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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Holy fuck, am I busy today! Not month end busy, but busy enough that I can't lounge!

I'll catch up later, working through lunch.
Good Evening!

Jami, I think you need to be heading over to the portions thread for more dirty details! If there are any!

Hey Poodle! that sounds like a really fun weekend!

Lore, I seriously can't remember any of my dreams. Maybe I'll have some weird ones this evening. Heh. So great that you get along with, and like, Goaty's parents. I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving right when you are moving close to him.

Diva, 14???? Crappers! That's pretty rockin' about the craft sale, too!

I am pooped out today, I didn't work out, I took the hound to the park with her new blinky on her harness so I can see her in the dark now. Then I came home and rested. I'm just done. Tomorrow I'll work out. well, I'm going to get ready and lie in bed for a while.

Later all!
Hi ya'll!! Hooray for short work weeks! We're extra-super lucky, in that our office is closed on Wednesday too...which makes me re-evaluate my new job quest ever so slightly...its nice to get extra days off. I suppose, though, that I really just am enjoying my job more last week and this week, because assboss is on vacation...its a fairly functional job without him around, sticking his hands in his pants. tongue.gif

Poodle - it sounds like you had a *perfect* weekend! Drinks with Diva and Taloo AND Garrison - that is one incredible weekend. Dozing off in a warm theater with Garrison sounds SO nice and relaxing. I love to cook dinner when Prairie Home is on...its a sweet, old-fashioned show, and makes me smile, thinking of all the Saturdays as a kid that we'd listen to it.

*fans self after reading about jami's HOTT encounter*
You'd better meet up with that boy again....sounds most promising - and you deserve some good fun!

((((minx)))) Sorry you had a rough night, my with the ladies sounds like a perfect end to a blessedly short work week!

I went to spin class tonight - it was really good, but hard, as my lungs are still a little gunky after being sick the last week and a half. But I'm always glad when I go. And, to reward myself, I have a pan of gluten-free brownies in the oven. Extra chocolate chips, of course. smile.gif
Wooo! Drive-by! I've read, but I'm soooo tired, can't you all!!!
Good Morning!

Turbo, yummy brownies!!! You are off Wednesday, too??? Lucky!!!

Hey Doodle! Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!

What a shit start to this day. First I forgot my phone, good thing I was still in the drive way, went back into house, got phone, then went to go get paper, remember I forgot to tie up garbage bag, drove back home, went to work, got to work realised I forgot my passkey, so I can't get into the building, our office, or the washroom. There was no way I'm driving back home for that. Good thing there was someone who was going into the building. When I get into the building, I remember I have a spare pass key, but it doesn't work. then someone I work with came along and all was well. But, it's still a crappy morning.

On the bright side, I slept really well last night.

Downside, my dad and step mom had to put one of their dogs down last night. He lived a nice long life, though, he was 12.

Upside, it's payday on Friday, I'm feeling a little cute today, the cop called last night (but I was too tired for portions). here's hoping the day gets better. *pours some coffee for okayers*

cheers okayers!

good morning all.
just a quickie... off to the big city for a two day lawyer meeting. i'm just thrilled. hoping lamex will leave son alone as i won't be here.
found out from a friend at the bar that boy thought I was cute - and she had left way early. that's nice to know. I'll see him friday. and all these thoughts - yes, no - he's only working here till 11/30. maybe. i've never done anything like this before. thought like this before. ...and there are thoughts... ('the things I could do to you, girl')
hay ((ch)), doodle, turbo, poodle, lore, diva!
I'll talk at ya later...
Jami, I say do it, or should I say him! laugh.gif

Speaking of doing, I'm going to see the cop at lunch.

Must go get back to work.
Dudettes...they had doughnuts downstairs. How effing grand is that? Crappy, spongy, sugarlicious fried bread. Once in a great while, I just JONES for the stuff. It's kinda funny, though, how much I notice how simple carbs affect me now that I don't eat them except once in awhile. They totally make my body feel like crap...but it's soooooo gooooood. crappy Sunday. I dunno; it's really not worth going into right now because too much stuff is in flux. I did exacerbate it by drinking a LOT of lowland scotch and not getting much sleep.

Jami goooot some...Jami goooot some. That's just lovely. smile.gif

Hey Diva, I totally want some of those truffles. I get mildly euphoric just thinking about the peanut butter crunch ones, and the newer creations sound simply delovely. And congrats on the CRAFTASTIC! The opposite of COMCASTIC!

Hey Turbo, I'm glad that SOMETHING good has happened at work. Your job is stressing ME out.

Happy Belated Birfday to Our Gal Friday, FJ. Feel free to cash in your spanking tickets any ole day. Oh yeah, and BTW--I TOTALLY caught your "facial" double entendre the other day. I laughed my ass off thinking, "Uh huh...I KNOW she DID!" *insert head bobbing*

CH--I completely forgot my phone this morning, as well. What a dipshit move...I was halfway to work when I figured that one out.

Hey DoodleB, I read about your incidental slapstick on the singing stage. Bummer on that one. It'll be a great story to tell Rolling Stone someday when the Porcupine Rebels go pro.

I think that I have cramps. I think that's a very good thing.

Is Moxie okay?

