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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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holla back y'all...just kidding...i haven't gone mofo crazy on y'all...or have i? (gives a mischievous giggle and smirk)

yay! its tuesday and mr. gb and I have the whole Ranch to ourselves..i just call it the 'house' but mom calls it a ranch and calls it an estate, its kinda big..ok huge. but whatever. I'd call it the cottage but then i would really be marked as 'crazy' in the family.

plus, we get it to ourselves for a week and a half...sweet!!!


good things tuesday:
-the 'cottage' to ourselves...
-payday is tomorrow
-i am taking thursday off from class to chill
-my sis loves her gift that i picked out for her.
-i have a new sundance catalog to peruse thru.

yay for turbomomma's release from the hosp.

minx...we all have those boxes..heck i have an ex-boyfriend photo album..all of them are in it in chronological order...that way its an easy chuck in the dumpster later in life.

pk, that guys a little on the 'weird' side...and that's coming from me...a weird gal. just a thought.

hi moxie, doodle, poodle, diva, tyger, kari, whammy, fj, and anyone else i missed...

solstice is coming up, eh? hmm...might have to do some ceremonial drinking and movie watching of 'practical magic' of course. tequila anyone?

my ankle is classmate, whos a massage therapist, took 20 mins on it yesterday since it was swollen and she wanted to help drain it a helped but now i have been wrapping it since last nite and now its whining at me. bah. stupid sprain.
good things Tuesday:

fj is giving me a rusty trumpet tonight.

(by the way, fj, you're giving me a rusty trumpet tonight)
Good morning y'alls! I wanted to call you crusty cunts or something, but then I remembered I have to wait till Friday.

I learned a new word today, thanks to minxie. I just had to look up "perseverate."

We are doing a Solstice potluck tomorrow evening at the Centre. Our board decided they'd do these potlucks four times a year, near the solstices and equinoxes. Only sometimes they forget this is their shindig, and I end up doing a bunch of last minute crap. So this time, I basically assigned them the work, without asking who was willing to do it!

Good things today...

1) I'm not doing any work to prep for the potluck...except I will probably make some potato salad as my own contribution, I think.
2) The MRG has almost dried up for the month.
3) My bedroom is so lovely now that I've cleaned and organized and decorated it, and I'm actually looking forward to painting next month.
4) I've discovered a new cure (new to me) for depression, and its name is Eddie Izzard.
5) Bacon, eggs, and real cheese on an English muffin, made fresh at the bistro next door, and consumed alongside a cafe americano.
6) Unbelievably, even tho' I woke up 30 minutes before I had to open the Centre, I managed to have a shower AND put on a bit of makeup this morning.
mr fj never waits for friday for a gross out comment. heh. ;)

I can't decide if I'm going to the solstice festival here tomorrow...there was supposed to be a meditation, but now there's not, and its just readings from different healers, and I'm not sure I care....

good for you on delegating doodle!!!
mmmmmm ...... BAY con
What's a rusty trumpet?

ARRRRRRGH!!! This day is neverending!!! I want cack.
A rusty trumpet is:

a) when a girl gives you a reach around handjob while eating out your asshole (definition courtesy of Urban Dictionary).
b) a line from The Aristocrats.
c) the funniest thing I have ever heard in a documentary.
Dammit, my coffee cup has a leak in the bottom. Now I have a spotty shirt. Grrr.

turbo...could you just do your own ceremonial thing at home? I've done that...actually, I usually do that for winter solstice. I wonder what would be cool to do for summer solstice? I wish I had a singing bowl of my very own...but it's much cooler if someone else plays it while you meditate...

whammy...every time I buy bacon or bacon-flavoured something (chips or whatever), I hear that Homer Simpson voice...
x-posted with Mr FJ and the poods!

Mr FJ, get away from us with your overabundant motility! Ew! Ew! Ew! *swats at the air*

Aw, poods, why'd ya hafta bring up cack? Now I want cack. Chocolate cack.
mr fj, you are the grossest. ever. ;)

Oh, I'll definitely do something on my own for solstice, usually, I just go down to the beach and lie down on the sand and meditate to the sound of the waves...sure, I do that all the time, but its always nice.

