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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Evening!

Turbo, that healing circle sounds so amazing! There is nothing like powerful women, and it's wonderful that your friend can have a good support network in place when she gives birth. I hknow that you will do amazing at this interview! ~*~*~*~*rockin, knock interviewers socks off vibes~*~*~*~*~

Lunch today was really great, caught up with my girlfriend, then went and saw the cop, had a chat, which got a little personal, and not in a bad way. We were talking about how old I was when my parents split up and so forth, as he is currently going through a divorce. It was cool that I was able to share my experience and he knows that I didn't turn out to be messed up (like, how so many people say children from "broken homes" are so fucked up). His girls are around the same age as I was when my parents seperated. It was cool.

Then I came home and worked out, did abs, cardio and some major stretching because I am so sore! Took hound to the park, even though it was sooooo cold! She had fun and played with a dog she never plays with. The snow sure does make her frisky. It was great to see her so sociable!

I'm going to go read my newest trashy read and just chill out, I'm pretty sleepy, again I've had a bit of a busy day!

Later gators!
Thanks for the vibes, CH! The healing circle was amazing, and my friend is truly ready for her birth experience...she's had one of those very blessed easy pregnancies, and I know her marathon-running bod is ready for the next hurdle here in a couple weeks. But, more than anything, it was really nice to reconnect with my "goddess" friends, and we're planning to go to a cool Solstice celebration next friday - YAY!

My dad is a jerk....every Sunday my parents call, and it really takes all my patience to get through the call, and have the same damned conversation every week, repeated twice per call - once to mom, once to dad. They were both really Debbie Downers on my interview thing tomorrow, and when I said I was really excited, jackass dad says, "Well, I've heard you say that before..." Grrr. I have the same problem with my parents that I have with my bosses - old school and not willing to adapt to the changing workplace, conservative, and all about Jesus. The thing is, I can CHOOSE to leave my bosses! HA! So there!

And with that, I'm going to hop in the shower, and head to bed. G'night everybustie!

Now that' I've got that out of the way, school sort of kicked my butt this semester in the I actually had no time for dicking around the internet sort of way. That and working. Never again am I marking homework for first-year math. It's painful sad.gif

I promise over christmas break I'll be in here harassing you guys on a nearly-daily basis.

Also, I am in dire need of someone to listen to my emo relationship whining and offer helpful advice. I'm not up for it tonight, but that's what you guys are here for, right?

I am off to read a page or two of archives sos I know what's up with you guys
Heh...self absorption coming up..

you know you are getting old when you throw your back out during portions. Ouch. Gonna see if I can get in to the chiro tomorrow.

*hobbles back to bed with heating pad*
Turbo, I cannot believe that your parents are not supportive of your interview. You have every reason to be excited about it! This is an opportunity for you to be where you really want to be at in your career. Not getting harrassed by hand down his pants man, and a rediculous group of sadistic wardens, errrrr, supervisors. Fuck that shit. ~*~*~*~*~*more interview vibes~*~*~*~*~*~* us BUSTies in okayland have all the faith in you and KNOW that you will do well, no matter where you are. You need to be appreciated at work and not crapped on all day.

Hey Tyger, ask away, we are always here to help!

Tree that fucking rocks that you threw out your back!!!!!! I heart you. I hurt my hip from taking it from behind so hard, but never my back! ~*~*~*~*back feel better vibes~*~*~*~ Were the portions at least worth it?

Soooooo, it's not as cold here, but still cold enough. My skin doesn't feel like fish scales, I got a whole bunch of samples of different brands of skin cream, and so far the clarins works the best, I got a new lancome eye cream, and it feels way better that the biotherm I was using before. At least in this weather. I think I may have to go for a winter skin cream combo and a summer one. Ahhh the joys of it all.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well!

Later gators!

I sprained a thigh muscle last week. I blamed it on not stretching enough at the gym. smile.gif

Turbo...your parents are just fuddy-duddys. I know you will ROCK things out tonight. You're a great conversationalist, and a generally awesome lady to boot. I can't wait to hear about it tomorrow!

On our end, I was totally the "bad guy" this morning b/c I somehow put M out of sorts while gettign ready this morning. I think she wnated ble socks and I grabbed yellow. Ah, the passions of a toddler!

Also, my bah-humbugness is being explained by the onset of a cold/flu thing. Not sure where it's going yet, but I do feel cruddy today. Bleh.

Tyger! Emo away, doll!
Hello Bitches.

It's Monday again!

HI TYGER!! It is good to see you! Chat away, lady, we're hear to listen & help if possible.

Grrll...Man that really sucks about the county messing your stuff up! Geez. They need to get it together. Sounds like a real cluster fuck.

((Doodle)) I am glad everything went well. The procedure sounds very unpleasant. As does having to pee through a filter! For two weeks! Jenn, that is a wonderful idea-coffee filters! Doodle, your shopping scores sound great! Sorry doodle mama is being a bit smothering.

Moxie, how was the neighbor's party?

Jenn, GOOD LUCK!!! Poo on your pop for being so pessimistic. Bah.

Hi CH! I can imagine the havoc that weather brings on skin. Ugh. Glad you found some good creams. Stay warm!

I had a pretty good weekend. Ended up going out for Thai food Friday night & then playing cards at a friend's house. Saturday Mr K & I got some house stuff done. That night we went to see a preview showing of Walk Hard, the new John C. Reilly movie. It was pretty funny, I must say. He was playing at a club here afterwards, in character. That was fun too. Yesterday I baked some cupcakes, went to Target, went to the grocery, & cleaned the house. It was nice. Got kind of a busy week this week at work. Our quarterly commission meeting is Wednesday & we have our holiday luncheon on Friday.

Minx, that's also great that you injured yourself furing portions. Makes you remember it for longer!~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*

Nothing like BUSTies injuring themselves after portions! Last Friday (after my Thursday nooner with the cop) I was much sore.

