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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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We'll see if I wow them with my civil disobedience history. wink.gif

I am just sitting here practicing Sweet Baby James again. I need to go iron my pants and dig out my resume....but why rush? biggrin.gif This whole life balance stuff is still quite intriguing to me.

I can't imagine going all the way to China and having KFC.
Good luck, Doodle!
That's exactly what I said!!! Why go to China and have KFC? It's like the episode of The Simpsons where the family goes to Japan and eats at American Town.

ETA: Xposted with Dusty!!! Hey!
Hi everybody!

Doodle that is so neat that you are doing so well in your new job! And I'm glad your BFF forgave you for the fender bender. A new hood from the junkyard would probably be a good way to go - when someone ran into my car last year the repair shop got one from there because it was so much cheaper.

Diva, Ready for Success is a program that accepts donations of unused makeup and personal care items along with professional clothing for low income women entering the workforce. They have drives for them here at my work every year and I think they are supposed to be a good program:

CH, I agree keeping the baseboards and window the same color. I'd use a semi-gloss or gloss paint on those areas though - I think baseboards and window and doorframes look better in a slightly glossier paint and it makes it easier to keep them from looking grubby.

Lately I've been very hermit-y and have been fighting off depression. I think SAD hit me really hard this year because I'm already feeling a lot better with the days getting longer and seeing more sunshiney days. So I've mainly been reading a lot and just lying low and hanging out at home with Jeffrito.

My dog Abe got into the trash and ate chicken bones and scared the hell out of us two weeks ago but fortunately they didn't pierce his intestines or anything and he is healthy and fine and so is our kitty. Hmmm, what else....I recently started a new part time job on Mondays at the same place where I normally work (my main job is 3/4 time Tues-Fri) but the new one is in a different department. It is a project-based job where I scan old photographs and the work is pretty easy and kind of fun and the money isn't bad, but I'm supervised by a major office meddler. I am hating that part a lot, so I'm going to give it until the end of the fiscal year in June and if it is too much to keep dealing with her I'll quit then. My tolerance for toxic personalities has really gone down so it is a big challenge for me.

So what else has been going on with all of you? I feel like I've missed a lot!

Hiya marileen! Ooh, so scary about your dog! Glad he is okay! Also sorry to hear about the depression issues - have you ever tried one of those special lights? I never have, but I'm curious! Yeah, I might be able to find a new hood for the car, it's this idea BFF has in her head that we can do the labour ourselves that has me a bit worried!! tongue.gif ("How hard can it be?" she says. "Pop a couple of bolts, pop in the new hood...." rolleyes.gif)

CH, marileen has a good point on doing the trim in semi-gloss, though you don't have to so much with baseboards. You could also just get a very small can of polyurethane and go over the parts you want semi-glossed that way instead, if you don't want to invest in a second can of paint for the semi-gloss. I've done this around my patio door frame, to protect the paint from the inevitable condensation. You'll always be able to find a use for the leftover polyurethane, which you mightn't with the semi-gloss paint. Plus you can get polyurethane in really tiny cans, cheap!

Hi also dusty! Thanks for the luck vibes! They must've worked!

Well, it sounds like I'm in with the lotteries corp.! YAY! Basically, I'll be working with corporate security, with the voluntary opt-out program, where gambling addicts can have themselves banned for between 6 months and 3 years from the gaming halls. Hence the uber-high confidentiality, and also the need for some people skills (apparently a lot of gamblers will phone in trying to get out of their opt-out, but they can't, so you have to "handle" it; and also, desperate families of addicts will call in a lot). Anyway, I'm not too worried - I worked in a frigging women's centre, I have confidentiality and people skills up the wazoo. Lots of work on the computer database, as well. Plus it's casual enough that I'm allowed to wear jeans, and close enough I can walk. Should be interesting! Huge building, though, lots of bucks there, that's for sure.

I'm gonna be literally next door to browneyedboy's workplace (the lotteries building used to be the RCMP detachment, and is butted right up to city hall), on the same work hours. I wonder what time he takes lunch? wink.gif
Congrats on the Lotteries job Doodle! That sounds interesting. And how convenient for setting up some hot lunch dates with browneyedboy, too!

I am seriously considering getting one of those lightboxes for next winter. It has never been this bad before and I am very reluctant to try meds for it due to past bad experiences and I think one of those might help.

And yeah, our little doggie really scared us. Jeffrito was cleaning up a spill so he had the lid off the trash can and went to get more paper towels and came back and discovered the missing bones. We took him to the vet and watched him like a hawk for three days (we each ended up taking a day off work for it) - it didn't help that he'd been having digestive issues anyway, so we were never sure if his symptoms were from the bones or something else. Anyway, we are glad he is okay and acting like his ornery self again.

What are you doing this weekend? I'm supposed to meet a friend tomorrow afternoon but I really don't want to. It is going to tie up my entire day. I like seeing her though so I don't want to cancel.
This is sooooo quick - I am wolfing down my dinner as I write this. The gay ex-priest phoned me having a panic attack, and I ran downstairs to sit with him and I've got to rush, rush, rush to get out the door for work!

marileen, this weekend I am working at the clothing store, Saturday and Sunday, and also jamming with browneyedboy, hippiegirl, and singergirl on Saturday night! And also handholding with the gay ex-priest, I think.

Got to run!!!! Back later!!!
Congrats on the new job. Doodle! And what a good omen to be next door to browneyedboy's office!

Marileen, I used to have one of those SAD light boxes - I actually made the box myself, and then bought the special bulb for it - the lamps were super duper expensive 5 years ago, now they're just expensive. BUT, it really helped a lot! I had it in my office, and would turn it on for about an hour in the morning, and you have to sit close to it, but it honestly did help. And working out always helps me in the winter too.

((((dusty)))) Sorry to hear about losing your job. That's never fun.

Okay my bath water is boiling on the stove - so time to hit the tub. I'll catch up more tomorrow!
Hi everyone! Hi turbo!

I am exhausted....what a long day with a lot of running around! Not to mention impromptu counseling for the gay ex-priest. Poor guy, he was really shaken up. This assistant manager stuff is really getting to him, b/c he already lived here before he took it over, so now it's invading his "safe space" (home), especially regarding the shit with the boys. I'm glad he called me, though - I'm glad he trusts me enough to turn to me when he's troubled.

