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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*flying tackle into the thread*
*lands on doodle*
*rolls around on floor*

it's doodle's bday sunday!!! HUZZAH!!! ZOUNDS, even!!

*peers around thread*

where is that bom DIVA????? diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiva!!! come and play!!

YAYAYAYAY!!!! for cars that start!! and it's not even march! smile.gif

BOOOOOOO!!!!! for really cold temperatures!!!! (snow is pretty, though)

YAYAYAYAY!!!!! for working at home!!!

BOOOOOOO!!!!!! for horrid corporate kool-aid conferences!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ super-duper magic bustie vibes for karifriend baby ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

(culture, do they REALLY sing some sort of wal-mart cheer before opening the store? creeeeeeepy. *shivers up spine*)

hi, jami! *waves frenetically*
this is the first time that we have met, yesh? muito cool that there are new okies!!! sounds to me that you have given lamex the perfect name.

cold toes suck, catsoup. have you tried really warm socks? wool ones? when i worked in "cold" washington dc, i wore my snow boots to work and switched to work shoes there. kept a pair of neutral pumps in a desk drawer. as for the classes? of COURSE you will make it!!!

jenn, i have probably asked this before....but: is that a squeaky hedgehog in turbo's mouth??? hee!

kari, rosev and i met after she and sheff moved to this area. i moved to africa just before they moved here. we don't see each other more than once a year, when i am home for thanksgiving. but she is the COOLEST, bustilicious and sweet person you could hope to meet. then again, i have never met a bustie that wasn't awesome!

elle is, indeed, preggers!! she and the songwriter got married in may 2006 (she wore another bustie's petticoat under her wedding gown!), she came to visit me in june 2007 (when she told me that they would start trying to have kids as soon as she got back), stayed for 2 weeks, then went to visit friends and family in finland, and got pregnant the day after she got home. she's due in late april, early may. i'll be back in the US for the birth. just call me auntie no-no!

is poodley noodley still here? boobay squishing hugs to her and everyone else i've missed!
wow. *~*~*~*~*~*soothing, happy, healthy baby vibes~*~*~*~*~*~* for kari's friend and her baby. very scary stuff. please keep us posted!

aw, moxie! gush away, mama! you know i don't mind at least, hehe. oooh, i'm jealous of your massage. i need to get another one soon. it was only a couple of weeks ago, but a massage would probably do me right well today. my back has really been bothering me lately. it feels swollen around my rods or something.

oooh, culture. a drug disinfo book? sounds like a fun read. and right on re: your town plowing the parking lots before the roads. hehe. that doesn't make much sense at all.

doodle, i'm just still so happy for you and the band. now you guys just need to figure out how to parlay this into a money-making gig! and best of luck on the clothing store. that would be perfect for your rock star persona!!

and yes, i have lucid dreams quite often actually. it's funny, i usually figure out that it's a dream because something is a little "off". for example, i dreamed once that there was someone in my house and that i ran to the bathroom to escape. but the bathroom had this huge picture window covered in plants that doesn't actually exist - so i was able to tell myself in the dream that i was not actually in danger. and then i woke up wishing that my bathroom actually DID look like that. tongue.gif

oh, and winter solstice yay! mrfj and i are considering attending the "saturnalia" at oneof the local museums. the museum has beautiful gardens and they're going to have a toga party and vittles. it's $40 per person to go though, and while the funds go to the museum, i'm not so sure i want to spare them at this time of year. plus, it's on a thursday night. AND, i have a feeling that it'll be a bit stuffy, with the museum members and whatnot. hmm, maybe i'll just focus on my idea of having a summer solstice party here at our house next year, complete with togas.

ok, i have to share a story that doodle's pee story made me think of. actually, it was culture's idea about her getting mugged with the pee. a friend of a friend was asked to dogsit for another friend up in nyc. somehow, while she was sitting, the dog passed away. it was apparently an old and beloved pet, so the friend was asked to bring the dog's remains up to the family home in conn. so, not having a car, she decided to take the dog on the train, in a huge duffel bag. while at the station, a nice fellow came up and offered to help her with the load. when he asked what was in the bag, she didn't want to say it was a dead dog, so she said it was books and a laptop. when he heard laptop, he took off with the bag!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! what a prick. karma is a bitch! i know the story sounds too funny to be true, but the friend swore it was relayed to her as being true. can you imagine!??! hehe

awright, i'm off for now. hoping turbo is having a better day today.

ch, catsoup and jami, stay warm ya'll! i really wish is was a little colder here, but not THAT cold!!!

Hello again!

~*~*~*~*Kari's friend's baby get better vibes~*~*~*~*~*

Mox, ohmyfreakin' goodness! awwww.

Hey Tes!!!! I heard that's what happens at WalMart, I refuse to have anything to do with that store. It's pure evil, and not the fun kind of, oh say, Culture evil. the bad bad bad fundamentalist christian evil.

Fj, that story is fucked up! I feel bad for the family, but serves that douchebag right! Ooooh a toga party!!!! That sounds so fun!

Well, I'm back to covering only one case load! YAY! And I have a wad of filing to do, but today I don't really mind. I want to get this filing done by the end of the day today, and that's that!!!! Woot!

So, how is everyone else??? And where are Dive and Poodle???!?!?!?

unfortunately, mrfj worked at walmart for a couple weeks back in his high school days (correct me if i'm wrong on this, mrfj). he says the reason he quit was because they told him if he didn't do the "cheer", he'd be fired.
Hi, peeps!

I'm just here for a couple minutes before I have to do my homework for class tonight.

((((((((((health vibes for Kari's friend's baby)))))))))))

Hi, Tes!

