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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Wh0a!!! Weirdo-freaky double-post! ohmy.gif
Oh, good monday all! It sounds like everyone had good weekends!

DOODLE! BIRTHDAY! ROCK! How was it? What'd ya do?

I also spent a considerable amount of time (given our recent rash of lazy cooking) in the planning and cooking mode this weekend. Yesterday, I made salads for the week, roasted vegetable cream cheese dip/spread, and zuchinni bread (muffins). I also broke down and bought that Jessica Seinfeld "deceptivly delicious" book...moxette is now outright rejececting veggies, which i understand but can't allow. So, I've decided to go deceptive...and if it gets ALL of us to eat more veggies, then well, good! I very rarely have time or coordination in the evening to get a full 2-3 course meal on if the homemade mac and cheese (10 min tops cooking time) gets some squash and/or carrot puree, great!

Anyway, I also ventured out to x-mas shopping at toy megamart on saturday. BFF and I went together, sans kidlets. Seriously, people there had their toddlers with them! Nutters. We were VERY glad we had each other, b/c this place inspires headaches adn panic attacks. We did get moxette's "big" present done, though, so that's nice. Now, just the MIL/FIL (we send them on a creative "date" each year via gift cards) and a couple silly white elephant gifts, and we're DONE. Sweet. Well, I mya have a couple little kids to get for, too...we aren't sure just what's going on for extended family stuff yet. But, those will be easy. I just email their parents and say "ok, sizes, tastes, and NO-NO presents". I never want to be the auntie who defies parent's wishes for what shouldn't come into the house. soon as we have a couple month's worth of plastic bags in reserve (we're close) for the diaper pail, we're cutting them, too. Then, going to start keeping the paper ones in the car for grocery useage. Then, the baggu! This is, of course, until we need to change a diaper pail every day again...but, that's a LONG time from now. You, as always, inspire us to live what we speak!

Good Morning!

Catsoup, when are you off for the term?

Jami, how did things go??? smile.gif

Lore, did the move go well?

Turbo, that food sounds amazing!

Mox, I don't know how people can go xmas shopping with kidlets around. Bah. I agree that xmas shopping brings on panic and/or anxiety attacks.

Well, it's not to chilly here today, yesterday I had to make an emergecy trip to the vet, as I after I cut the dogs nails (which she hates, and it frequently turns into a wrestling match) she was bleeding a lot. It stopped, I took her to the park, where it promptly started again, then stopped, and then started again. Soooooo, took her to the vet, where I was told I cut the quick (or however the heck you spell it), and it was no problem, they didn't charge me anything! So, I felt like a horrible dog owner, but all is well with houndish now. Quite a lot of blood for a nail.

I have to go to the doctor today, little nervous, I'll get into that later...I know everything will be fine, but there is a story behind it. Bah.

So, it's Monday and I'm covering a different case load now, hopefully it won't be too much, but we shall see.

I'll talk to you all later!

Buenos Dias!

CH, I hope everything is ok. You have me worried.

Hi Poodles!! It is good to see you! Sounds like work has been really busy for you lately.

Jenn, how was the potluck? I want to eat all the food you posted about. And you, moxie! YUM! Our Wild Oats recently turned Whole Foods too. Well, actually, they closed Wild Oats & opened a Whole Foods. I ventured in there once last week, and promptly left before I dropped a ton of cash. Which I could have done in 5 mins flat.

Grrl, that is so rad that c-monkey is getting a laptop! Great gift!

Hey Jami! How did things go w/ the cowboy last night? wink.gif

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLES!!!!!!You are one of the kindest, most creative women I know! Hope this is the start of a wonderful year!

Lore! You always crack me up. Love the Cap'n Crunch lines! I think you should totally do it.

Hi to anyone I have forgotten!

I had a pretty good weekend. We went to our friend's art thing Friday night. Then we went out, which was fun, but too expensive. And I drank too many beers. So much for all the workouts I did last week. Hmpf. Saturday a friend & I went shopping for Christmas gifts, which was a lot of fun. I went with her to Toys R Us to get her daughter's gifts, it was a mad house. Then we went to the mall. I got my youngest sister taken care of, and my nieces. And I got my mom a stocking stuffer. I hung in that night and watched tv. Chocolat was on IFC. Yesterday was good, it just flew by. I had my last meeting at school, I am officially done! I will have my degree in a matter of weeks. Then I went by to see my friend at the hospital. She is doing ok, baby is well. Saw some pics, she is a sweet, teeny, tiny thing. Poor baby. They say she is doing well, and I am so thankful for that.

Who mentioned potlucks? I could go for a good potluck. I love that kind of thing, lots of food I never make.

I'm procrastinating on another paper. I cannot wait for this semester to be done. The 12th is my last day of classes and my last final paper is due the 19th.

CH, I hope your doc appt goes okay. Are you okay? Like Kari, you got me worried.
hi lore and doodle and poodle and diva and kari and grrl you want and catsoup and culture and moxie and jami amd jenn and fj and minxie and and and and AND all of the other okayers that i am missing!!!

culture, just be sure to let us know how it all works out, ta? (((((culture))))))

just a fly by to let you all know i'm leaving today in a short while. will TRY to post every once in a while! will miss all of you!!!

jami here. CH... what's going on? let us know.
and CH, you were right. cowboy was being respectful. he was not pushing me, letting me decide. he called yesterday. and then once we were understanding each other, he called again just to hear my voice. and six more times. it was so cute. told him that the other night, he didn't even touch me, and I thought he wasn't interested. he let out this near frustrated sigh.. no, that wasn't it at all. we met up at the bar, and when I walked past him, he touched the small of my back. it was like fire. and he'd secretly touch my fingertips, hold my hand. when the owner turned to make a drink, he kissed me lightly. when the bartender left the floor, he grabbed me, twirled me around and kissed me hard. (insert ragged sigh)
we're going to meet up tomorrow. he's already called twice today.
six foot four, black hair, green hazel eyes.
Hi, peeps!

Happy belated birfday, Doodle!

