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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ren and stimpy, isn't that a bit dated?

I know bad ch, bad!
I know, I know! I'm standing there offering up my James Taylor CD and thinking, "Don't even try to play your cool with me." wink.gif

Aaaaaannnnnd now I'm thinking of trying James Taylor's "Shower the People"...that's 3 songs I have to see if I can play tonight. I printed off the chords and lyrics here at the office.

I'm back to sorting thru files. God damn, this desk work is killing my back.
I wonder what he thinks of Led Zepplin, AC/DC, or The Beatles.

Doodle you should walk around every hour. Not that I'm one to talk. Mind you I suppose walking to the washroom counts.
This deserves a post all on it's own!!!!

I got something from the police service, my records from my arrest have been DESTROYED!!!!! My application to have this done was approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIGHT ON, CH!!!! WOOT!!!! Yeah! That was the stuff with ex-asshat, right? If I remember....

Yeah, this office music critic stuff....starting to feel like posturing on his part. I don't know why some people - guys, really - feel the need to have their little pissing contests over music. Maybe it's b/c I AM a musician...I don't feel any need to "prove" my musical tastes are "cool." Still, he seems too old for this kind of thing...he's in his late thirties/early forties, I think. Maybe it's 'cos he's balding - overcompensating maybe?

No weed hook up for him. tongue.gif

I am listening to Sweet Honey in the Rock now.
Doodle, I totally endorse all of your musical choices...not that you needed my endorsement! And I do have a particular love of Sweet Honey in the Rock. I saw them live at a concert in college where they spoke and then performed, Desmond Tutu was keynote, and then Clinton's Secretary of Defense spoke as well about ethics in gov't....damn, that was the best conference I have ever attended!

YAY, CH!!!!! *does cartwheels in thread* Hooray for expunged records!

Doodle, that little Sam is a wise one, indeed. wink.gif Not that there's a bad choice on the table for the dems this year.

Well, I have to decide if I'm going to be Best Wife Ever or Bitch Wife tonight. Turbomann wants to go to MI (again) to hang with his BFF this weekend. He was just in MI two weeks ago, and I'm not so thrilled with this idea, as I feel like we haven't spent much time together, but then I do love my alone time. I'm a bit torn, I have to say.
Hey, thank you for the vibes, y'all. It just hit me sort of hard, apparently mom was having a more lucid day than usual and my brother told her that it had been my birthday and he called me on the phone, from the nursing home, cause mom wanted to "wish me a happy birthday"....

So she can't form her own sentences, for some reason, she can only repeat back what you say. I figured that out pretty fast and since my brother told me that she wanted to say happy birthday to me...

So I, knowing what she wanted to say, I just said, "Happy Birthday"! And she repeated it and then broke down sobbing. And she was asking me what she had done wrong, over and over. I have never heard such despair in my life.

I had a dream that she died, a week or so ago. It didn't come true.

(sorry again for the mememe)......

I will be back soon, I promise.
Good Evening!!

Doodle, correct you are. If I ever talk to the cop again, I'm going to get him to do a run on me and see what comes up. Have you talked to the boys about what happened yet?

Turbo, have you made a decision about the weekend yet?

((((((tree)))))) I'm so sorry that today wasn't a good day for your mom.

Well, life update now...

Still haven't heard from the District Inspector about jerk cop. These things take time, they may be working off shifts. I'm told that he's a very good police officer.

Still haven't talked to the cop, have no desire to, but I still don't think that's the end of it. Plus, he has his girls right now.

Talked to my dad today, and he's sounding better and better every day. I told him the same. He says he's feeling a lot better too. He's getting back to his old voice. Hard to explain, but the life is coming back into his voice. I'm very happy about that.

I'm going to a different office next week, it's way the hell and gone, but I get paid a mileage and maybe this will help the situation. Being away from downtown and home (and other police tempations...). Plus a friend of mine works there, just part time, so I won't be completely alone.

Ummmm, what else? I think I'm going to order a comforter from Sin in Linen. I want the skully stuff.


(((((treehugger))))) I wish I could be there with you....

