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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey Hey!

Jami, that's right, I remember you telling us that, I just spaced out. Big.Time. It's the cold, it's starting to have an affect on my brain.

(((Diva))) I'm sorry about your friend.

Well, I went and got myself the new book in the series, got my grandmother a part of her xmas gift, and bought two dvd's for me. I also had a scrumptuous lunch of that yummy salmon sammich with dill cream cheese sauce. MMMMMM!

It's actually not that cold out anymore either, so that's a good thing! YAY!

How is everyone else this afternoon?
Happy hump-day okayers!!

Geesh, I don't know what I would do in your situation, jami. The scary thing is that it could be anyone of us.

Ugh, FJ, I'm sooo glad that man is out of your life!! Crazy bastard.

((((diva's friend and his friends)))) How old was the guy? Have I met him before?

I'm jealous of your telecommuting, kari!! That's so awesome. Glad to hear that the bebe is doing well.

Awww, culture, your doggie story reminded me of our old golden retriever, fergie (R.I.P.). She used to bury her nose in the snow and snort, too. Her face would be coated in sprinkles.

When you say -27, do you mean Celsius? -27 in Celsius is, like, -16 in Fahrenheit or something like that, right? Still, -16F is really fucking cold. Face-burning cold. Heh, the record here in Minnesota is -60F in the city of Tower (near the Boundary Waters) sometime in the 90's. I can't even imagine. I hope it doesn't get too cold here this winter. Sometimes I wonder why I live here.

Lore, you constantly crack me up!! Just seeing your avatar makes me happy. FJ, I'm gonna have to keep an eye out for that commercial!! Hilarious!! I could see lore in claymation.

Nothin' much going on here today. Just slackin' off. It's XRB's birfday. Oh, and to answer your question, kari, my feelings for XRB fall into the love category, which is a real pain in the ass.
Alright...I'ma gonna go to the Gay and get this rash taken care of. Wish me luck.
Poodle, you are correct -27 celcius. No windchill, I also wonder why I live here, but I do much better in the cold than I do the heat. At least if it's not extreme cold or extreme heat. It gets sooooo hot here in the summer.

~*~*~*~*rash go away vibes for minx~*~*~*~

Okay, I'm going to get the hell out of here!

Later all!
~*~*~*~rash-healing vibes for minx~*~*~*~ How did you get a rash, minx? Sounds awful.

Yeah, I do better in the cold, too. I hate sweat. I also like to feel cozy and snuggly at home and warm weather doesn't have that effect.

2 hours to go. Blah. I could totally fall asleep right now.
Hi everybody!

I've been battling the flu for the past week and a half and it sucks. I'm slowly getting better but I sure am sick of feeling so cruddy and spending my non-work time lying around the house because I'm too tired and worn out to do anything else. So not much is new with me. I came in early this morning, boss is gone for the day and things are quiet around here so I'm busting a little, hee hee, and just waiting until I get to go home.

~*~*~happy and safety vibes for Jami~*~*~*~*

CH I like your avatar! I really like frogs and toads in general.

Good luck with your rash Minx, I hope it goes away quickly.

Hi Poodle! I hope you meet someone good on Match. Or at least fairly entertaining anyway.

FJ that is awesome about your weight loss! I know what you mean about thinking you look good until you see a picture - that happens to me all the time. I blame it on the 2-D nature of pictures - they can distort you and make you look different than in real life.

Diva your truffles sound so yummy. And that's awesome about a dining room table! Your ideas for it sound like they'll look really good in your dining room.

And hello hello to Treehugger and Turbo and Lorewolf and Kari and everyone else!

Hi marileen!! Ugh, the flu sucks so bad because you can't really do anything but sit there and watch TV or sleep. So boring. I hope you feel better soon!!
Good Evening!

Hey Poodle!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for marileen~*~*~*~* Hope you feel better soon!

I took the dog out to the park, it was chilly, but I was bundled up in my winter clothes, so that worked out! Also worked out today, did a killer upper body workout. I'm starting to notice great changes! YAY!

I am supposed to be going out for a while tonight, one of my friends who I haven't seen in a while is in town, for a little bit. He's a driver for a living and this weekend he's heading to the states to watch NFL, I haven't hung out with him in ages.

I'm totally bummy tonight, and I don't care, I've no one to impress.

Later all!
Hi everyone! Sorry for this VERY quick post...I'm going to try and read a little, but have to get up VERRRRRY early for evict Dorothy! Hurrah!

Sorry I haven't been around - I've had no internet at home, pretty much ever since the last time I wrote. Sux. I miss you all most of all!!!! Laptop is in repair while I'm in Vancouver.

Just arrived this evening around suppertime. Bus trip was okay, but I got shushed by an old man - after about three hours of no complaints from anyone - for my loud 'n' leaky headphones. Quite a thrill at my age to be busted for having the music too loud...again. wink.gif Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.......have to be at the hospital at 7 AM, apparently the procedure is at 8:30, but they've already lost my lab work once, so I'm not counting on scheduling being all together.

I haven't been allowed to eat since lunch. Plus I had to drink TWO OUNCES of castor oil. Which I chased with a beer, because the pre-op info sheet said I could have clear liquids till 10 PM. tongue.gif Anyway, it was necessary. Imagine chugging back a quarter cup of thick vegetable oil....
Heya Dooooodle! I was getting a bit worried for you in your absence. Thanks for checking in. *Bye bye Dorothy vibes* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

*Rash-away vibes for Minx* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I think it's eczema...stress-related eczema. Isn't that cute? Anyway, Doctor Gay gave me some steroid cream, and that should stop this mess pretty quickly. Minxlette helped put it all over my back last night...she's so kind. This has been a real drag. It kind of gives a woman a Sexy Level -120. It started to creep up all over my face and THAT'S when my mind shot into panic mode. I seriously look like I have a massive case of chicken pox, except that some of them are a cm in diameter. I was planning on wearing a strapless dress for New Year's, but I guess I'll have to play the wait-and-see game.

I dunno about the rest of you all, but it took me nearly THREE DAMNED HOURS to get home on Tuesday. And this is a ten-mile drive from the northside to just over by Edina. It took an hour alone just to go five blocks in downtown. That was, uh...COMCASTIC.

Oh yeah, and I have another massive cyst on the back of one of my legs. Doctor Gay referred me to a dermatologist. Thank Cod.

Doodle, glad that you're getting rid of that damned rock. WHOOT!

