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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Diva, this one's for you:

How fucking rad is this Christmas pressie? Diva made this one especially for Minxlette and she's been running around with it all day now. And my family gnoshed all over those truffles! Okay, so get this: I'm GOING TO CHICAGO!! I DON'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! A special gentleman purchased said ticket for me and I am spending the weekend at his lake home. He's just a friend, but this is going to be excellent!!

That bag is super cool, diva!! It looks like Minxlette likes it too!

Diva, your description of your mom's family's house cracked me up. I know just what you mean. All too well! It sounds like you got some really great gifts! The dining room table and the mixer especially. I got a good deal of kitchen stuff too, it's always welcome at my house. Some casserole dishes w/ lids, a dual kitchen timer, a new box grater, some silicone spatulas, some silicone cookie sheets, a rice cooker, and a sushi set. Oh, and strangely...a whole turkey deep fryer. I was perplexed. Taking that one back. Oh, diva, the truffles were still in good shape. Very nice.

It's a ghost town here today too, for which I am grateful. I've gotten a little bit done, but I've been talking on the phone quite a bit. Not to work related people, either. I'm gonna have to do some stuff after lunch. However, I was reading over what I'd written last week & it's not looking too bad, if I do say so myself. wink.gif

Well, wish me luck, embarking on my first workout after gorge fest. An hour long spin class. Yikes.
Minx, I'm so glad she likes it! I think it turned out pretty well. The giant's neices liked theirs, too, but they're not nearly as cool as Minxlette's. And congrats on the trip to Chicago! I am envious. Poodle and I need to go down and visit Taloo.

Kari, I'm glad the truffles made it there okay. I tried to pack all of them as tightly as I could, and it seems to have worked out. You seriously got a deep fryer for a turkey? Have you ever shown any interest in deep frying a whole turkey before? It just seems a little odd for a younger couple with no kids to give them something like that. I got lots more kitchen stuff, too. I got new measuring cups and spoons, because my other ones always seem to be dirty when I need them, a cake pan with a lid that I can tote around, a new springform pan without any nonstick coating (my other ones have the coating, and it flakes off and is really bad for you if you ingest it), a cupcake toter that holds 2 dozen, and Ted Allen's cookbook. I always go for the kitchen stuff, too.

Honestly, with my mom's side of the family, it feels like we're just waiting for grandpa to die. I know it sounds awful, but we visit more out of obligation than because we really want to. But on the up side, my aunt's going to move back to St. Paul next year to help take care of him. I really like my aunt, and it'll be nice to see her more often than every couple of years.

CH, the thing with my dad is that he's heard everything before and thinks he knows just as much as the doctors since he also works in the medical field. And he very well may know as much about some things, but it doesn't mean he should just ignore the advice just because he can. The man really just needs to suck it up and go on a diet. He's a large man, not ginormous, and in okay shape for a man of his size, but that still doesn't mean he'd benefit hugely from losing 50 pounds. It's just kind of funny because he's been doing a little better in the last couple years. He has lost some weight and his stress levels are down now that my brother is sober and is getting his shit together, and his medicine has helped quite a bit (something like 12 different meds he takes), but he still really needs to work at this. I don't know what we'd do if we lost him.

Anyway, on that high note, I'm going to get some Chipotle for lunch. It feels really good to have cash to burn after the holidays (thank you, grandpas!).
That bag is fucking awesome!

Minx, ooooh a ticket to Chicago, eh? And who is this man friend? That's really sweet of him.

Kari, how did the spin class go?

Diva, I hear you about your dad, it's too bad that this hasn't served as a wake up call for him. 12 meds is a lot for anyone, but he's so young yet. My goodness. My mom is the same way, her doctor referred her to a cardiologist, she still doesn't work out. her doctor told her she needs to loose some weight (my mom isn't big, but she has gained some weight) so for two days she worked out, not for long though. She does 10 minutse on an eliptical machine, and that's it. uhhh, that's not going to help. it gets to the point that you think, why bother even saying anything if your parent isn't going to do anything.

I think I'm going to leave early, soooooo sleepy.
Oh, Diva, in my last post, I completely spaced on saying that I am so happy your dad is ok. That is a lot of heart attacks he has had. I had no idea. I really wish he would take some positive action. I know it is incredibly frustrating and scary for you and your family. ((Diva dad))

damn, I wish I had some cash to burn. I've already burned it! The ol' car battery, but then Mr K & I bought 4 new pillows from our couch from West Elm yesterday. Oh, and a tree skirt that was on sale. The pillows were marked 1/2 off, but they still cost us about $75 or $80. They are really nice. I am waiting for them to mark down the rug I want. It's blue and really cool. Come on dudes! Mark that shit down! I know you're going to! Right now it is $279. I am hoping they go down to at least $200.

