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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Happy Friday Dickwads!

((lilac)) I am so sorry, take care of yourself this week ok? That sounds like a very hard situation. :-(

Diva, that was so sweet of you to bring the Poodle tylenol with codiene.

((doodle)) how ya feelin' today? yay for doodle mom coming!

Hi FJ! My neck has been feeling pretty good, thanks. I still have my rough days but those are becoming less frequent. Awesome. Today is good.

Msgoof how is your wrist?

Hi PK! Hi jenn!

I am glad it's Friday. I am a bit down today, it's been a stressful week. Bad news with Mr K's job, one of the bands he manages (the main one) got dropped from their label. He is really down and stressed over it & I am feeling the same. Also, my grandmother found out that the surgery she had to remove cancer from her colon did not fully remove it. She is saying she won't have any other treatments. She is 76 and not in good health otherwise-emphysema. She doesn't want to go through the pain of the surgery & the recovery. It makes me sad.

Anyhow, that's what is up with me. Sorry it's a downer. And on a Friday too!
"Dickwads" Hahaha!! I love that word. I'm glad your neck is feeling better, kari. Neck pain is so frelling annoying. It sucks to have to turn your entire body just to look at something. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. She must already be in a lot of pain if she doesn't feel like surgery will even make a difference for her. That sucks about Mr. K's job, too. I hope things get better for your fam.

Hee hee...this cat has his own chaircat election website and, diva, you will be amused by this picture of him posing with Rick Nielsen, in a signature checkerboard get-up. I wish I could have my cats photographed with Rick Nielsen. :-)

I took yesterday off, but I read all the archives.

(((((Doodle))))) I hope things loosen up for you toot sweet. And that is so cool your mom's gonna come take care of your cats. My mom would never do that (but she'll let your kid live with her).

Karianne, that sucks about Mr. K's work. Does he have anything else in the works? And that's so sad about your grandma, but it sounds like she's okay with it and in her right mind.

Hi, PK! I'm sorry your bike got stolen and your sis is having troubles. I can't even imagine. But otherwise it sounds like you're doing really well and you've hit your stride.

Hi, Marileen! Sorry about your allergies, but it sounds like you and JT had a really sweet anniversary.

Hi, Catsoup! What kind of program will you be taking up? And as far as your car goes, maybe if they can't find anything wrong with it, you'll get a higher trade-in value for it. Speaking of which, I need to follow your lead and look into financing. I guess the city/county credit union is pretty good.


Yummy, that was so nice of basket boy to help you out with your ticket. Can I date him? He sounds really wonderful, but if it isn't there, it isn't there. Do you think maybe if you have a friendship with him it could grow into something more?

(((((((Poodle's innards)))))))) Your dad seriously asked if you're going to go to work right after you get your gall bladder removed? Sounds like my dad, actually. You could put it in a jar and show it to everyone. But still, I hope it all goes well for you, and let me know if you need anything. I'm free pretty much all weekend.

Turbo! Wow, 3 great big dogs for a whole weekend? And volunteering? I hope you have a nice quiet day just for yourself very soon.

My day off yesterday was so very nice. I didn't go to Lobby Day after all because I got going too late. I read half of a Glamour magazine in bed, took a long shower, made myself all pretty (I wore my new Pucci shoes, which didn't hurt at all for the mile or so I walked in them), and hung out with my gay boyfriend for the afternoon. I had to return some stuff to the mall, then we went to this cute little place called Cupcake on the west side of St. Paul. I was there a couple years ago at their grand opening (didn't know it was their first day open, just thought it was cute so I went in), and saw that they were doing Dining Out for Life yesterday. We got a Boston cream cupcake, a little chocolate teacup filled with dense chocolat mousse, a lemon bar, and a cookie (I brought 90% of it home). They have window doors in the front that they had open, so the breeze came through, in addition to the brick patio to the side. I'd love to own a little shop like that. Then we met the giant at home and went for dinner (my drinks were free because the waitress spilled one on me) and then dessert. I figured my gay boyfriend or I would certainly see friends out and about since this event is a pretty big deal, but the only one of us who knew anyone was the giant, who doesn't know ANYbody. Weird. He went to college with the guy at the place we went for dessert. We all ate too much, then the giant and I came home, watched TV, and called it an early night.
morning ladies....its freakin friday!!! woot.

