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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Minx, what is een more pathetic is that I usually get into fucking messes like this. At least I give myself credit for finally falling for nice men.

I'll see what happens. Maybe the cop will bail out early (the kidlets are with him tonight...) and I can see him, course that'll just lead to more troubles.

Thanks minx, I'll let you know what happens. It would be fun if you were here, then at least we could be miserable together. If I didn't have plans this evening, I'd just stay online with you and ring inthe new year.

I wish I could help you out with the doctor.
meh...minx, he offered to come over for a couple...I told him to not do it because the cops will be out in full force, he's had a couple drunk drivings before and can't afford another one. And, his willpower is not where it should, there's no, "so, just don't have a drink"...with him. So, in lieu of having him get a dui and have to deal with all those repercussions, I just say, screw it, stay at your place.

I may go out, but I hate going out alone. I mean, how desperate is that? And I'd be going to a chain bar, too, like quaker steak and lube, or to like Pedros or something, for overpriced drinks and to ring the new year in alone in a bar full of drunks. Meh.

I'm just gonna get ready for my new years day party tomorrow.

So, where's that Scotch?

I got...hmm. Shredded beef and hot buttered rum mix. *passes Minx and CH a hot buttered rum

ETA: Crosspost with CH! I'll ring in the new year with Minxy! smile.gif
Tree, that sounds delish. *stuffs face*

*grabs scotch from Minx and pours self a large glass*

Cheers busties. I have a bottle, and a large one, of Grey Goose, drink up...

I'm gonna rush a couple of friends' houses tonight, but I'll be docked by midnight, so I'll be back, Tree.

Gimme that fucking roast beef...damn that sounds good!!

*passes out Old Speckled Hens and highballs of Tobermory*
okie...hope I'm still awake. Heh.

Damn, I'm lame. unsure.gif

Guests aren't here yet. I hope all goes well.

Minxy, I totally feel for you in this situation sad.gif I've had some alone NYEs myself, and ones that were after crappy heart-breaks. Please know that we BUSTazoids love ya!

*BUSTie solidarity vibes for Minx* Eeeeeee Eeeeee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

You, too, Culture & TH. I sure think you're great. I'm going to pour me a wine and toast to you BUSTie-Friends!

To all of you Okaylandians! *gulp* May we all know that we're there for each other every day of 2008!
Happy New Year, Okayers!

I'm kicking it solo unless you count the arthritic dog & two lazy cats. Oh, & a good bottle o' the bubbly.

I raise a glass to you all!
*drops on Okayland sofa, peels off knee-high stockings, unfurls leg hair and feverishly scratches shins*

(Yes, that is exactly what I'm doing right now.)

Happy New Year, everyone!

Well, almost New Year.

Anyone got any New Year's likker to share? I'm broker than Smith's Quarterhorse. (Sorry - lame Canadian eight grade English class joke....and by the way, don't ever take Breaking Smith's Quarterhorse as a good example of Canadian literary genius, 'cause it's the most boring-ass book on the planet.)

*hopefully holds out giant empty tumbler*
Breaking out the bubbly here...Happy New Year!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR BUSTIES!! Just came from church, and I feel like celebrating. Thank God for what He has done for us, and what He is going to do for us this year!!!

Hope everyone had a safe night.

*passes bubbly around the thread*

(((((minxy)))))) Breathe, my dear. Take the flowers and enjoy them - no guilt, just a kind sentiment. And as the eternal optimist of okayland, what if this friend was the real deal, and deserving of taking a serious look at? Maybe not now, right at this moment, when your heart is still aching, but don't push away so hard. Enjoy your friendship, trips, fun times offered, and if down the road, your heart heals and opens to this person - go for it. But move ahead into 2008 knowing that the universe offers whatever we want from it, if only we'll give the proper directions. And know that you are gorgeous, smart, kind, HOTT, and deserving of all the love this world has to offer.

We had a lovely dinner with our friends - the food was amazing, great company, and I didn't feel bad shuffling them off before midnight...we were all getting sleepy. Of course, then we had to walk the dogs, and one of the guest doggies has problems doing her bizness in the snow, so I ended up walking around the 'hood for 40 minutes until she found *just* the right spot, at which time, the clock struck midnight, and all the yahoos set off fireworks, and then I had two completely freaked out hounds in my hands. 30 minutes later, one of them is still pacing around the house, panting and whining. Poor baby. Oh well.

(((((CH)))))) May 2008 bring exactly what you want, my dear!

Hi tree! Hope you're enjoying your quiet night in!

*waves to AP* Come hang with us more often, AP!!!
Happy Freakin' New Year.

The party was boring as all hell, but I had good conversation. Cop wasn't there, it seems that the crushie has left the building after I talked to one of his friends (who doesn't know what is going between him and I),after that. NEXT! I don't need that baggage. Feh.

