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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Here's a pic of the spaghetti on a board! I intentionally cropped the pic, to protect their privacy, they are neighbours of mine. I didn't REALLY cut their heads off in the pic.

just look at the size of those balls!!
That fucking dumbass doctor wrote me this stupid treatise on how fucked up I AM to dump him. What an asshole...

Nice balls!
Get this: I'm having breakfast in Uptown chatting it up with BFF who just got off a 12-hour shit at the hospital, when right in the middle of my hashbrowns, this fucking PIG scolds me LOUDLY for swearing. The asshat actually had the nerve to tell me "There are CHILDREN here!" We looked around; there was one by the window, twenty feet away. I was nearly speechless, and really didn't know how to retort and not get arrested. Assholes.

Muthafuckin' speech police were lucky I already finished my fine, fried pork product. BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Good Morning!

Poodle, how was your evening? Your sister doing okay? Mmm Chinese food. I'll live through you, if I have anything remotely deep fried my body goes into rejecto mode, and having a literal butt flush, and not in the good way, is not so good to me.

Minx, how was your evening last night? The dr gave you crap. This coming from a man who would call you six and seven times a day. that is not loving, that is called being a stalker. And I hate big fat fucks of men who do that kind of shit. I'd be pissed of too, if I hadn't seen my cock in years. Douchebag. /rant.

Turbo, you are such an amazing person to help this woman out with what she needs during a time of need. As much as you are able. How was your evening of card playing?

Tree, that spaghetti looks fucking amazing.

Word Jami! (((jami))) just cos.

My evening was on of quiet, I slept, played some scrabble with my mom, then slept some more. Also did some cleaning, took the dog to the park twice, and worked out. Today, about the same, I've yet to take houndish to the park because it's fucking cold here.I'll just bundle up warm and walk fast so as not to freeze. Blech.

How has everyone's weekend been?

Last night was pretty damned fun. Drank sex-on-a-beach (es), ate Asian food that the menfolk prepared for us, and played Rockstar, which I have to admit is a fucking hoot.

Looks like my date for today is postponed. He got stuck in O'Hare. Ah well...I've got shit to do anyway.

And yeah, can you believe the nerve of that jagoff? I wrote him a nastygram and basically told him to go fuck himself. His response? He wants me to give him another chance! Riiight...right after I take this hemlock, thank you. rolleyes.gif
Ahhh. I feel like the universe has shifted back into place, now that turbo has done her pitch for greyhounds. wink.gif

That spaghetti table looks AMAZING! Damn, I'm craving meatballs. (Actually, I'm craving meat in general, 'cause I cain't afford it right now, but those meatballs in particular look splendiferous.)

turbo, good on you for helping out that woman. It's bad enough that nobody helps, but heaping abuse on desperate people is just soooo fucking wrong. I'm glad you were able to do something for her, it probably made a huge difference in her life at that moment in time.

CH - I can't remember, what are you planning to do your Masters in? (It is your Masters, right?)


Hiya also poodle and jami!

I am taking a break from housecleaning, so here I am! Briefly. Got to try and get my vacuum unclogged this afternoon, as I can't stand my floors any longer.

Also, I slammed my finger in between the very solid wooden chair arm and the very solid wooden table this morning, when I scooted up to eat my breakfast - it still hurts a bit, hopefully it won't be all buggered when I try to play guitar this evening with the all-girl's the middle finger on my fretting hand, ugh.

Plus I have cramps.

*whine, whine, whine*
Good Evening!

Minx, what an idiot he is.

Doodle, indeed it is a Masters degree. I've applied for Anthropology and Community Health Sciences. How is your finger?? You'll rawk tonight!

I went and saw the cop and went to visit a friend who gave me a ton of freebie Clarins samples.

Now, I'm just going to chill out and head to bed whenever I feel like.

Uh, home reorganization is progressing. Didn't find the right containers, but its OK, because I trashed a whole heap o stuff, so the containers are quite as needed. And, I made delicikous chicken-chili tonight for dinner. I even got moxette to try it, but she promptly spit it out with a "bleh, MEAT" comment. The only meat she likes is ham and hot-dogs.

Minxy, sounds like the birthday celebration was grand! I'm hoping for a similar night next weekend. We all have sitters lined up. Yeah!

