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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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(((Minx))) Sucks, dudette. I hate that shivering thing. ~*~*~*~fast recovery vibes~*~*~*~

Kari, what color did you choose? As far as winterizing projects, I have to do yard stuff, clean the gutters, organize the garage, and finish caulking my windows. I also need to put some plastic covering over a couple windows. No time for decorating. I'm sooo not looking forward to raking.

This day does seem especially slow. Weird.

I don't feel all that great, and I think it might be from my first couple doses of the pill. Ah well, it's worth it.

I get my hair cut in an hour!! The girl that cuts my hair is a huge fan of Led Zep and The Who like me, so we always have a good time talking about music 'n' stuff. She's so damn funny.

ETA- Minx, whenever I see your avatar, I always think of testicles!! laugh.gif

Culture, I work above a Barnes & Noble, so I haunt their magazine racks a lot in anticipation of the next mental floss issue. Ahhhh...yes...I love trivia. I'm like a female Cliff Claven. I don't care if people find my "little known facts" annoying.

Hi everyone. I took a break from practicing to nap, but I can't...bad for me, my voice is a little fried.

I braved back to the store today, though I didn't know if crushboy would be on shift yet. He was arriving for work as I was leaving the store. While we were both outside, he saw me first and hello'd my departing back, so I walked back to chat. It's all cool. I'm all, "I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable..." and he's all, "No, no, I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable..." So Canadian. He said (I asked) he's on an "extended hiatus" from everything, taking total alone time in all things. I agreed that I've needed that, too. Too damned bad, though. It's just bad timing, I guess. I really wish I could just have a proper conversation with him, even as a friend, because he seems to have interesting depths and commonalities. But I don't think asking for a "friend" date is a possibility at this point, after my exceptional behaviour of putting him on the spot in front of his co-workers. I wouldn't even know how. Anyway. We chatted and joked around for a bit, and, since he pointed out my guitar case (I was just coming back from procuring parts), I mentioned the open mike night and said he should come check us out. Hey, whatever, why not? I did it, yeah. That's how I should have fucking well done it in the first place.

The manager eyed me up and down when I made my purchase, though. Beeyotch.

The new song is about my failure to obtain the date! But not in a blatant way - you wouldn't know it's about that at all. Nobody knows that's what it's about - not even the guys I wrote it with! It's actually quite a sassy, sexy little song. I actually wish I COULD play it for him!

I can't find my 'scrip sunglasses anywhere and I wanted to wear them tonight! WAAH!
That would be cool if he made an appearance at one of your shows!!

So how's the job search going these days?

I'm so excited to see XRB on friday!! He actually has the day off, which means I don't have to wait until 11:00 PM to see him (I usually end up falling asleep before then).

Okay, it's time for me to leave!! I'll be back later this evening with shorter hair!!
Woooo! about Doodle flaunting the ROCK!

Hope you have fun, Poods!

*Comfort & wellness to Minx* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey heya Culture and Kari and anybody therey! wink.gif

I'm past the 10,000 word mark, but still a bit behind schedule.
Good Evening Good Evening!

~*~*~*healing vibes for Minx~*~*~*~* I went over to his place at lunch. He didn't return to work until today. As it goes, he works four days on and four days off, I think. Alternating between days and nights. I took a late lunch, but left early. Then got me some portions.

Poodle, I'm the same way!!! I love the little known facts. Shakes things up a little, that's for sure.

Doodle, at least you found out what the deal was. The manager can go to hell.

Hey Lore!

Well, tonight I worked out, saw the financial advisor then took hound to the park. I need to go pick up some cereal now.

Later kats!
Dooooodle!!! Do you see that your date-asking experience is feeding your music?! That's so fucking cool! I wish I could be there for your open mike night tonight - I would like nothing more!

Speaking of winterizing, poodle, we're finally getting our sliding glass door installed on Saturday! YAY! Its SO cold in here right now, because I have not duct taped the door closed for the season, so there's a chilly breeze in here right now. We've both got down throws on our laps in here.

Diva, that's AWESOME that you have a nice looooong weekend to truffle-up! Now, will you sell us busties some, if we ask real nice? *bats eyes coyly*

(((((minxy feel better))))) *passes a bowl of homeade chicken soup to minxy, tucking a blanket around teh sexy minxy*

Okay, it sounds like I need to get turbomann a subscription to this Mental Floss for Christmas...sounds like something he would LOVE...I can think of some other peeps who might like it too.
Oh my god, performing your own songs KICKS FUCKING ASS!!!!!! WOW! What an amazing time we had!

(ETA: *ahem* Please forgive the long, self-indulgent post, but I was dying to tell you all everything! Plus, the Porcupine Rebels smoked a joint together when we got home, to celebrate and debrief, and I'm in a "talkative" mode.)

There are two sets you can participate in at the coffee house - acoustic (but amplified) open mike, and electric (including acoustic instruments) jamming. We stayed to watch the jamming to the end. We were all enraptured students of seriously good musicians. And we've decided the jamming is our goal. Which is funny, considering the guys were so frightened in advance, that I had to resort to a last minute "We're a Team and It's Important to Me" speech to pry their asses out of the couches. Anyway, we participated in the acoustic open mike, and we were second-to-last...and may I tell you that we rocked the frigging house.

