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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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What's up with the dead baby photos? I mean, I'm new to this board but... I don't know.
Kayla, say hello to Steve. He's the resident fundamentalist, moron who posts pictures of so called aborted fetuses. To put scary world on ignore you can go to your control panel, then manage your ignored users, then from there just input who you'd like to ignore.

He tries to get a rise out of us, as we are evil feminists and all.

Just ignore and make yourself at home here!

Okay, to get over those photos, here's from the Friday night's the group photo I got. And this hottie here, I so could have taken home. I could have taken them all home! YUM!

So, now...I know they go to the same bars that I do, I just have to hope that they are there next time I go, and then I'll pounce on them there.

*steps around troll droppings*

*wipes drool off screen* OMG, CH, that is some FIIIiiiiiiiiine man meat you got to play with last night! Yummy! I can only hope that those guys helped to raise a lot of money!

I did get to the market this morning, didn't buy much, since I'll be starting a cleanse on Wednesday. But I did make chicken stock this morning, and roasted applesauce, and marinara, and molasses cookies. And then, I spent 3 hours scrubbing the walls in the hallway, and washing the floors. Not fun, but the walls *really* needed it - they were pretty grubby after the construction, and plenty of rub marks from my bike tires.

And then I went to the annual "Early Thanksgiving" feast that our friends host...always such a nice gathering of all of our friends, and I ate WAY too much, in true thanksgiving style. Good food, though. Turbomann drove back into the city to catch the last half of dinner, so that was nice - and then I had a ride home...even better.
Turbo, you should see the calendar! I should take pictures of these fine gents then post them. They are beautiful boys. And sweet, too.

Glad you had a good weekend as well! I'm still getting over beefcake and beauhunk overload. There were cuties every where this weekend!
*Sprays allergen-free fresh rain scent into Okayland*

Actually, I just wanted to pop my head in and ask Ms. Turbojenn if her dawn alarm clock works well. I know tree was curious about it too, so I thought I'd post in here to ask. I've got a light therapy lamp, but actually waking up early to get to it is ridiculously difficult. How are you faring with yours?

*sets out late-night (or early morning) nibbles for okayers: warm croissants and tiny crust-less quiches with fresh spinach/feta/roast peppers*
Six, I LOVE love love my BioBrite Sunrise alarm...yes, its crazy expensive, but hopefully, its the last alarm clock I'll ever need to buy. And seriously, this thing does everything but make your coffee....15,30, or 90 minute gradual sunrise (I go with 30) to wake you up - buzzer option if you need it - I have the buzzer option turned on, just in case, but I've only needed it once. You can use the globe as a reading light, it'll also do a sunset if you need it to wind down. White noise option as well, which I like...and it has a security mode that will turn the light on and off randomly throughout the day/night if you're on vacation. Pretty cool.

But it really has helped me in waking up in the morning...I usually wake up about 10 minutes into the sunrise, and then I can either doze for another 15 minutes, or most mornings, I just enjoy starting my wake-up slowly, and put my intentions out there for the kind of day I'd like to have, and then get up a couple minutes before I absolutely "have" to be up.

Okay, there ends my commercial for the evening....if you have any other questions, feel free to PM me, six! I've been recommending it to everyone! Now, off to bed for me!
Hehe...{slaps head in Homer D'OH fashion}...THAT'S what I was going to ask you last week, Turbo! My memory sucks. Thanx for the information on the alarm clock. I already wake up with a light but it's just on a lamp timer and it seems so horrifyingly shockingly abrupt.

So, back to work today. Bleh. I found out I am hosting my very. first. thanksgiving dinner. My auntie (the one who helped me pick my paint colors YAY) and her husband, and my brother and his wife are coming over. I'm cleaning like a madwoman. I'm excited, looking forward to it. Does this mean I'm grown up now?

Ooops, gotta hop in the shower! It took me too long to update my signature!

*waves to Okayers
Good Morning on this Monday!

I was looking at pictures of hotties. And they are indeed hotties! Mmmmmm.


Hey six and Turbo!

Tree, your very first Thanksgiving! I'm excited for you! See, I would be scared shitless and I don't even know how to cook a turkey or chicken or ham. I can make a mean ass salmon though! Heh.

Well, I slept last night and got some new BUSTie facebook friends!

That's all I got! Later!

*yawn* gotta love that ignore user feature.

good morning!

CH, ooh la la, those are indeed some hotties! yowza!

What's up people? Not too much here. Had a good weekend, it felt much longer than the last one. The weather here is beautiful.

The time change helped me out a lot this morning. So nice to have it get light while I am getting ready for work. I had getting ready in the pitch black.

Tree....that is exciting that you are hosting Thanksgiving!

welcome kayla!

also hosting my very first thanksgiving. gulp. I'm taking the next three wednesday off work to prepare.

damn! Where is everyone today?

