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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I hope the houndish is okay, culture!! Why do pets always pick soft surfaces to puke/poo on?

Yeah, packing lunch is a pain, but it's better for me healthwise. I've gained tons of weight ever since I started working downtown, where there is convenience food around every corner. I wish there was a place around here that sold fruit. Fruit cups and apples from fast-food joints just aren't the same. I want a place that sells fresh tangeloes and peaches and the like. We need a real grocery store somewhere downtown.
It was horrible, and it stunk to high heaven in there. Poor poochy.

I guess I'll find out how she's doing today when I get home... She was okay at the park yesterday.

I agree, what is with the lack of grocery stores in a down town area? I need to make my lunches the night before, not when I wake up in the morning.

my legs are killing me today! I did a leg work out last night and I iz sore. I think tonight will be my off night.
There will be a grocery store opening downtown when Lund's opens up down by MCTC. wink.gif

Sorry about the houndish. sad.gif
Hiya all! I am home from the most awkward (for me) day I've ever spent on a temp assignment! But it wasn't that bad. I just kept up my pleasant, courteous, efficient attitude, and also let a few little things slip to let people know I "knew" I'd be moving on, and wasn't going to be a freak about it. Like, "Oh, I don't mind doing this task, I'm your uncomplaining office temp!" And, "Don't worry about these boxes, they'll only be there for the last few days I'm here!" The friendly ones were friendly (one of them even showed me the inside of the giant Egyptian "sarcophogus" in his office, which was made for CDs but he now uses it to store toys for clients' kids), and the office complainer was dour-faced every time I smiled at her (unless someone else was looking, when she became perfectly...two-faced). Perhaps she was expecting me to keel over and weep. But I just kept smiling. I. Won't. Give. Her. The. Satisfaction.

Good news, I got home and had a message from the temp agency when I got home - I have a new assignment, Monday morning! I'll be at a place that does work "sustaining natural resources," for 2 weeks, helping the office manager catch up on some back logged stuff. YAY! This is all working out very well indeed.

In even more good news, I picked up cigs for the gay ex-priest today, and I GOT ID'd!!!!! I said, "Get out of here. I am thirty-nine years old." The clerk (an older woman) said, "NO WAY." Then looked at my ID, and said, "1968 - wow, you look great!" I'm going to carry that with me for a week.

I am with you all on the lack of grocery stores in the downtown areas of big metropolises! (Metropoli?? Any etymology buffs want to weigh in on that one?) Damn. We are lucky to have one here, but it was always my biggest complaint when I was travelling for the women's centre stuff, staying in hotels and having NO access to fresh fruit. Gah!

CH, sorry your puppy was sick, that's never pleasant to come home to. (Or to step in during the middle of the night, either, ugh!)

Hiya poodle, minx, and kari, and also turbo, diva, moxie, and FJ, whom I rudely never said hi to yesterday! Boo on me! But I did read everything!!

Got to go do my night-before-work prep now, as I'll be dead tired when I get home from the jam later on! Ciao, bellas!
Hello, it's me again!

Hi Minx!

Doodle, that is fucking awesome that you got ID'd!!!!! WOOT, ya sexy thang! That's also great that the temp agency is setting you up with a new assignment, I'm sorry things didn't work out with you at this place. I think that woman was threatened by you and your work ethic. You do your job and you do it well and people like you. She, on the other hand, has a corn cob up her ass.

Soooo, puppy was fine when I got home, no poopy surprises for me. Took her to the park and she's good. It was chilly out there. Also worked out, even though I said I wasn't going to. Now here I am. Off to the drug store to buy some conditioner.

Hey ya'll! I'm down here in Abe Lincoln country, Springfield, IL! And I gotta say, all the people down here are REALLY nice! I had a sweet hippy cab driver when I got off the train, and the ladies working the front desk were so very kind and thoughtful. A nice end to a long week.

AND, I've decided NOT to work tonight - WOOT! I need a night off! And, I think I'm going to take a HOT shower, and go to bed very soon, even though its early. I can use some extra sleep, rest, and a little time to myself is nice. Hopefully the training session will go well tomorrow - its a smaller group, so that will be nicer for the hands-on portion of the software training.

Oh, and I ran into my friend A, who works at Planned Parenthood in line waiting to get on the train, so we sat across from each other and chatted all the way down - we were both looking forward to the train time as a break from our intense work, and it turned into a girlfriends' trip! ....And, there might be a job lead with Planned Parenthood coming down the pike in a few months, too...I would LOVE that. I know the office politics there are a mess, but its where my heart really is, and you cannot beat the passion of that staff.

Doodle, it sounds like the temp gigs have worked out perfectly, and to your highest good, with no bruised feelings, and that's great! The new gig sounds like it could be a bit interesting too.

CH, I'm glad Emily is feeling better - I think our dogs can get over bad stuff a lot faster than we can, most of the time - their intestines are so much simpler than ours. Turbo *always* gets sick on the ivory carpet in the second bedroom - of course. wink.gif

Poodle, I'm with you on the weight gain due to lunchy-snacky options. Ugh. I also think unhappiness at my job is not helping my overall body health either. Well, okay, I guess that's obvious lately, with the stress attacks. Sorry, my brain is so fried....
hey hey hey! (done fat albert style...)

doodle, hi right back at ya! don't worry, i didn't get my panties in a bunch when you didn't single me out for a hello. hehe. woot! good for you for getting carded. i did too today, actually. went to a mexican restaurant with a friend and our babies (she has a 5mo old) and we had margaritas to celebrate the occasion. (it doesn't take much to make us celebrate!) i hope the clothing store gig will work out for you. i think that's where your heart truly is and you seem to be in a really good place right now. i think your employment should make you happy. and hell, if it's not enough money or whatever, maybe you could pick up a shift or two at the coffeehouse? either way, it sounds to me like things are falling together nicely for you. i love hearing about your singing. selfishly, it makes me hopeful that i too will one day be able to do that. right now with the kiddo, it would be impossible. but in the next several years...

minx, i'm on the fence. i usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that has come back to bite me in the ass more times than i can count. but i would throw in that perhaps the nineteen year old is more difficult to maneuver than having a young child in the house. she might give him shit about women that he brings home. but if he truly is pissed at you for getting him sick, well, flaming poo diaper bombs can be arranged. just let us know...

poodle, i'm so happy gus is loving keefers! how sweet!!

culture, i'm glad to hear there were no signs of puny puppers tonight!

kari, i've been meaning to write this for days but i read that you said your niece recently changed her name to lizy. would you believe that MY 9yro niece recently did the same thing? elizabeth is her middle name and when she switched schools this year, she started going by lizzy. i wonder why 9 year old girls think that is such a cool name. i mean, i know lizzy mcguire is popular and all, but to change their names? anyway, how funny! is mrk still enjoying school? you guys must be so busy!

speaking of busy, (((((((turbo)))))))) darling! please enjoy that train ride tomorrow!

