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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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((ch)) it goes on. yeah. words to live by.
mom had a saying - never take life so seriously. you'll never get out of it alive. that's my mom.
I'm in my pj's too. all day. woke up with a migrane. thought it was a bad headache. till I noticed it had been over six hours. the relpax took two hours to work instead of the twenty minutes. and now I'm exhausted. finally ate today, though.
Doodle - I'm with the others. you have a base with him. music. your complete love for music. talk to him on that comfortable level. then go on from there. you'll do just fine, girl!
hey turbo. did you get your munchies taken care of? I never crave fruits and veggies!!! get better, now!
(((Jami's head)))
(((Turbo's bod)))
(((Doodle's vagina)))
(((CH's existential dilemma)))

I took Minxlette to the Y yesterday for a swim. We had great fun. She really is such a water baby. Ever since she was an infant, water is the one element that soothed her over-firing dendrites. I think that we'll be going today, as well since I have the day off.

My friend in Paris was apparently driving around behind a couple of younger people who slammed on the brakes too fast and he ran right into them. It's been two months, and he says that the pain is behind him, but that he gets tired really quickly, so in another month he will be returning to his law firm to work full-time again. He's only 29 and got out of the most hideous relationship possible a year ago, only to get into this accident and find out that she's been slandering him all over the web using his real name and real law-firm name. Gads, she is a wretched creature. I'm just happy that he's alive and still gorgeous. wink.gif He really is...and Doodle would love him. He's got hair like your paramour. He's serious fucking lunchmeat. Bwa-hahahaha!!. If I had half a paycheck to blow, I would go visit him and cook for him and put him to bed.

Relationships and crushes are hard, but yeah CH, it does go on. Drat that we have brains that function so well sometimes.

Well, I think that it's officially, and unspokenly, done. After my last comment to Mr. Clean regarding why it was that he was leaving my apartment so quickly, and [edited because I'm paranoid], I really haven't heard more than four or five sentences from him. I'm more irritated than anything. I think that's beyond proof enough, IMHO. Reminder to self: never again trust a republican.

I've had the advent of more weirdness over the last week...most of which I ain't going into, but it's making me happy.

I'm nearly caught up in my paperwork at school; now I just need to finish laying out the newspaper. Since I've got the student teacher, I'm deciding to do it while I'm at school this next week and try to get it to the printers by the weekend. I figure that should be enough my contact at Paramount Pictures got ahold of me last week to have one of my students go to a sneak preview of "Drillbit Taylor" and interview Owen Wilson. Very exciting!

Alrighty...I just got a phone call from my dad alerting me to his imminent arrival tomorrow in Minneapolis. Yah. That's dad. And they wonder why I'm so fucking flaky. Looks like I've gotta clean the bathroom and kitchen floor now.

Good Morning.

Jami, how's your head today? ~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~*

Hey Minx, I'm sorry about Mr. Clean, what a prat. That's fucked about your friend in Paris and his insane ex. Wow, putting someing in writing pretending to work for a law firm, using his identity, not the sharpest knife in the drawer is she? Hooray on catching up on paper work. Hope the visit from your rent is a survivable one. Enjoy the day with Minxlette.

I did nothing last night, was so exhausted. Today, I have the day off, it's the first ever Louis Riel Day here. So, I'm going to work out, as it's still a shade too cold for a dog walk. Hopefully by noon it should warm up.


Good morning everyone! BUSTing from work again! Hurrah!

CH, I heard it was Louis Riel Day on the CBC this morning and thought of you out in Winterpeg! Lucky you, getting a stat today! I remember in school we were taught that he was a psycho nutbag, and now he's a hero....

minx, I love that you called sexy rhythm guitarist my "paramour"...hee hee! It made me giggle out loud. The hair is all grey, by the way - is your friend's gray? I doubt it if he is so young. SRG looks to be in his mid- to- late-forties.

(Speaking of SRG)...btw everyone, I have a totally stupid smile on my face, and the Marley song "Stir it Up" keeps playing in my head - which is really tricky, 'cause I have to keep remembering not to sing at work!! It's not easy being a happy person in today's world...*sigh*

Hiya jami!

I am doing some boring shit with SmartPad/Lotus Notes. Yuck. But at least I can BUST and look like I'm working....

Tomorrow is payday....yeah!!

Jammed a bit with banjoboy last night...he is so into his new bass guitar that I might have to start calling him bassboy!
Hi Hi Doodle!!

Indeed, Lous Riel Day, I don't remember learning about him at all, and there is still a big hubub about him. I do remember some big commotion about a statue of him that was erected. It's a freakin' statue! Doodle, do the Porcupine Rebels have a facebok page yet? I know you were saying that was in the works.

