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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Is this day almost done?

Sooooo boooooored.

Day is not done yet, CH. sadly. What time do you get off work? I leave in half an hour, but am not even excited about it, b/c I have to work at the hospital. I added up my hours and found that I worked 52 hours there in January. If only I were getting paid for them! That means I am one-fourth of the way to the required 200.

Diva, your weekend sounds really nice. I agree, I don't like stupidball at all, but was happy the Patriots lost. Mainly b/c I think Tom Brady is a smug jackass. I hope Giselle dumps his ass. That stinks that you have to sit around the repair shop. But yes, at least you get to leave work early. I think I would have felt old at that party too.

((jami)) I am sorry you are sick! And after all the BS you've had to deal with. When did you say you move? That is no good that you have to pack while sick.

Mr K called & said he doesn't think his tests went well today. Oye. They were the first round though, I think it takes a little time to get acclimated. He's new to being a student again.

The car wreck wasn't super close to our house, fortunately, b/c our house is set back from the street some. I mean, it was close, but not close enough for me to worry my house would catch on fire.

CH, I'm feelin' pretty good today. I worked out at lunch, got some energy.

I am eating a snack that I invented last night. Vanilla yogurt w/ crumbled up peanut butter granola bar. It's pretty tasty.

Hey Diva, I totally hear yuo on the party deal, it's hard haning with people who feel that beer bonging is a legitimate sport. Sadly, I know people in their 30's who still think this.

Kari, I'm done in 10 minutes!!! I haven't worked out in a week, I've had that little energy. Good thing, I've been eating well and not a lot (stooopid cold), so I'm still loosing weight. Not the way I want to though.

Ahhh, I'm going to get ready to get the hell out of here!

Hiya all! Just got my first "real" paycheque today! And then spent a big chunk of it, on groceries and thrift clothing. Anyway, hiya to turbo, diva, kari, CH, jami, and treehugger. Where's poodle??

Nope, I haven't picked a song yet, but I have to tell you, I'm leaning a bit towards Ready to Run....I think it might be more "fun" for the audience than the others.

So....I went in and told the office manager today that I applied for the job, because I didn't want there to be a conflict of interest with my temp position. The applications all go thru their head office, and it's decided by HO, but I found out I'd be meeting with the OM and the manager if I interview. When she asked me why I applied, I basically said I really liked it there, I like the atmosphere, and the people were the deciding factor - I didn't feel the need to sell myself, 'cause I've already shown I can do the work, plus my resume should do the rest. Anyway, she seemed pleased that I'd applied. I'm pretty sure she discussed it with the manager, too, because he seemed a little more friendly to me than usual today. I already feel like part of the "family" - I hope I get it!

Also, I got sick of the damned radio at work (fuck Shania Twain). I was doing some silly task that didn't require thinking, so I turned it off and just started a-singin' at my desk. Trying to master my Dixie Chicks songs, mostly, in a quiet voice. And the manager came and stood at my desk, flipping through the newspaper, and I kept a-goin' (I was doing Bonnie Raitt). He just asked me if I was practicing my singing. Hee!

ETA: I just realized that last week, I inadvertently told one of the assistants that I was in a band, and it probably made it thru the office grapevine (I suppose something like that would rolleyes.gif) you think the boss man was actually teasing me????? huh.gif

Ooh, ooh! Clothing purchases! I found a classy light grey cotton sweater for $3, a tan faux-suede top with a keyhole neckline and a cutout hem for $3 (might be slightly too-racy for the office, tho'), a gorgeous deep pink wave-textured velour tunic for $7, and a nice thick silver chain for $1! Also, at the grocery store, I bought jelly beans, to celebrate my first paycheque. biggrin.gif

guitarboy on the phone....
Good Evening.

Doodle, things at work sound promising! ~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~* yay on paycheques and great finds on clothes.

I went for a nice long walk and did a short work out, I'm not jumping right back into things, it's been almost a week. Which is really saying something. I cannot believe how shitty I felt.

So, I'm going to finish my green tea and then I'm going to hit the sheets.

Later kats!
Hi, peeps!

Today is the last day of my boss being gone for awhile, so I'm taking advantage by posting in the morning. Wheee!

Kari, that's too bad about Mr. K's tests. Does he have results from them? It's gotta be rough going back to school after being out of it for awhile. He's a full time student, right? I couldn't imagine going back full time at my age. One class per term is plenty for me.

CH, that's good that you're starting to feel better. You sound like the perfect example of a fitness model. Your discipline is amazing.

Hi, Doodle! ((((((((job vibes)))))))

I had a very productive day yesterday. I came to work, got my car completely dealt with (for about $50 more than I wanted because I ended up having to buy a new tire) including an oil change and car wash - now I just need to clean out the inside, spent some quality time with the treadmill at the gym, did some laundry, and even watched A Daily Show, which was hilarious because Conan and Steven Colbert were on both shows threating to beat each other up. And as a special bonus, Tim Gunn was the guest. All in all, a pretty good day for a Monday.

Who else here is voting/caucusing today? I've committed myself to caucusing, but I only want to go in, cast my ballots, and leave. I'm not interested in being a delegate or precinct official, so there's really no point in staying late if I don't have to.