Ok, time for a sugar and flour free peanut butter cookie (seriously, they're delicious!) and a tylenol PM.

Actually, I'm gonna post the recepie for the cookies (which I got from TV network). There is a bit left to be desired in the non-breakability factor, so if anyone tries this and comes up with a fix, please let me know!

Peanut Butter cookies: Yield, 1 dozen

1 Cup Peanut Butter (creamy or crunchy)
1 Cup Splenda (you could use regular white sugar, though)
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350F (i think maybe a higher temp might cure the fragility of the cookie)
Mix all ingreidents together
Drop onto cookie sheet
Bake 12-15 min


Jenn- if your nephew isn't allergic to peanuts, I bet these would be a BIG hit (is he no-egg, though?)
hee. so cuuuuuuuuuuu-ite all of the drunkie posties in here. gotta love my okies!

mmm. all of this gooey italian goodness! moxi, love the pizza fondue recipe. tree, have to admit, that looks like a lot of fun. silly, crazy fun! do you get to choose which sauce, in case you have veggies attending?

diva, how did your weekend go? cannot believe that sam is FIVE! whoa.

jenn, glad to hear that there are others that are having the same issues. it goes a long way to preserving sanity, doesn't it? what really sucks is that this same thing continues to happen, and nothing happens to assboss.

doodle, i was watching a marilyn monroe movie yesterday (let's make love) and oh my, did she look HOTT. and you know? she had a belly. it was obvious. i've heard somewhere that she was a size 14….regardless of that, she was NO skinnie minnie. what woman had some astounding curves and she was adored. can't stand all of these lollypop ladies out there these days. bring back marilyn figures!

yay!!! turbojenn has saved my believe in greyhound lovers! Ive heard nothing but wonderful things about cuddly greyhounds. poodles, you may want to reconsider….interesting about their urge to RUN RUN RUN, although it makes total sense. i remember riding retired race horses, same phenomenon.

poodley, how was your nieceoid?

speaking of nieceoids, have i mentioned that mine is preggers? it's a boy! elle wants me to come and hang out with them when/after he is born. cannot.wait!

my weekend was quiet but nice. worked out. hung out by the pool. made yummy foodage (chili, summer veggie tart, tollhouse cookies, cheese muffinks) had some peeps over for chili and beer last night. nice.

don't even mind being at work so much today, except for the guys with the jackhammers pounding on concrete across the street. headache city.
Good Morning!

Mox, that's too cute! Hee. Ooooh cookies!!

Hello Tes!!! Mmmm food! Boooooooo jackhammers, want me to come down and kick some ass?

I slept last night. Aren't I exciting. Poodle, I still haven't got through the new MF, since I have a ton of back issues, and I have the book, which is good, the author is getting into Amish country now. It's interesting.

I am at work, and this weekend was so low key that it feels like I haven't been here in ages. And I wrote a haiku about vodka yesterday, but inspiration was the Grey Goose I was drinking. Heh. It is also cold as fuck here today. Today is one of those days where I'd like to lounge about in bed and have the little creature dog curled up next to me. But, here I am!

Later gators!

Oh wait, I made this delish blueberry oatmeal bar yesterday, well more mixed froit bar and it is so darned tasty. Mmmm, fruit tastic, and there is brown sugar in it, which could be substituted for Splenda brown sugar.


Mornin' everyone!!

That spaghetti dinner looks awesome tree!! 'Cept for the meatballs part!! And I agree with moxette--why ruin perfectly good chili by adding chicken?! Blech!! tongue.gif Although, hotdogs and ham are way scarier. I was the same way when I was little. I didn't mind the uber-processed meats because they didn't feel so meaty.

Oooh...anthropology would be so interesting to study, culture!! I'm jealous. I'd love to go back to school if I didn't have to pay for it. I'll probably get my master's degree at some point when I've had enough of this appraisal thing.

(((doodle's finger))) Ouch!!

I'm glad you had fun, minx!! And congrats on getting rid of the doc, even if he was an ass about it. He probably has a big head about being a doctor and just assumes that women will worship him for that.

Turbo, that is so sad about the lady and her kiddo. She was lucky to run into you guys though. And about the greyhounds being low-key--that's totally what I would need. My house is small and I work during the day, so my doggie would have to enjoy relaxation and they'd also have to be somewhat independent. Plus, they'd have to be pretty disinterested in the cats. It will probably be a while before I get a dog, because I want to think it through and make sure that I have a healthy arrangement for them first. It's only fair.