I had another great work out, I think I may get out to the park and take Em out.

CH - we don't have a page....I kind of stopped fussing over the Porcupine Rebels when guitarboy said he wasn't ready for performing. So I'm waiting, I guess. If we get our songs recorded, of course, then I will do the FB page, even if we're not performing.

Have fun at the park!

ETA: oh yeah, office complainer was shocked to see me this morning; I guess the office manager didn't tell her I'd still be here. Which leads me to believe the OM didn't want to hear her complaining, either! I don't think office complainer is pleased I'm still here, but I haven't seen much of her since I arrived.
Doodle, I still stand firm that the office complainer is threatened by you and your work.
I take it complainer just came out and talked to me...and ASKED ME ABOUT MY WEEKEND. And also told me all about her sick doggie. But I must tell you that we had this moment last Thursday in the elevator, when I was taking my Valentine's chocolates and rose home....she had this look of...guilt?...when she said, "They're good people." And I just looked her in the eye and, with a soft expression, said, "Yeah. I know they are." And I haven't seen her since then. I deeply suspect maybe my happiness in being here triggered her UNhappiness in being here, and she was projecting a little bit.

Dammit, it's freezing in here. My nose is cold.
I didn't get into grad school for anthro. If I didn't get in for antrho, how will medicine accept me.

I don't know what to do now.
((((culture)))) i'm sorry. did they say why? is there a way you could resubmit? i'm sort of (way) dumb about these kinds of things. i never thought twice about grad school after getting my BA.

doodle, it really sounds like you ROCKED the vm performance. how awesome is that! i love that you met up with former boss and were able to show off that fantastic new life and confidence you have!! wooot! oh, and rhythm guitarist is hot! dang! i have no doubt, you will think of something uber cool to say to him next time you see him. didn't get any scoop from his niece, i assume? you could always use that as your "in"... "what a small world! i had your niece at my house the other day!"... i dunno. and you had me singing "stir it up" half the weekend.

turbo, i hope the massage did you well... you DID decide to go on to it right? i don't blame you for not wanting to get groceries in craptastic weather. we were supposed to have a huge rainstorm today but it sort of fizzled out before reaching us. i guess that's a good thing because it caused some major tornado damage in the panhandle and further west. we still got about a quarter inch, so i shouldn't complain.

i still have not gotten my period but i am feeling some twinges and think i have some cramps coming on. i really should start writing these things down. and i should REALLY stop acting like a clueless teenager and make mrfj wear a condom. but it just feels so good when we're making out and one thing leads to another... i am still nursing so no pills for me. but no babies, either! (ya hear me, mrg goddess???)

minx, sorry about mr clean being chickenshit. but you're right. never trust a republican. smile.gif

we had a great weekend. we went to the outdoor mall with j-man and met up with three friends for lunch and margaritas. i got a hot dress that made me feel like i was a flipping goddess. i could tell from the look on mrfj's face when i walked out of the fitting room that i would be going home with that dress. i wore it to the potential freakshow party on saturday night. no freakshow happened, but it was a great time. we left before 10:30, after i'd had three martinis. just enough for a happy buzz... happy enough for a stop at the krystal drive thru (white castle for you yanks). you know you gotta have a buzz for that stuff. but ooh, it tasted so good at that moment.

yesterday, breakfast with the lesbians before they took off and then a trip to target. i bought myself the cutest yellow with tiny white polka dot converse sneaks and a couple new pairs of shorts. can't beat new clothes to make you feel all happy! and yellow converses? SPRING! (well, here in fl at least...)
Well, no reason was given to me as to why I wasn't accepted. I've e-mailed the chair of the program to ask him why I wasn't accepted. I asked him if it was an issue of grades, why was the option of a PMA not given to me. I'm thinking that they may not have an advisor for me.

Le Sigh.

I still have to hear from community health sciences, which is medicine, but I'm not banking on that.

and speaking of shopping, I'm going shopping with BFF.
FJ- my girlfriend used a progesterone only pill while she was nursing her wee lad. He isn't the least bit girlie...except for his love of his mom's shoes! smile.gif I for one, am glad the MRG appeared. We want another one soon, but i wanted my body to have some non-hormone time first. Eh, trying is wayyyy to much fun not to keep at for a few months anyway!
Hiya girlies! I just got home!

(((((CH))))) So sorry you didn't get in, hon. How many unis did you try? Is it worth waiting to try again for the program you want, or does it not work that way?

FJ! I got NO dirt from the niece, except that SRG is obsessed with reggae, which I kinda already figured out, since, uh, he's in a reggae band. The niece was quite young and a bit....scattered, shall we say! wink.gif You should post a pic of yerself in your new gorgeous dress!!!

