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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Japanese lighting - think paper. You can find some really cool, cheap paper shades and paper-shaded lamps at Ikea, and lots of different, inexpensive paper shades if you have a Chinatown in your community. From Ikea, I've got 2 hanging paper globes on either side of my bed, and 2 tall paper-shaded lamps in my living room (one floor lamp, one table lamp), and I've also got 2 hanging lamps above my living room wall unit that have square paper shades and thin wooden edging, from Chinatown in Vancouver. All cheap like dirt. (ETA: also, I've always meant to do this, but I never had room...if you can get an Asian-style parasol, you could hang it in a corner with a light bulb behind it - tres cool! I also thought of chopping off the handle off one and hanging it right over my bedroom ceiling fixture.)

Am I smitten, or just in lust? wink.gif
The only problem with the lighting is that I have a wall mounted fixture... There are a ton of cool stores at the forks that sell stuff like that, I'll have to check it out. also found a really cool set of three shelves here. Just plug in your postal code. The set is black, so it would fit with the decor of the room. And since I have a small room, I'm thinking that a mirror with black trim will also be good, it will expand the room. Now drapes! I hate a lot of light when I'm sleeping, I was thinking a black style roman shade, but I'm not too sure how that would fit in with the room.

I think right now it's lust.
I think you're right. Lust it is. tongue.gif I keep trying to figure out how that happened, but probably once he started admiring my mural so heavily, and the rest of my decor, I was gone. wink.gif

I think a black shade would work just fine - because it's plain and black, it would sort of disappear in the grand scheme of things. You don't want anything that sticks out, especially if you are going Japanese, which is generally quite minimalist. Either white or black is going to be best, and if you need blackout blinds, then black is probably what you want. (I sleep with a mask, me-self.) A roman blind might still not be thick enough though, if you choose cloth - you might want to see if you can get a lined one. What about a simple plain glass globe for the wall-mount fixture? I'm sure I've seen these. The simpler the better. The cube shelving is cute! I've seen some cheaper, though, at Crappy Tire - have a look around. I can't remember the brand, but it's starts with a C and it's about $20 for 3 (I bought them for my mom once). The Debbie Travis line is quite pricey for what you're getting, IMHO.

ETA: or you could disconnect the wall fixture, take it down, hang something over the hole, and just use table and/or hanging lamps.
I'll look around at a few places, I just want something that will last and isn't made from quark board, or whatever the hell it is.

I'm thinking it'll be easier to make a roman shade so I can it how I want it. Just pick up a pattern and be done with it.

Furniture, hmmmm, ebony of course, I currently have a futon, that'll be staying for a little while, I'll get a closet organizer and get rid of the stuff that's in there currently. I'd like to get an armour, as I need a place for the tv, and the sounddock (not to mention the tons of DVD's. books can go in the closet).
Ooh, they have lots of cool Asian-style armoires at Pier One, but you have to hit a sale or it's not worth it. Although any armoire in plain black would work. You could even find a second-hand one and paint it black.

"I see a red door and I want it painted black...." Sorry, I don't know where that came from.

2.5 hours, and I am DONE here. Forever. Or till I'm re-assigned here again. Not that folks aren't nice, but the work hasn't exactly occupied my mind. At least at the investment place, I was up front with lots of people coming and going, and if I asked for work to do, there was work to do. Oh well. Can't complain about being paid to BUST, I guess. smile.gif

Tomorrow I start a straight-thru-the-weekend schedule at the clothing store, so that will keep me busy. Also, I have an appointment with a new doctor on Friday, as well as my pre-interview with the lotteries. Busy, busy, busy bee!

My cube-mate is wearing aftershave today and keeps looking at me funny. What does this mean? I hope it doesn't mean what I think it means.
I don't think they can hold it against you if you weren't charged. That would be SO wrong.
dusty, I agree it would be totally unfair, but I have no control over people's political shit - they couldn't legally hold it against me, but they don't have to let me temp there, either.

Forty more minutes.

I wish something interesting would happen here, where I sit in my undecorated beige, grey, and navy blue cubicle.

I wish a streaker would run by or something.

Doodle, I was looking online, and EQ3 and Ashley Home Furniture have nice stuff. Has cube mate kept up the looks?

Hey Dusty!

Well, took Em to the park, worked out, now lounging about. Deciding how to do things. It will for sure be minimalist in here. I'll keep the art I have, I have a copy of The Persistence of Memory, I was thinking of also getting Guernica by Picasso, but I think it's a little morbid, as much as I like the work, I'd prefer something a litte more playful. Not bunny suicides playful though!