Spinning was good. It was tough, but good.

I am leaving in 15 mins for the chiropractor. Neck was acting up big time over xmas.
Hi all...quick check in post to say hi. Still haven't caught up on the posts, sorry - bigtime pain issuezzzz yesterday and today from crashing on the icy stairs x-mas eve. I actually thought I might have fractured a rib, but that part of me seems to be a bit better now. Hopefully will be better soon and back around! I really do miss you all dreadfully and hope you are all well and happy!

ETA: did you hear Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today? I have no words....
Hi everyone!!

I meeced you all!! I wasn't really that busy--just very distracted. My free moments were spent vegetating.

((((jami and jami's fam)))) Sorry about your loss, girl. sad.gif

(((((diva's dad and fam))))) That's scary!! I'm glad he came out okay though. Maybe you should have Sam ask him to change. That would do it. My dad has been really bad about his health in the last year or so, too. On monday, I witnessed him wolf down 2 huge grilled cheese sandwiches and 2 bowls of cream of tomato soup. I could only finish about half of my first servings (and I can eat a lot). I'm worried about him.

Minxlette's purse is freakin' awesome!! I love the circle of boots.

It sounds like everyone had decent holidays. I just went over to my parents house and spent the day with my fam. We all went sledding on this awesomely terrifying hill in St. Paul. My nephies loved it. I think my butt is broken.

ETA- ~*~*~*~feel better vibes for doodle~*~*~*~
Hi, Poodle! We should have Sam ask Dad to be healthier. I can't think of much else that would work. Our family is very hands-off about the touchy stuff. Hell, we don't even really hug each other or say we love each other at all.

I think this kind of situation happens a lot more with men because they're expected to consume more, and it's totally permissable. The man of the house always gets the big piece of meat and the last slice of pizza or whatever, since they're supposed to be big and strong and supposedly need it. But a lifetime of doing that turns into heart disease. It's like the opposite of women. Kinda funny, huh?

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do for my birfday. I honestly haven't a clue right now, but I know that wherever we go, we're gonna need a reservation. I'd like to go to a concert or see some theater, rather than just the regular old bar scene.

*rushes into okayland to catch up on all the news*

We're home! We're home! YAY!

(((((diva's dad))))) I think there's something so American about just not doing anything *real* about improving your health, and expecting docs and meds to do it all. My dad is the same way...he has gout, his feet are numb all the time, he's tipping 350lbs, and won't go on a diet, exercise, etc....and then he says crap like "I wish my doc would just tell me to lose weight, then I'd do it." He's so UN-empowered about his health, just wants someone else to do it. So dumb. He's only working about 10 hours a week now, so he really has no excuse not to just take the dog for a walk everyday. Ugh. Fathers.

And Diva, that purse that you made minxlette is *gorgeous!* And I think its awesome that minxlette is lovin' it too!

Minxy!!!! WHEN are you coming to Chicago??? Any chance of meeting up while you're in town? Whereabouts is the lake house....I'm on the lake too, so maybe its not far!

We had a nice holiday visit at home, the least stressful I can remember....I dunno what was different this year, maybe just my own attitude...oh and the fact that my FIL hired a housekeeper, so I didn't have an allergy attack there, and my 'rents' cat died earlier in the year, so there was no allergies there either - I think that really helped me approach the holidays with sanity - that and when I do have to take allergy meds, they make me a little crazy all on their own.

Like many of you, I got some more fun stuff for my kitchen - a whole buncha silicone spatulas of all sizes and shapes that I *love* - I'm a spatula whore, what can I say? And I got a pressure cooker too - so I'm excited to see what I can do with that!

Doodle, I'm glad to see you check in, and I'm sorry to hear that you're still recovering from your slip. Eeek! Rest up, my dear!
I don't know how long I'm going to actually be IN Chicago proper...I suppose that it depends upon the weather. The dude I'm staying with is in Sandwich (on that lake...I need to get my nomenclature straight. If we get stuck in Chi-town, would you maybe be interested in dinner? Should be fun...he's a doctor. ohmy.gif
Oooh, Sandwich is pretty far from where I'm at...but if you do find yourself in the city, I would LOVE to have dinner with you! Any weekend spent on a lake sounds very nice, even if its not the BIG lake! smile.gif

Time for bed....Zzzzzz.
Goooood Morning! How am I the first one in here today?

