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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Your lamex is an asshat. I cannot abide such asshattery.

Minxlette is in a "special" tub right now with foamy orange bath stuff in it. New Order's "Ceremony" came on, and she asked me if that was a song that I liked and I gave a resounding "YES!!" She says to me:

"Momma, feel free to dance around in the bathroom if you like."

My kid...she doth rock and/or roll. cool.gif
Boooo for LameEx! *shakes fist in general direction of said lamex*

Diva, I must insist on paying you for your chocolate talents, so be sure to let us know what you charge - and full price - no discounts, I insist on paying my friends in full for their skillz!

Yup, Diva, totally pulled the Al Bundy, and sat there with his hand in his pants the whole meeting. Yeesh. I am *this* close to dropping a line to HR, but I think I'll mention it to my supervisor first.

1:08 until PR Premiere - Eeeeeeeeee! I'll pretend I'm on the giant okayland sofa watching it with ya'll.
Good Evening all!

Minx, you have a rockin' cool kidlette!

Jami, your ex is a cockbadger. I'm sorry things aren't going so well. It is also cold here, took houndish to the park, but I was dressed up extra warm.

Hey Diva! Crap that's a lot of truffles! I think I may order some from you, depends how fundage goes. You have inspired me to do some baking!

So, I worked out and took the hound out as usual. Now I'm watching shrek the third. The animation is amazing. Puppy is curled up next to me, her ear is doing much better, but she still hunches over when she is going to get her drops. I feel like the worst dog owner ever. The look she gives me is Like I'm going to beat her. She seriously thinks she in trouble. So then I give her tons of treats. By the time she's done these meds she's going to have gained pounds. I think I'll get her a new toy soon, too.

Hope everyone is doing great!


ETA: X posted with Turbo! Hi! *waves*

The phlegm is better today, thanks for the advice and sympathy. I woke up today feeling worse than I did yesterday but that's mostly to sleeping like shit. Which I'm blaming on the stress of school right now. I took a horrid test in my management class today. It was one of those stupid memorize a bunch of shit and then regurgitate all the shit. I hate that and haven't had to do anything like that in many many years. Didn't feel much like grade school. Tomorrow is a test in biostats which I'm oddly confident about right now. After tomorrow, I only have one more paper to write before the 4-day weekend of Thanksgiving! Hurrah!

I'm taping PR so I'll have to watch it tomorrow morning before class. I'm so flipping excited the new season is finally starting.

Diva, I'd love some truffles but I'm with Turbo - can we pay you for your truffles? Also, what show are you doing that allows truffles? That's great.

Hi CH, Turbo, Minx (hope you and Minxlette are feeling better! UTIs suck ass!), Jami, Diva, Kari, and Doodle!
loved PR. don't wanna say anything... I'll wait til you guys start in. did agree with the results....
Minx... Minxlette sure knows and loves her momma. she sounds fantastic.
and thanks to minx, turbo, catsoup and ch. you make my day go easier. LamEx, cockbadger, asshat... I'm smilin' here.
LamEx wanted to take son for the upcoming break. son said no. gave an excuse rather than truly standing up for himself - but he did say no.
I'm looking forward info on Diva's truffle treats.
catsoup - glad you're feeling better. good vibes for tomorrow's biostats.
goodnight all.
Another long totally me-post about being an entertainer. I hope this IS keeping you all entertained, because I'm starting to feel like character in a screenplay. tongue.gif

Okay, so. My day started with me having to buy Tampax Supers from my ex-storecrush. Fortunately, he is a really nice, cool guy who knows when to make inane chit chat about the weather.

Then guitarboy was too sick to play. Seriously. Drove us there, brought his guitar, sat in the truck and said, "I just can't do it guys." AHHHHHHHHHHHH. He tried so hard, because I pushed him so hard, poor guy. But he was just too sick. So I was going to do the first song alone, and banjoboy was going to join me for the next two with his harmonica.

Then the act that was supposed to go on before us wasn't around, so we were up long before I was ready, totally put on the spot, scrambling to get my guitar out and get onstage.

So then I FELL, getting onstage. Oh yes. And wanted to die, of course. And got up and said, into the mike, "Well, if I can survive falling on stage, I can survive anything, right?" And of course, my sexy rhythm guitarist, who was one of the people who moved to help when I fell, and who was still right beside me, clapped his hands and loudly said, "That's a good attitude!"

But seriously. I totally shook through the first song, "Downtown," up there by myself, after falling! Then "What are You Trying to Prove" (oh the irony) was good, more pulled together, and got good applause. I seem to really kick in on that song, and yeah, the subject matter was timely. We were going to do the Tom Petty song last, but I knew I couldn't pull off a brand new song after embarrassing the shit out of myself (not to mention not having guitarboy to back me up), so we did "Bring it on Home to Me." Which was really fucking good, although I forgot a verse, and got lots of applause.

So. Did that today. blink.gif But I looked fucking hot while doing it all, in my blazer and bustier. HA HA HA! I also discovered that the one side of the blazer has to be pushed quite open when you're up there on the stool, otherwise the material will make the guitar keep slipping down your thigh - so there must have been a really good view of my tits.

I didn't want to tell guitarboy about my crash landing, told banjoboy not to tell him, but I wound up telling him the second he asked us how it went, when he picked us up. He insisted on hearing all about every detail (not just about the fall or the performance, but everything), so I've only been home for long enough to eat and write this.

Anyway, what was COOL, after that....while banjoboy and I skulked away after our performance to smoke not one but two doobies (it was needed)....all these musicians passed us by (on their way to their own, more secret doobie-smoking places, no doubt) with these smiles and looks of admiration, and even a word or two of praise. It was really cool.

I got a sexy-sweet shiny-eyed smile and a hello from rhythm guitarist as he passed by the not-so-secret doobie-smoking place (while I was still burning in my shame), but I later saw he has a partner. Too bad, he's really sexy. I'm definitely keeping him in my fantasies, anyway. wink.gif (I couldn't stop him for a question about strumming technique, not after THAT. Another time though - I still need to know, as I saw him do it again and I'm doing it wrong.)