Jami, the cowboy sounds really sweet. I miss that just-started-dating stuff. Savor it while you still can.

Kari, is it just a month left of the hospital stuff until you have your degree free and clear? I hope so. You've been working your ass off for who knows how long.

Hi, Catsoup! Good luck with the finals.

Moxie, I don't understand why you'd take a toddler to a toy store 3 weeks before Xmas, either. I'm hoping to avoid the big-box toy stores, but I'm not so sure that'll happen, since we have the giant's neices to shop for, too. And certain items for the giant need to be bought at the TRU, too. I'm going to have to ponder the LEGO Star Wars aisle. Suck.

Hi, Poodle, Lore, Jenn (sounds like an amazing party food-wise!), and TESAO, and CH!

I had a pretty decent weekend. We ended up going out with my brother for dinner on Friday, which was cool. We don't do that so often lately, so it's always welcome. Then we shopped for our steaks (yummy NY Strip) and such. We got a new battery for the giant's car, and I'm so proud of him... he replaced it himself. Granted, one of our landlords upstairs helped out with his tool set and a couple things the giant couldn't quite do himself, but the boy took charge of something mechanical and did it himself. He's not good at this stuff at all, so I'm especially proud of him.

We went to my parents' house last night for my uncle's party, which was nice. It was all my aunts and uncles in MN, plus my grandpa and a couple of my uncle's friends. Sam came later on, which was so much fun. He was all over playing with everyone, taking everyone's picture, flitting around being a cute little kid. He gave me a ton of attention, too. We wrestled, and the giant played with him a LOT, picking him up and tossing him around, and generally having a lot of fun. I love how well they play together, it makes me feel really good that my favorite little guy is comfortable with the giant.

I'm working on the tail end of my truffles. I'm going to have to make another batch of caramel, since they've been selling really well and I've given a lot away. I'll probably make more batches of coconut and hazelnut, too, but that's okay. I may try my hand at orange/ginger ones and red hots, too, since I'm going to have an extra pound of semisweet chocolate to work with.

Hi everyone!!!

I intend to fuck around all day today.

Happy birfday, doodle!!

Sounds like you had a lovely evening, jami!! I want someone to touch the small of my back!!

Ha!! Funny drunk lore!!

Kari, that is so badass that you're officially done!! Hooray!!!! *tosses confetti*

Culture, we always kept a styptic pencil nearby during the doggy nail clipping sessions. I clipped the Gus' nails last night. Kitty nails are a lot easier to clip, so you don't have to wrestle the beast for very long. Gus always hurls himself around at first, but he usually calms down after he remembers that there are treats involved.

We got dumped on with snow on Saturday. I spent a lot of time shoveling yesterday. Ah yes...the joys of homeownership. I secretly like this weather though. It keeps people away.

ETA- Hi tes and diva and catsoup and grrrl and anyone else I'm missing!!
BYE TES!! It was sooooo good to see you! Come back when you can!

Jami....OMG....HOT! He sounds like a real sweetheart too. *Swoon*

Hey Diva! That sounds like a really fun weekend. I am glad you got to hang with Sam. What a cutie pie. That is really wonderful that he & the giant get on so well together. Are you tempted to eat the chocolate & truffle ingredients? I would be, but maybe after you work with it so much, you are over it?

I was thinking of you MN Okayers, I saw the snow on the weather channel.

Hi poodles!! Yeah, fuck around all day! You've been working hard lately, gal.

Diva-actually I am done at the hospital. I have fulfilled all the requirements for the degree, just waiting on them to send it to me. I'll be starting back at the hospital for one more semester starting in January. That has nothing to do with my degree, but I have to have one semester of post-grad school-supervised expericence as a fulfillment for state licensure. Sadly, that is only the first step. I still have a long road ahead in pursuing licensure. bah. I am just looking at is as journey though.

Hi catsoup!! You are almost there lady! You can do it! The 19th seems late for the term to end. That is really close to the holidays.
Good afternoon,

Holy crap I've been trying to write this post for half and hour now, people just keep on phoning and phoning and not leaving messages. Assholes, I'm not going to answer, leave a fucking message!!!!!!

Kari, that sounds like a good weekend!

catsoup, good luck with your exams and papers!

Tes, have a safe trip!

Jami, I say go for it! He sounds like a hottie! and portions!

Diva, it also sounds like you had a good weekend. what's going on with Sam's mom right now? Mmmm steak.

Poodle, even if there are treats, the hound doesn't like it. She knows when we are trying to lure her with treats. too smart that little black bandit.

I'm not really ready to go into details about what is going on, I'll tell you it's not too serious, and I'm not dying. the doctor went well. I'll fill you in on details once I get them, if I'm comfortable with it.

What a day it's been! People are so needy on this case load, and I just want people to leave a message. At least it's only an hour until the end of the day.

I did see the cop this weekend, it was good. Thing is, he put me ahead of his girls. Ahhhhh, I'm hoping he was jsut really going through withdrawl from portions. I was running late, and so was he but he told me he really wanted to see me. Oh.Dear. Here's hoping he just really wanted portions.

Hope everyone is doing well.


hola oy and happy monday busties! i managed to have a great mostly relaxing weekend. i got my christmas shopping done for my bro and his family. he got halo 3, the bitch-in-law got a $50 giftcard for bath and bodyworks, and baby niece got a $50 giftcard to borders and a matching stuffed animal. her birthday was back in november, and we still haven't mailed off the presents for that. i got her a few dr. seuss pop-up books, and i'm thinking of adding something subversive, like a copy of 'and tango makes three' and a cd of punk rock covers of children's songs. she likes music, so i think she'd be totally into the cd. assuming bitch-in-law lets her listen to it. hmm, maybe we'll save that for when she comes out for a visit. i also stopped by torrid and picked up a really cute gray tweed skirt for the department christmas party in a couple weeks.

happy belated birthday doodle! hope it was a rockin' one.

ch, what's up chica? hope the doctor visit goes okay and it's nothing too serious. fill us in when you can.

diva, your truffles sound yummy! and did i see turbo mention that she ordered some? where can i do so? cause the hazelnut sounds pretty darned good.

jami, good luck with your cowboy. i've been kind of into them myself lately (stupid sarah mccarty novels!), but all the ones around here are stupid redneck types, or over 50. tongue.gif

tes, have a good flight and all, and visit much as you can!

