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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Boooooo on the lie spreader!!! Kick her in the pants! I hate that kind of person.

I almost laughed out loud in my cube when I saw the bedding pattern! So totally CH, I thought! Hee!

Hmmm....yeah, I think I'm gonna go with the roseviolet tunic. I don't want to act like I just lounge around at home playing guitar in blouses slashed to my navel! Plus there's the touchability factor....heh.

Oh, when I was talking with browneyedboy last night, he said he'd gone down to the coffee house and ran into jamgirl there. She told him she is thinking of cancelling the jam, b/c of all the young 'uns running around lately, getting drunk and leaving "stuff" (drugs or drug paraphenalia, I assume) out back. I KNOW who they are - one of them is banjoboy - and I think if I could talk to them about losing their party place if they keep it up, they might quit or at least be more discreet....but how am I going to get past this thing with banjoboy to get to them?
You know it's Monday when....

One of the darts you put in your trousers to keep them from falling down comes open, and you have to ask your supervisor to staple you up so you don't wind up in your knickers at the office!

I've got my Tom Petty rockin' on the headphones now....
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, your roseviolet shirt sounds like a good choice. Glad the jobs are going well, and congrats on the Tom Petty tickets! I'm not a huge fan, but he's got some cool songs. I think it's his voice I can't quite wrap myself around. There are a lot of bands I feel that way about. Great music, great writing, but vocals are a little underwhelming. Rush and Neil Young are like that, too.

But I love Joni Mitchell!

CH, that sucks about that mean lady. Every office has one of them. They've been around forever, doing the same job for decades. It's all they've got to amuse themselves. All you can do is wait for them to retire. Your sheets are pretty cool!

Kari, sorry about the crappy mood. It's a Monday and no paid holidays anywhere in the near future. That's why March and April are kinda bleak.

((((((((Turbodogg))))))))) He sounds like such a nice dog, waiting to be let out before he does his business. ((((((((promotion vibes for Jenn)))))))))) Would you still answer to the same asshole VP guy? And that sounds like such a nice thing you did for your local wine shop. It's nice to see people come together to help out their neighbors.

Hi, Catsoup! I read your letter in the "... Letter" thread. That sounds like a pretty sucky situation. Maybe you could just send them a bill for an item of your choice. If they won't choose what to help with, then you should choose for them. Saying you're going to help isn't the same as helping.

I had a pretty nice weekend. Our dinner out with the giant's family was really nice. The place we wen to was very classy. We sat in front of a fireplace. The service was kind of crappy and really slow, but the food was good. The giant's brother paid for the whole thing, which was really sweet of him. I got to sit next to the giant's neice and help keep her out of trouble. She's really warming up to me. I can't wait to be her auntie in a few years.

Sam came over on Saturday, and we had so much fun. We hung out at home, watched some Ratatouille, and baked. Only 3 of the 8 car-shaped cakes I made came out of the molds in one piece, which is really weird because last time they all came out perfectly. It was okay, though, because we never would have had time to decorate all of those. My brother was telling me that before they left to come over, when my brother told him what their plans were, Sam said "what the hell are we doing here?" before they left my brother's apartment. He was really excited to come over. He's got a couple new catch phrases, too. He says, from "Open Season:" "keep your friends close, and keep your enemies stiiiinnnkkkyyyyyy" with this cute little finger movement. And from "Ratatouille" he says "ratatouille doesn't sound delicious. It sounds like 'rat' and 'tooheys.'" Not quite perfect, but so cute. Afterward, we all went out for dinner with my dad. Sam didn't think there was enough room for him on the bench we were waiting on, so he goes to the other side of the waiting area, sits down next to another couple very politely, and just sits and makes conversation with them. He waved at us, too, which was even more adorable. He's such a special little kid.

Yesterday, we stayed home and cleaned the dining room. We're taking this housecleaning project pretty seriously. Our foyer, living room, and dining room are now in perfect condition. The giant even took the extender out of the table (finally), so now we have a normal sized table in our dining room instead of the behemoth that was there. This week will be all about cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, then we'll probably spend the entire weekend rooting out the spare bedroom. Maybe then we can take a clear picture of my exercise bike so I can sell it. It's in perfect working order, I just don't like it because the tension is non-adjustable.

