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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey ya'll! Such is the sorry state of democracy in the US, that what happened in MI, is that they tried to buck the tradional order of primaries, ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire - they didn't do it, but just the same the DNC decided to punish Michigan anyhow, and took their delegates away. However, MI is an open primary state for Republicans, so technically anyone can be on the ballot. I think that's how it went down...I'm sure mox could tell you all the details.

At any rate, its the usual game of not everyone's vote counts. The whole delegates thing is one thing, but the electoral college is fucked up, and I wish it would go away.

Doodle, I'm sorry the egg-packing didn't work out - but that's awesome that you're really geared up to get back out there in the work world! Wooot!

CH, I'm so glad that you were there to help that older man home! Winter is a hard time for folks with limited mobility.

I just took turbo for a 3 mile walk tonight - still cold out there, but the wind died down a bit, and I had a frustrating day, so I decided to let it go on a long walk. It certainly did the if my thighs would thaw, that would be great. smile.gif
Hi Hi!

Doodle, it's really nice here in the Spring, Fall and Summer, though the summer can get hella hot. Mmmm cookies! And a purple afghan, fucking awesome. I heart purple, it's me fave colour.

Turbo, that sounds like a lovely good walk. How has work been?

I also took houndish out for a walk, worked out, the usually boring CH.

Ok, the michigan kerfluffle. The party bosses in Michgan, both parties mind you (for EGO, we are bi-partisan), wanted to buck the system, draw more attention to MI and such, so they voted in the State Legislature (which technically sets all election dates and rules) to move the primaries up to Jan 15. Both parties have an "open" primary, in as much as any registered voter shows up and says "i'd like a DEM or a REP ballot, please". Both national party organizations got PISSED that the "tradition" of the primary states was being bucked, and both parties "punnished" Michigan. Then Democratic National Committee stripped MI of all its delegates, and the Republican National Committee cut their delegates in 1/2. Now, as for pulling names from the ballot, a candidate must register in each and every state to be elected from that state - this is true of primaries and the "real" election. Federalism in america (sorry for the poly sci lesson!) as far as presidential elections go, means that each STATE sends a certain number of electors to convene and pledge support for a candidate. Whomever wins the most electors, wins the presidency. There's nothing in our constitution speaking directly to how the persons running for office are chosen - we've evolved (cemeted, really...we've always been) into a 2-party system. So, for the sake of example, let's say Hillary Clinton is the Democratic person and Mitt Romney is the Republican person. If the people of the state of Michigan voted to support Hillary, then she gets ALL of Michigan's electors. If Flordia chooses Romney, then he gets ALL of the electors. This is how W "won" the election in 2000...even though Al Gore had more "popular" (i.e actual persons) votes, W won more "big" states, thereby amassing more electors.

Your poly sci lesson is now over. Someone now explain Parliment?
Oh thank you moxie! I'm still confused, but less confused than I was before!

In Canada, the Parties themselves have closed leadership conventions. You have to be a member of the Party to have any say, but even then, you don't necessarily get a direct vote, as Parties send regional delegates to vote in the leadership races. (I am a member of the NDP - New Democratic Party - but have never voted in a leadership race.) Canadians in general don't actually have any direct say in leadership, except as they cast their vote for a Party's regional candidate for MP (Member of Parliament) during a federal election. The Party with the most MPs elected forms Government and their leader becomes Prime Minister; the Party with the next number of elected MPs becomes the Official Opposition, and their leader becomes the Opposition Leader. Other Parties still hold whatever seats they won, and everybody comes together to form Parliament. Technically, you could call it a coalition-based government, but it doesn't necessarily work that way - more a bunch of catfighting and preening in the House. We have a multi-Party system here, which can be good and's interesting right now, because the province of Quebec has its own Party, and holds a lot of power in Parliament. If a Party doesn't get a majority win (more than half of the elected MPs), they are considered a minority Government, and can be at the mercy of other Parties, and the ally-building game. We have a minority Conservative Government right now (which I honestly believe Canadians did in order to give the Liberals - our centrist Party - a slap on their corrupt little wrist, basically saying, "Get your shit together and maybe we'll let you run the country again."). Once Parliament is formed, votes in the House usually happen by Party, rather than free-voting. Parties always court other Parties to vote in a block with them on Parliamentary issues, but when there is a minority Government, it REALLY matters, so it can get really tense. Block voting can give a majority Government an upper edge, or it can help the Opposition force the Government's hand - this is often the cause of snap elections. A lot of the work of Government is done in committee, so that's another place where ally-building among the multiple parties matters. Also, we don't have set dates for elections - they can be called basically at any time (within 5 years) by the Party in power (though as I mentioned with the snap election issue, sometimes the other Parties can force the Government's hand), which leads to a lot of strategizing by the Party in power to try and call an election when they are at the top of their game and when the Opposition isn't ready. IMHO, what would be an achievable ideal is a Liberal Government with an NDP Opposition. That was the form of Government that got us our universal health care system.

I don't know if that explains anything at all, and it's not really the most technical explanation, but it's my take on it!

turbo, how are things going with the assboss situation and the HR complaint?

Hi again, CH!
Wow - we are the Learning Lounge today! Thanks mox and doodle, for educating us!