The friend he had with him, a rather good-looking man who didn't play at all, stopped specifically to say, "I just wanted you to know that that was absolutely beautiful. Really [breathless pause] beautiful." I was still obviously embarrassed at that point, and that was was actually the first word anyone had said to me afterwards, besides "hello"'s pretty much what made me go back in with my head held up, and sit for the rest of the night listening. I later got chatted up by another guy about my voice, and at the end of the night, even by the owner of the coffee house! (After I referenced the fall, he made some joke about "that's how I like my women" and then said I was very gracious about it.)

Boobs and talent, working together...even after a very humiliating moment. wink.gif

Lots of the comments were about my voice being "beautiful," which was great, but my voice is better with all three of us together, and that's the honest truth. Playing and performing just isn't as good without them.

I really want in on the secret doobie-smoking place. And the jam. I need to get a guitar strap and practise playing while standing up. I want IN, dammit. And I have a feeling I just cracked my way into the musicians' circle, just a little bit, in my own inimitably artless way.

Fuck, though. I still can't believe I did that. And I'm going to have a fuck of a bruise in the morning.
Doodle, that sounds like a wonderful performance!! I am so proud of you! I betcha looked hot too. wink.gif

Diva, I sent you some PMs. Definitely let us know what you charge & how much shipping costs. I'll write ya a check and send it off.
Are you feeling better today? Less tired? I hope so. yes, what show are you doing this weekend?

Jami, SO sorry lame-ex is being a turd. Ugh. 28 degrees & dropping there? BRRRR! What area of the country are you in?

Minx, Minxlette does indeed rock. I added that food blog to my internet favorites. Thanks!

I watched PR last night too. Going to go talk about it in the PR thread, in case anyone here hasn't seen it yet. I figure the PR thread is fair game.

I am doing ok today. Nothing to report, which is not a bad thing. I worked at the hospital last night til around 7:30ish, went home, stuffed my face, and watched the tv. Got to bed a little later than I needed to. I stayed up late b/c I am this.close to solving last Sunday's NYT crossword puzzle. I really want to do it, b/c I have never solved one in full. Also-Mr K got his enrollment letter for school yesterday. Which means he is going to register soon. oooooh! It is exciting. He said his last day in the music biz will probably be Jan 1. ! It is exciting, but also anxiety producing.

Hi Jami!

Doodle, congratulations on the prerformance!!! I hope your bruise isn't too bad.

Hey Kari!

I do not watch Project Runway, so I can't get in on this conversation, mind you, I don't really watch a whole lot of television these days. It's warmer here today, and there is a little snow on the ground, not a lot. I just want it to be Friday today. Only one more day.

It's Thursday!!! Yay!!!

Hi everyone!!

I have a lot of crap to get done today, but I'll try to stop by and play later on.
Hi, peeps!

Today's a lazy day at work. Our systems are down, except email and internet, so I can't get any work done. Oh, well. Woe is me.

Kari, I PMed you.

Jenn and Jami, check your email.

Kari, that's so great Mr. K is going back to school and into pharmacy. That's going to be so great for you guys. The program takes awhile to get through, and I really hope Mr. K loves him some chemistry, but this is a career that will keep you both comfortable for life. My dad's been a pharmacist for about 30 years and loves it. If I had the aptitude for that kind of stuff, I'd totally do it.

Catsoup and CH, can you PM me with your email addresses and I'll send you out the truffle list/price schedule, too? I even ship to Canada, because it ain't fair that so many people from the States won't ship there. The giant has a friend who orders stuff online and has it sent to our house so the giant can forward it to him in, I think, Winnipeg.

Jami, I've never commented on it before, but that really sucks about Lamex. I've got dozens of files with me right at this moment that are all about exes harassing each other through the court system. That's love, baby.

Hi, CH and Minx. ((((((((((feel better vibes for both)))))))))

Hi, Poodle!

Not much going on with me today. Lots of people coming into the office to return shit. I've seen more people in the last week than I think I have in the last 3 years. It's impossible to get anything done between the walk-ins, phone calls, more phone calls from angry pushy Ethiopian man, and the weird-ass cases that get dropped on my desk. Boss was kind of a dick earlier. I was walking past him and he said hi. I didn't want to engage him, so I didn't say anything, so instead of just letting it go, he said GOOD MORNING A_____! so I had to say something back, but I was sarcastic about it. It made another worker laugh who hates him just as much as I do.

Last night was all about the truffles and PR. I'm finished with about half of the ones I'm bringing tomorrow, so I figure I've got 24 dozen left tonight, which sounds worse than it is. I figure I've got 6 hours to work on them tonight, minus time to watch Ugly Betty and scarf down some food, and I can make 9 dozen of them in front of the TV. Tomorrow's my first show where I can sell them, and my goal is to have 3 dozen of each of 16 kinds available. I hope I sell enough to make it worth it, but I'm sure I will. They always end up paying for themselves.

Hi hi!

Hey Poodle!

Diva, I pm'd you back. Dickboss, loser. I'm so impressed and amazed by your dedication to your crafting and your baking! I'd get mad, give up, then go purchase what I wanted.

It's been busy here today, dealing with big things. Feh. At least there is only an hour left in the day.

Hope everyone is doing well. I didn't want to work out when I got home, but now I totally want to. I think Saturday will be my day off, as I'm getting my hair cut. It's feeling a little rats nesty, then again, it could be the weather. And I'm getting a ceramic curling iron! Now I can do my hair straight!!! Wooohoooo!

Later all!
Heeey aaaall! smile.gif

Heya Minx! Shake it, shake it, Mama! smile.gif Cute story.

Glad your son said 'no', Jami. Tough position to put a kid in. Keep being a good Mom.

Kari, 46 Down is "Hag" wink.gif (obscure movie reference)

Good luck with school and health, Catsoup!