Job vibes for (((Doodle))). I dropped my bedside lamp and broke it this morning. Thought you should know wink.gif
Good Morning!

Diva, hurray that the boss it out of the office!!!!

Hey Dusty.

So I had a meeting this morning, they are doing a study on our work loads. I can see that this is going to be a crapshoot. Not looking forward to what I do with every second of my day.


Anyways, at least I didn't have to do work for a few hours, woohoo short work day!!!

Where is everyone??
Girlies! (And boys, and other folks!)

I am breaking into the Lounge really quickly, on company time, to tell you the latest on the job sitch:

The manager just came up to me and asked me if I had an e-mail address. Then he said he was going to e-mail me an aptitude test, which they are giving to the applicants who, I gather, make it past the HO screening. So I'm slowly edging my way towards the goal line! Oh GOD! I'm squeeing inside!!!!

Plus one of the advisors came up and complimented me on my "absolutely beautiful" singing voice.

Got to run! Can't be here! Going to have to delete all the cookies and history as is....
Doodle!!!! That is so great!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

~*~*~*~*ongoing super jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~*~
Congrats, Doodle! My fingers are crossed for you!

Divala, that was one of the best episodes of A Daily Show ever. Loved it! The battle with Conan O'Brien continued on the Colbert Report & (so I hear) on Conan's show. I'll have to hunt that down on-line.

CH, glad to hear your day was a little shorter work-wise.

Is anybody else going to be eagerly watching the results tonight? Or are you all planning on getting rip-roaring drunk & flashing your boobies at passers-by?
hi all! back from LA. While it was very sad to see my uncle pass, the whole experience was actually very good. I'll post more in the morning!

Congrats, Doodle!!! YAYAYAY! I hope this jobby job comes through for you - sounds like a comfy place to hang your hat for awhile.

I stopped and voted on my way home tonight (not hard, since the polling place is the apt. building across the street) - and it was actually busy in there, which made me happy!

Work is pretty much insane this week - coming back from vaca, and about three more projects on my plate than I can actually handle, plus, I have yet to even start planning the 4 hour training I have to give next Tuesday and Thursday - ACK! And then I've got a freelance project going on this month...busybusy. I am already looking forward to the weekend, even if I spend much of it planning my dreaded presentation.

We didn't watch the stupid bowl at all - I think one of the smartest things I've ever done is to marry a man who doesn't like sports. wheee! We caught up on the new season of The Wire on HBO instead - I love that show, and am truly going to miss it, when this final season is over.

ETA: Welcome home mox! (((((mox family)))
Okay, I have a confession to make.

Forgive me BUSTies, for I have sinned: I am dating a republican.

Yes, that's right. You were not reading incorrectly. A republican. I thought that it was time I outed myself.

Oh yeah, and he likes football...but not so much so that he didn't bail out of his stupidbowl party as soon as the loss was imminent to spend a couple of hours cavorting with me. He, he, he...

There must be something seriously wrong with me, but he's a really great person. And I have to tell ya, the political arguments that we get into are phenomenal. laugh.gif But yeah. Total refug. I don't think that he's anti-choice, and he certainly is behind public education...I have to laugh. My friends at school are laughing their asses off at me. But you know what? It makes sense in a strange sort of manner; I like that we aren't in complete agreement about everything. I LIKE debating with him, and telling him in my very quaint liberal/libertarian manner that he needs to shut up and listen.

That's all I have to say about that. tongue.gif
Oh snap, Minx! A Republican??? I never thought I'd see the day.... What sort of Republican is he? The fiscal kind or the social kind?

I voted yesterday. My polling place is never too busy, so I was in and out of there.