And just to lend credibility to mr fj.
Glad that you liked the word, Doodlemama. :-) We (teachers and EBD) use it to describe the actions of kids with Asbergers and Autism.

My, and here I was believing that my slut-stincts were well-honed. Fuckin' hell rusty trumpet.

Yes, I am throwing it all away. Actually, I would prefer to burn these items...they are too significant to throw in a dumpster and just simply need to be eviscerated from the surface of the earth. I figure, at this point, I am ready to part with everything other than a couple of photos. Especially the ones where I look really good. :-)

Yeah, I'm not too happy today. A certain someone is cycling into his BPD phase, and there is an avoidance know like him avoiding the fact that he has a cognitive/behavioral disorder. I am not taking care of him, so I am leaving it and him alone until he cycles back into reality. We'll see what he chooses to do. Not much, I am guessing.

So, there it is.
holy shit. my work computer actually let me on!

hi busties!!!!
turbo, I don't think I needed to read that urban dictionary link.

minxie, I totally empathize. I've got a BPD ex, who was diagnosed 6 mos. AFTER we broke up. Would have been nice to know ahead of time...have a bit of warning. Luckily, there is no child so we never have to see each other or talk...

I want to go home and play with the kitty-cats. *sulks*

More good things:
6) my hair feels incredibly soft, even though I just coloured and highlighted it a week ago.
7) ten more minutes and I can slip out of here, do my errands, and finish the day's work from home.
8) 66 days till Blue Rodeo!!!!!!!
Holy shit, it's miss shuggah!!!!!!!!!

*jumps up and down in the thread*

Hi miss shuggah!!!

*gives shug a boobie-crushing hug*
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna put that thought in permanent storage.

Minx, just cut yourself out of the pictures where ya look good. Or cut his face out. That's always my favorite. Heh...I have a wallet size graduation pic of my ex from 1979 (yes, he was much, much older than me). I mostly keep it just so I can use it as a weapon against him if necessary. It's freakin' hilarious! We're on good terms though, so it's not a big deal. Still, I feel like I have the upperhand in our current ex-relationship. I have way more shit on him than he does on me. I like to think that I've been the "winner" in all of my break-up situations, even if I was the dumpee.

Dammit. I hate when I'm at work and I can feel a stray hair on my face but I don't have any tweezers on hand to deal with the problem. I need a pair just for work.

Okay, I've managed to get rid of my icky resident boy feelings for today. All I had to do was think of More Cowbell and then I snapped back into a good mood. I'm just really tired after last night's tiki drink incident.

SHUG!!! *pushes doodle out of the way*

Congrats on your wedding!!!
i'm perfectly content being squished by pink's and doodle's boobahs!

i'll post about it in a bit. i just happened to check if i was still blocked from bust and i wasn't. yay!
hi shug!!!!
hugs for all!!
good things tuesday: tax return cheque, paycheque, 1300$ scholarship, and coffee with one of my old friends!
and with that, i must be off to get to said coffee date on time-ish. i'll read and post properly later, i promise!
me me me!! I want to hug ms Shuggah!!!! It is SO good to see you, doll. Yes, Congrats on your marriage! What else is new wit chu?

I have never heard the term 'rusty trumpet.' One question: perhaps this should be going in the sex a tongue in an ass risky healthwise? I am just thinking bacteria & whatnot.

I just got back from our commission meeting, thankfully it was only a couple hours & I don't have to go tomorrow.

Ms goof, I don't think I knew you sprained your ankle. Ouch. What happened? That is sweet that you guys will have the place to yourselves for over a week. Nice!

Poodle! Do not get pulled back into resident boy like. You deserve so much better.
"is a tongue in an ass risky healthwise?"

Let's ask fj. fj, how you feeling today?
HI Miss Shuggah!!! congrats on your wedding...details are needed...;)

kari...i honestly don't know..i must have tripped over my big ol' feet. which makes me wonder why haven't sprained my foot before now. lol.

my friend A who was rubbing my foot said she could feel where the ligament had lifted...eww.

on the link turbo gave in re: to rusty trumpet seemed that the term 'rusty trombone' was more link though
Karianne, supposing your partner has decent hygeine...not a problem.