Heya TJ, Culture, Diva, & Poodle!

Diva, I'd love to learn how to do truffles right. It's like being able to make magical items. *pictures Miracle Max & wife*

Wow, Doodle! You probably got some appreciation for being able to make the show go on despite being short 1/3 your band and rushed onstage ahead of schedule. The other performers probably picked up on some of the little things, too, like how you ought to try a dress-rehearsal when you've bought yourself a new outfit, but THE SHOW WENT ON! Contrast that with the act due before you that wasn't even there. Sure, there are a lot of whiny, over-pumped dumbasses with talent that can put on a good show, but the guys who are in the position to give your gig a chance appreciate people who insist on the show going on. (and I bet Guitar Boy actually was too sick to play. It's also good to know when to pull yourself out of the gig. Especially for rockers, people don't see someone who's sick as a dog onstage without thinking that they're just wasted on drugs, and that reflects on the band.) *Wellness Vibes for Banjo Boy* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sorry for the off-weighted post, but I shall leave you all with one of the funniest words: "manties"
Bwaaaaaahahahahahaha! Manties!

I remember that website! Sooooo creppy and wierd, yet so much like a train wreck, I just couldn't look away.

*snicker* You KNOW those things must sell, too!

Heya Culture! smile.gif Cross-posted with ya.

*flogs self* Write your novel, you mangey beast!
hahahahaha! CH! That website is hilarious! I love the cat listening to techno.

Diva, you are so industrious! That is a lot of truffles!

Hey Lore! Is your novel done?

Hi Poodle! Good for you for doing your work today. I've been completely unproductive.
Kari and CH, check your emails!

Hi, Lore!

I'm out of here today and won't be back in until after my sale tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Christ, diva!! Are you making truffles for the entire U.S. Army?! wink.gif Good luck on those sales!

I'm listening to Big Balls by AC/DC. Eeew.

"Lamex"...I like that!!

Awww...minxlette is such a cutie. Naughty, but cute, nonetheless!!

Ugh. That's so gross about the Al Bundy-dude, turbo. I don't know what I would do in that situation.

I read everyone's stuff, but my brain is too fried to comment on everything. I hope you can all forgive me!! I've been cranking through an awful report this week. It sucks, but at least the days go by faster.
Good evening,

Kari, I also loved that one! Heh. I like how it wandered around!

Diva, I got your e-mail, I'll check in a bit! Good luck with your sale tomorrow!!!

Hey again Lore!

Poodle, Big Balls, heh.

I'm going to have a bath, I have scaley skin right now, not the most attractive thing. Bleh. I'm going to go hope in the bath then relax. Houndish got a nice walk at the park and I'm taking today off from working out.

Diva - your truffles sound sooooooooo divine - we'll definitely order somma those. smile.gif When you open your shop, you are gonna be so successful!

Doooooooodle! You ROCK - seriously!!! To go onstage after the fall, and persevere, gain confidence, and end on a high note....damn, woman - you are absolutely a PERFORMER! I am truly in awe. The dorothy episode has been awful, but look at all the creativity that has grown out of this time!

Kari, I didn't really get anything done today either. Al Bundy was on particularly bad/giddy behavior today on account of his vacation starting tomorrow, and it basically made it impossible for any of us to work, because he kept running out and interrupting us. Fucker. I did have a nice 2 hour lunch with my favorite print vendor today, so that was nice.

Have a great show tomorrow, Diva & many many (((((super sales vibes)))) to you!
Ha ha! Thanks you guys. I felt like such a jackass this morning, when I woke up and remembered falling while getting on stage, all because of needing a stool. *smacks forehead* But it's all good, in retrospect. I'm still embarrassed, but generally speaking, I feel fine about how it all turned out - no real fear of going back, now that I've done the worst up front. biggrin.gif (Anyway, the way I see it, I've already made tons of mistakes in public with the women's centre - not necessarily falling down, but lots of public, oh, accidentally calling a local politician a "fascist" during a newspaper interview, for instance.) That first guy who stopped and said something made the difference, I think. I should tell him that if I see him again. My arm and shoulder hurt like shit today, though; I must have used my hand to block my fall.

I bought a guitar strap today. I figure my last performance was a sign from the universe that it was time to learn to play standing up. Which is probably exactly what I'll say at the mike next time, 'cos my cool is completely shot now anyway. wink.gif We've been jamming since 5:00...fed the boys more fresh fruit, just kicked them out...but playing with the strap = much better, much more natural, especially in keeping my rhythm steady, b/c I can use my whole body. I think I finally got that strumming technique! It sounds kinda reggae when I play it. I feel the need to learn a Police song now.

guitarboy is heavily medicated today, but feeling a little better. But now banjoboy is feeling sick.

lore and turbo, thanks so much for your performance analyses!! You are both damned lovely to say such positive things, but probably also right, and I've gotten a lot to take away from this particular experience.

I think I'm ready to jam.

Also, I think I want the Porcupine Rebels to get people jamming on our own songs.

kari, an NY Times crossword, that's terrific! My dad was brill at crosswords, but he could never finish one of those. Yay for Mr. K registering!!!

CH - I have 2 ceramic curling irons, and I love them! I just bought a ceramic hair straightener, too, 'cos my hair gets a little frizzy (which it NEVER did before) where it's growing back in. Post some piccies of your new 'do!

Hi also diva and poodle!!

The "Al Bundy" boss reference totally made me laugh. biggrin.gif

Goooooood Morning!

It's Friday! Thank goodness!!!!!!

I also see that the lounge is telling that it's an okayers birthday today! Happy birthday FJ!!!!! I know you're busy witht he kidlet, but hope it's a good one! Here's to birfday portions.

Turbo, Al Bundy boss, heh. What a creepy icky man.

Doodle! Ya on jammin'! So happy that this is going well for you! Yup, the ceramic straightening iron! I'm very happy about that! I love having my hair straight, makes me feel a little more sophisticated, curly hair makes me feel more fun and playful.