Well, the boys are being allowed to stay. Turns out the welfare office phoned the management and said they will pay banjoboy's rent, and will direct pay his rent from now on. (I think he qualifies for disability, because of his social anxiety disorder, so he must have had to deal with a doctor sometime recently...hmmm.) Despite swearing not to let them stay, management caved - but they've also said it must be paid on the 1st from now on, or it's all over. And guitarboy paid his share - he came by the gay ex-priest's when I was there. He was very chatty with me, confirmed that the coffee house jam has been cancelled, which is sad and pisses me off. I told him what browneyedboy said about it being b/c of the troublemakers, and he seemed to know exactly what I was talking about, but didn't say anything. (I can read that boy like a book, though.)

Good news! Well, scary news first - they doubled my daily sales goal already! Today's was $660....and (here's the good news) I made $721! And that was even losing a couple of sales under my name to someone else, b/c I forgot to notify the woman at the cash desk they were mine. Tomorrow's is $1500, though....*gulp*!! But it's a Saturday, and I'm there for 7.5 hours, so it should be okay. Working with customers and finding the clothes that suit their bodies and styles is actually the easiest/most fun part of the job. I was feeling kind of frazzled and "off" all evening, mainly b/c of being rushed getting ready at the last minute, but I guess I did okay even so. Also, all of us "girls" started dancing around the store when Pink's "Stupid Girl" came on the radio. tongue.gif ALSO, my shopping pass arrived! Bring on the discounts!! (*ahem* After I pay for the damage to BFF's car.)

Tomorrow night I get to see browneyedboy! Hurrah!

But I have a huge red premenstrual zit right on my chin. Nice timing.
Heyooo! Glad to see Okayland's population rising to normal levels again smile.gif

Culture! I totally thought of you when I was in an Asian food (and other stuffs) store. I saw a string loght set with those Chinese globe lanterns, and they were actually wire and rice paper as opposed to plastic, were the size of softballs, and were tastefully done. $10 per string, too. Came in either firecracker red or white with designs.

Doodle, by perspective, I meant so you could have the comparison of how Browneyed acts around you alone compared to in a small group or with another friend. I actually had a dream about you becoming famous enough for Paris Hilton to pick a media fight with you, and people totally backed you up.

Meep! Hello to all I haven't gotten to say HI to yet, but I gotta run for supplies before hanging out with OtterMan and his family. (OtterMan is my BFF since 5th grade or so, we were each others' Best Men, and we've always wanted to live near each other since moving away, and we got to for a couple of months now, but that ends Wednesday sad.gif)
Good Afternoon.

Marileen, so glad the puppers is okay. How was your visit with your friend?? I'm sorry you're not feeling u to par because of the SAD.

Doodle, the job sounds really interesting. That is great about work!!!! Enjoy your evening with Browneyedboy. How is gay ex-priest doing today? Wow, so banjoboy has contacted Social Assistance? The reason the management agency gave him the chance is because they know they will get their money, if rent is PDL (oops, sorry lingo, Paid Direct to LandLord).

hey turbo! How's puppy doing??

(((((lore))))) I'm sorry about Otterman.

Well, I did shit fuck all last night, I was so tired, I needed the rest. Got textx, ignored them. This morning worked out, took puppy out. I'm going to clean up the room take pics, then I'll post them. I think I'm going to attempt to peel off the bordertrim as well.

Better get to it!

Hey all!

Lore, that is a total bummer that Otterman is moving away. Booo. I hope you can spend much time together this weekend!

Turbodoggie seems to be doing just fine now - thanks for asking! We're easing him back into normal food, and the critter-killing meds seem to be doing their job. We met up with some other greyhounds on our walk this morning, and he was very excited about that - very cute.

Not much happening here today - its COLD, and snowing - YAY March. We're snuggled up on the couch watching the BBC show Top Gear, which is pretty much the only car show I could watch - the guys on this one are hi-larious. We're going to see a minor league hockey game tonight, and have really good seats, so that should be fun.

Doodle, you are a sales goddess! Hope you're rockin' it today, too! And you get to see browneyedboy tonight too - Eeeeee!
Good Evening!!

Hey there Turbo!!! Enjoy your evening.

I've just returned from dinner with my dad. I also heard from the police about the officer who pulled me over. I've left a message with the Sargent, I'll keep you informed of the situation.

And that's pretty much it.
Ohhhhhh my god I am so fucking tired. 7.5 hours on your feet on a busy retail Saturday is fucking deadly....I was run off my feet. I don't actually know if I made my sales goal today - I forgot to ask; I was just so tired and wanted to come home so I could SIT. And b/c I still had to pick up wine, have to tidy up the place, scrounge up dinner, and get myself looking gorgeous all over again for later. I think I'm gonna have to re-do my whole face, from scratch - I'm a big pool of oil. I'm gonna have to think about whether I can pull off full days, especially once I start at the lotteries corp. It might be too much - I know they'd give me half days if I asked. Maybe it's just b/c it's the first try at it though, and also I still feel like I don't know all the routines....I'll have to try it a couple more times and see.

I just checked in on the gay ex-priest when I came in - he had a headache when I checked on him last night, and he still has it. Poor guy.

Also the first customer of the day is a friend from the women's centre, and told me my former co-worker's (and still a good friend - this is djembewoman) best friend just died in Mexico. I don't know how, but I know djembewoman was going to be away at that time, and I think they might have been together....either way, that's why I haven't been able to get ahold of her, I guess. I just saw both of them at the Vagina Monologues, and she wasn't sick or anything. Quite shocking. I had to ask the manager if I could take 10 minutes to go process it.

Anyway, I have soooo much to do in the next 1.5 hours, I'd better run and finish reading later!

I might keep wearing my work outfit and pretend I didn't have time to change - I look fucking sexy in it, even a couple of customers I'd never met complimented me! It's my black wide leg pants, with this shapely black top that has sheer sleeves ending in these HUGE floaty bells, plus a long skinny black and blue/aqua lotus print scarf, and my usual unusual jewelry. Maybe - I'll see how I feel about it in an hour!
Okay. I just sent browneyedboy an e-mail that says, "I almost thought you were going to kiss me good-night. D."

Because......yeah. So many things I want to tell y'all but I can't just at this moment.

I think he won my heart when it was my turn to choose a song to jam, and I couldn't decide between Blue Rodeo and the Dixie Chicks. He said it should be the Dixie Chicks, "in honour of International Women's Day."

Oh yeah, and then when I asked him which one, he chose Cowboy Take Me Away.

By the way, Happy International Women's Day!
Awwww, Doodle....I am SO happy for you - sounds like you had a most magical evening! A man who loves Blue Rodeo and DC, AND knows when IWD have a winner there, my dear! So so so happy for you!