*waves his to poodle, moxie, kari, catsoup, lore, turbo, and any else i missed*

eta: total x-post with culture!
Jami, keep posting that uber hot seduction story....I've been with Bear for over ten years and...well, ya know. I'm living vicariously. smile.gif

Happy belated, Doodle! I hope your 39th birthday was fun!

grrrl, I so lurve you for sticking subversiveness into the gifts.

kari=WOOOT! on fulfilling the degree requirements!

Divala, if my teeth weren't so darned sensitive I'd want to order truffles too! Do you have any really, really dark chocolate ones?

Sooo, I got back from California okay. Damn, I want that weather. It wasn't really swimming in the unheated pool-weather, but it was "sitting in the sun with short sleeves, but if it gets shady you've got to find the sun really, really fast" weather. My family does funerals the right way, if you ask depressing crap here. Actually we don't even call them "funerals", they are "celebrations of life". It was pretty okay. We went for seafood at a really great place here, and it's famous in the area and I can't. think. of. the. name. OMG, good seafood though.
need Bustie vibes... son just called. taking mom to ER. she's been sick and really weak. she never got all the way better from her emergency surgery a few months ago. scared here. she says she's dying.
(((((((((Jami's mom)))))))))) I really hope she gets through this okay.

Tree, my dark chocolate ones are 1) orange zest/Grand Marnier, 2) key lime, 3) dried cherry, 4) peppermint/candy cane, 5) raspberry (maybe too sweet, though, since I use a lot of jam). The ones with semisweet chocolate are 1) hazelnut/Nutella, 2) tiramisu (nice rich coffee taste on that one, but has a lot of mascarpone cheese), 3) mint (but it has a green chocolate outer which is basically colored almond bark. I'm also going to make some semisweet with red hots and dark chocolate with orange zest and ginger tonight, and semisweet with almond at some point.

Kari, I'm never actually tempted to eat my ingredients. I'm usually pretty sick of them after the first day. I don't even lick my fingers, and I make the giant do all my testing. It's pretty rare for me to sit and eat a whole truffle, unless maybe if it's a broken one and I'm at a sale. I still mostly keep those to give to family.

Grrl, I envy how far you are on your Xmas shopping. I've got 2 books for Sam, some clothes and a wallet for the giant, and 2 rosemalled items for Mom. I've still got a ton to do, but it'll have to wait until the week before Xmas.

Speaking of cool gifts, my dad offered the giant and I a dining room table set of up to $500. That's ridiculously expensive, but damn, do we need it. I want something rectangular that will seat 3 to a side, 8 people total, with a solid wood frame and glass inlays on the surface. I'd like to have enough left over to get chairs, too, which I want all in the same style (straightish back, no armrests), but none matching.

CH, I feel your work pain. I've been having another one of those day, too. At least I managed to get through my mail so I can start working on actual cases again tomorrow. I think I'm going to spend the day doing the non-insane half of my caseload, just to spare me from ripping all my hair out. I've got really nice hair, and I WILL NOT let these jackasses take it from me!
((((jami's momma))))) here's some ~*~*~*health vibes*~*~*~...hope she is okay.

Divala, I am going to have to get myself on your ordering wait list for some key lime ones...can you send me a link? smile.gif
*BUSTer-vibes for Jami's Mom* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Yikes. ((((Jami and Jami Family))))

I've been laying low and busy as hell. Primarily lurking...I have midterms due, trying to get the paper laid out, apparently have credit evaluations to complete, and have parent/teacher conferences on Thursday. Kill me. Kill me now.

I also have a fungal rash over 80% of my body. Fuckers didn't give me the correct medicine, so it got worse. Now I have to pay MORE money to go back and school them.

Grrrl, those sounds like great gifts!

Tree, I'm glad the celebration of life was a good one!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for Jami's mom~*~*~*~*~*

Diva, that's really awamzing of your dad to offer to buy a dinning room set! Crappy caseloads.

Hey Lore!

~*~*~*~*healing vibies for minx~*~*~* What caused such an extensive infection?

Well, here's my CRAPPY Tuesday morning so far. It's snowing all to hell here, I should have stayed home. The roads are crap, the plows aren't out, and every fucking roda is snow covered, I drove 45km an hour most of the way to work because I don't want to die coming to work. Then when I pull into my parking spot, I see that my chocolate milk spilled all inside my bag, so now I have all my crap all over this office drying off, good thing I had a towel and most of the stuff was food. Except, that is, my work cell phone, which is now not working, i have it in pieces drying off, here's hoping that it works.

I'm now highly irritated with this day, I want to go home and go back to fucking bed. I should know what's going on with me in a few days, too.


*throws hissy fit, stomps out to go to crappy work*

Oh wait, now I can't even do any work, because the program we use, isn't fucking working, because the assholes who watch out to make sure our overnight stuff doesn't freeze and crap aren't doing their job! How lovely!

good morning ya'll.

((((((culture))))) damn, it sounds like you are having one of those days for sure! any chance you could escape and go back home to bed? i guess though, now that you've gone to the trouble of getting there, it's almost just worth sticking around. i hope the day gets better soon.