Doodle, I've put down the grenades that I was going to lob at HR, for now. I received three messages yesterday, unbidden, encouraging me to stay focused on the positive and hang in there for new opportunities, so that's my game plan. I'm still keeping my HR Complaint File up to date with all the bad behavior itemized, and copies of emails printed off, but I'm holding them until I walk out the door, and then I'll give full disclosure as to the reasons for my departure. Assboss is a vindictive prick, and forced out my predecessor, after she filed a grievance with HR, so I think I'm going to do what I need to do, and get out of there, when the right thing comes along. No biggie. The important thing is that I feel much more at peace about it all this week, I know working with the shaman last night really helped, and he gave me some tools to help deal with everything.
Culture, you are a superheroine! Way to come to that guy's rescue! Kudos to your houndster, too, for being nice to his dog. Your 'Dog-Wonder' wink.gif

Doodle, you's a Rock Star! and you represent trhough the workforce. ,\m/ Congrats on your new job, and I'm sure you'll do well with your new super-curly powers (please use them for good instead of evil, though 'wicked' is permissable).

Turbo, thanks for the deliscious descriptions, as always, and for sticking up for our sight-hound-American bruthas and sistahs!

Poods, It's cool that you're into reading the non-fiction. My favorite cousins are like that, too. They're into learning tons of new stuff all the time and being the protagonists instead of just reading about them all the time.

Tree, I must say that I look up to your job prowess, with your technical competancy about refridgerating units, etc. I'm trying to learn carpentry over here, and it's pretty frustrating. Were it purely carpentry, it would be ideal, but it's the whole construction crew social backdrop that I struggle with. It takes a lot of believing in yourself to get that sort of people to believe in you, and I'm proud of how yo're valued in your job smile.gif

Minx, I hope I'll be as good a parent as you. It sounds like you're really enjoying it and being yourself, too (and your new avatar rocks!).

Tesao, it's always great to see you in here smile.gif Mahalo!

Jami, points for a dirty mind biggrin.gif

Divala, you always strike me as someone I'd laugh really hard with were we to meet in person.

Just... wanted to let you all know that you're awsome and stuff, and that I haven't forgotten you, but stuff has been busy, and I'm a tad tipsy smile.gif

Hey-o to anybody I've missed!

*sigh* we've got a car in to be repaired, but the extended coverage plan says we have to take our Subaru to the original dealership that sold it, so we're down a car, it's been snowing enough for roads to be dangerous at times, and Goaty-Girl is spending a couple of nights at a friend / co-worker's house in order to make it to work on-time. Things have been a little nuts dry.gif

ETA: Wow! we really ARE the Learning Lounge today! Corss-post-o-rama!

the electoral college SUCKS.

it may have been the way to go when the US was sparsely populated and many people were not able to get to polling places. it is soooooooooo outdated now!

doodle, i tried to read your post about parliament but my eyes went wonky. what is the difference between a president and a prime minister in a parliamentary government? i never understood that one.

tree, the animals are in a huge game preserve, it is their home. it is wild. animal interactions are not allowed, by law. this means that nature rules - animals kill each other. we are in THEIR space. the guides have guns, but would rather kill us than the animals. people *are* killed by animals every year, and not just by the carnivores. elephants, rhinos, buffalo and hippo also kill people. why? because people are stupid.

the guides tell us that the animals don't see us as individuals, they see us as the "vehicle". so the land rover we are in is the animal. we are instructed to stay seated, and to do what the guides tell us. if we don't, the guides take us back to the camp and make us get out of the vehicle. it isn't smart to mess with a full grown leopard or rhino. almost ALL of the animals in the parks are faster than people are. (the tortoises aren't) many camps do not allow children younger than 10 or 12 - small kids are much harder to manage, and are MUCH more likely to be seen as prey.

i could go on forever about the game parks; i adore the bush. i will never tire of it, or of watching the wildlilfe. all of it. birds, snakes, lizards - i'm about all of it, not just "the big five". although, of course, i have my favorites. especially the big cats, and especially the leopards. i actually cried when i saw the leopard. big wet ploppy tears, all over my face.
Hey Hey!

Ooooh learntastic. I am also in the same boat as Doodle, still confused about the voting in the states, but less so. I don't get it. I do know that if I had to go through that kind of electoral process, I'd puke.

Mox, thanks for the info, though.

Doodle, the Harper needs to go. he's such a fuckwit.

Turbo, I'm glad that you are feeling better, and I do hope you can get something else so assboss get it, he will, eventually, but still doesn't help that he's such a douchebag.

Hey Lore!! Shitty deal about the car, they can be evil at times.

Tes, in terms of a president and prime minister, it's the name, and some of the duties. For example, there is no such thing as a prime minister veto. So, stephen harper can't veto a bill on, say, making same sex marriage legal. If he doesn't get his way, that's too bad. Prime Ministers serve, really for as long as they can, there isn't a two term limit. There's more, but it's early and I can't think. The game reserve stuff sounds amazing! I'd love to go. Le Sigh. Money.

It's Thursday!!! Woohoo!!! And my mother has a bug up her butt, so I'm chosing to ignore her, which is fine, all she does is bitch about work, and I actually told her the same yesterday. She gets really annoyed when people can't let go of thigns, but she's still nattering away about things that have happened in august. So, I just happily tune her out.

What's everyone's plans for the weekend?

Hello all!!!! No time to catch up at the moment, but wanted to pop in and say hi! I am back from vacation. Sunny, sunny Mexico. It was muy excellente!

I've been lurking a little but mostly been busy and sick. I've got a couple days before classes start and wanted to pop in and say Hello!
Kari, I forgot all about your trip to Mexico, I was wondering where in the heck you were!! Deets gives us deets!