BUTT FLUSH! (just had to get that in there)

and diva, i meant to tell you that i loved hearing sam's election prediction too. i love it when you talk about him. smile.gif

tree, if you are out there, when i heard obama was in madison last night, the first thing i said to mrfj was, "hm, i wonder if tree will venture out there". funnily, he knew exactly who i was talking about, hehehe. smile.gif

hi moxie. i read your post in the other thread. i've got my toes crossed for you. i'm also hoping that mrg gets her ass here to my house instead! unsure.gif
*waves frantically at FJ*

No, I didn't venture out to the Obama rally. I actually work within walking distance of where he was speaking (at the kohl center) but it was scheduled to start at 6:00 PM and when I got off work at 4:00 traffic was already at a gridlock. Plus I heard you had to RSVP and I hadn't done that. I figured if I tried to stick around I wouldn't get home till well after midnight, and I had to prepare the lesson plan for night school tonight.

I guess 17,000 PLUS people showed up. Yay Obama!

~*~*get better EMILY*~*~ vibes

Doodle, it sounds to me like your personality is suiting to the clothing store too. Poo on your current employer having NO sense of individuality. Yay for getting carded! I haven't been carded in a while. Poo.

~*~*buttflush*~*~ for turbojenn!! I think a PP job would be up your alley! I'm glad you're on the mend.

I have a theory about grocery stores downtown in metropoli (I like that term, thank you Doodle)'s parking! There's just no room in a big downtown to put in a parking lot! What kind of grocery would do well with only walking customers, you can't buy very much stuff if you can't park there. Taking a lot of bags on the bus is a pain. If I lived downtown, and I just needed a thing or two I'd go to the neighborhood grocery, in walking distance...but if I had to do some serious stocking-up, I'm going to go somewhere I can take my car so I can fill up my trunk.

CH, I'm glad Emily seems better. My dog, Lady, went through a bout where she had an intestinal infection. Yes. She couldn't go ten minutes without poo-ing. It was awful. So, I had this suggestion (not that you need it now) but what used to soothe Lady's stomach when it was bad was plain white rice, I'd make a batch of about a cup of rice two cups of water so I guess it'd make about three cups of cooked rice. It really helped a lot. Also canned pumpkin helps too. (Lady's stomach was sensitive for many months after that infection)

*she was a black lab mix, if anybody's interested. RIP*

Poodle, I love hummus, I do the hummus wrap every now and then here on campus.

~*~*general vibes*~*~ for minx. I'm thinking he's got a velvet Rush Limbaugh on the fireplace, AND the orange shag carpet. wink.gif

Oh, and I have sort of a work gripe. If your restaurant freezer dies, and you call a service tech (me) to come look at it, PLEASE clean up the strawberry goo on the floor in front of it.

(I sat in the goo, the compressor is located UNDERNEATH the freezer.) I walked around all day with red sticky blotches (strawberry flavored) on my butt. The floor was red so I couldn't see it until I tried to move and I STUCK TO THE FLOOR. (On the upside, it was at minus 10 Fahrenheit when I left)
also when dogs aren't doing too good tummy wise, an immodium ad works wonders. clear it with the vet first, but it does work.

hay all!!! I'm here. have been busy moving. and then there was no internet. and now the internet is at 1/10th the speed I used to have. grrrr. and I just went to the doctor - dehydration and bronchitus. just little things like grocery shopping just about wiped me out today. but I lost about 10+ pounds in the last two weeks.
not yet divorced. he's not signing the papers. yet.
Hi all! I am only just home from was jamgirl's birthday, so it was a crazy crazy jam! I'm too pooped to post about it - have to get up at 6:30, ugh.

Except I will mention that sexy rhythm guitarist, whom I've had the hots for since the first time I saw him (serious, tongue tied-type hots), and who turns out to be jamgirl's brother, appears to have become UN-partnered sometime since mid-December. And that he kept sneaking quick peeks at me tonight and looking away when I'd catch him at it. And also that he threw a little bit of Bob Marley's "Stir it Up" into one of his reggae songs and appeared to be looking at me when he was singing it.

I'm just reporting. tongue.gif
Good Morning!

Turbo, I'm glad you took the evening off, and good news from the friend. In all reality, which office doesn't have politics? at the office I jsut came from, people are pissed off the management is telling them that their coffee breaks are 15 minutes, not an hour. So people are taking an hour lunch (or more) and two hour long coffee breaks. Why even bother coming into work? There was a lot of eye rolling at the meeting, and these are people who are 40+. Lovely that the pooch gets sick on light coloured carpet!

Hey FJ! Woohoo on getting carded!!!

Tree, I heard that that sort of things was okay, as is Maalox. Mmm gooey strawberry bum.

Hey Jami!! I'm glad to see you in here.

Doodle, you know my opinion on what you should do! hee hee.

So, it's cold.again. Grrrrrr. Aside from that, I'm doing well, body is still sore from the workout, but that's okay. It's a good pain, I suppose.

That's all I've got this morning.

Goooood morning!

Happy Valentine's Day! *hands out decadent chocolate truffles to all*

CH, I am glad Emily is better. Ick. We had a similar issue Tuesday. Paco ruined his 3rd rug. Diarrhea. Gross. He has a sensitive stomach. Been giving him the canned pumpkin, seems to have uh, firmed things up a bit. CH, that is so dumb that people are getting mad about being told to do their jobs. Sheesh.

oooh! Doodle! Rhythm guitarist is single? Verrrry interesting indeedy! That's great that you already have a new work placement and it sounds like a very cool place. Sweet.