Something really strange happened to me. When I perched on that tall stool and started strumming my guitar, it just felt so "right," I felt totally ready to do this, no fear...and then when the woman organizing the sound equipment told me to lean right into the mic, it's like I OOZED right into it, and went from being a singer to being a performer of songs. That microphone is wearing more of my lipstick than a well-teased cock. (Did I just write that?)

We did Six Dollars in Change first, and then Downtown (the new one)...I totally fucked the new lyrics. They were just TOO new to commit to memory. But I warned the audience in advance about the newness of the song, and I kept going (I could remember the chorus and faked the rest with do do doo's)...they seemed to like the groove. I think people will really dig it when we get it down. And then we did What are You Trying to Prove? which is our most solid one to perform at the moment, and HOLY FUCK. People started STOMPING THEIR FEET ON THE FLOOR to the rhythm, and people were COMING IN FROM OUTSIDE to stand in the back and watch/listen.

So now that everyone knows it's not so bad, that our onstage connection together is pretty tight, and that our songs are, indeed, as good as we suspected them to be, I've persuaded the guys to attend open mike/jamming every week, to try to write something new every couple weeks, and to perfect the way we perform the songs we have. They agreed without question. It just took me refusing to take no for an answer to get them there. Heh.

OH! And I FOUND the 'scrip sunglasses, so I LOOKED hot, too! biggrin.gif

turbo, everything in my life is contributing to the songs we are writing. They are ALL going to be about me. I've already broken the news to the guys. tongue.gif

I wish you could have all been there, too! Aww! Thanks everyone for your support! I won't try to name you 'cause I'm in a weird state of being, but I know who you are, and you know who you are. Hee!

Oh, one incident of note I'm sure you'd like me to relay. At one point during the jamming set, I was leaning forward in my chair, watching this rhythm guitarist's hands intensely, because he was using this strum rhythm I've never tried. And he saw me watching his hands, and turned to face me directly, so I could see better. That was very cool! But then I wondered later if he understood it was his HANDS I was looking at....eww. Now I can't stop wondering if he was trying to show me a better angle of his bulge.

poodle, I hope you don't mind, but I won't answer much on your job search question tonight, but suffice to say that it's nowhere near as fun and easy as music, and I don't want to deflate my performance high to write about it at this particular moment. wink.gif
Helloooooo on this Thursday!

I hope those of you who have today and tomorrow off are doing well, ahem, Kari and Diva!

Turbo, so good that you are getting the door installed, it's getting cool and that who suck to have to be chill-ay all winter. Mental_floss is so great! I heart the magazine.

Doodle, congratulations on the rocking performance!!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so glad that things went well for you!

Well, it's cold here, and it appears we may get snow. It's snowed a bit, but nothing that has stayed. That's global warming for you. sad.gif

Anyways, I'm in a good mood, so I'm not going to sour things. I worked out this morning and that's all I have. Heh.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Later busties!
Good Morning!

Ch, oh how I wish I were off today! I took off tomorrow. I can make it. CH, you've been working out a lot lately. Good for you! I'm gonna go at lunch today.

Doodle, sounds like shopboy had a good excuse for turning you down. I am glad you got to talk with him. Your night of playing music sounds so awesome! That's really funny about the guitar player....Something kind of similar happened to me at the gym on Monday. I was in my spin class, my bike looked out the door where the weight lifting area is. I was trying to watch this really nicely muscled chick do her arm weights b/c I wanted to see how she got those nice arms. There was a dude lifting weights on the bench in front of her and I think he thought I was giving him the look. He then started doing all his exercises while staring me down. He was not bad looking, but I wanted to say "uh, excuse me, can you move to the side a little? I can't see, thanks."

Poodles, sounds like you do have some winter projects going on. Raking blows. Did you see my post that I saw Robert Plant in the flesh a few weeks ago?
How is your hair cut?

Paint color-we are doing a gray-green. I like it a lot. So soothing.

Hey Jenn! Yay for getting your new glass door!

Things here are pretty good today. Thursdays are quiet days. Officemate works from home, as does Mr. Talky. Excellent.
Cripes...looks like strep throat, ma bitches.


Hey, it hurts. Does anybody have any vicodin to spare? wink.gif
Kari, sweet on the quiet work day!

~*~*~*healing vibes for minx~*~*~* I had strep a few months ago, and it was gross! My throat was puss filled. ICK! I hope you get better sooooooon!

That is all.
Mornin' bustiers!!

(((Minx))) I used to have all sorts of painkillers and I don't know what happened to them!! Diva's my painkiller connection. Ah yes...codeine...

You saw Robert in the flesh, kari?! I'm sorry!!! So did he look like hell in person, too?

I'm pleased with my haircut. I like my girl because she doesn't try to do anything weird and she knows that I'm lazy about styling. I get my hair dyed tonight!! Yayayay!! I love Aveda dye. It smells really good (for dye) and leaves hair so nice and shiney. I was gonna virginize my hair, but the greys are starting to overwhelm me. I also have some highlights in my hair that aren't looking all that great these days.

