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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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mox, that's so sweet about the stripes - I know what she means! More stripes are better! The please old is she now? I think it gets worse! tongue.gif I don't know for sure, but I think it does. I want braided hair pics!

CH, sorry, we must have cross-posted and I missed your last post! Silver jeans - is that the colour or the brand?

If you must know, I am thinking about kissing his neck at the moment. I'm sitting here slowly working my way down. Heh. I have been whispered to several times now to GO SLOW with the work, so what else is there to do but sit here imagining the kissing process as it unfolds? I started with the lips, of course, and his face, and now I'm at the neck. wink.gif Actually, I was contemplating the neck last night at the coffee house....experiencing an unexpected desire to just lean over and plant my lips there. I resisted the temptation....I've simply got to give in to my impulses more often.
Silver jeans...weren't they profiled last year in a news story on the CBC Journal about buying Canadian?
It's me again!!!

Doodle, I was thinking berries of some sort for the herb. Mmmmmm. Nickname?? No idea yet. I'll have to think of something. The brand name Silver. I'll try and find them on the website when i get home. No time at work. I agree, give into your impulses!! Not that you need to fuck the shit out of him on the floor of the coffee house... smile.gif

Hi again Mox!!! What a cutie.

Dusty, I think there was something about Silver jeans. I've seen a few things profiled.

Oooooh home time!


Ah, CH, you have such a way with words. wink.gif I haven't gotten to the fucking-his-brains-out desires yet. I prefer to go a little more slowly with things. tongue.gif

Berries could be cool. I was born in orchard country, so I'm more likely to choose apples or pears, probably. Or plums. OMG, has anyone ever had that Japanese plum wine? I forget what it's called, but it's SOOOOOO good, and deceptively deadly.

Hiya dusty!!

I am dragging this work out as long as possible. Gah. It's HARD to be a slacker!! I'm just not conditioned for this. Although thinking about boys makes it easier - which is exactly what I told my whispering supervisor. She totally giggled. wink.gif Twenty more minutes, then I zip home and deal with a bunch of personal stuff, try to gobble down some food, and get myself gorgeous for my first training shift at the fashion job!
Cool that you're having a good day with work, temp, and fun plans, Doodle! I sure hope things all work out with neighbor-BanjoBoy.

Rock on with the muscle def and jeans you feel happy about, Culture! It definitely makes a difference to have something to wear that you feel kickass in smile.gif I need to find me some ankle boots that are good to jam around in. I used to have what I referred to as my swashbuckler boots, which were just black suede hiking/work-ish boots, but I could really climb and jump and torbo around in them comfortably. I need something to feel kickass in again.

Heeeya Dusty! smile.gif

Moxie, that's great that your kid is learning the power of asking nicely. It really is a life skill. I totally work with a lot of people who lack that one.

I hope the end of the workday is improving your mood, Kari. I could use a mood lift, myself.

The guys at the training center are being pretty fucking unprofessional here. It left off yesterday with the manager of the training center saying that he'd deal with stuff and give me a call back or leave a message. Today, NOTHING! I called, and he wasn't going to be back in for the rest of the day, so I left a polite message that I'm just checking how things were going with 4th Period.

I think they might be trying to let the month run out before getting back to me so that they can just avoid the issue and not give me what I deserve. I'll (hopefully) be 4th period already on the 1st, and it'll make me look like an asshole for trying to tell them that that isn't enough. They know that they're people I'll have to deal with for the rest of my apprenticeship as my superiors. Really, it would be no effort at all, nor any skin off their nose, nor any tap on their resources to just send a letter to my company and the local office that I'm 4th period as of February 1st. It would just require them to face the fact the a clerical mistake was made, and to avoid that, they're happy to screw me sad.gif

On the bright side, Goaty-Girl is coming back in a couple of hours. She's been away, staying at a co-worker's house so that they can take some self-defense classes that were offered free, but a tad late at night and far from our condo. I miss her.
Wow, our doodle is a musician, fashion advisor AND temping goddess!!! Sounds like life is just swimming along for you, and you SO richly deserve every moment of fun and joy!

((((((lore)))))))) The work sitch sucks, but it sounds like you're handling it masterfully, and well on your way to your rightful pay status. Keep us posted on that - at least you know your supervisor likes your work and is willing to pay your correctly - that's a great compliment!

I need some of those awesome bustie vibes from my friend J. She was pregnant with twins, and lost them both yesterday at 18 weeks. I am SO sad for her and her partner. These children were hoped for a very long time, they just placed an offer on a house, and now this. I'm creating a care package for her this weekend, but she's not ready to see people yet, which I totally understand. My heart just breaks for them. ((((((( J & wife ))))))))

*whistles at CH's HAWT booty*

I did a little bargain shopping myself...went to NY&Co with a coupon, as I needed to get a new camisole (since I threw up on my favorite one when I was sick a couple weeks ago), and camis were on sale for $6!! I bought 5. hee. If I could wear camis everyday and ditch bras, I'd be totally happy. smile.gif

Oh, and tomorrow night I'm getting my hair cut - YAY! I just want to be like every other bustie. heh.
That's really sad sad.gif *coping vibes for J & wife* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Thanks for the support, TurboJ sleep.gif I hope you're through the sickness-getting portion of the year.
~*~*~*~*~*~vibes for J & wife~*~*~*~*~*~

That's so sad, turbo. But yay for shopping bargains and new camis! That's awesome! And YAYYYY for HAIRCUTS! Haircuts are the cure for everything.

lore, sorry the work sitch is so awful, but turbo's right, it sounds like you are handling it like a pro. Yay for goatie-girl coming home!