(((lilac)))relationships that go bad always make me feel inadequate somehow even though i know its for the best.

hi diva, kari, doodle, marileen, catsoup, turbo, PK, yummy and poodle!!

wrist is behaving itself thus far...yesterday i took like 10 motrin over 9 hours...not good. but i had to do something in class to get credits. so i did a spiral perm with the new flexible rods..and then i ran out. bleh. today i have a doc appt...oooo a new doc to torture....who knows..maybe he'll play nice and give me some nice meds. i may have to get an xray...bleh. reminds me of my dental assisting days...and the nickname 'gloworm'...don't ask.

but my boss is out(practically nobody is here) and i have cookies...mmmm...i say its a good start to the weekend.
Hi diva and msgoofball!!!
Okay, so I was just going over all the medical costs for this shit, and I can't believe how frellin' expensive everything is. Isn't insurance supposed to make medical shit more affordable? Where the hell is my fucking insurance? I miss my mom's triple gold net teacher's insurance. Seriously, all of these medical issues I've had in the past year make me want to become a militant healthcare activist. What really pisses me off is that our state government is spending all their time and our money on a lameass stadium bill. Meanwhile, low-income people without insurance are suffering from all sorts of terrible medical conditions. Hell, even people with decent paychecks can't even afford basic healthcare! That's so unbefuckinglievably fucked up.
hi poodle....tomorrow i am going to the renaissance pleasure faire...woot...since i have to see a bunch of my actor friends there...its the only place i see them now-a-days. so i have to mend my costume(hope it fits still) and get up early to go out and should be nice...i better check the weather forecast.
oh i forgot a funny story...

i came home last nite after class...and went to check on mom and dad...usually jake is hanging out with them...he wasn't there...but i saw grandmas light on...i check in there...jake is there hanging out with grandma keeping her cute is that? she said "he's the best doggy ever." which is really funny cuz he's a cat. but he knew that she was bedridden and alone and wanted to keep her company. sweet little mischief maker.

hehe. i'm proud of that one. it just came to me. yes. i dig.

i'm in a really great mood today because we're finally getting a car!!!! woot!! it's a NEW car! neither of us have ever owned a brand spankin' new car before. it's a VW jetta tdi, which is the fancy way of saying that it runs on diesel. we had never even considered diesel before, but when we saw it and compared the fuel economy (36-42MPG vs. 15-18 for the suvs we were looking at) we started seriously considering it. then we took it out for a test drive and it's SO cute! it's dark blue with charcoal interior and it even has an mp3 player! yipppeeeee! we are going to go pick it up today. no more hooptie-rollin'-tailpipe-draggin'-heat don't work and my *boy* keeps naggin' for the fj's! (i'd like to send a special shout out to sir mix-a-lot for those lines... YAY! i'm so happy! it's going to cost us a few $$ more than we were thinking to spend each month for a used car, but it's a diesel and should last us a very long time.

turbo, sorry your fund-raiser deal turned out to be more work than it should have. i hope you guys can still have fun at it. maybe after all your glorious planning is complete, you'll be able to relax at the event?

mrfj and i are doing the march of dimes walk again this year. it's tomorrow morning. i've raised $335 this year, about half of my goal but still pretty dang respectable if i do say so myself. then we're going to go tool around int he car, maybe go to the beach or do soemthing outside with the pupper dog.

now i want to ask questions about the gloworm nickname... you can't just put that out there without an explanation, msgoof!!

kari, i'm really sorry about your grandma. it's good that she's in a position to make these decisions on her own, though. i'm sure it does nothing to help your pain though. (((((kari's family))))) sorry about mrK's band too. i hate it when it pours down like that.

diva, your day off makes me very jealous. i really need to stop being a loyalty whore and just take a few days for myself. maybe the mr and i will take off in a couple fridays and go to the nekkid beach. hmmm...

poodle and doodle, i hope you both feel much better soon. poodle, try to take it easy as long as you can after your surgery and don't feel a bit guilty over it. cool, now you can compare scars with me!! hehe!

(((lilac))) i'm sorry. no matter how short your relationship had been, it still hurts, i know. you're going to be ok though. i read your letter in letters *duh* and it seems that it's just the way it has to be. sorry.

PK! i just want to say that i'm so happy that you are posting regularly lately. oh, and i didn't know you, um, "kicked it" with girlz. sweet! hey, why cut out half the human race, right?

ok, gonna work some. bbl!
Happy Friday Chicas!