Hey Kari! I love hearing about your job. Seriously, you need to tell us more stories.

*listens intently*

I made lomo saltado last night. I love that stuff (I usually use a helluva lot more vinegar than these call for): Real Good Lomo Saltado Recipe

Oh yeah, and one last thing, a photo or two:
i'm here...tired...but here. I'm verging on very.dark.places and don't feel much like writing...but i'm here, reading. Thanks for thinking of me, minxy! And, can I be the first to say your minxlette is god.damed.gorgeous! I did a double take, seriously. Wow. You are lucky ladies to have each other.

Me, today is my Friday! Whooo Hooo! I'm taking wednesday AND monday off! Yeah! A WHOLE WEEK not in the office! Time to decorate for christmas! Time to make a turkey! Time to sleep in on Wednesday, b/c the kidlette is off to school! Yeah! Poor kidlette is down today with a sinus/ear/lung infection. She's spending the day with gramma. I thought she just needed a good expectorant for her cough...poor thing isn't acting sick at all.

I also made perfect replica of my mom's mac and cheese last night. Apparently, the key is being totally distracted by an antsy toddler. As my mom developed the recipe while we were kids, I think that must be it!
Hey Hey!

Minx, minxlette is beautiful!

(((((((mox))))))) we are here for you!

Well, times a tickin' here come my lunch time-y portions!

today is calmer, I'm greatful for that. I was just exhausted yesterday, and skipped a workout, not so okay with that.

How is everyone else's day going?
*drags thread up to the top* Ooof, that's a heavy one!

Minxy!!! Minxlette is soooooodamnedgorgeous!! Wowza...and those pictures are so peaceful. Thanks for sharing those - totally made my day!

*pops open a bottle of champagne, and pours in honor of the short work week*

((((moxie)))) Good for you for taking a whole week off! I know you have so much on your plate right now, including a big thanksgiving dinner - which will be *fabulous!* take the time you deserve to really take a breather while you have time off, and know that we're all thinking about you and sending you good vibes.

My work week is done too!!! WooT! I am so happy to have a day to myself tomorrow. I've got to do laundry (boooo!), work out, and then meet a friend for lunch, then tea with a friend later on in the afternoon. Should be a nice day off.

Jami...I am looking forward to your reviews of Friday night's encounter with the new boy. Mmmmm.
I. Am. Done.

Work is gone for a week; my kidlet is peacefully sleeping; we're getting Thai takeout for dinner; and I intend to have some wine. Its like a friday, afterall.

That is all.
Good Evening!

Turbo and Mox, enjoy your time off! You both deserve it very much!

Well, I got me some cop portions today, came home (no pun intended) had a killer workout then took the dog to the park. Now I'm just lounging around in bed with the lap top. I'm going to hit the sheets soon, I'm exhausted.

Later all!

Jeebus...lookit that adorable blonde-headed child!!!


Um, gonna go jam...back later....
good lord us bustie ladeez make some gawjuss babies! minxlette is beautiful. i love that second pic especially. AND she's a funny little one to boot? how awesome is that!

thanks all for the birthday wishes. i had a lovely day. went to a great dinner, had a great martini and a slice of key lime pie in honor of my birthplace. mrfj and bff took me out and then we all came back to our house for some more drinks. oddly, i didn't get any spankies. i can cash those in any old day though. rolleyes.gif

mox and turbo, good for you both for starting your thanksgiving holidays off early. woohoo! pass some of that champagne over here! moxie, i'm sure your turkey day hosting will be lovely.

culture! yummy lunchtime portions! sweet! and jami! i love the way you described the interlude with the new boy. *fans self*

i had some lovely portions on sunday morning. i got up feeling randy and came downstairs, walked up to mrfj in my new birfday panties, fucking him with my eyes the whole way. we fucked standing up right there in the living room. hottt.

ok, baby is awake for some reason. i must put my mommy hat back on. i swear he has bust radar. every time i start writing a post, he gets cranked up.

try to be back later!
minx - little minxlette is gorgeous. thanks for the photos.
ch - yea for cop portions. atta girl.
fj - yea for hot portions. whew!
moxiegirl - sounds like it's time for your quiet dinner. enjoy.
and saying hay to those I've missed.
I'm in 'the big city', big meeting tomorrow. but my mind is on this weekend. and wouldn't you know it - got my period. oh, well, he'll be here for another week or so. I knew I could count on culture to say what I've been thinking. smile.gif thanks, girl

We had delicious thai food last night from our favorite place. YUM coconut curry and peppers and bamboo and chicken and bad-for-me rice! Poor moxette's cough was bad-ass this morning, so I'm still up WAY too early on a day off! But, she was god-damed adorable with cuddles, and i'd get up early just about any day for that. We'll take loads of holiday pics this weekend!

Now, its cold and raining, and moxette is OUT like a light about 20 min before i have to wake her up for "school." I feel a bit guilty for taking the whole day off and not spending it with her, but there is no way i can get this house ready and get dinner prepared in 1 day. And, the housework is plain dangerous for a toddler to be around with minimal supervision...moving furniture and the like. It really is the perfect late fall "i'm staying inside, in my PJ's" sort of morning. Oh well, maybe i can stay in my PJ's while I cook tomorrow?
Good Morning!!!

