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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hola oy okayers! thank maude, fresh is finally over, and i can have (somewhat) a life again. so just to catch y'all up, this is what's been going with me:

i have a new lovahman, and he is faboo. for bust purposes, we shall call him handyman. handyman is older than me, like has a kid just a few years younger, and it's awfully cute how he wonders aloud all the time what a sweet young thing like me is doing with a decrepit old man like himself. well, let's see: he's an absolute rock god. used to play in bands, composes awesome music, the whole thing, and he's teaching me to play bass. he likes a bunch of the same books, music, movies, and kinks that i do. he goes down on me for hours, spanks me when i need it, and bites me in the most wonderful places. nothing like an orgasm, or five or six, to start the work day off right!

speaking of work, that's going pretty well too. my boss didn't think i was going to get an official review this year, since i was just hired full-time in august. but i did, and it was overall pretty positive, and netted me a .30 an hour raise. also, i am the new darling of the department, and doing some pretty important things. i found a problem in one department stemming from an issue in another department that no one was aware of. my boss congratulated me and said since it sounded like i was pretty on top of things, i should do an audit of both areas and figure out some new strategies for preventing the issue causing the problem. not only did my boss like my ideas, she sent them on to the big head company honchos and gave me complete credit for bringing the problem to light and coming up with some "innovative solutions". also, the usda wanted to give us an NR (basically we're in trouble for not following usda guidelines) on something, and because i took the initiative of going to the usda reps and really working the conflict with them and be nothing but cooperative and helpful, they decided to rescind the NR, which they hardly ever do. so my boss, and my boss's boss, are real happy, and i'm looking damn good.

thanksgiving was fun. we went over to my aunt's house, and i had fun hanging out with my cousins and everyone. i was dead fucking tired, since i put in a 20-hour shift beforehand (see the work sucks thread), but it was a good time. today c-monkey and i just vegged around the house in the morning (no way was i battling the after-thanksgiving madness), and finally emerged sometime after one to do some shopping and a movie. we went to target and i got this black wool coat that i've been eyeballing for a few weeks, a couple movies, and some headbands and stuff since i've decided to grow my hair out again. then we went to go see enchanted and play at funworks, and i hit the jackpot on one game a few times and got about 400-plus tickets out of the half hour. afterward we stopped by a booth that the local classic rock station had set up, and the momster and i both struck out spinning the wheel, but c-monkey won a family pass to the oakland zoo, so that's a trip for another weekend. we hit up circuit city to check out laptops, cause c-monkey's definitely getting one for xmas, though i still haven't decided if i'm going to get her a really cheap basic one or a really good one for myself and give her this one. after that we went next door to borders, and i picked up a couple titles i've been waiting for plus an autographed copy by a local author that looked interesting. we also got c-monkey some new nancy drew and romona quimby books, and i found a really cute "a soldier's night before christmas" book for my brother to read to my niece. then i got home, and the three pairs of boots i ordered from torrid (see the sin bin thread)were sitting on the doorstep, and they are just as bitchin' as i imagined. i might have to stop by to see handyman on my way to work tomorrow, wearing the shiny ones and my new coat. just the shiny ones and my new coat. wink.gif

okay, enough mememe, i'm off to read the archives and catch up with the resta y'all. i meeced you!
well, grrrl, things sound great! handyman sounds just that. and shinin on at work - golden girl! then spending time with c-monkey and all. it all sounds pretty good.
my update: I went to meet with the new boy, but we'd forgotten about thanksgiving, and he'd gone home early for the weekend. so we didn't meet up. but I did meet some more new people. and for being the same age, some are boys, some are men. played pool, stayed out. not really a 'connection', but I may go watch one in a roping competition later on today. (cattle country y'al, not the kink stuff)
wink.gif ta
hey, cowboys can be pretty kinky under their "yes'm", slow drawlin', country boy charm. you don't think those ropes and hogties are just for cattle, do you? wink.gif

so where's everybody else this morning? i read 6 pages of archives before nodding off last night, but i want to catch up with my busties realtime!
Good Afternoon everyone.

Grrrl, so good to see you in here. I was reading about your portions in the portions thread. That's great that you found a good guy who hands out good portions!

Hey Jami! Did you go watch roping today?

Well, I went to the bar last night, and it was boring. It was dead when we got there, but picked up. I was in a bitchy mood last night. This work grad school thing is starting to get to me. I really want to go to grad school full time, but I don't want to give up the pay at my job. I am really getting sick of work, roo. it's making me angry and resentful. I'm sick of the whining (which is funny, because what am I doing now? Hee). Good thing, working out so regularly is showing great results. I also got my moms xmas present and got my mental_floss package. Now I just need to get my grandmothers and stepmoms gift. And the full length futurama movie is coming out on Tuesday, which is great because the series ended so abruptly. There are actually 4 movies, that's coming out on Tuesday!

Hugs for you all!


so i picked up a couple of vintage-looking comic tees at the men's section in tar-jay yesterday, and i can see why the spiderman tee was made for boys and not girls. when i put it on this morning, several thoughts of the LOL variety came to mind.

i iz on ur tshirt makin grab for titz

spidey can haz boobeez?

tune in tokyo!

cannot to be seeing over ledge!
Hi, hi!

Sorry for being absent, was working ongetting ready for T-day and then my internet got wonky. Anyway, O. M. G. Thanksgiving dinner was farking fabulous! I brined the turkey and it was pretty unanimous with all my guests, they all said it was the best. turkey. ever. Also the mashed potatoes, same thing, best. ever. So I'm pretty happy. Aaaah.

So, my auntie in California passed away, I don't know if I wrote that, but I'm going there next weekend for her life celebration. I just booked the hotel today. I'm looking forward to a tiny little bit of warmth.

It was fifteen degrees fahrenheit yesterday morning. For CH, that'd be.... -9. Yuck.

I had taken yesterday off payroll because auntie and uncle stayed the night, I showed them one of the new really cool buildings on campus, they were cold when we were walking back to the car, so I took them into one of the buildings I've done a lot of work in and showed them one of the mechanical rooms and some of the stuff I work on. I think they thought it was cool.