I got to spend time with my sis and neicoid on Saturday evening, which was lots of fun. My neice is such a friggin' goofball. She loved the trinkets I got her and named the sparkly kitty "Oscar" after my kitty. Awwww.

There was a little tension between my sis and I because she's having the new baby baptized at some point, so I joked, "Yeah, you wouldn't want your baby floating around in oblivion with all the other unbaptized babies and non-Christians." Anyway, we got into it a little about religion, and she and my parents were saying that it's important that the kid has a moral foundation, blah, blah, blah. Well, I agree, but I don't think that religion is the answer. My sister said that she wants to put her kids through all the sacraments so that they can make their own choices later on. Um...okay... *slaps forehead* Heh, then I pissed off my parents by saying that I actually appreciate my Catholic upbringing because, if anything, it has made me even more confident in my disbelief in the "divine" and my distaste for religion. If not for my Catholic experience, I would probably be a believer, so I thanked them for that. laugh.gif
Actually, those ickle-fickle Catholics got rid of the doctrine that says babies that die unbaptised will go to limbo:

From Wikipedia: , the advisory body known as the International Theological Commission released a document, originally commissioned by Pope John Paul II, entitled "The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die without Being Baptized." [18]

After tracing the history of the various opinions that have been and are held on the eternal fate of unbaptized infants, including that connected with the theory of the Limbo of Infants, and after examining the theological arguments, the document stated its conclusion as follows:

"Our conclusion is that the many factors that we have considered above give serious theological and liturgical grounds for hope that unbaptized infants who die will be saved and enjoy the beatific vision. We emphasize that these are reasons for prayerful hope, rather than grounds for sure knowledge. There is much that simply has not been revealed to us.[19] We live by faith and hope in the God of mercy and love who has been revealed to us in Christ, and the Spirit moves us to pray in constant thankfulness and joy."[20]

What has been revealed to us is that the ordinary way of salvation is by the sacrament of baptism. None of the above considerations should be taken as qualifying the necessity of baptism or justifying delay in administering the sacrament. Rather, as we want to reaffirm in conclusion, they provide strong grounds for hope that God will save infants when we have not been able to do for them what we would have wished to do, namely, to baptize them into the faith and life of the Church.

Pope Benedict XVI authorized publication of this document, which is not an official expression of the Church's teaching,[21] but only one of the opinions that the Catholic Church does not condemn, allowing them to be held by its members.

Anyhoo...I think it's a bunch of retarded, superstitious hoo-ha, kinda like if I step on a crack I might actually break my mother's back.
That's right. I just read about that in the latest Mental Floss. Hilarious.
Hi, peeps!

Minx, I'm glad your birfday party was fun. I had family stuff going on that day because it was my dad's birfday, too, so we had a little party for him and Sam. Do you mean that you played Rock Band? Damn, now I'm mad I missed out. I've been wanting to try that game out, since I'm so into Guitar Hero.

Good on you for finally giving the "good" doctor the heave ho. If he can't understand you're not ready for a relationship, then, well, he's not as wise as his years would indicate.

I could do with some greasy Chinese today, but I'll refrain. I might be going to the beach on the east coast in a few months. More about that later.

CH, a haiku to vodka rules! Can you write it out for us?

Sam hasn't been baptized yet, and no plans so far for it. I think it's kind of funny because both my family and Sam's other family are Catholic. I'm an atheist, but I really want to be his godmother. He and I have a special little bond, and anyway, it shouldn't have anything to do with religion.

Hi, Tree, Moxie, Jenn, Doodle, and TES! and all!

Anyway, about the beach trip... Dad is able to get a gigantic dome home beach house with 6 BR and 4 bathrooms for a week in April for $750. It belongs to a late state senator's widower and he rents it out then gives what he makes to the MN DFL party. Dad was kind of close to them. Anyway, it's in southern North Carolina on Topsail Island. We'd be about 50 feet from the beach. It might be during hurricane season, though, we're looking into that. It'd be pretty cool to fly out there with my whole immediate family, Sam, and the giant, and just hang out for a week. The giant and I would rent a car and go exploring, too. I've been to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, but never this far north, so it could be fun to explore. I want to try to lose a bunch of weight before then so it wouldn't be too out of the question to wear a bathing suit and swim in the ocean.

