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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yeah, I'm good at the whole dry-humping thing. I'm especially talented at faking being turned-on. ;) I have a wedding reception picnic thingie one of these days, and I think it might be next weekend. Still, I'd make room to fit a front porch fiesta in there at some point...Mt. Whoreskanktuscedero...

Seriously, I love Wisconsin. I'm gonna travel out there pretty soon to see my friend and her sister's new place just off of College Ave. in Appleton. Where are all the WI Busties anyway???? Anyone? Anyone?
well, poodle, what can I say, I like a little mystery. But, I can promise you, good things happen in the massage room pleasure palace! ;) It is *complete* with the 1960's mirrored wall....heh.

I'm thinking a fall visit to the greater mpls region might be nice...I can't pry myself away from the cooling lake here in summertime...I like to pretend I live in a resort in the summertime. Chicago is a great summer city.
g'night you mt. whores and poodliciousness!! time for bed, I'm afraid...
haloooo, ladies!

cougarlion and me when and checked out the ladies only gym today. we'd get the summer free, and less than 40$/month (which i could swing if my mumsita kicked in, like, 10-15 out of love for her daugther). it's just down the road from the university, so i'd totally be able to bus down, work out, shower, and go back on my superlong breaks, and it's much nicer than the school gym, and the changerooms are pretty.

grrrr. i can tell i'm pms-ing 'cause my stomach is in full revolt mode. i'm making my mom buy me vanilla coke and pepto bismol.

minxie and poodle, sitting on ....MOUNT WHORE!!!

i don't work tomorrow! dum da da da dum! i'm trying to find hang-outery for tonight, as i can stay out later than 2. or, i might just sleep on the couch starting in...five minutes from when i drink my pepto.

floves to you all!
Hi tyg!!!

Ummm...turbo, I think that you're forgetting that we have over 12,000 cool lakes up here!!! And they're clean, too!!! (well, for the most part)

The resident boy is working out right now. It's kind of funny. :-)

Damn. Now I'm horny.
Hi guys. I just started a LiveJournal. I don't know how it works though. It seems a little confusing. And I don't have any friends.

Tonight I'm supposed to be going to a going-away party for the Jamaicans that work at the hotel. I'm waiting for my neighbor/co-worker to get ready so she can drive us there.

There are around 65 Jamaicans who work at the hotel for nine monthe out of the year. They are all leaving on Thursday for the summer. guys were dirty today, I see. I don't think I would ever go for the rusty trumpet. I think assholes are better left unlicked.

tyger - I hope you get to go to that gym. It sounds cool! And working out is not only good for your bod, it lifts your moods, too. Gee. I should start working out.


Oh oh. Poodle's horny. Well, you're home alone. Why don't you get nekkid in front of a Led Zep video and imagine sqeezing RP's ripe, juicy lemon. Imagine the juice trickling down the inside of his hairy thighs. Then lick it up, bite the lemon, and imagine the sourpuss you'll have on your face. Hee hee. So sexy. Lemons.
Oh no!!! We've lost our PK to LJ!!!!!

No. I'm not home alone. The boy is working out about 6 feet from me. He's also making these "Pheewwww" sounds that aren't helping my condition one bit.

It's really hard for me to restrain myself from making fun of him right now.

ETA- How many times do I have to clarify that I'm into JP's lemons, not RP's lemons????!!! ;)
Double taco!!!!!!

PK, we're gonna force you to come back up to your roots too, you skank!!!!! We're all going up to Pelican Lake in Orr, MN to get nekkid and make out with each other and then get slaughtered by Jason. Even at age 27, I still freak out when using the outhouse in the middle of the night.......Cccchhhhhhhhaaah.....hhhhaaahaaahaaahaa
Triple taco!!!

Geesh! The resident boy is making waaay too many sex-like noises for me to handle!!! I need too go to bed or something. Christ.
Mornin' bitches!!! And a joyous solstice to you all! Summer officially started, oh about 15 minutes ago, so lets get out the blendeer whip up some frothy margaritas and get this party started!

*oh, mean I'm at work?* Dammit. Frelling place ruins all the fun.

Had a lovely ride in this morning in the middle of a was actually really nice - the rain was warm, and I was only mildly anxious about riding my aluminum wonder along the lakeshore path...but I made it, and used copious amounts of paper towel to try off, and all is well.

Now, what was that again about work? *passes 'ritas all around*
Hi, peeps!