Hi Doodle!

FJ, those sounds like fantastic portions! Sounds like you had a great birthday, too!

Hi Jami! Just put a towel down. smile.gif

Mox, the food sounds delish, you absolutely can stay in your PJ's to cook and clean, then have yourself a nice steamy shower when you are done!

So, I didn't sleep that well last night, blasted. It seems I get one great night sleep then I get a shit night sleep. Grrrrr. It's snowing here, light fluffy snow, but it'll be good for houndish, she loves to play in the snow with her puppy friends. and her blinkey is fantastic, she's been really weird these past few days at the park, I think it's the full moon. She's just been off the handle, and normally she doesn't really lead the pack. I'm glad I have such a medium sized black rodent around. She keeps me much warm at night, plus she's always so happy.

you know, come to think of it, even the fish has been strange these past few days, no darting around in his tank lately, but he's been much more active. Has anyone ever heard of a fish acting weird during a full moon? Maybe he's a werefish! Okay, that's just silly.

I see have messages to pull, so I should start this work thing.

Later all!

Good Morning!

Minx, minxlette is so pretty! She looks like a real sweetheart too.

Hi CH, FJ, Jenn, Moxie, Jami (good luck at the meetings!!), doodle & anyone I have forgotten!

I'm at work today, but it's all good, since there is a 4 day weekend ahead. Oh yes.

Not much to report. Got a hair cut yesterday. A bit shorter, I am loving it.
*passes steaming mugs of mulled cider around thread*

Mornin' everyone! I love a nice, quiet day off work. The laundry is already in the dryer, I've got a mug of cider, and I plan to putter around the house this morning, clean up a bit, work-out, and then meet a friend for lunch, and then have another friend over for tea this afternoon. YAY!

Oh, and I have to take turbodoggie over to his greyhound friends' house soon, because he's going on vacation without us!! hee. Seriously, our friends are so fantastic to take turbo with them to Door Country, WI for the week, while we fly off to Denver to spend the weekend with my brother. And I know turbo will enjoy the country, and nice naps by the fire with his furry friends. Truth be told, a tiny part of me wishes we were going along. Ah, well...we'll go to Door Cty another time with our friends.

((((good meetings for jami))))

((((swift house-cleaning for mox)))) Good luck on getting everything ready - and just remember, your family will love you no matter what your house looks don't drive yourself too crazy. And enjoy their company in your home tomorrow - it sounds like a wonderful celebration!

Hi hi CH! Sorry you didn't sleep well...I know my sleep gets radically altered if I eat foods I shouldn't (wheat), and especially if I have even one cocktail or glass of wine....could that be part of it, and sometimes, I just can't stop the whirring gears in my head.
good morning busties! ooh! i'm in before culture today? sweet! hehe!

i'm up early because the glass guy is here replacing my kitchen window. i don't think i told you guys but the stupid bastard painters we hired to paint our house BROKE our window with their ladder. *sigh* i guess it's our fault for hiring some yahoos off craigslist, but hell, it's worked for us before so we took the chance. they DID paint our house for far less than others estimated. and the house looks smashing! but it took them three weeks and a lot of heartache to do it. on what was supposed to be the last day of the job, they were up on the roof painting the gables and tried to pull the ladder up there with them for some reason. the ladder slipped and BAM, right in the window. i was upstairs feeding jackaroo at the time and fully expected to a) find someone laid out on my backporch bleeding to death or 2) hear their truck start up and speed away forty-five seconds later. of course, the second option couldn't have happened because they were trapped on my roof. hehehe. anyway, glass man is here and the window is getting replaced (on the painters' dime of course). fj happy!

this morning, while waiting for the glassman, i was sitting on the couch and a book fell off the bookshelf. i was like, hm, how did that happen. i walked over to the shelf to put it back and another book fell. then i saw the widowed abigail boots's little white paw sticking out from behind the books. i don't know how she got back there without knocking them down sooner. hehe, such cuteness. she has a penchant for bookshelves actually. this was taken years ago:

ok, and i have to share one more thing... my kid fucking loves coldplay. "the scientist" to be specific. i discovered this while driving him around one day. he got cranky and started crying from the backseat. i felt so helpless - i could have stopped but he'd have started back crying as soon as i put him back in the carseat. so i just turned the radio up a little bit and kept driving home. the first three bars of "the scientist" came on and his wails turned to coos. seriously, it was that fast. i chalked it up as coincidence and moved on. next time he started crying, i pulled that cd out again and it worked again. and now, several weeks later, that's our go-to song when he gets rowdy. it's pretty fucking amazing. i mean, he's all "wail wail WHAAAAAA, I WON'T SLEEEEEEzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". hehe. and now of course, he has a cd of his own next to the crib. smile.gif

jami, best of luck to you in the big meeting today. i hope it all works in your favor. i meant to send ~^~^~^~strength and love vibes to your doggie~^~^~^~^~

mox, your thai food sounds incredible. i was bad and made cheeseburgers. but they were sooo good. oh, and i ate a whole bag of baby spinach that i wilted with a little olive oil. so that makes up for it, right? yes. it does. smile.gif and i know just what you mean about waking up at any hour for the sweet cuddles. jackaroo is always alllll smiles in the morning when he wakes up. i could hear him this morning just cooing and squealing at himself in his mirror. i have to hold myself back from going to get him some mornings because i know it's good for him to entertain himself but god.damn. he's so fucking cute!

