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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Happy Friday, you motley medley of mucusoid mouthbreathers!

Hi all, just home, got jammers coming over....

Honestly, it wasn't being told not to sing in the office that I was upset about - it's that in a moment of pique, I revealed a private disciplinary matter to another staff member, and I thought/think it might get back to the office manager, which even I might think is a big deal if I were a manager. I don't have any real problem being told not to sing; I used to make the women's centre's admin. assistant turn off the radio when I needed to concentrate, so I totally understand.

Can anybody advise me in setting up a table of contents in MS Word? Like a proper one, that does the page numbering automatically? I went to the MS Word help website, and it says "mark" the text, and I don't know what that means...mark it how? Every time I try to set up the TOC, it says "nothing found in table of contents," or something like that. I fortunately didn't have time to fart around with it today, so I have time to figure it out before Monday. The OM wants one with subheaders and everything....I've always done TOCs manually, the old-fashioned way, but now I want to prove I'm the computer expert I've made myself out to be, LOL! tongue.gif

It's been snowing here all day, and it's the wet, warm weather kind that gets all slushy on the roads and sidewalks. Yuck.

poodle, I think we all need to see some more pics of Li'l Keith, maybe some of him with his new brothers!

diva, I'm gourmet illiterate....what are profiteroles?

rose - green and purple is such an awesome combination - I'm glad you wore it!

Hiya CH and minx and minx and kari and moxie, too! People are on their way over, so I have to dash - will catch up on the rest of the posts later on tonight! *mwah*
I hate TOC's, doodle. Here are the directions I have for our reports:
1. Insert "section break" at top of report
2. Title new first page "Table of Contents"
3. Go to Insert, Index and Tables, Table of Contents, Options, and click the "Table Entry Fields" box, click OK twice.
That should generate the TOC.
Then you have to put codes throughout the document after the headings that you want to appear in the TOC. If I wanted a Table of Contents entry for one of my maps, I would go to that particular page, titled "Subject Map" and type { TC "Subject Map" \l 1 } after the title. On the page, it would appear:
Subject Map { TC "Subject Map" \l 1 }

That will link the TOC and page numbers together so that you don't have to go in and make manual changes to the TOC. If one of your topics ends up changing pages, the TOC will correct itself. Plus, you can click on the page numbers in the TOC and it'll take you directly to that section. I hope this helps. I barely have it figured out, so it's hard to explain to someone else. Turbo might be a better source of info.

(((Minx))) I caught a cold, too. Either that, or my allergies are crazier than normal. That is so freakin' funny about Mr. Clean being a republican!! Ah well, you can fix him. All men can be fixed, right? wink.gif

Dudes, 275 baby daddy cases is nothing. That's less than half the caseload the other 2 people on my team have who do it full time. Long ago, I think I had something like 1200 cases, before the office reorganized and I got some help with that particular job.

Profiteroles sound to be glorified cream puffs.

I'm looking forward to making the chocolate mousse when I get home. You guys are going to think I'm a classless idiot, but the giant and I went to Applebee's last week and got a dessert with their 3-course meal dealie thingy, and the chocolate mousse we got was amazing. It was dense and smooth and the flavor was perfect. I hate to say that Applebee's is my new gold standard for chocolate mousse.

Hi, Minx! If it's from exMinxman, then don't feel anything. That is over and done with and you're with a perfectly lovely (except for the Rethug thing, but whatever) partner that deserves your full attention. He has no power over you if you don't let him, so just don't let him.
Mmmm....cream puffs....chocolate mousse...stop tempting me, diva!!!!

Alright babes, I think I'm gonna take off. Check ya later!!
Not fair, Diva! The mention of pastries and profiteroles and THEN....chocolate mousse!! *shakes fist at desserty goodness*

I was already thinking that I deserved to go to our favorite, slightly spendy bistro for dinner, and dayum, if they don't have the most *amazing* chocolate mousse I've ever had. I've had a horrendous week - I deserve it, dammit!

Poodle, I'm so glad you tackled the TOC issue for mind is melted, and I am not capable of microsuck-think right now.

Mox - your friday evening sounds just perfect! Actually, I'm really torn between wine tasting at the shop down the street, then Indian food across the street, or the fancy place....hmmmm.

I didn't get nearly enough work done today, but had a fascinating convo with the HR woman for an hour....she's as miserable as I am, so it was good to commiserate...she's a little more miserable, being pregnant with TWINS!...but she's super sweet, and I am thrilled for her and her partner.

I've got a long weekend of work ahead, but I've got a couple of really good, meaty projects to work on, so hopefully it won't be so bad. And I already told my boss that I wouldn't be coming in next friday, and taking a comp day, which will be very nice, since we have Monday off as well for president's day.
Just got the jammers out.

poodle, thanks, I think I figured it out, thanks to you! And thanks to figuring out that I wasn't making my headings actual "headings" either, which I wouldn't have figured out without what you told me.

You know, this whole little emotional flare-up of mine over work is making me start to wonder if I'd be happier (albeit poorer) working at the clothing store at this point in my life, than at the insurance/investment place....I am thinking of going up to the clothing store next week and telling the manager where I'm at in my head, and that a firm job offer with decent hours might make the difference. Maybe it's downwardly mobile of me, but I'm not sure I'm feeling it as much anymore, now that the whole "singing incident" has happened....