Kari, it also sounds like you had a nice, albeit busy, weekend.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I don't have much to do right now. Someone is supposed to be coming in to have their file repoened. I supposed I could review some stuff. I should do that. Feh.


Hi, peeps!

This week is starting off better than last week. I wasn't as late to work as I have been, my boss just left for the day, and no friends have died so far.

I wouldn't say I've ever injured myself getting portions, except one time with bikerboy involving a hangnail. Man, was I pissed about that one!

((((((((Moxie-get-over-the-flu vibes)))))))))))

Jenn, don't even listen to your parents bring down your parade. If it were any one of us in your position, that's exactly what you would say, and you'd be completely right. It's your life and your career, so it's your choice, not theirs. It's not like you're living with them and depend on them for anything, so they have no say in the matter. ((((((((group interview vibes)))))))

Hi, CH, Kari, and all!

I had a really decent weekend. The giant and I, sans Poodle because she's sick, went to that free happy hour party for the company that does our service of process and met a friend of mine who used to work with me, but took a new job on the floor above mine. And somehow we all ended up at a table with a bunch of coworkers of my friend who's boyfriend died in June, so at least I got to hear about how the funeral was. I haven't talked to them in years, so it was pretty cool that it ended up that way. The giant and I watched the Hollidazzle parade, and I did a little shoe shopping at Neiman's (didn't buy anything, but found a gorgeous pair of black suede Miu Miu peep-toe slingback pumps with black and purple rosettes at the toe for $341 - fortunately I don't have that kind of money for shoes at the moment) because we watched the parade from the skyway so as to not freeze the giant's ass off. We rented movies and went home after that. We went to the giant's mom's house on Saturday and hung out and listened to his brother have a fight with his wife over the stupidest thing ever (although, you know, a 32-year-old man should have a button down shirt, tie, and pants that aren't jeans even if he doesn't own a suit). I made an extra $85, though, since some people ordered jewelry from the giant's mom after Thursday's show finished. This holiday season has turned out to be pretty lucrative. Then we went shopping for dining room tables, where the salespeople were kind of pushy, then out for a good dinner. Yesterday, we didn't do anything. I rented "Waitress" and ate Chinese food while the giant watched stupidball, UFC, and played video games. Then we watched "Planet Terror" last night before bed. Not too bad of a movie, but cheesy. Fortunately, the cheese factor kept me from having nightmares.

I also boxed up truffles. I'm sending them out this week, so everyone who ordered some will get an email from me with the amount and my address.

Now I just have to finish all my batches. I've got about 7 left to go, and most of them only have a couple dozen worth left to make, some less. I'm going to buy another 5 lbs of chocolate on my lunch break.

Tonight, we're going to do some more table shopping, which should be kind of fun. We're going to an area we don't get to often. But I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night since I'll have the house to myself because the giant's going to play with his little Star Wars friends. He doesn't do that very often, so I'm very happy when he does.

Hi everyone!!


I don't really have the energy to talk. It's just one of those days. *yawns*

Nice to see you tyg!!

Yay for clean colons followed by champagne!! laugh.gif

I'll be back.
Poodle, I will echo that sentiment....Blah! It is just one of those days. I started the day with a good attitude, but it's decreased. Not sure why.


Diva, that's wonderful that you are making more moolah this holiday season! Excellent! Those shoes you sound do sound rather lust worthy. Holiday time is always hard for me. All the retailers put out their good stuff, but that's when money is tight, due to gift giving. Arrg! I have been pretty good & not bought myself a lot. There has been plenty of stuff I wanted though. smile.gif

I just did a lame workout. Better than no workout I suppose.
Hi Hi Hi,

Yay Diva for raking in the dough with your sales. I'm beyond excited for truffles. I haven't told TB about them because they're a surprise for him. Speaking of which, you said you have a ginger truffle right? If I didn't order one, could you swap out one of my duplicates and add one of those? TB is on a major ginger kick.

I'm glad people had good weekends, especially you, Diva. It seems like you needed it. And how fun that Kari got to see Walk Hard and then see the man himself. I think the movie looks funny.

~~**~~$~~Job Vibes for Turbo~~$~~**~~ Lots of luck with Round 2! Meeting all the other candidates seems pretty dreadful to me. But you'll be awesome!

T-minus three papers and two exams until I'm finished for the semester! And one of the papers is due in four hours! I can't wait for the semester to be over. You'll probably get some more whining posts from me in over the next nine days as I finish all this crap.
Ugh, I feel for ya, catsoup. I don't miss finals one bit!!

You should be proud of yourself, kari!! I haven't worked out in so long and I can't feel it. I'm so unbelievably fatigued these days. I need to renew my Y membership and get my ass back in gear. I'm sure Nile is wondering what the hell happened to me. I miss him. I also miss the steam room.

ETA- I watched POTC: At World's End yesterday and I'm really glad I waited for it to come out on DVD. It was so long and hard to follow!! Still, I enjoyed it just because of the Depp factor (and Keith Richards). There were some really funny lines in there. One of them reminded me of BUST insult fridays. Jack Sparrow calls Will Turner a "yeasty codpiece." Haha!! I swear I've heard that before. They must have stolen it from the lounge!!
Catsoup, I think I did put a ginger/orange truffle in your box, but I'll make sure and put in a couple more. Not a lot of people bought them, so I've got plenty to get rid of. Good luck with your finals. I've only got 1 next week, and it's open-book online, so it'll take me all of an hour to do.

Kari, I forgot to say how awesome that must've been to see John C. Riley live. I adore him, ever since his part in Chicago as the sweet, naive husband. He's a very under-rated actor. I'd like to see that movie, too, but don't know if the giant will go with me.

Poodle, are you up for seeing Walk Hard? You should totally go back to the gym and tell Nile you're not dead, if nothing else. I'll bet he's worried about you.

I finally figured out what to get my dad for Xmas. I was already going to get him the book I always get him (Best American Short Stories 200_ antholoby) and some mittens, but I'm also going to get him a telescope. Nothing too fancy, but I thought he'd be into it, since they can see a ton of stars out where they live in the sticks. I'm glad I thought of it. It's a huge load off my brain.