I worked full-time at Wal-Mart for a summer during college, fortunately in the electronics department and not at the regular checkouts. I don't remember having to do the cheer in the mornings, but we had to when we closed. It was so incredibly lame. They even told how much money the store made and how it compared to the same day a year ago. They're all about the greed. I wonder if my dad had to do the cheer back in the pharmacy when he worked there years and years ago. I don't remember him ever mentioning it. When he first started there, he was so excited because they called employees "associates" and gave out stock to "associates" or some such thing. Fast forward to 6 years later, and he loathed the place, was even part of the class action lawsuit where the pharmacists tried to sue for back wages. I think it got shut down in appeal, though.

CH, I'm glad your car started. That was always my biggest worry in the winter mornings with my old car. Not so much with my new one, though. But still, my old car, for all it's crappiness, wasn't as bad as you'd expect about starting up in the cold. It's all about the battery.

I stayed home yesterday because my throat hurt and I woke up feeling like death. I'm marginally better today, though definitely not well yet. The lady next to me has shingles, so I feel pretty fortunate with my little head cold. I spent the day watching old episodes of wrestling, an old classic movie called "High Society," and scraping grout off a mosaiced flower pot, hopefully my last one for at least several years, then made the centers for my passionfruit truffles (no fingers involved and my head was far away from the pots, so they're safe). Then I had to go to the gym, then rested. I felt really lame having a 4-day weekend, then work one lousy day, then take another one off. And tomorrow I have a craft show here at work, so I'll only be working for 3 hours at the most.

OK, time to do some homework.

Hey-o! Quick drive-by since I've a meeced youuuse!

TESSSSS!!! *wag wag wag wag* Always great to see your purple self! Rock on about the safari Christmas!

Hello & love to all others (for quickness sake).

Moovin' has been smoovin'. Nothing broken that we're aware of, and our extra-nice landlady is giving all of our $795 back! She was impressed at how well we took care of the place.

Also, I've been having awesome social time of late. The inlaws visited for Thanksgiving, and I baked an apple pie with peanutbuttery crumble and a berry pie with ginger snap crumble/filo. Also, I made oyster sauce bock choy and stuffed potatoes. Furthermore, I got to hang out with BFF OtterMan and his family as they helped us unload at our new place only 10 minutes from their new place, and with other friends from Bellingham in preparation to leave here.

We've moved most of our stuffage, but we're camping out on the floor in our old place for the rest of the month/week.

Unfortunately, though, I will not be completing 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month due to the move, but it's not a complete waste. I'm liking the story I'm writing and plan on continuing it. NaNoWriMo has done its job in inspiring me, and I've realized that even the grueling parts of novel-writing are actually stuff I can enjoy.
Fj, that story IS fucked up! I bet that thief was quite disappointed. I vote for skipping the stuffy museum party and doing the summer solstice toga party. That sounds like a lot more fun. I am like you, I can't cough up money for anything right now.

Hi Moxie!! Glad you got some good R&R time.

For real? Wal-Mart has a cheer?? My aunt works there currently, I will ask her about it.

((diva)) Hope you get to feeling better. Poor lady with shingles! I hear those are really painful.

Thank you for all the vibes for my friend. I found out she was almost 28 weeks preggers. I read up on things a little, and it seems that babies born at 28 weeks + have a much better chance of survival than babies younger than 28 weeks. That makes me feel slightly better. I feel so terrible for her & her family. How stressful.

Hey LORE! That's great that you have almost all of your things moved, even if it is interfering with your writing. Those pies sound delicious! And the potatoes! Oh my.

This day sure is poking along. I got a coffee at lunch, am feeling more revved up now. I also got a chocolate biscotti. Very tasty.

Hey Hey!

Fj, that's pretty fucked up.

Diva, ~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~ I know that in many retail stores they tell the staff how much the store made same day lat year. when I worked at a bookstore, they did that. Then they have a budget for the day, they even wanted the cashiers to have an average transaction amount, and sell a certain number of reward cards. It was fucked up. I hope you feel better soon!

Lore, that's great that you have been inspired to write, I don't think you have ever told us what the plot line was, so do tell!!!!!

Hey Kari! Mmm chocolate!

I had a really delish salmon sammich for lunch with this wonderful dill cream cheese sauce. Fuck it was so amazing.

As fer walmart, the evilist of the evil places. I hope it burns to the ground. The founder is a findamentalist christian who doesn't believe in abortion or the morning after pill, plus there is that whole gender pay discrimination shit. They pay the employees so bad, they can't afford to shop there! Bah. It doesn't help that Halle Berry was in a pro walmart docu crap, and she was doing there cheer. A cheer, that is so fucking lame!!! Who does that???? Lewis Black went on a rant about walmart, but I can't seem to find a playable clip. i'll find it then post it.

Hope everyone is doing well this afternoon!!!


morning okayers! or afternoon, as it were. man, i slept so well last night. haven't seen handyman for portions in a few days, and i feel kinda bad about that, but a girl's gotta her rest sometime. i'm just feeling really lazy about getting up in the middle of my night for an hour of portions and a couple hours of napping.
came in to work yesterday and immediately got bitched out by bitchy co-irker because she'd called me the night before and sent me a couple texts about covering for her ass on something she forgot to do before clocking out for the night. i feigned ignorance and told her that if she forgot to do her damn job, it's not my responsibility to cover for her. she got real pissy and told me not to ever ask her for any favors, which i find really laughable because she's always expecting people to do for her, but when it comes time to reciprocate, she always has some lame excuse for not doing so. i'm so lucky i have a really cool boss who doesn't mind if we come in and vent about whatever. i told her i didn't know what bitchy co-irker's problem was, but that i didn't really appreciate being talked to like that. honestly, this person lets her bad attitude affect everything she does, which makes everyone in the department avoid her when she's cranky, which leads to not being able to do our jobs efficiently. i really don't see how she contributes anything positive to the workplace, and i'm about sick of management's "live and let bitch" attitude; it just really reflects badly on the whole department. but enough of that.