Oh shit, later....
Doodle, get out of your head, woman! Its time to let the "singing incident" go....this is just the process of acclimating to a new office, nothing more. You've said the people are good - and there's always one spoil-sport or two in every office, you just have to ignore them. I think you deserve to give this one a shot - if it turns out that you don't like it, then quit - nothing obligates you to stay, if its not a fit. And could you maybe work 1-2 nights a week at the shop, just to give yourself some different energy, and an escape hatch, if you need it?

Had a nice evening last night, even if different than I wanted. Our friends called last night and invited us out to dinner with the whole gang (4 couples), plus one of our friend's mom, who has adopted our whole group as her "kids." She's so very sweet, and we always love seeing her.

I'm taking today as my weekend, not going to do any work today, and then just hit it hard tomorrow. I'm going to make some ancho-pasilla chile braised pork, some cuban black beans, salad and brown rice for dinner. We're having a friend over to share it with, and then play some cards - yay!

Well, I must get off to the grocery, so I can make this delicious food happen. smile.gif


Hi everybody!

doodle- I agree with turbo; I've made a few office faux pas in my day and you feel bad and walk on eggshells around your co-workers for a couple of days and then get over it. It sounds like this could be a good opportunity for you and I'm sure you'll be able to prove that you're a valuable asset. Ignore the obnoxious people and tell the ones who liked your singing about your upcoming gigs!

Good Afternoon All!

Poodle, the soup sounds delish! Good that fur babies are tolerating each other.

Minx, how are you feeling today??

Diva, 1200????? Wooooooow. That's nuts. And here I think that my case load of 150+ is a lot. Mmmm chocolate mousse.

Turbo, enjoy your day, ~*~*~*calm soothing vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle, I agree with Turbo and Polly on this one. Everything will be fine. Just let the incident go. I know how you are feeling about incidents at work, but dwelling on it will accomplish nothing.

Hey Polly!

Well, it's cold and snowy and blowy here. An Alberta Clipper has moved in, and it's miserable. I took the dog out last night, and that's all. The regulars at the park are having a put luck in March, so I'm excited about that.

Today cleaned and did a short workout, I'll go do more later. I'm still feeling slightly under sub par, but no longer feeling like chewed gum.

Hiya all! Hiya CH, turbo, and polly....

*sigh* Yes, I know you're probably right. I was just having my doubts yesterday about whether I truly fit in at the insurance/investment place as I do at the clothing store. I do KNOW I'd fit in better at the clothing store, because I'd be able to help women with their self-esteem, plus I'm 100% free to be myself there, in a way I'm not at the insurance/investment place - at the latter, nobody will even talk about politics (at the clothing store, we talked about women and politics right in the interview!), and I don't feel free to talk about my last job or even social issues. I feel more like I'm "fronting," I suppose, and the singing incident just made it a little clearer in my head. But then, that could be because I'm trying to "prove" myself at the beginning, and yeah, it would be more money, and they ARE good people, that's true - I'm pretty aware that the 2 who bitched about my singing are just generally miserable, complaining-type people, and it's not about me (except maybe they can't tolerate so much happiness in one person...I mean, come on, the ONLY thing they could find to criticize in my job performance was my SINGING??). I guess I probably would take it if it was offered, but I think I feel I won't be too upset if I don't get it, either. I would really like to work p/t at the clothing store even if I did get the insurance job, but I'm not sure I could handle that much work, so soon back into the work force.


My weekend....I promised the gay ex-priest I'd drive him around errand-running this afternoon. And tomorrow evening, I'll be attending a Vagina Monologues potluck meeting....I think I'll take my guitar and try the 3 different songs out on the participants, see which one they like best. And I might jam with the boys some more; they came over yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, which was awesome....guitarboy was stunned and awed to learn I had actually dared jam a Led Zep song! Heh.

Ooh, also, for you Dixie Chicks fans....I learned the song, Some Days You Gotta Dance, last night after the jammers left. It was a good way to release some work-related steam! Heh. I'm TOTALLY jamming it at the coffee house. Also, for you Johnny Depp fans, I tried to watch Sleepy Hollow last night, and it was darned good, but I STILL couldn't stay I just finished watching it now!
Doodle, I'm glad you are feeling better about things now.

YAY on learning new songs, too! that's really great.

I need this cold to stop, it's miserable out there. I'm currently watching The Simpsons and it's an episode about baseball, now I am craving a tukeydog. Mmmm.

(((doodle))) Sorry about your office singing turmoil. I have been pulled aside twice this week and told that there was too much "prattle" going on in the kitchen. "Prattle" AKA FUN! Some of my trainees can't talk and work at the same time, or they get carried away with the joking around, so I have to keep them reined in. It's tough, because I love to have fun while I'm working.

Guys, I have strep throat. Now don't worry - I'm not contagious anymore.

***sprays thread with Lysol just in case***

I woke up with a sore throat on Thursday morning, and it just got worse and worse. By Thursday night, I was in mortal pain. I made a doc appt for Friday morning, and by the time I got there, I was crying like a baby from the pain and fever. They gave me a shot of penicillin in my hiney, which hurt like a mf'er, then I went to Banana's house and whimpered myself to sleep. Today, I'm feeling much better. Not 100%, but much better. I've been staying at Banana's with Banana and Luna to take care of me.