Turbomann and I had SUCH a good time last night at the hockey game, and I definitely think we'll buy tickets to go back again sometime. We were one row off the glass, in one of the corners. We were sitting amongst a big group of friends/family who all have season tickets, and they readily took us into their merry band, and chatted with us all night, told us the scoop on the different players - it was really great. And this minor league team has amazing fans - it was really a fun crowd to be a part of. And it was a great game, too - lots of drama, scoring 3 goals from behind in the last two minutes to win the game...good stuff.

I'm a little gruntled this morning about the time change, though. Put off the start to my usual Sunday marathon of grocery shopping and cooking by a couple hours between the time change and being out late. Oh well. So far today, I have made roasted poblano and corn chowder, base for making strawberry-lemon frozen yogurt this afternoon, cleaned all the veggies for the week, and made pb-choco-oat cookie dough, which is currently chilling. A good morning. Now I just have to find the energy to clean the floors this afternoon...and laundry. Boo.

I think I'll hop in the shower now, and then figure out lunch.
Hello there.

Doodle, have you heard from browneyedboy at all?? Sounds like a great evening. that outfit sounds amazing!!!! I'm very sorry to hear about coworker.

Hey Turbo! Mmmm the food you're making sounds delish!

I slept last night, I was so tired, I slept for 15 hours. Heard from the police about that cop who pulled me over, he's going to have a chat with him. Asked if I wanted anything further, and I said no. So, that's that. I think I'm going to make a shrimp stirfry for dinner this evening.

It's a gorgeous day here! That means there will be many people at the park *grumbles to self*

I'm in kind of a mood where I hate people en masse. I feel like they are sheep today.


No, I haven't heard from him yet!! Either he hasn't checked his e-mail, or else I made his head essplode. wink.gif

Dreadfully long post ahead, but you know y'all want it. tongue.gif

Okay. So hippiegirl arrived first, and we smoked a joint by ourselves, just in case browneyedboy wasn't a toker. We were also into the wine, celebrating IWD. I told her a little bit about the situation with browneyedboy - we talked about our mutual problem of reading boys - she has the opposite, though; she just wants to make out and boys turn out to want more. wink.gif browneyedboy arrived with beer, but we never got to it, as there were 2 bottles of wine plus weed, and both of them were driving later. I offered him a glass, and as I put it on the coffee table, he commented on the presence of the ashtray. So I told him we'd just smoked a doobie....he said he'd brought a joint, too. (We got to that later. wink.gif) He and hippiegirl got along well, chatted about local cultural events, and we all toasted IWD together. (He's pretty darned comfortable with feminism.)

After he had taken out his banjo, he was sitting in one of the chairs, straight on facing me (on the couch), with his legs open, his banjo resting upright on the floor between his legs.....and he was unconsciously stroking the neck of his banjo, up and down. ohmy.gif Seriously, he was doing this. Into me - ya think????? I know I said I'm not very good at reading men, but this was pretty obvious, even to me. Everything after that was gravy. tongue.gif Guess that outfit must've been pretty hot after all, hey? wink.gif

I wanted to try the new James Taylor song first, but I'd scrawled out the lyrics and chords really quickly (barely legibly) and the going was pretty rough....and my voice was shaking! I don't know if it was enough for either of them to notice, but I sure felt it. I was nervous! To sing it the way I sing's like...Voice. Wide. Open. And I had to do it in front of HIM. While still not knowing how to play it. Or the lyrics, really. AHHHHH!!!

But it was all good. We did a "circle" of song choices, because it was IWD and you have to do everything in a circle in the women's community. wink.gif It was when it got back to me for the 4th song that browneyedboy chose the Dixie Chicks for IWD. Anyway, we did that all night, till hippiegirl got tired of choosing and just let browneyedboy and I go back and forth with songs. And after that first one, hippiegirl picked "Me and Bobby McGee" for the 2nd, and I totally "voice jammed" like crazy at the end of it, like Janice does, only like me instead. I really loosened up and let fly with the singing (this is why most musicians smoke weed)....better than ever, in a lot of fact, browneyedboy's playing totally changes the rhythm of my voice on some songs, kind of like drummerboy's did, only 50X better. And there's a really nice give and take between us when we are teaching each other our songs. He treats me with a lot of respect and encouragement, as a musician who is still learning her instrument. (He's trained in piano and can read music.)

I did the James Taylor one again later, when I was warmed up, and it was much better. browneyedboy just stopped playing and watched me sing. Then he wanted to learn it, but I only had one copy, so after a little lighthearted not-taking-no-for-an-answer convincing on my part, he sat next to me on the couch. Then he pulled out "Blue Moon of Kentucky" again (only one copy of that, too), the one we do harmony on, and we sat on the couch for that one and the next (his choice - "Lovers in a Dangerous Time"), before he slipped back into his chair to watch me some more.

Lots of watching. Lots of soft gazing and looking away. Lots of shy smiles. On both of our parts. Actually, there was also some pretty frank gazing on his part, too, which caused a lot of shy/wry smiles and looking away on my part. Lots of "revealing" songs exchanged, and so many conversational things between us that seemed positively laden with sub-text. In fact, speaking of revealing songs, when hippiegirl was in the bathroom, I was standing in the balcony doorway, and browneyedboy was beside me in the chair, facing away from me, quietly (I had to strain to hear his voice) playing/singing the Velvet Underground's "If You Close the Door" was so obviously for me that I almost leaned over to put my arms around him and kiss him on the top of his head. I settled for telling him it was beautiful, in a very soft voice. Wish I'd kissed him. Then when hippiegirl came back, browneyedboy stood up to face me, and played another song, and I just stood there in the doorway grooving to his music. Also, all night long, whenever he'd see me watching his hands (except in the learning context), he'd do something totally wild and wonderful on the banjo.

He is so very definitely into me. It's pretty obvious, right? And his eyes....god, I wonder what it would be like to be totally adored under that sweet, gentle, deeply-penetrating gaze? It kind of freaks me out, scares me a little. Not in a bad way, but in a "holy shit, am I ready for this?" way.

I can't believe I'm writing all this. This is going to be the longest post ever, and wayyyy TMI.