We never did get to see the giant's family this weekend because his brother and SIL had national guard duty, but we'll go next weekend. I'm looking a little forward to it. By then, it'll have been 3 weeks since the last time we saw them. I'm okay with visiting, just not every weekend or every other weekend.

Turbo is moxette's fairy-godmother, and our BFF's are her un-godly or godless godparents (we are the same for their kids). BFF was somewhat forced into having his older son baptized, and moxieman is his "actual" godfather. This is funny because we are all atheists/secularists/non-traditionalists. I have a serious aversion to the idea that any organized religion gets the cornerstone on special relationships between children and adults who want to guide and love them.
I like when people have their close friends be their children's godparents. In my family, it's always been other family members, but the family you choose is just as important as the one you're born with. I know my kid's godparent would be a friend instead of family member.
well, we have a family member appointed her legal guardian if something happened to both of us, but even that is something i often debate in my head.
AMEN! I hear that, sisters. tongue.gif Minxlette's father and I never formally chose people as "adult guides", but she has a parade of aunties and uncles who are not blood relatives that act in that fashion. Ya know, just being really good influences, accepting and loving people--constant forces in her life. Minxlette has a kickass set of blood aunts and uncles, but they don't live anywhere near here.

Tonight, Minxlette and I are going to feast on lasagna and chocolate cake, because she said that's what SHE wants for MY birthday!! Bwa-hahahahaha!!! Hey, no complaints here. laugh.gif

Yeah, it was Rock Band--it was so fucking sweet. I sang "Run to the Hills" and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps". Apparently, my birthday twin's brother has been lusting after me for about six years, and she actually told me on Saturday night to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fuck him or something so that he'll stop talking about it.

I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. wink.gif

Diva, at trip out East sounds awesome!

I look at religion as kind of like...a kid that has an imaginary friend. It's kinda cute, but still kinda fucking scary.
Religion blows.

Anyway...lasagna and chocolate cake sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! Mmmm...chocolate cake with a glass of milk. Yummers.

I'm eating leftover miso soup tonight. I made it last night using the Moosewood recipe. Not bad at all!! I'm 3 for 3 with that book so far. I highly recommend it if you're into veggies and Asian food and pasta.

Minx has a boyfriend!! Minx has a boyfriend!! That's hilarious what your pal said!!

So, I'm reading The Wal-Mart Effect by Charles Fishman and it's very interesting. It's amazing how that corporation (empire?) has everyone wrapped around its finger--not just the little guy. Gigantic suppliers and manufacturers are basically at the mercy of Wal-Mart. Even if you don't shop at Wal-Mart, it affects you in some way or another. Freaky.
Hi everyone! I'm feeling a bit blergy today...I came home a few minutes early, and took a nap. I don't think I'm getting sick, really, just a little run down. Though I did seem to piss off my tastebuds last night - they're really sore today - first time for everything....must've been the hot/sour/sweet dipping sauce I made for the thai stirf fry last night. Ow.

Its funny...I've gone from totally churchy, worked at a church for 4 years, lived in a ecumenical (lutheran) commune, and now I've totally drifted away from all that. I do like the teachings of Unity, but mostly the teachings are simply that you have the power to create whatever you want for yourself. If I had kids, there'd be no baptism...though Unity does a cool ceremony where they shower the baby with rose petals and affirm the child's spiritual perfection and role as teacher for his/her parents. Its very sweet.

Poodle, you're totally right in waiting to settle in and see if you really want a dog, and then seek out the right dog. For all that greyhounds RUNRUNRUN...they run for about 1minute max - they're sprinters, but there's no catching 'em while they're moving. The rest of the time, turbo is pretty much in his bed, and doesn't move for anyone or anything except for dinner.

I think I'm making pasta carbonara tonight for dinnner - simple, and I need something fairly bland for my angry tongue. I'm so glad there are good wheat-free pastas out there now.

Oh, I made cookies this weekend too - I found a killer peanut-butter-chocochip-oat recipe, with no wheat, and they are sooooooo fucking good!

