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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good thing yesterday: moxieman is home.
Supersucky thing today: pulling my uncle's ventilator. I am both heartstruck and relieved that I'm not at the hospital today.

hey Kari!

(((((mox))))) I am so sorry to hear.

things at work have improved greatly, I'm all caught up, not feeling so bad, looks like I'll make it out this weekend.

That's pretty much it!


((((((((mox)))))))) I'm so sorry. That's good that you have moxieman home to be there for you. You always have us, too!!

I actually woke up before 7:00 this morning!! I was still late to work though. Ah well, we're moving today, so everything is in chaos anyway.

L'il Keith is doing so well with his brothers!! I mean, there are still hisses and paw swats, but nothing too serious. Hell, Oscar and Gus would get in spats before Keefers moved in. L'il Keith has even been eating next to his brothers!! I have to monitor the situation a little bit, but I'm still very pleased. I'm so proud of my fur babies!!!

How's everyone doing today?
Hello, it's me again.

I talked to my supervisor about grad school n' stuff, and she's supportive of me going to a .8 at work, so one day off a week. I also got another e-mail about my application to community health sciences, it is currently being reviewed by the department. I imagine it's the same for anthropology, as they were waiting on one letter of reference, who also submitted to community health sciences.

Now a waiting game.
(((mox))) we're here for you. I'm so sorry, girl
CH, if you're good enuf for a rant, guess you're good enuf!! phbt on waiting. let us know. it'll happen.
poodle... love hearing about Keefer and Oscar and Gus!!!!
doodle - way yay to you for tellin 'em how it is. wow. impressive. (bats eyelashes at doodle)
Grrl ~ Happy Belated B-Day!!
Hi Diva and Lore and Kari!!!

new owners just left to sign last of the documents. their ranch and home now. I have 10 days to move. I have rented a trailer, but lawyer says not to move in till everything's out of the house, 'cause lamex breaks in. duh. we know this. stop him!! he came here and for three days took everything he could put his hands onto. stole the thermometer from the tree outside! it's amazing how petty and cruel he is. still will not speak to his son. son wants to be with me.
son and I are staying till he gets done with the school year. he's 17 in 5 weeks. whoa. growth spurt a-happening too. again. my baby boy. he grabbed my shoulders and gave me a hug last night. says he appreciates everything that I'm doing for him. I love that he can say that to me. and the kiss on the head, too. <sigh>
lawyer is drafting a 'stipulation'. once this is signed by both, (I get this, you do that kind of document) then we sign divorce papers.
and it goes retro-active to Tuesday the 29th.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((Moxie and family)))))))))) I hope your uncle goes peacefully.

CH, you're absolutely right about the welfare thing. I see so many cases where the mothers are still in the home with their mothers and their babies. I just can't imagine never having had a job, even a crappy one. Don't people want something better for themselves? I can understand lots of circumstances where you're an immigrant or have a very young child and want to stay with it or are disabled, but that's no way to live if you can help it.

That's great that your supervisor is on board with your program. How long will it be before you know if you got accepted?

Hi, Kari! I think this class will be basic pastries, like pies, tortes, and other stuff along those lines. I doubt it'll be much about embellishment, as there is also a cake decorating class offered that I might also sign up for. Congrats on paying off your cards! I paid both my store cards off in the last month, and it feels good (although one of them still hasn't cashed the check I sent in 3 weeks ago and I'm getting a little worried).

Poodle, that's great that Keith Richards fits in with your other pets. So many times, the new kid spends all his time in hiding. Have fun with your moving today!

Hi, Lore and everyone else!

We had that little bridal shower at work. It was pretty good - tons of food. My little tartlettes turned out really well and I got them all put together in under 15 minutes. I just hope they all get eaten because I didn't make any arrangements for bringing them home! I wish I could go home and sleep now. I'm in a sugar coma.
so, on top of everything else...

my dad calls me last night- he had forgotten his medication. Asked me to swing by his house, pick it up, and bring it with me to LA tomorrow. I get here, and the whole fucking house is FLOODED. Ok, not the WHOLE house, but the kitchen, laundry room and family room! Aparently, a pipe must have frozen and burst. fuck. ANd my parents and sister have their phones turned off at the hospital. fuck.

waiting on emergency water removal contractors.

At least:
1. I came over and this didn't leak for 5 more days
2. I got the water turned off at the main
3. My SIL is picking up the kidlet
4. I don't remember.

Oh, yeah, I started my packing last night.
((((((((((Moxie))))))))))) That's terrible! How much damage was done? It's lucky that you were there to mitigate it, though, almost lucky that your dad forgot his meds. You're a good daughter.
got a fussy baby here (trying to grow four top teef at once!) but i've been keeping up with you guys all day...

