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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hi hi kari!!!

I figure I'm getting a good 4 inches cut off my hair...this long hair + humidity bizness is not for me! I've no idea what it'll end up looking like, since I just let my stylist do whatever she wants. I *love* a good dramatic haircut!

Good things - the Thursday edition!
1. gettin' my hair all chopped off!
2. tomorrow's my birfday!!!
3. Friends coming in to spend the weekend with us
4. Pride weekend and pretty gay boys everywhere!
5. Turboman bought me a good bottle of tequila last night...that man knows the way to my heart!
wow. count me in on the sleepy-head list! in fact, i've been so low-energy lately, i was just on a website trying to learn about underactive thyroid! my basal temps have been at record lows for me this week, and i'm starting to get concerned. here i am on the 21st day of my cycle and no sign of ovulation. perhaps it could be due to my new physical therapy regimen? it's not like i'm working out HARD or anything, just that i haven't been working out much at all until now. eh. at this point, i just want to bleed on time and not have a cajillion day cycle. and with my temps being about .5 lower than usual lately, it has me a little concerned.

see, poodle, i have the exact opposite issue. VS rarely has a bra small enough to fit my 34As. it was much worse when i was still in a 32 though. but the most luxurious, embroidered and lacy bras all start at 34B and they'll just puddle and gap on my chest. most of the pretty bras that do fit are heavily padded and i'm not down with that either (well, sometimes i am). why oh why can't they make bras to fit all women. it's not like we're complete minorities on the ends of the spectrum.

i have to do some work now. stupid job cutting in to my busting.
with moxette under the weather, my good things list is considerably shorter than on tuesday. But, I'll play along.

Good Things-Thursday Edition
1. A monster proposal is off my desk and to the client.
2. The sun is shining.
3. I got coffee-house coffee this morning.
4. Turbo is my bestest friend ever-despite my sick baby and worried papa.
Thanks for playing the Good Things game, ladies. It does brighten my day to learn of other people's happy things.

FJ, I have the same issue with bras. I am 34A & cannot find one that doesn't gap.

Moxie-I got coffee house coffee this AM too! I really wanted one, so I spent $4 at Starfucks to get my fav drink-soy latte. Yum, it was good.

Mr K just called & asked me if I'd seen our mailbox this morning. Well, I have, but when I saw it, everything was normal. Apparently a huge tree branch fell on it & dented it to hell. He said it was wide open & he did not know if it could be closed. But, he didn't even try to close it, just left the house. ! Usually it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I just put a Netflix video in it this AM. If it is ruined or stolen, I'm going to be pissed. I probably shouldn't put those DVDS in the mailbox anyhow-someone might steal it.

Jenn, tomorrow is your birthday? SWEET! And that was so nice of TurboMann to buy you some tequila. Yum.
kari- i just got a regular coffee, but its tasty. :-) We always drop netflix into official post office boxes. moxieman read an article about how netflix's highest cost is stolen dvds through the US mail. They suspect mailmen, actually. I figure its more hidden in the big blue boxes than in my little mailslot.

I adore the VS bras, but my 34 B-C is the most average size chest on the market, so they have everything in my size...except things on sale. Those clearance sales are never rife with 34 C. See, we can all find fault with the lovely Victoria. :-)
moxie-- Just what kind of monster were they proposing?!
Yeah, VS is a very niche market size wise...I'm a 38B, and they only carry 3 bras that fit me now - and they're all very un-sexy. WTF?

I hope your mailbox is repairable! I remember taking a hammer to undent our mailbox many a time growing up after storms knocked branches off our trees.
Hey everyone!!!

Yay! Turbo's birfday is tomorrow!!! How old are you gonna be?

(((moxette))) I'm glad it's nothing too serious. ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~

Another round of good things is a great idea, kari! These are mine:
1. My time adjustments finally make sense
2. I can feel myself losing weight after a week of eating small-average portions. I have an overeating problem.
3. Everything is great with the resident boy and he's been doing the majority of the cleaning, so it's like I have a "house boy."
4. My Name is Earl and The Office are on tonight.
5. I downloaded Rush and I can't stop laughing because it makes me think of diva.
ok, i'll play!