I got a nasty note from banjoboy, taped to my door when I got home from work. He's turned the whole situation around, pretending he was on the toilet when I was knocking the 2nd time, and accuses me of "making a scene" and slandering his character because I said (yelled, he says), in the hallway, "Thanks, now I have to walk to work since I don't have my money." (I did say that - he's even quoted it.) He says it was "asshole-ish" to assume he'd taken the money just because he didn't answer. (I don't know how you could possibly get an accusation from what I said.) The end kind of threatens with "SO...NEXT TIME THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH!!! ...or you might end up losing your 'so-called' friends...if you already haven't." Yeah. Nice, huh? But also, so heartbreakingly defensive, that it's obvious to anyone over 25 that he did it and is lashing out to protect himself.

I wrote a reply, vetted with the gay ex-priest....I posted it in the Letters thread, rather than this one, because it would just take up so much space. So we'll see.

I'm going to post this now...sorry for not replying to anyone else yet, but I've just done this huge thing and I need to go breathe. I'll be back.
Doodle, I read the letter, are you going to say anything to banjoboy?

What he wrote is pretty devensive. Wooooow. He's been caught, and he's feeling pretty horrible. I agree that you all need to talk, and he needs to talk about what's going on that causing this theft.
CH - I originally wrote the letter by hand in the gay ex-priest's apartment, sealed it in an envelope, and stuck it under banjoboy's door with his name on it. (To keep it totally private.) Then I posted it here - I had typed myself up a copy on the gay ex-priest's computer and e-mailed it to myself, because I wanted a copy (I've had my words manipulated before, can ya tell?). It's a wait-and-see game at this point, as banjoboy's not home right now. (I think.)

I'm trying to download some songs right lift my spirits....not that I feel bad about it, except in terms of how bad I feel for where banjoboy is at right now, because it is kind of heartbreaking, and I hope he takes my "reaching out" to heart...but I don't know if he will. *sigh*
Doodle, I think you wrote a very thoughtful, heartfelt letter, and that it was a good thing for you to get your thoughts out there, however it may be received. I think you're right in that banjoboy is not going to see your kindness or necessarily accept it right now. Sounds like he may have to steam on it for awhile. I wonder if guitarboy might help him see the situation more objectively, though.

CH, I think I'm letting turbomann go to MI this weekend, as much as it stinks. It just peeves me that he's gone 2 weekends this month, and last weekend we were so busy we didn't get much time together, and I still haven't caught up on my errands and such, and won't get much more done, as he'll have the car. But, with him gone with the car, I'll probably spend less money, which is probably good too.

Oh, and I did pick up two new freelance gigs last night - Eeeeee! Maybe I'll be out of this job sooner, if the freelance projects keep lining up. One is for my old company, easy peasy, but may lead to some serious billable hours. The other is the wine shop down the street - and I'll work partially in trade, which is cool with me. But more than that, I really want the shop to succeed, as its so damned handy when I need something quick for a dinner party, or to take to someone's house. And the owners do own my favorite Irish Pub, so I wouldn't mind getting to be friends with them. wink.gif

((((tree)))) No need for apologies, my dear - being a caregiver, even from afar is hard work, and seeing a parent decline is so difficult. This is a hard time, be good to yourself....and let us know if there's anything we can do, even if its just to listen.
Turbo, CONGRATS! on the freelances smile.gif

Doodle, I'm sorry to hear about this conflict sad.gif I really hope it turns out well, but I'm afraid that a lot might hinge on how things play out with GuitarBoy, the Mutual Friend in this case. My suggestion is to wait for GB to approach you. His approach might be subtle, but it's important to let him come to you rather than you seeking out him. Just be sure to let it be certain that he's approaching you rather than you broaching the subject to him in search of support.

I'm sorry you're going through this. ((((Doodle))))

Culture: CONGRATS!!! on a cleaner, squeakier record! SQUEAK ON!!!!

*disclaimer* I'm a tad wine-tipsy! I hope I'm not being lame to anybody.

I apparently have mastered the frearsome Drunken Double-Post! HYAAAAAH!!!!
Fuck, I lost a whole post.


Heard guitarboy come home a little over an hour ago, then banjoboy with drummerboy about 5 - 10 minutes later. No idea what's up. guitarboy didn't answer his phone - I wanted to get his guitar from him for tomorrow, but looks like that might not happen. guitarboy is notoriously conflict-avoidant, even though he knows banjoboy's stealing problem so well that he put a lock on his room and even keeps his food in there. He does have to live with the guy, so I couldn't blame him for staying out of it.

