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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Fuck, but it's cold. I'm just enjoying my morning coffee and cigarette...and not looking forward to going out and starting the car. Ick.

Hey Doodle, I'm glad you've re-entered the workforce...your Little Old Lady sounds pretty fucking cool.

I had such a nice evening. Minxlette and I watched Spiderman cartoons together and ate popcorn. After reading her a Curious George story, I retired to the computer wherein Mr. Clean (yes, Poodle, this will totally do for the time being...and he DOES have a shiny head like the brand icon!!) and I spent about four hours in scintillating conversation. He was interested in knowing about my *coughcough* scandelous sexual history. I told him a little bit...surprisingly, none of this phased him. That's a nice change. The exMinxman used to bring up my past from time-to-time basically stating that I was not to be trusted because of it...and I think that it eluded him, as well. Hell, I remember one time he mentioned feeling inadequate because of my experiences. That's too bad...he trumped all of them and never relished how truly awesome our sex life was. *sigh*

Anyhoo...Mr. Clean is the same age as exMinxman, brown eyes, built like a bulldog, and has a really strong jawline. His degree is in Econ, and he is a recruiter for businesses all over the US as near as I can tell. We are meeting in Uptown tomorrow for coffee. It's shocking me how much I am enjoying my time and conversations with him. I don't compete for entry into conversations with him, he asks questions without provocation...and I'm not retarded. I am perfectly aware that this is the warm/fuzzy portion of the program and par for the course...but I'm not feeling that emotional feverpitch that screams danger. Just a really nice, slow burn.

I honestly do think the amount of jerking around and comeherecomherecomehere--no,getawaygetawaygetaway that exMinxman performed over the last two years innoculated me to a really long breakup recovery this last time. I mean, many fucking times did he do that shit?!
Hello all!

RV, I'd love to curl up at your place!! It is frosty cold here, no snow melty yet.

MInx, Mr. Clean sounds wonderfully promising!!! I'm so happy for you!

Well, I don't have much going on, just went to visit a friend and picked up some Clarins night cream, it's finally come to it. Friend also gave me more samples of the day cream, which I plan on purchasing next pay day.

I called my dad, and he's got a killer bad cold, he sounds horrible, I hardly recognized him. Sigh. I wanted to take him out for his birthday, as it was yesterday.

this evening, not too sure what I'm doing yet. Today I did make a lemon mixed berry loaf (with yoghurt!) and the oatmeal mied berry bar, which I suppose you could call a crumble. Hmmmm, both very tasty. Tonight for dinner, salmon!


We have internet at home now so I am able to check in and participate in the weekend convos. Sweet!

Minx, Mr. Clean sounds like a nice catch! A friend of mine is just interviewing to become a recruiter. From what I gather, it's quite prosperous. I am glad that you guys are having a good time. When is your next date?

Rv, sounds like your place is looking great! Can you come to my house?

I look at petfinder too sometimes, though I don't know why. It makes me sad to see all the dogs who need homes. Rose, I also have a soft spot for special needs pets.

Poodles, probably the best part of our vacation to me was lying on the beach! Or maybe eating all the food.
The ruins were cool, and I'm glad we saw them, but I also enjoy lazing about.

I have had a pretty good day. Last night I met my friend for drinks. Got to bed kind of early. Slept til 9:30 this morning, which is late for us. Mr K and I walked the dogs then went to a Lowe's store that is going out of business. We got a new kitchen sink for 20% off. Now we just need to get a faucet. We ate lunch at a really good hot dog place by our house. Delicious! Now Mr K has gone to work and I'm heading to my mom's to chill. Speaking of chill, it's c-c-c-cold here too. Poor Mr K has to work outside in the cold tonight. I don't know how he does it.

Well, babes, I'm heading to the mom's.....check yous tomorrow!
Yaaaaaaaaaay Kari! It's great to see you here this weekend!!

Soooo, I am tired.

That is all.

Where be everyone?
Hellllooooooooo!!! I'm here, Culture!


I'm just hanging out at Banana's place with Luna, the doggie. We went to a party last night with my new friend, Maya Luna. Maya Luna doesn't have a lot of friends in Tucson, and she wanted me to introduce her to more people from South America (she is from Ecuador) because she's a little homesick. So Banana delivered, big time. At the party, there were a lot of people from Brazil and Peru.

(I even made out with a tall, handsome Peruvian boy).

(((tree))) I would also be very conflicted about the primates. I'm glad you're there to make sure that at least they are sort of comfortable. At least the temp and humidity will be all right. Poor little dudes.

Minxy - Mr. Clean sounds pretty promising. I liked what you said about the slow burn. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders about this.

kari - Yayayay! for having internet at your house. Now you can Bust on weekends.

I just talked to one of my sisters, and she said my pops is fishing today, even though it is -24. I have only been in Tucson for two years, but I have become such a weather wimp. It's been in the 50's in the evenings, and I have been feeling like I'm freezing my tail off.

So, Heikki's dad called me the other day and said they are in the process of selling their house, and they close on Feb. 11, or something like that. Anyway, this means that they will be moving to Phoenix by Feb. 13! Heikki is only going to live an hour and a half away from me! That's pretty exciting, I think. I'll get to see him a lot more often.

Heikki's not too amped about the move - he knew it was going to happen, but I guess it just seemed to distant to him that he didn't see this day actually coming. He's a little upset to leave his school and his friends, but he does feel good about living closer to me and getting a house with a pool and never having to shovel the driveway again.

Is anyone in here today?
Hey PK!!!!

rhat is great news about Heikki!!!! it's too bad he's a little down, but he'll be so close!!

It is cold.

that's all I've got.
Best. Second. Date. Evah. biggrin.gif

I'm just gonna sit here with my warm, glowing-glow...dude is seriously cool.

