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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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WORD, on the complete *fabulousness* of Diva's truffles...we, however, have no impulse control when it comes to chocolates, so we've got 4 truffles left since receiving them on Friday! And turbomann and I are cutting them each in half, so we get to taste every flavor! When you open your shop, we'll be lined up at the (virtual) door with credit cards in hand!

((((more love for jami)))) It sounds like your mom had an incredible connection to the animals in her life...I'm glad they'll be with her on her new journey into the beyond.

((((minxy)))) just 'cuz.

Well, I think I made one of the most awesome meals of my cooking career tonight, and my belly is full, and happy. I made a roasted pinwheel pork loin stuffed with a homeade apple-apricot-cranberry-spiced chutney, wild rice, and a salad. It turned out perfectly, and now, we're going to try and convince turbomann's family to let me cook it for them for xmas dinner. I really don't think I can face one more dried out, dessicated pork roast cooked by his dad. *shudders*

Sigh. Its sunday night...I'm trying to avoid thinking about work tomorrow, I hate the end of a really good, relaxing weekend.

ETA: x-postathon!!!

PK, I am *thrilled* to see you pop in here, and in such good spirits!! And sounds like the break-up was the right decision, for sure. You don't need that crap, or to support it in a roomie or relationship! The craft fair sounds awesome. I did 90% of my shopping this year on - I love supporting individual artists who make cool stuff.

CH, I'm guessing the new job opp is going to drag on a bit, and that's okay. I don't think the next interview will be until after the new year, and that's fine by me. They're looking to make the hires in Q1, so it could happen anytime in the next 3 months. I've got a lot of projects front-loaded at the crap job, and I would like to finish those up before I go. The bosses suck, but I don't want to leave my co-workers in a lurch, because I like them.
Holy cross post batbusties!

Turbo, that sounds delish! ((((((turbo)))))) If I could make your job situation be resolved, I'd do it in a heartbeat. any idea when the next step of the potential new job deal is going down?

Turbo, can I have the recipe for that pork loin? It sounds sooooo good. TB made meatloaf tonight that really hit the spot. I think I'm comfort-food starved. And then for dessert we tried ten different flavors of cake for our wedding. Most were very yum but some were just blah. We're doing cakes as centerpieces so every table will have a cake and we want lots of different flavors.

I'm about 3/5 of the way done with my big paper that's due tomorrow at 9am. It's not the best thing I've ever written but I think it will be okay. And I only need it to be okay in order to get an A in the class. Thank goddess. And then tomorrow I can start a paper that's due at 5pm. Aren't ya all jealous of me?

I've been listening to Christmas music all day. It's coming out my ears. And I love it. Right now it's The Muppets & John Denver singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." There's a great part where Miss Piggy thinks they're singing "piggy pudding." Gonzo tells her it's actually Figgy pudding, she's relieved, and then he adds "with bacon." smile.gif I'm a dork and I've been doing homework for too long.
((((Jami)))) I'm sooo sorry to hear of your losses sad.gif At least she's arriving in the hereafter with a faithful escort.

Puppy, I hope the relationship transition completes itself gracefully. Just remember, you're a good person, and you take no crap, and your stuff belongs to you.

Culture, good luck with the letter-of-intent thing. I hope you get something really great with great co-workers smile.gif

Hey all! Just a quick-ish drive-by. Wanted you'se all to know you're great.
One more class down, only two to go! Hurrah! I'm off to bed...........
hello bustie ladies. I wanted to do a check in. it's nearly midnight, and I'm about to crash. Boys are good. had a snaffoo with the coroner - he didn't arrive for 5 hours! but finally did, so they got to bed around 5am. then the aunts start to call. my dad called me at 9am - totally wrecked. (they've been divorced since I was 11). I'm making arrangements from here, the boys can't handle it. Friends have been coming by to support the boys. I am so glad. Tonight they left the house to go out with their girlfriends. that's good.
Shephard got buried today. Son couldn't do it. Lamex did, believe it or not. (but showed up with a rifle strapped to his back). and he's gone now, so that's good.
I'm gonna stumble off to bed now. goodnight.
thank you for the good thoughts, prayers and for everything.
Oh Jami, what a long, ardouous weekend. (((get some good sleep)))

We had a lovely,m snow-bound sunday. Got moxette playing in the snow, in full snow gear, for the first time! Mostly, she wanted to be helping Daddy shovel. Still, fun, fun, fun! Then, we ambled about to her gramma/papa's house, and she wore herself out playing and running about. It was great! Satruday, we went up to my cousin's place in the country ( a snowstorm!) for a christmas open house. That was great fun, too...despite my misgivings prior. I'm having Christmas dinner here, and am now debating Ham, or No Ham. Hmmm...if no Ham, it will be spinach lasagne for main course...or tenderloin. Hmmmm...Ham is by far the easiest, as one buys it, and sets it on a pretty platter...but its SO done. We'll see what a couple other family members think. We're a bunch of foodies, so I'm sure we can come up with a great Menu. I'm just glad to not have to drive anywhere that day.