"My throat was puss filled." Heh...I have a sick mind.

Poodle, heh, I see how dirty that is now!
Hee hee...I'm a 13-yr-old boy.
Blaaaablaaablaaaaaaa! ohmy.gif Yikes! My brain is fried from trying to write myself out of two corners. When I'm writing, I lose track of time, and just sitting, staring, and trying to make this story go in the right direction can take up half an hour and exhaust me! Hmm... maybe this is the part of the book where the Earth discovers the huge, glowing meteor heading toward it huh.gif

Heya Poods! Heh.. heheh... heheheheheh... You said "in the flesh."

Culture, I sooo miss ever having lunchtime portions, or even messin' around. Rock on!

(((Minx))) That really sucks sad.gif

Kari, you probably made that guy's manly day. He probably walked around feeling extra-manly for the rest of the week. My friend and I came up with a few fictional hormones, such as 'nerdogens', which may pump through your body when you do something dumb, like trip on the sidewalk, and you can feel your limbs pulling into your body and your voice getting smaller because of them. Well, nerdogens are there to balance out 'boffogen' levels, which make you feel bigger-muscled and smile a lot cheesier (and make your eyebrows shift around when you look in different directions). I could picture that guy's boffogen glands flooding his bloodstream.

There are also, apparently, 'dorkomorphins', for anybody who cares. Anyway, funny story, Kari smile.gif

That was a great post, there Doodlebug! You should save it as a Word file to possibly add to a future album jacket, or at least parts of it. Awesome that you're leaning toward original songs cool.gif I was thinking of the Porcupine Rebels, though, when I heard an old-ish song on the radio that I bet you could do a kickass cover for and steal for the Grrrls: it was that Mama's Got a Squeezebox song by The Who. It could totally be louder and more fun with you guys, and there's even some banjo for Banjoboy to rock.

Turbo, Diva, bundle up and truffle on! wink.gif
Lore, ha! The guy did seem to put a little extra pep into his weight pumping. smile.gif

Poodles, yeah, Robert Plant did look a bit unkempt and also a bit confused. It was in the liquor store.
I am glad you like your hair cut!

((MINX)) nooooo! Strep? ~~~healing vibes~~~
Good Afternoon,

I'm starting to fizzle out here! Sleepy.

Lore, indeed lunchtime portions. Alas, none today. Cop is on nights for this current deal. However the hell many days that is. Feh.

Hi Kari!

Poodle, I got the new mental_floss AND I ordered a killer good deal from the site. I got all the back issues, a shirt (I got the scurvy shirt) and a book (what's the difference? one) I got killed on the shipping, $23.00!!! But all in all, it cost cheap because of the high Canadian dollar. It worked out. Now I have to eagerly await my package! I hope they courier it over.
Hi everyone!!! How fun to come back here, and see that our Doodle is a ROCK STAR, for real!! And I totally think that the jamming guy was showing you his fingers, not his bulge. heh. I am SO proud of you darling, and I was thinking of you as I was going to sleep, envisioning you keeping the audience rapt, and begging for more...and so you did!

And Kari had some beefy scenery in spin - nice!

(((((minxy)))) *hands minxy some hot, brewed ginger and honey*

pus filled throat.....Eeeeeeeew. Gross AND dirty! Leave it to busties. wink.gif

And poodle's got all new hair and color - sexxay!!

Can I hear a WOOT! WOOT! for tomorrow being friday?! This week is seriously dragging by.

I stopped by the new wine shop on my way home from work again today...I'm gonna be dropping cash there frequently, me thinks. Needed some salad greens for dinner, and more bleu cheese, and some sticky toffee pudding found its way into my bag too...seriously, that will be my downfall. Before, when we had to go to the owner's Irish pub to get the pudding, its an infrequent treat. Now...oy.
I just *love* coming in to this thread and listening to all the talk. it's like coming home. (but not to any home I've ever known) and I mean that in a good way.
so proud of doodle. just listening to you describe everything gives me goosebumps.
so proud of culture. out at the park and working out. (I'll live thru you and say I did it, too) smile.gif
minx - how ya doin' now? hope you're on the mend.
turbo - so upbeat and makin' the stop for wine. gotta love it.
poodle - what color??? love the new icon thingie.

now for a request... send me some good vibes. tomorrow is court. nearly all day. <sigh> this is difficult, and I'm trying to be upbeat for son and myself. and I've got the beginnings of the sickness coming on. ack. NOOOO! no time for that!!!

Hi Lore, Kari, Diva. and to the others I have missed.
hugs to all
G'morning ya pus-filled beyotches!

(just a note to Jami, the okayers thread has a tradition of Insults Friday. Heh.)

Anyway, ~*~*court vibes for Jami*~*~ and, try that Airborne stuff, I don't work for them I swear but it does seem to ward off colds and stuff if you catch it early.

Yay, Doods is a rock star! I wanna come see. When are the Porcupine Rebels going to do the US tour? I'm SO gonna want a backstage pass! smile.gif

CH, I bet all those issues of MF keep you busy for a while. How many did you order? And, I rarely see it on our shelves, course I don't usually peruse the magazine aisle anyway. The "scurvy shirt"???

