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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi Hi!

Turbo, so glad the screen door looks good! Good that you are doing better. OOoooh you also bought undies today?!?!? Anything fun? Mmm Lentil soup.

(((Doodle))) I'm sorry your mama isn't feeling so well. ~*~*~*Doodlemama healing vibes~*~*~*~* I'm happy that guitarboy is going to rehab for the white stuff. What cartoons did you watch? I have to say I'm a fan of some newer cartoons, such as SpongeBob and Yakity Yak.

Undie porn eh? Well, I'm buying some more tomorrow (I'm in dire need of undies) as I have the day off, thank goodness, as it's 2 in the morning here and I can't sleep.

Soooooooo, it's mid November and there is no snow. It's warmish here, and I find it very odd. And sad. Crappy stupid climate change and crappystupiddouchebag politicians who don't seem to give a flying fuck because there are being fucked in the ass by big oil. Le Sigh.

Well, I think I'm going to try and go back to sleep here.

Later kats!
Hiya CH - it's not guitarboy going into rehab, it's that guy downstairs, who convinced guitarboy to try it. guitarboy isn't doing hard drugs - just the one time. We actually watched stuff like Simpsons, Family Guy, and some other stuff I never watch, because I never turn on the TV! tongue.gif But frankly, I'd love to see some Animaniacs or Tiny Toons or something. biggrin.gif Thanks for the vibes for doodlemama.

I just painted a huge metallic turquoise leaf branch on my guitar case, so I can more easily spot it amongst the crowd of verrrrry similar-looking black cases at events like open mike. Hee hee! Now I'm going to bed. (Wait...maybe I should get "Blue Rodeo" on there somewhere....)
State Holiday=today for Veterans Day/Armistice Day- banks, gov't, mail closed. Most offices, open. Thanksgiving=the 2nd to last thursday in maybe that's the 22 this year? Either the 22 or 23. Either way, its in 2 weeks, and I'm hosting my first ever t-day dinner. Gulp. Another sign of "real" adulthood...

I'm catching the awful cold that moxette gave to whole famnily was DOWN for the count yesterday. Poor moxieman had the cold-dizzies, and moxette now has a gut infection that is making her poop all the time. I just tried to rest when i could between runs to the store for cold meds/pedialyte, etc. We totally broke the "screen time" rule an had the thing on all day. We cycled between Disney movies (Monsters, Inc....5 times), Sesame Street and Baby Einstein. By the end of the day, my kid was all "Look...KITTY! Mike Wakowski!" I couldn't help but be amused. I figure if I'm going to be stuck watching "kids" movies, I'm starting her on the good stuff first.

Anyway, we're all off to work and/or school today. It'll be nice to hace the break.

How's doodlemama, minxy etal? Turbo...feeling better?

Fall colds suck.
*waves to mox*

You know what, doodle? You're SO right - I DON'T have to go to work today - fuck 'em. I miraculously do not have any meetings booked today, and I would much rather do laundry and start posting my resume online and nap, than actually go to work. Thank you, once again, for bringing sense to my addled mind. SO glad I popped in here this morning before I trudged off to work.

Ugh, sorry the cold has hit your house too, mox - take care of yourself, and try to make it a short day if you're not feeling well.
Good Morning,

Doodle, Oooooh I totally misread your post. It was late, what can I say! smile.gif

~*~*~*healing viboes for mox family~*~*~*~

Turbo, I give your work a collective fuck you from the okayers and Canadians!

Well, not much has changed from two this morning. I'm enjoying my day off, I'm going to shower then take houndish to the park.

Later all!
Mornin' peepers!!

Awww...shucks. Thanks for the compliments, but I really do look like crap in those pictures. My BFF took them in the morning while I was still in my pajamas. My cats always look handsome though!!

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for all busties and bustettes~*~*~*~

I'm so glad the comedy night and new door made your weekend a little less sucky, turbo!! I agree that you should stay home.

Wow, mox, I'm super impressed that you're taking on T-giving!! I would never dare do that!!


Those new undies sound cute, culture!!

Nice Michael Hutchence picture, minx!! That's him, right?

Hi tree!! I have a lazy co-worker, too. She thinks that she can just ditch her projects and pass the nitty gritty, PITA details onto others.

That sucks about your bro, lore. Don't feel bad. I would say that you were a success already!!

I had a really good weekend. I vegged on Friday night. I spent Saturday cleaning, and then XRB came over way late at night after work. We went out for pizza and...erm...did other stuff. We went out for breakfast yesterday, and then I spent the rest of the day raking leaves. Stupid trees.

I was thinking about XRB this morning, and I began to hurt inside. I wish I didn't care about him or anyone or anything, except my cats and fellow busties. *selects Nazareth on okayland jukebox* I need to come up with something stupid and petty to occupy my thoughts. Today I wish I still worked for the govt. so that I could stay home and just sleep!!
Poodle...remember, "A Rock feels no pain, and an Island never cries."

That being said, my family seems to be on the mend. Which is great! I can't wait to get back to not being the healthy, happy one.

So, I was reading up on some organic food lables, and came accross this professor's work. Granted, I'm slightly prejudiced since he happens to teach at my alma matter...but still, his work is cool.

Organics owned by Conglomerates...Dr. Phil!

