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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Kari, that's interesting stuff you're doing. What exactly will you be when you are done?

Doodle, how is work and stuff going??? Have you heard from the clothing store yet??

And where is everyone at?

I'm lonely, and bored. I've got nothing at work.

I'm sick again. I cannot shake this fucking strep throat, and am becoming worried that I may have to have a tonsillectomy. Anyhoo, I am feverish, shaky, and my throat hurts like a mofo. I have an appointment with my gay doctor this afternoon. Hopefully I'll be back in the saddle again for my date tomorrow night with Mr. Clean. He's been contacting me on and off to see how I'm doing.

I gotta tell you, this is such a dramatic change, Diva. He DOES act like an adult, and I guess that I got used to exMinxman just not being involved in most of my life. I remember every time that I was sick other than Christmas of last year, he basically looked at me and would change the subject. If I told him on the phone, the line would go nearly dead for a bit.

There really isn't even any comparing anymore. It's too different.

I'm looking forward to seeing photos of Hopper. Good choice, Poodle. You crazy old cat lady. wink.gif

Kari, I hear you on the internship hours. That can be seriously killer. I had about 500 to complete myself, and the bitch of it is that it's all unpaid. Talk about getting indoctrinated to a life of poverty...yeesh.

Jami, I'm happy that you and Lamex will be finito. Fuck yeah.

*brings out the champagne glasses and bubbly and looks for Tessie*

Uh, Tessie? I've gotten the restorative, so where are you?!!!
((minx)) so sorry you are feeling sick! Strep. Ugh. That hurts like hell. I hope your doc gives you something to make it better quick. I know you don't want to miss out on hanging w/ Mr Clean.

I know, unpaid internships suck. Even worse, I am paying the school to supervise me. Not only am I not getting paid, I am actually paying to work! At least when I do the other licensure hours, I'll be getting paid. I will have to pay someone to supervise me, but it will only be by the hour, not by tuition hour rates.

CH, I'll be a licensed therapist.

I have been feeling increasingly less well through the day. I debated about going home to rest for a few hours before I have to go to the hospital. I would call in there, but I need the hours. I do have to go home and let the dogs out at lunch, b/c Mr K works tonight too. When I get back, there will only be a few hours of work left. I think I'll bring a book back. I am not motivated to do actual work today.

hello hello!

i tried replying all day long yesterday but just didn't have a chance to finish a thought. some days are so busy here and others are more laid back. today, jack-o seems content to play on the floor on his own. he's scooting around a lot and exploring his living room. not crawling yet but he's figuring out that he needs to use his arms and legs in tandem.

poodle, i'm sooo happy for you! yay for Hopper! what a lucky kitty to get a good momma like you. you should definitely go with a nice "old man" name like gus and oscar have. hmmm, maybe felix, hehe.

culture, i simply cannot imagine -43 degrees. i was thinking to myself, well yeah, but that is celsius... and the i did the conversion and that is -45 F. i thought that must have been wrong so i googled another converter but no, it's true. holy fucking poop on a frozen stick! i've said it before: there is a reason i live in FL. we've had highs in the 50s and 60s for the past few weeks and have had some freezing nights but nothing bad. the worst it got was 25 one night but that was a couple weeks ago. and i'm still complaining and looking for spring. i'm with tree, give me a 90 degree day over cold ANYDAY! of course, this has gotten worse since my surgeries. something about the freezing cold and the metal in my back just doesn't mix!

turbo, i'm so sorry that your job is still sucking. reading your post makes me sure that i'm doing the right thing in being so picky about finding employment. i know once i start working again, it'll be hard to quit to find something else if i'm unhappy with it so i want to be sure it's right for me. i've gone on several interviews but nothing good so far. the guy i interviewed with last week gave me the feeling that he didn't think i could sell because i'm a "chick". he didn't say those words but that was the attitude. i knew when i walked out that i wasn't gonna get that job. and i knew i didn't want it either. (that's not just sour grapes either, hehe)

kari, i hope you aren't getting sick! wow, your schedule always wears me out just reading it. but good for you for knowing what you want and going for it. too bad mrK did too much homework but on the bright side, all that extra practice should help him when test time comes, right? smile.gif

minx, i have to tell you, i watched that video link several times yesterday and brightened more than a few friends' day with it yesterday as well. funny shit! make me fries... and i am really liking mr. clean! he sounds awesome. like turbo said, the acceptance thing is a big deal. you deserve someone that makes you feel good about yourself. that's what a partner should be!

jami, i feel for you with the long drawn out lawyer meeting, but thank goddess you'll be all done with that creep (well, legally at least) when it's all done.

tree, i hope bear makes the right decision. that is a lot of money but if culture is right and there is no housing there, it might not be as cool a deal as it sounds. you guys don't live together now though, right? how often do you see each other?

ok, baby boy is tired of playing alone. i'll be back later. (with pics, of course)
Happy Thursday everyone!!

I'm currently basking in the glow of motherhood. smile.gif

That's really good advice about the Calgary thing, culture. I would definitely be reluctant to do the move.

Awww...jack is learning to use his arms and cute...