i am so excited for the weekend coming. our bestest friends are coming home for thanksgiving and we get them friday and saturday. saturday night, however, we are planning to leave the jackaroo with mrfj's parents for the night. eeek! it'll be our first night away from each other and while i know it'll be fun and good for me (and probably for him too) i'm nervous about it. i am going to miss him so much!

eta: holy crossposts! hey turbo! wow! your doggie is going on vacation! that's awesome. hehe! hi karianne! (yes, even though you changed your handle to kari, i still call you karianne). yay for new haircuts.

dammit, ch! i thought i'd beat you to the board. hehe. i was fast, but not. fast. enough... tongue.gif
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! It's me again!

Kari, yay on the new hair cut, I got mine cut this past weekend, and I'm also loving it.

Turbo, that is really great that your friends are taking houndish with them. Enjoy Denver!

FJ, heeeeee, I start work at 7:30 now. Glad that the painters are paying for the window repair and you aren't stuck with it. I'm also puzzled about how yer kitty got behind some books.

I'm not really doing any work, I don't have much to do, I could do filing, but that's a Friday task for me. I'm just groovin' to some Fleetwood Mac on the iPod.

FJ, Miss Abagail Boots is SO cute - great pic! Turbodoggie was ever so confused when I left him at our friends' house - I know he'll have a great week with them, and he'll probably get to see deer and coyotes and foxes and all kinds of cool things!

Yay for new windows on someone else's dime! Can I tell you just how much I am LOVING our new sliding glass door?! I have the thermostat set to 60, and its a cosy 70degrees in here...before, I had to set it to 78 to get 68 out of it....and, there's 30mph winds and torrential rain out there this morning, and none of it is coming in here! WooT!

I have to say, bustie kiddos are just the cutest - the whole damned lot of them! Have fun with your friends, FJ - that's so awesome that they're coming in for the weekend, AND that you'll get your first night away from Jackaroo!
Ms. Boots sure is pretty! Are you happy with the paint job, FJ? You will have to post a pic for us when you get time. That is hilarious that jackaroo loves Coldplay! Good luck on your night out! I think you are right- hard but good. Oh-you can call me karianne, FJ! I only changed it b/c I had to re-register.

Hi Jenn! Your day is sounding lovely. Thanks for the cider! Ahhhhhhh.......
That is so rad that your friends are taking Turbo on vacation. Nice! Sounds like he has a good time coming up.

Heya CH! I'm not doing any work either. I am just SO unmotivated lately.
*passes out coffee and sticky buns*

Hey bitches! Looks like enough of us are in full-on lounge-mode to make a coffee klatch. Hey, where in the sam hill is Tesao? I haven't seen that tart around in ages.

The Minxlette is in her room playing with stickers--do you all remember doing that when you were kids? I have been a useless piece of crap around here today other than making her brekkies which is totally fine with me. Hey! I loaded the dishwasher--that's kind of productive!! Tomorrow I'll be cleaning this place up and getting it ready for the descent of the Mom and the Dad. Fuuuck...the last time they were here my Dad pulled a total asshole move in Target, and then proceeded to tell me that I was an ungrateful person and told me to read a passage from the bible and look at a sermon online from their fucking church.

And they think I'M nuts...whatfuckingever. Mom is kind of giving me the guilt trip about not seeing Minxlette, which I do sort of does drive me a little off the edge when I think that they've been up to visit more in the last five years because of her than in the previous ten years I lived up here childless. Makes me feel like an extension for them to validate themselves sometimes. Hell's bells, can you tell I'm a little bitter? Yeesh. I'll get over it. Bring on the dysfunction!!

That's awesome that Jackeroo loves Coldplay.

Glad you're enjoying your new sliding door, Turbo. Nothing makes a girl happier than money-saving implements!!
Mmmm... sticky buns. Yummy.

Our place has old windows and it's all drafty and chilly in here. Last weekend we, no I take that back, TB put plastic on the windows upstairs but we haven't gotten to the first floor yet. So yay for Turbo and FJ having new windows!

I'm hoping we'll get a Tes appearance in the next couple days. Didn't we hear that she was going to be home for Thanksgiving? Tes, we miss you!

Minx, your daughter is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing pics.

All the Okayland animals make me ache for a pet. FJ's kitty is adorable.

I have one more class today and then no more work until next week! Hurrah! And thanks for the Bustie vibes last week for my biostats test. It worked! I got a 98! *does dance* Yippee! Now my management exam will be another story - I'm not looking forward to getting that one back.

Tonight I've got baking to do for tomorrow. I'm going to make this yummy apple cake with a toffee/caramel topping and maybe a chocolate chip pumpkin cake - it's a recipe I've been eyeing for awhile. We have a busy weekend: tomorrow is TB's family, Friday is a quickie wedding for a Marine friend of TB's who has to go back to Iraq next month, and then we're off to visit my family on Sat. I can't wait to go home; I haven't been since August which is a long time for me. Of course, my parents have visited a few times but there's nothing quite like going home to relax.