Turbo...expect an email.

Ok, off to get the wee one up for school.

Good Morning!

catsoup, classes will be done soon, when they are, I say you pour yourself a large bottle of wine and go from there!!!

Hey Lore!


Mox that sounds like a great weeked! Do you have any pics of moxette's romp in the snow?

Well, I need to get my car looked at, again. Nothing serious, I think I need some tinkering with the block heater, it's being stubborn when it wants to start. It's an old car, but living up to the ford moniker Fix Or Repair Daily. Jeez, no wonder the big three are continually losing money, when you make a p.o.s. all the time.... Heee! At least it's not that big. I am achy today, I worked out hard yesterday and I didn't sleep that well today. On the bright side, I think I have some lunch time-y portions in order, the cop called last night, but he had to work at 8, and I didn't call him back until 7. So, here's hoping for today!

Happy Monday all, later!
((((((((JAMI)))))))) Girl, I am so so sorry to hear of your losses. sad.gif As others have said, we are hear whenever you need us.

Hey PK! It's been too long, lady! Good for you on breaking it off with El Guapo. Good for Heikki for those grades! Woot! As for NYE plans, I too am at a loss for kid friendly ideas. Hmmm......

Diva, did you find any cool tables?

Catsoup, sounds like you're chuggin' away on your schoolwork. Keep it up!

Jenn, man, that pork loin does indeed sound fab! If you post the recipe, I'm gonna make it too.

Speaking of food, I cooked all day yesterday. I made lasagna that had a homemade bolognese sauce & a homemade bechamel sauce. It was the bomb. Then I made chocolate cookies w/ peanut butter chips and oatmeal cookies w/ chocolate chips. Both turned out good, though the oatmeal ones are a bit darker on the bottom than I like. I think either my oven is too hot, or my pan is too dark.

We had a great time at the party on Friday, but were lame & did not dress in tacky Christmas wear. I just couldn't find any good outfits, and then ran out of time. It was still fun though. Yesterday I successfully finished up our Christmas shopping. Sweet!

My sister is flying in from Seattle tonight, I'm so excited to see her! She'll be here til Jan 1. yay! smile.gif
just cause its cool

amazon deal finder

And cause my Canadian friend asked:

Moxette, but not in the snow
Hey Hey!

Kari, wow busy weekend! I hope you enjoy your visit with your sister!

Mox, fucking adorable!!! I love how her hair is in the cute little piggie tails!

I have had a progressive day so far, I'm redoing old crappy files that are falling apart, filing closed files and so forth, it's been good so far! I have a feeling of accomplishment, I think I'm going to duck out soon and get the car looked at, as well.

*eyes burst out from moxette cuteness*

aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! coat challenged!!! hair run amok! teeth brushing adorableness! pigtails straight up!!!

pk, MOI!!!! mena raukasta sinoa!!

i'm making toll house cookies with chocolate chips and pecans and brown sugar brought from the us of a. it smells really good in here.

today is monday! mr. hotbuns will be here on friday night at 20:10!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((((((((((Jami)))))))))))))))))))))) I'm so sorry for your losses, and at such a lousy time. Your sons sound like great people.

Thanks for the compliments on the truffles. I'm coming into the home stretch of making them, I hope. I have 7 kinds left to finish, and most of them don't have many left to go, except I'm making a whole batch (probably 6 dozen or more) coconut ones for the giant's family since I'm completely out. I'm also making molded turtles with caramel and a pecan half under it's shell. They should be really cute.

Here's a link to a picture of the table we're getting. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's made of solid mango wood, no veneers, and it has lots of pegs where the slats are put together, with real texture. The mango wood has a really nice, warm, orange-ish glow to it. It's something you don't think much of on first sight, but it really grows on you.

I don't think upper management should be eligible for awards, either. They already get the higher salary, so that should be enough. My boss got a tenacity award last year, although I do think he deserved it because he's really great at being a pain in the ass, which could be misconstrued as tenacity.

That pork roast sounds wonderful! I'm not much of a pork cooker, so I wouldn't make it, but if it were served, I'd definitely try it. It lends itself really well to fruit.

We had kind of a relaxing weekend, except Saturday. We finalized what table we want on Friday, then went out for some breakfast-as-dinner. On Saturday, we got a really late start, so we were at the mall until 7:15, almost 4 hours because I'm a dumbass who can't tell time and was 45 minutes late to meet the giant. I got most of my shopping done, though. I was pretty surly with him for much of the day because I really didn't want to go to his mom's house yet again to drop off more truffle orders when the giant could have done it for me yesterday when he went around there to his cousin's house. I have to do the rest of it tonight after work. I'm going to get the Picasso I bought my brother (it's a really large serigraph) custom framed because it's too big for regular poster frames and I refuse to crop it down, buy my other brother the new AC/DC box set, toys for Sam and the giant, print pictures of Disney characters, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical for the purses I'm making the giant's neices, and try to find time to box up more truffles for a friend tomorrow who's taking me out to lunch, work out, and do some laundry. At least I have all week to make the crafty gifts I'm giving, and only one should be very time consuming. Yesterday, I stayed home alone, watched a ton of recorded TV, wrapped all the presents I've bought thus far, cleaned the bathroom, and straightened up the house a little.