~*~*~good vibes for everyone~*~*~*~

((Karianne and family))

Poodle’s gonna sell her internal organs on ebay - watch out! That really sucks about having to pay so much for your medical - that is what insurance is for! Insurance companies are so crooked. I read yesterday that BlueCross Blueshield has over a billion dollars in reserve - 12 times what they are required to keep by law. So they get to sit on that money and collect interest on it and keep raising premiums on people and looking for ways to not cover medical expenses for people.

Diva, I want to visit Cupcake someday – I’ve heard it’s really good.

MsGoof - what does your Renaissance outfit look like?

I am glad its Friday today. We are going over to my friend’s house for dinner tonight – yay. Her little girl is my favorite child in the world so it is always nice to see them and its been a while since we’ve gotten together.

And we are going to drop the price on our house a little more. Asking prices on houses for sale have totally dropped in our neighborhood since so many have gone on the market and we have had no action in the past 2 weeks since our price now makes us look like greedy bastards. It has been very discouraging. I am just waiting for it to be over and it feels like this has been going on forever. It has been making me feel sort of depressed and powerless. Everything is on hold and depends on whether some stranger wants to buy my house and if we finally do sell our financial situation will not be nearly as good as we were hoping. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will be okay no matter what happens but it is hard.

I have a cute story though. Last night I soaked some of my roses from my big flower arrangement in the bathtub since a lot of them had gotten droopy heads (if you trim the stem under water and then let them lie flat in water overnight the water is able to reach the flower and it really does work to make the flower heads not be as droopy). So this morning I was getting ready for work and they were still in there and all of a sudden I heard a big splash, thud-thud-thud from the bathroom. I went out into the hallway to find little wet pawprints everywhere and a sheepish and totally soaked kittycat whose attack on the roses had been foiled.
Heh, I associate Renaissance fairs with my annoying cousin. She wanted to go last year, so I took her up on it (out of family obligation) and it was a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately, I got to see my hot friend sporting a really nice codpiece. :-)

Hi marileen and FJ!!!

Turd-burglars!!! Oh my god! I'm gonna start using that with my nephews.

The FJ's are getting their first yuppie car!!! ;) Seriously, that's awesome. I'm really tired of having crap cars. It would be so nice to start with a brand new one.

That's too bad about your house, marileen. Don't worry though, the market isn't totally in the pooper, so I'm sure you'll sell it for a decent price in the not-too-distant future.~*~*~*~*~house-selling vibes~*~*~*~*~
I think I'm going to go home sick in a little bit. I don't know what it is, but I really need to do some primal screaming, rip someone's head off, or bawl for a few hours. My stomach hurts, I feel nauseus, I'm depressed about my weight again, and I can't find anything I'm looking for at my desk and it's really making me feel like I'm crazy. I really just can't take it right now and I want to go home.
diva, you are my new role-model. i love that yu just take the rest of the day off when you effing feel like it.

i'm guilting myself for wanting to take off at 4 so we can go pick up our NEW CAR!!!! hehe.
oh, and duh, diva - i hope you feel better. i hate days like that.

(now i'm a turd-burglar for forgetting to say that in the first place)
Happy Friday you wonderful, stunning, strong, empowered ladies of mother earth!

My partner and I are going to spend the weekend in Vermont! Wheeeee!

Ha! Turd burgler. I have never heard that before. Just the image of a 40’s style crook in a black and white striped shirt with a stocking cap and mask running around, sneaking into places and burglering turds. That’s funny!
heheheeh turd burglar...i have a vision of a very twisted hamburglar in my head...

diva...feel better!!!

*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes for everyone cuz they work dammit~**~~*~**~~*~*

woooo a new car fj!!! cool....i can't wait for my new car..oh wait i get the pre-dented wonder beast that we got 2 years ago brand gb did the dent, not me..

hi costume is navy and maroon with highlights of goldish yellow...2 skirts one with an opening in front in a upside down v to show the underskirt...its nice...but like 6 years old.

