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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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So, Kari, why should YOU be the "oops" just because you find the "religious" aspect distasteful? That's what pisses me off. We, the secular community, are presumed to be "odd" or off-putting because we do good works for the sake of it? Fucking religious self-rightous ass-holes.
Yeah, Moxie, I agree. Everyone's got a right to their opinion, but I do try to be non-offensive, b/c I appreciate others efforts to the same end. I won't push my views down their throat if they don't push theirs down mine. I guess I meant oops in way of "hope I didn't offend" not oops "I should keep my mouth shut." Funny thing is, the girl that organized the whole toy drive is Muslim, so I think she was a bit taken aback by the tags too.

HI TES! The other friend is easy, she likes everything. It's just a matter of happening upon the right item.

CH, I wish I was working at home. That was yesterday.
Hi everyone!!!

Nice to see you, tes!! No, there's no way to copy DVD's to hard drives/ipods legally and computer and DVD manufacturers have done a great job at making sure that doesn't happen. There are other ways, but they are illegal and very time consuming.

Kari, you should have suggested that they name all the bears Mohammed. *chuckles*


Hi mox!! Yeah, really, who gives a crap about Romney anyway? I'm not at all surprised that he's trying to appeal to the bible-bangers.

Culture, you're tempting me to move to Canada!!

The catholic church definitely has its share of "fucked-up-ness," but I don't view it as a threat to democracy (except for the pro-life thing). Most of the catholics I know (including my uncles and other devout family members) are pretty reasonable people, even if they are pro-life. The one thing I appreciate about the catholic church is their anti-capital punishment and anti-war stances. I've known tons of catholic priests and monks in my time and they've all lived very modestly and quietly. All of them are/were very friendly, non-abrasive people. I've never been told that I was bound for hell by a priest. That's just my experience though. I'm sure that there are plenty of hellfire and brimstone priests out there. I don't resent my catholic church/school background at all. I just don't believe in a personal god. Catholic masses can actually be quite beautiful and theraputic no matter what you believe.
Poodle, I totally agree with you about the catholic church, the evangelicals have really gone and fucked things up. Most religious people can be very reasonable, fundamentalists aside of course. Poodle, it's fun here! The weather can be the shits sometimes, and the current state of Canadian politics is laugable, Stephen Harper is sucking bush wacked's teeny tiny peanut dick.

and speaking of fundamentalists. this is really horrible.

word Mox.

Kari, I also agree. I also want to know why it is okay for the right wing, fundamentalist bible thumpers to get in my face and tell me what I should believe in, whereas I can't do the same? Not that I force people to believe what I believe. But like Mox said, why are we the odd ones out? Mofo's.

ETA: On my travels on the internet (i.e. Time wasting because I don't fee like working) I stumbled across these two pictures.

I also agree, poodle- if Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve night was the only time I had to go to church all year, I'd be happy. There's something vaguely pagan about going out in the middle of the cold, cold night for religious stuff wink.gif

My mom's side of the family is Catholic and my great-aunt Margaret, who's a former nun (she quit to get married to a former priest) has been arrested for protesting, mostly at The School of the Americas (or whatever they're calling it now), more times than I could count. She goes all over Central and South America, as well as Africa doing humanitarian work. Oo, I found an article about her- cute little old lady, isn't she? She's one of my favorite relatives.

That's the good side of Catholicism.
Awww...sweet lady.

Yeah, I read about that poor girl. I find it extremely difficult to tolerate Islam.

There's a lot of religion-related news going on right now around the world. Weird.

Ugh. I suppose I should get some work done. This job thing really interferes with my internet play time.

Where is everyone?

Check out this real news story on emo culture in Utah. I laughed my ass off!! I can't help but feel embarrassed for them.
I'm here! I decided that Mary Jane might help loosen up my spasm'ed muscles in my back. Inebriation thread coming up...perhaps.
Tree, I hope you are finding some natural relief for your back pain by now! wink.gif

We have had the turbodog beer - we cut out the label from the sixer, and its hanging on our fridge!

CH & Minxy - thanks for the awesome piccies in here today!