I still have to do more shopping after work, which I'm not much looking forward to. I'm going to get the Picasso I bought my brother (it's a really large serigraph) custom framed because it's too big for regular poster frames and I refuse to crop it down, buy my other brother the new AC/DC box set, toys for Sam and the giant, print pictures of Disney characters, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical for the purses I'm making the giant's neices, and try to find time to box up more truffles for a friend tomorrow who's taking me out to lunch, work out, and do some laundry. At least I have a whole week to make the crafty gifts I'm giving, and only one should be very time consuming.
Hi Hi!

Hey Tes! yay on seeing Mr. HB in four days!!!!

Diva, that is a really nice dinning room set, I'm a fan of the wood! and those sounds like really great gifts!!!! I wish I had your craft skills!

I got the car fixed, it was the battery, so that's all done, didn't cost so much either. I am sleepy, I tossed and turned last night. Only a few more hours left in the day, then I can take houndy to the park and be done with things!

Later all.

divalla, that is really a beautiful table!

CH: glad that the car was something easy and not tooooooo expensive.

HI, LORE!!!!!!

jenn, i agree, can you post the recipe for that pork loin? it looks amazing, i bet it tastes even better than it looks!

speaking of which -- kari, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. la-sag-ne!!! omyum!

hang in there, jami. i'm glad that you have your sons - and that lamex can do something right (um, what was up with the gun? or dare i ask?)

catsoup, here's hoping by the time you read this, you will be DONE!!! woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!!
Not quite done, but getting closer... smile.gif Thanks, Tes, darling.

CH, yay for cheap car fixes!

Diva, your table is lovely. We have a table that used to be TB's grandmother's. It's nice but not exacltly what I would pick. It's nice you get to pick something. And again, your truffles are amazing. Thanks again!

Moxie, your daughter is so freaking adorable.

I want to eat at Kari's house!

Have any of you heard the shitty Christmas Shoes song? It's so awful and if I was closer to my radio I would change the station. But I'm lazy.

Okay, back to writing....
Diva, I love the table. I like the wood a lot. Very nice! Good luck finishing your shopping!

Moxie, Moxette is such a doll! OMG!

Ch, that is great that your car is fixed, and it didn't require too much $$. Always a relief!

Yay for mr hotbuns coming on Friday! Woo Woo!

I have nothing to report, the day is progressing at a nice pace.
It's meeeeeeeeeeeee again!

Hey Tes!

Catsoup, I must say I have not heard the xmas song you speak of. When I was getting my car fixed, the radio stationg was playing xmas music, it was jazzy so it wasn't soooo bad...

kari, my day is also a good one.

No portions for me from the cop, I think I'm going to walk away, I think this territory is getting a little to dnagerous, int he fact that we have a mutual friend, who I believe likes me (or did at one time). Le Sigh.

Oh well! Firefighters bound I am!!!!!

Today has been a decent day, got a little cranky for a bit, but I'm over it now!

Later gators!
Hey ya'll!! 4 more days of work left this year - WOOT! Seriously, the count-down is going to get me through this week.

I'll post the pork recipe tomorrow, I don't feel like typing it all up tonight. We did just have the leftovers for dinner tonight, and it was most excellent. And, that meant I didn't have to cook!

(((((jami))))) Take care of yourself this week - are you still flying out there on Friday, or are you taking an earlier flight?

Diva, you are very generous with your family - great gifts! And that table is gorgeous - very nice choice!

And moxette - what a Cuuuuuuutie! Now where are those snow play piccies? I know, I know, selfish fairy godmother!

Kari, so are you enjoying your free time?

I went to spin class tonight, kicked instructor was trying to talk me into applying to teach there. I LOVE spin, but I don't think I would want to teach at this club - I'm strong on a bike, for sure, but I don't look like ANY of the instructors at the club...maybe that would be refreshing, but it would make me a little self-conscious. My teacher is taking a 2 month sabbatical from teaching, though, which makes me sad - I've taken her class for 5 years straight...its only temporary, but still - monday nights without her will be sad.
MY. FUCKING. BABYDADDY. IS. A. FUCKCHOP. I love my daughter, but WHY OH WHY did I have to breed with a clueless victim?!! Fucking hell...

Shweew. There. I'm letting it go. He makes me remember why I told him he needed to move out in every way possible, nearly on a weekly basis. Did I tell you guys that he actually tried to correct my usage of a word the other month? You know, just to show me what a man he was. rolleyes.gif And then today, he tries to tell me how to teach English to our child. I about fell over. She had one mediocre spelling test, and he's all over me about methodology. This is like two years ago when he tried to school me about psychology and how Piaget and every other renowned developmental psychologist was jacked up.