Tomorrow night's going to be really awkward. Not only with the SRG thing, but also drummerboy and banjoboy will likely be there - no idea what's been discussed, if anything, but if his letter was that manipulative, I can't imagine what he might have said to protect himself from anything he thinks I might say to his friends (as if I would). And then I probably won't have the wired guitar, so I'll have to find one to borrow or stick it out with mine. PLUS that little shit not only stole my parking money, but also the money I was saving to buy coffee and pay the $2 cover at the coffee house! And then he has the nerve to get angry at ME!

So....yeah, I've decided to stick with "Jamming Me" for open mike. I feel pretty jammed right now. Also I haven't been able to learn a single new song tonight.

God, I can't believe I'm still gonna go. But this is one thing in my life I'm not going to let anyone fuck up for me. I am going, and I'm wearing the new red velvet top - the power colour. And I am making BFF and BFFdottirs come for support, and also hippiegirl. And maybe this whole thing with banjoboy will keep me too distracted to give a shit about SRG....the power of positive thinking writ large....
oh, tree, honey...may your mama pass quietly and soon, as morbid as that sounds. After going through my uncle's long decline, I cannot ever see that as good "time" left for anybody.

Turbo, why can't the bff come to chicago? are you a cooler wifey? I got the recp. btw.

So, I'm listening to the debate from last night. Now, I've always been an Obama supporter, but i'm like 90% OK with Clinton, too. That being said, I couldn't help but feeling like she was a mom scolding her teenagers "trade time out"? Seriously? I give my two-year-old time outs. Trade policy shouldn't be treated like a misbehaving toddler.

On the flip side of that, I like her health care policy more. least they're both not Republicans.
Good Morning!

((tree)) Don't ever feel bad for coming in here and having posts like that. We all do it and that is what I love about the Okay lounge. It sounds like that was a terribly rough call with your mom. I am so sorry. sad.gif

((doodle)) Aw man, I can't believe this stuff going on with banjo boy! Ugh. Puts you in a tough spot. Good for you for writing the letter and also for still going to the coffee house tonight. Don't let these fools stop you. Red velvet top! Yowzas! You're gonna look hawt!

Jenn, that's awesome that you got 2 freelance jobs! Sweet! I totally would not mind working on a barter system w/ a wine shop. It would save me some dough for sure. I've been visting the wine shop a bit too frequently lately! I know what you mean about not being able to spend time together as a couple. Right there with ya, babe. That was nice of you to agree to let turbomann go away this weekend. I am sure you will appreciate the time to yourself, though you will miss him.

Hi moxie! Whas up? I'm with you on the Obama/Clinton. I have always been a Clinton supporter, but I'm cool with Obama too. That being said, some of the things Hillary has been saying lately have irked me. I do like her health care plan a lot though. Better than Obama's.

Hi LORE! You tipsy man, you!

Ch, that sounds good about you going to the other office next week. A little change of scenery is always a good thing. Excellente.

Things here are pretty good today. We got some "snow." You northerners would laugh your asses off if you saw the news coverage here. It is truly hilarious. All the schools are closed. blink.gif Not sure why. Roads were dry on my way in. Anyhow....Lots of people are late to work.

I worked 6.5 hours at the hospital yesterday. From 2:30 to about 9PM. With the hours I will accumulate tomorrow & Friday that will put me at only about 80 left. Woo hoo!! I got 3 sessions in last night too. I had 3 family sessions back to back.

No hospital tonight. Plan on working out & watching PR. Is it the PR finale tonight?

Good Morning.

Doodle, having copies in a fantastic idea. This is getting so out of control, no one should have to pick sides. It's silly that guitar boy won't talk to you about it, either. Sigh. I'm glad that there will be some other people at the coffee house. If I was there, I'd totally come! I'll be there in spirit. Don't let this get in your way of what you truly enjoy doing. That would be letting yourself down. Music is your outlet, it helps you, and when something is good for you, why stop doing it?

Turbo, yay on the freelance work!

Hey Hey Lore!!! your posts were all gooooood!

Mox, a trade time out?? Oh dear.

Well, I've got nothing this morning. Honestly, I slept last night, that's all.

ETA: Hey Kari! you're almost done your hours!!! YAY!

Good morning everyone! Happy Hump Day! WOOT!

kari - dry roads and school closures? For shame! wink.gif How are you finding the sessions - are you feeling more confident in your counselling skills?

turbo, sorry you have to be without turboman this weekend, but you do enjoy your alone time, too - just like me! So I have no doubt you'll be able to make the best of it! You and turbodog can have a little party of your own - he'll be so happy! Congrats on the freelance gig! Perhaps you could eventually make something out of part-time temping and freelancing, until you are able to support yourself as your own boss?