~*~*~*~get-better vibes for sickos~*~*~*~ Go home people!! Eat soup!!
Hey all! I just did a quick skim of the page, and had to post my excitement at poodle's getting a new kitty!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEE!!!! It's making me want a kitten!

poodle, he's adorable - gorgeous, I'd say - and I'm all in with the black kitty love, too. I think Basil would be a brilliant name, myself.

Must. Resist. Desire. To. Adopt. New. Kitten.

Actually, we can only have two cats maximum in our apartments, so that will probably hold me down a bit. wink.gif

Calgary is cold, but not as awful as a lot of other Prairie places in Canada. I lived in Calgary for 5 years, right before I came to the 'Loops. They get these lovely warm Chinook winds there that blow all the cold away and make everything lovely and slushy. wink.gif But you do have to plug in the block heater in your vehicle in the really cold months, which is true lots of places in Canada. Actually, somebody was just telling me this morning that it's not as cold in Calgary as it used to be. BUT it is kind of expensive to live there now, because it's an oil town, and they have a vacancy rate similar to my town, which has a 0.5% vacancy rate right now and fairly high rents. (*straps self firmly into the riverfront apartment*)

It's frickin' cold here today, I tell ya. -14 C right now, and it's the warmest part of the idea what that is in farenheit....sorry!

kari, I totally feel for you, paying for the privilege of working for your internship...I used to say the same thing about our practicum students at the women's centre, and it was unbelievable how much work we got out of them. I don't think we could have completed half of our work without them. It will be worth it, though, because practicums and internships are highly valued when job-seeking in the field.

Hi also to CH, turbo, FJ, diva, moxie, minx, jami, tree, and tesao!

I've been super-busy, hence me not being around much. I only got Sunday off, basically, and had organicgirl and hippiegirl over that day. Working in an insurance/investment management office half days (I'll be there till Feb. 15), and still helping my little old lady with her house - nothing's really been done since she had her stroke. She's so sweet - she gave me a Christmas cactus, that she grew herself from a cutting. It's sitting on my coffee table right now, blooming huge pink and white flowers! Sweet isn't actually the right word for her - she's kinda fiesty, actually, in a good way! And also very kind, and also trying to educate me about tennis, which she watches obsessively. Haven't heard from the clothing store, but I didn't really expect to until the manager is back from her vacation at the beginning of February.

Anyway, the good news is, I'll make the rent and the bills, with a little to spare, so....phew!!! And it feels good to be working, even cleaning houses is fine with me right now, because it just feels good to get out there and do something again, and also to be around people. It's tiring, though - I get up at 6 AM, and I'm usually in bed reading by 8 or 9 PM. My scheduling is wreaking havoc on playing music - guitarboy usually doesn't get home from his new job until 9 PM....but I just saw him going out on my way in - I promised I'd stay up a little tonight so we can jam later.

I've learned one thing - I don't ever want a permanent job in an insurance office! Bleargh! The numbers, the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got home, gonna eat some lunch and try to catch up on the I actually have the afternoon off! Yay!
That's great that you'll have some extra funds, doodle!! I'm glad you're enjoying the new employment situation so far.

"the numbers, eyes!!!!" Ha!! That's almost everyday for me!! I'm gonna need glasses if I keep doing this for another 5-10 years.

I want my new fur baby now!!!!!! Ah well, it's probably best that he arrives on Saturday when I don't have to be anywhere. I need to make my house more "kitten-friendly," too. It would be so great if my all my boys lived in harmony right away, but I don't think that's gonna happen, so I need to create a safe place in the bedroom.

I wish I had a picture of his belly so that you could see his little treasure trail of white. It's so damn cute. He's all black except for a little white chest and abdomen fur. He's blossoming into a young man!!
Hi, peeps!

I've been running my ass off all day here at work. Actually, I have been for the last couple weeks, which really cuts down on my slacker time. Grrr. What do they expect me to do here, work?

My Maud, Kari, that's a lot of school and training to do! Do doctors even have to do that much?

I never did an internship or anything in my program, which was Speech Communication. Most of the people in my program did an interdepartmental degree and were going into business or human resources, or teaching, and I planned to do none of those. I just wanted my degree and to get out. I could never wrap my head around the concept of paying people to let me work for free.

Doodle, this all sounds really cool with your couple of jobs. At least it's some variety and you don't have to sit in front of those numbers for a full 8 hours a day. It'd make my eyes go buggy. Mundane work like that definitely has it's place, though. It's what the giant does all day, only with payroll and commissions and junk. Your old lady sounds really cute. I wanna be like that when I grow up, sweet, but still a lot of fight left in me. That's cool that she keeps up with the tennis.

We've been watching the Australian Open for the last week or so, which is pretty hard because they're something like 17 hours ahead of us. There have been quite a few upsets, so it's been really interesting. The #1 ranked female player got beat out by stupid Maria Sharapova (can't. stand. her.) and the #2 male got beat out by an unseeded player, which I think is pretty damn cool. Roger Federer should be playing on Saturday, which I'm really looking forward to. That boy is something else with a tennis racquet, and he looks so much like my brother, it's kinda creepy. If he cut his hair so it wasn't so floppy, there'd be no difference between him and my brother if you put them side to side.