Turbo, you and mann have such good taste in food! Bear is pretty traditional when it comes to food...if it doesn't involve a big slab of something dead, he figures it's missing something. Although I did get him to eat tofu once. He was scowling at me.

~*~*bookwriting vibes for lore*~*~ I always wanted to write, but whenever I try it sounds like the most mundane thing ever. So, I'm quite enthralled with anybody who can do it. Congrats.

Poodle, yay on the color and cut! I should go virgin with my hair too, I'd be able to justify buying cable and internet more easily if I did that. I figure it's about the same price...heh.

Kari, that paint color sound so peaceful.

Minx, I have ONE vicodin left that I'm saving for a rainy day, from my surgery. I s'pose it's expired by now. ~*~*feel better vibes*~*~

Divala, have fun making truffles! 'Tis the season, huh? You get off for Veterans Day? And YAY for five day weekends!

I have this weird bruise like thing on my left hand, but I don't remember knocking it on anything. It's really swollen and purple though.

So, I had a strange day yesterday. I had to go and work inside an air handler while it was running. So, essentially, I was in a gigantimous vacuum chamber. I had to put my foot on the wall next to the door to pull it open! When I got it open there was a tremendous rush of the hugest wind ever sucking me into it towards a giant fan with huge belts, the motor was about the size of a car engine...the roar was like being next to an airplane. Then I stepped inside and the door slammed behind me..and the wind died down and my ears popped. So weird. I had to push on the door with every bit of my strength and body weight to get back out. I wonder how deep of a vacuum it was in.

I have to go back in there today.

I'm throwing around the idea of purchasing some sort of television/internet package, but I am clueless. If I go with satellite, I'd have to get DSL, right? So I'd have to buy phone service too? I'm totally cellular now and I like that...I have no use for a landline. I dunno. But charter sucks. And if I got satellite I'd be able to get Badger games...I'm not that into it myself but it'd be nice for my get-togethers, especially the one on New Years Day.

By the way, I always have a bloody mary brunch on that day. If any Okayers are in the area (I know it's rare) you're welcome to come!

Have a good day everybody!
Good Morning all you cum filled, month old scuzzy used condoms.

Turbo! WOOT it's FRIDAY!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Hey Jami! ~*~*~*~*court and healing vibes for jami~*~*~*~*~*

Tree, that is fucked up about where you are working. And scary. My hat goes off to you for being able to do it. The shirt is this one.

Thank goodness it's Friday, that's all I've got. I had a good night sleep, with some wacky wacky dreams, as usual. My mother is driving me bonkers. Last night while I was trying to rest and have some alone time (which, if I may add, I rarely get because the woman seriously does nothing. I swear. She goes to work then comes home and sits down and watches tv. She doesn't go out that often.) and every 5 minutes there was a knock on the door with her asking me some inane question or telling me about something useless that was on tv. Look, I've been up since 5, I worked out in the morning, then I went to work, got killed with the amount of work I had to do, came home, worked out again, then took the dog to the park for an hour. I want some peace and quiet. Then she asks if I had got another piercing done. Does it matter? It's my body and my decision, and I asked her if there was ultimately anything she could do about it.

Then there was today. I am getting my car fixed, so, since she's going the same way, I asked her if I could drop my car off and if she could drive me the rest of the way. She said yes, but not five minutes after I finish showering, I get yet another knock on the door "you know I want to leave early" GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I've been at work since 7:10 this morning.

It drives me insane that I can't get any alone time in the house I live in. Because she is always around. I also can't afford to move out because I'm going to grad school next year and I don't want to be burdened with debt.


So, what's everyone's plan for the weekend?
Yeah, I dunno...if given the choice between insane amounts of debt and living with my mother past the age of 18, I think that I'd do it the exact same way I did way back then.

Insane amounts of debt it is. My mother makes me mental after just a couple of days.
holy motherfuckers...its FRIDAY! My man is home, i plan to get wacky portions, and its fucking FRIDAY! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

I will not be able to do a grad degree, work a full time job and maintain house. Isn't going to fucking happen. I don't want to be insanely in debt when I get out of grad school. Normally my mother is pretty good, but yesterday she was driving me fucking bonkers.

Mox, enjoy the portions!!!!! I'm jealous!

Bah, is it the end of the day yet???
Hey you crusty butt-plugs!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!

Wow, culture, you've got some serious flossing ahead of you!! I'm gonna get that Living Biblically book once I'm done with The God Delusion. Heh...I love that Scurvy shirt. I also like the Rhesus one.

Turbo, I think I'm just gonna follow you around and mooch off all of your tasty meals.

Mmmmm...I just ate a blueberry scone. Yummmmmmy

~*~*~*~court vibes for jami~*~*~*~

Tree, although I hate Comcast, I like my cable/internet package. It's super speedy.

Hi minx and mox!!

I'm hoping for some portions tomorrow night. XRB is gonna try to get out of work early.

So yeah, I got my hair dyed last night and I really like it. It's like a deep, rich chocolately brown, almost black. It was so nice, I got a complimentary hand massage while waiting for the color to set. She mixed in this really yummy smelling hand-oil stuff, too. The girl who does my color gave me a 10 minute scalp massage. I smelled so good last night and I was so relaxed that I immediately conked out after returning home. You don't get that from a box!! Aveda dye rocks. My hair doesn't even smell like it was dyed, and it's ultra shiney.