Very excellent, PK. Glad your boy will be closer to you. It'll be good for the soul.

Hey, BTW, thanks for the mega-vibage everybustie. It was a really difficult holiday season for me, and you all made it so much more palatable and loving. I have a lot of really great stuff going on now (aside from my fucking student loans...), and it's nice to be able to enjoy it and not have something seriously acrid to bitch about.

I owe you all tarts and belgian ales. Get your asses over here.

And Poodle, I have the Greatest Kolache recipe evah. I'll get the link and post it later. MWAH!~
Minx! that is so fantastic about the date! I'm so happy for you, you absolutely deserve it.

Stupid impending period has me feeling blah and sad.
YAY minxy!! And you deserve every piece of love and happiness in your life! And I've lovin' the Mr. Clean nickname!

Now where are those sex kittens, the FJs?! We need an update - stat!

PK - Thanks for checking in!! We meece you! So how is the new job going these days? And that is so awesome that Heikki is moving closer to you. I know its hard for him, but I'm sure he'll find his way okay - its always scary to start new somewhere, and double that for teenagers. Having his momma nearby should be a super-double-bonus.

We've just been hunkering down at home today, in light of the cold weather, which is just fine by me. Did not a damn thing, today...for real. No cooking - nothing. Hard to believe, I know. wink.gif I laid on the couch, curled up under a blanket, and read the book E - which every single one of you needs to read - NOW! Its a story about a fucked up ad agency, full of sexual intrigue, and clueless senior management, but the *entire* book is conducted as a series of emails...its hi-larious! I read it in one day, if that tells you anything.

BFF and fiance came over for dinner last night - was really nice to catch up, and I always like cooking for them. (chicken piccata, herb roasted root veggies, salad) And then we played cards, and once again, I got stomped. Oh well - it was fun anyway, and BFF and I got a little tipsy. hee.
Hi hi!

Where is everyone??

Turbo, the book sounds good!

Well, it's so unbelievably cold here, again. I was late for work, as I decided that I didn't want to be on time and was in desperate need of more sleep. I'm considering ending a friendship with someone, so that kept me up. and I have to go to the dentist today, not okay with that, but needs to be done.

How is everyone this morning?
I'm here!! I'm here!!

*throws a hot mug of French press at CH and a warm scone*

Ch, sorry about the reconsideration of friendship status. That's a hard one...culling the herd is never pleasant, but if it makes you a happier you, so be it.

Jenn, that book sounds hilarious. Princess Me-Wannee.

And yeah, where are the sex kitten Falljackets?

Today is a release day for us teachers of chillens, so me and number one daughter are chilling at home watching the snows fall. I'm defrosting a pound of burger (from my dad's personal beef cattle) and getting ready to make a mondo pot of chili, and simultaneously cleaning various parts of the house as it strikes me.

Mr. Clean and I met at Caffetto's yesterday and pounded the lattes and macchiatos (I've never known anyone that's ever drank those before). We bantered and looked through the City Pages, and after a talk about the Red Dragon, he really wanted to go to Psycho Suzi's for some Polynesian drinks in tiki glasses. I'm not normally impressed by autos, but he's got one of those Ford Edge thingies, and it's pretty sexy for an auto. So sexy, in fact, that we ended up making out like retardedly desperate teenagers for a half and hour before actually going into the joint. This is SHOCKING me left and right. The Diryt Mick thinks it's awesome, and so do I. He's a fantastic kisser, ladies. Like, thighs on fire caliber. And I do believe this is bona fide executive cock, BUSTies. Real, true, red, white, and blue American Executive Cock. No first-hand experience yet, but enough information to be bug-eyed. I may have to join CH in the LTAS threads by the weekend.

And so it comes down to this: he was in a relationship that ended about 3-4 months ago, and has been divorced for two years. He has a 19-year-old daughter who's pre-med. He's not seeing anyone else, and wants to see where this might go. He likes to make plans and keeps his word...and looks as hott in a suit and tie as he does in blue jeans and a sweater. I like this. I like this a lot. Stay tuned for this and further adventures!!

Cripes, I'm so amped that I can hardly stand it... tongue.gif
Minx, I am so excited for you! I can tell how exicted you are!!! Makes me happy, awwwww. he sounds like a great man, and WOOT on some making out like teenagers!!! Lucky woman.

That is so great.

enjoy your day with kidlet, I'm at work, I should probably check my messages and do something, as I've done nothing.

Hi everyone!!

I don't have much to say this morning, 'cept HOLY SHIT, -23F is muthafuckin' cold, culture!! It's only supposed to be -2F in the Twin Cities today. Personally, I didn't think it was so bad waiting at the transit-stop this morning. I'll probably eat my words later on. I think it's hilarious that the news stations, etc., were saying that the bad weather would effect the South Carolinian voter turnout. WTF? It was barely freezing with just an itty bit of snow!! We have blizzards and shit here, and our voter turnout is one of the highest in the country!! Wusses.
Poodle, it is a touch chilly here. There is no windchill right now! it's -26C, making it -11F, so it's not too bad here.

I'd still much rather be in bed.
Totally. Getting out of bed this morning was like tearing off a bandage. Ooouch!! Fortunately, Oscar's snuggles keep me warm in the morning.

Yay for Mr. Clean!! You deserve this minx. I'm excited that you're excited!!

Mmmm...Psycho Suzi's...mmmm...Fu Manchu my favorite drinky....

Yeah, where is FJ, anyway?

Hi PK!! That's great that you'll be closer to Heikki!! Yeah, it'll be hard leaving his friends, but I'm sure he'll appreciate being closer to you in the long run. It's good for him.