(((((((((((((((moxie)))))))))))))))) oh, honey i'm sorry. but you're right to look on the bright side. at least it didn't leak for too many more days. ugh!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~soothing vibes to the moxiefamily~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Hi Hi!!

((((((mox)))))) so sorry about the mess. Thank goodness you found it early.


Diva, I've noticed that even the people with disability are far more receptive to working. I think it's because some people seem to think they have it made, you don't do anything and you're getting money for it. Plus when everyone else around you does the same thing, you are only doing what's natural. It's sad. I really do try and encourage my clients to get off their asses and do something, and I ask them why they want to stay with this system, they tell me they never had encouragement, no one cared to tell them, etc. Le Sigh.

Hi Hi FJ!!!

I'm feeling mucho better today, but still taking the day off from working out and dog walking, I want to be well rested for the weekend. A friend is playing at my fave bar, which also happens to be close to home. I really want to go out and support her. sooooo, resty for me again tonight. That and it's still cold as fuck here. But tomorrow, get this, it's supposed to be -5. WTF? -40 one day and -5 the next. I feel like I'm living in Calgary. Funk ass weather. At least it doesn't snow in August around these parts.

Hi, peeps!

I'm just doing a quick fly-by to tell you all that I changed my own flat tire after work with no help from anyone! I feel so competent! Every other time I've had to do it, someone always happened by to help me, but I did it all on my own from start to finish. I haven't felt this proud of myself in a long time!
YAY Divala!!! Just a bit of advice, a couple (two or three) days from now go and check your lug nuts and make sure they're still tight, sometimes they loosen up when they're tightened up by hand. I have TOTAL faith in you go GIRL!!!

(((anti-sickie vibes))) for okayers who need them!

So, I'm treating myself to a 40th birthday present, early. I'm flying to new orleans tomorrow to go and witness mardi gras for the first, and perhaps, the only time. Oh, and I got myself a kitchenaide mixer, I lurve it. I "had" to get it when I "let the smoke out of" my old mixer. It was junk anyway. I fried it when I was making mashed potatoes a couple weeks ago. Things don't work so well once the smoke leaves, for some reason.

Divala and CH and all you other people who work with "people", I don't know how you do it. Maybe I'm anti-social, I deal better with machines. Could it be an "only child" syndrome? 'Cause I sort of think it could be. I mean, I have two brothers but they were sixteen and seventeen when I was born so I don't remember them being at home at all.

Wow, (((moxie))) a very tough couple weeks, it sounds like. sad.gif I'm glad it didn't leak for longer than it did, though. I've seen some UGLY stuff.

~*~*anti teething pain for jackaroo*~*~

~*~*anti lamex vibes for jami*~*~ glad it's almost over for you. The marriage, I mean. It's sweet what your boy said to you. smile.gif

CH, I'm glad they're letting you cut back on your hours so you can do grad school a little easier.

~*~* harmony vibes for poodle's new brood *~*~

Kari, WOOT! on paying off those cards!

So, I'm starting to feel "into" this refrigeration stuff. I mean, I felt "into" it before but there was always a little hesitation there. Refrigerants spook me a little. But I've rebuilt two ultracolds, repaired one regular household fridge, and fixed a big three door cooler in the past week and it's finally clicking with me. I mean, before it sort of felt like I had to read an outline and now I'm having to glance at it a little less frequently. I think I sort of got it before, but it's coming more naturally now. I just may be up to taking over when my mentor retires in a couple years....


I want to go to Revco school. I don't know if they'll send me though, it's expensive. I can't remember just how expensive, but well over 1,000.00 for a week.

Diva, that is great, doesn't it feel good to be able to do that? I feel like the greatest woman alive for being able to fix something myself. I should know about grad school by April, I'm thinking.

Tree, what colour kitchenaid did you get? I have to say that kitchenaid mixers are the best.kithrnnwear.ever. As for people, I am an only child, I just fell into this line of work. Ooooh Mardi Gras!!! Sweet, if you collect beads, more power to you!!!

Soooo, I've done nothing this evening, it's still too cold, I've been fucking about on line for most of the evening, still not feeling super up to par, so I figured one more day outta do it.