1. i have a new bag that i got from target for only 4.98 yesterday. cheap and cute, what more could i ask for? (in fact, i think i'll go back and get another one in a different color; should have gotten it yesterday)
2. i'm a little closer to my goal #s for work, and above the "do or die" mark at least.
3. it's thursday and tomorrow is friday and a holiday! (jenn's bday of course!!
4. going intertubing down the itchetucknee river this weekend, yay!
5. had yummy chocolate milk this morning for breakfast
6. have another phyical therapy appointment today and even though i'm sore, i'm looking forward to it
You got a purse yesterday? That's it. I'm spending some money on myself today. Can you say "Backdoor Angels IV"?
ha. if you can get it for 4.98, go for it, buddy!
Oh - innertubing sounds like great fun, fj! I'd love to float down a river for a couple of hours...I don't think I'd do that in the Chicago river. ick.

mr fj, I think you *should* go buy yourself that video...
why is it that our friends ask me, not mr. gb, if I want any old porn on VHS?!?! dude, i am going dvd only now. sheesh. hehehe

innertubing is so much fun...but only with drinks in hand and those water shoes...a must have!

good things thursday..the new and improved version..!
-i skipped class yesterday in favor of a foot/ankle massage(much needed) and sushi with my buddy.
- george, the cat, came to bed willingly without protest.
-i have an appt with the doc on friday to check the ankle (just to be sure)

last nite i came home to a snurfly, boogery very lonely/snuggly jake(cat)--looks like he's getting a cold or allergies or something. so i used the little baby ball syringe to clean his nose last nite and this morning(see gross thread for details) and popped him into his t-shirt and gave him some lysine supplements...which i need to find more of...when he's sick, he's warmer than usual(which is darn hot) and he wakes me up more. my little snufalupagus.
msgoofball, NEVER turn down free porn. even if it's vhs, even if it looks horrible. you use them for girls night parties. candy and cookies and hot chocolate and that junk, and then you yell at the porn like it's a spectator sport. if it's really bad you just watch it on fast forward.

good things thursday:
first day at ze gym with mountaincougarlion
i was left to my own devices at work today, and was only maybe behind 15-20 minutes by the end of my shift. and part of that was because i had to go on bandaid quest 2006.
pitas and hummus for lunch, as my tumtum is behaving.

speaking of brars, i've never had one from VS, and there are breadcrumbs in mine as i type this. i would shower, but showering pre and post gym seems a little excessive, so i'll just dust the girls off. i'm not even really sure what size i am. maybe 36D? i buy 38C, but then i do them up on the tightest setting. i don't know why i do that, it's just a thing
get better ((((moxette)))) and ((((jake))))
Never buy Archer Farms (Target) yogurt. It tastes awful. I prefer Stonyfield yogurt, but you can't get that at Target.

Poop. My friend is having her wedding party tonight, and I want to go, but I look and feel nasty. I was looking forward to kicking back and watching My Name is Earl. Oh well, it's probably a rerun anyway. What's with all of this weekday wedding crap lately? Grrrr...

I'm gonna look at a car this weekend. It's a '91 maroon Buick LeSabre with 80,000 miles on it. It looks good except for a small dent on the rear bumper. The asking price is $2,695. I'm excited to have a new car and drive again in the very near future. Weeee!!!! July 6th is my day!!!
tyger, thats the only way i watch porn...especially the ones with the fake dialogue...i critique the whole way doesn't even bother watching it with me anymore..LOL

yay for new cars...or new-to-you cars as i call them.

i found more of the supplement online and its been ordered and hopefully it will get here by next week..cuz we are leaving then for catalina...
Here's the car. It's nuthin' special, but it's a hell of a lot better than my old car. I need at least 6 cylinders to be happy. Long gone are the days of the V8. I miss my highschool beast car. It was perfect for scaring little kids.
"thats the only way i watch porn...especially the ones with the fake dialogue...i critique the whole way thru"

Hmmm... Now why is that familiar to me? Gosh, seems like I know someone else that does that.
Hello all! *waves at everyone in Okayland* NO I have not read the day's posts yet. Are you happy? Aren't I so terribly predictable? Gah.