BTW, I meant to post this on the weekend....if anyone can listen wherever they are, this is an audio of SRG's band on YouTube - that's him singing and playing rhythm guitar - and I'm not sure but he may be playing the bass too, as I know he plays bass (though they do have a separate bass player, so I have no idea, really). Also, in the pic clips, there is one of him at about 2 minutes in, with his daughters....he's the guy in denim and cowboy hat.

Hiya mox!

I think office complainer is back to disliking me, because I didn't understand what she was asking me about some piece of paper I was involved in distributing to the fuck am I supposed to know what it means or where it came from? I'm the temp - I was only told to do the filing! Jesus.

There's this cool teller at the bank where I take the office deposits every day...I think we have struck up a new friendship! Which is cool, because she is more my age, and I feel like most of my friends these days are soooo fucking young. She's going to try to come to the coffee house.
It's me again.

Hey Mox!

Hey FJ! I totally overlooked your post, I was feeling sorry for myself. I'm glad that you had a great weekend, I can totally hear you on going sans condom.

Doodle, I only applied at u of m, as I didn't want to go away and pay more and stuff. Perhaps this just means I wasn't supposed to get into Anthropology. I'll wait to see what the grad studies chair says. It's reading week, so I'm not expecting anything for a little while yet. I don't know when I'll hear about Community Health Sciences. SRG = AWESOME!!!!

Academic rejection is a fear of mine, and I'm facing it now. I'm just so afriad that I'll be a socialworker for the rest of my life, and I rea''y don't want that. I'm already burnt out at 25. Maybe not getting into anthro is a good thing because I don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I want to get involved in human sexauality, something like that. Porn is not an option!

I did go shopping and found a really cute pair of wide leg brown pants that make my ass look fantastic. Now to tackle this dry skin.

Sorry about the mememe.
CH, I'm so sorry that you didn't get into the program, but I also would hate to see you take out more loans for a degree in something you're not 100% sure of. AND, I think we all need to get over the idea of knowing what we want to do when we grow up....I think its overrated, and creates a lot of undue stress. If we're productive members of society, isn't that enough?! And I think the first ten years out of school are all about being a little lost, exploring, sharing your life with friends, and having a LOT of fun. Fun is important, and I know you take care of yourself in that department. wink.gif So don't sweat it, and allow yourself to explore some more, network a bit too meet people who do work that you might be interested in, and ask them how you get their job. People love to talk about themselves and their career path, its a great conversation starter.

Doodle, I really like SRG's voice and guitar-work! Yep. Totally think you should get with that. heh. I also think he may have a brother in my favorite member of Carbon Leaf, Terry Clark. (also rhythm guitar, and that would be his arm around me *swoon*)

FJ, I'm going to forget that you mentioned buying new shorts and this season you call "spring," as I stood on the El platform freezing my arse off in below zero windchills for 25 minutes this afternoon. Color me jealous. smile.gif

My dear turbomann made it home from MI this afternoon, and I am so glad that he is home. I missed him. And we went out to an early dinner at one of our favorite pubs, and I had a big 'ol bucket of mussels & frites for dinner. YUM. It feels so good to eat real food again!
Okay, okay. I am resolved. I will go up to SRG and ask if I can borrow his guitar for the jam again, if he is there on Wednesday. (Since he was the one who offered it that time I played it, he can't be too unwilling to loan it to me.) Then I will at least have to confront my fear of stringing together full sentences around the man! Plus I really do want to play his guitar, so it's not even a ruse - his is louder, so the other jammers will actually be able to hear me properly. wink.gif

I'm glad y'all like his sounds, 'cause I love his sounds, and I'd hafta be personally insulted if ya didn't! tongue.gif Sounds like he's playing his acoustic there on the rhythm, which means you're hearing the guitar I played at the jam (and hope to play again)!

Tomorrow is payday! And haircut day! I'm thinking of asking my hair genius to take some length off, because it's all weird and hard to work with now, after the whole hair-falling-out thing (it's thick and normal where it's been growing back in, but thin and annoying towards the ends, and it has this weird wavy thing to it now that makes the difference in thicknesses extra-weird). I'm not sure how I feel about having shorter hair, though. It's just to my shoulders now, and it actually looks quite sexy, but I have to "do" something every morning to it to get it there, usually involving hot curling implements and layers of product. But I like having big sexy rock star hair. It's a toss up....

