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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ooh! Two small revisions came back from the board to the entire training manual I was working on. It won't take me long, but I'd better go do it, so I can say the thing was finished before I disappeared mysteriously into the night....
Hi, peeps!

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I just finished reading the archives since last Friday, which took me the last 2 days.

(((((((((CH))))))))))) Sorry about the grad school situation and your dad being sick. My dad has diabetes, too. It's the adult onset kind and he has an insulin tube stuck permanently in his chest.

Happy Belated Birfday, Tree!

Moxie, color me jealous with the Bon Jovi concert. They were my obsession until 8th grade, when I discovered Queen. I still like them, though, even though they've gone a little vanilla.

FJ, your boy sounds so adorable! I love when kids first figure out how to move themselves around. Pretty soon, you'll be running to catch up to him and be digging for the remote control he hid somewhere. He's got a lot of teeth! 8 of them already? Oy. Must be rough on the little kiddo.

Hi, Kari! Was the movie good? I'm deciding if I want to see it or not.

Jami, why is lamex giving your friends the staredown? What a schmuck. I hope your lawyer can get him noted as being dangerous. Even if he hasn't done anything yet, it sounds like he might. I feel a little sorry for him, his self-esteem must be really low for a Big Man.

Hi, Jenn! I'm glad you're feeling better. Your peanut sauce recipe sounds amazing. One of these nights, I want to make that to pour over some plain white rice. It's kind of making me crave pad thai right now, even though they're not the same.

I've been pretty busy and wrecked the last few days. We had a pretty busy weekend of visiting the giant's family, and Poodle and I went to see Juno on Saturday and hang out. It's been awhile, so it was fun. I blew a wad of cash at the new Lush store at MOA. I got myself a jelly soap that I'm anxious to try out. We had Monday off, which I spent 18 hours of making the scrapbook/photo album for the lady at work who just retired yesterday. It turned out really cool. I did a floral theme throughout, with some handmade 3D flowers I made myself with decorative paper and fancy brad fasteners, and I framed most of the pictures with ribbon, which is what took so damn long. If I ever do this again, I'm not doing it for free. Sitting for that long wrecked my back, and fighting with 2-way tape for a good 12 hours gave my arms a hell of a workout, they're still sore today. I didn't go to sleep until 3:15 am on Monday morning. The giant was so sweet last night - he cleaned all my scraps up for me so we could take a long nap together, then made us supper. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Ahhhh....home! But not for long...promised I'd drive the gay ex-priest around this aft.

Hiya diva! Your flower project sounds COOL! Do you have any photos you can post?

Well, I'm done at the insurance/investment office! I gave them a thank you card this morning (for being such wonderful folks and making me feel part of the team), an art card I had from the women's centre's microlending project...I figured it was the most appropriate! And the OM gave me a little gift before I's a lovely little scented oil burner from the Body Shop, with cranberry oil and some cranberry room spray too! I told her I hoped she'd think of me if they ever needed another temp, and she definitely is into it. I went around and shook everybody's hand, and said it was great working with them, etc. Got some hugs, including from the OM, and some asked me to come back and visit. Even got a hug from the office complainer....I think we are resolved. wink.gif And I told a few of them about my coffee shop nights, so that's all cool. Not hard to leave, though....I don't feel a single smidge of regret over not getting the permanent job.

Also, my new friend the bank teller and I exchanged numbers and we're going to go for coffee....maybe even lunch, if I get a gig where our schedules work out. She told me this hilarious story today - last night some guys were trying to break into her car, and she started chasing them and screaming like a trucker, and trying to get pics of them on her cell phone, while she was still running after them! I adore her already. biggrin.gif

I'm gonna go practise the guitar part on "Cowboy Take Me Away" before I have to go back out! I'm a wee bundle of nerves inside....if SRG isn't there tonight, I'll be terribly disappointed. wink.gif I'll let you all know if anything develops! *serious blush*
Good Evening!

Diva, that's an insane amount of work. Wow. That is really sweet of the giant to do that for you.

Doodle, REPORT after the evening!!! I'm glad that the OM gave you a gift and everyone was nice.

So, who is going ot watch the eclipse tonight?? It's freezing here, but I'm going outside periodically to check it out.
Diva, I totally get the peanut sauce/pad thai connection...its the salty/sour/sweet/spicy balance thing. Since I've been stress-sick the last couple weeks, and now getting my appetite back, I've been craving thai/asian food, and salty stuff in general. My first "real" meal on Sunday was pad thai from my fave joint - and its really peanutty. Mmmmm.

Doodle, I love your new friend already, too! That is awesome that she chased those thieves away! And it sounds like you had a nice last temp day at that gig - you must've made quite a nice impression on them between your hair and positive persona....those investors probably really needed to good energy you brought to the office!

((((good performance vibes))))) (((((((SRG vibes)))))))

Oh, and I found my hair genius - YAY! I found her email addy, and she wrote me back right away - she just changed salons again - where she was at was really fucking her over. I shudder to think what its going to cost me now, as she's in an even swankier part of town. Oh hair vanity is worth it - and for three cuts a year, I can swing it.