When we picked up my dad on Saturday, there was some serious drama at the store. Some guy was freaking out in the bank about something, then yelled at us at our car on his way out, like we cared or something. Apparently, my dad has had to break up fights at the store he's at now, which is pretty ghetto. It's so hard to imagine, but pretty cool. Little old small town pharmacist breaks up race fights in the 'hood. Go Dad!
Hiya diva! I love reading about your time with Sam - he sounds so sweet and amazing! "What the hell are we doing here?" totally made me lol. Sorry your cakes broke, but I'll bet they were still yummy. What did you have for dinner at the classy place?

Yeah, I think the thing about Petty for me is his songs, though I do admit I like his voice - but what I really like is interpreting his songs in my own voice, which is very different from his, so it makes listeners kind of go, "Holy crap!" wink.gif I feel the same about one of the guys in Blue Rodeo. Kind of like Joan Baez singing all those Bob Dylan songs....NOT that my voice is much like Baez's but you get the idea.

I need some beauty advice. What can I do about my hands without paying for a manicure or getting all nail polish-y? (I hate wearing nail polish.) I have really raggedy cuticles and those loose flaps of skin (whatever they're called - I know there's a name), and also I have guitar callouses that are pretty ugly looking and often look dirty even when my hands are clean. I can't get rid of the callouses, as I kind of need them, but now that I'm "working in fashion," I think I should probably make my hands look better. I have no idea - I've never done anything about my hands except keep my nails trimmed and occasionally remember to put on some moisturizer before bed!
I had prime rib with asparagus and a baked potato. I could justify the meat because I did my Lent observance on Tuesday so I could have what I wanted. Actually, I'm having the leftovers for lunch right now.

I don't wear polish on my nails that often. I just keep my nails filed, put on lotion whenever I remember to (which is every morning because washing my hands makes them crazy dry), and push back the cuticles. I take the loose stuff and my cuticles off with an Xacto knife, but that's just me, and I'm quite aware I'm crazy to be putting something that sharp to my fingers. It keeps my hands nice and neat, but nothing too special. Nail polish has a way of chipping really quickly and I always find a bubble or two imbedded in the polish, which makes me need to rip it off and start all over, which is why I don't mess with it most of the time, even though I have serious hand vanity.
Doodle, I don't know what you can do about the callouses, but for the nails, here is something I've been doing....there is a 4 sided buffer thing you can buy at the drugstore. You smooth the nail, buff it, something else, and the 4th step is this thing that makes them look really shiny. It's so easy & low maintenance.

Diva, Sam is so hilarious! I can't believe he asked what the hell you guys were doing. Ha! I hope your dad does not encounter any dangerous thugs. That scares me.

Doodle, that is quite the dilemma about banjoboy. That really stinks that what they are doing could ruin things for everyone. sad.gif

Booooo on that lady CH! What a biatch!

doodle- mostiurize every night and morning. Use lotion with extra vitaminE. And, as creepy as this sounds, take OTC prenatal vitamins. Those things make nails and hair (hehe) look awesome.
Thanks for the nail advice, gang. Yeah, I don't think I've even worn nail polish since I was about 15...too much work to keep up. My mom used to wear it to work all the time, a nice nude shade, but she worked on a keyboard and with other office equipment all day - I don't know how she did it. Too high maintenance for me! I'll def. try the moisturizers and the buffer. I'd probably be likely to try an X-acto, too! LOL! I think I might have a really good one somewhere, too....hmm...

I promised the supe I'd make this current task last the rest of the day - photocopying and sorting invoices. I shouldn't have even been able to make it last this long, but I'm gonna draaaaaaaaaaaaaag it out. *sigh* Tomorrow the big cheese is out of the office, so I've been promised some non-file related stuff instead. How ironic is it in today's world, that a person could be penalized income-wise for NOT being a slacker at work?

And the worst thing is, the more time I have that's not occupied by tasks, the more time I have to get nervous about tonight! At least with the clothing store, there is never NOT anything to do, and I never have time to think about anything else but the job. Now my brain is like....gah! Boy! Coming! Over! Red Alert! Boy! Coming! Over! Red Alert!
Thing about that twat is that she's been with the department less time than I have. I've also done more in the department than she has. She's uesless. but I don't work in the same building as he anymore.