poodle...cod piece!! just those two words make me giggle...i used to act on stage with these buffoons so i think i have more fun out there than most. for the gloworm nickname....i was a dental asst. before i got my crap together and started this hair school idea...i had to take xrays all the time and go to xray school...only 2 called me 'gloworm' simply cuz of the radiation factor...they didn't realize i was glowing cuz i was getting busy with my hot boyfriend. heheeh
hi gloomysunday!
fj - we are car twins now!! Turboman bought a jetta tdi almost two years ago (we'd owned a reg'lar jetta previously), and we LOVE it! I hope you're buying the extended warranty with service plan - oil changes on the diesel are muy expensive, and you *do not* want to do it get to the engine its more work than its worth. You wil love love love this car, and the mielage is fantastic. We've been known to get 53mpg on our trips to MI, when its all pretty much highway. Turboman is a car geek, so he keeps track of each tank in a spreadsheet, charting mileage per tank, and the overall trend...its fun to see. We're saving about $1900 a year in gas over our 6cylinder jetta - he puts on about 30,000 miles a year.

I like gloomy's greeting better than fj's! (even though I know, its insult friday)

diva, I heart you for going home when you don't feel like being at work too...I wish we had half-days on one ever seems to be here anyway.

poodle, I'm sorry you're going to have to sell your organs on ebay...Or, you could do like my friend did - he had his gall bladder attack while he was on vacation in europe (sweden, to be specific), and if he's had it taken out there, it would have cost him $ He foolishly waited to do it when he got home, and it cost him much much more.
Hey Peeps. Ok, I did spin at lunch and am now feeling much better. Thank you for your kind words. My grandmother isn't in too bad of shape, yet. We think. We don't know, but actually she is feeling pretty good. I just want her to enjoy life. I am happy she is at peace with things.

Mr K's work....they'll figure out something. It's a bummer, but shit happens. Esp in the music world.

FJ! How excting!! A new car! ENJOY!! I think you need to post a pic of it when you get it.

Marileen, sorry to hear selling your house has become such a headache. The market has cooled here as well, many houses have sat on it & had to lower their prices. I hope yours sells soon and you guys can move on. ~~~real estate vibes~~~

Diva, good for you for going home! Do it!

Hi gloomysunday!

Msgoof, glad you are seeing the doc. I hope they can get to the bottom of things. And give you some good drugs. :-) That is so sweet of Jake to sit with your grandma. I love animals for reasons just like that.

It definitely is insult Friday. Now drop down & fry like bacon bitches!
(((Diva))) Fuck work. You probably need a good, long vacation. And don't get down on yourself! You looked effin' hot last night, dammit.

Hi sunday!

Yes, gall bladder surgery should cost the about the same as, say, a spiral perm!!! Hee.

"Now drop down & fry like bacon bitches!" Hahaha!!! That makes me want to watch Dazed and Confused. *squirts condiments all over thread*

I'm FINALLY getting paid today. Unfortunately, all that money will be sucked out of my account within the next week. Grrr....damn people wanting me to pay my bills....
((Feel better Diva))

MsGoof – your cat sounds so sweet. I love how animals always know when you need a little extra love and get chummy so you can feel better.

Congrats on the new car FJ! How exciting.

I never knew Jettas could get such good gas mileage! I may have to look into getting something like that for my next car as that will be a big priority. Hopefully my existing one will hold up for a while, though.

For some reason, I find the Hamburglar really funny. That would be a great Halloween costume.

Poodle I think you should have a Cheap Trick Fundraiser to pay for your gallbladder surgery – it would be awesome! Everyone would be able to listen to the music, the band makes a special appearance, and lots of funds would be raised to pay for medical costs and party expenses.
Heheheh...most of the people I know would pay not to have to listen to Cheap Trick! Ah fuck 'em. The resident boy, for example--he thinks of Cheap Trick as the equivalent of Badfinger or something. Badfinger doesn't tour, release new albums, play Lollapalooza, use 5-neck guitars, or have their music used for TV show themes. And I'm sure their lead singer doesn't look nearly as good in pants as Robin Zander does at age 53. The best thing is that these guys don't take themselves too seriously at all and they're still enthusiastic performers. CT is like fine cheese--they only get better with age (eta-except during the embarrassing 80's)!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

*imagines marileen as the hamburglar* Bwahahaha!! I still want to be "Turn Back Time" Cher for Halloween.
marileen - the jettas that get good mileage are the tdis - which are diesel. Our regular gasoline jetta got crappy mileage - 23mpg. We looove the diesel. We looked at hybrids too, but lets face it, there just wasn't enough room for turbo to ride in style in the back! ;)

Poodle, I could never knock your muscial tastes - you like such a broad range of music, and have such passion for it - there's no judging enthusiasm for the tunes, you know?