That is all.

Now, I think we know that doodle has fully recovered - she's spreading the decor love again! YAY!! I love the ideas for CH's bedroom, and the cherry blossom tree sounds gorgeous!

I'm trying to get back on the workout wagon again, and using CH for my inspiration. I've gotten myself on the elliptical twice this week, and done some free weights. I've got to get more tone goin' on - biking season is so close I can smell it, and I need my bod to be ready!

Turbomann took the dog to the vet today - nothing too terribly wrong, just his usual spring intestinal mess, regular as clockwork when the first melt of the season hits - its just worse this year that usual. We've got the prescription dog food for a few days, and even though they didn't find any critters in his poo, they're still treating him for giardia, since its really presenting that way. Turbodoggie seems none the worse for wear - he *really* likes the special food. smile.gif
Well, what have I got to report? Another evening of music, tea, and a nice warm hug at the end of it. Damn, I wish I had something else for you. I wish I had something else for me! wink.gif I think I'm the one holding back, actually. Which is fine, I guess. We are still getting to know each other, and it's all good. But I just can't let anything else show. I don't know. Just the way I'm built, I guess. I pull myself in, I offer friendship, and I never let anything else escape.

I think browneyedboy is a little nervous too. When he came in, he sat down and started to focus on grooming the dead leaves from one of my plants! Anyway, we played a whole bunch of songs - again, some cool and some dorky (ever heard Major Tom played on a banjo??). All fun. He did pull his chair quite close to me so I could read off his songsheets, and we stayed like that even after we stopped working from them. I think it's all just too soon for much more than that, if there's something will happen if it's gonna happen, right? Right. But it's all fun, and I do enjoy his company an awful lot.

There's this song I wrote last summer, when I was still sick. I've never played it for anyone, because I wrote it by myself, and it's the only song I ever wrote by myself - it's very personal, about my own "long dark night of the soul," the journey of feeling lost and broken and hiding my true face from the world, and trying to find "home" and safety outside of the pain and the mask by centering myself. (The "hook" line is "in the centre of the stillness/there's a space where I can breathe.") At the time, I couldn't even play it for the boys; I decided it probably wasn't very good and put it aside.

But right at the end of the night, browneyedboy asked me to play one more before he left, and something struck me to play that one. I'd actually opened up the page in my songbook earlier, and then put it aside. But at this point, I made kind of an "oh fuck it, I'm gonna do this" comment, then I told him the truth: that I'd never played it for anyone, that I wrote it when I was sick, and I wasn't sure it was any good. And then I played it. He watched me intently the whole time. He didn't even try to play along until I'd gone through all the lyrics and was re-playing the chorus. He wore a very serious, openly honest expression when he pronounced his judgement....which was that he really liked it, thought it was good, very heartfelt, and said I should definitely play it again. I said I couldn't play it again tonight, and he said, well maybe not tonight, but sometime. I felt totally unmasked. I think he completely sensed it, b/c even though he was really tired and planning to leave, he pulled out another song to lighten things up (Angel from Montgomery)....then I suggested he think about changing the key for his voice, and he did it right then and there, so we did it again.

After that, we were talking about singing, and I was telling him about how my voice started to change after I had the tube stuck down my throat for one of my surgeries. It was supposed to be a discussion about vocal abilities, related to changing the key of the last song, but he kept grilling me about the procedure - it was my D&C, and I kept evading it and saying it was "girlie stuff" - until he got it out of me that they were checking me for cancer, not to mention a description of exactly what the procedure entailed. He didn't let it go, I'll tell you that. I sure never planned to tell him that much at this point in time!

It's funny, but I can't help but feeling that he's totally got my fucking number.

Anyway, we are going to try to jam again on Saturday night, hopefully with hippiegirl as well, but even if she can't come, I think I'll ask him if he wants to jam anyway. Nobody has to get up early the next morning, so we could play music a little longer into the night. I hope.

I hope for a lot, actually.

By the way, he thought the dog pooping in the mayor's parking spot was hilarious. And he works at city hall. tongue.gif
Good Morning.

Bloody cold here. Again.

Turbo, so glad that puppers is feeling better. I can't believe that boke season is already around the corner. How are you feeling today?

Doodle, I'd say he was nervous if he was picking dead leaves from a plant! It sounds like things are coming along nicely, and you two are really getting to know each other. I like how you are taking things slow!

