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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's me again!

Catsoup, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! *throws confetti* enjoy your time off! How did the exam go?

Mox, cool!

Hey again Kari! Booo on boring work days, you should check out i am bored, it's got lots of fun stuff!

Diva, I do work out every day, I'd loose my mind if I didn't. Work makes me a little stressed, and I am addicted to it. Really. I get cranky when I don't, plus I am working out to get better muscle definition, so I enjoy seeing the changes in my body. That sounds like a really cute pagent! awwww. Want me to hunt down your boss and kick him in the shins? He is coming to my neck of the woods. That chewer sounds horrible! Loud gum chewing is among my pet peeves.

Okay, so yesterday I went shopping and got this great knit hoodie, that has devil horns on the hood, I also got a second hoodie that has little skull and cross bones on it.

I am just finishing things up so I can do loads of nothing tomorrow! We have a potluck at lunch, so that'll be yummy!

What is everyone doing for xmas?

CH, if you could kick my boss's ass, that would be lovely. He's about 6'8" with brown hair and a bald spot. He's pro wrestler big, but not so muscley. But if you kick him in the shins hard enough, he'll eventually fall down.

Your skull and crossbones hoodie sounds cute.

Loud gum chewing is probably my biggest pet peeve. This girl at work is bad, but the giant's mom is the worst I've ever heard. I just don't know what it is about gum that makes a normally closed-mouth chewer feel the need to constantly open their mouth to chew it like a teenage girl. The giant's mom's gum chewing makes me cringe and turn red.

We're going up to my parents' place on Xmas eve, since they're throwing the big get-together now. We'll probably stay the night, then head down to the giant's mom's on Xmas day, then we'll all probably go to his aunt's for board games like we did last year. It'll be pretty much the same as last year.

It's getting to be about time for lunch. I get to go to the candy store to get something for my coworker who hates chocolate. Luckily, it's not too far away or I'd be a little peeved.


I wish there was a way to double penalize people who don't show up for appointments that they asked for and I came back early from lunch for. Grrr! Just saying you're going to come in isn't going to get you your welfare back, you actually have to follow through. It's really sad, this girl who was supposed to come in almost 2 hours ago is only 16 with a kid.

Catsoup, sorry for laughing, but your typing is funny. You're totally right about all wedding dresses seeming to be strapless lately. I better get started on exercising now if I'm going to look how I want in a few years when the giant and I get married. How far off is your big day?

CH, what are your plans for the holiday (besides hunting down my boss and kicking his ass)?

I just wrote out my To Do list for the next few days, and it's pretty daunting. No way are my BFF and her husband getting their presents on time. I just don't have it in me, and there are plenty of more pressing things to deal with. Makes me feel like an idiot sitting here at work when there are real things to be done. I got this cake mold from Williams-Sonoma with car shapes on it, so I'm going to make Sam a little edible scene with the cars (fully frosted, not just with candies propped up on them) on a cookie sheet covered with shredded coconut dyed green and crushed chocolate cookies for the road. He's going to love it.
happy holidays and all that good stuff, my lovelies! i miss you all!!!!
Suggah!!! Babe, it's good to see your ass back in these parts!

Diva, you're a miracle worker. Minxlette is going to be sooo damned happy when she opens that pressie! Most likely it will be her fav. I bet you dollars to donuts that the girl puts all of her Polly Pockets in there five minutes after she opens it.

Everybody: thanks for the good thoughts and vibeage. It's not been too fun around here lately, but I'm hopeful. I had a dermatology appointment today, and she lanced that fucking cyst on the back of my thigh. Damn, that thing was so painful, and it feels sooooo good now. Really fucking ugly, but really feeling better. Plus, it turns out that I have some bizarre type of psoriasis. If this weird, foamy topical doesn't work I will actually have to go on a cancer drug that is an immune suppressant. In which case, I will not be able to drink for three months or my liver will explode.


Good things are beginning to happen again, though. I think it's because I stopped fighting the pain (emotional). My mother would call it giving it to god or some such thing; I call it not letting my head fuck with my head.

I have a new penpal who works for the CIA and he's great fun. I met him on another board. The banter is totally keeping me above water, and allows me to be able to vocalize some of the shit that's been addling me for too long.

Plus my bitchin' friend Jake is going to help me hotrod my computers this break. The old box is a piece of shit, but I'm going to have it vamped up for Minxlette. He said that he is going to buy me some memory for Christmas (he's a programmer for the U of M) and install that and Ubuntu and blahblahblah. He's a classy guy. We dated for a few months on and off when we were both going through our whore phase in the summer of '04.

Did I mention that I still hear from that damned lawyer...too funny. It's been ages since I've seen him; I actually don't remember the last time.

