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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning!

Monday yay!

I am sure you all caught the sarcasm.

(((Jami)))) girl, I am so sorry lamex is being such a prick. I can't believe he broke into your garage. Fucker. Good for you for calling the cops. That really stinks you can't do much about him taking the property that doesn't belong to him. Ugh. I can't wait til this is over for you.

Poodles, it sounds like Hopper's going to fit into the poodle pad with no problemos. He sounds mighty fiesty!

HAVE FUN JENN!!!!! Woot woot!

Hey CH! I want to hear more about your weekend! Let me live vicarously.....

hi minx! Glad you got to hang w/ Mr Clean this weekend. Sounds like fun! Sorry about the shitastic grading. Bah.

Hey Diva!! Booooo! on the trip getting canned. That is muy mal. You and the giant are thinking of taking a trip to CA? When? That sounds like a good time! I think you said you had some friends out there, but I can't recall where.

Things w/ me are good. I had a nice weekend. Was supposed to see a movie Friday night, but couldn't, due to sheer exhaustion. Mr K and I ate sushi, I took a shower and went to bed around 10. Saturday the internet guy showed up at 7:30AM. At least we didn't have to wait around for him. Mr K and I ran a few errands, then hung at home. Saturday night I ate Mexican food w/ a friend, then met my mom for a movie. We wanted to see Juno, but it was sold out. Saw Charlie Wilson's War instead. It was good, but I was fairly underwhelmed. Phillip Seymore Hoffman is the best thing about it. Yesterday I worked at the hospital & made chicken curry for dinner. That was about it for the weekend!
Kari, as usual, I've posted in the portions thread.
Mornin' ladies!!!

Rug burn!! Culture, you tart!!

That sounds like a nice weekend, kari. Juno was sold out? I suppose it's getting a lot of buzz now that it's been nominated for so many oscars. Mmmm...mexican food. I had taco bell yesterday, but that doesn't really count. Still, I'm craving more of it. Fake mexican goodness.

Awwww...your time with Mr. Clean sounds like it was great, minx!! A nice diversion from the hellish grading. I'm sure I would go crazy doing that. How do you guys make sure that people aren't plagiarizing, etc.? It's so easy to do these days with the internets and DVD's of everything.

((((jami)))) What a fuckwad. Get an attack dog!! I'm just imagining him being cornered by a snarling rottweiler, like in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Maybe you should set up an obstacle course!!

Have fun turbo!!

Hi tes!! Hi diva!!

Well, everything is going well with the cats. Oscar's not really all that mad anymore and he's been checking the little guy out (from a safe distance). Gus is very annoyed though, because little kitty keeps trying to play with him. It's super funny. It reminds me of the Garfield cartoon/comics with Nermal the kitten, an occasional guest who annoys the crap out of Garfield, so Garfield always ships him off to Abu Dhabi. So I think I'm gonna change Hopper's name after all. It's just not working for me. I've tried out "Keef," "Keefie," and "Keefers" a few times and it feels right. He's mischievous and goofy, so it fits him well!! I think we're gonna go with Keith....Keith Richards. laugh.gif I'll probably call him Keef most of the time.
Poodle, so glad that fur babies are getting along, mostly.

I remember Nermal!!!! Doesn't garfield also have a stuffed bear named Pookie?

Bah, I think I'm getting sick, I'm going home to bed. Fuck this noise. No point in spreading it around.
Yeah, go home. If you can't concentrate, then it's not even worth staying.
Ahhh now at home, going to rest for the remainder of the day.

And the winter storm warning that was in effect, no longer in effect. It's just going to get cold as fuck here again. There is no winning.
The weather is gonna be weird here this week. It's supposed to get up to 40F today and then drop to 4F by Wednesday. How screwed up is that?

Ya know what I love about Keefers? He's at this stage in his kittenhood where his legs and paws have slightly outgrown his torso, so they're big and floppy and he looks drunk when he runs. RAAAWWWWRRRR!!! SO CUTE!!!
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, that's good that Oscar is getting used to the new kitty. I was a little worried he'd attack poor Keith Richards and you'd get no peace. That's good that your little one isn't all timid and shit. Oscar and Gus have to live with him, so they may as well get used to it.

CH, I'm jealous. I wanna be at home, too. I really shouldn't whine, though, since we had last Monday off. We're supposed to get freezing rain here today and it's supposed to get pretty cold over the next few days, then warm up for the weekend. I wonder if your weather is similar to Minnesota's, since you're just north of us.

I'm waaaaay jealous of the Turbos. I love being out in the water.

Kari, sorry you didn't get to see Juno. We went last weekend, and were so impressed. We didn't know much about it going in, but it is hi-freaking-larious. All the characters are so funny in their own ways. Definitely try to see it before the Oscars (if they even do them this year). I doubt we'll take a trip anywhere, after all. That's a lot of money to save up, which is hard enough for the giant, unless he gets a huge windfall this summer, which is entirely possible since his ex should start getting her disability payments shortly after her hearing in March and she may have to pay him back some of his alimony he paid her.

Minx, sounds like you had a nice weekend with Mr. Clean. Sorry about paper grading Hell, though. But then again, don't you get your summers off?