I was supposed to meet with my former kitchen supervisor from the Marriott this morning, but had to cancel. We were going to chat and catch up, and she was going to share some fancy dessert recipes with me to increase my repertoire. We are going to do it next Saturday instead.

I registered for a wirework beading class for the 23rd of this month. I'm pretty excited. My mom had some beading books sent to me from, so I'll be happy to get those in the mail.

I was going to make some cupcakes for a friend's baby shower next month. Any ideas for some super special ones? I was thinking white chocolate and strawberry, or maybe pumpkin with crystallized ginger. Any thoughts?

As for your desserts, Diva, do you have individual tart shells? Because I have a really good fruit tart filling that is not very rich and is also very easy. It's made with cream cheese, sour cream, and meringue, and a tiny bit of sugar. I don't know what to call it, so at work we have been calling it "Scandinavian Cream Cloud" with fresh fruit. I've been putting it in phyllo cups and topping it with berries.

Oh - and congratulations on the warm fuzzies from your boss, Diva. You rock.
All this talk of baking makes me want to bake!!! Or cook, or something.

And for some reason, I'vebeen craving rye bread for a couple of days.

~*~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes for PK~*~*~*~* Hope you feel better soon!!

ETA: Hey Turbo. I agree.
Doodle, I see your reservations are about more than the singing, and I totally understand the "not being able to be yourself" at work - I am in that same boat at this job, and its not a comfortable feeling, and definitely part of why I want to leave. You know yourself well, and you know you have options. Any company would be *lucky* to have you.

ETA: X-post with PK & CH! Hihi! PK, your desserts sound wonderful!
Soooooo, where is everyone tonight?

It's too cold to go out. I'm hunkering down at home this evening.
Happy Sunday, y'all! Hiya, CH, turbo, and PK (nice to see you 'round here!)!

I frickin' woke up at 10:30 this morning....that was me sleeping in! Oh lordessa, how my life has changed already. Yesterday it was 9:30 and I couldn't sleep another minute.

Yesterday, I drove the gay ex-priest around to do his errands, and then we went to the coffee house (where I jam Wednesdays) for coffee....jamgirl (who runs the jam) was there on barista duty, and she's going to have to see if she can get out of something else, but she might be able to come to the Vagina Monologues, and if so, we might be able to do a song together! That would be so awesome! I also ran into lots of other people I know from jam night - left the coffee house with a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling that no matter where I work, I am now part of this wonderful music community where everything is comfortable and safe and I feel totally accepted. biggrin.gif Also jammed with guitarboy when I got home, which was awesome - he's really improved phenomenally since we first started jamming together, and I told him so.

turbo - you know, it was partly your situation I was thinking about when I started ruminating over all of this. I'm really leery about turning down a job I really, really want in my heart (the plus-size clothing store - even if prefering a lower-paying job seems almost counter-intuitive), and ending up somewhere and discovering I'm unhappy in 3's not like I can't still temp as well....I'm torn....

....and I was thinking about jamgirl yesterday, who does the barista bit part-time, and who has many other odd things going in her life to keep the income going so she can make music and even a few CDs, and she just seems so...happy, and at peace. And she's about 6 years older than me, too.

God, these posts are all about me, aren't they? I'm sorry! I seem to have a selfish gene. wink.gif

Ooh! I watched Children of Men last night! Has anyone else seen that? It was really good! Plus it had Clive Owen in it. Yummmmm.
Hey Doodle!

That's so wonderful that you have this really great place to go! Can't say that I've seen Children of Men, I am however watching the SpongeBob SquarePants movie right now. And I made a tuna melt, and it was yumtastic.


Doodle, I can empathise with a lot of what you wrote. I started a new fulltime office job about a month ago, after taking over a year off to write my thesis. My work experience has been a lot of freelancing from home and third level teaching, so while I have admin experience an office environment always feels a little alien to me. My co-workers are nice, but very conventional (from clothes to beliefs) and I really don't feel we have much in common. However, I'm trying to keep in mind that I should worry less about 'fitting in' and more about whether I'm doing my job well. I feel we get on well enough and I do try to make an effort, but making small talk with colleagues during my lunch hour is a strain for me.

I do very much feel that my real life, and work (still editing thesis at night), is not in that office. I need the money and the experience though so I'll stay.

Anyway. I agree you should stick it out for now, if only to get past this moment and try and get a good experience out of working there. If you do ultimately decide to leave you will feel much better doing it on a high note. Wait a while, see if the job starts to interest you more.

Children of Men
is great and of course Clive Owen is divine. In addition to his other attributes, I particularly love his voice. Yum indeed.

Hope everyone esle is having a fab Sunday! *waves*
Where is everyone???

I iz lonely.

Hey Syb!!

Waaaaaaaa CH lonely. My thighs are killing me from those squats! and I did more cardio today, and some more squats.

CH = sadist.
heh...I can't help but giggle at Doodle's version of sleeping in and thinking 10:30 is version of sleeping in is getting up at 7:00 AM... smile.gif Seriously. I wish I could sleep in like that. To 10:30, I mean.