But after he stopped with the wine, so as to be able drive home, he started to get nervous again, and especially once hippiegirl left. He played me Neil Young's "Out on the Weekend" (he made a lot of mistakes) and I played him the Dixie Chicks "Easy Silence" (I made a lot of mistakes - even though I know it backwards and forwards). And we dawdled around talking before he left. I touched him on the arm several times (practicing my limted repertoire of flirting techniques). But at the door, he kept moving closer to me, in an awkward sort of way, and then....he just asked for a hug. (At least it was him doing the asking this time.) It was, I must say, the best hug so far. But I kept wanting to kiss him....but I didn't have the nerve either. What is the matter with boys? They're supposed to do the kissing! Or at least initiate the first one! I almost chased after him just to kiss him. I kept pacing around and putting my hand on the doorknob. But then I realized I hadn't gotten his e-mail address as he promised (earlier, he'd offered to print out any songs I wanted - I don't have a printer), so I did run down to his car (in my socks!) and got it before he left. It had been quite some minutes - I'd tried to phone him on his cell first - I think maybe he was sitting in his car for awhile, as he didn't start it up until after I got outside and started looking around trying to figure out which car it was, if it was still there. And then I came back here, phoned BFF, and wrote the e-mail and sent it with her on the phone for support (at midnight, no less - that's a best friend!).

And then I came in here, and then I stayed up till all hours laughing to myself and playing my guitar, and then I got five hours of sleep and went to work this morning, where I found out I made $1350 in sales yesterday, and even though I clocked out early this afternoon (mutual decision with the manager - I was tired and it was slow), I only came $15 short of making my $1200 sales goal today - in four hours! Management is terribly happy with me.

Even leaving out all of the him and me stuff, last night was the most fun I've had making music in...ever. It was just so free and wild and fun! I hope for lots and lots of jamming with the three of us, and singergirl, too, if she can make it next time.

And judging by the time, I'm guessing the e-mail made his head essplode, and he's figuring out what to do next. Which I guess I'll let him do. After all, we didn't fix a next jam date yet, except for agreeing to jam, and also, he seems to have left his folder of music here. Which I've already flipped through, of course. wink.gif

Sorry for the MeMeMe (er....hi turbo and CH....*blushes at own self-centredness*), but I hope nobody minds much. biggrin.gif
Gooood Morning! Monday!

Doodle, oooh! It sounds like things with BrownEyedBoy are heatin' up! I think the smooching desire is mutual, but you are both shy. I have no doubt it'll happen! I love the e-mail you sent him, btw. Congrats on the new job! How many hours a week is it? And also congrats on making so many sales at the clothing store! That's really wonderful!

((marileen)) I am really sorry to hear about the SAD, but am glad that it's starting to get better with more daylight happening. So happy your puppers did not get hurt by the chicken bones! Scary! Your new job sounds like fun, I am glad you're liking it.

Hey Diva!

Hey CH!

Hey Lore!

Hey Jenn!

Who have I forgotten?

Yeah, the darkness messed wtih me this AM too. Bah. Though I did like the extra evening daylight. My weekend was good. I left work early on Friday so me & Mr K could drive to Memphis. We hit some bad traffic & then the weather was bad, so it took us about 5 hours to get there, instead of the normal 3. We got in around 6:30, had time to change, and then raced to the art opening. The art was really good. Then we went to dinner & to his friend's house for cocktails. We ate breakfast with Mr K's family at Perkins on Saturday, then hit the road. Got back home around 4:00 Saturday, which gave us the whole evening to be at home. Yesterday I just worked at the hospital and did errands. All in all a good weekend.

Good Morning Good Morning.

Doodle, the music is coming along so great. And Browneyedboy. Hmmmm, I still think he has a thing for you. Why would he keep coming to hang out, and why would he be acting the way he is??? Heh, Hippiegirl and I have the same problem. I just want to use (most) men like cheap pieces of meat.

Hey Kari, it sounds like a lovely weekend.

My package is out for delivery!!! I is so excited!!! And I'm back working downtown!!! Woohoo!!

That's all I've got right now.


My comforter came bi fedex delivery!!!! YAY!
Cripes. First day off in eight days, and what time to I wake up? 7:30. ARRRGGHHH! I think I might try getting more sleep in a bit.

Hi kari! What kind of art was there at the art show? By the way, how are you managing to balance the two pieces of work (regular work and the hospital work)? I could use some tips!!

CH, you're such a badass about men. wink.gif Why do you feel people are like sheep? (I mean, in a lot of ways, I agree, but I want to know your thoughts!)

Yeah, browneyedboy. I think my doubts about his attraction are pretty well gone. After all, he was faux-masturbating in my direction, with that darned banjo of his! I'm not a Freudian, but some things ARE obvious. rolleyes.gif Plus....seriously, you had to be there. wink.gif And there was this eye-opening moment on Saturday night, when all three of us were still here, where I realized that he wants to be led a little, so a bit more of this than I expected is going to be in my hands....hence the e-mail. And I'm still kind of scared shitless, in that "am I ready for romance?" way. Even though he's been nothing but accepting and wonderful so far, the prospect of opening myself up even more under that gaze of his is a bit nerve-wracking! blink.gif But there's enough there between us already that I think I'm willing to take the risk.


Yeah, I'm totally surprised by how well I'm doing at the store. Well, maybe more surprised by how quickly it's coming together - the sales part. I always thought I would suck at sales and that I would hate it. But it's different when you are selling something you love, and in this case, it's not so much clothing you're selling but positive body image. Some of the things women say about their bodies, or about themselves in relation to other women's bodies, are just devastating. I mean, not that I can't take it - I totally know where they are at. Sometimes I just want to reach out and hug them. But I feel more like Cinderella's fairy godmother than anything. Being able to tell them how beautiful they really are (when so many of the messages out there in the world are telling us the opposite) is one of the biggest perks of the job. And when you get the RIGHT clothes on them, often they can see it too, and that's what makes me work harder to find those right clothes, so that's how the big sales kind of happen for me.

In a funny way, it's also been what's pushing me along with browneyedboy. Even when I think I've got all my shit together, and no matter how much weight I've lost (while still trying not to care), I still have my hang-ups. And these women come in - not only the unhappy women, but the HAPPY women, who talk about their partners or even come in with makes me think about my own self a little, and what I truly deserve, and why my own body image has been the one thing holding me back. So it's really good for me in that sense, too, and it's probably partly what pushed me to go as far as I did on Saturday night.

Hey Hey Doodle!!

I think my issues with people, en masse, is that they are zombified. They go where they are told, do what they are told to do. It's like people don't have any thoughts of their own anymore and they are affraid to venture into that big worlx on their own.

ooooh, you think I'm a badass!!! This makes me excited in so many ways.

I'm so glad that you are happy at work and things are working out well for you. I've never wokred in clothing retail (did have to sell book to yuppies who wanted to read faulkner becaue OPrah said so, though.

And guess who called? Why the cop. I knew it wasn't over. I knew it!!!
Hi, peeps!