~*~*~*healing vibes for Catsoup~*~*~*~*
The bitch got beaches. Who wants to join me in pummelling Kari to the ground with the below zero weather we are currently having? laugh.gif

Well, looks like my date's back on for tonight. He's so funny I'm nearly wetting myself. Seriously, my face hurts from all of the laughing and smiling from last night's conversation.

This is a really nice change. smile.gif
Minx, that is great about the date and the man being nice and funny.

I need my fucking phone to stop ringing. Fuck that noise. It's been ringing non fucking stop since 8 this morning. LEAVE ME ALONE! What clients would do if they had to deal with things on their own I don't know. I am not going to cut your hang nail for you, if your house is on fire, why are you not calling the fire department?

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Awww...tes, I woulda probably cried, too, if I saw a leopard in the wild. I just love cats of all kinds and I don't know how anyone could kill one. And in my very non-politically-correct opinion, 90% of the people who are killed or mauled by animals probably did something stupid to deserve it. Animals don't just maliciously attack people. Those guys mauled by the tigers at the San Diego zoo deserve Darwin awards.

"I thought the point of the US Constitution even mentioning religion was to separate church and state....?" Silly doodle!! Didn't you know that you're living north of Jesusland?!! Yes, people love to talk about how this country is based on Christianity, but Jesus is not mention once or even referenced in the constitution. It's a bunch of B.S. The whole point of the constitution was to avoid the same situation that the British had with the corrupt Church of England. Yeah, most of the founding fathers were anglicans, but Jefferson and Franklin, two highly respected Americans, were best described as deists. They believed in a creator of some kind, but not a divine personal god that listens to prayers, etc., and they believed that Jesus was just a decent guy with good ideas--not the son of God. I think people forget that our country was founded during the Age of Enlightenment, when people actually tried to expand their minds. Jefferson and Franklin weren't just a couple dumbass anglican sheep. These guys were literally geniuses and they knew what they were doing when they created this country. Anyway, I realize I'm preaching to the choir here....Sorry, I just get a little worked up about the church-state thing. Phew!!

It was Mike Huckabee would said he was gonna take back America for Jesus, back when he was first getting involved in politics.

The electoral college blows. It gives ignorant backwoods hicks way too much weight. People in rural areas compain about how rural areas don't get enough representation, but that's just too damn bad because, DUH, most people live in metropolitan areas!!

Wow, listen to me today!! I'm actually in a good mood and I had enough coffee. I get worked up about this stuff. Maybe I need to move up north to "America Jr." Heh... wink.gif

I had a dream about you last night, minx. I can't remember what it was about, but you were hot as always. smile.gif Glad you had a fun date, BTW!! He sounds cool.

I was about an hour late to work this morning because I fell asleep on the couch whilst snuggling with Oscar. His super soft fur and squishy warm body make for a great pillow.
Jefferson and Franklin wrote what I feel is the basis for the American Religion - The Declaration of Independence.

Now, separation of church and state wasn't just meant to keep religion out of civil society, but also to keep government out of religion. John Adams was an ardent christian, and the single-most vocal supporter of separation.

I want it to be friday.
Hi, peeps!

I played hookey yesterday and only lurked on Tuesday, so it's been awhile. I did read up on posts, though.

Doodle, good luck with the job tomorrow. I hope it lasts more than just a few days.

((((((((Lore))))))) You're so sweet. You remind me a little bit of Sam, nice to everyone with only good intentions for all. You're delightfully childlike.

Moxie, thanks for explaining that whole Michigan/primary thingy. I had thought that all the other candidates besides Clinton pulled out as protest, but I didn't know that you got stripped of delegates up there. Could that have any effect on the electoral votes and the general election?

Canada government confuses me to no end.

Tes, those were wonderful pictures! I found Waldo pretty quickly in the first one, too. I'd love to go on safari one day, but now I'm scared of being trampled to death by an elephant.

Good luck with the class, Tree!

Catsoup, what will you be taking for classes this term?

Minx, when's the real date with this guy? Have you met him before?

I want to read Freakonimics, too. I heard good things. I'm one of those people who actually likes fiction. I seem to get through it faster than non-fiction, though I enjoy it. I try to read plenty of both.

I'm kind of scared of Huckabee. How is it that most of us are aware of the separation between church and state, but it skips over others who think they've got a bright idea to make us a theocracy? I thought this separation business was just common knowledge.

CH, are you a financial worker in the welfare department? It sounds like it. I don't know how you people can do what you do and keep your head with you. I'm glad you shut that lady up. I really think that when people get a cash grant every month, they should be required to take a class and learn how to manage the finances of a household. Where I work, a lot of people think that they'll get child support payments as soon as they apply, even though they don't know who the baby daddy is or have a court order for support. And then when they do have an order, they expect that the county will pay out their child support to them in full and then go after the payor after the fact. Um, no. That would be called welfare. My office is not an ATM.

Kari, what did you do on your trip?

Hi, Poodle! I want Oreos now, too. But only crispy, fresh ones. Stale Oreos are nasty. I don't even like them after the filling has hardened.

I haven't been up to much lately. I watched a whole crapload of TV yesterday. I watched "Cars," "O Brother Where Art Thou?," "Boston Legal," "Cashmere Mafia" and a bunch of other crap. I made a bracelet I'd been promising a coworker for months and just hung out. I talked to BFF for awhile, too. She and her husband are going to Europe for a month next year.