Poodle, I'm so jealous of your hand and head massage. Indeed, I do have some serious flossing, I just don't know how long things will take to ship.

Well, only a few more hours left in the day.

The bug up my moms butt is now gone.

Mmm portions! I think I'm going to call the cop and see what he's doing tonight, see if he's working and if he is, if I can come by before. Ohhhhh, no pun intended. That was horrible! Hee hee.

Where is everyone??? ohhhhh yah, those lucky buggers with the days off. I want today off!
moxiegirl can "do it" with your mom home? I never could. I'm married, and when we have cause to stay at my parent's house (or his), I still feel weird just sharing a bed!
Mox, I totally can't. I meant I'd swing by his place before he went to work. He actually doesn't live that far from me. A 10 minute drive, if that.
I don't like the idea of doing it with anyone in the house!! I'm kind of noisy.

Yeah, everyone is gone. No fair. Ah well, at least the day is going by quickly. I killed about a half-hour arguing with the republican about global-warming.
That's why we go fucking nuts at his place. when the kidlets are around that is. < wink.gif
pinkpoodle I'm ready to take a nap. I thought it was the 16th today and that all these people were coming from out of town, short notice. I was freaking out at first, but then my friend assured me that they weren't coming until next weekend!! Funny. That's cool, because I get to relax tonight and then clean and spend time with XRB tomorrow. Phew!!
Poodle, portions are coming for you!!!!!!

that is another poor choice of words. Heh.
Hullo all....I woke up with an awful cold this morning. Ugh. And, having no sick-time at this fucking awful job, I trudged off to work, waited for the Dayquil to kick in, attended some meetings in a fog, and then finally went to tell my boss I was going to take a half vacation day because I feel awful...she says "we don't do half vaca days here." I say, I'd be happy to take the other half-day next friday, to make it square for payroll...she says, "you can take the afternoon off, but you have to make up the hours next week." Fuck that. I put an extra hour in every damned day, and I am not piling extra time on top of I resolved to stay the whole day, but then ultimately decided to have the best of both - leave at 1pm AND not make up the time. I DARE that bitch to question me on that.

Bummer is, we have tix tonight to see our favorite comedian, Stephen Lynch, and I feel like dren...the other couple we're going with are both sick too - pretty sure I got it from them.

CH, I'm with minxy...I would gladly take debt over living with my parents. I give huge-super-extra-large helpings of respect to peeps like you who can make it work. I surely never could. I consider 350 miles a required minimum distance between myself and the 'rents. Its safer that way for everyone. smile.gif

Poodle, YAY for gorgeous hairs!! And I definitely think the hand/neck/scalp massage is the best part of the haircut....there have been days when I ride home, and think "I could really go for a shampoo now," -- the shampoo boys at my salon are not only HOT, but dayum....they make me melt with their skillz.

And with that thought, I think I'll take a nap.
((((turbo)))) I still can't believe that you don't get sick days!!! So ironic for your place of work. Yeah, you need to get out of there and find some place that gives you the respect that you deserve. ~*~*~*~fast recovery vibes~*~*~*~

Yes, heavy portions are in my future!! Yay!!!

I could really use another scalp massage. Hmmm...I wonder if my boss is coming back. I'm tempted to sneak out early.

ETA- I'm forcing you all to view a couple pics of my babies (avatar is from same batch):

Me chewing on Oscar's neck

Gus looking like a rabid, possessed beast

treehugger stolen internet is wonky tonight. Yet another reason to buy my own. Hey guys, I'm seeking input here...what's better, cable or DSL? Price and service-wise?

It was a tiring day today. Hearing aides went off at 6:00 PM today. It's so peaceful, the complete silence. I think I am going to judge stressful days by the "hearing aides going off" time. If I'm alone it's earlier.

I used to know another severely hearing impaired woman (she nominated me for Ms. Deaf America, it was sweet of her)...she doesn't wear hearing aides at all on Sundays. She says she needs a break from hearing things. I can sort of understand. I'd like to do that...but I generally get company (bear) on sundays. But, the total, utter silence would be cool, for 36 or so hours.

It is a silence most people can't understand. It is so silent the brain invents sound. The silence sounds sort of like a really distant horn blaring. I can't describe it. I cannot hear myself talk, or click my tongue, which I do, to prove to myself that I really, am truly deaf, at the time.

I oughta do that (take the hearing break) and let Bear communicate however he wants, but it can't be based on sound.

I got into the air handler and finished the job so I thought and then got back and read the work order more closely and had a d'oh! moment...although what they want is completely idiotic and won't help them, I ended up having to go back into the great vacuum chamber from hell and change the piping I had installed. Not that it's the best way, of course. Oh, well.

Happy Friday, beotches!!!!
Hey Hey!

~*~*~*~*turbo healing vibes~*~*~*~* what a lovely woman your boss is. *oozes sarcasm* I hope you feel better soon.

Things are much better with the mom now.

Poodle, what great pics!!!

Tree, that would be intersting to live in utter, complete silence for a day or so.