Hiya CH, moxie, and lore!

Yeah, banjoboy. *sigh* What can I do? What more SHOULD I do, to try and make things right with someone who has pushed the limits of friendship like this? I've approached the situation with more love and understanding in my heart than 95% of people would have, trying to "be a buddha," and I can't do any more without his participation. So I guess I'm resigned to leaving the outcome in his hands. Still, it's tricky, and awkward, and none of it makes me feel good inside.

Had to walk to work again, for lack of parking money, and I am working on overcoming my fear of heights by singing loudly all the way across the bridge. This morning I had hit the high notes of "Cowboy" when a bicyclist came past me with a big grin on his face. Now I am sitting at my desk BUSTing, b/c my supervisor isn't in yet, and I finished with the files yesterday, but I can't start the new project without her direction. I can't believe I'm being paid to BUST!

Tonight is coffee house night, which means I'll be home and to bed late, then back here tomorrow during the day, and THEN I start my clothing store job at 5:30! At least I won't have time to sit and stew....
Hey Doodle!

At this point, I'd say there isn't much you can do. If banjoboy isn't going to do anything about the situation, there isn't much you can do. Unless you want to force him, but I think that would make him even more defensive and defiant, not to mention the resentment that he would be feeling.

It's a tough one, I used to want things resolved, and it's hard to just sit back and rock back and forth on your heels.
I agree with CH, doodle. I think you have done all you can about the situation with banjoboy. Until he comes around, seems things won't change. You have a long day tomorrow! 1st day at the clothing store? Nice!

I am feeling more confident, doodle. I think the hospital is a great setting for learning. When I first started, I would be nervous if I did not know much about the case, but that's just how it is there, so I've gotten much better at just jumping on in. I think I'm starting to use the methods more effectively too.
Hiya kari and CH!

That's great to hear about your counselling prowess, kari! I think I always felt nervous with someone new, no matter what the setting, so that's just don't know what to expect or how you're going to connect with them. It's great you've had time to grow into what you are doing.

Yeah, like I said, I'm having to resign myself to leaving it in banjoboy's hands. The gay ex-priest and I agree he seems to be in self-destruct mode right now - I have a suspicion he and guitarboy will be evicted, nothing to do with guitarboy, but b/c banjoboy is consistently late with his share of the rent, and has no more chances to squander. In truth, I think he has a weed problem - he can't seem to pull back from it like everyone else; he has to have it. That's where his money goes. I've no doubt that's where my money went. That's probably why my letter was the way it was...I very much understand the addiction perspective, not only from my old work, but from inside the family, and I believe in at least taking a shot at reaching out....anyway. 'Nuff said.

I am listening to the Dixie Chicks....I am thinking of doing "Everybody Knows" tonight instead of "Jamming Me"....not sure yet. Not sure I want to do an "angry" song, though people are bound to love it. I'll try both at home before I go and see which is better. Yeah, for sure no one's going to fuck up music for me! Even if I do lose some of my jammers. I am thinking of inviting that geeky-cute banjo player to jam with hippiegirl, singergirl, and I....but only if he's learned my Dixie Chicks song!

This morning I put together conference packages, and now I am working on the layout for a printed personnel directory.
Is this work day ever going to end????

sooooooooooooooooo boring.

That's too bad that the boys will be evicted, but seriously how hard is it to cut back on weed? I sued to smoke a lot, after a while I got sick of feeling like I was in a perpetual haze. It can be rather dreadful.

I think you should go the route of something angry!!

Kari, that's excellent that you feel so comfortable at the hospital now!
I think it is hard for some people to cut back on weed - it's supposed to not be physically addictive, but I think it CAN be psychologically addictive for some folks. Banjoboy has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, though I'm not sure how much I believe in some of those DSM IV labels, particularly some of the "personality disorder" ones - I think lots of professionals are wayyyy too quick to box in a person like that. He also comes from an abusive father and a mother who has been completely absorbed in her "church" (new age-ish spiritual centres) for at least a decade now, and he hasn't really dealt with any of that, except a little bit in conversation with me or the gay ex-priest - he is only 20. Anyway, for whatever reason, I think he's probably been self-medicating for years. That's why my heart just goes out to him so much, and also why I know if I have to let go, then I have to.