Mox, do you have your menu planned yet? How many people will you be hosting?

I think I'm going to go see a movie tonight w/ two girls from work. Lars & the Real's got my bf in it. Oh yes.

I am hoping this work day is over SOON!

It's been trying to say the least.
Hi everybody!!

Mmmmm...all this talk of Thanksgiving is giving me a serious hankerin' for mashed potatoes, gravy, and dinner rolls...and my mom's orange cream jello and that green bean casserole thing with the fried onions....mmmmm....

Ah yes, the "ignore user" feature makes for pleasant busting, indeed.

Minx is having a rummage sale in her pants!! Items have been marked down another 50% as of Friday!!

Culture, those guys are hot, but they almost look to sculpted and groomed to be straight!! They look like the guys in sex ads section of City Pages!! laugh.gif Still, they look really good!!

That wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun, mox!! Too bad you don't get to do the Boston trip though!! Ah well, maybe it'll be nice to have the boy out of the house.

(((Turbo's friend and his friend))) That is so tragic. Ugh. Scary.

Hi kari, kayla, grrrl, tree, sixel, polly, and anyone else I'm missing.

I didn't really do much this weekend. Well, I take that back, I did some serious clothes shopping at the Mall of Hell on Saturday. I probably spent about $300 on work pants, shirts, pajamas, shoes. All stuff I need. Diva and I had a nice day yesterday. We went to brunch at The Independent and I hogged all of the french toast. Then we visited some of the little shops in uptown. Kitchen Window is such a cool place. I wish I did more cooking so I had a good reason to buy their stuff.

How's everyone doing?

Dudettes (and dudes), I am so on the brink of asking my store clerk out. Actually, I was planning to do it yesterday, but his long lost uncle showed up out of the blue and stayed to visit, so the opportunity to get him alone never arose. (Though I did get enough questions in to learn that he drives a truck for a living, when he's not working in the store.)

I've talked about economics and feminism in front of media cameras. I've faced off against dozens of politicians. I've been arrested for civil disobedience. I've been stalked by an insane right wing fundamentalist. I've kidnapped a neighbour's neglected kitten from his own apartment. I've performed music in front of hundreds of people. I almost died this year.

But this is by far the most nerve-wracking experience of my life.
Good Evening!

Poodle, they were all straight. I shit you not. They are all beautiful boys. Nay, they are men. Ooooh Shopping!!!!

(((Doodle))) You can do it! I know you can! Just take a deep breath, then ask him.

I worked out and took houndish to the park. Then I looked at the firefighters, yet again. Hee.

That's pretty mcuh what I've got. I'm going to go and grab some food, then chill for the rest of the evening.

Meanwhile back at the fishbowl.
tree - thanks for the link on how to "ignore user". <whew>
doodle - stregnth vibes for you!
culture - yea for firefighter watching.
poodle and ch - shopping!!

I'm at odds with ex again. three year olds act more mature than him. I'm expecting retaliation soon. <sigh>
son got in trouble at school, cleaning up his mess though. (we don't need this)
I made some chili verde, so it'll be yummie munchies tonight! Heroes tonight.

hello there to all the busties!!!!!!!!

Just cos i think you need it this eve.
QUOTE(faerietails2 @ Nov 5 2007, 04:38 PM) *
Hi newbies! There's a troll on the site who likes to post graphic photos of fake abortions (the anti-choice movement typically uses photos of miscarriages for their propaganda). You can ignore this user by clicking on My Controls, then selecting Manage Ignored Users on the side bar. Type in Scary World and voila, you won't have deal with fake "abortion" photos. Or fake Christianity. biggrin.gif

In the meantime, I'd just like to give a shoutout to my girl Joan:

"No wire hangers!" wink.gif

I've been quoting this all day. Fairietails said it all so well.
Cod, that faerietails is *such* a genius, makes me tear up, just a little....thank you, my dear! And thank you kitten, for posting it here!

We've had a lovely evening here, the perfect antidote to today's mondayness. I skipped spin class tonight so that we could go to the grand opening wine tasting at the new wine shop/gourmet food store two blocks from our house...which happens to be owned by the manager and chef owners of our favorite irish pub, who we've gotten to know a bit through the years. We took a couple of our neighbor friends with us - had a lovely time, bought some wine, of course, some amazing bleu cheese, and then we had our neighbors over for dinner. Tonight's menu - chicken piccata, brown rice, and salad with mustard/garlic vinaigrette. Mmmmmm.

Which means, that I did not re-work my resume for my meeting with the recruiter tomorrow, so I guess I'll be working on that tomorrow at work. Oh well.