Anyway, it was a successful T-day week/weekend, and I couldn't be happier. My brother in Colo. called and had mom at their house and she was having a really good day, good enough she was able to talk on the phone for a couple minutes even. Usually she can't verbalize very well but she did really good yesterday.

Grrl, I'm glad your job is going well! And you have a new cowboy playtoy...yum!

CH...I'm sorry to read that you're feeling burned out by the work/school thing. I totally have respect for you tackling it all, I'd never be able to handle grad school on top of full time work. You have every right to feel burned out. You are doing a wonderful thing for yourself...won't it feel wonderful to get that graduate degree?

jami, 3 degrees? Is that C or F? Either way it's pretty cold! And, it's great that you're finally having nights of NOT dreaming of lamex.

Soo...I'd better get this posted before I lose the connection....

*waves to Okayers

ETA: x-post with grrl!!! *waves
whoa, total x-post with tree! sorry to hear about your auntie sweetie. (((((tree))))) but i must confess to being a bit excited that you're going to be in my state for whtever reason and can't help but wonder if it's going to be anywhere near me. after all the work and the hours i've been puting in lately, especially that 20-hour bulshit on wednesday night, i am so taking next weekend off, and fuck anyone who says differently. if it's not too long a drive for me, and you have an hour to spare from family duties, i'd love to meet up while you're (in the vaguest, most roundabout sense) in town.
QUOTE(grrrlyouwant @ Nov 24 2007, 05:32 PM) *
whoa, total x-post with tree! sorry to hear about your auntie sweetie. (((((tree))))) but i must confess to being a bit excited that you're going to be in my state for whtever reason and can't help but wonder if it's going to be anywhere near me. after all the work and the hours i've been puting in lately, especially that 20-hour bulshit on wednesday night, i am so taking next weekend off, and fuck anyone who says differently. if it's not too long a drive for me, and you have an hour to spare from family duties, i'd love to meet up while you're (in the vaguest, most roundabout sense) in town.

Grrl, I'll be in San Diego...and my flight out leaves sunday night at close to i'll have a bit o' time, sunday evening prolly. PM me if I'll be close to ya. Of if not. Just so I know. I'd lurve to meet ya if you're close enough! smile.gif
hi tree and grrrl! i am sitting here at sil and wifey's house. we have our favorite friends in town and we're all in gainesville tonight for the big college football rivalry game. me and mrfj weren't willing to pay a gaziillion dollars for tix, so we are here until the rest of our group gets out of the stadium. yes. tonight is our first night away from the jackaroo and i'm just acting in denial right now. i'm drinking a lot. i'm just gonna let ya'll know that now. i won't mention how many times i've edited this for mistakes. and stuff.

i'll be back another dime.

eta: (((((tree's aunt))))) that reminds me about my friend. diva asked: she is in her mid fifties. she is still hanging on, but i meant to tell you guys about her party. it went well and she seemed really happy to have had a goodbye party. i was holding her hand and she told me how happy she was that so many people came to her party. we all signed these awesome foil "angel wings" for her and put them on the conch behind her and she said she'd watch over us if she could.

you guys don't know this, but i've taken a good fortyfive minutes to write this.

((((falljackets)))) I'm glad to see you enjoying yourself. Never stop doing that. smile.gif

Oh, and if I were to choose a way to die, if it couldn't be during sex, it'd be the way my auntie did; she had just gotten back from a month-long trip to Europe, she was sitting in her favorite recliner with a glass of really good vintage wine, a merlot (her favorite)...with a roaring fire in the fireplace...and she had a massive stroke, no consciousness, instantly. Barefeet on a cushy rug. Perfect.
((((((((((treehugger)))))))))) SOOOO sorry to hear about your auntie passing. Nice to see you here, anyway! Glad to hear your mama is doing okay, too...I've been wondering. BTW, your little djembe is getting lots of use out here! Have you read any of the books yet?

grrrl, great to hear about your job and lovahman! LOVE the Spidey-grabbing-boobs tee!

FJ! Party your ass off! WOOT!

jami, that car is WAY cool!

CH, why not go to grad school full time? Better to do it now than when you're my age, when you get REALLY loathe to give up your paycheque! Seriously, I mean this from experience. Especially since you don't seem to be really happy in your job...anyway, just my 2 cents, not that you asked for it! tongue.gif

Well, yesterday my guitar-playing girlfriend came over in the afternoon - let's give her a bustie name and call her hippiegirl - and wound up staying till almost 11! (This is my young friend who went traveling through New Zealand for 6 months.) Banjoboy came over around 6:30 or 7, so I made dinner for all of us, and he brought over the banjo, harmonicas, and the big djembe. Some wine 'n' weed was also involved. wink.gif Turns out hippiegirl plays a mean djembe, too! We wound up playing a whole bunch of great songs, and hippiegirl even tried out the banjo for awhile as well. We're hopefully going to jam again early next week - guitarboy is away at his dad's this weekend, but it would be awesome to have all four of us playing. Banjoboy seems really comfortable experimenting on his (still newish) banjo around hippiegirl, unlike with guitarboy, who rips us all a new one with his instrumental skill. biggrin.gif I wonder if maybe we've found a 4th Porcupine Rebel???

Anyway, since guitarboy isn't here to whine about my lack of availability, I'm taking the day all to myself and not answering the door. It's been very nice so far....
wine and weed = yummers. fuck i'm fuked up. i should be ashemed of myself.

Hi Hi!

((((((tree)))))) I'm sorry to hear about your aunite, but I agree, that is a great way to go. Congratulations on a wonderfully successful thanksgiving meal!!!!

Grrrl, I'm loving the shirt.

Hey Fj! heh, FJ's feeling happay! I'm glad to hear you are having a good time.

Doodle, I am absolutely planning on going to grad school, I just want to go full time, but I can't give up my current pay cheque. But, I at present really hate my job, so I have some tought decisions to make. The thought of going back to minimum wage is not feasible. It sounds like you had a great evening, enjoy your solo evening tonight.

Well, I took hound to the park, it was really nice and calming. Now I am attempting to change the sheets on the bed, I have gotten as far as changing pillow cases and having the blankets on the floor.

