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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I have a salt lamp! I love it, it really is a very attractive alternative to a typical air cleaner.

Anyway it's a giant chunk of salt, in mineral form, so it's basically like a big rock, very hard. A hole is drilled in the center and a light bulb is in there. It makes the salt warm and supposedly is a natural purifier. It adds negative ions to the air. And it makes a pretty glow.

(turbo, I had a devil of a time finding a replacement bulb for mine when it burned out...I substituted the closest thing I could find but the wattage is a little higher, so the salt is hotter.) I've gotta do some looking around to find a source for those bulbs.

So, I want it to be spring. I'm feeling my annual wintertime depression. Blah. I'm stressed and frustrated at work and I just want to go hide somewhere.
Good Morning!!!

First off, Minx, I fucking love your new avatar!!!! I'm glad the good doctor has calmed down, but I agree can't string him along if things aren't there. I hope that the date between you and the craigslist guy go well. Sounds promising.

I do not know what I do without cheese or dairy, it is a huge part of my diet, chocolate milk is one of the best things for you after you work out. Course I have to go a spoil mine with a protein supplement. Blech.

Diva, everything is his house is beige?? creepy. and boring. How was your evening last night??

Poodle, that sucks about not being as close to Target or Barnes & Noble, but at least you are okay aboutt he move! How are you and XRB?

Turbo, I totally here you about the job thing. I just hope that you can get out of the current hell hole. And this salt lamp soubds intriguing. My clients being about negative energy, and now i am curious.

Hey Polly! That is the coolest cookie jar EVAH! So cute! Now I want to see Ratatouille. I do so like rats, so long as they aren't sewer rats. In which case they are more like small horses.

Hey Doodle! That blows about being potato intolerant. I also heart potatoes, I would be very sad if I coudln't eat. I've been following the primaries as well, seems that this is all that's on CBC Newsworld right now, and the upset from yesterday! And I want to know who the hell names their kid Mitt??? Does he have a sister named glove? and an aunt named boot? Jeez.

(((((tree))))) I'm sorry you're feeling down today. Again with this salt lamp, I know what to look for one!

Sooooo, I worked out and took the dog out, then went to bed. I have to finish up the edits for my letter of intent TODAY!!!! Gaaaaaaa! Looks like I'm goingto dog fuck at the office, as grad school is a little more important!

Later Kats!

Yo yo yo.

What's up.

Doodle! Congrats on the job!! Yeah! I did not know you are potato intolerant. That is very sad. No chips? No fries? That would be difficult for me, but probably much better for my health. Chips are a major weakness for me.

Diva, pooh for the giant being in a bad mood. Did he end up going with you to dinner? Did he get in a better mood?

It would be very bad for me to work within walking distance to a Target. Or driving distance. The only thing that saves me from blowing my whole check there is the distance. It's a little out of the way. I dropped 75 bones there yesterday as a matter of fact.

Thanks for the recipe poodle! Will try it very soon. I love Pad Thai, but have not been happy with the recipes I've used for it.

((jami)) So sorry to hear lamex is still at it. mad.gif Bug off fucker! Leave jami alone! Good for you for calling the cops, Jami.

Hi Minx! Glad to hear the dr has eased up a bit. Way too overzealous, wasn't he?

Hi CH! Good luck on your letter!

I for one was thrilled to learn that Hillary won NH yesterday. Woot Woot! And that Huckabee lost so badly.

Things here today are good. Last day of work before vaca. Sweet! Hospital was good Monday & Tuesday. I am gonna have to tell my supervisor that as much as I love hanging with her, I've got to book it & get sessions in w/ patients. I have to do 50. Have only 2 done so far. Bah. Yeah, it's only til April. I am happy I'm getting this out of the way. I think waiting & trying to do it later would have been more difficult.

Fer fuck's sake...exMinxman was on here last night. sad.gif

I imagine he read my letter in the "letters you will never send" thread...kind of defeats the purpose of not sending it. I have no ill-will towards him, but he promised he'd never look in on these threads anymore. Hell, maybe he didn't. Maybe he just glanced and turned tail. In the end, it doesn't really matter; he's the one that wanted to end it. Everything else is just a result, although I didn't want him knowing my personal business. Not like that. In person, I would most likely tell him everything, but then it is my choice. There is a very good reason I don't go sifting through online personals ads; I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING. It would hurt too much. The only retarded thing that I've done regarding him is one drive-by on NYE. I felt better after having done it, but haven't gone near since or before then. NYE just about killed me (well, you know what I mean).

I guess, in some stupid way, I wonder if he cares that my birthday is tomorrow. It would be nice to know, but it's more of a lingering "I wonder if he give a shit" kinda way.

*le sigh*

CH--I found it last night on another site I belong to (the "other man" to BUST). I nearly wet myself laughing.
It's me again.

Kari, so things at the hospital are going well then? Good to hear!!

(((minx))) Ugh, what a douchebag. Want me to fling a used tampon and crustie used condom at him? I'd be more than happy to do that for you! smile.gif

The edits are done, now I just have to fnish up the other application, and get this crap sent off! Le Sigh.

Don't you go back to that boy, minx, or I'm gonna have to bust out the spanking machine!!

I'm not at all surprised that Huckabee won Iowa. There are lots o' bible thumpers there and they seem to want a religious leader more than a president. I'm soooo happy he bombed in NH. It's a nice big middle-finger to all the fundie fascists throughout America who think the right is putty in their hands. I was disappointed that Mitt did so well though, because he's a schmuck. I almost hate him more than Huckabee. I'm happy for Hillary. I kinda figured she'd at least tie with Obama. There's really no way to predict what's gonna happen now. It's crazy!!

The gay republican is into beige, eh? What does your gay boyfriend see in him? There must be something other than sex that connects them, otherwise they wouldn't have stayed together for so long.

Ya know, I've never been into the Slow Food movement or any kind of slow eating. I tried eating slow a couple of times, but I don't see the point, because everything just gets lukewarm and congealed. I enjoy wolfing down food and I don't see what's wrong with that. It's just unsophisticated, I guess. I don't care.