That's all, I think I'm going to hit the sheets now.

hey all. working on settlement. divorce is after that. this has got to be over soon. I asked an astrologer friend what she saw... no responce yet. (is that bad?)
don't whip the potatoes!!... they get starchy and gunky and pasty. I started to use a potato ricer for large batches - best.move.ever. I do love my kitchenaid. got it as a wedding present. it's still goin strong. wink.gif
tree - mardigras??? wow. have a bead-catching great time.
diva - whoa. I've always been dependant on someone. lookin up to you, girl.
found a great internet site, wasting time there now...

um... what's the bustie site for money issues??? ranch sold today, $$ transferring to me tomorrow. need to put into cd's. SUGGESTIONS???
thanks for the lovin.
Ohhh, mox, I'm soooo sorry. (((((mox))))) What a day you have had.

I have to make this a quick one, so I haven't had much chance to read - sorry, I promise I will tomorrow! But I have a wee bit of news.

Today at work, I discovered that there is an opening at the place I'm working temporarily - for the stuff I'm doing right now. Well, and then some, but you know, the basic thing. I overheard the Office Manager talking about the hiring process with someone (totally not someone applying for the job), and by "overhear," I mean she was about one foot away from my desk, and explaining the hiring process in a way that didn't need to be explained to that particular person. Like, I think it was a hint. I may be wrong, but I may be right. Especially after I stepped up and forwarded my skills yesterday; she seems nothing but pleased with me. I don't know how much say the she has in who they hire, though, since it sounds like it's all done through their head office.

So I thought I'd look the job up on the company website tonight. The position is Finance Centre Administrator. It's basically what I'm doing now, with some more stuff - I have everything they're looking for except Lotus Notes (??), which, I figure, surely to god I can learn. And the DEADLINE.....??? TONIGHT! I hadn't even made a decision to apply yet....but I did. Fastest decision I ever made in my life! Nothing to lose, right? Fastest cover letter I've ever written in my life, too. I put lots of stuff in it about being in the office already, because I know even if it's all done elsewhere, the people looking at the resumes (somewhere in Vancouver, I think) will call the local office to find out who I am, and they will have a good report about me.

Wouldn't that be funny? This temp assignment was handed to me on a silver platter during my initial appointment at the temp agency....and then if I wind up getting on as regular staff at my first temp assignment? HA HA HA HA HA!!! Except in the back of my brain, I keep saying, "They'd all be fools to pass me up, and they bloody know it already." How's that for self-esteem? wink.gif I still don't even know if I really want to do that kind of work, but I mean, I need a paycheque, I'm enjoying it so far, I feel like my contributions would be recognized, and I seem to be able to work well with everybody there, plus there seems to be a good general vibe in the office, for what it is. I could care less about the financial world, but would they honestly expect more than performing a job well, from what is basically a glorified receptionist? I mean, I could also offer to entertain at company barbeques or something....

I don't know why I didn't realize until a few days into the job that I'm temping for a position they're hiring for!! tongue.gif

I think I've gone off Hottie McAdvisor. There is another guy there, older than me and not near so good looking, but who intrigues me a little more. I'm just sayin'. Anyway, I'd better leave office romances off the table for a little while, I think....
Quick flyby here, I think anyway.

ooh, cool Doodle! ~*~*get-the-job vibes*~*~

Jami, it's here in "my two cents" under "Working Grrls"...and the potatoes are okay in the mixer if you keep them in as short a time as possible. I did mess that one batch up though. But it was sort of worth it to fry the old mixer so I'd "have" to get a new one. Hmmm.... wink.gif

CH, I got a red one, of course. smile.gif

I dunno if I'm going to be flashing boobies or anything (high of 65 so I will most likely be wearing a long sleeved shirt)..but I am sure there will be plenty-o-beads. Although, anything goes in the Big Easy. It's gotta be better than the sub-zero temperatures we've been having here in Madison lately.
Happy Friday all you mouldy anal suppositories!!

Jami have you heard from your astrologer friend yet??

Doodle, ~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes~*~*~*~* that is great!!! I'd also put the kibosh on office romance if there is a possibility you could get a permanent job there. If not, then I say do 'em both. smile.gif

Tree, we also have a red one at home!!! Ooooh, no booby showing if it is going to be nippley.

So, it's Friday and payday, this is all that matters. Oh, the douche bag ex called the house last night. Not.okay.with.this. It's been almost two years, and he's still hung up??? Doooooode. Harrrumph.

So, what's everyone doing this weekend??
Good Morning!

Dudes, I feel so much better today than yesterday. Yesterday I was pooped. Got some decent sleep last night and am feeling so much better.

((moxie)) I am SO sorry about all the negative things happening. My thoughts are with you and your family. I guess the one spark of silver lining is that you found the leak before more days had passed, like you said.