Miny, how ya doing??

Hello to, Tes, Doodle, AP, Konphusion, Lore, tree and Turbo.

Tomorrow, well make that today, I plan on completing my letter of intent! I have done a few drafts and now the finalized version is here!!! Sweeeeeet. Well, now I'm off to bed.

P.S. Since it is January 1! Happy Birfday catsoup!!!!
Happy Effin' New Year.

I had a couple of sex on the beaches at one friend's house, and then continued to another for a night of helping entertain freshmen and putting together the most annoyingly amusing puzzle known to humankind. I'm home now. I was glad to spend it with friends, but I'm a bigger fan of doing it up seriously fancy. I miss that.

Jenn, I know you're totally right...I was honest with him and let him know where I'm at. Apparently he's completely okay with that. Actually, I took half of the roses and gave one to each of my girlfriends tonight. I figure that I can't really enjoy all of them, and everyone should get flowers once in awhile. It made me feel better, any way.

I'm still sad, but much more alright with everything right now. It comes and goes...I'm sentimental. My good memories are important to me. Luckily, those are less painful than the reality of the whole. Sad, but true.
((minx & ch)) Hopefully 2008 doesn't suck.

Happy New Year to all the Okayers!

Also dropping in to ask my second favorite group on Bust (gotta be loyal to my kvetchie peeps!) is anyone here on ortho-tri-cyclen LO? My SIL has about 6 months worth that she doesn't want (not exactly sure why; I think she just didn't react well to them)...I don't think she wants anything for them, but don't quote me on that. Let me know if you're interested and I'll get more details.
I was just on it last year. If it weren't for the insurance company charging a butt-load for it (non-generic etct), i'd stay on it for a long, long time. Very easy on the system, very normal periods.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 bring happiness, prosperity and wisdom to us all.

Minx, how ya doing today?

Polly, I was on ortho, but when I was 16 or 17, the week I was due to get my period I would get debilitating migraines, I think it may have been because of something that was being used where I worked, but after that happened a few times, my doctor promptly pulled me off of it. I had no issues with until the headaches.

Hey Mox!

Well, looks like 2008 is starting off on a cold note, it's cold as fuck here. Good thing I don't have too much to do, besides the letter of intent, and I have to get my ass doing come cardio now. So, I'll have some stuff to do, but at least I can stay close to home.

I'm alright. Cleaning the dump up, making a stir-fry with chard and beef...figure I should probably get some serious iron back in my system. I acquired a really awesome stirfry sauce recipe that goes kinda like this:

1/2 c. water
1/2 c. beef broth
1/2 c. soy sauce (I use that natural-brewed stuff)
2 tbsp. freshly minced ginger
1 big-assed minced garlic clove
juice of one lime
1/2 tsp. sesame oil

You boil this down for about 4 minutes, and can use it for stirfry sauce or fried rice. I usually add fried shallots, chives, and some scallions. I got myself a good oolong tea at a shop for Christmas and am quaffing that, as well whilst watching "The Godfather". All of 'em. It's comforting. I like rituals like this.

My birfday is coming up here pretty soon, so I do have things to look forward to (the 10th). We are having a card party on my birfday proper because I have a birfday twin there, and I have another birfday twin in another group of friends and we are throwing down that weekend. I think that I will still be flying down to Chicago for a birfday date at Moto. This is a helluva lot of good stuff, and I'm trying to keep all of that in the forefront. It was just really gnarly getting through New Year's.

I'm glad that there wasn't a huge amount of emotional hoo-ha at your party, CH. Now you can just be chill and enjoy your day off. Me, I'm gonna grade some papers and lay out the school newspaper. I can hibernate until Thursday when I pick the Minxlette back up. I'm broke as a fatherfucking joke, but I think I have enough coffee to get me through Friday.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Hi Hi min!!

The stir fry sounds delish!! Yummers!! I'm glad you are feeling better, even a bit. And your birfday! Sweetness!

I have completed my letter of intent, I just need a friend of mine to edit, I'll get my transcripts ordered on the third, cheques written out for the 4th, academic writing and resume updated and printed out tomorrow. I'll drop it off on Monday after I pick up the transcripts! yeeeeeeeeeee!

Minx, you also enjoy your day off, I hope you are able to get your papers marked.

I'm going to get some food now!

Later kats!
Hey minxy, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better today. And that is a lovely list of things to look forward to! Oh, and I love your new avvie - couple of gorgeous ladies!

Minxy, that stir fry sauce sounds very similar to one I use a lot - I use it as a marinade alot, and instead of lime, I usually use a dry sherry, and I might toss in a couple of scallions too. YUM. Like you, I'm also craving some good leafy veggies after the less than healthy eating of the holidays.