I bought some embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching, and the BFF and I will be making a whole bunch of rad shit over the break. She is going to make cowgirl curtains, and I am making tattoo girl pillowcases and other fun stuff. Okay, best to end this now and get my shit together for when the ex-asshat drops off my best girl. She rules. biggrin.gif
hahaha, minx, i read that as "suggah, it's so nice to see your ass in these pants"!! heh!

but i agree! it's sooo awesome to see miss shuggah! i was gonna go stalk your myspace after i saw pk's reference. hiiii girlie!

annnd yes! diva, you should make a couple of those purses like the one you're making mixlette and market those things to all the cool little girls of the world! that sounds SO FREAKIN' RAD! damn! i know she will love it!

but minx! damn girl i am so sorry to hear about your skin condition. i cannot imagine not being able to drink for three months. oh wait. yes i can. heh. but still that sucks ass and i hope that the topical stuff works! my little guy is suffering from a major case of eczema right now so i can totally relate. poor thing is scratchin' all the time and as soon as i put him in a tub of water, his whole body gets red and splotchy. so i've been bathing him only a couple times a week and slathering him down with triple cream and aveeno. tonight, i processed some oatmeal and let him soak in that for a few minutes. i really hope his AND your skin gets to feeling better. and the cyst sounds painful too. i had one of those (or maybe it was a boil) on my ass when i first got pregnant and just KNEW i had MRSA. ((minx)) oh, and whore phase... hehe. i feel one of those coming on soon. ph34r.gif

am i completely retarded for shedding a little tear just now watching a rerun of the finale of tila tequila? sheesh. i'm almost ashamed of myself. i never even watched it until last week.

catsoup, i'm sorry but i laughed too when i saw your typing. haha. i hope tb can fix it. you have sooo much more patience than i do to have typed so much. and congrats for finishing your school! wooohoooo!

hi culture, hi turbo, hi kari, hi lore, hi tree! where has poodley been lately? i hope everyone is great!

Good Morning, uhhhhh, you yeast infected vagina's?

I'm out of ideas, my brain is on vacation, good thing it's Friday!

Diva, I'll just run into with my car, or get a snow plow and squish his tiny little head. That reminds me of this one time in high school, this girl I was friends with, at one time, there is a reason we aren't friends (she was a bitch, I mean she came from money and didn't hide it...) anyways, she was chewing gum all gross and load, and the teacher looks at her and says "H*****, it's gum not cud" it was fucking hysterical. That was almost 10 years ago, and I've not forgotten it since.

catsoup, did your keyboard get fixed??? It's hard maintaining an excercise regime when you are in classes, I remember the days. Ugh.

Hey Shugga!!!! Come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Minx, I'm sorry to hear about your skin condition, can't you take a steroid or something, or is that what you were taking before? Exploding liver, Your pen pal sounds cool! Ooooh cross stiching, I was thinking of taking it up, 'specially with the cool sublime stiching stuff!

FJ! Hey, ooooh whore phase, I'm in a cop whore phase right now. Mmm fucktastic!!!!

For xmas, I am supposed to be going to my Dad's on Sunday, but wouldn't you know that there is a winter storm warning in effect, fuck. I'm hoping it isn't too bad. Then dinner with my mom, uncle and grandmother on xmas day. My aunt is a cow and no one talks to her. And when I mean cow, I really do, she stole my grandmothers credit card number and went shopping, her children are ungreatful wenches, and always ask everyone for money (I'm the only grandchild who never EVER asks for anything), I could go on. So needless to say, no one talks to her. She deserves whatever she gets.

It's FRIDAY, then I am off for 5 whole days, go back to work next Thursday, WOOT! Okay good things Friday;

1. It's Friday and Payday
2. Off until next Thursday
3. Office Potluck at lunch
4. Xmas is coming, granted I'm not a hige fan of the holiday
5. Good workouts.
6. Good dog walks.
7. Possible portions from cop.
8. WelderBoy is in for xmas, portions from him.
9. my devil hoodie is mucho comfie.
10. Just cos it's a good day!

Later all!

Good morning!

It's FINALLY FRIDAY! Finally. Geez this week has felt long. I am kicking myself for not taking today off. That would have been nice.

Miss SHUGGA!!! You must be psychic, to come in here right after PK's mention of you. It's good to see you! How are things?

Minx, I am glad things have gotten somewhat better. Good for you on taking charge & making the decision to not let things fuck with you. And that is exciting about your new pen pal!