I just got home a little while ago from the clothing store - I'm wiped! But it's a good tired. There is soooo much to learn, and it's a huge store - like a small department store, really. I will definitely wear comfier shoes next time, though. I've got some nice cushiony slides that will do well. SOOOO many clothes, AND accessories, that I hardly even know where to start looking for my own self! It's like fashion heaven! I had a good convo with the manager - I brought up the issue of abused women coming in with their spouses, and told her frankly that I didn't know how I was going to deal with it. We talked at length in the back, as total equals, and she gave me some tips for handling it professionally, so it was really cool. Also, they have quite a few men who are cross-dressers who shop there (I asked - hey, I wanted to know!), and I'm looking forward to that, too!! wink.gif

I got asked to pick up a shift on Saturday, so basically, I have Sunday all to myself, and that's it until March 10th, unless I get another temp assignment, and then who knows? Plus I've got S. coming over Monday or Tuesday evening, coffee house night on Wednesday, and I think I promised hippiegirl we could jam one day next week, too. I can't believe how busy I am - it's like life started coming at me in a rush in the last month-and-a-half! But the work is definitely the kind I can leave at the door at the end of the day, and the music is pure pleasure, so it's all good, so far.

I asked BFF what she thought of S. (She got to meet him briefly last night.) She approves. wink.gif She said she likes the way his smile hit his eyes, and that he wasn't afraid to make conversation and ask questions.