Well, I've got nothing. Seriously.
CH, can you post the taco dip recipe you raved about over in Barefoot? I got a craving...
Taco Dip recipe, care of another bustie (which I can't remember, and I feel bad about).

1 bar cream cheese
1 container sour cream
shredded lettuce
chopped tomatoes
1 package taco seasoning.
Shredded cheese

I also added some salsa to the recipe.

Mix the sour cream and cream cheese together with taco seasoning.

Layer in a baking pan (I put mine in tupperware, it's all the same) layer lettuce and tomatoes on top, layer salsa (if you want to put in) and then cheese on top.
hey catsoup...i do a really, really similar taco dip, but add a layer of taco-spiced chicken to the mix. Now, I have a craving...i think mexican is on the plate for lunch...yum.
Ooooooh Mexican! YUM!!!!
Where iz everyone??? I iz lonely... sad.gif

where has poodle been??? and FJ??? Doodle, you're normally in here!
Um, good morning! Sorry, CH, I actually slept in till 9! (I don't have to work till this evening.)

Hiya also to moxie and 'soup!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 6 2008, 05:43 AM) *
I like how you are taking things slow!

Well I don't! Seriously, I feel totally stupid at judging men's interest. I think I've been around only women for too long. And I can't tell! I keep trying to read the body language, but I have no clue, really. Women are easy to read for me - I can pick up on just about any vibe within 10 seconds. Men? Not so much.

I woke up this morning thinking that I just need to tell him I'm attracted to him, and ask him if he feels the same. I think he's the type of guy that if I tell him I just want to know so we can either work with it or so I can move past it, he'd be fine with it. But I don't know if I can do it, and yet I don't know what else to do. I can't flirt, I can't seem to let my attraction show in any other way....I keep playing for friendship and casual lightheartedness. Maybe it's better to just be blunt and see where it goes? I dunno. Maybe it would just scare the shit out of him.

I tried to post a while ago, but the site was acting funky, kept kicking me off.

Doodle, it sounds like you and browneyedboy had a really enjoyable night! He sounds like a nice person.

That dip recipe has made me hungry! I firmly believe that cream cheese in taco dip is essential.

I did not bring lunch today, so have to go out and get something. Trying to decide what. There is a place that has sub sandwiches that are good. Not the best ever, but good. Then there is a cheeseburger charley's. mmm. I might eat there. A turkey burger & french fries would hit the spot. I've been eating badly all week, may as well keep on truckin'.

Hi jenn! Glad turbodoggie will be feeling better soon. We've had to get that prescription food for Paco before.

Yuki's annual vet visit is approaching. ugh. With all the tests, shots, and a six month supply of Frontline, it is usually around $300. Bah! She's worth it though. wink.gif P-man's annual will be in May I think. Plus it is getting to be shave down season, so gotta factor in some grooming costs.

I am really stoked, I booked my trip to Seattle for June! My sister is graduating, so me, my other sister, my mom, and my niece are going up there. Can't wait!

I did the power sculpting class last night, am not as sore as last week afterwards. Maybe that means I'm getting stronger. I hope so. We did like 200 squats I think. It's really my arms that I need to work on. Want to have them toned up by summer.
Hi kari! We must have cross-posted!
YAY Busties!!!

Kari, that's a lot of squats. Feel the burn! You are still reaping the benefits of having done that many squats. No pain no gain is a myth.

Doodle, men are just as shy often. They aren't mind readers. I'd come right out and ask him.

I'm eating a very tasty curried couscous salad. Mmmm tasty!

Power-sculpting sounds painful. I'll stick to my walks on the beach. tongue.gif

CH, how are you doing today?

Yeah, I don't know, maybe I'm still getting ahead of myself with browneyedboy. Maybe I just need to step back and let it happen. I dunno. Maybe I should wait till hippiegirl is here and see if he acts differently around another "girl" than he does with me. Although he already has acted differently around me than around her, as evidenced by the coffee house stuff....I introduced them, but he pretty much stuck to me like glue, and didn't keep gravitating to her or pulling her into conversation the same way he did with me. I think my problem is that I keep it all hidden, maybe. Burnt too many times. Gah! Boys!

Maybe I should just get him drunk! Or, hippiegirl will probably have weed on Saturday, though I don't think he's been a toker since he was younger (not that it's a dealbreaker for me or anything). Maybe I should just get ME drunk!