Congrats Miss Shuggah!

Minx.there are times i read things you mention about your ex...are we living the same life?
Gross. No more butt-licking talk. Dogs lick each other's asses--not humans.

Yeah, I know that it's bad for me to develop romantic feelings for the resident boy. I think I might be mistaking my caring for feelings of romance. I should probably go back to having a crush on Jimmy Page.

Hehehee...I was playing around in the Led Zep fansite, and I found a thread dedicated to the Jimmy Page's "junk." I wasn't able to find a topic on Robert Plant's junk, though. I guess it's just too obvious. You didn't actually think I'd give up on the LZ bulge discussion, did you???? :-) If someone can come up with other examples of rock-star bulge, then I'd be happy to participate!
hi ms. goofball

kari!!! i'm doing very good. got married and now mr.shug is leaving for a job. he'll be gone 5.5 months then we'll be moving to california. that's about it.

so how is everything going with everyone? i have so much catching up to do.

the wedding was really short but really sweet. i think so anyway. it was at the Luxor on 6/10/06. it was done in spanish by a female minister. how perfect is that? i love womyn ministers. mr.shug (monchis) and i both cried. my dad almost tripped on my dress. all our families cried with the exception of the big poppa aka monchis' older brother. right after we took pictures. then we escaped to our room which was a spa suite that they upgraded into the largest room that they had. we got nekkid and hot tubbed. then we went out for bad mexican food with some cousins. it was a lot of fun. i totally loved our vegas wedding.

if you all want to see pictures then e-mail me at
vivalafrijolera @ gmail . com
and i'll send them to you!
double taco
SHUGGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *kiss kiss kiss* Tell us all about your wedding!

Poodle, I hereby forbid you from going to "that place." You can do so, so much better.
Wow, did I ever take a long time to post that last one!

Your wedding sounds so sweet, Shug! I definitely want to see pictures, and lots of 'em. I think I've only ever seen a picture of Mr. Shug in a Halloween costume.

Another Good Thing for Tuesday: I FINALLY GOT MY BOOTH NUMBER FOR PRIDE!!! I'm so glad that I have an "in" with them (the festival director is a good friend of mine, used to be the guy I answered to while I was on the board). He even gave me pretty much the best space possible, near where I was last year, only better. He rules! And after work, I'm going to go pick up the kick-ass sign that TurboJenn designed for me. Yayyyyy!!!
Mr. Shug is leaving???? Holy Crap!

Check out the photos of my niecoid! pic 1 and pic 2.

"Poodle, I hereby forbid you from going to "that place." You can do so, so much better." You think I can do better than Jimmy Page's junk? Hmmmm...I wonder what Roger Daltrey is packin'...

So diva, should I keep my eye open for the assless chap dude when trying to find your booth this year?
Wow! It was a good crotch day for the entire band when this photo was taken!

eta- Notice how they're all lefties. :-)
poodle, you are a whirling dervish of opposing forces - super cute cute cute neicoid - and crotch snakes???? Funny stuff.

Shuggah!!! Your wedding sounds so fun fun fun!! And the spa suite.....mmmmmm! And a move to california - wowzers - you are busy!!

YAY diva!! I hope you totally sell out of all your wares this weekend!!

I've decided to make pizza for dinner tonight, so I need to go to the store to get some sausage...
Your neicoid is so cute! Her eyes are like blue topazes.

No, Poodle, you needn't look for the assless chap dude in the pepto pink doggie booth to find me this year. I'm supposed to be 2 spots away from the food court by the main stage and tennis courts, which also happens to be fairly close to the beer garden, all places where people spend money. My friend said it's the best spot in the park (and there must've been some mistake). I'll keep a chair in the shade for you and a cold Mike's to drink. That goes for any other Busties who stop by.

Honey, you lust after Robert Plant all you want. He's all yours. You should look up the Plaster Casters to find out how big your rock star men really can be.