Poodle, if you like that one, check out Freakonomics and The Tipping Point - I love these kinds of books, and all three are excellent, though Freakonomics is probably my favorite. Good stuff.
Good Evening!

Poodle, I'm in the same boat as you about religion, it was Catholocism that turned me off, at least the fanatics. I know not everyone who believes in a god is some sort of wacko, but there sure are a lot of boobs out there. I should recommend some god anthro reading, there is some good stuff out there, not always dreadfully boring.

Minx, that was interesting! And yum of spaghetti and chocolate cake!!!!! Mmmm chocotastic.

Diva, the beach house sounds great! As for the vodka haiku, I'll have to ask my friend to text it back to me, as I don't remember. My haiku creativity comes to me in spurts. I once sent my friend one about the hippocampus, because it's her favourite part of the brain.

Turbo, I sorry you're feeling off today, but yay on good cookies!!! Cookietastic.

I went to the park and motored through because it was so damned cold, came home worked out. Now I'm in bed fucking around online.

And that is all.

I'm glad that work is done for the day, it was quiet, and I was feeling super tired. But here I am!! Heh.

I'm going to go now.

Later Kats!

Thanks, CH, I'm feeling much better now with a tummy full of yummy carbonara with lots of veggies and cheese and eggs. It turned out really good, and this was the first time I found quinoa pasta in elbows, so that made me happy. I miss shaped pasta. smile.gif

I think I'll take a bath and hit the hay early.

Diva, that family vaca on the beach does sound great - I hope it all works out for you! You and the giant definitely deserve a relaxing vacation!

ETA: We're watching the new American Gladiators (cheesy, but good nostalgia), and there's a woman gladiator named Helga, and *gasp* - she looks like a REAL woman - not some 'roided out freak - girl has got some hips and thighs - I'm lovin' it!
CH... I read that you were ..fucking and online...
lots to say re godparents, etc, but this is a fly by to see if this works:

for poodley noodley, my christmas present:

(if someone can help me figure out how this works, i'll post more)
Good Morning!

Turbo, that's great that you are feeling better. The food sounds delish!!

Jami, I went and reread my post, heh.

Tes,!!!! When I saw the first one, before I read the caption, I thought, you put pictures of trees, I thought maybe you were testing out the camera. Then I saw. So cool!!!

Well, it's Tuesday, and it's windy here. Very very windy. It's another beyoooootiful day in this city. Well, not really. hee.

That's is all!

Later gators.

Hi everyone!!

Tes, that is so neato!!!!!!!!!! Awwww...look at those big paws. So cute. You would never guess that they're actually instruments of death. RRRAWWRR!! *pounces on tes*

Turbo, I've never tasted wheat-free pasta other than rice noodles in Asian food. Does the stuff that's marketed as wheat-free pasta taste different than the typical Asian stuff? I stocked up on a bunch of udon and soba noodles at the global market the other day. I'm excited to use 'em.

I read Freakonomics a couple weeks ago and I loved it!! The chapter on crime and abortion was especially interesting. I didn't get to bed until about 3:00 AM that night. What is The Tipping Point about?

Diva's trip sounds awesome. I'm super jealous. I've never seen an ocean before.

Good things Tuesday:
1. Good book
2. Lots of good food in fridge--gonna make stir-fry with jasmine rice tonight
3. Worked til 7:30 last night, so I get to leave early today.
4. My cats are really cute and sweet
5. Boss will be out of the office for most of the week
6. Dumb report is almost done
7. Had decent night's sleep

Where the hell is everyone??

My foot smell can't be that bad. Le Sigh.
I'm here, know...BITCHY AND BLEEDING!!! laugh.gif
I have MRG cramps and a headache. Plus, I want to strangle one of our clients, because he's basically telling me how to do my job (via email). Fortunately, I get to leave early because I stayed late last night. I'm think I'm gonna pick up some Oreos on the way home.

Poodle, now I wants me some Fudgeos. In blizzard form.

Mmm fudgietastic.

But what do I get to do when I get home?? I get to take the dog out in the freezing cold and blustering wind, then I get to work out and clean house. WOO.HOO.
Well, I pigged out on Oreos and now I'm drinkin' some beer. Not quite as healthy as my miso soup lunch full of organic veggies and tofu. Ah well. I manage to resist Oreos the rest of the year. What are Fudgeos? Chocolate filling instead of cream?
Poodle, look at it this way - the oreos are balanced by the healthy miso soup lunch!! That's how I always justify my favorite junk foodies. smile.gif

The Tipping Point is very similar to Freakonomics, just uses sociology to explain social movements, innovations and the spreading of ideas in culture and epidemics....interesting stuff - and he's a good storyteller too. So funny how we're on the same reading binge!