This afternoon, I cannot get that damned Sean Paul song outta my head, and I've no idea what the words even are he says 'em so fast, but there it is crawling around inside my brain. I blame the cell phone commercials...I would have never heard it otherwise.
yeah those cell phone tunes get stuck deep...

well i am outta here very shortly...have a great weekend, you turd burglaring burglars!!! currently that one is beating out my other fav 'flaming butt nuggets'!!
Now that song is in my head, too.....thanks Turbo!

I need to think of a new song. Suggestions?

So what is it about diesel that makes it give so much better gas mileage? Is it better/worse for the environment? Aren't most big trucks diesel? Now I am very curious about all this.

I am ready to get out of heeere. I need to stop and pick up Abe's prescription dog food at the vet before they close. I ate lunch at my desk today so I wonder how soon I can leave work...
Wah!! Pooh!! I want to pig out on a big pint of Oreo cookie icecream, but I can't!! I don't want frozen yogurt!!! No fair. :-(

Yeah, I think it's time for me to blow this joint and make a trip to Target.
Okay, I don't know where to put this so I'm putting it here!

WOO HOOO!!! My old house is SOLD! Yay! The closing is done and I now only have *one* mortgage!
diesel is not quite as clean burning as gas, but it still easily passes emission standards. The idea of diesel being bad is from the 70s when it really was alot worse for the its pretty level, and as a rule you get higher efficiencies out of engines running on diesel....turboman could tell you the chemistry of it all, but I can't really recite all that for you.

I just took the three morons for a walk and Badger bad ass just attcked my next door neighbor's poodle - they snuck up behind us and Badger saw them before I did. No harm done, but rattled us all, and Badger will now be wearing his racing muzzle evertime we go out. Asshole dog.

Poodle, if you've got a whole foods store, pick up some soy delicious frozen non dairy treat - its pretty damned good, and I think it only has like 3g fat per serving. Turboman likes chocolate obsession, but I'm more of turtle tracks kind of girl.
Congrats treehugger!!!

You're so wise and knowledgable, turbo. You're my bustie sensei. *bows before turbo*

Soy ice cream is good, but it's not nearly as good as the REAL stuff and that's what I want!! ARRGGGGHH!!! Why?! Whhhhyyyyy???!!! *in Nancy Kerrigan voice*
But poodle, seriously, if you haven't tried the Soy Delicious simply must...its honestly *nearly* as good, and they have flavors with lots of chunkies...its a damned fine substitute.

Congrats treehugger!!! That is great news!
**Drive-by alert**

poodle-" I still want to be "Turn Back Time" Cher for Halloween."

you got cohones, girl! go for it!

i'm looking at buying a honda metropolitan II
yeah, you get the little containers (super bloody crazy expensive) and they're like, ben&jerry's flavours. there's one that's just like cherry garcia that is my biggest ice cream vice
Poodle - I looked on Expedia and saw that a roundtrip flight to Stockholm from Minneapolis next Thursday would cost you $668. You could fly to Sweden, get your surgery, and recover there for a week. You're coming back on the 10th. OK? It's settled. Why the eff pay all those medical bills when you could blow all your hard earned cash on a plane ticket?

After you return, you start orientation for your new job as a Cheap Trick groupie. You'll be going over band history and culture, do's and don'ts, as well as your generous benefits package.

Also - Soy Delicious rulz. And I like - what's that one called, turbojenn - Soy Decadence? The one with Chocolate Peanut Butter Zig Zag. That's my favorite.

Last night mousie was pissed and ripping into the bag in my closet. I couldn't sleep so I read my Che book for a while. Che met up with Fidel Castro and joined his movement. He also just found out that the woman he has been sleeping with is pregnant so he married her, but he is not really in love with her. So much drama unfolding.

I think mousie is gone. The maintenance man went to my apartment while I was at work to root him out. When I got home, my closet door was open. It is now about 8:30, and no mousie. Heikki is going to be pissed.

Work was fun today. I bruleed 180 brown butter apple tarts, spray painted milk chocolate onto 90 little chocolate mousse pyramids, and I made 8 raspberry royale cakes. I did a bunch of other stuff, too, but I don't remember if any of it was cool.

Diva - I'm so envious of your day off. It sounds faaaabulous. I hope you're feeling better.