*~*~*baby vibes for karifriend*~*~*
*~*~*jobby job vines for turbo and doodle*~*~*
*~*~*warmy-up car starting vibes for culture*~*~* and yeah, that's excatly what i thought about CID. la nora frequents quite a few of the romancelandia blogs i follow, and said it would come up in later books abd there would be "consequences", but i really don't see how
*~*~*cold go bye-bye vibes for diva*~*~*
*~*~*general bustie vibes for anyone else i missed*~*~*
Okay, first of all... yes it was a Wal-Mart but I was in college and strapped for beer money. I spent about 8 nights re-arranging shelving units while the store was closed. Re-arranging shelving units, folks. Not only did they want my 6-person shelf re-arranging group to come up with a fucking Wal-Mart cheer that no one in the fucking store but us would hear because the store was CLOSED they wanted me to lead the cheer before the next evening's shift. So I handed them my name badge and told them to suck it.
Good Evening! We've been expecting you. That is a joke that you wouldn't get unless you've seen the movie Murder By Death.


Grrrl, that woman you work with needs to do her job, good for you for not taking her crap. I'd expect no less from you! As for Nora/Robb, she's never got crap before, why would it change? It was like pretty much any other book. I really enjoyed it, much more than Innocent.

Hey Mr. FJ! That is so creepy. Reaffirms the badness and stupidity of walmart.

So, I took houndy for a walk, it was chilly at the park, but she enjoyed it, and the snow makes her frisky and playful. She was playing with a sheppard she's never met before, and normally she's very shy. And I jsut about forgot how to spell shy. smile.gif

Came home then worked out.

And I have to tell you about the best sammich I've ever had in my life. It was a salmon sammich, but the dressing was this amazing dill cream cheese concotion, and there was some veggies on it, it was on whole wheat bread and the bread was slightly toasted. It was amazing.

So now I'm just going to chill and read me some back issues of mental_floss.

Hope everyone is having a great evening!

Later all!

*runs into thread, and pounces on CH* Hihi everyone!

CH, that sammich sounds mighty-fine, indeed. Salmon and dill are just meant to be together, no question about it!

Mr fj, I love your dissin' on the walmart!!

Mox, glad you were having a good day today! And that kiddo of yours is so farking cuuuuuuute! I can't get over how sweet and BIG she's getting! My goodness, they grow up fast!

Tes! Yes, indeedy, you spotted a grunting hedgehog in turbo's mouth! We go through a fair amount of hedgies in a year, they inevitably get eviscerated and cease their grunting - they are turbo's favorite, and we like them because their noise isn't the horrid squeak of most toys.

Sooo, I was totally tired all day today after the long day yesterday, got a migraine aura this evening, and teaching the teenagers didn't help tonight, buttttt....I came home and had a fucking AWESOME JOB INTERVIEW! At our friend's wedding a few weeks ago, she hooked us up to sit at the table with all of her e-learning co. friends, and wouldn't you know it, one of them is hiring! We talked quite a bit at the wedding, and I knocked the phone interview out of the park! Its a project management position, which is really where I think I want to go, and I've got a second interview already setup, which scares the bejesus out of me....its a meet-n-greet with the whole company (10 people), but ALL the candidates will be there, which is kind of intimidating. But really, I'm happy with whatever happens - this is an amazing learning and networking opportunity, and I'm glad to take the next step, wherever it leads. Eeeeeeeeeeee!

grrrl, your co-worker def. needs to get off her high horse and take a peek at the bigger picture. I'm glad you have a boss that you can talk honestly too...I'd like to have one of those one day. smile.gif

Okay, time to watch PR, and then head to bed!
Whee!!!! Just in the door after jammin' night!! YAY!

Okay, yes, this is a totally Self-Interested Report from the Provisional Mayor of Okayland, who promises she is otherwise using your Okayland tax dollars wisely.

Dunno where the hell guitarboy went - he was supposed to meet up with his boss, and then get to the coffee house before I/we (whomever) went on for open mike, but he never showed. I'm gonna kick his ass. Anyway.

I managed to persuade hippiegirl to play the conga drums with me for open mike! It was so awesome! We did a Blue Rodeo song called "Tired of Pretending" (the one I changed around with the technique I learned from watching sexy rhythm guitarist), and then Petty's "Runaway Train." They were AWESOME. I think one of my legs shook a tiny bit at one point, but I forced it down, and I really let go on those songs...I've never had the guts to sing like that in front of anyone but my musician friends. And both of them are such awesomely tortured fucking songs. Then banjoboy came up and played the harmonica with us on "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - even though I did that one last week, I wanted to do it with the harp, because banjoy worked so hard to learn it "properly."

After having pushed hippiegirl so hard to get up there for open mike...when I came back to my table for the jamming portion, guess who I saw sitting at the conga drums? And guess who stayed up there for the ENTIRE 2 HOUR JAM playing the conga drums?

During the jam, I had no lead guitarist! Eek! OHHHHHHH for guitarboy! I'm truly going to kick his ass. But it was still quite fun - had a drummer, a bassist, and hippiegirl and another guy on hand drums. We did "Folsom Prison Blues" (which also uses sexy rhythm guitarist's technique), "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," and then everyone said do another, so I started up Porcupine Rebels' "Downtown." People were really getting into the set, and even sexy rhythm guitarist came in from outside and was really into it, especially our own song. (TOO BAD he is partnered. DAMN he is sexy. I really have a crush on him. I did manage to tell him tonight that I really enjoy his playing...the first actual full sentence, stammer, stammer! Actually, no stammering. wink.gif) Then jamgirl told me I should do a fourth song. Hardly anybody gets to do more than three! Erm...I couldn't think! So I quickly pulled out another Petty song, "Yer So Bad"...which jamgirl sang harmony on! YAY! Also, I wound up giving lots of solo space to the bass player 'cause I didn't know what else to do. tongue.gif Plus hippiegirl was still up there, with me the entire time. I'm totally starting to feel playing standing up...being able to physically groove with the rhythm totally makes a difference in playing and singing it, and I can move around and look at the other musicians.