~*~*~*~*~get better, jami's mom~*~*~*~*~ (and yesssss! i like the cowboy!)

byeee tesssss! we'll miss you! great having you while we did!

and DOODLE! i missed your birfday! so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

i have been sort of in a cloud since friday. our friend finally passed that morning and it hit a little harder than i thought it would. i guess i thought since we had been able to say goodbye that it might be easier. i guess it was just the finality of it. we did go out on sunday evening, just as the sun was setting, and released a huge bouquet of pink and purple alstroemeria into the sea. i think she would have loved it. the funeral was yesterday.

friday night, we had some friends over for dinner. i roasted a chicken with purple onion, red and orange peppers, carrots, celery and a ton of lemon and lime juices and served it with some rosemary garlic couscous. it was super tasty. but then at the end of the night, we started talking politics and realized that our friend is a pretty staunch republican. he is a retired navy officer and he totally drank the kool-aid. it got a little heated, but was still friendly enough.

saturday, i went and returned a skirt to banana republic. i had bought a black pinstriped "interview" suit a couple of months ago and even though i wore the skirt once for an interview, i left the tags on. it was a size ten and i was able to trade it in for a size six, which made me very happy. i'd already bought the jacket in a six but when i'd originally bought it, i think i was only a month or so past pregnancy. i still have a way to go but it's awesome to see the progress. i also tried on a size 8 skirt i'd bought at kohl's and it doesn't fit either. i got them for work, even though i didn't have a job at the time. so i'm gonna trade that in too for a smaller size. YESSS! smile.gif

ok better post this now and come back later...
Hi, peeps!

(((((((continued vibes for Jami's mom)))))))))

((((((((FJ's friend))))))))
(((((((((vibes for FJ's Republican friend to see the error of his ways)))))))))

CH, sorry your day is sucking so big today. If it were me, I'd go back to bed and call an early end to the day.

(((((((Minx's rash)))))))) Oy. What's it from?

Tree, can you PM me your email address, then I can send you my full flavor menu? You, too, Grrl!

Jenn, have you decided on what you'd like in your dozens yet? I'm kind of waiting until I've got everyone's orders before I send them out.

Hi, Lore!

I've added 3 new flavors to my menu as of last night: crystalized ginger with orange zest in semisweet chocolate, pummelled red hots in semisweet chocolate, and almond in dark chocolate with a whole almond inside and pieces of almond paste. Plus, I made another batch of caramel. I'm up to 22 flavors this year. I'm insane, I know. So that makes:

key lime classic dark milk chocolate/pecan
orange zest/Grand Marnier peppermint/candy cane mint
hazelnut/Nutella lemon mojito
caramel chocolate malt peanut butter crunch
cherry coconut raspberry
Bailey's almond red hots
tiramisu oranze zest/ginger passionfruit
Heya again!

*Continued BUSTer-vibes for Jami's Mom*

(((Culture))) Wow! That is a shitty start to a day. I hate spills within bags. I hope the phone kicks back to life again. Maybe some techie will know what your best bet is. Oh, and Simon says: "The very next person you interact with, picture in your mind what it would be like to have that conversation totally baked." *Better-Day Vibes*

FJ, wow! Great to hear you're recovering from pregnancy smoothly smile.gif It was worth it, though, wasn't it? He's cute! Hang in there about the loss. (((FJ))) That bouquet tradition is very nice. Sorry your friend is a Republican, too. Sometimes you gotta say, "Oh well..." because arguing isn't going to change 'em. Of course, if they get up in your face about it, HULK SMAAASH!

*gives Minx a shot in the arm of can-do fluid* It'll only 'pinch' for a little while. Just keep active and change the band-aid at night. Oh, and drink caffiene. (Actually, IRL, there's this stuff called Kava or Kava-kava which really made it possible to concentrate past stress when I was doing my thesis. You'd need to drink a big dose, though, not some wimpy tea or capsule.)

Tree: Glad the celebration of life went so well. (((Tree)))

DIVA, I wish I could spend a week or so learning some of your Xocoalchemy. It really rocks that you can do that and make a profit. Seriously, any profit puts you ahead of us Norton & Ralph types with our Honeymooner-esque schemes. And I bet your truffles sell because you're GOOD at what you do.

Grrlyouwant, I salute your subversive gift-giving ways! What album is that you speak of, with the covers of children's songs? YES! Ween them off of Kool-Aid while they're young!

ETA: Crushed RedHots?!?! You are a Truffle Goddess!
Good Afternoon lovlies!

((((FJ)))) I'm sorry that you are feeling down. That is really great about the weight loss. Are you doing The Abs Diet?

Diva, I'm sorry I can't order truffles, since I started investing, things are tight.

I agree, I think I should have gone home, still no news from the doc, but it's only been a day so far. Not too concerned anymore. I know that all will be well. Everything has a way of working out, and it's not a cancer of HIV test that I'm waiting for results on!

It's still snowing hella lot here, but it is winter. Bah, that means shovellling when I get home, but dog at the park in deep snow equals tired puppy when CH needs to work out! Woot!

Hope everyeone is doing well!


ETA: Hey Lore! Ha! That's awesome! I'd like to have a converation with you while we were baked! That would rawk! Not just rock, but RAWK!!!!! \m/

Hi everyone!!

(((((jami's mom)))))

~*~*~*~health and anti-stress vibes for all who need em~*~*~*~

Congrats on the weight-loss, FJ!! ~*~*~*~political recovery vibes for republican friend~*~*~*~

Diva, you should make bacon truffles like the candy bar!! laugh.gif I'm sure taloo would be interested.

I'm glad these funerals went okay. They both sound beautiful. I'm worried that if I die before my family members, that they'll give me heaven/god/jesus funeral. I'd rather have it be retrospective and celebratory with badass music.

(((culture))) I did the same think driving in the snow the other day. Mocha all over my seat and floor.

For some reason, I felt compelled to sign up for Match again yesterday. I don't know why. Boredom? More than anything, I think I use match to take my mind off XRB. It's like a self-protective measure. Not very healthy, but somewhat effective. I always end up getting mad at men and romance when I browse match though. What's wrong with me?! I wish I knew what XRB was thinking. He called me last night and we had a good conversation. I still don't understand what's going on, if anything. I wish I knew if he liked me "that way." If not, at least I know it's not my appearance. I'd rather be rejected for my personality than my looks!! laugh.gif

ETA- Oops!! X-posts!! Hi lore and culture!!
Poodle, that bites the big one, spilling mocha all over. Them cups be little buggers. I completely understand your situation with XRB.

Those situations have made me become a playette. Feh.

Maybe something great will come out of match!

Is it the end of the day yet?



Well, y'all know my opinion about Match... it rulez. That's how I met the giant and I have Poodle to thank 40% for it. Maybe a little jealousy would be good for XRB.