Doodle, for nails, I use a moisturizer on the cuticles, you could always use an almond cuticle oil, such as witchcraft, works well and smells luvethly. Has banjoboy talked to you at all yet?? Oh, I've been there with pants. One time I had a pair of pants that ripped in the crotch, and the other pair I had at work had a broken zipper. It was shitty.

Hey Diva! Awwww Sam is so cute.

Heya Kari! Are you feeling better at all?

Hello Mox!

well, I went to pick out a light fixture at lunch and saw nothing I liked, then I bumped into PR boy. Sigh. Funny that we mesh well on every level, and I do meanevery level. But no feelings from either of us. We used, but that has passed. I'd probably stray on him anyways.

Doing my taxes tonight, I'm expecting some money back. I have shit loads of tuition to claim yet, and I'll continue to claim yet. I'll just be a professional student! Woohoo!

ETA: X-posted with Doodle! Hey!!! I think some deets will be in order after Browneyed boy leaves this evening (IF he leaves.... laugh.gif)

CH, I assure you....browneyedboy WILL be leaving this evening. Even if anything beyond jamming and chatting develops, it is WAY too soon for sex, for me. Plus, I didn't shave my legs/pits or change the bedding...on purpose. tongue.gif

Nope, banjoboy has not talked to me even to say hello or oops, pardon me. I haven't seen him since the coffee house, though I've heard him coming and going across the hall.

Where did you go light shopping? Sorry about PR boy, but I guess if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. You'd still feel it if it was (I saw your post in the other thread).

GOD I'M SO BORED! You know, I honestly don't care what kind of work I do, as long as there is WORK to DO. mad.gif

ETA: btw, in single word assn., it took me a whole quarter hour to figure out how you got robin from doughnut...and I used to work for a Robin's Doughnuts when I was 18!!!
Well, I didn't think it would be possible to drag that job out so long....but I finished with ten minutes before leaving time. God. Maybe tomorrow I will bring an audio book or something.
Diva, Sam sounds like just the Cuuuuuuutest kid!! How sweet to chat to some strangers while waiting for dinner - and a little kid that can behave during a fancy grown-up dinner - that is really something! And the thought of your dad kickin' ass in the hood makes me smile. There's an older pharmacist in the independent pharmacy on the block where I mentor, and I *know* he must have some wicked ninja ass-kickin skills, as its a very dicey neighborhood.

Have fun with browneyed boy tonight, doodle! You know we will expect a full report tomorrow! I have no nail tips...I keep 'em filed, but more than that, I am not capable of. smile.gif

*hands out gooey gluten-free chocolate-coconut brownies around the thread*

I have been doing waaaay too much baking lately to be good for me, but I'm really having fun with the gluten-free options for the first time. Eh, it'll be biking season very very soon here, and then I won't have to watch what I eat so much.

Boooooo for evil office twat at CH's office! Truly, there is one in every office.

Yep, the possible promotion would be working for the same asshole VP. But, I'd take the promotion and pay bump while I wait for something better to come along.

I'm looking forward to hanging out with turbomann tonight, dinner is Cincinnati Chili over spaghetti, and then watching the last episode of "The Wire." *sniff* Damn, I'm gonna miss that show.
Hey Hey *in best Krusty the Klown voice*

Doodle, hit up Rona and Home Depot. I think I'll try the Home Depot's near my house same with the Rona. If not, there is a more upscale lighting place. I'm looking for something that is going to fit the Asian theme I plan on doing my room. I've decided that I'm going to see if a friend of mine can paint a cherry blossom tree on one wall, the other three will be a pale green, not a pastel, more of a dying savannah green. Good plan on ensuring no fuckery by not shaving!!! As for PR boy, I don't know. I make sure I don't get feelings for people (as we all know, I've got some issues in terms of relationships...) but it'd be nice if there was something. If it was meant to be, it'll happen, I'd wait for him to start something though.

Turbo, it sounds like you and the mister have a great evening planned!

I took the pupper for a nice long walk. I'm skipping the workout, I'm so tired today, I just want to get my taxes done the curl up in bed. I'm soooooo tired, and I want to sleep through the night!! I think I'll take something to help me sleep AND take a hot bath.