Kari, I can only hope that like most kids, they'll just toss off the tag on the bear straightaway, and just enjoy the toy. I know I've offended my bosses more than once....I can't help myself sometimes when they bring their evangelism into the staff meetings. *shudders*

I've been tossing and turning at night for the past couple, obviously my brain is working overtime on whether to really change my career track here with the possibility of a new job in a new field. But then, today, when asshole boss tried to force us to send a Letter to the Editor off the the Chicago Tribune, after we corrected his bad grammar and spelling twice, and he kept changing everything BACK! Arrrrrgh! It was then, I thought to myself, that YES, I *can* leave this job.

Poodle, I'm with you - the beautiful ritual of a well-done Midnight Mass is magic indeed. I hate going to my 'rents church on xmas eve, but I will happily go to turbomann's catholic service - their priest is very new-agey mystical, but the man has a voice like silk, and he sings a beautiful mass.

Tree, that is SO sweet that your co-workers allowed you to sit on the sidelines for a job, so you would not inflict further pain upon yourself!

Tonight was mentoring night, and it was CRAZY in there - apparently the neighborhood school has their science fair tomorrow, and all my slacker kids left it until tonight to even *start* their projects! So, it was pretty intense in there, but fun because ALL of the kids were working, for once!
Good Morning!

Polly she is cute! And what a rockin' woman!

Hey Poodle! I have to say that I LOVE I am bored, it's so much fun!

Tree, did the green help your back at all?

Turbo, you deserve a great job, not this job where the management are fundies, you don't get sick time and you have to leave your house at 5 for some shit ass meeting seminar crap. Any idea when you find out about the new job?

Well it's snowing here, big surprise, but there is a hella strong wind, too, so while it hasn't snowed that much, it looks like it has because the wind blew it everywhere. Hmmmph.

Last night took the dog to the park then rested, I took a night off from working out and I was beat, I feel asleep at around 7:30 last night. How.Sad. It's work that is making me so tired.

That's pretty much it, but tomorrow is FRIDAY! YAY! Thank goodness.

Later kats!

Oh man, Poodle, I watched that news piece. Way over the top. I can't believe they actually played that Death Cab song and cited it as dark & "emo." Get a grip people.

Jenn, good for you, yes, you CAN get out of that job. Your boss sounds very annoying & frustrating.

Hi CH! I am jealous of your early bed time last night. I got to bed slightly too late. Was very tired this morning when the alarm went off. Mr K was a real dear and got up to hit the snooze on it for me once or twice.

(((tree's back)))

Well, not too much going on here today. It is a rainy, dismal looking day outside. At least it is Thursday, which is typically a quiet day in here. I went to a friend's house for dinner last night, which was a lot of fun. Have a busy night tonight too. Going to a neighborhood planning meeting at 4, then to a friend's Christmas get together. It will be fun, but what I really want is to go straight home after work & take a long nap.
There is a blizzard warning here, which I saw was issued early this morning, and I am already at work. I think I'm going to bail out on the day and go home early then hide under the covers.

YAY snow. Boooooooooo!

Kari, that's the shits that you can't go home and rest. Damn xmas season.
Mornin' chickadees!!!

It sounds like the weather pretty much sucks everywhere today. It's supposed to get pretty cold later this afternoon, but that's about it.

Yes, culture, I-am-bored is a great site. Did you notice that mental_floss got rid of their little column of links? That bummed me out.

~*~*~*~anti-stress vibes for turbo~*~*~*~ Just take good care of yourself like you usually do and keep reminding yourself that you're a rockstar in your line of work!!!

~*~*~*~anti-pain vibes for tree~*~*~*~ I hope the "treatment" helped!!

Have some caffeine, kari!! *offers sip of Starfucks mocha*

I got a decent night's sleep last night for the first time this week because I managed to stay awake when I got home. I almost always fall asleep on the couch within a half-hour of coming home from work. It feels great, but it's not healthy and it leaves me feeling fatigued in general.

Tomorrow's Friday!!!!!! Yayayayayayay!!!!!!! So what does everyone have planned for this weekend? I've got a party to go to tomorrow night that should be lots of fun. Plus, it's only a couple blocks away from my house so I don't have to worry about the driving situation.
Poodle, I did notice that, however, as of late, I've been checking out the websites they like.

This weekend, resting me thinks. It's going to be cold and miserable. I think I'll finish up my xmas shopping.
Had a bad night, a weepy morning, and it just keeps getting worse as the day progresses and more bullshit compounds.