I spent the weekend curled up on the couch, too, turbo. I didn't have any captivating books to read though. Booo. I need to pick up The Tipping Point because I start to get bored when I don't have something to read during down times.

Mmmmm...I made PB cookies last night and they turned out fabulous!! It's pretty hard to screw up PB cookies though. I'm lovin' my new kitchen and my Seward Co-op membership. I spent tons of time grocery shopping yesterday and now my fridge is packed with healthy, yummy goodness.

ETA- I'm thinking about getting a kitten. I would love to take in a harder-to-place cat or dog, but I just don't think it'll work with my current boys. Kittens adapt better and do well with other cats around. I've always been reluctant to get another cat, because I hate the "cat lady" stereotype. At this point in my life, though, I really don't give a rip if people judge me for having lots of kitties. Fuck em.
Hey guys!! I have now spent 4 hours of my precious day off talking to comcraptastic and Linksys....Grrrr. Something is not right in the great internets world. I think I need to buy a new wireless router, and that sucks.

Poodle, I think a kitten is a fine idea, indeed...and you're probably right that it will be easier on the boys. And folks who have multiple pets just have a lot of love to give to furbabies, that's all - not a damned thing wrong with it!

Minxy!!! I am so happy for you and Mr. Clean!! He sounds like so much fun, and we're all looking forward to future installments in the Executive Cock Saga. smile.gif

I did make some amazing 16 bean soup this morning, that's a good thing. And I made some green goddess salad dressing too. I'm going to make some braised chicken thighs with pomagranite molasses and chicken stock for dinner - new recipe, so I'll let ya'll know how it turns out.
Ha! Funny, turbo, I just bought molasses yesterday, and I stood there for several minutes filling up the teeny container. I would've bought the larger, pre-packaged bottle, but I have no idea what I'd do with all that molasses. Cookies? The clerk suggested that I make it my NY's resolution to do more cooking with molasses. smile.gif He was cute. Anyway, I did a mushroom-black bean sauce stir-fry last night and it was okay. I'll probably use the molasses in future Asian cooking.

Green goddess salad dressing....mmmm...can I come over? Can you braise my thighs? Heh.

Argh...I've been having internets problems ever since we switched to Leopard. I'm not too keen on Leopard (or Cheetah or whatever the fuck it is).

ETA- I feel better about getting a kitten because there are a lot up for adoption right now, and they need a place to go, too!!
Good Evening!

Poodle, you got a kitten! Can you post pics of said (and obviously) adorable kitten??? I want a cat, but I don't have a place for the litter box, me thinks Emily would do okay with a cat. Might take a while to get used to, but she'd be okay with it.

Turbo, yummy food!!!

Okay, so I went to the dentist today and all is well, thank goodness, I hadn't been since I got my wisdom teeth pulled out last November, like of 2006. Nice. My mouth is a little sore, but he said all looked good. and I'm oh so tired, I'm turning my phone off this evening so I can get a full night sleep.

Later all.

Poodle, you really must do more cooking with molasses. smile.gif Molasses cookies are pretty much my favorite ever. But this recipe tonight was made with pomagranite molasses, which might possibly be my new favorite ingredient - so tart and mysterious! Here's the recipe I made. And I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow - YAY! This one is definitely going into dinner party rotation.

Poodle's getting a kitten! Poodle's getting a kitten! Who knows, maybe adding a third will draw Oscar out of his shell a little bit - maybe he'll enjoy showing a little one the ropes...or having a wee one to boss around.

Good for you for going to the dentist, CH....I'm due for a cleaning, myself.
Ooooh...that does sound interesting!! I wonder what else you could use the sauce for. Anything meatless? I love molasses cookies, too, especially when they're freshly made and ooey-gooey.

Culture, I didn't get a kitten yet, but I'm looking into it. I called a place in St. Paul that is fostering 3 kittens. I found them on petfinder. They are sooo cute!! Mostly white with some spots and colored ears.

Okay, now Oscar is protesting my computer use by blocking the computer screen and slapping his tail on the keyboard.
Poodle, the sauce is unfuckingbelieveable...I bet that if you made it with veg stock, it'd be just as good. I'm thinking pouring it over panfried tofu would be excellent - we served it with brown rice as well. Something like sauteed zuchini would be nice too - just a neutral base for such a potent sauce.

See, Oscar needs a little one to entertain, so that he can leave you to internetting in peace. smile.gif
minx... yowza. he sounds great!!! keep us up to speed on this. this is so great!
poodle... that pom molasses sounds so absolutely great. nothing like that in these parts. what's the goddess dressing??
CH.. I think I have some of your northern winds here. -22*F at 8am, school cancelled. it's clear and no wind, thank goodness. have the heater cranked, firewood ready to go if we loose power.

I rented a trailer for son and I so that he can finnish school here. I sign to sell the ranch on Wednesday. I have till the 30th to move. or might have another week. off on Wed to meet with all lawyers and lamex for the settlement. it's f*ckin offset moneywise. if we settle, all his contempt of court are in the past, can't file against him. (breaking and entering, harrassment, threats). dunno. I've got lots of witnesses for trial. trial is if settlement doesn't work. SEND ME BUSTIE VIBES!!!!
son is thinking ahead to the move back home. nice.
pk, that's way cool about heikki! hyväa!!! believe me, he will adapt. my parents dragged me all over the place as a child, i'm not an axe murderer....

jami, i think you should sue his ass.

minxie, m'dear, glad that you are having great encounters with potentially executive cock. be cautiously optimistic for me, está bom? both of you are just out of serious relationships. smooth sailing and enjoy the ride. hee.