hi FJ! Are you all set for your holiday meal? poor little Jackaroo w/ eczema! That has got to be maddening for him.

~~~~energy vibes for diva~~~~~ Sounds like you have a lot to do. I am sure BFF & her man won't mind getting belated gifts. That cake mold you bought sounds adorable!

Hey catsoup! I hope your spacebar got fixed, I am sure it was super annoying to have to type like that. How are you enjoying your newfound freedom? And did you taste some good wedding cake?

Things w/ me are pretty good today. As I said above, SO F-ing happy it is the end of the week! I think I'm going to go hang at my mom's tonight. Mr K & I are heading out of town tomorrow to see his fam. We will be returning early Christmas day. I'm a little nervous b/c we are leaving one of our dogs home. My sister is coming to housesit/dogsit. I am sure Paco will be fine, but I feel kind of bad that we are taking Yuki & leaving him. It might have been a better plan to leave both of them.

Good Things!:
1. Lunch plans today
2. Christmas gifts all wrapped & ready to go. Even separated into two stacks: ones to take out of town, ones to leave here and take to mom's later
3. Nothing that has to be done after work tonight
4. Neck and back feeling much, much better. thank you chiropractor!
Minxlette still talks about the cake at Marileen's wedding reception.

Deep down inside, we are all

WEDDING CAKE LOVIN' whorebags. Happy Friday. Today is my last day of work until January 7th.


Its my last day till Jan 2. I am so fucking bored right now, i can't even stand it.

Hi, peeps! Happy fucking Friday!

This week has been eternal! I can't believe it's only been 5 days since last weekend.

CH, we all have a relative like your aunt. My brother (Sam's dad) used to be the one, there was probably one before him when I was too little to remember, but they have since reformed. But there's always someone in the family nobody wants to deal with. But who would steal their own mother's credit card number, as a grown adult, no less, and go on a shopping spree?

That teacher rulez. I wish there were more around like that who would dare to dish it out to kids with an attitude. They're so much better than the teachers who look defeated all the time, like most of the ones I had.

Hi, Shuggah! Come back and talk to us!

((((((((Minx's new med to work so she doesn't have to take exploding liver drugs)))))))) Because an exploding liver just cannot be fun in any stretch of the imagination.

I am so fucking jealous of your break. When would be a good time to get together this weekend? I have all of tomorrow afternoon open, and later in the afternoon on Sunday. We're getting our table that day, so the giant and his brother will be putting it together and I'd like to be around until his brother leaves, probably around 2:00.

I got an email forward from Poodle a couple days ago, so she's still alive, probably just really busy.

FJ, I really should make some kids purses just to have around. Several people have asked for them, but I've never had any on hand. I hope your big get-together goes well!

Hi, Kari! Any chance you got your truffles yet? I checked on it just now. I sent it parcel post, which can take up to 5 business days, so you should be getting them any day now. Sounds like a nice trip you've got planned, and you sound really on top of everything. I wish I could say I was. I have designated stacks, too. I have one bag labeled for the giant's family and one for mine. The rest of the presents go somewhere else. I don't want to be putzing around on Monday trying to figure out what goes where. I've even got most of my truffle tray for my family's get-together ready.

I'd love to sample a bunch of wedding cake. That would make me quite happy right now.

I had a productive night last night. I went to the gym, got my check for the truffles the owner bought ($50 worth), returned a bunch of stuff I never used for crafting for my money back, got my checking account back to having more than $0.72 in it, and we ordered our table, which had gone on sale again, so even with tax it was still well below our limit. I also bagged up 10 little truffle gifts (I have long narrow bags that line the truffles up really nicely, then just tie it with a ribbon. It cost me nothing to do and looks very professional) and made yet even more hazelnut truffles. It would've been great if I could've gotten a load of laundry washed, but there just wasn't time. I hope tonight is as productive as last night was. I've got to stop for a few more gifts, now that I have money in my account again and start on purses and jewelry. No, I don't leave anything to the last minute, not at all!

X-posted with Catsoup and Moxie:

Hi, Moxie!

Catsoup, I believe Marileen used Buttercream.
G'Mornin ladies
I'm getting to like your keyboard, Catsoup! (ducks for cover)
FJ, lovin the new icon. awwww. bare tosies!
Diva, givin the truffles as gifts. already mailed 'em out. none for me.
Minx, sendin you some good vibes, you're sounding good
(((CH))) just 'cause it's you.
hi Shugga, hey Moxie, hiya Kari. hello to the lurkers like me.

just stickin in my head to let you know that I'm still around...
gonna be on our way back home in a couple of days, planning arrangements from here and all.
Lamex is at it again, I'm trying to get my lawyer in it to help us. maybe the judge too.
last few days have been real difficult. but I come around and lurk.
take care all. Happy Holidays.


Hey Kari!

Minx, off until the 7th???? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I wanna be off until the 7th!

Hey Catsoup! I really like yours posts!

Mox, off until the 2nd?? I have to work the Thursday and Friday of next week. I don't want to use vacation time from next year, so nurts to that.

Hey Diva! Yup, the aunt. How horrid. everything sounds like it's working out with you! Glad thigns with financials are working out, especially this time of year!

Hey Jami! I heart you!