CH, I'm with turbo on everything she said. I would be hesitant to go into debt for a program you aren't really sure you want, and you could always try again in a year, I assume? And yeah, finding out what you want to be when you grow up doesn't happen for lots of us....I was just having this conversation with the gay ex-priest, who is 57, and trying to figure out where to take his life now, after leaving the priesthood and driving a bus for 10 years, and then leaving that due to disability. Life is constantly shifting, and you never know what it's going to throw at you; everything in your world could change overnight - sometimes it's better to take little steps and see where each one takes you. You could end up surprised. Hell, I never planned on running a women's centre or building an entire coalition of them. I moved here to start working on a degree in digital animation! That was when I was 26. I'm 39 now and I have NO FUCKING CLUE what I want to do with my life, except find someone to share it with and keep making music - neither of which there will be actual income for. wink.gif But maybe the things you'll really want to do won't be about income, either, and at the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with having a job that pays the bills and that you can leave at the door at 5:00 so you can do what you want with your time. If you're not happy in social services, maybe you need to just start looking for something else that wouldn't be so awful and oppressive....have you ever thought about non-profit work? I'm not saying it's always wonderful, but it can be emotionally satisfying in many ways. And I can truly believe it would be a better option than government income assistance work, because I know how brutal that can be - at least with non-profit work, there is usually a sense of hopefulness. And because of the nature of non-profit funding, there are usually lots of one-year contracts going around, so you could try something out until the next Master's intake, and your experience would be an asset....I'm just sayin'!

turbo...awwww, glad turbomann is home! But I expected you to at least report that there was HBI before the mussels and frites! tongue.gif That pic is awesome, but I have to report that SRG is even sexier than yer man there. wink.gif
(((CH))) my first response was WHAT??? I'm so sorry. don't know what else to say. I hope they give you some kind of explination.

hey doodle. love your posts. you just ~float~
hi FJ, turbo, moxie ...

I'm doing better, thanks for the luv. I just can't do something as strenous as driving to the store and grocery shopping. <sheesh> guess I have to wait till I'm 'better'. not used to this.

Lamex is at it again... I have a friend that helped me move. Today he was at a store, lamex and girlfriend drove up, she pointed him out to lamex, and he ~honestly~ drove across the parking lot and parked 10 ft from my friend. he did the 'staredown'. what is this, second grade??? I'm not dating this guy, he's a friend!
(and the last guy I dated was a 6'4" hard working cowboy. he may not have been able to take lamex out, but he definately would have made a dent! heh. lamex never knew of us. most didn't. missing that man.)
I had to ask my lawyer if in his opinion, is lamex dangerous? this is just weird. I just don't understand. am I on his mind so much that he has to threaten people that I am with? will it stop with the intimidation or will he go further?
ps.. lawyer says that he's heard judge signed the papers, but we won't know till tomorrow for sure.
Happy Birfday Tree!!!!

I'm in a foul fucking mood, I got a fucking ticket this morning and the cop was yelling at me because I was questioning his authority.

just fucking great.
Tree!! Happy 40th!! How stinkin' cool is that?!! I owe you a drink at Paul's Bar or the Crystal Corner the next time I am home.

(((CH))) That sucks rancid monkey-ass. On all accounts. Fuck the RMCP.

(((Jami))) Your lamex sucks rancid monkey-ass.

(((All of us sick folks))) Our diseases suck rancid monkey-ass.
Oh did I also add the my father is really sick?

I'm lodging a complaint with the WPS staff sargent of that dog fucking asshole of a cop. I have encoutnered some very good police officers, but also some very bad ones. I left a ranting message for the cop today when I got the ticket, saying what an asshole this guy was. I'll be upfront about the situation. the cop hasn't called me back yet. Oh well.

For starters, we DO NOT live in an authoritarian nor totalitarian polce state. When I question your authority, I do so because it is my right. The douche bag told me I was speeding, when I told him that people were going under the speed limit. I also asked him if he had photo radar, if not how could he tell if I was speeding. That's when he lost it.

Second, there is no reason to be an asshole to me when I question your authority. Just because you have a gun and you are on a power trip is not my fault.

So, now I want an apology for that behaviour. Yelling at someone when they are being calm in uncalled for. Further, just because you are apolice officer doesn't give you an automatic right to be a prick. If anything, because you are in the public eye, you should be more conscentious. With all the problems the WPS is having right now, many police officers should tread a little more carefully. Wearing a uniform doesn't mean that you have some diety given right to abuse your authority. I'm biting back.

This kind of behaviour is why people don't like approaching the police about matters.


Further to that, I'd like to whip that motherfucker, and play his mistress. smile.gif

(((((minx))))) I sorry you are sick, how is everything else going?
Good morning!