"Small horses" Ha! That's a pretty good comparison! I've had tons of pet rats in the past and they were all so sweet. They're definitely not dumb animals like people assume. I had one rat, Sassy, who would close her eyes and purr like a kitty when you scratched her rump. Awww...I've actually contemplated getting another rat recently, but I'm worried that my sly felines would figure out a way to get to it. The poor thing would probably be scared shitless all the time.
Poodle, the news was talking about how unpredictable things are going to be in this election. The only Republican who doesn't scare me is John McCain, everyone else makes me want to cry. Have you picked up the new MF yet? I just picked up The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs, I'm excited about reading it!

I think that in regards to slow food, it keeps you full longer, because it takes something like 20 minutes for your stomach to indicate to your brain that it is full.

Is it home time yet?
Hee hee, poodle- when I say "Slow Food", I'm referring to the organization that promotes local agriculture, environmentally-friendly farming and fair labor practices for agricultural workers, as well as promoting the pure enjoyment of food. I know that sounds obvious to just about anyone here, but there are lots of people who just eat whatever's easiest to prepare without any thought to whether or not it actually tastes good or is good for them. And an appreciation for the food makes their other goals more likely to happen.

But eating slowly is good too! tongue.gif
No offense Poodle, but I think we all know my opinion of spankings. tongue.gif
Hiya, peeps!

I'd love to get into the slow food thing, but I just don't have time for it. After a 9-hour workday, going to the gym, and whatever else I have to do, I don't have hours to cook. I'm lucky to find time to broil a steak and bake a potato (and the giant does that since I'm usually not home in time).

CH, when would you be starting school once you get accepted?

I honestly don't know what those 2 gay boys see in each other. My gay boyfriend definitely has a preference for straight-acting men who aren't at all obvious, and that's certainly what his boyfriend is. Beyond that, I have no clue. I don't see them together for the long run, though.

The giant did cheer up after all. Turns out it really was work that was wearing on him instead of the usual barage of stuff. We had fun last night and I tried not to be too hard on the Rethuglican. We got home nice and early and called it a night. He should be fine after he gets done with payroll today, and since this Friday is payday for both of us, we'll both be feeling that much better. I can pay off my Dayton's card and start plugging away at the gas bill, which must be really high again.

Doodle, I believe Romney's first name is Mitchell, but he goes by Mitt. I don't know why he wouldn't choose Mitch, but whatever.

I must say that I am very pleased with how the primary went last night. I wanted to see things turn around for Hillary, and they did. Though I'll vote for him if he gets the nomination, I really don't like Obama. I used to be on his email list and unsubscribed myself after I saw how vague he's been in the debates so as not to be in any way disagreeable and how all-over-the-place his emails were. Sure, he talks a good game, but he strikes me as one of those who doesn't always live up to his own words. And 3 years senate experience just isn't enough to satisfy me.

Poodle, I'd give my left foot to work anywhere near where you work. We haven't got jack shit here in downtown St. Paul to do. The half-price bookstore 4 blocks away just closed, you have to get your car out of a ramp to go to Target, and the selection of places to eat lunch is getting really old. I'm eternally jealous that you're so close to a B&N 5 days a week.

(((((((Treehugger))))))))) I hope things start looking up for you. This is prime SAD season.

Kari, you have 46 more sessions left? Oy. You are one very dedicated girl.

Minx, good on you for keeping away from exMinxman and limiting contact with the doctor.

Hi, Jenn and Polly!

Today's just a day. We had a meeting this morning and I'm doing a whole bunch of very motonous work all day long. No plans for tonight except to go to the gym. Just looking forward to being home again.

Polly, I find it really sad that people don't have the time to eat what they want, for so many people they just cram wahtever they can down.

Diva, rethuglican! Bwaaaahahahahaha! That's great! Excellent that The Giant cheered up

I have to leave a little early today and swing by the university, so that's a lovely thing, I'll beat rush hour traffic! Woohoo!

that is all.
Well, diva, you should ditch St. Paul and get a job over here so we can play during lunch!!

I really like taking the time to cook, actually. I love making dough from scratch and chopping up all sorts of veggies and so on. I just don't like to eat slowly. I used to be self conscious about my fast eating, but I don't care anymore. It's how I enjoy my food and it's not gonna change!!

Alright, babes, it's time for me to take off!! Later!!
oh, GAAAA.......

So, I'm now going to be our new apprenticeship night school instructor in "computer science".

(which is basically teaching them how to navigate windows xp)...but it will pay over $600 to do the class. Although it'll be cool being an instructor. But, I don't know how to do class rosters and all that stuff.

And, I was at the labor temple with Bear, drinking, I got kind of drunky after Bear left and got hit on by another guy and didn't exactly turn him down. Gah.

It was more like, I don't want to advertise Bear's and my relationship (long story) but he was talking to me and we did sort of "click" and he said he was glad to talk to me and said "I always assumed you guys were "together"...and I was (in the position of not wanting to advertise our thing) like "oh, no we're not together, he's just my best friend in the world" and I was drunk-ish and he said, "so maybe I could buy you a beer sometime" and I just said, "maybe sometime" and, you know, okayers, I really don't need this frigging DRAMA.

I really, really don't need this drama. Gah.
tree, congrats on the teaching job! That's wonderful! As for the guy, well, everybody does silly things once in awhile when they're drunk - there's no harm explaining, letting the guy down easy, if you see him harm, no foul, right? Hey, btw, did you ever read that one book I sent called Amazon? What did you think? I was just remembering it the other day and wondering about that!

poodle, I wish you were here with me right now - I've gone off cooking! I come from a whole family of speedeaters! I often think I eat too fast, but when I was a kid, I was always the last one finished, that's how fast everyone else eats.

diva, I am jealous of your baked potatoes. wink.gif The word Rethuglican made me spew my Diet Pepsi, btw.

kari, yeah, chips and fries get eaten very rarely by me. It's sad. I do weaken about once a week and have potatoes at home, but I have to be near a bathroom for quite a few hours. TMI, I know. It didn't used to be quite this bad, but the metformin I'm on makes it worse, because basically metformin works by altering how your body processes insulin-affecting foods. Wow, 50 sessions by April? How many days a week are you there in total?

CH...chocolate milk, mmm. *Homer Simpson drool*

Hi polly!

(ETA: and MINX! Oops, sorry! I meant to ask if you wanted the feminist vigilante posse to organize itself and duct tape exminxman naked to a tree or something....)

Ok, so I really, really, really need your bustie job interview vibes tomorrow morning at 11:30 Pacific time!!

Oh yeah, I forgot to brag that I got 81 WPM, with no mistakes, on my typing test yesterday! (Though the "no mistakes" thing would never happen without the magic of the backspace key - I'd do piss poor on a real typewriter.)