He needs a life and a hobby. And his wife needs to put a fucking ballgag on his mouth and piss on him.

Okay, maybe I haven't let it all go. Fucking thorn...
Bummer, Minx mad.gif

Doodle, come hooooome! sad.gif

Heya ebbybooty else! (quick drive-by before sleep).
yes, minxie, your babydady IS a pox-ridden, drippy-cocked, enema bag fuckchop. however, i suspect that he would LIKE his wife to slap a ball gag in his mouth and piss on him. we wouldn’t want THAT now, would we???


Good Morning!

Turbo, that is great on the awesome spin class!


Hey Lore and Tes!

I took the dog to the park and saw the op last night. had meself a bit o'a break down afterwards, just feeling slightly overwhelmed. I hope I'm doing better today! I think I am!

Well, a participant said she was coming down whether I liked it or not, well, I guess she'll be waiting all day, I'm not seeing anyone around this time of month, fuck that noise.

Later all!

((((((((jami))))))))) oh wow. i'm so sorry for your losses. i do hope you are doing ok and are able to give yourself the time you need to mourn. i also hope lamex is staying out of your way for a while and showing some respect. i'm thinking of you and your sons.

hi all. i am just popping in (i almost wrote pooping in just then) for just a few seconds while i have a chance. actually, i came on to view the archives to find out when we're all hopping back on the red horse. mrfj and i have had some terrific yet unprotected portions lately and i need to make sure i'm not late! wouldn't that be ironic?

i have been busy with the boy lately (his sleep has been atrocious lately and it's made me more than a bit deprived) so i haven't made the time to come in to talk. but i've been reading up every few days. i hope the rest of you are doing well and dealing with the holidays ok. i have shopping that i need to do for a few more people on my xmas list as well as for xmas day meals. i am having my parents, sister and her family, mrfj's parents, grandmother and possibly sil and wifey over for the day and am planning an informal luncheon/buffet type thing. i am racking my brain to think of some more finger foods or at least things that i don't have to stand over and watch. i am planning to make a brisket and have fresh yeast rolls for sammiches as the main dish and i'm also going to cook up some shrimp etoufee for my dad and fil and i might buy some extra shrimp to fry or boil if my sils show up. i'm looking forward to all the cooking and being able to relax. the good thing is that with all that family, i won't have to worry about jackaroo. i think they'll all be fighting over who gets to hold him and play with him.

diva, i love your table too. i looked on that site for a sectional because we're sort of in the market, but damn. the one i like is about $3K too much. smile.gif turbo, that pic of the pork made my mouth water. i can practically taste that! and moxette is just so freaking gorgeous and GROWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok must go. the boy awakens.

FJ...I'm gonna PM you my all time favorite appetizer. Yeah, that would be ironic...and a bit scary. 2 that close...gulp city! I just had to ask myself "ready? Nope...order more pills". I figure, soon enough my mind will say "Yup." Are you still job hunting?

Just spent 3 hours driving between meetings, regulatory agency and office. Ugh. At least its not snowing, sleeting or brightly sunny. And NPR was GOOOD to listen to.

I'm doing christmas dinner, too...we're leaning towards pasta bar...some veg and non-veg sauce, good bread, salad and desert. We really all live for our special family christmas desert...we only have it on christmas day...goddess help me its awesome. Everyone plans the rest of the day around it.
Good things Tuesday....Divala's truffles for breakfast! Yummmm!!!!

Yes, it's a flyby, hope to be back later. smile.gif Ciao!
hey again.

while i was out shopping, i heard the awful "christmas shoes" song that catsoup was talking about. holy shite! WWJD if he heard that crap? he would slap the shit outta the guy singing it, that's what.

moxie, as i said in the pm, you are a rawk star. thank you for the recipe. a couple more like that and we'll be golden. i might just put out some lil smokies in the crock pot too.

i am still sort of looking for work. ever since my unemployment came through, we've been doing ok. funnily enough, i make more money on unemployment than i did when i was working the at-home telemarketing gig. but that obviously won't last and i am just grateful that i have had these five months. i have been looking three or four times a week and have applied for several things. i just haven't had an interview in a very long time. i'm hoping it'll pick up at the first of the year.

and yes, two leeetle babies is not ideal. i keep telling mrfj that we need to be more careful, but do i stop him when we start mackin'? NO. but i don't want to be on the pill while i'm breastfeeding either. gah, i'm such a responsible parent. rolleyes.gif but i still have a week before i should be otr so i think we're ok. i'll prolly be bleeding while we're in savannah for our anniversary but it won't be the end of the world.

hiya tree!!!
Good evening!

Well, I have a good/bad things Tuesday:
1. My beloved ipod is mostly dead...the screen no longer works, and it got itself stuck on my Xmas Harp Playlist, and good cod - can't have that for long...I've been limping it along for a few months, but it no longer responds to resetting or restoring.
2. I bought a new ipod at lunch. I hate spending the $$ this time of year, but I cannot handle my workplace or commute without one.
3. Its a pretty green nano! Now I just have to whittle down my library to my essentials to fit on it. No more 30Gb for me. sad.gif

((((((minx)))) I think tes said it all, and much more eloquently than any of us could!