It's gotten cold here too, today, CH, and I am also grateful that I have nothing to do today of any importance. We also got a bunch of snow last night, but not as much as the 18" they've got out moxie's way. I just took a lovely, drooly-pillow-inducing nap...a nice way to spend the last day of vacation. And we've got tons of good leftovers from the week to snack on all evening, so that's good too.

CH, congrats on finishing the letter of intent - your year is off to a good start already!
happy 2008 okayers. count me in the sucktastic nye group. i was at work til 4, i underestimated the readability of the book i brought and thus had no reading material by 11, my bike's in the shop and my brilliant idea to cab it home was thwarted by the thought that wait, the cabs are all going to be busy carting home the drunk dumbasses that actually got to go out and celebrate their new year's. oh yeah, and it was foggy as fuck, like can't see across the street foggy, and i have no idea where my mp3 player is, which would have made for a long, boring, spooky walk home.

but fear not for your intrepid heroine, for all ended well! one of the ladies on the line offered me a ride home when the shift was done. i declined and said i was going to catch a cab, cause i felt weird about accepting a ride when i didn't even know a person's name. see, there's this strange dynamic with production where i work. my department, supervisors, and lead people, basically anyone important enough to need a radio, have our own smocks with our names on them, whereas production just grabs a random one from general supply at the start of their shift. so it creates this weird situation where everyone says "hola jenny! como estas jenny?" and knows my name, but i don't necessarily know theirs unless i hear someone else say it. it's like this artificial class construct that i never quite know what to do with. so i declined, cause i didn't know at the time her name was carmen, or chat with her on the line like the people that know more english. but then she cornered me in the breakroom at end of shift and asked one of the mechanics to tell me in english in case her broken "you need ride? come, i take you." was misunderstood. well, i couldn't refuse in front of a roomful of people, and we knew enough spanish and english respectively to talk about our kids on the way home. and then she offers to drive me the rest of the week, cause "ees too cold for bike." i'm tellin y'all, i was almost crying. it was such a nice thing to do, and a bright spot in an otherwise sucky workday.

and now c-monkey and i are kicking back at my place for the day. i have no idea where the roomie is, but she's been making good on her resolution to get the contractor in over winter break to finish all the repairs and improvements on the place. there's dropcloths and paint speckles everywhere, and i think i spy some new shelves and drawers. c-monkey's playing on her laptop, and i'm determined to figure out where the damn little line is on guitar hero 3 so i stop sucking at it. and we might walk down to the college and feed the ducks later, if the weather would cooperate and warm up a bit.
Hi Hi again!

Turbo, that nap sounds divine, I want a drool inducing sleep tonigt!

Grrrl, I heart your posts. Did you ever find out the persons name who drive you home? How did cmonkey likeher lap top, and what is going on with yout legal stuff???

I worked out for an hour, did 10 minutes of cardio followed by 10 minutes of abs. I'm feeling much better, just returned from the park. Now I am watching season two of The Sopranos.

And it's back to work tomorrow. Blech.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

Mmm...I just had the most delicious nap. And it was falling asleep to The Godfather, which is always good because no matter what part I fall asleep watching I ALWAYS know what's going on when I wake up since I've watched it at least four times a year since I was about 12.

This is about where I'm at currently:

I need to make something sweet. I wish that I had some oatmeal, 'cause I'd make some peach crisp...but I don't have any ice cream either, so it almost doesn't matter.

My Chicago doctor has a very cute east coast accent. He just sent me pictures of the lake at twilight tonight. You all got some snow out that way, huh?

Hey, that was a really decent move from that co-worker, Grrrl. Those kinds of things always restore a little bit of my faith in humanity.
oh yeah, i did. her name's carmen, and she's really super nice. i've picked up a lot of spanish over the nearly two years i've worked there, but i wish i was more fluent so i could join more conversations beyond small talk and guess work. everyone's real nice to me though, and it's nice when i can break out a new word and everyone's like "see, jenny, tu sabe espanol!"

c-monkey loves her laptop. that was seriously the best $400 i spent this christmas. she plays games, and i've got parental controls set up so she can use a few mommy-approved websites. normally after this long at my house, she'd be bored with whatever books are available and whining that there's nothing to do and asking to take a bath out of sheer boredom. but she's been happily playing bookworm quest (mad spelling and vocab skillz) and practicing her typing for the last few hours.