Jami, take that asshole for all he's worth! You know he's only doing this to throw his weight around and feel like a Big Man. Yep, he's showing everyone what a Man he is, breaking into garages and stealing an old woman's things. Sounds more like a common thug to me. I'd like to crack him in the skull with a baseball bat. But anyway... fight for what's yours and make as much of a pain in the ass of yourself as you need to, because you're in the right.

Hi, Tes!

We had an okay weekend. Stayed home Friday night and all day Saturday, then went out yesterday for gay boyfriend's birfday party. It was actually for him a a couple ladies he works with, but they were all really fun. I got to meet this guy he works with that he's talked about for years, but the guy would barely give me the time of day. I don't understand it. I bought some really cool napkins at Crate & Barrel and finally got some new sheets for the bed, since my favorite fitted sheet has a huge rip in it where my leg is. They're 600 thread count and we got them for $16/sheet at Target. Pretty good deal, huh? I love Target.

My tummy's been bugging me since last night. I think it was the cheesecake, even though I ate less than half my slice. It kept me up most of the night just being unsettled, but not bad enough to do anything about. Oh, well. This happened the last time I ate Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. I figured it was just the flavor I ate, but I guess it doesn't matter what kind. Oh, well. That'll save me from a few thousand calories.

I think I'm going to try to get an oil change after work. I tried to get it done yesterday, but no luck. I really wish those places where you stay in your car while they do it didn't offer all sorts of extra services that can have a car sitting there for easily an hour. If it can't be done in under 30 minutes, then it shouldn't be offered. The whole point is to do it all quickly, and if you need anything more complicated, then make a damn appointment at a real repair shop. Anyway, since it's warmer out, I feel like less of a jerk getting this done than if it were below zero. I'd hate to be working on cars while the garage doors are constantly opening and closing, so the least I can do is go in when it isn't ridiculously cold.

That's lame that the guy ignored you. What's up with that? That's great about the sheets, though!! I love buying new linens.

ARGH!! I hate when food places decline in quality as they expand!! I got a veggie burrito from Baja Sol, and it was cold and sloppy with soggy peppers. I remember when the joint was located on Hennepin Ave., back when it was called Baja Tortilla Grill. Everything was really fresh, even the chips. Then they changed their name and got a store in the Mall of America, and the place started going down hill. So disappointing.