I am trying to stretch this task out as long as possible, but I'm almost done....

....and my tummy is growling!
I see, if there are some potential escape issues and mental health issues, than that is certainly a different situation. Not that I'm the sanest of people, but I didn't come from an abusive home.
Cube-mate has tacos for lunch, and they smell SOOOOOO friggin' good....all I have is a cheese sandwich and an apple. Although the cheese sandwich IS made with sunflower seed's still not the same. sad.gif I want to steal his taco.

I did come from an abusive home, with addiction issues involved, but different people = different trauma outcomes. Some people seem to bounce right back from trauma, and some people are fucked up for life. Even people with identical childhoods. Nobody really knows what makes the difference. But I also totally identify with banjoboy b/c of his past....not that I was a weed addict, but I was pretty screwed up in my early 20s and made a lot of mistakes of my own, and was ashamed of them, and angry at the world. I sometimes think the women's centre is what saved me. I guess with the situation between me and banjoboy, I keep trying to think of what might have made a difference with me, and trying those things, like the letter. (It's no coincidence that a lot of that letter was written in my mom's voice!!)
I think one of the big things here, is that boys, from a young age, are taught not to talk about their feelings. Differences in socialization.

And like you said, everyone deals with things differently. It seems that banjoboy doesn't really have any strong supports in place.

mmmmm tacos!

Where the hell has poodle been lately? and what about catsoup?

I guess it's just you and me Doodle. Not that I have a problem with that. but now I also want tacos.
M'kay, I dragged this job out for as long as I could, but it's done and on the printer.