The research was triggered by finding out that Clorox is buying Bert's Bees. I suspect nothing will change at the brand/quality is what makes them an attractive purchase, but still.
Hiiiiiii! It's me again!

Poodle! Shitty that you don't have the day off, but yay on portions! I say you should go post in the portions thread! Seems like it's been a good weekend for busties getting some! I'm sorry that you hurt when you think about him. sad.gif

Mox, clorox is buying burts bees??? I thiknk that everything is owned by one company, they just have a whole bunch of different company names. That sounds paranoid and creepy even for me! Hee hee!!!!

So, speaking of portions, not only has the cop been in the picture a lot lately, but I have a friend who's coming back here for Christmas (as his family is here) and he has promised me seven days of christmas time-y fun while he is here. Sooooooo, I'm pretty excited about that!

I'm going to go out for lunch with the dadster today, that'll be nice. We were going to see a movie, but there doesn't appear to be anything good out right now.

Later kats!
Heyall! I HAVE A PLOT!!! Yaaaay!

Thanks for all the support, guys! You'se is all Queens! Yeah, my brother is just who he is, just like my father will never change either. He's definitely a source of opinions to take with a grain of salt, but he's also like draino for brain flow. After roughly half an hour on the phone with him, I had reexamined everything about the relationships between my characters, and how to make the plot go from A to Z. He's stressful, but also useful.

Anyway, *Health and comfort vibes for Moxiefam, Torbo-J, and Doodle-Mama*

Doodle, I am totally proud of you! I mean, for the finding yourself in musical performance and writing (and blending your other art in with it), for being a great friend for Guitar Boy and Banjo Boy in steering (and feeding) them right, and for being a superb daughter. (Oh, and that's my favorite Tom Petty song. I love how the entire story gets told in the forst few lines or so.)

Fond hello to all I've missed. I'd be happy to see a Purple Panty day where you can get work off, but only if you join the Purple Panty Parade. I don't lnow if you could do that here today, though. The wind is going nuts outside! There might be purple panties flying everywhere, and I'd hate to get my nuts caught in a tree like Charlie Brown's kite.
cyber~chicken~soup to catsoup, doodle-mama, minx-family, and all the other busties and families who aren't feeling well.
there's snow here. and WIND. chill factor must be something. it knocked out my weather station!
court went well, he was after all kinds of stuff (harrassing), and judge didn't even give him 1/10th.
we all gotta get better here!!!! ~hot chocolate all around~ ..(chocolate heals all).
Great. Now I can't by Burt's stuff. Their "cruelty-free" status is out the door if they're owned by Clorox.
I wanna say that Burt's was already owned by another conglomerate this - colgate is sticking in my head, but I could be wrong...

I'm having a lovely day at home...much thanks to Mucinex for clearing out some of the crud in my lungs. Turbo and I have already had a nice long group nap, and now I'm watching a silly girl movie.

And I definitely can get behind Purple Underoos Day, just not *panties.* Eeeeew, that word is gross. smile.gif

Lore, we got your back anytime you need it - next time your brother gets down on you - just refer him to the pink mafia - we'll take care of him! *warms up neck-punching arm*

Lore, it's got to be hard having a relative who is so set in their ways. Le Sigh. Congrats on the plot though!!! That is really great! Purple pantie Parade. Heh.

Jami, so glad court went well. Windchill, we haven't seen any of that there, yet. It's weird, given it's mid November and there is no snow here yet. I don't want to think about it, makes me sad.

Turbo, I'm also on the bandwagon with not liking the word panty. Imagine having sex, and your partner whispering in your ear "take your panties off so I can fuck the shit out of you" I'd start to laugh!!!

Lunch was good, then went to the mall to start christmas shopping, it was insane. I think I'm going to do online shopping as much as I can this year. Speaking of which, I should start that now!

Later kats!
I did a little research and it looks like the corporation you might be thinking of turbo (AE Investments) did not acquire Burt's, but invested in it. This Clorox thing is a total acquisition. Or maybe you're thinking about Tom's of Maine. Colgate purchased Tom's. I didn't know about that until just a little bit ago, too. I feel like I have to keep researching products that I've trusted for so long.

I was totally weirded out last month when I discovered that Unilever now owns Ben & Jerry's. I don't want my food being produced by a company that specializes in soaps and detergents!! They also own Helmann's mayo. I view these acquisitions as very misleading and unfair to consumers who think that they are buying natural, ethical products from small companies. I see these big companies as greedy labor-exploiting, polluting, animal testing, lying whores. They may have their pet humanitarian projects, but they don't make up for their overall money-grubbing behavior. They just do those humanitarian/charitable things so they don't seem as awful as they truly are. WHORES!!!!!


I've just had a shitty day today. I got in a pretty serious tiff with the republican a little bit ago because he started making fun of my views on environmental issues. He thinks global warming is a hoax because there's not enough scientific evidence to support it (pfff), so I asked him why, then, does he believe that there's an omniscient magic man in the sky who intervenes in our lives and watches over each of us when almost all of the evidence and logic out there points in the opposite direction. He got really pissed off when I brought that up. Whatever. He criticizes secularism all the time, so fuck him.

*takes more deep breaths*

At least Dancing With The Stars is on tonight.