CH, that really sucks! I know a little bit how you feel - the last time I got busted for speeding by the RCMP, I kept thinking, "A woman gets beaten every 15 minutes. Isn't there a domestic dispute somewhere you should be at?" But at least that one treated me well. (I WAS actually doing 148 km/hr. *ahem*) You should totally file a formal complaint. Sorry to hear about your dad too - what's wrong?

Morning, minx!

(ETA: hiya also, jami - sorry I missed ya this morning!)

This morning I told the OM I had about an hour left on my current project. She said, "Can you type slower? Maybe with one finger, and your other hand tied behind your back?" LMAO!!! So I'm BUSTing!

I have SRG's song in my head this morning, and that is even harder not to sing in the office than the Bob Marley song....

CASTRO STEPPED DOWN! Did everyone see that this morning? I never thought I would! I thought he'd be there till he croaked.

Whoops, almost got caught in the Lounge! I should set it to the work safe colours...this pink leopard stuff is a dead giveaway!

ETA: OMFG, they are closing our local sawmill. 200 jobs. American-owned company, figures. No offense.
Doodle, I totally agree, a woman get's beaten a child gets abused and here you are on your high fucking horse being a bastard.

School, there is something I can do, I can apply for special student status to take a general degree, and then apply for grad school. Because they are going with such high GPA's, I can rock ass this year and increase everything. So, that's all fine and dandy.

My dad has diabete's and he's having some mental health issues as well, at least this according to my step mother. The diabetes I knew about, I just didn't know that it was to the extent it is.

Turbo and Doodle, you're right about school. With my father's health issues, maybe it just wasn't meant to be right now.

Jami, lamex is a dorkburger. Has the judge signed off????

I am very taken aback that Castro resigned. Shocked. Doodle, that is horrible about the saw mill shutting down.
Hey CH....that's too bad about your dad. I'm sorry. What will you do if you do a general degree?

Yeah, it's not really a big shock about the saw mill, b/c they've been acting in a threatening way towards the community for awhile, wanting the city and the province to subsidize them, even though they are wealthy as all shit. I think part of the issue is the mountain pine beetle problem, though, which has been killing off loads of our trees here in BC.

I did some filing just now, and while doing it (heh, I said "doing it"), I was dancing around to SRG's song, which no one could hear but me. Must have looked weird! Heh. Yeah, I admit it, I'm a big freak.

I am totally having a bad hair day. I can't frickin' wait to get my hair cut this afternoon!!!

ETA: I am completely finished all my work and the OM is in a conference call....what else is there to do but BUST, and there's no one here!?
The general degree will be 24 credit hours (so 6, classes at most) in anything I wish so I can plump up my GPA. I'll take some real rubber room classes like economic plants! Ha.

I agree, if you have nothing, bust away!! me think your "doing it" is something subconscious? hee.

I am done, I've done enough crying these past two days, I just want to go home to bed, I think that a work out will make me feel a bit better though. Do some intense cardio maybe.
God, it's boring here when there's nothing to do. What ELSE is there to do, but BUST, and daydream about guitarists with long grey hair? (I am demented, aren't I?)

CH, don't cry. Wish you were here, we could smoke a big fattie and make some music with my guitar and treehugger's djembe. Well, here being the 'Loops, not necessarily the office I am in right now! LOL!
Ahhh Doodle, your post mad me feel better. I'd love to be smoking a chonger with you, we could travel through time. The weed would also help my cramps, and do I ever feel crampy.
Drive-by to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TREE!!! Hope it's a good one! smile.gif
Happy Birthday Tree!!! How nice of them to schedule a primary on your birthday! So what're you doing to celebrate?

Turbomann's birfday is on Thursday, and we're just planning dinner with few friends on Friday. Low key, and I don't even have to clean the house - YAY!

CH, sounds like you're in a better place about school. And I really do believe that when you're really committed and passionate about doing one thing, whatever qualifications you need will fall into line. Don't sweat it too much, and as you say, you've got other things going on right now too.

So I'm making chicken and broccoli with peanut sauce tonight for dinner, and I gotta say - I *nailed* the peanut sauce tonight - its soooo good. I'm having a hard time keeping my fingers out of it while I prep everything else. smile.gif

Doodle - so is tomorrow your last day at that assignment? And the night where you will talk to SRG of great and musical things? Sounds like a good day to me!

Well, I gotta cook now. Catch ya'll later!
Good Evening!

Turbo, mmmm sounds so good!!!

Hey RV!

Where is the birfday girl anyways??? Treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?!?!?!? Come out and play.

Okay, update;

My dad sounds better now, he went to the doctor who has ordered him off of work for one month and out him on meds, he didn't say what, but he did seem much better.

I'm guarenteed to get into this programme, and it's 8 classes at most.

The ticket deal will be taken care of.