Tree! That is wonderful that things are starting to click with refrigeration! You amaze me, I couldn't even entertain the notion of doing work like that. Good for you for planning a trip to LA. Nice! Are you going alone? I got a Kitchenaid mixer as a wedding gift and have enjoyed it. I wish I had a better place to put it, b/c I have so little counter space I have to keep it in a cabinet. And that sucker is heavy.

Diva, wow, that class sounds awesome. Pies, tarts, pastries! Very cool. I can't wait to hear about what you learn and make.

Hi CH! Girl, bundle up! I can't imagine those temps. What do you wear? I mean, do you have to wear a million layers?

((Jackaroo teething vibes)) Poor little fella! 4 teeth! Wowzers!

Doodle!!! That is super exciting about the job prospect! Isn't it funny how things happen? I think you're right, even if it turns out to be a non-dream job, it's a job. And a check. And it may turn out that you like it a lot.

Things here are good. Worked at the hospital til 8 last night, but things were low key. My friend was working with me, which made it a lot more fun. After that, I went home, ate dinner, watched a little tv and hit the sack.

Weekend plans...have kept my weekend open intentionally. Tonight Mr K works, I may see a movie. Tomorrow, nothing planned.
Kari, it's actually warmed up significantly here. I'm happy about that.

as for bundling up, you get yourself a good jacket, then you're pretty okay, but I do layer, because I never know what the temperature inside is going to be.

the wind stopped. the snow stopped. the sun came out.
I feel like I can't trust it just yet....
and I can't get out 'cause I need the road plowed first.
Astrologer friend has not emailed me yet. maybe she's working on it. she's a wonderful lady.

yea and jobbie vibes for Doodle!!
Tree - thanks for the link, I posted there. are you gonna be at mardigras for awhile?? party hearty!
CH - how do you not show a boobie without the nipple??? ~do 'em both!~ that's our girl!!
hey Kari! (waves)

Okay, I discovered one more reason to love the BUST Lounge today. I was working on the Advisor's Training Manual, and typed up the very complete job description for the position I just applied for. I couldn't print it before I left for the day, because the photocopier repair guy was there, and I can't access any of my e-mail because of blocks on the company system. BUT the LOUNGE works! So I pasted the text into my Lounge control panel notepad. Hee hee! Now I can make sure I show off the ability to do all of those things, well in advance of the actual hiring process! Hee hee hee!!

I found a typo in my cover letter, though, after I sent it. I accidentally transposed two words. Damn.

In other good news, the Office Manager and I have been bonding over our mutual hair vanity, which I discovered yesterday when she was late because her curling iron died and she wouldn't come in with "witch's hair."

Yeah, just got home, came into the Lounge to retrieve that stuff, and thought I'd stop by quickly. And thanks for the jobbie-job vibes! *fingers crossed*

tree, you don't wanna flash your boobies anyway, someone will get your pic and post you on one of those damned voyeur websites. Unless that's your thing, of course. wink.gif

CH, your ex-asshat called the house and HUNG UP!? WTF?? Gah, what a douchebag, for sure.

My weekend plans are to catch up on chores and sleep, and also, I promised hippiegirl (we got together yesterday afternoon to jam) I'd learn that song, Wide Open Spaces, b/c it's her fave Dixie Chicks song.

kari, maybe you need a rolling cart for the you have anywhere you could wheel it off to? You could use the bottom of the cart for storage.

Hiya jami!

I still need to sit down and read yesterday's posts, too!

So, yeah, office romances....I don't think it's impossible at this place. A couple of the advisors have their spouses working for them as their assistants - advisors are not the same as regular staff, as they work on commission and have to pay the company for their office space, etc. But I don't want to fuck up my chances of getting the job in the first place. Still, I noticed the older guy trying not to look like he was checking me out today, as I reached up to unlock a tall filing cabinet (looking smokin' hot in my new Lounge-coloured smocked tunic and curling-ironed hair wink.gif). I won't say I have a crush, but he is a nice man with a laid back energy and a good sense of humour, and I like him so far. Who knows? I'll play it by ear, and if anything "develops," I guess I'll just be upfront with him about applying for the job and not wanting to complicate this time. Heh.

(((((jami))))) how are things going on your end?

Doodle, ~*~*~*~*ongoing jobbity vibes~*~*~*~*~* Indeed, the ex asshat calls the house and hangs up. He hasn't texted me in a while, and what's even creepier is that after we broke up, he changed his phone number so the last four digits matched that of the homephone number. Ewwwww! That's really great that you get along well with your boss, too!

Well, I'm going out tonight, so I'm going to nap for a while.