No big plans for the weekend. We're going to visit the giant's family at some point. I'm going to get some more practice on desserts - I'm thinking about trying to make pomegranate/orange panna cotta and some chocolate/chocolate chip/walnut cookies. I'm just looking forward to sleeping in again.
Well, on my first day back from vaca, I had to move offices. Now I have successfully moved my office down the hall. Am in my new space now. It is a nice space, but is currently a shithole. I need to put stuff away & organize. Not sure if I have the energy today. Maybe tomorrow.

I too was confused by the MI situation, and thought the other candidates did not run there as a form of protest. Interesting.

Good luck at your new job DOODLE!!!! I know a bit of Excel, so perhaps I can help if you have a question. I'm no expert, but I know my way around.

Minx! Who's your date with? I'm not caught up yet.

Hi catsoup! ~~~~ healing vibes!~~~~ New semester eh? What classes are you taking?

Hi moxie, jenn, poodle, diva, lore, tree, tes, CH, and everyone else!!!

I have meeeeeeced you!

Our trip- I do have some pics, need to get them uploaded. We stayed 5 nights in Tulum, Mexico. It's a small town about and hour and a half from Cancun. Lots of local flavor. We laid on the beach, went snorkeling, ATE!, DRANK!, and visited the Mayan ruins. Our hotel was the bomb, I was really happy with it. Right on the beach, about 20 rooms, but each room is a little house. We were on the top floor of one, it was lovely. I ate so much good food: lots of ceviche, chips, salsas, tuna tacos, and enchiladas. One night we went to a small Italian restaurant we'd heard about. It was so delicious. I had homemade pasta w/ fresh lobster. Like, half a lobster. Oh, I want some more right now!

Poodle, heh, Darwin awards, I heart darwin awards. You are entitled to come in late, you worked until 7:30 the other evening!

Word Mox, I could also use a Friday.

Diva, I'm a case coordinator, but I do tell some agencies about rental stuff and crap. People treat us like we are domo (jump to the pump for them) and an ATM. It's been hella busy today.

Kari, your vacay sounds amazing!!! Lucky woman, getting away from crud weather.

With that said, I think I'm going to hunker back to work for a little while.

Later gators!

Hey all!

Yeah, the first official date is tonight. I've not met him vis-a-vis yet, so I'm a little butterfly-ish right now. He's a business recruiter, 42, tall and shaved...really nice voice. I told him that he sounds like the Big Bad Wolf, so now when he calls, he asks for Little Red Riding Hood. Retarded, yeah, I know...but it's kind of hot on a level. He's very creative, and an easy conversationalist. We'll see if there are any sparks tonight. If so, game on.
yea minx!!!!!!!!! do remember to report in!!!!!!!! smile.gif
hey CH, sorry about the sucky job. you're a hero for finding and helping that man in the snow! (throws confetti)
kari, poor thing, back into the job and all. yes, please tell of your vacay.
hi Diva, how are ya.
~*~*catsoup healing vibes*~*~
hello poodle, greetings moxiegirl, hay to the rest of the busties.

I have had one sucky week. it's gotta get better, right? I just got back from the dentist. supposed to be a filling, maybe a root canal at the outside. nope. pulled the tooth. gah!
went to the sheriff to tell him that I have video of lamex IN THE HOUSE (under a restraining order) when son and I were at my mom's memorial. he was in here at least twice, prob 3x. deputy tells me that one day there was an open window, and the last day he came by, ALL THE DOORS WERE UNLOCKED, and one door was OPENED even. he searched the house, gun drawn, but there was nobody in here. he must have missed lamex by not more than an hour.
oh, and the ranch is selling. I have 23 days to move. and there is nothing to rent in a 40 mile radius. nice.
(((((fun date vibes for minxy)))) This guy sounds like FUN!

Minxy, I was thinking of you this evening as I was mentoring the rowdy youths at the computer lab.....yeesh - you hardly need TV, for all the drama I get to see there every week! The kids were totally hilarious tonight, though - I laughed my ass off for two hours!

Kari - you MUST PM me the info for the place you stayed in Mexico - it sounds amazing! Of course, I can't complain too much, as next Saturday we leave for our Carribbean cruise, with Great Big Sea, BNL, Guster, Carbon Leaf, and about 10 other bands. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Lore, so good to see you in here - we've meeced you! I'm sorry you and Goaty girl have been separated by bad cars and weather.

Tes, truly - the safari sounds like such an incredible experience - and thanks for sharing those incredible photos with us! I love how the leopard drapes itself over the tree branches, languidly! I don't know how they look so comfy and relaxed up there!

Diva, your dessert plans are making me drool! I definitely need to make some more gluten-free choco-PB-oat cookies this weekend. I've got a shamanic dream circle to go to tomorrow, Saturday we're having BFF and fiance over for dinner, Sunday and MOnday - relax!
Hi all! I just got home from WORK! YAY! I am EXHAUSTED!!! I spent 7 hours cleaning house for an elderly woman....and I saw the cheque she wrote to the day labour agency - it was almost double what I wound up earning. Total rip off for the woman! I'm totally telling her. Anyway, it'll be cool, because she already asked me if I would come back and work for her without involving the agency, and I am going back tomorrow to finish up, after my first day of office work finishes. She loves my work ethic and asked for my number - I will totally be her cleaning woman for the next while, just to make sure she doesn't get ripped off! I mean, I earned a realistic wage for cleaning work, but she is paying nearly twice that just to get workers through the agency - totally wrong. Plus the woman at the agency had the nerve to tell me they didn't charge her a lot! It would be different if it were a big company employer or something.