((mox)) I am sorry about your uncle. Glad you made it back safely.

~~~~VIBES FOR DOODLE~~~~ I'm rootin' for you! Things are sounding really good for you there. Woot Woot! Sounds like you got some super thrift purchases. I may head back to the consignment store this weekend. I could still use some work stuff. What I really need is shoes though. Brown shoes.

Hi CH! I am glad you are feeling better. If you were able to get back the the gym, you must be feeling pretty good. It is nice to get back into the swing, isn't it?

Hi jenn! I know, sometimes coming back from vacation is tough. You get the double whammy: back to reality and then tons of catch up work to do.

Where's the poodle lately??

HI Dusty! Stay and hang with us!

Things here are pretty good. Been working my ass off at the hospital. Did 4.5 hours Monday night, 5 hours last night. Don't have to go tonight though. Supposed to meet with my professor after work, but it looks like he may have a scheduling conflict. Might have to move it to next week. There were bad storms through our area last night. They missed us for the most part, but the eastern part of the state got hit. I think 22 people have died in the state from tornados. Ugh. It's been really warm here, and a cold front is due to move through. That always spells tornados.

I have a lot of work to do today. This illegal immigration study I am working on is getting to be a real pain in my ass. Wish me luck.
Good Morning.

Is it Friday yet?

~*~*~*~working calming vibes for Turbo~*~*~*~* Indeed you are a smart woman for getting involved with a man who isn't into sports.

Minx, Mr. Clean sounds like a good man, and not one of those wacky Republicans. He seems open minded and recpetive to your point of view, from what you've told us. and you're happy! That's what matters, too!

Hey Kari, I didn't work out yesterday, got kicked in the ass again with this cold. Soon, I'll get back into it, but I don't have a lot of energy. I've still been making it out to the park, so I've been doing something. At least I've not been slugging about. Clothes are still getting big, too. I'm glad that you are safe after that string of storms. I hope that everything stays that way. That's a lot of work you've been up to. You'll do great with this study!

well, I slept last night, I slept through text messages, and all. And today, I still feel short on sleep. I am sick of being sick. whine whine whine.

Oh well.

Later kats!
This makes my day. If you have headphones at work, that would be better.

Sarah Silverman F*&^s Matt Damon
That fucking figures that, again, the work filters, have blocked it.

can you get youtube at work? that's where i got it.
Hey!! I just watched that one last night, Moxie! I nearly wet myself laughing. That is seriously funny business. I love Sarah Sliverman. Plus the fact that he's in on it makes it twice as belly-busting. BTW, Moxie, I'm glad you're home. I imagine your journey was not an easy one, and we've all been thinking of you. wub.gif

I had guacamole and baked, multigrain pita chips for breakfast. Ah...I love to be bad.

I just found out that another student of mine came down with strep. If I get it from her, I swear to Maude that I will kill someone.

Kari, I think it's completely bitchin' that you are rounding towards the end. What is up with those tornadoes? I haven't even heard about them. Did Mr. Kari do okay on his exam?

Morning CH!! Morning Diva!!
I do get youtube at work, it must be something that the filter is catching, I'll view when I get home. Although I want to view NOW!!!

Hey Minx!! ~*~*~*stay healthy vibes~*~*~*~*

I am soooo tired. This FUCKING cold.


Where is everyone??
doodlebug the third job candidate just showed up in jeans. JEANS. To a financial centre administrator interview. And her regular black winter ski jacket. I am so getting this job.

(For the record, today I am wearing my black pant suit with a bright turquoise fitted v-neck tee, a purple and olive green paisley kerchief knotted Frenchie-style to the side of my neck, black leather boots, silver hoop earrings, a bracelet made of real turquoise beads, and my green glass leaf pendant on a silver chain. Described in detail for your sartorial pleasure. wink.gif)

Maybe I should go work part-time in that clothing store even if I do get this job. Clearly the women of the 'Loops need some help. I've seen three candidates so far, and only one was dressed appropriately. Do people really not know how to dress for job interviews???

Okay, seriously, I can't be here in the Lounge while I'm at work.
Jeans to a job interview???? Oh no no no!

Doodle, you sound hot as hell today! WOOT!!! Things are looking good for you!
Hi, peeps!

Kari, I heard about those tornadoes on the news this morning. Wow. I'm so amazed by nature.

Welcome home, Moxie!

I'll have to watch that Sarah Silverman thing when I get home. I love her.

Minx, it happens to the best of us. I can't say I've never been with a Rethuglican, but I've never found out until after the fact. I'm sure you can change him, though. What really gets me are the informed Rethuglicans who, knowing the facts, still choose to be that way. Classic conservatism isn't that bad, but the current incarnation of it is awful. It should be about hands-off government and fiscal responsibility, the Rethuglicans are currently displaying exactly the opposite.

I think I turned the giant into a liberal. He never voted before he met me, but being with me for the last 2 1/2 years I think has made him not only a Democrat, but a liberal. I think his mom leans that way, too, but nobody in his family is very involved with it, although his brother and SIL voted for Bush, but they're both military, so it was pretty much a given.

Jenn, I'm jealous of Turbomann not being into sports. Around my house, if it isn't stupidball season, it's tennis season (which I've become a fan of, actually, and it scares me), or the Braves are playing or it's golf or it's UFC. But then it's like pulling teeth to get the giant to watch pro wrestling with me. Grrr. Stupid boys. You sound like you've got a whole lot on your plate right now. Any chance of delegating some of it out?

Hey, CH and Doodle!

We had a little visitor over the other night. I was in the basement doing laundry and left the door into our kitchen open (we have a foyer in back as well as the front) and somehow my landlord's girlfriend's little white dog managed to get into our dining room! The giant was just sitting there, when all of a sudden this little dog appeared. I think the door was open upstairs, the dog got out and wanted to go outside, took a wrong turn and ended up in our dining room. Pretty cute, actually. It wouldn't let the giant pet it, so it ran back out. He must've been pretty scared (the dog, not the giant).

I went to caucus last night. The room was so packed they had to open up an adjacent room (one of those with a curtain wall to open for large gatherings), something like 200+ people. It actually moved pretty fast, though. I cast my vote for Clinton. My landlords went, too, and they voted for Obama. Obama smoked Clinton in MN. Oh, well. I talked to Sam about it for a little bit. He wants George Washington to be president. He's so sweet (Sam, not George Washington). Then he made me listen to the Rudolph movie he was watching yet again.

I'd better go scrounge up some lunch. I was going to take gay boyfriend out for his birfday today, but he's got the flu, so I guess I'm on my own.

No shit, doodle? Someone came to an interview wearing jeans? WTF. Your outfit today sounds super sharp!

((CH)) It is so annoying when colds linger forever.

Minx, your breakfast sounds delicious. I treated myself at lunch. Got a hoagie and some salt and vinegar chips. The hoagie was huge, so I saved half for tomorrow.

Hi Diva! I saw that Obama totallly took MN. Clinton took TN pretty handily. I voted for her, and Mr K did too. My mom said she was planning to vote for her, but at the last minute, changed to Obama.

Yeah, those tornadoes were no joke. We avoided them here, but Memphis & Jackson, TN got them bad. There were a succession of them, it lasted like, all night. Everyone is tired today I think.

Mr K called. Got his tests back. Not so good. However, I think he should feel good. There are 108 people in his Biology class. 2 made an A, 3 a B, and 2 a C. He made a C. I told him he is in the top 93rd percentile. I don't think it made him feel better. Chemisty....he said he failed. But that the class average was only a 62. I think these two tests have let him know what he's going to have to do to succeed. I believe he's up for the challenge, but damn it's going to be one. Good news is that each class allows you to drop one test grade. He's going to go down to working only 3 days a week, to allow for more studying time.

I went to lunch early today b/c I did a boot camp class at the gym. It was terrible! Super hard and no fun whatsoever. They switch up the activities, so sometimes the classes are not that bad. Today's was especially bad. Basically: run two flights of stairs, do 10 sets of 8 lunges. Run two flights of stairs, do 10 sets of 8 squats. Run two flights of stairs to 10 sets of 10 "wood choppers." Run two sets of stairs, do 10 sets of 20 "mountain climbers," followed by 4 pushups. Then, when you finish that, start over, but this time do 12 sets of everything. Dudes, I am sore already.
Sam is so feckin' adorable. Thanks for telling us is presidential prediction. Diva. That just put a huge smile on my face.

Blue jeans? To a job interview?! Madness! Obviously if these people do not have enough sense to wear proper attire to an interview they cannot have enough sense to do that job. It is so yours, Doodle.

And I agree that Doodle sounds super hot today.

I saw that Sarah Silverman video a couple of days ago. Good times.

Minx, I can see how it could work with The Republican. I think that Cokie Roberts & her husband Steve belong to different political parties.

Kari, good luck on the illegal immigration study.