(X-post) Hi culture! Ack!! Don't remind me about gift-shopping!!
You're right, poodle - I *was* thinking of Colgate's purchase of Tom' hard to keep up these days. I guess the Whole Foods takeover of Wild Oats went through - I went to my Wild Oats store yesterday, and the interior magically turned into a WF. Booooo! I know WF has really great benefits for employees, and they are making a great effort at selling some local stuff, but I just think that competition is important in every marketplace, esp. Organics.

In happier news, I have to share my new favorite non-plastic bags for toting all my purchases around in. BAGGUS! I bought 10 of em, and a couple of the little baggu sacks to carry them around in, and they're fantastic. We're banning plastic bags from our household as much as humanly possible, and I love that these ones are so light, and they fold up easily into their little individual baggies, so you can just stick a couple in your pocket wherever you go. And, they come in happy colors. I'm going to order many, many of them for friends and family for holiday gifts.

I'm with you, CH - I always try to do as much holiday shopping as possible online - I hate malls, and without easy access to the car, its just plain inconvenient. And, I hate shopping, so there's that.
Nylon is a great bag material. Light and thin. Gosh, the people at the Walgreen's downstairs are so bag-happy. There's one woman in particular who reaches to get a bag for me even if I'm just buying a soda. I always have to stop her. I've got two hands, lady!!! People look at me like I'm nuts for not wanting plastic containers and bags. I think they think they're being helpful or generous or something.

Whoa! All the lights just went off in here!! It's actually kind of nice.

Count me in on the online-shopping preference. It saves so much time and you can actually find decent stuff without having to visit every store in town. On the news this morning, some people were talking about personal gift registeries. I think that's a great idea!!
Poodle, what an asshat that guy you work with is. Moron.

Turbo, I'm the same way when I go out, I don't bother getting bags when I shop. that and I generally have a bag that could fit a body in it.

I just finished painting my toenails, a light purple. I had to give them a rest for a while, so now, here I am with purple nails. I have laundry to put away, but I don't really want to. So I'm not going to!

Later all!

ETA: X posted with Poodle! Hi!

Yeah, usually I don't let him bother me and I generally enjoy having him around, but I'm not in the mood to deal with anyone's weirdness today.

Here's the registry website that these women were talking about: My Registry
Hi everybody!

Jenn, those baggus look neat. I always feel guilty getting plastic bags. I try not to get one if I don't need it and we always try to at least reuse the ones we get for something else (picking up dog poo on walks, etc.) but they are still so bad for the environment.

Poodle I love the pictures of you and your cat. I just got proofs back from my wedding photographer and she got a really cute shot of you and Diva. She's going to be mailing me a dvd of all my pics this week so once I have the digital copies I'll send you each one. I think registries are a great idea. It is so hard to shop for people that I wish everybody had one.

Yay for purple toenails!

I haven't been busting enough lately so I'm going to go read some archives.

In the meantime, my picture is on the front page of my photographer's website! (That's me on the left.) I feel like a star! There are a few more pics from my wedding (along with other brides - they are all mixed together) in her wedding photo gallery.
Did everyone else's lounge go out for an hour? Mine did.

Marileen - you are gorgeous, girl! And what a great shot - every bride should look that happy!

I just steamed my face - mostly so I could breathe in the steam, and calm the racking cough I have today, so I figured I might as well throw on a clay mask while I'm at it! A quiet day at home is *just* what I needed. And Ellen is on to keep me company. smile.gif

For turbomann's family we do online wish list - which is great, because you get what you want. My family is hopeless - my 'rents LOVE xmas, and buy us tons of crap that we don't need or want. We've brought up the idea to both families to ditch the gifts all together for adults, and just buy stuff for the wee ones, but it's not washing. So silly - I don't really *need* anything, and its so lame, that the things I really need are like - a new vacuum, and then they whine that that's not a "fun" gift. But its what I need!!!!
My lounge also went down.

Marileen, you look so beautiful!

My thing with Christmas is that I buy what I want when I want. My weakness is DVD's and books. Altough there is one thing on my wish list this year that I know I'm getting, so that's good.

Hey again Poodle!

I took hound to the park and there were tons of people, I don't really like it when it's like that because the dog's off leash time is restricted.

ch... check out the after thanksgiving ads online... bestbuy and circuitcity are having all kinds of dvd's and cd's on sale. I'm not going to drive two hours to the nearest mall, so I'll get what I can online. lots of the stuff is instore only. I love the baggus!!! ohmygosh. great colors, too. I've already bought craftsman's tool totes for my boys' band to use while ontour for clothes, etc. that and after halloween skull mugs that they're gonna flip over. and I signed up for craftmaking at church, so hopefully that will get a big part of gifts done.
I ~LOVE~ Christmas. ex-2-be was always called Scrooge by the boys. I did everything - cutting the tree, setting it up, ornaments, decorations, shopping, wrapping...everything. and I love it. sights, smells, touch, sounds.
I went and found boxed up old clothes... purple undies and all. lots of sweaters!!! and dresses. and now that I've lost so much weight (divorce stress) everything fits. and most are too big. ya gotta love that.

Sorry for the drive-by - I'm at work and it's my only chance to check in with you all. How I miss youse guys!!!!

I will try to find more opportunities to BUST in the future, as I am not really supposed to be doing it at work.