Jenn, that's wonderful that you reconnected with a PP peep. What sort of position did she think would be opening up?

They put a grocery store downtown here, I don't go to it as much as I thought I would.

Hi jami! ~~~~healing vibes~~~~ Sorry you are sick. You seem to be in good spirits, which makes me happy.

Hey FJ! That is so funny that your niece also started going by Lizzy! I love when kids start to become strong opinionated little people. My niece apparently had to do a biography report and presentation for school this week. They were trying to figure out who she could do it on. She loves the movie Walk the Line, so my mom was trying to get her to do it on Johnny Cash, but Lizy said no. And she said "And I don't want to do June Carter Cash either!" She is doing Princess Diana insted. It cracked me up for some reason. Part of the presentation involves making a puppet, and I would love to see a Johnny Cash puppet. How's lil' Jackaroo?

Hey Tree! Ew! Those people leaving that good in front of the fridge is grody.

Hi Poodley! How are your fur babies?

Things here are good today. I am finally not feeling exhausted. I think part of my problem this week has been PMS. MRG is about to make her monthly appearance. Thursday is empty office day here, which is wonderful. I have to get some work done.

I went to Whole Foods last night & bought Mr K some V-day stuff. We never do anything big, so I got him a bunch of specialty condiments and snacks. Got him some jalapeno stuffed olives, some mustard, some specialty jalapeno flavored corn chips, some orange marmalade, and some Hobnob cookies. And a card. I think he will like it.

Who watched PR last night? I'm gonna go to the other thread to talk about it.

I got paid today, yay! Paid all of my bills and bank account now looking more depleted. I just like to pay everything off though, so I don't have to think about it anymore.

What's everyone doing this weekend?
Hey Kari!!

This weekend, tomorrow I'll probably just sleep, Saturday I have two birthday parties to attend.

It's almost Friday! YAY!
Good morning! Now that I don't care about getting the job, I am totally BUSTing! tongue.gif Happy V-Day everyone!!!!!

Actually, the office manager here asked if I could stay a few extra days into next week - I told her I'd already accepted another assignment in assumption that they were hiring, but then I remembered the new placement could do a flexible start date, so the OM is waiting for the temp agency to phone back. Part of me didn't want to accept (to get away from the office complainer), but I shouldn't really turn down the extra money, I guess. And I do still like all the other people. wink.gif

One of the advisors brought me Valentine's chocolates this morning, and another brought a lovely red rose! I think all the women staffers got them. Lovely!

Yeah, I'm sure thinkin' about sexy rhythm guitarist a lot today. He has beautiful shiny blue eyes....

kari! Are Okaylanders synching up again? I've totally been PMSing! Dayum!

Hiya CH!

Gotta go do some real work now....back later....
Hey Doodle!

Yay on extra fundage.

I'm getting next week.
Hi, peeps!

Happy Massacre Day, everyone!

No hummus wraps for me. The very sight of hummus makes me gag. The last time I had it, I threw up all night, every hour on the hour and sometimes on the half hour. That was years ago, but since then, I can't stomach it.

My brother went through the name preference/change thing when he was 9, too. We all used to call him Sam, because that's his middle name and his first name is the same as my dad's, so it was less confusing that way. He got really sick of getting called "Sam I am" and all that jazz, so he decided he wanted to be called Dave. And that's what he's been ever since. My extended family still, over 20 years later, has problems remembering, but everyone who matters does it right.

Jami, what's the holdup on lamex signing the papers? Does he realize that then he won't be able to terrorize you anymore and that scares him?

Doggie diarreah problems are a big reason I've never been keen on getting a pet. I don't have it in me to clean up after it. I guess that'll be the giant's job when we get a dog, eventually. It'll be mostly his, anyway.

Hellos all around and vibes for all who need 'em!

Anyone doing anything for Massacre Day? We're not. We're going to exchange cards, and that's it. I'm making omelets and pancakes for supper, but that's as special as we're getting. I forbad the giant to buy me anything. Flowers are nice, but paying the cable bill will keep me entertained for a month.

Kari, I watched PR and posted about it a little bit ago. You're SO right about Rami.
Yo yo.

Quiet day up in here.

I am having an annoying work day. Bah. At least only one hour and 10 mins to go.

Doodle, I am glad you have more time to bust now! yeah!

CH, you are getting some extra fundage next week? Nice!

Diva, omelettes & pancakes sound gooooood. I think that sounds like a really nice night.

Mr K will be eating leftovers, I will be at the hosp.

This week has gone by quickly. Tomorrow night me & two girlfriends are going for a cheapie dinner, then going to watch a DVD at my place. I am making carmelized banana splits for dessert. The recipe was either in Food & Wine or Gourmet this month. I can't wait to eat 'em. Saturday I plan to chill. Mr K is off too, and we are finally going to spend some time together. Dinner & a movie. I have a three day weekend. Who else does?
hey everyone, just popping in to say

happy fake over-commercialized sucks-to-be-single pretend love day!

c-monkey's got a five-day weekend, so they had their valentine's day party yesterday. we found the cutest bag o' mini playdough tubs in red, pink, and white, and that was c-monkey's valentine's cards for the class. c-monkey was very popular yesterday. with the kids. the parents, i'm sure, are wondering "who is this c-monkey, and where can i send her mom the bill for the rug-shampooing?" happy.gif
anyway, mucho mucho busy with the moving thing and no time to do anything, but i promise i'm keeping up with the archives!
hello all. another snowy day here. did go out and play fetch with the lab. fun seeing her face all covered in the powder.

I have no idea what's taking lamex so long to sign. last valentines day he spent most of it on the phone with his girlfriend. (I was waiting over 30 minutes in the resturant for him). he left the next day.
he will not let me go - always verbally attacking me. of course, he told me this a year ago - he was selfish, he wanted everything... the ranch, the girlfriend... and me.
he won't touch me again. ever. the ranch and our home is sold, he's lost that, too. he hasn't talked to our oldest boys in over a year. he hasn't talked to our youngest in months. friends have told him that he was an idiot for what he was doing to me, and he won't talk to them anymore. he's lost them, too.