~~~~~ soothing vibes for CH & anyone else feeling sickly~~~~~~~
Hey ya'll! Today was little better than yesterday at work, so that's good. I'm still going to end up working alot this weekend, but I'm resigned to my fate now.

Kari, that's great that you're getting so many hours in at the hospital! And I'm even more glad to hear that you guys are okay - I thought of you guys when I heard about the storms this afternoon -scary!

We're in the middle of a nasty snowstorm here, but at least its something we're used theory. I think I may need an ark to float across the street tomorrow, though....we keep getting massive amounts of snow, and then it melts overnight, and the sewers are all backed up. If its still a mess tomorrow, I may work from home...I know our bosses hate it - they're big fans of "face time," but I know I'd get SO much more done.

Minxy, we still love you, even if Mr. Clean is one of *them.* heh. And so long as he's a thinking Republican, we've got no quarrel. And a good political discussion is an aphrodisiac in my book. wink.gif

And Doodle is one hot tamale today! You are totally going to get that job, sister! I see people come in for interviews at our office a little too casually dressed too. Don't interview in a corporate environment in a lace-trimmed camisole and tight boot-cut khakis, okay?!

And who's excited about the WWE Project Runway challenge tonight?! I am! I'm sure Diva will be watching. smile.gif
Hiya dudettes! Just home from jammin', haven't had a chance to read yet....I'm sooooooooooo exhausted, this has been a non-stop day. Got home from work, drove the gay ex-priest around to do his errands (he is disabled and it's hard for him to get around), drove banjoboy out to do a hot tub install (his job - his boss offered me gas money to do it, so what the hell), then banjoboy and I raced to the coffeehouse jam and just made it in time. CRAZY! I JUST got in the door. I'm so fried. Still have to iron my pants. (Oh yeah, the jeans the interviewee wore were black jeans, but still. I realize this is not a big metropolis where business people are uber-polished, a financial centre job interview? Seriously?)

Open mike and jammin' was extra-cool...I haven't been for a month, and I've been working on getting my vocal range higher in that time. I did Bonnie Raitt's Thing Called Love and Dixie Chicks' The Long Way Around for open mike, and then banjoboy joined me on harmonica for Mary Jane's Last Dance. The whole set totally kicked ASS. I feel so much more confident in my voice and playing now, plus the last song - we had to change the key 'cause banjoboy broke his G harmonica, and he only learned the new version last night, and he was great!

Then for jamming, there is a young drummer (17) who really wants to do rock 'n' roll, and not always blues with the other jammers, so, I invited him up to jam with me. Sexy rhythm guitarist was on right before me, and asked me if I wanted to play his guitar, which was all hooked up and is louder than mine, so I did. We did the Blue Rodeo song I LOVE (This Road), and then Dixie Chicks' Voice Inside My Head (co-written with Sheryl Crow, totally has her rhythm to it), and then....Led Zeppelin's Ramble On (I'd promised the young drummer we'd do Zep), which was totally awesome! I really let loose - I was sweating buckets. Sexy rhythm guitarist was totally into it, too, as part of the audience - it was really cool to have the usual listener/musician positions reversed, 'cause usually I'm the one in awe. Then jamgirl asked me to do another, so we did Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Also awesome, except I forgot part of the chord sequence, but I faked it. smile.gif

I love doing the open mike and jam, it's so safe there, with so many other musicians around, who totally understand if you fuck up. Also, I think I need to learn some Sheryl Crow.....