Actually, I probably could, but I start aching.

I can totally see where you're at in terms of being told not to sing, Doodle. I guess it's up to you to find your path but perhaps I'd think maybe your place is to teach these people some "fun"???

Especially if you can always go to the clothing store if they don't understand "fun".

It is very difficult to feel like you can't be yourself at work.

I can't help you decide, chica, I'm just ruminating. Or philosophizing, or something. It's your path.

I don't really fit in where I work. But I think I'm edumacating the white republican boys at our shop. If I'm not edumacating them, then at least I'm giving them a different perspective.

PK, that beading class sounds neat! I'd like to take a class like that. I don't have the motivation, though. I have the interest but the motivation just lets me down. I'm glad you're feeling better, btw.

I wanted to bake today, just so I could use the new Kitchenaid. But I didn't.

I'm regretting accepting the teaching night school job. I'm too reclusive in the winter and I don't want to go out in the evenings and associate with people. I'm an ass, I guess. Four weeks to go. I think. Something like that.

Ch, I love a good high quality rye bread. In fact, I made a corned beef yesterday for supper, rye bread is good for Reubens. Yum.

I had a horrific week last week. Y'know, the week before last, when I felt like I was getting into the refrigeration groove? Well, I think Murphy was listening to me, cause this week "Murphy's Law" was out to get me and now I am doubting anything I thought I was getting! Yikes. This crap can be's not so bad in general but these ultracolds are too damned FINICKY. I got one that I couldn't pull into a vaccum, I figured I had made a bad brazed joint. It turns out the compressor terminals themselves were leaking. So, now I tightened them and it's at 100 micron vaccum. Which is good. It's a used compressor. With my luck, it won't even start once I go to re-fire it up. Blech.

And I have a confession for you supper tonight consists of Easy Cheese (the stuff in a can) on Triscuits. Oh, yeah, baby. laugh.gif

ETA ((((CH))) Sorry you're lonely...but you didn't even see me here!

Hi Hi!

I sorry that things at work aren't going so fab. Nothing wrong with our dinner.
*crawls into thread, and snuggles up to tree, under okayland down comforter*

Well, its been a bit of a rough 24 hours here...I seem to have gotten food poisoning last night - YUCK. Happens about twice a year to me, always when I've hit my limit on stress - I get sick, but no one else does that I ate with - just my body hitting the reset a very unfun way. We had a friend over to play cards, and then all of a sudden I needed to go lay down. Next minute - projectile vomiting. All over the bedroom...walls, ceiling, blinds, lamps, bedding....everywhere. SO gross. And then I laid there shaking for awhile before I called turbomann in, who bless him, wiped things down a little, got me some water, and then slept on the couch, so I wouldn't bother him with my constant runs to the bathroom all night. And then this morning, he stripped the bedroom, washed everything, scrubbed the walls and floor, and took care of me all day. Cod, I love that man. I was fairly miserable all day, but around 2pm, I had to start working...I put in 6 hours, and I'm calling it quits - its going to be a long day tomorrow, but I gotta take care of myself now, so I'll be able to do the training sessions this week.

Doodle, I love the way that you're really allowing yourself to go with the flow, and ponder a work experience that will make you happy. I read a lot of "happiness at work" blogs and things these days, since I find myself in a job where I am NOT happy, and I know that I will also be much more careful in seeking my next position.

Tree, I know what you mean about how difficult it is to do things at night in the winter...I'm the same way. And getting to the gym, and going to mentor the teens every week gets harder and harder - especially in this cold.

Well, I'm going to take a bath, and then go to bed. See you all tomorrow night!
Hi all....just home from the Vagina Monologues meeting. I took my guitar and played all three Dixie Chicks songs for the performers. There is a definite preference for Wide Open Spaces (which kind of surprised me, but they are mostly young, university-aged women), with The Long Way Around coming in close second. Apparently, I am the only one who loves Ready to Run as much as I do! The other woman singing is doing Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" (I told her we needed more women at the open mike/jam - she didn't even know about it!), so I'm not actually sure it matters what the theme of the song I choose is....I have to pick by Friday.

guitarboy phoned just after I posted, too, so I spent a couple of hours with the boys, jamming. They are icky sick with colds - I hope to hell I don't get it!

turbo, do you have any links to any of those blogs? Sorry you are so sick, bleargh. You do get food poisoning a lot! This worries me about travelling to your city of fabulous restaurants, LOL! wink.gif turbomann is such a lovely fellow, isn't he?

I soooo appreciate everyone's input on the job sitch. So many things going on in my head! I do think I will go talk to the manager of the clothing store this week, and see just what kind of offer might be on the table (hours, wages), because it honestly might make a difference in my decision, presuming the insurance/investment job is on offer, too. We'll just have to see, I guess!
turbo- the same happens to me about 2X year...remember last time I was at your place? It is the stress. Take it easy, stay hydrated, and take a freaking sick day!

ok, off to read archives.
Good Morning.

((jenn)) man, that sucks. I hope you are feeling better today. Is there no way you could take off work today? That stinks. *hands Jenn some gingerale*
I am happy turbomann is there to look after you. That really helps when you are sick.