as for the legal thing, it's kind of at a standstill. i got a letter yesterday detailing what my monthly child support is by court order, and how much back support i owe (they made it effective as of july), and i need to get with them about where to send that payment each month. i've got the paperwork to file for a change in the support amount, but i'm going to wait until they get the information that she's now on my healthcare plan and see how that effects the amount. i also need to correct the amount of time spent with me and what my current bills are, but like i said, i want to see how much the order is going to be changed on its own. they set the amount using information from before i got this new position and my income went up, and i don't want them getting a look at that and saying "oh good, now we can make back the paltry amount we pay out twice as fast!" stupid government workers! um, no offense ch. laugh.gif you know, what i find strange about all this, is that the county has my current address and contact info on record, and that's supposedly what they gave the service company. and yet with all the information i got from the county, all the notices and whatnot, the only time i did not receive information in a timely manner was when they were trying to serve me (proof of service on file says they tried to contact me at my home address once and were told i didn't live there) and when they mailed out the proof of service (to the same address they were told i didn't live at?). suspicious? yeah, i think so! dry.gif i'd confront them about it now, but like i said, i don't want to tip my hand if the amount ordered is going to go down to something more liveable.

eta: hi minxy! damn you for mentioning peach crisp, now i'll have to run to the store and see if they have any! tongue.gif no ice cream for me though, es demasiado frío.
Grrl, that's great that c-monkey loves her gift and she's doing things that are educational online. Also, yay on respsonsible parents in okayland who moniter and parent thier children!!!! I won't get all ranty in here, that's what the cbc thread is all about. Heh.

Minx, mmmmm peach crisp.

My abs hurt, I did much work on my abs today. Tomorrow is going to be intersting, to say the least.

Soooo, I was reminded of something I saw at walmart some time ago. I saw a cashier wearing a Che Guevera button. And she worked at walkmart. Made me chuckle.

What else, I've been watching the mythbusters marathon almost all day, with the occasional break for The Sopranos.

I'm sleepy, I think I'm going to take an exra long night sleep this evening.

Later Gators!
Anyone for dinner and dessert?

Hi okayers!

So, yeah, new years eve was sucktastic, I barely made it for the ball drop (isn't that somewhat diryt???))) heh.

Anyway, today was very nice, it made up for it....lots of people showed up for my "hair of the dog" party. About fifty/fifty between steamfitters/tradespeople and general condo peeps. It was nice. Ute stayed till quite late, so I'm estimating that I had company from 11:00 AM till just now, 8:30 PM or so. 'twas a good day. Even if the Badgers lost. We won't go there.

Happy new year everybody!!!!
wow, that's awesome tree. a hair of the dog party sounds like something i'll have to try next year.

minxy, dinner looks really yummy! i wish i had stirfry. dessert? um, dinner looks yummy!

so, since it's nothing but football on tv tonight, c-monkey, the momster, and i went to see juno. oh my cod, that was the cutest most awesomest movie ever! i was a little worried about having brought c-monkey when the opening scene was juno droppin' her drawers, but that was the most graphic it got, and she said she really liked it, "except for da kissing parts. dat was gross". but she says she wants the soundtrack. biggrin.gif
now i'm back home after a trip to the store, and i've got a game plan. they didn't have peach crisp (damn you minxy!), and i couldn't decide between apple crisp or peach cobbler, so i got both. the apple crisp is in the oven, and i'll save the peach cobbler for c-monkey this weekend. so while that's going on, i'ma hop in the tub with a book, hop out and bundle up in my new hello kitty bathrobe when the timer goes off, boil water for tea while i'm waiting for the crisp to cool, make myself a big ol cuppa tea and a warm bowl of apple crisp, and watch vanity fair. still no ice cream, cause ice cream and freezy temps, that's just wrong, yo.
Hi ladies! I don't get much time to come around here these days, but I wanted to at least pop my head in and wish all the okayers a...

*~*~*~*~*~*~HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*

Minxy! I am so hungry and I wanna use your recepie !!! I will when I get back to divorce-land.
I heard 'I think the ball has dropped people, happy fucking new year' at a punk concert, yelled at the top of the lead singers lungs. a room full of happy jumping people. my boys were performing. it was the first time I have seen them in concert. it was great.
Good Morning.

Minx, that looks fucking amazing! Even though I'm having some stomach-y problems at the moment, I'd still go nuts on that!

Tree, that is great that your partay went well!

Grrrl, how was your evening, it sounds so amazing and relaxing.

Hey Octi! Come back and play more often!!!

Hello Jami!

Well, I slept like the dead last night after watching tons of mythbusters. Now I am at work. Great.

I plan on doing nothing today. I don't care about shitfuck all today. Aren't I pleasant?? Ha!


Gooooooood Morning!

Back to the grind today, eh? I was off Monday & Tuesday.

It sounds like everyone made it through NYE, and some of you had a better time than others. The holidays are always such a stressful time. I had a nice NYE, we had to go out b/c the band Mr K manages (only for about 2 more weeks!!) was playing. I was kind of dreading it, but it turned out to be a good time. I am just not a big NYE person. I am planning to stay in next year. I think I'm getting old, b/c I would not mind sleeping through midnight.