Today I got to take home a bunch of leftover cheese from the banquet kitchen. I got a big tub of fresh mozzarella balls, a big log of provolone, and some goat cheese. Yum! I'm going to make caprese salad and a big sandwich and some goat cheese avocado dip.

I don't know what to do tonight. I think I will go to the 24-hour diner (that has a bar) with my Che book and hang out until my friend gets off work.

I still haven't talked to my sister since she told me about her impending miscarriage. I hope she's OK. I have been trying to call her.

karianne - I'm sorry about your grandmother. I am glad she's doing OK for the time being, though.
just for puppyk...
Bwaaaahahahahaha! Che Bunny! Tyger - you're so cute, you little Canadian, you.

I'm enjoying a nice ham and cheese sammich and a tall glass of chocolate soy milk.
*WHHOOOOOOOOOONNNNNKKKK!!!* Drive-by! Hope everyone is well today - or close to it! doodlemama is here - we are about to go grocery shopping.

I'm sitting at the computer removing all the Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and Green Day out of my music playlist for the duration of doodlemama's visit, 'cause I can see it makes her cringe, even when she's trying not to. Oh well, can't have everything.
Another drive-by....bought a vintage couch and two chairs today! Details in the decorating thread! Ciao, love you all!
i'd say drive-by, but, dudes, nobody has posted barely since i was here (oh god, my grammar all went bye bye)

so, i've been spending all my time watching rev3 (geeky techtv dudes) podcasts and drinking tea. but, all these podcasts have driven my computer to warn me that i am running out of space. oh shit. so i have to take my laptop over to my friend C's house and have him strip out everything i don't need running on this thing. if i make enough this summer/don't spend too much this summer i'm giving myself a big beefy powerbook (or whatever the beefy mac laptop is) so i'll have my 'oh look! i'm the cheapest box on the dell site' laptop and my old emachine tower for when i crave the constant freezing and restarting of a windows machine, but then i'll have a super-beefy mac that'll hold all my crap and be pretty, too. that is all i will say, for it is three am, and nobody really cares about my computer buying habits. now, i will go back to watching cute boys be geeky and hope my damn itunes stops freezing. everyone come back and play tomorrow, please.
Guys - I just got home. I had a traumatic night. Went to a bar, where two girls I knew dragged me to a table where there were two guys from whom I got HBI. I had no idea they knew each other. Shit. And they came to our table later and sat with us. Which one do I sit next to? So I chose, and it seemed to be the right decision. Anyway - that was my night. Trauma.
pk - I'm sorry you had a traumatic experience at the bar - did the guys know they shared an experience with you? I'm not sure what I would have done, in your situation...

Its a perfectly rainy spring day here, the waves are crashing against the patio, and I just love the sound. I just mixed up a batch of henna, and I'm letting it proof for a couple of hours before I slather it all over my head and spend the afternoon with a cup of tea and good book. Maybe I'll finally finish Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which has been boring me to tears lo this past month, and I just want to be done with it.

The fundraiser last night was a disorganized co worker who was in-charge could not organize her way out of a paper bag, and it showed. I don't think the guests would have noticed anything amiss....but the set-up was a mess, and I ended up wrangling all the volunteers, though I had no idea what all the duties were, I just had a list of names and volunteer stations. I did ok making it up as I went along.

The dogs didn't appreciate our absence, though...they went "shopping" while we were out - they emptied the bag of clothing waiting to be donated that was sitting in the hall, and they had great fun carrying bits of it all over the house....really, it cracked me up. And when we arrived home, they each picked their favorite piece, and threw it in the air, and brought it to me. Funny furkids. BUT, Lily also pooped on one of the blakets put down for them to sleep on...not cool. This morning, she peed on the bathroom floor, and of course I stepped in it. Ah well, at least it was on the tile floor, and not the wood. Poor little Lily has a UTI, so sometimes, she's just gotta go.

Tyg....I fully support your mac buying plan....we love our laptop. I'm currently ripping my Pirates of the Carribbean DVD to put on my ipod. I loves me some Johnny Dep.
*Paging Turbojenn* Thank you so much for the box of goodies! I was having a really crappy day. And you put a smile on my face. Now I'm a clean and smelly girl, thanks to you! Again, thanks for being so thoughtful and generous.