I just found this on - finally, a political drinking game for feminists! It's totally bustilicious! I'm pasting it here:

The Privileged Political Pundit Drinking Game

Drink anytime someone refers to Clinton's teary moment in NH as "crying," "sobbing," "weepy," or "contrived."

Take a drink for every "magical negro" reference to Obama.

Take one drink anytime someone calls Clinton "shrill" or "screechy."

Chug one whenever you hear of, see, or read Maureen Dowd. Always.

Two drinks anytime anyone expresses the sentiment that Edwards is at a disadvantage because he isn't black or female.

Take a shot when a pundit refers to Clinton as (or implies she is) a nagging bitch or cackling witch.

Drink for any lamenting that white-dude voters are being ignored.

Take a healthy gulp every time someone describes Obama as "clean" or "articulate."

Take two shots whenever someone implies that women only vote with their vaginas.

Warning: Do not watch Chris Matthews under any circumstances--doing so could induce alcohol poisoning.
Doodle - I LOVE that drinking game! Hilarious!

I shall definitely send you vibes tomorrow morning! And congrats on the kick-ass typing - I know I can't come close to that, and backspace is my best friend. I never took typing in school, and that was probably a mistake. I do okay, but I've got no form and mostly type with two fingers on each hand plus thumbs.

I'm with Diva, in being VERY glad to see Hillary win last night - this is going to be such an exciting primary season, and I'm SO glad to see so many good and passionate candidates for the Dems. I voted for Obama for Senate, of course and would vote for him again for Senate, and I've seen him speak several times when he was running, and I like him well enough, but I, too, think he's a little green yet...and his vagueness on ALL of his policy is unacceptable to me. I found him that way when running for Senate too - sure, he's an amazingly charasmatic and gifted speaker, and he sells hope like no one else, but I need to see MORE than that - and his Senate record thus far isn't really lighting me up either - its good, but not groundbreaking by any stretch - I mean, the man is chair of a Senate commission on international commerce that he has never bothered even to convene. Hmph. Oh and he and Hillary have voted exactly the same 90% of the time...which is a fine enough thing - they're both solid centrists.

If Obama is the nominee, though, I will certainly vote for him - I do think he'd do fine as President, and can bet that he would hire a very high-talent cabinet to help fill in his own gaps.

Tree - Congrats on the teaching gig!!! I'm sure you'll do great, and its a good thing to add to a resume! Yeah, I don't think you did anything wrong with the guy at the bar - you didn't make any moves - blow it off.

As you might guess, I'm a fan of the Slow Food movement - even though I'm a fast food gobbler, too. smile.gif Cooking is meditation for just makes me happy to be in the kitchen...especially my NEW kitchen. heh.

minx, that asshat is lower than the dirt under your toenails. he does not deserve to LICK that dirt out from under them. he is so pathological, you *know* the reason that he is lurking and reading your posts is to prove to himself just how worthless he is and give himself more fuel for being "bad for you" to justify his behavior. asshat. idiota. drippy cocked fuck chop.!!

go doodle! get your work face on, you are so getting this job at the shop!

the only thing that i like "beige" is food! you know, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade rolls, pecan pie....(my favorite comfort foods are starchy and fatty - it would suck the big green wienie if i were allergic/intolerant of either potatoes OR cheese! how can you tell if you have a lactose intolerance? i eat yogurt and use milk on my meusli almost daily. not to mention my cheese love)

living spaces should NOT beige, though! the main room in my apartment here in africa has red/orange dining chairs, and a yellow/gold sofa, so i've decorated with accents of bright red, chartreuse, orange...i should post a picture.

speaking of which, i tried to post some pictures for poodley yesterday but the lounge didn't like my photo file names. mad.gif

tree, teaching that class could be interesting - especially with YOU as the professor! wish i could have had you teach me that stuff when i was learning it!

relationship drama can be interesting, if exhausting. why do you think that you told this guy that you and bear were "best friends" and invite him out for a drink?

it IS an exciting primary season. super tuesday should be very interesting! i hate the double standard for women that shows up again and again in every arena, including political. first hillary was too cold. gasp! the ice queen! now? she's not showing emotion, she's an emotional woman who can't lead the country because emotion=weakness. makes me crazy.

diva, that's really interesting about romney. maybe "mitt" is supposed to sound more manly? (speaking of posts that made me spew - culture, your mention of parents naming their kids things like mitt and bat and ball cracked my ass up!)

i'm glad that the giant cheered up, that friday is payday, that you will pay off your dayton's card, and that things are right in divalândia!

kari, how on earth are you going to be able to squeeze all of those in? my hat's off to you!

i agree with the "vagueness" issue regarding obama; and i'm concerned about the tendency that hillary has to polarize everyone, including her party. sorry to hear about richardson bowing out, he was impressive for a host of reasons. and kucinich, sigh. if only i could vote for someone i really liked for a change. course, the last time i did that was for jimmy carter (my father was his commanding officer in hawai'i a looooooooooooong time ago, and he was a friend of the family, so we actually knew him and he is a genuinely nice guy) and i've since decided that nice people make crappy politicians. i could use some hope. so could the the USA.

the slow food movement rocks! there is actually a group of people that gets together to cook/eat at places (including each other's houses) called "slow food". mr. hotbuns and i used to do things with them when we were living together in the states. i'm with poodle and jenn - it relaxes me to chop and stir and punch down rising bread dough. i love the way that it makes the house smell, all cozy and welcoming. it's the rainy season here, and when it rains it gets chilly (okay, it gets chilly for here) and last weekend i made stews - pork with pineapple and peppers, and mushroom. i also made some yummy cheese muffins to go with them. it's summer, so the local vegetables are out in full swing and i'm loving it. i made ratatouille on tuesday (the ratatouille talk in here inspired me! hee. rolleyes.gif ) when there are so many good fresh veggies around, i seem to eat much more vegematarian, although as a rule mr. hotbuns and i don't eat much red meat, mostly chicken and fish, and we tend to have at least 3 veggie meals a week)
~*~*job interview vibes for doodlebug*~*~

Doodle, I did read Amazon and it was really interesting! I think I have a little bit of ADD though; I didn't finish it. Not because it wasn't good, but because I finish less than 10% of the books I start, it seems. I always get to about the last 30 pages or so...