Now I'm going to bitch about how cold it is here. Still super cold, I took the dog to the park, we walked about 20 steps, and she stopped, so we turned around and got back in the car and came home.

I had a killer good workout, and now I'm ready for bed. at 6:30. Hee.

Thanks for listening to me bitch today. I heart you all.
Hello hello hello!! I am home! Just got in.

My HAIR looks freaking FANTASTIC! That woman is seriously a genius. An artist genius! She gave me lots of new layers and thinned out the weird, chunky, growing-back bits in the back, and then did a blunt cut on the side ends, the ones that were all wispy and pissing me off. It's still thinner on the ends because of the hair loss, but because of the blunt cut, it looks more edgy and rocker-ish. But it still doesn't really look short, so it's not freaking me out at all - it only looks like I lost an inch or so. I look seriously HOT. Even my earrings look better with the new cut! Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for we girlies to build a long-standing relationship with a good hair stylist, whom we can talk to about our hair issues and who understands our hair...even when it's going through weird phases. Worth. Every. Penny. biggrin.gif

My current boss (the one with similar hair vanity to mine) is without a stylist right now, since hers moved, so today I was trying to convince her to go to mine. I just told her she could judge for herself tomorrow! Hee!

Hiya turbo! Yep, tomorrow is the day - last day at the insurance/investment office, and it's coffee house night. I just promised the gay ex-priest I'd drive him to his medical appointment tomorrow after work, so I won't have time to sit around and start freaking out. wink.gif PLEASE tell me your recipe for peanut sauce! I have been buying the commercial stuff, and I'm dying to try making my own!

CH, you should think about coming out here for a visit this summer - I have a sofa that folds flat into a bed - NOT a pull out! BC is GORGEOUS in the summer.

Hiya rose!

I went thrift shopping again today! Found a gorgeous red velvet top - velour, really. It's got a wrap bodice, but then it's built like an empire waist from under the boobs down - but not floaty, more fitted. I never wore that deep red colour before (almost like a classic red velvet dress), but I asked a bunch of other customers there and they raved over it. AND...OMG...I found this sort of sheer crepe-y top with a wide sweetheart neckline - it's a blue and black print, sort of like colours mooshing together, and has double bell sleeves from the elbow down. The sheer doesn't look overly sheer, EXCEPT you can totally see the outline of the top of my bra. EEP! Definitely not work wear! I'm thinking of wearing it tomorrow night, but I don't know if I have the guts, since I'd actually have to take off my usual coffee house uniform - my black denim jacket - to show off the sleeves, and I'm nervous about exactly how sheer it might look under the stage lights - and I don't have a cami that's small enough for me now. And I found about 3 funky scarves, too.


Hmm...I think I have loose hair clinging to my tonsils....
Doodle, you're right, I should come out for a few days. I do get me some vacation time now!

The new hair cut sounds HAWT! And you always find the greatest clothes!

Okay, so I'm still up, blah, tried sleeping, didn't work, but now I iz tired, still? Hmmmm.
This very minute, I am attempting to learn "Cowboy Take Me Away." Wonder if I can learn it by tomorrow night? Heh. wink.gif
Doodle, your hair sounds absolutely *gorgeous!* I'm in desperate need of a cut, too, but my stylist is mostly freelancing now, and she hasn't returned my emails or calls. *whines* It worries me, frankly, when my own hair genius gets flakey. I'm in constant fear of her moving to LA, which would be a serious tragedy - we've been together for 8 years!

CH, we're all entitled to our broody, moody ruts, and we're always here to listen, and more than likely toss our own .02 in, 'cause we can't help ourselves and we love you. wink.gif

I just took a lovely blackberry scented bath, and now I'm all relaxed, and I smell yummy. On cold nights like this, nothing's better than a hot bubble bath before slipping into bed.

Oh, and the peanut sauce: 1/2 cup smooth PB (I use the grind-it-yourself stuff), whisk that with 1/4 cup hot water. Add I clove minced garlic, 1tsp grated ginger, 1 T soy sauce, 2T lime juice, 1T dark brown sugar (or palm sugar). Stir, thin with additional hot water if needed. Stir in asian chile sauce and chopped cilantro to taste. Soooo good.
Okay, yeah. I think I'm gonna try this song tomorrow night. But if he wears his cowboy hat (which he sometimes does, which is what made me think of the song), I'm gonna die.

