sprrrrrrrrrrrrrring is in the air!
6. Lunch today with a friend.

DOODLE! Just listened to the song, its GREAT! I love the indigo girls vibe to the melody. It was awesome!!!

OK, work calls.

doodle, just wanted to say your song rocks! i'm jealous of the people who get to hear you live, shout when you do a UK tour yeah?

*scampers off again*
Hi, peeps!

I am so completely jealous of anyone who gets days off this weekend. I just checked to make sure I don't, and I was right, I don't. At least my boss will be gone for the rest of the week starting tomorrow, so that'll be nice.

Not much going on today. We had our big monthly meeting, then the usual phone ringing constantly and walk-in clients and the same old crap. I'm looking forward a little to the Guitar Hero tournament tonight. It'll be a change of scenery, which is always welcome.

Time for some lunch. I don't really want to go out since it's all wet and yucky and I doubt the sidewalks have been shoveled, but I didn't bring anything, so I have to. Oh, well. At least it beats the hell out of the WW salisbury steak I had yesterday with nasty mac n' cheese.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) the rest of the week will be boss-free, starting tomorrow
2) maybe it'll get warm enough for the snow to melt, at least it's supposed to
3) a little conversation with Sam yesterday, cut short by his stupid Scooby Doo movie
4) playing GH tonight and getting to show the giant off. He's really quite something at this game, which is strangely hot.
5) finishing with the piddly shit at work so I can start on some real work (the kind I get credit for)
Good Afternoon!

Hey Mox!

Beck, come back and play!

Diva, at least your work environment will be boss free! Have fun at the guitar hero tourney!

Well lunch was nice had chicken quesidilla's, then we ducked into a head shop so I could get some glass screens. My thinkpad is on it's way, or so the e-mail said. Hopefully I'll get it soon!!!! I is excited!

And one of my clients keeps on calling. i'm not going to answer simply because you keep on harrassing me! Dip. She needs to bring me some information and I'm not giving her anything until it's brought in. Grrrrrr.

At least it's nice out.

Diva, I'm going to make some more potato soup tonight!! It was sooooooo good.
Happy Tuesday everybody!

Divala, that is awesome about your Coach shoes. Good luck with the Guitar Hero! Can we take a raincheck on lunch for a couple of weeks? All of my pants are way too tight on me right now and I'm trying to be really good and avoid restaurant food for a little while until I lose a few pounds and they fit again.

I didn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day yesterday - I just went to the dentist for my checkup and then went to work for a half day. By coincidence my mom also had to go to the dentist for a broken filling so we carpooled it. My mom really hadn't been looking forward to it so I think she liked having the company. Then I went to work. When I got there the Hovercraft said, "Oh, I totally forgot that you weren't going to be coming in this morning. But it was my fault though, I didn't write it down," like I was supposed to apologize for her forgetting. I just said, "Oh," and looked at her. I'd already discussed my booked-before-I-even-got-the-job dental appointment with her the week beforehand and gotten permission from her. Oh, she sucks. It looks like there won't be any projects next week though so I'll have a nice two-week break before I have to deal with her again. Good lesson for me though - from now on I'm confirming everything we say in emails and cc'ing the supervisor about it so Hovercraft can't conveniently "forget" stuff like that again.

Moxie, I loved your story about Moxette and the piggy bank. She's developing a conscience!

*I will not quit my job. I will not quit my job. I will not quit my job.*

Yes, its been that kind of day. Seriously, I am trying to be patient on the job hunt, but SO many things that seemed teeming with possibility have instantly dried up in the economic panic. GAH. I'm committed to 3-4 more months there, but its going to be a real grind. It just gets more ridiculous by the day. All I need is the power to enforce project management processes, and it would be 50% better, but no one will hold senior management accountable to reasonable review processes, and so once again, I have completely published a huge project to the web, and now I have to go back and re-do a bunch of it, and will likely take me about 10 hours. Fuckers.

Doodle, I still haven't listened to the song, but I will - I promise! And I am so happy for you rockin' the sales totals!

Marileen, you just reminded me that I need to make a dental appointment, pronto. Ah well, I like my dentist - he's in my office tower, so its just an elevator ride time I had a filling done there, and in 20 minutes I had been numbed, drilled, filled and was back at my that's service I can get behind. wink.gif Plus, his office has stunning views of Millenium Park, so that's nice too.

Okay, I have freelancing to do tonight. Boo.
Fuck. I was totally going to settle in for a long read and post, and guitarboy came by to invite me for jamming! Not that this is a bad thing, but it means I'll have to catch up later on! Told him I had lyrics, so now I get to play the rest of our newest song for him!

(((((turbo))))) ~*~*~*~soothing "hot bath and Green and Blacks"-type vibes~*~*~*~

And that's as far as I got in the day's posts.....bbl, Okayers!
Goooood Evening.

Hey Marileen, Hovercraft is a moron.

((((((Turbo))))) I sorry for such a shittay day.

Hey Doodle.

Holy FUCK, I remade the hash cookies, and after one cookie, and a slight taste of the batter I am p-fuckered. Wooooooooooow.

I also made more, wait I lost my train of thought, ooooh potato soup. And I also took hound for a long walk. It was gorgeous outside today.

And now I'm going to go ride out my high and listen to cafe del mar.

Oh wait, can I get some vibes for my step mom's dad. he's in hospital, had a stroke and he's got to get a bypass as well. The surgery is in the next few days. And my dad has an appointment with the endocrinologist next week for his diabetes. He's doing really well now. He's sounding like my dad again.