CH, I was just going to come in here and announce the lunar eclipse - get out there and look, bitches! Last one until 2010! Its only about a 1/4 of the way there right now.
Awoooooooooooo! smile.gif

Heya BUSTies! I hope you're enjoying the lunar eclipse. It's cooooool!

Sorry I've been away for so long. I miss you guys!
Happy Boifday, Tree!

Have I ever told you that at one point (before my 'Wolf-dom), when asked what my favorite animal was, I would reply, "Can I claim 'tree'?"
Well kiddos, I think my good day energy ended with the lunar eclipse, almost to the minute. In fact, we kept going outside the coffee house to watch it.

First, I will say that I looked fucking hot tonight. Yes.

Second, I will say that it appears SRG is giving his relationship another chance.

Thirdly, I will say that SRG could not look me in the eye all night.

Fourthly, I will say that two people can indeed communicate entirely through music, and tonight, he communicated resistance and I communicated anger.

I don't know how to explain that. You're all going to think I sound like a nut, or maybe trying to see something that's not there, but because we're both the same kind of musician, and after being so enthralled with his sounds for so long, I feel like I understand his music-making, and I heard what was there. And I felt exactly what I was putting into my own songs - even though I completely didn't mean to put what I put out there. It's not in the choice of songs, it' the way you play your instrument, in the rhythm, in your voice, in what you give to the song...I can't explain it, I just don't know how. It's not even like I've had time to process the evening in the thinking part of my brain - it's just that the music was so immediate, that the entire experience is....a "musician's sense," I guess. Sounds weird or maybe even arrogant, but I can't help but feel it, way down deep where no words exist.

So I'm not gonna dwell on that right now. Showtime rundown.

Me: black jeans, new semi-sheer black/blue top, black leather boots, new 'do, big silver hoop earrings, art glass pendant, turquoise cuff bracelet. I kept the black jean jacket on for open mike, because I felt uncomfortable at first, but I doffed it for the jam without fear of the sheer. wink.gif I only got to do 2 songs for open mike, b/c it was running into jam time, so I chose to drop "Cowboy," since I'd already planned "Dancing in the Dark" and 2 songs in that particular theme was just too many for me - particularly that song. So I did Van Morrison's "And It Stoned Me." Both songs were awesome, by the way. With the jam, I did "Ramble On" again, which was even more awesome than last time, especially because we had horns for that one. But I tried the Bonnie Raitt song and apparently that is wayyyyy too many chord changes for a jam. I really think it was fucked up, and the band kept going off, and I could barely hear myself. So I went with my Blue Rodeo stand-by for the last one, to "rescue" it, which it did, thank goddess. Also, I played SRG's guitar again - I asked. (Nope, he didn't even look me in the eye then.)

I drove banjoboy home, and drummerboy had planned to stay overnight there, so we jammed until, I had planned to come home and go to bed, but I knew I needed it. It kind of made up for what I felt wasn't a great night, not just in terms of SRG, but in terms of fucking up the jam with a poor song choice, and also in terms of putting so much anger into my music tonight. (But my "Ramble On" was kind of a "fuck you, I kick ass" anger - well, all of them were, really, but especially that one - so it was still the most awesome number in, like, ever.) Drummerboy is soooo young - 17, and apparently used to date BFFdottir (small town) - but soooo awesome on the rhythm. In our living room jam, he played the djembe, and banjoboy played the bass and also a bit of harmonica.

Drummerboy's rhythm changes my voice in awesome ways! It totally puts a new rhythm into my singing style, and we did some really amazing and new things with some of my favourites. He's going to come up and play percussion for me at open mike as well as the jam. Plus, we tried this new version of "Ramble On"....REGGAE style! So! Fucking! Brilliant! And my voice - holy shit!! We talked about jamming it next time, to blow people's minds - that's how brilliant the whole thing was! But I'm a bit nervous about that - I don't know if I want to reggae up a song - nevermind that song - in front of SRG (aka reggae-man) next time. I can't explain my reasons without explaining all the above stuff, and it's just too late to have to try to put it into left-brained words, because then I'll have to process it, which I can't do right now.

A banjo player who really wants to play with me pledged to go away and learn any song I want, so I said "Cowboy," half a key lower from the recorded version, and he's agreed. That ought to be interesting. I think he "likes" me (evidenced by his eager embracing of the Dixie Chicks, and in a weird key, among other things like....I dunno, hanging around me a damned lot), but honestly, after the whole vibe thingie with SRG, I'm still doing the comparing and not feeling what I want to feel when I meet someone now.

Sorry this is sooooo long and MEMEME, but you wanted the report, right? That is the report. And yeah, I'm okay. Not upset. Maybe b/c I got the anger out in the music, plus had a great living room jam with new vocal stylings to lift my spirits. If it's there, it's there, but I ain't gonna waste my life on hoping.

Fuck, I gotta go to bed....don't want to show up late on the first day of the new assignment! Will check back in tomorrow - I'm taking the entire day after work to myself at home, no people.