Here's to hoping I don't have a nervous breakdown or go postal!
Hi, peeps!

Just a quick drive-by to say that all of you who've ordered truffles (except Catsoup - I still need your address, girl!) will be getting an email from me this afternoon with the final cost with shipping. They're going out in the mail today via USPS.
Oh no....(((minx))) Is everything ok? I am so sorry to hear you are having a bad day. sad.gif

Diva, I got your e-mail, thanks! I will get you that check pronto.

This day is feeling e-t-e-r-n-a-l! Seriously.

I told my friend I was planning on going to the planning meeting but was bailing on her office building party. She has 2 other friends going w/ her, so I did not leave her high and dry. I just want to go home and take a nap.

Poodle, I am going to a party near my house tomorrow too! It is driving, but only down our street, cross a big street, then down her street. Not to bad. About 2 mins total. It is a tacky sweater party. I have to go buy some tacky sweaters tonight for me, Mr K & my other friend that I invited. I plan to go to a thrift store. Hoping to find some tacky Christmas vests. Other than that, I don't have a lot planned for the weekend. The flea market is going on, I may go to that. I think I'm going to wrap Christmas gifts and watch some movies the rest of the time.

Stay warm, CH! Brrrrrrrr!

Damnit...Diva, is there anyway I can still get in on the truffle action? I can't remember if I actually told you I wanted them in a PM or not. If you can't, no biggie, but you know I love your peanut crunchie ones...and some of your new flavors sound like they are to die for.

And yeah, just when I thought that it couldn't get any worse, it did. Fuckin' hell...oh well. That's why we have therapy, I guess.
Hi, again!

((((((Minx))))) Sure, you can still get in on some truffles, but I don't know how many peanut butter ones I'll have left. The giant's stupid family keeps eating them all, but I should be able to squeeze a few more out. PM me your email address and real address, but don't send it to my Bust email since I haven't used it in months and months.

I wish I had a party to go to in my neighborhood, but alas, I have no friends near where I live. The closest we get to that is our landlords inviting us upstairs when they have an especially loud party so we can't complain about the noise (not that we would on a weekend, anyway, but Tuesday midnight fooseball tournaments are completely different). I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home with a couple steaks, baked potatoes, and the Transformers movie and a quick trip to the gym. Tonight shall be truffle-free, dammit.

I hate emo culture and emo music and the whiny people who like that crap. Maybe I'm not evolved, but I really don't mind when men aren't that in touch with their feelings.

I can't wait until tomorrow - payday! The giant and I are going out after work to shop for dining room tables again, which should be really fun, then it's the annual Xmas shopping extravaganza on Saturday and a trip down to his mom's at some point. And I'll finally be able to pay for my class so I get credit for it. Yay!

Methinks it's about time to go home now. I should stop at Target, but maybe I won't. I was going to get a gift card for the women's shelter drive, but I think I'll just give them a check instead.

((((((minxy))))) Much love to you, darlin', whatever shit may be flying in your world. Just remember how strong, smart and powerful you are - you have everything you need to get through this, and a host of wonderful friends to call upon for support. I'll be sending white light your way.

Well, its been a pisser today for me too, though mostly just frustrating. We had the good service award ceremony for the year this morning at work, and asshole boss wins one of the awards for fucking COMPASSION!!! The CEO is reading the nomination summary, and it makes me nearly vomit listening to the drivel my supervisor writes about him - how "humble" he is, and his "singular vision that leads the team" and most disgusting how he exemplifies the fight against cancer as a "servant leader." BARF. Is this work or Sunday School...really hard to tell sometimes...and more discouraging that my supervisor is SO enamored with him, and believes this crap about him. Meanwhile this morning, he asks me where my co-worker is - our co-worker who has been out sick for a week with a chemical burn in her lungs after painting in her house, and is really sick. Mr. Compassion award-winner didn't even notice that one of his own staff was missing for a week - and he *has* to walk by our cubes to get anywhere. fucktard.

Tomorrow, I shall regale you with more stories of forced holiday fun from our 2 hour staff meeting, followed by holiday lunch, complete with mandatory gift exchange. yay.

But, thank cod tomorrow is Friday! And I'm getting my hair cut in the afternoon - YAY! We've got a busy busy weekend, but it should be fun.
Good evening!