I am awaiting my lawyer to say that he's signed the papers.
I have fireworks saved up to celebrate.

Hello all, quick post, just got home....hippiegirl is coming over soon so we can "rehearse" the songs we're going to do at the Vagina Monologues (she is playing djembe). Also, she is bringing her young friend who sings....and apparently this chick is sexy rhythm guitarist's niece, btw. It's a very small community. Heh.

Oh man, that damned guy. I've never been able to put him out of my head. And I tried SO damned hard. It's like the intensity when our eyes connect has always been so....I don't know how to explain it. Until recently, I would avoid meeting his eyes, because I knew he was taken. I think I still am avoiding his eyes - I still don't know quite how to react to him. I get completely tongue-tied and don't know what to say to him. I always wondered if maybe it was just hero-worship on my part. But everybody else I've met since I first encountered him has been kind of...meh, by comparison. Kind of where you go, "Hmmm, maybe, I don't know, I guess it's possible," but with this guy, it's ALWAYS been, "Oh HELL yes," and somewhere in my brain, I'm comparing every other guy I meet to that particular feeling of...whatever it is. And I always tried to stuff it down, but part of me was always thinking, "I bet they'll break up...." Which is totally awful of me, but there it is.

I've said way too much already. Happy Valentine's Day. wink.gif

So yeah, I'll be an extra few days at my current assignment, right through next Wednesday, and then I start my new assignment on Thursday morning! I guess the office complainer is going to have to suck it up and tolerate my general good cheer for a little while longer.

Shit, I got to go. I'll come back later this evening and catch up!
Hihi! I am back from the great state of Illinois (Chicago doesn't feel like Illinois, they're very much different places). And I am very tired. Ooof.

Doodle, I think you should totally do it with rhythm-boy. That is my sincerest Valentine's day wish for you! hee. I hope you get some scoopage from his niece tonight.

Obviously, nothing great is going on here for V-day, since I just got home. Turbomann had dinner with our very favorite gay neighbors, and I am jealous. I sat on a crowded train full of boisterous college students. At least my friend A. was with me in solidarity again this evening. smile.gif

(((((divorce signing papers vibes for jami))))

Oooh, I can't wait to see PR as soon as it re-runs on Bravo this weekend - stupid hotel had totally crap cable.

Hey FJ, where's that darling husband of yours been hiding - he owes us an okayland drive-by! And I *love* that you went out for celebratory drinkipoos with your friend and the kiddies. You are one modern mama!

Okay, bed is calling me.
Goood morning!

When I woke up this morning, I thought it was Saturday. Unfortunately, no. Not true. But! It is Friday, which is the next best thing. I got some good sleep last night too, so am feeling good.

Doodle, I second Jenn's feeling that you should totally do it with rhythm guitarist. Heh. How did your rehearsal go last night? And yes, continue being your cheery self, make that office manager deal with it. Maybe some will rub off on her.

Welcome back, Jenn! How was the trip? Glad you got to hang with your friend again.

HI Grrrrl! C-monkey's partay sounds like it was a smash hit!

I am starving this morning. Maybe drinking some coffee will supress the appetite some. I don't usually eat breakfast til around 9 & it's only 7:30. Mr K got me some flowers for Valentine's yesterday, they are very pretty. Lilies & roses. He liked his snack foods that I got him. It's funny, b/c he said he almost bought me the same thing. What can I say, we are eaters.
Happy Friday ya pus filled warty anus lickers!

Diva, that is a bad encounter with hummus! I'd never eat it again if that happened, I have not eaten hamburger from a restaurent since I got food poisoning. Thinking about that makes me want to puke. Idid nothing for massacre day, because I don't care about it. Oh, plus there is that whole lack of a partner thing, not that I mind.

Kari, carmelized banana split sounds amazing!!!

Hey Grrrl!! Come back and tell us how you are!

Jami, I think you should celebrate by taking said fireworks, lighting them and shoving them up lamex's ass. Wouldn't that be a sight to see.

Doodle, if this is how you feel I think you should persue something! I'd also be shy though...I'm pitiful at approaching people unless I've had at least one. I get soooooo nervous.

Hey Turbo!!!

Okay, I had an afternoon and evening that needs to go down as onw of the crappiest on record.

I go over to the office I'm based out of at lunch to see if my expense claim cheque was there, along with my cheque stub. I get there. Nothing. Everyone else's stuff is in there mail box. So immediately I start cussing about the clerks in my head. Just because I am not at this office, there is still a mail box, we all read, use your eyes and READ. So I have lunch with a friend, get back to the office I'm currently at, I get an e-mail from the admin person, CH, I have your stuff, it was in my mailbox. WTF???? I cannot emphasize that enough, so I go back over there at break to get my cheque, I was all excited, I open itup expecting around $90.00. Nope, it's $7.49. November and December weren't on the cheque. Fuck. that's being looked into.

Fastforward to home, and Emily was okay, nope, she got sick in my room. again. I know what it is, it's the treats she been getting, so no more treats. And it wasn't as bad, i didn't have to wash all the sheets...

go to the park, the park is good, I was thinking, would it totally suck if my glasses broke? I took them off, and what the fuck happens? The leg came off the glasses. I don't have another pair, I have no contact lenses. Fuck. I have to haul my ass over to the mall to get a new pair. And Ihave to drive, so the glasses still sort of fit on my face, but because i have astigmatism the drive and subsequent walk to the eye glass place makes me feel uber sick because I am getting motion sick (good news, the mall isn't that far from my house)...

I had called and a nice gentleman helped me, he helped me when I go in there. More bad news, I have to get new glasses the ones I have no repairable. Crud. And my benefits plan doesn't kick in until June. Double Crud. So I have to shell out almost $400.00 for a new pair. Triple crud. Bonus, I can claim on my income tax. Double bonus they are purple! triple bonus they were 30% off! (also, a good deal given that they are versace, NOT done on purpose, they were a cute pair I saw, it was either them or Dolce and Gabana, and i was not going to spend $420.00 on frames...).