Aw, spilled mocha is the worst. I'm very wary of those lids Starfucks gives you. I always get an extra one to put on top of the bottom one, only backwards, so the coffee doesn't spill out of the sippy hole if it gets bumped. And I carry a Tide stain stick. : ) Do you have cupholders in your car, Poodle? I don't remember. Cupholders are the best. I'll never buy a car without them again.

I will not be making bacon truffles.

CH, actually, I'm not sure I could even ship them to Canada if you did order them. There are strange rules about shipping food from the US to Canada, and chocolate might be one of those banned items.

I hear it's snowing really hard up in these parts, too. I haven't been out since this morning, but it looks kind of grey out from what little of the window I can see.

Lore, putting candy in chocolates makes me happy. It's fun and whimsical and frivilous - and a hell of a lot easier than buying the right cinnimon for them and then having nothing else to use it on. I wish you could come over, too. I could sure use the help. : )

I think my boss snuck out for the day. Let's hope I'm right. I'd rather spend the day reading TWoP's PR recaps than do any actual work.

Diva, it's so cool that you found such a great fit on match. RARE!! I dated that one dumbass and then I screwed up one of my decent matches because I had feelings for XRB. If I did meet someone cool, I'd probably screw it up again for the same reason!!

Holy balls!! It's snowin' like crazy outside!! I'm glad I don't have to drive. I'm not looking forward to more shoveling though. Grrrr....

I think there might be cupholders in my car if you flip down this thinger in the middle. I always forget about it. My car's not all that special anyway, so the mocha stain isn't too devastating. I just don't want it to smell like spoiled milk in there.
Poodle, it's also snowing like a motherfucker here.

Fucking snow, all of Canada got dumped, on, seriously. Montreal for a foot of snow! 35 centimetres!!! B.C. got it bad too, It's not so bad here, more like a dusting, but still slows things down a fair bit.

Diva, does the tide stain stick actually work??? I usually wear black, so as not to have a noticable stain as one would on white clothes. Of course if it's a shot spot, that's different. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Well, it's just about time for me to get the hell out of here!

hello to the bustie ladies
mom's home from the hospital. all they did was give her an iv for hydration. no blood tests. no pain management. no nothing. older son is Pissed. next time it will be a different hospital. older son bought airline tickets for son and I to come home over the holidays. wow. now that's a christmas present. now mom just has to hold on till then. I know there's not much I can do - but we'll be there for her. it's weird... before older son called to tell me how sick she was, all I could hear in my head all day was "Silver Wings" by Merle Haggard. that's what she told me she wanted played at her funeral.
I'm kinda emotional shakey right now. son is pretending all is ok.
lamex is here... bought himself a *new* pickup, using ours as a trade in. judge said he could not do that, 'cause half the equity is mine. but of course, he did it. my car that he let girlfriend use is gone, too. great. I had to get a court order *allowing* me to purchase a vehicle!!
no snow here yet, but this am there was black ice everywhere. be careful out there.
yea to fj on needing a smaller size. woot!
Diva... I need your addy for to send truffle $, girl. haven't gotten anything back from you in days.
CH, love ya girl.
((tree)), I love the celebration of life. was the resturant the Grotto???
hi to minx, lore, poodle and the rest!!!
((((jami)))) Sucks, dudette.

ETA- Okay, I'm officially bored as hell.

I got a wink from a seemingly nice guy who I barely have anything in common with. What's up with that? He's a sports-lovin' outdoorsman who lives in the sticks and listens to Tim McGraw and I'm a godless, feminist, vegetarian city-dweller who hates new country. Sounds like a sitcom!! The first thing I thought when I read the guy's profile was, "This guy should date my brother-in-law."
hey again.

no, ch, i'm not really doing the abs diet in particular. i guess i'm just trying to be sensible. i'm definitely watching my fat intake. i'm actually using a site that lets me list all my foods and keeps track of all the calories, fat, carbs and protein. i'm trying to eat a lot of protein and cut the carbs, but i wouldn't say i'm doing an atkins either. i guess you could call mine the "moderation diet".

which is precisely why i haven't requested an order of diva's divine delights! i would know no moderation with those things! damn! i wouldn't even be able to pick out which flavors, so i'd have to order them all, then eat them all to find the best. maybe next year. wink.gif

but yeah, lore, you're right. jackaroo is TOTALLY worth the weight gain. i put on about 50lbs when it was all said and done and i still have about fifteen to twenty to go. i know the size sounds small, but i gained inches everywhere, even in my face. so i am hoping my daily walks will help some, and i'm trying to add some other exercises in.

tonight's plan is to take some good pics of jackaroo for our holiday card. this should be fun. i'm planning to incorporate a nekkid baby bottom and a santa hat and possibly a stocking. hehe. you know i'll share what we come up with. smile.gif

i had forgotten that diva and the giant met on match. that definitely says something for it. but i can totally understand getting mad at men when surfing those sites. and if i were a guy truly looking for a decent woman, i'd prolly feel the same way. the sites mrfj and i peruse to look for sextracurricular buddies sometimes disgust me. i mean, i KNOW that we're all there to find sexually compatible people, but come on! a dick picture really does nothing for me. even some of the pictures that women choose to express themselves just squick me out. but that's a whole different thing obviously. poodle, sounds like the guy didn't bother to read your profile. that's another pet peeve of mine. grrr.

hehe, shot spot! hehehehehe, nice ch~

jami, sorry you're having it so rough but GOOD that your mom is doing ok. would have sucked if she'd have been admitted.
Jami, I did get your email. I haven't put the boxes together yet, so I don't know how much for postage. I promise I'll get it done on Thursday night when I have a breather.

That's good that it doesn't sound too serious with your mom, but I hope they didn't miss anything at the hospital when they checked her over. Lamex sounds like a real asshole. Does a court order mean nothing to him? Those are a pretty big deal where I work, and we don't let people get away with shit (then again, it's child support, and if they don't pay now, it'll just go on their tab - plus interest and a bad report to the credit agencies). Could it be said that you own part of his truck now and you can drive it around whenever you please? You should do that, especially since his girlfriend is driving your car. What an asshole.