Got to talk with LOTS of musicians tonight, which was awesome! After the open mike, a couple of them said they couldn't wait to see me with a whole band behind me. One (more on him below) asked me if I had a band yet - I didn't really know what to say, since guitarboy is apparently too chicken to do this with me, so I talked about the guys, but also left myself open for other opportunities to come my way. (Why not? Even the guys in Blue Rodeo have side projects.) Lots more compliments on my voice, too, which only serves to give me more courage. By the way, bringing yer own pre-rolled doobies to music events is a very good way to connect with other musicians. wink.gif Performing massive amounts of Tom Petty is also a good way to connect with the older ones who have more experience. biggrin.gif Anyway, I am getting to know some of them a little bit, musicians of all ages, which is cool. All kinds of people asking if I'll be there next week, but I'll be on my way to Vancouver that day. Damn. But I let it be known that I'd be back in two weeks. Heh.

Lovin' the sheer number of dudes swarming around me when I do this stuff, I gotta say. tongue.gif Met a particularly interesting man, also a musician (see above band-related discussion), with whom I had the most fascinating conversation (it began with him rather heavily admiring my 'scrip sunglasses - which I had just reached the point of feeling self-conscious about - and ended with the expression of very mutual feelings about provincial politics).....and whom I certainly hope I see there again. That's all I'm sayin'. wink.gif

It's funny, after pretty well living and breathing my life basically in a community of women for so long, through the women's centre, now the community I'm getting involved in is made up mostly of men...and it feels so comfortable. I feel like I can truly be myself around these folks, and talk about anything, and it's all good. It's wonderful. I love musicians. biggrin.gif

BFF and BFFdottirs came, but BFF and one of the girls had to go (against the will of the girl)....but one of BFFdottirs is independent enough now to have stayed for the whole thing and find her own way home, which was cool. I'm not totally sure how to deal with the doobie-smoking thing with BFFdottirs there, but they are legal adults now, almost the same age as some of the musicians I hang out with, I ready to smoke a doobie with a BFFdottir? Are they ready to smoke one with me?

Right, so that IS all I'm sayin'...checkin' out, hope you enjoyed the "review!" I'm so glad you are all letting me share this with you...I will catch up on my reading tomorrow after I finish working for the day!! Love you all!!

Good night!

ETA: this is my new desktop wallpaper.
Good Morning on this Thursday!!!!

Turbo, that is so great about the job interview!!!! Congratulations! I hope you can get out of that current hell hole you call and employer. ~*~*~*soothing vibes~*~*~*~ and ~*~*~*~*interview vibes~*~*~*~*

Doodle, congratulations on the rockin' performance! I'm also liking the Tom Petty wallpaper!

well, what do I have going on? The cop begged me to come over last night, but I was too tired, it was too cold, and the roads were too crappy. So, I'm hoping to go over there today. my boy from two provinces over, let's call him WelderBoy, was texting me last night, I'm very much looking forward to next month! Hee. It's still cold as hell here, and it will be for the next few days, but then again, it is winter, so the cold is to be expected. but sersiouly, three or four weeks about it was so toasty warm. i feel like I'm living in Calgary, all the acky temperature changes.

It's almost Friday, the week is almost done, and that's all folks! ooops thanks FJ for pointhing that it's not friday out for me! Hee.

Have a good one!

And where are Poodle and Diva???? Come and play!
good lord.

culture, when i read your greeting, i thought, "aww, poor bunny thinks it's thursday. i don't wanna be the one to break it to her that it's only wednesday". and then i checked the calendar. wow. i lost an entire day? how did that happen? but then, you said, "it's friday". so now i'm all confused. blink.gif

turbo! yayyyyyyyy for your interview. that is so rockin'! and you'll do great at the in-person interview. it might be a good thing that other people in your field will be there. maybe there will be time to network with them and see where they've been interviewing, etc. but best of luck to you!

doodle, i love your updates. i wonder what happened to guitarboy.

i should really be sleeping now. jackaroo is snoring peacefully in his swing but it won't last long. odd how i am so tired at times when he is awake and then when he sleeps, i'm not. ugh. maybe i'll just have some coffee.
Fj, it appears that both of us don't know the days of the week. Are you also not getting portions, this is what I am blaming my wackiness on, so tomorrow I should be much better.

Indeed it is Thursday November 29, 2007. at least where I am. Hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Good morning!

Turbo, woot! on rocking the phone interview! You will do fabulous at the meet-n-greet! I will be sending some vibes your way.

Doodle, your jam fest sounds like a blast! I think it is so exciting and wonderful you are playing open mike night!

Hi CH! It's Thursday the 29th here too. smile.gif

Hi FJ! A friend of mine with a toddler says the same thing about not napping when her daughter is napping. She says she doesn't want to waste her toddler-free time.

Not much doin' here today. I did my last night at the hospital last night. Won't be going back til about Jan. 2. Woot woot! I am going to have to figure out stuff to do with all my new free time. I am thinking of baking, knitting, painting more rooms in the house, etc. We'll see what actually happens. I always have many ambitions, but the reality can be quite different.
indeed, culture. i have not been getting portions. last time was friday night. argh, i have joined the ranks of mmany of my okay ladyfriends - i'm surfing the crimson wave this week. normally, this would not stop portions from taking place but because this is technically the first time i'm bleeding (i did one other time but it was because i got on and went off the pill) since jack's birth, i'm feeling extra frumpy and unsexy.

but i think its almost over, so things shall be looking better by the weekend.

which, happily, will be arriving sooner than i'd realized. wacko.gif

going to take a walk now.

eta: hi kari~ any news on your friend?
oh goodness, i can't wait until MRG vacates...usually i'm a total frumpy toad during the MRG, but this time, I'm horny as all get out. Gah. Damn bleeding and cream-colored sheets!