I forgot to let you all know, I heard from PuppyKitty yesterday via facebook. She's doing really well, working at the place that she is not only a pastry chef, but it also helps people who are recovering from mental illness. She really likes it. She's still involved with El Guapo, but he's still asking her to get married, she's holding firm and saying no.

So, tonight I'm heading out for a birthday, going to make it an early night. But I promised a friend that I'd go and watch her gig.

What is everyone else doing this weekend?

Wow, tree, you do so much more in one day than I do!!! Well, I shouldn't say that. My job is physically inactive like most office jobs. I think my job involves a lot of mental activity though. I tinker with numbers all day, usually to excess (I get it from my boss). I might as well just glue a calculator to my left hand.

I would imagine that you'd still hear some kind of "sound" even if you were totally deaf. The brain can do amazing things, like create its own sound (and visions, etc.)

Okay, I made an HBI playlist on my computer. Ha!! What can I say? You need to have the right music during the deed!! I didn't put anything really cheesy on there, because I always start laughing. Once I was making out with my old boyfriend, and "Let's Get It On" came up on the rotation. I couldn't help but giggle. Don't get me wrong--I adore that song, but I don't want to mess around to it!!

I put some Tom Waits early stuff on there and XRB is just gonna have to deal with it.

ETA- Hi culture!! Thanks for the PK update!!
Bah. I've got all this pent up energy and I can't even masturbate myself to orgasm....two hours??? Bleah. Oh, was a valiant effort.

It sucks being unorgasmic.

Anyhoo, yes, when I don't have the electronic hearing devices in, my brain manufactures a sound sort of like an old car horn, but very quiet, as if it were a mile away. And then sometimes I hear something that sounds like water dripping into a sink. But an empty sink, not a full sink. Weird, I know.

I'm gonna be cleaning house this weekend, getting ready for thanksgiving. And fixing a friend's furnace. I'm worried about another friend of mine. He was originally going to fix the furnace. He's laid off right now. His girlfriend told me several months ago that he was on a downhill slide...and now I'm thinking she was right. He's become very, very unreliable and...well, it's just completely uncharacteristic. She suggested that he may have a gambling and drug problem. I'm afraid for him. He's not even working and he can't find the time to go out and do anything. A year ago, he'd have had that furnace fixed for our mutual friend. He's just falling through on everything lately.

My auntie is now in the everlasting. I think they are going to do a "celebration of life" but I don't know when. I hope it's not before the'll be hard for me to go before the first of the year.

Poods, I doubt I do more than you do in a day...I only write about the interesting stuff so it might seem that way. Today I actually slacked off quite a bit. I just thought you guys might enjoy reading about the weird vacuum chamber.

I'm actually a bit resentful of that job, because, well, it's a long story but to condense it, uh....oh, blah, it's too long. Suffice it to say, somebody else SHOULD be doing that job but she is too LAZY. And it's a distasteful place to go and sit for a day. And the supervisors are afraid to confront her because she's a SPECIAL DAUGHTER. As in nepotism. Blah. The story is actually much, much longer but you guys don't need to hear my rants...I'ma saving that for the work sucks thread.

You guys are great, all of you. smile.gif

ETA: Oh, and poods? You're a hottie. This is the first pic I've seen of you. You have gorgeous cats and you're gorgeous too!
Yeah Tree...and you should see her rack!

I'm just sitting here. First day on antibiotics. Turns out that Minxlette got a UTI. That's a long, retarded story, but suffice it to say both of us are irritating old women when cooped up together for this long. I just couldn't expose anybody to this shit. My tonsils are still swollen and painful, although I HAD to eat something tonight. I lost three pounds in the last few days since I couldn't eat.

It's a shitty diet, but it works wink.gif Although it was a really good excuse to start buying 2% milk. Yum.

I'm really glad that some people around here are getting the HBI. Me? Nada. Driest. Season. Evah.
Meh! Me gettin' no boom-boom neither sad.gif

Goaty's been workin' hard and I took a day off from writing to let ideas congeal. It was way worth it. Now I know what to do with my characters! Yaaay!

My ultra clinically-depressed brother talked with Goaty for just under an hour today, and he was being his usual over-pushy about other people's business again. This time, it was all about how he thought I wasn't going anywhere with my life because I'm too lazy to achieve anything. On the one hand, this really shows how socially inept he is, because he wrecked Goaty's day and got her all depressed and worried about the future and stuff. (She stuck up for me, though. Yaaay!) But on the other hand, I can see where he's coming from because I'm bummed that I haven't achieved more, either. I wanted to, but I just don't know the clear path to becoming a successful inventor. As far as I can tell, going for my patent is heading in the vicinity, at least, and I'm doing carpentry to learn skills and earn something in the meantime.

My brother has trouble keeping friends, and it's hard not to see why, but it's hard not to see his point, either sad.gif If I ever get mega-rich, I'm going to try to find a way to give other clueless creative people some hope.

Miiinx! I hope you two get better soon! As far as ailments go, you sure got two of the more uncomfortable ones!