Now I'm trying to figure out what to get my brother that I used to live with. He wants an original poster from an old movie. He loves heist movies, so I looked at posters for the original Ocean's 11 on eBay. Those are over $3,000, so that's a no-go. I wonder if there's some other place where I could find one for around $75 or so. It doesn't even have to be that old, even something from the '70s would be great. Other than that, I think I've got most of my gifting figured out. Now I just have to figure out what I want so the giant has some direction when he shops for me.
Yeah, even the reproduction posters are quite spendy!! Then you add framing to that, and you've spent a couple hundred bucks or more. My Ed Hopper "Nighthawks" print ended up costing me, like, $250 in the end. If you get an original movie poster, it seems like you would probably want it framed (most of them are probably framed already), which could cost you $100 or more. God, an original Ocean's 11 poster would be sooo badass.

I'm not sure if I'm interested in Walk Hard enough to spend the money on a theater outing. I'm feeling some financial strain right now for various reasons. I'm trying to only spend money on stuff I absolutely need. My current entertainment budget pretty much limits me to home-cooking and TV movies. Maybe a beer or two. My bill payments were cashed before my paycheck deposit showed up. $170 in overdraft fees. I was trying to be timely and I got screwed! sad.gif No fair.

Is it time to go home yet? My sources say yes!!

See ya!!
morning everyone! or wait, afternoon. tongue.gif i ended up having to work saturday after all, and it wasn't totally sucktastic, but i'm still pissed. the person i asked to cover for me declined, saying she had plans for the weekend. not definite plans mind you, just ones that didn't include a mere five hours at work. then come to find out, she already had today off as a vacation day, so she had the extended weekend anyway, and bitch still ended up taking off after lunch on friday! which means she was actually at work a total of two days last week.

i didn't make it up to the courthouse this morning, so that's an errand for tomorrow, and i think i'm just going to take the whole day off. i saw a few things while were out yesterday that i want to pick up for c-monkey, and there's still that nasty hacking up interestingly colored things from the depths of my lungs thing going on, so i'll probably swing by my doctor's office too.

c-monkey and i went to see the golden compass, and it was awesome. before leaving, i was listening to the bbc news podcast, and they had the whole catholic controversy thing with some woman from new york for the catholc antidefamation league or what have you, and someone from the british humanist society. the catholic chick was complaining that the movie portrays catholicism as this evil corrupt thing that kidnaps and kills children. and catholics shouldn't let their children see it because oh my god what if they draw parallels? the humanist chick said, reasonably in her ever so crisp accent "there's no church whatsoever mentioned in the movie. why would you assume it's taking a stab at catholicism unless that's the way you see your religion?" it was perfect. anyway, i guess the books are more stridently anti-religion, and the catholics are worried that seeing the movie will encourage reading the books. children reading? oh horrors! anyway, c-monkey loved it, is loking forward to finishing the book, and wants to know when the next movie is coming out.

gonna read archives now, then it 's off to work.
Good evening!

Diva, that is great that you got additional sales! How did the truffle making go?

Poodle, I started watching pirates, I was just so tired I didn't have a chance to finish watching it all. Now that Johnny Depp called Will Turned a yeasty codpiece!!!! Bwaaaaahahahahaha! I think I want that to work into my regular repertoire!!

Catsoup, soon you will be done for the term! YAY!!!!

Grrrl, you have to let us know how court goes! That is a great line that the woman from the humanist society said too!!! I heart it!

I worked out, didn't do a crazy workout, but it was something, took hound to the park. Again, I'm just beat. It was quiet at work today.

Well, that's all for now!

Later gators!

Okay, is anyone else out here reveling in the irony that is the shooting out in Colorado? That megachurch was built by the Ted Haggerty fatherfucker--ya know, the one who had the gay, got buggered or buggered a male prostitute, and then proclaimed that he "got better"? No offense to any of the Christians here, but I really giggled over that one. Yeah, my sense of humor is pretty fucked these days...I dunno, I happen to think that the death of a handful of Christians pales in comparison to the deaths of EVERYONE ELSE IN HISTORY that they've killed. We've been reading Moliere's "Tartuffe", so this fit really nicely with the theme of religious hypocrisy.


Oh yeah, and CANADIANS!! The PIG FARMER! Yeesh, what a sick pile of shit. I wish that jagged constipation murderfuck would have been at Ted's church and got off'd. I love me some horror movies, but this guy deserves nothing less than his last days on Earth to be complete and utter hell.

Oh yeah, in the middle of all of the insanity that is my life right now, I got nominated by the Gay-Straight Alliance as Teacher of the Week. Check this shit out: Me! Me! Me!.

I am looking at one more week of retardation, and then I can fully come up for air. I miss my gals.

My Yeasty Codpieces of Lust.
What's going on in Colorado and with Canadian pig farmers? How out of the loop am I? I blame it on the writers strike because I'm not getting my usual news from the Daily Show.

Minx, that was a nice write-up! That's so great that the students have something like that where they can post news items. We didn't have that back in my day, or your day, for that matter.

The new Pirates was pretty long and convoluted, but good. I still think the first one was my favorite, though, before it got all gloom and doom. I saw it in the theater on it's opening weekend with the giant and his mom.

Hey, Grrl! Check yer email.

Time to go to the gym. Normally, I don't like to go so late, but Mondays are always really busy there, so I wanted to wait it out awhile at home so maybe I won't have to wait for a treadmill when I get there.

Minx! That blurb is awesome! I'd be nutso touched by that!

The colorado church was haggarty's? I can't help but feel strangely un-burdened by the shootings. Crazy christians killing crazy christians? Inner-faith warefare. Heh.
Congrats minx!! That's so cool!! You look adorable, too!!

I just read about the pig farmer thing on cnn. Fucking creepy.