My dinner is ready, so I'm gonna chow down and hit the hay - will check in from the office tomorrow!

~~~~~~~~vibes for J & wife~~~~~~~ How terrible and sad. sad.gif I'm sorry to hear about this, Jenn.

Doodle, sounds like you had a good first night at the clothing shop. Is it a place where lots of young women & their abusers will be coming in? I think maybe I don't know what kind of store it is....can you refresh my memory?

If BFF got a good impression of S, that's a positive sign! So you are hanging with him 2 nights next week? Oooh La La!

Hey Lore! Man, I really wish those people at your work would start acting like responsible adults. For real. That is so shitty. ~~~~vibes~~~~~!! Good for Goatie girl for taking a self defense class. Always a good idea.

I have heard of Silver jeans, CH. I think I may have had a pair once upon a time. If you take a pic in your jeans, you must post it. I have a mad urge to go shopping this weekend. Going to try to exercise discipline.

I am doin' ok this morning. TIRED. My eyes are burning and I am having a hard time holding them open.

How about some GOOD THINGS!
1. It is finally Friday
2. Going out for Mexican food tonight
3. Can sleep in tomorrow
4. Got a hot HBI last night. Oh yes.
5. It's pay day

Happy Friday!!!

Doodle, I do have a way with words don't I? hee. It sounds like the clothing store is going to work out! It seems like a good place, from what you've told us, so far.

((((((Lore)))))) I am so sorry to hear that work is shitty. I'm glad that you get to see Goaty, too!!!

~*~*~*~*~J and Family~*~*~*~*~*~* That is so so sad.

Turbo, sweet on good deals!!! How are you getting your hair done??

Hey Kari! Oooh portions!

So, I took the dog for a really long walk yesterday, 90 minutes at the park, which was really lovely, it was snowy, but then the wind started to pick up, and it got chilly. If it weren't for the wind, it would have been the perfect winter day.

Then came hom and worked out for 45 minutes. Later the protien supplement made me feel a little off, and my boobies have been hurting for ever. I hate breast tenderness, and there is no good reason for it. Bah.

then this morning I found out that the mother of someone I went to high school with died in here sleep. She's almost 10 years younger than my mother. I was astounded. Went online and read the obituary today. Fuck, I got teary.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a potluck, making a taco dip and something else. Not too sure on the something else yet. I think I'll use my time at work to figure that out. Also, it's payday!!! YAY!!!

Happy Friday, you cranky crusty cunts!

Wow, that's my strongest Friday insult ever!

kari - I think any place where there are lots of women, where the overwhelming majority are women, abuse issues usually present themselves. And I know that plus-size women (it's a plus-size clothing shop) can be more likely to have self-esteem and body image issues that may lead them into or keep them in bad relationships, such as abusive ones...and the manager agrees that it's probably more prevalent. Controlling men often don't even let "their" women shop by themselves, especially for clothing. For starters, a man like that is usually deadly jealous, and afraid if his partner looks "too good," she might attract/leave him for another man. And if there's a chance for an abusive man to emotionally/psychologically abuse or otherwise take down the self-esteem of a woman, he'll do it - what could be more threatening to a man trying to control the self-esteem of a plus-size woman than the "feel good," body-positive atmosphere of a plus-size clothing store? Anyway, that's the short answer! My possible reaction is something that concerned both me and the manager - she said it was the only concern she had in the hiring of me - so it's good we were able to discuss it openly right away, before anything happens on the floor.

Yay for kari's and CH's payday! Mine isn't till Tuesday....

Hiya CH! Do you get pre-menstrual breast tenderness? I always find I only get it if I drink caffeine. So sorry to hear about your friend's mom...I always find it hard when I hear about people my parents' age passing, and my mom is only four years younger now than my dad was when he passed, so that's a little freaky, too. Are you going to go to the funeral?

My feet are a little achey from my first shift last night, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Comfy shoes will be the cure, I think!

My cube mate has seen this screen twice this morning - it always worries me to be caught slacking! Especially 'cause I don't usually slack at work. But surely he must have heard my supervisor tell me to GO SLOW yesterday. Hmmm.

I like the idea of a Good Things Friday!

Good Things:
1) I went from being unemployed to having two, count 'em, TWO jobs!
2) I get to work in fashion!
3) The only complaint any of my temp job supervisors have about me is that I work too fast for them to keep up!
4) I look so hot right at this very minute!
5) I have a jam "date" with a cute boy!
6) I'm listening to the Dixie Chicks right now!
Hey Doodle! the boob issue, they do whatever they want. I've talked to the doc about it, and she said I probably just have tender breasts. They do give me issues before I get my period, but I'm not due to get it for 3 weeks.

mmmk, I'm going to get in on this good things Friday bit.

1. It's Friday.
2. It's also payday.
3. new mental_floss is out.
4. it's almost lunch time.
5. pot luck this morning.
6. it's not -40 outside.
7. i also look fucking hot today.
Hi, peeps!

You know you haven't been around in awhile when the board makes you log in. I hate when that happens.

Work is sucking this week, being the last week of the month and people finally starting to realize that they won't get their money next month if they don't take care of their shit, like, yesterday. My phone has been ringing off the hook and I've got a ton of walk-ins.

(((((((((((((Jenn's friends))))))))))))) That's gotta be rough. My aunt lost twins many, many years ago. I hope she takes the time to heal. That must be devastating.

(((((((((Lore)))))))) Sorry your apprenticeship peeps are being dicks. Have you called them out on their error? Maybe if you laid it out to them like you did to us, they'll get it.

Moxie, that's so sweet that Moxette knows when to say please. Sam does it, but I think it's to manipulate us. He's smart like that. Did you go to the concert yet?

Doodle, I'm glad the clothing shop job went well. It is a shock to the feet to stand up that long when you aren't used to it. Anything more happen with banjoboy (the one across the hall, not the other one)?

CH, congrats on your record being wiped clean!

Hi, Kari! Sounds like you have a nice weekend set up, and your sessions this week were very productive. I can't believe you've only got 80 hours left at it.

Hi, everyone I missed!

((((((((((hugs to everyone who needs them))))))))))

Good Things Friday:

1) dinner out tonight at a nice place with the giant's family. We're celebrating his mom's birfday.
2) a ton of good food in the freezer
3) I didn't end up missing a very important meeting when I played hookey on Wednesday, because my boss was out that day, too
4) and the best thing yet............ Sam's coming for a visit tomorrow! We're going to have so much fun baking and decorating the cakes we're making and watching movies.
5) my brother isn't a jackass and realizes how important it is for Sam to be with people other than my parents