I have parent teacher conferences tonight. Wish me luck. Actually, wish me a blizzard to keep them all away, please.

I'll be more social and less self-centered on Sunday when everything chills the fuck out. Today starts the 12-day countdown to winter break.

Bye all!

Doodle! Please keep us informed about your health! ~*~*~*~*dorothy eviction go well vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Hey Lore!!

MInx, I get excema on my feet in the summer, I hope that it clears up for you soon. ~*~*~*~skin vibes~*~*~*~*

I have nothing. I didn't go out last night, because the boys weren't going to go out until 9:30ish, which is probably a good thing I didn't, I feel asleep at around 9 last night! All this workig out is making me fall asleep so early!!! It's snowing here. Again. Not much, but I'm sick of the effing snow! And it's only December. Bah.

How is everyone today? Good I hope!

Later Alligators!
~~~~good luck vibes, DOODLES~~~~~~~ I hope surgery is successful & Dorothy finally takes a hike. Your description of the castor oil made me gag. EW. I think it is really funny that you chased it with beer.

CH, that makes it slighty better....-16 F. But only slightly! That is still f-ing cold!

Poodle, does seem like your feelings for XRB are pretty heavy. I know what you mean about it being a pain in the ass.

~~~~~~get better marileen!~~~~~ The flu is the worst.

~~~~~go away eczema for minx!~~~~ I like how you were calling him "gay doctor" then went to "Dr Gay." Wait, or is his name Dr. Gay? That kinda reminds me of my old dentist who was Dr. Lawyer. A friend recently told me he went to that dentist simply b/c he remembered me telling him Dr. Lawyer worked there & he just had to meet the man with that name.

Things here are good today. I had a good night last night. Met a friend at the gym, did a tough spin class, got some sushi & some odds and ends at the store, went home and watched PR.

It is quiet in the office today, Thursdays are the best. Mr Talky works at home as does my officemate. Aaahhhh....sweet, sweet silence.

My friend is still working at the hospital, I fear that she is going to ask out my crush tonight. Waaaahhhhh!!!
Mornin' ladies and gents!!

((((minx)))) That sounds awful!! I have permanent eczema behind and inside my ears and on the sides of my nose. My sister has it on her hands. It runs in the family on my mom's side. Fortunately, it's not too extreme. I'm dreading psoriasis though, which my mom developed later in life. Those steroid creams are excellent and they work super fast. ~*~*~*~healing vibes~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~surgery vibes for doodle~*~*~*~

Awww...kari might be losing her crush. Ah well, you can still crush on him. It's just not as much fun. It's like when Johnny Depp married that Paradis bitch recently. So disappointing.

Wow, that's hardcore that you faced the freezing temps yesterday, culture!! I suppose it's not so bad if you're getting a workout.

Hi lore!!

I'm a big fan of Thursdays. I got an overpriced Starfucks mocha for myself and now I'm just slackin' off instead of working. I have absolutely nothing big going on this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to doing some winter "nesting."
Hey Hey!!!

Kari, you can still crush on him! That is great that the office is quiet today.

Poodle, he married Vanessa Paradis? Awww crap. I also heart Thursdays!!!

Soooo, it is quiet here, I had to go pick my mom up because her car died, good thing she wasn't that far away from the office I work at, so I used my break to do that. Tonight we are going to get my xmas gift and do some grocery shopping. I'm going to go see the cop at lunch. It is actualy pretty nice here today, too. It's cloudy and when it's cloudy, it's warmer. For some reason the clouds provide insulation. Oddness.

I am not doing too much, going through reports and there was a client who was freaking out. She didn't want to sign something. Now when you don't sign that's warning bells that something is wrong, that and the application is not finished until it is signed. Plus once a person signs the application, as with any application, we own you...scary but true.

That's all I've got for now!

Later gators!
Ugh, that sucks about your ma's car. She's lucky to have you nearby!!

It continues to snow outside. It's not so bad today, but it's still a pain. I'm sick of shoveling. Actually, I don't mind the shoveling, but I hate doing it in the dark.

Some guy fell to his death across the street from my office, in the IDS Center court part. 5 stories. What a way to go. That's sort of the height where you would still be alive, yet severly injured and likely to die soon after. I'd rather fall from, say, 10 or more stories. Still, it's probably a less painful way to go than dying from cancer or whatever. Sorry, I'm morbid. I know.

ETA- Yay!! I took Rolling Stone mag's rock-n-roll quiz and they told me I'm a "whiz!" I'm such a dork. A morbid dork.
Ch, I like your new avatar! How was you afternoon delight w/ the cop? tongue.gif

Poodles, that is sad about the person falling & dying. And yes, ouch. I am like you, if I'm going to fall & most likey die, I'd like it to be immediate. What a way to go is right.

So Johnny did marry finally? Drat!

I know I can still crush on my dude, but I'd rather not. If my friend does end up dating him, I don't know, that would feel incestuous. Is that word spelled right? I can't tell. Anyhoo, it seems that my friend & her current dating partner are back "on." So that is good news.

My throat has started to feel gross through the day. Not sore, but more of that lovely drainage feeling. At this point, I am just killing time til the workday ends. Can't come soon enough!
Hi All!

Poodle, whas the quiz in the magazine or was it online? I so want to take the quiz now! Did you do the weeks worth of audio quizzes on the MF website?

Kari, I am a fan of the sharky avi! I had to shake things up a little! I did indeed see the cop and posted apporpriately in the portions thread. Needless to say I'm feeling mucho better this afternoon! Hee. My day is also almost done! what have you been doing with your afternoon?

I just found out that I have xmas eve off! Woot!!! I have to make up 3.62 hours, take vacation time or whatever. But, it means that I have a five day weekend at xmas!!! YAAAAAAY!

I'm feeling pretty darned good today! Work out, dog at park and grocery shopping for me tonight!

How is everyone's afternoon going? I'm grooving to some Audioslave on the iPod right now. Well, I have it on the songs of "w", and at this moment it is wide awake.

Later gators!
ugh, what a craptacular thursday! it's raining like a mofo, and i have to go to work in a couple hours. i've been feeling sucky and would rather stay home, but other people have already taken off early this week, and i've used more sick time in the past few months than i have the last year i've been working there. i've got still got plenty left and could take the time with no consequences, but it just looks bad, and it's too late today for someone to stay and cover the entirety of my shift if i don't come in. and did i mention it's raining like a mofo? luckily my bank is right across the street, so i gotta run over and get some cash out so i just cab it to work. and i have to deal with some stupid thing with the county re c-monkey's child support.