FJ - that sounds like quite a menu you're planning, and quite a gathering too - I'm glad you're enjoying the planning and having your family at your house for the holiday!

CH, I hope your day improved!

Well, I need to start putting dinner together - its one of my new favorites - "squashage casserole" - aka - lasagna for those allergic to wheat and large quantities of dairy. smile.gif I roasted up a large spaghetti squash on Sunday, and turned it into lovely pasta. Now I layer squash, tomato sauce, grated goat parmesan cheese and cooked sausage in a casserole and bake....its sooooo yummy, and perfect comfort food.
So, I just got home and the ex-bf sent me two rather expensive and lovely Christmas presents that made me cry.
I really need vacation to start now. I have this nervous breakdown that I keep avoiding.

Diva, I'll go over your list tonight when I get home from playing cards.
Minx, while it's nice that he sent presents, I think it's mostly an asshole move. And it probably got it's intended result if you cried. (((Minx))) Only a few more days until break.... You'll make it, darling.

Turbojenn, Yay for new iPods!

FJ, that "Christmas Shoes" song is so terrible, isn't it? TB and I race to change the station if we hear it come on.

Moxie, what's this yummy appetizer? Can you share it or is it top secret? smile.gif I'm always looking for new recipes.

I just fell down our stairs. (I'm not hurt) The stairs in this duplex are very narrow and steep (old house) and I told TB when we moved thatI will eventually fall down them and should take bets as to when I do. 3 months and 3 days later, I did!

I'm studying for my BioStats final tomorrow. It's bad. It's going to be bad, very bad.

awww (((minx))))

I don't think I've heard "christmas shoes". I hope never to...but I suppose I'm being optimistic.

Cat, good luck on biostats. Don't think negatively, visualize the may be surprised.

Turbo, poo on failing ipods. Yay on pretty green Nanos...and it'll be nice and small and easy to carry around. Sorry about the lack of memory though.

Job ~*~*vibes*~*~ for falljackets

(((jami))) still thinking about you, chica.

(((tesao))) just cause I love seeing you in here!

So I had one of those days when I remember just why I loved doing building work so much. I am pretty good at it which makes me more relaxed and there's no pressure, because the office women and such, aren't paying my bill so they're much more jovial around me. I was working on a room that's just been screwy heat/cool wise, and I had my toolpouch on the edge of one woman's desk...I asked her and she said it was cool (the thermostat was right there so it was handy to have my tools there, cause much of it involved the stat)...anyway, I had to leave for a bit to go get parts and started packing up my toolpouch just to get it out of her way...she stopped me and said, "you can leave it there it's NO problem at all..."..and I said, "are you sure it won't be in your way? I'll be about an hour"...and she said, not a problem..

and then I was leaving and she said "of course you know we will be digging through your toolpouch to see what you carry in that thing"...

So I was teasing back and said, well, if you find a Tampax, let me know, k? They laughed.

So then I got back and there was a tampax stuck in one of the pockets...hehe

I just lurve office women. smile.gif
Hello, total drive-by to let you know I'm still alive! Am at a neighbour's, using his internet for something more official...will hopefully be back online at home soon!
She's Alive! ALIIIIIIIVE!!! wacko.gif

Thanks for letting us know smile.gif I was getting worried.

Mahalo to all else, and proper props promised later.
Good Morning!

Hey Fj! Wow, that'a packed house you are going to have! It sounds lovely.

Mox what a shitty work day. I hope this one is much better for you!

Hey Tree! Glad to hear that the work things is going well! How is your arm? What about your back?

Turbo, I'm so sorry to hear about your ipod. I'd be lost without mine. That squash dish sounds delish.

(((((minx))))) want me to send him dead flowers with the ebola virus? okay, so maybe ebola is a bit serious, how about the flue which will give him liquid diarrhea for 9 and three-quarter days?

Catsoup, are you okay after the fall? I know you said you were, but no bruising today? ~*~*~*~*exam vibes~*~*~*~*~* Good luck with your exam!

Doodle, you're ALIVE!!! Come back soooooooon!

Hey Lore!

Well, I feel as though I've been run over by a truck did a good work out yesterday and took puppy to the park, it was a usual day. And I was just beat when I was done. It's only Wednesday, and I feel like I've been here forever! Boooooooooooooooo!

Well, that's all for now!


Goooooood Morning!

What's up everybody? Hope your days are starting off ok.

((minx)) I am really sorry things are rough right now. How many more school days til Christmas break?

Hi FJ!!! It's good to see you!! I am really happy that your little boy is doing so well. He is so cute. That is a lot of folks you are gonna have over. At least you guys won't have to travel & like you said, plenty of people to occupy jackaroo.

Hi Doodle!! Glad to hear you are well!