Later all!!
CH - when we moved here, I had to make his cell number to the last four digits of our old home number - he could not memorize a new number. heh. and that hang up thing with asshat is creepy.

not divorced yet. he has not signed the papers.
Feb 2nd would have been our 30th anniv.
Hey bitches, I'm BACK!!! Best. vacation. EVER!

Every single muscle in my body hurts, especially the bottoms of my feet - who knew that a cruise would be so much hard work?! But seriously, 5 days of non-stop concerts, singing and much dancing - so good for the soul! I'll have piccies for you later today, as soon as I get them organized. The weather was absolutely perfect - about 75 and sunny the whole time, and having such open access to chat with, run into all of our favorite artists was pretty damned cool...and I got piccies with all of my rockstar crushes. *swoon* And we are absolutely doing this cruise again next year - its too much fun to be missed!

((((((mox)))))) Sorry to hear about your rough week, and the passing of your uncle. I'm glad you're out there in LA with your family for this guys have an amazing family. Let us know if you need anything - you know where to find us.

((((jami)))) I hope that fucktard signs those papers ASAP, so you can be free to press charges on him anytime you like.

I think I'd like to have Diva work in my office, with all of her delicious "practicing." YUM! And Sam is such a cutie for talking on the phone with you for so long! I don't think I have it in me to talk on the phone for a half hour to anyone these days!

Did I mention that I still feel like I'm on a boat? Its so weird.

I did read all the archives, but am a little overwhelmed with everything going on here!

WOoot! for Minxy and Mr. Clean! Sounds like much fun is being had, and you deserve it!

Well, I'm going to take a shower, and try and get turbomann and I a couple of massage appointments for our aching bodies...I'm still on vacation, as far as I am concerned. smile.gif
Hey Hey!

(((((jami))))) he needs to sign the papers.

Turbo!!!! That sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Can't wait to see pictures.

I went out last night, it was super quiet, I chatted all evening with a bouncer, and today, because I'm still not quiet over what I had, I sound like a boy who has hit puberty. Sooooo, I think it'll be a quiet one today.

I'm going back to sleep now.

turbo - I wanna hear more. absolutely. you sound like you're soaring. and that's good.
((CH)).. rest your body and your vioce.

once he signs, everything he's done is 'forgiven'. it would have to be something new. at least the sheriffs are advised.

ok.ok. I'm off. packing. reallly, I am. no more distractions. hardly.
Hi Hi.

Sooooooo, I found out why the ex was calling. He is moving into an appartment and cannot keep Isabl, the dog we had. I am getting her back. Tonight.

Would you believe that I feel bad about this? He's very upset, and now he has nothing. But, she'll be very loved and well taken care of here.
CH - wow. return of puppy!!! yea. and you feel bad for him?? you are an amazing girl, there. but then, we all know that. Does Emily know Isabel? what kind is she?
Indeed they do know each other, it's been a while since they've seen each other, though. They were buddies when they were in the same house.

I'm not holding my breath honestly.

Turbo went on a cruise!!! Ya know, when I was a little kid, I used to have a crush on our ship's burser (or is it purser?), Gopher. I thought he was so cute. What is a burser or purser or whatever it is called, anyway?

I keep listening to this annoying song over and over again. Why why why? It is called "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. It is some kind of Spanish hip-hop. I think it is called reggaeton. Anyway, the video has a bunch of sexy ladies and hot rods in it. I can't get the song out of my head.


At any rate, it's a catchy tune.

So, Culture, your doggie returns. I hope Emily and Isabel get along.

I'm dogsitting this week for Banana. Luna is such a good doggie. But she keeps chewing up sticks in the yard and puking up wood in the apartment. Yuk. She has plenty of toys to chew on, be she keeps eating wood, and it's nasty. I just hope she doesn't get splinters in her throat. I have been going outside with her and telling her no when she eats a stick.

OK - are you guys around today? I'm going to read more archives now, and hopefully someone is around to keep me company.
I'm hear, feeling sorry for myself. I'm sick, tired, don't know what t make of dog situation, and am feeling slightly rejected at this moment.

Le Sigh.

I think I'm just ging to bed tonight.
Sorry you're not feeling so hot, culture. Geez. I hope you have a good night.

Last time I tried to post a pic of Heikki, I think I linked you guys to Facebook, forgetting that not everyone has a facebook account. So, this time I will try to link you all to Flickr. Does one need an account on Flickr to see photos?

There is a recent picture of Heikki, as well as a picture of my new tattoo!!!

Heikki at age 13.
Hey PK!

I guess I'm just due for a mood. Heikki is 13? Wow.