Poodle, remember that the giant and I only had our music in common when we first met, and look how well it's gone. Although new country (and old country, as far as I'm concerned) is deplorable. Drown it out with your awesome Brian Johnson impression.

CH, the Tide stick works pretty well, but really only for food stains. It's shit on ink marks. You have to rub the spot for awhile, but it eventually comes out or lightens a lot. It's saved my ass many times when I've worn a light colored shirt and dripped a little coffee on it... thus the Starfucks trick of 2 lids. But yeah, definitely worth the money.

I'm not looking forward to driving home. I was going to go out of my way to pick up another few pounds of dark chocolate, but since I don't desperately need it, I'm just going home. But then I have to go to the stupid gym. Suck. At least it's only 8 blocks away and I can use plowed streets. It's days like this I'm happy to live on a street on a bus route, since they always get plowed first.
hey ladies. but things are serious with my mom. he's taking what was prescribed as four a day pain pills - about one every two hours. too weak to walk. she needs a real doctor. not one who says - now why are you here? her answer - I died last week, any other stupid questions? (true story)
lamex had the only set of keys to the pickup. (would not 'allow' me to use it, even though court said I could). Same now with the new pickup. and no, court orders mean nothing to him. hence the protection order. there are at least 30 charges that could be contempt of court charges against him. but the judge here has only found one contempt of court against someone in the last 6 months. while lamex is doing things illegally - it means nothing here. he transported 6 weapons from the house - when I had a protection order. firearms. the judge did nothing to him.
jami, that sucks balls that the judge is doing nothing to protect you. when i had an order of protection put against my ex asshat, they also took away his guns as well as his right to carry concealed weapons (he'd had a license) because he outright threatened me with one of his firearms. of course, i never really believed that he wasn't going to come after me anyways - with or without the protection order. when people go fucking psycho, they don't often take court orders into account. honestly, until i learned that he was dead (shot himself, ironically) i feared my life and that of my family.

i am sorry you're having such a time with this and i hope it ends for you very soon.

does your mom not have a regular doc? could you take her to another hospital to get a second opinion? i do hope she feels better soon!

~~*~*~*~*~be careful out on the streets, diva and poodle and culture and other snowbound busties~*~*~*~*~~
QUOTE(jami @ Dec 4 2007, 03:29 PM) *

((tree)), I love the celebration of life. was the resturant the Grotto???
hi to minx, lore, poodle and the rest!!!

OMG, yes, that's it..."anthony's fish grotto"!!! Yummmm...

More ~*~*~*momma vibes for you*~*~*~

I had an insane ex, too. Story's in the abortion thread. I didn't feel safe till he was dead, either. And then I felt pressured to go to his funeral!!??!!

hehe, poodle, that happened to me, I'd get all these republican farm boy Nascar/football/fishing/hunting guys. Nothing against them, but totally NOT for me. Heh. I'd rather get a commie vegetarian guy.

Wow, CH, what a craptastic start to the day! ~*~*~*soothing vibes*~*~*~

Oh, poor minxie!!! ~*~*anti fungus vibes*~*~

Been a while since I did so much serious vibin'....
Good evening!

Jami, I can't believe the judge isn't doing anything. What a motherfucker the judge and your ex is. (((jami))) I heart you! That is so sweet that your oldest did that for you! What a good boy, he has a good momma! I hope that your mom gets better.

Poodle, a wink, eh? Too bad he's such a polar opposite, and you going to initiate conversation at all?

FJ, that's great that you are eating healthy and making an overall lifestyle change! I'm sure that you still look smokin' hot.

Diva, you are so lucky that streets get plowed first. Here, ever since the work was privatized, businesses make contracts to have thier parking lots plowed first, which makes no fucking sense. So arounf the city, the streets are in shit condition, but at least the parking lots are clean. So I can't get anywhere, but at least when I don't get there, I have a place to park. On my way home today, the streets were getting cleaned.

Hey Tree!

So, I also have the insane ex. The major loser. Speaking of exes, did I tell you that on night I was hitting on this guy at the bar, and 7/7/7 boy comes up to me and was all "hey baby, don't be a stranger", the guy asked me if he was a boyfriend, I said hell no! Turns out that the guy I was hitting on had a wife!!!!! And he wanted me to come over to his place after the bar. What a wanker. I do believe I got some cop portions anyway that weekend. So har har!

What else, I shoveled a load of snow, then took houndy to the park for a nice long walk and waded through knee deep snow in the open field, so those two were my workouts, cardio and worked legs (which is good, because today was supposed to be a leg day!), now here I am just laying around in bed, lounging around in the lounge, and hound is by my side chewing on a bone.

The drive home was fairly good, it'll be good when everything is all clean and the front wheel drive isn't in use every time I change lanes, and guzzling gas. I have a small car, but diving through snow (while much much fun!) uses gas. Bah.

How is everyone doing tonight? Good I hope.

((((((hugs for every bustie))))) just cos I heart you all!

(((((healing white light for jami's mom))))) ((((calming vibes for jami)))) Its so hard when someone you love is sick, and you're so far away. Really sweet of your son to get you tix home for the holidays, though.

Lamex needs a dose of reality - I'm so sorry to hear that the courts are not protecting you. Ugh.

Diva - I sent you a PM about the beautiful chocolates! I can't wait to taste your creations!

FJ - You ROCK with the weightloss....I really need to get back to being motivated about it...after losing 20lb on South Beach last winter, its all back now. booo. I gotta get rid of it before the cruise, dammit! I think its harder for me right now, with such a toxic work environment - doesn't make me want to come home and work out.