Okay, I'm off to pick up my pills and sign. See ya later!
Yeah, that's me, turbo. What can I say? I like variety.
No No No!!! I don't want Robert Plant! I want Jimmy Page, remember?!

Shit. You reminded me that I have a prescription to pick up. Now I have a reason to buy more useless junk at Target!! Weee!!!
Okay I just haveta add this:

Good Things Thursday a la Minxy

1. Poodle displayed yet another flagrant violation of all jean rules with Led Zep. Yum. I woulda dry-humped his leg back in the day.

2. I got a thug-gangsta to totally get into reading an article about Ultimate Fighting that I scammed from one of those numerous BIZARRE mags that Diva threw my way. Thanks again, Divalicious.

3. I got to spend the last two hours with Minxlette and the donor managed to not completely make an ass out of himself and let me do the majority of the explaining at her OT evaluation. I think that he may have softened a bit because he gets her for a whole week AND I found items and photos of his dead gramma that I am giving back to him. Kill 'em with kindness. That's some of what me and Lurv discussed this weekend.

4. This board has finally decided to start candidly discussing anal sex. YEAH!! Don't diss on the butt-lovin'!

5. I found a picture of my exgirlfriend and got to marvel again at how fucking CUTE she is. I ran into her at The Vagina Monologues (how appropos) this winter. She was all bedroom eyes. I never got the clit up to ask her out again, but it sure was nice seeing her and I together looking fabulous in our early 20's. Mmmm...

6. I am not going to travel down nostalgia lane tonight and will instead choose to imbibe and relax and enjoy being a woman, not just a momma.
I just got my Newsweek in the mail, and *le swoon* Johnny Depp is on the cover....good maude, I lust after that man! Mostly I hate Newsweek, but I get it free from NPR, and I'm oh so thankful for the mag this week. Mmmmm....

yay for minxy and her very good things!

And for the record, I got nuthin' against the butt lovin, but I am not licking anyone's asshole. ;)
Oh gawd...Johnny Depp. I love the guy with long hair, but I can't help but revert back to my rockabilly fetish. What I would give to ride him during the filming of Cry Baby. I mean, fer chrissakes, look at this!!! Oh gawd...excuse me people...*runs to bedroom for a change of undies*

Oh gawd...he's really hot in Chocolat, too. I want a sensitive gypsy boy. :-(

Minx, I'm glad that someone else in this thread appreciates Led Zep bulge factor.

Ya know, none of this bulge stuff would be an issue if I got to see some bulge in real life. The only hot guys with bulge will be attending Pride next week. :-(
Okay, it turns out that my ex-boyfriend also enjoys playing with Photoshop and Graphic Converter. I've been burned. I told him that I went to a wedding and he asked me if I caught the bouquet, to which I responded, "Hell no!" and he sent me this just to piss me off. He knows how anti-bouquet-toss I am. He added the arm and everything. It even looks like my sleeve! I need to come up with some kind of graphic rebuttal.
Triple Taco!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where in the hell is everyone????!!!
Good evening, you pop tarts!

poods, I'm tellin' ya...if you'd just give up your buttsexphobia, you'd have guys with HUGE bulges lined up at your doorstep begging for your attention.

That pic, looks real 'nuff to bouquet catcher. *turns head away from poodle*

turbo, I'm not really a Johnny fan, but I have to admit, I wanted some of him when I saw him in Chocolat! Actually, though, when they were filming 21 Jump Street in Vancouver, some of my friends tried stalking him, regularly. So whatever it is, he's always had it!

I forgot to say it earlier. Me 'n' karianne are hair sisters! 'Cause we are somewhat OCD about getting our hair cut on time. :-) We should start a therapy group for women with hair vanity. We could all just sit in a circle and brush each other's hair.

Like minx, I am going to spend this evening imbibing. And also, watching the comedy stylings of my newest weirdo crush, Eddie Izzard: the lost Python.
Diva, where's your booth going to be at Pride? I'm going Sunday and it's my mission to find you. Well one of my missions. One of my other missions is eating a corndog. :-)
I think diva posted her key position a bit earlier, take a look catsoup! I wish I could see diva at Pride...I hope we'll at least get to see piccies of BUSTies hangin' with diva at her booth!