Minx, I think that was quite thoughtful to give roses to your friends. I know you said you did not feel good about receiving them, that seems like a really good resolution. Those food pics you posted look amazing!!

((jami)) Sounds like you have a lot of junk going on, girl. Take care. It does sound like your NYE was a lot of fun though! That's wonderful that you got to see your boys perform.

((Doodle)) Look after yourself. I am sorry you've been having so much pain lately. Ugh. Congrats to guitarboy on his new baby sister!

Jenn, your food also sounds amazing. It always does.

I made some good food recently too. NYE I made chili w/ turkey, black beans, and sweet potatoes. I had a friend over, then Mr K turned up with 2 of the band members. I was glad I had a big ol' pot of chili to share. Yesterday I made pork chops w/ apples, black eyed peas, greens, & corn bread. It was delicious. Unfortunately, I dropped one of the pork chops on the floor, so no left overs. Mr K was not too thrilled about that.
HI All! I can't believe 10 days have gone, and I feel like I was sitting here at my desk yesterday. I have been keeping up on archives, although never enough time to write, it seemed.

We had a wonderful break. Moxette LOVES christmas, and has been "thanking Santa" every day since christmas morning! And, we got to see the Turbos, which is always wonderful. And, now, back to the grind.

I made a lovely chicken picatta last night (The Barefoot Contessa rec'p), and moxieman tossed the sauce before dinner, in a rush to get pans clean! Frump! I wanted to be mad, but he was being proactive, so it was hard to not be gracious. Oh well.

I am making homemade pizza tonight...i hope it turns out!

OK, off now to read yesterday's news and views...

And, Happy Late Birthday Diva!!
Hey all you skankerellas!!!! Happy new year!!!

I went to bed around 11:30 on New Year's so I guess that makes me a lameass. What can I say? I like my sleepytime.

Minx, that's a crazy portion of hot beef you got yourself there!! Heh...

Nice to see you PK!! I can't see the picture of Heikki because I don't have a Facebook account!! To post pictures, you paste the image url between img and /img (both in brackets). As far as XRB goes, we have a nice light romantic relationship going on. I'm really pleased with it. He seems to be investing a little more lately--trying to get nights off work and so on.

Turbo, I saw that Simple Food book yesterday!! It looks interesting. My mom bought me the Moosewood Restaurant cookbook for X-mas. I'm totally lovin' it. I made udon noodles with peanut-sesame sauce yesterday and I have pad thai planned for later this week. Yummers.

Dudes, I came into work this morning to a big fat year-end bonus on my desk. It's a little over half of my normal monthly paycheck. Hells yeah.

Cute avie, mox!! I can't get enough of that girl!!

Hi jami, culture, octi, grrrl, doodle, kari, lore, and anyone I'm missing!!

ETA- Ooh! Ooh! I forgot to report!! I saw Sweeney Todd over the weekend. I loved it!! Very, very bloody. The music is great and I can't get enough of Tim Burton's artistry. He did a great job of making mid-19th century London look like a festering hole in the earth (which it was). Sascha Baron Cohen (Borat) plays an Italian barber in it, too. And then there's the Johnny Depp factor... *swoon*
Where is everybody?!!

So we have this client who is a veterinarian, and she was wearing a coat with a real fur collar. So weird. Maybe she made it out of one of her former "patients." Seriously, what kind of vet wears fur?
Hi, peeps!

Damn, it sucks to be at work after last weekend. It just feels so wrong to be sitting at a desk with my boss in-office (he even tried to wish me happy belated, but I answered without looking at him - THAT'S why I should never go to make copies before he's gone for the day.

Grrl, I hate to burst your bubble, but the county is going to find out about your raise even if you don't tell them. Quarterly wages automatically get reported and there's not much you can do about it, except to hope that your worker doesn't bother to look at it and refer your file for modification to raise your payments, which is still a really long process (our office has a 6-9 month wait for modifications and we're not as huge as LA). That was really sweet of Carmen to offer you rides home. It's such a decent thing to do.

Jami, that's so cool that your boys play in a band. What kind of music? That sucks about the settlement. If it were me, I'd go after the full amount. After all the suffering he's caused you, you deserve at least that much. But I'm vindictive that way. : )

((((((Tree)))))) Sorry your Xmas kinda sucked. Your New Year's Day party sounded cool, though.

Kari, the boy is quitting the music biz in a couple weeks? Does that mean he's going to start school next term? I sure hope so. A pharmacy program can take a long time to get through, but it's so worth it. Starting salaries are pretty high, and you'll be set for life - there's always a job available somewhere.

((((((Minx)))))) Just focus on the good things coming up in the new year for you. And hand me a slice of that peach cobbler and yummy stir fry. Mmmmm...

Poodle, congrats on the bonus!