So that was my shit tastic day yesterday. I thought the only thing that could make the day worse was a plane crashing into my house, then a meteor crashing into the ashes making a toxic sesspool crater, then I could get raped by a rabid goat.

So it's Friday now, it's payday and it's a long weekend, I did also squeeze in an abs workout yesterday.

I have no other good things. well I suppose it could be worse, I could be on the other side of the counter, and have no way to get no specs, and be blind as a bat and my sight truly is bad. I'm thinking i need to learn sonar and use the technique. Like bats do!!!! Echo location!

Happy friday!

ETA: x-posted with Kari! hi!

Oh and then I heard about that horrible shooting in Illinois. Sigh. This is so awful, CBC said this morning this was the fourth school shooting in a week.
Happy Friday you wart-filled pussy, anus lickers!

I sensed a calling, a gentle whisper in the aether that bade me come.

Nothing much to report. My life with FJ and Mini-Me is functioning at maximum happiness. We've shifted into greater domesticity and I like it. Making my son laugh has become my greatest joy (besides rubbing crotches with FJ, of course).

We're going to a party tomorrow night. Some swingers we know are throwing it at their home near the beach. But it's not a swinger party, apparently. Except that everyone going is a swinger, even the hosts' parents who will be there. So we're going, mostly, for the freakshow potentiality of it and because the hosts are sweet people. It will likely be an early night for us. The lesbians will be logging auntie time with Jackson. One of them holds out hope that the other will one day relent and they will adopt one of their own. In the meantime, they make do with babysitting J-man. Works for us.

That's about it. The cycle of yardwork, diaper-changing, work commutes, and occasional furtive pockets of FJ time continues unabated. smile.gif
Awww, thanks for stopping by mr fj! Sounds like life is pretty sweet right now, and you guys deserve it!

((((better day for CH)))) - that really was a craptastic day yesterday - I think you shall have to make some kind of fun plans for tonight to make up for yesterday!

Well, I have now worked 6 hours so far on my "day off". Fuck. Seriously, temping looks better everyday. I'm going to head out to meet a friend for lunch, and then, yep...back to work. At least its a long weekend, since I have Monday off too. And I'm working from home, so I'm getting a TON of work done, with no distractions.

And turbomann is going to MI for the weekend to "geek out" with his online gamer friends for a weekend-long tournament. My man is such a sweet, little dork. So I've got the whole weekend to rest and recuperate, and its just what I need, since I had a stress attack yesterday, and another this morning. Feh. The fact that I am functioning at all is frankly a marvel.

Catch ya later!
Hey Hey!

Hey mr FJ! Have fun at your outing tonight!!!!

Turbo, it truly was a shitty day. Sounds like you are having a great one as well. Enjoy your lunch.

I went home at lunch and house is dog sick free. So, my suspicions are verified, it's the dog treats.

I got an e-mail from a different worker who CC'd it to two other supervisors, she told me she meft me voice mail, but my voicemail says I'm away from that office for some time, messages will not be checked and I'm not returning calls until my return to the office. The worker then asked why it had been two weeks since I had done anything. I haven't recieved anything in writing from the client, and I explicitly told this other worker I would need that. If I'm away from the office, how am I suppose to know if she supplied it?? I am not impressed. Listen to a persons extended absence greeting ya fuck wit!!! And why forward the information to the supervisors??? Good thing I have the original e-mail still.


I need a drink. a large one.
Hi hi hi hi!!!!!!! BUSTing from work complainer is not here till 12:30, and office manager keeps saying, "I hope you have lots left on that project!" Which I'm taking as a hint to slow down a little because she doesn't want to come up with more new tasks for me today. wink.gif Yesterday, I told her I had a lot of respect for how she runs the office and the team, and it was this really cool boss-worker moment....

Now. Sexy rhythm guitarist. Well OF COURSE I wanna do him! Presuming the opportunity comes up. It just needs to come up, and in the right way. I ain't gonna be no rebound chick with this one. I found a pic of him with his band, when I was online this morning at home, but I can't post it from work, as I can't access it through the network blocks. But I will get it up there as soon as I can!

Courier's here, so gotta close the screen, so I can leave the 'puter and not be caught....back later!
Hey Doodle!

For sure post pics when you can!

where is everyone??? I iz lonely. Again.

I just want to go home and take the dog out.
Is it time to go home yet? Almost, I guess.

Doodle! You must post a pic of guitarist! Ooooh!

Hi MR FJ!! It is so good to see you! Glad you and your little family are doing so wonderful. smile.gif

Ch, I am glad you found out what was making Emily sick. Does she have a sensitive stomach? That's my dog, Paco's problem. Anything at all sets off the diarreah. Lovely.

((Jenn)) that sucks donkey balls that you had to work today. Were you supposed to be having a comp day? Sounds like you will get some relaxation in this weekend.
Okay, I just got in the door....have to run out in a couple of hours for Vagina Monologues dress rehearsal, eep! I decided on Wide Open Spaces and The Long Way Around, because the performers seemed to like those 2 best!

This is he.
Hey Kari! It is almost time to go!! Emily has never had a sensitive stomach, the only thing that made her sick is chicken, so nothing for her. The treat deal is recent.