My boss caught me again this morning... working! Hah! But now I'm all paranoid now because my new monitor doesn't give off a reflection, so I can't see him lurking behind me.

Poodle, then why do you always talk about RP's lemons? I don't want to think of my parents having sex. As far as I'm concerned, my brothers and I are the messiahs because we were conceived by immaculate conception because my parents don't do it. Hell, they rarely sleep in the same bed. But they finally confirmed on Sunday that the giant and I sleep in the same bed, that the spare bedroom (storage of more of my crap) is not, in fact, his room. He just hangs his clothes there.

We do so need to go to Chicago one of these weekends, especially now that I have a reliable car that I know will get us there and back without incident. I like staying with different people and getting their versions of the city they live in.

Catsoup, I'm right by the food court by the main stage, near the tennis courts. I'm booth #2050.

I actually quit my gym partially because it didn't make me feel better or elevate my mood in any sort of way. It just made me tired and slightly sweaty, and probably in worse spirits when I went in. I decided that it gave me no joy, so I quit. That, and it wasn't on my way home anymore.

Turbo, the sign turned out beautifully! Thank youso much! It was pretty cheap, too, under $100. Nice.

I've decided I'm definitely taking tomorrow off. Last night I only finished the outside of one bag, and if that's how long it's going to take me, I'll need that extra 20 hours or so of work time. It looks awesome, but still, that's an awful lot of time and I don't even have the liner or handle done. And I'd like to make 9 more (though I'll settle for 5). At least I've been using my lunch breaks to make jewelry, so far I've gotten the base for a pair of earrings and 2 necklaces done. Today I'm doing a silver cuff with spiraled ends with lime green pearls (dyed).

Happy solstice, everyone!

Hooray!! I'm so glad the sign turned out well diva!! Did you go with printing it on paper or vinyl? Sounds like a great price - you did well!

And you and the giant should *definitely* come to chicago!! I hope you can get all of your bags done in time - sounds like you've got a lot of work ahead!

I don't wanna work today. nope. not even a little. What I want, is a NEW JOB!!! I'm hoping I get an interview for the hospital position, I'm defintiely qualified, and the pay scale...very nice. Would change my whole life. I'm ready to be prosperous!
I had it printed on vinyl. I didn't want to risk it getting creases and dents in it from using paper, as that's what tends to happen. Also, the lamination would make it shiny, which is what I didn't want.

It would be Poodle and me coming to Chicago, probably not the giant. We've been thinking about this for years.

What kind of job would you be doing at the hospital? I'm ready to be prosperous, too, it's just that I don't think anyone hiring either knows that or believes I should be. It has been years since I've applied anywhere, though, and it's getting to be about that time - but that's what I've been saying for the last 5 years. I do know that I'll be downright embarassed of myself if I retire from here.

I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open this morning because I stayed up too late talking with the resident boy about his plans, our friendship, blah, blah, blah. That conversation was probably long overdue.

Heheheh...I just got a call from my Apt. Bldg. manager lady and she asked me if I had someone living in my place. Funny. I bet one of those maintenance turds told on me.

Diva, your boss sounds like such an asshat. The dude needs to get a life. My internet solution is to hit Control+H when someone is walking up to me. Works like a charm!
Excellent....for printing on vinyl - that is a *really* amazing price - nice job!!

Well, you and poodle would be most welcome to come crash at casa de turbo!

*hands cup of coffee to poodle*
I'm so glad you talked to the boy though, last night!

Oh, yeah, I'm a big fan of command + H too...probably the most used shortcut I use some days!

The hospital job is exactly what I do now - communications and design stuff with the added bonus of no web stuff, which I would *love.* I am really ready to get away from web management. And they have a wonderful benefits package and tuition reimbursement for Northwestern, which would be *amazing.* This job is mine, and I hope they got the memo. ;)

Why should your landlady care if you have someone living with you - doesn't change the rent, yo.
poodle- that's awesome you finally had some converation with the resident boy! Good for you! Are you leaning towards satisfyed?

My little one woke up this morning giggling, and coughing. I really don't want to take her to the doctor...feh. Mostly, I really want to come see turbo this weekend! My mom's on baby duty today, and i'm calling all the, some "get well FAST" vibes for moxette would be much appreciated. Mama really needs girlfriends, daquri's and the beach. Maybe she just had a tickle...maybe.
good morning! you guys are a bunch of ass obsessed skanks. how did i possibly stay away so long?