i'm with you all on this work week never ending, this is rediculous! I'm sitting around this office like a kump, more so than usual, but I have nothing right now. I am done reports, I could so some filing, few phone calls, I'm even answering the phone today! I just don't know. Only 45 minutes until the offiec potluck, then a little bit more work, then I'M DONE!!!! Bwaaahahahahahahaahaha.


Good, I am glad to hear I am not the only one bored at work! I have stuff I could be doing, but I just don't feel like it. I am thinking of jetting outta here at 2. I have to run a few errands and they will be easier to run if it's not during rush hour traffic. And I just want to get out of here!

((jami)) take care of yourself, lady. It's good to see you! Poooooo on lamex! What a douche.

Diva, I did not get them yet, will look for 'em today. Stupid post office. At least this way, I still will have some left to take to family functions. If I'd have gotten them earlier, they'd probably be gone by now. That rocks that you guys are getting your new table this weekend. Woo woo! It's going to look great!

Count me in on the family members who sister used to do that when she was using. She stole my mom's checks. She is also reformed *knock knock knock* She's been sober for 2 years now. I am so proud of her! Her ex husband's gf just had a baby yesterday. I feel for that child. Her ex is a train wreck. Case in point-on the way to the hospital yesterday, he and the gf crashed into a semi-truck & totaled their car. Thankfully, nobody was injured. That is just the kind of thing he gets himself into though. It worries me when my niece is with him. Also, the baby was born 4 weeks early and is under 5 Lbs. I know there are many reasons for early births & low birth weights, but I am positive this girl smoked her whole pregnancy & who knows what else. ((new baby)) you're gonna need it.

Catsoup! you poor thing with your keyboard still f-ed! Buttercream.....yum.......
I'm really bored at work, too. I have a few things that have to be done today, but I'm feeling like I could be more useful not at work. So many errands to be run and things to be done. Sorry, I didn't mean to rhyme.

I have to go to Best Buy on the way home. I'm not looking forward to that. I've decided against ordering BFF's husband a t-shirt and am just going to get him a gift card, since they gave the giant a 2-month subscription to Netflix. I'm not going to go out of my way and spend more time and thought on it than they did. I'm making him a CD, too, with all kinds of cool crap my BFF won't let him listen to with her. BFF's not into rock, but her husband is, and we bond over our music. Plus, the giant has all kinds of awesome metal CDs. His metal library is amazing.

My brother stole my parents' checks, too, when he was using. And their credit cards. And any cash laying around. He's gotten over it though, sober for, I believe, 4 years and 8 months or so. I'm really proud of him. Sam's mom smoked meth a little, too, while she was pregnant. Thank Maud Sam turned out normal, if a little on the small side.

Kari, he seriously totalled their truck on the way for his girlfriend to give birth?! WTF?! I really hope that kid turns out OK.

Hi, Jami! How did everything go?

In 15 minutes, I'm going to try to make a quick run to the stores to finish up my shopping. I'd rather try on somewhat off-hours rather than after work when it's sure to be batshit crazy. Wish me luck!
Good luck at the stores Diva! I just put on our dry erase board that I am leaving at 2. Yes!

Yeah, diva, that is the sad truth....they wrecked on the way to the hospital. I tell you...he is a walking catastrophe.
I think the gift for BFF's husband sounds great. Everyone loves gift cards! And the CD idea is good too.

I decided I'm going to get Mr K a case for his new laptop. I can't remember the size screen he has though. Maybe when I get to the store I will recognize it.
wow, it's been busy in here today. slow work day, indeed! i'm so glad that you are all getting some good vacation time off. you all deserve it so much! i'm looking forward to having mrfj here for a while too.

catsoup, that does sound like a great way to spend an evening! tasting wedding cakes? yum! i want some cack! tongue.gif

diva, that cake for sam sounds so awesome! you are so creative! and i almost laughed when you said you admired ME for all the cooking i'll be doing! haha, you work so much on your truffles and i can't even imagine doing that! at least all mine will be done in a day. well, most of it anyway. i'll have to prep the shrimp the day before.

so i think i have my menu planned. thanks for the ideas and suggestions, if nothing else they got my creative juices flowing.
it'll be:

pepper-crusted roast beef tenderloin with little bowls of dijon mustard, horseradish and au jus, served with homemade yeast rolls
shrimp etouffee served with rice
cajun fried shrimp
roasted peppers and onions (for sammiches)
roasted asparagus and green beans with a lemon basil dipping sauce
maybe some mashed potatoes and if i'm feeling cocky, i'll make some potato snowballs out of them
my special recipe tomato basil bruschetta topping
antipasta plate with olives, artichoke hearts, gerkins, red peppers, pepproncinis
cold pasta salad
cheese tray with brie, pepperjack, havarti and a bunch of cheddar and colby for the kiddos
crackers of all kinds and sourdough bread pieces

oh, and for dessert, i'm going to make mini fruit pies! i've never done it but i bought some little philo shells and some berries. i'm just going to cook the berries up with sugar until they're bubbly and syrupy and then put them in the shells and bake. then i'll serve with ice cream. i'm using a recipe i found in the carnival cruiseline book my mil gave me. i think that's what i'm looking forward to most since i've never done anything like that.

it sounds like a lot of work but it's really not going to be too bad. the beef will be easy after i rub it down. then, once the shrimp is peeled and deviened, half will go in the fryer and the other half in the etoufee (which sounds much more impressive than it actually is). the rest will be even easier since it's mostly fresh ingredients put on a plate. i might even cheat and buy the pasta salad.