Tacos. Yes. Mmmm.
Crap. I'll be happy when this work day is over. People are driving me batty.
Hello Okayers! It's been a while since I've been on Bust. I miss the awesomeness of you women, though. For some reason, I'm suddenly motivated to post a little, once again.

~~~waving hello~~~~~
Now I'm doing stickers....their file system is set up like a doctor's office, with the numbered stickers on the sides of the's kind of fun....

Hiya yummy!
Hi ya'll! I'm SO exhausted today, and very glad to have some soup in the fridge so I don't have to cook tonight. Whew.

Doodle, ROCK ON tonight, my dear!!! Leave all the frustrating baggage behind, and be the fabulous musician that you are tonight!

Kari, that is so awesome that the counseling methods are really starting to CLICK! I remember when my BFF felt that exact same way....and 8 years later, she is an amazing social worker, and definitely the leader of her team.

Mox - well, turbomann wants to go to MI this weekend because two other couples are also crashing at his BFF's house this weekend....two couples that I distinctly dislike, so given the choice of people I don't like in my house, or sending turbomann off - away he goes! The timing just sucks on this one is all. His BFF is welcome here anytime, with his fiance - they're like you - I don't feel like I have to cook, clean or entertain when they come over. But honestly, I don't have the frame of mind to have houseguests right now, either - I'm too run down.

Yummy!!! Where ya been, woman?! We've always got a spot for you on the Okayland sofa, and we do so love it when busties come visit!
Hey-o! smile.gif

*Resolution and Rockin' Vibes for Doodle* RAAAAAAAAAAWRRRRRR!!

Heya Heya, Turbo, Culture & Yummy smile.gif

Mmmmmm...! TACOS!

Well, I need some BUSTie Vibes here about a level raise I should have gotten at the beginning of this month in my Carpentry Apprenticeship program. I was told last month that everything was clear and ready for me to become a 4th Period Apprentice at the start of this month. I even worked over 10 hours overtime this month, expecting to see some really fat paychecks, like over $1.50 more per hour. When my paychecks came, though, they didn't reflect the level upgrade, so I asked my local union hall about it, and they told me that they never heard anything about my upgrade, and I should call the training center. I'm pretty sure the lady I talked to on the phone was the same person who told me a month ago that everything was squared away. This time, I could tell that she was nervous to find out that it wasn't processed, basically that she forgot to process it. She even said, nervously, and twice, "I'm not sure why it wasn't processed yet." She then said that the best she could do was to process it now so that I would become 4th period at the beginning of next month. I was very civil with her and asked her if there were no way she could fix it, because the difference of a month is like $250 - $300 for me, plus a month of hours to go toward my next period raise after. I was being sure not to be too confrontational, though, because I'm likely going to have to deal with this person for the rest of my apprenticeship. She said nope! Nothing she could do.

Then I called my Union Local office back, and they told me to get in touch with someone who resolves stuff in the union and explain it to him, and I took that advice. He called the head guy at the Training Center, and now I've been working things out (very tactfully) with him. Even my own boss was supportive, telling me that he'd be happy to retroactively pay me 4th period rate. It's all down to that one lady who didn't want to admit she had made a clerical mistake and forgot to process my papers. I'm trying REALLY hard to let her off the hook easy, make as little fuss as possible, but just get it corrected, but it seems like everybody wants to do it the hard way. dry.gif Maye I'll give the lady at the office some macadamia nut cookies when this is resolved, since she's from Hawaii, like I am. If she wants to hold a grudge after macadamia cookies, I guess we're not going to be very buddy-buddy or anything.

Sorry for all the MEMEME.
lore, I've got a fair bit of experience with apprenticeship. Do you happen to have an apprentice steward? (it may not be published and you may need to ask the powers that be, directly), but it's their responsibility and their job to make sure you are treated fairly.

If you don't have an apprentice steward, do you have a JAC? (joint apprenticeship committee)??? * my experience they're more likely to not support apprentices, so this may be bad people to go to, actually. But you never know..

Or, if you're working for a contractor....apprenticeship pay scales, at least here, are MINIMUMS. I worked for one employer who, even though my apprenticeship had been extended (WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE) continued to pay me at the correct rate. I didn't even know I was extended till I went to a different contractor. I don't know that there should be anything KEEPING your employer from paying you your correct rate. But, I dunno other states and other trades.

Yeah. Apprenticeship can really suck, Lore. You definitely have my *pro-apprentice* vibes.

Doodle, make great music! And I love sunflower seed bread...especially with egg salad, for some reason. And LOTS of lettuce. Y'know, I don't think a person can consciously be smoking weed every day or even every several days and just quit without ramifications. I mean, I know it's not PHYSICALLY addictive, but people set into a routine and if weed's a part of it, it'll be have to come up with different things to do. Which can be hard. I just sort of grew apart from weed. I used to do it every couple days, then eventually it was every couple weeks, and now I'm down to every couple months.

Not that THATS good, mind you. I lurve smoking it, and I can't imagine NOT being able to light up if I want to. It's just that it doesn't come up as often as it used to.

*I should prolly smoke more, actually, cause the batch I have is getting pretty dry and dusty! Does anybody know how to refresh it?????

*waves at Yummymum*....nice to meet you!

Thanks, Tree smile.gif
Well....guess who got herself a jam date with the banjo player? wink.gif

He's gonna need a nickname, though. I can't very well call him banjoboy. Suggestions? He's kind of nerdy, but in a really sweet way, plus he's got a cool, comfortable-with-himself vibe, a good energy, and is really cute to boot - tall, lean, short dark hair, dark brown eyes, glasses. I guess I'll call him S. for now - it's his first initial. And yes, he learned my Dixie Chicks song. tongue.gif

banjoboy was there with his gang of young friends, but didn't talk to me all night. We were like two strangers. He didn't have a hostile vibe or anything - he just ignored me, even when we were a foot apart. guitarboy came for a little while, and seemed glad to see me - we did talk a bit, but we never talked about anything serious or in depth - it's impossible to have real conversations at a busy place, especially with banjoboy nearby. But yeah, guitarboy's still all good with me....his phone got cut off though! Which is why I couldn't reach him. drummerboy was till good with me too. No idea what's going on in banjoboy's head, or what's been discussed, but everybody's moving on in this new way.

SRG wasn't there, but jamgirl - his sister - seems to have gone off me a bit, so I've no idea what they've talked about. TFB, I'm moving on. Let them talk away.

Let's talk about S. then. He learned my song, and we went to practice in the back before our turn at the open mike - he picked up one of the other songs I was going to do (Blue Rodeo!!!), so we wound up performing two songs together, which was really cool! There was a really nice, easy energy between us when we were in the back, chatting and playing. After we finished working out the songs, before we went on, I just said, "You know my friend hippiegirl? We jam, you should come jam with us." And he was all into it, but the only date I could work out with all three schedules is a week-and-a-half away, so I just suggested he and I jam sooner, by ourselves, and he was all into that, too. So we exchanged numbers, and I promised to call him Sunday night so we can jam Monday or Tuesday evening at my place. Seriously, it was that easy. biggrin.gif But now I have to clean my apartment.

S. hung around me most of the night, made an effort to make conversation with my friends, got up and jammed on the bass after I suggested it, and seemed eager to do whatever I wanted. Into me - yes or no? wink.gif Also, he reached out and wiped a smudge off my face at one point, when we were standing outside talking by ourselves. Hmmm. We got talking quite a bit - turns out he used to work in non-profit NGOs, too....he worked with the Foodshare program in Toronto, but now he's here working for the city planning department. He's 31. And he not only plays banjo, but played bass in a band, and also plays piano and sings. Anyway, we'll see where this leads. I don't know. I could see it, maybe.

One guy - a fiddle player, an older guy - tonight told me that my voice was "dee-lish-iss." And he complimented me on how I really know how to use my breath, which felt awesome to hear. And yeah, we totally reggae'd "Ramble On" (with S. on bass) and it was AWESOME! Plus I got to use one of the other guitarist's electric....
Good morning!

Doodle, I am really happy things went well last night. Is S the same as banjoboy? The one across the hall? Am confused. I think it is good that SRG wasn't there, but it does really stink that his sister was acting different. Fuck 'em.