Doodle, it sounds like the jam went splashingly! Excellent!

Diva, you cracked me up with your "classless idoit" line b/c you went to Applebees. Ha! It is surprising that their mousse was so good.

((Pk)) sorry about your throat! Is it strep? Tell Banana to take good care of you. How long til Heikki moves?

Tree, it sounds like working with the refrigeration is definitely challenging. Easy cheese is a guilty pleasure! That and that Olde English cheese stuff that comes in a small glass jar. And Velveeta. Yum. Has Bear made a definite decision yet on moving for that job?

Hi SYBARITE! Glad you popped in. Kick off your shoes, stay a while! smile.gif

Hey CH! You are still feeling bad w/ the cold? Booooo! Sorry you're sore from the squats. My legs finally stopped hurting from that stupid class last week, which I will NOT be going to again this week. No way. I am a sadist to some degree, but not that much!

Hi moxie!

Hi minxie! Sorry about your cold. How are you feeling today in relation to the cold & also the e-mail?

Things here are ok today. I am in sort of a quiet mood, not feeling like chatting with anyone in the office. Not a bad mood, necessarily, just introverted. Had a nice weekend. Friday I went to my friend's house. She made black bean sweet potato quesadillas. Then we watched a movie. Saturday I got a few things done around the house that had been ignored for quite some time. Also cleaned out my shit hole of a car. It was too dirty. Now it is sparkling. I had as school meeting from 3-5 Saturday. After that I went to see my friend's baby in the hospital. She was born very prematurely. She is doing well. She is about 4.5 lbs now. Poor little baby. We went for dinner after that. bah.

Oh-I have a question for you baking Okayers....I tried to make chocolate cinnamon rolls last night, a recipe I've done before. My dough did not rise. Any ideas why? I suspect it may have been too cold in the house. ? Or maybe could my yeast have been inactive? In any case, it was annoying, b/c I really wanted to eat one!
Comes in from the cold.

I am sick of the FUCKING COLD. This is bullshit.

Turbo, this job is having a serious affect on your health. ~*~*~*~*soothing, healing vibes~*~*~*~*~ Oh dear. That is so sweet of Turboman, you take care of yourself.

Doodle, keep us informed of the job situation. The cold going around is a nasty one, you also take care of yourself.

Hey Mox!

Well, all I know is that it is miserable and cold here, and I am sick of it. It's been miserable for three weeks now. I can deal with cold for a few days, but not this crap.


Then to top it off this morning, my pass card to get intot he building didn't work, so Ihad to sit in my car (thank goodness, I didn't take the bus) and wait until a supervisor arrived. I don't like it here. the people are nice, but it is the lack of work, and my friends are at the other office.

Aren't I a complainer today?

ETA: Hey Kari! Feeling back up to par, the occasional cough, but not feeling like caned ass anymore! Now back into feeling the burn from working out.
Mornin' babes!!!

~*~*~*~recovery vibes for all sick busties~*~*~*~ I have bad allergies, but that's about it. (((turbo))) Stomach stuff is the worst!!!

I had caribbean black beans and brown rice this weekend, too!!! I also made skillet cornbread with green chiles that turned out awesome. Mmmm....eating is the best part of being alive!!! Seriously!!!

PK and diva, you guys are inspiring me to take some kind of community ed class, maybe something food-related. I'm gonna have to check out the city's website. cold is it up there, culture? It's zero (F) here. I think people should be allowed to stay home when the temp hits zero or lower.
It is currently -28, -41 with the windchill. In F, that'd be, let me check here... -18 and -42 respectively.

It's been like this ALL weekend. I didn't even go to the park. I stayed at home, with the exception of going to the grocery store yesterday.

Mmm blackbeans and rice!!! Yummers! I made a stir fry with shrimp and brown rice.
Ooh, the hostility, it burns. The office complainer is determined to be passive-aggressive towards me now. (This morning I asked her if she had a good weekend, and she was, like, at pains to answer me, and did so in a monotone, as if to say, "How dare you distract me with your happiness while I'm so terribly busy and important making these photocopies." Also, she changed the radio to the country-western station before I got here. I changed it back when I sat down.) Well, too fucking bad, I'm sooooo over it. Just being my usual cheerful, polite, and pleasant self, to everyone! biggrin.gif

Just had to come in here so that I could express those thoughts.

Also, everyone else around here has becoming increasingly nice to me. wink.gif
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((Jenn)))))))) Are you feeling any better? I hope you can put off some of that work until you feel more up to doing it.

I have a lady who sits right by me at work who sings from time to time. Sure, she has a sweet voice, but it doesn't mean I don't want to rip my hair out when she goes at it when I'm trying to concentrate on actual work. Just because she has a nice voice doesn't mean I want to be ambushed with it at work, since we're not there to be her captive audience. There's a time and a place for it.

CH, sorry about the weather. It was like that in MN yesterday. I stayed home all day because of it, which means it was terrible because I'm usually all about going about my business even if it's freezing.

Poodle, I want some of your cornbread. I've had a craving for it lately.

Kari, that's good that the baby is doing okay. When do you think it'll be able to come home?

PK, I buy individual tartlet shells at the grocery store. I've made large ones before, but for something like this, it's far easier just to buy them ready to go.