I invited the drummer, I guess I'll call him drummerboy, to come over and jam with me and hippiegirl on Friday after work (he'll bring his djembe), and also another young woman who "just" sings - I haven't gotten to do harmony with another singer in years, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully banjoboy and guitarboy can also come. YAY!

Now I've got to go iron those pants and get back into respectable financial centre employee mode (it'll be like I have a secret identity)....will check back in tomorrow!
Good Morning

Diva, that is one sports filled household! That's pretty silly that the giant watches so much sports, but then not wrestling. Men are so odd.

Kari, that boot camp sounds killer! damn.

Hey RV!

Turbo, how's the weather now? Sorry about the excess work.

Doodle, you rawk!!!! That's great about performing. any jeans to an interview, not okay.

I did nothing last night. Same old sleeping. I was going to work out, but after I ate dinner I was beat. Went shopping yesterday afternoon at lunch. took the dog to the park, and that was my day.

Here I am, Thursday, I'm glad the week is almost done!


Good Morning!

Doodle, it sounds like you rocked that set! I love all those songs. I wish I could hear you do Ramble On. That's a good 'un. Black jeans are slightly better than blue jeans, but still. To an interview. Wow.

((Jenn)) Sorry you have so much work to do. And the weather sounds rough there.

I watched PR last night, I was impressed with some of the outfits. A few were pretty badass.

Hi CH! How you feeling today?

I am pretty good today. Kind of tired, waiting for my eyes to open. I am on second cup of java, so I hope it happens soon. They feel tired. I got ok sleep last night.. Probably about 6 hours. I guess that's not that great. 7 is better.

I am SO SORE from that stupid class yesterday. My back, of all things, is kind of sore. Not injured sore, just muscle worked sore. And my hammies. Oye.

I had a nice night off last night. I went home, walked my dogs, made chili, grocery shopped, bought wine, drank wine, and watched PR. Mr K got home from work around 7, which was nice.

Hows about some GOOD THINGS!
1. BOTH of my office mates now work from home on Thursdays. Very sweet for me. Have office to myself allllll day
2. No working out today
3. Have left over hoagie sandwich for lunch
4. Going out to dinner tonight
5. Tomorrow is Friday, I have almost made it through the week
Shit, shit, shit. I got told not to sing in the office this morning, by the Office Manger. She was good about it, although it happened behind closed doors. She just said, "You know how people do things they're not always aware of..." and then said "some of the people" in the office had complained they couldn't concentrate. So I cheerfully promised not to do it (I do understand, although I wasn't really happy about it on the inside).

And I think that would have been fine, and not jeopardized my chances of getting the permanent position. But then one of the assistants came up to help me with the radio, and said to try and get the country and western station b/c a lot of the guys in the office like it. And I said, "Really? I can't SING country, apparently." And by the look on her face, I knew it was her, and/or her advisor boss, who had complained. I figure it must be, they are the only ones who's office is really in earshot.

So now I'm all panicky on the inside that it's going to get back to the OM that I revealed a private disciplinary issue to another staffer, and that's something that would definitely shoot me out of the running for the job. Damn, damn, damn, I'm an idiot. I feel like crying, I feel so stupid. Plus I feel like crying because I'm pissed at the person/people who complained instead of coming to me, because I liked them.


I was doing so good this morning, too, especially after not getting to bed till very late.

FUCK. I'm an idiot.
((doodles)) I think you are blowing the situation out of proportion. It does not sound like that big of a deal to me. It is really lame that the complainer did not tell you directly. I mean, that is obviously the easiest, most professional way to deal with a problem. What they did was just tattling.

Don't worry about it, doll. Don't cry.

This day is creeeeeeping by. So. Slowly. I've gotten sleepy and I am irritated with this stupid project.
DOODLE! Calm down! everything will be fine, the way you wrote it, I thought you'd said it jokingly. The coworker is the one who has no poker face.

If you are concerned just go talk to her about it, saying you meant it jokingly and you didn't mean to make her uncomfortable etc. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Kari, that's a good pain! You know you are working your muscles. Good thing you have a day off from working out today.
Thanks for the support, Okaylanders....I didn't get a chance to re-post from work, but I did come back in and read what you wrote, and it helped a lot. Thank god for Okayland, where everything is OKAY!

The assistant didn't come around me for a couple of hours, but I got myself back up to a pleasant back-and-forth with her by about 11 AM (cheered her on about her toughness with a repeat meeting-skipping client - if I learned nothing else in the women's centre, I learned how to boost women's self-esteem!), so perhaps it won't be mentioned back to the OM. I wonder if she really thought I was accusing her when I said it? That's still my worry, that she'll go back to the OM and say, "Did you tell her it was me?" or they'll discuss it some other way, and the OM will know I revealed a private matter - I think with this particular OM, that would be a Big Deal. God, I just open my mouth sometimes and stupid stuff comes out.