So, things are good on this end. What's everyone's plan for the weekend? I think I'm just going to take it easy, I've gone out a lot lately, so I'm thinking I'm in dire need of some me time.

Later all!
Hey you presidential-gizz-stained black dresses!! IT'S FUCKING FRIDAY!!! Heh.

That's all. I better get to work now. tongue.gif
Good Morning, bitches!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FJ!! Woo hoo! I too hope you, your man, and your bebe are all doing great!

I ordered some truffles from diva, can't wait to eat 'em.

Okayers, I am having a high school moment. Have I told you I have a crush on this guy that works at the hospital? Well, I do and it's a bad one. Of course I can't do anything about it b/c I'm married to Mr K. It's just been a kind of in-my-mind-fun-fantasy thing. I am a happily married lady, but you can't help it when someone else just really strikes your fancy. Anyhow-my friend from school who now works with me at the hospital is going to ask him out I think. Boo hoo! Like I said, I'm having a high school moment. I'm jealous! I don't want her to go out with him. However, I am an adult, she doesn't know I have a crush on him, and a married lady like me shouldn't prevent two single people from getting together, just b/c I have crush. It's just one of those Ugh! situations.

End rant.

I don't have a lot going on this weekend. I am eating Mexican tonight with a friend. I might see a movie after that. Tomorrow I am meeting another friend for an early spin class. That's all I've got so far. Hoping to keep it that way.
Is the day over yet?

Kari, I totally know how you feel! When I was involved with the ex, the man I like, and who liked me (who also happened to be his best friend), had a thing, and the other man, not the ex, had a girlfriend.

Hey Poodle.

K, I'm going back to work now!

quik pop in to say hey. Hey. today's a suck day. now I know why son's in a nasty mood. lamex brought girlfriend here. he's given her my car to drive, too. dog's dying of old age. it rained instead of snowed, then got cold, so there's killer ice everywhere. like I said... suck day. ..must..resist..cookies..
hay CH, poodle, kari, doodle, jen, and lurkers too!
hi hos!

you knew i'd come back on my birthday! it wouldn't be right to celebrate without mah bitches! smile.gif

thanks for the well-wishes. i'm 31 today, woohoo! officially over 30. i've actually been celebrating sort of since last weekend. mrfj had a conference for the massage/spa industry in orlando at a really posh resort, so me and the jackaroo tagged along and enjoyed the perks. it was super nice to be away from home for a while (three days) even though mrfj had to work some of the time we were there. i still enjoyed the nice room and took the boy for walks at the resort. we got back on tuesday and then yesterday mrfj sent me to a local spa for a full day treatment! oh wow, was it nice. it was the first time i've been away from jackaroo for over two hours, but i think it was good for both of us. i had a massage, a facial (teehee), mani, pedi, brow arch and a haircut. i really feel great today and am ready to continue celebrating for the rest of the weekend. tonight, going to a romantic little bistro in st. augustine with mrfj, bff and her boyfriend and then to the attached martini bar. then, we'll come home to join sil and wifey (they're babysitting) for karaoke fun.

we do have to go to a "farewell" party for a friend of ours tomorrow though, and i'm sort of dreading it. it's not that she's going away... she's dying. she is the one that has had cancer for several years. it's finally caught up to her and her liver is just not able ot sustain her much longer. docs have given her 90 days (a couple weeks ago actually) IF she is able to eat and take care of herself. but she has mouth pain when she eats, so she's only drinking smoothies. so they're having a big party for her and inviting a ton of people. i know she will love it though and i wouldn't miss it for anything. she is such a special person to me - when i left my ex, she let me live with her for a month until i could get my own place. i don't know what i would have done otherwise. i visited her two weeks ago and she already looks so gaunt and just not herself. i hate the thought of saying goodbye, but even when i saw her last i knew it might have been the last time. i just hope she makes it through the party and that it doesn't prove too much for her.

in happier news, jackaroo is doing wonderfully. he has TWO teeth already and just passed his 4 month birthday. he is still a skinny-butt, but is so tall, the doc isn't concerned. he is obviously growing.

oh, we finally got the house painted. will post pics soon.

wow, diva. your truffles sound yummy but i am tired just thinking about all the time you are putting into them!

doodle, i am all at once impressed and jealous of your performances! the falling down part will easily be forgotten with the talent you obviously have. i bet you will get that backstage invite to the secret smokeout place very soon!!

poodle, i love your avatar picture! makes me miss mister boots. sad.gif

kari, don't be too hard on yourself. attraction and jealousy are two very normal feelings! you aren't being high school - you're being human!! smile.gif

ok, gotta change a diaper... be back later i hope!


((friend)) I am so sorry to hear about your friend's poor health. sad.gif sad.gif How incredibly sad. What a wonderful idea though to have that party. My heart goes out to her.

I am happy to hear Jackaroo is doing well. 2 teeth! WOW! I can't believe he is 4 months old already! Sounds like your spa visit was really nice. I bet you felt like a superstar!

((Jami)) Sorry your day is so sucky. Poo on ex for bringing the chick over. Your dog is dying? Or do you mean your car? I really hope it is not your dog.
Hi, peeps!

My craft show for today is finished, and I made almost exactly what I thought I would, to the penny, so I'm happy. Another $50 would've been great, but this was well worth my time. I'm satisfied. I even managed to unload a purse, a watch, some earrings, a frame, and a necklace to round it out. I'm always glad to sell those things, since they take up space.

Happy birfday, FJ! Aw, that's so cute the little guy's got some teeth. He's such an adorable little man. Wow, that sucks about your friend, it must be very hard for you and all of her family and friends. How old is she? I hope the party is a great one and she gets to see everyone she loves one last time.

Jami, that sounds like a particularly comcastic day you're having. Those are days best given up on early and staying in bed. How is it that Lamex can give his girlfriend your car to drive?