Wow, I am up past my past few days bed time!

((((((minx)))))) what's going on?

Hey Diva! That is great about you giving to the women's shelter!

Kari, it's going to be a chilly one tomorrow!

Hey Jami!

Turbo, even reading what the CEo wrtoe makes me want to vomit. How awful! A mandatory gift exchange, I say you give a lump of coal, or a pet rock. That is horrible about your coworker. Oh dear.

Well, it was slow today, so I alpha'd some filing I'll get to the filing tomorrow. Took hound to the park and walked through deep snow, had a hella good workout, came out and worked out more (I am a glutton for punishment) had a good dinner, watched a gret documentary on sex trade workers, and now here I am. I think I'm going to hit the sheets soon, this weather makes me sleepy and makes me want to pull all my blankets over my head (all 5 of them, plus a few smaller blankets, plus a furry dog who keeps me warm).

Have a good night everyone!


(((((((minxie mine)))))))
querida, no matter what is happening, remember that you are wonderful, intelligent, fun and hot. you have an amazing little girl. you have great friends. your students think you rock. all of this is because of YOU. it's okay to be down and weepy once in a while, so let yourself do that. but never forget your strength. big hugs, dollface. skype me this weekend.

culture, i'd never heard of i-am-bored! what a great site! perfect for today, it is almost 2:30 in the afternoon, not much is happening here and i AM bored! thanks for that, dude.

divalla, your truffles have become the stuff of LEGEND. hope you rocked your truffle-free evening, those yum steaks and taters and had a great time! how is your class going?

(((((((tree))))))) how are you feeling?

kari, a tacky holiday sweater party sounds like a hoot! did you find tacky vests? you must post pix! i have loads of tacky sweaters in the states, my mamãe really got into sending them to us for a while. i don't wear them here, needless to say.

jenn, i can only say what you already know - you need to get out of that toxic environment! mandatory gifts! compassionate asshates. (not a typo) sounds to me as though he only has selective compassion for those who share his own particular belief system.

it is a beautiful day here today. a bit on the hot side, at 39 C, but sunny, with a breeze blowing off of the indian ocean. bright bright blue sky. birds are singing. i had a yum lunch of fresh watercress soup and am now eating fresh ripe mango. it is a good day.
I will Skype this weekend, Ms. Tessie.

I will PM, Ms. Diva.

I will drink this weekend, Ms. Thangs. Anyone wanna join me?

I look like shit today...hope the kidlets don't notice too much. Thanks for the support, my lovelies. I'm in a world of hurt right now and it helps knowing you are all just present and glowing. It's pretty humbling, actually.
Good Morning!