Sooooo....I was getting fed up with banjoboy not talking to me, so last night I stuck a note to his door, asking if I could have my little djembe back (it's been at the boys' place for a couple of weeks) - it's the one treehugger sent to me, it arrived when I was in the hospital and has extra-special meaning b/c of that, and I was getting really worried about never seeing it again. The note was very quick and polite, said please, said it was sentimental and that I wanted to jam with it on Saturday, said he could leave it outside my door if he didn't want to come by. So the note was still there this morning, but when I went out to check the mail, the drum was stuck to my door with packing tape, just like his earlier note was! And the note was still left on his door. I took it down and put up another one that just said thank you. I don't know about that boy anymore, but I'm kind of pissed off now. I realize he's not quite twenty-one yet, but the boy needs to grow the fuck up.

I've got to get ready so I can run out and do some errands before work, but I'll come back in before I go, and I'll definitely pop back in this afternoon before I go to work!
Heya Doodle.

all is fairly well here today. It's cold here again though. Warming up substantially by this weekend!

Wow, banjoboy does need to grow the fuck up. Do you think he's into something serious, drug wise?? And packing tape? That's just lame. Are they getting evicted? I know you had said something about that prior.

Okay, I'm semi-gorgeous now - I can leave the apartment. wink.gif

The gay ex-priest told me yesterday that they still haven't paid the rent. I know they have till today or tomorrow, and that's it - gay ex-priest says he doesn't think they understand how serious it is this time, that there won't be any extra chances this time. So we'll see, I guess.

I have to run out now, but I won't be long!
That's too bad that banjoboy is responding that way. Hmpf. Not much you can do though.

I think that BrownEyedBoy definitely has some interest in you! It sounds like you both are into taking things slow, which is great. I mean, great that you guys are on the same pace. You've only hung out 2x alone together, right? I think gettin' him drunk could be lots of fun. tongue.gif

Ch, that salad sounds delicious. I ended up going out for a taco salad. It was eh. I have been eating a lot lately...MRG on the way....

Yeah, I like the power sculpting class a lot, b/c it is a tough workout. Once I'm done with my hospital gig, I plan on going to it twice a week. It incorporates lots of cardio too, so it kills two birds with one stone. And like I said...I want buff arms!

Doodle, wow, this is pretty serious. Isn't it mainly the fault of banjoboy? Doesn't guitar boy pay on time?

Kari, the gym you go to sounds great! There is a gym nearby my, but the people who run it are assholes. I know, I used to work for them. The other one's are a ways away, ad I have the stuff at home. Still, I'd like to take a class or something. The university offers really cut rate deals on stuff, for students and alumni, maybe I should check that out. It'd help with the cardio element.
You should check it out, CH. If you can go there for relatively cheap, it might be worth it. I go to the Y. I like it a lot, because there are so many locations.

This day has actually gone by fairly quickly. Good!

Doodle, that is not good that they haven't paid their rent. Perhaps they need to experience being evicted to learn that you simply have to pay rent.
Yoo hoo!

*jumps into thread and waves at everybody*
Hello, hello! I'm back!

Hiya marileen! Nice to see you!!!

Hi again, kari and CH!

The boys - yeah, guitarboy is usually right on time with his share of the rent, but the gay ex-priest said he hasn't paid yet, either, which is unusual. Maybe they are just going to let themselves be evicted - guitarboy knows better, though; he knows it will affect his credit rating, which he's paranoid about, and also his ability to rent, as the management company runs 25 other local properties. I don't know if banjoboy is into any really hard drugs - I don't think he would go there. But he has been hanging out with some younger guys (15 - 18) and smoking a hookah and the bong a lot, and they may be drinking and doing other "soft" drugs besides weed and hash...maybe peyote and mushrooms and other stuff that I know he's not opposed to, perhaps even acid - or maybe he's just smoking a lot MORE of it now. I don't know. I don't know anything! Honestly, except for talking briefly with guitarboy last week at the coffee house, I haven't seen either of them since the stealing thing blew up.

I really wish there was something I could do. I hate to see them fuck up their lives. But banjoboy seems bent on self-destructing, and guitarboy is maleable enough that he might go along for the ride - although he might have a back-up plan that I don't know about, too. guitarboy's mom will definitely help him out if he's stuck. banjoboy also has a mom who is local - she wouldn't take him in or give him money when he's like this, as she seems to be practicing tough love, but she'd probably help him out if he decided to clean up. There's really nothing else I can do. I gave him that loving, understanding letter, and I haven't heard anything from him since,'s crappy, but I know more than most that there's only so much you can do when addictions are involved.