It also helped (my personal internal condition) that in my head, whenever the assistant or the advisor walked by my desk, I was going, "Fuck you, I'm a rock star." Heh. 'Cause I'd just think about the night before at the coffee house, and how awesome it was, and how my annoying singing would blow all those financial people out of the water if they ever showed up there and heard me at full volume, with a guitar and a band and a cheering crowd and the support of my "real" family of fellow musicians. biggrin.gif

Also, I got all my work done again, including the extra projects. So there. wink.gif Plus I never did put the country and western station on, either.

I just got home, going to have some lunch and catch up on the posts I missed (so I might post again, if I can), and then maybe take a nap, as I got about 5.5 hours sleep last night, and I'm pooped out!
Hi, peeps!

Something very strange and lovely happened at work today. I got complimented by my boss for doing such a thorough job of screening cases and saving the county a whole lot of time in court and resources by doing my job well. I feel all fuzzy inside. : )

Kari, you seriously went to a boot camp workout on purpose? You're a better woman than I! I envy everyone's commitment to exercise around here. And that's great that your two officemates will be out. It sounds positively decadent to have a whole office to yourself for a day. It does sound like Mr. K is doing well in school. He should cut himself some slack, his grades are decent, especially for a guy who probably took quite a bit of time off school before he went back. He's to be admired.

I wonder how Tree's doing over in Madison with the 20" of snow they just got. I heard the national guard had to be called in to help break up a 19 mile traffic jam of more than 500 vehicles.

Jenn, that's good that you have a plan for all the work you need to get done over the weekend. I hope the freelance thing is paying you well for taking up your weekend.

Hi, RV! What did you think about the PR result last night? I'm so happy for my Chris!

CH, yeah, we're a sports household. I never thought it would happen, but I guess when you're with a really athletic guy with a huge TV that's perfect for watching sports on, it's bound to happen. At least UFC can be kind of cool, so I don't mind that too much, but it's not as funny as WWE.

I just talked to Poodle a little bit ago. She's around, but still trying to get everything together in her new office.

I wish it would hurry up and be 5:00 on Friday already. This week has dragged ass and I'm ready for it to be over with. At least I get to spend some time putting a scrap book together for a lady who's retiring in a couple weeks. I always get picked to do this stuff at work because I got labeled the "creative" one since I decorated for a couple other parties here and people really liked what I did. I've never made a scrap book before, but I figure I can use a lot of the same stuff I use for my bags, and this will be a really good opportunity to get rid of some little fabric and ribbon remnants that have been hanging around. Either way, it sure beats doing real work!

Anyone have plans for the weekend? We're going to the giant's aunt's surprise birfday party on Saturday. It think she's turning 60 or something. Now I have to figure out some dessert to make that isn't cake to serve 25 people, since it's been requested of me. At least they can count on it looking/tasting good, which is heartening. I've got no idea what to make, though. Any ideas?

Hey ya'll!

Doodle, I'm with Kari & need to worry too much about this morning. Honestly, its probably a good thing that the concern was brought to OM's attention now, while you're still quite new - I look at it as a "settling into the office" kind of faux pas that is easily forgiven to new staff. And if your new office is anything like mine - cube farm - there's a whole set of unwritten cultural rules to the environment that must be learned, and apparently never spoken of...I've stumbled myself, with "we don't do that here," and learned of it from my supervisor. Oh well.

Work got decidedly worse today...gah. I'm going to be working most of the weekend now, just got another HUGE project dropped on my desk, that needs to be done by next thurday...fuck. Still haven't planned my training sessions, either. Not coping so well this week, and MRG is not making it any easier. I did wear jeans to work today since the weather was so shitty, and my boss had a catty comment at the ready for me as soon as she walked in the door - she's such a back-biting bitch...and she doesn't even realize that she's doing it, which is worse. Okay, done complaining now. *takes deep breath*

Diva, that's great that your boss gave you a compliment - its about time!!
"I wonder how Tree's doing over in Madison with the 20" of snow they just got. "

We, right here, didn't get 20 inches, it was more like 13 1/2. It was better than expected. I was grateful that it happened on a day when night school was scheduled, cause it got cancelled. I needed a little more time to prepare for class being as I went to mardi gras. I feel so badly for those people stranded on the interstate, though. Ouch.

Okay, yes, I'm a little drunk. Bear took me out for a couple (a few) beers.....

I'll be back to apologize tomorrow morning. smile.gif

ETA: I'm awake now! Anyway, yes, we've almost reached an all time record amount of snow for a year. We're like two inches away.

I'm burned out this winter.

~*~*all-purpose vibes*~*~ for those who need them.

I want to curl up under a blanket until spring weather arrives.
Hi again all....I tried to post again earlier, but I was quite literally falling asleep at the computer here at home! I didn't wake up till 6:30. And now I can't remember what I was going to post! But I did read, and I thank you all for the work support and music kudos. I fucking love Okayland. It's a beacon of sanity in an insane world. biggrin.gif So anyway, for now, I'll just say HIYA to everyone: hiya turbo, diva, treehugger, minx, CH, moxie, and roseviolet! (ETA: I just realized, the colour of my new deep pink coloured tunic is actually rose violet!)