It is Fri-Day!!!! FINALLY! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif Can you tell this makes me happy?

~~~~~more vibes for minxy~~~~~~ *hands Minx a cup of hot jasmine tea and a big, chocolate chocolate chip muffin* Take a load off, doll.

Jenn, oh man, Gag! That must have been so hard to sit there and listen to that drivel. Bah. I so want you to get that new job.

diva, How was your night? I hope you were able to take a break from truffle making. I am with you on the sensitive guys. I like 'em in the middle-where they can understand and express emotions, but don't make it a habit.

Hi Tes!!! If only I could borrow one of your sweaters. I did not go to the thrift store, b/c my friend told me she did not find anything there. I did go to the drugstore, b/c she told me they had some vests. They did, but they were $10 a piece & I refuse to pay that for ugly shite. I am going to go to the Dollar General at lunch. I bet they have something fugly and cheap. I will definitely post some pics from the party!

I had a really nice night last night. Laid on the couch for a while, wrapped some gifts, and started putting together the photo album I am making for my mom. She doesn't have any of our wedding pics (neither do we actually! pathetic), so I got about 40-50 printed for her & am putting them in a really nice photo book. I think she will like it.
Good Morning sluts.

That's all I've got in me, it's Friday and it's COLD!

Tes, it was 60 degrees warmer then here. It sounds absolutely lovely! I am bored is so great!

Minx, if I was close to you, I'd piss it up with you!

I have to say I'm a little irked today, someing I've known for a while had a baby in the summer, I haven't talked to her since her baby shower in July, I've tried calling, no return calls. I also don't think that she should have had the kid, she's got very serious mental health issues, and he husband is the one who took time off of work to take care of the child. All she does is sleeps, I don't know what is going to happen when he returns to work. She's also become incapable of doing anything for herself, she is running him in the ground. Anyways, I've stopped calling her, and I log into my e-mail this morning, and there's a shot load of e-mail from her. Like 30, and they kept on coming. I'm thinking, wow you can forward my pictures of your kid, you can send me a ton of new e-mails forwards, shit, but you can't sit down and write me a fucking email asking how I'm doing or catching up. fuck that shit.


Sooooo, I think I'm going to finish up the xmas shopping this weekend. Or I'll try to.

how is everyone else?

Later gators!

ETA: Xposted with Kari! Hello! That's a really nice thing that you are doing for your friend with your wedding photos!

(((minxy))) Whatever it is, wherever you are, we are HERE in spirit to raise your spirits!

CH- that's a shitty friend. I try particularly to talk to my friends about things NOT related to moxette, because, well, she's not the basis for my friendships. Then, certain folks who will go nameless (jenn...) get all kerfluffled when the regular supply of moxette pics is not delivered! Sometimes I forget that my friends love all of me...including the best cock-blocking kidlet in the world. Seriously...3 seperate incidents this week. I'm contemplating drugging her tonight!

Mox, I agree, she sent the e-mails from 5 to 7:30 in the morning. She was at her computer for 2 and a half hours and she did not send me anything. I hate to say it, but no wonder people don't maintain friendships. I'm just not going to reply if she sends something.

It's cold as fuck here, and I'm cranky. Bah. I need to order some transcripts for my grad school applications.

Later gators!
OK, so I know this should probably be in another thread, but it was too god. damed. perfect. not to share.

Here, for our Insult Friday, the Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator!
Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahaha. Best.Ever.

Where do you find these things!?!?!?!
a friend sent that one to me.
Happy fucking Friday you yeasty codpieces!!!!

That is so damn funny, mox!! Hahahaha!!

Kari, I love the idea of a tacky holiday apparel party!! Oh god, the office meddler has been wearing a santa-themed cardigan sweater lately. Holiday-themed clothing should be banned (not including Halloween costumes), especially anything that involves yarn.

(((minx))) Sorry things are sucking lately.

*waves to everyone*

This day is neverending. It's cold in here and everyone is being loud. I'm tired because I had a nightmare that I was stuck in a megachurch surrounded by fanatic bible-bangers. I was yelling at everyone and trying to defend myself and then my mom pulled me aside and told me that I shouldn't be so angry. Ugh. Thankfully, I woke up shortly after. Last night, I started reading Kingdom Coming by Michelle Goldberg, which is about the rise of Christian nationalism in the U.S., so I'm guessing that's where the nightmare came from.

Geesh, my boss keeps using the speakerphone and it's driving me bonkers!! I can't wait to get out of here so I can get my drink on!!
Hi, peeps!

Oy, what a day this has been! I got insanely busy about 3 seconds after I came back from picking up lunch - seriously, I didn't even have time to eat a grape. I'm glad the office doors are closed now and I can have some damn peace.

I haven't looked at that yet, Moxie, but I will in a little bit. Is it safe for work?