Doodle, CH likey the man!!

only 15 minutes left. that's it. blah.
mememe post coming right up!

okay, work stuff. new boss is cool and really nice, and i hope he sticks around for a while. i've been there a little less than two years, and this is my fourth boss already. word came down that i definitely got the day shift position, so as soon as they hire my replacement and i train them, it's a normal 8-4:30 workday for me. i am so ridiculously excited about that! i like the shift i'm on now, and the people i work with, and the overtime is awesome, but it will be good to keep normal working-people hours for once. i can run to the bank on my lunch, i can pick c-monkey up from school, i can get off in time to go see a matinee after work, i can watch prime time television! the mind boggles, it really does.

the apartment hunt continues. i got all my shit out and did the cleaning yesterday, now i just have to give the roomie back the keys. and explain the holes the bottom of my futon cut in the linoleum. blink.gif i'm over at the momster's for now, and so far no blood has been shed, but i need to find a place before we start driving each other nuts. right now is nice though: free food, clean clothes, no rent, and i get to see c-monkey every day. i have to admit, i'm kind of leery about having my own place and having c-monkey with me full-time. it occurred to me the other day that we've always lived with the momster, or the momster had her part-time while i was out on my own working. i'm kinda freaked about having her with me all the time. what if i forget to feed her healthy stuff, or she chafes at mommy's rules vs. grammy's rules, or i yell at her too much and give her some kind of complex? she's going to be 9, and this is the first time i'll actually have to be her mom 24-7. scary shit, yo.

up-coming fun stuff: the momster's leaving on her cruise next weekend. since my hours aren't compatible with kid-watching, i took that week off too. c-monkey has school, so no week-long getaway for me. but i will have my days free to sleep, or go watch movies, or hang out with friends. and the momster's cruise is coming in to san diego, so there's talk of a trip to sea world the weekend they get back. i'm just looking forward to a whole week off work; this is going to make me so lazy. happy.gif i'm going to a show in march with some friends of mine. never heard of the band (say anything?), but it will be fun to get out. the big show is in april, when we go to the warfield (one of my favorite venues) to see my chemical romance. i'm not as big a fan as they are (though my chem's growing on me), but again, it's more about getting out and having fun with my friends. my bro's overseas again, so his wife's bringing my niece out to visit in may. not excited about seeing the bitch-in-law without my bro there as buffer, but i can't wait to see my niece.

so, that's pretty much got me caught up. or as caught up as i'm going to get before heading to work. gotta get my ass out the door, like now. later bustarinos!
*fans self after looking at sexy rhythm guitarist* Mmmm, doodle, you gotta do that one! The hands! The Hair! That smile!

Well, I worked 10 hours on my "day off" today. I hope to cod I can at least take a half day next week to make up for this shit-tastic week. I need a new job. Kinda got a maybe-kinda-half offer from my friend I had lunch with today - they may have an opening, and I would LOVE to work with her, but I'm not sure its the right move - it would be back at the old company, but in the e-learning division...I'll have to wait and see what shakes loose, but its nice to have options, and friends who think so highly of me.

Grrrl - I'm sure you will do just FINE with c-monkey full time...I'm sure it will be an adjustment for you both, but you'll get in the swing of things, and I'm sure momster will still be available for the occasional babysitting help, right?!

Okay, well my body is telling me that I need food, but food is still scaring my guts, so I'm not sure what to do about that. Might be an egg over brown rice again - simple protein, and bland. Oh, and I did schedule myself for a massage tomorrow, to help unwind the stress a bit - YAY!
Goooood Evening!!

Grrrl, I'm sure that things with you and C-Monkey will be great. I'd be nervous as well, but you are a great mom! Congratulations on the (almost soon to be) new position!!!

Turbo, it's about time you took some time for yourself!!

So, I took the hound to the park for a nice walk, and she's feeling better. Again. No more of the poopy treats for her. Then I did a nice hour long work out, and I'm feeling goooooood. Tonight I'm heading out to see a friend for a bit, she's working. Not anything crazy, just a quick visit.

And that's what I've got for now.

How is everyone?
This has been a crazy-long and busy week, Busties and Busters. It's been a lot of work having a student teacher, but essentially, it has freed me up for other segments of my profession that I have wanted to focus on for a long time. You know, like FILING MY FUCKING PILES OF PAPER, and taking care of students on an individual basis by doing worksheets on our online system to get them assessed for special ed/EBD/LD status. I ran around school all day today trying to get technology shit settled because I have this ELMO unit that can project my computer screen onto a mounted projector to a screen on the wall...there's even this nifty doohickie that is like an instant color and everything! Bitchin' camero! I can even play movies through my computer through this thing.

*takes a suck off a reheated corporate vanilla latte*

Yeah, I dunno what's up with Mr. Clean. Anyhoo, I got Valentines from my students. They love me, so fuggit. wink.gif Oh yeah, and the librarian gave me cookies, so HA.

Grrrl, no worries about mothering 24/7. It's a bitch, and I keep wondering if I shouldn't make her college savings into a therapy savings account, but it's all good. At the end of the day, she laughs and smiles with me so it makes it totally worth it.

Turbo, I can't wait until you get a jobby-job worth your awesomeness. Truly.

The FALLJACKETS!! How fun. I love living my parenting experience vicariously through you two. I wouldn't trade my relationship with my girl for anything in the world, but it's so damned cool that Jackeroo gets two awesome parents. Nice.

I got a letter from my friend in Paris (the lawyer) and it has been over two months since I have heard from him. I thought that he was blowing me off, or got engulfed in some relationship, but no. He was in a horrible car accident. I was so relieved to hear from him! He's still recovering, so it must have been really bad, but I am so happy that he is alright.

More later! TTFN my pretty ho-bags!
ooooh, doodle, I'd definitely do that one! I'm jealous...... wub.gif Ain't no man looked like THAT ever flirted with me!

Minx, I'm glad you're getting a little reprieve with having the student teacher. It's nice to get some of that busywork accomplished. I'm having trouble just keeping up with one night school class. It is difficult to spend two hours talking about Windows XP. But I do have a new appreciation for teachers in general.

Grrl, I think you'll be a great mother!

~*~*soothing vibes for turbojenn's tummy*~*~ I agree with Minx, you need a job worthy of you.

~*~*sign the paper POKE at lamex*~*~ jami, how's things?

CH, what a craptastic day! Hope yesterday was better. But purple glasses sounds cool. smile.gif
Damn, I had a whole post written about the Vagina Monologues (AWESOME) and with some responses to other posts, and about the guy, and I lost it! I fucking lost it! And I am so exhausted I'm keeling over at my desk, so I have to sign off and try again tomorrow.

Okay, but I have to say this about the guy before I go to's not his looks. I almost wish he weren't so damned sexy, so I'd feel better about my chances. The truth is, I am drawn to him because of his music and his talent and his rhythm. Really. It's the number one draw. I totally dig his groove. I could listen to him for hours. I would die to make music with this man - I think it would be like heaven. I am seriously plotzing to jam with him, but I've never had the opportunity, because we basically do the same thing (sing lead and play rhythm), and to be honest, I'm pretty intimidated by the possibility of jamming with him on stage - I've got the voice now, but he'd put my guitar skills to utter shame, and I'd probably be so nervous that I'd fuck up the vocal bit too.