And I just saw the worst leg break ever, showing highlites of the Vanier Cup on TV (university football champsionship), and the university I went to won the cup, but one of the players suffered a broken femur, in three places, and it looked like his leg was a piece of limp spaghetti. Blech, gross!!!!

Tonight, I'm totally bailing out on plans, I don't want to go out, I want to have some me time.

I'll check in later!

ETA: FJ! Bwaaaahahahahaha, why be ashamed! It's great!

well dammit, tree, you're going to be all the way at the other end of the state. but if you're planning on warming up a bit while you're here, that end of the state is the one to be at. mine's been all kinds of cold and yucky lately. i mean it's the end of november, so it's about time, but last night i finally had to concede defeat and shut the window that's been open since april and turn on the space heater. but if you want, i'll pm you my number so we can chat.

culture, i'm so jealous that you're going to school. i wish i had time to go back myself. i thought about taking a couple classes online, but for some reason, life and some huge shit always interrupts my academic career just when the semester's getting started. i don't remember the last time i started without being on academic probation, and i'm wondering if they'll even take me back at this point.

doodle, way to go on your jam session! i'm glad you had such a good time. your enthusiam for your music is awesome and contagious, and makes me want to hurry up and learn to play bass so i can go find me some cool peeps to jam with.

whee, fj is drunk! go, have a good time honey. you deserve it. and wanting some time to hang out with your friends and be totally wild and irresponsible once in a while does not in any way make you a bad mama! your love and caring for jackaroo come through in every post about him, and in the long run, it's better for both of you to have something in your life that doesn't revolve around him. that way leads to smothering of you both. so go kick up your heels, and toss back a shot of something for me.

woot, lunchtime! i'ma go hit my favorite taco truck. later gators!
Good Morning!

Hey Grrrl!

I've taken hound to the park, worked out, and now I'm going to go and retrieve a piece of academic writing to submit with my grad degree application. I'm deciding if I want to go xmas shopping and perhaps pick up myself a nice warm coat. I'm currently watching futurama. "something is rotten on the planet Wormulon" it's the Slurm episode. Heh.

Take care all!
*raises hand*
(((tree))) much hugs to you. although I do agree with you. she sounded completely centered and at peace...
(fj) havin some fun, girl...
grrrl. keep the reports comin'. hee. love the spidey tee.
hay there doodle.
CH how ya doin? get the jacket. then snuggle up in it and watch futurama. last week I got a down to the shins black wrap (no buttons) wool jacket for $3 at the used store. it's great.
okay... me... like i said the new boy wasn't there, so I made plans with the cowboy to go out. no sparks, but company. we went out for dinner, and lots of pool and even darts. lots of talk. I kissed him goodnight. and now I'm confused. I know we said friends, but he didn't even try to hold my hand. I'm not used to a guy not trying...trying to go for more. I'm gonna have to talk to him. 'cause now I'm wondering about me - if I'm not enough. not even enough to try?
didn't get to watch the roping, he had to work the ranch that day. it was 3 degrees when we got to town. 1 degree (F) when I got home. <shiver>

FJ- you should NOT be ashamed, yo! ENJOY IT!!! We spent each of our "baby free" nights the first year FUCKED UP and/or FUCKING like madfolks.

Tree...I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, but God Damn, she passed well! My gramma went in a very similar manner. Had seen each of her children and grandchildren individually (lunch, dinner, errands, etc.) within 1 week of passing, and went hanging out on her couch with her cat, cuddling. Awesome. At 89 years old, to boot.

We had a spectacular turkey day. Loads of family all weekend, loads of food. Moxette is snoozing right now, moxieman is doing leaves, and I'm thinking between a nap and a mall run...
Hey Hey!

Jami, don't think that! he may be very respectful, or he may feel that it was no appropriate given your situation. Don't feel down.

Mox, so glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

I didn't make it to the mall, it's snowy here, and I am not really in the mood to shop. Onthe plus side, academic reference succesfully found! So, I'm just sitting back and watching more Futurama.


Well, I just wanted to pop in before I head for some me time. Reading a really good book, and I want to get back to it!

*flops on okayland couch, heating pads on belly and back*

Hi everybustie!! Sounds like a good weekend had by all around here, and some good turkey days as well!! YAY! And, I missed the super sweet drunky FJ - how cute is she?! I hope she's recovering nicely today.

Well, we're back from the greater Denver area! We had a great weekend with my brother and SIL....they have a beautiful home with an amazing panoramic view of the mountains out of all their windows...I loved waking up early and watching the sun rise on the mountains - so beautiful. And tons of walking/biking/hiking trails right out the back of their house, which was really neat to see, right smack in the middle of a very Pleasantville-like Suburban neighborhood. We went and watched the Prairie Dog community out there this morning, scampering around - very Meercat Manor-like - kind of fun! We also went to Boulder and wandered the city center, hiked around this amazing rock formation park - Garden of the Gods, and visited many, MANY beer breweries....and ate WAY too much. A very nice weekend all in all, and I think we're very happy to have a place in Colorado to crash as our "vacation home."

Interestingly enough, I don't think I'd ever really want to live there - its beautiful, and the lifestyle stuff is great, but you have to drive SO far to go and do the cool stuff - its all really spread out there, and being in a car all the time just isn't my gig. Coming home to Chicago was lovely tonight - flying in right at sunset, seeing our city skyline - I am truly at home here, which is a great feeling.

(((((tree)))) I'm glad you'll be getting out to CA, to spend time with family remembering your aunt. It sounds like she had a wonderfully peaceful transition...that's all any of us can ask for, right?

Grrrl! Congrats on the new man & generous portions, and the job props!! You deserve all the lovin' and success you can get!

And jami - way to go on getting full custody!! Keep us posted on the rest of the journey - its so sad/frustrating to have to fight for half of what is rightly yours...yuck.

Well, I need to soak in a hot bubble bath - 3 nights on my bro's rock-hard guest bed has not been friendly to my bod. G'night!
*flings self at turbojenn*

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

i am in the USA with mr. hotbuns and i lurv and meeeeeeeeece all of you!

jenn, so glad you had a great time in colorado - right there with you on the i wouldn't want to live there.

culturehandy, what's the really good book you are reading? i'm in the market!

doodle, my love, soooooooooooooooo happy to see that you are still JAMMIN!

moxie, moxie, moxie!!! helllllllooooooooo! what do you mean when you say that the mr was making leaves?