since she lives with the momster, and the momster gets help from the county for taking care of her, the county is coming after me for child support. no problema, and i really don't mind, though i'd rather have a private arrangement with the momster, since the county is notorious for Fucking Things Up. i got a notice from the county back in june saying they were going to get income and insurance info from my employer so they could establish support, and i said, no problem, here's all the info, here's my home address and the hours i'm available so you can serve me the paperwork when it's time for the next step. so months go by, and i hear nothing, and figure it's just the slow pace of bureaucracy. cut to tuesday, and my old boss (cause i just got the new position in august) hands me this big sheaf of papers from HR in an envelope marked confidential. i was mildly curious, wondering if it's insurance info since i just added c-monkey last month at open enrollment. but no, it's paperwork from the courts regarding the proposed child support order, and a date stamp that says they were served to me back on june 25th. i took about five minutes to go "wtf?!" and decided i would talk to the momster about it in the morning, find out if she got anything. besides the date and the lie that it was given to me, they got a number of things wrong, inflating my income, trimming my expenses (apparently i don't pay rent or for my insurance through work or any other bills), and grossly underestimating the amount of time i spend with c-monkey (4 or more days a week translates to 0%?!). so i took it in to the momster at work yesterday and decided i would call them about it this morning. except when i got home last night (after five days at the momster's with c-monkey thank you very much), there was another letter from the county, saying that since they hadn't received a response in the required 30 days, judgement had already been entered, blah blah blah. so i called this morning, explained that i had just gotten the paperwork a couple days ago from my HR office, and wtf were they doing saying they had given it to me six months ago and judgement had already been handed down, especially when no attempt had been made to deliver it to me directly, as is the law. so they did this little song and dance about how it had been served in proxy (which i'm still not sure is entirely legal), but i was right, it hadn't been served in june, it had been served to someone at my HR office in september, and they have no idea why it wasn't given to me in a timely manner, but that was something to sort out with the HR office. i threw a big fit naturally, and now i'm waiting for someone from the county to call me back and explain how they managed to Fuck Things Up this masively. if i have to hire a lawyer to sort this out, i'm going to be massively fucking pissed. what the county's most concerned about is the health insurance, and that's taken care of as of january, so that should take a big chunk out of the support amount, since most what my mom gets from the county is c-monkey's medi-cal. i don't give my mom cash or help out with groceries, but i do buy c-monkey clothes and shoes and other necessities, and if there are any big expenses, like new glasses or child care, i pitch in for a good 75%. so i'm hoping once we have this mess with the court order sorted out and c-monkey's covered under my insurance, the momster will drop the county assistance altogether, and we can just work out something between the two of us until i get my own place (also happening after the new year) and c-monkey's with me closer to full-time.

sorry about the mememe, i'm just kinda stressing about this and wondering what other hoops and lies the county's going to make me jump through before this is all settled. off to read the archives and catch up with the resta y'all now.
(((grrrl))) Use paragraphs, grrrl!! My eyes hurt.

I found that quiz on the website, culture. That's great that you have X-MAS eve off. Score. I should really check out the vacay situation that week. I don't think I have any vacation time left though.

~*~*~*~anti-sore-throat vibes for kari~*~*~*~

It's amazing how many christians there are on match. I guess it's no surprise, considering the general American population. Still. Also, there are so many guys that consider themselves "athletic and toned" even though they have double-chins. Then they want a girl who has little to no body fat. I delete those guys like crazy. If they can't deal with a few extra pounds, then they can suck it. I've deleted so many of them now, that I can almost tell which guys are gonna say that they don't want anyone with even a little extra poundage. What do they think is gonna happen to these women after they have kids and age? Funny.

Hi, peeps.

I am feeling all sorts of ragged. The last couple of days have been particularly comcastic. First, I find out that my old friend from Pride dies. That, I can handle. Then in the process of talking more with the guy who told me about it, I mention my other friend, who I was MUCH closer to, and how he has cancer and is in a nursing home. I give him my friend's boyfriend's email address, and the boyfriend emails back that my good friend died on June 21st. That was just too much to take, since we were pretty close for awhile, and I didn't even know about it until now and didn't get to go to the funeral and all that. It was quite a shock, so I left work crying. I'm really going to miss that guy. He was only 40.

Add to that that my uncle started radiation for the second time on Monday. I lost 2 friends to cancer in one day (not really, but I found out on the same day), and my uncle is getting radiated... again. This has been a shitty couple of days.

I'm so tired from being stressed out, having to stay at work late every night that I don't have to leave early for some reason, trying to find time to make it to the gym and get to class and do my homework and make truffles and spend a few seconds with the giant before we conk out for the night. I'm just sick of all this crap. I'm tired and I'm cranky and I really just want to sleep for 2 straight days.

Grrl, you actually have several options in your case. I work in a county child support office in MN. Most of the rules are actually federal, so what I'm going to say will most likely apply to you.
1) Get your ass to court and file a motion immediately. I don't know that the personal service that was attempted on you was really legal, since it wasn't given to you in person. Where I work, when we serve papers, they get put directly in the hands of the person they need to go to, not to someone who says they'll get them to that person, unless we're talking about personal service to a prison inmate, or abode service to your home address, which we are not. I'm sure a judge or magistrate or referee or whatever you have there will understand that you weren't properly served, and had you been, you would have responded to the papers.
2) There's nothing the child support office can do that can't be undone. Make your motion state exactly how much time you spend with c-monkey. In Minnesota, they judge that on how many overnights the kid spends with you. I don't know what your situation is, but you can probably get your mom to agree to whatever you want to put on there. At least here, you have to be given credit for "parenting time" if it's more than 2 days/week. Since child support and custody orders are often times completely separate of each other, the child support office may not have been informed of how much time you spend with c-monkey, especially if there's no custody order on the books. Where I am, unless there's an order laying out custody, we assume the "custodial parent", which would be your mom, has full custody at all times. You'll be able to get the amount lowered, possibly retroactively.