Hiya all - just got home, may have another temp assignment, this time with the lotteries, for a whole month! Full days this time, and highly confidential, apparently. Won't start till March 18, which kind of gives me a week to breathe.

Gotta run! Got to make dinner and get all my stuff ready for tomorrow before browneyedboy shows up. And sew up these damned trousers!!
Nice on the new assignment, doodle!

CH, a bath sounds lovely - I think I'll follow you in that plan....though I always sleep amazingly well after a bath. I always listen to either soothing music or an audiobook in the bath.

Well, the plan for the evening is a little dampened....The Wire finale isn't on OnDemand until next monday. Phooey. But we had a nice dinner, some good organic hard cider. Yum.

Have fun with browneyedboy, doodle!

Doodle, YAY on the new assignment! Detaaaaaaaaaaaaaails about the evening when all is done!

Hey Turbo.

So, no bathy relaxy for me this evening. turns out because I need a vehicle as a condition of employment, I can claim repairs, mileage, insurance and my drivers licence! I just need my supervisor to sign off on a form. My guy said I could get another $1000.00! I'm all done with the loads of tuition I've got, but since I'm going back in the fall I can claim tuition and books, and I'm keeping all my gas reciepts and stuff. I also found out that if I get a new car I can claim that too!!!!!! Can I get some vibeage so I can get that form???

I'm getting a refund and am now going to have rsp's deducted from my pays on top of what alrady comes off through work. Hmmm, I hope things are starting to look up after the royal shitt-AY February I had.

Oooh, also getting the refund, and I can get a laptop for cheap, my guy can get a deal through IMB, I can get a new lapto for half the price of retail. Woohoo!!!

Okay, that's all, I'm going to go and calm the hell down now.

Good night every bustie.
Well, I'm not sure exactly what I have to report except a rather nice, warm hug at the end of the evening, initiated by me. And that he likes me, but I'm trying to decide if he just likes me, or "likes" me and is shy/wants to get to know me first/is working up to it/is trying to decide if I'm into him....perhaps I'm just not flirty enough (it's true, I'm not - haven't a clue), or else it's just too early. I dunno. And he totally digs my place, kept looking around and admiring, asked lots of questions about the mural doodlemama and I did. AND, even George (Mr. Aloof) came out, twined around browneyedboy's legs (never seen him do that with anybody), and even let himself be petted. Hear that? He has the George Seal of Approval! wink.gif

And also, we are skipping coffee house night on Wednesday to jam here instead, browneyedboy and I. My suggestion, because he seems convinced jamgirl is cancelling the jam as of this week (because of the kids causing trouble) and was having doubts about going, but I wanted to see him again, soon. He said yes as soon as I suggested it - no hesitation. He seems quite willing to go along with my suggestions, I must say.

We had lots of fun! We played lots of cool songs, and a few dorky ones, and when he pulled out Blue Moon of Kentucky, I even tried harmony! It was so cool I made him do it twice. He pulled out Lovers in a Dangerous Time, and there were definitely some shy looks exchanged, on both of our parts. Ditto when I pulled out Ring of Fire. I also played him a couple of the ones that I'd written with the boys, and even confessed that What Are You Trying to Prove is about me. ohmy.gif

And we talked quite a bit. I told him a little bit about the near death thing. He told me a little bit about the 2 years he spent in Brazil. We talked about god (we're both on the same page). It's nice and friendly so far. It's really so easy to talk with him, you know? I'm surprised at some of the things I told him, but it's really easy to talk, share, joke, make music....he is very affable and sweet and open, but kind of shy/reserved in that nerdy boy sort of way. He's definitely not the type to put the moves on, and I think particulary with someone he doesn't know well. I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect it can be led in that direction. And yeah, I want it to go in that direction! I still wanna kiss him. wink.gif But I guess I'm kind of shy and nerdy in my own way - all I could work up to was getting a nice big lovely hug out of him. But somebody had to do it, so I did. And I have no clue how to "suggest" or "lead" it further.

I think I'm really too scared to let anything show, after the last few attempts with other guys. I don't trust my own judgement in gauging a guy's interest, and I've got a very thick, self-protective wall. On the one hand, this is the first (straight) guy in....ever...that I've been attracted to and still felt comfortable enough around that I could be 100% myself with him - instantly, no less. On the other hand, I am terrified of risking rejection, because I just don't think I can take it anymore. I guess we are still getting to know each other, and I have to content myself with that.