The tat looks great. I really like it!

My friend is coming by to offer moral support for the reunion. If it occurs.
Hiya all, driving by....

Have sort of learned to play the Dixie Chicks song, Wide Open Spaces, but, erm, I got distracted by wanting to learn Ready to Run! Now I don't know which song to perform at the Vagina Monologues!

So...ahem....I started a poll thread - Doodlebug's Poll: Which Dixie Chicks Song For The Vagina Monologues?

Please vote if you have a second or two!
Gee, I wish I knew more Dixie Chicks songs. I have only heard two. "Wide Open Spaces" and the one about Earl.

I think I am going to the goth club tonight with Morticia. I wish I didn't have to.

Well, I don't really *have* to. I just wanted to hang out with her tonight, and she always wants to go there. I wish she would want to go someplace else.

I'm just sitting at Banana's place listening to my new CD - Lila Downs "La Linea". It's pretty good. Oh - and have you guys ever hear of a singer/songwriter named Namoli Brennet? I got her new CD a few weeks ago, and it's so cool. I recommend it highly.

ho dee do dee do.

Good morning!

Doodle, I think you should play Ready to Run - its such a good, upbeat tune.

Sheesh, I am *so* exhausted this weekend - I think I have a touch of seasickness on land...felt fine on the boat, but I still feel like I'm on the water, and its kind of disorienting. That, and turbomann was really snoring up a storm last night, which is highly rare for him - maybe he's getting a cold or something, but it kept waking me up.

HIhi PK! Heikki is growing up so fast - I can't believe he's a teenager now!!

Well, I'm back up to my usual Sunday tricks here - pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove, and some beans soaking to make Tuscan Bean Stew this afternoon. I got up early to do all the grocery shopping, so that I would be able to avoid all the pre-super bowl madness. No football watching in this house today. YAY!

I do have to work most of the day anyhow, I have a freelance gig that I've got to get rolling on.

Oh, and here are the CRUISE PHOTOS! Enjoy! ....There's a few special pics in there for'll know 'em when you see 'em RV! smile.gif
Good Morning,

Doodle, I'll head over and vote right away.

PK, what did you end up doing last night?

Hey Turbo! mmmm soup. ~*~*~*stay away sickness vibes~*~*~*~* the pics are great, it looks like you had such an amazing time!

I gave Isabel back. I can't have her, it's been almost two years, she's depressed, I'm stressed, he's a grown man and needs to figure things out for himself. She is his dog, and he needs her and vice versa. I'm relieved. I spent most of last night and this morning crying because of it, and I can't allow this. My mental health is suffering, I was worried about Emily, she's queen of her castle, and she's also very sensitive. I can't worry about two dogs and myself. So, that's that.

so Isabel is with him. good for Isabel. good for you CH. you did a good thing.
no stress. it's you and Em. (((CH)))
I have posted links to videos and lyrics for the Dixie Chicks songs doodle's polling us on in the thread.

Great pictures, turbo, from what I could see. My computer hates Flickr for some reason and froze on the one of turbomann drinking the beer on the snorkle boat. I'm going to switch to LeBoy's computer and see if that's better.

You did the right thing CH, acknowledging that you couldn't be a responsible guardian for her. Hopefully he does the same thing and puts her in a good place.
Jenn, I am sooooooo damn jealous!!! BNL and Great Big Sea?!? And you go to tmeet them and everything! So cool!

Some day I shall give the world the gift of Murray Foster's love child. Oh yes. Someday ...

Sorry. My brain is too muddled to comment on anything else at the moment.
Well, then RV, I suggest you start saving for the next cruise (which hopefully will have GBS), as Alan announced at one show that Murray would be accepting kisses for the remainder of the cruise...and I definitely saw him accept a few! One of the friends we made on the cruise went home one night with the drummer from Gaelic Storm. heh. He's quite possibly the best drummer I've ever seen, too. I was a little jealous, I have to admit. Mmmm...the hands of a drummer.

CH, I'm glad you made the tough decision to leave Isabel with your you said, he's a grown-up, and needs to find a place where he can take her...I honestly don't GET pet owners who move somewhere that they can't bring their are *responsible* for their lives - they shouldn't just be able to cast them aside when its convenient. And you have a primary commitment to Emily and her well-being comes first!
Hey All.

Jami, how are you doing? Has lamex been leaving you alone? How are your boys?

Hey Polly! I love it it when you come in here, come more often!!

Hey there RV! How's the house and stuff??

Hi Hi Turbo!!