(((((((Poodle)))))) Sorry about the nightmare. I can't think of anything worse. Earlier in the week, I had a dream that Gordon Ramsay was chasing down the giant and me and trying to bust into our dorm room.

Jenn, that little ceremony sounds like a whole lot of schlock. It's disgusting when people who don't deserve them get awards.

Kari, I did end up having to do truffle related things, after all, but it only took 15 minutes. I just had to make the ganache for the hazelnut truffles, which is way easy. Just boil cream, dump it on chocolate, mix, then add a giant plop of Nutella. I don't even bother with measuring anymore. Have fun at your party tonight!

Shit, I just remembered that today was the last day to donate to the shelter and it's already done by now. Crap. Guess I'll donate a little something extra to another charity.

CH, that girl sounds like a lousy friend. Are you going to bother emailing her back? I wouldn't.

Hi, Tes! You should PM me your address in the USA so I can send some to Mr. HB to bring you when he goes to visit. I'd mail them to you directly, but I think there are issues with sending things like chocolate across national borders. And thanks for asking about my class. It finished up the other day, although I still have the final to take next week from home. It was a really, really great class. I learned a ton and the teacher was very good. I'm definitely going to try to get him for another class in the future.

I'm so fucking glad today is payday. I got to pay off my class so I can get a grade now, and I can do some serious shopping tomorrow. But what'll really be fun is after work when the giant and I go shopping for tables. Just 15 minutes before I can leave, pick him up, and get on our way with it. Then tomorrow it's the MOA, TRU, Target, and a bunch of other places. We are going to one non-mall place I'm kind of excited about that's out where the giant used to live when I first met him. They have something I really want for my mom that I've got on hold there. And then on Sunday, I get the whole house to myself for the whole day. I'm going to finish up what shopping I have left, then spend the rest of the day cleaning and watching wrestling episodes I've got taped from months back.

I just talked to Sam a little bit ago. He invited me to his nativity show at his pre-school on Wednesday! Awwww! He's going to be a wise man, but doesn't know what his gift is yet. Actually, my mom invited me because my dad and brother will both be working and she doesn't want to go alone, and I'm happy to take the time off, especially since I don't have class anymore. I can't wait to see him in his little costume!

Awwwww...that's so great that you're going to Sam's show. That stuff is a big deal when you're a little kid!! I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you there, auntie diva.

Truffles....mmmmm...set aside some for me!!

I totally forgot to comment on how LAME that is that your boss got a compassion award, turbo!!!!! Jeebuz, that guy hasn't shown YOU any compassion since you've been there!! Ugh. I'm so excited for you to find a new job opportunity!! Those kind of awards always bug me, because it's like the employers are trying to motivate people to work harder without having to pay extra wages. We don't do any of that stuff in our office. Heh, the republican and I made an Employee of the Month graphic using the meddler's Glamour Shots photo in our database. We put her down for December, after "Big Red" the Swingline stapler for November and "Jerry the 3-Toed Helper Sloth" for October. It's so damn funny. Fortunately, the office meddler has a great sense of humor. A while back, I altered the republican's resume picture so that it looked like one of those red/black Che posters. Gave him beret and everything. Heeelarious.

Well, I suppose I should get my ass ready for this party. Ciao!!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the badboss sympathy - today was really a banner day - 2 hour staff meeting, in which he basked in the glory of his "compassion" which is entirely fabricated, and then Holiday Hell Luncheon. Did I mention that both bosses were wearing bad xmas sweaters? Kari really could have borrowed one of those. sheesh.

Yeah, lame awards at NPOs are just silly - at least at my last job, about 15 people would get a $25 gift card if they won a service award...but it was cool, because you nominated co-workers all year, and they just tallied them at the end, and gave cards to the top felt more democratic, and it was always nice to get one of those "thank you/you're great" emails from HR, when a nomination came in. I'd also say that VPs just plain should not be eligible for this kind of crap.

Diva, I would *totally* skip a holiday party to hang out with a cutie-pie like Sam! Oh, and I found the coolest gifts for our niece and nephew today at an art store - Make your own pirate treasure chest! Comes with booty and everything - its soo neat. The little guys are going to love it - they're going through a pirate phase, and making each other "walk the plank" every night to bathtime.

Mox - that dysfunctional letter thing is awesome!!

Poodle, it sounds like your nightmare was about my bosses! Creepy!