Tree, that is really funny. It makes it so much easier to work if you are working with fun people. Which there is a lack of at my current workplace.

Hi Lore, mox, CH, diva, catsoup, tes, jenn, and anyone I've forgotten!!

Things here are good. My day is getting off to a smooth start. I was on time to work and everything! Only today & 2 more days til the holiday break! Woo hoo! We have officially finished our shopping & wrapping. I cleaned up the dining room/wrapping room last night. It was a disaster area! Tonight my book club is having a holiday movie night & spaghetti. Sister is in town, hung with her some yesterday, it was a lot of fun. She's coming to the movie night tonight too. Oh-some good news, Mr K's SIL had her baby. A little boy!
Where the hell is everyone?

I'm bored at work!
Me too, CH. I have work to do, but having trouble concentrating on it, my back & neck are killing me today. Proabably all that hunching over gift wrapping. I made an appt with the chiro today, hope that helps.

I am supposed to work out at lunch, but am considering blowing it off. It probably would help my back, but am not feeling it. May bag it.
I am waiting for muco important reports at work, I can't really do much without them. I'm done eveything else, even the tedious mind numbing work.

and the washrooms have been out of order for some time now, why could they not do the plumbing work in the evening??? i'm not using a communal washroom that the public can use. Ewwwwww!
hey ya'll. i'm here, sort of. smile.gif i've been waiting for the wee one to wake up (that's a switch!) so we can go to the grocery store. we took care of the christmas gifts yesterday at tarjhay, so now it's time to get the food for the big day.

so that's my big day. grocery shopping. w00t. rolleyes.gif

glad to see doodle back.

hope you did well on your test, catsoup.

tree, i have to tell you. i saw a plumbing truck pull up to the neighbor's house the other day and the plumber was a woman. i know you're in hvac but i still thought of you and was like, hell yeah! i made a mental note of the name of the company so if we ever need a plumber, i can call them. i love seeing women in non-traditional roles like that.

*says the stay at home wife and mother*

ok, 'roo is laughing at me from his swing. it's time to get this show on the road. we have dinner plans tonight with one of mrfj's old teachers. she taught him when he was in gifted classes in elementary school, believe it or not. they've kept in touch all these years. it's kind of sweet. when he talks about her, he can't help but smile. first crush, anyone??

Hi, peeps!

FJ, I really admire you. I can't imagine cooking for that many people and having them all over to your house. You're truly a grown-up. Is Jackaroo crawling yet? He sounds like a lot of fun to be around.

(((((((Catsoup)))))) I'd be scared to death of those stairs. It's one of the reasons (that, and the giant's ginormous TV that can't really be moved up stairs) that we wanted to live on the lower level of wherever we went. Are you all done with your finals now?

Hi, CH! I know what you mean about using the public washrooms. Fortunately, I sit right across from our office-personnel-only one, although it is annoying to hear flushing several times a day.

(((((Minx))))) Those gifts sound really manipulative. Just remember that you're worth more than whatever it was he gave you, and your good graces CANNOT BE BOUGHT. Ahem. I've got lots of ideas for Minxlette's purse. I'm thinking of doing a Nancy Sinatra theme on one side, with a picture of a really cool pair of boots and the lyrics "These boots were made for walkin'..." going around the perimeter. I've also got Rosie the Riveter pictures, Emily the Strange, and all sorts of other cool stuff, plus my printer at home is working really well since we put in a new ink cartridge, so I can print out all sorts of subversive kids stuff. Dare I say it, I'm actually looking forward to making this bad boy, much more so than the lame ones I have to make for the giant's neices. They're cool girls, but not as cool as Minxlette.

Speaking of which, if I have to look at another High School Musical picture, I'm going to throw up.

Hi, Kari! Congrats on the Xmas shopping and wrapping, but sorry about your back. Mine gets sore doing that, too. Sounds like you have a fun couple of weeks coming up, with your sister there.

Hi, Lore, Tree, Jenn, and all else!

I get to leave this dump in 45 minutes to see Sam's pageant. He's going to be so cute, all dressed up!

I think the holiday stress is finally getting to me. Every time I think of exactly how much stuff I have to do before the weekend, it makes me want to cry and then take a very long nap. The guy who owns my gym just ordered way more truffles than I thought he was going to, which is good, but now I have to buy boxes for all these said truffles because I've run out. I suppose I should be happy about that, since I've sold so much (over $550 in revenue, $300 or so profit), but it's just another thing to add to the massive list of Shit I Have To Do. I'm about done with my shopping, except for a t-shirt for BFF's husband (I'm trying to find him a shirt from a local MN band that hit it big, like Husker Du) and a few little things for the giant and BFF. The problem is that I can't do it until some more money starts coming in. Then I have to put together little packages for the people the giant and I work with, which doesn't sound like much, but it takes time. And then it sounds like the giant wants to get our table here sooner than later, and I really don't have the time or inclination to clear out the dining room to make room for it, plus I don't want the giant's brother seeing the house in the condition it's in, because it's shameful. I've got far bigger things on my brain to worry about than when we're going to get our table.