"I was a little worried he'd attack poor Keith Richards and you'd get no peace." Bwahaha!! That sentence totally made me spit up lemonade!!
Poodle, I love that you have named your new cat Keith. I like when animals have human names. I have a friend who has two cats named Sally and Steve. It always makes me smile. Good for little Keith for sticking up for himself!

~~~~healing vibes for CH~~~~ Get some rest. Oh, I checked out your portions posts. Ooh la la! I want some action, but me and Mr K have been so busy and tired lately.

Hi Diva! I know, I want to see Juno so bad! Maybe I will take myself Wednesday night. I don't think Mr K cares about seeing it.
What was up that guy's ass the other night? snob! Your new sheets sound very nice.

So, my new office situation is working out well. I am liking it over here. Surpisingly, mr Talky doesn't talk that much. Maybe b/c he does not have as many people to talk to. My other office mate, whom I like a lot, DOES talk a lot. On the telephone. A lot.

Poodles, our weather here is whack too. It was 25 this morning, supposed to be 56 this afternoon. I don't even know how that sort of shift is possible. It's fucking with my allergies. Sorry about that crappy burrito!

I made chicken curry last night and am now enjoying the leftovers. Very tasty.
Oh, I was just bitching for a little while because my eyes went completely stupid. You know, like when you are doing so much paperwork that your brain can't even process it any more? That's where I was at. Just needed to turn them off for that's what I did at 10:15 last night. 'Cause, yeah...I totally get my summers off!!! Plus I've got this student teacher now that I get to corrupt. FUNFUNFUN!!

Keeeffeeeer!!! Yeah!

Hmmm...even though it made you ill last night, I really want cheesecake now. smile.gif
Hey Hey!

Poodle, I love the new avvie!!

Diva, that's fucked up that the guy ignored you, but yay on cheap, nice sheets!!! I think that it gets a little colder here.

Kari, mmmm chicken curry.

Minx, ooooog corruption!!!

Sooo, I slept a little, but I have this cough that's bothing me. God thing my mom made some home made soup yesterday. I still have to take the dog to the park, and I am having a really time typing today, too.
Ugh, my eyes are fried right now, too, minx. I can't look at these spreadsheets anymore.

Awwww...yes, culture, that's obviously my new fur-child in the avvie. smile.gif Wook at the wittle white poof on his chest!! Cuteness!!! You gotta see the white poof on his ponch. It sways in the air as he runs.

Sally and Steve!! Those are hilarious cat names!! A friend of mine has a cat named "Mike." Ha!!

I had cheesecake yesterday, but it was from the deli case at the Seward Co-op so it wasn't mind-blowing. I had a mad-craving for cheesecake and it was a quick fix. I would really like some Oreo or Tiramisu cheesecake right now.
Hiya all! I just got home from work (how cool does that sound?). This is the insurance/investment office gig. Soooo many numbers. Numbers, numbers everywhere. Also, the office politics (they exist everywhere) are starting to show themselves to me, so I'm glad to be a neutral bystander - though everyone is nice to me.

I have the hots for one of the advisors. He just got back after a vaycay, so I never met him before.....soooo cute! A tall blond rugged drink of water hiding behind steel-rimmed glasses. And really, really nice. Rowr. I think I creamed my panties when he held the elevator for me, and it was just me and him, goin' down. rolleyes.gif

Got up at 6 this morning - don't have any other gigs today, so I think I'm gonna take a nap. It's fucking cold. Really cold. -19 C, windchill of -30 C. I thought my face was gonna freeze off this morning.

Also, I think I'm in love with poodle's new kitty! wub.gif
Oooh, doodle, maybe you could have an office romance!! It's only a temporary position, right? Heh...position...

I can't wait to get home to wittle Keefers!!! I hope he and the boys worked some stuff out today.
hola oy okayers! so as of yesterday, i'm thirty. doesn't feel any different. maybe it takes a week or more to sink in? anyway, go check out pics from the party in the say cheese thread while i try valiantly, and i suspect futilely, to catch up on the archives.

Oooooh, Doodle, and office crushie!!! I say do him.

Poodle, how did the boys fair at home??

Hey Grrrl! Happy belated birthday, I did pop by the for me? thread.

I'm feeling a fair bit better, took me some neocitran, I'll be out like a light soon I suspect. Cough is gone. Did a short leg work out and took puppy to the park, had to get out, was getting cabin fever.

and now here I am.

Ooooh these cold meds are making me feel Haaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Yes I know that's not how you spell happy, but I'm thinking of Monty Python when the guy dying of the plague says I feel haaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeey!

okay, I'm going to go now, now that I've made an ass of myself. Hee.
You haven't made an ass of yourself, Culture! for I am Haaaaaaaaaapeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey too! smile.gif

But than again, I am also deeeply stoned wink.gif

Heya Wonderful Peeps! I've gotten freaking busy with work and all, and it's bitten into my BUST time sad.gif I miss you guys! (yet couldn't possibly kvetch up with the archives).

I've caught a cold and am kinda snowed in, so I'm not working tomorrow, and therefore inhaled some cheeba.

For those inhaling, I salute you. And I live vicariously through you. wink.gif My students are still convinced that I smoke daily. Bummer.

Okay, I finished up grading at ten minutes before the cut-off, went and hung out with the Math Baron and his lackey for an hour, picked up the Minxlette, got a very funny phonecall from Mr. Clean regarding what he should be doing underneath my desk at school, went to a Chinese joint and ate while she did her homework, came home, started laundry, read together (we are reading "The Secret Garden"), put her to bed, realized that Minxlette had left Hall's C-drops in her pocket and they kinda sugar-coated our jeans. Bwahahahaha!!

Anyhoo, I am just now realizing how much extremely cool shit I will be able to do with a student teacher in da house. Holy shit!! I can get up early and do yoga without worry of not getting something else done!

Isn't Turbo on her holiday cruise right now? Sweeeet.

Moxie, girl, how are you holding up there?