Hey, Marileen! We should go out for lunch soon. Glad Abe is okay. Chicken bones are dangerous, huh? Goes to show what I know about dogs.

CH, you are kind of a badass with men. I'm glad the thing with the nasty cop is getting resolved. Last time I got pulled over, it was by an asshole. I wrote a nasty letter to go along with my ticket payment, but I have no idea if anything ever came of it.

Doodle, that's good to hear the boys have things figured out for paying rent. Banjoboy sounds like he's really got some problems, if the government is going to pay his rent for him and he doesn't have any kids to watch all day (it's harder to get away with that here if you don't take care of children 24/7). Things with the boy sound like they're going well, if a bit slowly. If anything comes of it, it'll be that much better after you've waited. I wish I would have waited longer with the giant, but what's done is done.

Where's Minx been lately? And I don't think Jami's come in to post since she announced her divorce.

Hi, Kari and Jenn and Lore!

I heard from Poodle today. She's still around, just hasn't posted lately. (((((((((((((((Poodle)))))))))))))))

I had a nice weekend of doing not jack shit. Hooray! I got through at least 26 hours of TV I taped (mostly wrestling) from the DVR, which was my big project. I can get through a 2 hour show in about 35 minutes. I think the most ambitious thing I did was read 20 pages of "Love in the Time of Cholera" and make crostini rubbed with garlic and this really delicious potato soup with cheddar and bacon. It was so good, in fact, that the giant suggested I make it again when we have people over. He's never excited about my regular food, just my cookies, so this was a big deal for me. I even got to break in my immersion blender, which I've had for 15 months now.

I've got 40 minutes to go here at work. I came in late and didn't feel like starting off the pay period by taking vacation time again, although I may take off this Friday if the giant can get the day off.

Hey all!

Dooooooodle! You are successful in all corners it seems - and you deserve every bit of it, and don't you forget it! Romance, work, music - I love that all of it is perfectly working for you! And of course I am loving every last detail of your evenings with browneyedboy! And this is your perfect opportunity to lead him wherever you may, and create the love life you want.

I'm with Kari on the difficulty in getting up this morning - oof. 5am was painful today. I don't like changing the clocks in this direction.

Diva, sounds like you had a lovely weekend to yourselves! And the soup sounds great - and I'm glad you got to finally use your immersion blender. I use mine occasionally for a quick/rough blend, but I don't think mine is powerful enough for a really smooth puree, so I use either my blender or food processor most of the time for soups.

I went to spin class tonight - finally. Felt good to get back on the bike, but really makes me impatient for spring to arrive so I can get back to the bike commute!

And now, time for my regularly scheduled bathtime. smile.gif
Goood Morning!!

Hey Diva!! It's good to see you in here. I'm glad that you spoke to Poodle, is she okay???? Ummm, what is an immersion blender?

Hey Turbo! It's great to get back into a routine! How are you feeling today after your class?

I've been exchanging messages with Jami, she's still here, just not posting often.

Where is Minx and Mox?? What about Grrrl, I've seen her posting on the boards, just not in here.

Well, I took Em for another long walk today, it was lovely outside, worked out, and am feeling good! Today is supposed to be another beautiful day. And the husband of that evil woman is in this office, he hates all of the people that his wife hates. She is really horrible to him in front of other people. She'll say things along the lines of how bad he is in bed, and how he has a really small penis. Isn't that horrible??? What a mean woman, glad I'm not married to her. But then again, i don't even acknowledge her existence. So, suits me just fine

Hmmm Good things Tuesday!

1. It's going to be gorgeous here today.
2. Spring is on it's way.
3. New Mental Floss should be out some time!
4. Feeling good.
5. Got the blanket, it's small, but soft, hand sewn and not made in China (possibly via slave labour, sweatshop crud).
I've been in TX this weekend...back now. Moxieman had to go to the SxSW conference, and I tagged along. Best. BBQ. Ever. I walked a cool-ass city for 2 days, read a super cool book, and am now back with my kidlet and back to work. All in all, a good weekend!

OK, tons to do, though...
Hi, peeps!

CH, Poodle's fine, just a bit of a crazy time for her. An immersion blender is a blender head on a stick, basically. Instead of pouring your stuff into a blender or food processor, pureeing it, then pouring it back, you can just stick the immersion blender right in the pot you're working with and puree it right there. I like that you can do it over heat, so hot foods don't go cold. It came in quite handy. Marileen got 2 of them for her wedding.

Jenn, just thinking of your bike commute makes my legs tired. You must be in awesome shape to not only do it, but look forward to it.

Hi, Moxie!

Today's been a crap day. I had a bitch of a time waking up this moring, and not because I go to bed particularly late, either. I think it has more do do with daylight savings and the bout of insomnia I've been having. My body only wants to sleep when it's during the wee morning hours until about 10:00 am. My boss got on me for that today, but I honestly don't give a rat's ass. I quit caring about his opinion a very long time ago, so I'm not letting it bug me. He's not so much a boss as a glorified h/r rep, in my opinion. I never ask him for advice about actual work stuff, any review he gives me has no bearing on raises since they're all seniority based, so for my purposes, he really only exists to see if I came in on time that day or if I called in. At least I've gotten through a fair amount of work thus far and there was cake and nachos/cheese for breakfast, so I'm mostly happy.

The morning got off to an interesting start, though. This lady who I never would have guessed would come in, showed up in my office to feed me a pack of lies. It's on this case that has been a thorn in my side since January, and I can see no sign of that changing. The parties are doing a "he said, she said." She calls him a stalker. He calls her a drug addict who drops her kid off with him. She says he's not the dad and she's had the kid the whole time (not true, the dad has shown up here with the kid at least twice). The woman is a floozie, and now it's my mission to catch her in her lie.

At least I'm taking Friday off to laze around with the giant, so work drama for only 2 more days this week. Yay!

ETA: what the hell was going on with this site? I've been trying to post this for hours!

Mox, that sounds like great fun!

Diva, I'm glad to hear that Poodle is doing okay. The blender sounds freakin' neat!

Ahhh lies, I heart lies. This department is full of them.

I've also been having problems with the lounge today. It's irritating.

I just want to go home so I can take Em for a walk, then workout.
Good afternoon ladies and germs.

Divala, lunch sometime soon sounds great! That potato soup you made sounds muy delicioso too. And yay for immersion blenders! I really like using ours. And I hope you bust that lying woman soon -she sounds like a piece of work.

Moxie you are so lucky to go the the SxSW conference! My brother is thinking about moving to Austin from Houston and I'm really hoping that he does. It sounds like a neat place.