Anyway, I think it's going to be a short trip up to my parents' place so I can take advantage of the stores still being open on my way back home. I just hope the giant doesn't want me to pay attention to him or anything tonight. He got plenty of attention last night, and it'll have to do for a few days.

Time to eat something, then see Sam. Yay!

Egads...that sounds so fucking cool, Diva. Please, go with your idea. I trust your creativity infinitely.
Diva, I woulda loved a purse like that when I was a kid.

Oh, and Your. Truffles. Rock. My faves are the ones with the cocoa powder on the outsides. Yummm...and it's so cool that you made a decent profit from them too! I made drunken cherries, so easy...and took them to the shop christmas party. Every steamfitter I know is a closet lush so it was incognito drinking. Soaked those babies in Korbel starting on Halloween. Then dipped them in bittersweet chocolate. They went like hotcakes.

fj, that's really cool about that plumbing company. Better yet, tell them WHY you're hiring them and tell them you want that woman plumber doing your job. We tradeswomen have a pretty uphill road to climb and every little bit helps. There's a female plumber at the UW, too...Mel. She's a subversive just like me...heh. And, have fun at your dinner.

ch...communal toilets, yuck!

cyber ~*~*neckrub*~*~for kari. And, yes, I just lurve people who have a sense of humor. It was pretty funny because I left my toolpouch in a closet there overnight and my (male) partner went to finish up some more stuff while I went to look at some other jobs. He was carrying this pouch with a tampax in it. Heee...

Hi, Lore!!!

*waves at Doodle*...glad you're still among the living. How're you feeling after your Dorothy eviction?

Okay, that's all I can read without clicking into a new window.....back soon!

I'm just spending the night at Banana's because my electricity got shut off yesterday. Sheesh. I feel like suck a moron. I save money for the utilities every month, but I never pay the bills. I had a big stack of bills on top of my fridge. Then yesterday when I got home from work, no electricity.

I spent the night with Banana and Luna, the dog, then he took me to work in the morning. I gave him the cash and one of my electric bills, and he took it to an easy-pay location and paid it off. My electricity will be back on tomorrow. I'm a dunce.

So - today was the worst day ever. MRG came with a vengeance. I had cramps and diarrhea all day long. Then the business manager pulled me aside later this morning and told me that I had a blood stain on my butt. So I tried my best to cover it with my t-shirt until I got a break and ran to the thrift store next door and got a pair of black pants for $3.

I was gone for about 10 minutes, but when I returned with my pants, my manager got a little stern with me and said, "Where have you been?!" I told her about the bloody pants, and she just said, "OK - but you should have told me you were going." Which I can understand, but I wasn't really going to look for her to tell her where I was going with blood-soaked jeans on. I figured it was equivalent to a cigarette break. Anyway, I felt dumb.

Tomorrow we are having a holiday party with our staff and past and present trainees. We rented a karaoke machine!!! Yayayay! I hope it has Def Leppard or something else fun like that.

I bought a new book the other day called "The Daughters of Juarez" by Teresa Rodriguez. It's about the murders in Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican border town just across from El Paso. A killer or killers have murdered over 400 women since 1993. It's pretty interesting and a little grisly and very heart-wrenching. Especially the stories of the families waiting for their daughters to get home from work or school, freaking out when they don't turn up, and how the authorities dismiss their concerns by saying stuff like, "Ah - she probably ran off with some guy."

Also - the murders have personally touched us Busties in the past when Miss Shuggah's cousin was kidnapped and murdered in Juarez about 3 years ago. When I saw the book, I thought of Miss Shuggah, and wondered if the book held any answers about what is going on there.

Anyway - Banana and I just finished eating sushi and pizza. It was fun. I went outside to smoke a cig with Luna, and she kept scooting her butt along the gravel in the yard. Ouch! I wonder what's wrong with her butt?

I just talked to Mr. PK, and he just obtained an XBox 360 for Heikki. Whew. I thought he wasn't going to be able to get one in time. We're rewarding Heikki's hard work in school with a long-longed-for game system. I hope this won't mean a drop in grades. I doubt it, considering his father has really strict time rules for playing video games.

Okidoki. Time to read some more archives. Later!
Good Morning!

FJ, that is really sweet that Mr. FJ keeps in touch with his teacher still! How was your dinner?

Diva, how was Sam's pagent? That sounds like the coolest little bag EVAH!!! Once again, I'm jealous of your crafting skills! Congratulations on the success with the truffles.

Hey Minx and Tree!

PK, I would say the reason for the ass drag is that the hounds anal glands are getting completely cleaned when Luna is pooping. So they drag their bums to stop the itch or whatever. It just happened to Emily. I recall reading about the murders in Marie Claire years and years ago. I also remember when Miss Shuggah's cousin went missing. That whole situation is so horrible. It's bullshit that the authorities did nothing. Reminds me of the missing women of Vancouver's Lower East Side. Sorry about the period from hell day. Are you feeling any better today?