Wow, Tree! You sure do have some cool work stories. Did you have some kind of lanyard to keep you from getting sucked into the propeller? I bet your ability to turn off your hearing aides helped you put up with the racket in there. Your talking about going a couple days without hearing reminds me of when I tried spending 6 hours with a blindfold on as a teenager, just to see what it would be like... My brother eventually tackled me. Fuck! I'm lucky I didn't break a bone or something. It's REALLY jarring when you don't see it coming. Even a split second to prepare for impact makes a huge difference.

Poods! I keep forgetting how young you are! I don't know... you just come across as someone older than you look in your posts, like a really fun mid-40's person. I don't know why, but it's funny how people's minds try to fill in missing info. (And I KNOW I've heard your age, but I have a brain like a sieve, so I probably forgot the same day I read it.) You're a sexaay kittyvore!

Heya Culture! Thanks for the PK update. Good to hear she's fine and taking a stand. Also good that your mother mellowed out. What caused the transition?

Hey Turbo! Bummer about the cold sad.gif Stick it to The Man! (whether male of female).
Hey Busties.

I'm pooped, just got home from the bar, had a few and I am also a little buzzed from post cop portions. Sweeeeeet.

poodle, yay on the play list! What have you got on there?

~*~*~*~*minx and minxlette healing~*~*~*~ I'm so sorry to hear that you both are feeling like ass.

Lore, I don't know what caused the transition, I know things haven't been so great at work for her lately. Sorry about the lack of portions.

I can hardly type here, I'm going to bed now.

Later busties! (((busties)))
Morning. *shuffles off to make tea*

I feel awful my head is a giant balloon filled with goo, and someone is tightening a vice around my head and sinuses. Blerg. I know I shouldn't be pissy that turbomann went off to play paintball while I'm stuck at home, yet again, tending to mundane household shit (waiting for door installers), but I am. I just want someone to take care of me and make tea for me, which is silly, because I'm just going to lay around in bed all day, and not going to be very interesting to hang around. Oh well.

The comedy show last night was SO hilarious...I haven't laughed that hard in YEARS...and at several points the three of us sickies were laughing so hard we were crying, and then our noses started wasn't pretty. smile.gif Thank cod, I brought a box of kleenex with me...and we sat in the last row of the small club, to hopefully semi-quarantine our germies. Seriously, if Stephen Lynch ever comes to your town, you owe it to yourself to see him perform - his act is actually musical - mostly he sings ironic, raunchy songs. Oh, it is good stuff.

(((((super bustie healing vibes for minxy and minxlette)))))

Oh, the door guys are here now...if I spoke Russian, it would be really helpful right now. The year of it I took in college is long gone. I'm really dreading the imminent temper tantrum when Drunk Janitor sees what we're up to...we did not ask permission or advice from the condo board on our door, because other neighbors said they had so many problems with getting their new balcony doors approved by the board...better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Lore, I think our world has gotten WAY too caught up with the idea of achievement, and an approved "track" by which you're supposed to live your life, and you know what - its total bullshit. You are doing a very rare thing, in journeying through life on your own path. You are learning carpentry skills to pay the bills - you're writing a novel - an incredible feat - you've got dreams of inventions, and you're doing everything you can to make them realize. Do NOT let your brother make you OR Goaty feel bad. Sounds like he has his own issues, and its always easier to break someone else down than really work on your own issues. (((((lore and goaty be strong))))

ETA: almost noon. These guys have been installing the door for three hours, and I am freezing. Its 46 degrees in the house. And my nose is exploding with gooze. All I want is to take a bath and go back to bed. Argh.
~*~*~*~*~*ongoing healing vibes for turbo~*~*~*~*

Glad you had a good night last night. Sorry you are feeling like ass.

Speaking of feeling like ass. I had a few too many vodka crans last nightm combined with getting home late and being up early equals CH is super tired. At least I'm not hung over.

The hound has a yeast infection in her ear. Took her to the vet and poor things was terrified, she was shaking. Made me sad. But, her ear smelled of parmesean cheese and was filled with gunkies. But, she's better now and is getting some meds.

I'm going back to bed.


I'm finally feeling somewhat better. Sinus infection from hell happening here. Thursday I had an appointment with the lady parts NP and I got a prescription from her. It's a weird sulfa med though and it's making me nauseous. Joy.

((((Minx and Turbo)))) I made some jello - red with cool whip. It makes me feel better. Want some?

Alright, back to homework. I have more homework and studying to do this weekend than I know what to do with. It's absolutely ridiculous. I think all my professors got together and decided to have all their exams and papers due at the same time.
Okay, I just wanted to remind you all of a Grade A hottie from days of yore (can you tell that lackanookie is bringing out the net stalker in me?):

Catsoup, glad you're feeling better. I am about 85%, but am so fucking stircrazy that I am going out tonight to see the rollergirls with Minxlette and an old college roomie. WHOOT!

You know, even though I am becoming a dried up bitty, it actually does help to see that other folks in here are getting the high, hard one. It gives a girl hope, ya know? wink.gif

P.S. Okay, trash the rollerderby. Looks like Minxlette's got MORE illness going on now...this just never ends. Please don't tell me that my sick time will be used up by December. sad.gif
Hello all! Thank you for the rock star energy, tee hee!! I'm blushing. Seriously.