So that's my news. I must go away and contemplate this, and anticipate Wednesday evening.

Doodle, sounds like it really was a nice evening. I agree, move slowly and follow your instinct. I also have the lovely wall up, and you have it up precisely so you don't get hurt. I'd say treat him as a friend and see where it goes. Hang out and feel him out. See what happens. If it turns out that youd don't end up having romantic feelings for him, then at least you got a friend out of the deal!

I slept last night.

It's snowy here.

I think I'm going to go buy 101 dalmations on DVD today. Yes. For real. I love that movie!!!!

That's all.
Morning, CH, and everyone else!

I really slept last night, a rock. But was wide awake when the alarm went off. I don't understand it. I used to be the WORST person for waking up early.

It's freaking windy-cold here today. No snow, but lotsa wind. Bleargh.

The boy. Yeah. I dunno. I feel very positive about how it all went, actually. I think it's just that I've avoided getting involved for so long now, that in my heart, I know I'm "ready" for something big, and I want it to happen now, now, NOW! But then I have to remind myself that when things happen that way, you not only set yourself up for the "too much, too soon" scenario, but you also don't get to enjoy the scenery along the journey. And I have to say, I am very much enjoying every minute I've spent in browneyedboy's company so far. And then I put up the wall, fearing rejection....but you know, he's the one who first chatted me up, and he's been amenable to everything I've suggested so far, hasn't he? Like, not even a second's hesitation whatsoever about anything I've suggested we do together, like getting together, or even hugging. He remembers all kinds of stuff I've told him, and seems genuinely interested in my life and what I think, and also makes an effort to share and to find common ground with me. It's pretty obvious that he likes me, and I really like him, too. So I really need to stop getting ahead of myself and just enjoy this, I think.

Yeah. So. I am definitely smiling this morning. wink.gif

ETA: OMG, I forgot to mention that browneyedboy has met TWO of the guys from Blue Rodeo!!
Where IS everyone!? *tears out hair* This used to be one of the busiest threads on BUST!
I'm here!!!

Just tired. I want to be at home in bed. I've not worked out in a few days because my body has been super sore. I'll try and do something tonight, a walk at least.

Hiya CH! Sorry you are so tired. ((((CH))))

I got a damned FILE cut on my thumb, and if you think papercuts are bad, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. I had to get a bandaid, 'cause I was getting blood on the files.

It's really difficult to stretch these jobs out. I wonder if the lotteries corp. will be more of the same, or more steady tasks....I guess I'll have to slack a little from the get-go to set up the pace right away, since obviously none of these people are expecting much from their temps!

So, yeah, I'm just daydreaming wink.gif

Oh yay, my cube-mate has gone out - now I can REALLY slack off and surf!
Doodle, on gaaaaa, file cuts are horrible! (((doodle)))

They hurt sooooooooo much.

I wanna go home!

I did purchase 101 Dalmations on DVD today. Hee. that makes me happy.
Is that the 'toon version, or the one with Glenn Close?

Actually, the cut will be fine when I can get home and crazy-glue it. Crazy glue is the answer to all those little things - I sometimes get splits in my guitar callouses that hurt like all hell, but the crazy glue works dandy. A little trick I learned from Stevie Ray Vaughan.....NOT that I am in ANY way comparing my playing to SRV!!! But yeah, he used to go backstage halfway through a concert and crazy glue his fingers back together. Apparently crazy glue was widely used in Vietnam for field sutures....

Stupid facts that I know.

I am wearing the red velvet today, with red lips, and feeling oh-so-hot!
The cartoon version! I love it!

Doodle you sound smokin'!

Ugh, my eye is twitching. I hate it when this happens. I'm going to take hound for a nice loooooooong walk today when I get home.

Don't know if I mentioned that my current assignment is right across from city hall, but anyway....I just saw a woman let her dog poop right in the middle of the mayor's parking spot!

Politics - it all comes down to dog poop.
Bwaaaahahahaha. That makes me tickle deep in my belly.
I know! But everyone around here, when I mentioned it, kind of went, "Ew," or "That's just nasty." I thought it was incredibly funny - I wanted to go up to the woman and ask what her beef with the mayor was.
It's poop. Why is that such a big deal?
Dog poop can be very funny, if you ask me.