She's a very sweet old woman, and is also a home improvement queen! She has a really old house, built around 1910, that's been in her family since 1945, and you wouldn't believe all the handy-work she has done, until recently when she had a stroke, and then fell on Christmas Eve (just like I did!) and broke her wrist (well, I didn't do that much damage to myself), so she can't even do her own cleaning anymore. We wound up chatting most of the while I was working...and she made me tea and gave me fruitcake. Very sweet. Ooh, also? She is an American citizen (and a Dem), and lived there for 35 years, so she explained your electoral system to me a little more!

Soooooooo....I'm exhausted and achey, but it feels soooo good to be working and earning some money again. And now I'm going to go have a very, very hot bath, and then I'll come back and catch up on the day's posts. Unless I fall asleep first, in which case, I'll be back here tomorrow evening!
I just had a really awesome date. biggrin.gif
Happy Friday, you green-snot filled used tissues!

(yes, I have a cold)


I just read about your week. Sounds like you need a ((((hug))))...

I wanna hear about the date too!

Jenn, I wish I knew a shaman.

Doodle, WOOT! on a productive day!

Kari, sounds like a great vacation.

Divala, glad to see you! Those desserts sound yummy.

Moxie, I'm with Divala, thank you for explaining Michigan to me. Our Wisconsin primary is going to be pretty late, February 19.

So, I came down with a very yucky cold, and we got snow yesterday and now it's pretty cold. Not as cold as Winnipeg, though, yikes, CH! I just looked up yours and you're twenty degrees colder than here! ~*~*stay warm vibes for CH*~*~

It's 1 degree F here right now. I don't want to go out there and wait for the bus. But if I drive, my parking spot is like seven blocks away from our shop and it's a COLD walk. So, the bus it is. I have the timing down pretty well.

Teaching went well, but, it's such a bogus class. I felt bad for the apprentices. I mean, it's just a time-waster for them. They're second year apprentices, just going into their third year, raring to learn about our trade, and they've got to spend sixteen hours in this bogus "computer science" course. It's boring them, and I decided to just give them the first three quizzes right away after I found out about how advanced they were and how basic the class is. We prolly could've gone through the first five, but ran out of time.

I'm thinking of having them make a trade-related presentation using Windows Movie Maker, for a final project. We'll see.

Lore, you're so sweet. Is your apprenticeship as militaristic as ours? It's amazing the hoops they make our apprentices jump through. It's not so long since I was one, I reached journeylevel status in 2001. It's pretty fresh in my mind.
snot filled used tissues pretty much sums up my household at the moment (sniff, sniff). Oddly, moxette was the LEAST sick of the bunch.

Tulum is GORGEOUS. It was our favorite port on last year's cruise. Now, I'm nutters jealous of the turbos again. I SO wish we could go too!

Unfortunately, the only travel in my immediate future is to LA, where my dad's eldest brother lies in a coma. He's been ill for some time, up and down, but this week had massive coronary, and is now totally unresponsive. My aunt and cousins are giving him some time, but I don't think it will matter. This man is the gentlest, kindest, most life-loving person.

Ok, gotta go get dressed. Poop.
Well, it kinda went like this: I met him at this French restaurant. Now, I didn't have a great idea about what he looked like, but I did know that he was shaved like a cueball. So when I saw this shiny head walking toward the place wearing this long, black overcoat, I was fairly certain it was him. It was when I saw him grin that I was sure of it. smile.gif

We went in, he made some funnies with the hostess, we got one of the best tables in the room, and FOR CERTAIN the BEST server--remind me to write Nick a thank-you card! He got me an incredible glass of wine, we talked and talked, had appetizers, talked and laughed some more, more witty banter with Nick the server, main course, hilarity, more hilarity involving Nick the server, and then I realized that I had about ten minutes to get home...we were both bummed.

I might just be dealing with Executive Cock material here, Ladies. tongue.gif I'll write more later, but I've gotta shower, shit, and shave.

Oooh! So much fun!
Minx, Executive Cock! I like it! I am really happy you had such a great date. Yay! smile.gif

Jenn, I did not realize you were going on a cruise soon. Nice!! I will PM you with the information about the hotel.

((jami)) Stupid lamex. That annoys me to no end. UGH. At least the police are trying to help you catch him in the act. Sorry about the upcoming move. What are your plans?

((tree)) sorry you have a cold. I did not know you were teaching! Have you been doing that, or did you just start? That stinks about the class material. Bah. At least if the material is boring, they've got a super rad teacher.

Hi CH! Hi Moxie! And everyone else!

Things are good here today. I am liking my new work area so far. At least I don't share an office w/ Debbie Downer anymore. The bad news? I now share an office with Mr. Talky. God help me. Mr Talky was not here yesterday and isn't here yet today, which is probably why I like it over here so far.

I got in a solid 4.5 hrs at the hospital last night and did 3 sessions, so there's been some good progress in that arena. When I got home, I found I'd had a househusband all day. It was wonderful! Mr K did ALL the laundry. And folded it, and put it all away. And he had dinner ready when I got home. Thai chicken salad. It was tha bomb. I gave him a copious amount of compliments in hopes of encouraging him to do it again. Just what a lady needs after such a long day.

What's everyone got going on this weekend? I am having drinks w/ a friend at happy hour. After that, I was considering catching a movie, if it is not too late. Tomorrow morning, I may try to get up and work out. We may also make a trip to the Lowes store. A friend tipped us off that the store is moving & for some reason is getting rid of all their inventory. I'm looking for a new sink, a new faucet, a hot water heater, and who knows what else. Not feeling great about dropping all that moolah, but if I can get the stuff significantly cheaper, I'm game. Tomorrow night I'm gonna hang at my mom's.
Good Morning you vaginal ooze trails!! that is courtesy of my pr boy, we've been texting each other hilarious insults.