As with all Saturdays, this one begun with guitarboy waking me up, via phone, to jam. We think next open mike, we are going to do two of our own songs and a Sam Cooke cover: "Bring it on Home to Me," but with the rhythm and timing changed, more bluegrassy, I guess. And I'm practising my rhythms with a metronome. I feel so professional now. Anyway, I just got home, and I want to walk up to the grocery store before the sun goes down, so this is a very quick post. But seriously, did want to thank you for the props...this rock 'n' roll shit is pretty cool, and I love that you are all here cheering me on....Okayland is such a wonderful place! *sniff*

I did forget to tell you all...(There was so much to tell already! I felt like a little kid!)...the rhythm guitarist who showed me his hands while he was playing the other night? Also picked me to sexily croon Moondance at, later on that evening. I was enjoying the song, but he was (I thought) kinda hot, so when I realized what he was doing (already halfway through), I got all startled and looked away! That's what made me wonder later if he thought I was looking at his crotch instead of his hands. Still, I've been thinking about the next time I see him there......well, maybe I need to ask him about that strumming technique, hey? I've been practising it, but I'm not sure I'm doing it right. Hee hee.

(((((((turbo))))))) Your description is very vivid. I actually felt the tightening in my forehead. Feel better, sweetie.


ETA: Oscar and Gus = gorgeous specimins of feline pulchritude....poodle = gorgeous specimin of female pulchritude.
Hi hi!

Catsoup, I hear you and profs all having crap due at the same time. It was the same thing when I was in university, and there was crap and exams in and on my birthday. It was shittay.

Minx, how are you and minxette doing?

Doodle! So great about the band! YAY! I'm so proud of you, I could never get up on stage.

I slept last night, I was just soooooo tired. So, here I am today. I need some new undies.

Hope everyone is doing well this weekend!

Later all!

I killed it!

So, I'll tell you about my new undies. I got the comfiest pair today. They aren't boy cut, but they are a cutesie type of boxer brief meets boy cut. I'm going to buy more tomorrow. They are great, and more importantly they are also purple!

So, where's everyone at???

Did I hear purple undies?? Yipee! I actually got out and bought some undies today too - my big event for the weekend, trip to targhetto - whee! And after that, yet another nap. But, it was either new undies or doing laundry - and I'm not up for laundry yet, plus its impossible to get into the laundry room on Sundays.

My undies are not anything special, though...and they did not have any purple ones. boo.

I am on my way back to feeling human, though, so that's good. Just in time to go back to work. woo.

Oh, and our new sliding glass door is SOOoooooo nice! Its probably 10 degrees warmer in the living area now that the winds off the lake aren't barreling through the living room - YAY!

Doodle, you definitely going to have to ask that guitarist about his technique next time you see him! wink.gif

Okay, time for dinner - I actually had the energy to make lentil soup this afternoon, so I think that's a good sign of my recovery.

5 minutes to amazing race - YAY!
turbo, doesn't it SUCK to be sick on weekends!? BAH!! Do you really have to go to work tomorrow? Poopies. I hope it goes easy for you, and that at least you will be running on good energy!

CH, purple undies sound divine! I think I might need some purple undies....

Spent most of the day playing music with the guys, but also watched CARTOONS with them for a couple of hours (while forcing fresh fruit down their young, malnourished throats). We pulled my electric guitar (my avatar) down off the wall and restrung it, and pulled off some of the housing to inspect the wiring...only one of the pickups works, but at least it works. It felt pretty good to play it again. guitarboy wants me to jam with it on Wednesday! I don't know if I'm ready for that, but we'll see. Heh. I'd let guitarboy play it, anyway. We are learning "Mary Jane's Last Dance," thinking maybe of doing it for the jam...banjoboy is learning the harmonica part, and guitarboy is trying to work up the nerve to sing it, if I do the chorus...but maybe I should learn the whole thing in case he chickens out at the last minute.

I am dying to get back up on stage! I wish it was more than once a week! I think I have caught the performer's bug. I'm even thinking of going shopping for something new to wear for Wednesday....I can't really afford it, but I have a $25 coupon for my fave store, so I might do it anyway. Everything I own is too big! Last Wednesday I employed half a dozen safety pins to make everything fit a little better....

(ETA: in startling news...downstairs neighbourboy is going into rehab for the coke! Makes me wonder just how far-reaching my influence on guitarboy really is. smile.gif)

Talked with doodlemama tonight - she has been sick with a cold, and REALLY laid out flat. She sounded worried, but didn't say anything, so I deserted the boys and asked her outright, and she admitted she was....the kidney disease is starting to take its toll, I guess, in making it more difficult to recover from smaller illnesses. She didn't want to worry me, too. Anyway, we had a good talk, and I think she feels better. She doesn't really talk to anyone else about it, either, so I made sure she knows she can always tell me, and that I'm not scared of what she tells me. I don't want my mama to get sick and die, but I'm not going to be in denial about the realities of the kidney disease, either. Poor doodlemama, thinking she has to bear it all alone.

Tomorrow is a stat holiday in Canada, because today is Remembrance Day, aka poppy day. Do you all get a holiday for Veteran's Day? When is Thanksgiving, anyway?
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