i've been cooking like a fiend. not sure why, maybe it is all of the yummy fresh vegetable this time of year. mushroom stew, eggplant parmeggiano, summer veggie porcini mushrooms over the weekend and thinking of making a white lasagne with them (chicken and mushrooms and spinach and a porcini béchamel). have also been craving a chocolate cake, so i may make one to bring into the orifice.

the people in the southern USA are terrified of "bad weather". they don't have it often, so they don't have snow plows or other ways of dealing with snow/ice, and no one knows how to drive in the stuff. PLUS, no one gets that, so offices stay open and obligate employees to come in.....all of which makes for havoc on the highways. what gets me, though, is that when there is a bad weather forecast, everyone runs to the grocery store and buys:

toilet paper

i don't get this. i usually have loads of toilet paper. i make my own bread. who needs milk? i want beer and wine if i'm going to get snowed in!

i have lots of work to do - and i'm feeling a bit down and unmotivated. missing mr. hotbuns, i guess.

went to south africa with my "inappropriate" friend....he tried on a tight, bright red nike jersey that looked fantabulous on him. i know i shouldn't have, but omg you could count the six pack, so i bought it for him. i spose i should go and confess in the sin bin.....
Good Morning!

Poodle, my mistake, I thought you had a new kitty now. but still, yay on getting a kitty!!!

turbo, I'm soooo going to have to try the recipe!

~*~*~*~*settlement vibes for jami~*~*~*~* school cancelled? Damn.

Word Tes, I'd much rather have liquor and stuff i can make then bread. I worry you are feeling a little blue.

Well, I slept like the dead last night, I fell alseep early, recharged my phone, so I didn't hear it ring, and now it's Tuesday. Hurrah!!! Well not really.

okay, good things Tuesday;
1. things have warmed up (if you want to call it that) a smidgen here.
2. Clean teeth and no cavities.
3. I'm re reading 1984, it's in my bag.
4. Back is feeling better, can work out again.
5. Won't freeze as much at the park with the dog.
6. Yummy mixed berry oatmeal square with organic vanilla yoghurt in my bag.
7. I'm in a good mood, which is odd for a Tuesday.

That's all I can think of right now.


Seriously, I'm not finding a whole lot of good things today. I feel like the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and it sucks.
(((((mox))))) what's going on??
good things tuesday:

1. i'm here on bust!!!!
2. i've been able to read a few pages of archives!!
3. i know i don't need to read all the archives because someone will give me the short-list

i misssssssed you all! sorry i've been mia. nothing really crazy going on here than the usual keeping up with the jackster. it's been since xmas that i was here. seems like much longer actually.

quick fj-update:
xmas was awesome - food was yummy and we wound up having an extended family sing-along with mrfj playing guitar. it was really nice and even had me in happy little tears while i was in the guest room feeding jman. sooo glad i had it at my house. nye was definitely different with a 5mo old - we were in bed by 12:15a. i had another interview and it was bland. no callback, so it must have been mutual. i'm still enjoying my days with the kiddo and milkin' the system. rolleyes.gif

i hope you'll all understand if i don't send individual love and vibes. my brain is reeling from the archives and i only read like three pages. besides, if i don't post this now, i'll never get it posted!

Woot FJ!!!!!! *runs over and gives humungo hug*

hey bebe!
Hi everyone!!!

Nice to see you FJ!! I'm glad things are going well for you and the special men in your life. smile.gif We need some X-mas jackaroo pictures!!


(((((((((((mox)))))))))))) This is the place to vent!!

Hi tes!! I hear ya on stocking up on likker during bad weather. We had a huge storm a while back and I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that I had a good supply of wine and beer for the weekend.

RAWWWRR!! I wish the kitten people would call me back!! It's only been a day though. I'm just really excited to take in a new fur baby!!

Here are some kitties I'm interested in (They're from the same family):
Chai & Latte
Latte again
Hi, peeps!

I've skimmed the archives a little, so sorry for anything I forget to mention.

((((((Minx)))))) This guy sounds pretty great. I love a man who wears a suit to work, too. He sounds like a grown-up.

Poodle, I vote for Maurice. They're all cute, but I've got a soft spot for tabbies, and you don't have one of those yet. And I love that name, too.

I don't understand what all the griping about weather is about. Yeah, if it's -20 out, that's pretty fucking cold, but a lousy -2 in Minnesota in the middle of January is pretty damn seasonal and really not that cold. I guess us northerners are more husky stock, I know I sure am. I look forward to the cold and make a point of going out and doing things (also helps to keep the car going from time to time rather than freeze for days on end unused). Weather doesn't stop me from doing shit.

(((((((((Jami)))))))))) Good luck with the settlement. Sorry you have to move out so fast, too. But girl, fight for what is rightfully yours. Just because the system seems fucked doesn't mean you don't have a right to make yourself as much of a pain in the ass to those men as you possibly can.

Hi, CH, Moxie, Jenn, FJ, Tes, and everyone else!

We had an OK weekend at the Divala house. Sam called me up at 10:15 on Friday night, just wanting to talk. We had the nicest little conversation about how he was going to swim in the ocean for 18 hours straight if we go on that trip to the North Carolina coast. I told him he'd get sick and that he better not swallow any of the ocean water. He was going to come over for awhile on Sunday to make little car-shaped cakes with me, but my brother never dropped him off. Oh, well. On Saturday, we went to the giant's family's house. His brother and SIL got a new dog, a tiny black chihuahua puppy that came from a rescue when a puppy mill was shut down. Cute little fucker, but has some emotional issues, but he's getting better. Didn't do anything on Sunday except bake my ass off. I made lemon/poppyseed/almond paste bundt cake, chocolate/chocolate chip/walnut cookies, and banana bread. All of them turned out pretty well. I'm making pomegranate orange panna cotta tonight for a little Project Runway party I'm going to tomorrow night.