Hmm. I'm the same way with knitting projects. dry.gif

I'm loving that drinking game too!!!! Imagine how drunk you'd get listening to normal talk radio. I listen to Air America exclusively, though.

Tesao, I'm the same way; beige is for foods! Mmmm, comfort food! And...I'm awful when I've had a couple too many, I'm very suggestible. Is that even a word? Anyway, Bear and I just like to keep our relationship low-key. He invited me for a drink, actually, in some vague "sometime in the future" way and I was just sort of noncommittal. So I guess maybe it wasn't so bad.

(((minx))) I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. I agree, he isn't worth the air he breathes. And spying on you here AGAIN. dry.gif

I just hope the Dems get the presidency this year. It's a scary time out there. Heh..."rethuglican".

general ~*~*well-being vibes*~*~ for jami

Kari, that's a LOT of sessions!

Divala, yay on being able to pay off the Dayton's card. I have to work on my mastercard this month. It's one of those three paycheck months for me, so that should help considerably.

I'm hoping to get some "how to teach" suggestions from

So I'm going to go to a "spaghetti on a board" party tonight, one of my friends is having a birthday. It's at a nice Italian place on Monona Drive where they bring a pot of spaghetti and just dump it on the table and you scrape your portion over to yourself and just eat it off the table. heh. I've never been to one of those, it sounds like it will be interesting. You have to book these parties several weeks in advance.

Sees ya later!
Hey Hey!

Hey Poodle!

Tree, congratulations on the teaching job, and I agree with everyone, it was just drunk flirting, don't worry about it, unless you blew him at the bar in which case my hat goes off to you! How was your dinner last night. When I first read what it was, I read you smear spaghetti over yourself, and I shook my head for a second then read what you really wrote. Heh.

Doodle, I'll for sure send vibes your way, and 81 wpm!! Fantatic. I also must get in on the back space as my saviour deal. I go back and read the notes I made in files and I'm horrified when I see spelling errors. Sometimes it's funny. that drinking game is great! ewwww Chris Matthews.

Turbo, I wish I had your kitchen.

Tes, post pics of your abode!

Sooooo, yesterday. I'm glad it's over. I went to the university to pick up my transcripts. and it was packed, I only had half an hour of parking, and the time had expired when I got back to the metre, no ticket though. There were three peolpe working at the wickets, and a whole bunch of staff doing nothing int he back. I thought, I work for government and even I think this is bad service. Soooo, I get me stuff then leave. I go to print out the paper, the cord is missing to plug the printer, so I can't plug it in. Go to the park take the dog for a walk, and was beat, skipped the work out. Went to the drug store to pick up my moms migraine meds and for easily the eighth time, they forgot to put her insurance through. The pharmacy tech tells me it's because she needs to pay her pharmacare deductible. Noooo she doesn't I say, she has insurance. So they run it through. I ask them why this always happens. No idea why. Get back home, go to bed. Had a dream about my ex which made me mad. Then I had a epiphany about the printer, I could use the cord from my laptop because the plugs match. When I get up this morning, it works, plug the printer in, get to printing, and I'm out of ink. I'm taking al ong lunch and printing all the stuff out at lunch. This is the only way this is going to work.


Tonight I plan on getting back into the workout deal. I just want the weekend!!!!!!

Is it bad that I don't want to do any work today? Oh well.
Hi everyone!!

Ugh. I can tell today's gonna be a long day. All this food talk gets me really excited!! I need an extra dose of caffeine before I post in length, though. I'll be back!!

PS- Culture, have you picked up the new mental floss yet? I just finished it last night.
Poodle, I haven't picked it up yet, I have to go to get my ink cartridge refilled, so I'll check out the bookstore when I do. Granted I really hate that bookstore, but it'll do the job. I used to work at it, and it's so blah.

I am almost done my filing. Seriously had a shit load, and I only have a few thigns left!!! YAY!!!!

*scampers off to complete*
This is my 1000th post.

This is my 34th birthday.

I'm trying really hard to keep my head above water today, but it's been extraordinarily difficult. I'm having severe holiday let-down. Everything has seemed sub-par and disappointing, so I'm fucking salty. Honestly, I just want to go home after school today and have a nice, long bawl.

I sorry you are have a cruddy day. However,

Happy Birfday!!!!! and happy 1000th post!!!

*throws glitter*
Just popping in quick to say

Happy Birfday, Minxalicious!
All Capricorn Busties Unite! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINXY!!!!

me next week...not not looking forward to it...but it seems sort of blah, too. 31 ain't no big thing in any way.

*breaks out the spankie paddle*

C'mere, you - you know you want it. wink.gif

My Venus is in Capricorn, or something like that. Does that count?

I just got home from the job interview - it went SOOOO well! Bustie vibes are AWESOME! I'm about 99% sure I'm getting the job - the manager and the assistant manager have to talk about it together first, but it was basically THEM trying to sell ME on the job. (It's a HUGE plus-size outlet, btw, one of the only plus-size stores in town, so they do a big business, and they are part of a really big national company....after I told them I'd looked up the company info and noted the shortage of women directors at the top, they hinted that I might move to Montreal and become the first, LOL!) So what it sounds like is I'll be starting at the beginning of February, part time at first, while I get to know the job. The manager is taking a vacation, and she wants to be there when I start, but I believe they are going to let me know before she goes.

There is no question in their minds I can do the job, and they love my sense of personal style so much, they commented that not only will I do well with the customers (because plus-size fashion is sooo much more than just selling clothes to women - it's like a whole crash course in self-esteem for some of them), but I would also be a great role model for some of the other women who work there. Isn't that a trip? The manager says every time she sees me, I look different - which is funny, 'cause I keep wearing the same things, just different ways.

Oh, also, there is a 50% discount for staff. Once I get back on my feet, I can see where big chunks of my paycheque will be going....

Whoops, just got a call from hippiegirl, she's coming over and bringing me lunch! Gotta go run around and tidy up! Back later!
Happy Birthday, Minx!!!!!

And I'm going for spaghetti TONIGHT, ch... wink.gif

Gotta fly, bear is wanting some "attention...."

I may post an inebriated post later.

And I do hope that the day turns around and surprises you with whimsy, and magic, and the shared joy of good friends. And just look at your gorgeous smart sexy sassy self, and know that you have all the resources you need to create whatever you want for yourself in 2008! And then, look that smart, beautiful, spirited daughter of yours and know that YOU are responsible for the amazing woman she is becoming.