((((((jami)))))) any news on lamex and how he broke into your house? He is a pus filled wart on the balls of humanity.

Turbo, you're going on a cruise??? Lucky!!!!

Doodle, that is so wonderful about work and the woman who wants you to come help her out. What a bunch of cock suckers the agency is. Festering anus' they are!

Minx, your date sounds fabulous!!! Woot on executive cock!!!!

Tree, indeed it is a hella cold here, and today there is a windchill warning, I heart these days. Blech. ~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*

Mox, how are you feeling today? ~*~*~*healing vibes for mox clan~*~*~* I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle.

Kari, fantastic that the mister had things taken care of at home? Has he started school yet?

I did the usual last night, this weekend, not too sure, it's so cold that I just want to hibernate. It's rediculously cold here. today I have an appeal, but the client didn't confirm if she was coming or not. I'm kinda pissed about that, because I had to take time out of my work schedule to write the report, go over to the office and if she doesn't show up, it was time wasted for nothing. Grrrr.

anyways, it's Friday and it's payday, this is all I care about right now!!

Later kats!

ch... no news on how he got in or what he did while he was here.
but he's here - at the trailer now - and it has no power. don't know what he's doing there.
Happy fucking friday, you pube-flossing truck-stop whores!!!!!!!

Congrats on the fun evening, minx!! Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, eh? They do sell vinyl fetish LRRH costumes, in case you might be interested someday.

Damn, it's effin' cold here. I always worry about the stray kitties in my 'hood during this kind of weather.

*sigh* I donated some money to Primate Freedom Project, and they sent me a dog-tag with the identity of a Macaque being tested on at the U of MN. She doesn't have a name, just "01CP4-F." She was born in 1996 and she's been living in a cage since then. I cried on the way to work and I've been crying throughout the day. I'm crying now.

Ugh. Sorry for the downer. I just can't stop thinking about it. I feel like I have to go home and either drink or nap. I don't feel depressed a whole lot these days, but there are some times that I just can't get over how awful the world is and how horrible humans can be and that I'm a member of the same species. Today is one of those days.


I'm sorry that you are having a cruddy day. Though, the pube flossing truck stop whores did make me chuckle.

I want to do some baking. Mmm baketastic.

Mmmmm...baking...I have a few cans of apricot and poppy seed filling that I should do something with. I was thinking about making thumbprint cookies.

Yeah, I'm fine today. I just get really fixed on serious, depressing issues sometimes. It's a side effect of being a passionate person, I guess. I wish I could just NOT THINK about stuff. Hey...I know why I've been so sensitive this week...Mean Red Grandma is here!!! Okay, things make a little more sense now.
Poodle, I totally understand, I'm expecting next week. Hurrah.

Hi Minx!

Only 13 more minutes then I can go hoooooooooooooooome. But first a stop at the university. Blah.
CH, I am counting down the minutes also! Unfortuntely, I have 40 left. But that is not too bad, I suppose.

Poodle, that is really sad. Things like that are very depressing. I get sad about animals a lot. I saw a ton of stray dogs in Mexico. That alone made me sad, but then I saw one who couldn't walk on one of his legs and I about lost it.

I am about to get MRG too. She's knocking on the door.

I love how bustie cycles are in sync!! Funny. a decent recipe? You know, we haven't had a Whiskey Bake in a while. I got the filling, if you got the Jack!!

I'm so jealous of your trip, kari!! (well, not the dogs part) So what was your favorite part of the trip? The pyramids thing sounds really interesting.

My co-worker got "Word Up" (you know, that awful 80's song) stuck in my head and it's driving me crazy!!
Ah, word up!!
Everybody say
When you hear the call
You got to get it underway!!

*frantically shuffles ipod*

ETA- We don't have the time for psychological romance! No romance, no romance, no romance for me, mama! C'mon baby tell me what's the word?! Word up!! Sorry...I couldn't resist
Dingo ate my post! Grr!

Any whoozle, just thought I should stop by & join the blood-letting with the Okay Gang.

Poods, you know how to banish that song from your head, don't you?
Two words:
All right, stop whatcha doin'
'Cause I'm about ta ruin
The image and the style that ya used to.
I look funny
But yo, I'm makin' money, see
So yo, world, I hope you're ready for me!

Confession: I am drinking buttery nipples. At home. Alone. And have been doing so since before 6pm. But I can be forgiven because I'm bleedy, right? Right?
Rosie!!! *runs up and gives rv a big booby squishing HUG!*

RV, I think it is ALWAYS happy hour in the lounge....I'll have to check with the provisional mayor on that, but I'm pretty sure that's true. wink.gif

Poodle, I hear you on the passion, and outbursts of emotion...I found myself tearing up at my desk, when I got an email from the greyhound rescue, that desperately needed a foster home for a new hound, who has extreme prey drive (so needs a home with no cats, small dogs), and I SO wanted to volunteer to foster him, but since we're going on vacay next week, its just not going to work. That, and I know I would have a hard time giving up the dog, too...and we just can't fit two hounds in turbomann's car.

Minxy had a HOTT, FUN DATE!!! WOOOooooooHOOOooooo!!! Executive Cock - I love it! I can't wait to hear how this one must keep us all rapt with the goodness coming into your life!