3) Even I don't know all about how they figure income into how much a child support order is, since I don't write the orders, I just gather the information. They don't usually care how much you pay for rent, since that bill is supposed to be secondary to your child support bill, and if you can't afford it, find somewhere else to live. They take your gross income, take off an average for taxes (20% in MN), union fees, and a few other things. They'll absolutely take into account that you carry medical insurance, unless your current order makes you obtain medical/dental insurance in addition to the base child support amount. That happens a lot around here.
4) CH was absolutely right when she said that when you sign an application for aid, the agency owns you. Your mom probably doesn't want this, either, but since the county is now involved, they want their money back and you're the easiest one to go after (although they should also be going after c-monkey's dad for support, too). As soon as c-monkey goes off aid, the county won't be interested anymore, and you can work on getting your case closed. You may still owe some arrears if you couldn't get them retroactively removed, but since they'll be to the state, they're harder to get out of.
I hope this all works out for you, and if you have any questions, PM me. I'm pretty good at this stuff. But bottom line, get your ass to court and file a motion. Don't count on the child support office to make this a priority, you're going to have to go through the courts if you want this done right. You most likely won't need a lawyer, you'll just need to provide documentation showing your case.

Hi, Marileen! That sucks about the flu. It's the most boring kind of sick to have. I'm all for a good head cold once in awhile, like I had last week. BTW, is your friend doing that craft show again this year? I don't have any more planned, so if she is, could I get in on it again? I've got shit that needs to be got rid of.

We should go out for lunch sometime. I haven't seen you since you've been married. Not that you're not still you, I'm just sayin'.

Poodle, it is pretty amazing how superficial these guys are. I really only looked at the ones who didn't have a comment on what body shape they preferred. Some of them actually don't care that much, like the giant. I wish I could find you a guy like him to snatch up.

CH, that's a cute new avitar, an actual werefish. Good choice! I hope your mom's car isn't wrecked too bad. Is she retired yet?

Hi, Kari! I agree, Thursdays are the best. Usually because that's when the good TV is on, but it's still nice to be so close to the weekend. I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday, and it was pleasant to remember that today is actually Thursday, and now it's almost done! You can still crush on your boy, nobody can police how you feel. Maybe things won't work out between him and your friend.

Sorry about the skin probs, Minx. I hope they go away once the holiday and school stress is over with. I want a Dr. Gay! I think the only gay doctor I've ever seen is when I had my left wrist checked out a couple years ago, but he did nothing for me.

We should have a TC Bustie night out. Y'all need to get your loads of truffles. They aren't going to eat themselves, you know.

I made my 3 new kinds yesterday, and they're so cute! the red hot ones and the ginger/orange are adorable, all round with their neat little garnishes. I molded the almond ones and glued a pretty slice of almond on each of them with a bit of chocolate. It really helps to cover up any mistakes, too!

I had another craft sale today over the lunch 2-hours at the giant's mom's work. I didn't do quite as well as I would've liked, but it'll be better once the giant's mom pays me for all the stuff she took home with her. I got rid of 3 purses and a frame, which is fine by me. I think I have an inventory of less than 20 purses now, which is actually just great.

My afternoon just got a little brighter. My motorcycle-selling friend who quit earlier in the year called to schedule a lunch date for next week, so we talked for awhile. It's always nice to hear from him and kill some time.

Just 35 more minutes until I can go home, go to the gym, make supper, watch PR from last night, and conk out. I fully intend to be in bed by 9:00 tonight.

Wow, its been a rough day in here for our dear friends.

*hands out steaming mugs of peppermint tea and warm blankets for everyone*

((((diva))))) That is a lot to carry in one week. I hope you can take it easy tonight, and find some quiet time for yourself - no truffles, and cuddle with the giant.

Grrrl - that totally sucks, and I'm so glad that we have experts in the house with diva and CH.

(((((((safe dorothy eviction and recovery for doodle)))) I hope everything went well today, and that doodlemama is taking good care of you.

(((((clear skin for minxy)))) Yeah, I've got a few patches of eczema on my arms and calves too - yay stress. I'm resisting the steroid creams for now, and doing a cleanse and butt flush instead this week, and generally resolving to take better care of myself. We'll see how that goes!

I'm counting down with you, minxy! The 21st is my last day of work this year - WOOT!

Oooh, speaking of starfucks, they were running an ingenious promotion downtown today - there was a guy driving a car all around the loop, and it had a starfucks cup on the roof over the drivers side door. He pulled in front of me when I was crossing the street, and I motioned to him that his coffee was on top of the car, and he rolled down the window and handed me a certificate for a free coffee! Genius marketing! It was then, that I saw the starfucks logo on his sleeve, but still - damned clever.

Not much happening here - its crazy cold out, 4 more inches of snow on the way, and I've got laundry in the washers. Big night at our house....still, its nice, as this is the first night this week that I don't have something else going on.
Oh, diva, I'm so sorry about your friends and your uncle. How awful.

I'd like to try one of those red-hot truffles. I've always been interested in the chocolates with jalapeno or other hot stuff mixed in. Sorry your craft sales weren't so hot today. That's great that you were able to unload some purses though.

I know what you mean about the steroid creams, turbo. I see it as a last resort. My mom told me that I should get some, but I don't think my eczema is serious enough to rub steroids into. That's sorta creepy. Keeping clean and using a little anti-itch cream/tea tree oil is just fine. The steroid creams work well though, so hopefully minx will feel better soon.

How's the interview/job search situation going, turbo?

Yeah, there are a lot of shallow guys out there. Fortunately, I can almost pick them out from their pictures and they're not all that attractive to me anyway. I like slightly nerdy looking guys. There are actually a lot of guys on match that don't specify body types, which is great. I totally understand the need to be physically attracted to someone. I've been deleting guys with bad hair or bad teeth or big foreheads, so I really shouldn't talk. I actually got a couple winks from some cute guys, but they're just not good fits for me. Again, they probably didn't read my profile. Still, it gives me hope. It's funny, the last time I did match, I checked the "spiritual, but not religious" box, which isn't totally true, but at least people didn't dismiss me right away. This time, I checked "atheist" (it's the closest fit to my beliefs) and I've had a lot less attention. It's turned out to be a great way to filter people!!