Yeah, the religion thing is so true. I feel bad for those kids. The really irritating thing is that the woman who shot the guy said that the holy spirit guided her. Um, no, it's called INSTINCT. Let's see...someone's shooting at me...I have this gun...what on earth should I do? I always find it amazing that hardcore believers always find some strange way to explain these situations and god's involvement in them. It's like that woman who claimed that god told her to turn around because there was danger ahead (the I-35 bridge collapse). She said that god saved her because she was faithful (I'm sure all the victims were heathens). Fast forward to a bunch of obviously serious Christians being shot, and then you hear stuff like, "It was their time. God needed them for other reasons." Okay, so why did God decide to save the faithful bridge lady but screw these young believers who hadn't even had a chance to grow into adults? I hope they're asking themselves how God could allow this to happen. Of course they won't. They'll come up with some consoling explanation for the event that still supports their beliefs. It's that kind of thinking that retards social progress. Phew!! I just had to get that off my chest.
Good evening!

Grrrl - so glad you liked Compass - I'm definitely going to see that this weekend, I LOVED the books! Book one is pretty mild on the church critique, but as an adult reading them, yeah, its there, but its really pronounced in the next two books, though they've already stated that they're toning everything down for the movies...still, all the controversy is just going to sell movie tickets, which is fine by me - about time some religious doubters got some cash!

Sooooo....the interview thing went GREAT tonight - I am So excited about the possibility of this opportunity. There were 6 candidates, 3 for the senior project management position and three for the junior project manager position which I'm up for, and the other two of my competition didn't say one word the whole time, and really didn't make eye contact - weird. The CEO was look straight at me most of the time. And one of the candidates for the Sr. position is one of my very favorite adoptive parents from the last job - I knew who he was the moment he walked in the door, and I love his cutie pie daughter. Sweet connection. I also rode the train home with that guy, and the friend who recruited me, which was cool...and she said "don't make any moves without talking to me first" - WOOT! I'm definitely through to round's hoping this one works out...its a VERY cool company. And I'd work from home three days a week, which would be awesome.

Congrats Minxy - what a sweet honor! I hope you're going to print that out a few times, and post one on your fridge, and keep a couple for your "feel good" file.

Shit, its 9pm already - how did that happen?
Hmmm, I might have to check out this Golden Compass movie. It sounds like it's having a little of the same effect The Da Vinci code did when it first hit theaters. I'm just glad we've come upon a time where it isn't so horrible to not be a Christian. Yeah, we're still the minority, but not a scared one anymore.

Congrats on the interview, Jenn! That's funny how the other 2 up for your position didn't try to make themselves memorable. Do they even really want the job? And that'd be so great if you could work from home a few days a week. I envy that.

Holy crap, that pig farmer is psycho. What makes these people think they have the authority to cleanse the earth of whatever they think they're cleansing it of? And what he did with the remains... ew. How insulting.

Now what's up with the shootings? The only ones I've been hearing about are the Omaha mall ones.

Hi, Moxie!

I talked to my brother for awhile about movie posters. This is getting frustrating. At least he gave me a few more ideas. Apparently he's a huge Steve McQueen fan and doesn't like James Bond. I thought all guys were into Bond. I'm just glad I asked him before I bought the damn thing. But what's really frustrating me is my inability to find anything affordable that I want for Xmas. I just looked through the Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrell, Williams-Sonoma, and any other catalog I could find, and didn't find anything I wanted. I really am impossible to shop for.

Jenn, WOOT! on a great interview!

I'd lurve to work from home too. We have a DDC guy retiring and I spoke to kind of the leadworker guy and told him I'd be interested in coming back...I really, really enjoyed that aspect of my work. Smart-building stuff, controlling things remotely via laptops. I'm thinking eventually they'll expand capabilities where it could be done from home, which I'd love. Right now I think you have to be on campus. But it's been my favorite kind of steamfitting work so far....vibes? Although they will most likely be not filling his position for six months or better.

CH...I'm glad for your kudos, but no portions are worth this pain. I can't sleep, I have to roll myself out of bed, and it hurts to breathe. And if the past is any indication, I can expect to be in pain for three months or so...going to chiropractor three times weekly. I'ma go to the pharmacy now and see if I can get some painkillers and one of those shiatsu massage mats. This sucks.

So, I have DSL working. I still don't have the wireless part of it set up.

Doodle, yay on Dorothy's eviction!

Nice, Minx! I'd print that out, for sure! Yay, you!
Pig farmer? I'm not sure I wanna know.

Y'know, I personally have no problem with christians if they leave. me. alone. And if they realize there are downfalls to a theocratic government. Seems like that's getting more and more rare, though.

Okay, I'm off to the pharmacy before the roads get really bad. I don't wanna go to work today, but I promised the health services that I'd install this new humidity control in their immunization storage fridge this morning. Ouch. I'm SO looking forward to it. Blah. I may come home early.

I've pins and needles in my neck and left shoulder.

Good Morning!

The CBC has very comprehensive coverage on the Pickton trial, he's facing sentancing today, he will spend life in jail, the decision is being made on when he'll be eligible for parole. That information cab be found here. THe guy who shot the people at the church said he hated christians...

Minx, that is really great! Bwaahahahahaha, yeasty codpieces of lust!

Hey Diva and Mox!

Poodle, I agree with you totally! Your first instinct is to protect yourself! I wonder if the people who were shot were bad christians because they died. It is such convoluted logic sometimes.

Turbo, that is so graet about your interview! I'm so happy that it went so well for you!!!!!! *throws confetti, snaps fingers and man helper wheels in tray full of goodies* When do you hear anything???

Diva what about gift cards for you, for a restaurent or something? That way you and the giant could do a date night?

Tree, I'm so sorry to hear that your back is not at it's finest. I am still secretly proud of you. smile.gif I hope that your back feels better soon! ~*~*~*~*back healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Well, I just crashed hard last night, I was so tired. And I had some funk-ass dreams. So weird, the series I am reading right now is making it's way into my dreams. Funny. It's still cold as fuck here, too.

Well, I'm going to go do some work now~


Mornin' ladies!!