So, I got that new job about a month ago, working as the pastry chef and a job coach at a lunch cafe that is also a vocational rehabilitation program for people recovering from serious mental illness. As a job coach, I teach them how to work here, then after their training here, they can go out into the community and find jobs. A lot of our trainees have been out of the work force for quite some time.

My assistant and I have been busy making some sweet sweet desserts. Friday and today we made Pumpkin Cake with Candied Ginger and Cinnamon Creme Anglaise. We also made Blackberry Brown Butter Tarts with Blackberry Cabernet Sauce, Lavender Earl Grey Cake, and Peanut Butter Mousse Tarts with Dark Chocolate Sauce. Yayayayay!

OK - I'll try to check in with you guys again soon, because I want to know how you guys have been.

Smell ya later.
In yet another degenerative move towards the morally corrupt world of the post-adolescent male rock 'n' roll lifestyle, I am currently eating Alphaghetti straight from the can with a spoon.

Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for the vibes for my mama. I wish she could read them - but then I'd have to reveal my secret online space, and only BFF knows about that - and only then in a vague sort of way! One time guitarboy popped by and saw the pink leopard page..."What's this?" he said. "Nothing, fuck off," I replied, and quickly closed it. biggrin.gif

I don't understand all the stress over the word panties. Pantiespantiespantiespanties. Grannypanties.

marileen! You look GORGEOUS in that pic! WOW!!! Busties are so HOT! And what great photography on the site....great choice of photogs!

turbo! I am SOOOO glad you played hooky today! I'm glad you are taking some personal time and enjoying it! Perhaps you could be sick for another day....heh.

Those shopping bags are great. I just bought about 6 canvas bags they sell at the local grocery - they're only a buck each, which is great (especially b/c it means you can easily buy more if you forget yours...which is how I wound up with 6), and they're black, which is better, but they're made in China, which is troubling. But they hold so much, and it's great not to have to deal with plastic bags! I even take them to the 7-Eleven now.

((((poodle)))) Sorry it's so hard with XRB. I wish I had some magic wise words that would help. I love that you called the republican on his belief system though! Good for you! How is the house coming along? Are you enjoying yourself? How do Oscar and Gus like it? Do they go out at all?

lore, great news about your story plotting progress! I love reading about people's creative endeavours. I wish MY brother were as useful as he is stressful, lol. Thanks for the props - you almost made me cry when I got to the good daughter part!

CH, where did you and your dad go for lunch? Did you have a nice time?

mox - thanks for answering my US holiday query! Sorry everyone in your household is sick, but a special TV-on day sounds like a totally perfect way to deal with it!

Hi also to jami and all the lurker-bees!

The boys aren't around this afternoon, so I've been taking this precious stat holiday time to sit around and learn songs off the new Blue Rodeo album, while there's no one here to roll their eyes over my One True Love. wink.gif Oh, speaking of Blue Rodeo, I finally figured out how to play this one song of theirs that's been eluding me for MONTHS....using the strumming technique I watched that rhythm guitarist use! biggrin.gif

I was going to go clothes shopping today. My "smaller" jeans are now baggy and keep slipping down, even after a wash, and I'm fed up, plus my bras aren't really fitting right anymore. (Why do the boobs always go first when the weight goes down?) I really want to look sexxxy on Wednesday night, hee! But the stupid buses only run every hour on holidays, and I didn't want to sit around in the freezing cold trying to make a connection. Bah. Small town life.

ETA: cross-posted with PK! HI!!! Congrats on the new job! It sounds terrific!
Panties is just such a strange word. It's so bizarre. I think that's what it is, the whole grannypanties thing.

Hey Jami!

Hey PK!

Doodle, sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend! I went to montana's and had a killer quesedilla! So cheesey and good.

I'm not too sure what I want to do, I'm just chilling out listening to some John Digweed.

Later all!
Hehe...Doodle, when you asked if Oscar and Gus go out much, I got this perfect picture in my head of them putting on their little kitty bow ties and goin' out to meet some fine feminine felines! smile.gif

Yay for all the canvas and non-plastic bag useage around here! I've got oodles of canvas ones too, but I really like that I can just leave one of the nylon ones in the pocket of my jacket - portability is key, when my forgetfulness runs high.

((((((more doodlemama vibes))))) We know they work, even if our mommas don't know they're gettin' all kinds of warm fuzzies from us...its important to have a private space online.

I'm feeling much better this evening, thank cod. I will have to go to work tomorrow - I have to do a big presentation on Wednesday, that I have yet to even think about. And staff meeting, which is pretty much 2 hours of torture. bleh.

PK!!! I am so thrilled that you got the new job - it sounds like a MUCH better (less stressful) place to work, and how *awesome* to pass your skills on to others who need 'em. And those desserts sound YUM! *licks screen*
I like "panties". not "undies".
Jami--so does this mean you don't have to spend more time in court with the douchehammer? Or is this just the beginning?