Hi, Moxie, Lore, Jenn, CH, TES!, and everyone else!

Thanks for all the happy birfday wishes! I was on for a few minutes that day, and it felt really nice to see that everyone remembered. Nobody used to remember my birfday when I was little, so it feels especially good now.

The giant and I had a really, really nice weekend. We spent half of it in bed sleeping and reading, the rest doing fun stuff and mostly just relaxing. One thing did suck, though. We were both sick all weekend with head colds. We're still working on getting over them.

We went to The Melting Pot on Sunday for my pre-birfday romantic dinner. Would've been a whole lot better if we weren't stuffed up and on meds, but still lots of fun. The food was excellent, although if we went back, I'd get a regular entree instead of the meat fondue, but keep the cheese and chocolate fondues. I made myself do some grocery shopping alone (didn't have the energy to argue with the giant about what to get) so we don't have to keep going out for fast food every time we want to eat dinner. My birfday was pretty relaxing. We ran a few errands, Dad gave me a large monetary gift, and then we went to Dayton's so I could blow a huge wad of cash on a new fancy purse. Here it is:

It's not this bag, exactly. It's the same shape, but the pockets puff out on the outside and it's done in a brown leather base with gold-ish handle and purple belt with gold buckle. It's huge! It'll carry my lunch for a week. It was 25% off, and with all my gift cards and grandpa money for Xmas, it didn't cost me a thing. : )

Anyway, for my birfday, Poodle went out for Thai food with the giant and me. She got me a really cool martini glass with the Eiffel Tower as the stem, in glass. Very unique and tall and pretty. Yesterday, we didn't do jack shit, except I tackled the massive pile of dishes in the kitchen (had to do it in 4 shifts because I couldn't fit them all on the drying rack). The giant and I made an agreement that he'll do the dishes for the next 2 months, so I wanted to get my obligation to them out of the way so it can be his turn for awhile. I don't have to wash dishes until March. Ahhh...

My dad did say the funniest thing to me on my birfday, though. First, he called me from work and had his whole staff sing to me on speaker phone. Then he said "so, you managed to go 32 years without being bashed in the knees with a bat, huh?" WTF was that about? My dad is just odd.

Time to eat Thai stir fry leftovers for lunch. Yummy!

Good Afternoon!

Kari, that food sounds delish! Do tell about why the mister is only doing his job for two more weeks!

Mox, what kinda home made pizza! Awww what a cutie the kiddo is.

Poodle, congrats on the bonus!! And some romance, eh?

Diva, that's a great bag!! And it sounds like you had a wonderful birfday.

So, I get to the office and what is waiting for me? A fucking appeal. I hate apeals, this one is an absolute waste of my time! Grrrrrr.

Aside from that, my abs aren't in too much pain today, back to the workout today. The letter of intent is done, but to tell you the truth, I don't really like it, I think I may start from scratch tonight. I want something in terms of sexuality and policy, or something. I am not too sure yet. But what I have seems dull and boring. Perhaps sexuality and health and how it relates to education. Hmmmm. I suppose I could always change what I do when I actually get into grad school. I don't know what I want these days!! I thinks a work out will totally help.

So, how is everyone's afternoon going??
Happy belated New Year Okayers!!! Hope a fun and relaxing time was had by all...

Rock on 2008; I hope this year brings great things for all y'all.
*stomach growls at the site of minxy's dinner* YUM! That looks like an amazing and comforting dinner! *swipes a bowl of cobbler*

Diva, sounds like you had a wonderful birfday celebration in spite of your cold! And what a weird thing that your dad said - super sweet that his whole office sang to you, though! And the purse is lovely - I'm sure its stunning with the purple belt!

Well, over the holidays I was thinking..."maybe this job isn't so bad, I've never been able to take this much time off at the holidays, maybe I'll hang out here for awhile." By 10am this morning, I was already over to "Fuck it. Get me the hell outta here." Seriously, I want to hurt my bosses everytime they hunker down in asshole's office and whisper about us. Its SO unprofessional.

Poodle, I totally thought of you, when I was watching Sweeney, and drooling over JD, and I thought - "Poodle will love this." His nearly old school Bowie singing style was really beautiful too....*swoons*

Congrats on the awesome bonus, Poodle!! You absolutely deserve it - I hope you use it for something nice for your house - like a bitchin' snowblower! heh.

Moxie - making homeade pizza is one of my favorite things - I love working with bread dough...even though GF doughs aren't as much fun to knead as wheat, I still love making them. We've got a metric ton of leftovers in the fridge, so I may not have to cook until the weekend, which is fine by me!
Goooooood Evening!!

Hey Syb!!!

Turbo, what a bunch of douchbags your bosses are. Morons.

Blarg. What a day. I'm glad it's done! Only two more days left in the week!! Woot!!