Spaghetti off a table....interesting. I'm not sure I could do that....sounds like it could be a fun time, though!

So today, let me amuse you with the asshole du jour I'm sitting on a conference call with assboss, my supervisor, and on the line was the National VP of Marketing and the National MarCom director. We were on the call to complain about the poor quality of a document that national had provided us. Assboss introduces us as "Joe & Susie Bitch, here." Seriously. I can't even make this shit up. I'm compiling a document to make a report to the EEOC, and hopefully he will be investigated. I can't take this absurdity much longer, and its SO easy to correct - think before you speak!

We're headed out to dinner tonight with my two co-workers tonight - and much wine will be taken with (BYOB restaurant)...we need it tonight. Thank cod for public transit.

Congrats on the awesome job interview doodle!! We knew you'd rock it, and get that job!!!

Okay, time to walk turbo before I jet out tonight...
HAPPY BIRFDAY MINXOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do you have any celebration plans? Karaoke, perhaps?

*raises wine glass to toast minx*

Congrats on the interview, doodle!! 50% off?! Sweet!! I think it's so funny that there are special plus-size stores when the average adult woman (in the U.S., anyway) wears a size 14. There are probably more women out there who wear 16-20 than 6-10. Even when I was a 14 (the smallest I can go without looking sick), I had a hard time finding decent stuff that fit me. I think so much of the clothing industry is deadset on maintaining an unrealistic standard. I think it would be cool to work in a plus-size store and help women feel confident about themselves. I wrote a letter to Victoria's Secret once, telling them that they're missing out on a huge (no pun intended) market by stopping at 38D, because larger-breasted women are usually willing to spend a lot more money on "support" than average-sized women. No response from them. Screw 'em.

Turbo, you gotta be fucking kidding me!! "Joe and Susie Bitch?!" No way!! That's so degrading!! Definitely file something or go to somebody. That's just plain awful. I work in a private-sector industry and we make fun of each other a lot, but we would never seriously degrade each other in front of a client. That makes everybody look bad.

Culture, the new MF is okay. There's a wee bit too much sports talk in there for me, but that's okay. The heaven article is okay, but I've already spent so much time reading about religion and I don't really care all that much for any of it. Still, it's a good read.

I want a dog. I was looking on today and I saw so many dogs that I would just love to take in. The only problem is my sensitive boy, Oscar. I'm sure Gus would adapt to a dog just fine. Maybe if I got an older dog with a milder temperment...a greyhound, perhaps?
Where the hell is everyone, yo?!! Off gettin' portions, I hope!!
ooooh, no portions here, but pasta on a board was fun! I've never been to one, and some people were running late so by the time we had the table the pasta was already there. It was neat, a big mound of pasta running down the middle of the table, right on the table (a wood slab on top of it, actually), you just scraped your portion over with a big pasta spoon. All the wine you could drink.

I'm a bit inebriated right now.

But, yes, very, very much fun. Of course, much of the fun depends on the crowd you're hanging with. And we have a good one.

The birthday boy had fun.

Yes, I'm inebriated and I've had to backspace WAY too many times in this, g'nighters Okayers!

ETA: "joe and susie bitch"???? OMG. Even inebriated that's awful.
I'm home. I'm drunk. No portions.

The Good Doctor semt me a dpzem rpses. fingers aren't really working. They were really pretty, but again...TOO MUCH FUCKING ATTENTION THAT I DON'T WANT. Honestly, I'm just going to go to bed and try to pretend that today didn't happen. HE sent them to my school, which was a littl;e creepy, albeit thoughtful. I guess.

I am feeling shitty and selfish and retardedly sentimental. My girl is at her dad's for the weekend, so it's really fucking lonely around here tonight.

Fuck, I'm really sorry to be spewing this FLAHFLAH around here; I just want things to be different, and it's stupid that I do. Hoenstly, I just want to have a relatively happy existence.

Oh, you know what's the kick in the pants; now that Minxlette's father is positive that exMinxman is gone, NOW he's choosing to be really nice. It makes me want to fucking kill something. As logn as he is relatively sure that I am niserable, he'll be decent. Cute. Really cute.

Howe3verm,I do thank you all for the birfday wishes. It made a bright spot in th eday. I promise that once all of this holiday shit has blown over that the regularly scheduled Minx will come back and be raunchy. I just bneed to process through it, ya know?

Drunk post...who woulda thunk it? Sorry ladies...
Ooo, and I get in under the wire to wish Minx a HAPPY BIRTHDAY before it becomes belated!!

Sorry your day sucked. Hopefully it's better now.

minxie, m'love, sometimes life just sucks. ((((((minx))))) did you get my ecards?

*sprays jami with lamex-b-gone*

tree: that spaghetti on a board thing sounds intriguing, if a little it sauced already? or are there sauces that you get to pick? i'm still trying to visualize it.

doodle, you will SO rock that job at the shop! go you!

jenn, i had to reread your post several times to make sure i had read that right. "joe and susie bitch"? can we even count the ways that is wrong/sexist/harrassment? i really do think that you ought to report that one. seriously.

my stomach is really queasy today, not sure if it is my moontime or what. plus i have a headache. come to think of it, i had one last night when i left the office, too. wonder if it has something to do with the construction going on across the street. jackhammers are not conducive to a good work environment.

if i lived ANYWHERE NEAR a target my money would be gone before i made it. or worse - an ikea. or maybe not. strangely enough, living here has made shopping in the USA a totally different experience. there really isn't much of a selection here; when i was stateside over thanksgiving, i went shopping with plat (bff) and couldn't cope. it was sensory overload.

ch, i can't seem to post photos. i tried to post some of my holiday gift from the universe but apparently the place i post my photo albums doesn't have the right format for the lounge. very frustrating.
tesao, the board is sterilized, and it's not porous like a cutting board. It's more like laminate. Anyway, it was a very long table that seated 12, and a big, long mound of spaghetti, already sauced, a traditional tomato based sauce, with meatballs running down the center of it. Not terribly vegetarian friendly, I'd have to admit. It was pretty funny to see the birthday boy's face, he was NOT expecting that, which was why we did it. Heh. I'll post a pic or two this weekend.

There is a Target right across the street from my condo. I mean, I can walk to it in like five minutes. It takes a LOT of restraint. There is also a Bed Bath and Beyond, which for me takes even MORE restraint, and a Party City, and a Comp USA. All in the same strip mall.