Hi, FJ! Has the little guy started rolling yet? Sam learned that he could roll places faster than he could try to drag himself, but it took him awhile to figure out that he had to tuck his arms in if he was going to roll properly. Your little Jackeroo sounds adorable and lots of fun.

Poodle, I can't wait to meet your new kitty. They're so much fun to hold and snuggle.

Hi, Tree and CH and Jami and Minx!

Congrats on the divorce almost coming through, Jami! Just 5 more days, right?

Tree, do you really think the bear will go for it? I hope he doesn't make any decisions until he looks at the housing situation.

Not much up with me today, just another busy day at work pushing papers around. I had fun at my friends' house last night, even though they somehow forgot to make any dinner. I was under the impression that I was going to eat over there, but the only thing we ate was the cake I brought, and thank Maud I did. PR was very satisfying, and I can't wait to re-watch it with the giant.

I ended up throwing out my attempt at panna cotta. I tried a little of it, and it didn't seem quite right. It wasn't bad, but not good enough that I'd feed it to anyone. The pomegranate/orange syrup was really good, though. I'm going to keep that to make something else with, I just wish I had more of it left. I don't think I'll be attempting panna cotta again. It's basically cream jello with buttermilk in it, and that doesn't sit right with me. I don't know how something that looked so good in the picture could end up so wrong.
Yeah...the Calgary housing situation isn't of any "bearing" (sorry) because he's going in as part of the whole oil thing and I guess they set up camps and everything...cooks, housing, you name it. I mentioned the housing thing to him today after I read CH's post...and he had that as a rebuttal. That money is with NO housing costs. So I may be losing my Bear. At least sort of for most of a month at a given time.

FJ, we work together...which is why we keep our relationship on the down low. We both do the same kind of work. I see him EVERY day right now. We're both ultra-cold refrigeration people. But, no, we don't...won' together. It's just too much togetherness.

I am surprised that I am not more upset. I'm actually feeling pretty Zen about the whole thing. We have been together for 11 years. But I feel like, if it's meant to be, it'll survive this. If not, well, experiences move on and life moves on. He wants to get a few years of lots of money in before he retires. (he's 57 years old this year) Gawd, that shouldn't make ME feel old but it does. I mean, humping a 57 year old guy????

Poodle, Mojo's got one of those little white trails on his tummy and the little teeny spot on his upper chest/neck. I am thinking they may sort of be twins.

Yeah, the mid -40s is where Fahrenheit and Celsius meet.....yikes, CH! ~*~*warm vibes for CH*~*~

Well, I APOLOGIZE in advance for the me/me/me...Bear's over tonight and cooking chili and I just heard the clanging pans go quiet. I think the chili's simmering now...which means yum time for me. smile.gif

Will read more archives and post more tomorrow morning, hopefully!

Diva's becoming a tennis fan!! 17 hours of tennis?! Wow. I don't know if I could handle that!

Thankfully I don't have to do payroll or invoicing type stuff. I at least get to play with the numbers and make them look pretty together. Still, it gets extremely irritating when the numbers don't work out. That's when it starts to burn your eyes.

The meddler and I visited our new office today, and HOLY SHIT, it's nice. It's not as close to Nicollet, where all the useful stuff is (Target, B&N, etc.) but the views are unfuckingbelievable. We're on the 34th floor and there are no other tall buildings obstructing the view, so we can see practically the entire south metro area. On one side, we can see the MPLS Chain o' Lakes, and on the other side, we can see the U of M, the airport, and even St. Paul way off in the distance. I think it's a excessive, but I guess I won't complain. I just wish my boss would move us into a cheaper place and use the extra money to pay me more!!

Yeah, the unpaid internship thing has always baffled me. How the hell are people supposed to afford the basics and pay for school (especially grad school) if they're slaving away for no money? I was the only person in my program who was being paid to work.

I've never had panna cotta. The name sounds pretty. I'm drooling just reading about that pomegranite/orange sauce, diva. It sounds like it would be good with just simple vanilla icecream.

Oscar is blocking my computer screen again. Hopper likes to sit in front of the computer and try to catch the little mouse arrow as it moves around. It's super cute, but I'm sure it will be annoying at some point. Still, it was really cute to see him look at pictures of himself onscreen. new baby. Oscar has one more day left to be the "baby" of the family. He'll always be my sensitive little boy though.

ETA- Cross-post with tree!! Think about it this way, Tes and Mr. Hotbuns have adapted well to the distance/time. Fortunately, the internet makes communication a lot easier these days. You could get a webcam or something.
Good Evening everyone!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for minx~*~*~*~* I hope you feel better soon.

Kari how are you feeling this evening??

Hey FJ! It's warming up here, you get used to it, then you go numb. We need pics!!!!

Doodle, waaaaaa! Winnipeg isn't so bad. It's really nice here in the summer, and we are much more friendly than Calgarians. That's great about the woman you are cleaning for! Have you heard about the other job yet??

Poodle, have you thought of a name fr new fur baby yet?