I agree that we need to have a TC Bustie get-together soon.
Good Evening!

((((Grrrl)))) I'm so sorry to hear that the county fucked up so badly.

((((Diva)))) I'm sorry about your loss. I'm glad that you can dispense advice on Grrrl's situation. I wish I could help more, but I know about how things run in Canada, adn each province as a different act which governs the department.

Hee, werefish, I never even thought about that!

Turbo, more snow for you to? Crappy.

Poodle, I'm glad that things are looking good so far!

Awwww, I want to come to a get together. sad.gif

I took the dog to the park today, and went shopping. That's all I wanted to do, have to give the body a rest sometime.

I also had a bath, and I'm well on my way to bed time. I'm just beat. I guess seeing the cop for lunch time portions works well for me. *smiles goofy* I had a really great time.

Later gators!
Damn, culture, you and diva could start your own advice thread in the lounge.

Culture, you're not THAT far from the northern states, are you? I suppose that the Minnesota girls should venture down to see the Chicago girls but, still, I think there are more of us. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
OH, I see how it is now, poodle.....ah, we're gonna play sharks vs. jets, now eh? *snaps fingers* I think we can draw even with the TC collective, yo. We got pollystyrene, kittenb, stargazer, avaadore, sidecar, amywoman, anelise, princess dander, janeinane, missladyj, humanist77, laurenann, turbomann...and I'm probably missing a I think we should have TWO bustie parties - one in TC and one in Chicago - it'll be a midwestern extravaganza - hot dish vs. chicago hot dogs!

Okay, that said, its time for a bath!
Just proud of my BUSTie-friends for being so good with helping each other out smile.gif

Diva, I'm really sorry you're going through all this sad.gif I'm sorry for your losses. You're really awesome with the custody battle coachng. (((Diva)))

Goooooo team Grrrl & C-Monkey!

*envies anybody getting lunchtime portions* Rock on, Culture!

Have fun sorting out hopefuls, Poods!

Turbo, funnay about the StarFucks advertising! smile.gif I used to love my marketing classes. It's great to see creativity. In some ways, commercialism is just lame, but on other ways, it can be an avenue for some creative people to make a living.

Hope your throat is feeling better, Kari!

*less stress for Minx vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ETA: I tried to look up that Kleenex ad, but it's not on YouTube.
Wah? Turbomann doesn't count!! Yeah, so maybe there are as many Chi-busties as TC-busties. Maybe we should all travel down there and maybe y'all shoud come up here some time. Taloo's down there too, that bitch. What I really want to know is, where the frell is lurvpaint these days?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think we should meet in Madison and crash at Treehugger's!! tongue.gif

Hmm, hot dish vs. Chicago Hot Dogs?

There's no contest.

Add in some Chicago pizza:

(That's the pizza place my dad works at!)

Turbo, the Starbuck's marketing scheme reminds me of a contest Ricola had a couple years ago- they had people go out in public and cough and if you offered them a Ricola, you won something. I love my Ricola's but I'm avoiding coughing strangers at all costs.

Wow, I just open up the okayers thread and see my name!! I guess I'm going to have to be the "neutral" one in this one. Funny, tons of TC'ers AND Chi-town'ers, and only little ol' me in Madison. I'm so lonely! Of Course you could crash here!

Ummm...hows about some Wisconsin food???


((((divala)))) hope you can find some peace this weekend.

So, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for satellite tv. So far it's kewl, but I wish they offered a package for people like me, a "non sports or kids" package! I think I have like friggin 20 sports channels that I will never watch. I'll never watch all the kids channels either. Blah. But I do like having it, it's cool cause I can rewind live tv and it's easy to record shows.

My DSL is getting hooked up I think like next wednesday so I should have faster internet. Of course now that I've signed up for it, the wireless I'm stealing borrowing has gotten a lot faster and more reliable, it seems. But, true enough I haven't tried to download any television episodes recently. We'll see.
Good Morning!!!!

Poodle, I'm not really that far. It'd be an 8 hour drive to Minneapolis. Or I think it's a 2 hour flight to Chicago. Sooooo, I could make it down, I'd just have to save some coin and get my passport in order. I am totally going to do that, so next time everyone wants to get together, I could join. If you wanted me to of coruse. I wouldn't invite myself!

Hey Lore!

Polly and tree, that food! YUMMMMMMMMMM!

Well, I've not got much going on this morning. it's friday, it's payday I transferred all of what I used to pay off my visa back into my savings acct and paid my phone bill. I feel like i've been hit by a truck today, all my muscles are sore. heeeeeee! Makes me happy. I also went for a jog through the park yesterday with the dog. Mostly because it was so bloody cold! Puppy enjoyed it. Then her and I fell fast asleep early last night. She was dreaming all night, kept on waking me up! It was cute.

It's freakin' cold here again. Too cold. We are having January weather a month early! Bah.

So, what's everyone's plan this weekend?

Hey laaaadddiiiess! (and you too Lore!)

whas up.

It's Friday. yay! I had a hard time getting up this morning. And when I did get up, I was so tired I needed some extra time, so I came in an hour late. heh.

((Diva)) I am so sorry to hear about your friends' passings. What a day you had, finding out about both. That is really sad. I agree w/ Jenn. You need some R&R. You've been super busy lately. Sounds like your craft show yesterday was a success.

((GRRRRL)) Man, that really stinks about all that stuff going on with the county and child support. Good for you for telling them what's what. I hope they get it together and it gets easier on you. Ugh. What a pain in the ass!

Tree & Polly, those food pics made me so hungry! And the beer pic. Even though it is 8:45AM here.

Jenn, I think it is funny you counted turbomann in the Chicago contingent. I mean, I know he lives there and he is an occasional Buster. There are a lot of Chicago buster! wow!

CH, I checked your post in the portions thread, you dirty dawg! I am jealous!

Hey Lore!

Hi Polly! Nice to have you!

Not much going on here today. Like I said, I could NOT get up this morning. I almost called in to work, but honestly, I couldn't think of an alternative plan for my day, except sleeping. That is sad. Anyhoo. Nobody is here today, they are all at a conference. I somehow escaped having to go. Whew! There are about 6 of us here, so it is nice & quiet.
Well, I'm not sure I could make it to MN, but if a bustie get together were in Chi-town, ms.turbo has made it very clear that her couch is always open for, I just have to find some good photos of Detroit grub..ah, a Coney dog...

Hi, peeps!

Let's see, up in the TC we have: me, Poodle, Minx, Lurv, Catsoup, Marileen, and a whole lot of others who don't post anymore, like Rubyslippers, Joei (hey Poodle, you wanna be part of the scene???), and I can't even recall all the others' names and there is at least one I won't mention lest she come back to this thread and annoy Minx. One of them is a rollergirl that I used to run into at political stuff a few years ago. So, yeah, there are a lot more *active* Busties in Chicago, I guess.