((((minx)))) here's some ~*~*peaceful vibes*~*~

Yay for Doodle!! Congrats on a great job interview and here's some ~*~*get the job vibes*~*~

TGIF, ladies! (I have a headache...)
muito thank you, tree, that makes sense now. and, i totally get how that could be a hoot! please do post pics!!! tongue.gif

Sorry about the pity-party last night, ladies.

I am sober now, having my coffee in quietude, and am feeling mucho better. My friends are throwing me a party on Saturday, so it's all good. I think that I am going to take my birthday money and get myself a DVD set tonight. Of what, I have no fucking clue. What I'd really like is some good lasagna, but I promised Minxlette that we'd have that on Monday because she wants to celebrate my birthday when she gets home. It was so stinkin' cute yesterday: she woke up, was barely coherent, but started mumbling the Happy Birthday Song in a really silly, sleepy voice with her beautiful little six-year-old arms wrapped around my neck.

That's a good life. smile.gif

Happy Friday, bitches.

ETA: Tessie, I totally got your cards and loved them...but not as much as I love you. wub.gif
Good Morning you rim job giving whores!

Hey Diva and Mox!

Doodle, that is wonderful about your job interview!!!!! I hope you get the job, that would be fantastic!!!! Any idea when you hear about it?

Turbo! That is them ost fucked up thing I've ever heard That is fucking sick. I say you tell him everything you really think of him when you leave. Fuck burning bridges. Disgusting. I, for one of the few times in my life, am speechless. How was your dinner?

Poodle, I've picked up the new MF, but haven't started reading it yet. I suppose that because you've had too much of religion, the year of living bibilically is not for you yet. I'll get to it. Oh and no portions for me last night.

Tree, that sounds yummy and much fun!! ~*~*~*headache go away vibes~*~*~*

Minx, your drunk post was great! You sound like you are in a great mood today! That is so sweet about the bebe.

Hey Polly!

Tes, can you not use photobucket? You can post pics in here with it! How are you feeling today?? ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Well, I have completed grad school applications!!! WOOT!!!! Now today I am going to go and drop them off, and then I can forget. Last night I crashed at 7:30 and slept through until 5:30 this morning, to the alarm at that. This is a sign that I'm not getting enough sleep, even though I've falled asleep syuper early the last few nights. I'm even too tired to work out. I take the dog to the park then crash super hard. I think this is all related to my misery from work. Today I'm hoping to get back into the routine. At lunch I'm going to drop off grad school app at the univrsity, which is way out near where I live (and far from work) but it needs to get done. Oh well.

what's everyone's plans for the weekend?

Good fucking friday, hosers! (yeah, that's the best i got right now...)

Hmmm....lasagne, that sounds lovely and yummy. I think I'm making "pizza fondu" tonight - its cheap, easy, and fun!

Turbo, seriously - white noise or no, this place is BAD ju-ju for you. I am your BFF, you must heed my words. New work environs, pronto lady!

What does everyone have up their sleeves for the weekend? Me, I'm on a home organizing kick...we'll see how much gets actually done. One can get small plastic tubs with tops at the dollar store, ya?

Happy fucking friday, you clap-infected hair metal groupies!!

((((minx)))) Just keep reminding yourself that you've got that little whippersnapper, minxlette, and then things might not seem so bad. Tes is right--life does suck sometimes (a lot of the time, actually), but at least there are a few people out there who help us hang in there. I wish I could wave a magic wand to make you feel better. All I can do, is serenade you with my version of Somebody's Baby:

Well, just-a-look at that minx with the lights comin' up in her eyes
She's got to be somebody's baby
Minx must be somebody's baby
All the guys on the corner stand back and let minx walk on by
She's got to be somebody's baby
Minx must be somebody's baby
She's got to be somebody's baby
She's so fine
Minx's probably somebody's only light
Gonna shine tonight!!
Yeah, she's probably somebody's baby, all right!!

I try to shut my eyes, but I can't get minx outta my sight
I know I'm gonna know her, but I gotta get over my fright
We'll, I'm just gonna walk up to minx
I'm gonna talk to her toniiiigghht!!!!

Pizza fondue, mox? What's that? Sounds neato!! The spaghetti board thing sounds awesome, too. I'm craving Italian food.

Congrats on finishing the grad school apps, culture!! How exciting!! What places are you applying for?

Hi tes, tree, and polly!!
PIzza Foundue, rec'p courtesy of my MIL. Feed family of 4-6, or multiple meals:

1-2 Jars of favorite pizza sauce (depending on size of jar)
.75 lbs ground meat of choice (i use turkey or chicken)
2 cups shredded blend is 1/2 mozzerella, 1/2 cheddar
anything else one might put in or on a pizza...peppers, mushrooms, pineapple, pepperonis, etc. chopped up small
Something to "dip" - we use toasted english muffins cut into bite-size pieces.

Heat all and dip and enjoy!
Hi, peeps!

Spaghetti off a board sounds kinda fun, and I hate spaghetti. The all you can drink wine sounds like it would make the spaghetti worth it, though.

(((((((((Minx))))))))) Sorry your birfday sucked, but it sounds like you've got a great tomorrow coming up. Minxlette is so sweet, putting the effort into singing first thing in the morning.

Jenn, report that asshole! Does nobody else have any clue about his lack of any social skills whatsoever? Please, please, please report him.

Moxie, what's in pizza fondue?

(((((((((CH application vibes))))))))

Hi, Tes! I'm glad I live far enough away from a Target and IKEA that I have to drive (and plan several hours for an IKEA trip, there's a normal-sized Target not too far from my house, and I'm so glad it hasn't gone supesized like all the others). I love wandering around in both places, but it's something best done alone.

Hi, Polly, Doodle, and Poodle!

I think this weekend is going to be all about visiting family. Since Sam's mom had him last night and my dad's birfday is tomorrow, I'm hoping to do something with my family tomorrow afternoon and evening. I can't believe Sam is 5 now, which I must note that I object to. I want him to stay little forever. Then on Sunday we might see the giant's family, since, dare I say it, I'm starting to miss them a little. I can't believe I just wrote that.