I am tempted to walk right across the road to city hall, find browneyedboy's department, and give him a big fat red-lipsticked smooch. tongue.gif
Doodle, your evening with browneyedboy sounds very sweet! And it sounds like things will naturally unfold as they are meant to be...but that you're so comfortable together AND share music is SO cool! ...And the fact that George liked him AND he's met two members of Blue Rodeo....well, these are powerful omens, my dear! smile.gif

Speaking of dog poo....I'm sitting here listening to turbo's intestines churning. Poor guy. It was another rough night last night, though I made turbomann do the 3am run outside with the dog. I think he has giardia (sp?)...he gets it pretty much every spring, and while its not nearly spring yet on this frosty, blustery day, it was 50 degrees on Saturday, and I bet he got some nasty bacteria on his paws and licked it off. I don't know why it took me this long to remember this is what happens. We'll get him to the vet in the morning and get him some meds.

Oh, but the funny poo story - turbo got very sick right on the sideway running up to the shitty alderman's house! YAY for poo politics! And there was NO picking up that soupy mess. heh.

CH - that is awesome that you can deduct your car expenses! And a new laptop to boot - SCORE!
Doodle, I think you need to kiss him!

Hey Turbo, I hope pupers feels better soon.

I did indeed take Em for a loooong walk. Hour and a half, I made food and she didn't leave the bedroom or beg for any!

I did not work out, I had a bath and I'm going to bed soon. I'm beat.

Doodle, that dog poo story gave me the best laugh of my day. smile.gif BrownEyedBoy sounds very promising! Can't wait to see what happens next ... biggrin.gif

CH, did I ever tell you that my mother's dog is named Emily? So every time you talk about your dog I keep imagining my parents' dog ... which probably looks nothing like your dog at all. Messes with my mind, man!

(((((((poor TurboDoggie ))))))))
Good evening all!

turbo, I think that's hilarious about turbodoggie! Hee! Damn, I wish I'd asked that woman why she left dog poo for the mayor. biggrin.gif

Hiya rose and CH, too!

They made a screw up on my temp paycheque, miscalculated my hours (NOT in my favour!), so I have to wait till it's re-issued tomorrow. Damn, I had lots of things to do today after work, once I got I'm going to be rushed around before tomorrow's jamming.

Talked with browneyedboy tonight to set up a time for tomorrow. Such a nice boy. So easy to talk to. I feel happier just for chatting with his sweet self, and he definitely sounded happy to be talking to me. *sigh* As for actual kissing, well, I guess we'll just wait and see till the timing is right....but I'll definitely invest some of my paycheque in breath mints and keep y'all informed. wink.gif But jeebus, what on earth am I going to wear THIS time? blink.gif
Good Morning.

If you'd like to call it that. Well, I shouldn't say that. It's cold here. And I got an e-mail from the supervisor I'm working for. They want me to go to a different office, that she also supervises, and cover there. WTF is this all about??? I've forwarded the e-mail on to my supervisor because this is not what was expected when I came here. I'm covering vacation requests!! That is not the responsibility of float pool.


Hey RV! What kind of Emily do your parents have.

Hey Doodle! hmmmm, what did you end up wearing the last time you got together did you go with the pink?? Ugh, shitty about the paycheque, at least it's being resolved quickly!

Well, that's all I've got today. Not very exciting am I? oh wait, there is news! That form my guy was telling me about to deduct taxes? Indeed I can get it!!! And and and he also forwarded me the info on inexpensive thinkpads!!! WOOHOO!!
Hiya CH! Can't stick around long as I have to get ready, but I'll be back when I get to the office. I had to post about the NDP in the Canadian thread, so I couldn't very well not post here! wink.gif I need to get my taxes done too. Why do they keep moving you around? Did you find out what's up? Are you feeling any better today?

In last night's dreams, my brain invented an entire mystery movie from start to finish, and I wasn't even involved in any of it, except as a watcher or observer. Weird!