CH that evil woman you mentioned reminds me of a lady that used to live down the street from us growing up - she was super-nasty about her husband and didn't care who heard it. He was no prize either but I was always shocked that she'd talk about him that way to other people.

Doodle, take your own sweet time with that romance of yours! It's more fun that way.

The time change is definitely kicking my butt. I was very tired today but at least it was back to my normal workday again. I was right on time yesterday at the crack of dawn for my part time job and my meddler-esque supervisor was the one who was late! She called me at quarter to nine with an excuse about her alarm not working and showed up around ten all frazzled. It was mean of me but I was glad - if she is a slack in some way it takes a little more pressure off of me. I think she was really upset that I was there working without her there to hover over me more than anything. I'm going to have to come up with a nickname for her...maybe Hovercraft would be a good one. Hmmm...
Double post...
HiHiHi!! Quick drive-by - it's a day off, but a busy one! I am writing a song and don't want to be away from it long. The song sort of came out of some random chords and vocals I tried during the last jam, after browneyedboy said something about the world needing more samba or something like that. But it started really bouncing around in my head this morning...I was walking downtown and back, and lots of stuff came at me from all over the place - melodies and lyrics. Now it needs more lyrics. It's more bluesy now....blues samba?

I think I moved a little too fast for browneyedboy....he wrote back last night that he doesn't give out kisses right and left! WTF does that even mean? (I wrote back that I didn't accept kisses right and left and asked if I'd offended him, but he said I hadn't.) Anyway, he is coming over to jam tomorrow night. Will explain more when I figure out more.... going back to try and figure out what this song is about.
Diva, can you post the recipe for your yummy soup? I tried making potato soup last fall and it was a disaster. I'd like to redeem myself.

Doodle, I'm sure BEB is just being cheeky and compensating for chickening out on making a move. I predict kissing at your next encounter! (It's funny, when I was single, boys were such a mystery to me. After living with TB for 3 yrs, I've come to the conclusion that they don't play games or read into things like us girls. It's all us, if that makes sense.)

I've been lurking every day but been too busy/tired to post. Grad school + wedding plans = Catsoup always tired and not very communicative (is that a word?). The last 24 hrs have kind of sucked though. I've put on some weight in the last year and it's really bothering me now, especially with all this socialization to be a "perfect bride." It's affected our "intimacy" and last night was the first time in awhile that there was HBI at our place. I woke up this morning to find my nuvaring on the floor (must have been pulled out during the HBI) which meant I had to go get the morning after pill today. I've never had to take it before (knock wood) and it's made me feel tired and a little light-headed, and more than a little resentful that TB doesn't have to worry about pregnancy. smile.gif

Sure, I finally make a post and it's all whiny. Sorry, OK-ers.
Gaaa, I've been lurking but in my annual winter depression and feeling too funky to post and now I'm intimidated by the archives!

So I hope people will forgive me if I blow by them..It's unintentional. I'm overwhelmed but posting to let y'all know I'm not dead and not shunning ya.

Divala, I want that soup recipe too, it sounds yummy!

Doodle, I think BEB is trying to take the light off HIS obsession, trying to sort of play hard to get.

CH, I agree, I think you're a badass. But in a good way, in an independent, self assured way. And, that woman really sounds like a biatch.

Catsoup, I know EXACTLY how you feel with your weight, I feel the Same. Way. I imagine it must be even more stressful with upcoming nuptials.

Marileen, YAY for the meddler being late. Hah!

So, I was aggravated most of the day, mostly by our storekeeper, details are in the letters thread, if anybody's interested in my work aggravations.

It's gonna be 43 F here tomorrow. Yay Wisconsin.

I'ma try to not be so reclusive anymore, but I prolly will, anyway. smile.gif
WHAT!!!??? That's what you both think??? I've been going around for the last 24 hours thinking I've somehow totally misread everything, second-guessing myself, and feeling pretty crappy and hurt! If any of what you've said turns out to be the case, I'm gonna kick his ass!

Anyway, I'm getting a pretty awesome song out of it, so far. Don't know if I'll have the guts to play it for him....maybe parts of it.
Yep, doodle, I'm with catsoup - he's just being cheeky. Don't read into it too much, and cash in that sass for some smooches tomorrow!! smile.gif

Catsoup, I'm with you on the irritation about the men not having to worry about pregnancy - sucks. But even if there were a male pill, I'd probably still take the pill too - my man has a hard time remembering taking his blood pressure meds still - after 4 years. sheesh. And I've got the winter fluff too - my body has not adjusted well to the lack of 22 miles of biking everyday. Boo. And turbomann hasn't gained a pound this winter. Not fair.

Tree, we've *meeced* you! I totally get the winter recluse gig - this winter has been LOOooooong. At least we have a little extra daylight, and we've actually seen the sun today, too. I'm sorry your work is sucking again. Are you done teaching the class?

I was a bit sore this morning after the class - my legs are fine, but it was my mid back muscles that were a bit tight. I did come home and hopped on the elliptical for 40 minutes while the laundry was washing. Thank cod for the clean laundry too - turbomann actually had to go buy new undies this weekend...sad that we're still pulling that college trick, but seriously, some of our undies are a little pathetic and still *from* the college days...its time for new underoos, I'd say.
The damn blasted DVR is being all weird again. Serves the giant right, having that gigantor TV and all those black boxes hooked up to it. Of course he isn't home to figure it out, and I've done everything with it I feel comfortable with. I'll press buttons, but I'm not about to go messing with the wires. I was watching "Fashion Rocks" or whatever that show was last night. Lily Allen was on and The Gossip is on later, which makes it worth it to me.

Potato Soup Recipe:

1 cup diced onion
1 cup diced celery
1 quart (or however big those boxes of broth are) chicken or vegetable stock
3 tablespoons butter or olive oil, or any combination of the two
3 large-ish Yukon gold potatoes, diced
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 cup cream
1 cup buttermilk
1 lb bacon, cooked and cut up however you like
8 oz package of cheddar shreds
green onions, however much you want, thinly sliced

Saute onion and celery in butter/olive oil mixture until they're soft. Add in stock, salt, pepper, and potatoes. Bring to a full boil, then simmer for 30-45 minutes, until the potatoes are soft, covered. Blend the soup together with an immersion blender, regular blender, or food processor. Dump back into the pot, then stir in cream, buttermilk, cheese, green onions, and bacon. You'll probably need to reheat if the cream and buttermilk are cold. Enjoy!