Where's everyone at???

Good Morning!

It's Thursday & cold as shit here. Not as cold as where some of you are, but 15 is cold enough for me. Brrrr!

Hey Poodles! Congratulations on the bonus! That is most excellent!

Jenn-I know what you mean re: jobs....sometimes I think that about my job. I mean, I don't hate my job, but were I not planning to switch fields in the coming years, I would most likely have already moved on from here. For being in school though, the perks are too good. Low stress, flexible schedule, lots of leave time, good salary. But, I sure don't love it or anything. When do you think you will hear more about the possibility of the new job?

Diva, I am drooooooling over your new bag! That is so very nice. yay! I am sorry you guys had head colds over the weekend. Is no bueno. Other than that it sounds like your birthday weekend was pleasurable. I forgot to wish you a happy birthday so.....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! We are the same age.

CH, man, those kind of letters and statements are always so hard to write. At least you have something written, even if you want to scrap it and start over. It's better than nothing!

Moxie! Hi! I know what you mean. No matter how long I am away from work, as soon as I get back, it feels like I never left. Bah!

We were evacuated from our building yesterday around 3:15 or so. They said one of the offices in the building received a "suspicious package." Have not heard anything further, assuming it did not turn out to be anything of note. I had to leave all of my stuff here at work. I mean, I had my purse & keys, but that was it.

I listed some textbooks on Amazon yesterday & they have all sold already. Awesome! I think my net profits will be $135. Not too shabby for a bunch of books I'll never use again.

Yes, Mr K is officially quitting music biz & beginning school on Jan 15. He is taking undergrad classes to prepare for pharmacy school. I am excited for him and also nervous. I think it's a positive change, but I have never known him to do anything other than music, so it'll be weird too. He has 2 years of undergrad work and then 4 years of pharmacy school. Ay yi yi.
Mornin' peepers!!

Good luck on that letter, culture! You're well-spoken, so I'm sure you'll come up with something great. The sexuality/policy thing sounds very interesting.

Ugh. Turbo, I think the pink mafia is gonna have to make a hit on your bosses. Seriously, WTF?

Yes, diva's bag rocks. It's big enough to carry around the severed head of, say, an ogre boss!!

Congrats to mr. karianne!! How exciting!! And congrats on unloading those books for a decent price!

I'm gonna make homemade pizza for the boy and I tonight. We're just gonna eat TV.
Hi Hi!

Kari, that's sweet that you sold your text books already! and WOOT on the Mr going back to school!!! That is fantastic!

Poodle, enjoy "watching" tv tonight. heh. That is so kind of you to say. Awwww. *blushes*

so, speaking of letters of intent. the second letter is completed. Now I just need an edit and I can pay for transcripts and crap. almost done!!! YAY!

I am bored. Bleh, at least it's almost time for lunch. mmmm food.
hi okayers

i don't come in here often because i'm usually too busy to keep up with the conversation.

pinkpoodle - i was thinking of making homemade pizza for dinner tonight as well. i think i'm gonna make a mexican style pizza. i got the dough and i was gonna put ground beef with taco seasoning on top with mexican cheese and we can put sour cream on it at the table. sound good or werid? maybe i'll just make a normal pizza? not sure yet.

kari - yesterday the house was soooo freaking cold. i stayed in bed almost half the day thinking i was coming down with something. never occured to me to check the heat. here it was 58 in the house. the thermostat is all jacked up and i need to reprogram it.

culture - so you are working on your abs. that's great. i always hated ab work. i'd hurt for days afterwards. i think i'm going to take a long walk today before Mr. Pug gets home. I need some fresh air. Their is a track in our neighborhood.

turbojenn - coworkers used to do that at my old job. all gather in one area and whisper about everyone else. I worked at Bank of New York and my one boss used to call it Bony High cause everyone acted like it was high school. i was glad when i left that place.

divala - mr. pug took me to the melting pot a year ago for our anniversary. i loved it. when they were bringing out all the food i was like, "man the portions are really freaking small here." however, because there are so many courses when the night was done i was soooooo full. i'd love to go there again but we found a great place in our town that we both love and can't get enough of. melting pot is almost an hour away from us. this new place is around the corner.

i'm on break between semesters right now and i'm home all by myself getting a little bit of cabin fever. one can only clean so much. we don't have cable and i'm tired of watching movies. i have a ton of laundry to do and it's just sitting there looking at me making me feel guilty. so i jump online and check my myspace, bust and email every ten minutes which gets old too. the puppies are just sleeping the day away. they could care less if i'm here or not. sometimes i give them a treat just to get them up and about. i've completed about a million sudoku puzzles on our nintendo DS. However, *clapping and jumping around* guitar hero 3 is coming tomorrow and i'll have that all next week to play. I probably won't leave the tv for the entire week. it's such a fun game.

well, happy 2008 everyone. hopefully, i'll be back to okayland more over the next week or two.