PK! i'm on lj as miss_shuggah
hit me up.

pink, i don't even want to hear that resident boy is still a resident. grrr!
Still talking about rim jobs & cajones, I see. Good, I like to know things are right around here.

How's everyone this AM? I'm ok, my damn allergies are acting up. I have a headache, achey body, & fatigue. Joy. Other than that, I'm good.

Miss Shug, I am so happy you can hang out with us now. That RAWKS! What type of job is mr shug taking that he has to move for?

yeah, poodes, what was the outcome of your convo with resident boy?

Tyg, you're joining the gym? nice! I have had my gym membership for so long I could not possibly give it up. If I didn't spend cash on the gym, I'd have to use that cash for therapy. I'm a much nicer person to be around when I am working out.

Pk-you'd better not go the way of so many who do livejournal! They start that and are never seen on Bust again.

minxy, i saw this and thought of you and minxlette.

Hi shug and mox!


Turb, I'm sure you're qualified as hell for that position. You rock. I hope this works out for you!

Yeah, it was good to talk to the boy. We cleared up some misunderstandings. Our "unconventional" situation is really too complicated to explain to outside people. As one of the two people involved in this, I can assure all of you that it's not a case of him taking advantage of me. I don't know what'll happen now that the management people know he's there. I've heard that the rent goes up another $100. He's probably gonna continue to live with me, which is totally okay with me. Actually, it's what I would prefer at this point. I told him that we need to change some stuff around in the apartment though. By that, I mean that we have to improve our communication. We also have to do something about the boxes and stuff in my living room. I want my apartment to look more like a home and less like a dorm room, especially since I have a lot more money to spend on decor, etc.

Hi kari! ~*~*~*~anti-allergy vibes~*~*~*~

Geesh...I'm too tired to make the numbers today.
Just a quick flyby to the girls! Hello All!

Pinkpoodle, I am so glad to hear that you got some stuff straightened out. : )
poods, what about you getting a diff apartment - would the boy be willing to commit to a lease if it got him his own bedroom to store his boxes? I don't really understand how its legal for them to charge more for 2 people - if you say he's your bf or something, what's the big deal? Its not twice the resources, its the same space. Stuuuupid.

hi kitten! And Shug - soooo glad to see you back here with us, babe!
i think you should all go to livejournal. i love it there. i love the busties but i'm not a huge fan of the bust message boards anymore. i'm a traitor! you can all spank me now.

pink, you're a big girl and know what you're doing. i have a big mouth and just want everything to be all right with my amigos. keeces and hugs?

mr.shug is going to work for the government. dum di dum duuum duuuuuum.

i'm behind on everyone's backstories and even more so on the people that weren't in the ok thread when i was a more regular member. forgive me?

does jane still bust?

~*~*~*~**health vibes for moxette~~**~~**~*~*
when moxieman and i first moved in together, i moved into his apt. the rent included utilities. when the LL found out i wasn't just "visiting", he upped the rent $25.00. I suppose to cover the extra utility usage. Poods...does your rent include utilities?
cajones, rim jobs and ass puckering...oh my!!

Kari, allergies suck ass...half the people i know have them right now...hang in there!

Hi miss shug! where in Cali would you be may end up near enough so we could hang out!

my ankle is still puffy...i hope my boss doesn't notice i'm wearing flip flops...i don't think they care but i still don't think its work i sit here in a 'animal house' t-shirt that says 'toga! toga! toga!' and jeans. LOL

(((vibeage for the moxette-feel better))))

((Vibeage for all those who need job Vibes)))

yay for diva's sweet booth spot!
boo for poodles landlady causing ruckus.

oh that was gb just sent me a drunken hello over gmail. fab.

yay..staff mtg...oh and paychecks...wooo!
*gives shug a firm swat on the tush*
For shame, trying to lure loyal okayers into the LJ void....tsk, know you can't stay away from us shug!

hi msgoof!