Turbo, did you enjoy the eclipse last night? I was in and out of the house, then it was just too cold.

Hey there Lore!! Come back!!!!!!!!

Doodle, I'm so sorry about SRG. ((((((Doodle)))))) I totally understand one communicating one's feelings through music. It's an incredibly powerful tool and mode of communication. That outfit is HOT!!!
Interesting that SRG couldn't even make eye contact. Hmmmmm. Very interesting indeed.

Well, what can I tell you, turns out the cop is doing exactly to me what I'm doing to him, but his pool is restricted to one other person, where mine is, uhhhh, a little larger. This is fine with me. I have to admit I'm feeling a little smug, though, as I'm 12 years younger than him, and the other one is not, she's got a few kids, too... I do have to admit that I feel bad for her though, because she most certainly doesn't know about me. He, I suspect, knows about my others, and while he's not dating her, she appears to be a little naive. I like her too, she's a sweet woman. It wouldn't surprise me if she had feelings for him.

My dad is on a one month sick leave, and I spoke with him last night, he seems to be doing okay so far. He's on anti-depressants, I don't know what, I didn't ask, just aksed him how he wa feeling.

Did a killer workout yesterday, another hour and a half.

That's pretty much all, still emotionally exhausted.

ooooh, my theme song is one.

Good Morning!

((doodle)) So sorry to hear about SRG & his relationship. That really stinks. sad.gif Sounds like you rocked the mike though, I must say! And your outfit sounds HOT! I hope he knows what he's missing, and from the sound of things, he does. You got a nice send off from the temp job, it sounds like. Very cool.

Hi CH! Are you feeling better? You sounded really down yesterday. Sorry to hear about your father. I hope he makes it through this ok. I did not know you were still seeing the cop!

Hi Diva! Good to see you! Wow, you worked hard on that scrap book! I am sure it is really lovely and the lady really appreciates it. I can't believe how late you got to bed Monday night. Were you a zombie on Tuesday?

Jenn, woo woo! For finding your hair gal! yessssss! So glad you are feeling better, physically.

LORE! Come baaaaaaack! I miss you!

I am kinda crabby today, but I can't put my finger on why. It was my turn to walk the dogs this morning & they were being irritating. And then I was kind of short with Mr K. And I was late to work. But! The day is looking up, as both officemates are out today. Sweet, sweet silencio.
Hey Kari!

I'm doing better, still have moments of feeling a little down. Cop is still in the picture, and I'm still getting portions from him, among others. Wow, that sounds kinda whorey. Ahhh well.

sorry you're feeling a little cranky. I think it's the time of year. The February Funk.

ETA: The supervisor I'm working for right now gave me a stress slinky because of what's been going on lately. Awww, that's so sweet of her. Now I'm playing with it. Obsessively.
Good mornin' everybustie!

CH, I definitely enjoyed the eclipse last night, and sat down by the lake for awhile when it was full, and then one of the families that lives in my building came down, and watched with me, and we had a cool conversation about pagan stuff, which was very cool. Nice to know there are like minds about, and I never would have expected it of these folks.

Doodle, I totally understand feeling the energy you and SRG were putting out there last night through your music. And to be able to communicate that way through your pretty amazing. That's sad that SRG is giving the old relationship another shot, but I'd also say that there's something deeper going on with your connection, and going back to an old relationship might just be the hip check he needs to get it out of his system before he can really move on. I'm totally guessing here, of course, but if you're meant for a real partnership with SRG, it will happen, I am sure of it.

And I'm at home today, taking the comp day I was supposed to have last friday - YAY! In classic style, I still have *some* work to do today, but not 9 hours, and I feel well enough to get some things done around the house, so that's good.

AND, its turbomann's birfday!! YAY! We have dinner plans with our whole group of friends tomorrow night, but I think we'll go out to dinner tonight, too...I'm in a celebratin' mood!

Kari, I hope your mood improves - I'm sure having the office to yourself will help!
Turbo, you actually got to sit outside??? I'm soooooo jealous, given that is so cold here, and couldn't enjoy that. I had to get bundled up to go out. Hmmmph.

HAPPY BIRFDAY to Turbomann!!!

That's good that you mostly have the day off, today.
Well it was about -5F last night, so it was pretty damned cold here, too - but at least it wasn't too windy....I wasn't going to miss the eclipse because of cold! I put on my down parka, and took a down comforter out with me, and sat on the patio on the lake. It was marvelous.

WOoT! My conference call this morning got cancelled - YAY! I'm freeeee!

....And I've got laundry in the dryer already, TWO pots of chicken stock simmering on the stove, and its snowing big, fluffy flakes outside my window - this is my kind of day!
Turbo, it sounds like you are going to have a fantastic day!!!

It's also warming up here. WOOHOO!
Happy Birthday, Turbomann! I think 2 nights of celebrating sounds wonderful.

Jenn, glad you are getting your comp day!

((CH)) I am glad you are feeling a little better. The stress slinky is a good idea.

Well, scratch being in the office alone. One office mate came in. He was out sick the past 2 days, so I gues he had some stuff he had to come in to do. He is supposed to be working from home today.