It is a gray and rainy day here. Icky. Officemate back in the office w/ me too.

((doodle)) ouch! I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. sad.gif Get some rest, lady. I hope you are ok. And yes, I echo your sentiments on the assasination of Benazir Bhutt. sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

Hey Jenn! Glad to hear your trip was less stressful this year! Sounds like the lack of allergy attacks made all the difference. I had a bad neck flare up while out of town & it just made the whole trip so much more difficult. I even took half of a pill from my SIL, who had just had her wisdom teeth out. I have to be pretty desperate to do that, b/c I don't like pills. It did help though.

Does anyone have experience with having a hot water heater installed? Officemate told me it can cost $300 + for the installation. That does not make me happy. Wallet in serious pain at this point.

What does everyone have going on this weekend? Is anyone off Monday and Tuesday? We are off those days, so it's a 4 day weekend. No big weekend plans, but whatever it is, it's gotta be cheap!
Hi, peeps!

Today's payday Friday! Hooray!

It's pretty grey here, too. There seem to be a few more people around the office, though. Still, I'd rather be in bed. I got up late and I have MRG cramps.

Hi, Jenn, Kari, Minx, and everyone!

Jenn, that's great that your trip went better than usual. I'm not allergic to pets, so I can't imagine how it must suck. The really weird thing about my dad is that he's always on his feet at work, and he works full time. For a guy of 275 pounds, he's in better shape than you'd expect. It's this diabetes and heart problems that's taking a toll on him, both of which could be eased by losing weight (says the girl who could stand to lose many, many pounds herself - but I don't have heart disease).

Kari, I think that was about what my landlord paid for a new hot water heater and he had a friend install it. Wish I could be of more help. I'd imagine Treehugger would have a wealth of knowledge on the topic.

The giant and I have a 4-day weekend this week. We both took my birfday off on Monday, since he couldn't get any time off this week besides Xmas Day. We're going to The Melting Pot for a romantic dinner on Sunday, no clue yet what to do for Intergalactic Divala Day. A friend at work just gave me a $20 coupon for The Melting Pot, which I think the giant will be very happy about. Other than that, we're going to do a little shopping tonight (Target, B&N, maybe Dayton's and cash in a gift card at Famous Dave's) and spend a lot of time at home this weekend doing absolutely nothing, which is what I'm looking most forward to. Long days of sleeping in and reading and maybe watching a few movies sounds perfect to me.

Kari, I think our water heater cost $700, including installation - our tank was more expensive than the larger ones, because we only have room for a 30gal short tank in our closet.

Diva - the Melting Pot sounds like a wonderful (and tasty) start to the Intergalactic Diva Day celebrations!

And I'm with you, in looking forward to a few really low-key days at home hanging out with turbomann. Not sure what we're doing for NYE yet, and that's fine with me...we may just stay home and cook something nice for dinner.

Today, I might meet a friend for lunch, and then go to the bookstore and get Alice Water's new cookbook. Nothing I love more than curling up with a new cookbook.
QUOTE(kari @ Dec 28 2007, 09:01 AM) *
Does anyone have experience with having a hot water heater installed? Officemate told me it can cost $300 + for the installation. That does not make me happy. Wallet in serious pain at this point.

Hmm, I installed my own one on September 11, 2001...amazing that I remember that date. I think I paid about $350.00 for a fifty gallon mid-range efficiency one and installed it myself. But, don't quote me on that price, with the terrorist attacks and stuff I don't really remember, for sure. $300.00 for professional installation is a pretty reasonable price, especially if it's gas. It depends if you are converting anything, for instance if it's gas and you're going high effiency /powervent from a standard one there's more work involved in the installation because they need to run a new exhaust/vent.

Electric ones are easier to install, but here in the midwest cost much more to operate. If your electricity is relatively cheap compared to gas it'd be okay.
Hi everyone!!

Glad you had a relaxing holiday, turbo!! Usually your events seem so crazy!! I'm sure the allergen-free environment made it a lot less sucky.

Funny, I work on the same block as The Melting Pot, but I've never actually been there.

D'oh!! That sucks about the installation costs, kari!! Too bad treehugger isn't there to help you out!! Ah well, at least she's here to give you some good advice.