I'm going to get my astrology chart done tonight - always nice to see what's coming up for this year. And I feel so lucky to have an amazing shaman in my 'hood....seriously, sometimes I feel like this is the only place I for me to live.

The wheat-free pastas do taste a bit different than wheat stuff, sometimes they're earthier, but overall, they are very good. I still don't eat much pasta - I prefer brwn or wild rice, generally, but once in awhile, I really crave pasta comfort food.

Hi CH! I'm with you on the bundling up in the farking cold with the dog today. But, really, I don't mind that much...I've got a good parka. Now, getting stuck on the train platform this morning at -9F for 30 minutes, with a train malfunction 100yards from the station - now THAT was annoying.
Hiya Okayland!

~*~*~*~anti-cramp/PMS vibes for everyone~*~*~*~

I was totally there with ya this past weekend.

tesao, those pics are AMAZING!!! WOW! I couldn't find anything but trees till I made that first pic bigger. And yeah, totally with ya on the Marilyn thing. The pressure on women to make themselves virtually disappear into thinness nowadays is stunning to me....but then, it also drives me crazy when naturally thin women are told to "eat a sandwich" or something like's like we're not allowed to be our natural, normal selves no matter how we look - the standards for beauty just seem to be getting narrower and narrower, don't they?

turbo! I got wheat-free dark rye bread today and thought of you! biggrin.gif

Hiya also poodle, diva, CH, moxie, jami, minx, kari, lore, and any lurkerbees!

YAY!!! I got a lovely gift today of chocolate chip cookies, that are also covered on top with mini-M&Ms!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my finger is almost better.

Hey, remember how my hair almost all fell out? It's coming back nice and thick now, but the strangest thing used to be stick straight, then it started coming in all curly, and now I have wavy, wavy hair! I can't figure it out anymore...every time I try to style it, it's a crapshoot.

I can't believe I'm going to be starting work on Friday!! Holy crap! I'm a teeny bit nervous about having to prove myself all over again, but also VERRRRY happy to be getting back out there....I've gone way past the boredom factor now - I feel like I'm sitting in a waiting room or something. Also I'm so broke....I'm going wind up being a few days late with part of the rent, actually. Apparently there will be some Excel data entry involved with this assignment, so I've been sitting here trying to teach it to myself....which I should actually go back to doing. Will try to check in again later!
oh, gah.

I'm SO tired...I should be preparing for teaching my first class tomorrow night...but I just want to go to bed.

(I'm coming down with a cold). Blah.


Oh, in the paper copies of the Onion they distribute around Madison, I saw this totally HILARIOUS (to me) article in the opinion section that was supposedly written by an "old fashioned country refrigerator repairman" complaining about "fancy big city refrigerator repairmen" was poetic to me, of course. I can't find it online to link to it, though. I really wanted to!

Sorry for the me me me...I'm just exhausted.

Doodle, I used to wear my hair really, really short. It was straight before I started (practically shaving it) cutting it so short...then when I grew it out it came back in curly. It's weird. Get yourself some good scrunching gel and play up those curls! That's what I did for my avatar pic. I imagine you've got a bit of growing out to do, but I'd recommend, once you get that far, getting it cut in shaggy layers, curls love that. You can use a straightening iron if you get sick of them (I do that sometimes), but I think you should flaunt it, baby!

I'm in a soup mood tonight (that cold coming on, I suppose) and I have frozen in the fridge, split pea, AND gumbo. I'm gonna combine the two and see what I end up with! Either it'll get tossed out or it'll be yummy, I guess!

Tess, what amazing pictures! Were they wild, or just in an amazing zoo? I actually (buffing nails against shirt) saw Waldo pretty quick...but what a picture! I wish I could see something like that in person.

I thought the book Freakanomics was sooo interesting! I actually read it about a year ago. I also was struck by the abortion~crime rates thing. I'll have to check out that other one.