And now I found out I have to go home at lunch to let the dogs out. Mr K and I both will be gone til 8:30 or 9 tonight. Gonna let them out & feed them. Debating not coming back after that. I work downtown so it's a real pain to leave during lunch. Parking lot is about 15 mins away. Which is not a lot, except when you have an hour lunch break. Maybe I will just leave early for the day, around 2. Meaning I can really leave at 1, if I take my lunch from 1 to 2. Hmmm. Something to ponder....

Happy birfday, Turbomann! How old are you now?

Sorry, Doodle, no pics to post, not that I even know how to post them. I wouldn't, anyway, since I doubt my coworkers would want pictures of themselves online.

Kari, I vote that you go home early for the day. If anyone needs a couple hours rest, it's you.

Jenn, I'm jealous of your day off. I'm thinking of taking a sick day next week to hang out and do nothing, although I'll probably go shopping since I'll have some spare cash by then.

We watched the eclipse last night, too, for a few minutes. Fortunately, we could see it clearly out our bathroom window. It wasn't as red as I would have thought, but I did see a rusty aura to it. Pretty cool.

(((((((((CH))))))))) I hope things normalize for you soon.

Hi, Lore and anyone I missed!

I have MRG cramps. They started exactly one minute ago. At least I had a good mind to come to work prepared for them.

Not much doing around here today. Just a boring old day of work, then to the gym afterwards. I'm feeling like my old self again, no more aches and pains or tiredness, so that's good. We didn't do anything last night besides eat dinner and watch the PR reunion, which kinda sucked. There's going to be a party in a little bit for a coworker who is getting her citizenship this week. She's from South Africa and has the loveliest accent. She'll be another Democratic vote, so that makes me happy. She's really excited to vote for the first time.


The Bon Jovi concert fucking ROCKED. 3 straight hours, NO BREAK. Those guys are just consummate performers. We were surrounded by people our age and older, so we didn't even feel out of place. Its been a LONG while since we've been to a big arena concert. Just so much fun! And the kidlet enjoyed her grandparent time, as always. This morning, she said "hi mom. Papa k?" (Papa K is what she calls my dad). SHe was really bummed that he wasn't there too!

Today, I had the greatest lunch with a potential client. I just feel great about myself and my work when I'm out and about. I need to do that more often.


Tree, SORRY, late birthday HUGS!

So, at the Bon Jovi concert, we got an insite into the inspiration for my all-time favorite song, "Wanted Dead or Alive." JBJ was musing about meeting Bob Segar (who is from Detroit) at the previous night's basketball game. Apparently, they'd never met previously. At any rate, the story was that 25 years ago, Bon Jovi was first touring as a newbie band, and opened for Segar at a live-aid show. The next weekend, back in Jersey, they were inspired by Segar's "Turn the Page" and wrote "Wanted." Cool, huh? Moxieman then asked me whether, knowing that, I would think "Wanted" or "Turn the Page" was a better song. I honestly couldn't come up with a good answer. Thoughts?
Hiya all...

I am sitting here at my new desk, not understanding 9/10ths of what I am doing. It's basically helping the OM go through tons of research and other files and sort them out for data entry, which I also do. It's confusing - filing was always my least strongest suit at the women's centre. Bleargh. But it's a non-profit, so it's more "normal" here to me than the financial office.

Feeling kind of awful about last night after all. I just woke up with an awful feeling of, "You cold, cold bastard." I am angry at both of us. I am angry at him for treating me like that last night when I've done nothing; it's not like I ever made a pass or even winked at him or anything, whether he was in a relationship or not - all I ever do when I'm around him is enjoy his playing. And I'm angry at myself for somehow giving away far too many of my feelings, even before last night's anger, to this man....without ever having said a word. I have kind of a "fuck you, then" feeling this morning.

I'd better get back to this - will try to check in a bit later...
I vote for "Wanted," Moxie. Unless it's the Metallica cover of "Turn The Page," which would make it a toss-up. I've got to drag the giant out to another big arena show. The only one we've been to is Roger Waters, which is really more my thing than his, although he enjoyed it, too. But when In Flames comes around next time, we're so totally there.
"Wanted" is my hands-down choice, but I might be a bit non-objective. No other song, period, is as evocative as that one for me. Moxieman's point about the influential nature of "Turn the Page" puts it over the top for him, but I think the musical complexity and the anthem quality put "Wanted" on top.
Heey guys! smile.gif

Yeah, I've been feeling disconnected from parts of myself by not being here more. I think it's this job. It's got me drained both physically and somewhat emotionally. I have had some cool breaks from it, though, including hanging out with Goatie Girl and OtterMan and his family. The Otter and I have been really into those tiny remote-controlled airplanes lately for small doses of wheeeeeeeeee! I'm about to head out now to try out a tiny remote-controlled boat in a park duck pond with OtterMan and his daughter (The Otterling?).

Still sorely need to catch up with goings on here, though. I wanna cheer you all on smile.gif
Good Evening.

Kari, did you manage to squeeze away early this afternoon?