~~~~~vibes for lorewolf!~~~~~ They'd better give you what you deserve! That sucks that the lady wouldn't admit her mistake. People are not typically nearly as upset if others admit the mistakes & apologize. Your comment about macademia cookies made me giggle.

Jenn, I think sending turbomann off instead of having those people in your house is definitely the right choice. Let him hang with them & you can chill at home alone.

Hi Tree!

Hi CH!

I know, poodle has been missing lately. And catsoup has been missing for forever! I miss Tes, Puppykitty, and kel too. Diva hasn't been around much either.

Hi Yummy!! Good to see you! I hope you hang with us for a while!

Things are good here today. I was on time to work. That's a good start. I went to a tough sculpting class last night, am a bit sore. But in a good way. After that I went home, had a conference call with my college girlfriends to try to plan our annual trip. Got off the phone, watched PR, took a shower, and hopped in bed.

This week has gone by quickly. I'm happy tomorrow is Friday!
Good Morning!!

Yummymum, it's good to see you in here! I know it was your birthday a while ago, but I hadn't seen you in a long time, so Happy Belated Birthday now!!

Turbo, I think you made a good decision. If you're not up to it, then don't force yourself, especially when the people involved are dips.

Lore, I'm so sorry that this work crap is going down. That's really great that your boss is willing to pay up though! Sometimes, one does need to kick up a fuss, though. I can understand one not wanting to either though.

Tree, I've been keeping mine in a jar in the freezer. I actually used my vapourizer last night. I'm not too into the weed thing anymore. I'm so tired today. Mind you, I also didn't sleep that well. I feel burnt out.

Doodle, it sounds like everything went fantastically last night!!!! Yay on the compliment from the gentleman! And a new friend perhaps??? As for banjoboy, I don't think he knows what to think. Now SRG's sister is being a prat? Fuck them all. Well, not literally.

I worked out last night, only did upper body, no cardio, wasn't in the mood. I'm beat today. I want the weekend to be here.

ETA: Hey Kari!

Good morning....JUST got up (like 3 minutes ago) and I was driving by but had to answer kari....NO, the banjo player (S.) is NOT the same as banjoboy! EEK! You see why I need a nickname for S....

....okay, I have to go make coffee and wake up, and then get ready. Will post proper responses when I get to work.
oh! Ok, doodle. Like I said, I was really confused there. In that case, yay for hanging out with banjoboy #2!

Hey CH! I second wanting the weekend to be here. Count me in on that. The week has gone by fast, but it has also worn me out.

What are people's weekend plans? I can't remember if I already talked about mine or not. If I have, I apologize for the repetition.

Tomorrow evening I am meeting a coworker & her friend at a Mexican joint by my house. After that I'm probably gonna chill at home. Saturday day...not sure yet. Saturday night I am meeting some gals out for dinner & then we are going to a show. Sunday, have the hospital & I may go by my mom's that evening. That's all I got.
I think I'll keep it low key again this weekend. Will go visit my Dad on Sunday. I think I'll see him on a weekly basis. Spend some time with him. aside from that, no idea yet.
Okay, I'm here at work, again, awaiting my supervisor's arrival for direction. The problem, I think, is that I work too fast. How am I gonna fix that? wink.gif

Hiya CH and kari! Seems like it's been mainly us in here the last while - where's all the other Okayers!??