CH is riding the drug high of cold medicine...hey, I've got four vicodin left? May I join you?

Doodle is working. Right on.

Hey Poodle, did the boys kill each other while you were gone?

Oh yeah, other cute thing that Mr. Clean did this weekend: he was looking at the carrot cake at Luce the other day and I told him that it blew, and that the ONLY carrot cake to get in the Twin Cities is at Lund's. He actually went out of his way to pick me up a huge slab of it on his way over on Sunday morning after only getting about five hours of sleep.

I really like to rub on his scalp. It's so shiny and inviting! laugh.gif
eh, holding up. Actually, with moxieman out of town right now, moxette and I are having a pretty darned good time. We DID break family rule #1 and ate dinner watching a movie last night, but I was beat, she was cranky, and I decided it was going to be pretend-friday!

So, today is another day. My parents are heading out west today. Minx, Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, indeed.

Oh, yes, keefers is the cutiestest cutie pie kitty!
Good Morning!

Hey Lore!!!! ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

Minx, feel free to join in on da fun!!! Sounds like a great evening!

Hey Mox! I hiope you survive the parental visit.

Blah, it's so cold here today, booooooo. And windy. No blizzard, just cold as fuck. I'm feeling okay, going to a different office soon, I'm getting rather tired of this float pool business. Bah.


Hi everyone!!

Nice to see you, lore!! Happy birthday, grrrlyouwant!!

~*~*~*~get better vibes for all who need 'em~*~*~*~ (Although you all seem to be feeling quite good!!)

The student teacher thing sounds great, minx!! And summers off...dayum. No fair!!!!!!! I've never had Lund's carrot cake, but there's no way that it could be better than French Meadow's. Mmmmm...whoever came up with the idea to add cream cheese to frosting should be given a major award. Fucking genius.

Little Keith is still annoying the crap out of his big brothers, but it's all good. They're co-existing, which is good enough for me. Plus, the big boys have left their safety perches and are walking around now. I took some pictures (lots) last night because I wanted to show you guys the striking resemblance between Little Keith Richards and Rockstar Keith Richards. Check it out:

Hi, peeps!

(((((((Minx and CH get better vibes)))))))))

Aw, you wittle kitty's so cute, Poodle! I want a kitten!

Hi, Lore and Doodle!

Happy birfday, Grrl!

Hi, Moxie and Moxette! That's good that you have rules around the house like not eating in front of the TV. Sam eats wherever/whenever and never eats what the rest of us eat. I don't know why my parents let him get away with it. But anyway, that's a really good rule to have.

I had the longest conversation with Sam yesterday. I called him up just to have a little chat because I miss him and I wanted to ask him about the monster truck rally last weekend. He told me all about it, then went on for, I shit you not, 25 minutes about this Sherlock Holmes computer game his other grandma played with him. I couldn't get anything but a "mmm hmm" or "really?" in for a long while. He's such a good little storyteller. He remembered every little thing about the plot and described stuff in gory detail. He even remembered dialogue verbatim and had different little voices for the characters. It kind of bothered me, though, because Sam was describing these violent scenes that are so totally not appropriate for a 5-year-old to witness. I wish my parents would say something to his other grandparents about this.

But the sweetest part? The first thing he said when he got on the phone was how he wants to come over and make car cakes with me. He remembered! And toward the end, he didn't want to hang up, he wanted to just sit and talk with me. He's such a great little kid.

Not much going on today. My stomach was making me nauseas this morning and I debated even coming in to work, but I did. We had a little birfday party for my boss this morning, so that means free leftovers for lunch so I don't have to go out in this cold. One of the supervisors made this really strong Kahlua cake. Seriously, a few slices of it could get you tipsy. It's gooood. I just got off the phone a little bit ago with this woman who was crying and blaming me for wrecking her life because she can't feed her child because she didn't notarize a very important form and I told her welfare worker about it (it's our policy - it's really the only way to make people cooperate) and she only got $8 in food stamps. Yep, it's all my fault. This woman has gone depressed and suicidal about it. I wish I could feel for her, but this is all because of something she could have taken care of in about 5 minutes at any point over the last 2+ months. I don't hold anyone's hand, no matter how much they cry at me. We're all grown-ups here. I think there's a time to cry and a time to buck up and do what needs to be done. I hate all the blame I get just for doing my damn job well.

Poodle, that is awesome!!!!

Diva, isn't it fun how you always destroy a person's life. I am the same way, it's always my fault, the particpant is always the victim. Hmmmph. That's cute about Sam, but I'd also be concerned about the violent vidoe games, I don't think people really respect how much children retain information and such.

It is so cold here, I've fucking I just want the windchill to go away, I'm not even taking the dog to the park today as it's just too much. I just want to go home to bed.

Yep, I just love being blamed for these people being too stupid to send shit in when it's due. It's not my fault they can't fill out a simple form that they should know all the answers on and return it. I wish that 90% of these people would grow up and take responsibility for themselves. I know if I were getting free cash and medical insurance, I'd try to keep on top of doing whatever needs to be done to not fuck it up.

I wonder if this woman will actually show up today like she said, or if she's going to call me again tomorrow bawling. Just saying you'll do something isn't enough for me, you have to follow through. A lot of these people seem to have a problem with that part and then they're surprised when everything isn't put right again even though they put no effort into making it so.
What a friggin' lameass. I don't feel bad for people who don't bother to think ahead, either, especially when there are kids involved. I hope the Kahlua cake made up for it!! That sounds soooo good. Mmmmm....I love desserts involving likker.