Hey Diva! How did your workout go? Your arm and stuff are all better from the mad amount of scrap booking?

Hey Mox! That is crazy they played for three hours straight?? That is a toughie, wanted or turn the page. I'm with Diva on this one.

Doodle, I'm know exactly what you are going through, I'm sorry. If I was with you, we'd smoke a fattie and listen to some of the tunes I have on my iPod. That or we'd watch Lewis Black or Russell Peters and laugh ourselves fucking silly.

(((((lore))))) I'm sorry work is making you feel less that stellar. Have a good evening!!

I talked to my dad today, he seemed distracted and disconnected. I know he's bothered by this. I tried to make him feel better, he did tell me he was glad I called. I want him to get better.

As for the complaint with the cop, I've been put in contact with the district inspector. This is going really high up. My my. I just want this officer to know that I don't resent him for the ticket, I just don't appreciate him talking to me like that. It's not like I'm selling drugs to small chidlren or putting needles in chocolate or or or...bah.

Did the usual dog walk and work out, work out was a good one. Now I'm going to watch SpongeBob SquarePants. Did you know the voice of Patrick Star is done by Dobber, the big oaf from Coach??? I learned that from Mental Floss.

Wow, what a useless tidbit of information!

Mox, you know I'm voting with you on "Wanted!" I love me some old school Jon Bon...and that man just keeps getting better looking, too. I'd totally take Jon now vs the big hair days when I first saw him in concert for Slippery When Wet. heh. I love that my fairy godmother took us to concerts we wanted to go to - way more fun that going with your parents!

(((((doodle))))) I hope this funk wither passes quickly, or that you use it to fuel your songwriting! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you at the new assignment, but I'm glad its a more "normal" environment for you.

Diva, I forgot to tell you - my secret to the stupid scrapbook crap I've had to do for work - they sell these 2-sided sticky tape tabs that come on a roll, with a good dispensing system, and it saves you soooo much time. I don't take naturally to the fussiness of scrapbooking, so I welcome the help of those little tabs. smile.gif

Well, I had an awesome two-hour nap this afternoon - I call that a great day-off success! And then I went to mentor the teenagers - wouldn't be a mentoring day if we didn't have to call the cops, I'm starting to think. This time a brawl broke out *inside* the computer clubhouse, instead of outside...stupid kids. And then I took turbomann out to a nice dinner for his birfday. A very nice evening. Oh, he's 31, BTW.
Hiya all....pardon the mememe in advance, but I just gotta do it. I'll be back to normal tomorrow, I promise. wink.gif

I'm feeling a little better. I was feeling really crappy by the time I got home from work, since I had about 3 hours sleep last night, didn't really connect with the new temp assignment very well (not the place, but the work itself), and spent the day mulling over the course of events with SRG. Then I took a 3 hour nap, where I had a bunch of weird, awful dreams (unrelated to SRG - in one of the dreams, hippiegirl and I were on the run from bandits in a post-apocalyptic landscape; in another, my landlady accused me of bringing "crackwhores" home and then threw a BIG rock at me - big enough it took her two hands to lift and heave it!).

I felt pretty bad when I woke up, but then I decided to find the Blue Rodeo song that best fit my feelings, since, as we all know, Blue Rodeo is the cure for everything that ails the doodlebug. tongue.gif Then I learned to play it (lots of complicated minor chord changes that sound cool against the melody) and ate some chocolate ice cream. I think I might do the song next open mike....which is definitely progress, b/c when I woke up, I was thinking of not going for awhile. That is indeed the power of Blue Rodeo.

I also tried the reggae version of "Ramble On" know, I'm thinking of jamming it at the coffee house anyway, despite having to do it in front of SRG (reggae-man). The fact is that it was drummerboy's idea to try it that way - it would never have occured to me - so I think that's all I have to say at the mike, to disconnect it from this whole other thing. Fuck SRG. It's a really cool version of the song (not to mention easier to play as reggae than the regular version), and I want to blow people away, plus I think maybe part of me secretly wants to show the world that I can both sing reggae and re-interpret songs better than him. Which is all true. cool.gif

I also need to spend my weekend finding some more "simple chord" songs for the jam. The guitar player who fucked up the Bonnie Raitt song with me was really good about it afterwards, and told me the joke is that the best jam song has only one chord! Don't know if I can pull that off, but I'll try to find something uncomplicated. He also assured me that as long as the lead singer "motors up to the mike and takes charge of the song, nobody really cares what the band does," and he said that I do that very well.

I'm kind of stuck alone in a back cubicle at the new temp assignment, doing boring work with boxes of files and a cataloguing program, so I think I might take my headphones tomorrow and get a real Blue Rodeo fix. The good news is, it's a casual environment in which I can wear jeans to work, so I don't have to iron my frickin' pants every night anymore! It is nice being in a non-profit environment, because it's so much more laid back than a business environment...but you know, I look around at the stacks of work overload and the ongoing funding difficulties, not to mention the stress of the staff, and I keep thinking, "Nope, I wouldn't want to be back doing this kind of stuff again."