I also have the wee cleansning visitor. i'm glad it's here, as I'm feeling so less bitchy like I was on Monday and Tuesday. I was Queen bitch, even I was shocked with my crankiness.

I don't care, I'm getting me some portions whether I'm bleeding or not, he has dark sheets, and a towel could just be laid down, I don't even bleed that heavily anymore.

Friday FJ, you lucky woman! it's been since lat Tuesday for me, that lovely nooner.

Kari, enjoy your hospital free time!!!

Mox, i feel how you feel about the being super horny, it's a very good thing I have rechargable batteries! hee hee.
hokay, we are all bleeding together. how weird/cool is that?

went out with BFF plat yesterday and got new hair & highlights. my nails are now "saint petersburgundy". who makes up these names? and who PAYS them to do so????
WTF! It's red this-a-way too. How did we all get on the same cycle?

st petersburgundy?? that is funny!

No new news on my friend, which is good news. Oh-I did find out baby is breathing on her own. yay!

we are all on the save wavelenght. I wonder if Mr. FJ and Lore are bleeding? Sorry, I could resist. That reminds of the epsiode of South Park when Kenny thinks he gets his period because his ass is bleeding, then they all do and take tampons and shove 'em up their asses.

St.Petersburgundy, that's clever. I agree, who does think of this kind of thing? How odd.

Kari, that is scuh good news that the baby is doing well!

Only a few more hours. soon, soon the day will be done!

This weekend I'm going to see an Andy Warhol and post secret exhibit at the art gallery here. Friday I'm supposed to be doing dinner, I hope it's on, I haven't seen these people in ages.

Not bleedin' here. Thought of a couple of punchlines, but they were pretty bad.

Gotta get stuffage done, but I'll check in later.
waahhh, i'm not bleedin with everyone else! i don't think i'm due til next week. in the meantime, i'll just hang with lore and the rest of the non-bleedin folk. happy.gif

long night at work last night, but not as long as it should have been. they told me they were going to be done at two am when i got there, so i did my last check at one thirty, took everything upstairs and filed and clocked out by two. i stopped by the breakroom for papertowels to wipe down my bike seat, and lo and behold, there was the whole department kicking back taking their second lunch. i was like "bwa-huh?! what are you all still doing here?" which is when they told me "oh no, we're staying until three forty-five!" i was like "well fuck that, everything's filed, i'm clocked out, so as far as i'm concerned, y'all went home at two, and i didn't see this. dude, why didn't someone stop me when you saw me packing up everything to go home?!" so we had a good laugh and everyone made a big show of averting their eyes, "no, we didn't see nothin!"

finally ran into handyman at work last night having not seen him for three days, and i mentioned that i might come over this morning. he told me to call first, which he never does, which made me wonder if he really wanted me to come over at all. so i said to myself "fuck it, his ass can call me in the morning" and promptly rolled over and went back to sleep when i saw his number on the caller id. bitchy, yes, but i'm having a hard time feeling bad about it. he's so damn paranoid about anyone at work finding out about us, and thus giving us shit, which i totally understand. but it leads to not being to talk or hang out at work or even direct significant looks, which is irritating. i can lean across the table and whisper something totally innocuous if we're the only ones in the area, and he'll shush me and quickly look around corners and doorways to see if anyone could have heard, which is way over the top paranoia to me. i'll still put up with that though. but the ambiguous "i might want to see you, no wait i don't, oh, i don't know", uh-uh, that shit does not fly. i'm thinking handyman and i are going to have to have a little talk and redefine some boundaries and what it is each of us wants out of this whatever it is we have going.

culture, totally agree with you on innocent in death. it was obvious to me from chapter two that little rayanne was a psychotic little shit. i'm surprised it took eve so fucking long to cotton to that. seriously, it was like a really bad law and order episode.

ah well, off to lunch. i went to raley's and stocked up on their really good nob hill soups, and for the last three days i've been having a container of the triple creme lobster bisque with melted-in havarti and using half a loaf of french bread as spoons. i'm going to make myself so fat and so sick, but for right now, oh dear maude, it is good.
Lore, do tell the punchlines!

Grrrl, handyman needs a kick in the ass. I'm glad you ignored his call, I did the same thing to punish the cop, he could have called, but he did not, so I made him beg. And that soup sounds absolutely amazing!

Only half an hour left, then I can get the hell out of here. Bah.

Later all!
Hi, peeps!

((((((((more baby vibes for Kari's friend's little one)))))))))) keep on breathing, little guy!

Kari, that's awesome that you're going to have oodles of free time, for once! It's about time you got a breather.

I'll be surfing the crimson wave by tomorrow, hopefully sooner. I always seem to get it on Thursdays or Fridays, which ruins my weekend.

Congrats on the great interview, Jenn!

Hi, CH, Lore, FJ family, Moxie, Grrl, and Tes!

I had another craft show today, and made $40 above my goal, so I'm very pleased right now. The lady that I work most closely with bought over $50 worth of stuff. I like her. I sold a crapload of truffles, mostly by the dozen, which rarely happens. I've just got one show left next week, and that's just a lunch 2-hour thingy with the giant's mom where she works. I need to make a bunch more truffles now to replace the ones I sold. I'm completely out of caramels, which is the first time I've run out of anything at a show. At least I've got caramel to make plenty more of those, and it's gooooood.

I don't know what got into me last night, but I kept falling asleep in class. Of course when it finally came time to go to sleep for the night, I couldn't. It's not like I even found the speaker in class last night boring (he was a business lawyer, which I'm actually very interested in), so I'm blaming it on the Sudafed. My throat's better, but I'm still stuffed up.