That's so cute about Sammy's story. He's such a talker!!

The republican's 4-yr-old daughter was here today for some daycare-related reason. She's such a sweetheart. Too bad she'll probably grow up to be a republican. Hopefully, she'll rebel. We ran some errands and I bought her some colored pencils and a cookie. Good times. I've only done about 30 minutes of work so far today, but that's okay. I don't have anything pressing.
hey hey hey!

ok, once again, i'm trying to post and just cant seem to get a complete thought on the screen! but i'm here reading the archives and i'll do my best to post when i finish. but... just in case i can't get back after reading - and in honor of the florida primary today - i give you this:

my boy!

*catches breath from all the reading*

WHOOHOOO! yay for little keef not getting his ass kicked by his new older brothers! it can only get better from there, right? and man is he CUTE! holy crap!

i'm SO jealous of the turbos and i hope she is sitting in a hot tub, rum drinkipoo in hand, laughing merrily with "the band".

(((moxie))) i thought i had sent you hugs last week but i apparently forgot to actually SEND them. i know i typed them. good for you for breaking the dinner rule. hey, as long as you're mostly consistent, i think it's a good idea to break the rules once in a while. don't want to raise a rigid, inflexible kid, right? i hope you are feeling a bit better, and soon!

diva, sam really just sounds like a joy. and was i the only one that raised an eyebrow about the hole in your sheet? hehe. i'm sure it was just from over-washing. ahem. tongue.gif

i had really good cheesecake over the weekend with my friends down south. was really nice seeing them, if only for a night. it's so funny how we used to be all party all the time and now we collectively have three children under 2. yeesh.

culture, i can't remember all the details but i had a dream with you in it last night. of course, it also had bill murray in it, so take that for what it's worth. hehe. we were on a boat and neil young's "only a dream" was playing through the whole thing. wack-y.

i like mr. clean. he sounds really sweet and thoughtful, just like you deserve, minx.

jami, i really hope you pressed charges on every little thing he took from the house. tes and minx are right. he is continuing to try to make you a victim. what a fucking asshole. hey wait, is today the big d-day??

kari, we wanted to see juno this weekend too but just didn't find the time. mrfj was off early on friday but we farted around too long and didn't get to his parent's house to drop off the kiddo until 5:30 and then were meeting our friends for dinner at 7:30. dinner was fun though - we went to a middle eastern hookah joint.

lore, it's nice to see you!! hi!

doodle, i haven't congratulated you on your job(s) yet. YAY! you haven't mentioned playing lately though... you're still at it, right? and i agree with poodle - nothing wrong with a little office romance, especially if you're temp... DO IT!

ok, off with me again!
Awww...look at those beautiful blue eyes!! He has that mischievous FJ look already!!

I love that song, Only a Dream. I love Neil Young!!

I'm ready to go home, but I came in late and the meddler won't leave, so I can't sneak out. Grrr...


FJ, he's beyoooootiful. Awwww, what a precious amazing wonderful child you have! Ooooh you dreamt about me? Ooooh, maybe it'll be sex-ay next time! smile.gif

Poodle, are off work now?

I'm at home and it's sooooo cold, I'm thinking of taking the day off tomorrow. I'm going to have me some more cold stuff, maybe more wacky posts will ensue?? Then I'm hitting the sheets.

Later kats!
Hi all! Hi poodle (and li'l Keith!), diva, turbo, kari, moxie, lorewolf, FJ, CH, minx, and grrrl! Can't stay online long, as I still have to eat, launder a few things, iron trousers, and de-snow the car again before getting to bed early! Oh yeah, working life....

Li'l Keith is smokin' cute! I totally see the resemblance to his namesake.

Happy Belated B-day, grrrl!

CH, you're answer is ALWAYS, "I say do him!" tongue.gif wink.gif

FJ, I totally howled out loud at your kid's t-shirt! Cuteness to die for!

Yeah, still playing music, but haven't been going out to the jam much - been focused on getting the work thing going again, so, I've had to temporarily scale back on rock stardom! wink.gif Actually, I was just jamming with the boys tonight, and hippiegirl's coming over on Thursday evening to play some music.

And I let myself be talked into performing a song at the Vagina Monologues this year. I'm thinkin'.....Dixie Chicks. Think that's feminist enough for the VM? No, it wouldn't be Goodbye-Earl, but only because I can't make it work as an acoustic song!

It is fucking freezing here, and we really got dumped on with a load of snow, last night and during the day today. I have been using BFF's car (she prefers her big red van), and I had to dig the fucker out this morning. Then I was welcomed at work by a locked office, and fire trucks, RCMP, and many people milling about in the snow, freezing their tuckuses off. Even the TV news crew showed up. Apparently there was a furnace motor fire or something, which hardly did any damage at all, but we didn't find out that stuff till afterwards. And of course, I wore the fashionable high heeled boots today, the ones that were bought for stage gear, not warmth. (AND had to climb up six flights of stairs in them, as the firefighters wouldn't let us use the elevators for awhile afterwards.) I'm still cold.

I am woman, hear me whine. wink.gif

The office manager took me and an assistant out for coffee while we waited for the firefighters to let us back in....we found some more of the staff hiding out from the cold in the coffee shop (no, not including Hottie McAdvisor, sadly)...and man, ALL they talked about was the office. I was surreptitiously searching for a newspaper.
Good Morning!

*Hands out hot tea and fuzzy mittens to all the Okayers in freezing weather* Stay warm!!!! Brrrr!

Poodle, the pictures of the Keiths are hilarious! He does take after his namesake.

FJ, HI! It's so good to see you!! OMG, that picture is too too cute. I love the expression on his face! What a sweet boy. How many months is he now? Sorry you missed the movie too, but the hookah place sounds like a good time. I am going to try to see a movie this weekend.