We had yesterday off at work, so I sat on my ass all day watching taped TV, tennis, and the debate. It sucks to be up and working again.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) gay boyfriend took me out for lunch and paid
2) plans on Sunday for gay boyfriend's 30th birthday at Cheesecake Factory with bowling to follow
3) seeing bitchy gay friends for PR tomorrow
4) the office is quiet now

Anyway, we went for Thai food for lunch today, and I will never go back to this place again. For those of you in the area, it's the chain of really good Thai restaurants, but they opened a new one in St. Paul and it sucks. They screwed my order up not once, but twice, then still charged for it (this was after a 45 minute wait for the first screw-up, then another 10 for the second screw-up) and charged wrong because they added shit to it I didn't ask for or eat. I'm really surprised at how bad it was, considering what a great reputation this chain has around here. I'm going to stick with the Minneapolis locations from now on.

*wipes drool off screen after reading of all the foody goodness in here*

*scritches kitties on screen*

Poodle, honestly, I don't know how one chooses between such kitteny cuteness! That is a very difficult task to choose your new roomie! Pics of kitties make me happy. smile.gif

Tesssss! I wish it were summer here, and that I had such wonderful veggies at hand to cook! I'm not quite tired of warm, comforty wintery foods, but the seduction of summer fruits and veggies sounds wonderful!

4 days until the cruise - WOOT!

FJ! Good to see you in here, my dear! Glad to hear that all is well on the homefront - we worry when our beloved community members disappear for too long.

I had a terrible, awful day at work today - thank cod its over. I got in, and my computer committed suicide over the long weekend. No boot up. It just made angry beepy noises at me. So, I sat there until 1pm sans computer, until IT could hook me up with a temporary laptop while they send my desktop in for repair. Booo. And trying to do graphic design on a shitty, 3 year old, dell laptop is enough to drive me over the edge. It takes *forever* to do anything - wouldn't even load the Annual Report file I'm desperately trying to prep for press. Ugh.
(not the place for this, but) Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment.
I saw the trailer for the next Batman film..... his Joker was so good!


*flings self at beauty incarnate*

good to see you, querida!

wow, divalla!!! such yumminess emanating from your kitchen!! i live in the WRONG hemisphere!!! sorry that sam didn't get to make car-shaped cakes with you, though. sad.gif that sounds like a blast!

i'm trying to remember - this beach in NC that you might be going to is topsail, right? it's on one of the barrier islands, it's beautiful. mr. hotbuns' sister has a summer house there. i loooooooooooooove topsoil. it isn't at ALL like myrtle beach and the other big places in SC, though. much less development, more laid back. at least that is how it used to be. my SIL died quite some time ago, we haven't been much since then (and living in africa sort of puts a crimp in those plans, too, i guess.....) any way, i really love topsail!

*headbutts all of the pretty kitties*

poods, i vote for maurice, too. i agree with everything diva, he is the CUTEST!! (imho)


~*~*~*~*~*~ calm seas and blue skies for mox ~*~*~*~*~*~*

jenn, that day certainly sounds suckariffic! my take: the next few days are going to be SUPER horrid, so that the cruise will be THAT MUCH better!!!

muito thank you for the yummy recipe, CH! hopefully i'll be able to find berries of some variety and can make that num bar soonest!

am not sleeping well - and am starting to wonder if it has to do with my new meds. one of the side effects: tiredness. hmmmm.

anyway, it's only wednesday, and here i am wishing that it was friday already. except that i don't, not really. i have some heavy duty VIPs here who i'm taking on site visits on friday, and i have a quarterly report due that day as well. le blerg.

Good Morning!

Poodle, those cats are soooooo adorable. Now I want to go to the humane society and pick up a kitty. It's be a little friend for Emily-pants.

Diva, the baking sounds delish! That's craptastic about the lunch, though. Did the payment stuff get resolved??

Turbo, sorry about the shitty work day.

hey Jami! (((jami)))

Hey Tes! ~*~*~*good sleepy vibes~*~*~*~ let me know how it turns out for you. I do so enjoy it, I made lots this last batch and have two baking pans in the freezer.

It's still freakin' cold here. I'm sick of it. This is bullshit. My car did not want to start this morning, but it did after a little bit of begging. even if it warms up like 10 degrees, none of this -43 crap.

Soooo, I did 6 kms on the Elliptical last night, felt gooooood. Went shopping and got meself three shirts and a jacket, and I still have some funds on the gift card I got for xmas.

Now I am at work. Done a bunch of file closures and transfers.

That's all for now!


So, the suck has an ending point. I think I mentioned my uncle last week. Well, they are taking him off life support next week, and he will pass. Although I know everyone dies, it just sucks that he isn't even really old, wasn't really sick, etc. Pneumonia caused a pulmonary embelism caused massive carrdiac arrest. So, I'm traveling to LA next week. The whole family is gathering before they remove the life support, which is really a testament to how super cool my family is. I'm leaving moxieman at home with the kiddo, though. She's not a seasoned traveller, and this is NOT the proper way to experiment with travel.

Anyway, off to look for flights.
(((((mox))))) I'm sorry for your loss.
(((moxie))) I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts are with you and your family. Good call on leaving moxette at home with the mister. That would be a rough trip.

I am very bummed about Heath Ledger's passing. sad.gif He was a wonderful actor and seemed like a really nice person. I feel bad for Michelle Williams & his daughter.

I don't know how you guys live in those cold climates. I seriously don't think I could survive. When it hits 20 here I am miserable. I could not live up north, I don't think.

Hey Tes!! Inappropriate friend, eh? Who is this mystery person?? Inquiring minds want to know! That is so funny that you are having the good produce season, produce 'round these parts is slim pickin's lately.