Turbomann and I just went out to a nice dinner at a new place that opened in the neighborhood - it was one of those cozy, romantic spots, with fireplaces, and a jazz quartet playing, and really good service - which perhaps I enjoy most of all. I had some roasted pumpkin ravioli - it was gooooooo. Turbomann had the most amazing burger I have ever tasted - topped with smoky piquillo peppers, boursin, and fancy organic bacon. YUM. And we had salty peanut gelato for dessert, which was amazing. Now, I'm ready for my friday night snooze on the couch.....its a traditional end to friday evening. smile.gif
Good Morning!

Poodle, that is a nightmare! Eeeeck! I'm sorry you had such a shitty Friday at work. How was your partay? It was last night wasn't it?

Diva, she sent me forwards, but if she calls I'm just not going to call her back, I'm not sending her e-mails, I'm not doing shit. She can think ill of my allshe wants, but it takes two people to maintain a friendship. That is so sweet about Sam!

Turbo, that is great that HR, recognized people at your old job. I'm also sorry to hear about your shitty Friday at work.

My Friday was quiet, I was glad the day was done, went shopping at lunch and got two really great shirts, they are hard to describe, I should take pics and post them. I did nothing last night, took hound to the park and went grocery shopping. I fell sleep early, it appears that my job is turning me into a festering cesspool of hatred. I really have to write my letter of intent this weekend.

I worked out this morning, now I just need to drag my ass to the park with the dog, but now I am lazy, and my room is a disaster, it needs to be cleaned and de-dog furred.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

my mom just died.
oldest son said she was weak and would not eat today.
she said she loved us like a million times.
she went to sleep. and never woke up.

and at that same instant, my shepherd siezed, and he died too.
(((((((jami)))))))) I'll light a candle today for you all.
((((((jami)))))) Send you and your family white light today. Take care of yourself and each other, and spend time telling the good stories about your mom, laughing when warranted, and crying too. I'm sorry you lost your pupper to, but maybe he's guiding your mom to where she needs to be.

Big snow overnight here - we've probably got a foot now, and its so beautiful out. I love taking turbo out before people shovel, and its clean, white prisitine, and sooo quiet. Makes you forget that you live in the middle of a huge city.
Good Morning,

(((((((jami))))))) I am so sorry for your loss, my thoughts are with you right now. I agree that there must be a reason that the puppers went as well.

Hey Tes and Tree.

Turbo, I agree with the snow, the serenity, you absolutely forget that there is a city around you. It's wonderful.

I feel down today. I don't know why, and I'm want to do my own thing. I am just not in the mood to hear from any of my friends either.


(((((((((((Jami))))))))))) I'm so sorry.
thank you all for your posts and love.

funny how the mind remembers things. three years ago mom was beat to death by her husband. she was still alive when the ambulance took her away to the awaiting life flight helecopter. mom had a boarder collie - Sammy Sue. Sam was old, but was hanging on. when mom died in the helecoptor, so did Sam. they brought mom back. but Sam had waited for her to go so she could go too.
Buddy loved mom. she just let him sleep at her side when she was on the computer or watching tv. and she gave him treats. he loved going to 'grandma's house' and was confused when she left and moved back to California. I'm thinking that they left together. and now she's got Sammy Sue with her, too.

Jami, dude, I'm thinking about you. If you need any old little thing, just let us know. You've been beat to hell these last few years, and I cannot imagine that this is any easier. (((Jami and family)))
Just wanted to pop in and say that Diva's Truffles are TERRIFIC! I'm resisting the urge to eat the whole box in one sitting.

Again, Jami, you're in my thoughts. I've been thinking about you all day. If you need anything, hon, please let us know. But hopefully you are surrounded by loved ones and too occupied to Bust.
Good Evening!

Jami, girl, how are you doing? ((((((Jami))))))

Hi to catsoup, lananans, and minx!

Tree, how is your back?

I worked out today, chilled with the hound, had a good relaxing weekend. I'm not longer in a mood. Hound is sitting here chewing on a bone, and I'm watching Family Guy. Finished reading the newest Laurell K Hamilton, total fluff, but I've been following the series for a while. Grrrl, have you read this one?

Where is doodle? she's been absent for a little while.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend! Oh I think I'm going to puke, I just saw an add for a new seies on Fox, it's The Terminator, the sarah connor chronicles. Didn't they learn from the last movie? Worse.Movie.Ever. Blech.

Later gators!


Whenever you want to remember something, or need anything, we are here.

Diva - I'm so glad your classes are going great!

Poodle - you're Employee of the Month thing sounds high-larious! I'm glad the office meddler found it funny. But it would have been funny if she took it seriously. And I think the stapler deserved the award, hands down. I though the office sloth just won it because it was cute. The sloth has good intentions, but takes an hour to fetch a measly cup of coffee, especially when it stops to munch on tender plants and topiaries in the office.

Turbo - Your office party sounds like poopoo. The VP (was it?) won a compassion award? Puh-leeze!!!