Doodle, I am really happy work is working out. That is very cool that you will be performing at the VM! I would say Dixie Chicks fits the bill. Have you been seeing much of neighbor boy & guitar boy lately?

Diva, Sam and my niece sound so similar. How old is he? Niece turned 9 in November. She decided recently that she will go by Lizy. Her name is Elizabeth. I think it's pretty cute that she only put one z in it. She pronounces it "Lizzy" though. It is hard to get her to talk on the phone to me. Depends on her mood. And she also never eats the same food as my family or sits at the table. That really irks me, but I don't know what I can do about it. Sam lives w/ your parents? That is where Lizy lives, with my mom. And my sister lives there too (Lizy's mom).

Hi CH! Are you feeling better? I know you said Monday you were feeling like you were getting sick. Did you take today off? If so, enjoy!

Happy Belated Birthday Grrrrrl!!! 30 did not feel any different to me. I am now 32 and still feel pretty much the same. Which is good. I like the 30's thus far. There is no way I would go back to my 20's.

Hi Minx! That was so sweet and thoughtful of Mr Clean to get you that carrot cake. That's what I'm talkin' about! yum. Does he like it when you rub his head? wink.gif

Things w/ me are pretty decent today. The temp is about 25. Not much wind though. We had a wicked rain and wind storm last night, lots of shit blew down. Tree limbs and such. I worked at the hospital til almost 9, which was good. Got in some hours and some sessions. I worked at home yesterday, so I wasn't too tired at the hospital. Off from there today. Going to a power sculpt class w/ a friend tonight. Oh! Guess what? Mr K found out he made a 98% on his first algebra test! I am so proud of him. He has tests in Chemistry and Biology on Monday though, and I think he is pretty stressed out about Chemistry. *shudder* Chemistry gives me the willies.


Kari, that is so marvelous that the Mister got an A on his first exam! You should fix him a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. Math and chemistry give me the fucking hives, as well.

I'm glad that my student teacher doesn't get in for another few minutes, because I just farted the most VILE poof of noxious gas known to womankind. *grabs a book of matches and lights them*

Uh huh...Jackeroo is about the most delicious baby I've seen in a moon or twelve. I still wanna see his feet!! smile.gif THAT shit is making me giggle. There is definitely a namesake resemblance.

There is currently a windchill of -34F. That shit just ain't right, but neither is having to dig out yer car and walk up six flights of stairs in heels.

There is somebody in the building in proximity to my room playing some serious fucking Yanni-sounding piano mood muzak. Educators always frighten me a little bit; this is not making it any better. wink.gif

People in human services always get blamed for the most retarded bullshit. I've been accused of being a racist against WHITE people, threatened to be sued because I LOOKED like I was going to hit a student, and socked in the fucking tits by a FAS junior high school student. You just can't win. I try to tell them that they are blaming the wrong set of people, but it's like people in dysfunctional relationships--you always abuse the ones you are closest to, and therefore biting the hand that's really trying to feed ya. My student teacher after hearing about seven sob stories from students yesterday, seven sob stories from teachers yesterday, and me yell at a Muslim student for using his religion as an excuse to get out of work finally asked me why I keep doing this.

For the time being, it's the right thing to do. Ask me this question in another three years.
OK, cause I'll totally admit to wanting to be in the "in" crowd...the latest video of my kidlet...

Trying to pick up toys

Doodle, of course my answer is do him! Or you could hold hands and go read to the blind, someone banging him seems like it'd be more fun. smile.gif

Kari, that is fantastic that Mr. K did so well on his test! Word on chemistry.

Minx, that's chilly.

Awww Mox, so cute!

I stayed home today, it's way too fucking cold, I'm miserable my throat and my head hurts and every time I cough I get wonderful amounts of phlegm. I am in wonferful amounts of pain.

And it's so fucking cold here, it's rediculous, it's supposed to be around -50 this evening. WTF is this?? It's been like this for two fucking weeks now.

Okay, I'm going to go shower and try to forget the world exists.


Hi everyone!!

Awww...moxette in action!! I love her ponyhawk!!

(((Minx))) Teachers have to put up with so much B.S. So many parents look to teachers when their child fails, but when a child succeeds, they take complete credit. Ugh. My mom spent all last week preparing for their visit from the state. Yeah, they just need to make sure that everyone is accountable. The irony is that they're wasting so much money (taxpayers) on the extra labor necessary to send peops out to check on schools. Plus, valuable time is wasted preparing for these visits. It's so damn stupid.

Congrats to Mr. Karianne!!!

Doodle, you can still be a worker during the day and a rockstar by night!! That's what Miley Cyrus does on her Hannah Montana show!! It's the beeeest of both worlds!! Yeah, I flip between CNN and ABC kids shows on Saturday mornings.

I had 3 kitties in bed with me last night. I think Gus became more interested in L'il Keith because I spilled stinky wet food on him. He smelled so nice before, but now he smells like fish!! He no longer has that "new cat smell."

Our office is moving tomorrow, so I have to pack up everything in here. I'm gonna miss being above Barnes & Noble. The view in our new place is amazing though.

ETA- Cross-post!! ~*~*~*~feel better vibes for culture~*~*~*~
Hi, peeps!

I finally woke up not feeling like crap today, probably because I didn't eat any more of that cheesecake. It's nice not to feel like caca.

Minx, a Muslim student really tried to use his religion as an excuse to get out of work? That's a load of crap. People try to use their religion a lot to justify stuff, or the fact that they're immigrants. There have been several instances where Somalis will flat-out make up children's names to add to their household so they'll get more money, but those kids don't actually exist. And then there was the court order I read where someone claimed racism for absolutely nothing, claiming the judge made a racial comment in the courtroom, which so did not happen. Mostly they try to use the language barrier to their advantage. It's like they take offense to anything they possibly can to see what they can get out of it, like they're owed something.