I'm willing myself not to look at the Project Runway thread since I didn't watch it last night. Will do that when I get home from the gym and the giant and I are eating our lasagna. I'm so freaking hungry right now, it's crazy. When I do these craft shows, I forget to eat, then I'm starving when I get home. Anyway, I normally don't care if I see a spoiler, but I'd really rather not today.

Good evening!!

Thanks for all the love on my interview...I feel good about it, and whatever happens, is okay by me. Its a great networking opportunity. The next round isn't until the 10th, so I have a little time to mull it all over.

Dooooodle! You are such a rock goddess these days - I'm lovin' it! The pure joy in your posts is just awesome!

No MRG here...guess I'm not cool this month. smile.gif

Congrats on your show, Diva....I still need to order some delicious truffles from you....and hope they make it home for xmas. heh.

YAY, Kari! A whole month of free time ahead - Wooot! Enjoy it!

Oooh, and tes has some fancy hair and nails - nice! I would *love* to be a nail polish and paint color stuff.

Grrrl, good for you on setting the boundaries with handyman - no need to put up with that nonsense!

(((((healthy baby vibes for the wee one))))
Good Morning Bitches!

It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Diva, that is so fantastic that the show went well! and you sold out of caramel truffles, that is fantastic! Congratulations. Are you feeling any better today? ~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes~*~*~*~*

Turbo, is this position only term or is there a chance of long term employment??

I did nothing last night, well, I took the dog out, and was bloody freezing, I decided to take the day off from working out. The cop wanted to do something, but then got caught up in other stuff, and didn't call until 9:30, I promptly turned my phone off, I was just beat last night, and I didn't want any late night text messages to wake me. I slept great too!

Looking forward to the weekend and some time off, thank goodness. I'm just bored of work.

Hope everyone is doing fabulously!

Woo Woo! It's Friday!


Diva, that's great that you earned more than your target profit for the craft show. yay! I bet it was the Sudafed that made you tired. You've been really busy lately, also.

Hey Grrrl! man, I hate that too-the ambiguous comments about maybe hanging out. Tell Handyman to get his ass in gear! Grrrl does not hang out with just anyone!

I agree with CH, lore- Never hold back on your punchlines!

CH, I went to bed early last night too. It was about 10:00 I think and I just conked out. I usually read in bed for a while, but last night I was too tired even for that. Are you gonna see the cop this weekend?

I had a really nice night. I got home, walked the dogs, and started cooking. I made a butternut squash soup that also had red bell pepper, kale, corn, and bacon & then I made an oatmeal molasses bread. It was the bomb.

What's everyone up to this weekend? Mr K and I are going to a friend's art show tonight. I hope we don't stay up late, b/c I want to get up & work out in the morning. I'm going to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow. And maybe pull out our Christmas decorations. Sunday I have my last school meeting of the semester. That's about it.
Kari, I shoud be seeing him, I just placed a call to him.

Enjoy your time off.

I'm going for dinner tonight, then going to see two exhibits at the Art Gallery here, so, that'll be good.

it's been an interesting day so far, how is everyone else?
Where is everyone today?

It's just me & you Culture! It sounds like you have a good night planned. And you are gonna see the cop this weekend? Huzzah!

I just did a boot camp class at the gym on my lunch hour. It was not as hard as the last one I did, thank goodness. No stair running, which is probably my least favorite thing ever.

boa tarde!!!

diva, that ROCKS! your crafty side is certainly paying off, so happy for you. taking the classes you are taking is awesome, too. you are so together, grrl!

kari, that soup/bread meal sounds so good i am drooling. yummmmm-o.

as do the potatoes and pies that lore made.

any chance of either of you stepping into the barefoot thread and posting recipes???

jenn, you are ALWAYS COOL.

isn't it wonderful that doodle is rocking out and playing open mike??? so perfect!

the redneck next door was thrown out of his house by his wife! she was tired of him fooling around with other women, and packed some of his stuff up, put in his frelling humongo truuuuuuuuuuuuck that won't fit in the garage, and parked it out on the street. i may actually miss him, if only for his crazy antics.

mr. hotbuns and i are going to a concert tonight with friends, a brasilian singer who plays guitar. we are meeting them first for a quick dinner.

tomorrow, i'm hoping to work some more in the yard, going to brunch with plat, my BFF, then out to do some shopping, and to get a make over with mineral make-up. tomorrow night, mr hb and i are going to a french-asian fusion restaurant with another set of friends. no plans for sunday. i'm leaving to fly back to africa on monday afternoon, and thinking about it just makes me sad, i hate to leave the kitties and the mister. sad.gif it helps that he will be there on 21 december.
heya bitches! Fucking Friday! WHOOOT!

Tes, how much longer is the Africa appointment? Poop for having to go back after such a short stay!

We are having a "TV" date night tonight. Cuddle up on the sofa, catch up on tv and other things a married couple might use a sofa for! Heh...bye-bye MRG!

Now, though, still working my arse off to make up for the 1.5 days of missed productivity this week due to broken computer/printer. Feh.
Hi, peeps!

Oy, today's been a doozie. First, the giant's car won't start, so now he gets to take the day off. I've been able to work on a total of 4 cases. That's it. 4. I swear, these people who are fresh off the boat are coached on how to confuse their child support and welfare workers to within a shred of their sanity. They tell one person one thing, another person something different, then deny they did it at all and give you a completely different story so much that I want to pull all my hair out. Maybe if they'd give me some damn training on all this stuff, I might not have to bother everyone here to tell me what I need to do with these weirdo cases, but I did this 6 1/2 years ago so I should already know everything including every single little change that's happened since then while I wasn't doing it and didn't need to know. Jeebus Christ! I didn't know I had to be a riddle solver, too!