Hi, Tree and Moxie!

I had a pretty decent weekend. I spent almost 2 hours hunting down tartlet shells and chocolate cups for mousse, had to go to 3 different grocery stores for them. Everything I made turned out really well, especially the profiteroles, which I filled with homemade bavarian cream and topped with dark chocolate ganache. I didn't have a single one left from the party to bring home, so they must've been good. Yesterday, we just hung out at home doing not much of anything, which is just as I like it. We watched the Grammys and were largely unimpressed. Why do they have to have all but one rock category done in the pre-show ceremony? It was all about rap/hip hop and country. Blech. And Amy Winehouse scares me. She has a good voice, but the sight of her gives me the willies.

I think I'm going to venture out in the cold for lunch. I have to make copies of a bunch of pictures for that scrapbook. Yay. At least I can stop for a smoothie on the way back since it's basically across the street from Kinko's.

Diva, cornbread is super easy to make. You just stir everything together, pour it in a hot skillet or pan, and throw it in the oven for about 20 minutes. Maybe I'll make some more tonight. This time I'm gonna use honey instead of regular sugar.

Booooo...I have cramps and a headache.
Hi all! I'm home!

diva, I am totally salivating to be at your house right now, while you are making all these yummy things! Yeah, I totally understand about the singing being distracting, and when I learned it was bothering someone in the office, I stopped totally.

This particular office complainer has been little but a generally miserable person, though, and it's gotten worse, I think, since I refused to drop my positive attitude. It's like the more personal happiness I seem to carry, the more she seems to dislike me. It's not like I'm skipping through the hallways strewing the carpets with rose petals - I'm just pleasant and courteous to everyone, and efficient at what I do. I dunno. TFB, I don't care! tongue.gif Anyway, everyone else has been even nicer to me since it all started, so I suspect I and my personal aura stumbled into a much longer-standing office dynamic....

poodle, it's soooo lovely to see you, and by the way, I got my table of contents PERFECTLY this morning, so thank you again for the help! The manual is pretty well finished - the office manager just needs to give it a final go-thru. YAY! Sorry you have cramps. Orgasm is a very helpful form of cramp relief. wink.gif I still wanna see some more Keefer pics, btw!

CH, that sucks when the weather is crap AND you're sick. I never want to crawl out from under the down comforter, ever, on those occasions....I feel for ya!

kari, yay for getting your car clean! I have BFF's car and it's filthy, but it's too cold to run a hose outside....bleargh!

Hiya also, moxie!

Hey Diva!

~*~*~*feel better vibes for poodle~*~*~*~* boo period cramps.

Doodle, gaaaa, office downers, not so okay. What is it with people who are miserable. Even when I'm miserable at work, I'll still attempt to put on a hapy face.

Well, I'm on the mend, still occasionally coughing and sneezey. Did manage to work out today! Yay! And I took the dog out, it's warmed up a fair bit. If that's what you'd like to call it. Now, off to make some soup!
yo yo yo! fj in da house!

just checking in. i've been reading the archives but as usual, haven't been able to get much writing time here.

actually, i have news. i am working again. and yes, i might be totally insane but it's for the "friends" again. go ahead, get the groaning out of your systems... hehe. it was a hard decision to make actually. but they offered me a non-sales job, working at my own pace anytime between 9am and midnight, making a pretty nice hourly rate. i've been applying and interviewing for months and nothing has come up and my unemployment is about to run out in about a month, so i decided i had nothing to lose by working with them as long as it actually pays off. with 20 hours a week, i will earn as much (actually a teeny bit more) as unemp has been paying me and that's been keeping us going fairly well for the past several months. i started working last week and it's been very easy so far. the friends started their own company (if you remember their partners pushed them out of the other one) and they do the same thing they were before, dealing with dating services. i'm working with quality control, so i'm basically checking the leads to see if they're real. i don't sell, i don't have to even talk to people all the time to do the job - if the voicemail says the name that matches the lead, i click a button and i'm done. if the vm says a different name, i click that button and i'm done... each call takes less than a minute. even if i do reach someone, i just ask them a cpl of random questions about the lead and tell them a matchmaker will contact them.

best of all, i share my office (sofa) with my boy and don't have to put him in daycare. my mother in law is going to keep him twice a week here with me or at her house so i can have uninterrupted time on the phone.

so there is that! smile.gif

i have been writing this all day. i am sending up individual vibes and love right now and will definitely be back here in the morning. but i have been on the phone for the past two hours and i'm needing to log in some time with mrfj.

Hey FJ!!!

That's great that you are working, how are the "friends" being now anyways? I do hope that this goes well. Are you enjoying it thus far? How's the boy doing?

Enjoy your Mr. FJ time.

Hey ya'll. I am absolutely wiped. I put in 11.5 hours at the office today, came home, put in another hour on freelance, and now, finally, I'm done. And have to go to bed in 15 minutes. And have to give a 4 hours training tomorrow that I feel rather nervous about - my materials are stellar, that's always a high point, but I've had zero opportunity to practice, so wingin' in I shall be!