I am dogsitting for Banana this weekend. His doggie, Luna, is pictured in my profile. Last night, we snuggled up together in Banana's bed and watched TV. She likes to get under the covers and make a big lump under the blankies. She cuddles up to my legs. This morning, I slept too late - I think until 11:30, and I think it was because we were so cozy in the bed together.

On Friday, I broke up with El Guapo - FINALLY! He has been driving me nuts lately. He moved into my studio apartment with me, and never comes home at night. He finally told me that he's been smoking a lot of weed and drinking a lot with his co-workers, and two weekends ago, he admitted to doing coke all night. I'm so finished with this crap. So on Friday, while he was getting ready to go to work, I asked him if he was happy living with me, and told him that if he wanted to, he could move out. He seemed really comfused, and just said, "OK - thanks." Then I said it didn't seem like our relationship was going anywhere, and I thought we should break up. He agreed, and said we were better off as friends.

He said he would be my best friend if we were no longer boyfriend/girlfriend, and until he moved out, we would be roommates. He said he would come home after work Friday night so we could talk about things and plan his move-out, but he never did. Saturday, I came to dogsit, so I haven't seen him, but he called me several times today to see how I was doing. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago, and at the end of the conversation, he said, "OK - I LOW-ve you. Talk to you soon, baby." So I think he's not really getting it. I don't know.

Saturday, I was part of this awesome event at this Radical Resource Center here, in Tucson. It's like an anarchist community center. They wanted people to come and teach holiday gift-making crafts so people wouldn't go to the mall and support "The Man" during the holidays. I taught people how to make beaded flowers for jewelry and beaded flower arrangements. It was so fun. I only had two people come to my station, but it was really fun. I also made a t-shirt for Heikki at this station where someone helps you find artwork to copy with colored Sharpies onto t-shirts (as long as somewhere on the shirt you give credit to the artist).

Because I drew the artwork on the t-shirt myself, it's not very professional looking, but it passes. It could go one of two ways: Heikki might think it was really cool of me to draw him a t-shirt, or me might find it very dorky and never wear it. I am going to ask him to tell me the truth, because if he doesn't like it, I am going to keep it for myself.

BTW - on his last report card - Heikki got all A's and B's - mostly A's!!!!! I'm so proud of that little spunk! Actually - he's not so little anymore. He's 13, and got a picture of him in the mail the other day where he looks to be about 20! He's so grown up. He doesn't look like Harry Potter anymore. More like a Hollywood heartthrob.

Heikki is coming to visit me for the week of New Year's. It's only for four days, but I think it's going to be jam-packed. During that time, I am going to be house and cat-sitting for my friends, so Heikki will have a comfortable place to sleep (as opposed to a twin mattress on the floor in my studio). And he'll have the cats around, whom he loves. We are going to go hiking with Banana and Luna, as well as Morticia and her nephew. Banana is going to show Heikki his ultralight airplane, and we are also going to hang out with Pickle, who is now my downstairs neighbor.

We need to find something fun and kid-friendly to do on New Year's Eve night. I live in a neighborhood with lots and lots of bars and clubs, so that's out. I think it would just be boring with only the two of us at home. Banana invited us to an adult party (with older people) where there may or may not be any other kids. I dunno. Any suggestions???

I went to a really great afternoon party today. It was at the home of a co-worker. I was talking to his neighbor - an older Mexican woman, and her new friend (they just met at the party), a woman from Ecuador. They were both so sweet, and it was great to get to practice my Spanish. The Ecuadorian woman was on vacation from there, visiting her daughter. She liked me so much, she was pressuring me to be friends with her daughter, who is my age. By the time I left, I had the daughter's phone number and plans to have coffee and also to help her go online to apply for a job at the Marriott (where I used to work). Yayayayayay for new friends!

OK - this is getting kind of long (or has already gotten long), but I wanted to get you guys caught up. I will try to catch up with you all some more during some down time at work, if I can.

Take care, guys! (((((((((((((((((okayers))))))))))))))))))))
x-post with CULTURE!!!!!! Hi there, duder!
Hey PK!!!!!

I just sent you a little something on crackbook! It sounds like you are doing so great! I'm so happy for you! That is great about Heikki's grades!

I'm glad that you ditched El Guapo, you don't want coke around you, that's bullshit.

As for kid friendly things to do, oh jeez, I honestly have no idea, unless you want to rent a whole lot of movies, and load up on snacks and order out. As for something fun, I am stumped. Sorry!

Anways, glad to see you here!

Ha ha! Cross posted, too! I was just writing when I saw your post! hee!
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