You know, I keep thinking, thank god I have music so strongly in my life now. Even if I can't sing at the office (presuming I get the job - and even if I don't, then in some other workplace), I still know I have this amazing life outside of the workplace, and because of it, I'm never going to get totally absorbed by my job, ever again. Going to the jam in the middle of the work week was such a boost to my spirit, and my ego, heh. tongue.gif And besides that, I feel part of the music community now, and totally accepted into it, so I finally feel like I "belong" somewhere...I felt "belonging" in the women's movement too, and the political community, but it was all tied up with "job," so it made it much harder to make the necessary disconnect. Anyway, I'm rambling....

I got jammers coming over tomorrow afternoon, too. Yippee! One of them is hippiegirl, who is directing the Vagina Monologues, so I'm gonna try out Ready to Run on her and see what she thinks.

Shit, I gotta go iron my pants. Damn, I wanted to comment on some of the posts!! Well, I'll get back here properly on the weekend. Promise! Love you all!

ETA: OMG, I think I need to step away from the U.S. Primaries. A few nights ago, I had this weird dream that I was MARRIED to John McCain. *shudders*
diva - how about little phillo cheesecake or fruit tartlettes? brownies and cookies are always good too, I find. I'm always the desert girl, too.

Doodle, I pray i never work in a cubefarm. I watched that freaking hilarious sarah silverman video at work! Granted, I have a "soundproof" office, but still. I was laughing so loud, three co-workers came by. Then watched it with me. smile.gif You'll be're the mayor of OKAYLAND, and nothing bad shall come your way.

So, in CA, I was introduced to a new fruit - Persimmon. I may have to hit the local WholePaycheck to see if they carry it. YUM. I'd like to do a persimmon, pomegranate and strawberry salad with a thick balsamic reduction. YUM.

Ok, time to go wake the bebe. I'm already looking forward to my Friday evening of pizza, pop, movie with my family (I think we're doing CARS tonight) and lovin'. See y'all later, bitches!

Good Morning.

I'ts finally fucking Friday! Thank goodness.

Doodle, I'm glad that everything is okay at work. I had a feeling deep in my belly that it would be fine. I am also really happy for you that you have found this really great place to be at, and it's music, and say, not a crack house. I think the okayers would be having an intervention.

Diva, something that isn't cake but tasty? hmmmmm. What about tarts or somrthing? I have no idea. I do say that I enjoy UFC, and when it's on PPV I head over to a place next to my fave bar and watch it there. The last card with GSP was really good.

Turbo, do you want me to go and make your boss break out in hives or something? it's been so long, I've a ton of chicken bones laying around the house. ~*~*~*~*work calming vibes~*~*~*~*

Hey Tree!!!! how's it going?

Hey Mox!

Sigh, I'm feeling a fair bit better, even worked out a little yesterday, not a full work out, but it was something. I think it'll be a fe more days before I gt into full workout mode again. But something is better than nothing, and I'm still doing the daily dog walk.

this weekend, no plans so far, I don't know if I will. I kinda went nuts shopping this week and I iz still tired, so it may be a lazy weekend. Of course I say this now...
Good morning.

*yawn* Does anyone have a couple of spare toothpicks? I need 'em to prop my eyes open. I intended to go to bed early last night, but it did not happen. Went to bed around 10:45, but then woke up when Mr K got home at 11:15, then was awake til about 11:45. So, I could use a nap.

Stay warm, Treehugger! Brrr! That's a lot of snow. I couldn't tell from your post that you had had even one drink.

Diva, that is great that your boss gave you props! Nice! You sure do deserve it. That's cool that you made a scrap book for someone there. Dessert suggestions....Hmmmm....Cupcakes? Brownies? Cream puff balls? I am glad to hear that the poodle is ok. I forgot she moved into a new building. I too was really happy at the PR outcome. I like Chris a lot. He is just so nice. He seems like he would be a ball to hang out with.

Doodle, I am glad you're feeling better about things at work. You sound so energized by music, I think that is really wonderful! I remember when you just would play guitar alone in your apt. Now look at you! I admire your courage to get out there and do it.

Moxie, your night tonight sounds like a really fun time. I love nights like that.

Where's minx been lately?

Things w/ me are decent. Happy it's Friday. Looking foward to sleeping in tomorrow. Oh yes. I might hang with a friend tonight to eat some food & watch tv. Tomorrow I have a meeting at school. Bah. But then am having dinner with 2 girlfriends.
Hi everyone!!

I'm alive!! I've just been busy fucking around in my new office. The view 32 stories up is truly unbelievable. I can see the Minneapolis Chain O' Lakes.

Welcome back turbo!! Nice to see you 'round, PK!!

I read everyone's stuff and my hugs and vibes go out to all who need em!!

Well, I don't really have a whole lot else to say this morning. Happy friday to all!!
Good morning....goddamn, the Lounge is pulling me in at work....hope I don't get caught!

*hands kari an extra-strong cafe mocha from the hoity-toity coffee machine at the office*

poodle, I'm so happy to see you! I MEECE you!

Hiya CH!

Well, the good news is, the office manager didn't say anything this morning about me revealing a private discussion to another staff person. The other good news is one of the advisors came up to my desk and said, with a gentle smile, "Just for the record, I didn't mind your singing." The bad news is, this means it's been discussed through the entire office, which means I STILL don't know if me revealing a private discussion got out there or not. *sigh*

Oh well. If I don't get the permanent job, I'm probably going to wind up blaming this incident, even if that's not what it turns out to be (and I may never know). If I DO get the job....well, I still sure hope I do! These are good people, basically, except for that office complainer. (Whom I had pegged as the office complainer from day one - I should have known, huh?)