Poodle, I heard about that guy who fell to his death. Poor guy. I think he was washing windows or something and his equipment must've malfunctioned, because the news story said he did have it on.

Oh, and on the suburban guys thing (your country boy from a couple days ago), I actually find guys from the suburbs to be way more genuine than city guys. City guys are too into themselves to care about meeting anyone else, especially if they're not already in their tunnel vision of what they think they want. I've never had any luck with city guys, but the ones in the suburbs seem to be all around and really looking to meet someone and keep their options more open.

Thanks for all the hugs. I still can't believe my friend is gone. I kind of thought he might be on his way out, but it's a shock when you learn about it almost 6 months after the fact, and not even directly. His partner is still having a really rough time with it. I should give him a call later.

Kari, I feel you on the tired thing. I woke up exhausted again, even though I was in bed well before 10:00 and asleep by 10:30. I think I got 9 hours last night. I would've called in, too, but I'm leaving early today, and I'll avoid speaking to my boss at all costs. I envy your quiet office. Ours is as noisy as ever.

CH, you should totally come down sometime. We should start planning a big Bustie get-together (including you, Chicago, and you, Tree!) for next summer.

Polly, I want that slice of pizza NOW. It looks positively scrumptuous.

Speaking of food, where should I go for lunch? I didn't bring anything and I've got cash buring a hole in my wallet, so I have to go out. It's between Japanese non-sushi food, Subway, Dayton's deli, and maybe Chipotle, although we had chicken quesadillas last night and I ate Taco Smell the night before.

Hi, Lore, Jenn, Polly, and all else!

No huge plans this weekend, thank Maud. The giant and I are going to meet Poodle downtown for a free happy hour party that the company who does all our personal service has for their clients. It's a surprisingly good time, and close to the Holidazzle parade route, so we can catch that, too. After that, who knows? Maybe a spontaneous night out on the town? Tomorrow or Sunday, we're going to the giant's mom's to help decorate the tree, and we're going to do some dining room table shopping on the way down, since we've only got a couple weeks to pick out what we want. I'm pretty excited about having a nice big table in the dining room and not having to ask guests to bring a folding table if there are more than 2 of them coming. But I do require one full day of vegging out at all costs to recover from this week. It's been a rough one.

Mox-Coney dog..yum! I will have to think of some food with which to lure you guys down here to Nashville. Hmmm. Meat & 3 is traditionally the big thing here, but I don't really know people who eat it on a regular basis. We've actually got some good Mexican food, b/c there are a lot of Mexican immigrants.

diva-I vote for the deli! I could go for a good deli sandwich right about now. You definitely deserve some rest this weekend, diva! Your night w/ the poodes sounds fun too.

I was going to see a movie tonight w/ a friend, but she can't go now. Am debating on what to do. Thought about calling someone else, but not sure if I want to commit to plans. I may shop a little & then see a movie on my own. mr K is working.

I popped in to say 'hay', and I see all this food here!!! now I'm hungry! blast!
hi to all! ((busties)) 'cause we deserve it.
nothing goin on here - just doin lawyer work. (ok, so I'm procrastinating again!)
and maybe meeting up with cowboy tonight or maybe just goin to the bar for some pool. dunno. but I'm getting out of the house. hasn't snowed for real in about a week. still stuff on the ground, but nothing like CH! makes me grab for a blankie. I know! I wanna cookie! It's time for some baking, right?
Good Afternoon!

Kari, it was lovely. I also wanted to call in sick so badly today!!!!

Hey Mox! and Minx!

Diva, I agree, 7 months of saving would be great, I'd totally be able to make it down! I'd love to meet all of you!

Hey Jami! I'm helping my mom do some xmas baking this weekend!

I have to go pick up my mom's xmas gift at the store, I think I'll do that on my way home from work, I just want to get it done with and get out, it's going to be busy at the mall. BAH!

I went and had lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in a few weeks. That was nice, him and I have a, ahem, past together, but who don't I have a past with? Heeeeeeeeee! Only about 45 minutes left in the day, so that's good, too!

Hope everyone is having a great afternoon!
mornin everyone, happy friday! okay, so i heard from the county, and they're still Fucking Things Up. they contract through an outside process server, which is who does the actual service, and no, they can't give me a name or number for this company, but it will be on record at the courthouse where they filed the proof of service. the county has no idea why i wasn't served at home, and whether or not the process server has/had access to current address information or how many attempts they made before going to my employer. they are however sure that the case has already been decided, the service was valid and filed,and if there was some kind of fuck up, it was on my end, cause lord knows it couldn't have been them. dry.gif so basically i'm screwed until i can get up to the courthouse monday and view the records and figure out where to go from there. in the meantime, i'm going in early so i can stop by the HR office, see if i can find out from that end who signed the proof of service and when and why it took so long to get to me. diva and culture, thank you so much for the advice (though for some reason i can't see culture's post, but i'm sure it was excellent), and thanks the resta y'all for the vibes and commiseration.

quiet weekend coming up. i'm probably scheduled to work tomorrow, since i was off last week and am taking next weekend off, but i still feel like ass from this flu bug or whatever it is. one of the people who took off earlier in the week was off last night, leaving me to cover her department on top of my own, and i'm hoping she'll be back today so i can guilt-trip her into working saturday for me. she said last week when she came in on my shift they only ended up working a few hours, and it was pretty easy, so it probably won't be too hard to get her to agree to a couple more hours overtime this weekend (please maude, let it be so). beyond that, roomie's going skiiing this weekend, so i've got doggy-sitting duties. not a hard thing, since the dog is like a million years old and barely stirs herself to eat and shit, let alone anything more rambunctious. i still have to get the momster's christmas gift this weekend, and add to the niece's. sunday, or maybe saturday if i don't have to work, c-monkey and i are going to go see the golden compass. we're only about halfway through the book, but she is way excited about the movie.
That's kinda funny, Grrl. We also contract our process service out (except the really really sticky stuff that we have an investigator for). They only had whatever information the county gave them, but it is regular practice to give out employer address information if they think it will help. They usually try at your home, first, but an employer service is still valid, though I don't know if it is if the server doesn't put the papers directly in your hands. And our people will usually leave their business card behind if they think you'll be cooperative and it won't scare you off and make you evade (which happens all the damn time). I wish there were some way that your employer could be held accountable, since they didn't get the papers to you like they should have.