Congrats turbo!! I'm sure you're the best candidate because you just plain rock.

Speaking of rock, Led Zeppelin played live for the first time in 20-plus years last night. I only saw a little clip and it didn't sound to awful. Of course, Robert Plant looks scary and Jimmy Page ain't lookin' so great either. John Paul Jones looks pretty decent for is age.

~*~*~*~anti-pain vibes for tree~*~*~*~

Don't even get me started on the biblical fundie evangelicals in this country. What really pisses me off is when people claim that the U.S. was founded upon Christianity. Um no....okay, I'm just gonna shut up because I could go on forever.

Yes, diva, you are difficult to buy gifts for!! You should start a personal registry on so people have an easier time. I created a personal registry there and my mom and sis have been making use of it. I put stuff on there ranging from $12 to $90.

Ack!! I better get ready for work!! Ciao!!

ETA- X-Post!! Hi culture!!
What I'M concerned about regarding this shooting is that the fundie X-tian community will use this as their fucking banner to PROVE how much they are persecuted (I mean, seriously, how many damned times can they nail themselves to a cross?). The last thing I need is to put on my tinfoil hat and start thinking about The Handmaid's Tale.

Poodle, sorry you are in financial dire straights right now...I hate lock-down. After a few weeks, Minxlette begins to ask me when we can get Chinese food, and I start to feel like a shitty least you don't have to explain that to your cats!! laugh.gif Not to dismiss how shitty it is, though. I feel for ya, girly. If'n you need a beer, you can come to my house.

Hey Diva, that shooting in Colorado went down like this: Pissed Off White Man with Guns Goes to Church!

I need to get on the Turbo rocks and/or rolls bandwagon. Turbo, you're parents are such joykills. Jebuss...on your wedding day, did they tell you the statistics for divorce? I only have this to say for all them Turbo-haters:

Oh yeah. wink.gif

Where do you find this stuff, minx?

I thought the gunman was a bible-dude himself, who had started hearing voices 'n' stuff. Yeah, when I first heard about it, the victimization thing came to mind for me, too, minx. For some reason, hardcore Christians think that America is ignoring them. I don't know why, because they already have their born-again president. It seems the opposite to me. I feel like they're gaining ground and I'm terrified of a theocracy. Mike Huckabee is the top repub candidate in Iowa and when he started as a politician, he claimed that his goal was to "take back America for Christ." When did Christ rule America? Religion in politics is a totally new thing. It was never this way even during the ultra fiscal conservative Reagan years.

Heh...diva, I thought of you the other day because American Dad had an episode about Log Cabin Republicans. They had a whole song and dance number. I am so amazed that your gay boyfriend is still with the LCR guy. He hasn't converted, has he?

Today is decent, so I'll list some good things:
1. Boss bought me coffee
2. Got a decent night's sleep
3. Office building holiday lunch with free cheesecake
4. Made it into work on time
5. Face feels less chapped
6. Managed to knock some items off of my to-do list
7. Lots of good food in frige despite financial suckage

I figured out that the two stray kitties in our neighborhood are shacking up together in my neighbor's garage. She leaves her garage door open (the small side door) and I saw them running in there. When I came home last night, the black and white one was eating some of the soft food I had put out for them. Poor guys. They're seasoned strays, though, so I'm just gonna leave 'em alone. They seem to be doing okay on their own. I guess a few people in the neighborhood captured the black female, had her spayed, and then released her back into the "wild." Hopefully there won't be any kittens running around this spring.
Hi, peeps!

I don't understand how the robo-Christians can feel persecuted, either. They've got the presidency, had Congress until earlier this year, and a ton of federal funding gets thrown at their initiatives and not at those of any other religion. How, exactly, are they at any kind of real disadvantage? And saying "happy holidays" instead of "merry xmas" doesn't count as persecution. I'm kind of looking at it as how things were before women got rights. The male patriarchical institution felt all threatened when women and minorities wanted a slice of their pie, so they got all defensive about it.

Those non-denominational Christian churches really scare me. There's one near where I grew up called House of Prayer. Weird shit went down there. There was an exorcism, people spoke in tongues, and they were generally god-crazy. I had some friends who went there, so I went along a couple times, and damn if I wasn't happy to go back to my normal Catholic church. But what really scares me is any church that's deemed a "megachurch." That many people getting together in one place and drinking the kool-aid can't be right. Not exactly humble, like Christ would've wanted, eh?

Poodle, yeah, he's still with the LRC guy. I just don't understand it at all, and don't think I ever will. He hasn't converted to their evil ways, though, and I'm making sure that never happens. Gay boyfriend is all about Hillary. I'm going to make sure he comes out to some rallies with me to wash off some of the Republican-ness of that house he lives in.

I need to check into that registry thingy. I want to find something around $75 I really want that my brother would feel okay about getting me, but I don't have a clue at the moment.

CH, I love gift cards. I should be getting several of them from the giant's family, but we kind of poo-poo them in my family as a cop-out. It's dumb, I know, but we're into opening actual presents. I honestly wish that we just all gave to charity instead of this gifting stuff. None of us need anything that badly, and Mom has enough damn Christopher Radko ornaments and Dad has enough books and Sam has more toys than he'll ever play with.

Hi, Minx!

My Good Things Tuesday:
1) got to work on time
2) caramel roll from Panera waiting for me
3) monthly meeting didn't take hours and hours to get through
4) I'm getting the house to myself for most of the evening since the giant is playing with his little Star Wars friends
5) another order for truffles came in yesterday
6) perfunctory workout at the gym, but I got most of my chapter read while I was on the treadmill
7) today is the last Tuesday I have to work late since tomorrow is my last class session

I think I'm going to get Chipotle for lunch today. It's been a little while since I've been there, and I'm starving. I was supposed to have a lunch date with my friend who used to work her, but he hasn't called yet, so I'm going to ditch.