good things thursday:
1. i had a yummy carne asada quesadilla for lunch.
2. mr. shug and me are going to cuddle and do gross couple things since this is one of our last days together alone. we're having company tomorrow.
3. my job is at the right pace today. not too slow and not too busy.
4. i found a bottle of LE BPAL for sale at a decent price.

nothing much going on here.

tyger- you are inspiring me to get my butt moving.

pink- yay for cars!!!

msgoofball- i agree with tyger on not turning down free porn.

falljackets- i lurve you. that's all.
speaking of lurve where is lurve paint???? :-(

diva- i'm going to be sending you pics very very very soon. congrats on the excellent pride location. i hope you sell loads. i really love the set you made for me.

oooh it's turbo's birthday tomorrow!!! what are you going to do?

kari- i'm sorry about your allergies, that sucks.

moxie- how old is the moxette?

i'm always worried about the netflix mail thing too. one of my movies was lost before and they don't charge you for it but they keep track of it. i think if you get too many lost/damaged then they suspend your account.
since mr.shug is leaving my queue is going to be full of english period pieces, dramas, and disney princess cartoons.
DOODLE!!!! i don't care what you do as long as i'm squished up against you. ;)
msgoofball're funny.

hi miss shuggah!!!

turbojenns bday is tomorrow?? hmm....

ok i have decided what i want to do with my hair...1) it involves bleach, and 2) i may end up with bangs...dunno yet. but the swoopy kind...not betty. i still have to work out the kinks in it..obviously.
there is nothing on tv, so i'm watching art attack in french while i wait to head to the gym.

another good thing: i found a scholarship renewal form i thought i had lost, so now i don't have to hunt down email addresses and worry about losing out on my book money for next year.

i have all my gym stuff rounded up. i have a lock and a water bottle and my ipod is in its workout gear (though i gave up on putting in on an armband. i think i'll probably give up and buy a nano at some point next year just 'cause mine is a pain to lug around whilst exercising. god, how did i manage with a discman? those days seem so long ago
hey diva, i just e-mailed you some pictures. let me know if you got them.

hey msgoofball! how is your hair right now?

i don't even have a discman. *feels sorry for self*
what's up chickens?

i want to preface all of this by saying that i'm working on my second alcoholic beverage of this evening. one corona and now a glass of pinot grigio. i'm only drinking the pinot because it's been open for two days now and needs to be drank. or is that drunk? dranken? what do i know, just an english major...

therapy was good today. they've added some upper body exercises. i had a different therapist today. my normal team wasn't there. i don't like this guy from today as well as the other guys. and i promise it has nothing to do with his lack of cuteness. hehe. actually, he wasn't bad. all the folks i've worked with have been very supportive of me. and if something happens to bother me, they just change up the movement to help me. my favorite part is at the end when i get to make love to the heating pad.

i'm watching the life aquatic right now, while doing a puzzle of horseshoe bend, arizona.

we had yummy sammiches for dinner tonight. grilled ham and smoked gouda for me and grilled turkey and provolone for mrfj. i don't know why i felt like sharing that part. perhaps it's the pinot... i did warn you, ya know.

mrfj wants to be steve zissou for halloween this year. i think it'll confuse some people, but who the hell cares? actually, we told some friends that we'd dress up like te superfriends this year together, which would be great except that S has insisted upon being wonder woman, even though she's a redhead. i'm the brunette, you know. hm. normally, i'd concede with no problem, but i also happen to know a certain fellow that has a wonderwoman/superman fantasy... ahem.

speaking of, msgoofball, thanks so much for saying what you did. me and mrfj got into a bit of a riff one time because i suggested we watch some porn (which i don't really do often) and then proceeded to make fun of it. i didn't know there were rules about that. i was still all charged up, but i guess i sort of ruined it for him. he didn't understand that i could be turned on, and yet laughing at it at the same time. i tried to point out that i laugh while we have sex all the time, and for some reason, that didn't help...