We are all doing better at Casa Minxy, although Minxlette got a UTI on top of her initial strep throat, and then looks now to have a sinus infection. I treated the UTI with lovely cranberry-pomegranite juice, and I'm trying to hydrate the hell out of the sinus thing before resorting again to antibiotics. Me? Well, the strep problem is taken care of and I no longer feel sick, but now I have a yeastie from the fucking antibios. I tried normal "eat a shitload of yogurt" remedy, now I'm just injecting the know...up "there". Hell, works for me. A little gross-ish and goopy, but better than the constant, retarded burning of allopathic medication gone awry.
hey Minx... glad you're feeling better. on one end or another. ~*~healing vibes for Minx and Minxlette~*~
lots more court time to come. at least one a month. sometimes more. he spent $18,000 in one month when we could spend $250 without telling the other. so judge said we had to have an accounting firm to make our payments for us. (that was a contempt of court charge - and nothing happened to him!) so now no more paying out of the business, and we each get an 'allowance'. he's objecting to business purchases that I have paid with my allowance that I need to be repaid from the business. like printer ink and ethernet cable. so it'll be back into court so that I get repaid. it's in the thousands by now. and he takes girlfriend off on trips to other states and, and our business pays for their hotel and meals and her hundred dollar boots. it's sick.
oh, and lawyer said trial should be in May. or later.
I just don't have the weird associations with the word "panties" I guess. But now that I think about it, I always say "underwear" if I happen to be speaking about underwear. Which is probably an odd thing to speak about, but it does come up!

jami, I hear ya on the court sitch. I remember lots of women going through the exact same shit at the women's centre. Family court just sucks, and doesn't work very well for women and children.

(((((minx and minxette)))))

Much less goopy to stuff an acidophilus (sp?) capsule up there, IMHO. wink.gif

turbo, that was an astounding alliterative affirmation of ferocious feline fabulousness. tongue.gif Too bad you have to go to work tomorrow, but at least your week will be a little shorter....

CH, a quesidilla sounds delish right about now!!

I phoned doodlemama this evening to check on her, and she's doing better today. I played her a couple of our songs over the phone, too, to cheer her up - she was totally blown away! Like, "You guys really wrote those??" I said, "Are you sure that's not 'mom' speaking?" She denied it emphatically. Also (she's never heard me sing the way I'm singing now), she says I sound like Etta James. Like me, but like Etta James, too. WOOT!

Also, since my surgery is only a few days after my birthday (THIRTY-NINE!!! HOLY FUCK!!!), she's going to take me clothes shopping while I'm in Vancouver. WOOT! WOOT!

Wait, who was that phone call supposed to cheer up? wink.gif
Good Morning Good Morning!!!

Turbo, glad you are feeling better, boourns on the presentation.

Jami, what a motherfucker your ex is.

Minx, glad you too are feeling better, ~*~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for minx and minxlette*~*~*~*

Doodle that is great that your mamma is doing better and you're going shopping and she liked your songs!! YAY!

Well, I slept last night. That is all.

Good Things Tuesday (even though I HATE HATE HATE Tuesdays)
1. Short work week.
2. Muscle is starting to heavily replace fat, so I'm looking pretty good (like, a size 8 is too big good).
3. Feeling more powerful every time I work out.
4. Puppy is doing better (although, I feel like a bad dog owner because she gets scared and sees the ear medicine as punishment. Hurts my heart).

Well, hope everyone is great! Later all!

[font="Garamond"]Good Morning M'Ladies. Happy Tuesday...
ch.... you were talking snow... I've got your snow. not quite white out now, but there's a couple inches down so far, and it's still blowing in. ya can't see out the windows 'cause they've got the ice crystals on 'em. doggies looked at me - wha? I gotta go out in this??? <g> oh, and yea for seeing the results of your hard work-out work!!!!!
Doodle - for Doodlemama to say that about your singing and your songs... whoa. time must have stopped. what a wonderful moment.
Minx and Minxlette - ~*~healing vibes~*~ and get well wishes.
Turbo- breathe in-breathe out. repeat. remember this at the presentation. you'll do great.
PK - kudos to you, kid. fantastic.
good things tuesday
1. doggies came in all dusted with snow and are in puppy-mode, running around the house. smile.gif
2. going to 'big town', which means that I get OUT OF HERE. wait, that's just for the morning. oh well.
3. lawyer work is getting done. little by little.
4. oooh.. found boxes of old clothes - and they're all too big!! love it. love it.
Wow! Congrats on all BUSTie down-sizing, and YAAY for switching away from plastic bag over-use. Good idea about the BAGGUs for easy Christmas gifts!
Undies sounds sexier than panties, but I don't have the frilly britches connotation with panties, plus, you KNOW that as a 'Wolf, the term grannypanties just makes me smile. I man, eating Little Red Ridinghood was just an afterthought. It was always all about getting into those grannypanties.
Yaay about Doodlemama's genuine talent appreciation.
Boo about Jami's Lamex! I hope he finally exasperates the judge to the point where he has to eat crow big-time.
Culture, ever think of taking Kung Fu? Could be a good thing to sustain your muscle-toning momentum. Man! I really need to do that myself, not so much for the ass-kickery as for the discipline and a sense of keeping up with my superhero training.
*quick bounce-back vibes for Minxfam, TJ, and whoever else needs* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Yaaay for PK sighting~! Your new job kicks ass! What an excellent use for your talents and personality! I hope you're paid well enough. You deserve it!
Thanks for being you, Turbo! Your supportiveness rocks smile.gif I don't need my brother's neck punched. His depression kicks the crap out of him more than I'd ever wish on anybody. I wish I could actually pay for someone to be his lifelong good friend and to steer him so that he develops a clear idea of how not to treat people so as to avoid making them never want to encounter him again, but the poor guy just doesn't understand boundaries to the point where villages chase him out of towns with pitchforks and torches. He actually cares about other people and wants them all to do well, but he's just creepy and offensive for his lack of social graces.
Mariellen, you made a beauuutiful bride! I wish we had your photographer at our wedding. Best I've seen (but the subject matter was beautiful, too!)
Good Afternoon all!