FJ!!! any more pearl neckaces???? hee.

love and kisses and silly silly fishes!!
Good Morning!

Tes, it is so great to see you in here!!!!!!! So good to see you back! YAY! I'm reading a few books right now, at the moment, one is a kind of fluffy murder mystery by JD Robb called creation in death, the other is by a Canadian author, Micheal Slade, the book is cutthroat. His whole series is fantabulous!

Turbo, that sounds like a great Thanksgiving!

I slept last night, and in my dreams were 80's cock rock ballads. How. Odd.

That's all, here's hoping to a quiet month end!

Later all!

No time to post but YAY! A TES SIGHTING!

It is nice to be back in Okay land!

It sounds like everyone had a nice long weekend. Well, the US Okayers, anyhoo.

TES!! YAY! It is so great to see you lady! How are things? How's work? How's Mr Hotbuns? We miss you too!!

FJ, good for you! You deserve a little R&R. How was your night away from Jackaroo?

Tree, I am sorry to hear about your anut as well. ((fam)) It does sound like she went peacefully. Which I think is all we can ask.

Hey Grrrrl! Woo hoo! A new lovah! I am going to go to the portions thread to find out more. smile.gif It sounds like your job is going well, you are doing super work it seems. Good for you! Good for you on the raise as well.

CH, I understand your frustration.....I was having the same dilemma not long ago. I am completing my degree in December & want to switch fields. But, I really can't get a good job in the new field until I have my license, which takes at least 2 years minimum post grad. I finally figured out a plan. I think you will too. The solution will come to you.

Jenn, wow, sounds like a lovely trip to Denver. I have only been there once, it was beautiful. I would love to go back.

Hi Moxie!

Hi Jami! SO glad custody is a done deal. That is wonderful! So sorry to hear about the other bullshit though. UGH. mad.gif

Have I forgotten anyone? Hey Poodle, diva, and minx! You MN ladies!

I had a nice weekend. We hung at my mom's Thursday, which was a lot of fun. We stuffed our faces, watched tv, played games, and celebrated my niece's birthday. We met up with a couple of my friends that night who were in town for the holiday. The rest of the weekend we alternately relaxed and did house stuff. Mr K was off 3 of the 4 days, which was nice. I did start getting snippy with him yesterday, I have to admit. I am getting pre-menstrual though, so I think that was part of it. I hate when I get that way though. What can you do. Now am back to the grind here at work. This is my last week at the hospital til January though. Woo hoo! Free time! What will I do with myself??

well, i guess those drunken posts weren't terribly cringe-worthy. i remembered posting but couldn't remember what i wrote so i was sort of reading those with one eye closed, bracing for the embarrassment. hee.

all in all, a fine weekend! turkey day was nice at mrfj's rents' house. we ate a lot and drank some. sil got a little wasted and giggly, so that was fun. friday, we had lunch with one of my former bosses, who worked with mrfj years ago. (it's funny, i just realized that only one of my former jobs has NOT been for or with a friend. interesting.)

friday night, our best friends came over. we hadn't seen them in over a year as they live in MO now for school. we went to our favorite restaurant (she'd been craving it for over a year since they don't have one in their state) and then came back here to hang out. karaoke ensued. we sang every song on the grease soundtrack, and i must give mrfj some major props for his rendition of "beauty school dropout". seriously. his awesome superbadassedness stripped the song of it's cheesiness and we all just sat there in awe of his voice. i've heard my man sing before, but he made that song his bitch, ya'll. i sang bobby mcgee and we all sang "i will always love you", sort of a four-way tribute to our friendship. it was a total the big chill moment.

saturday, we all drove to gainesville and you know how that got started. suffice to say, after my inebriated ramblings here, i pole-vaulted past tipsy and was drunk. i did an irish car bomb with sil's wifey, some midori vodka thing and some sort of rum drink. i'd already had a couple of beers and a shot of crown earlier in the afternoon. oh, and one of those spark's energy/malt beverages. so, i wound up barfing. but, i rallied and got myself cleaned up before meeting back up with the other group and hanging out for several more hours. i just didn't drink anymore.

we went to pick jackaroo up pretty early yesterday and i was so happy to see him! he was just waking up when i got there and when he rolled over and saw me, he grinned so wide! i think you guys were right that i did need that time away from him and it probably was ok for him too. mrfj's mom said that although he cried for the first three hours, he calmed down and even seemed happy after that. i guess some amount of crying was to be expected. so i guess we'll do it again at the end of december for our anniversary. but still just for one night. smile.gif

our friend sent out a message that she doesn't want any more visitors. she doesn't want anyone to see her how she is. she really looks awful and it's amazing just how quickly it happened. she's so frail and gaunt and well, almost vacant. i'm happy i got to say goodbye to her. honestly, i'm sort of relieved that i won't be seeing her again. every time i left her, i said goodbye because i wasn't sure if i would see her again. it's hard to know she's not going to be here and i can imagine she is going through the same thing. she's certainly accepted that she is going to die very soon. she all but says she is ready. i suppose she feels like she's said her goodbyes and is taking these last moments to be with herself and her immediate family.

in other news, my own grandmother has been hospitalized. unfortunately, it seems that she has the onset of alzhiemer's/dementia. she has always been bipolar, but every ten years or so, she has an episode that goes past mania. she is very religious (jehovah's witness) and her current delusion is that she is going to be disfellowshipped from her church because she called jehovah a cock-sucker. (i didn't even know my grandmother knew such a word. but apparently, that's the worst she can come up with because she's apparently called people cocksuckers during her other episodes.) she also thinks that her pillow is talking to her and that my cousin's husband is tazering her in her sleep. my cousin found her two streets over a couple days ago. she'd walked out of the house on her own and had borrowed a cell phone from some guy on the street to call the cops to tell them about her pillow. my poor grandmother. my grandfather is also suffering from depression but won't admit to it. maybe he can get some rest now that grandma is in the hospital.