Johnny was my first crush. 21 Jump Street....*sigh*...but Chocolat is definitely my favorite sexy role of his - chocolate and Depp....does it get any hotter? But Johnny with eyeliner, and as a that is fantasy. Mmmmmm.....
There are very, very few guys who I would change my name for, but "Izzard" is one of them. I would totally change my name to Abigail Izzard. I've told guys that I wouldn't change my name unless they had a cooler name than myself, and then they end up getting mad at me. My philosophy: take the coolest sounding name!!! I have family friends that have the last name "Dick," and one of the women who married into the family is named "Ricka." Yes, that's right, her name is now "Ricka Dick." No friggin' way in hell would I be willing to do that. Seriously, fuck that. According to about 60% guys I know, I'm supposed to take the man's name out of true love. What if his last name is "Flabby" or "Crabby?" It would be like middle school!!! I'd be Abby Flabby!!! I'm sorry, but if a boy wanted me to take the last name "Flabby," that would be a total dealbreaker. How unbefuckinglievably cruel.


Minx: we are going to have a party at your house before you move out. Dudette, even if it means just me sitting on your front porch drinking copious amounts of brew all by myself, it's gonna freakin' happen. I don't know anyone else with a brick, bomb-proof porch that has enough room for my ass to sit on the rail. I'm gonna force the resident boy to bring me back some herbal goods just to complete the experience. Seriously, I'm not letting you off the hook, Ms. Mount Whore!!!

Double taco!!! Hell yeah, turbo. Johnny Depp in Chocolat is my favorite at this point in my life. I would still experiment with Cry Baby, although I've messed around with enough rockabilly boys to know that they can't get it up 65% of the time due to whiskey-dick. I would totally live on Johnny's boat in Chocolat...
I don't think there's really any guy I'd change my name for, even though Izzard would be very tempting....but Poods, you'd have to marry him, because Abigail Izzard is a freaking cool ass name! It rolls off the tongue very nicely.

turboman's been giggling at all the filth in here this evening....
Gee Poodle, YOU WANT SUMMA DIS?!!!!


Yours truely,

The Mount 'ho

p.s. loved the frickin' photo.

Turboman's giggling? Maybe you should stick your tongue up his puckered starfish and see how much giggling comes out of him then.


what is this? the gross out jenn inquisition? You ladies....soooo filthy. I loves ya!

What are you saying Mt. Whore???? I'm about a mile away from you, skank...and I have long legs. The only problem is that I'd have to deal with all of the turds commenting on my bootyliciousness. But hey, maybe I could get some free White Castle out of the deal. Hmmm...wait, no, they'd probably be asking me for sliders. Mmmm...sliders...

Gosh darn, turbo!!! You and the man have to come up and visit my parts, I MEAN visit THESE parts!!! Diva and I have to travel down there to see taloo and her boy, so we should definitely see you guys, too. Seriously though, there are a lot of busties up in here in Minnesotahhhh and we know how to have a good time!!!

Hehehe...minx, the resident boy is very familiar with Mt. Whore. He's a Wisconsinite, too. I have a love/hate relationship with WI people. It usually ends up falling on the "love" side though, babe. I love my 'sconsintes and their 24-hour full-strength, grocery store beer. Minnesota sucks that way. If only Minnesota and Wisconsin could merge into their own nation under the leadership of Feingold, I would never, ever leave this area.
Perhaps we should be drinking beers this weekend then, you slut. Dry hump me on my rocking chair again, bitch.

I dare you. :-)
Ya know, I like the fact that turbo isn't too explicit with her sexual relations. The mystery is so enticing--I almost don't want to know. I don't mean that in a bad way at all. It's not quite the same, but I've finally reached the point of acknowledging my parents' sexuality without thinking of it as a nasty thing. I hope my parents still get it on at least weekly, and I'm sure they do. I can just tell. God, I hope they do, cause I would be disappointed. I admire their relationship so much. I'm close enough to my mom that I would call her up and ask her right now, but she'd know that I've had one too many beers 'cause she knows me that well.
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