(((((moxette get better))))
i have an lj, but i just can't get into it. i mean, i surf them to find slash and fic, but that's about it.

so, last night my restaurant boss called asking me if i can work today and saturday. so now i don't know what to do, because i was mad at her not giving me any shifts, so now i really have to think about if i want to stay there or not, since i will be getting hours. either way, near the end of the summer i'm going to cite 'family issues' at both my jobs and give notice, 'cause having one job during the school year is enough, let alone two.

i watched a bunch of clone high last night. which means i'll be quoting JFK for months to come. do you want to come swim in my hottub? and by hottube, i mean bathtub, and by swimming, i mean SEX! heh. thanks to that show, i can do a wicked JFK talking about his pants/sex impersonation.

i don't wanna work anymore. my summer is half done already, and mostly i've just worked. it's weird. i don't think i'm cut out for working. now i just need to figure out how to get the money to become a perpetual student
mrfj will be pleased that his rusty trumpet remark started a commotion! seriously though, if you guys haven't seen the aristocrats do so. i have a new *higher* opinion of andy dick and bob saget. made mrfj giggle like a four year old at disneyworld. hehe.

back. hurts. today. went to therapy last night and we did some more work, which i know is going to be good for me in the end. but i have a lot of pain right in my problem area and it's got me moving slow! the pt team is cool though. they're supportive (and kinda cute, hehe) and motivating. when i told them that i was having some pain from the exercises i'd done since our last visit, they gave me some variations to try. so i'm feeling good that i'm being active, but damn if i don't hurt because of it!!

poodle, i agree that as outsiders we really don't have any right telling you what you should do. you know what is best for yourself and if you guys get along as well as it seems like you *normally* do, then there is nothing wrong with the situation. i do think it's good that you set some ground rules and reclaim your space. i like turbo's idea of maybe splitting a different apartment, although it might be cost-prohibitive.

((((moxette don't be sick and if you are get better vibes!))))

turbo, i'm pulling for you to get this other job! sounds purrfect for you!

*hands karianne a tissue* sorry your allergies are buggin' you. but good for you on the heavy workout on monday (i forgot to say that yesterday...).


hi shug! congrats on your nuptials!

oh, and happy solstice everyone! :-)
Hola Chicas!

(((Hugs))) and ~*~*~happy vibes~*~*~*~ for everyone.

~*~*~baby healing vibes for moxette~*~*~

So much going on with everybody! Not too much going on with me lately. I went to the Stone Arch festival last Saturday and then I got to hang out with my mama on Monday. We went to visit the new Mpls library (it has a grass roof on it! unfortunately you can't view it from the street) and then out for lunch. I wish I didn't have to work so I could go do stuff like that every day.

Poodle, I love the picture of you with the bouquet! I've never liked being in the group of people to catch the bouquet at weddings either.

Diva, that is awesome about your booth! I definitely want to come and visit you there this weekend.

i have mostly busties on my lj so it's fun. i also do a lot of my BPAL stuff on there.
i know! this way i have all of you in one place! i'm selfish. i think that deserves another spank from turbo.

hi ms goof. i'm actually going to be living in a tiny town about 200 miles east of LA. sort of near Palm Springs.

hi tyger. yeah, 2 jobs and going to school full time can be too much to handle.

i am obsessed with the world cup. i seriously considered calling in today so i could watch the Mexico vs. Poland match.

Yeah, my rent includes utilities, but extra water use isn't gonna cost them $100. They probably have some lame excuse about building maintenance or something. The lamest thing charge I've heard of is monthly "pet rent" in addition to a pet deposit. Apparently, cats living in apartment buildings are expected to contribute to monthly rents. I guess I understand though, because Gus takes 40+ minute showers everyday and that adds up in expenses.

~*~*~*~healing vibes for msgoof's puffy ankle~*~*~*~

I'm having digestive issues right now. I think I need a butt-flush. :-(

ETA- I wouldn't do the 2-bedroom thing, because I don't want to be left with an expensive apartment should the boy decide to leave. Besides, I hate moving. This arrangement is fine with me.
Holy X-posts!!!

Hi FJ, Tyg, and Marileen!!!!

I must go to Target now.
after i posted that last post, i walked into the production office and realized that my bra strap broke on my very favorite black VS bra. i mean, sure i've had it for years, but still!!! it's my favorite over the shoulder boudler holder!!

(ok, so in my case it's a pebble holder, but still...)

did someone say -- butt flush? *bats eyes coyly*

I know I do! Seriously...doing a cleanse is high on my list, just as soon as the 4th of July weekend of BBQ is over!

fj - i know just how you feel with the brar...same thing happened to me about a month ago with my very fave racerback, and they no longer make the same bra. It made me very sad. So I showed them, and bought a cheap bra at target. Guess what? Its cheap. and bad. Damn VS for their well constructed expensive bras!