*sigh* this stuff is genetic. yikes!
mornin mornin mornin okayers! i'm getting ready to hop back in bed as soon as i get this last load of laundry in. last night we went to see august rush, and it was all right. mmm, jonathan rhys-meyer as sexy irish song boy, where can i get one of those? went next door to circuit city while the momster distracted c-monkey at the bookstore and bought her laptop. i have to go shopping for my bro and bitch-in-law this weekend, and my niece. put pretty much all my big shopping is done, and what isn't can be done online.

squeee, culture, you read the in death series? i got creation in death last week and finished it overnight. ever since i broke the screen on my palm again, i've been having to rely on paper books, and i've been going through my paper tbr pile at the rate of about one per day. let me know what you think of the ending when you get to it. buzz around blogland is "oh, that was so wrong of eve, and how is she ever going to recover from this crisis of character, oh noes!!1!" i was just like, "meh, sounds fine to me". but anyway, i don't want to give anything away.

*waves hi to kari* yay for free time! i vote for sleep, or portions. or sleepy portions, or after sleep portions. but not portions to put you to sleep.

okay, obviously the lack of sleep is catching up to me. time for a nap before work. later everyone!

Kari, that sounds like a lovely weekend. I am also getting my period this week. That would explain the extreme sexual frustration and general pissiness. Yay on being done at the hospital, at least for a time, soon!

FJ, also sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm sorry to hear about your friend and grandmother. alzheimers also runs in my family, among other things. This old age thing sounds just divine.

Well, today at lunch I'm a looking for a jacket, so I'm hoping that goes well.

Hope everyone is having a survivable day!


ETA; X posted with Grrrl! Hey! I'm loving it so far, I'm about half way through, I'm so busy in the evenings and I don't want to miss a work out or dog walk. Gaaaa, you have me totally intrigued about the ending now! I really like the series a lot!

FJ, that sounds like a really fun weekend. I am glad you & Mr FJ had such a good time. I am really sorry to hear about your grandmother. ((hugs)) Hopefully her being hospitalized will let her get the care she needs and will ease things up for your grandpa. That's got to be incredibly hard on him.

Hey GRRRL! Get some sleep! I am envious that you have your shopping just about wrapped up. Mine hasn't even begun! I do have a list together, and that is something, right?

Heya CH! Did you find a jacket? I bought a coat this weekend myself. Found it for 50% off.

Hi Catsoup! Are you fully recovered from being sick?

I went to spin at lunch today, feeling good. I went yesterday too, in effort to prevent some of the fat I ate this weekend from sticking. We'll see how successful I am, b/c I ate a lot!

Hey Hey!

Indeed I did find a jacket, it's down filled, and uber warm. I also bought a cute hat. The jacket was not a 3/4 length, didn't have my size. It was regualr $140.00, I got it for $84.00, so not a bad deal at all.

It's snow a hella lot, it's going to be a slow drive home, at least I'm off soon.

This guy keeps on sending me messages on crackbook, I think I'm going to ban him. I knew him in high school and he keeps on wanting to fate me and keeps sending me messages. As in I'll show you how a woman deserves to be treated, dude, I'm not going to freakin' date you!!! Bugger off.

Well, I have to go see a client.

Hi, peeps!

It's been awhile, huh? I didn't really think to go online over the long weekend.

It sounds like everyone's holidays (those of us stateside) were lovely. Yay! Mine was good, too.

(((((((Tree's aunt)))))))) If I may say it, that sounds like the ideal way to go, having seen all the family and being in the comfort of her own home. That's how I want to go.

Congrats on finding the jacket, CH. I have a really hard time shopping for them, finding something that doesn't pull at the shoulders and has room for my boobs and doesn't cut off circulation to my upper arms when I hold my arms out to drive. That's probably why I only own 3, and one of them is a men's Harley biker jacket. I really hope your fish isn't a werefish. Reminds me of that episode of South Park where Stan's aunt Flo gives him a devil fish.

Jenn, I'm jealous of your mountainous vacation. I'm hankering for some texture in the land, too, probably since it's been over a year since I last visited my friend in CA.

Hi, Tesao!!! I saw you lurking a minute ago, where the hell are you?

I want RV to come and post about Thanksgiving at the Tesao household.

My Thanksgiving was pretty good. The giant and I went our separate ways for the day, since he spent the last 2 Thanksgivings with my family (only because his mom went to Kansas City 2 years ago and we went there last year the day after Thanksgiving for that god-awful wedding trip). It was the only way either of us was going to be happy. I don't trust anyone do do Thanksgiving right except my parents, and the giant wanted to spend it with his family. We did the usual stuff, ate dinner, played a couple games, played with Sam. Here's Sam's newest noteworthy quote:

"In a quarter mile, turn left at the end of the road."

My brother was looking at ads for a GPS system, and out of the blue, Sam says that in a perfect little computer lady voice, all proper and shit. It was so funny! I went out into the Mall of America on Friday to do a little shopping, and to another place where the parking lot was a wreck, and got some stuff. I bought all my boring presents for the giant (sweater, pajama bottoms, wallet, CK boxer briefs - those are more of a present to me, actually, hehe!) and 4 sweaters for myself. I also got some Bliss Spas face wash that smells like bubble gum and a bunch of new soaps. We went to the giant's aunt's house on Friday night to hang out with his family and play games and eat leftovers (judging from those, I'm even more happy I went to my own family's house). On Saturday, I had to exchange the sweaters I bought for a bigger size. : ( It sucks, but the ones I had, while they looked better on me, were too small in the shoulders and arms, and I'd rather go a little sloppy and be comfortable rather than pull at my sleeves all day.

I discovered the best thing when I went to Macy's at the MOA: they have a LUSH there!!! Yay!!! No more ordering or stopping at the San Francisco store when I see my BFF! It's about damn time. They were even really nice and gave me a free small-ish hunk of Happy soap, which is my favorite.

Since then, I've been back at work making truffles, not because I really need more right now, but just to get them finished and quit taking up room in the fridge. My next show is here at work on Thursday, then another one the Thursday after that at the giant's mom's work for lunch hour.