Maybe I should go talk to banjoboy's mom....
Heyooo! smile.gif

Things have been mostly fine with me, except OtterMan is leaving Washington sad.gif It's been postponed a week, though, so I can hang out with him a little this weekend.

Doodle, I was going to suggest seeing how he reacts around HippieGirl or another of your friends, too. I was curious about how comfortable he is with a friend of yours around, as opposed to seeing if he treats her differently than you. I just figured it would create perspective, plus you could have some good jamming. (Also thought of the getting drunk together thing, too wink.gif) Good luck with him smile.gif You deserve happiness!

*swishes tail out of the way so Marileen doesn't jump on it* Heya Marileen! smile.gif

Hey Kari! I've taken some classes at the Y when I was a teenager, and I was pretty impressed with the organization (both the YM and YW). I took a film animation class at the YW one time. Also, WOW! That's a lot of squats! ohmy.gif

Heeeeya, Culture! Mmmmm! Taco dip! I love me some 7-layer, too! Last weekend, I made some chicken quesadillas. I spiced the chicken with freshly ground cumin. It was yum! smile.gif
Hello again!

Hey Kari!

Marileen, it's good to see you in here! How are you??

Doodle, there has to be something else going on. I mean, you don't go from being as close as you were to being nothing without something. I think the theft was caused by something else. obviously there is the drug use, but now neither of them are talking to you. Something's up.

Hey Lore!!! Mmmm quesadillas!! How are things going at work? I'm sorry to hear that Otterman is leaving the state.

Well, took doggie out, worked out. Now here I am!

I've also been assigned to a different office, one downtown, so I'm much happier about that.

Need food now, had me a nasty protien supplement. Need something tasty now.
Work is going alright. I just do what I can to help and then go home. It could be better and could be worse, though I do look forward to another situation with a different job. I'll have to look into the finish carpentry companies around. Thanks for asking smile.gif

going to do some cooking now smile.gif
Lore whatcha going to make? I'm glad you are trying to make the best of work.

I'm watching Em chew her rawhide right now, and she's so darned cute! She sticks it between her paws, and will go from being very polite when chewing, she lick delicately, then she'll gnaw away. She also does the strangest thing, she'll chew the bone kinda loose, then take the middle of the bone out and eat that. It's not unusual to find the shells of bones lying around the house. She'll take forever to finish those. It's pretty amusing.

I'm soooo tired, at least it's almost the weekend! What's everyone doing?

*runs up and gives marileen a HUGE squishy hug!* How are you, marileen! Come, grab a spot on the okayland sofa and tell us what's happenin' lately!

Doodle, I would say that browneyedboy is totally into you, and he sounds totally sweet. They way you've already opened up to him speaks to the fact that he is a very special person in your life, wherever this goes, after all that you've shared about your journey in the last year. Enjoy the ride, and keep us posted!

Kari - that class sounds SO hard! I have to admit that I have been a lapsed spinner the last 6 weeks of stress, and Monday, its back on the bike for me. Time to get serious!

*paging Poodle*
Poodle, did you know there's an Edward Hopper exhibit in Chicago right now? I'm just sayin'. wink.gif

Mox - are you headed to Austin soon for your vacay??? Warmer weather and sunshine sounds good!

Well, obviously I received the memo on mexican food today, as I had a salad at Chipotle for lunch, and then turbomann insisted that we visit our favorite taqueria for dinner when he picked me up from mentoring. Who am I to argue with dinner for 2 for $12, and not having to cook?!

Well, I've got bathwater on now - MRG Migraine-halo is in the haus, and a bath will help unknot my muscles before I hit the hay...and hopefully prevent a full on migraine from setting in.

Hi lore!!
Good evening all!

Good news and bad news.

Good news: I made my first ever daily sales goal at the clothing store ($300), and surpassed it by $50! On a four hour shift on a slow Thursday! Yay! I told the manager if we were in a band, we'd pound knuckles to celebrate, so I actually got her to pound. biggrin.gif I also had a customer, to whom I mentioned in passing that I was training and had to ask someone else about a couple of things, turn to me at the end of the sale and tell me I did very well! Double yay! And the manager complimented me several times on my work with customers, and said I was going to be very good at this. Plus I'm not temping again till the 18th, if I get that assignment, so they might be able to give me some more shifts next week, daytimes. I even had to turn down a day shift for tomorrow (I'm still on evening), as I've got those other 2 appointments.