I have one more pink top I can wear (patterned with a smocked bust) - I'm going to wear it to work today and see how I feel in it, then I will decide. If not, I always have my fail-safe black stuff. I would wear the red velvety thing, but browneyedboy already saw me in that last week at the coffee house. Same problem with the semi-sheer thing...that was the week before, when he first chatted me up. (Gosh, I wonder what on earth made him chat me up? wink.gif)
Doodle, I did reply to your post. Impressive candidate! I like him.

Feeling okay today. Speaking of fucked up dreams (mine was not nearly as neat as your Doodle). I had a dream about a client who had children that didn't exist on his health card and named his non-exisitant children after the characters on Knight Rider, and all of his "children" had an identifying health number. Wooooow wierd. I didn't even do drugs last night.

hmmmm, I think I'd go with something black. it's sexy.

Doodle, I think your night of hanging with browneyedboy was a success! Maybe he is just shy. I think it is very cool you guys are hanging again tonight instead of going to the jam. The top you mentioned sounds really cool. Are you wearing it today?

Hey CH! Sweet news on the tax deductions!

Poor turbodog! I hope he gets to feeling better. Mmm, jenn, gimme one of those brownies you made!

Hi RV!

It has been quiet in here lately, all the Okayers must be busy.

Things here are decent today. Boss is driving me crazy with this fucking report. For real!

I was happy with the primary results last night. Clinton's making a comeback. WOOT!

I'm soooo unimpressed with this shit about offices. I need to get reassigned, I also need my supervisor to call me back!

Kari, sorry your boss is driving you nutters right now.

I have got shit fuck all to do right now. There is no reason FP is needed here right now.

Okay, Okayers! Here I am sitting at my desk. Gave my supe here a thank-you card, same as the one I gave the last assignment's supe. I guess I'll make that my M.O., so that I get asked back to places! wink.gif Not that I've been doing it with ulterior motives, actually, but I don't really know temping protocol, and it just seems like the decent thing to do, especially since my supes so far have been tremendously patient and accomodating. tongue.gif

CH, I used to HATE it when I'd dream about clients! Ugh! Mine were always about victims, which would make me wake up in a cold sweat. Or else I'd dream about politicians...and I have to say, they are bad enough in real life.

Hi kari! How is your hospital work going? How much time left? I know you keep telling me, but I don't seem to be operating on a proper calendar these days! wink.gif How is hubby?

I am wearing the pink top right now, with a black long-sleeve tee underneath (it has short sleeves, and I'm terribly self-conscious of my big arms), black jeans, and black suede high-heeled boots, big silver hoop earrings, my turquoise bracelet, plus my black denim jacket when feels pretty good, actually. The pink top - damn, it's sold out, or I'd show you the pic - falls below my hip, has a square neck, aforementioned short sleeves, smocked bust, ties in the back, and the pattern is "mod" in shades of pink, red, and purple, with black in between the coloured bits. I think I'll go for it - I look cute and young! Maybe I can pick something new up at the clothing store tomorrow, with my fabulous new discount. I might need some new underwear pretty soon, too. tongue.gif

Just got a call from my temp re-issued cheque is ready! Plus I have the pre-interview with the lotteries corp. on Friday afternoon. Apparently the security is so high I have to get a passport photo and have a criminal records check. Hopefully my civil disobedience arrest from 2004 will not affect me!!! I already brought it up with my temp liaison, and she doesn't see a problem (especially as I was never actually charged), but you never know. *bites fingernails*
Hey Doodle!!!

You sounds fucking sexy today.

As for the arrest, I can let you know that when I had my criminal records check done, as I'm working with vulnerable people, I still had the charge and court date pending, it did not show up on a criminal records check. The only time something shows up on a records check is if you have been convicted of a crime. Charges stayed by the Crown don't show up. I think the only time an arrest would show up is if you were applying for something with the police force, RCMP or other law enforcement and spy agencies.

Your dreams about clients sound much worse than my dreams about clients. Oh dear.

Yay on cheques!!! I'm off to return something to best buy, then off to futre shop to see if I can find something better.
I FEEL fucking sexy today! wink.gif

Yeah, I'm not overly worried about the arrest....I mean, even if it does show up (though our lawyer was supposed to get the records expunged), it was frigging civil disobedience. Five of us refused to leave a room at the provincial legislature and they didn't know how else to get us out. Martin Luther King, Jr. is still lionized for his civil disobedience. I think they are more worried about stuff like theft or violence, because they deal with huge amounts of money, and also privacy issues. But my worry is that lotteries are heavily interconnected with the provincial gaming commission, and some people can be weird about political shit.