Blah. I am officially out of things to do at work. My boss broke her foot last week, so she's not here this week. It's kind of nice. Still, I'm really bored and I need to start something new. This day is gonna go so slow. I'd leave early, but the office meddler would have a hissy fit. BFF sent me this:

It's nice to see people seemed to have good holidays. Ours was good too. We got a lot of stuff, most of which we don't need of course, and gave some nice gifts too. Now I'm super broke and coasting on fumes until my student loans come in the middle of January. Working part-time just doesn't cut it. TB is having to pick up the slack which is okay.

Diva, a Kitchen-Aid Standing Mixer is my dream wedding gift. How cool you got one for Christmas! I want one in a pretty blue called Coral Reef or something silly like that. And The Melting Pot is a lot of fun. We went there for my parents 30th wedding anniversary a couple years ago. The main course was a little disappointing to me (I'm not a big meat or seafood gal) but the cheese course, salad, and dessert more than made up for it.

Kari, I don't envy you having to deal with water heater shit. There are lots of cons to renting but I love not having to pay for things to be repaired/replaced. I'm not ready to own.

I just spent about an hour dealing with a credit card problem. The card we opened at the furniture store to buy our bed in Sept. has a $2700 charge that we did not make. The stupid customer service number doesn't have an option for speaking to a real person so you have to push zero about a dozen times before you get transferred (and each time it tells you that you've picked an invalid option). After I finally got through to a person and got done being on hold, they told me they would open an "investigation." I asked the woman if she could give me a different number for speaking to a real person easier and she said "We don't have a different number. We receive a high volume of calls every day." I paused and said, "well, yes, of course you do. Not only are you a credit card company customer service number, but you also make $2700 mistakes on people's bills." Needless to say, I don't think she liked me very much.
Ugh. That sucks, catsoup. I always had that problem with Providian. Fortunately, they're out of my life now.

XRB and I exchanged gifts last night. He got me some winter stuff from American Apparel and I got him a Michael Sowa print. We snuggled a little, which was nice. I get the impression that he actually feels somewhat serious about me. He was gonna try to come to my parents' house on Christmas, but he wasn't able to get out of work. Oh well, at least I got to see him last night. He's going home to Wisconsin this weekend.

ETA- Garr!! I wish the office meddler would go away so I can print out the dirty christmas card I made for my friend!! Let's just say that it involves a "pop up" window. Heh...
Awww, poodle, that's great that you celebrated with XRB, and that things might be moving in a more relationship-oriented direction!

Its snowing like mad here today...kind of pretty since I'm just hanging out at home, but won't be fun for turbomann's commute home this evening.

catsoup - that totally sucks about the credit card issue....this stuff happens WAY too much. I think I read in Time Mag awhile ago that 9% of Americans experience electronic theft each year through credit or debit Took me three months this year to get everything sorted after my bank acct. got fraudulently emptied.

Good Afternoon everyone.

I am exhausted and hung over today. I went to the bar with my out of town boy, a friend, and the cop for the cops birthday last night. It was quiet, the out of town boy and I went back to his place, and attempted portions, but we were both a leettle too drunk, so we lounged around in his bed and talked and kept each other warm. I didn't get home until 4.

Kari, how is your neck after the chiro?

Diva, that sounds like a lovely weekend!

Turbo, did you end up going out for lunch?

Hey tree and minx!

Doodle, how are you feeling today? I have to say that I am most unimpressed, but also unsurprised that Benizir Bhutto was killed. Makes my heart hurt.

Catsoup, that is so shitty about the credit card deal, good to see the customer service is full of people so helpful.

Poodle, I'm glad that you got to do something with XRB!

I just don't even know what I want to do, I'm feeling rather blah, and I totally have a crushie on the cop, but that won't happen, so I'm causing myself some stress. I am a fool sometimes.

Le Sigh.

I think a walk at the park may help me, for a little while at least.
~*~*~*~feel better vibes for culture~*~*~*~

I could totally use a late afternoon catnap right now. If only the meddler would leave.

That's nice that you get to be at home today, turbo. I kinda like being snowed in. I just realized that it's snowing here. It's been snowing waaaay too much lately. I'm so sick of shoveling.

hee....too much sangria tonight, I'd say! Fun, though...just trying to drink some water before I crash here, so the morning won't be so bad. Always nice to catch up with friends and swap family stories after the hiolidays!

See you all in the morning! Zzzzzzzz!
I still have a hangover in the worst way, I'm going to bed.

Hello all, another quick one....sorry, but I just can't stay on the computer for more than a minute or two at a time right now, as it still hurts. Not as bad, though. Should be right as rain by Monday! I did skim quickly and thank you all for your feel-better vibes...bustie vibes are sooooo powerful!