I've had a pretty okay week. I played hookey on Wednesday so I could catch up on wrestling (I watched 12 hours worth on Wednesday (only took me 4 hours to do) and another 3 hours last night) and go out with my gay boyfriend to Costco for our annual trip. I spent so much, but I got a lot of good crap that we really needed, so now the giant won't have to spend his money on groceries for probably a month (I try to sneak in groceries because I worry about his finances). We sat around and watched TV last night and did not a damn thing. It was lovely.

One bad thing happened, though. My pastry class I was so excited to start on Tuesday got cancelled because there weren't enough people enrolled. Oh, well. I should be getting my money back any day now. I do feel a little like I'm wasting this semester, though, by not taking any other classes.

I can't wait until this day is done because that'll mean the month is over with and my phone will quit ringing so much.
She totally does it to manipulate us. BUT, the thing is like 99% of her requests are still really reasonable - like vitamins before bed, or more milk with dinner. Even at a store, if she wants something special (a new, cheap toy...or grahm crackers or something), I'm usually a pretty easy sell.

The concert was 2 weeks freakin ROCKED. I loves me some JBJ. He just gets better with age, like a fine wine.

Diva, that's great that Sam is coming to play. Is he living with your brother in his new place?

Sam's requests are pretty reasonable, too. I don't think kids that age know how to make unreasonable requests, unless they know they're asking to do something wrong, like jump on furniture (although I totally let Sam jump on my bed). I just love all the "pleases" and "excuse mes," and even sometimes "thank you" or "you're welcome." Kids with manners are the best.

No, Sam still lives with my parents 80% of the time, although my brother does have some space for Sam for when he visits. They sleep in the same bed, but that's only because Sam refuses to sleep by himself, even if he's in the same room with my brother or my mom. My parents will have full custody for the forseeable future, and that's actually just fine for everyone involved. Sam's other grandparents smoke a lot and both of them work, his mom is a drug addict, my brother works strange hours, but my mom is home full-time in a smoke-free house, which is ideal. It's really the best possible situation.
Hiya diva and moxie!

diva, nothing has happened with banjoboy. He's pretty well ignoring me. He ignored me totally at the coffee house on Wednesday - he wasn't hostile or anything; it was just like I was a stranger. Nothing I can do: he stole money from me to buy drugs, he knows it, he knows *I* know it, I've given him an understanding chance to make it right without penalty but he hasn't yet, and I don't know if he will, but he knows it's up to him to make the move. That's where it stands. I LOVE that you played hookie to watch wrestling! But I'm sorry your class got cancelled - that's kind of a bummer.

mox, what songs did they do at the concert?

I am sitting here learning how to use mail merge. It's very persnickity. But at least I'm learning something. There is a lot of learning in my life right now! New job skills, new musical skills, new social skills.... wink.gif

"Good-bye Earl" is playing on my headphones right this minute. I LOVE IT. Hey, I wonder if it WOULD work as an acoustic piece if I had S. on the banjo? I'm so gonna try it. Or even better, the bass, which he also plays, 'cause the song just doesn't work without a bass - oh, now I totally want to jam it electric, with him on bass! (Or me on bass? Maybe he'll teach me!) S. still needs a BUST nickname, though. Maybe it will become clearer after we jam.

I need to de-fuzz my upper lip tonight....the little hairs are sticking to my lipstick!

Diva, word on month end madness. It's all horse pucky. I'm glad that your parents have Sam, he's safe and away from seeing and drug use, whether is be direct on indirect.

Hey Mox!

Doodle, how about sexyboy? Orrrrrrrrrr, crushboy? No I don't like that either. Hmmmm.

Wow, it's really busy here. Went out for lunch today, no MF at the store yet, next week me thinks. Keeping the same hours at the new office. Lunch was yummy! I had meself a chicken club, but I took the bacon off, and some potato leek soup. It was super tasty. I still need an idea for my other thing for the potluck. Blarg, I want to go home!

Nerdboy comes to mind. tongue.gif Just kidding. Okay, he does ride a skateboard and a bicycle, and runs (it's amazing how much information I got out of him), but I'm not sure any of those fit, either. He works at city hall (which is actually right across the road from my current assignment), likes a little scotch now and then, and drinks herbal tea at the coffee house. Nope, I still got nothin'....does this mean he might be destined to become doodleboy? HEE!! I am TOTALLY KIDDING - I have no idea whether it's even going there (even my FANTASIES haven't gotten past smooching and cuddling yet), and nobody's getting that designation till *I'm* ready!

Damn, CH, why did you take the bacon off and not give it to MEEEEEEE!? wink.gif I am at my desk eating lunch, another cheese sammich and an apple. Bleargh. A little bacon with the cheese would've helped. Can't wait till payday.

Do what I do at potlucks - bring a great big container of jellybeans. You'd be surprised.
Ohhhh that is a tough one. How about Beaurocrat Boy, B Boy for short?

Maybe he is meant to be Doodleboy?

Jellybeans, that's a good idea. I've been in a mood to cook lately, maybe I'll get inspiration when I go grocery shopping tonight.
Ok, I made nametags, and now I'm putting them in the little plastic holders and threading the strings. Fun Friday!

I think anything with a "B" in it is too close to banjoboy and confusing, especially b/c S. plays banjo. Presuming banjoboy ever speaks to me again and I have something to report.

I always feel like there's never enough meat dishes at potlucks, if that helps. Cold cuts and buns, maybe?
A fruit plate would be good, my mom has a killer recipe for this lemon dip, and it's soooooo tasty! I could buy the fruit pre cut as well and save on some cash. Hmmmmm.
The Man With the Instrument. The Man for short.
dusty, I am not calling him The Man, ever. Or The Man With the Instrument, except perhaps in bed. But I'm not ready for that yet. wink.gif

CH, a fruit plate is an awesome idea!

The office music critic was ignoring me for the last couple of days - I think I must have unmanned him with my musical creds. tongue.gif So this morning I sucked it up and asked him for the URL of this internet radio station he listens to, and he seems to be friendly again. rolleyes.gif
I am back into the files again. Which means I'm to "pace myself." In other words, be a slacker and keep quiet about it.

So I'm back to thinking about the boy's neck. Actually, I'm thinking about my neck right now. *ahem*

ETA: so, yeah, the office music critic has been to my cubicle several times this afternoon to share musical news. He thinks he's cool 'cause he's dissing Anne Murray and Tom Jones. wink.gif And praising AC/DC and Bryan Adams. Christ, I hate Bryan Adams' music these days, and I actually have some unshared thoughts about the production values as well. Meanwhile today, I have listened to Dixie Chicks, Carly Simon (twice), and Blue Rodeo. How uncool am I? Well, at least his manhood is restored. But no, he's not getting a weed hookup. tongue.gif
Oh, no. You don't mess with my Tom Jones. And I hate Bryan Adams. He struck a blow to my love of Canadian music that only Blue Rodeo could fix.
Goooooood Evening.

Hey Dusty!