Hi, Kari! I'd probably be a little jealous, too, but I think it's kind of healthy that even though you're married you can still appreciate other guys. You should go out with him and your friend, if they ever go out on a date for more than 2 people, you'll probably re-discover that Mr. K is the guy for you. Lots of guys seem better than they are on the surface, especially the really pretty ones.

Hi, Poodle, CH, Jenn, Lore, and Poodle!

I don't have many plans this weekend. Poodle just told me Taloo's in town and wants to meet up. Tomorrow will be date night with the giant, since I've been too busy the last couple weeks to pay much attention to him, and I don't have a thing that needs to be made for any craft fair for a couple weeks. I'm going to mostly clean up all the messes I've made crafting and truffling, and I'm really looking forward to putting away my clean laundry - seriously. We might go to hang out with the giant's brother since he has his older daughter that weekend, who I really like. I can't wait to be her aunt. I want to go out and blow some of this cash, too, although I should wait until the Black Friday sales next week. I've got a little more cash than I expected because all the checks I've written in the last couple weeks cleared in an order that only gave me one overdraft fee, which is awesome because I was expecting more like 3. Other than a couple small-ish bills, all the cash I have can be spent on anything I please.
I promised a bustie I'd visit here today :\ I see some familiar faces as I venture from my safe haven in Kvetch. I'll try to make it back!

Happy Birthday FJ!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FJ!!! Sounds like you are having a most wonderful celebration - good for you! Its been a big year in your life, you deserve all the celebrating you can get. We'll raise a glass to you tonight!

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, its so hard to see people you love in pain and preparing for their transition. However, do enjoy every single minute of the celebration of her life - its an amazing thing to be present for, and I have so many sweet memories of the celebration with had for MIL. To be present and care for those you love at the close of their lives is hard, but such an honor. I know I'm richer and deeper for it.

My goodness a billybonka sighting in okayland!! Thanks for stopping by, billy! ...And Do come back, we do so love to have kvetchies stop by!

Diva - glad you had a successful sale!! YAY! Did you move a bunch of truffles....I don't know how anyone could resist them! I read your list of flavors to turbomann, and I had to keep him from drooling on the screen. smile.gif

Doodle - so glad to hear that you're not letting your fall keep you down! And a new guitar strap - you are growing musically everyday!

We're going out with my BFF and her fiance tonight - YAY! I haven't seen her in a month, and I terribly miss her...we're going to our favorite pub for burgers and sangria, and to sit by the roaring fireplace! I can't wait! Tomorrow, even better, we're going to another friend's wedding - with a brunch reception - YUM! I couldn't be happier for these friends, its a long-awaited celebration, and I'll get to see some of my old work peeps too.

Good Evening all!

(((jami))) I'm sorry you are having a crappy day.

(((FJ))) I'm sorry about your friend. A spa day!!!! Ooooh, that sounds super fun!

Diva, what are you and the giant going to do?

Hey Billy! Thanks for stopping in! smile.gif

Turbo, enjoyyour evening!

Well, I did the usual work out, dog walk at the park. Tonight I'm doing NOTHING!!! I've been going out so much lately that tonight is sleepy time, tomorrow is a hair cut. Aside from that not too sure.

Well, I hope everyone has a good evening!

Later all!

Happy BDay FJ!!! hope the day finds you are surrounded by family and love. and while it sounds awful hard, what a wonderful thing to do for your friend.
Diva - I'll contact you tomorrow about the truffles. so many to choose from!!!!!! yea.
hi to CH and Lore and Kari and Turbo and the rest...

he blew the engine in my car, and it's running from the last round of repairs. he got it out of the shop, so he's driving it, and now he's given it to her. sucks.
it's our dog that's dying from old age. sometimes he has episodes where his legs are not strong enough to hold him and it scares him. he's not suffering, I don't believe putting him down is the thing to do now.

a good end to the sucky day... lamex is now *not* fighting for custody of son in court. such a relief and load lifted from my shoulders. I'm still scared that he'll try something. but it speaks volumes that he didn't even try. don't think I'm allowed to tell son, but I will as soon as I'm allowed.
Hey there, you lint-lickers. Hope all is well in OkayLand. I just got back from T-town & I'm still trying to catch up on life in the lounge.

Just wanted to stop by & wish our beloved FJ the very happiest of birthdays!!!! I can't believe Jackeroo has teeth already. Time flies, doesn't it?

Sheff & I are both sickly & don't have tons of energy. Bah. Tonight we're going to cuddle up on the couch in front of a roaring fire and watch old episodes of Heroes. Tomorrow we'll probably repeat the same activity, only we'll watch episodes of Dr. Who. It all sounds terribly romantic until you consider that we keep coughing and sneezing. Nothing says "love" like drainage & phlegm.
Good Morning!

It is far too early to be up on a Saturday, but oh well. I'm getting my hair done, so I have to get my ass in gear.

Jami, I'll reply when I get back!

~*~*~*~*healing vibes for RV and Sheff~*~*~*~*

I truly did nothing last night. I got bored so I just went to bed, and I had a fairly solid night sleep. That's good!

Take care all!

I don't have time to say a lot (MASSIVE cleaning day, last weekend before the big thanksgiving event)....but I wanted to wish the lovely FJ a Happy Birthday. It looks like I'm a day late though. D'Oh!

And, jami, lamex sounds like the correct name for him. Blech.

Anyway, this is all the Busting I've allowed myself, until the house is in order. I have to have all the crap picked up before tomorrow, renting a carpet cleaner. Hopefully they won't be all gone.

*waves to Okayers*

*and the thanksgiving panic commences.......
Hiya gang!

Happy birthday (slightly belatedly) to FJ!!! Thirty-one spankies with the birfday paddle, and I'll bet you'll enjoy it, too. wink.gif

I am not going to write much at the moment. I am in total pain and dragging energy after falling. Yesterday was kind of bad for pain, especially my arm and shoulder; today it's quieted to a dull roar and no energy at all, even though I slept HOURS. I fell asleep early last night, got up a couple of times, but wound up sleeping, probably 13 or 14 hours in all. Woke up twice with a really bad charlie horse in my entire lower leg and foot, no doubt from the fall. MAN!