I can't believe I forgot to tell you all....guitarboy got a new baby sister on x-mas eve! (guitarpapa's second, much-younger wife.) Nobody in the family is Irish, but they've named her Quinlan anyway. guitarboy is quite tickled to have spent x-mas eve in the hospital. smile.gif
Wooow! He should try writing a quick song for her. Even if it's not a lot of words or super deep or anything, it's a cool thing. I always think it's cool when someone does a song about someone who's not a romantic interest, like a sister or friends or cat. There really ARE more emotions to write about out there than 'you make me horny and actually stir feelings of commitment, so thank you'.

Heya Culture! smile.gif Good luck with your head and your bed and DRINK WATER!

You too, Turbo smile.gif Maybe get some brunch in you.

Heya Poods! Nice new avatar. Think of shoveling as a snowy workout and excuse to bring out the GOOD bath sudsies. (Does anybody actually LIKE bath oils?!?)

*Money correction vibes for Catsoup* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey heya Grrrl & Tree!

Happy late Birfday, Diva! What'd ya get?

Hope your neck is feeling better, Kari sad.gif Maybe find a massage chair to dominate for an hour or two. Neck pains are a pain in the... well, they're a pain.

Minx, your Minxlette is a super-cutie! I bet she'll grow up confident smile.gif

*waves at Tess*

Heya to anybody I'm missing.
Hey Lore! I think you've got a great idea there about guitarboy writing a song to his new sis.

((((((Welcome to the world, wee sis of guitarboy!)))))))

Having a fine day here...lazed around the house this morning a bit (no hangover - that sangria is magic!), then we went out for an early showing of Sweeney Todd...I enjoyed it - though I always enjoy looking at the world through Tim Burton's lens - his movies are always so beautifully shot. It was perhaps a bit gorey for me, but truly a fun adaptation of the musical, without all the slow parts of the show. Then, we went for a late brunch at one of our favorite crunchy cafes, where I had a most delicious caesar salad, which makes me want to run to the store to buy anchovies, so I can whip up some dressing of my own.

Other than that, not much going on the rest of the day...gotta walk the dogs - we've got three greyhounds roosting here until wednesday. So sweet.

((((muscle healing for doodle))))
Hihi all you drunky-drunk party animals!

Heikki and I are just at Banana's house using his computers while he is taking a nap. This morning, the three of us, along with Luna, the dog, went to the ultralight field to see Banana fly his ultralight aircraft. Heikki got to untie the plane and help push it out near the runway, then he got to help with the pre-flight inspection. We watched Banana fly in his pattern a few times, then we left.

Next, we hiked in a wash with the doggie for about an hour and a half, then went out for Guatemalan food. And guess what? Heikki didn't complain a single time about the restaurant. He's so grown up. He couldn't find anything on the menu that he wanted to eat, but finally settled on a bean and cheese quesadilla. When the server brought our food, his face suggested he was nervous because the quesadilla contained BLACK beans rather than pinto beans, but he ate the whole thing without a word except to say it was good. He even tried a glass of horchata, which he took one sip of, said was good, but didn't drink a single drop more.

I gotta say, I'm so impressed with Heikki's behavior. He hasn't been arguing with me or complaining, and he seems all-around happy to be here. When he was here last year, all I heard was how Tucson sucked.

Tomorrow we are going hiking with Morticia and her nephie.

Still don't know what we are doing for NYE. Banana might have a party for us to go to, but it will be a bunch of adults from Latin America. Heikki might be bored. But then again, he might have a great time. Who knows? He seems kind of interested, but Banana has to find out if the party is still going on and if Heikki and I are welcome to go with him. Last time I went to a party with Banana's Latin American friends, there were other kids there.

On Christmas Day, I went to a party with my new friend, Maya Luna. (I know that is close to the dog's name, but I think it's a really pretty name and my new friend has a really pretty spanish name). Maya Luna is from Ecuador, and I met her at a party a couple of weeks ago. Her mother is visiting from Quito for the holidays, and I really hit it off with the two of them. So I spent Christmas with them and Maya Luna's boyfriend's family.

Maya Luna's mother invited me to Ecuador this summer when her daughter goes home to visit. I thought that was so sweet and exciting. I really, truly hope I can do it. It would be such an adventure.

So - poodle - I have missed a lot in recent months in Okayland due to my not having internet access. How long have you been snuggling with XRB? Is there more to your relationship now?