Anyway, that is my mememe report. Hope it's all groovy. Will work on getting my cheerfulness back by tomorrow! I think a bunch of us might be jamming at my place tomorrow evening, including drummerboy. When I woke up from my nap, I didn't even want to do that anymore, but now I think it would be awesome, b/c I can't wait to try fucking up other songs with drummerboy's rhythm! biggrin.gif
Happy Friday.

Turbo, where'd you take the mister for dinner? Kids. Sigh.

Doodle, I'm glad you're feeling better and thinking fuck SRG. Yay for Blue Rodeo cure alls!!!! The new stuff you are practising sounds promising, too!

Well, PR boy and I texted each other last night, then I crashed, well I was asleep before, then he replied. I was beat last night. Now I'm back at work. But, at least it's Friday.

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Good Morning!

(((Doodle))) I know you are having a rough time. It sounds like things are getting progressively better for you though. I am really happy you are now planning on going back to open mike night. Screw SRG! He can't keep you from doing something you love so much. Sorry about the boring work today. How long do you think you will be working at this place? Are the people nice?

Hi moxie! I am glad you had fun at the concert! I vote for the Bon Jovi song, as I am not a Seeger fan.

Jenn, where did you take TurboMann for his dinner last night? And where are you guys going tonight w/ friends?

Hi CH! How is it going today?

I did indeed leave early yesterday. I was just feeling in a funk. I went home and chilled for about an hour or so. Worked at the hospital last night, it was pretty laid back. Mr K ended up coming home a lot earlier than he was going to, which made me really happy. He studied pretty late into the night & then got up again this AM and studied. Biology test this morning. I really really hope he does well. He has been studying his little butt off.

I am so so glad it is Friday! This week was short, b/c of Monday's holiday, but it felt long. I am going to see a movie tonight, which is my fav thing to do on a Friday night. Going to see Atonement.
Hey Kari.

I'm doing okay today. Had a bit of a bump last night, that was when I was texting my PR boy. He helped me get out of it, then I crashed super hard.

Let us know how Mr. K does on his test! he's been working really hard, I'm sure he'll do great!

*listens to crcikets chirp, watches tumble weed blow by*
Happy Friday, you skanky sluts in satan's service!

Hiya CH and kari! Where is everyone else this morning, I wonder?

I am sitting in my lonely little cubicle, going through the files and rocking out to Blue Rodeo. Got to have a chat with one of the guys on staff when I got in - he used to work in non-profit social services, too, and he finds this kind of non-profit environment (mainly paperwork and computer work) a lot more frustrating. He is one of only 2 men on staff - why are so many non-profit and social service staffers women? Oh, I know, because we think we're supposed to give and give and make less money doing it.

One really good thing I am getting from temping is getting to talk with people about their work satisfaction, which I think is going to be good for making my own career decisions in the long run.

The boys left a half-empty plastic bottle of rootbeer balanced on my doorknob this morning, so I was greeted by it falling off and startling me when I left for work. Must find a way to repay.
Doodle, I say you should dye a tampon red and hang it from their door.
OMG, CH!!! That made me laugh out loud at my desk - I'll get caught BUSTing for sure if that happens! tongue.gif That would be hilarious - even a plain white 'pon would freak them out totally.
Glad to be of service! hee.

This is completely uninteresting work, I must say. But it improves with Blue Rodeo (as most things do). And I've decided not to work at my usual extra-speedy pace, because I want it to last out the whole 2 weeks. Tough for me to "dumb down," but it's not like they're paying me the big bucks, either.

CH, what are YOU up to this weekend? I've been on a rollercoaster the last couple of weeks, me-self, between the Vagina Monologues, the coffee house, jamming, the job sitch, the whole SRG thing, so I hope for nothing more than to catch up on chores and make music.
Well, tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut then going out for lunch, so that'll be nice. In the eveing, I'm not too sure what's going on yet. After the week I've had, I don't know if I want to go out and forget, or stay at home and sleep.

One of my clients keeps on calling me, he's called at least 15 times today and left, I don't know, at least 7 messages. Then when I try to call him back, he's not there.
Well, apparently even going slowly on purpose, I am completing this task much faster than was expected. Huh. huh.gif But I still get 2 weeks work out of it, because it's basically contracted for already with the temp agency, so I might get to help the OM do some other stuff besides file cataloguing.

CH - maybe your client is one of those folks who won't answer his phone and then calls people back. I used to do that sometimes, before I had call display and there were people I didn't want to talk to - I'd just let it ring, then if they didn't leave a message (I had a machine then and I could pick it up), I'd check them out on *69 (call return).

Yay on haircuts!

I had a crazy lucid dreaming experience last night - it lasted for a long time and was really cool! I really want to do more lucid dreaming, get better control of those kind of dreams. I am actually getting better at it - I used to jerk awake out of them, because going into them feels like physically free-falling, and it used to scare me (thinking it was a falling nightmare), but now I can recognize the experience and sort of embrace it - or maybe it's that the falling (heights/falling = my greatest fear) is a signal to my brain that I'm dreaming, and my awareness and desire for control kicks in. Getting control over the content of the dream is a little more tricky - it requires mental focus, which isn't easy when you're asleep!

judge has entered his decree.