I ended up doing Subway for lunch. It was more bitterly cold outside than I thought it would be, so I didn't want to make the extra 6-block round trip walk to the good deli. Oh, well. I'm looking forward to free buffet and wine tonight. Though now I have a strange craving for cheese...

Hi, Moxie and Jami!

Polly, I am *drooling* over those photos! Ahhhhh, its making me crazy, as this is buttflush/cleanse week, and I haven't had anything besides smoothies for 2 days. I seriously need to go to that pizza place your dad works at - looks amazing! We'll have to have a bustie outing there sometime! And Superdawg....YUM.

Minxy, thank cod you posted the cheese - I was waiting for someone to post it! I do try to buy Wisconsin cheese as much as possible - they have a couple good goat dairy farms there, and I can get that stuff here, if I'm lucky.

Had a nice quiet day at the office today - plugged into my rapidly dying ipod, and got stuff done, and only had one meeting - SCORE! Its always nice when a friday goes by fast.

Not much going on here for the weekend, just chillin' at home tonight, unless I can talk turbomann into actually going out to a movie. Tomorrow - buttflush & relaxation! Sunday, spin class, and in the evening we're having a healing circle for a friend who's preparing to give birth. We'll gather the circle again when she goes into labor.

Mox, of COURSE you are welcome at our house anytime, especially for bustie gatherings! And let's see, you could also claim those deliciously heavy donuts - paczkis, but definitely a solid coney to be found in D-town.
Oh, i'm feeling SO bah humbugy right now. We have the first holiday party of the year tonight, and I REALLY do not want to go. Its with our neighbors, and we;ll head over after moxette is asleep (don't worry, its next door and we take the monitor which works great!), but all I want to do is put jammies on, brew some tea and read. Perhaps wrap some presents. I'm just not in a socializing mood right now. Poop.
(((((mox))))) I'm sorry you have to go socialize when you don't want to - I know how that is. I say, go for an hour, then just go home and chill out - its friday night - no need to be out late if you don't want to be.

We've got the opposite problem here, tonight. I wanted to go out and see The Golden Compass - turbomann doesn't. Oh well, I'm fine with hanging at home too. I can start the painful process of erasing and restoring my ipod, in hopes of breathing a little more life into it. Right now, the screen is pretty much screwed up.
Hello everyone! Another post from Vancouver....

Day surgery turned out not to be surgery, but a weird procedure to crush the kidney stone from the outside of my body, which involved being legally stoned, being asked to wear paper underpants, and me telling the anaesthesiologist that I have "control issues." Seriously, they wanted me to wear paper underpants, and a paper bandeau around my tits, even though I was to wear a gown and a robe already. I said, "I'd rather go naked." They let me go braless and keep my own underpants. Basically, you lie flat on an OR table while they pump your IV full of sedatives and pain killers, and they use some kind of some kind of pounding thingie to repeatedly hammer the location of the kidney stone, from the outside of your body, with a water bag of some kind in between you and the pounding thingie. It was uncomfortable, partly from the pounding and partly from having to stay totally still, but it didn't hurt after the first "ow" I gave to the anaesthesiologist.

I felt totally fine afterwards - sat cross-legged on the recovery bed, putting my makeup on and listening to my headphones (the Stones - fitting, no? I didn't even make the connection till this moment). I even went for a long walk later in the evening. But I do have to pee through a strainer for 2 weeks to catch bits of crushed Dorothy and send them away for testing, or whatever it is they do. And have to have an x-ray back home, in a week or so, to make sure she's gone.

Doodlemama and I went shopping today...doodlemama and doodle-step-grandma contributed, and I spent some of my own money, too, and brought all the store membership coupons I'd been saving up. BUT!!! HOTCHA!

I found two pairs of sexy boots in my size, and I know I've complained about my big, flat feet over and over again here, so it's a bloody miracle, I tell you, to have found a store that sells ONLY wide sizes in really NICE footwear. One pair was very expensive, for me ($200!): black leather ankle boots, square toes, zippers on both sides, with about 1.5 inches of cute chunky heel. The other pair were on sale ($40, regular $85): they're also black, but suede, zippers on the insides, about 2 inches of chunky heel, and with an open-weave lattice pattern going from above the instep to the top, done in black patent leather. These are my stage boots. Heh.

I also got a really nicely shaped black jean jacket, which goes with the black jeans I bought back home. And I found another pair of the same black jeans, a couple of fitted tees, a few pairs of sexy little boyshorts, and a CUTE pink top that reminds me of BUST! Seriously. I think that's half the reason it stood out to me. It's a short sleeve tunic, smocked across the bust, with a really bold mod pattern in hot pink, purple, lilac, light pink, and totally looks like the Lounge! Tee hee! Oh, and I also got a little sheer black shrug, to help me get over my issues, i.e.: my upper arms vs. sleeveless tops.

In further news, my brother is a bigger dickhead than I ever thought him before, but I'll spare you all the details, because I'm moving on from his crap once and for all. biggrin.gif

Ok, that is my Vancouver Report! I can't wait to get home and pick up my laptop, so I can get back online properly and catch up! I soooooo miss you all!!!! Thanks to everyone for your Dorothy Eviction Vibes! I've already found a couple of bits in the strainer, so I'm sure it's all working!
Good Afternoon!

Grrrl, how are you feeling? Odd that you can't see my posts...can you see it now? Oh that was verizonesque. That's sweet of you to say that are sure my post was excellent. Awww *blushes* have you seen the Golden Compass yet?

Hey Diva!

Turbo, did you have success with your iPod? How is the weather anyway? It's cold as fuck here.

Mox, I'm sorry you didn't want to go out, how was your evening? Are you feeling better??

Doodle, I'm glad that the surgery went well, boo on the crappyoutfit. YAY! I'm glad that Dorothy is gone.

I slept last night, then a good friend of mine called and we chatted for 3 hours and just generally cuaght up. Today I was a busy little beaver. I cleaned house, worked out, took the dog to the vet for her annual check up, she's doing great! Then took her to the park (and like I said, it's cold as fuck here!), went to pick up some eye cream and make up, that has made up most of my day, so now here I am watching Family Guy and lounging. Don't now if I am going to do anything tonight. It is really cold!

That's pretty much what I've got today!


Hiya CH! Good for you for getting so much done today! I don't blame you for not going out in the cold...I've been going out for walks every night (to get some SPACE!), and even here in Vancouver, it's a damp, penetrating kind of cold...brrr! Plus the damp here is making my re-growing hair all frizzy and wavy, and not in a good way. What is the temp like where you are?