If I can roust Banana out of bed, I will try to post a pic of Heikki using Banana's little digital camera.
OK -

STILL can't figure out how to post a picture here, so here is a link to a picture of the teenaged Heikki:

Teenager of the Year!
greetings m'ladies. I'm going to do a quick fly by attempt here. I'm still in Ca with son. it is soooooooooo good to have him with his brothers. they say 'goodmorning bro, I love you' to each other even when they don't know I'm around. son needs to know that THIS is how you treat family.
had a good memorial service for my mom. tears and laughter all around. family and friends. it was good. exhausting, too.
it was ranining, drizzle damp for the past two days. but the CA sun is just starting to poke thru. off to meet a really good friend for lunch. she heals me inside with her words.

(((friends))) hope the too much drinking feels better today, ladies.
(((CH))) get some sleep, girl.
pk, heikki is sounding so grown up. can't see the photo, though. (pout)
((doodle)) for the owie hand
((Catsoup)) keep on them about the card... and keep a log of who you talk to and when. I'm still battling a $200 charge from June!
hi Lore! howyadoin Poodle. hey tjenn.

flyby over. signing off. HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, and I have a counter for settlement. he undercut me by $220,000. I feel two ways... yes, I am *absolutely* entitled to more. just as a division of assets, and by mere fact that I did *nothing* but to completely trust my husband. and then logic says - cut and run. he'll get more $$ (Lots) but I have the boys. I can do, I can be. cut the poison. go and heal.
both sides are completely correct.
Good Afternoon,

I've been lurking about mostly.

Hey Doodle! Quinlan, that is a beautiful name.

Hey Lore!

Turbo, I'm glad you liked the movie! I'd like to see it, it's just a matter of when I actually have time.

PK, I'm glad to see you in here! Sounds like a good xmas!

((((jami)))) ugh, lamex.

I've written a portion of my letter of intent and sent it to a friend to see what she thinks. I need to work out. Still feeling blah. I'm in a funk right now. I hope the work out helps.

Later kats!

*waves to PK* Good to see you in here, my dear! And YAY for new friends! And visits from strong, growing, non-complaining Heikki!

CH - is the letter of intent for grad school? I think after new years sounds like a fine time for intentional letter writing!

Turbomann left this morning to go hang with his BFF in MI until tomorrow afternoon, so I've had a nice day here on my own. Walked the 3 hounds a couple times, then went down to the LUSH shop downtown, and holy crap are they having a fantastic sale!! I walked away with about $300 worth of stuff for $ splurge, but I'll be well stocked for at least 6 months for all my bath/body/hair products! And on my way home, I stopped off at Borders and spent a GC on the new Alice Waters cookbook - "The Art of Simple Food," and I've been curled up on the couch with it for the past couple of hours - my favorite kind of afternoon.

Oh, and I made a pot of Cincinnati Chili to go on hotdogs and spaghetti for New Year's Day, when we're just lazing around. And tonight, I'm headed out to dinner with our friends from Ireland, as its their last night in town. Tomorrow *know* I'm cooking for New Year's Eve, with our good friends, its a pajama dinner party, and we'll all be in the kitchen cooking together. I just need to finalize the menu later tonight.

(((((jami))))) Sounds like your time in CA has been healing for all - that is a great blessing. I hear you on just getting things OVER with the ex, but that's a *lot* of money you're being undercut! If you feel at peace with it, though, I'm sure its the right decision. (((((safe travels home))))
I had sooooo much fun in Chicago/Sandwich! So much so that I am going back next month because he wants to take me out for my birfday.

We're going to Moto. WHOOOOOOOOT!!
Well, Minxy, I sure do hope that when you come back next month, that you spend a little time in the big city, so we can see you!!! You'll be the official ambassador to represent for the Mpls gang, AND, we'd love to celebrate with you!


Turbo, that sounds like a great new years eve!!! Grad school indeed. I'm nervous, but I'm sure it will all work out. at least I hope it does!!

Minx, I'm so glad you had a good time!!!

Well, I'm at work. That in itself sucks. I feel like I have had a hangover for a week, I wonder if it's a touch of the flu. Blech. I just want to be back in bed, even though I got a ton of sleep last night.

What is everyone doing this evening??

Mornin' CH! I'm sorry you're stuck at work...I hope you at least get out early today.

And HAPPY INTERGALACTIC DIVA DAY!!! I hope you have the perfect celebration with the giant!