oh, and miss shug, you rock my socks back!
hi ya'll -- I'm freshly back from getting my hair cut....I'm kind of traumatized at the moment, but I think I'll be ok. Uh, I have no hair was all good, and then....then....she brought out her brand spanking new texturizing's oh, 1-4" long in general, and the back is more toward the 1". Its totally cute, and I think I like it, but this one is going to take some time. Its not quite what I was setting out for, but oh well, it'll be fun for summer! birfday. Well, the tequila fairy brought me a *big* bottle of tequila, so there might be somma that. ;) And my first college roomie and her husband are coming in to stay with us, so that'll be fun too. And there will be romping around the city, and beer and pretty gay boys in boystown, and tapas. The moxies sadly will be missing the weekend, but we're cool with that so long as my fairy-goddaughter promises to get rid of that sniffle.

tyg, do you realize the ridiculousness of that statement about needing a nano....cause you ipod is too big?!! You craaaaazy kids....
fj, I'd join you in the porn critique camp...its sooooo hard *not* to...its just too ridiculous sometimes.

Whoa, I'm lagging behind fj, here, I just cracked my first beer....
turbo, i am totally aware of the ridiculous of my nano statement. but they're so tiny and gorgeous! (i have this compulsion to have the new and shiny all the time)

if making fun of porn under all circumstances is wrong, then i don't want to be right.

working out was fun. we watched an oprah about identical twins where one had a sex change operation while there. it was all about how hard it was for the untransitioned twin, with a little bit of what it was like for the one who transitioned thrown in. wtf? come on, lady. get over your gender reassignment fixation
I love critiquing porn. Hell, my roomies and I back during my freshman year in college watched "Debbie Does Dallas" replete with lots of beer, hard likker, and popcorn. We were absolutley screaming and rolling on the floor and making like MST3K. That's rad.

Huh. Maybe I should have a porn night here in a couple of weeks, right before the big move out. Would anyone be up for a B-movie/porn night?

I am all wonkied out. I had a session tonight (which will be my last until September 'cause she is finishing her book) and finally unloaded all of the Weasel, the not-so-good stuff. I feel like a deflated balloon. I am already trying to avoid him (which has been easy because he is giving me the silent know, because the asshole broke our date and didn't bother calling me, I had to call him to find out because I was sitting on my stairwell ready to go and he never, it's my fault. Get it? Yeah, me neither). I don't feel like I have a choice anymore. I'm tired.

Time to regroup the spirit, ladies.

Oh yeah, and any Twin Shitties girl needs to come see me and my schoolie kids at Pride in Loring. It is Out 4 Good, or Out 4 Life...something like that. We are the Patrick Henry High GSA and will be there on Saturday from 2-6PM.

moxette is feeling better. She had a great day with gramma today. I'm sad we're gonna miss turbo's b-day, though, I am looking forqward to a whole weekend of moxette love. She held a toy by herself today! (mama sighs...). She's 12 weeks old, now.

Ilove bad porn. Good porn almost needs to be really watched, and that's just not the point, is it? :-)
i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one that laughs at porn. mrfj has sworn never to watch it with me again. apparently, the man takes his porn seriously.

turbo, i gave you a chance to catch up. i'm still only on my third drinkipoo now. but i'm almost done, so you'd better be drinking up if you want to keep up... ;)

are you going to work tomorrow on your bday?? you should take the day off and drink copious amounts of tequila and have lots of naughty sex. i know when i drink tequila, i'm topless in a matter of minutes.

minx, i'd totally go to your bmovie/porn party. sounds like fun. i'm sorry that the weasel is living up to his wascally ways. i wish he's just nut up and at least be accountable. if he doesn't feel like going out or seeing you one particular evening, fucking say so. don't just keep you guessing. argh. have fun at pride with your students. i think that is so wonderful. times have changed since i was at school. of course, i went to school in the woods. ;)

glad the bebe is ok, mox, but i know you were looking forward to a gathering with turbo et al. but taking care of little moxette is the important stuff and you'll still have fun. wow, she's already grasping her toys? cool!

tyger, you're just too much. you're the best!
i've figured it out...oprah wants to be a man! but she figures she needs a way to look into all this stuff without it being find-out-able, and the best way to hide something is in the open, right? what would the masculinized version of oprah be, anyway?