Minx! What's the latest with the executive cock????

HI FJ!!!! It is so great to see you! Glad to hear you and your little family are doing well. I cannot believe your bebe is 5 months old! WOW! Your Christmas sounds absolutely lovely.

Hi Diva!! OMG, can I come to your house to sample each of those desserts? *droooooolllllll* They all sound deeelicious! Sam is so cute...he wants to swim for 18 hours!

Poodle, Hmm, all those little kitties look really cute. I am with Jenn I think, go for the tabby! I like tabbys.

Hi Jami!

Things here are decent today. Let's see, what's been going on since I was last here....Sunday I ended up working 5 hours at the hospital & did 3 individual sessions, which was good. That night Mr K and I were going to see a movie, but ended up just going for Thai food instead. Monday we were both off for MLK day. I did nothing during the day, he did lots of homework. That night I went to a killer power sculpt class at the gym. I plan to go back, b/c all the chicks in there had the most buff arms I've ever seen. Yesterday I worked at home. Went to the gym, worked at the hospital in the PM. Not a bad day. Mr K is sick, some kind of cold. That did not stop him from giving me the HBI last night though. wink.gif.

Have you ladies all heard this rendition of Pearl Jam's "Ledbetter"? I totally forgot about it until a student of mine, who leaves random notes and/or phrases on my desk, left something alluding to this gem yesterday when I was out. It's worksafe, but does have audio, FYI. Potato Wave!!

Hey Moxie, I'm sorry things are shitty on the homefront like that. That is way cool that your family is all flying out there to pay respects as a family one more time.

CH, your cold weather has GOT TO GO. That is insane. I'm calling someone about it right now. wink.gif

Tessie, dearie, is you okay? I bet that IS making you sleepy, the whole not sleeping thing. sad.gif

Hmmm...things are going really well still with Mr. Clean. He popped over briefly while Minxlette was napping yesterday to keep me company. I had been cooped up in that apartment for two days and counting. ARRRRGH!!! Anyhoo, it was really nice to see him. Plus he sends me these funny texts and emails (not annoying ones like the Good Doctor) and makes sure that I'm doing okay with everything. It's kind of nice that he takes an interest in making sure that every step is proper (even though we are both far from angels, KWIM), and doesn't take exception to the way I need to process things, although he does tell me to turn my head off. No harm in that. I analyze shit waaaay too much. I think that we'll be going out again on Friday...possibly Saturday, as well. As Tessie suggested, I'm just taking it easy, and enjoying the ride. It's just such a very different ride, but I'll take that over someone who disappears every month or makes everything so uncomfortable that I'm constantly questioning myself.

Plus he's got these ARMS!! Serious fucking guns...mmm...

Oh yeah, and I just got a lecture from exAsshat about leaving Minxlette alone in the apartment while I run up to the cornerstore for cough syrup. Fuck him. I don't see him running over, clamboring to give a helping hand when he knows that I'm here alone. Jackass. He never offers to help in any way.
Hi, peeps!

(((((((Moxie))))))) Sorry about your uncle. Will he be cognisant when the family is around, or is he too far gone? It sucks the most when this happens to the younger ones (and I consider anything before 70 as younger), because it just doesn't seem natural.

Has anyone in here ever made panna cotta before? I made a pomegranate/orange one yesterday, and I'm not so sure about it. It set up okay in the ramekins, so it's the right consistency, but still seems a little weird, and looks nothing like the picture. The picture (from this month's issue of Bon Apetit) is a soft pink, mine's mauve. I was going to bring them to my PR date tonight at my friend's house, but now I'm not so sure. I could just bring the rest of that almond/lemon/poppy seed bundt cake if these don't work out. At least they made the house smell really good as I was reducing the syrup last night.

Hi, Tes! Yes, that's the place we're going to (if Mom will quit screaming and just go along with it - it's not like she and Dad don't take a long trip every year anyway), Topsail Island. I'm hoping to do a whole lot of nothing, just sitting around reading, collecting shells, and maybe a couple day trips to the bigger cities. Maybe if you're back on a break from Africa, the giant and I could meet you somewhere. I'm pretty sure we'll have our own car if this trip ends up happening.

CH, now you are one hearty soul! It gets cold in MN, but nothing like what you've got up north. That's just insane.

Kari, how's the mister liking school? And 5 hours of sessions last night? Wow! How many hours have you got left to put in?

Hi, Minx! This guy definitely sounds like a non-asshole. He seems like a real grown-up, unlike exMinxman, and makes room in his life for you. He sounds like a really decent guy to have around.

Hi, Jami! I was shocked when I read the news, too. I really liked Heath Ledger, much more than most of the other younger Hollywood types. He was good at what he did and seemed like a decent low-drama kind of person. I wonder what caused it?

Jenn, we're usually happy around here to be without computers, but then again, we're government employees. Yesterday must've really sucked for you. Just focus on how great your cruise is going to be.

Not a whole lot going on around here today. I've just been dealing with the same old crap day after day. I've had a couple interesting safety concern cases, though. In one, I think the mother was a victim of human trafficking, and the other, the father is a crazy bastard who's out to get the mom. I hate being in the middle of this shit. I went to the gym for awhile last night, made those weird panna cottas, and watched a bunch of the Australian Open with the giant. I even played some Guitar Hero, since I haven't picked it up for months. I'm still pretty good at it, even on hyperspeed. I can't wait to get out of here tonight, though, and go to my friend's house to watch PR. We have a lot of fun together.

Hey all!

Minx, I appreciate you making that call. I cannot deal with this cold any longer. I just want to cry.