Doodle, I have no idea about a name. I agree, no weed hook up for the officemate. He can get his on freakin' drugs.

I got a fruit plate! It's got strawberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, honeydew and cantelope. I've also got the stuff for my taco dip. Ooooh, the fruit dip also comes with a dip, so I don't have to make one!! It cost $20.00, but to buy all that fruit would cost more, Granted I'd eat it, but I don't like melon all the time. Ohh I forgot, watermelon, too. Mmmm it's going to be tasteeeeeeeeeee.

Now I've got some brown rice cooking, next up stir fry for dinner.

How the hell is everyone??

I did see catsoup lurking this afternoon. Now if POODLE would post, that'd be good too.
Hmmm... Good Things Friday...
1) The Training Center has retro-actively made me 4th period at the beginning of February!!!! Yaaaay! (I got a message on my phone after work, and the TC Director didn't sound very enthused, but he never does. But, IT'S OFFICIAL!!!)
2) I, too, must admit that I look HOTT today! cool.gif
3) Goaty Girl's biological clock has been going MEEEP! MEEEP! MEEEP! and she has been Horn-Kaay! biggrin.gif
4) Kalbi and baby bock-choi in the works for din-din!

Heya DIVAAA! smile.gif Bummer about the pastry class, there. Taking fun classes ROCKS! Yaay for a Sam visit!

Heya all otherses! (Goaty just got in, so I'm ending the post to hang out and celebrate.)

Thanks to everyBUSTie for the BUSTie-Vibes! smile.gif

YAY LORE! Dude, I am stoked about your work making you 4th period! Woot! Also Woot for Goaty Girl feelin' randy. I am sure that is very hard on you. wink.gif

Doodle, what does S look like? I've been trying to think of a nickname, but nothing is coming to mind....perhaps if I could conjure up a visual, something would present itself.

Hey Diva! That stinks about the pastry class being canned. Booooo! That's really sweet that Sam has such good manners. What a cutie pie. I think that is totally rad that you took a day off work to catch up on wrestling watching.

CH, that fruit plate sounds tasty. Is the potluck today?

I am soooo much happier now that I am home in my PJs. I skipped my meeting this afternoon with psychology peeps. I was just too tired. Came home, walked the dogs, lazed about, met a friend for Mexican, and then came home to take a hot bath. Now am on the couch all warm. Excellent.

Doodle, I hear what you are saying about the clothing store and the likelihood of seeing women & their abusers in there. It is far, far to common. sad.gif I think that is great that you and your boss have already talked about it.

Good evening all! Hope you are all starting to enjoy a great weekend!

Congrats, lore! And I bet you DO look HOTT today! wink.gif

CH, how was the potluck?

dusty, I agree, I haven't liked Bryan Adams since about 1984 - though I did meet him once, in 83, and he was a really nice guy. But I stopped liking his music a long time ago. And yeah, Blue Rodeo cures everything! But I actually think we have a really good music scene in Canada....and Bryan Adams pretty well isn't even Canadian anymore. Him and Lord Black can have Britain....oh wait, Lord Black....I guess he'll be in America for awhile....heh.

kari, good for you for skipping your meeting and taking some time for yourself!

S looks a bit like....did you ever see the movie In Her Shoes, with Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz? He looks kind of like the guy who plays Toni Collette's love interest, but not quite. It's more a general impression....he's a bit leaner, including in the face, and his dark brown hair is quite short, but he's got the same kind of sexy-sweet gentleness of facial expression, especially around those lovely dark brown eyes (and he even wears glasses, too, like the character). He's got his own style too - last time, he wore a big striped zip-up sweater, snap button shirt worn with the tails loose, pants a little baggy but not too much, sneaks, and a "Where's Waldo" hat (that's how HE described it! though it wasn't quite like that - definitely long, striped, and knitted, though).

Speaking of his eyes....and I don't want to go and make a big deal out of this before anything actually happens (especially after the whole SRG debacle)...IF anything even happens....but it's what I experienced, so here it is. It's funny, I've seen S around there before, and apparently he's even jammed with me before (he remembers, but I don't), but I never really noticed him in "that" sense until the night of the SRG stuff, when I chose to stand apart from my gang of friends (not my usual modus operandi, but I was in a funk), and there he was, beside me, striking up a conversation. He gave me this lingering look - his dark eyes were just so gentle and beautiful when he smiled - and it sunk in, even through my general anger and my desire to isolate, that there was "something" inside the guy that I had missed when I'd seen him before. It wasn't that kind of electrical spark I felt with SRG, but it was something "different" enough that I still remember his eyes in that moment...and in that sense, it was a bit like SRG, in that I still have a very vivid visual memory of both sets of eyes the first time they really connected with mine. I think in S's case, the sense of the eye connection took awhile to catch up with me, because I was very angry and disappointed that night, and I was also totally comparing. If that makes any sense. Wayyyyy TMI for me to put forward at this stage of the game, but if ya can't share it in Okayland, where can ya share it? wink.gif

ANYWAY. I just finished getting my clothes ready for tomorrow. I get to sleep in, as I don't have to work till 12:30! Hurrah! But we'll see if I actually CAN sleep in - I was up at 6:30 this morning, and the alarm wasn't even set till 7. Tomorrow I'm going to work/train with the manager in doing actual sales, and I imagine Saturday afternoon will be really busy....
Good morning Okayland!

*throws confetti around thread for Lore* YAY! I'm so glad you've got your pay increase taken care of!!

Doodle how about calling S, "JamMan?" I dunno...maybe we have to see how this one develops before we dash into a nickname...

Yesterday was a very strange day - the energy of Leap Day was definitely in play, with unexpected happenings in all corners. First, as I was walking to the train at 6am, I see that the wine shop, my new freelance client, had been broken into overnight - the glass door was shattered. The police were already there, and I didn't see any mess, or anything missing. Sadly, this is a frequent occurance for all the new businesses in our 'hood. So, being the social media maven that I am, I logon to all the neighborhood blogs and post in the comments about the break-in, and encourage people to support the new businesses in the community, and asking folks to come out this weekend for the wine tastings. The blog owners bumped my comments to the front page and started a comment thread for it, and it was the most active discussion we've had in weeks. I went to the wine tasting last night, and there were 40 people there - hardly room to even move around the tiny store! It was wonderful to see, and the owners were bowled over...and impressed with my free PR campaign. I think they're sold on my services now, I'd say. wink.gif