I'm just sitting here on the couch with a pile of cookbooks around me, trying to decide what I'm cooking tonight. I bought shrimp and scallops, so I'll do a couple tapas-style dishes with that, I think, and then an antipasti platter, and a good, classic caesar salad. And our friends are making their amazing duck cassoulet for the main course. Oh, and I made up the solution for a champagne sorbet for dessert, so I'll spin that up in the ice cream maker later.

And, I have three beautiful hounds snoozing happily on the floor. So sweet. I will be happy for turbomann to get home this afternoon to help with the walking, though. It takes me nearly an hour to go 5 blocks with the threesome. Someone is always stopping to sniff something. wink.gif
Turbo, that sounds yummy!!! Mmmm.

I'm leaving at noon today, ask me how much I give a shit about this place today! Or ever for that matter.

Have you heard anything about the job yet???
Happy Birthday, Diva!!!

I always do a "hair of the dog" party for new years day (bloody marys, hangover food, the rose bowl) , so I'm accumulating stuff for that. I'm one of those obnoxious morning people so I take advantage of it by cooking food for my night owl hungover friends.

I'm indulging myself with my favorite "whole paycheck" dip....the spinach artichoke one. Yum. It's just so darned expensive! I'm off work today...and grateful for that. I needed it after christmas.

*I really hope next christmas is better. I saw was pretty hard.
Happy Birthday DIVA!!!!

today is my big' day. apts at the bank, lawyer, and accountant. it looks like the boys will be fine, I want to see it in writing though. I have to set things up so that the bills at the house (water, cable, garbage) is set up to automatically deduct or maybe the bills go to me. there are months that the boys are on tour, and some payments can't be missed. while they're adults, they are male. bless their hearts. laugh.gif
anyway, turbo... when you take the value of our ranch, he's actually undercutting me by nearly one million. he had me sign docs only to now find out that they weren't what I was told. verbally, we together own a specific parcel of land. written, we two and his parents own it, and they have re-done their portion, so now I do not have a claim to the property at all that is worth two million. my half of that is one million. was. a judge would have to look at everything and decide who gets what. and unfortunately, I did sign the documents that my husband told me to sign. and with it being at a courtroom back in good 'ol boy country, where men rule as they have, there is a big chance that the judge would say *0* to me. so by the settlement, I am getting $220,000 more than zero. when it should be one million. or at the least (one quarter) $550,000+. (three years ago we purchased this for under $900,000. now it's worth over 2m)
fair, no.
what it is, yup.
whenever I see a couple looking at buying here... I just wanna say RUN, RUN.


Jami, your lamex is a raging hemorrhoid on the ass of humanity. May he be lanced quickly.

Get this: someone just sent me a dozen roses. To my fucking APARTMENT! What in the hell is going on?!!!

Yeah, Turbo, tell us about any updates on the job sitch.

Yo Tree, sorry about Moms. (((Tree)))
Happy Birthday, Diva!!!

No, wait, I like this one better:


George in fronnt of monitor, can't see what ttyping....bye!
Someone needs to stop me. I've had that "Jon & Kate + 8" show on the tube while I've been running around cooking all day, and I can't stop. Why I find 8 shrieking toddlers so fascinating, I don't know...probably because the parents actually manage to keep their wits about them, which seems extraordinary. I can't imagine managing that many little ones.

Nothing new on the job front, I don't actually expect anything to really happen until end of Q1, so maybe late Feb, early March...I'm not in a huge rush, so its fine by me. If this one doesn't work out, I think I'm just going to put in a year where I'm at, so I can legitimately put it on my resume.

Jami, your ex is an awful douchebag of a human-being!!! I'm glad you're getting some settlement, but we all know you're worth the full million!

Minxy's got roses!!! I hope they came from someone good!

Mmmm...tree, that dip IS good! I've been munching all day, as I cook. Currently my right eyelid is burning, I think some jalepeno juice must've landed there, when I was chopping peppers for ceviche. I should probably take care of that. I did make some kick-ass homeade caeser dressing this afternoon too - coddled egg yolk and all! Dinner is going to be goooood.

(((((tree)))))) I'm sorry xmas wasn't so good.

(((jami))) I'm glad you are having a good time in Ca.

Word minx, I agree about lamex. Any idea who sent roses????

Doodle! Hey hey!!!!

I really don't want to go out for new years tonight, but I've already committed. I won't know very many people there. Bah. Fuck new years.

Later kats, I'm going to get ready and take houndy to the park.

ETA! X posted with Turbo!! Hey hey!
Happy New Year's Eve, Beautiful BUSTerinos!