I had a really nice night out last night with an old friend from the gay pride board and his boyfriend. We just went for coffee, but we sat around for 2 1/2 hours talking about everything. They're really into Project Runway, too, so we're going to have a Wednesday night viewing date soon. I don't think I've seen them for nearly a year and a half, so it was really good to catch up again. They don't live too far from me, so hopefully we'll do this fairly often. I left work early yesterday, too, which made my day even better. I had a dental appointment (no cavities, for once!) and then the whole rest of the afternoon to catch up on TV. I watched Shopgirl and thought it was okay. Nothing riveting and a pretty quiet movie, but that's okay.

Happy Fucking Friday, you tomato sauced bitches!

Okay, I have no idea where that came from, okay, maybe I do...I had a vision of busties wrasslin' on a table full of spaghetti and meatballs! heh!

Tree, I was thinking next time I come up there, we should go to that place, but then I remember - fuck. Pasta is made of wheat. Wheat = bad for me. Sometimes I really forget that the rest of the world doesn't eat brown rice pasta. feh.

So, minxy, I'm glad that minxlette gave you a bright spot on your birfday - how can you not love that?! And we all hit the emotional skids once in awhile, so no worries. And we're always here to listen, support, and rage, anytime you need.

Well, we had a mini breakthrough at work today...and yes, I do keep a special file for HR on the assboss. smile.gif We found an ally in the otherwise out-to-lunch HR dept. Assboss said something particularly unsavory to the Director of Training yesterday morning around 7:45am, and my co-worker B. and myself overheard, and the director threw back to him "I'll just go file my report to HR now," in an offhanded way, but there was an edge there that she meant business too. B. ran into Director later on, and asked demurely what prompted that disgusting comment, and Director kind of unloaded that she's fed up with assboss. B. shared that assboss' entire staff has grave concerns/bad morale because of him, and asked for a lunch meeting, outside the office. We are officially on the warpath, yo. We're proceeding with caution - we know the asshole pretty much forced out our predecessors who filed reports to HR, but I don't care....I'm not going to be reckless, but I am hardly afraid of being fired. And ultimately, if we can change assboss' behaviors, I'd be equally happy, though I doubt this tiger can change his stripes. So that's my story for the day.

CH - congrats on finishing your grad school app!! WOOT!

WOW, diva - missing the giant's family...that's actually kind of cool. And a major bonus to enjoy both your family and the giant's - that makes the relationship even better. I know what you mean about objecting to Sam being 5. My nephie is, too, and I honestly have no idea how that happened. But then, I can't believe moxette is almost 2, either. Or that mox and I are entering our 31st year...time is really starting to fly.
turbo...I'm willing to bet at $150.00, they'd be willing to substitute a non-wheat baseed pasta. 'Cause that's the price for the whole thing......

Oh, yeah, I'm drunkie tongight too. One of our guys retired tonight.

yes. I'm worse than I was last night and it's taken me at least 40 minutes to get this post outl. Yay me. smile.gif

I'm a happy drunk, at leat.


I have soo much hosee cleaning to do tomorrow.

yues, I know, my typing sucks rignt now.

((((again huggs for okayers))))

(I should just delete this whole post, just because I'm not so drunk that I don't see how SILLY it is...but I am drunk enough to leave it be....)

Wuv ya all, Okayers.

I shall be sleeping late tomorrow, I'm thinking. Bear drove me home so I can't go anywhere tomorrow till I go pick up my car.

I have never been so drunk as to leave my car somewhere.

But it is probably a good thing I did.

(I'ma copy this to the inebriated thread, just cause I know it's endind up to be funny.......)
Drunk here, too! Tho, slightly less drunk thn I was an hour ago....damned pug friends are a bad influence! Wine tasting, then dinner next door, bottle of wine split two ways, then 2 more bottles over cards....gah! BUT, all of this fine entertainment exists between 2 blocks of home, so you can't beat that. And truly, I am hooked on this new card game, Hand & Foot - so fun and a wee bit competitive, withut a lot of strategy - perfect for me!

Anyway, I must drink some water, and get to bed.....
Good morning all! Hah! Drunk thread posts! biggrin.gif

That spaghetti board does sound totally awesome. Damn, now I want spaghetti and meatballs. For breakfast!!! I'm glad it went well, tree!

turbo - so glad there is a communal effort to take on assboss! I'm sure it will be much harder for him to force out an entire second group of people reporting him to HR. It's too bad you have to put up with this, so I hope it works out for you - I remember how excited you were to get this job, and assboss is really a douchebag for sapping that excitement from you....any employer should give a really big shit when that stuff happens to their recruits.

turbo is so stressed from work that she didn't even notice poodle's suggestion that she might get a GREYHOUND!!!! OMFG!! Someone get turbo a new boss and/or a new job, stat! wink.gif

poodle - I know what you mean about decent plus-sizes being so hard to's sooooo stupid. This store is really cool, and it's just expanded to double its size within the last couple of years....there really are almost no other places in town for bigger women to shop. So they have quite a diverse selection of clothes to meet the need: "young" stuff and denim, career wear, lingerie, going-out dresses, vacation wear, etc. But yeah, there are so many plus-size women, I just can't get over the lack of options. I know it was a LOT worse when I was younger - anything you could find was for older women - but even so, you'd think some of these "regular-size" retailers would start figuring out why they can't make their quotas half the time, and have to keep closing shops!!! Duh!!

CH - I didn't think to ask when I'd hear back (like the dumbass I am), but the interview was soooo positive, I didn't think I needed to! They seemed even more excited about the prospect of having me there than I was, if such things are possible. I think I might hear from the manager before she goes on vacation, but since she gave me a big huge hug before I left, I'm not actually that worried about NOT getting the job! wink.gif Congrats on getting your grad school apps done - I'm sooo proud of you!

diva, that's kind of what I thought of Shopgirl, too! Good, but probably not worth a second viewing. I can't believe you wrote about missing the giant's family, either! wink.gif


tes, can you post a link to your photo albums, if you can't post the photos? Or are there dirty pics in there that we're not supposed to see? tongue.gif

Hiya also, moxie and polly!