Mox, you are absolutely right, this is a stress attack, and I thought of you all night as I was retching and being fairly miserable. Sick time is simply just not possible immediately, with two trainings this week, and two days traveling to do them. I'm planning to work from home on Friday, and that's about what I can manage.

FJ!!!! Good to see you! Ah, back with the friends, eh? Well, so long as you're happy with the sitch, no harm done, right? You can always walk away if it gets freaky again, and paying the bills and caring for jackaroo is a pretty sweet deal.

Doodle, good for you for using the force against the office misery! Doesn't it just feel so good? I kind of do the same thing against assboss, and I'm the only one that seems to get away with sticking it to him - the others seem to let him press their buttons. Not me. And hooray for that!

And Mmmmm....all the good food in here - desserts and skillet cornbread, oh my!

Okay, bedtime for me - send me good presentation vibes tomorrow morning, 10am CST! smile.gif
turbo, you know what else the stress/gut attacks tell me? That its BUTT FLUSH time! Seriously, all joking, one cannot NOT joke about BUTT FLUSH!

My sister in LA is doing a cleanse, so i got to say BUTT FLUSH all weekend. hehe.
Good Morning,

well, it's Tuesday, and I feel like it's already been a long work week. hurrah.

Turbo, that is rediculous that you worked so much. ~*~*~*~*presentation vibes~*~*~*~*~ I'll send more your way at 10.

Hey Mox!

It's only Tuesday. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. and I can't check my voice mail it says the password is incorrect. so, now what the fuck am I supposed to do? bullshit bullshit.
Mornin' y'all!!

Turbo, I agree with mox. It's definitely time for a butt flush!!
Hi, peeps!

Yeah, Jenn, it is indeed time for a butt flush! Get all the crap out of your system and start clean. (((((((((presentation vibes))))))))))

CH, yeah, this week already seems long, and it's only 1.5 days in. Feh. I think it's only dragging for me because I'm looking forward to the 3-day weekend coming up. Sorry your phone's being weird. Do you guys have an IT person there to break into it for you?

Hi, Poodle, Moxie, and Doodle! Oh, and FJ, too! That's good that you're working again, as long as you're cool with the situation.

Today's just another day for me. We had a long-ass meeting this morning, then had to stand for pictures, now I'm waiting on gay boyfriend to get here so we can go out for lunch. I've been craving a caesar salad from a certain restaurant for a very long time.

I forgot to say hi to FJ!! Hi FJ!! That's great that you'll be bringin' in some cashola and still able to stay with the l'il one!!

Hi diva!!

Good things:
1. Tasty bagel for lunch
2. Primaries in a couple states
3. Nothin' much to do at work
4. Tasty mango smoothie
5. Nice warm temp outside (14F)
Yes! It's butt flush time!!!


I am finished all my work. All of it. OM is in a meeting. What to do but BUST?

Radio was back on country-western this AM. Put it to CBC Radio One (public radio). This is the fun part. The assistant's mood was very short with me earlier this morning. But then her advisor boss went into a meeting where my manual was presented, and they all really liked it. After he came out and met with his assistant again, I started getting more of the pleasant treatment from her. Hmmm.

Hiya to FJ!!! And turbo, poodle, diva, CH, and moxie!
Buttflush! Buttflush! Buttflush!

Holla...sorry I've been out lately. Bunch of happy horseshit to deal with. My principal has been an asshat...he expects me to work miracles with conflicting technology. The software that I bought out of my own funds last year doesn't not jive with the newer version of Microcrap Word. Big problem, but he's making it into a personal integrity issue. I am given no funds for resources, but expected to just come up with fucking miracles. Whatever. I talked to our IT person yesterday and he helped a girl out, so THERE.

Mr. Clean got sick. The jury is still out as to whether or not I caused it. At this point in the winter, eating a chicken wing could make you ill, but I did have a cold, but he is SICK. I think he might be pissed at me because he contracted said illness, but whatfuckingever. I guess that this will be telling about his level of controlfreakiness. Who knows. I won't until I actually hear more than one text from him, which is all I've gotten over the last four days. One text a day. Ah well...does anyone else in here think that it's weird that he hasn't taken me to his house once since I've met him? He's been to mine several times, and I've even brought it up to him about four times. He just kind of gets this strange look on his face. I know that his daughter lives with him, but for fuck's sake; she's 19.

Tell me I'm not just being slightly paranoid. Usually I expect to see a person's domicile within about 2-3 weeks after the advent of the first date, and usually within the first week or two. I think this is strange. It makes me feel like he's hiding something from me and I don't like that.

My email issue. That was odd. It still is odd...nothing bad, nothing severe...just...odd. It has opened up a can of worms, however, that I was prepared to deal with. smile.gif

I'm glad to see FJ around these parts more often. It's like the heralding of Spring or something. biggrin.gif

Well, so far so good, and no more strep. I could not handle another round of antibiotics so soon again. I got a ravaging yeastie last time, even with tons of yogurt and acidiophilus tablets. Immediately, I got a head cold, but whatever. It ain't strep, so fuggit.

I am having bagel envy, Poodle. I had homus and carrots. And a coke. Yeah me.
Don't worry 'bout it, minx. Seriously. Deep breaths. Maybe he's embarrassed because he has a velvet painting of Ronald Reagan above his fireplace.