Also in good news, I got a compliment on my new ROSE VIOLET textured velour tunic this morning! Apparently it's a great colour on me. Not bad for a seven dollar thrift find!

Got to run, doing revisions to the advisor training manual....
Happy Friday, you stinky bags of decomposing refuse.

Poods! So good to see you! Congrats on the new, fabulous view.

Doodle, that's funny about your shirt color. The other day I realized that I was wearing green pants & a purple shirt & it made me think of you. smile.gif Sorry to hear you've been stressed out about silly little things at work. Don't let it bother you. If the worst thing you've done is sing a little at your desk, you have nothing to worry about.

Divala, congrats on getting some positive feedback from the boss!

I continue to be astounded by the record snow so many of you are experiencing up north. We're still in the grips of a terrible drought & we've had record high temps this week.

Crap, I just noticed the time, so I'll have to cut this short. It's Sheff's birthday (yay!) & I have a TON of stuff I need to do for this weekend. Hope you all have a great day!
It's me again!

Hey Kari!

Poodle, how ar the fur babies getting along?? Yay on good views!!

Doodle, I'd jsut make a joke out of it!

Hey RV! Happy birfday to Shef!! Are you going to give him something "special" me and my filthy little mind.

It's almost lunch, and I am mostly bored. I have reports to do, but if I do them all today, what will I do next week? Bah.


Hi, peeps!

I'm pleased as punch that it's Good Friday (that means payday Friday). Now I know my rent check will clear without any overdraft fees. Hooray! But I also have to pay some on the gas bill and a parking ticket that is looooong overdue.

Jenn, sorry about the additional project being dumped on you. I hope you can still find some time this weekend to chill out.

Hi, Kari! Is your man feeling any better about school lately? I hope he doesn't think about giving up on it. In a few years, he'll look back on these first couple of tests and laugh from the comfort of his really good job. I've got a special place in my heart for pharmacists. : )

Rose, what have you got planned for Sheff's birfday? How did things end up working out with that possible purchase of his company?

Hey, CH! I envy you right now. I remember the days 6 months ago when I was out of stuff to do and had to ration it. Those were the good days. Now I'm sinking under 275 baby daddies and people who want to use the courts to harass each other over their kids.

Hi, Moxie! Your Friday night sounds delightful. I kind of can't wait to have a little family to do stuff like that with on certain nights of the week.

Hi, Poodle! I want to come visit your office and see the chain of lakes, too. I don't think I even really know what you're talking about.

I think I've decided to go with cream-filled profiteroles with chocolate ganache, fruit tartlets (since I've already got the grapefruit and lime curds made, so I just need to plop it in some shells, which will take me a whole 5 minutes to do), and chocolate mousse cups. I'm going to just buy those little empty chocolate dessert cups, make my own chocolate mousse, and pipe it in all pretty with a strawberry sliver garnish. I'm a little nervous about the profiteroles, since I've never made anything like them, and especially I've never made anything filled. I'm going to try to get everything done tonight, which shouldn't be too hard since I really only have one thing to make that's going to be a little tricky. It'll be good to get the practice.

The giant is going to pick me up in about 40 minutes for lunch. Yay! The boy finally took a day off just for himself, which is very long deserved. Now if I could just get him to clean the bathtub, I'd be even more happy.

275???? Fuck that's a lot.
Ha!!! Culture said "boobies." Heh.

I think you should just put those reports aside and stop working for the week.

Mmmm....that sounds delicious, diva!! I can't wait to give you that pastry book that I got from my mom. You'll love the pictures and hopefully the recipes, too!!

275 baby daddy cases? Dayum!! My brain would explode.

Ugh, there's construction going on in our office, so it's super loud in here. I have a headache, too, and I've come down with a cold or something icky. BOOOO!!! I want to go home!!

Don't worry about it, doodle. It happened and now it's resolved. Singing in offices usually isn't well-received, but it's not a horrible offense that will cost you a job, as long as you stop. Just let it go and try not to be mad at that person. I'm sure they were just trying to avoid an ugly confrontation by going to the boss instead of you. I don't think it's unreasonable of them to want to work in a relatively quiet space. Hell, it could be friggin' Cher singing in the office next to me and I'd still get irritated and say something about it to someone.

Great. Now I have Cher in my head.

Happy birfday to shef!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys have fun celebrating!!

I had delicious homemade miso soup for lunch. I made my own stock using kombu (kelp) and dried maitake mushrooms. I was worried the seaweed would end up making the soup taste swampy but, fortunately, that wasn't the case. It turned out gggggrrrreat!! Now I need something sweet.

All three of my fur babies are doing well. They still find each other extremely annoying, but it's nothing out of the ordinary for cats. L'il Keefers and I have become very close and we do lots of snuggling. He's such a good little kitty. Naughty, but sweet.
I'm's just been a really fucking weird day. I got an email from you-know-who, and I have a cold.

I'm trying to debate which one is making me feel stranger.
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