Wasssssuppppp busties? I'm coming off a weekend alone. I took myself out on a date last night. And I have to share this rant about my motha. I had called to see if she was busy, thought she might join me for some shopping. She was busy. Asked what I was gonna do. I said, I think I'm going to the outback to sit in the bar and have an appetizer. I'm like~ Nowhere else really sounds good right now. So she says to me... Do you mean, where else can you go that it wouldnt look like you were sleezing? I said, EXCUSE ME? She's like, you know, so you don't look like you're trying to pick someone up!?

UGHHHGHGHGHHGHGHGH!!!! I said, ya know- I gotta go! I just want to say What the FUCK!!!! I'm happily single right now. I appreciate my time alone. I feel confident enough to go out by myself on the weekend and get something to eat, watch a movie (which is what I did). Why must she ruin it by having this attitude with me like, if i'm not with someone I should stay at home in my hole so as not to appear trashy. Grrrr... Ya know, why can't she and everyone else just accept that being by yourself can actually be healthy and rewarding? Honestly, on a Saturday night of course I'm going to sit in the bar so I dont have to wait an hour for a table for one. But I guess now that means that I'm sleezing. Wow, she must think that I'm really pathetic. I swear I just want to put her in a time machine and send her back to...oh say, 1940, or quit talking to her alltogether or something!

Alright. Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. I'm going home to make a voodoo doll.
Hey laaaddddiiies!!!

I had another gallstone attack last night because I ate red potatoes that had been cooked with butter. I didn't think there was a lot, but it turns out that there was enough fat to piss off my gall bladder. Thank god I had pain pills waiting for me at home. I took another vicodin this morning so I'm feeling super sleepy. I'm hoping that a walk around the neighborhood will wake me up a little. Otherwise I'm feeling alright.

Puppy! That sucks so bad about running into those guys! So did anything weird happen?

That's too bad about your event, turbo. I'm sure you pulled it together just fine, though. They're lucky to have you. So are those puppers!

Oooh..tyg is getting a beefy mac! Sounds like hotdish! So what's the deal with the new intel chip thing? Will this make macs more compatible and better at networking? Is it now standard in all macs? My home computer has been really good to me, but I'm interested in the new chip thing.

I'm glad you're feeling happily single, mummy. I'm feeling the same these days. I always feel good about being single when I decide that I'm dating myself. After some coffee, me and myself are gonna take a walk up to the video store, a local gift shop, and then onto the co-op for some soaps and smellies. I plan on checking out the Soy Delicious when I'm there. If the fat content is low then I'll definitely pick some up.
Umm not sure exactly where to put this but I cross posted with ATWT. It didn't seem to fit in Celebrity Gossip or Bizzaro Websites...

Thought some Busties would appreciate. I wished I had watched this live 'cause given Colbert's comments and such I don't think he's going to be invited back to host another.

I *heart* Steven Colbert - Stewart/Colbert 2008!
awwwww.....yummy, I'm glad you got the package and have been enjoying it. I'm having myself a fine day at home to myself too. I just put on a clay mask, then put henna on my hair, and now I look like some kind of crazy saran wrap creature with my head all wrapped up in saran wrap, but it keeps the gloppy henna in, and keeps me from smelling it all day. I'm trying for a deeper brown this time, so we'll see how it goes.

((((poodle))))) eeep. Sorry to hear that you had another attack last you sweet talk that gall bladder into behaving until friday.
Yikes, poodle. I'm sorry you were in such pain. Get better! ***************

Those guys didn't seem to know that each of them shared an experience with me. One of them is a Mexican anarchist, and the other is a guy that I actually like. But he's moving to Barcelona in a week. We all had a nice time at the bar though, even though it was a little uncomfortable for me.
Myself and I have returned from our stroll around town and we're feeling quite refreshed. I got myself a few DVD's: Fun with Dick and Jane, Cheap Trick Live in Australia, and Pee Wee's Playhouse Episodes 12-15. :-) I also went to Patina, which is this awesome gift shop with all sorts of beautiful knick-knacks and yummy candles. Then I went to the co-op and gots me all sorts of healthy treats. I checked out the Soy Delicious, but it has more fat than I can handle right now. I'll try it after I've fully recovered. I picked up some mango sorbet instead. Thank god I can still eat mango stuff....mmmmmmmmango.......

Stewart/Colbert in 2008! I like the sound of that!