Tree, when you come down here for the bustie party this summer *attendance is not optional,* we'll have to hook you up with the shaman...he seriously lives 2 blocks from my house, and he's amazing. I'm looking forward to the group tonight.

Kari, you MUST get some noise cancelling headphones for work - nothing like a physical signal that you do not want to talk! Some folks in our office also wear ear plugs, too.
Rose!!!! Nice to see you!! How's your new house treatin' ya?

Don't even get me started on the Humpty Dance!!!!! I know all the words to that one! I know...big surprise!

Ugh, turbo, the Humane Society always sends me emails because I gave them some money a year or so ago to help a set of Timberwolves kept in captivity and neglected by the owner. I can't even read their emails and I even try to ignore the subject lines, because it's one of those issues that really gets to me. They also send me snail mail, sometimes with graphic images. I wish they wouldn't do that to me, because obviously, I already care deeply about the issue of animal welfare. Same with PETA--I don't even want to get involved with PETA.

I checked out last week just to consider my options for possibly adopting a dog. It's hard to read those profiles, but I try to be positive about it because I know that I'll be able to help one (or more) of them out someday. It's especially hard to see the animals who aren't able to live in homes with children or other pets. Most people who love animals enough to take in "special needs" pets already have pets at home. If not for Oscar and neurosis, I could easily take in other pets. I guess that makes Oscar my own little "special needs" guy. smile.gif I wouldn't trade him for anything. He's rubbing up against me as I type this!!

So MINX, what does this man do for a living? I suggest we refer to him as "Mr. Clean" from now on!!

ETA- What do buttery nipples contain again? Butterscotch schapps? I can't remember. MMmmm...nipples....buttery nipples... *homer simpson drool*
I have to agree, I have real issues with seeing all this stuff about animals. I can't watch it, it makes me so angry and makes me want to cry (and often does). I just think about someone doing that to my dog, and it makes me insane with anger.

If I could have a huge amount of land and have all rescued animals I totally would. I wish I could adopt all these animals, and had people I were close to who could also do things. I would also go out and kidnap all those who hurt animals and makes them have monkey feces thrown at them. And I'd keep them in cages, and make them sit in their own waste. I feel very strongly about this.

RV, I agree with Poodle, mmm buttery nipples.

Hey Kari!

Turbo, vacatioooooooooooooooooooooon! I am jealous.

Well, it's cold as fuck here. I took the dog to the park, still, and because every muscle in my body is sore, I took today off, I know I'm working hard and I know I have to take a day off, so today was it. Yesterday I could barely move after I crawled into bed. I was thinking, well I didn't think that my ears could hurt from working out. Heh.

And tonight, because of how chilly it is, I am staying in, I've got the comfy pants on and am relaxing. And loving it. I even turned my phone off. Nurts to people.

Hi culture!! Workout pain is a good type of pain though (for the most part). I needs to get me some of that pain again. I'm gonna use my bonus money to start the YWCA again (and see Nile, the Pal-Italian Stallion!!), and also to become a member of the Seward Co-op. They're expanding, which I'm really excited about.

I'm not sure why I'm so passionate about animal welfare. I guess I can relate to them--feeling misunderstood, etc. I also care deeply about human rights issues, but the thing about humans is that, no matter how down and out they are, they still have some kind of voice. Still, I wish I could fly into Afghanistan and rescue all the poor women in burkas who light themselves on fire because their lives are so awful (STILL EXISTS), or into third-world garment factories where women work 14 hour shifts and aren't allowed to talk and are rarely allowed to go to the bathroom. I don't usually make new year's resolutions, but this year, my goal is to avoid buying anything that says "Made in China" (or Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.). I realize that I can't avoid China completely, because many items still contain parts that were made in China or raw materials from 3rd world countries, etc. For now, I'm just gonna avoid the overt "Made in China" label. That alone is very difficult. I was looking for a cutting board at Target the other day and almost all of them were made in China!!! The one that was made in the U.S. was really expensive and made from bamboo, which probably came from CHINA!!

Can you tell I'm on the rag? Actually, I'm like this most of the time--it's just more pronounced when MRG is in town. *shakes fist at menses* Maybe I should listen to Tampax and use my period for good, and not the evil, nefarious purposes that I've been menstruating for in the past.
See, the whole animal thing is what makes my heart bleed...the uw has a primate lab and I am sure these primates have a totally sucky life (and yes, I know that's an understatement) and sometimes I have to go and repair their heating/cooling systems.

I'm totally opposed to vivisection.

The ONLY way I can justify it to myself is the thought that at least I am providing these animals with a comfortable environment, physically. I mean, if I'd just sort of not go, cause I'm boycotting it, or whatever, these primates will be suffering...well, not that they aren't suffering anyway, but they'd be suffering to a greater extent.

I hate this.

(((tree))) I wouldn't be able to handle that, but I can totally understand how you don't have much choice and, yes, at least you're able to improve their conditions a little bit. I'm impressed.