Project Runway is on. It's the good season with Santino. smile.gif

mmmm, sticky buns. oooh and they're still warm! *licks fingers*

good for you, minx for NOT doing anything super-productive today. it's basically a holiday anyway! i am doing a ton of laundry today but aside from that, just hanging out. i hope your rents' visit is easier than you imagine it will be.

karianne, i do love the paint job. honestly, anything was better than that damn teal color. but i'm loving the new color, which we sort of custom mixed from two other colors. i am working on the pics...

*blows kiss at culture*
Hi, peeps!

Moxie, don't feel guilty for dropping the kid off at "school." That's what it's there for. Just because you aren't at your regular job, doesn't mean you're still not working your ass off today. I babysat Sam for a few hours alone a couple weeks ago, and I totally understand that you can't get done what you need to if you have a kid underfoot. I didn't get a thing done while he was there because he needed to be watched. Sometimes it's a choice that has to be made.

FJ, that is one pretty cat you've got. I'm partial to stripey/tabby/torty ones. Maybe one day we'll get a cat.

Minxlette is gorgeous, too. From those pictures, you wouldn't think she's a little hellraiser. : ) Good luck on the parental visit, Minx. Just remember to stay calm and you're in your own home, so your rules.

Congrats on the test, Catsoup! Sorry I haven't emailed you my truffle list yet, I haven't had much extra computer time.

Hi, CH, Jenn, Kari, Jami, and everyone else!

I haven't been up to much lately, just enjoying having a relaxing week before I have to work on truffles again. I watched License To Wed the other night while I folded laundry and did my ironing, which I find so completely relaxing. I've gone to the gym the last 3 days in a row and not had perfunctory workouts like I have been because I've been too busy for anything but 20 minutes on the treadmill. I didn't bring my homework home last night, so I had a relaxing evening with the giant, which is odd for a Tuesday, so I did my assignment over lunch.

Tonight we've got a date at gay boyfriend's house for spaghetti and PR. We've never been to his new place in the 1 1/2 years he's lived there with his boyfriend, so this should be interesting. The giant will get to play with the dogs, so that'll be nice. I just hope his boyfriend doesn't go on and on and on about how great Comcast is. It makes me cringe.

hi diva! i got to give comcast the whatfor last night. they called offering some deal on a bundle package. i told them i didn't need their internet because i canceled their asses for a reason. their internet is unreliable and i have an aircard now. the poor girl didn't know what to say, so she just said ok, um, if you need anything you can call us at 1800comcast. uh huh. surely.

hi catsoup!! i was watching project runway a few minutes ago too. i love that season. i hope this one is better.

ok, before and after paint pics. you can also see our new door and our plantings. there is almost exactly two years difference between the first and last pics, as we moved in over turkey holiday two years ago:

when we first moved in

after some planting

both after paint and new door
It's 38 degrees F, cloudy, raining with 1-3 inches of snow, possibly, on the way tonight here in Chicago. I'm very jealous of your sunny warmth and lovely house there, FJ. wink.gif

Hi Okayers!! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Good afternoon!

Hey Turbo, I have to say I also heart new windows. Did the condo people give you any grief at all?

Kari, word on getting motivated.

Minx, thanks for the sticky buns! Mmmmm! I remember that fiasco with your father. Maybe you should bring out a bible, then when he says something to you, you can throw it at him. Either that or a roll! Ala Roseanne!

Diva, enjoy your evening!

Catsoup, that baking sounds divine!!!

Well hey there FJ! *gives big kiss back* you can choose where!

Well, I only have an hour left, and this guy on facebook keeps on asking me out, I went to highschool with him, so I had to lie and tell him I was dating someone. He's a big dumb oaf, nice guy, but it'd be like dating Frankenstein. Now I see on my gmail account that he sent me a message, I think it's about my name change. I decided that I wanted to shake things up, so I hyphenated my name on crackbook, even though I'm not married. Hee.

had some Indian food for lunch, looking forward to going home then working out, taking houndy to the park then relaxing, here's to a better night sleep!

How is everyone else today?

ETA: X posted with Polly! hi!
Hi everyone!!

I've been a busy girl these last couple days. I'm leaving early today.

RAAWWWR!!! Minxlette is so damn cute!! Yeah, that 2nd picture is especially neato. I can't get over that little shit's eyelashes. BTW, minx, if it makes you feel any better, I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with my catholic priest uncle and my born-again uncle and his 3 homeschooled, bible-banging brats.

Congrats on the test score, catsoup!!

I agree that turbo and mox deserve the extra days off!! I don't think it's unreasonable at all to send moxette off for the day. She'll have more fun tomorrow if mama's less stressed out.

I thought of you the other day, turbo, when I was buying deeelicious organic apple cider at the co-op. I'm gonna have to treat myself to some tonight.

That is so cute that turbodogg went on vacay to Door County!! I'm jealous!!

Awwww...the FJ fam's first night apart!! I'm sure everything will be just fine.

Heh...I'm listening to "Babe" by Styx. biggrin.gif

Diva's a chocolate machine!! I'm glad you gave yourself a little break.

"Werefish" Hahahaha!! Culture funny girl. How clever of you to hyphenate!! Ha!!