Nice to see you, pugs!!

I've never been a big fan of mexican pizza, but I've really only tasted the frozen kind. It sounds like it could be tasty if it were homemade. I'm making a tomato/basil/chevre pizza tonight. I'm gonna use whole wheat pastry flour for the dough (or at least a part of it). food in world

Blah. I'm bored, too. And sleepy. It's too cold to be at work or anywhere other than under my fleecey blankey with my furry snuggle buddies.

Time for lunch. It's gonna be Jimmy John's today.
I'm baaaaaaaaaack. back in cold snow covered divorce-land. that's how I'm beginning to think of this place. yes, it's beautiful, but the passion is gone. I still take my photos. I'll survive.
it was so hard leaving the boys. middle son looked me straight in the eyes and with a grin said - 'you'll be back in two months. we'll be waiting'. (and he's going back to college at the end of the month!!!!!!!!!)
the next two months will decide a lot. divorce, settlement, finances, the sale of home and land. and where son and I live.
if our home sells, we have 30 days to vacate. but to where? are we forced to stay here? I can only take son out of state for three days or face being arrested. (lamex has made this clear). and there's nothing to rent within an hour's drive.
<sigh> such as it is here. and I'm missing my mom, too.
I'm gonna make Minx's dinner tonight! been looking forward to it.
pugs... that pizza sounds great. don't forget the salsa and some onions, too. avocado with the sour cream?
CH... just get thru the day. ((CH))
diva... my dad Loves his truffles. had the grand marnier one yesterday. one a day, he says. boys have a punk bank. head banging, bodies bouncing, screaming punk. and they love it. (proud momma)
tjenn... I've always wanted to do the pizza dough thingie, do you have a fav recipie?
says hay to SB, Moxie, Poodle, Kari and the rest! (((busties)))

Hey Pugs!!

Poodle, how was your lunch? I also want to be under the blankets with someone, no wait, blankets get in the way.

Jami, your inbos is full, I can't reply to your PM.

Only a little while longer then I can get the hell out of here. Bleh.
Hi, peeps!

CH, what kind of classes would you take, or would this be an independent study kind of situation? It sounds really interesting.

I actually like Mexican pizza. I've only ever had the kind from Godfather's, but it was good. It was like a regular pizza with cheese and spiced ground beef on it, but they also put fresh lettuce and tomatoes on top. That's sounding really good right now, actually.

Poodle, how was your "pizza" last night? Hmmm???

Jenn, holy geez, the supervisors actually whisper about everyone while they're right there? I thought a place that seems as upright and progressive as yours would have management that didn't act like a bunch of teenagers. I'm sure the supervisors here do that, too, but at least they have the decency to close their doors.

Pugs, we were kind of taken aback at how little meat you got for what you pay, but we were very full when we left. That being said, I wouldn't say it was worth $90. I want an entire 8 oz fillet for myself if I'm going to pay that much. I don't know if we'll ever go there again, even though it's not far from home.

Have fun with Guitar Hero 3. The giant and I have been playing it for a couple months, but haven't lately since I've been too busy with holiday crap. The songs are really good, but the graphics SUCK. Your character looks okay, but the whole rest of the band look like neanderthals. It's kind of funny.

Congrats on the textbook sales, Kari! I've only got my one from my most recent class, but I think I'm going to keep it for reference when I go to seek loans and such. I wish we could get evacuated from my building, but that's only ever happened once or twice in the 7 1/2 years I've been here. My building is really long (it was 4 separate buildings at one point, then they got stuck together so there are a ton of firewalls), so we don't necessarily get to leave if there's a fire or some such thing in another part of the building.

I think my dad spent 7 years in school, but he went from accouting to nursing to pharmacy, and he was in the Army, so he couldn't go consistently at first. I think it requires a BS degree, but I'm not sure.

Hi, Jami! I'm glad your dad is loving his truffles. The Grand Marnier ones are one of my personal favorites. Your boys sound very cool and well-adjusted. Is lamex their dad? It sucks that you can't take your other son out of state for more than a few days. Surely something could be done about that if you want to move closer to your other kids, I see court orders like that daily. Life happens and it can't always be predicted where you'll be in the next year; a court order shouldn't be used to trap a person like it sounds like lamex is trying to do.

Nothing much going on over here today, just dumb old work. Last night, the giant got a wild hair up his ass to extend out our already large dining room table, so now we have to walk around it to get anywhere. I don't know what the point of doing this was, and it's just going to become a really huge dumping ground in the middle of the house for Messes Without A Home, which is specifically what I don't want. I'm going to make him put it back the way it was after the weekend.

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