I keep my green herb in the freezer also, in a baggie or two inside a ziploc plastic container....but I'm told by the young herbal experts that you can put a piece of fruit in with it to re-moisten it, and it will also give it a bit of a fruity flavour.

My weekend plans are to catch up on sleep! And also to clean my apartment, now that there's a cute BOY coming over! Hee!

This morning I have one of those curious feelings of, like, being surprised with a present that I totally wasn't expecting. I am wearing a puzzled smile.

Besides that, I am sooooo tired this morning. And it's a two-shift day. Have to go home and change my clothes/do my hair before the clothing store job, as I kind of look like the morning-after-the-night-before this I opened up a container in the fridge this morning, thinking it contained something else, and it was leftover wine I was saving to cook with! I spilled it ALL over the place, including a little on me. I got cleaned up, but I sure hope I don't smell like it.
My supervisor just came by to let me know the temp agency had called to see how I was doing on timelines, because they have ANOTHER assignment for me that would start Monday! So I might finish up early here, since I'm pretty well done with the files anyway. So I guess I'll find all that out when I get home today. This is all working out brilliantly!

This week has actually been pretty good, leaving aside the stuff with banjoboy. New job, new temp assignment, new "date"....
Mmmm fruity weed! I'm totally going to have to try that.

That is great about work Doodle!!!

Doodle and new boy sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Sorry, I couldn't resist!!!!

I went and bought me some new jeans today. they are more of a wide leg and look great!! CH is looing mighty fine, yay for muscle definition.
Aw bummer, it's not a new assignment after all - the temp agency was just seeing where I was at in terms of finishing the work so they'd know about my availability....

Still, I don't feel too bad. I've got lots of stuff going on already!

Yah, I actually am thinking of k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Hmmm. And it's still totally surprising.

Congrats on the new jeans! I'll bet your ass looks totally HAWT!
Hubba Hubba! Doodle, I hope you lay one on him. Yes!

I have a long day too, if that makes you feel any better.

Your jeans sound snazzy, CH. Where did you get 'em? I would like to get some wide leg trousers or jeans.

I know, we three are the only Okayers hanging a lot lately. What gives? Where are our peeps?

I am starting to get into a cranky mood. I plan on going to Starfucks in a little bit to get a soy latte. That should help. Have to work tonight, need a boost.
i'm here! just don't have a whole lot to chat about lately. hi!
Doodle, what exactly are you thinking of kissing on him?? laugh.gif Sorry, again, I could not resist!

Hey Kari! The jeans are silver jeans, got them at an independent store here. They sell them less than other retail outlets. They are amazing jeans. And the company is homegrown, headquartes are based out of Winnipeg!

Hey Mox!

the jeans, I'm so happy, all my working out is paying off. I'm getting back down to size 6 territory again. I don't work out to loose weight though, I work out so I can have muscles! I love the definition of the woman on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers!

only a little while longer...

Hmmm...there is wine on the edges of the sandwich I was building this morning when I opened the wrong container and spilled it everywhere....ironically, it's a cheese sandwich. Tastes....interesting.

Supervisor just told me, secretly, to GO SLOW. She wants to stretch out the work, too, without alerting the executive director that I'm done and could finish this assignment early. Hey, like it's my fault I work fast. So I'll just keep BUSTing! tongue.gif

CH, I haven't tried the fruity herb, but I'm assured it's quite nice, especially with a piece of pear.

kari, is it one of your evenings at the hospital today?

Hiya mox! How's the bambino today?

Listening to U2 today....

Anyone come up with any BUST nicknames for S. yet?
she's great, i think! we'll see in 1/2 hour when I pick her up. A growing little lady, my kidlet. SHe's really all I want to brag about, anyway. This morning, she decided on 2 different stripped patterns (tights and skirt) because "stripes better". Like, more stripes are better! hehe. That, and she's figured out that if she just says "please," i'm like 99% gonna give her whatever she asks for. "More chocho. Please, mama, more." Oh, ok. You're only young once. And, we braided her hair b/4 bed for the first time last night. Again, at her request. Ok! Little girl=dressup/hairmodel. There are great things about being a mom. hehe.
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