Fuck me. I just got a music noise complaint, face-to-face, from the landlady. My first face-to-face. Plus I was swearing the moment I was interrupted, thinking it was the boys wanting more jamming. She used to think of me as the perfect she probably thinks I'm going down the tubes! But at least I also wasn't stinking my place up with pot. LMAO! I'm mortified of course, but secretly thrilled to be so bad. The pisser is, I was over at the boys not fifteen minutes before I was playing at home, and THAT'S when we were loud! (Once you break out Shambala.....)

And the REAL pisser is, I was playing because I was trying to record the new song (Gonna Die Someday), with guitarboy's even newer guitar rhythm. So cool. So seriously fucking cool. So seriously fucking cool to sing! I'm pissed I never got the whole thing, but I got the gist of it so I can remember it. I can't wait till I can record it properly and post it. Seriously, this new rhythm is faster and seriously fucking rocked up badass. Oh. My. God. Kreatif jeenyus, that boy.

The boys invited some of their musician friends over to jam with us when I was at the store, and didn't tell me. And they arrived just as I was getting ready to come home and record the song BEFORE it was TOO LATE. My life is nuts. I wish I could tell you how many dishes I have in the sink. Embracing life full throttle is wreaking havoc on my housekeeping. Sleep? Sleep?? I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead, but I feel like I have three jobs: the temping, the clothing store, and the music. And I think I could fit a relationship in there? Jesus. rolleyes.gif tongue.gif

Speaking of relationships, I realized today that I accidentally came out to the woman who is training me to replace her at the temp job. Twice. It just came out like that. Right in the middle of her training me on something, I mentioned my ex-girlfriend in relation to casinos (the one time we tried gambling with her family....and hated it).....and then I later mentioned casually during some inane hallway chitchat that there was a guy I kind of liked, but I didn't know where it was going. ohmy.gif So I outed myself as a big lez, and then as a flaming bi. She was totally cool about it, though, didn't even bat an eyelash. I like her a lot! She's cool. Too bad (for me, not for her!!) she's leaving to visit Europe right after she trains me....she'd be cool to work with. Actually she said today that she'd already talked to the temp agency about keeping me on a couple of days a week after the temp assignment, if it all works out! Weird! I didn't answer, as I was busy wondering if that would work for me. True. Could interfere with being able to take another full-time assignment, or it could lead to something more permanent - it's a good environment, probably has a good package, and is interesting work. Anyway, a month is a long way off.

Two adorable twenty-something IT techs came dashing over to my department today - unnecessarily - to aid my trainer and I on the network system. I wonder why two? I suspect a distinct curiosity about the new temp. wink.gif Maybe I could charm them into fixing my laptop. Trainer told me later that one is also a musician with the local big band - perhaps adding to the jam is in order?

God, I do feel like I'm twenty-five all over again. If you're only as old as you feel...I wonder if that's why I keep getting ID'd?

Okay, I'm going to sit down and read, and then head to bed, or I'll die of...something sleep deprivation-related.
Good Morning!

Doodle, that is a pisser about the noise complaint, but at least the sessions are coming out great! Oooog, two hottie IT guys? How about an IT sammich? Or would that be a doodle sammich? Hmmmm. I don't know.

I cannot believe how stoned I was last night. From one cookie. ONE! Wow. PR boy is going to looooooove the cookies. What else can I tell you? I actually took the day off from working out, have to get one day of rest a week, and yesterday was it. Back to it today. Talked to friendboy last night (the one from last summer, who's crazy girlfriend was texting me). Well, she's deleted my number from his phone, but he calleed me as he works for a dealership and I'm in the market for a new car. A civic. And he works at a Honda dealership, so he'll get me the family discount. Sweet!

Also exchanged texts with PR boy last night.

And that's about all.

((Poodle and family)) Poodle, I am so sorry to hear this news about your father. Please, please let us know if there is anything we can do. ~~~~vibes~~~

CH, I am glad to hear your father is doing better, but sorry to hear about your stepmother's father. ((((fam))))

I know so many people lately with health issues going on. I found out my BFF's mother has breast cancer. Good news is that it is a type of cancer that does not spread and dr assured her it's 100% treatable. Bad news is that she has to have a masectomy next week. Ugh. (((BFF and fam))))

Diva! I am dying to know how the tournament went last night!! Did you guys rock it? I am sure you did!

((Jenn)) I am so sorry you are having job stress. UGH. You can do it! I know you are hating it though.

Hi marileen! Yeah, not your fault that person forgot about your appt. Poo on hovercraft. Great nickname, btw! Very funny.

It's raining cats & dogs here. Supposed to continue til this afternoon.

Thank you for all your support on the school really blows. Unfortunately, I won't be eligible to be grandfathered in. It's convoluted but the long and short of it is: the school program & the state licensing requirements are separate. I've satisfied my school program requirements & graduated. The state requires the following things for licensure: Completion of the MA, 60 total class hours (my program was 48-so I lack 12 hours), a 200 hour school supervised internship (that I am currently doing), the now 3,000 hours of supervised work experience. I'm doing the 200 hour internship, so, I haven't even started the 1,000/3,000 hours yet, which is why I won't be grandfathered in. There are people who have it worse off than me, I am sure. You have to have started the 1,000 by June 30, 2007 to be eligible for grandfathering. I imagine there are people who started after that & are already working on the 1,000 only to learn that it is now 3,000. Stupid state board. The only thing I do feel ok about is that there is nothing I could have done to prevent this. I was still in school on the June cutoff date.

Sorry-I know that was a long explanation, but it is really needlessly complex. UGH. I've just resigned myself to the facts now. Not dealing with it til later. Now I just want to complete the internship.

Anyhoooo....I was naughty yesterday & bought a purse and some shoes. I did get them at TJ Maxx though, so I paid $100 total for both together. I am wearing the shoes today and am disheartened to learn I may have bought 1/2 a size too small. They are kinda tight. Got any tips for stretching them out?
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