BUT, I need to get crackin', because I have to put together a small electronic portfolio to send over to the super-cool jobby-job I'm interviewing for.
Turbo, when is the next interview??? The 10th of December right?
greetings lovley ladies
I have a restraining order. Had a protection order. he took guns from the house with both the restraining and protection order in place. his concealed weapons permit was never taken from him. he has all the weapons that he took from the house. he could have taken more while I was not at home. one sheriff, seeing how he acts quietly took me aside and asked if I could get the protection order reinstated. no. it is the same judge that let the protection order expire, let him keep all the guns, and proclaimed in court what a great father he was - taking his son hunting and fishing, and therefore needed to keep the guns. is that insane or what? he has never taken his son hunting or fishing. has gone target pratice, but that's it.
like I said - good 'ol boys club here. and that's why I believe he moved us here. he can get away with so much.
he has threatened me, pushed me, taken property, ( so much is missing), and yet nothing happens to him. (and I have it all on video for trial exhibit)
and fj.... love the grotto! my family used to meet there for family dinners. isn't the garden great?
mom has a 'regular' doctor, but he hasn't a clue.
Jami, I have seen through personal work experience that motherfuckers like lamex always ALWAYS get what is coming to them.

For example, after my ex had me arrested and tree fell on his brand new car. Ha. Now I do not own a saw of any kind either.

Okay, off to moisturize then bed time!

Later busties!
Holy crap!! Freaky ex situations in here!! That's probably true what FJ said about a psycho not paying attention to a court order. Sad.

Can't wait to see the jackaroo pics, FJ!!

Culture, I exchanged a couple emails with the guy just to be open-minded, but I just wasn't feeling it. There aren't very many guys on there that I'm truly interested in, but I figure I should put myself out there just in case. I'm not going to actively pursue people this time though.
it's been suggested, and not 'official' or anything, that besides bi-polar, he's probably antisocial. it doesn't sound ominous, but once I looked up the definitions and symptoms, it really was an eye opener. truly scarey stuff. I still fear when he's around.
*okay, kinda drunk again, so sorry, but...* FUCKING Comcast! mad.gif If Comcast were a paerson, I would go to CostCo, buy a rotissery chicken, break off a drumstick, then jab the drumstick through Comcast's fucking eye! Over and over... Like the movie Psycho, but instead of some innocent person in a shoower, it would be Comcast, and instead of a kitchen knofe, it would be a drumstick from a CostCo rotissery chicken for $5.

Sorry, but I'm pissed. My internet has been cutting out all day. And I'm kinda drunk.

I miss GoatyGirl sad.gif She's still finishing her job up North, and I'm on the job waiting list down south. I just want to forward to the next chapter where we're together, saving up money, and maybe considering whether to get season passes for skiing.

Sorry to vent, Okaylanders, but this has been the first I've been able to post for a long, frustrating while.
Gooooood Morning!

FUCK IS IT COLD TODAY!!!!!! There is no windchill, and it's -27! Bah. Winterpeg indeed. Seems the entire country is in a deep freeze and recovering from massive amount of snow.

Poodle, I'm sorry that you didn't feel the vibe with the boy. Come here for a visit and we'll get you a nice Canadian Boy, eh?

Jami, maybe lamex will go for a long walk off a short pier, then off himself. Horrible to day, but he's a cockbadger who must go.

Hey Lore! Comcast is giving you trouble, eh? Mofo's! awwww, that's so sweet that you miss goaty! There is hope because there are some good men out there!

Well, I am sore today, that shoveling and walking through deep snow paid off, I think today, I'll still take houndy to the park, not for a really long walk, it's going to be mighty cold all day. Ooooh, she's so funny, she sticks her whole nose into the snow then snorts. When she takes her face back out, it looks like I have a border collie with a coke problem. Maybe that explains why she is so jittery sometimes. So I have a werefish and a coke addicted dog. Heh. I'm also excited, the newest book in a series I am reading has been out since the end of October, and here I am like an idiot not picking it up, so I think I'll pick it up at lunch today.

What else? Oh yah, I feel at the park yesterday into a giant pile of snow, and it went down my pants, into my hooha, it was chilly I tells yah, then the dog came and sat on me. It was rather funny.

Well, I am going to go and do some work, maybe!

Later all!

Goooooood Morning!

((((JAMI and Fam))))) I will be thinking about you and your mom. I hope all turns out well. That is very scary. That's awesome that you are going to be able to see her at Christmas. So sorry Lamex is such a dick. Ugh. He has antisocial traits? *shudder* I am glad you are away from him now.

((FJ)) I am so sorry to hear about your friend passing. Even though you did get a chance to say goodbye to her, I know nothing prepares you for the loss. On another topic...congrats on your LB loss! Good work! That is very exciting that you got to size down.

CH, -27??? I think I would die! I'm used to these southern temps. It gets to the single digits here, but not often. *hands CH some hot chocolate and a warm, fuzzy blanket* Stay warm!

Lore! The vision of you poking out Comcast's eyeball with a drumstick is hilarious. Heh. We don't have Comcast, but everyone says the are real pricks. Sorry you are missing Goatie girl. How long til she joins you there?

Poodle, good for you on doing Match. It can't hurt anything, and like you said, will give you some distraction. What are your feelings with XRB? Does the relationship have the potential to be long term?

Diva, all of the truffles sound SO GOOD! I can see what you mean about not being tempted to eat the ingredients. I guess it's kind of like any other sort of artist. You view your ingredients as materials, not necessarily food.

Hi Treehugger!

Things here are good. I had my telecommute day yesterday, the first one I've had where I did not have to work at the hospital in the evening. It was nice! I got some shopping done in the evening, but not as much as I would have liked. I did buy a pretty wreath at Jo-Anns for the front door. It was 50% off, so it was a deal. I talked to my friend that recently had the baby-friend is now at home, which is good. Baby still hospitalized, obviously, but she is doing well. I think that is about all I have to report here. I gotta get some work done, be back later....
Greetings. even though it's snowing, it is not as cold. sometimes it has to warm up to snow. strange stuff you learn out here.
Lamex woke us this morning, pounding at the door. he demanded to know why son wasn't in school. I guess we overslept. (glorious deep sleep that I needed with all that is going on and was having before he came around). he told me I had better get to being a better mother, and he stormed off. can you believe that?
yes, antisocial behavior. it's all about him. he is to benefit from everything. he is never wrong. he is to be praised and looked up to. the laws mean nothing to him, he lies to his benefit , he has cheated on me (apparently more than one woman, too), he wears a sidearm as to show that he is bigdog, he refuses to let another drive even when it is snowing and there are deer on the road. he says the divorce is my fault, and is now even blaming me for when our firstborn son was stillborn. there is so much more. mindgames. I have been mentally and emotionally (and physically) beaten down for so long that I believed so much of him. and now with thanks to friends, I can see how terrifying he is. and while he does not 'live' here, he comes and goes as he pleases, bringing with him whoever he pleases (judge's orders) and there is nothing I can do but try to keep my home stable for my son. it's been 11 months. and we are still prisoners here.
but we must be doing something right... last night before bed, son came to me and told me that he loved me and appreciated all that I did for him. and he kissed me on the cheek with a hug.
now if that don't bring a tear to your eye, I don't know what will. it did to me.
ellow, ellow!