Hi doodle, polly, jami, kari, and anyone I'm missing!!

I don't really have anything interesting to share other than that I made buckwheat pancakes from scratch yesterday and they were super tasty. I need to go back to the co-op tonight for veghead gravy ingredients. I'm gonna try to make cashew-mushroom gravy like the kind at the Seward Cafe.
I just thought I would drive by to announce that I will not be wearing any underpants on stage tonight. I don't want any panty lines. You are the only ones who will know my 'neath-the-jeans secret!
Omigawd. I just remember that I drunken-dialed Poodle last Friday night when I was out at the karaoke bar!!

Holy shit. Do you remember ANYTHING that I said, and was I being completely retarded? And if I was, were you at least amused? And did I interrupt any HBI?

If so, I humbly apologize.
Good Evening, Good Evening!

Poodle, I'm totally picturing Eugene as a werefish now. Hee. He's a betta fish, so it's be an intersting combo. I'm thinking that he woud look like a furry version of the creature from the black lagoon, with long purple-y, reddish, green fur. How bizarre. Mmmm pancakes.

Doodle, you sexy thang!!! Woooooooo baby!

Hey Minx! Hee, drunk dialing!

Well, that's all I've got. Now I'm going to have some dill pickle popcorn.


Have a great performance, doodle!!! I love that you're skipping the underpants! Can't blame you on the pantylines, though!

I've had such a nice day, in spite of the gawdawful weather, and shush about all that snow, polly - I've got to get on a plane to Denver tomorrow! smile.gif

Lunch with my friend from the old job was nice - she was my spiritual mentor there, and I desperately miss that on hard days, I would go over to her serene office, close the door, and she'd help me balance my chakras and we'd do a meditation. None of that is happenin' at the new job. boo. And then, another friend from the old job came over for tea this afternoon, and we just snuggled up on the couch with hot mugs of tea and down throws on our laps, just gabbing away. So relaxing. And turbomann brought chocolate home for all of us. so sweet.

Mmmm. buckwheat pancakes - YUM, poodle! And cider - one of my favorite tastes of fall - I do believe I shall have a mug of it myself, this evening.

And YAY for PR on tonight! Woot!

Minx, I totally understand your feelings about the motivations for your 'rents visits - that sucks. On the other hand, it is less opportunity for them to bang their bibles in your face...personally, that's reason enough for my 350 mile distance from my parents. And going to visit them, the biblical pressure usually increases. I'm thrilled to be going to Denver tomorrow to spend the weekend with my cool brother and his wife.

And I like Eugene the werefish - hehe!

FJ - your house looks beautiful - all the work and love that you put into your house really shows - it looks like a home now, where the first picture looks kind of hollow.
I FUCKING JAMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it was AWESOME!!!

Like a hundred billion hot dogs!

Ok, yes, this is another post all about my life as an entertainer. You are fairly warned in advance if you want to skip it.

So. Was going to meet up with the guys at 5. They weren't sure if they were going to play, as they aren't really overcoming their stage fright as quickly as me, but they were going to bring their instruments and see how they felt, and were going to come to support me either way. Anyway, 5:00, NO GUYS. Fuck 'em, I thought. Got myself to the coffee house, had arranged in advance for a girlfriend to be there, and another young woman I know came as well. And BFF, who brought a daughter and a foster daughter. "Whatever," I thought (pissed off at the guys, but determined)....but the guys pulled screaming into the parking lot, JUST as I was starting to perform!! AHHHH!!! And brought downstairs neighbourboy as well. The guys, apparently, got stuck on a job (they are both doing spa/pool repair right now) out of town. It was too late, I was on, but at least they made it there for support.

I think I did well on performing at the open mike...people listen and clap, so that's all good! But it's more nerve-wracking being alone up there, when all your mistakes show - it saps your confidence. It's nice to have other musicians to cover up your fuck ups! I made a joke with the woman who runs the open mike and jam (let's call her jamgirl) about keeping the stools away from me, and she said I should stand anyway, because I had a "good energy." So I did one of ours first ("What are You Trying to Prove"), because our songs are the most comfortable to sing. I kind of shook a bit at first, being nervous and trying to keep a good position at the mike (it's a little disorienting, trying to manage both mike and guitar, while simultaneously being on total display!), but the song was pretty good. Then the Tom Petty song, which I should have saved for last, because it totally kicked ass, and I felt totally hip and groovy doing it. wink.gif Then a Blue Rodeo song, which didn't kick ass quite as much, since I just figured out the last bit of it this morning! Anyway. I did introduce Blue Rodeo as the love of my life (oh yes, I did), and even got a plug in for their new album. tongue.gif It was good, and it was really good to have my "women" there...whenever I'd freak out, I'd just look at them and sing to them.

(Unfortunately, BFF and dottirs left before the jamming, but I still had the other two women. The boys also took off before I jammed [I didn't know I was going to jam], since the re-habbing downstairs neighbourboy wasn't comfortable "on the scene" yet. I just went to tell them all about it, and just got home now. I told guitarboy that I'd like to jam with him up there, and he seems intrigued, so maybe my courage can get him over his stage fright.)