Bad news: I hurt BFF's car!!!! OMG, when I was leaving work, I rear-ended somebody! Totally accidental - I was looking for traffic and thought he was already turning. Nobody was hurt, and there was no damage to the other guy's vehicle, but I put about a 4-inch wide dent in the front of the hood that is preventing the hood from closing up properly - it's locked, but it won't go down the whole way. I haven't told her yet (I just got home) - she's gonna kick my ass! And I have no clue how I'm going to pay for it, either. *groan* Okay, I'm not going to dwell on that. I'll tell her tomorrow. *groan*

lore, sorry to hear otterman is bummer. How often do those finish carpentry jobs come up? Yeah, browneyedboy has already proven himself capable of dealing well with my friends, at the coffee house anyway - he wasn't even intimidated by BFF, and she can be intimidating! Ditto being able to make pleasant conversation with BFFdottir and hippiegirl. But define what you mean by "create perspective"....

CH, that's cute about Emily with the bone....does it have marrow in it or is it a fake bone? Maybe she's going after the marrow, which is supposed to be the best part. I deeply suspect banjoboy and guitarboy might also be avoiding me b/c I am close friends with the gay ex-priest, who is also the assistant manager of the building....that's why I think they've been planning to get evicted, and don't want me to catch on to their plans (not that I've ever revealed any of their secrets, or any of the gay ex-priest's secrets, for that matter). That, of course, and banjoboy's stealing from me.

turbo, ooh, I hope you didn't get the migraine! Those are awful. I used to get migraine-like headaches a lot, but you know, I stopped getting them when we moved the women's centre out of the moldy old community centre....I wonder if you have sick building issues?

I'm glad you all think browneyedboy is into me. I hope so. He's a really nice, sweet guy, and I sure do like him....and I'm still totally surprised by it all. I think I just need to relax and let it happen, hey? It's not like he's running away or anything; if we wind up jamming on Saturday or Sunday, that will be 3 times I'll have seen him within a single week. Clearly I still have abandonment issues to work on! tongue.gif Maybe I need to work on my flirting a bit more, too. wink.gif Tips? Ideas? Suggestions? And you know, it would be good to jam with him and hippiegirl, and maybe with singergirl too - maybe HE needs to see what I'm like with "friend" friends, as opposed to with him....

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a new doctor....which is super, b/c I haven't had my own GP for a few years now, since my last one decided to go into walk-in clinic practice. (We have major doctor shortages in rural Canada - you have to get lucky, as generally docs will only take new patients for obstetrics.) And it's a woman doctor, too, which is akin to winning the lotto in this town! And then I have my interview with the lotteries corp. in the afternoon, and I work the clothing store in the evening, as well as Saturday and Sunday days, plus jamming, hopefully, on Saturday night, or Sunday, if Saturday doesn't work for hippiegirl. Phew!
Happy Fucking Friday!!!!!

Hey Turbo! Mmm Mexican! ~*~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~* I hope you can avoid the full blown migraine. How are you feeling??

Doodle, that is a great day, aside from the car accident as well! YAY on finding a woman GP! Family doctors are hard to come by even in major centres, I'm so glad that you were able to find one! as for Em, it's just regular rawhides for her. She has a sensitive stomach sometimes, and I don't want a smelly suprise on my bed, I'll give her something as a treat on weekends when I'm around to moniter her.

That's, pretty much all for now!

This weekend, not too sure what's going down yet. Maybe pulling off the border trim in my room and doing more patching of the walls. Since I'm broke (well sort of, I'm being fiscally responsible now) I may go out, but nothing too exciting.
Good morning.

Yikes, sorry about the accident, Doodle.

Banjoboy is still pretty young, I mean in the sense that I met someone at a party once who worked for a credit card company and she said it really pissed her off to see how often credit card companies give university students credit cards, and they rack up huge debts and declare bankruptcy, and then by the time they go to buy a house, its wiped off their record.

Sorry about Otterman, Lore
Heya Dusty! How are you today??

Where is everyone else?????????????

Doodle eek! on the car wreck! I am really glad nobody was hurt. Did you tell her yet? Sounds like you are doing a bang up job at the clothing store. That's great! I am glad you found a new doctor. I have never had to go to a man gyno, but I would not be too thrilled about that. I just don't want to talk to someone about parts they don't even have themselves.

HI MARILEEN!!!! What's up, lady? It is good to see you!

Hey CH!

hey Lore! Who is Otterman?
I had a man do an internal once, and there was a nurse in the room during the exam. I felt like my vagina was on display. I was wearing some great knee high socks that day, though!!!
Hi, peeps!