Ooh!! I forgot another good thing!! I saw Gus giving L'il Keith affectionate licks on the neck this morning. It was so precious!! Then Keith had to ruin it by tackling Gus.
Well, I am pleased to come in here and seeing ya'll worshipping at the altar of BUTT FLUSH! heh. So fun to say. Though seriously, after the events of this weekend, I think my intestines are pretty clean, if you know what I mean. wink.gif

Another long work day - 11 in the office, then 2 more of freelance at home. ooof. And tomorrow, I'm taking an afternoon train down to Springfield IL, to give another training on Thursday. Whee. Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to the three hours on the train, so that I can relax for a few hours - how sad is that?!

Minxy, I'm with poodle - breathe, and give this guy the benefit of the doubt until he proves unworthy of your attention. And really, most men I know are whiny babies when ill - better to not talk to them while they feel sorry for their sick selves. wink.gif

Okay, sorry for the quick update here, but it is bedtime for me!


minx. Breathe. Listen to the wisdom of poodle and turbo, they know shit.

Okay, well, I think I am not getting the insurance/investment office job, and I am basing it on the looks on the boards' faces when they came out of their meeting this morning, and the restored pleasantness of the assistant. Please don't tell me I'm making it up in my head - I would have gotten an interview call by now, and my gut tells me I'm right anyway. I'm not really sad or anything, more concerned with the personal dignity issues of having it (and the possible reasons) go through the "office grapevine" while I am still there, pretending not to know.

I'm still going to go up to the clothing store this week, while I still "technically" don't know about the other job, and use my application there as leverage to get them to make me a firm, good offer. Or try, anyway. God, I don't know how to do this job negotiation stuff - the women's centre practically begged me to take the job, so long ago, and I've been out of the job hunting market for so long - but I hope it works.

I am sooooo jamming Some Days You Gotta Dance at the coffee house tomorrow night. rolleyes.gif Oh, and I got asked to do TWO songs at the Vagina Monologues (two performances, Friday and Saturday), so now the choosing won't be so hard!

Anyway, that's enough about me! Again. Sorry. wink.gif

***brrrr***** Seems like everyone has some cold temps today. It's cold here, for us. 23ish I think. Got some snow flurries also.

((doodle)) Sorry to hear about your suspicions about the job. I agree, it stinks that you have to work there, thinking you know, but not being able to show it. When do you think you will find out?

Hi FJ!!! Hey, I don't blame you for taking the job. You gotta do what you have to. It sounds like the situation is a lot different this time, and it meets your needs. That is so great that you don't have to do daycare. Sweet!

Hey Minx! Aw, if Mr Clean is being a butt, tell him to suck it. Seriously. He knew you were ill, my feeling is that he knowingly took the risk. It is kind of odd that you have not been to his place yet. I don't think you are being paranoid. Maybe what poodle said about the Ronald Regan portrait is right. hee hee!

((jenn)) Is the training today? So you had an au natural buttflush! Is that how you spell au natural? No idea.

Hi moxie, CH, poodles, diva, and everyone else!

Things here are decent. I am tired, despite getting to bed at 10:30. No hospital tonight though, so I can chill. Woo hoo!

Hey everybody!! *in Dr. Nick voice*

You deserve a night off, kari!! And, turbo, you continue to amaze me with your resilience. I woulda had a breakdown long ago. Whatever you're making, you deserve a 100% raise.

~*~*~*~jobby job vibes for doodle~*~*~*~

Blergh. I had one too many beers last night and now I'm feeling groggy.

Mmmm...I just had a veggie hummus avocado wrap from D. Brian's and it was muy delicioso. I feel so healthy now!! Having D. Brian's downstairs is harmful to my wallet. I'm trying to be good about bringing my own food to work so I don't end up blowing $30-40 a week on lunch. That's about what I was spending before I bought my house. Yowzas!!

Hey Poodles!

Your lunch sounds delicious. The main issue with bringing lunch is that it is just a pain in the ass. I hate getting it together. I rarely buy, just because I'm cheap that way. Plus, there is nowhere in our bldg to get food, so going out for lunch is also kind of a pain.

Where is everyone today??? I need some distractions! Come on, don't make me actually do work, people!

Hello All!

I was at a meeting this morning, it was good, we had a police officer come and give us info about gangs and such.

Hey Diva, how was your lunch yesterday? Phone got taken care of, called our telephone provider, and they reset the password. I still don't undertand how it was changed in the first place.

Doodle, I'm sorry to hear about the office, hopefully the clothing store will work out. That is so great about being asked to perform twice!!! Good for you!

hey Poodle! Awww cuteness from fur babies.

Minx, I wouldn't worry about it too much, maybe he's got a really tacky house. Maybe he's got orange shag carpet!

Turbo, this work stuff is rediculous. I think you should throw on fire dog poop at that place when you are done with it.

Hey Kari! That's good that you don't have to worry about hospital work tonight!

It's cold here again. I can't do this anymore.

Also yesterday, when I got home from work, the dog had got sick in my room, good thing it was on the blankets, but it was a hassle, then I had to clean it up, do laundry wash the floor. Bah.

Now, here I am, but the good thing about the meeting this morning, I am only at work for 2.5 hours this afternoon!

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