Well, I worked out and took the dog out, went to sleep last night. Aren't I exciting? Living the life of excitement on this end. Ha!

I did get up getting the reports I needed, did them, now all I have to do is transfer and audit some stuff, do a little filing and that's all!

Later kats!
Good Morning!

Hi PK! It is good to see you. That stinks about bleeding on your pants! ohmy.gif And about your power being turned off. booooooo! At least it'll be back on soon, if it's not already. That rocks that Heikki is getting the XBox! Nice! He'll be stoked, I am sure.

I miss Miss Shugga. sad.gif

Oooh, treehugger, gimme one of those drunken cherries! They sound divine.

Diva, I haven't gotten the truffles yet, do you think that is abnormal? I think it's been about a week? That purse you are making does indeed sound really rad!

Hi CH! You've been working out a lot lately, no? That's great!

Things here are pretty good today. Officemate is out, yay! That always helps. All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday, so now I feel like it should be Friday. Sadly, it ain't so. We had fun at book club last night. We had spaghetti and loads of desserts. Very fun. Seeing a movie tonight w/ a friend, looking forward to that. I saw the chiropractor yesterday, I believe he straightened me out. One of my neck vertabrae was f-ed he said. It is starting to feel better, much less tight this morning.
Hey Kari!

So glad that your neck is starting to feel better, such a pain.

I do indeed workout every day, I am truly a glutton for punishment!!!!
Hey FJ...have you done the grocery shopping yet?

Here, for you, today's "The Minimalist" colum from NYT.

101 Appetizers in 20 min or less
YAY! CONGRATS CATSOUP!!!!! Enjoy your time off! I know you will.

Moxie, is that Mark Bittman's column? I love him. Those apps look great, I saved the article.

My workplace is so very boring today. Bah. I have holiday brain, am ready to be off for the holiday.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats, Catsoup!

Shit, I just remembered that I have to squeeze in some time to take my final this week. Oops!

Kari, I do think it's a little odd that you haven't gotten your truffles yet. I've still got the receipt from the shipping, so I can see if I sent it priority or parcel. But still, it shouldn't take nearly a full week.

Hi, CH! Seriously, you work out every single day? Oy. I really have to work to psych myself up to go just 3 times a week, and the major motivation is the $20 off my membership if I go 12 times a month.

Sam's pageant was really cute. It was pretty short, but he looked so sweet in his little wise man costume. He kept letting his crown fall off, though, which was adorable. And at the end, they sang some songs. Sam stood there and boogied around like he had to go to the bathroom, even though he said he didn't. His mom and other aunt were there, too, and they taped it so my brother can watch later on. Sam's mom is looking really rough. Meth has taken all but maybe 3 of her front teeth. It looks really, really gross. What I want to know is why the hell she isn't in jail.

There's a girl I sit by who chews gum every day and makes noises with it. I can hear the suction on her teeth when she opens her mouth. It sounds like a single pop rock popping every 3 seconds. Maddening, I tell you!

Hi, Moxie! Those appetizers (mostly) sound really good. I love those NY Times articles. I really neeed to keep up with reading it more. I get it for free on email every day, you'd think I'd take advantage of it.

Tree, I'm glad you liked those dark chocolate truffles. I actually had to rework them because my original batch got a little crushed in packaging, so I melted everything back down (including the cocoa powder and powdered sugar they were coated with) and re-rolled them. They turned out much better this time.

I'd totally look to hire a female plumber or mechanic, or whatever I could find. I believe there's a small chain of auto shops that are owned by a woman. Otherwise, it's kind of hard to find them around here, although I can't really say I look much. Being a renter, all those responsibilities are on my landlords, who do most of the work themselves (one is in construction and knows all kinds of maintenence stuff, or has lots of friends who do).

Hi, PK! How's the job going? Good on your for dumping El Guapo. Has it gotten through his head yet that you're not together anymore?

Hello to anyone else I missed!

I had a pretty good day yesterday. It was my boss's last day in the office for the rest of the year. He's going up to Winnipeg to see family, which is a very good place for him. It feels so freeing to have him away for awhile. I got to do some good playing with Sam. We watched the Rudolph movie together yesterday afternoon, all cuddled up with a blanket. He's really into Rudolph. Mom was a little out of sorts since she'd just seen the dentist and had some work done, and her mouth was still really hurting. I finished making all but 2 kinds of truffles, and those are easy ones that only need to be rolled and dipped, although I am making another batch of coconut for the giant's family and some turtles. I'm finally starting to run out of things, which is just fine by me.

It looks like we're going to try to get the table on Sunday. I don't know what the giant's rush is, but whatever. He did a lot of cleaning up while I was gone yesterday that he totally didn't have to. At least he's being proactive about this.

Does anyone else find this week to be eternal? I'm really itching for the 5-day weekend. I've got so much stuff to do, and it feels like a waste to spend my time here at stupid work.

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