It's funny about the situation, but I'm more at ease knowing she's back with him than having her here. I didn't want her, it had been toolong for me to just go back with how they were. If it was a month or two, well that would be different, but it's been almost two years. you can't just pick up where you left off. Isabel is dead to me, I mourned the loss of her when the ex took her. He very much understood as well, I didn't talk to him at all, my mother did. But he gets it. Plus, I'm thinking when I go to grad school, things are going to be insane! I'm not going to have time for two dogs. Clearly, I wouldn't do well splitting my affections with two children!

Now I just have to get over how a boy is being towards me, and I'll be okay.

On the other hand, my PR boy was great yesterday offering support, and we talked for a long while last night, then texted for a while after that. One of my best friends was over for moral support, I love her so much. And then there is my friend Ash, in England, we talked for a while this morning, and I made the plan that I'm saving some cash and next May, I'm going to visit her for a while. I haven't seen her since she moved back to England a few years ago! Sooo, we are both really excited about the trip. I'm even going to open up a second savings account to save the money. My father is going to give me his aeroplan miles to fly over.

How is everyone doing?

turbo, holy crap, what amazing pictures!!! I can't BELIEVE you got to meet Great Big Sea! WOW! That's so awesome! And I'm SOOO glad you're back; I meeced you! smile.gif

Thanks for posting the song links in the other thread, polly! I don't know why I didn't think of that! Duh.

CH, good for you for giving back the dog. I am with turbo - I really don't understand people who make a commitment to a pet and then move somewhere they can't have it. Although, those are the exact circumstances that got my beloved Bunny (RIP) left at the SPCA for me to adopt, but still....why should a wonderful animal have to even end up in a place like that? mad.gif

Hiya also, jami and PK!

I am just taking it easy today, farting around with la guitar and not actually doing chores at all, though I did laundry yesterday, so as long as I'm ready for work on Monday, I don't care about the other things right now. wink.gif Oh, also, I made a batch of homemade apple sauce with some apples that were getting a little wrinkly....then promptly ate half of it, still warm, with peanut butter, on FOUR pieces of toast! Oh well, there is still some for breakfast tomorrow...hee!
Awww, thanks doodle! I'm glad to be home, actually - best vacation EVER, but I'm pretty wiped out! YEAH, I still keep looking at all the photos, and can't believe that I got to meet all my boys. I was so starstruck for half of the cruise. *grins* The guys from Carbon Leaf really impressed me most, though - they were so happy to stand around and chat with fans - it was really nice. They hung out for almost three hours after one show. And Ed from Barenaked Ladies, was everywhere - I swear he was the Mayor of the cruise, making sure everyone was having a good time - my favorite was probably when he dropped by the Guitar Hero tournament and cheered the players on...and then slaughtering them at the game, all the while giving commentary.

CH, I'm so glad you're at peace with your decision, and you're absolutely right - when grad school starts, Emily will be plenty for you to care for!

Well, time to get my gluten/dairy-free pizza in the oven....I know, probably sounds nasty, but really, its quite good. Its all about finding the *right* soy cheese and alt-flour combos. smile.gif
hehe...turbo's back and now so am I! I had a great time, it went too fast though. I didn't have to flash any boobies and I still have, I'd bet, about 25 pounds of beads. What am I going to do with 25 pounds of tacky beads??? Heh.

(((huggs))) to okayers, sorry this is a little bit of a flyby...I gotta go hit the hay now, though. I am WHIPPED. smile.gif
Good Morning

Doodle, have you decided on a song yet?

Hey Turbo!

Tree, details about your trip!!!

As for the ex, he was living in houses before, it seems that the current accoms aren't the best, when the dog was delivered, she stunk to high heaven like cigarette smoke, it was pretty nasty. But, he'll figure something out, he's not moving out for a while, that gives him plenty of time. He's a grown man, I don't want to clean up his messes anymore.

I slept a ton last night, it was one of those Sunday's where I was up at 2 and in bed again by seven. In all reality it was more like 4, but I didn't fall asleep until later. and I'm still super tired today. This cold is sucking the life out of me, although I am on the mend. If only I didn't have such a crusty dry skinned nose. Blech.

Good morning!

Monday again? Ack!

((CH)) that sounds like an emotional weekend. I hate that the poor dog has to breathe in smoke at his place. Good for you for doing what is best for you. It would be hard to take a dog in unexpectedly, esp one that has so many emotional ties. ~~~~healthy vibes~~~~ Sorry about your cold. The fatigue is one of the worst parts, isn't it?

Welcome back, jenn!! The pictures are awesome! It looks like a rockin' good time. That ship is huge! I love the long island tea & ice cream picture. Vacation, indeed!