Unfortunately, while the weekend was lovely and all, I caught a cold. My throat is killing me and my sinuses have that cold, dry feeling in them. Yuck. I may not come into work tomorrow if it's any worse, not that I really need another day off, I just don't want to pass this on to anyone.

Tessssss!!!! *knocks tes over onto the okayland sofa, in big booby squishing hug* So good to see you here, my dear! Do catch us up on your life and times while you're stateside! We *meeeeece* your bright shining purple presence here!

Hi everyone! Yeesh, this monday really wore me out...'course I just finished working a few minutes ago, so that could be why. I left the office semi-ontime, but then had to come home and put a couple more hours in. And tomorrow is going to be a godawful long day - we have an all-staff conference 2 hours away, and we all have to be there at 8am, which means leaving my house at 5:30am, so I can leave ample time for the various delays of public transit and making connections.

BUT, I have a phone interview Wednesday night with someone I met a couple weeks ago at the wedding, so that's cool! I'm not 100% sure I'm interested in the job - it would be a 6-month contract, and I'm not sure I'm willing to look for work in a few months. But, it will be good research if nothing else, to see what kind of positions are out there.

FJ! Sounds like you had an amazing holiday weekend, and that you made the most of your first night away from jackaroo!

Diva, Good for you for splitting up for holiday time - turbomann and I still do that...and it makes for less tension between us, so it works out. And that Sam is just the *cutest* kid - his well-timed statements just crack me up! Little sponges, they are!

Kari - that's awesome that you'll get a whole month off from school and the hospital - that'll make your day job seem like a cinch! I need to rev up my spin motivation, though....can I have some of yours? Tonight was the class I like best, but work kind of fucked that up tonight...and then I promised my self I'd hit the elliptical tonight, but I'm wiped, and it is not going to happen. oh well.

ETA: Here are some piccies from our trip to Colorado!
Good Morning, if you'd like to call it good.

Diva, I agree about the difficulties finding a jacket that fits. This was in great, and I took it for a test run at the park yesterday, it was bloody freezing fucking cold, but I was toasty warm. Yay on the LUSH, too!

turbo, I'm sorry to hear about the crappy conference, what a load of bullshit. That's really great about the interview, too. I hope you can find something soon.

Well, it's fucking cold here today. It's -25, (or- -13F), I plugged my car in, but evidently not all the way, so now it's not started, and it doesn't sounds like it wants to. So, I plugged it in all the way, here's hoping that fucking things starts. It's really living up to the ford moniker of Fix Or Repair Daily, Found On Road Dead, I could go on. Next car is going to be a Honda, my nissan never gave me grief, only had to replace the battery, and that wasn't even in winter. So, now this is turning into a really crappy Tuesday. Bah. As usual Tuesday's suck, and this just affirms the crappiness of this day of the week. Yesterday it was fine. Grrrrrr. My Dad is picking me up, thank goodness for parents.

It's also month end and I"m covering two case loads, further, I'll now have to work until 4:30, then most likely bus my ass home. Now, normally I wouldn't care, but because of the nature of my job, I don't like taking the bus home. All it takes is one wierdo to follow me home. Le Sigh. Could always be worse. Hey, I'm trying to stay positive here! laugh.gif

Hope everone is doing well!


i'm still lurking! trying to catch up on archives, may give that up. nice to see that the okay-lândias haven't slowed down any!!!

i'll be back!

*blows kisses to Tes* When do we get an update from you? We want to know what's all going on with you!
gooooood morning okayers!

((((((tes))))))) hiya! i meant to say hello yesterday. i hope you are good. how long are you stateside? yes, do catch us up!!

((((((turbo)))))) yuck! 5:30am just to get to some stupid work meeting? argh. i'm sorry. but hey, good for you for the interview. at least you are networking, should make you feel less trapped in this job. thanks for the pics. hehe, i love how you pointed out who was who in the pics. tongue.gif

culture, that is fucking cold and i'm protesting it from way over here. it's cloudy and gray here but it'll still be up in the 60s later.

diva, sam truly sounds like such a sweetie. you are lucky to have him around and he's obviously lucky to have you around as well.

ok, better get off here and tend to my sweet son. he was up from 4am to 5:30 this morning and i THOUGHT that would mean he'd sleep in. but nope, he is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to play this morning. i need a couple hours beauty rest!

*disentangles self from jenn*
*pops up from okay sofa to grab catsoup*

meh, you know i don't like talking about myself! i'm here in north cacalacky, with fuzzy kitties and warm hotbuns. hoping to work in the yard today, don't know if weather will cooperate. it's been raining here. which is good, given that we have had the worst drought in years. but not conducive to yard work!

diva is making delish truffles???? yayayayay!!! throw one over here, querida, i'm in need of chocolate! thanks for the sam update; he is still the cutest ever, isn't he????

culture, glad you were so successful with your shopping expedition!

and how fab is it that MOA has a LUSH????

~*~*~*~*~*~* horrid two-hour away conferences FLY BY vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

good for YOU, kari!!! it sounds like heaven!

fj!!! i can't believe how BIG jackaroo is! he's beautiful, just like his mummy and daddy. i wish that we could hear mr. fj's voice!!!

grrrrl! how did you manage to get all of your shopping done so fast? you are inspiring, truly!

hugs to everyone!

Hey Catsoup! Tes!!!!

Is this day over yet??? Boo crappy on that. Cold out, car doesn't want to start, I just want it to start, once it does, it'll be fine. I hate being without a vehicle. Crud crappy crap shit.
Hello, OkayLand!

CH, I cannot believe how cold it is where you are. Jeezie creezie, my bones ache just thinking about it.

((((((FJ))))))) Just 'cause.