i am really looking forward to cooking and i just hope everyone likes the food. i spent a shit-ton of money on this meal. maybe i should have just bought a wii. tongue.gif

oh good lord, so now i know i must be getting the mrg soon. i'm sitting here squalling watching antwone fisher.

if ya'll aren't around for the next couple days, we all wish you a very happy holiday! enjoy your vacations.

(((((jami))))) just cause i know you can use it.

My Maud, FJ, I'm tired and full from just reading your menu! I tried that much cooking once (housewarming party), and it was exhausting. I can't wait to hear how everything went.

Baby FJ is adorable! You should save that picture to blackmail him with later on in life.

I'm done with Xmas shopping!!! I'm done with Xmas shopping!!! Strangely enough, I was in and out of Best Buy in under 10 minutes with everything I needed, including the Simpsons Movie which was on sale and I fully expected them to be out of by Friday afternoon. The traffic was hell, but I got a good parking spot right away and they were pretty organized about getting peole to the registers quickly. But then I went to another store to get a sentimental little something for the giant and to round out my BFF's package, and that took 40 minutes. I'm not one of those people who has an easy time buying sentimental crap, the giant is more that kind of person. So I got him a small plaster statue of a couple, one of those streamlined ones without faces or much detail to their shapes, and a small package of painted golf balls, just to be dumb. BFF got ginger scented body wash and some coasters. I refuse to put more thought into her gift than she did in mine, and I usually go overboard with her, anyway. The necklace and earrings I'm going to make her are going to be gorgeous, and that's her real gift.

All I've got left is to buy a card for the giant, but that should be cheap and easy, just like I like 'em.

Anyone ever been to The Melting Pot? I made a reservation there for the giant and I to have a romantic dinner the night before my birfday, since I don't like their special NYE menu and we're going out with Poodle.

Now I just need to pull the cash out of my savings account because I'm about broke again and stop at the grocery store and make an appearance at the gym, then it's going to be a big night of crafting for me. Yay!
Hey ya'll!! Happy Fucking Friday to everybustie!!!

FJ, your menu plan sounds absolutely scrumptious!! Your family better appreciate your skills - take the jackaroo away, if they don't, until proper praise has been registered! And what a CUTE little guy jackaroo has become!

I'm excited about seeing my 3 and 5 year old neice and nephew this week, my 8 month old godson, and moxette - oh the cuteness!! We'll be heading to MI on Monday, and driving home on Thursday. But that's a little too exhausting to think about right now...

(((((healing for minxy))))) Happy vacation to you! I hope the break from work, and decrease in stress will help your skin calm down. Our skin is our last defense, and when we get too toxic/ comes out our skin - I've got some not so nice eczema myself right now - stupid insane job.

OMG, the Chicago busties are coming over to my haus tomorrow, and I've not a single thought about my menu plan - eek! I think I may be employing some of Mark Bittman's 101 appetizers!

CH, I agree that this week has been impossibly long and boring. Of course today, we had a scurry of craziness most of the afternoon, but thank cod its over.

Okay, time to walk the pupper...
Isn't there anyone around here? I'm drunk and wanna play!!
Hello all! Another quick post - I have only JUST gotten back online at home, like, within the last 30 minutes, so I haven't had a chance to read and catch up yet, but I promise I will! OHHHHHH I have MISSED you all SO MUCH!!!!

Anyway, I'm still alive, and well. Have had a bit of a bad cold this week - not "bad," really, but very tiring and sleep-inducing, probably because my kidney is still a bit upset after being brutalized....I THINK Dorothy is gone, but I'm waiting for the hospital to phone me with a date to have some kind of test(s) to know for sure. I did find a few bits in the strainer, but didn't really keep up on the whole straining the pee thing very well (plus it got complicated by the arrival of the MRG). How on earth do you keep straining your pee unless you are at home all the time? I dunno. The kidney got pretty tender after I got back - like a bruising, which is what they said would happen - but I think a lot of it has to do with me not drinking enough water.

I was SOOOOO happy to get home from Vancouver, you have no idea. I think I've really lost my love for that seems so different there now, impersonal and strange, empty sidewalks and nobody really looking at you or talking to you. (Once, a cashier and I struck up a conversation, and even my mom said, "Do you two know each other?") But it's the first time I've left my little town since all the shit went down earlier this year, and I guess I've really learned what home means to me. BFF and one of her daughters picked me up at the Greyhound, but the first person I saw when I got home was guitarboy - I was barely in the parking lot and he was there flinging open the front door of the building with a big happy grin on his face...we started jamming so quickly that I was tossing my new clothes out onto the living room floor to get at my guitar inside its case! It was quite perfect.

Had a few days temp work with the lottery corporation, which is good, but not having the computer has put me behind on finishing my other contract, and also getting my resumes and cover letters done, so I'm going to be playing catch up with a lot of things for awhile. I can't believe how necessary this machine has become for managing my daily life!