Anyway, at least I got some Xmas shopping done on my lunch break. One of my favorite craft fairs was going on just a few blocks from work, so I went with a friend and got my mom a couple rosemalled items and a couple garden thingies for the giant's mom. I spent a bunch, but at least it wasn't on crap, and not a penny on myself, and I can mark some stuff off my list. It's impossible to find things for my mom, so this will really help.

Catsoup, check yer email. Good luck with finals!

Hi, Tes! Yay, a redneck neighbor story! Those are my favorites.

Hi, Kari, CH, Moxie, and Jenn! I wonder where the pink poodle has been lately?

I can't wait to leave this place today. I have to pick up my prescription and go to the gym to make my 12 times this month so I get my reimbursement for my fees, but then the giant and I are picking up yummy steaks at the high-end grocery store and renting some movies. We don't really have plans for the weekend, except maybe to go to my parents' place on Sunday for my uncle's birfday party. We don't know how many more he's going to have since his cancer isn't getting any better, so we're taking advantage of what we can.


I'm with you Diva, on having had a very trying Friday...of course the day I have to publish our e-newsletter is always a frustrating day, as any number of things can (and do) go wrong - data, content management system, e-publishing software...its always a helluva day, and this was worse than normal. Ugh. So, I'm going to go drown it in burgers and sangria tonight - YAY!

Oh tes - I have SO missed the sagas of the redneck neighbor! I'm glad she kicked him out, even if the neighborhood has lost some entertainment value. Enjoy your last weekend at home for awhile - but just think - 3 weeks, and you'll be on SAFARI with Mr. HB - how frelling cool is that?!

Must've been an early night last night for all okayers...I found myself in bed at 9:20, fully intending to read, but that didn't happen. I love my bed...this is even more the case after "sleeping" on the rock-hard guest bed at my brother's house last week - I think my back is still a little out of sorts...but it does remind me how gooood our bed is. smile.gif

Not much on the slate for us this weekend either. We're hosting a potlucky holiday party Sunday night, so of course my mind is whirring with what I'll cook for the extravaganza, and I just can't decide! I'll let you all know what I come up with.
Hi everybody!!

I've had a crazy week. I'm gonna do some archive reading now.

ETA- Okay, I'm caught up!! Sheesh!! It sounds like everyone is doing well.

Nice to see you, tes!! That is heeelarious about the redneck neighbors!!

Dudettes, I'm totally surfing the crimson wave this week, too!! We're in sync!!

Congrats on the interview, turbo!!

That's great that you made some profit, diva!! You deserve it after all that hard work!!

Oh man, I'm tired. I've been working late all week trying to get a stupid report done. Thanksgiving break was great though. My time with the bible-bangers actually turned out to be pretty nice!! I even told them about The God Delusion book that I'm reading and they didn't automatically attack me. I'm really proud of my priest uncle because he's trying to get his church to install a geothermal heating/cooling system and he also said that he drinks organic, fair trade Peace coffee (like me!!). How many rural catholic priests can say that? Not many. Very cool. I worked on my home/yard winterizing projects the rest of the weekend. Other than work, there's not much going on in poodleland. I'm going to my cousin's wedding reception tomorrow. XRB was gonna come, but he screwed up the dates and has to work tomorrow. Dumbass. Ah well, it'll be nice to just hang out with the fam and not have to introduce the guy to everybody.
Greetings m'ladies.
ok, sorry for not checking in more often. but I did my work. two years of tax info is now off to the accountant. still awaiting info that lamex has to provide, but my part is d.o.n.e.
son and I are doing fine. using lots of firewood, keeping the house warm.
lamex was here for two days, even son was in a better mood when he left. he didn't even go to son's b-ball game. for shame.
went out with cowboy. no sparks, had fun though. sweet smile. he's been busy this week as his dad wants to sell the ranch, and he's even spoken about looking at my place. nice. the boy I wanted to see has gone back home so that one's over. no portions here.
have not looked at past posts, I need to get updated.
the pack it in early friday thing must be catching, cause i got off at two am last night. usually we're stuck there til at least four am fridays, but we got lucky. i was supposed to wake up and got to town with the momster and c-monkey, and do some christmas shopping, but i woke up to an empty house. and to make matters worse, i left my cellphone at wok, so i have no idea if the momster's trying to reach me, or if they've gone on town without me and decided to let me sleep, or if they went' to breakfast or to see an early movie or something. eta: nevermind, here they come up to the door now; they were at breakfast.

so off to shopping today. c-monkey's big present is already bought: babygirl's getting a laptop. but i need to look for a case, cause the old one of mine i was going to have her use for it looks like one of the metal clips holding the strap is about to snap, and i wanted to get her a couple of new games since a lot of what she has is the little freebies that came with happy meals and the cereal box. i have my brother and niece and the bitch-in-law to shop for still, but i might just go scouting and buy stuff online when i get paid again next week so i can just have it shipped to their address, since they're not making it out here this year. mostly i'm just looking forward to actually being able to go to stores and browse, which i haven't done in such a long time.

and all of you sick busties, i'm blaming you for a cyber-passing of your colds and sniffles! i would have rather had the mrg. tongue.gif i was getting kind of stuffy and sniffly toward the end of my shift last night, and this morning i woke up feeling like full-blown ass. but fuck if i'm going to spend my first weekend off in forever huddled on the couch coughing up snotballs. so, quick raid of the momster's medicine cabinet for sudafed, and soldier on. it's too cold to go to the christmas parade tonight, so maybe we'll go see a movie or something once the shopping's worn us out.
*hands grrrl a steaming mug of hot tea* Bummer about the cold - and leaving the cell phone at work!

Jami - glad you got the tax stuff done, and that your house has returned to peace with the removal of lamex.

Poodle - have fun at the wedding today! Come back and tell us all about it.