I think my bruised ego is doing better than my body, though.

As per usual, guitarboy woke me up this Saturday morning. I made us coffee and we started planning a Facebook page for the Porcupine Rebels - and yes we'll try to get some of our music up there. But his mom just showed up, and I'm off to other BFFdottir's birthday later, so probably no jamming today. Thank heavens, I'm totally wrecked. We are thinking of learning "Hush" (Deep Purple) for the jam.
Hihi all!

Just spent the day running errands with El Guapo and his mother. Now we are at El Guapo's sister's place with the whole family. No English spoken. A little stressful.

I'm taking a 7-day training over the next couple of weeks called the RSS Institute. RSS stands for Recovery Support Specialist. An RSS is a person who receives services in the public bahavioral health system who is at a more advanced stage in their recovery, and after taking the training and going through some other stuff, they can get certified to be peer mentors to other people with mental illness or substance use disorder.

I'm pretty excited to be in the class, and it's kind of weird. I was under the impression that the people in my class would all have some kind of mental illness, but many (maybe most) of them are there because they are recovering from a substance use disorder. I didn't realize that SU Disorder was a diagnosed condition. I guess that's good, though, because they are getting the help they need and are now at the stage where they can help others who are in the same boat.

I think I saw that Doodle was eating Alphaghetti. What's that? Like Spaghettios shapes like letters??? I could go for a can of spaghettios right now.

And sorry I missed FJ's BIRFDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FJ!!!

So, I better go and socialize. El Guapo just discovered that he is called "El Guapo", and he doesn't really like it. Oh oh.

Smell ya later!

Well good evening, no one!!!

*observes tumble weed blowing by*

Well then, this must change.*throws confetti in air, picks up phone and starts a jammin' part-ay in okayland*

Tree, how did the house clean go?

Doodle, I'm soooo going to look for the porcupine rebels on crackbook!

Hey PK! That's really cool training that you are getting! It sounds like the new job is going really really well!

Well, it's cold here. It finally snowed, it appears the snow is here to stay until March or so. It's blustery as all hell. The dog loves it though. I have been wearing the winter gear for a little while, as it has still be pretty darned chilly and windy, sans the snow. But now the whole package has arrived.

I rested this weekend, and it was wonderful. I hit the mall today and did some xmas shopping. Yes Xmas, I've been watching a hella lot of Futurama lately, and they call christmas xmas, so there you have it! I got my dad's gift, I know what I'm getting the rest of the fam, too. I bought myself a few things, as usual. I got some candy cane smelling lotion, some Hempz brand lotion (smells divine, is made from hemp seed!), and some tobacco flower room freshener stuff from the body shop.

ooooh, time to eat!

Later all!
Well, I lied. We wound up jamming minutes after I got home from the birthday dinner, and going past midnight. Also, when downstairs neighbourboy heard us and came up (looking for distractions away from the Saturday night party/drug world), I dug out the plasticine BFF gave me for my last birthday. Banjoboy, downstairs neighbourboy and I sat around making stuff while guitarboy played DJ on the laptop. (Earlier in the day, right after I last posted, downstairs neighbourboy came up as well, so as not to be alone with himself, I guess. He seems to be improving with counselling and AA meetings, plus he's decided to move away soon, so that makes him more tolerable as well. wink.gif Anyway, I set him up to do some "art therapy" with a small canvas and some acrylics, while I practised playing with my new guitar strap.)

Yesterday the landlady came around and told me they are re-mortgaging the building, and they want to use my apartment to show the assessors on Monday, because mine is "always so clean." Which means I am spending today cleaning it. mad.gif

PK, I've never had Spaghetti-Os, but I imagine it's very similar to Alphaghetti, which is indeed small letter-shaped pasta in tomato sauce, made by Heinz, I think. And approaching my 39th birthday, I am not afraid to admit that, yes, sometimes I STILL like to spell out words with my Alphaghetti. biggrin.gif

CH, we're not really on Facebook yet - I just set up the account, but haven't done anything to the page. We have a few wav files of us playing our songs, recorded on the laptop, but I'm not ready to post them yet! I want to re-do them, now that we're better.

Hiya also to the lurkerbees!

I am really anxious to get back to open mike night. I think I want to prove myself in some way, after the embarrassing incident (although technically, I guess I already did!). But also, I just want to get my skilz back out there and show off. tongue.gif Plus I'm dying to perform standing up - it makes such a difference, I can't believe it! I should have gotten a guitar strap ages ago; it's like the guitar is a brand new toy. I love being able to move around when I'm playing, and get my whole body going with the rhythm. That new strumming technique I picked up from sexy rhythm guitarist only seems to work properly if I'm standing - last night, I put it to work and completely turned a Blue Rodeo song on its head - plus we used it to reggae-up "Folsom Prison Blues," which was AWESOME! I'd like to perform that one at some point, just like that.

Oh, also, when I was buying my new rocker wear, I noticed my fave clothing store is hiring - I'm thinking of applying, even though the wages probably won't be great. I actually thought seriously of applying there for a moonlight job when I was still at the women's centre, but I thought it might be too much of a conflict with my "public" personae. But since my public personae is now going to be "musician"...well, WTF, eh? I think I'll go up there tomorrow. Maybe my new public image will be future rock star and body positive clothing stylist! biggrin.gif
HI CH!! Glad you're having a restful weekend - we are too! Any weekend where I have time to take a nap is good by me.

Doodle, I think that's a great idea to apply at the clothing shop, while you look for something more substantial - and if they can be flexible once you get a day job, so much the better. I'm sure they'll need extra help heading into the holidays anyhow. And I can't wait to hear how you rock it at the next open mike. And I love that you're hooking the boys up with constructive/creative entertainment on a Saturday night! Sounds SO fun!