It is bizarre how members of the hard core right wing agenda think that they are being singled out, I really don't understand. So many politicians are of the like and create policies of the like. they get obscene amounts of money from the congregation, there are infinite lobbyists who get more for the right wing agenda. Their ideologies are more and more often being put in place in school curricula, how is this stepping on their rights especially when they attempt (and often succeed) is quashing the rights of others. It's interesting that this hasn't recieved more media attention, there wasn't anything in the Globe and Mail world section, and I only heard it in passing on CNN headline news. Then again, I really don't watch CNN.

Minx, I have to say, I love yours posts! Put on your tinfoil hat!!! Bwaaahahahahaha! You always get the greatest pics!

Poodle, that is great, take back America for Christ! This is so fucked up, I don't get where people get this from. I really don't think that Jesus thought things like this. Seriously, I don't even know what to say. Just when I think I've heard it all, there is always something else that astounds and shocks me, and I've heard and seen a lot, I'm a freakin' social worker!

Diva, I totally understand what you mean about your family giving actual gifts. I am at the point where I think xmas is so over rated, and it's about nothing than pushing yourself further into debt, attempting tthis oneupmanship so your screaming chidlren can have the newest fad toy. Nothing more than consumerism and when was the last time a person saw a happy xmas shopper? I worked in retail and I always saw the miserable asshole who was mad that we didn't have the latest, crappy Oprah pick! Bah humbug indeed.

Sooooo, how's is everyone doing now that I've got my ranting out of me? I desperately want to go back to bed. It's been quiet here so far, so that's a good thing.

That's all!

Later kats!

Another thing that gets me about these freaky right-wingers is that it was actually fundies like them who sailed the ocean blue and all that jazz. But when they got here, they managed to put aside all their religious beliefs and found a nation where everyone could be as freaky religious as they wanted to be, but couldn't step on anyone else's toes. Didn't the first immigrants leave England because they weren't fundamential Xtian enough? So yeah, the first people here might have been freaks, but the ones who made our Constitution laid all that aside because they knew nobody would agree and it was best not to even try.

So I think all the Jesus freaks should put on some buckle shoes and funny hats, get on a bunch of boats, and find a new place to let their Jesus freak flag fly, just like their precious ancestors did.

I particularly like how everything has to be religiuos now, how all movies and books are against christianity (well, everything for that matter), how things are somehow turning into some sort of debauchery laden, cess pool with no morals.

I really wonder where fundies think these things up??? Do they drop a whole bunch of acid then come up with the wackiest things they can think of then decide to infuse it with moralism and a dash of religion to come up with whatever the hell they do?

I want to know what is the difference between the so-called terrorists that they are so against and themselves? I really think that these people want us to live in a theocracy where people of "colour" are off behind the scenes, women are "happily" having familes of 22 (like the Duggars) and women read the bible to treat pms. Meanwhile, their husbands are fucking around in that debauchery fuelled cesspool.
"I think all the Jesus freaks should put on some buckle shoes and funny hats, get on a bunch of boats, and find a new place to let their Jesus freak flag fly, just like their precious ancestors did." Haaaaaahahaha!! That's awesome, diva!! But you know what the rednecks say--"America is about Jesus and if you don't like it, then leave!"

People in this country need to do a little reading about the folks who pulled together the constitution. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin were Enlightenment Age thinkers and staunch separationists. They never claimed to be Anglicans or even Christians. Thomas Jefferson said that he went to church on occasion and that he respected the teachings of Christ, but he never believed that Jesus was the son of God. These guys were deists, which means that they believed in a creator, but not a personal god who listens to prayers and rewards/punishes people. The whole reason we have a constitution is to make sure that we don't experience the same B.S. that happened across the pond with the corrupt Church of England!!!! First sentence of first amendment? GOVERNMENT SHALL ESTABLISH NO RELIGION. For some reason, people try to extrapolate a different meaning from that statement, but it's pretty damn clear to me. I'm certain that the writers made that first sentence so short and sweet precisely because they knew people would try to read into it in the future.

I get a kick out of how Americans are concerned about repub candidate Mitt Romney's mormon faith. I'm pretty sure people are just freaked out by the polygomy thing, which was axed decades ago by the mormon church anyway. People are concerned about this for all the wrong reasons!! Presidents are supposed to be critical and consequential thinkers, so why elect someone whose belief system is based on something that a 14-yr-old scrolled on golden tablets while smoking crack? Even basic Christianity is more believable. The weird thing is that the LDS church is growing. More and more people believe that Jesus will return to Missouri someday.

We're surrounded by crazies.

By far, the most fucked up news story related to religion is about that teacher in Sudan who was thrown in jail because she allowed her students to name a friggin' teddy bear 'Mohammed.' She was gonna get lashings and everything. People were shouting in the streets that she should be beheaded. Crazy!!! I guess some Sudanese bigwig intervened, so she only ended up having to spend a couple weeks in jail. Still, what the hell is wrong with these people?!!
What really scares me about Mitt Romney is that when he gave his little speech about his religion last week, be basically said there's no place in America for atheists. You're fine as long as you believe in something, but if you don't, then you don't belong. Now THAT is bullshit. It reminds me of a little song I know:

Now, the world don't move to the beat of just one drum,
What might be right for you, may not be right for some.
A man is born, he's a man of means.
Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans.

But they got, Diff'rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.

Everybody's got a special kind of story
Everybody finds a way to shine,
It don't matter that you got not alot
So what,
They'll have theirs, and you'll have yours, and I'll have mine.
And together we'll be fine....

Because it takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.
Yes it does.
It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world!
I wish I coulda seen that speech. I wonder if it's on cnn or something. Mitt Romney is a whore. I'm sure Mr. Drummond would not approve.

ETA- Okay, I read some stuff about it. He's basically saying that the evangelicals should join him in the battle against the "religion of secularism." *slaps forehead* The evangelicals have formed such a strong movement and I think that secular America needs to form an equally strong counter-movement so that we don't end up living in a theocracy where they crucify people for naming teddy bears after Jesus.