On the other hand, I've found lots of time to read a bunch of novels, learn some awesome and somewhat complicated new songs on the guitar, and even clean out my closet - I've had to jettison most of my old clothes because they're all wayyyy too damned big! The semi-fitted blazer I was wearing this time last year now looks like a big ol' sack on me. I wound up only keeping a few nice tops that can still work under a jacket, and a pair of black pants (which only work because I took in the waist and wide legs are in this year.) I am mourning the money I've spent on some of those clothes, which were really nice and were the mainstay of my working wardrobe. But I guess that's life. I'm back to basics again, and that at least makes things less complicated.

AND yes the guys and I are still making music, along with hippiegirl. We've been to the coffee house a couple of times since I got back - I've jammed twice and done open mike once (this week was x-mas carols instead of open mike), and that's been really fun. I learned a Dixie Chicks song that was previously eluding me ("The Long Way Around") and thought of y'all when I was performing it! I wished y'all were there - the women in the audience went nuts for it. I decided to take the lack of women musicians at the jam as a serious feminist issue, and am learning some more songs by women songwriters (suggestions cheerfully accepted!), to give them their due and hopefully inspire some other women to play. Also, jamgirl - a serious recording artist in her own right, who runs the open mike/jam and is the only other female musician in regular attendance - kicked off the drummer to play along with me during one of the songs she knew I'd co-written ("Downtown"), which was really cool...especially b/c I had no idea she plays the drums! It felt very sisterly. Oh, also, one of the regular jammers asked me to bring my electric to the jam in order to be better-heard, so I guess I'm going to be spending the next couple of weeks re-learning how to play it.

Anyway, that's the quick update! I'm trying to catch up on all my computer updates at the moment, but I'm going to take some time to read the thread this weekend. I hope y'all are well....I REALLY REALLY miss this space and all my fabulous Okaylanders!!!!! BIG KISSES!!!
Good Morning.

Kari, that car accident would worry me, too. My goodness. Did you get Mr. K the gift you were looking for?

FJ, what a menu!!! And Jackaroo! What a wonderful picture!!!

Diva, I'm glad the shopping went well.

Hey Turbo and Minx!

Doodle, I'm so glad that you let us know that you are okay and all is well!

I did nothing last night, and I still have to go and get a gift certificate today for my step mom, seeing them tomorrow for dinner. I have mad cleaning to do, have to take the dog to the park, and work out. Jeez, I thought this was supposed to be a day off.

Well, I'm going to get to it.


*delurks, inspired by FJ*

Just wanted to pop in and wish all of youze a lovely, stress-free holiday (however you each celebrate it) full of great food and wonderful friends and family. Enjoy!! *clinks champagne flute*
Syb! Come baaaaack and play with us!

Doodle, I'm so glad to hear that you're not only home safely, but already back into musician mode! I know what you mean about a true appreciation for the meaning of home now....I feel the same way about where we live. I feel like we have a much greater connection to our neighborhood and city than most of my family back home, who live in the burbs. Because I walk to a ton of places, take the dog out, and really try and mainly support local businesses...I know the people in my community - and when I don't see someone for awhile, I do start to worry a bit. And each time we travel to MI and come home to Chicago, its like I finally can breathe and relax when I'm back in my own space.

I've had a typical TJ Saturday morning - up early for a long stroll with turbodoggie, then off to the fruit market to stock up on some stuff for our bustie holiday party tonight. And then, back home to cook. I've got a huge pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove, I cooked up some garbanzo beans for making hummus, chopped veggies to go with, roasted up some garam masala honeyed almonds (thank you Tart!), and toasted cashews for making cashew butter. I'm also making some chicken satay for the party tonight, and I juiced a ton of citrus for 'rita mix....I can't have a party without 'ritas. heh.

Thank cod the house is pretty clean already, so I don't have to do much there.

HI CH - good luck getting everything done!
Hello Again!

So, I cleaned, worked out and took puppy to the park, also got the shoveling done! I'm going to pick up the GC tomorrow before I go to my Dad's.

Turbo, everything you are making sounds wonderful! enjoy your holiday partay this evening!!!

Sybarite, hello!!!!!!

Where the heck is everyone else???

I'm hitting up a pub tonight for a while, saying hello to some friends I haven't seen in a while!

Later kats!!
fly by to wish everyone the best holiday season ever,

from down in Africa

sorry, polly, i've fixed it now....
Psst, tes- your link has an extra "http//" in it- easily deleted when someone clicks on the linky. Cute song, though!

Happy Holidays Okayers!!
Tes, thanks for that link - SO cool! I hope you enjoy your holiday with mr hb, and have a fantastic safari!!

Well, I've done all the xmas gift wrapping - I kind of like doing it, its kind of meditative, and I put some good music on and knock it out. And we ran a few errands, and then forgot about getting my godson a gift - crapola...its so fucking cold out there today, with 40mph gusting winds, I just don't want to go back out there. Oh well. Maybe I'll mail him something later. I'm a bad fairy godmother.

And I've got gluten-free gingerbread cookies in the oven right now, to take to MI with us for me and my GF nephew...I'm sure most of them will get gobbled up by the non-GFers in the family - they are soooo good.

The bustie party last night was so nice - a small, chill group - we just had dinner, and then just hung out for a couple hours - really got me into the holiday spirit. smile.gif

Howdy, Okaylanders! A quick post - still trying to catch up! Still spending most of my time sleeping off the illness, but wanted to wish you all a Happy Solstice (slightly belatedly) and a Merry Festivus! Will be back to post and read again shortly! Love you all, hope you are having great times...or at the very least, non-dysfunctional times! wink.gif