CH, I cannot believe that woman would do that to her husband, much less in front of people! That's not funny at all and he probably feels like crap about himself because of her. And who talks about their husband's penis in public?! I know I emasculate the giant a tiny bit sometimes (I'm the assertive one and in most cases, I wear the pants around the house), but never in front of people like that, and I don't really mean it. I hope one day that poor man grows a backbone and sticks it to her.

Hi, Catsoup! Sorry about all the stress around your house, and congrats on the HBI. Sucks that your ring fell out, though. I can't imagine the pressure of work, school, and planning a wedding. Craziness. Don't beat yourself up over gaining a few pounds. You've had plenty of other things to deal with and nobody's perfect.

Marileen has a meddler, too! Maybe she'll lay off a bit, now that you've seen her screw up. Hovercraft is such a great name for a person like that! Would next week work for lunch? I usually go out with gay boyfriend on Wednesdays, and I'm thinking the giant might come pick me up for lunch on Thursday after his dentist appointment, and then I'm taking Friday off, just for the hell of it.

Hi, Tree! I hope daylight savings helps your mood out some, and the weather has been shaping up nicely this week, at least here. It was gorgeous in Minneapolis today.

Doodle, just give it time. It'll happen when it's right, not on a schedule.

Hi, Jenn!

I have a few Good Things for today:
1) landlords are in Mexico for a week
a) no toilets flushing while I'm in the shower
cool.gif no landlord's girlfriend's dog barking right above our heads
c) no fooseball tournaments
d) the parking spots in front of the house are clear, since no guests coming to visit them
2) house to myself tonight because the giant is playing with his little Star Wars friends. I cherish those nights.
3) productive workout - a good 45 minutes on the treadmill and no ankle pain that's been creeping back lately
4) it was a perfectly gorgeous early-spring-ish day out

Good Morning.

Hey Marileen! I hope your workday goes better today, I like voercraft for the nickname!

Doodle, I'm going to agree. I also think he's being a tease. Not mindfucking with you, just playing a little hard to get. I wouldn't be too worried about things!

Catsoup, how are you feeling today?? (((catsoup)))

Tree, I'm sorry that you are also in a funk. (((((tree)))))

Hey Turbo! OOoooh, new undies!! I lurvith shopping for new undies.

Diva, that recipe sounds amazing! I'm totally going to have to make the soup!!

Yes, the woman is horrible. But, I no longer work beside her, she's weak, has low confidence and self esteem, and is just a downright miserable person (and she's looking to change positions within the department, it appears that she knows many people can't stand her. And the people in other offices know about how poor her work is). I was thinking last night why the hell do I care. And that put that away.

hmmmm, last night worked out took Em to the park, it was gorgeous outside, it was nice to be able to walk around without thinking, "fuck it's cold!".
Fuck. It's Wednesday. Mean Red Granny just decided to grace me with a visit...hell, I'm not complaining, but now I've got to stain treat my favorite jeans. Ah well. That's what you get for going commando. It's a dangerous world out there for pants.

Haven't been around for awhile. Guess that I needed a BUSTie vacation. Hell, I need a regular vacation, but that's soon in coming at the beginning of April.

Damn, but that potato soup recipe looks good. Hell's bells. I'm munching on roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. I'm trying to get back on the physical fitness train. I lost ten pounds last year and kept the majority of it off, but my goal for this year is twenty. My jeans are only slightly tight from the winter carb explosion. I tried really hard for about two and a half months last year...then I got bored. Hahahahaha!!!!

My student teacher has been sick for the last two days, so I have been back in charge of the classroom. Actually, it kinda pissed me off because she TEXTED me to tell me she would be sick, and then provided no subsequent lesson plans. I will have to explain to her the job of being a teacher. That YOU actually have to come up with lesson plans if you are sick, even if you are vomiting your brains out. I know I'm a bit of a masochist, but when it comes to being responsible, I win first prize. I can't believe that I actually have to train someone on the etiquette of CALLING IN. What the hell is wrong with these people?!

Anyhoo, I'm alive. Men still irritate me, so I've been reading a lot. I just finished "Blink" and it ruled.
Good Afernoon! Or morning, depending on where you are.

Hi Minx! It's so good to see you! I've been wondering where you'd run off to. Glad to hear you are doing fairly well. Woot! For vacation coming up. Spring break? That is lame that your student teacher texted you. That's the modern age for ya. Is she young? You need to school her.

That potato soup looks damn good diva. Wish I had a bowl right about now. I am glad to hear the poodles is doing ok. I miss her 'round these parts. It's very excellent that your bosses are far, far away for the week. Enjoy! Also enjoy your night alone at home this evening.

Hi Catsoup! Sorry to hear about the wedding stress. It's very stressful, I know. What is the date? I can't remember. How's school going?

Hey Marileen!

Hi Tree hugger!! ((Tree)) I am sorry to hear you've been feeling down and out. Are you feeling slightly better now? I hope so. huh.gif Hey, what did Bear ever decide about taking that job in another city?

Jenn, glad to hear you enjoyed your spinning class. I'm on a break from them, I got burned out. Will go back one day though. I've been doing other types of cardio in the mean time. I think my work out partner is out of town tonight, that will make it hard for me to go to the gym. Not feeling motivated.

Hey Doodle! Good luck with the song! As far as balancing 2 jobs...I think you just have to take it as it comes & work out the rythym. Is that spelled correctly? No idea.

Things with me are pretty decent today. It's my day off from the hospital, so that is definitely a Good Thing. I've been putting in extra hours, in hopes of getting it all wrapped up. I think I now lack 51 or so. Not so bad! 4 more weeks to do it in, so I can now begin to not go there so often & stay so long. The weather here is beautiful today. Sunny and is going to get to about 60 or 65. I am kind of down about a ex-step-dad's sister has entered Hospice, they suspect she has about a week to live. She has stomach cancer. sad.gif This makes me very sad. I am debating on going to see her. I haven't seen her for probably 2 years. I don't know if that is something people appreciate or if it makes things more difficult for them. Thoughts? She's a very social, open person, and my mom said she probably would appreciate it. I think part of me is resisiting b/c I know it'll be hard for me. But maybe good in a way too.


Hey Minx!!! I'm sorry you've been feeling a little irritated lately. How professional that your student teacher texted you. Now that is so professional.

Kari, that's really sad about you ex step aunt, I think you should go and see her, she really would appreciate it.

I'm here, that's what I've got for now. How exciting! mmm lunch.
What'd you eat for lunch, CH? I had a sandwich from home. Exciting! But cost effective.

I think I will go by Hospice tomorrow. I am feeling a bit hormonal & emotional today from MRG. Probably not the best time to go there.