Diva, I have never made this panna cotta you speak of. Sounds like you had a good day yesterday. Shitty that work is a little much right now.

Work on my end is going fairly well, the moms are finally being proactive and going to school and doing something with themselves. Makes me happy that some are starting to realize that this is no way to live.

And I'm still cold. blah. at least the heat in my office has been fixed!!! YAY!


Hi diva! I have never made panna cotta, but I sure do like to eat it! Maybe you should test one out, to see if they turned out. They might just be the wrong color. Or pass one over here, I'll try it out for you! I wish I did 5 sessions last night, I only did 1. The rest of the time I spent just hanging w/ patients, talking to my supervisor, documenting, etc. I have 41 more sessions to do and oh, I don't know.....170 hours. I don't want to think about it. I still have 2 and a half months though. Mr K is liking school so far. He has been doing a lot of homework. He had been working on this algebra homework for like 2 days and he was not even half way finished, only to look back at the assignment & see he was doing more than was required. He thought he had to do every problem in the first 4 sections...400 problems. In reality, he only has to do about 30 from each section. DOH! He was relieved, but also pissed he'd done so much extra work.

I am excited about PR tonight. Who's gonna be on the chopping block?

((CH)) ~~~gives CH an electric blanket and some fuzzy, wool socks~~~~ I would cry too, if I were in that climate!

I got a coffee at lunch. I am so tired today. I believe it is allergies.

Mox, ex asshat can suck it. I am glad you and Mr Clean are doing well.
Hi everyone!!!

(((kari))) Maybe you caught mr. kari's disease!!

(((turbo))) Slow computers drive me freakin' bonkers. I go crazy if something takes more than a second to load. I can't even go near my parents' computer because it takes 10 seconds for everything. It's a pile o' crap Dell, too.

((((((((mox))))))))) I'm so sorry. It's hard no matter what. He's lucky to have such a great family to be with him during his last days.

Mr. Clean sounds like a good catch so far, minx!! I like it when men have nice arms--not too big though. When men have huge, sculpted arms, then you know that they spend almost everyday pumping iron and admiring themselves in the mirror. That's not cool.

~*~*~*~warmth vibes for culture~*~*~*~ Dayum!! It was -10F here the last time I looked. That's when it starts to hurt your skin if you're not properly dressed. It's not the type of cold where it hurts to be outside for a few minutes even when bundled up. It sucked waiting for at the LRT station this morning, but it wasn't totally unbearable. I'm impressed that you're still out and about. I suppose there's not a lot of choice.

Awww...that's so sweet that the giant's family adopted a chihuahua. Puppy mill dogs have tend to have very serious emotional issues, even when they're relatively young. They start breeding them before they've even had a chance to mature. Plus, they're often in isolation. It's a sad, sad thing. I wish people would be more responsible about researching the backgrounds of pets so that mills wouldn't be profitable in the first place.

Remind me to give you that baking book, diva. I think you'll like it. Lots of pretty pictures.

I called about the kittens below and the woman who is fostering them wants to adopt them out in pairs. She won't let me adopt just one, and I don't think I could handle 4 adult cats in my situation. That's just too much feline for one household. Soooo...tonight, I'm looking at Hopper. He matches my kitties!! I love the little white tuft on his chest. I'm a sucker for black cats, because there are so many of them up for adoption. People always want tabbies!!
hey. just a quick fly by. four and a half hour meeting with lawyers. divorces as of next Tuesday. woot! I even have a big box of fireworks and roman candles that I'll be breaking out. off now for food. I'm just drained.
ps, third day of no school for young-un. too cold. a town 20 miles from me was at negative 40. how can that even happen?
ps... thanks for all the good vibes. loving the bustie ladies.
(((jami))) just cause. Yay for impending divorces, though! Poo on the cold weather.

Okay, Divala, I'm totally opposite of you, I hate hate hate the cold weather with the white hot heat of a thousand suns. The only thing I like about it, is that it usually means overtime $$ for me...the pipes around the UW don't like the cold that much either. I'd much rather be in 95 degree weather than 0 degrees.

(snork) primary computer is a three year old Dell laptop. I guess this means I should upgrade, hmmm? I haven't really had too much issues with it though. Maybe I have low standards. It's a lot better now that I have DSL.

Yeah, I like sculpted arms..but not too overly exaggerated. I'm living vicariously through Minxy's descriptions of Mr. Clean!

Bear is fed up with work in this area and has heard about a serious lack of manpower in, I'm thinking it's about as far north as CH? He said it was "north of Montana" anyway. Calgary? Calvary? Something like that. He says it's $120,000 a year and they fly you back home once a month for a week. I am not really liking the idea, but you can't hold people back. I imagine he'll always come back on my MRG week....blah. Anyway, he asked the business agent to look into it. sad.gif Oh, well...all things either end or they persevere, and it's out of my hands. I'm glad I sold the shack and don't need fixer upper help, at least.

I knew somebody who got a puppy mill rescue dog. He had an eating disorder, you could put a 20# bag of food in front of him and he would eat the entire thing. I have no idea how, but he'd do it if you didn't watch out. He had to be on a strict rationed diet.

I have never made, nor eaten, panna cotta. Sorry.

*scritches Hopper*, what a cutie. smile.gif

((((moxie and family)))) I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope he passes peacefully.

Kari, wow, 170 hours, hmm? Lots of work. But I'm sure it will fly by. Like my apprenticeship did. Well, at the time it didn't seem like it was but now, I can't believe I've already been a journeyman longer than I was an apprentice!

Sorry about Mr. K doing all that unnecessary work....I do bet he was relieved though!