I'm divorced.

snoopy dance, everyone!!!

*cracks open champagne*
Doodle I was thinking that he's avoiding the calls then accusing me of not calling him back. Oh well.

YAY JAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

I'm going to get my hairs cut this afternoon and then I'm going to get laid. What is everyone else up to tonight?
Did anyone else notice that we okayers seem to do stuff at the same time? Hair cuts, shopping, periods. heh.
CONGRATULATIONS, JAMI!!! I am so glad the whole ordeal is over. smile.gif smile.gif Hope you plan on celebrating this weekend!

Minx! Who are you gettin' laid by? Do tell!

Doodle, I think CH's tampon idea is rad. Do it!

Ok Okayers...I asked about this in the bloody grrrrls thread, but maybe someone here can help. I'm on about day 9 of my MRG cycle. Noticed today a little bit of spotting. What the fuck? I never ever have bleeding in between MRGs. Am paranoid. Had HBI on about 3rd day of period w/ no protection, and on 4th day with protection. Help!
Jami, that is *just* the news I needed on this fucked up friday!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you have a grand celebration this weekend!

Kari, I've got no help for ya....I've been a chemically managed woman waaaay too long. I hope everything settled down there soon!

Doodle, I'm SO glad to see your positive change - truly Blue Rodeo is some fine medicine! I think Guster and Gaelic Storm are my new happy music. And WORD on all of us women who do "good" work for crap pay. I've had about enough of it.

I've half a mind to just up and quit this rotten job and temp for awhile. I think it would be an interesting excercise to temp around a bit, and see what kinds of jobs I might be qualified for, and poll staff at other companies for happiness quotient...but the mortgage holds me back, for now. I'm gonna start socking as much money as I can away, and come July, if I'm still stuck, then I should have enough financial cushion to just let fly, and jump ship. I need to have an end in sight to this madness, it gets more absurd by the day.

We got my boss to cry was REALLY pathetic, and totally unwarranted. We were just sharing our collective frustration at the overwork we're all feeling...and she cried, and said we were attacking her. WTF? And then my other coworker got called into asshole VP's office with our boss, and scolded for being such a bad employee, and blame her for our boss' breakdown. Cod, they act like we're all in kindergarten, and its their job to scold us.

I am jealous of all the new haircuts around here - mine is next friday, and it can't come too soon!
heh...flyby here, but we Okayers indeed DO do things at the same time, but I led the haircut thing, i got one on Feb. 14. Then, even though MRG visited on 02/02/08, she chose to visit again today. Less than three weeks. I swear it's got something to do with being forty.

Or I'm just synchronizing with the Okayers. That sort of sounds better. Maybe.

*happy snoopy dance for Jami*

Doodle, I love lucid dreaming, I wish I could do it more often! Kewl!

Lorewolf, what a, um, SCARY picture of a cat! But a great birthday wish too. Awww, trees are great to hug and great favorite animals.

Okay, back later. I may order a pizza tonight and just crash in front of the television. Maybe.
I got the clothing store job! I never even had to go up there to talk to the manager. I just got home, got the message, phoned back, and was told it was a done deal if I wanted it. Which of course I did. So I'm going to pick up the paperwork tomorrow! And the manager is totally open to flexing my schedule around my temp work....she was the one who brought it up. This is exactly what I wanted! YAY!!!

I wish I could stay online, but hippiegirl is coming over and we're going over to the boys' to jam....


And ohhhhhhh....50% off....think of all the CLOTHES I'm gonna be able to get!
son came in, he wants me to take he and friend snowboarding tomorrow. I told him that with me still getting over being sick, it's prob not a good idea. and, besides, I'm going out with friends tomorrow evening.
why he asked
to cellebrate
cellebrate what?
I'm divorced. (I had told him earlier this afternoon)
he stopped, taking this in. then he said, smiling - cool! I'm not legally related to my dad anymore!

had to share. this made me smile.

woot to doodle!!!!!!!!!!
I've been thinking of the haircut, which is something I *don't* do. MRG is just getting over. second one in five months.
hay there to kari and tree, and minx, and turbo and all the other loverly busties.
I could not have gotten thru this with out you all.
Good Morning.

Kari, I honestly have no idea. Let us know if everything is okay!

Turbo, that is absolutely rediculous about your boss. *shakes head*

Hey Tree!!!

Doodle, WOOT! That is great about the store! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

Hey Jami! (((((jami)))))

I did nothing last night, went to see the cop but he had to go to work, that situation is getting a little to weird for me. This morning off ot get my hair cut then having lunch. I'm feeling a little run down so I may just sleep tonight, I don't want to get sick again and I'm getting a cough, so resty for me.


Goooood Morning!

I am so happy I can hang with you guys on nights and weekends now! Yay for internet access!

Jami! I am so so happy for you. Is it tonight that you are going out?

((CH)) Don't get sick! Things with cop are getting weird? Are you thinking of cutting out?