Diva, that's too bad the panna cotta didn't turn out.

(((((tree))))) I'm sorry about Bear. How was your dinner? 11 years is a long time, I'm sure you two will be fine.

Well, work was good excpet some douche bag came in and was yelling at me, and I was just nice and calm, then he said he was going to see an advocate, and this advocate has an issue with department, he has a vendetta and thinks he knows everything. I told him go ahead and see him, but it doesn't change your situation. I don't quiver in my boots because someone drops the name of some useless cock badger. Ooooooh look at me shake.

Anyways, I tok the hound out for a walk and it ws gorgeous, it's warmed up by 15 degrees at least, it was -12C, so much warmer. Then worked out, did 6 kms on the elliptical and did abs. Now I'm cooking some brown rice and I'm going to have some brocolli.

That's all for now!

Later kats!!!

Awww...Poodle's baby is home!! Congratulations, Momma! Show us photos when you can, m'kay? Same goes to you, as well, Falljackets. I want to see how Jackeroo is blossoming into babyhood. I love babytoes, so make sure you get some foot shots. smile.gif Oh hey, Poodle, how's tricks with RB? Have you seen any of him lately?

So, it's official. Strep. Hopefully, this time it will go away for good. They actually gave me penicillin this time, so I will be double-dutying on the acidophilus to keep meinen cooch happy and full o' good flora. Mr. Clean said he won't come near me for precisely 24 hours from the time I took my first pill, so I popped that fucker quick-like. We've got a date tomorrow for movies and pizza since I will be "convalescing". He keeps calling me up asking if I've seen this and that martial arts film. He makes me laugh...I really like laughing. Mmm...I do like laughing. biggrin.gif

So, I've been watching fucking Little House on the Prarie...aside from the heavy-duty gawd stuff, it's a righteous show. Minxlette is totally loving it. I got the first season from a good friend of mine...then I find out that BFF is a super-huge fan. I guess that we riotgrrls never got that far away from Holly Hobby and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Hahaha...

Panna cotta sounds a little bizarre. Kinda like flan, which I can't stand. But man, give me some homemade pudding and I will love you forever!! Diva, your dessert stylings will be famous someday. I have total faith in you.

Tree...that makes me sad that your Bear is thinking of going away for so long. You don't sound very happy about it. I didn't remember that he was 57! Are you in your early 40's? Please refresh my memory.

Also, I wanna sing a few rounds of kum-bay-ya for Turbo...girl, that job's GOT to go. Shall I put in a phonecall for you like I did for CH and the weather? Actually, I pawned off that duty to one of my students, CH. I picked out one random child in my 11th grade and told her that she needed to make a phonecall for me...they are getting very used to random requests and non-sequitars, but the look on her face was fucking priceless when I told her that she needed to call someone about changing the weather! I love manipulating the next generation!!
I've thought about moving up to Manitoba at times. I've always been interested in moving to northern MN, where it's damn cold, but then I thought "well, if I'm gonna move that far north, then why not just hop the border so I can escape Dubya-land?" I've never been to Winnepeg, but I've heard that it's a lot cleaner than your typical American city of that size. Everyone who comes back here talks about it's cleanliness compared to the Twin Cities, which are actually quite clean compared to most American cities. I'm very curious. I think I might have to take a trip there. It wouldn't really be all that expensive either.

Fortunately, if everything down here goes to hell, my family has a gigantic chunk of land about 50 miles south of the border. I can either shack up there or hop the fence. That's one of the great things about Minnesota--it's easy to get the hell out of here when the rest of the world turns on us!!

ETA- Gah!! Cross-post again!!! Awwww...minx, Mr. Clean sounds like a good man. You're movin' on up!! I hope this allows you to see ex-minxman in a new light and how you weren't being treated the way that you deserve to be treated--as a smart, sexy-ass woman who needs an equally badass person to keep up with her!!!!!!!!! You KNOW what's good for you, so stick with it. Don't do any gardening for this man until you know for sure that he's the shit!!!!!

As far as XRB, I haven't seen him for a couple weeks, but I've talked to him a lot over the phone. His brother moved to town, so he's been quite busy. He's going home to Cheeseland this weekend, so I won't see him for at least another week. Too bad, because I'm really needin' some portions.

Hopper hasn't arrived just yet. He's moving into his "forever home" on Saturday. smile.gif

ETAA- So did you U.S. peeps hear that we're all supposed to get $600 rebate checks as part of an economic stimulus plan? I guess they expect us all to go out and buy plasma TV's to help the economy.
Poodle, I'd name him Dennis. As in Dennis Hopper. wink.gif "Forever home" fucking cute is that?!

As far as RB goes, he needs to come over and pay some worship to the divine pussy that is yours. wink.gif

Mmm...gardening. Yeah, I think that Mr. Clean is the man behind that shine. Hahahaha!! I won't be paying any homage to any garden until I know that he's totally worthy of my green thumb and dirty trowel.
Whatever, I'm doing the most UNpatriotic thing possible with my rebate check and retiring more debt. smile.gif Stick that in the sub-prime, Mr. President!