Friday night we had dinner and (too many) drinks with BFF and her fiance, it was just soooo good to see her. I miss working with her everyday so much. I think our boys had to put up with way too much work talk, but its something we share that is close to our hearts.

Yesterday - old work reunions continued at my friend's wedding...11am wedding followed by brunch reception, complete with bloody marys and mimosas - SO brilliant! It was a perfect expression of our friends' relationship, good to see more work buddies, even though I totally had to dodge the CEO - I just didn't want to deal with her, and have her know that I don't love my new job. BUT, I did make some good networking connections - the bride was totally looking out for me, and sat us with her e-learning friends, and one of them is actually interested in talking with me about a position - scary and exciting, but if nothing else, I want to talk to her just to continue the research to see what's out there. So that's cool.

Today, I made a ton of roasted applesauce, on account of I bought a half bushel of apples yesterday at the last farmers market of the year, so I've got a nice stash to last me. We ran a bunch of errands, and then I made the most delicious dinner - I'm calling it "Squashage Casserole." I steamed a spaghetti sqaush in the micro, then scooped out the squash. Sauteed up some pork sausage, onion, garlic, fennel, then tossed that mixture with the squash, adding some tomato sauce. Topped it with some manchego cheese, and then baked it for 20min. I also made a spinach salad with orange balsamic vinaigrette. Sooooo Yummy. And we have tons of leftovers for dinner/lunches this week.
can I come to the party?? pleeeaze. truth be told, I just kinda came from one. party at the bar, actually. met new people. shot some pool. kissed a fellow.
oops. I said that out loud???
can't talk now, son is here. besides, I'm tired. more tomorrow, promise
the best line of the night, though was when he had his hands on my hips. and my pants were getting lower... I pulled 'em up, saying how things just didn't fit the same since I had lost so much weight. and he said... "good god girl, why would you think you would need to loose any weight? you're gorgeous!" and yes, he was a good kisser.
Gooooood Morning!

Jami-that sounds like a fun night! You deserve it! I am so sorry to hear about your dog. sad.gif And about lamex letting the chick drive your car. But! I am happy to hear about the custody news.

Jenn-that dinner sounds so delicious!! I love spaghetti squash. There are so many things you can do with it. The wedding sounds really lovely. That is exciting that there is someone that wanted to talk to you about a job!

Diva, glad to hear you sold some stuff!

((Doodle)) I am sorry you are having so much pain from the fall. Ouch. Your new songs sound really cool. I would love to see and hear your band! The job at the clothing shop sounds good too-would you be getting a discount? That would be sweet.

Hi tree!! Hi Rose! Hi CH!

PK-that is so cool that you are doing that training!! Very nice! Are you enjoying it and learning a lot?

Things here are pretty good. Had a very nice weekend. I ate Mexican food Friday night w/ 2 friends. After that I was sooooo tired. I think it was allergies. I felt like I could go to bed at 8, but I waited til 9:30-10ish. Saturday morning I got up and met a friend from work for an early spin class. It was a great class, I need to go to that one more often. Perhaps this Saturday. I spent the rest of the day painting the trim in our bedroom. We put the room back together last night and rearranged some of the furniture. It looks so much better than it did before the paint! I am really happy with it. Yesterday I worked at the hospital. Talked to some really interesting patients and endured some light flirting between my friend and my crush. Whatevs. Last night Mr K and I went to a friend's house for dinner and some card games. A nice weekend.

It's a short week for the US Okayers. Who is off Friday as well as Thursday?
Hi hi!

Doodle, you'll have to let us know whent he crackbook page is up! I'm so excited for you!

Turbo, sounds like a great weekend!

Jami, a fella eh??? We need the deets!!!!

Hey Kari! I'm jealous of your short work week, and here I am like a sucker sticking it out for 5 days! Meh.

Well I fell asleep really early last night, like at 6, and had a fairly decent night sleep. Had mondo weird dreams, I haven't even been doing drugs lately, and I'm confused by these!

Well, better get to work here!

Shittiest. Night. Evah.

I am GRATEFUL that I only have a two-day workweek so that I can get in some heavy-duty Sims play, cards with ma teacher bitches tomorrow (cripes...I really do love those ladies; they are like my surrogate's really nice to have surrogate mommies), and I look forward to the pan of stuffing that I am planning on making and eating on Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll go over to BFF's for Thanksgiving if they aren't doing anything with extended family. Minxlette will be with her dad for the holiday, so I have to get something going.

But I guess that a pan of stuffing and some epis of ER wouldn't be the worst thing in the whole entire universe.

Alrighty...I'll be back later and be more social and interactive. Ma babies are going to be crashing into here in a minute.

Is the work week over yet?

Hi Minx! Why so crappy?
g'mornin all.
minx... sorry to hear about last night. ((minx))
hay kari. mmmm for going out to mexican food. yea on the painted room.
ch - sorry you'll be a-workin.

if this isn't the place to post what happened last night, let me know and I'll post it there...

shorter than me, trimmed mustache and goatee, smooth cheeks, smooth skin, dimples, cleft chin, tiny feet, solid, muscular, dimples, squint lines, strong hands, short hair. very cute. we played pool and then went outside 'cause the fireplace was cranked up. talked for a bit. he brushed aside some of my hair that had gotten onto my lips. he said that I needed chapstick, and he would tounge my lips, then kiss me. I said, you're very oral aren't you. he said that he was. a little later he asked if I was oral. I dropped my voice and grazed his ear with my teeth and said - yes. I am. and he did a shiver.
it was a very nice night.
Mornin' everyone!!

((((minx, jami, and anyone else who needs bustie love)))

Has minxlette's illness faded yet? Po' bebe.

That boy sounds cute, jami.

Sounds like everyone had decent weekends. I had a super duper awesome weekend. I spent friday night drinking fancy concoctions at the Imperial Room with diva, taloo, and their men. Saturday, my college pal came from Wisc. and we met up with another friend and had Lebanese food for lunch. Mmmm...falafels. Then I showed 'em my house and we went to A Prairie Home Companion show at the State Theater. It was so warm and crowded in there and Garrison Keillor's voice is so soothing, that I kept nodding off. After that, we ate homemade lasanga and drank lots of wine. Good times. Yesterday morning, we went to the Seward Cafe for some hippie breakfast eats. I adore their vegan biscuits and cashew-mushroom gravy. I need to learn how to make that.