I dunno about the was really funny for awhile...and then I got very very tired of the whole premise. But yes, mad props to Bob Saget. I will admit that I am quite possibly the worst joke receiver ever. Turboman *loves* telling jokes...three words in, and I'm making a grocery list or something.

*bends shuggah over knee and gives her a few whaps with the leather paddle*
i love my VS bras but i haven't bought any in about 2 years. i've been on a kick that i'm going to lose weight so i'm not going to buy new bras. yeah, i'm still the same weight 2 years later. i also bought my cheap bras at Target. but i have discovered Ross and it's a little better because of the better brands. it's just such a pain to go through their racks.

argentina and netherlands are still 0-0. ACK!

i haven't seen the Aristocrats yet.
my new favorite movie is Kung Fu Hustle.

hi marileen! now i have to scroll and find the pinkpoodle picture. i must have missed it.
To clarify: That is not actually my arm holding to bouquet. I would never go after the bouquet. It's all the handywork of my ex-boyfriend. I guess all of my hair metal art has come back to haunt me. I've been beat at my own game!
(((((((vibes for Moxette to not be sick))))))
(((((((Hi, Shug!!!))))))

Poodle, that pic of you with the bouquet is awesome... so natural...

I've never bought a VS bra. My boobahs are too big. You'd think for a major lingerie retailer, they'd go beyond 40D.

I thought The Aristocrats was some Paul Reiser movie with an old man, supposedly a father-and-son-we're-fabulous kind of thing. I saw a trailer for it once and it was the most boring thing ever. That 3 minutes felt like 3 days. Am I thinking about the wrong thing?

Hi, Marileen! I think I quoted the wrong booth number earlier - at least I hope so. The one I quoted is nowhere near the side of the park I want to be on, so I'm going to look at what I wrote down again when I get home.

Turbo, I keep meaning to get a butt flush, but I never do. I think it's those weeks of healthiness that make me shy away. Eating only fruits and vegetables actually doesn't sit well in my system. It's a lot of the reason I quit WW, because it seemed like anything besides raw fruits and veggies were a million points.

Poodle, that sucks that you got caught for having the resident boy there. Maybe that's the universe telling you that it's time for him to move. He can't sleep in your living room forever.

((((((((FJ's back)))))))))
(((((((Goofball's ankle))))))))
(((((((Karianne's allergies)))))))
Hi, Tyger!

I'm so ready to leave today, but this day seems to keep dragging on. I've got shit at home that ain't going to do itself! Just 24 minutes left. I can do this.
diva - the most recent artistocrats is a documentary of sorts with zillions of comics all telling their version of the dirtiest joke ever. Paul Reiser does make an appearance, coincidentally.

diva, you wouldn't necessarily *have* to do the cleanse when you get a butt flush, but living clean for a day before and after and super hydrating would still give you a good experience and clear things out pretty good - especially if you combined that with taking 4 chlorophyll capsules every morning for a week prior.
diva, the aristocrats is a documentary about this joke that comedians love to tell each other. you have to be in the right kind of mood to watch it, but it's quite good, in my opinion.

okay, naptime. i have to work again in two hours, and i'm gonna be the only one on shift. i know why i got called in, though. the girl who i was working with the day my tips were all wonky? yeah, not a one-time occurence. today i took a phone message from her husband that if the owner didn't call to apoligize he was gonna 'sue her ass'.

maybe i need a buttflush. my tumtum has decided it hates me, so the rest of this week (until my mumsita's office barbeque friday night) is a diet of white rice, homemade applesauce, and pepto bismol
Oh my. You all have to listen to "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" from the Arrogant Worms.

sheej, i forgot good things tuesday.

1. wanting some glamma for spring, I got some cute little pink shoes. I road tested them and they were good, so I went back and bought the same style in pale blue. I'm so used to wearing boots or sneakers cause of my back and all. ta hell with it. I can super glue rubber supplements in a heel if I need it. It's been forever since I had cute shoes -- it's been forever since there have been cute flats. No effin mocassins for me.

2. The apartment is getting there -- everyday we do something else that opens up all this room and makes something beautiful.

3. my guy has the weekend off and Steppenwolf is supposed to do a free show by the river with Rick Derringer opening! I bought some rum and rose's lime juice so we can use our little cocktail shaker and make summer drinks

4. vacay coming up.