Hiya turbo! I don't know WHAT the fuck I'd do if my hair genius disappeared! EEK! Your bath sounds delicious, and so does your recipe....I'm definitely going to try it out!
I'm doing a little research on the BC forestry industry for a job interview. Its depressing.
Hi dusty! Nice to see you around here!! It is depressing...I guess the real problem is the drop in new housing in the US (which is screwing with our lumber export market), and not necessarily the pine beetle as I thought earlier today. I can't imagine BC without a booming forest economy...the province practically reeks of trees, to paraphrase the Ren and Stimpy song. Though we still have our pulp and paper mill here, so that's something. Still, the sawmill's been here longer than I've been alive - it's going to be a huge blow to the community when it's shut down.

My voice hurts from singing that song over and over again in too high a key before I figured out to take it down one. (Plus I was singing the chorus over and over in the car this afternoon.) I've had to stop for the night, or I'll be fucked. Hope I can get it right tomorrow! I'll have to make the decision when I get to the mike - if I feel too nervous about it, I'll have to drop it and do a different one.

Oh god, I'm getting nervous! He is the sexiest man I've ever known in my entire life. Maybe he won't even be there tomorrow.
Hey Doodle, I dropped by a coupla days ago to say that I had smashed my bedside lamp, and I've been hanging around ever since.

That is awful news about the sawmill. What worries me is that it looks like the government is starting to unload its crown land for a pittance to these huge companies that are not actually losing money.

It sounds like you're having more fun these days...
Ooh yes, dusty, I remember that - and I meant to respond! Did you replace it? Did you get one of the coloured ones? I love my green one!

Yeah, the government here is unloading everything onto private interests. It's such bullshit - there's going to be nothing left. The privatization of parts of BC Hydro is still killing me, b/c my mom used to work there in the budgeting department, and I know damned well Hydro is a cash cow for the gov't. And we just had a big snow avalanche on the Coquihalla highway (the main thoroughfare between the Lower Mainland and the rest of BC) that wasn't cleared for over a week, and for some reason, nobody (not even the CBC) has thought to connect any of it to the fact that they privatized road maintenance, and with that, nobody's been using the cannons they're SUPPOSED to use to shoot the snow off the mountains BEFORE an avalanche happens. Bah. Stupid BC "Liberals" *spit*. But today the provincial budget came out, and they're giving "every man, woman, and child" a $100 carbon tax rebate...pre-election buy off, ya think? I'm gonna donate mine to the NDP.

I AM having more fun these days! Though my nerves are shot with this SRG thing. wink.gif What are you up to these days? What are you interviewing for?

(ETA PS: I've decided to wear the semi-sheer thingie tomorrow night.)
doodle, totally hear ya on the hair stylist front. My genius is a color savant, i swear. And, she's expecting her third wee barin, and i was secretly glad (partially a real reason...) that i know when we have a bebe next, she'll definitly be back from leave. new mom's gotta get the sharp do.

turbo, its great that you're feeling better!

We're having a mommy-daughter day today...and tonight, the BON JOVI concert! Rock! hehe
Good Morning,

It's too cold outside too think.

I'd also be lost without my stylist, I don't think she has any intention of leaving. Here's hoping at least.

Turbo, that peanut sauce sounds delish!! I'd love to not feel moody right now.

Doodle, the privitazation bit is starting at the civic level here, doesn't help that the mayor is a big business owner who also has no idea how to do his job. He's also a major asshole and his staff turnover rate is enormous.

Hey Dusty!

Mox, enjoy your evening!!!

Cold. That is all.
Gooooood Morning Okayers!

Long time no see. I was off for President's Day on Monday.

((CH)) Sorry about the school drama. It sounds as if you have a good new plan. You will do great, I know it! Sorry also about the cold. brrrrr!

Doodles, that shirt sounds HOT! Woo woo! Yay for the new hair cut!

I love my hair stylist too. She is the bomb. I would be sad if she leaves or raises her prices higher. They go up steadily. She is now at my limit....70 bones.

jenn, yum! on that peanut sauce! I love peanut sauce. I made jerk pork tenderloin last night that was pretty damn good.


Where has diva been lately?

Moxie, enjoy your mom & daughter day! And Bon Jovi tonight? Have fun!


((Jami)) I am so sorry lamex is being such a prick. Ugh. Are you feeling better, physically? You were sick recently I think, weren't you?

Things here are pretty good. 3 day weekend, then I worked at home yesterday & then at the hospital. Mr K and I finally got to spend some time together this weekend, which was very nice. We went to see There Will Be Blood and ate out at an Italian restaurant here.
I feel so horrible, I have cramps and I feel like throwing up.