so, this morning i woke up, looked at my watch, and it said 6:30, and it seemed like the light was on in my room. i need to leave at, like 6:40 to get to work on time. so i panic, i yell at my mom for not waking me up, i just off the floor (where i've been sleeping lately for no good reason), look at my watch again, and realize it's 5:30. and that there is a lot of light coming in through my window. this just goes to show i need a digital watch, since first thing in the morning i can't read ones with hands.

i can't drink tequila. back when i drank, it was the reason i stayed sober at after prom. nobody would give me a beer to chase, and it was all we had.

i will be at any porn party in naughty, naughty spirit
and...happy bday turbo!
Ah, fj, I'm afraid I'm not to catch up tonight. The tequila and cleaning are only good friends for awhile and then its pfffft....sooo tired. BUT, I've got freshly washed floors that still look foul (can't do much with 40 year old linoleum), and a clean kitchen and bathroom, and that's about all I care about.

oh, and fj, you can come drink tequila with me anytime!

I am going to work tomorrow, sadly - but just a half day...and then picking up the car from the repair shop, and then going to the DMV and home despot...sound fun?? But, hopefully by 4pm my friend Jose C. can join me in some relaxation lakeside. ;)

We have a fundraiser for our org on Sunday, which I have to work (boo!), so taking a whole day off would be bad. very bad.

minxy, I'm so glad you had a good, deep session tonight, and that you're all emptied out...sounds like time for a hot bubble bath and a good night's sleep to me!

oh, tyg, I do have the same affliction for the shiny. Especially when it comes from the hallowed halls of apple.
haha, i won the who can stay up longest contest. consider all your bras (the big ones especially) stuck in the freezer.

Not me!

BWA-HAHAHAHA!!! I am gonna dunk your fingers in warm water and make you piss yourself.
with all the beers i've had tonight, that would almost be cheating. so so easy. hehehe

this has been a good week all in all. and what a better way to end a great week than with a great bustie's birthday?

it's about that time, ms turbo!
Let's go to Man Manmismo Bay, baby

*Dances around thread sleepily*


Oh man, I missed out on a party last night! You guys crack my shit up! My favorite line of the night: "if making fun of porn under all circumstances is wrong, then i don't want to be right." BWAHAHAHA!!! Classic!!

Last night I went to my friend's wedding party/reception thingie and it ended up being a good time. I haven't seen her kiddies in over a year and they've exploded in height. Oh my god. Her two boys are taller than me! Plus, my good friends just had the cutest baby, so I hogged her all night long. Cutie cuteness.

I'd do an evening of bad porn, as long as we watch Edward Penishands. ;)

I dread the day that I have to replace Poodlepod with a Nano. Poodlepod has been functioning perfectly lately. I don't know what was goin' on with her last month, but thank gawd she's recovered. I can't live with out an ipod at this point. Pathetic, I know, but it's true.

Weee!!! My "Who's Next" LP by The Who (or as the resident boy refers to them, "The CSI Band") finally arrived yesterday!!! I plan on listening to Won't Get Fooled Again until the needle is completely worn away.
oh, poodle, you give the very best birthday wishes! *tears up*

What the hell am I doing here at work today...ach. At least its only a half day. And I'll have the car as soon as I pick it up from the shop, so I can get my license renewed, thank maude with a new piccie, even if the new hair is still traumatic. 21, I am no longer, and I'd like my license to reflect that. heh.

I'm listening to a wonderful audio book right now, Ireland, by Frank Delaney, and all I wanna do is sit by the lake with my 'pod and listen. le sigh. And like poodle, I could not live without my ipod.

More later...I am exhausted...too much CSI, not enough sleep. Friggin' birds around here in my trees are so loud that I cannot sleep later than 8:30.
Hey buttlickers! It's Friday!

And Ms Jenn's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN! Huzzah! I hope you have a wonderful day! You're working a half day? Sweet! Me too, actually.
I figure with having class tomorrow & having to be at a damn work conference at 9:30AM on SUNDAY I deserve a little time off. Hmpf.

I missed the partay in here too last night. Darn! Mr K & I had a party at home though. We drank vino, made chicken enchiladas, watched tv & then I was lucky enough to get an HBI.

Poodle, Edward PenisHands is definitely numero uno. So. Funny.