Puppy's gettin' it on with Mexican anarchists! How cool is that! The only "bad boys" I've played around with are rockabilly dudes that can't get it up half the time. One of my former boys was an ex-stripper/cokehead. That's pretty hardcore, I guess. I don't know why I ever liked those guys. It could be that I knew they would always kick someone's ass for me, even if they didn't return my calls. I figure, most guys will not call at some point, so I might as well go for the ones who will covet my ass before they freak out on me.
pink, the intel thing makes the new macs run faster. i think right now a bunch of stuff has to run through a power-pc to intel translator, but my geeky endeavours tell me that it still runs really fast, and it should be fairly vista (the next windows operating system) compatible. of course, microsoft and apple are sort of like children, microsoft pulling IE for mac and stuff like that, but they're still gorgeous machines. it's not standard yet (the intel chip), but it's in the powerbook, the macmini, and the imac(i think). i was thinking of starting an 'i hate microsoft' blog, and i'd have a little paypal donation button in the corner so people could help 'save me' from microsoft and windows.

(((poodle))) the gallthinger just sucks. recently i've discovered vegan whipped 'butter', and now i don't know how i ate toast without it, so i can understand the suckage of fat avoidance. i hope you get better soon.

eeeeeep, puppy. that's all i can think of to say, really, 'bout the two boy thing. at least one of them is leaving soon so you don't have to worry about another situation with the two of them?

stewart/colbert in '08? i'd change citizenship for that. plus, i've always wanted to live in either sf of chicago, and that'd give me the excuse.

i lost my black nailpolish and i can't find any new stuff to buy. c'mon, people, the world is full of dumb little emo kids and you can't stock black nailpolish?wtfomgbbqchicken.

I am in the frickin' dumps. :-(

The little one is having such a hard time at school again...her teachers are actually citing allergies as a probably culprit, but this has been going on so long (violent episodes at school) that she has internalized it. Ladies, it broke my fucking heart this weekend when she told me repeatedly that she "hates herself".

Two years and three schools and people heaping the onus on me, my supposed "promescuity", and my shitty parenting skills.

Minxman left the house less than ten minutes after waking up yesterday and said something to the affect of "better you than me". I didn't know how to take that, so as soon as he left I burst into tears and cried on and off for the better part of five hours. I tried calling him because I just needed to talk it through (the girlie sitch) and, of course, he is MIA and I haven't heard from him at all. I just can't throw any energy his way. I barely have enough right now to keep me going and find help for the bebe.

Allergies are kicking my ass, and the "waldryl" I am taking makes me sleeeeeeepy. I took two naps this weekend on top of two 8-hours sets of evening rest. The girl was really happy because I joined her in bed at 9PM...she was chittery and cuddley. I really hope today goes much better for her because the propects of her going to kindergarden acting like this scares the bejeezus out of me.

Blergh. I need to get going now. Please send any additional vibes my baby's way...ya know, "think before you act" vibes, or "calm like the reeds by the brook vibes". Something. Hell, I'd take anything right now.

(((((((Poodle))))))))) My mother had gallstone issues which resulted in its removal a few years back. She had a helluva time AFTER the removal because of the lack of fluids to break down fatty foods...although, you are MUCH younger than her and I bet you dollars to yummy, fatty donuts that you will recover in a much kinder fashion.

*cringes after thinking about the amount of fat in her meal last night*

(((((Every BUSTie)))))
Happy Beltane Bitches!!

(((((Minxy and minxlet))))) I hope today goes better for *both* of you. I was that allergied kid that was highly reactive, minxy, and I wish there had even been some understanding of that at the time...drugged up to the ceiling, and feeling terrible all the time gives you a hairline emotional trigger. But now that I've growed up, and done some exporation myself, I've gotten rid of my allergies by managing stress and the kinds of foods I eat. I'm wondering if some dietary shift might help minxlet too, and take some stress off her little food "allergies" aren't actually even allergies, but more like sensitivities - sustained intake of certain food makes my environmental allergies blossom because the lymph system gets too taxed, and those foods create all kinds of wacky mood swings that make me highly emotional, reactive, and make me think the world is against me. So if you wanna hear more about that, PM me...

Minxman...argh. I still maintain that you deserve a beautiful partner who is equal to the task of participating in your life fully and who is emotionally available and supportive when you need it.

So let's all conjure the magic of Beltane, and shower minxy with flowers, blue skies, and happy thoughts this day! ((((((minxy)))))
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