Hi, CH! (((((((((health vibes)))))))))

I wanna see the Moxette video! We can't access video at work, though, or anything on Flickr.

Doodle, that sucks about your work building. I would've just taken my boots off and walked the stairs in my stocking feet. You seriously did it in heels? Going up is easier in them than going down, but it's still difficult.

We don't have enough fire drills in my office, although today would be a sucky day for one.

Kari, I love your neice's name!. Sam just turned 5, although he speaks like someone much older because he has my parents' vocabulary around him daily. He does sound kind of similar to your neice. For suppers, he only ever eats rolls and drinks milk. No real food, just stuff that's beigey/white, and he leaves the table when he wants to. There's no way in hell we would have gotten away with that when we were little. We ate what was served and we stayed at the table until we were told we could leave. Sam does as he pleases, then begs for food an hour later because he won't eat like a normal person. The only meat he ever eats is McDonald's hamburgers. It's really kind of sick. They boy needs some damn fruit or vegetables.

I want to have a little girl so I can name her Katherine and call her Kat or Kate.

FJ, that's a brilliant shirt for the little guy! I want to get one for Sam. If you ask him who the stupidest man in America is, he yells "George Bush!" and he makes quacking sounds as his impression of Dick Cheney.

Hi, Poodles! Are you still going to have an office with a door when you move? Now I'm a little less jealous, since you're moving away from B&N and Target. I'd give anything to work in your current building. Do you have to spend the weekend helping with the move?

Good Things Wednesday:
1) I felt normal when I woke up this morning, not like I had a giant anvil in my tummy or like I was going to throw up
2) Boss is now officially gone for a week on vacation. He just turned 50 and is going to Cancun. I don't know why someone of that age would want to go there on purpose, since it all seems like a Girls Gone Wild video or something, but at least I'm rid of him for awhile. I think he's about 30 years too old for that.
3) Work seems to have calmed down, at least for the moment. My phone isn't ringing furiously anymore.
4) I made 4 different kinds of yummy fruit curd: lemon, lime, grapefruit, and passionfruit. I'm making little tartlets with them tonight for a wedding shower at work tomorrow. I'm happy for the practice.
5) My nephew loves me.

Trying to decide what to do for lunch. It's fucking freezing out, but I don't have anything here to eat and hate what the cafeteria has for lunch. Maybe I'll order Japanese, since that's the closest place to work at 1 block away.

Hi diva!!

"he makes quacking sounds as his impression of Dick Cheney" Hahaha!!

Mmmm...those tartlets are gonna be so tasty!! Passionfruit...mmmm....

Fortunately, our new building is still within 3 blocks of Target. I can easily go there, it's just not a half-block away like it is now. I will miss the B&N though, because I liked being able to just go downstairs to see if there were new issues of mental floss, etc. Oh well. Today we're packing everything up, but that's really all I have to do. We have a moving team to do the rest.

Good things:
1. Delicious leftover homemade pizza for lunch
2. Don't have to think today--just move shit around
3. My new lotion smells nice
4. Cats are co-existing
5. Soba noodles with snow peas for dinner
6. Wife Swap is on tonight (yeah, I know)
Actually, I'm not sure the passionfruit ones are going to work out. I did what the recipe said, but I think it's a bad recipe. It called for twice as much butter as any other one, and to add it into the rest of the ingredients instead of swirling it in at the end. It took forever to cook down and didn't set as well as the others. We'll see what happens when I get home tonight. It's not like I went out of my way for the ingredients or anything, so no biggie. The lime one is kinda funny, though, because I put so much green food coloring in it that it looks more evergreen than lime. Still tastes good, though. Maybe I'll keep that batch for myself and just make another one that doesn't look like gak. But I'm really excited about the grapefruit one. I put in just a little red food coloring to make it look like ruby red grapefruit juice. It turned out looking more like cantelope, but that's fine by me, still very pretty.

Still, I'd give anything to be even half a mile from a good bookstore. The closest thing I've got is the book sale that happens sometimes in the old Wells Fargo location, and that's still a trek and barely ever happens. There used to be a half-price bookstore kind of near work, but they went out of business a couple months ago. And Shinders went belly up before that. At least The Onion gets delivered to our building weekly.

Another Good Thing for Wednesday:

I registered for my pastry class that starts at the end of next month. Yay! I was hoping to get in. It's only 3 sessions at 3 hours apiece, so it doesn't feel like I'm taking a class since I don't have to move my schedule around at work at all. It's pretty cheap, too, which makes me very happy. I can't wait to start!
It is -40C with the windchill, -42F. this is bullshit.

Yes I'm cranky, and dizzy and shitty,crappy,farty.

Poodle, no new cat smell. heh!

Diva, I hear you about fraud, thing is, fraudsters never think the department will find out, we always do. I had a client who's children were apprehneded, and I had recieved a phone call about it, the client told me, but I also had a third party call and leave me a message. People always want to know who ratted them out, but thanks to the privacy laws, they can't find out. Heh. The pastry class sounds fun!

I'm going back to bed now, I've been up for a little bit, but I iz sleepey again.

(((culture))) It's a good day to be at home, curled up in bed.

The pastry class sounds cool, diva!! Are you taking it through community ed or through your school?

Ah crap, I'm being beckoned by the corner-office lady. Later!!