5. My hair is done!! No more weird combovers to hide the roots.

6. I can wear my contact lenses too! Finally, cuteness.

7. I've been feeling all domestic. While my guy was at work I washed the towels for the bathroom and kitchen and bought the hooch and put it on the mantel just to surprise and delight him. I barely even like rum. Actually, it kinda squicks me out. Don't go TOO far in this direction, I tell myself

For solstice I did a cool rune pull
past:Ur present: Jera future: bar

****howdy miss shuggah!! Don't really know you, but your wedding sounds cool!!***
Anyone heard from Tes lately?
Hi all....I should be back in a few minutes, but I wanted to pop in and say hi...I just got home!
jeebus, I thought Mr FJ wrote The ArisoCATS...I was thinking about watching that bloody Disney move again to figure out what the f--- everyone was talking about. And then my brain went, "Hey. Bob Saget is too way young to have been in The Aristocats."

As you can see, my brain is not focused enough to finish reading y'all's posts tonight. Sorry, gang! I seem to be dissociating at the moment. I blame last night's imbibing, and Eddie Izzard (*shakes head and grins*)...and then having to do a damned potluck with my board tonight, when the last thing I want to do right now is socialize around work!!!

There are many of us Okayers who want different jobs right now, eh?

The board insists I am going with them on their next retreat. I usually don't - it's supposed to be for board to bond with one another. But apparently we will all be bonding together this time. (New chairwoman, new rules.) I don't think I can tolerate that much personal socializing around work stuff, and we will be in small, shared quarters in the middle of nowhere. Won't be till September, though, I'll have all summer to dread it. Ugh!
Hahaha!!! I first read that as The AristoCATS, too, doodle!!!

Hi catsoup and whammy!

I have no idea what's going on with tes. Oh, and shug, jane hasn't stopped by for a while, either.

I slept most of the evening and I feel so good now. I need a lot of sleep. I probably get about 7 hours of sleep a night, which isn't nearly enough for me. It would be so nice if we had just a couple more hours in the day to rest.

A lot of VS stuff only goes up to 38D, which I can fit into at my very smallest. I wrote them a letter once, telling them how foolish they were for leaving out the larger sizes. Most of the women I know who have larger cup sizes are willing to fork out more money for a decent bra. And, yeah, it is weird that a store specializing in undergarments would have such a narrow size range.

Ha! I revived the butt flush topic!!! I'm so proud!!

Okay, it's time for me to crash once again. 'Nighty-'night lassies!!!
I loved, and I mean LOVED the Aristorcrats. That's just how low-brow my sense of humor is. hehe. I think I may put that on our netflix list right now.
how's the wee moxette feeling, moxie?

Eff....I want it to be Ah well, I am getting my hair all chopped off tonight, so that's exciting. Of course, today, my hair is all super sexy wavy, and behaving oh so well, trying to persuade me to keep it, but NO, sorry hair. You're laying on my neck and making me sweaty, and that's just not cool, yo.

I've been needing more rest too, lately poodle. I think my body is going into hibernation with the heat...I've been going to bed at 9:30pm all week, and I'm still tired.
she's still stuffy, feh. No fever or fussiness, though. just stuffy and sleepy. I think the bustie vibes are keeping the cold at bay! The funny little thing turned herself 180 degrees in her crib last night! Like she's spinning in her sleep. hehe.
Good morning.

Little moxette is under the weather? That's no good. I hope the cold stays away, moxie.

Poodle, did you post a picture of yourself? I can't find it.

I left work early yesterday, could not handle the evil allergies. They are still hanging around today, but to a lesser degree. I think since I have class Saturday & have to work on Sunday, I am going to take tomorrow afternoon off. Fuck it.

Jenn, watcha gonna do to your hair? I am getting mine trimmed up Monday & can't wait. It has all grown in, it's looking a bit bushy I think.

I am with you on the Aristocrats, Jenn. I got tired of the same joke for the whole movie. Next on my Netflix list is Sara Silverman's video-now that I can't wait for. A friend of mine was telling me about it and it sounds hilarious.

Can we do a double episode of Good Things this week? I am crabby & I think listing good things & reading others' will do me good.

Good Things THURSDAY!
1. Um, it's Thursday. Meaning the week is that much closer to being over.
2. I took my friend dinner last night for her birthday, I think it made her feel special
3. I have managed to stay within my budget so far this pay check. A BIG improvement.
4. MR K is off work tonight, we may finally get to see each other.
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