Tyger, you just might have something there...Oprah does want to be a man! I am so over her lately, I've just had it.

Shuggah, I want to see your pics! Can you PM me with the link? Or if you still have my email, it's the same one it used to be.

Happy Birthday, Turbojenn!! Muito mojitos to you!!
The all, natural, cereal-free, Whole Food gourmet kind made by real native mojito peoples!

And congratulations, Minx!! I can picture you dancing around a bonfire, yelling "Die Demons of Hell!"

Why do we women like to do that so much? ;-)

AND minx and fj, I'm not any so sure I'd tolerate wascalliness in my real life either. I'm not "therapist girl."

Apple shinies -- if I manage to save up for MacBook instead of blowing it on other stuff I will be happy. It's a lot easier to save up a couple hundred than a couple thousand -- yet 'pods are not calling my name as of yet. I am perfectly content with iTunes at work-- and half the time feel that that is too ephemeral and I also get annoyed by earphones after a short time.

I guess I'm lucky that I have a short commute.

Also, I'm scared of using them in the gym for fear of getting them tangled in the machinery and causing gross bodily harm. I can't stand running or walking outdoors for my exercise.

It WILL be sunny Saturday evening for Rick Derringer and Steppenwolf. It WILL. Oh, yes.

Holy shitbiscuits. I just spent a buttload of money on a Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young concert ticket--and I'm talking a BUTTLOAD. Seriously though, it's totally worth it because I have a bitchin' seat and these guys are legendary. I have their Woodstock performance on my computer, and everytime I watch it, I wish I coulda been there.

I need breakfast.
Poodle, we're considering the CSNY concert in Palm Beach. Would love to go but we just dropped $150 on Clapton tix. That's a lot of beer money.
thanks for all the birfday wishes! I am leaving this desk in 20 minutes - woot!! And then, I'm off to the DMV and lunch, hopefully the DMV will go quickly, and they will take a beautiful new photo of me.

WOW...poods, that seems like a pretty stellar concert to go to, and worthy of the hefty buckage. I can't wait to hear all about it!

whammy, 'pods are great on the treadmills and machines - I put an audio book on, and just plod along not even noticing what I'm doing - I just put the 'pod in the cupholder, and I'm all set.
I agree, sometimes things are worth the cashola.

Mr K is trying to score us some free tix to see Steely Dan this summer. Michael McDonald is playing with them, but I'm not as interested in hearing him.

I am leaving MY office in about 40 minutes. Can't wait.

hope i'm coming on early enough to catch ms turbo at her desk! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-)
gah. i need to leave MY office. it's hot as balls in here. our ac on my side of the building is broken and they can't find a "blower motor" in this area of town to fix it. wtf? it is 90 degrees outside and actually feels better than it does in here. i *almost* wore a tank top under my button up today for the ride home, but didn't do it. now i wish i had, work appropriate or no...

hot. as. balls.
that's pretty much been my favorite phrase this morning.

i haven't been able to come on this morning until now because i have a guy in my office working light duty. he hurt his knee at my client's site and can't do the work. because he's under our WC, *i* have to be the one to find him work, not the client. so i've had him sorting papers, filing, alphabetizing and collating all day. it's honestly MORE work for me to find him shit to do!

and no busting while he's here cause he is sitting at an angle to see my screen. boooooo!

we're going dancing and drinking tonight. it should be fun. we're meeting some internet peeps that we've talked to for a while. i hope they turn out to be cool and not lame. if they're lame, we're going home early. :-)

mrfj, that's not nice to make fun of my drunken slurs from last night. like you've never called san franscisco "man manscismo" before. gah!

i gotta go get me some food. i brought soup but there is no way i can eat it in this sauna today.
"man manscismo" Hahahaha!!!

"Hot as balls" is one of my favorite lines, FJ. In fact, I have to try really hard to not use it in inappropriate situations.

Poop. I wish I could leave like you guys. I'm twitchy from too much coffee and I can't concentrate.

Right now I'm sitting in a warm grassy field, wearing dandelions in my hair, and smoking herbal substances (legal, of course) out of a hookah. Anybody want to join me? *offers tube to okayers*
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