I'm finally off work, and my BFF and his fam are coming over to hang with me & Goaty. I'm going to ask them to bring a protable CD player so that we'll have decent tuneage, and I was thinking of getting everybody to dance to some stuff, which is actually a tall order for Americans. I mean, were we Latinos, Greeks, French, Africans, or virtually from most other parts of the world, we'd dance because it's a party. I wanna take back dancing like freaks.

That, and we've got some s'mores to make! I'm going to let OtterMan's daughter start the fire so she can learn about pyro stuff. People shouldn't be afraid of fire (she's not). People should understand fire enough to be able to control it and take responsibility for it. I want her to gain some fire-making skill points.

Much love to yas!

ETA Culture, are you still in a funk? sad.gif Reading that made me want to hang out and smoke a bowl with you.

Everyone stay safe! Know who your drinkin' buddy is! (and bite him/her, and tell her/him that a 'Wolf you met online told you to wink.gif)
Hi Hi Lore!!

I'm doing better. I'd love to smoke a bowl with you!!! It's been so long since I've smoked, actually. For real, it's been two months. I've not got the desire to.

i'm so going to bite my friends tonight! And I'll tell them my friend Lore told 'em so. Sooooo, it should be okay. I suppose. the cop is going to be there. But I have to be on good behaviour becuase mutual friend will be there. Maybe, just maybe he'll leave early, and I'll bring in the new year with a bang. heh!!!!
I'm pretty much of the Fuck New Year's club this year, as well. All I can do is fucking sit here after taking Minxlette to my mom's, cry, and think about what I was doing last year this time. Honestly, even with the very lovely weekend I just had (and yes, he's JUST a friend...although he kinda crossed a boundary today) all I want to do is sit here and weep. I'm trying to move on with my life, but I just fucking miss the good times with exMinxman so much. I remember walking into the cool restaurant last year, making love in the hotel, a backrub...this is the part that really hurts. I know NYE should be a fresh start or something, but I'm sitting here reviewing everything and it's painful. You know, I sat down last night after I got back from Chicago and just bawled thinking about our garden.

I just want to drink scotch until I pass out on the couch. Sometimes I really miss him.

You know, when he wasn't making me play guessing games...when I really thought he loved me.

I actually thought initially that the roses were from him. I guess I wanted them to be from him, but they were from my Chicago friend. He says he's falling for teeth nearly fell out. I panicked wondering how he got the wrong idea. My vibe must be all fucked up.

Sorry for the pity party. I really just want tonight to be over with.
Minx, I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well this evening.

I also hate new years, and tonight is probably going to suck, I am also counting on heart break. I would rather be at home sleeping.

Thanks, CH. It's really good to see a familiar avatar right now. Makes it a little less lonely stateside.

Why are you anticipating heartbreak?
awww ((((minx)))) and ((((ch)))), I am having a new years pity party myself too. I'm just trying to think about that hopefully next year will bring what I want it to. smile.gif


I have cramps.
I have a total crush on the cop and he's going to be there, and nothing is going to happen, some lady will probably be all over him and because of the situation I won't be with him. It's also the situation, he is best friends with one of my friends, and the friend has (or had) feelings for me. Nothing will happen. Ever. I sure know how to pick them.

So I'll ring in the crappy new year with a frowny face. The other one I'd like to be with, well he has a woman and he lives in a different province. The third one, well I don't even know where him and I stand. I don't like him anymore, well...I don' t know how I feel about him...Le Sigh.

I will be with none of them. Hell, I don't even know what I want anymore.

X posted with Tree! what's going on with you? Aren't we a happy lot tonight? Ha!

Cripes, what a fucking mess that is, CH. I know precisely what you mean, though. I mean, this fucking sucks ass, but this Chicago guy is a rich doc. He's got a few million $ worth of gorgeous art in his house, he's worldly, genuine, completely romantic...but even if my heart weren't hurting right now, I would STILL be bugging my eyes out wondering how in the hell this happened so quickly. So what the fuck do I know? All I want to do is go over to Saint Paul and crawl into exMinxman's lap and pretend that nothing horrible ever happened. I wish a great many things...but now I'm so fucking confused that I don't know what I want either.

And ya know what? This is the very first fucking time anyone has ever sent me flowers. And I feel shitty for having received them.

Good luck with tonight, CH. I'll be routing for you.

Tree--I'm sorry you're having a suck-ass night, as well. Welcome to the pity par-tay. I'll be Julie, your fucking cruise director. Scotch is in the lounge. Where's the Bear tonight, BTW?
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