how are my okayers today?

awww, lore. i am sorry you are at home missing your goatie girl and not even able to get online to amuse yourself. i have to tell you, and you're going to think i'm nutters - there is a kleenex commercial running now with clay animated children. for some reason, the little boy in the commercial makes me think of you every time i see it.

that should go in the "you know you're a bustie when..." thread i guess. smile.gif

thanks for the congrats on the weight loss. it's a big deal for sure but i still feel like i have a long way to go. over the weekend, i was feeling all cute and sexy and had mrfj take some pictures of me in front of the fireplace. when i saw the pictures i was horrified! how is it possible to think you look so great, only to see your own image and realize that um, no. put some clothes on, girl! blink.gif

hi tree! i'm glad the celebration went well for your family. poodle, i agree with what you said yesterday about wanting a celebration rather than some jeebus type ceremony. the service for my friend was catholic and was mostly religious readings than real anecdotes about her. i am sure it was more her mother's wishes than hers but i do know that she was catholic and while i didn't believe in what was being said, i just kept focusing on the fact that it was what g believed and imagined her being brought into her own special light. at my own death, like poodle, i want a celebration with awesome music and good food and drink. i want to be cremated and tossed into the sea i think, and then just get together and talk about memories. so there, it's all in writing now. tongue.gif

-27 is just insane. i cannot believe it was that cold there this morning, culture. incredible. we got down to freezing last night but nowhere near that!! eeek!

eta: jami, i hope you are able to put this whole thing past you very soon. i am so sorry you have to deal with such an asshole. i swear, he sounds so much like my ex asshat it's incredible. i am just so very thankful that i didn't have children with him. i heard that he had a child with a woman after me. and he actually shot himself in front of that woman and their child. fuck, i'm glad he's gone. yeah it's a rough and harsh thing to say but no one knows the all of what that mother-fucker did to me. he deserved so much worse than he got. /vent
Hey Hey!

Kari and FJ, yup, it's a mighty bit chilly here. Oh well. It is what it is.

Kari, I'm glad to hear that your friend and baby are improving.

Jami, can you call the police when lamex breaks the restraining/protection order?

Well, it's been an okay day so far, feeling a little anxious, but I'll be fine. I just want to go home and pull the covers over me and sleep!

It's almost lunch time, though, so that's a good thing.

Hope that everyone is doing well.

Hi, peeps!

Today got off to a craptacular start. It took me almost twice as long as normal to drive to work, then I got in trouble for telling my boss I was late a whole 15 minutes after I got here and not saying anything yesterday. What a jackass. I wasn't about to tell him it was because I just found out an old friend of mine died on Sunday of pancreatic cancer. I want no sympathy from him.

So, yeah, cancer takes another person I know. He was a friend of mine from when I was on the gay pride board. He smoked like a chimney, swore like a sailor, and was a fairly well-known drag queen. I haven't talked to him for awhile, but always enjoyed when he was around. But on the upside, I did get to catch up a little with the friend who told me, another ex-board member. I don't think I'll go to the service, but I'm going to give a memorial gift in his honor.

I don't know how you all do it with the psycho exes. Mine have all been a little odd, but never harmful.

Jami, that so sucks about the little boys network in the courts. Up here, none of that would fly. An OFP is a pretty big deal, and if someone feels like they're in danger from a person who has guns, there shouldn't be any question about granting it. He sounds like a real piece. Wouldn't it be great if all those self-important assclowns got put on an island where they had to be bossed around by incredibly assertive women? Sounds like he needs to be put in his place. He's just a little man, not the god of his universe.

Sorry things are still rough for your mom. When are you going to fly out to see her? Can she get a new doctor who'll take her seriously?

I wish everyone could live in MN. For the most part, our courts are fair for divorce/child support/custody issues, and our hospitals don't suck (except for Minx's rash situation).

((((((((Lore)))))))) aw, that's so sweet you're missing the goatie girl. I hope she can get things taken care of soon so you can move on to that next chapter.

CH, that story was cute about falling in the snow. It has to happen to everyone at least once a year!

Hi, Kari and FJ and Poodle and Tree!

Not much going on around here. I prepped my new truffle flavors to dip when I get home from class (rolled the ganache balls and stuck them in the freezer so the ganache doesn't melt and bleed into the tempered coating chocolate, which will ruin it), plus made the almond ganache, so they'll be ready to go when I get home. I've got to get all these done for my little sale tomorrow. I went to the gym for a rather perfunctory workout and read my chapter for class, took my quiz, and will be starting my homework as soon as I post this. I just wish I had time to watch PR tonight, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, well.

ch - the protection order has lapsed, and the restraining order has more to do with restraining him from selling or removing our joint property. (that piece of paper doesn't work much either). but he is not to harrass me. all I can do is log it and pile it upon the other infractions.
diva - loved reading what you said. he is a little man (in more ways than one <g>) but he intimidates or buys those around him. ((diva)) loved what you said about your friend. sounds like a great person.
son and I will fly out when school's on break. looking forward to seeing mom again. son is already making plans to see friends, that's wonderful.
((kari and friend and baby))
((lore)) and missing goatie girl
((fj, poodle, and the rest)) just 'cause.
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