I could sleep until March. Currently watching the family guy. I know I'm getting better as I'e got hearing sensitivity, and that happens when I'm still feeling like caned ass, but improving. I wanna be better for the weekend, a friend of mine is performing at my fave bar. Her and I can shoot the shit about the guy from the bar I banged. Hee.
Oh oh, poodle - I hope Gus doesn't try to EAT Li'l Keith, just 'cos he smells so good (fishy = "good" to a cat)!

Hiya all, just home from work! It's been easy-peasy so far - I can do the core work without any supervision. On Monday I had to ask the Office Manager for more work. Today, she was trying to find me tasks, like filing and shredding, so finally (still holding onto the filing), I said flat out, "Look, I'm really good with computers, and I know my way around MS Office very well, plus I type like the wind and have impeccable spelling and grammar. So if you have things you need done, you might as well use the skills I have." So now I am helping her put together a new Advisors' Training Manual, which at least gives me something to do besides chart policy numbers and sit around looking pretty. wink.gif

diva, I can't believe I did it in heels either, especially as I'm not used to heels! I wish I'd thought to take them off - but it was so frelling cold. What did you end up having for lunch?

CH, I totally wanna jump Hottie McAdvisor's bones, you're right. Sadly, I don't see much of him, since he has his own assistant. *sigh* Sorry you are feeling so crappy, but glad to hear you are at home today.

kari, I still see the boys, but not as often, as we are all working stiffs now, often with opposing shifts. But I did jam with them Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and maybe later today. (Plus we all got stoned, ate junk, and watched a David Cronenberg movie on Friday night.) That's great that Mr K did so well on his exam! How are you finding your client sessions?

minx, even though I haven't seen you in action, I can tell you are a really good teacher, 'cos you still give a shit.

mox, that vid of moxette is adorable! And I love the cat, going, "Should I get involved? Can I have the box? No? I'm outa here."

On that note, I think I'm gonna go have a catnap before guitarboy gets home from work....
Doodle, that's fantastic about being proactive, is there a chance that you could get on permanent there??

What about the other job at the store, have you heard anything about that??

Bah, sleepy dooze time.
Poodle, the class is through the school I've been going to, but I should also look into some community ed ones. This way, I'll have it on my transcript, if it ever comes into question. So far, there are only 4 of us in the class, so if it doesn't get cancelled for low enrollment, it should be really good.

CH, we're like that, too, when people ask about that stuff. People have even been suspended in my office just for looking at a case they used to have but don't anymore. I just don't understand why people can't be happy with what they get, and if they're so unhappy with it, why they can't try to get a job. I wish we had universal daycare here, which I really do think would solve half the problem of people being on welfare.

Doodle, good on you for promoting your skills. It's gotta get pretty boring to be given menial tasks when you can do so much more. Then again, mindless work is sometimes very welcome, too.

I ended up getting Japanese for lunch. It was okay, I guess, but one of my tempura chicken pieces was really weird, so I didn't eat most of it. I mostly look forward to the tempura veggies and then dumping the dipping sauce all over my rice. I have no idea what's in that sauce, but damn is it good! I also got some green tea ice cream, since this restaurant has the only kind I like, the perfect balance of flavor and creaminess and good texture.

I think I can safely leave for the day now. I'm kind of looking forward for the next week since my boss is in Mexico. Good riddance!
I think the problem with people on social assistance is that they fear what's out there. Social Assistanc is all they know, often times you ahve young women who are uneducated who have children under age, and hey get their own file as soon as they turn 18, as soon as they come off their parents file. I was talking to one particpant about things, and she told me that her whole family was on assistance and she was never encouraged to fnish school or get a job. She was 24 had 4 kids and a grade 9 education, she started having children when she was 16. Not anything uncommon, I'm afraid to say. People are afraid of haing the safety net taken away from them. They don't know anything else. There is a fear of failure.

Then there are some people who really don't want to work, they are the exception rather than the rule.
Heya peeps! I've shaken the fever, finally! Hope you're feeling better, Culture~! Proud of you, Doodle~! Happy Belated B-Day, Grrly~! 30's good stuff!

Wish I had the concentration for more hellos, but here's one big blanket HELLO to BUSTies, all! You're inspiring~! (damn! i keep hitting the tilda (sp?) key on the way to the exclamation point, but it just looks kinda fancy or somesuch.)
Good Morning,

I made it to work today and now I am going to rant,

my voicemail was FULL, the clerks kept on putting e-mails and phone calls through to me even though they know I wasn't here, so I kept on getting follow up e-mails asking me when I was going to see the person, I'M NOT HERE, YOU ALL KNOW THIS. Soooo, what a great morning it is.


I'm feeling a bit better though.

Hey Lore, how are you feeling??
Mornin'. *yawn* I did not get to bed early enough.

Hey Lore! Glad you do not have a fever anymore. smile.gif Take it easy.

((CH)) Sorry about work today. That does not sound very pleasant.

Hi doodle! I know, work gets in the way, doesn't it. Bah. I am finding my client sessions good overall. I feel better about some than others. Which I guess is par for the course.

Diva, that is very cool that you are taking a new pastry course! What will it be focusing on? Certain types of pastries or everything? I think that is really rad. I would love to do that.

Hi poodles!

Things here are ok today. Other than me being tired.

I missed a good things yesterday I think, gonna do my own.
1. It is Thursday. Only one more weekday after today.
2. I made some good progress on my work yesterday
3. Coworker brought me chili for lunch
4. I paid off my gap card and banana republic card this morning
5. Lots of groceries at home
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