How's everyone doing?

ETA- Oh! I forgot!! Happy belated birfday, FJ!!!!
WOW, Jami! biggrin.gif

Heya all! Sorry for absence! I missed FJB-Day! sad.gif Happy Post-B-Day! Please relate details of all spanking.

Culture, please tell of mondo weird dreams!

Minx, I hope your nights get more fun. I sometimes have fantasies of being stuck in a cabin in the woods with my best friends and some computers and Internet connections so that we'd have nothing better to do than geek out, hike, and hatchet firewood. The Sims was on my geek out list. I wish I could invest a bunch of hours with it with some friends and make totally weirdo scenarios. Also, I second the hanging out with the teacher-types. They can be seriously fun peeps.

Kari, what is it you're allergic to? Hopefully not Mexican food. You made me hungry for some at the mention of it.

TJ, rock on about the parties and the connections! To avoid people you don't want to talk to at parties, it's always good to have half a mouthful of Bacardi 151 and a lighter handy to put up a wall of spit flames, then disappear behind a nearby pillar while their pupils readjust to normal lighting again. Good drunken ninja technique.

Doodle, you should seriously make a big Word document out of all your Porcupine Rebels posts for posterity when you guys become famous smile.gif I love the modeling clay! My BFF OtterMan and I used to use cheap modeling clay to make weird monster sculptures during after-school cartoons, and then shoot them with our BB gun. Takes the pressure off the quality as you practice clay modeling skills, and you learn riflery on entertaining targets, to boot.

Tree, best of luck with your hostessessingage! I'm sure they'll be thankful smile.gif

Good luck with RSS, PuppyKitty! It's a noble cause. *salutes* That's really good of you to work with a type of people that a lot of people would give up on or blame everything on. I've met some good recovery stories.

Hope you're feeling better, Rosiev!

Heya anybody I've missed!

Goaty's parents are here (in town) and I really love them smile.gif We've got most of our apartment sorted through so we know what items are coming with us for the big move this weekend, and I'll be seeing OtterMan for the first time in over a year when he helps us unload in Issaquah.

It's a bit like somebody has put a curse on OtterMan and I (or perhaps it's for the better for reasons we don't see). He and his family used to live in Washington for years while I lived in Japan, but exactly when Goaty and I decided to move to Washington, OtterMan and his wife (a guinea pig) made the plan to move to Berlin, Germany. For the last two years, they've been Berliners while we moved to Washington mere weeks after they left. Now, we're moving about 15-20 minutes from where OtterMan and his family moved, but OtterMan himself will be taking flight school down in California and will only be able to visit up here occasionally. This time, we might have a very small overlap of a week of us living in the same area. It's not enough time for us to work on any cool projects, though. It's been a dream for us to find our 'thing', where we have some legitimate creative project that has a complete path from working on it to sustainable income, even if it's a creative hobby that just takes weekend effort. Our distance has always been a huge hurdle. Hopefully, it's just cosmic timing being patient in setting up the perfect billiards shot that will combine fun and success for us.

I think we're also afraid of living life as Ralph and Norton from The Honeymooners.

Oh! Hey Poods! Your weekend sounded awesome! All of it! I wish I could sign up for it like a tour package.
Hi, peeps!

I'm one of those who get a 3-day workweek this week. Yay! I love how Black Friday is a guaranteed day off here.

Jami, that sounds like a very fun night out. I miss having first kisses and all that stuff, and a night of shooting pool is probably the best way to spend a weekend evening.

CH, you're so lucky you know what you're going to get people. I have 14 people to shop for, and I know what I'm going to get 2 of them. That's it. 2. And one of them is Sam, and kids are so easy to shop for, so it barely even counts.

Jenn, that sounds like a really fun wedding and reception. Brunch rules! Good luck with the networking coming through.

Hi, Kari, Poodle, Lore, Minx, and everyone!

Catsoup, I'll shoot you an email later on today.

I hate Mondays after a nice weekend. I took the restful route like CH. We went out with Poodle, Taloo, and J for drinks - it was really fun to see them again. On Saturday, I slept literally until 4:00 in the afternoon (woke up for a bit in the morning to run out for milk, but that was it), then read my fun book for awhile, then we went grocery shopping. Yesterday, the giant spent the day at his cousin's house watching stupidball, so I had the house to myself all day. I went to the gym for a little bit since I've been lousy about it these past couple weeks because I've been too busy with crafting/truffles, and read my textbook while I was on the treadmill. I'll do the same after work today. Then I rented Shrek III and License To Wed. This sounds really stupid, but I'm so proud of myself for figuring out how to hook up the DVD player and get everything turned on correctly with the giant's massive setup on the first try. I watched movies, ate junk food, and sorted my mail for the rest of the afternoon. Sounds boring, but it was perfect.

I just got word that the giant's mom's place of work is having their craft fair again and I'm invited. Yay! I'm only going to go one of the 2 days (it's 2 days in a row, so I don't see the point in going both days with the same stuff, so I'm going to do the later day). That'll be more money in my pocket for Xmas shopping and more truffles I can get rid of. Hopefully I'll get a few large orders, but I know this will be good for at least $150 over a 2-hour lunchtime break, which is more than worth it to me.
Heya Diva! Stupidball! I like that. I mean, I'm all for PLAYING sports, but I just can't get into watching a bunch of USDA cattle running around making huge money for playing and putting on 'I'm a rough & tough boy, yo! Children should wish they were me!' attitude. Goaty and I watched Licensed to Wed recently, too. It was actually pretty funny despite the two main characters. It wasn't a romantic comedy so much as just a Robin Williams comedy, which is perfectly fine with me.
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