My boss gave me this R&D property (Research & Development) property to appraise a while back. As an appraiser, it is my ethical responsibility to deny work that clashes with my personal beliefs (even though 90% of real estate folks violate this principle). She told me that she knew that they were doing medical-related research, but that she didn't know the details. Anyway, I appraised the property, but I still felt nervous about it. As an epileptic female (and human being, in general), I've benefitted from animal testing (horses, in particular), but I'm still reluctant to say that a property should be used for such research. I didn't know enough about the property and I'm sure I undervalued it because of my fears. I made this very clear to my boss. Of course, she jacked up the value. I totally understand. A couple jobs later, she gave me a vet clinic which, as an animal lover, I was able to relate to instantly. Fortunately, I appraised the property before I knew that the vet wore fur!! I probably would've subconsciously deducted her 10-20% for that!! It's hard to eliminate that bias. Planned Parenthood of MN is one of our huge clients, mostly because of my very feminist boss, but we never give those jobs to the VP pro-lifer republican, because he would majorly undervalue their property!! It's an interesting biz, that's for sure. Not really, but yeah...
Awww, thank you for the (((hug))) poodle. I sort of need it. It is very difficult for me to talk about that aspect of my job, mostly because it conflicts me so much. Every six months we have to go and get a TB test, and it's to qualify us to work in the primate lab. And every year I am so very tempted to wear a PETA shirt to the testing, just to let them know....

But my boss would make my life miserable. And I'd be removed from doing service to the building where the primates are., if there IS an issue where they are too hot or too cold I wouldn't be able to go and help.

God, this sucks.

But. I continue to take the TB tests...and I hate every second that I walk into that building. But, there's been times, I've been working on a piece of equipment and I'll be in a room across from where the monkeys are...I have no idea what kind they are....but very intelligent, and I SWEAR one of them was flirting with me....hehe

Anyway, that's the only way I console myself, in the thought that, at least I'm providing them with the correct temperature and humidity. Yeah, it's lame.

It sucks.
Tree, I think you've got a good perspective on the service you're providing...its hard emotionally, but still, you are providing as service to the furry and non-furry primates.

Oh, and I just PM'ed you - my shaman is doing a workshop/dreaming circle in your area on SUNDAY! Ask and it is given, eh?

Anyway, I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna go to sleep now, and hopefully sleep a bit later tomorrow. We're looking at a high of -1F tomorrow, -30 wind chills. Wheeee! Turbo better be ready for shortass walks tomorrow!
Good Morning!

Poodle, I agree about this made in China thing, I try and avoid, people don't understand why the products I use are more expensive and so forth, well, duh, I am not a fan of the slave labour. I'm not trying to be stuffy on purpose. There is a company called delux, I have hats, mitts, and sweaters from this company, well I went to check out the website, and they go an investigate where all the product is made, there can be no slave labour, fair labour practices, etc and they donate a portion of their profits to charitable organizations, I don't mind paying an arm and a leg for this stuff because not only is it good quality, it isn't some little 4 year old making my clothes. That's really great about your boss, too! And the Planned Parenthood appraising!!!


Turbo, it is also cold as fuck here, again. It isn't expected to warm up until next week. I just checked the weather network, it is -31C, -43 with the windchill, sooooo that'd be -23F and -45F with the windchill. Brrrrrr. I don't even know if I'll take the dog out, well maybe for a bit, I did yesterday. And I have to fill up with gas.

I'm going to get moving here! Later!!

That's craziness, CH....I have so much respect for your countryfolk who endure such COLD temps in the winter! Honestly, I don't mind the cold winters here so much - I don't drive to work, so snow doesn't really affect pisses me off when my train is late in the mornings, but that's about it. But -23F - that's too cold for this midwesterner!

Doodle, it sounds like you found a great house-cleaning client, and that's great that you can go direct, and save her some money. Shame on the org for overcharging her!

I did venture out to the grocery this morning, just so I won't have to go out the rest of the weekend, if I don't want to. So, of course I'm cooking. I washed all the veggies for the week, made granola, and now I've got GF PB-Choco cookies in the oven, right now. Oh, and of course there's chicken stock simmering on the stove. smile.gif I think I'll make "kitchen sink" soup tomorrow - some version of 16-bean soup, in which I toss in whatever veggies I've got on hand, herbs and some tomato sauce.
Good Afternoon Turbo!

I did take the dog to the park, and it wasn't that bad, cut it short because she started to walk on three legs, the pads on her back paw was bothering her. Soooo, it was all good. Now I'm trying to get motivated and do some baking.

As for tonight, I want to stay home, again. It's so cold!

okay, motivation time.
[returns to OkayLand with booze]
Okay. Buttery nipples. They are half Bailey's irish creme and half butterscotch Schnaaps. Some people down them like a shot, but I prefer to sip. This stuff is like candy, so be careful or you'll find yourself under the table very quickly. Last week a friend of ours got laid off, so we went to his house and drank buttery nipples all night. Goooooooood times.

Poodle, will you marry me? That pic gave me the best laugh I've had all day!

Re: rescue animals. I reeeeeeeally want to rescue a couple of cats. And I have a weakness for the special needs cat. This dates back to when I worked at a vet's office and got to know so many sweet, imperfect pets. Sheff jokes that my ideal cat is elderly, blind, with 3 legs, one ear, and diabetes. However, he's reluctant to adopt a pet with a lot of problems, so I'm trying to find one that meets the middle ground.

I cannot fathom the type of cold you are experiencing, CH. You need to come over to my place and cuddle up on the couch. It is just barely snowing here, but it's warm enough that it's all melting as soon as it hits the ground.

And since you asked, Poods, everything is going great with the house. As you may recall, I finished the work in the dining room and half bath. Last week I painted the living room and hallway and suddenly the house feels 1000% cheerier. Sheff was so impressed. He kept going on for days about how it looks so much nicer now & more inviting and that I should feel very proud of myself. I'm far from done, though. I still need to paint the stairwell & upstairs landing & the kitchen. I have primed the backsplash in the kitchen, but I'm not sure what color to paint it. I'm in no hurry, though. We've decided we'd rather do things slowly & get it done right.
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