Hello M'Ladies. greetings from California. son and I are here, in the loving arms of my boys. (yea!) all three boys together again. we went out for dinner and rented a video, and we're having 'family night'.
hugs to all
Hey lassies! With christmas a day away, we've already had three family parties! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. We are making the most of it, and treating moxette to a good time. Today, I cook and clean for christmas dinner at our place.

How's everyone? Oh, wait...let me go see...brb

Ok, phew...caught up!

FJ- HOLY GOODNESS, that boy of yours is cute! Is Mr. FJ that awesome nakey too? I bet he is. tongue.gif And that menu sounds awesome, minus the shrimp. I'm deathly allergic to shellfish, so that part would be bad...but the rest sound scrumptious. My family all voted for small and easy this year, and since I make a wicked spinach lasagne, that is what we will be having. I may go all out and make the bread for the garlic bread, but we'll see. Lasagne, salad, bread. Good, simple, filling and pleasurable. That, and our christmas "Poor Mans' Pudding" desert. God, we plan the whole meal around the desert.

Jami, I'm SO glad you're home with your boys! And up lassie! Let the dorothy eviction settle! In the Festivus tradition, any grievances?

Turbo...stop somewhere on the way home for godson's present...give me a buzz and i'll give you a couple rockin cool ideas for the 8-12 month set.

Ok, since FJ put that farking awesome picture of are the snow day pics! as promised. Later in the set, also some great ones of the first few christmas gatherings.
Good Afternoon!

I've been lurking about mainly.

Hey Tes! That was cool!

Hey Polly!

Turbo, so glad your holiday shindig went well!

dooooooooooooooodle! Come back and play!

Jami, I'm glad that you go to Cali safe. ((((Jami))))

Mox, thank you for the photo's!!! They are wonderful! So cute!

soooo, what's gone on these past few days, saw the cop yesterday. smile.gif Did xmas with my dad and step mom yesterday, got a gc for the mall close to me, as they had no idea what to get me. It was nice.

That's pretty much what I've got today. Later kats!

Merry Effin' Christmas, bitches.

So I'm completely alone tonight with a bottle of scotch. Could be worse. I could have no scotch.
i have finished wrapping presents, putting the ones going to the big family breakfast (later) in the morning in the trunk so we can just go, stuffing c-monkey's stocking, and single-handedly decorating the tree cause i know the momster's been bummed about working too many hours lately to get around to it. and it's only 2 am. i think that's a new holiday record. so with that, merry chrismakwansolfestikuh, and to all a good night!

Merry Xmas okayers!!!!

Merry Merry Xmas Okaylanders!!

Just a quick post to say hello...we've been dashing back and forth between families in MI for the last two days and are totally wiped. And my neice, nephie and godson are just so completely adorable....they change so much everytime I see them! And, though its been a wonderful christmas, the kids are all now oversugared, undernapped, and boy...will it be nice to get back home on Thursday. smile.gif

Tomorrow night, though, we get to see the Moxies - YAY!!! And hopefully we'll get to see turbomann's BFF tomorrow as well - he just got engaged, so we want to celebrate with him a bit.

(((((smooth healing & rest for doodle)))))

((((((peace and holiday sanity to all)))))))

I'll be back in Okayland Thursday evening! *mwah!*
Turbo, I'm glad that your xmas is going fairly well!

My uncle has gone home, my grandmother goes home tomorrow and I am hoping for a decent night sleep for once thisweek!

Later all!

Hope everyone is doing as well as they can for the holiday season, vodka always helps, and chronic diarrhea gets you out of any awkward situation.

Later gators!
Greetings, my Okayland sisters and brothers! Merry Christmas to y'all, or whatever else you celebrate...I hope things are shaking up well for everyone today! Hopefully everybody is having a good time, or at least, not being driven nuts by families and all those holiday-induced expectations. wink.gif

I am home by myself and quite pleased to be so...I took a spill on the ice yesterday, and have been lying around all day with a heating pad and some Motrin and some videos (some universal energy is conspiring to make me rest up this month, for some reason).....also, I've nailed three more Tom Petty songs on the guitar, including "The Waiting," which is a bit complicated for us baby guitarists, so I'm thrilled to no end. And yeah, other than the need for Motrin, it's a fine way to spend this day for me, 'cause I honestly don't give a shit about Christmas. tongue.gif

Will check in a bit later in case anyone else is around this evening....
*hauls ass into okayland*

My ass hurts today, too many squats. I'm glad the family is gone, I slept crappy last night.

And tomorrow, because I always give at work, I'm taking a sick day. smile.gif Maybe I'll go buy some jeans.

Doodle! Are you okay today??? How are you from that spill? That's great about getting more songs by Tom Petty!

I'm going to go nurse my ass now.

Merry Christmas to all! laugh.gif

May your jingles tingle and your jangles dangle!

((((((Okaylanders' asses)))))) ohmy.gif

Just a quick pop in to be merry. I've been away from the internet at my BIL's in SanDiego. More later, I promise!
Gah. I'm so glad the holiday is over. Blah. blink.gif

Hope everybody else had a good one...heh. Sorry.
Good Morning

I am at work while almost everyone else is still at home enjoying time off. Poop. I think I'm going to leave early today, fuck this noise.
Good Morning!

I am at work today also. I took yesterday off, am asking myself why I didn't just go ahead & take off today & tomorrow too. I believe my line of thinking was to reserve some vaca days, but blerg!