My boss finally thawed and not only decided to talk to me yesterday, but she was nothing but sweetness and light - a little creepy after the frigid week we've endured. I had a great conference call with national HQ in the afternoon, and then shared the summary with my boss, and then out of the blue she asks me if I would consider a new position that they would create just for me - to do only web/e-marketing, and THEN hire a junior designer to do all the design work and I would supervise that person! Eeeeee! Of course I said YES, as that's something I'm really interested in doing, part of the intentions I've been sending out there about what's next. Staying where I'm at *wasn't* in my intentions, but if I got a promotion and supervision experience...I may have to stick around awhile. We'll see. A bump in pay and change in title would be good.

So that's my, to figure out what I'm gonna do today - go see a movie, or putter around the house. Tough choice.
Yaaay for happiness here! Lazy PJ days for Kari, not needing to get to work until after noon and budding chemestry for Doodle, and Turbo just bein' Turbo leading to a new managerial and creative positioon!

Rock On, BUSTies! smile.gif
Good Afternoon!

Lore, that os GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT that you got your pay!!! Sorry, Tony the Tiger moment. Anyways, yay on portions, too!

Kari, that sounds like an absolutely fantastic evening.

Doodle, why don't we call S, S? I mean, that's what you're already referring to him as, and we know who SRG is, so there'd be no confusion.

Turbo, fantastic about work!!!! Freelanace work and all!!!

*throws glitter for ALL busties*

Mt potluck is tonigt, speaking of which I should probably make the dip soon. I want to feast on that fruit plate soooooo badly! tonight will come soon enough. Didn't do much last night, just sat around, finished reading a book. Yesterday was my day off from working out. So today when I got back to it, I had a great work out. Took Emily for a nice long walk. I'll take her for another before this evening's festivites.

It's a beyoooooootiful day here as well. I have to clean and pretty much do all my laundry. Oh well. It's been a nice day so far. Looks like March is off to a good start, after that miserable shit-ass February it seems we've all had.


Few things! THe taco dip I got from the barefoot thread, fucking fantastic!

Went to the grocery store and who do I see??? The ex. Wow, did I get daggers. Dooooode, it's been almost 2 years, stop being so sensitive. So I texted the PR boy (who also happens to be the ex's ex best friend. funny how that works). ummm, heard from the cop, we actually had a conversation. How odd. I still have no desire to be with him whatsoever.

And that's all I've got, my potluck commences soon.

How is everyone? where is everyone?? I don't have smelly feet.
Have fun at the potluck, CH!

Well, for the last 8 hours, I've pretty much been in and out with the dog constantly. Poor turbodoggie has diarrhea SO BAD. And nothing seems to be slowing it down. I think I'm going to go for the immodium AD route with him now - I want to get some sleep tonight if I can. And, I kinda want to kick turbomann's ass for not being here to share in this delightful day. Grrr.

I've obviously had to cancel my plans to go see some live jazz tonight with BFF, so I'm just hanging around the house. Its nights like tonight, that I am thankful not to have children. This is plenty of care and responsibility for me, thank you.

OMG...the dog is crying again....back outside for us. Poor turbo. sad.gif
Hiya gang! Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend! I am!

WOW, turbo, that's amazing you got offered a promotion like that! Not amazing that you would, because your skills are super-sharp, but amazing that they would offer it after all the shit that just went down. That's awesome! Congratulations! Plus when you are ready to move on, you will be able to put that new title on your resume....heh. And good for you for showing your local small business support like that...that's awesome, too! I love you for that! (Among all the other things!)

CH - tough shit on your ex, there's no reason for him to be pissy after 2 damned years! Wow, you sure are well-able to juggle the mens....I need to learn from you! Okay, now I'll was the potluck?

Hiya lore! Rock on with your own bad self!

I got home around 5:30 from the clothing store - my back kind of hurt, but I guess it'll get better over time, as I'm doing it more. I was supposed to shadow the manager for sales today, but it got SOOO busy that I just made the executive decision to dive right in and start working with customers and the clothes by myself. It was great! And the manager said I did a terrific job, too, but I already felt like I'd done a good job by then.

I think my new favourite thing in the universe is getting to tell plus-size women they look beautiful! In fact, I had one really big woman who was trying on clothes, who had been dragged there by her teenaged daughter - she was looking for an evening dress. She kept disparaging her body parts, and was probably the most self-conscious woman I'd worked with all day. I just shouted over the fitting room wall: "Your body is beautiful!" And it felt so good. And honestly, she DID look SO beautiful in the dress she wound up buying....and she seemed to feel so good at the end of it. I went and got her a strapless bra so she could see how the dress would look with a proper bra, and she bought the bra, too. Some of the women come in the store with such hangdog looks, dreading the shopping experience. Some of them won't even come out of the fitting room and/or look in the 3-way mirror. And many of them do say awful things about their body parts when they do come out for an opinion/look. Getting to help them find clothes that fit properly and make them look good just totally lifts their faces by the time they leave. I love it! My back is a little pissy about it, but everything else is great. I wonder if Carson Kressley feels this good when he's helping women look good naked? wink.gif

Oh yeah, guess what time I woke up this morning? 6:30. dry.gif

Ooh, guess what else!? I might be able to go see TOM FRICKIN' PETTY in Edmonton in August! blink.gif ohmy.gif biggrin.gif One of BFF's old foster kids got tix and can't go, and she is selling them for half price to BFF, $75 CAD for the pair!!!!! So me and BFFdottir, who also loves her some Petty, would go together....AWESOME!!! TOM PETTY!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! wub.gif ("Dated" my ass....I can't wait to tell the office music critic that I'm going to see Tom Petty with a 19-year old. cool.gif )

ETA: After re-reading my last post, I think I will call S "browneyedboy" for now. smile.gif
Good Evening!

The potluck was fantastic!!!! It was sooooo good, there was only a few people there, all of us from the dog park, I just counted, there were 11 of us. Good food, good wine and great company.

Turbo, how's puppers doing??? ~*~*~*~*puppy soothing vibes~*~*~*~*~* I know that maalox also helps.

Doodle, it sounds like the store is working out really well! I was actually going to suggest something based on the colur of his eyes, like blue eyes or brown eyes or something. Tom Petty in concert = AWESOME!!!!!!!

Aside from that, not much going on. Oh wait, my friend who hosted te potluck made an amazing cake, it was in the shape of a castle! I took pictures, so I'll totally post them when I send them from my phone to online account! Me and puppers are just chilling here. I think I'm going to hit the sheets soon.