Alright, it's time for me to jet. Later haters!!
Ya'll, coming in here after a long day is the *greatest!* Such smart and hilarious women we have in here! I always love it when we get a little intellectual.

And minxy, you made my day!!! Love that image!

((((((healing for tree)))) I'm sorry your bod is hurting all over again...I hope you've got what you need for the night.
And ((((((getting the job you want vibes)))))) Its about time someone around there noticed what a kick ass job you do!

Well, on my job front, I had dinner tonight with one of my old job peeps, who has worked with 8 of 10 people at this company I'm interested in - the e-learning development world is *very* small - and inbred. I trust this friend more than pretty much any other person I know, in evaluating opportunities, and she gave me some very good points to consider about some of the people I'd work with. But, in the end, without reservation, she told me to go for it! I know, if I get this job, I'll be working my ass off, but its all a part of my master plan to come back to non-profit in 5-7 years, at a director or VP level, and this will give me the skills to do that. I'll really have to change my frame of reference, though - I don't know how to work for profit!

I don't have much brainpower left, though for the wonderful theocraZy discussion in here....suffice it to say, I'm really hoping for a democratic smackdown this election season.
I think there's more to people's wariness of Mormons than the polygamy thing, too. The whole religion's a little wacky. Not to get all conspiratorial or anything, but it's sort of like a Christian version of Scientology- its structure is like a corporation, they can be a cult-like in how they get their members to believe and they're pretty secretive to outsiders. I think most people know that mainstream Mormons aren't into the polygamy thing, but trust me, there's plenty of other reasons to be suspicious of them.

On a personal note, humanist had a friend growing up who was Mormon. Her whole family were total hypocrites. There were like 6 kids, they tried *really* hard to make themselves seem like the perfect, All-American, good moral family. But one of the daughters got knocked up as an unmarried 19-year-old and was asked to leave the house. The one who was friends with my sister was always starting shit behind my sisters back with her other friends and stealing her clothes and other stuff.

I did think it was really interesting that the churches involved in the shooting were part of Haggard's. Reminds me of that batshit crazy woman in the movie Jesus Camp talking about how sick this world is....yeah, your world, lady. Sort of off-topic, but that outlook amongst Evangelicals really bothers me. This past summer I went to my cousin's wedding. She was my closest cousin growing up, but the last few years we haven't been as close. She became an Evangelical, much to the family's chagrin and at her wedding (to an evangelical who she met at the church, of course), the main focus of it was about how they have to protect each other from the temptation of all the evils out there and be on the defensive all the time. What a horrible outlook and way to kick off your marriage. Like how about looking forward to exploring the world together and learning about new people and new things and making the world a better place? Nope, just live in fear of everyone and everything and spread the word of Jeebus. rolleyes.gif I can't wait to invite her to my wedding someday- at the Unity church (as a concession to LeBoy's family since I flat-out refuse to get married in a Catholic church...I can do a Unity helps that the gardens there are just lovely) with possibly no mention of God whatsoever.

Yay turbo for the good interview! You need to get the hell out of that wackadoo place you're in. When will you have been there a year?

minx, that's so cool with you in the school paper. I know it's a totally cheesy thing to say, but I so admire people who really make a difference in kids lives, especially as they get older and are figuring out major life issues. I used to want to be a high school teacher, then I realized I hated teenagers. At least en mass. One on one, they can be fine. I couldn't handle a classroom of them.

((hugs to all the okayers!!))
Polly, I'm only at 6mos at this stupid job - no point in hanging out for a year if this new job comes through...I'm pretty sure the new job will be hell in its own way, but I'll be *going somewhere* with my career finally, and I think I'm ready for it.
That's great, turbo!!!! Go for it!!! I hope this one works out for you!! Working for profit ain't so bad.

Great insights, polly. My atheist friend got married in a unitarian church for the same reasons.

Once, we did an appraisal of a mansion north of Lake Minnetonka that was the home of an evangelical christian preacher. This house had hottubs and all sorts of luxury stuff and the congregation paid for it all. To top it off, the property was tax-exempt. The most memorable thing about that project was a letter from the preacher to the MN dept. of transportation (they were widening a highway along the edge of his 20-acre property) in which he claimed that the highway project impaired his ability to reflect and write sermons, and that he should be compensated for that. WTF? My catholic priest uncle has a room in a house and my uncle the monk lives in an efficiency in a dormitory. They seem to be doin' their christian thang just fine without the 20-acre buffer. The tax-exempt thing is THE WORST part of it all though. I can't believe I have to pay taxes on my little house while these fuckers, who live under the same taxing authority, get a free ride on their mansion in the upper-end suburbs. FUCKED UP.
Not to defend this idiot priest and his luxuriously pious lifestyle, but if its a tax exempt property, that means that the church parish actually owns the property - not the pastor...I don't mind that so much. If a parish owns a home for the pastor, the compensation is usually dramatically less than they otherwise would be.
My beef is that it's not a special use property like a church, which would most likely transfer to another congregation (even though I still think they should have to pay taxes). It's an upper bracket home in a very wealthy area. Twenty acres of land near Lake Minnetonka is worth a crapload and these people get the benefits of the investment without having to pay a dime in taxes. They don't need it to operate their church. Most churches manage to function without mansions in Orono. If your congregation is foolish enough to pay for your lavish lifestyle, then fine, but the public shouldn't have to pay for it.
oops..I forgot Good Things Tuesday!

I ordered truffles from Divala

The refrigeration shop guys knew my back was hurting and that I was going to leave early, and so I wouldn't have to use my precious sick time, they invited me to come on one of their jobs, sit on a bucket, and hand them tools. So sweet of them...for the most part, the guys at work are pretty wonderful.

I always wanted to see that "jesus camp" movie but I figured it'd give me nightmares. And, I think churches should be monitored, in terms of their sermons and things, and as soon as they start trying to influence elections..."vote for our good friend, republican so-and-so"...they lose their tax exempt status. Permanently.

The evangelicals sound downright depressing...who wants to live like that? I mean, do they romanticize it into sort of an "us against the world" kind of thing? Yuck.