I had a good holiday. We traveled to Mr. K's family's house on Saturday, got back to Nashville on the 25th around 9:30AM. He had to work, I went to my mom's. He joined me after work, we stayed at mom's til around 9 that night. I was pooped when we finally got home. All in all, a very nice holiday. I did have to deal with my ornery, grumpy grandma at mom's, but that was pretty much the only bad thing.

Now am just at work, enjoying some coffee. I about had a freak out when I went online today to check my bank account. There was an errant $661 debit. I called, apparently someone else's electronic check was taken out of my account. They are fixing it pronto. I was happy to see that it was an error, what with having to buy a new car battery yesterday and Mr K and I discovering Christmas night that our hot water heater is on the fritz. Merry Christmas!


FJ, I am muy impressed with your menu! Girl, that is admirable! How did it go? Jackaroo's pic is too cute! What a little lovebug.

((minx)) Hope you got through your Xmas eve ok. You are right, you coulda been outta scotch, now THAT would be bad!! smile.gif

Hey CH! Good for you for calling in sick yesterday. You deserve a break sister! Also good for you for working out. I'm getting back on the wagon today, after thoroughly gorging myself all weekend.

Diva, I got the truffles! I got 'em on the day we were talking about it. They are delicious!! And so pretty too. Worth the wait! I took them to my mom's house, everyone there loved them too. Are you done making them for the season, then? I bet that is a relief!

Hi treehugger! I share your sentiment about the holidays' end being a time of joy. I like them, but they are stressful.

Hey jami! That is SO rad that you have all your boys together!! Woo hoo!

Hi grrrrl!

So...anyone thinking of their NY's resolution? Mine is to pay of all of our consumer debt (i.e. not the mortgage and student loans, obviously. Though boy would that be nice!)
Hey Kari!

Ugh, a new battery and hot water heater, crapola. Glad you had a good holiday. I actually had yeseterday off, in Canada we have Boxing day, which should really be named consumer excess day.

It was today I was going to take off, but here I fucking am. Bah.
Hi, peeps!

I'm back at work today, and regretting it, too. Already I've got someone pestering me about coming in today for genetic tests, and it's not even 9:30 yet. I'm not taking her too seriously because she didn't show up for her appointment here last week, so I'm not treating this like an emergency. She stood me up, so I'm not making a priority of helping her, either. I wish I would've taken the rest of the week off, too.

Kari, I'm glad you got the truffles. I hope they arrived in good shape. Sounds like you had a nice holiday, but that sucks about the car battery and hot water heater. At least batteries are fairly cheap, but the hot water heater doesn't sound good at all. We had ours replaced last year because it was leaking. Fortunately, we rent, so we didn't have to pay for it.

Hi, CH! Working in government offices right after a holiday really sucks. It's like a ghost town and only the psychos call you. The only place I've been where it was worse was when I worked at a pharmaceutical insurance processor and the addicts would call everyone they could to get their oxicontin refilled early (because they used up their month's supply in a week) on Christmas Eve.

Hi, Tree, Lore, Jenn, and everyone else!

The holidays didn't really feel very festive to me this year. They felt more like a giant To Do list than anything else. Maybe next year will be better. Overall, I had a good holiday. The party at Mom and Dad's was good, and went late enough that we couldn't go to midnight mass, so we had to go at 10:00 on Christmas morning. I got everything done that I wanted to, except Sam's little car scene made of little cakes. I still need to make my BFF's present and get it sent out to her, but she can wait. I got some really awesome stuff this year: a new dining room table from my parents, a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer in cherry red, some Waterford martini glasses, wellies, and a really cool fused glass pendant from the giant, and an ice cream maker from his mom. I also accumulated $120 in Dayton's gift cards, which I'm going to put toward a new designer handbag. Everyone really liked the presents the giant and I got them. After mass on Tuesday, we went to my mom's family's house, aka The House Where Fun Died. It was stiff and tensiony and uncomfortable. Then I went to meet the giant at his mom's house, where we had presents, dinner, and games. And finally after that, we came home and had our own little celebration.

One bad thing happened, though. My dad went to the hospital on Christmas night with heart angina. He was taken by ambulance to another hospital (Mom could've taken him but they said since the roads were bad that it was easier to just go by ambulance) for a heart catherterization and angioplasty with stint. One of his arteries to his heart clogged up with cholesterol and had to be opened. Mom and I got to the hospital a little late, because they didn't think they were going to do the procedure until today, but they did it yesterday, after all. Fortunately, my brother (Sam's dad) got there just before Dad went in and talked to the doctor a little bit. Dad's fine now and will be discharged today, but my brother told me that the doctor told him that at my dad's current rate, he'll be dead in 5 years. I really wish he'd take this stuff more seriously and quit laughing it off. I can't imagine him not being around to see me get married and see Sam grow up. The man's only 57 and he's had 5 heart attacks. They were all minor, but honestly, they're not doing him any favors and he needs to take his health more seriously. I wish Mom would make him stick to it.


Diva, sounds like you had a really great xmas, aside from your your dad's health problems. Why is he being so stubborn? does he have an "it can't happen to me" mentality?

Blarg, is it ever slow here today. Crap, it's just dead. I want to go home home HOME!!!!!

*trudges back to work*
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