Jami, where are you that there is so much snow?

Lore! Awwww, that is so sweet, beutiful subject matter. awwww. it's one of my rare moments of feeling moooshy inside. Hmmm kung fu, eh? I really do enjoy weight training, I was thinking of taking up Brasilian Jiu Jitsu.

I just want the end of the day to be here NOW! I want to go home and work out, that's all. is that too much to ask?? Waaaaaaaaaaaaa. It's so nice outside, it'll be a nice walk at the park with houndish, too.

That is all.

Hey babes!!

Eeeeww...I hate the word "panties." It infantilizes women's undergarments. I say "underwear." Although, nowadays, when I hear panties I think of Eric Foreman from That 70's Show: "PANTIES!!! GLORIOUS PANTIES!!!" *tosses panties up in the air*

Heh, instead of an HBI, minx is gettin' an HYI...Hot Yogurt Injection. laugh.gif

No, Oscar and Gus don't get to put on their little kitty bow ties and top hats very often. Gus is hard to keep track of and Oscar borderline freaks out everytime. It's a special occasion thing. I'm worried that Oscar's gonna encounter Sonny the neighbor dog if he spends a lot of time outside. All hell would break loose!!

Good things:
1. Workday is almost over
2. Project is not as evil as it first seemed
3. Dancing With The Stars is on tonight
4. I have a couple beers in da frige
5. Ice cream
6. I don't feel bad about XRB today
7. Thanksgiving is coming up
8. The weather is decent
9. Republican hasn't bothered me today
10. Haven't smoked for 2 days and have no desire to
Hi, peeps!

Please excuse me for not reading much of the archives, I just can't bring myself to get through 6 days worth.

Today is my first day back at work after a 5-day weekend. I got a shitload of crafting done, everything I wanted to do except one set of martini glasses, and those can wait a little longer. I decoupaged 10 frames, made 2 big mosaic flower pots, finished off a set of wine glasses, and other piddly stuff. Now I'm working on truffles, 18 different kinds of 'em.

I got to spend a lot of quality time with Sam on Friday, since my brother dropped him off while he went sofa shopping. It was worth taking Friday off, even if I couldn't get a thing done while he was there. He was so excited to play his Cars game on the big TV in our living room. We just hung out and I watched him play, then we got the mail and went on a statue hunt in my yard (lots of little statues hidden all around the yard, pretty damn cool). We blew some bubbles and tickled each other and talked like robots. I love when I get uninterruped play time with him, although I understand how parents of young kids can't get much done while the kids are around.

My craft show last Saturday kinda sucked. I brought in $102, of which only $42 is revenue. I busted my ass for a lousy $42 and had to sit around a very Lutheran high school for 7 hours. At least the giant's brother's family and his cousin's family all came to visit. I won't be doing that event again next year. I had pretty much the best space in the whole place (the first thing you see after you come in the doors), but my stuff isn't really geared toward the older churchgoing crowd. I even had to pull a couple bags back off my display because some people complained that they were too racy. But anyway, nobody can say I didn't give it a shot.

We went out with the giant's brother on Sunday night to a benefit for his cousin's friend with leukemia. He's been going through it for so long, then lost his job, then had a bone marrow transplant. There was a pretty good turnout, so I hope they made a whole bunch of money. They had a pretty well-known band playing, and the silent auction was really good, plus the bar donated all the money they made from liquor and the raffles had to bring in a TON of cash. The poor guy could really use it.

Since then, I've been busting out the truffles. So far, I've got bases for chocolate malt, Bailey's, tiramisu, orange zest/Grand Marnier, hazelnut, key lime, lemon, raspberry, coconut, peanut butter crunch, carmel, peppermint/candy cane, classic milk, and cherry finished. I'm going to make mojito, mint, passionfruit, and classic dark tonight. I need to assemble 3 dozen of each kind before Friday, which will be a job, but I'll manage. I'm going to have way too many left, so let me know if you all want some.

Who else is looking forward to the return of Project Runway tomorrow night? I know I sure am. I'm not doing the little party with my gay boyfriend like I wanted to, but that's okay. I don't have time to drive to his house, especially right after class.
Hey poodle - you do realize that the 15th is the Great American Smokeout, right?! *apologizes for stupid work promotion* Its pretty much been taking up a lot of my time this week...I'm also working on the PR/education campaign for our soon to be Smoke-Free state, come Jan. 1, which I'm much more excited about. Those are the good moments at the job - doing stuff that will make a difference in the health of so many people.

I'm totally wiped out, after my first day back this week...I was up most of the night coughing, so I think that really took the wind out of my sails...that and spending 5 hours in meetings with assboss today - ARGH! I kid you not, we were on a conference call this afternoon - 3 of us in the room, and he has one leg up on the table, and one hand in his PANTS! Eeeeeew! Its like he's five years old and completely unaware of himself!!