Thanks for the vibes for turbodoggie, CH. It was a very long day/night for both of us. I gave him an immodium AD, but it took until 1am for his butt to calm down. I think I ended taking him out 12 times yesterday, and he was so sad and hurting - that was the worst. It was a little frustrating, as he has such a sense of shame about being sick like this, and is uber picky about where he gets sick, so you end up wandering around for a half-hour before he finds the perfect, private place to be sick. Poor thing. I think I'lll make him some more boiled beef and rice today, with a dash of metamucil. wink.gif

Doodle, the clothing shop sounds like a PERFECT place for you to work! All those years of counseling women are defintiely being put to work there - and in such a powerful, positive way! You are going to be such a great asset for the shop, I bet their sales go up a LOT when you're working!

I'm not counting on anything as far as the promotion goes, until I see it happen. I was bidden to keep this a secret until they figure things out, so part of me wonders if they sense that I'm ready to quit, and they're trying to string me along a bit to keep me. I'm going to keep asking about this every couple weeks, to see if they're making progress. My timeline stays the same, though - if nothing's changed by July, I'm done. Having a deadline feels good.

Sorry for the doggie woes, turbo. Been there, done that. Have you tried feeding him canned pumpkin, as well? It helps solidify them again and it has lots of healthy enzymes in it.

((hugs to all the okayers)) I won't be around for a couple of weeks- check out my post in kvetch. I wish everyone the best and I promise to catch up in a couple of weeks!
Good morning.

Turbo, how's puppy this morning??

((((((polly)))))) I read your kvetch post.

It's a beyoooootiful day here again. Just got back from a dog walk, now to shower then be at the grocery store for opening time. Hopefuly there will be no ex there, and perhaps some cutie firefighters!!! YUMMY!!!

(((((polly))))) Let us know if you need some bustie company to keep you from going mad!

CH, turbodoggie seems better today. He hasn't eaten anything, but that's not unusual after this kind of episode. He's drinking water, and staying to his bed in the bedroom which is a bit unusual when I'm home, but he seems okay, just resting up. As am I. smile.gif

I've cleaned the kitchen & bath this morning, and made a fresh batch of granola, and just been napping and reading. A perfect Sunday afternoon.
Turbo, glad that puppy is doing a bit better.

Emily is currently driving me insane! Gaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Good afternoon, Okaylanders!

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I managed to get back to bed around 8, and slept till noon. Totally weird.

turbo, poor turbodoggie! He is a sensitive little guy, isn't he? BTW, as soon as I read you were told to keep the promotion a secret, my mind went to the same place yours did - that they might be worried about you wanting to quit! Good for you for planning to stick to your guns if it doesn't happen. But they might offer it to you "officially" as soon as you tender your resignation - what do you think you'd do then?

CH, glad to hear your potluck went so well! I can't wait to see the pics! BTW, your doggie's name is the name of the new staffer at the women's centre (or whatever it's called now), so every time I read it, it makes me think your dog is doing my old job! Hee!

Hiya polly!

Well, today, now that I've actually caught up on some sleep (!), my plans are basically to clean the apartment and do a little laundry, and actually cook myself a proper dinner for a change. AND, also, I promised to call browneyedboy tonight, to figure out whether we are meeting tomorrow night or Tuesday night. I'd prefer Monday, as I want an evening to myself in between that and coffee house night, since with my 2nd job, I won't have another "me" evening till next Saturday. I think he'll understand and be accomodating - I already told him I couldn't do this weekend because I needed "me" time, and he totally got it and was cool with it. (I figure it's best to set up my "space" needs early on, if this is going anywhere! wink.gif)

Right, so I'm off to tackle a week's worth of dirty dishes!
Yep, turbodoggie is very sensitive guy. Hopefully I'll entice him to eat a little with some boiled beef and rice.

Well, if the bosses wait until I resign to make a better offer, they've lost me, and that would show that they don't really respect my work, until faced with the thought of finding someone else. I don't think that would be too difficult a decision, as I would either have something else lined up already, or resolved about taking a different path.

I think your plan with browneyedboy is very wise, doodle! I think that with two jobs and jam night, your ME time must be very well protected.
Hiya turbo!

Just takin' a little break from housecleaning. Ohhhh, I haven't vacuumed in so long, b/c my vacuum is fucked, so I borrowed the gay ex-priest's vacuum....sooooooo heavenly to have a nice clean floor! After this I'll wash the kitchen and bathroom floors, and it will just be sooo awesome. Then I might consider an early dinner, 'cause me tummy's already rumbling, thinking about making turbo's peanut sauce stir fry, which is what's on the menu!

It's an all-Blue Rodeo day in the doodlecastle as well. biggrin.gif I'm on album 4 of 11.

Yeah, I'm really starting to think even more protectively of my personal time than before. I hate to say this - I feel guilty - but I almost feel glad banjoboy and I are not talking at the moment, because it's bought me a little space from the boys right now, when things are a bit like the whirly-gig at a fairground for me.

turbo, I'm glad to hear you are determined and know full well your worth! I would hate to see you feel obligated to an organization that sometimes treats you like a dirty washrag. Ugh!

Honestly, non-profits can be so awful. I don't know if I'll ever go back. Even in my current temp assignment, at a non-profit, I can see the stress the administrator is under, and I keep running around whispering her worth to the other staff and saying things like, "You all really ought to buy that girl some flowers!"

Also glad to hear turbodog is getting an amazing dinner tonight!! Yowza!
Hi folks. I've been lurking without much to say. I did some venting tonight over in the Letters You Never Send thread. But I did want to say hi.

Oh and Doodle, Turbo, I hear ya on the (sometimes) hell of life in the nonprofit world. That's part of why I'm back in school - to hopefully get out of nonprofit life when I'm done.

Okay, back to homework.
All right, tomorrow night with browneyedboy is on!

Hiya 'soup!
Happy Freakin' Monday.


ooooh, Doodle's getting together with BrownEyedBoy!!! Word on me time, with your busy schedule, you absolutely need it. Well, anyone needs me time.

Hey Turbo!

Hey Catsoup, good to see you in here!!

Well, I'm off to the office on the other end of the city. Sigh. Supervisor doesn't get in until 9am. And this office has a dirty habit of having their workers pawn off work on the float pool staff. There will be hell to pay if there is no one for me to cover consistently for two weeks and if the workers try to get me to do their work.

I ordered my comforter from Sin in Linen! I'm soooo excited, next step, redecorating the digs. Ooooh, and I"m doing my taxes this evening!!!! Mmmm cash for CH.

Okay, must go and finish getting ready for work.

Oh on the Canadian music news front, did you all hear the Jeff Healy died this weekend?

Good Morning!

Monday again? blink.gif

Hi Catsoup! It is so good to see you! How've you been?

Doodle, sounds like you are having a ball working at the clothing store. I am really happy you're enjoying it. BrownEyedBoy! I like it! Tonight, eh? Can't wait to hear about it!