By the way, my status as a political dissident impressed the hell out browneyedboy. tongue.gif

You sure do like to shop, CH! biggrin.gif

It's a U2 day here in the cube....
I only made the return at Best Buy. I actually really cannot stand Best Buy.

Civil disobedience is COOL!

How's your day treating you so far Doodle?
Civil disobedience is terrifying, actually. I was having a panic attack in the hotel room the night before!! But it was for a good cause. (It was 3 weeks before the chop to women's centres' funding....we were there trying to negotiate, but the women's minister was a wall of ice.)

My day is pretty dull. I only had a few files left in the box I'm working on, and I was told to "go really slow," but it's hard to make it last. Basically I'm being paid to BUST and listen to U2 today. But as I've said before, it's not my fault I worked really fast and got everything done early!! Plus my tummy is already growling, and all I've got is a crappy peanut butter sandwich for lunch....I was really counting on getting paid yesterday.

How is your day treating you?
That was for a great cause. Was the minister a man by chance??? No one ever cares about the "disadvantaged" until it happens to someone in their own family, then suddenly there is outcry. Ppppthp on those asshats.

This day is dreadfully boring. I want to bang my head against a wall. It has warmed up significantly though, and I'm going to leave a little early, I was in early. Going to pick up new mental floss.

Okay, needing some decorating advice here. I want to get a friend to pain a cherry blossom tree on one wall in my bedroom, I'm thinking it'll be the closet wall, or maybe the closet doors. Now, I want to do the rest of the room in a green, but not a pale green, more of a browny green, but more green than brown (make sense?), because I want to do Japanese style decorating, would that look horribly tacky? The tree will go behind the door, so it won't take up a full wall. If I go this route, would black furniture be okay??
CH, I think that decor sounds DREAMY! I would pick a nice soft greyish-green, myself, and I would do ALL the walls in it, and then layer the tree over top in darker greens, greys, browns, and pinks. I temporarily took down my decorating website (the pics were all tied up in the old women's centres' webspace, and I have yet to claim my own webspace back from the BC Coalition of Women's Centres), but you can have a peek at my own mural for a bit of what I mean - I think it would be quite similar in colouring? (That's Carmella in the pic!) Black furniture is ideal in an Asian setting, and I always find black works with just about any decor scheme, just like wearing black with your outfit. I have quite a bit of black in my place, which definitely leans towards an Asian theme.

The minister was a woman - an accountant, working on the women's services and senior's services portfolio. Yeah. No, they seem to always stick women in the "housekeeping" positions. I'm quite surprised the current gov't gave Finance to a woman, but I think it was a sop to the concern that they are not women-friendly, and she is not running again because she is fed up with our Premier.
double post
Doodle, that's a great idea! I'm really excited about this, it's going to cost me not really much, I mean one can of green paint will cover the room, as it's really not that big.

I was actually thinking about your digs when I started to redecorate! I remember you posting pics previously!

I'm also going to paint the closet doors to look like a screen, do it'll be white with black.

Ahhhh Gordon Campbell.
Behr's Contemplation is the colour I've used in most of my apartment, though not actually the mural room - we kind of invented that colour out of leftover paints! But it's close. The Behr colour is a nice soft neutral green that changes colour fabulously with the light.

Gordon Campbell can kiss my big fat ass. Actually, when I did Petty's Jamming Me at the coffee house last week, I changed the words to "Take back Claude Richmond/take back that damned Gordo/take back Kevin Krueger/give 'em all someplace to go...." (The other 2 being our local MLAs.) I got raucous cheers for it!

I also have to add that last night, I found myself wondering what browneyedboy's orgasm face looks like, and I got tummy butterflies. *blush*
I'm currently looking for lighting. That is going to be the tricky part, me thinks. I want something that will fit in with the decor, but there isn't much in terms of an asian theme for lighting. Everything I've seen is really victorian or modern track lighting which would not fit in with the room.

The song lyrics are awesom!!!

ooooh, orgasm face. I think you're kinda smitten with boy.
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