~*~*~*anti MRG vibes for those who need them*~*~*~
That's great, doodle!! I would imagine that it would be somewhat of a relief to get back to work after so long. I hate working, but at least it forces me to get up, go out into the world, and talk to people (even if I don't really want to talk to them). I know myself well enough to know that I would rarely leave the house if I didn't have a job. Congrats on the volumous head of hair, too!!

Oooh...turbo, you just reminded me that I have a bunch of wild rice in my cabinet!! I'm gonna have to dig through the Moosewood book for ideas. I have a bunch of lentils that might work well with it, too. Now that I have more space in my kitchen, I'm really trying to build up my collection of ingredients, especially the bulk stuff. I have so many more options now. The space and the dishwasher has allowed me to take up way more cooking, which I'm good at and I enjoy!! I've also been eating a lot healthier.

So what's the latest news on the boss harrassment case, turbo?

I'm gonna have to check out The Tipping Point. I love that kind of reading. I'm a total social sciences nerd. When I was younger, I used to think that I was bad at reading and that it wasn't my thing, but I later realized (in college) that I was reading the wrong stuff--FICTION!! I've only made it through a handful of fiction books and I always struggled in literature classes. When I was supposed to be reading Watership Down in 7th grade, I was busy reading my brother's college physiology textbook. Even in college, it took me a lot more discipline to read a 20-page short story than, say, 3 chapters of my architectural history textbook. Funny. I'm sure there are kiddos out there today who struggle in reading classes, but only because all of the reading is fiction. I wish schools would consider that.

How's the Living Biblically book, culture? I want to read it one of these days, but I need a little break from the religious stuff after reading The God Delusion and Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism. In fact, I haven't even finished Kingdom Coming yet, because it was making me so angry. I bought Freakonomics for a little variety. Great book.

ETA- Hi tree!!
Doodle!!! Congrats on starting work on Friday! I'm sure you'll be back in the saddle and learn everything you need in *no* time - all that office stuff will come roaring back.

And my mom's hair came back totally different after the first time she lost it after chemo - hers came in curly too. Tree's right - a good layered cut, and some styling lotion, and you'll be all set!

Good luck teaching tomorrow, tree!!! The hardest thing is the thinking about doing it, and the first five minutes...after that, you find your rhythm, and then you'll ROCK!

I read a lot of different stuff - a fair amount of fiction, lots of mythic stuff - I like the connections between ancient thought and modern practices, and then all the tech stuff for work, and stuff like Freakonomics about how the world works. I like collecting all kinds of knowledge.

Poodle, I love to saute a sliced leek up in live oil, and cook it with wild rice in mushroom broth, then saute up some mushrooms & garlic, and spinach to top it with, along with some toasted pecans or pine nuts. Good stuff.

Yeeesh, I'm tired...I think I'm going to have to hit the hay early.

Poodle, Fudgeos are chocolate with a chocolate cream filling. I've not had them in years. I also haven't had oreo's in years. The book is interesting so far, I've not sat down to read it more than half an hour at a time, I've been so busy and tired.

Turbo, that train deal would have pissed me off royally. Mmmm leeks and olive oil. Yummers! I did bundle up warm at the park yesterday.

Doodle, congratulations on starting work on Friday!!!! *throws glitter* I am rather oblivious when it comes to hair stuff. I know you'll learn the excel stuff easily!!

Hey Tree, how are you feeling today?? ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~* you'll do great at teaching tomorrow!

So, I took hound to the park yesterday, and it was bloody windy, and I walked around a corner, and I saw someone who was lying down in the snow, immediately I recognized the persons dog, he's an older gentleman and I thought, I dear, I hope he's not dead. He's not in the best of health, so I run up, and then I see his head pop up, to which I felt great relief. He had fallen down, so I helped him up and walked the rest of the way around with him. Thank goodness he was okay, and the dogs know each other and were playing with each other. It worries me, because in weather like this, there usually aren't other people at the park, and some people don't come until the evening when it's dark out, and they may not have seen him.

Le Sigh.

then I came home and did a hella hard cardio workout and went to bed.

Again, it's cold and windy here. I can deal with the cold without wind, but when the wind is blustery, it makes things so much worse.


Quick post....

Wow, this is the weirdest damned thing....without me even having to make myself do anything, my body is starting to want to go to bed early and get up early. It's entirely unconscious! If my brain had it's way, I'd spend my last few days of unemployment being a badass till dawn. I guess I must be ready to go back to work, huh?