I've been around lurking, not in much mood to post.

Lore, congrats on getting your promotion put through - and retroactive! Sorry about your friend moving away, though.

I don't do male gynos. Call me prejudiced, but I just don't want some dude looking at my lady parts. Luckily, I live in a big enough area to have a choice.

Doodle, sorry about the accident. I did that same thing to someone last winter, but no damage was done to either car. Sometimes you just forget that the person hasn't moved yet. What the hell is up with those boys across the hall? Just because banjoboy wants to get evicted, that doesn't mean he should drag his friend along for a ride, although guitarboy does have an obligation to stick up for himself and his good renter's credit. He's young, not stupid. Congrats on the job going so well! Now I want to go shopping for some clothes. I just might do that on my lunch break today, but just at Dayton's.

CH, it sounds like your room is going to be gorgeous. For the paint, I'd suggest a dusty celery green. It'll really make the reds in the cherry blossom mural pop, and it won't look too heavy. I love green walls - we have a bright sagey/celery green in our dining room and love it. Even my mom was impressed by it, and nothing impresses her.

((((((((more vibes for Turbodogg)))))))))

Hi, Kari! Hi, Dusty!

Yeah, where is Poodle? I haven't heard from her in weeks.

Hi, Marileen!

Except for the cold, today is a very good day.
Good Things Friday
1) it is payday
2) boss is gone
3) I paid a huge chunk of the gas bill and still have plenty to spare for some shopping at lunch
4) boss is gone (worth mentioning twice)
5) I get to spend an hour this afternoon training on stuff I already know, but I want to know that I'm doing it right. Should be fun and easy (and boss-free)
6) not a single obligation for the weekend

It's been a pretty decent week around my parts. I purged my makeup drawer and threw out probably 60% of what I had, and have a bunch of unused stuff to give away. Anyone know of a charity that accepts unused makeup? Would Goodwill take it? It's all department store quality, so it'd be a shame to see it go to waste, but the colors aren't ones I wear. I got all that stuff as free gifts with purchases. Anyway, I also organized all my beads and can start to tackle the pit that is our spare bedroom. I had a pretty good workout last night, I'm even sore today and was nauseas when I got home. I did triple sets of all my weight lifting, which makes me feel a little proud. I need to rework my workout, since I've been doing it for probably 6 months now.

I think I'm going to take a long lunch today. I want to look around Dayton's, see if the temporary book store/sale by the food court is still open, and get some cheese soup for lunch. I'm in no mood to work today, and since nobody is looking over my shoulder, I may very well not do anything today.

Hey CH, Divala, Doodle, Kari!

Grumpy for 10 thousand reasons related to losing my job and because I'm way overtired and I just played 52 pickup with a file full of personnel cards and had to put them back in alphabetical order.

I would love to take two weeks off and sort through *everything* in my apartment. Its driving me crazy.

This weekend I said I would marshall for the IWD march on Saturday and my climate change group is having a potluck on Sunday. There's a breakfast before the march as well. I think the potluck would have been nice sometime when we're not so busy, but, um, when is that going to be? When we have saved the world? Heh heh.
Happy Friday, you sultry skanks of satan! *shrugs* Insults are hard for me. wink.gif

diva, you could probably donate your makeup to an abused women's shelter. Many of the women there leave with nothing, and have to go out and look for jobs, find apartments, etc., so they would probably appreciate it. At the women's centre, that's where we sent people wanting to donate that kind of stuff, as well as toiletries, women's clothing, etc. Unused makeup in particular was a rare find, as I recall.

CH - you should take some pics of your room now, so you will have the before and after! And of course, we'll all want to see the after!

dusty - yay for IWD stuff! This is the first year I'll be working on the day, and have it NOT be for an event! And last year, I was recovering from surgery the day before. So weird. Maybe next year I can participate....

Hi also, kari!

Just got back from the doctor....she seems good, although I didn't really feel the connection I felt when I first met my last GP. I guess that's life. She seems pretty thorough. I have to get some blood work and go back for a physical and pap, and also, I'm told, next year when I'm 40, we'll be booking my first mammogram. *shudders*

Yeah, my gyno is actually a man! He did my D&C. But only b/c I got him when I was still in hospital, via my other specialist. He's actually quite good, but any time he's looked at my lady parts, I've been under, and I'm kind of wigged out by the idea of going to him wide awake. I'm glad the woman GP will be doing my pap.