Anyway. I've now posted wayyyy too many frickin' thoughts about this situation, thoughts I've been stuffing down away inside me since, oh, the beginning of November. I've got to go to bed.
Good Morning!!!

Hey Minx! Yah on new do-dads! Oh gosh, is your friend okay???

Tree, yesterday was a much better day! How are you doing??

Hey Doodle! Maybe that's how you could start things? Just say you want to jam with him and see what happens.

It's going to be a nice day today! Taking puppy to park now!

Good morning all! Fucking up at 8 AM today, even though it was 3 by the time I fell asleep. And that's sleeping in these days. I'm gonna try and grab a nap later, I think.

CH, I wish I could ask him to jam with me, but like I said, I can barely string sentences together around this guy! Although the fact that he offered me his guitar to play a couple of jams ago is a step in the right direction. wink.gif Actually, I was thinking of asking to borrow his guitar again, next time I see him at the jam. ETA: you know, now that I think about it, maybe a conversation with music is the one we need to have. I just don't know if I'm confident enough to have that conversation with him on a public stage. Hmm. unsure.gif

I actually just worked up one of the Porcupine Rebels' songs ("What Are You Trying to Prove") in my new, higher key this morning - I think I'm gonna try it at the next jam. It's a doozy of a song - I've only done it at open mike, never the jam.

Okay, the Vagina Monologues were AWESOME! About 215 people bought tickets, I think, which is a full house. All the women were so great, and the stage was awesome - they had a bunch of cushions covered with a big patterned red bedspread, and then more pillows scattered - pinks, reds, oranges, purples, embroidered ones, beaded ones, patterned ones, etc. And all the women in black, most wearing red boas - they would sit on the pillows while each woman got up for her monologue. Awesome. wub.gif I stayed backstage till singing time. I did the 2 Dixie Chicks songs ("Wide Open Spaces" and "The Long Way Around") halfway in - I was kind of nervous, because it's WAY different than the coffee house. At the jams, it's so casual and easy-going, with people milling about and grooving, and you know you've "got them" when the talking stops. But at the theatre, you can't really see anyone, because of the spotlight, and everyone's focused on you, but you have no idea how they are responding to the song till the applause at the end. But I got thunderous applause and cheers for both songs, so I guess it was good! (And afterwards, one of the performers told me she was almost crying when I did "Wide Open Spaces," because it was "her" song. Which I understood totally, because "The Long Way Around' is "my" song.) Oh, and right before the show, I learned the other singer had backed out at the last minute, so could I do another song at the end? I did Bonnie Raitt's "Thing Called Love." When I went up to the mike, I sort of growled, "I wanna see some dancing this time." Audience laughter. "Seriously. I mean it!" So when I started playing, this couple came down and danced on the stage, and then all the performers got up to dance, and then more people started coming down to the stage to dance, plus people were clapping was AWESOME! And such a fun, groovy way to end it!

People came up to the stage afterwards to talk to the performers, and I got lots of compliments. One of the women was the chair of the women's centre, my old boss, basically. I haven't seen her since the AGM in June, and before that, when I was still bedridden and sick, with my mom here. So it was cool to see her, and she was really amazed by my voice and how "great" I looked. But she was trying to push me into "helping" the new staff person put together a women's all-candidate's forum. dry.gif I said, "I'd be happy to sing at it." And after some more conversation, including that conversation (again), I just sort of gestured to my guitar and said, "THIS is my life now." cool.gif

I'm looking forward to tonight's performance! It will be easier for everyone, now that we've done it once and know people love it. Plus BFF and BFFdottirs are going to be there tonight! tongue.gif

Shee-it. I think I'm gonna try and grab that nap....
Doodle, darling, I just got *chills* reading your convo with your old boss, and "THIS is my life now." Damn, woman, you are living your purpose now - I love it! And how perfectly fitting to do your first big stage performance at the VM - it really marries the past and present of your life in such a powerful way.

Well, I'm feeling really puny today - got sick again this morning, and I'm uncertain of leaving the house in 15 minutes to catch a bus to my massage appt, but if anything is going to help detox my tired body, this is a good start. I'm kind of wishing turbomann was here to take care of me this weekend, but also not, as I'm not much fun, and I don't feel the need to DO anything...lying on the couch being a slug is a perfect way to spend the day.

I'm supposed to have dinner with BFF tonight - not sure if that's going to happen, though...I'll see how I feel after the massage.

*waves to CH & tree*

Hello Hello!

Doodle, maybe you could just go up to him after he performs and ask him about a few things and see where it goes? I can understand you being tongue tied, too!! That is so great about the conversation with your ex boss, I'm glad that you told her how things are n' stuff. Congratulations on your success at the the Vagina Monologues!!

Hey Turbo!! I'm sorry that you got sick, again. I wish I could help you get out of your sork situation, no job is worth your personal health.

So I went and took a look online and found my new glasses, here they are.

So, I took Emily for a nice loooooong walk at the park, and she's still tired. We got back at 10:30 this morning!!! I'm going to take her out at 4ish or so. I also had a great workout today and I'm feeling fantastic!

Tonight I have to celebrate birthdays, one is far from home and I don't really want to go, so I'm still contemplating that one, I have the second to go to, which is nice and close to home. So, I'll decide later this evening.

Anyone else doing anything fun tonight?
Mornin' ya'll!

BFF ditched me last night - she was coming down with a cold, so we called off our plans - for the best, but I miss her. I spent the evening watching all kinds of videos on YouTube of performances from the cruise - made me happy.

I woke up *starving* today, so I think that's a good sign. If only I had some food in the house. I scrounged enough stuff around this morning to start a pot of black bean soup, but I'm very low on fruits & veggies, which is what my body is craving. I planned to go to the grocery this morning, but its raining outside, the sidewalks are icy AND underwater, so I'd be afraid to walk home with heavy grocery bags. I may call the neighbors, and see if they'd run me out to Whole Foods later.