Lore, I'm loving your dubbing of Jami's ex as Lamex! Bwahahaha! (((((jami & son)))) I'm so sorry you're going through all this shite, and court - I have two other friends doing the exact same BS - spending wildly on new girlfriends on their small business accounts...its so fucked up - as if they won't eventually be accountable! Grrrrrrrrr. Assholes, every one.

And I'm still loving the kitties in tophats and bowties image - makes me smile. smile.gif

I've opted out of this season of Dancing with the Stars for some unknown reason, I cannot explain even to myself, but tonight the Everest show is on Discovery, so I'm looking forward to that. WOoT!
Diva - any chance I might be able to buy some truffles from you for gifts for family for xmas? Sounds like you had a MUCHO productive week, even if the Lutherans were prudish and stingy with you...sooooo stereotypical. wink.gif
I'm trying to study but it's so hard when the material is so dull. I have an exam in my management class. I don't care about management. I don't like thinking about management.

The bigger problem I'm having at the moment is all [this may be too gross for some] the phlegm (sp?) in my throat. It's like I'm choking on it, then I gag, and when I cough it's not really enough to spit it out (I'm a bad spitter - I never really learned properly). Anyone have any secret solutions to the problem?
'soup -- I've had the same gross problem for two days. My current solution? Drinking a bottle of tart cherry belgian ale. Maybe not the smartest solution, but tasty, and the phlegm is gone. My daytime solution is drinking a brew of 1tsp fresh grated ginger - steep for 10min, then strain, add lemon juice and honey. Drink piping hot.

Just made a yummy dinner - I must be on the mend, as I have my appetite and cooking mojo back - skillet bbqed pork chops (with homeade bbq sauce and spice rub), roasted applesauce, and spinach salad with garlic mustard vinaigrette. YUM.
'soup, you can also try codeine, which you can get in pill or syrup. It's a fantastic cough suppressant, but be warned it's addictive, and not meant for long-term problems with the issue.

turbo!!! He had his HAND in his PANTS!!??? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! Yucky. So sorry you had an exhausting day. I am tucking you in right now with a hot water bottle and a mug of honey-lemon tea. (((((turbo)))))

jami, lore, and CH, thanks for the continued music vibes!! And hi also to poodle and diva!!

Well, okay. I bought some new black jeans, a black push-up bra, and a black corset top. YES I DID!! I felt so sexxy in it, I knew it was meant to be. (Five years ago, I was the woman who wore yoga pants and cardigans....) I have cleavage!!! WOW!!! I have decent sized boobs, but they're older now, so they need some serious engineering to make it all happen.

So now I have a dilemna: what to wear overtop. And I need advice! See, I hate my upper arms. They are the doughiest part of my body. Sad to admit any kind of body hatred, but we all have it. It's come down to my black blazer, which is short and cute, or my turquoise-blue poncho, which is semi-sheer and has a beaded fringe. Both look good. The blazer shows off the newfound cleavage better and looks kind of edgy and modern with the corset top and jeans, but I secretly fear looking like the boys' mother. The poncho is kind of entertainer-y and much more feminine, but hides the cleavage and also the details of the corset top, which I spent a lot of money on. I do have a couple of long, flowing scarves I could try with the blazer, to girlie it up. So my question...two questions: 1) Are ponchos really truly out that I couldn't get away with it? 2) Blazer or poncho?
Doodle, the answer is *totally* blazer! No poncho's with your sexy new bustier - show it off! And, I think a blazer is a really classy way to wear a bustier - not too hard, not too soft, ya know? I'm totally with you on the upper arm arms have some serious wobbles. Now, I think its time to ask for a piccie or two taken by BFF whilst you perform in your new gear! wink.gif

Yep, my boss is seriously gross. Did I mention that in the same meeting he was doing jumping jacks? Dude cannot sit still...he very seriously needs ritalin - I think it would change my whole work experience, if he could focus for more than 1 minute at a time. sheesh.

I really like mucinex for cough suppression too, but you've got to take that a couple hours before bed, as it will move that phlegm out of your chest....I made that mistake last night, taking it right before bed. ooops.
turbo... I like the idea of your ale for the phlegm. I have heard people rave about mucinex. have not yet tried it though.
doodle.... wow. the black jeans and the corset and all. SCORCHIN!!!!! wow, love it. for over the corset, I'm thinking a see thru sparkley top. flowey. gossimer. maybe a golden-beige or a burgandy. that would look great on stage. the longer sleeves may be a problem with the guitar and all... or not. with looks like yours, you'll want to flaunt it. wink.gif
Diva - Project Runway! I am looking forward to it! ......(raises hand) me! I want some truffles!! let me know, OK???
and thanks for the 'lamex', Lore!! love it. today was a good one. it's getting better.
tonight I made a quiche for son and I. and not the roll-out crust, either. and asparagus. yum.
hugs to minx and minxlette, ch, pk, and all the rest.
you guys are the best. thanks.
turbo, I think you should lace your boss's coffee with that ritalin. *shudders*

jami, I wish I had other choices, but I've spent my clothing budget, so it's the blazer or the poncho. *sigh* But I'll keep my eyes open when doodlemama and I are shopping in I'm going to have "stage wear" on my mind!