Can someone explain to me what happened with the Dem Primary in Michigan? I don't understand why the 2 candidates pulled out - can they even do that? How does that effect the end results when all the Primaries are done? I'm just a Canuckistanian who doesn't understand....
Double post, sorry! Okay, so in my eager-to-work boredom, I went down to the day labour place up the road and asked what's up. They are going to put me to work today, packing eggs, if you can believe it! It's going to pay (all cash, at the end of today) $70 (CAD) plus $40 for gas (I have BFF's car - the work is out in the sticks, but it won't cost me even half that in gas to get there). Hilarious, no? And I'll probably get more work tomorrow, either more egg-packing, or housecleaning. I can't stand sitting around anymore - I'm going crazy at home - and I need to earn some I'm off!! (I wonder if I'll be covered in chicken shit at the end of the day?)
Hey Doodle!!!

WOOT on making some cash! I've no idea what happened in Michigan, either. I didn't really pay attention to newsword this morning, and the focus was on the horrible situation in Bathurst.

I need a nap.
Hi again...I'm home...the egg-packing guy decided to do the work himself. DAMN. I gassed up the car, too, and I was all stoked to get working, and also earning some dough. But sounds like I've got some housecleaning work tomorrow - I have to call in before they close for the day. Still: damn, damn, damn.

Hi CH!
doodle, shitty deal about the work.


I really wanna go home, and I just had some woman try and tell me how to do my job, listen, it's not my problem is someone goes and fucks off with their rent money, she goes on a little rant about tax payers and such, so I asked how fair it would be if we were paying rent twice every month for someone.

She had nothing to say.


where is everyone today????
Well, I'm here, CH.....

Sounds like you gave an appropriate response to that woman. What else could you say, really? rolleyes.gif

Going stir crazy in my brain; I really wanted to be working today. Oh well, I've done the Occupational Health and Safety training today, so that was I can go to work whenever there is work, I guess. I can stay signed on with the day labour place, so whenever there is no office temping or clothing store work, I can maybe pick up a few days here and there doing miscellaneous crap. Egg-packing for a day sounded kinda fun and different, though....I can't believe how disappointed I am. wink.gif

ETA: Did anyone see this bit of news? Huckabee wants the Constitution to match 'God's standards' I thought the point of the US Constitution even mentioning religion was to separate church and state....?
Doodle, I get that a lot at work. Well, I'm a tax payer. So am I, and if it was your kid who spent their money on something other than rent, what would you expect me to do about it then?

They didn't pay rent, evict them.

That article is fucked up, I think it was Poodle, who said that Romney wanted to take America back for Jesus. WTF is that about???

Yeah, I'm no Christian (ex-Christian, actually), but I'm pretty sure the doctrine of conversion involves some freedom of personal choice in the matter.

Crap, it's snowing.

Yesterday, the gay ex-priest and I saw people walking out on the ice and crashing through into the river, and we freaked, but then we realized they were a rescue team getting some practise. (BRRRRR...there's a job I'm glad NOT to have!) Sadly, I'm sure there will be a bunch of kids who saw that and will think it's fine to walk out on the ice....
Doodle, is expected to storm?

it's just cold as fuck here. Like really cold, it'll be a fun one at the park today.
Nah...the weather report just says intermittent flurries till Sunday. It is cold here today, but not nearly as cold as Winterpeg, I imagine! Still, I've got the heat jacked up and I'm still cold....

I'm gonna wrap up in the big purple afghan while I sit here....
Yesterday was bad, it's the wind. If it weren't so bloody windy, it would be tolerable.

Then again, after a while, you just go numb.
Damn, what were our ancestors thinking when they settled in the frozen tundra and called it Canada???

I remember living in Alberta, that prairie cold is something else. I don't think I'd leave BC again to live. At least the weather is reasonable here, with four seasons and everything! (In the southern part of BC, anyway.) Then again, I wouldn't choose the coast again, either, with all that rain. Damn, I'm hard to please!

This afghan is nice 'n' toasty, though. And I microwaved two of those chocolate chip cookies, just so they'd be nice and soft and gooey and warm...mmmmm. Maybe a cup of tea would help, too....
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