I told BFF about the accident this morning. She actually - ironically - phoned ME, to let me know she'd need the car back next week, b/c her van is acting funny. *pouts* She was mad at first, but she got over it pretty fast, and said it happens to everyone, even her. She thinks maybe it would be cheaper to go to an autowrecker and get a new hood (she's convinced we could install it ourselves), so I'll start getting different quotes next week, for repairs and/or a hood. She wants to sell the car, and she might let me buy it - if she can hold off another month, I think could afford to change over the insurance and start making payments to her.

banjoboy - if he's got an addiction problem like I'm starting to think he has, it won't matter to him who he drags down with him. He's in a place where he wouldn't even think of it as an addiction, b/c it's weed and all the propaganda he reads says it's not addictive and is always fabulous for you. And also, b/c of his social anxiety, he hasn't had a lot of friends until he met this younger crowd of musicians (and music hangers-on), so I think he's just kind of swept up in it right now. I think the drinking and drug scene is something every musician has to face, since just about every musician smokes weed (even if it's just occasionally), and musicians tend to play in places where people are partying - I'm almost glad I didn't get really involved in the music scene when I was younger, b/c I probably could have gone in a bad direction myself.

Speaking of music, I woke up about 3 in the morning, unable to get back to sleep....and wound up learning James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James!" What an awesome song to sing! It's so melodic. I do it more like Natalie Maines doing James Taylor though. smile.gif Then I got back to sleep around 5. My voice was hoarse, from the lack of sleep, and the singing, and working with the clothing (the fibres get in your throat) - even the doctor commented on it.
Good Afternoon!

Hey Diva! How's the house orgainzing going?

hey again Dusty! I'm sorry you're having a shitty day.

Doodle, I'll take pics of the room this evening then post them. I'll have to do a bit of cleaning, but not a big deal. This process is going to be a long one, as I have to wait for my friend to finish classes and exams before we get started on the tree, that won't be until the end of April.

Social anxiety + weed = a dangerous combination. Sounds to me like he's self medicating, and I've seen a whole lot of that in my line of work. It starts off with weed, but then people come in from treatment programs for crack/cocaine addiction. not that I'm saying he's got to that point, but it could get there.

Well, only 2.5 more hours then I'm out of this office!!!!!!
Hiya CH!

Just talked with hippiegirl - she and singergirl are going to come over on Saturday at 7 - yay! I just left a message with browneyedboy to firm it up. He is at work, so I told him he could call me back at the clothing store tonight if he needed to....god, I hope they don't tease the fuck out of me if he does! Working with all know.

Damn, CH, I sure hope banjoboy doesn't go down that road. I really fear for him's hard to care so much about someone and watch them go down the tubes.

I can't wait for the pics!

Can I get some interview vibes for 1:30 Pacific time?

By the way, clocks go ahead this weekend!
Doodle, you are three hours behind CST right??

In cases where people get to the point of crack/cocaine, the usual cause is PTSD, Depression, and Schizophrenia. I've not seen it for social anxiety disorder.

I was wondering what you think I should do with the baseboards, as I'll be painting them, too. The floor is hardwood laminate. It's a lighter colour (you'll see from the pics) and the window is white. the white window will go fine with the rest of the room.

I think it may have to wait until I post pics.
Wow, browneyedboy called back already! I teased him about calling on city time - my tax dollars, you know. wink.gif

CH, I think it's 2 hours behind CST.

I think you should paint the baseboards the same colour as the wall. I made that mistake in my bathroom once, but if you don't have tons of other trim, it's better for a small room - especially if you are going for a "simple" look - to go with the same colour. I'd suggest painting out the window the same, too.
Browneyedboy phoned eh??? Oh I think he's smitten.

I was thinking that painting the trim the same colour would be a good idea. Not the tacky faux brown it is now (the trim the house came with!)

Can I go hooooooome yet?? It's so boring here.
So if we're both smitten, how come there's no kissin' yet???? mad.gif wink.gif

Definitely no tacky faux brown in a Japanese-themed room! No, no, no! biggrin.gif

I wonder if the Japanese do Canadian-themed rooms? What would they look like? Hudson's Bay blankets, lots of knotty pine, and moose heads on the walls?

Here's a site I often look at when I'm bored:
that would be really great to see!!! A coworker went to China and went to KFC to have the Chinese take on fried chicken.

I LOVE passive aggressive notes!!!! I read about it in The Globe and Mail, of all places, and have been hooked since then!

I totally meant to add ~*~*~*~*~interview vibes~*~*~*~*~* you'll wow them Doodle!!!!
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