Ok, off to take some belly-inhibitor drugs and go to sleepy sleep.
Ha! That's funny, mox, because I read an informal poll in which the majority of people said they would use it to pay off bills and debt!! I intend on doing the same thing!! I think the idea is to help people relax a little more about spending on the little stuff because there will be "guaranteed" relief in the future (the checks wouldn't go out until June). The feds are hoping that people who go to Wal-Mart to buy toilet paper will fork out a little extra to buy that $1.99 personal fan that they wouldn't buy unless they knew they had money coming their way. So, hey, whip out that credit card!!!! wink.gif

This past year, for the first time in U.S. history, we have a negative savings rate. It doesn't even surprise me. We need to get our shit together here, for sure. Republicans go on and on about how everything would be great if we had a non-regulated market, but just look at all the foreclosures. That's what happens when you let greedy lenders lose. For some reason, the state monitors appraisers like crazy, but everyone and their brother can sell real estate and be a broker or lender. Really, the state has a thing against appraisers, because we're often hired to fight them in court.

Despite the shithole market, our state has diverted lots of money to road improvements after the bridge collapse, which is good news for our business. We depend on eminent domain cases, where the government comes in and builds a highway in your front yard and then tries to give you $10,000 for damages. B.S.

Haha!! Minx, "green thumb," "dirty towel"...heheheh...there's so much room there for sick commentary that I can't come up with anything!!

ETA- I think I'm just gonna keep calling my new baby "Hopper" because I'm used to it at this point. Also, Ed Hopper is one of my favorite 20th century artists. Ed Hopper painted Nighthawks, which is a famous painting of people sitting in a diner at night. I have it hanging above my couch. I have another Hopper print in my office ("The Office") and another in a tube ("New York Movie"). I had "Chop Suey" in my old kitchen, but it was so beat up that I tossed it. Anyway, "Hopper" does have some meaning for me, so that's what it's gonna be. Hopper will stay Hopper.
Hi again all!

Whoa, I think I have been reading too many holocaust memoirs lately, and it must have combined with the last stuff I read here about the cold parts of Canada...I just woke up from a nap, where I was dreaming I got rounded up and sent to a prison camp in the mountains of northern BC! And then I escaped and was on the weirdness.

*shakes head to clear sleep cobwebs*

ETA: treehugger, Tom Petty is 57, and I would totally run off with his sexy old ass. So there. wink.gif
I must have missed something...are we getting an additional rebate this year?
Ack! So much going on in here today, its hard to keep up!

POodle, I LOVE your advice to minxy, and I totally agree. Mr. Clean is a wonderful contrast to the shitheap of exminxman, and our minxy is deserving of only goodness and love!

(((((strep healing vibes for minxy)))))

FJ, now you get back here, and post us some cute piccies of your kiddo! Turbomann and I will be in your state Saturday night, as well as next friday, so if you're in Miami and bored, let us know. smile.gif

I am SO ready for my vacation!!! (but not ready, in any real, physical packing sort of sense). Work is insane, and will continue to be so for the next month, so the vaca is a much needed reprieve.

Poodle, I love the name Hopper for your new furbaby, and it sounds absolutely like this kitty was meant to live with you, with your love of Ed Hopper. And one of our most gregarious friends is named "Hopper," and he throws a wicked tiki party every summer, so I'm thinking your little Hopper is gonna show those older boys how to kick it. heh.

CH, I don't know how your pupper can even stand to be outside at -45C!! It was -3F here today, and turbodoggie barely managed to get to the end of the block and back. Poor thing.

Oh, I dragged one of my new co-workers to the Planned Parenthood Roe v. Wade Anniv. Gala this evening - SO much fun. Met lots of good people, reconnected with some PP staff I know, and of course, lots of inspiring speakers. I'd drink their kool-aid any day. Actually, there may be a job opening there later in the year that might be a good fit, so we'll see. At least I am already well-aquainted with the fucked-up office politics over there, which I can live with, since their mission 100% fits my values.

((((mox tummy vibes)))

Well, time for sleep for me.

(((feel better vibes for Kari & Mr. K, too!))))
We are getting a rebate. Its to stimulate the economy, and make us buy stupid shit we don't need. Will it help the people suckered into sub-prime mortgages who are being forclosed on? Nope. I might decide to be really economically responsible and hire a painter to do my kitchen. See, thereby supporting a local tradesperson, and getting a prettier kitchen to boot!
*Gives Moxie and big hug and kiss and runs out of the room screaming "COFFEE AND FINANCIAL STABILITY FOR ALL!!!*
Happy Fucking Friday you melee mouthed crotch pheasants!!!! Thank you Family Guy for that one!

Minx, I would have love to have seen your students reaction to that!!! Bwaaahahahahahaha. Must've worked, it's much warmer here today. your date is still on for today right!?!?!? ~*~*~*quick healing vibes~*~*~*

Poodle, you should totally come to Winnipeg!!!! Make it in the summer though, it's very nice here and there's lots to do! ooooh, it would be fun! and cheap. It's really not that expensive here. YAY Hopper, coming home tomorrow!! Woot!

Mox, a refund! Excellent!! ~*~*~*tummy feel better vibes~*~*~*

Doodle, that's an interesting dream.