I cannot wait to go home. I really don't want to be here. I thought seriously about leaving today, but that would have been insulting....I thought it would take longer to recover, so I said I'd go Sunday at the earliest. I'm taking the early bus.

I haven't been to Vancouver for over a year, but it seems like in the time I've been away, I've become more crushingly independent than ever, and I find everyone, especially my family, really smothering (except my brother, who's just a jerk, no longer worthy of my energy). Even going for my daily walks requires these vast explanations and protestations that I will not, indeed, be attacked by Big City Predators if I don't get back within 45 minutes. Plus in the last few years, I've had the cats with me to deflect some of mom's particularly smothering attention, but they stayed home this time....I'll have to ensure they are with me on future visits!

I know I'm whining and being selfish - I'm lucky to have people who care and I love my family - but the truth is, I feel a bit like a wild animal who's been fenced in. I was always independent, but I suppose after everything that's happened, I've changed even more than I realized. I don't think I've longed for home and my "chosen" family this much in a long, long time. I finally realized I will probably never be moving back to Vancouver....

....although the big city clothing and shoe options are fantastic! Luckily it's only 5 hours away on the Greyhound.

Oh yeah. Peeing in a paper strainer? Sucks. Plus they only give you 4 (FOUR!!!) to last you 2 (TWO!!!) weeks, so you're expected to re-use them. It's quite gross. I'm going to have to come up with other options for rescuing the crumbling pieces of Dorothy...suggestions, anyone?
Hey Doodle!

As lucky as we are to have family and friends to care about our well being, it can become a little much sometimes. And people need their space. When family cares, they can get a little to clamy and in your face.

I forgot to tell you yay on the shoes!

Could you not use a plain strainer??? What about cheese cloth? that would allow the urine to pass through, but the pieces of dorothy to be caught, wouldn't it?

It is currently -24 (that'd be -11F), no windchill, but still freezing!

I talked to my friend from England for a while, and I used some of the new Clairins night cream sample I got (wanted to try before I buy, it's a little pricey) but my skin has not felt this great in this weather, ever. I am astounded. I am thinking the high price may be worth it for a night cream. WOW. I also used the eye cream and my eye skin no longers feels so horribly dry. Good thing I got the stuff for free! Heh, thank you Shoppers Drug Mart and their optimum card program. heeeee!

So, tonight I'm staying in, too cold, need some me time.

What else? Oh yah, my mom gave my my xmas present today, a Bose iPod sound dock, and it is amazing! The sound quality is great, listened to all genres of music. Fantastic, and it was marked down, and there was a coupon, too. So, it wasn't so bad. Her gift is sitting in the living room. She wanted a garment steamer, so that's what she got. I also got her a shower curtain with little Jolly Rogers on it, that'll wait until xmas, though. it will match the bath mat I got her a while back.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
Doodle, darling - I believe the answer you're looking for is a coffee filter - maybe even drop that inside a metal strainer for ease of use - you can always sterilize it later. I'm so glad to hear that Dorothy is gone, though!

I know what you mean about the smothering of being home with family - I feel the same way, and am already dreading our trip to MI for the holidays. And we'll probably have to stash the dog at my 'rents house, but have to stay at turbomann's dad's house, and I'm already getting a little anxious about not having the "I need to walk the dog" excuse at the ready, anytime I need escape.

CH - glad you got a buncha stuff done today....I actually have just been chillin' out today, and that's been so nice. Cold weather is a good excuse to stay indoors.

I did go and get my butt flush this morning - yay! And, we just got back from a champagne tasting at the shop around the corner this evening...and of course we walked out with a couple bottles of wine, but its fun, and I love support people in the neighborhood. Now, we're watching Knocked Up. Funny movie.

CH, I'm with you on the rough skin in this blistering cold weather - granted, its not as cold here as it is where you are, but the wind just sucks all the moisture out of me. And YAY for the sound dock - they are SO nice - we have something similar here, and its the only speaker we use - our place is small enough that we really don't need anything else. I haven't restored my ipod yet - took me all night to delete enough stuff from my laptop to back all the stuff on my ipod up, and I just haven't had the heart to reset it yet today. Maybe I'll have the courage tomorrow.
Good Morning Good Morning!

Turbo, the sound dock is amazing. The sound quality is great, it's small, fits right in my book shelf. I am impressed.

Speaking of holidays, one of my friends asked me to watch her house and her dogs for a week over xmas. I'm a little peeved by this, because I like to spend time with my family, too. As much as they drive me insane, I do still want to see them and not have to rush back to her place. And all my friends are doing the same family thing, so I'l be sitting at herplace all by myself, how wonderful. I politely declined because who wants to be alone at xmas? It's already a disgusting holiday with family being crammed down our throats and all this happy holiday CRAP, I don't want to be alone and seeing it on t.v. At least with my family around I can drink. I understand she wants to see her family, but so do I. Not only that, but this year, a few people I'm friends with (and have lost touch with, but have since become reacquainted with) are coming in to visit thier family, and want to get together with me, too. And I am not tending to three dogs this xmas. Last year she asked me to watch her puppy, after I was getting over food poisoning, so she could go and see her b/f, even though he has two dogs of his own. Why couldn't she take him over there? Bah.

Today, I'm supposed to be going out for lunch with one of the said friends I've lost contact with. I don't know where things will be at, but it should be an okay time. It's so cold that I'd rather stay inside and read, but I've already committed to seeing her.

How has everyone else's weekend been?

CH, good for you for turning the dogsitting gig down!! I'm pretty selective about that these days, too. Greyhounds only pretty much, at our house, because they are the easiest dogs ever! We'll have the 2 extra hounds New Year's Eve weekend, but its totally cool with me, and like I said - not much extra work.

I'm about to head out to the healing circle we're holding for my friend who's due to give birth in a couple weeks - should be an amazing evening of powerful women, and I'll get my chakra stones, crystals and cards all charged up with that good energy - YAY!

Oh, and tomorrow night is step two in the interview process for the new job, and I am SO excited! So send my good vibes tomorrow night around 5:30pm CST...its a "meet & greet" happy hour kind of thing with the whole team and ALL of the candidates - should be interesting.

Okay, I gotta run - catch you all later!
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