Hi PK! Heikki is growing up! He's quite the young man. I like your hair. Very cool!

Welcome back Tree!!! So no boobie showin'? What did you do while in N.O.? Was Mardi Gras earlier this year? I thought it was in March or so?

Hi RV! Hi Polly!

I am doing well today. Got to bed really early last night, b/c I had a headache. Feeling good today though. My weekend was restful and fun. Friday night I took myself out to eat & to see a movie. I saw Juno & absolutely loved it. Saturday Mr K and I did some errands. He started studying, I went to shop for a while and then ended up going to my mom's to hang. We had a lot of fun. Yesterday I cleaned & worked at the hospital for a few hours. I am really happy I turned down all plans for the weekend. The upcoming weekend is busy. Well, the whole week is busy actually. It will be imperative to get good sleep.

oh! There was a wreck in front of our house this weekend. Overturned car, on fire. That is what I saw when I was woken up at 2AM by a noise. It was eerie, when I looked out the window, nobody was around, and there was just this car, burning. Called 911, they came. The driver was ok. He had to be drinking and speeding, b/c we live on a smallish, neighborhood road. Not a big highway or anything. Apparently, he lost control, flew over the ditch, bounced off one of our trees, and flipped. It was freaky. The whole neighborhood was outside. Never a dull moment....I am just really happy the driver was not seriously hurt. Coulda been bad.
hello all. checking in.
hay CH. get your rest, poor thing.
turbo, looks like you had a blast. great fun photos.
yea tree. lots 'o beads!!!
hi doodle! have a song yet?

I have now officially caught whatever this is that I have. mostly upper lungs, throat (!), neck, sinuses, head. can't talk. hurts. dizzy. ~.and the moving van will be here tomorrow.~
still awaiting on the lawyer to find out when I get back the things that he stole off the ranch.
tired girl. must get packing. aargh.
take care all. and don't get this. son had it for a month!!!
Hello, it's me again.

Kari, that's wild about the car accident, that could have been so much worse, I'm glad that everyone is okay. How are you feeling today?

Jami, take care of yourself, ~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~* there isn't a lot to do at the office I'm at right now, there is no reason they need me here. The other office I was at needs me more. i'm setting a meeting with management to get me into that office permanently.

At least it's almost lunch. Thank goodness.

Hi, peeps!

It's been pretty eventful around here lately, hasn't it?

CH, you did the right thing with the dog. You know your own limitations, and if you aren't the right one to care for it, then it's your ex's responsibility to find someone.

PK, your son looks like a really nice kid. How are things at the new job? And when will Heikki be moving closer to you? Does that mean you want to stay where you are permanently?

(((((((Jami))))))) You've been through a lot lately, girl. Take a day just to lay in bed and do jack shit. Doesn't it suck how colds come on at times like this? I hope you get back all the stuff lamex stole. I really hope that someday some woman puts him in his place and makes him feel an inch tall. He deserves that.

Sorry, Doodle, I can't help. I'm not really a Dixie Chicks fan. I vaguely know of the Earl song, and that's about it.

Wow, Kari, that scene sounds like something out of an action movie! I'm glad the car didn't hit your house. How close did it come? Is everyone okay? The dude driving was probably too drunk to even remember what he did. I hope he has his license revoked forever.

Hooray for Jenn and Tree being back from their trips! Jenn, I'll look at your pictures later. Tree, post some pictures!

Is Poodle all moved into her new office yet? It's been a few days and I'm missing her.

Hi, Minx, RV, and everyone else!

We went to a little Mardi Gras party on Friday at the giant's coworker's house. It was pretty lame, and made us feel really old. I had no idea this girl was so young, so everyone else was 8-10 years younger than us, which felt odd. She's a nice girl, though, but definitely only 24. It feels like eons since I was like her, but even my parties didn't feature beer pong.

We were lazy the rest of the weekend, only leaving to do some grocery shopping on Saturday night. I cleaned the house a little while the giant watched the Stupid Bowl and made some snacky food (loaded nachos and vanilla pudding/cream cheese/pineapple dip to dunk Nilla Wafers in). I'm just glad to see the Patriots lost. I was rooting for anyone but them (not that I care because stupidball's stupid, but I'm really sick of those bunch of New England princesses).

I'm taking off in a couple hours to deal with my car. I still need to get my tire fixed and my oil changed. I'm going to have to sit around in the repair shop while they do it, so I'm going to bring some magazines, coffee, and munchies in with me. What a lovely way to spend my afternoon, huh? At least I get to leave early.

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