Turbo, what's even more disgusting about the weather is that the dog I mean she goes screaming around the park, picking up sticks and is just down right thrilled. Then she'll lay down in the snow and chew on a stick. when it warms up to around -15C it's even worse, trying to get that dog into the car afterwards. Heh. That's great about a potential new job! I'm glad that you had a good evening.

Soooo, busties getting their income tax refund. YAY! I can't do income tax yet, haven't recieved the T4 yet (uhhh, I don't know what that is in terms of american income tax). I'm also expecting a refund, thank goodness for tuition, I've got a fair bit to carry forward, and I will for some time, thank you grad school.

So, it's Friday, and this is all I care about. Going out for lunch with a friend I've not seen in months. this weekend, well, tomorrow I have two birthday celebrations to go to, good thing neither is at a bar. that'll be fun times.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Gooooooood Morning!

It's Friday! yay!

It's cold here, for us. I think it was 15 this AM. Brrrr. Have heard rumors that it will be getting warmer this weekend. Not sure I believe them.

HI doodle!!! I've missed you! Sounds like you have been busy indeedy lately. That is really cool that you are helping the little old lady get her house cleaned and in order. I am sure she appreciates all that you do. And hey, at least now you can cross working in an insurance office from your list of potential jobs. smile.gif

Poodle, so do you already have Hopper? I think that is a really cute name, btw. I like it. You're going to have one furry weekend! 3 kitties to cuddle!

Jenn, have a great time on your vaca!

Tree, that stinks about Bear maybe moving. sad.gif I think it's pretty cool that you guys have been together for 11 years but maintain seperate residences.

((minx)) ~~~~anti strep vibes!!~~~~~ I hope you get to feeling better. Strep is so painful. Hopefully the drugs they gave you will knock it out for good.

Yeah, if I get a $600 rebate, I'm gonna pay off some debt. The rebate idea is so stupid. It's a quick fix.

Diva, sorry to hear you had to trash the panna cotta.

Hi Moxie! Hi CH!

Not much doin' here today. I do feel better, but am really tired. Hospital was busy last night. Had to deal with a patient's mother who had more mental impairment than the patient. Batshit. It was interesting for sure. I wanted to get to sleep early last night, but my dogs kept barking. When I finally went downstairs to see what was going on, there were 3 cop cars at my neighbor's house. She doesn't stay there much b/c she is caring for her ailing mother, but she told me on another occasion that she'd been having problems with her house alarm going off. Have a feeling it might be the alarm malfunctioning, rather than people trying to break in. In any case, it freaked me out and I didn't want to go to sleep til mr K got home. Mr K is starting to feel better. Poor guy. Um, what else....that is about all the news I have to report. I'm going to drink some coffee to try to perk up.
Oh, this isn't so much a tax refund, as it is a "rebate" - here is the NYT article explaining all the hoo-ha

hoo ha
I'm stoned on vicodin.

That is all. wink.gif
Hi Hi!

Hey Kari!

Thanks for link Mox!

Minx, do you see trills?!?! laugh.gif

Well it is almost lunch, then the day is almost done!!! Woohoo!

Later kats!

Hi, peeps!

I'm in total agreement that this rebate thingy is just a quick fix. There are so many better ways to do this that help out more people in a very real way. I think it should be concentrated completely on those who make no more than 250% of poverty level. I'm not rich or anything, but I certainly couldn't care less whether or not I get this check when there are others out there who really do need it. It also bugs me that they're giving out this refund at the expense of paying for the war, which will just get passed on even more now to the next generation. There are so many more responsible ways to deal with this, and they're being ignored.

I'm going to give my check to abortion rights, gay rights, and to the hungry and homeless, all the people the Bush administration hates.

Kari, sorry about the lousy night of sleep. Sucks when there's not even any action to give reason to it.

((((((((((health vibes for Minxy))))))))))

Jenn, when do you leave for your cruise? How long will it be for?

The name Hopper reminds me of an old retired cop with a missing finger and a chip on his shoulder who takes elevators hostage.

Hi, Doodle and CH and Poodle and Moxie!

I don't have much going on this weekend. Nothing planned yet for tonight or tomorrow, but we're going to celebrate my gay boyfriend's 30th birfday at Cheesecake Factory on Sunday with a bunch of people. Should be fun. And since we'll be at the mall with Crate & Barrel and a good Dayton's, I'm going to buy new sheets since our good fitted sheet has a giant hole worn in on my side. I loved that sheet and will be sad to retire it, so I want another one just like it, so smooth and soft and fits properly around the matress. I'm going to see if my brother will bring Sam for a little visit on Saturday.

My boss is gone today and it's payday and it's going to warm up a little bit, so today is a very good day indeed.

Oh, and I have some good news about the giant! His ex has her social security hearing in March, so hopefully she'll start collecting that right away so the giant won't have to pay her so much anymore, and might get some back if she gets a lump sum back payment. Yay!
Thanks for the article. Giving out rebates will not solve our country's economic problems. Do you we really have to wait for a new president for things to het better?