I am sitting at the computer while 3 guys yak in my sitting area. Downstairs neighbourboy is off to rehab tomorrow, so he chooses to be here with guitarboy, banjoboy, and I (of all places) tonight. I get the sense neighbourboy is "ready." Anyway, I am briefly online, meant to be writing out the lyrics to "Mary Jane's Last Dance"...which apparently I am now singing as well as playing, if we get to jam. *ahem*

Ciao, bellas!

ETA: I've also come up with the strategy of bringing a couple of extra joints so we can bribe other musicians into talking with us. biggrin.gif

ETA: PANTIES!!!!!!!! Nyah!
Good Morning!

Poodle, I so remember that episode of that 70's show! That is so great about yout not wanting to smoke either!

Diva, those truffles sound divine! when is your next show? that's too bad that you didn't get better revenue.

Catsoup, I alsways found a good deep cough helped loosen up phlem, aside from that I usually just waited it out.

Turbo, your boss is really odd, to say the least. That's is really bizarre, jumping jack during a meeting?

Doodle, I love push up bra's and corsents, that's bar atire for me, makes me boobs looks ginormous, I don't want to look like I'm trying too hrad. I have to say that thus far, I've been losing weight, but not the boobs, which I'm glad about because one morning they were big! I still see people wearing ponchos, I'd go with the blazer though.

hey Jami!

speaking of panties, the boy cut boxer brief type-y ones are sooooo comfy, I went and bought more, and these ones have little skull and cross bones on them! So comfy, great to sleep in, work out in, all around a great pair of undies!

last night, did nothing, well I worked out and took houndish out. As usual!

Later all!
Good Morning, Okayers!

I have not been in the office since last Thursday. It seems like a long time, but it went by quick! I was too busy, I think. I got my bedroom painted though, which was my main objective. I still have to go back & paint all the trim white, but the walls are done.

Doodle, the neighbor is going to rehab? That's great.

((soup)) you are sick? Bah! ~~~~recovery vibes~~~~

Diva, those truffles do indeed sound amazing! Sorry you did not make a lot of money at the craft fair this weekend. Like you said though, you tried your best. Sounds like the crowd would have preferred bedazzled sweatshirts.

Hi PK! Your new job sounds super cool. Are you enjoying it? Your descriptions of your pastries & desserts always make my mouth water. Yummmmmmm!

((Minx)) sorry you and minxlette are still not 100%. ~~~ healing vibes~~~ Poor thing, she got a UTI? Those are miserable. Yeasties are no fun either. sad.gif

Hi Jenn! Glad you are feeling good.

Hi Poodle! I love your new avatar!

Hey CH!

Who have I forgotten? Moxie! Hey!

I don't like "panties" or "underwear." I say "underpants."
Hi Hi!

Where is everyone???

Hey Kari!

What a shit ass day, I did almost all my work this morning, now I'm sitting around like a little monkey. Le sigh.
I'm not normally all into blogs, but there is this foodie blog that has been driving me NUTTERS (in the super-fantastic way)!!! Orangette--A Foodie's Goddess

I made some of her cookies the other day, and they were beyond smashing. And her writing?!! Marvelous! Simply splenderific!
Hi, peeps!

My boss left early, so I can post a little before I get to leave early, too. I've decided I'm skipping class tonight (I'm tired and have a headache and just the mere mention of small business finance makes me literally break down in tears, and I'd rather not cry in front of my whole class, which is literally what would happen), and using the extra hours to make truffles, since I've only got tonight and tomorrow before my first truffle-allowed show.

Minx, I took a look at that blog... goddamn, it's gorgeous! I'm going to get right on making those chocolate cookies as soon as truffles are over with. I hope you and the little one feel better soon. I've never had a UTI, but I can't imagine being 6 and having one.

PK, congrats on the job! It definitely sounds more like your thing than your last job, since you get to do what you love and really help people, too.

Jenn, did he seriously stick his hand down his pants a la Al Bundy? Who does that in front of people they aren't related to?

Doodle, go with the blazer. I should think nobody in their right mind would think that a woman wearing a bustier would be the mother of the other band members.

Hi, Poodle, Kari, CH, Lore, and all!

If anyone wants truffles, PM me with your address and stuff. I haven't used my Bust email in many months, so PM is pretty much the only way to catch me. I'd list off all the details of what's in what, but it'd be way too long of a post. With full batches of roughly 18 flavors, I figure I'm going to have around 100 dozen to get rid of somehow.

Good Things Wednesday:
1) leaving early tonight, but skipping class so I can make yet more truffles
2) Southern food with gay boyfriend for lunch - I tried actual fried green tomatoes today! Not bad.
3) PR is on!!!!!! Woot!!!!! Tim Gunn with personality instead of the textbooky show!!!!! Flamy gay fashion boys!!!!
4) quick trip to the expensive grocery store on the way home - maybe THEY'LL have whole hazelnuts, since nobody else seems to

OK, it's about time for me to leave for the day. See ya later!

hey all. flippin cold today. don't think it got over 28 degrees. sun is going down and it's getting colder.
LamEx was here, wanted to see son. so now son is mean and sarcastic to me. greeeeat. <sigh>
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