CH - those glasses are very nice! I do love shopping for new frames - I wish I could be like Elton John, and have dozens of pairs of glasses to suit my mood!

I hope Doodle had another rockin' performance last night!
Good morning all! I actually slept in till 10:30 today! Go me! wink.gif

turbo, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Sucks about the lack of groceries, I totally understand that one. I don't suppose your grocery store delivers....?

CH, those glasses are awesome! I've actually been looking at a pair that are a little similar....they are cool!

Second VM performance was awesome! Everyone was so much more confident, including me, that it was near-perfect. (Everyone thought I was "perfect" and totally confident on Friday, but I was nervous and kept hearing all my mistakes - last night I felt really "present" and like I made almost no mistakes.) The crowd was older than Friday's, so the response was a little different, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Lots of the performers told me other people had been telling them how awesome my voice was, which was really cool to hear. Plus the whole performance raised a ton of money for the women's centre! Or whatever they are calling it now. Plus BFF and BFFdottirs were there, which was awesome, and also the older djembewoman I mentioned awhile back, who is planning to join our jam circle. And what was really awesome were all the MEN coming up to us performers afterwards and saying how great it was. One set of young guys, we called "vagina allies" as they were leaving, and they shouted, "Vagina WARRIORS!" back at us! YAY! I love it.

I'm kind of sad it's over now. On the up side, we have probably found another young woman to add to the jamming circle! Yeah!

turbo, you are soooo right on about me coming full circle with the VM! In fact, it was me who brought it to town, seven or eight years ago, when I threw V-Day at my social work practicum students as their "community coordination" project. (They also raised a ton of cash, and had this to say the morning after: "We brought you a box of money. That means we pass, right?" Heh.) But I'd always been the paperwork pusher, and the person setting up the displays and collecting the money at the door, and never really participated in the performances. So yeah, it was cool to come through it and around the other side.

I also got to talk with the new women's centre staff person - a cool young woman who is not planning to make it her whole life, thank goddess. I got to relay what I knew about the burnout rate, and also gave her some ideas for relieving the isolation and for connecting up with other women's centres....stuff I wished someone had said to me, I guess. That was cool. She's pretty awesome, too - she did the "Japanese Comfort Women" monologue, and had everyone, including me, in tears.

Anyway, that is my report! I promised the guys I'd jam with them today - banjoboy bought a bass guitar!! Holy crap! This is gonna be AWESOME! Plus I've come up with this tricked out version of Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" (mellow and funky, like maybe Carol King might cover it) that I'm dying to try out.
Good Afternoon!

Turbo, very good that you are starting to feel better. Did neighbours go out and do a food run for you?

Doodle, that is so great about the performance! Congratulations on your success!!! There aren't enough people like you, who offer guidance to someone who is new in their work position.

The style of glasses I got are very popular right now, and Turbo, I agree, it I could have many pairs of glasses like Elton John, I totally would, too!!!

I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages yesterday, he came out for drinks for a birthday celebration, then I went to the bar, after the other friends had left. It was boring there.

I'm feeling super emotional today, crappy period coming. I just want to cry and I'm taking everything really personally today. Gaaaa. At least it's a long weekend, so I've tomorrow off, thank goodness.

How is everyone else doing?
Hiya CH!

I have been sitting around on my couch, right in the sunshine, playing my guitar and singing, mucking about with different songs, changing them up and stuff, plus just grooving to old favourites, and also starting to think about what to play next time at the coffee house. Oh yeah, such an awesome way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon! I'm about to go do more of it.

If only there was a certain sexy rhythm guitarist here to share it with. Heh. wink.gif
Hi Doodle!

I'm also lounging about right now. today is my day off from working out, but I did tke the dog out, albeit, not in the sunshine, it's a touch windy here today.

I think that you need to say something to the sexy man. Hmmm.
Doodle, I'm so glad to hear that last night went well, too! And for all the support from the community for the event. And it is most excellent of you to reach out to the new centre coordinator - I'm sure she really appreciated it.

Well, I ventured out this afternoon, anyhow - I went to see a movie - "Definitely, Maybe," as I love Ryan Reynolds. It was good - nice to see Ryan playing a more mature, less sharp role. It was a bit on the sad side, but honest in the complexity of relationships.

And now, I'm going to join CH & Doodle in lounging mode. smile.gif
Hiya turbo! Glad to hear you felt well enough to go out to a movie! Did you get groceries?

I love that we're all lounging around today. I'm still wearing what I wore to bed last night! Hee!

CH - I know, I know, you're prolly right. I think the issue for me right that I put this guy and that whole vibe thingie in my "off limits" I never processed any of this stuff that's coming up now, since I found out he's become single. I never thought about what to say or how to relate to him as a potential lover, or about how I really felt about any of this, because it wasn't safe to. I never even let myself fantasize about the man after I found out he was partnered, which was, like, the 2nd time I encountered him. I just stuffed it all wayyyy down and settled for trying to relate to him as a musician that I respect (and even that has me tongue-tied most of the time, because I'm so in awe of his talent). It's all coming out into Okayland now, in a big rush of "oh holy shit!" blink.gif (Probably better that I process it here than in front of the man, though - he did just get out of a relationship recently. rolleyes.gif)

Am I driving y'all crazy yet? This could get worse. tongue.gif wink.gif

I just roasted up a bunch of chicken and I'm gonna dive in and eat my brainweight in it. biggrin.gif

Hey Turbo, so glad that there is am improvement in your health, I'm still worried, though.

Doodle, I can totally understand where you are coming from with the off limits thing. In any case, when you are attraced to anyone, it's really hard to approach them, as you said because of fear of becoming tongue tied. It's always easier said than done. I, as I said, have the biggest problem about approaching men. Could you approaching him using your mutual love of music and playing as an ice breaker? Talk away about it!

I am so tired, I'm not going to get into my issues right now, although I did stumble across a quote by Robert Frost which made me feel much better, In three words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life; it goes on.

It made me feel better, but as I said, taking things a little personally because I'm due next week.

I'm in my pj's and I'm comfy/

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