Looks like I broke the thread with my ranting again! Sorry!
"melee mouthed crotch pheasants" Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa!! I knew I recognized that from somewhere!!

"shitheap" Haaaa, jenn!! Can I steal that word?!

I want my kitten now!!!!!!!!!! *throws fit* Ha! I love your ex-cop imagery, diva. I guess I don't get the same image, but it's funny nonetheless!! He's gonna stay Hopper. He already responds to "Hop," so I should probably just leave it. Try to replace the cop image with an early 20th century oil painter of empty "urban" scenes. Hopper the feline artist.

I'm really tempted to name him "Keith" though, after 2 of my favorite rockers: Keith Moon and Keith Richards. However, because of my surname, he would effectively become "Keith Richards." Hahahah!! I can see it now..."And here's my youngest kitty, Keith Richards."

Booooooo!!! This day is taking too long!!!

We have a dumb president. I want a new president now!!!!! *throws another fit* When's the next freakin' primary/caucus anyway? I'm anxious to get on with this crap and vote already.
Poodle, the image is supposed to be Dennis Hopper from his role in "Speed." I figured it was pretty obvious, but I've seen that movie a billion times.

It's 361 days until we get a new president. Unfortunately, this is a leap year, so we have to add that extra day. I know I'm counting down. Caucus day is on February 5. I know I'm going, but I don't think I'm going to be a delegate. All it amounted to was sitting around listening to stump speeches. You don't even get to vote on anything at the convention, so I don't see what the point is if you're not intent on going to the state convention. I'll caucus, though.
I've never seen Speed!! I suspect that I'm not missing out on anything spectacular. smile.gif
You're only missing out on Keanu Reeves at his action-guy best, which still isn't that great. But still, it's one of those movies everyone born between 1970 and 1985 has to see. Soooo many references.

So that lovely vacation to the coast my dad was going to book us for? Kaput. I was just talking to my mom, and she put her foot down about it. They're going to remodel the main bathroom instead. I really wish my parents wouldn't get our hopes up for nothing.

Maybe now another trip to CA isn't out of the question in the near future, or maybe somewhere on our own.
What?!!!! No trip?!!!! Sucks, dudette. That's not fair of your mama to change her mind all of a sudden!!

I just can't stand Keanu Reeves, except maybe in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and only because of the campiness of it.

I'm so excited for my new baby!! I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight. I'm kind of nervous, too, because of Oscar the Grouch. I need all your vibes for a smooth homecoming for Hopper!!! I'm picking him up tomorrow morning. Squeeee!!!
Yep, no trip. I kind of thought it was too good to be true. Mom has a way of crapping all over anything that's at all fun for anyone but herself. At least I didn't buy any plane tickets yet.

I can't stand Keanu Reeves, either. "Bill & Ted..." was the only thing I liked him in, and next to Johnathan Winter, it was kind of hard not to favor him. I think he's wooden, and not all that spectacular looking.

Aw, Auntie Poodle is gonna have another baby! I want a kitten to cuddle!

I wish it would hurry up and be 5:00. I want out of here. This day has been eternal, not helped by the 3 walk-ins I had today while I was trying to eat my lunch.
I guess I'm in the minority regarding Keanu. maybe it's a physical thing, I think he's cute to look at. I do agree with the wooden feeling of him, though (CH>>> not THAT!) wink.gif
yea on kitties!!! I want one! maybe I will when I move out. Hopper is so lucky to have you! and Oscar knows ya love him!!
sorry about the ex-trip Diva. sucks. ((diva))

lamex came here with g/f to move out of my mom's house. took things that were specifically to go to me. as in - my mother's property. I even called him, as did son, but he said he was taking them and hung up on us. son wants to press charges for stealing. lawyer said that 1) it does belong to me and 2) unless specifically stated, everything in the homes belong to me. down to his boots and underwear if I wanna. tv, dvd's, and the computer that he had our business buy for him on the sly. woot. for all the sh*t he's put me thru, I could do this....
yea or nea ladies???
I'm for yea.

HELLO!! Press charges IMMEDIATELY. If you don't, it will look weird to them. Go to the cops with an itemized list, get your lawyer to come with you if need be to show legitimacy and your abject seriousness, but DO IT NOW!!!

*steps off soapbox*

I mean that in the most neighborly way possible, Jami. If I was your neighbor, me and the Pink Mafia woulda fucked him up right quick.

Mr. Clean came over to take care of me tonight. He was really sweet. smile.gif

I'm really excited for you, Poodle. You're a good furbaby momma.

ETA: Diva, that fucking sucks.

EATA: I'm gonna be an auntie again!!
jami, you know that i stand with minx. you should have gone after this guy LONG ago. don't let this opportunity slip by. this isn't a revenge tactic. this is him taking what is rightfully yours. he is doing this to victimize you, don't let him.

mr. clean. awwwwwwwwww.

diva, that just isn't right. how cool would it have been to meet you on topsail island?? you deserve new sheets!