I'm having a perfect Saturday here. Went grocery shopping this morning, which was a surreal the last two weeks, our big Dominick's grocery store has been completely remodeled, as has our Wild Oats turned Whole Foods. So basically, they moved *everything*, so I was just dazedly wandering the aisles in search of items. Kind of weird. Both stores look beautiful, which is nice - just always takes awhile to find everything again.

A big batch of granola is in the oven right now, which is making the house smell heavenly. I made a big batch of my momma's cajun marinated shrimp, and a spicy pistachio spread for crackers, all for the holiday party we're hosting tomorrow night. Tomorrow, I'm going to make a big pot of creamy tomato soup for the party. Yum.

Other than that, we're just planning a relaxing day today. I'm avoiding xmas shopping altogether this weekend, since I find the whole buying of gifts rather silly every year. No one in our families need anything. I would much rather make a large donation to a charity I like, than buy plastic crap for the kids or yet another sweater for dad. ugh.
Good Afternoon!

Hey Tes! So redneck neighbour is gone! I'm sorry that youhave to leave the mister until xmas.

Diva, I totally hear you on the work thing. I won't get started on any work rants. How was your dinner last night?

Hey Poodle! SO glad your tday went well, even with bible thumpers around!

Turbo, i also crashed super early last night! Sounds like a nice weekend.

Jami, that's great that your portion of the taxes are done.

Hey Mox and Grrrl!

Well, I didn't go out for dinner last night, I had a kind of shitty day yesterday, got some news I'd rather not have got, but it is what it is. I went to the art gallery today then went for a late lunch. Ialso worked out and took hound to the park. I think I'm going to take a nap, I'm really tired today. Don't know if I'm going to do anything this evening, it's snowy and me being tired.

Later all.

evenin' busties..
so today I went to craft bazaars. didn't find much, but I did get some decorations. phone rings. hello, this is the friend of the cowboy who is trying to find you. ..???.. then another fellow gets on the line. it's the cute boy from the bar! he traveled an hour to my town to try to find me. he's on his way home, and will get together with me next week. not bad. must say, I've been smilin' ever since.
so that's one good thing for this saturday, eh?
grrrl, hope you will get to feeling better
turbo, your house must smell great. mmmm
culture, get your nap and have a good night.
hello to tes, moxie, kari, fj, diva, poodle, and all the rest!

((CH)) I hope your news isn't too terrible. It's snowy here too and we're staying in. I'm baking some cookies and listening to Christmas music.

Turbo, I don't like when they switch around grocery stores. I like to just get in a zone at the grocery store and when things aren't where they're supposed to be it's really hard! I've never made homemade granola. It sounds difficult but I can't decide why I think that.

Alright, gotta get back to my cookies. I'm making these yummy chocolate chip cookies with maraschino cherries in them. The cherries add such a festive look to them (and yum taste!).

Jami, that's sweet that the boy drove an hour to try and find you!

Catsoup, that sounds like a nice evening!

My nap turned into bed time last night. I just crashed hard. Now I have to clean and do some shoveling, it's been snowing all night.


I must go now.

Later all.
DOODLE B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
have a happy one
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday, dear Doodlebug
Happy Birthday to You!

Diva, I just spent quite awhile drooling over your truffle list. And I sent you an order.

Homework awaits!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOODLE! May your special day be filled with music, good friends, and special treats, all in honor of YOU!

Its another perfectly dreadful day here, weather-wise, so I have used it to my best advantage. Got up at 6:30, walked the pupper, and then got right in the kitchen. I made some *amazing* gluten-free spice cookies, garam masala almonds, a HUGE pot of chili for dinners/lunches this week, and some very tasty pistachio spread. All I've got left to do before the party is to make a pot of cream of tomato soup, which won't take long at all. And, turbomann and I did a whirlwind cleaning tour of the house, too. All in all, a very productive morning.

Now, we must venture out in search of lunch, and hit the dollar stores in hopes that they may have some boxes of diaper bags for us - they make the best dog-poo picking-up bags, and we are totally OUT...which is much more of a panic than it used to be, since we banned plastic shopping bags from our house a few months back.

Catsoup, I'm drooling over those mom used to make some like that, the batter was chocolate too - they were sooooo good.
poppin in to say hello... need a nap, but cowboy called and wants to see me. gonna go and see him tonight, which is in like three hours, so now I *can't* sleep. did tell him that I need to take things slow. we'll see how that goes. <g>
Hey there BUSTie Girls!

We're mooooved!

Now for an entire six-pack, some cheez, and the seasonal Trader Joe's candy cane oreo-ish's! (They're de-lish'z) wink.gif ...aaaand some catching up!

Kari, that soup you made on Friday sounded rather tasty! smile.gif I shall try not to hold back on the punchlines, though I forgot what the afore-mentioned ones were. I omitted them due to low quality, though, so you aren't missing anything good. I had a fantasy, though, that I fantasized while driving the 2-ish hour commute from old place to new, about going to Halloween as Cap'n Crunch, and just playing up his wierdo effeminate accent to say stuff like, "Now it's time to REALLY get blotto!" or, "Let's all get wasted on ALcohol!" or, "At EASE, same-sex MATEY!" or, "It's you and the Capp'n... who's WEARING a strapp'un!", yeah, it gets freaky in my head at times.

Culture, oooo! Wish I were going to art exhibits and such! I really ought to do stuffs like that more.

Heya Tess! You've always seemed like a really neat character to me. I like how you say you'll miss that guy, despite his being a jackass to his wife, but because he does interesting things that shake up the place.

Gaah! Too drunk to continue... must... catch... up... later...

ETA: It's Doodle's BIRTHDAY!?!? YAAAAAAAAAAY! I sure am glad we have a Doodlebug!
Whoa!!! What's with all the silence?!?
Should I drink more, or should I pack it in?
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