Congrats Doodle! On getting the clothing store job! WOOT!

Jenn, I cannot believe your boss crying. Gaaaaaah. That is silly. It is sounding like some very bad work behavior.

Hi tree!

Yeah, I have no idea what is going on with the spotting. I think I am getting ready to ovulate. I did some research and apparently you can get spotting in btw periods sometimes for no reason at all. I would not doubt that my hormone levels are wacky, with the stress I have been under, just with the work schedule and Mr K going back to school and all that. I am just gonna assume everything is ok and wait and see.

George tried to wake me up at 7 this morning, by poking me on the bare upper arm repeatedly with a single claw. He was like, "Mom, Mom, you're gonna be late for work!" Too funny. Of course, then I went and woke up at 8 anyway. dry.gif

kari, I'm pretty sure some spotting is not abnormal, though if you've never had it before, I'd just make a note of it and let your doctor know the next time you see her/him. S/he can jot it down on your chart in case it later points to anything odd.

tree, maybe it's perimenopause? You can get that even in your thirties.

turbo, I can't believe your boss cried! WTF is with people taking work shit so personally? Gah! And so unprofessional. And how is it ever anyone's responsibility to "own" someone else's emotional response? Hello? BTW, temping doesn't have to be all short-term gigs like mine - at my agency, there are lots of longer-term gigs, like six months to a year (such as temping for maternity and medical leaves), that are a little more stable. It's just that I chose the short term stuff for my own sake.

jami, that's a cool story about your son! I laughed!

CH, why is the sitch with the cop getting weird for you? Details, girl!

Hiya minx!

Well, I jammed with hippiegirl and banjoboy, and also the young woman who sings - she needs a bustie nickname, let's call her....singergirl (I don't have anything better, sorry). singergirl is SRG's niece, and started telling stories about her uncle, which I just didn't want to hear, but I kept moving her along with music. wink.gif She has a lovely voice, but doesn't play an instrument, and is pretty young, so it's hard to find songs we both know (that I can play). We're going to try learning a couple of songs together so she can do open mike (she's too scared to do it by herself, without even an instrument), and I'll just play. I tried doing harmony, but it's really difficult to do when you're also trying to keep the entire song together on the guitar! But it might work out - we'd like to try "Landslide"...though she hates the Dixie Chicks! (Did I mention she is young?) She dug up the Fleetwood Mac version on YouTube, then dug up the Dixie Chicks version to compare how much she hated it (too "twangy")....but I remembered there was one of the Chicks WITH Stevie Nicks, which is a perfect blend of both versions, so I played that and she kind of backed down. tongue.gif This seemed to encourage her to allow us to come up with our own version. I think I'm going to try putting the Chicks' harmony to the Stevie Nicks version and see if that works for singergirl. (I'm totally gonna make a convert out of her.) We also figured out Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds," with harmony AND guitar, but then she told me it is SRG's band's signature piece, so I don't think I want to try it at the coffee house, at this time anyway.

(I've also got this really wicked version of "Oh Susannah"...if that guy who plays the banjo actually learns "Cowboy Take Me Away" for next week at the coffee house, I think I might also ask him to try "Oh Susannah" with me, because what better song for a banjo than that one? "Well I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee...." It would be a great sing-along for the crowd, too.)

Being around another singer is pretty cool, because I get to articulate all the changes my voice is going through. Stuff I've not thought about at a conscious level. I cannot BELIEVE how much my voice has changed over the last year, and it feels like I'm constantly making huge progress - every time I figure out something new, I'm convinced I've only JUST learned how to how taking my range higher has strengthened my diaphragm so I can tone down the vocal "power," and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Now I've reached the point of serious experimentation with what it can do, and I'm finding I have the ability to do stuff I only envied in other singers for decades. It's not only re-interpreting songs, but also kind of "jamming" with my voice as an instrument, just making stuff up within the song - not necessarily words, but different vocal sounds. It's really cool. I feel like my voice is the most amazing thing about me, and I'm trying to stay humble about it, but I feel absolutely fucking impressed with my own talent....which is not very humble! rolleyes.gif

On that note, I think I'm gonna go play some music! This afternoon, I'm going to go up to the clothing store and pick up my paperwork and work out my training schedule. YAY!
hello all. I'm not up to going out, so friends are coming here. boxes all over the place and all. that feels right. movies and a fire in the fireplace and popcorn. I'm really looking forward to tonight, now. out to the bars and outward festivities later on. I have got to get over this sickness and being so blasted weak. (passing the antibiotics)
I took son to his buddies house. I want to take them to the mountain, but physically I just can't do it yet. I wish one of the other parents would step up.
kari - spotting is normal, I think, too. like doodle said, make a note of it and let your doctor in on it the next time you're in.
I had a time when there were no periods for like three months at a time. (it has to be six before they announce 'menopause'). this went on for nearly two years. then I got regular, and now its happening again. I'm told it's stress. yup, got that too. duh.
CH - can you post a photo of the new do? love to see it. and what's up with cop?

love vibes goin out to the busties. 'coz we deserve it. (((busties)))
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