~~~turbo~~~ Poor guy. And poor Jenn! I am glad he's started to feel slightly better. No kidding, I bet you were cursing turbomann for missing out on that.

Hey CH! Sorry to hear you ran into the ex, and yeah, I agree with you....get over it dude! For real, 2 years is a long time. Sheesh.

I had a good rest of the weekend. The weather here is wonderful right now. Mid 60's & sunny. Mr K and I took the dogs on a good walk Saturday. I did some shopping & then went to dinner with some lady friends. I met Mr K at a show afterwards, we did not stay too long. Got home around 12:30 I think. Yesterday I did some cleaning, worked at the hospital, then my mom, sister, & niece came over for dinner, which was a lot of fun. I made a chicken goulash dish w/ dumplings on top and a spinach salad. My mom brought over this killer strawberry cheesecake she made, man was it GOOD.

I am feeling a little cranky today. I think I'm just stressed & overwhelmed. Bah.
Hmmm. Monday. Feels weird, having had only 1 day off, to call this Monday. Plus I didn't even get a relaxing day off, since I spent it housecleaning. Although, I'm not whining, I swear. I can't remember the last time I've felt so energetic....

kari, everyone's allowed to be cranky on Monday. What show did you see?

CH, what kind of stuff do you usually do in the float pool? And more importantly, what does your new comforter look like??? tongue.gif

I didn't hear about Jeff Healey till I saw what your wrote, CH, when I got up this morning. Awful and sad. I was such a big fan of his in my early 20s, when I was quite a blues snob, hanging out in blues clubs, etc. He was only 2 years older than me, so it's extra shocking.

That being said, it's a Joni Mitchell morning here in the cube. Still have to drop the Tom Petty bomb on the office music critic, too. wink.gif

I'm a leedle nervous about browneyedboy coming over tonight.....should I wear something low cut or something pink? I don't have anything that's both....I'm leaning towards the pink, so as to not be trashy or obvious. I have that nice roseviolet tunic that is soft and velvety and touchable....and makes me look taller and thinner! wink.gif
It's me again!

Kari, sorry for your bad mood. Monday's are never fun. Ever. Bah.

Doodle, I am a case coordinator, so I do that, but I just don't have a case load to call me own, which most of the time, is fine by me. The comforter looks like this. Except that is the sheet set, it looks like the sheet set, though. Do you have anything that's a little bit lower cut in another colour you'd want to wear?

Sooooo, this office is evidently gossipy, which is fine.

And I found out that a woman who really hates me at another office is still spreading her lies. the person who was looking at joining float pool doesn't like me and I don't even know her!!! The spreader of lies is a woman who is very threatened by strong women who know how to do their job. She's just threatened by strong women in general. Twat. Sweetheart needs to remember that what goes around comes around. She can go ahead and be miserable, I realise that I am destined to be more than this department. So when I'm away from this sesspool, she'll still be plugging away and miserable.


So, how is everyone today?
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