Minx, your story about the cough syrup reminded me of the first time Mom left me alone in the house...I was maybe six years old and my niece who was there at the time was about four...the minute she walked out the door we said, cool! We can jump on the couch! So we're jumping on the couch and she said, Hey, we can SWEAR! And so we started screaming at the top of our voices, POOP!!! UNDERWEAR! FART!! BOOGER!! BOOBIE! WEEWEE!

(swearing was different to children back then, I suppose.)
(((((mox & family))))) I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, and heartened that your whole family is making the journey west to say farewell. You know we're here for you if you need anything. (though next week we'll be on ship)

Tree, your story about staying home alone cracked me up! ...Though I have fond memories of raiding the freezer for popsicles and ice cream as soon as mom would leave us home alone!

Poodle, I'm with you on the black animals - we love the glossy black coats, and were thrilled to adopt Turbodoggie, who had been waiting in the kennel for a home for 4 months - partially because he was black, and they take longer to adopt out, but also because he was a bit of a spook, and really wasn't interested in people or other dogs. And to see him tonight, confident at the tennis court, digging and playing in the snow, and racing all around...I'm so glad he's our pupper.

WOW, CH - that is quite a workout! I've been getting about 2 miles in on the elliptical 4x a week, but that's about all I can stand until we get a TV that works in there, and I can watch DVDs. smile.gif

(((((jami))))) I hope Tuesday brings you some measure of peace - AND, a decent settlement!

Minxy - Executive Cock with big guns?! And acceptance and romantic gestures!! You deserve every single bit of fun lovin' with Mr. Clean!

Kari, you will get everything done that you need to in your internship - you're doing great, so far, and staying focused! Cod, Mr. K's homework snafu gives me nightmares of making the same mistake in Organic Chem in high school. *shudders* I hated that class....or maybe it was my crabby, hungover teacher, who shut us up with problem sets, while he chugged pepto.
Hi peepers!! I plan on picking up Hopper on Saturday morning!! I signed all the papers and paid the fee, so now all that's left to do is get a spot ready for him in my bedroom. The foster mom gave me a rug that he lays on so that I can introduce his smell to my cats. They're very interested. Gah!! I hope this goes smoothly!! Hopper is about 6 months old. Soooo sweet. He reminds me of Oscar when he was a kitten. He's got a little white tuft on his chest and a white "treasure trail" on his belly. He looks very healthy and seems cool with the bigger cat who's living there. I need to come up with a new name for him though. Any ideas?

Wow, tree, so bear would be gone 3 weeks out of the month? That's a lot of time without him. Although, that's a lot of money he's talking about. Hmmm...tough one.

Awwww...turbo dog is sooo lucky to have you, turbo. People forget that animals just need a little time and they usually end up adjusting to their settings and new owners. You guys were so sweet to give him a chance. I have a hard time envisioning him in a kennel.

Alright, it's time for bed. I just had to drop by and share the good news!!

Night y'all!!
Good Morning!!!

Hey Kari! When you are done the sessions and hours are you done?

Poodle, Hopper is so adorable!!!! Awwwww. With the little white tuft of fur on his chest, he'd match miss Emily pants. hmmm names for a cat, being all black with the tuft of white, I'd go for something a little out of the norm, I was going to name a cat that looked kind of like him ('cept with white paws) Ghostkeeper.


Tree, tell Bear to think VERY carefully about Calgary. Everyone in Canada goes to Alberta or Toronto, thing about Calgary and such is that there is absolutely NO housing. People have to live in shelters and camping grounds. Yah, the money is great but it's fucking expensive to live there, that is when you can find an appartment to rent. Everyone wants to go to Fort Mac (Fort McMurray) because of the oil sands, which are booming...but... I have friends in Alberta, and you may as well bend over and assume the position. A friend of mine from Edmonton is buying a house, and he told me for the amount of money that he's paying out there, he could buy an acreage here. Bwaaahahahaha! That's an adorable swearing story!

Turbo, I can recommend some kick ass music that's awesome to listen to while working out. I have a huge collection of stuff on my iPod, and I need upbeat music while working out.

Well, I did the standard dog walk, and it was actually very nice, it warmed up, so I did the full walk with Emily pants, which was good. then went and picked up a blue blouse (like the purple one I just purchased), texted my PR boy and then worked out.

all in all it was a good evening, and now it's Thursday! Woot!!!

Later all!

Gooooood Morning!

YAY! For Hopper! Poodles, that is very exciting! He is a cutie pie.

Tree, do you think he's seriously considering Calvary? That is a big move. Are you upset at the notion of him being gone so much? That is tough.

((jami)) Damn! 4 and half hours with the lawyers? It makes me tired just thinking about it. I am really happy the divorce will be finalized soon though. I know that will be a load off. Stay warm! I am with you, I don't even know how those temps are possible.

Jenn, thanks for the encouragement! I can use it.


When I'm done with the sessions and hours, I will have completed my internship. For state licensure, I have to have 500 hours of school supervised experience. I've done the two chunks of 150, this is the last haul, 200. After that, I'll need to take 9 more hours of classes, then will try to find a part time counseling position to start acquiring the 1,000 hours of non-school supervised experience and I need for licensure. There is a 2 year minimum time period on that, so it'll still be a while before I am a FT counselor. Plan on staying in my current job for that duration, then hope to make the big switch. It's a lot of hoops to jump through. I may have given you way more information than you asked for.

I am pretty good today. Feeling a little better, still kind of congested. Mr K thinks he is getting worse. His chest is hurting today he said, which is new. Poor guy. I told him he should call in to work tonight. I had a nice night at home yesterday. I cooked chicken apple sausages w/ fried apples & cheese grits for dinner. Mighty tasty. Brought some for lunch. I also made some pizza dough for later in the week. Other than that, I just cleaned up the house a bit & watched PR.

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