Jenn, those pics are lovely. Your friends have a nice view of the mountains from their house.

~~~~ soothing for Diva ~~~~ I am jealous of the Lush store. Someday we'll get one here in our corner of North Cakalacky. Someday ...

Thanksgiving with Tes was fabulous, as always. I spent most of my time chatting with Mr. Hotbuns & Plat. Love those two! Part of me wonders what the conversation was like at the end of the table where Tes & Sheff were sitting (Mr. HB & I spent a lot of time talking about Formula One racing biggrin.gif ). I got to chat with Elle & her hubby for a bit, too. I can't believe she is gonna be a momma! EEEE!!!! I didn't hear when she's due, but it looks like she's got a couple more months to go at least. I only wish I hadn't been so sick that night. I just kept coughing and coughing and coughing!

Eeep! It's 11! Must run along & get stuff done!
morning okayers. got off to a late one this morning. c-monkey let me sleep in. to the tune of being two hours late school. it's become a running joke in the office that if she's late to school, it must be one of my weeks to drop her off. it was nice to get the extra sleep though. i've gotta go back later because c-monkey is getting some kind of award. not for no tardies obviously. tongue.gif in the meantime, back to the sims 2!
just got in from working about 3 hours in the garden. woof. can you believe that our idiota home owner's association actually sent us a letter saying that we were "in violation of our covenants" by having "dead plants". well, news flash! it is WINTER, people! things DIE in the winter! it isn't anything hard to do, and the garden DID need some tidying up -- but, c'mon! dead plants? jeeeesh.

anyway, it was primo good exercise. luckily it is not freezing here today.

culture, i hope that it warms up in your part of the universe, and that your car starts!!

~*~*~*~*~* blows warm air your way up from parts south ~*~*~*~*~*

part of the reason that our thanksgiving was so great was that rose and sheff were here! they are really wonderful! mr hotbuns was worried about you, rosie - he said that you ate almost nothing! i told him that you weren't feeling up to snuff, and had been under the weather for WEEKS. he read your post and felt muito better.

i'm just here for thanksgiving -- am headed back to africa on 4 december. the mister will be flying down for christmas, though. he arrives on the 21 december, and we are going on safari on 24 december, for 5 days. he's never done that before, i can't wait! we are staying at a lodge that is in a "leopard" cross your fingers that we see one!! i've only seen one once, and it was hidden in the bush so well that if our ranger hadn't spotted it (groan) we never would have! it's amazing how the animals all disappear so easily. even elephants!! you are looking out over the bush near a watering hole and can't decide if that gray blob out there is a big rock or something moving. and after about 10 minutes you think, okay, it is a cape buffalo. and THEN - seven elephants appear, one by one. how do they DO that????

elle is, indeed, preggers! she is due the last week in april/first week in may! she has asked me to come and be with her when the bébé comes, and i cannot wait. originally, i wanted to be called nana or nonna, but -- somehow that has turned into "Nono". which is actually pretty perfect. light and bikeboy were there, too, with their 2 girls. the youngest is 4 months old. light calls her "the breast leech" and cracks me up by walking into the room and holding the baby out and saying "here, take this".

off to rehydrate!
Good Afternoon!

RV and Tes, so glad you two had a great Turkeyday together!!!!!

Hey Grrrl!

It will warm up here. In March. Ahhhhh winter is upon us! I'm sure it will start. Sometime. Like March. hee.

Well, I have to get back towork now!

hello to all the ladies. ok, and to the rest of you, too. wink.gif
hay kari, FJ, CH (think warm!), catsoup, grrrl, DIVA (need to email you), turbo, tesao (hello!) and RV!!!
not done with the day yet, but I am SO DONE! aargh. I'm finnishing up taxes, due by friday. oh - didn't mention taxes? he didn't file, so *I* have to do past stuff and get everything all up to date! by friday. aaaargh. it's the fine tuning now. hate this sh*t. oh, and lamex is here. with 'friends' just grrreat.
I think I'm off to the bar for a bit. maybe some pool. gotta get out of here.
Jami, I'm so sorry your Lamex is making everything so difficult. How stupid that because of his stupidity you have to do more work. Blech.

It's cold here too, CH! Today it was 4 when I woke up. Brrr. I'm not quite ready for this cold. And of course, all of my buses were late today. Fuckers. I need to buy some warm shoes. Last year I bought a pair of Merrels and they did not do the trick. I don't really want to wear my big snow boots every day but I need something warm. Any suggestions?

I love Tes updates! How's your job? Are you happy with it? I'm glad you are able to come home for a bit.

Diva, if you have a chance, can I get some info about your truffles? No hurry, I was just dreaming about chocolate today.

Okay, back to shitty homework. Only three more weeks of classes and then a week of finals. I'll make it, right? smile.gif
Good Evening!

Jami, enjoy your evening! Maybe some portions for ye?

Okay, this is a spolier alert, so I'm writing it in white. grrrl, I finished reading creation, it was really good, it was just like any other ending. Roarke always getting around things with his private comp and so forth, she always breaks the rules. And what crisis of character are people talking about? It certainly isn't the first time Eve has found herself in a quandry. They wanted the guy bad, she usually does break the rules, and so they doctored the records, there will be no foot prints.

So, my car started successfully! YAY! Took hound to the park, then did a lower bidy workout, my legs and ass are going to be hurting tomorrow. But, it's all worth it. I haven't seen the cop in a week now, but to tell you the truth, I could care less.

I think I'm going to hit the sheets and go to sleep soon, I'm exhausted this evening.

Later all!

*stumbles into thread, exhausted*

Well, I *just* got home from the horrid conference. Eeew. Its been a helluva long day, filled with all kinds of cheering, and teamwork crap and lots of loooooong speeches. Yuck. Funny to feel like an outside observer at this thing, and really seeing that the majority of staff in the room of 300 really do drink the company kool-aid....and that's so great for them. But from my seat at division HQ, its just so hard to feel the mission of the org, and that, plus lousy bosses, makes me pretty cynical.

Tesssss! Thanks for the lovely update, and I am SOooooo jealous of your thanksgiving with RV & Sheff! *pouts* - what a fun gathering! And I can't believe Elle is pregnant - Eeeeeeee! Exciting news, but sheesh - seems like she just got married last week. wink.gif Time flies.

And now, I must toddle off to bed. G'night!
-pours a mug of hot chocolate for turbo- you just relax now, you're away from the madness.
CH - yea on the car starting. they have plug ins for cars here. do they where you live?