I would ask what next, but I'm afraid to know. Wow, I've never felt this hopeless before. I am e-mailing a friend and I said I feel like a contradiction right now. I feel like a verb.

argh! the interwebs ate my post from last night i guess.

i came in to say happy birfday to tree!!! i hope you had a lovely day! hope you're staying warm up there.

turbo, sorry about mentioning the warmer weather we're having here. it was freezing here last night, 32 degrees exactly. but it's supposed to get up to 69 today. i hope you're planning for a nice quiet workfree weekend!!

moxie, i thought the doc had given me a low hormone pill but i read the insert and it said not to breastfeed. i never asked for a different one but i probably should. i know mrg is on her way. i started feeling crampy right after buying a test at the grocery store. i took the test anyway and it was negative. i guess mrg just isn't on her regular schedule yet 'cause it feels like i'm a week late. enjoy your mother-daughter day! what are you planning to do today?

doodle, your new blouse sounds awesome. and i like the subtle nod to srg's cowboy hat with the song you've chosen. oh, and i don't know how i didn't get a picture of myself in the dress! i'll have mrfj snap one this weekend. i plan to wear it again to a party on saturday night. and your hair does sound awesome! you are proof that a haircut can just lift your spirits and make you feel so sexy! my hair is just now making me happy since i cut it mid-pregnancy. i loved it when it was first cut, but i felt like i needed to spend more time on it to make it look good. but now it's long again with long layers and easy to manage. i bought some hair color yesterday too, medium copper brown. i think i'll do it later, if the boy goes to sleep.

can i just be a mom for a second and brag on my kid? he is freakin' awesome! all smiley and toothy and happy to see me. he's rolling and creeping around the room (backwards and sideways only so far but he somehow gets across the room that way). he's pretty clingy lately again though. i think he's going through the separation anxiety thing right now. i took him to mil's house yesterday and he screamed practically the whole time, except while he was sleeping. course, when i would walk into the room he would smile at me. but i think his teeth were bothering him. he has eight growing in already!

ok, i better post this now.
I'm here, I'm here! My internet crapped out and I just got it back up! Thanx for the birthday wishes. I went out and partied last night and took today off to recover.

The guys gave me a rose, spraypainted black. Heh.

I'm FORTY!!!! blink.gif

Okay, I gotta go read the archives and get caught up.
Good morning everyone! I have no work to do and the OM is in a what else to do but BUST? Heh.

So far, every woman in the office has asked me where I get my hair done, and every man has done a double take - including Mr. Big Cheese. Heh. I love my stylist. She gets a 25% tip every time - even when I'm poor!

*breaks out the spankie paddle* Alright, treehugger, front and centre - bend over for your 40 birfday whacks! smile.gif Did you have a good birthday?

FJ - eight teeth! Wow! How many months is jackaroo now? I can't wait to see the pic of you in that dress!

Hair is...yeah. There's a reason they make women cover their hair in church....because we're too powerful if we don't! wink.gif

CH - sooooo sorry about your yucky cramps. Have you got any weed you could smoke tonight? It always helps me...that and orgasms! Or advil, actually.

Hiya kari also....

....brb for more comments, gotta do some remittances....
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! One of the guys just came into the office....did, like, a triple-take....and said, earnestly, "You're the same girl, right?" HA HA HA HA HA!! "There's something different about you," he said, with a huge, stunned, blinky-eyed smile. I just said, "Oh, I got a haircut." (I am also wearing the new red velvet top today, and red lips, but no need to elaborate. Shhh. wink.gif)
Okay, sorry for the triple-post, but I promised to come back and post more...I just had to stop in the middle of doing remittances to tell you that! LMAO!!

kari, how was the movie? How are you doing at the hospital - how many more hours left to complete?

moxie....BON JOVI! NO WAY!!! Er....trying to read your post...are you having another baby and I missed it??????

Ok, well if the reaction to the hairdo is this good at work, I sure as fuck HOPE SRG is at the frigging coffee house tonight!!
Hey Tree!!! How was your birfday??

Doodle!!! I'm totally sending vibes your way regarding SRG! I'm glad you are having a good day.

I'm going to work out when I get home, that'll help the cramps, and help me get my shit together.

Sigh. It's almost lunch, and since I'm so close to home, I'm going home for lunch.
OMG, I'm so borrrrrrrrrred. There's nothing to do. I am pretending to read the news online, which seems to be an suitable activity in this office, but I'm really seeing what fun sites I can get into, around the network blocks. Every once in awhile, I change the news article I have open, so it looks like I'm actually reading.

CH, what did you have for lunch?

Just discovered one of the advisors is with the business and professional women's network....she is new-ish to town and had no idea I was with the women's centre before....she is going to connect me up with their e-mail; maybe I can find some employment networking that way.

I am practicing "Cowboy Take Me Away" .... in my head!
Hey Doodle!

I didn't eat anything, I talked with a friend over lunch.

Don't you just love network blocks?

Is the day over yet?
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