Then later, jamgirl passed by my table and said I should jam. My two women egged me on, so I went and talked to jamgirl for suggestions, and she got me up there with the guys who were playing!!!! AHHHHH!!! It all happened so fast - I just totally went with it. I strapped on my acoustic, jamgirl slapped the pick-up over the sound hole, and I walked out to the musicians. I said, "You guys know 'Sixteen Tons'?" and quickly showed them how I play it (blues style), and they just kicked right in. It was so cool; the lead guitarist sang along with the chorus, and people were totally into it...and I had so much fun!! And even though I totally fucked up the guitar bit a few times, it didn't matter, as long as I kept singing and they kept playing. Then I was going to walk off, but jamgirl shouted at me to do another one, so I quickly showed the band one of the Porcupine Rebels' songs, "Downtown," which is the one I wanted to try "electric." And it was GREAT!!! FANTASTIC!! Such a cool song, totally a jam song!! ('Cos there's only four chords.) Everybody loved it! Those are the two songs I sort of fantasized about jamming on, and I did it!

OH FUCK IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!! It felt SO COMFORTABLE jamming with perfect strangers, on stage, in front of people! I had a bass player, a lead guitarist, a drummer, and a guy on the super-big hand drums. ROCKED!! I gave them lots of room for solos and shit, lots of eye contact while playing, and they were all down with it - they all said it was GREAT! I totally felt it! It's funny, I had a disorienting time "finding my space" when I was up there alone (I think I even bumped my teeth on the mike once), but with the other musicians, piece of cake! I mean, not totally, but much, much, much moreso. My whole body just relaxed into the rhythm. I felt like I was meant to do it! And to do one of our own songs was like the icing on the cake - perfection! (I only wish the boys had been there to at least hear it, electrified.)


I seem to be building a small following, as well, which is odd, but fun. I also got to talk with a couple of other musicians, and quite a bit with one in particular, a songwriter as well, whom I peppered with questions and who wound up following my little band of people around all night, mutual weed-sharing, etc. (Which was good, 'cause I had lots of questions about writing and performing.) After I jammed, he said it was "awesome" - which I could see in his face - and he was still hanging with my little group when my taxi arrived. Sexy rhythm guitarist and his super-nice friend weren't there, but I am sure they will be back - I still want to thank the friend for what he said last time. The lead guitarist I played with (older, greybeard, kind of handsome, owns a musical instrument store) was going to chat me up afterwards, but this rather boisterous younger guy got right in my space with instant, boisterous conversation, and had a friend with him, so greybeard slipped away. Most of my new "following" seems to be younger than me. Of course, I'm not acting my age at all. biggrin.gif

Talked with quite a few young women, as well, including my two girlfriends, who promised to be there next week. Yay! It's nice to have the women out there cheering for you, when you're a woman musician - although almost all the musicians are men, so that's probably why I write about the men more, because it's the musicians' group I want into! And yep, the shortage of women musicians is definitely on my mind! Where are they all? There is jamgirl, who is also an independent artist in her own right, and then I saw a woman bass player at the jam the last couple of times...and a young woman got up at open mike once...and that's it!

Oh, this is wayyyy too long, I'm sorry you guys. I really do feel like a little kid, and I wanted to tell you everything, because you've all been so supportive and wonderful about my new "career" (*cough*nomoney*cough) in music! I think I'd better sign this off, though, so I can settle myself down in time to actually sleep................

Good Morning!

Turbo, so good to hear that your lunch went well, it's too bad that you can't still work with her.

Doodle! That is so wonderful! Congratulations on how well everyhing is going!

Well, I actually hauled ass out of bed this morning and did cardio, so I'm feeling pretty good. It' chilly here today, but still not a lot of snow. Yesterday at the park I saw a car that was full on in the ditch, it was slippery and the person was driving too fast. Shitty deal.

To my knowledge, Eugene did not go werefish last night, I had a nice solid sleep, so maybe him and Emily got together for some crazy doggie and fishy antics. Hee.

Hope everyone is doing well!



I hope everyone has a wonderful day shared with friends and family! Good luck to all the busties who are cooking today! I am *thrilled* to not have to cook a single thing, or drag along all my own food. Big brother is in charge today!

We're leaving for the airport in a few here, and then we won't be back until Sunday. I'm really looking forward to seeing some mountains this weekend - the flat terrain around here gets me down sometimes.

Doodle - congrats on not only another great performance, but *leading* the jam session - I love it!!!

Okay, time to call a cab to the airport. smile.gif Have a great weekend everyone!
Hee hee.

Happy Thanksgiving busties!

Turbo, have a safe flight, take care and enjoy your weekend!

I must get back to work, month end is a-coming, must catch up!

just wanted to pop in and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my (so much more than) okay busties!

i haven't had the time to bust much, but i hope things are going great here in okay land.

just a quickie to say that I'm home safe and sound from the big city. son is still a-sleepin. maybe he'll wake up when I start cooking and he smells the rib roast. (we had turkey last week)
lawyer's office - good and bad news. for a settlement, he wants to 'give' me about a third of what we have. says I don't own part of our property. so now I have to counter. or go thru with the sale, and court. now lawyer says trial date won't be till about this time next year. so many variables.
but the good news is that he never filed anything regarding son. he doesn't want son. and I do. so... I have custody. and that is golden.
hugs to you all, and I'll check back in later.
Good Afternoon!