I went outside at lunch, it is GORGEOUS! Sunny and 70. I've got spring fever Baaaaaaad!
I had leftovers, then some fruit, and some almonds. Not so exciting.

It's also spring here and it's lurvethly!!!!!

and the cop call, twice. I finally answered. Sigh.
Well. Jammed with browneyedboy. Have nothing to report. No kissing, I mean.

I don't know what to make of it. He seemed a lot more comfortable and confident this time, and still meets my eyes quite openly and gently. He finally started to talk about himself a little more, too, and his work and the vibe at city hall, and we talked about the community at length. 75% of the songs he pulled out were the "romantic"-leaning ones....Harvest Moon, Heart of Gold, that Velvet Underground song again (he even tried to make me learn it - it's all friggin' bar chords), Yer So Bad (we did that one twice, at his request), some really old bluegrass one about "wishing myself on my true love's bed," etc. Also, he seems to remember every single little thing I've ever mentioned in his presence, and compliments me on the strangest things. He got kind of jittery and overly-chatty at the door, and even fumbled his banjo case. But no smoochin'.

I thought maybe something might happen when we were out on the balcony at the end of the evening, but drummerboy was visiting across the hall, came out on the boys' balcony, and started chatting away to us. He kept on chatting, oblivious to the significance of a man and a woman on a balcony on a starry, moonlit night. Eventually, he went back in, but it kind of ruined the moment, if it was a moment.

I sent browneyedboy an e-mail after he left, flat out asking him if he is attracted to me, and telling him that I like him very much, am enjoying getting to know him, and am attracted to him, very much so, and that I'd prefer to know up front so that I can move past it, if I need to. And that I didn't want to make him uncomfortable or make things awkward between us, but that perhaps it was better to just get it out there. So I guess it's wait and see time. He is driving to Vancouver on Friday after work, for the long weekend, so I hope I hear back before then....otherwise I'm going to be wound up about it all weekend.

I've been in pain all day, and the last few days, too, from the car accident. It's been really bad. I couldn't stop rubbing my neck, even when browneyedboy was here (I had to 'fess up about the pain, and therefore the accident, too - and you know what? He even remembered me not answering BFF's call on Saturday night: "So that's why you didn't want to talk to BFF about the car"). He thinks I probably gave myself whiplash. I think it's probably good that I'm not working again till Saturday. I'm actually supposed to jam with hippiegirl tomorrow afternoon, but I might have to see how I feel.

I never played browneyedboy my new song, either, or even told him I'd written one. Partly because of the pain, I think, and partly I was too nervous to betray any of my feelings after the e-mail thing from last time.

That's all I have. I'm really tired and achey, so I'm gonna try and sleep.
Good Morning.

Doodle, have you heard back from BrownEyedBoy? I think he could be shy, mayne apprehensive because he's been hurt before and he wants to move slow?

I think you should see someone about your neck if it doesn't start to feel better soon.

All I did yesterday was take the dog for a long walk. I actually took the day off from working out, but again, it was a loooooooong walk. She was KO'd, didn't even come into the kitchen when I was cooking.

It's another lovely spring day here, thank goodness.
Good Morning!

Doodle, color me impressed about the e-mail you sent BRB. I hope you hear back soon. I think it was smart to just put it out there like that, that way you can just know. I am sure he is equally as attracted to you, I think he's just shy. I mean, all the signs are there. So sorry to hear about your neck! How long does that kind of thing take to get better, do you know?

Hey CH! We took our dogs on a good walk last night too. Couldn't resist w/ the beautiful weather & longer daylight hours. I skipped my workout as well. Workout partner out of town. I had a nice evening hanging with Mr K, who was also off work. We walked the pups, cooked some chicken quesadillas, and watched Top Chef.

I've got stupid MRG cramps this morning. bah. They have gotten somewhat better since I popped 2 Alleve.

I think I'm going to leave work early to go by the Hospice this afternoon. After that I have to be at the hospital a little before 4, b/c my school supervisor is coming for a site visit. Busy day.

Hey youz.

I'm sorry about your aunt, Kari.

Waiting to hear what browneyedboy says.
Kari, I'm sure your aunt will really like seeing you.

Hey Dusty!!

Not much has changed since this morning. Hee.
Good afternoon, all....I actually slept till 11! Wow. Well, I woke up for a half hour at 8, but made it back to sleep. Hiya CH, kari, and dusty!!

So sorry about your auntie, kari, but I'm glad to hear you are going to see her. I think it's better not to have those kind of regrets of "oh, why didn't I go?" and it will probably be good for her, too.

I think most of the pain has moved out of my body, at last. Just a little stiffness in my neck and a wee bit of pain between my shoulder blades and in my jaw, but it seems to be moving on. The sleep probably helped, and maybe sending that e-mail helped, too. I think I should be good to go for work on Saturday.

I feel kind of in limbo right now over the boy thing. I dunno. I keep trying to go with my instincts on this one, and when we're actually together, my instincts tell me it's there, but I don't want to delude myself - I'd rather hear it from him. Still, it's hard for me to believe the universe would set me up like this - bringing a boy to my door whom I feel so comfortable around, who is so fucking compatible with me, who inspires music in me, whom I really want to be with....and have it be all nothing but friendship in the end...not that I don't want friendship as the main part of the package, but you know what I mean. What are the signs that the rest of you keep reading? Because I keep doubting my gut on this one and I'd like to know.

Anyway, hippiegirl and singergirl are coming over shortly - I feel well enough for company and jamming, so I haven't called it off. I already told hippiegirl I was working on a song, so I'll play part of it for her, but there's a few lyrics I'm probably going to leave out. They are kind of deep and personal....well, either browneyedboy will hear them first, or I'll wait until I feel more like sharing with other people.
Well, I hate to say it, Doodle, but our only signs about BEB, are the indications you've told us. It's impossible for ME to see the look in his eyes, the way he fidgets...etc.

All I am going on is what you are saying, and taking the benefit of some distance, and the things you've posted, strike me as a shy boy or a boy playing hard to get.

If I were there in person I could maybe give better input. But I am sure that I have been somewhat "tainted" by your description of the situation.

But, I stand by my initial analysis, from a distance, it seems like he is either distancing himself (not terribly likely, but still possible), shy (my personal vote) or playing hard to get (kind of unlikely as well, just because I, from what you've said about him, can't really see him as a game player).


Okay, Bear just showed up so I have to go! We're grilling out to celebrate maybe the first semi-tolerable day (all the way up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, Woo Hoo!)

we've been having some, uh, intimate difficulty and gonna give it another "try".... rolleyes.gif
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