My weekend plans are pretty dull, although there will be an all-girl jam here on Sunday evening to look forward to. (Can you actually call a 63-year old feminist djembe player a "girl?" How'm I gonna come up with a bustie nickname for her?) I've learned a few new songs on the guitar, too, to make it more fun, including a Bonnie Raitt song (Thing Called Love) - NOT that I can play anything remotely like her, but it's fun to sing real blues (AND it'll be another woman musician/songwriter cover to look forward to at the coffee house!). And hippiegirl and I figured out one of my all-time favourite Blue Rodeo songs the other day (This Road), which turns out to be a dream to sing, also - and only four chords, very easy to play, so I can't wait to spring it on the coffee house jammers. I've only done open mike with Blue Rodeo stuff, but never the actual jam, so I'm dying of happiness! tongue.gif

I think I might go try to grab a couple more hours of's only 6:30 here - why on earth am I up?

ETA (QUERY): would it be terribly wrong to cut up an out-of-style but expensive black leather purse in order to make leather jewelry and repair a black leather clutch? Or should I wait and hope it comes back in?
OMG, doodle, you are SO right! In my drunkeness, I flew right by poodle's thought of getting a greyhound! Obviously, I think this is a genius idea! If you want a laid-back, low-maintenance dog who is rather feline in behavior- greyhounds are a good pick. Poodle, I'm sure there's a rescue in your area, and you'd just want a dog that has been fostered in a home with cats and has low prey-drive (so it won't eat your kitties), and ask for one that they think will be okay as an only dog in the household - they've lived at the track with a huge group of dogs, so its a big change to learning to be a pet, solo.

The downsides of greyhounds that should be carefully considered, is that you cannot EVER let the dog offleash, unless in a completely fenced area. Once they're running, RUN! is all that's in their mind, and most of the greyhound tragic deaths you hear about is dumbass owners who let their dogs offleash, and the dog gets hit by a car. Grrr. They also have paper thin skin, so when they get hurt, those wounds run like a nylon stocking. But, they're generally a very healthy breed, as they have been bred for utility, not beauty, so they don't have the weaknesses of so many of the AKC breeds. Oh, and much like cats, they don't give a shit about obedience - most are fairly untrainable, so far as commands are concerned....BUT, I've never felt the need to really teach turbo anything, he doesn't misbehave. He does know the word NO!, of course, but has yet to grasp the concept of the words "walk," "treat" or "car ride." Funny.

If you have any questions, you know where to find me - I'm always happy to evangelize. smile.gif

Doodle, I'm still so pleased to hear about all your good interviews this week!!! And the job at the shop sounds like a perfect way to jump back into the working world, AND you can update your wardrobe in the process!
Hello on this Saturday.

Mox, how is the home organizing going? Did you get the containers you needed?

Poodle, I'm just applying at the university that I got my BA from, the University of Manitoba. PhD work may be different, but both grad programs I've applied for are very good and not too expensive at the same time. Have you made any decision about the dog yet? I think it would be really great!

Diva excellent about not having any cavaties and the evening catching up with old friends.

Turbo, that is fantastic that you have found an ally in repoting assboss to HR. He'll get it, Karma's a real bitch. It sounds like you had a really nice evening with your friends.

Tree, drunkee post! Hee, I'm glad that you did not drive home! How are you feeling today?

Doodle, please let us know the second you know about the job. If I was close to you I'd come and by from you. As for the bag, I'm as torn as you are about using it.

I went out with some people from work last night as one of the supervisors is leaving, well yesterday was his last day. It was nice to go out, then I came home and did nothing. Work has been quiet lately. I should know about grad school in April. The committee convenes in Mid March. Here's hoping that I get accepted for something!! Thank you all for the support! I really appreciate it.

I'm also in the market for a new laptop, this one is getting a little long in the tooth, and I am unable to free up anymore space. So here I am.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Hi peepers!!

Ugh. I'm stuffed with Chinese food. I feel all greasy now, but it was worth it. I went to the Midtown Global Market and spent way too much money. Fun times.

This is really just a drive-by, because I'm leaving shortly. MINX!! I can't attend your party, because I'm going to visit my sister before she goes on bedrest for her pregnancy (she's in the home stretch). I also get to see my niece tonight. I bought her a couple vietnamese trinkets that I'm sure she'll love--very sparkly and gawdy. Anyway, I'm sorry I can't join in the fun tonight. We're gonna have to make some serious plans for a karaoke outing one of these weekends, though. Have fun birfday girl!!

Alright babes, I need to take care of some business. I'll chat with y'all later. Ciao!!

PS- Turbo, it turns out that there is a greyhound org. here, so I was looking at some profiles. I don't know if I can do a dog right now, but it's still fun to look. I love looking at there pictures just because they're so statuesque. Beautiful dogs, really.
No worries, Poodle. However, I will be holding you obligated for a night of drunken karaoke. smile.gif

Well, I just penned a Dear John to the Good Doctor. Too.Fucking.Much.To.Handle. I feel a little sheepish and scheisster-y, but that man was getting a little out of hand. I cannot handle someone telling me three times a day how much I am missed and blahblahblah.

He's nice. It's over.

Anyway, I am going to my friends' house now to drink and eat and laugh. No potential boyfriends, no temporary fixes, just really good fucking friends that I love.

I don't mind being alone...probably the first time in my adult life I've ever said that and meant it.
Minxy! Have a wonderful celebration tonight - you deserve it! Good friends and lots of laughter make for a perfect celebration!

Poodle, I think we thought about adopting a dog for about a year, before we actually did it. We researched all kinds of dogs, and visited rescues, but it was really when we met some of the greyhounds in our neighbrhood, that we realized they were a really good fit for city living, and small spaces. These dogs sleep a good 20+ hours a day - its truly amazing!

Well, its been a very busy afternoon, here. Turbomann and I went out to lunch, and then we were approached by a mom definitely down on her luck - living in a shelter with her four year-old daughter who has leukemia...she really needed help, and she said people were yelling at her when she approached them. We talked for awhile, and I told her to call the American Cancer Society if she needed anything - we can help with transportation, finding a free treatment program, housing, support, etc. We gave her a little cash to help her out, as she needed some things for her daughter. I can't believe people were yelling at her though - she was clearly stressed, and an emotional wreck, not knowing what to do wasn't some "story" she was telling to beg for money. I hope she is able to get what she needs - thank cod her daughter is already hooked up with a free treatment program here at the Children's Hospital.

Anyway, after that, I've pretty much spent the afternoon in the kitchen. I made mexican tortilla soup and roasted butternut squash soup to take over to a friend who just had a baby last weekend. Hopefully, we'll get to go over there to see her tomorrow, and meet the wee bairn.

And tonight, we've roped some other friends into coming over for cards....I'm totally hooked on this game. smile.gif
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