I could cope with a unitarian wedding....if I were ever to get married again.

~*~*job vibes for turbo*~*~...and I am sure you have seen this, but I saw, in the liquor that was called "turbodog"!

Didn't roseanne barr grow up as a mormon?

Okay, now I have "Diff'rent Strokes" strumming through my head. Out, Out OUT!!!! *slaps head

I'm not going in to work today, my back is really hurting today. Another chiropractor appointment. He told me that my back locks up tighter than the majority of people. I don't know whether to groan or to sort of take it as a compliment....anyway, that's usually why it takes months to get it back once it's out. Not looking to the flight out to Colorado for Christmas, which is going to suck anyway....blerg.
real quick...I gotta get in on the Romney mo-mo bandwagon, then will read posts 8-1, promise! So, Mitt Romney, avowed Republican businessman and big-wig, is playing to conservative christian voters by playing the anti-atheist card. OK. Good for him! He's trying to get the Republican nomination, afterall. What right-minded atheiset is going to vote for Mitt Romney anyway? I'm going to campaign against whomever the GOPputs up for a WHOLE HOST of reasons that have nothing to do with Joseph Smith's "vision."

Ok, off to read. I do love our Dem rantings, too. smile.gif

bom dia, everyone!!

i like knowing what you are all up to SO MUCH! i just don't have time to read all of the copious archives that you lay-dees accumulate. would it be rude to be a guest okayer?

i wish that i could taste divalla's famous truffles! those ginger ones sound amazing!

Good Morning on this Wednesday!

Poodle, I remember hearing about that, that is so bizarre, okay so you can name your kid Mohammed, you can kill in the name of Mohammed, and pretty much do whatever the hell you want to, but you can't name a bear Mohammed???? *bangs head*

Diva, well I guess it's a good thing I live in Canada? Why are people so afraid of athiests??? Do they think that we are bears living under human skin?

Turbo, that is really great that your friend says you should go for it, and she knows about the people!!!!

Hey Polly! That is totally true! With evangelicals, everything is evil. Everything except those in the church and the church itself.

I like how everything with evangelics is so excessive, they lhave their crazy get togethers in huge churches, they live extravagantly, and so forth, just like Poodle says, then there are the other religions, where you live in a shoe box, then again the Roman Catholic Church is a hugely rich entity as well, had a vast collection of art, papers, property, etc. At least the catholic church does something in terms of helping the less fortunate...

Tree, I hope you feel better soon! ~*~*~*~ongoing back healing vibes~*~*~*~*~

Hey Mox!

Tes, I always heart having you in here, even if it's a quick fly by!

Well, I did my usual routine last night, then fell asleep at 7! I was just beat. Today there is an xmas lunch, sort of, we are going out as an office. It's almost Friday! This is all that matters at this point!

Later gators!

QUOTE(treehugger @ Dec 12 2007, 05:27 AM) *
Didn't roseanne barr grow up as a mormon?

I checked her wikipedia entry- she grew up in Salt Lake City, but her family was Jewish. They actually hid their religion from their Mormon neighbors.
Good Morning, peeps!

Jenn, congratulations on the good job interview!! yay! I will be thinking positive thoughts for you!

Minx, congratulations on the nomination! That is so wonderful & inspiring. You are an important person to many students, I am sure of it.

My sister was telling me something about the Golden Compass controversy. She did not know what it was about, but she is kind of one of those people who is easily swayed. I think she was convinced it was "bad." As soon as she told me it was the religious right that had a problem with it, I vowed to see the movie. It looks really good too.

I went to a coworker's house last night to wrap donated gifts for kids whose parents are in prison. Some of the toys were donated by LifeWay, which is a Christian publishing company. They gave all these teddy bears, which is great. But I was a little put out b/c each bear had a religious snipet attached to one of it's ears. All about Jesus and whatnot. I get that it's a religious group who donated them, but still. I did not consider the company I was in & mentioned that I thought that was annoying. As conversation went on, I discovered that several of the people there are quite religious. oops.


Catsoup, how's the school work coming?

Diva, that is expensive for those posters! Youch!

Poodle, I hear ya on the budget. Sorry to hear about the $170 charges!! Ick. What a time of year for it too.

Things here are pretty good. I "worked" at home yesterday. Heh. I have marked a few more items off of my Christmas shopping list. My 2 friends & I set a $10 limit for gifts this year. I got one friend a little travel tube of Stella McCartney perfume for $13. Slightly over budget on that one, but I thought it was a great gift for the money. Gotta think of something for the other friend....hmmm.....

minxie mine, that is HILARIOUS!!

hi, kari!

~*~*~*~*~* jobbie job vibeage for the jenn jinn!~*~*~*~*~

the way that i look at it, the golden compass is just "just desserts" or "tit for tat" or the opposite side of the story/coin from the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, which is blatantly christian.

both of them are good stories which i enjoyed as books. but still....

*insert eye roll here*

interesting how i work alongside christians, muslims, animists, in africa, and no one seems particularly interested in swaying anyone else's belief system. makes one wonder.

minxie, you rock! you so deserve that sort of recognition!

~$~$~$~$~$~$~ money, bread, dough vibes for poodley ~$~$~$~$~$~$

hey, poodles, is it possible to copy videos from a dvd onto a nano? a friend/colleague here at the office is trying to do that and i am failing miserably at helping him...

kari, SCORE!!! the other friend, now....what sorts of things do they like?

(((((((catsoup and classes))))))))

divalla, you rule. just cuz.
Hi Hi! it's me, yet again!

Hey Polly! That's fucked up!

Minx,!!!!! Where on earth do you get these things???

Kari, I'm jealous, you are working from home!!!

Hey Tes!!!

Well, it's quiet here, a supervisor is out of office and the other is covering for the other supervisor is away on sick leave (there seems to be a theme of people away on sick leave in this department). I have done the work I have, some other stuff I have to do, but I don't wanna. So there!

Ha ha!


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