"my youngest, Keith Richards" bwahahahahahahahaah!! so happy that you are going to have a new fur-baby, poodle! i'm sure that oscar the grouch will adjust!

it has been a looooooooooooooooong week, full of last minute deadlines from the home office in new york and last minute site visits requested by the donor....

i plan to sleep a loooooooooot. and not much else. maybe have din din with some friends.

re: my inappropriate friend, we work together. he is one of our drivers. i am his boss. i am older than he is. i am married. our cultures are totally different. he is probably my best friend here. totally platonic relationship, althought there are some strange overtones that i can't really make out. i can take it to another thread (maybe the crush thread?) if anyone is interested.
hay. just an explainer here. sheriff says I cannot press charges, neither can son. we are still 'married', therefore the property is 'ours', and he can take it. Not so, as we have an agreed to settlement which spells things out, but as we just did the settlement, it's not printed yet, and I cannot shove the paper under the sheriff's nose. lawyer wants to play nice and have things returned. I want to press charges and have items returned. so there.
he was here last night, under cloak of darkness, taking tools and the like. I have photos of what was there. today I'll go thru photos to do my list.
Bon Voyage, Bitches!!! We are off to Miami, and boarding the ship tomorrow! I had dreams last night of drinking cocktails in the hottub with the boys from Great Big Sea - lets hope my dream comes true! heee!

(((((jami))))) I'm so sorry that lamex is continuing to behave like a 5 year old brat, and stealing from you. I hope when you get the paperwork in order, you can get all of your things back - if you think he'd sell the stuff, send his pick and a list of items to your local pawn shops. Can't hurt.

Poodle!!!!! Enjoy your weekend with the new furbaby!

See ya'll next Saturday!

Gooooood, oh it's the afternoon here.

I have to admit that I love Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. I also liked Keanu Reeve's in Parenthood and The Matrix, even though the acting was kinda shittay. Aside from that, it's the same thing.

Poodle, that'd be awesome Keith Richards the cat!!!!! How is new furbaby adapting??

Diva, mmmm cheesecake factory!!! YUM! That is craptastic about the trip on the shits.

Jami, I agree, go after the cock badger.

Minx, how are you feeling?

Tes, I almost missed your last few lines of the post. I'd say it's harmless.

Turbo, enjoy your vacation!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

I did nothing last night, tonight I have to go to two birthday parties, one where it will be mainly gay men, so my chances of getting portions, slim to none. The other is at a lounge, more potential there. And I'll be on cops turf, maybe I'll give him a holla and see if he gets off early (ohhhh, what a horrible pun) I'll go and see him. The PR boy also lives nearby. hmmmm. Watch, I'l come home frustrated as ever. Blah.

Today is a gorgeous day, took puppy to the park and worked out, next up, clean the bedroom. I have misplced the remote for the ipod sound dock. Hmmph.

Hi everyone!!

Just droppin' in to give a Hopper update. He's doing very well!! Not at all afraid. He and I spent a couple hours in the bedroom so he could gain my trust and then I carried him around the rest of the house. Oscar is absolutely furious, but he's doing a lot better now that he's on top of the cabinet, ruling over his domain. Gus is a little annoyed, too, but nothing serious. Hopper is hilarious!!! He's definitely made himself at home. He's even been playing with their toys!! So cute.

Okay, I better get back to my furry freaks. Ciao!!
Poodle, YAY on successful fur baby introductions!!!

Wow, I washed my car and there is car underneath it!!! It's no longer mud coloured. Woohoo!
poodle, yea for Hopper being so at home.
ch, yea for finding a car!!!

update: lamex came here again, took more from mom's house and the shop. his friend tried to shut the u-haul door when I came around, I asked him to let me take a photo for my lawyer, and I did.
I took son to his basketball game. when I returned, the garage had been broken into. padlock locked but, lever completely torn away from the wooden door. I called the sheriff to make a report of someone breaking into my garage.
son calls lamex a fucking asshole. older son wants to press charges for theft of his property.
and now I'm afraid to leave the property 'cause he gets into the house too. sheesh.
Where is everyone??

I had a fun filled evening, and I'm paying for it today. Blah.
I'm here!!

I've been hanging out with Mr. Clean since this morning. Good times...good times...and it was a well-needed break from my grading. Pains in the ass they are.

Seriously, that's pretty much all I've been doing. Friday night Mr. Clean took me to Pizza Luce for some supper since I hadn't really been eating much of anything with da strep 'n shit. Then we watched "Romeo is Bleeding", talked politics, and then I slept like maaaaad.

CH, sorry you aren't feeling really well. A little drinky going on last night?
Hey Minx!!

That sounds like a great weekend, aside from being sick.

Yup, CH had drinky drinky last night, I started at a house party, then went to a pub, then went to the bar. I started some of this off with some portions, too. Not from the cop though, a new one.

I didn't get home until 3;30 this morning.


*brain is melting from correcting term papers...please feed the girl scotch*
Good Morning!

Bwaaaahahahahaha Minx, great pic. ~*~*~*~*soothing calming vibes~*~*~*~*

CH still feeling a little hung over, what a weekend. And I also noticed that I have rug burn. Heh.

aside from that, it's warming up here, but there is a winter storm watch in effect. Le Sigh. Figures.

How the hell is everyone??
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