Hey Octi!

Jami, so glad that you don't have to fight for custody!

I really just want this day to be done. I'm glad that it's quiet here but it's making the time go sooooo slowly! Blech.

Congrats on custody, jami! That's wonderful for you and your son! I don't see how you can't own half of YOUR property, have the right to half of all the joint assets. I hope it works out well for you...good luck!

turbo, I hope you enjoy the mountains...I know I miss them like hell whenever I leave BC. Hope you can post here while you're away! And YAY for not having to cook! That always contributes to a happy, sane holiday, in my book!

CH, I think you and I are the only ones not celebrating Thanksgiving today. Bah. What are you up to tonight?

Hi also to octinoxate!

turbo and CH, thanks for the congrats on my rock starism! Hee!

I am still on a high from jamming last night. Probably will be for some time. I'm dying to do it again! I am totally addicted! And my personal confidence is growing leaps and bounds from doing this stuff. One of my women friends, who was there last night, is coming over tomorrow with her guitar, and we're going to play...maybe I'll get her up there at open mike sometime, too, and we'll eventually overcome the shortage of women musicians. biggrin.gif

Okey-dokey, I need to dash up to the grocery, as there is nothing in the apartment but a jar of peanut butter and some dry staples that I can't do anything with on their own....
Hey Doodle!

I think I'm going to have a bath and read the newest book by JD Robb, total fluff, but this one is really good so far. Then I think I'm going to browse online.

What's your plan?

I'm watching politics with Don Newman, and they are talking about the schreiber - mulroney saga. Bah. Time for a channel change!
greetings m'ladies....back as promised.
happy thanksgiving and greetings to turbo (safe flight), oxi, kari, fj (the house looks so inviting. home.), ch (how'd the day end up?), diva, polly, poodle, doodle (rock on!), minx, and to the rest of us ladies.
it's flippin' cold here, 17 at noon. sheesh. clear and cold tonight, and the lights just flickered... but I have the fireplace ready to go. made a small prime rib for son and I. and beef ribs for doggies.
hay, if someone can tell me how to insert a photo, I'd love to show you what older son just bought...
gonna go up some kettle popcorn and snuggle under a blanket and watch some 'yippi-ki-yae' bruce willis.
Hi again, CH and jami!

jami, you need to have your photo uploaded somewhere online, I believe, like Flicker. Then when you do that, click on the link in the reply box that looks like a little picture of a sun setting over green mountains (I think that's what it is - between the A+ link and the happy face link...anyway, it'll say "Insert Image" when you hover your mouse over it) and paste your image URL in there.

CH, just got home from the grocery store - tonight will be a thrilling night of homemade meatballs, baked potato, and whatever kind of veggie I decide is worth preparing. wink.gif Might play a little guitar, or watch a movie, or read something...I was trying to re-read Bonfire of the Vanities, but the characters are SUCH shallow people that I almost can't stand reading about them. Maybe it's a good night to relax with some Eddie Izzard or some Tom Petty....

I sang "Mustang Sally" to myself all the way home from the store, wishing I had done that with the jam - then my mom called and said she was thinking that the next time I jam, I should do "Mustang Sally" weird!!!

ETA: I never thought of Tom Petty as sexy before (cool and wonderful, but not necessarily sexy), but then I watched this YouTube video...

loved the latest die hard dvd. fun mind candy.
it's 3 degrees outside. it has gotten to -35 without wind chill, but that's in February.
doodle - you and mom are on the same wavelegnth. that's so cool.
yea, thanks doodle for helping me figure it out. this is older son's new car...

Good Morning, it's mother fucking Friday ho bags!

Doodle, that sounds yummy! How did your dinner turn out? Tom Petty has always had a fond spot in my heart. I adore him on all levels.

Jami, it's not that cold here yet, but it will be, January is when things start to get a little chilly!

I passed out early last night, I was so tired from an early morning work out and a n hour and a half escapade at the park with the hound. I was texting a friend, and I fell asleep, didn't hear the phone beep at all, not until I got another text in. I remember writing something, I just don't know what, we were talking about Monkey's, or something. Meh.

Well, I hope all the south of the border busties had a good turkey day and stuffed themselves full of all sorts of yum yums. Tree, how did your first meal go? Minx how were your parent? What about Poodle and Diva?

Well, what's everyone's plan for the wekend? I am supposed to go out tonight, but I don't really know if I want to, that means spending money and xmas is coming. Feh.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic today!


whoa, it's Friday??? I had to check the calendar thingie on the computer. (note to self - always trust CH)
Tom Petty. yeah. when Mary Jane's last dance came out (esp the video), I'd walk by and say - Tom Petty, yeah he's great. and the boys would be like - wha? you know of him? <exasperated sigh> It's like when 'Bridge over River Kwai' was on tv, I had them close their eyes and listen.... 'ObiWan!' ..sigh.. things existed before *you* came to know them. really.
I think last night was the first time I did not dream of lamex. (usually I don't dream) or wake up in fear that he was here. sweet freedom. actually dreamt that I was on a date. now that was a first.
it's shopping friday, the day of the Christmas shopping rush. be safe out there.

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