I went to the bar, but only two locals there, and they're friends of lamex, so I talked with owner and then went to the basketball game at the school, where son was. talked with friends, cheered on the team. got away from this work, so the night was not a total loss. I've got a fire going, and pleanty of wood in the firebox. getting ready for an all nighter of work. ~ta~
Hiya everyone! Whew, I just got back online after 2 days without it! Laptop is crashed...I think it has a trojan. I'm going to have to take it in. That's it, boys are no longer allowed on my computer. Anyway, I just got the big PC back up and running and cluttering up my space...ugh.

Anyway, my point izzzzzzzzzz...I have not had a chance to read and catch up yet (except to notice that turbo still does not partake of the company kool-aid, hurrah!). So forgive the Me Post, but here's the quick update:

hippiegirl came over again last night and jammed with me, banjoboy, and guitarboy, which was awesome! And fun, and nice to have another chick around in the music-making, if ya know what I mean. wink.gif I gave them all leftovers with baked potatoes for dinner, and they were soooo happy....oh those young 'uns.

The four of us are going to the coffee house tomorrow night - don't know if hippiegirl will play, but I'd like to get her on the big hand drum for one song at least...we'll see. I am totally obsessed with the Tom Petty song, "Runaway Train." I learned it on the weekend from just listening to it over and over, then slowed it down so I could figure out how to sing it "my way"...then speeded it up sounds so cool! It sounds cool either way: slow or "normal." It's nice and tortured-sounding. I'm totally doing it at open mike, with or without the boys. Also, I'm hoping to get guitarboy up to jam "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" and also "Jumpin' Jack Flash." The last one, I'd do without the guitar, which I'm looking forward to, 'cause I wanna get a little crazy on it. biggrin.gif

I always liked Tom Petty's music a lot, but having gotten to know his music a little better these days, I have developed a serious latent crush on the man himself. wub.gif

I have not heard from that clothing store I applied to at all, which seems odd, so I'm going back up to talk to the manager (instead of just the assistant manager) this week.

My birthday is on Sunday! Holy crap, I'm gonna be 39!!

Winter Solstice is on it's way, and also my birthday! So I hung white mini-lights in the dining room, both on the coleus "tree" and hanging in a garland across the divide between living room and dining room. The garland lights were so long they wound up being three rows back and forth, so I twisted them all together and wrapped them in fake ivy. (Plus the dining room doubles as my "stage" when we're jamming, since it's got the most room for me to stand where we can all still see each other, so the lights make me feel like a rock star. tongue.gif) It looks awesome! I think the garland needs something in the middle though...I'm thinking about mistletoe. wink.gif

I'm trying to also think about how to light up the electric guitar for the holidays - I thought about wrapping it in lights, but then we couldn't take it off the wall for playing. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Had to update my tests today, pending the eviction of Dorothy from my body. I didn't know there'd be a pee test in addition to blood, so I wasn't ready to pee! They send me away with the specimin bottle and told me to bring it back before they closed......I wound up down the street chugging coffee and then peeing into the bottle in the coffee shop bathroom! Carried it in a paper bag, in my pocket, back to the lab. It was still warm. Ew.

Has anybody ever had lucid dreams?
Good Morning!

Turbo, that is rediculous for a conference. It sounds like it was creepy like wal marts opening meetings where they sing some weird wal mart cheer.

Jami, oooooh a fire, too bad you have to work by it.

Doodle, that sounds great about jamming! boo on the laptop. Ahhhh urine tests. It's all for the greater good, but could you imagine getting mugged, and someone stealing your brown paper bag filled with a cup o' pee. laugh.gif Lucid dreams, yes ma'am I've had 'em. interesting. I had a scary dream last night, I had to force myself awake.

Soooooo, it's actually kinda nice here. For November, but it's snowing, again. And the ploughs haven't been out yet. Of course, when they do get out, they do parking lots first. Dead serious. How on earth does that make sense??? Don't plough the streets so I can't go anywhere, but at least when I can't get to the place I'm going I can park. And my phone has rang 3 times, it's not even 8 yet!!!! It's month end, I'm not returning any phone calls regarding cheques. It's only the fucking 27th! Bah.

On the bright side I got a disinformation book about drugs for the bargain price of $9.99, so that made me mucho happy!

Well, that's all I've got.

Later busties!
Mornin'. Brrrrr! It is a chilly one here, thought the weatherman promised an afternoon warm up.

I worked at home yesterday, which was sweet.

Tes! I am so happy you are hanging with us. You and Mr Hotbuns are going on a Safari for Christmas? That is the coolest thing ever! I didn't know you & Rose knew each other IRL, that's wonderful! Glad you guys got to hang over the holiday. Elle is preggers? Yay! smile.gif

Hi Diva! It's good to see you back too! I think that is cool that you & the Giant did your own things for turkey day. Why not, I say? I like spending that day with my fam too. I am sure one of these years we'll have to go somewhere w/ Mr K's fam, but I won't be happy about it.

Jenn, those pictures are breathtaking! wow! I wish I could spare some of my spin motivation, but I may have used it all up! Going to try to workout tomorrow. We'll see if I can follow through.

Hi jamie!

Hi CH!

Hi doodle! I have been trying to come up with a way you could light up your guitar...coming up empty. Will keep thinking on it, that would look cool.

Things here are good today. It's my last day at the hospital tonight! Wa hoo!

Oh-Can I get some vibes? A friend of mine had to have an emergency c-section at 6.5 mos of pregnancy. Baby is 1 Lb 12 oz. So far so good, but bustie vibes work magic.
OMG- Kari, your friend has all my vibes! That is scary, scary.

Tes! Its good to see you stateside! How much longer is the Africa appointment?

We very often did our own thing on holidays until the wee one came. Now, we're a unit, come hell or high water. Would there be high water in hell? Hmmm...

Not much going on in moxieland that isn't the same ole, same, baby, husband, work, baby, husband...I'm feeling really proactive and positive this morning, which is great. Have a good mood kid at home really helps that out.

Ok, I'm totally going to shill my kid... Here is a video from last week, where my kidlet plays with soap.

She's such a remarkable big girl. Yesterday, we watched "Shrek" at gramma's house, and in 10 minutes, she knew Shrek, "Lady" Fionna and the donkey! I gush, I know. Sorry.

I did get a massage on monday at our local myomassology school. It was lovely.
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