Doodle!!! You are a powerful, gorgeous, talented are fully up to the challenge of asking the cute clerk out on a date! Do it! ....And then come back and tell us all about it. heh.

Poodle! Hi - good to see you! You made me laugh with the rummage sale mark down!! heee. And I am with you on questioning the sexuality of the smoothie firefighters....though I am more than happy to consider all kinds of thoughts about those delicious dishes!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 5 2007, 07:52 AM) *
Terrance: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle f**ka
You're an uncle f**ka, yes its true
Nobody f**ks uncles quite like you

Phillip: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka
You're the one that f**ked your uncle, uncle f**ka
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just f**k your uncle all day long

(farting noises)
Terrance: Hmm!
(farting noises)
(farting noises)
[Uncle F**ka lyrics on]

Policeman: What's going on here?
(farting noises)
F**ker f**ker uncle f**ka uncle f**ka f**ka f**ka f**ka
People: OOOoooooooooooooh
T & P: Shut your f**king face uncle f**ka (Terrance: uncle f**ka)

T & P: You're a boner biting bastard uncle f**ka
Terrance: You're an uncle f**ka I must say
Phillip:Well you f**ked your uncle yesterday
Everyone: (laughing)
Uncle f**ka... thats you
Everyone: U-N-C-L-E f**k you Uncle

Phillip:Suck my balls

How ridiculous is it to quote myself?
No offense to any of the well-intentioned funny chicas in here, but in the OKAYers thread we have a ZERO tolerance for engaging with tr*lls. We simply do not engage on any level. We block and let live.

Please stop feeding the tr*lls.
Good Morning,

Ugh. Tr*lls. Oh well. Ignore, that's what I did initially.

Turbo, so glad that you had a good evening.

Hey Kitten and Faerie.

Minx. Word.

It's Tuesday. I don't really like Tuesdays. I don't really have much to say today.

ok, things clearly are slow and depressing everywhere else today,. too. So, I just BUMP and reserve for Good Things Wednesday.
Hey everybody!!

NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!! Hahahaha!!!

Yeah, Tuesday is arguably the worst day of the week. That's why we have "Good Things Tuesday!!" It makes the day suck a little less.

Good things:
1. I'm starting THE PILL again today, for the first time in years. That's right, I'm thwarting God's handiwork!!
2. I'm excited for my haircut tomorrow and dye on Thursday.
3. Wearing new shirt and pants
4. Rootbeer in frige
5. Dancing with The Stars on the tube tonight

Oooooh, doodle and clerkboy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

Turbo, that sounds like a splendid evening. I'm tempted to gets me some wine.

Nothin' much to report here. Oh, I forgot!! The office meddler had a stroke last week, so now we're admin-less. Poor meddler. She's had heart problems for the last year or so and she's really heavy and doesn't eat well. She's gonna be gone for several weeks and then she's only gonna be here part time.

ETA- Heh...I'm listening to "It's Raining Men" right now!! I'm imagining culture's firefighters dancing around. The sad thing is that I know all the words to this song. Our gay choir teacher in highschool tried to get us to sing it, but everyone protested (except me, of course). smile.gif
Okay, which one of you assholes got me sick?
Wow! Just caught up here, but kinda forgot what I read, so Heya Everybooody!

I've been kinda absent for a while because this is my first attemtp at NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I'm a writin' a novel! I gotta do 50,000 words in 31 days. I think I can do it, too!

Good Things:
1- I'm enjoying some creative productivity
2- Goaty and I think we've found a good condo to rent when we move next month
3- I actually like how my story is going, though I have a long ways to go.

Peace & good vibes! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Good Afternoon!

Poodle, now I'm thinking the same thing! *slips into firefighter fantasy land*

Catsoup it was me, alllllllllllllllllllllllll me. ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Lore, that is really exciting about your writing! Hey that kinda rhymes.

Okay, I've got some good things now!

1. The day is almost done!
2. Lunch time poritons
3. This day hasn't been that bad so far.
4. Tomorrow my mothers financial advisor is coming over to help me decide which plan is best for retirement.

That's all. I literally have a funny taste in my mouth. How odd.

Hope everyone is surviving their day!

Hi Okayers...

I'm going to be just a little self-absorbed (hopefully I can post more later) but I have to ask for double vibes....first ones to be for my Mom. The nursing home she's in is kind of stupid, I guess, when it comes to Alzheimers patients. Halloween really, really messed up Mom...the staff was all dressed in costumes, they had that fake cobwebby stuff all over the place and now Mom's terribly traumatized. I can't believe they'd do that...I can see having pumpkins and candy corn and stuff out, but that cobwebby/costumey stuff really messed with Mom's head/sanity. mad.gif

Second vibe is for my Aunt, that she go into the everlasting in peace. She had a massive stroke yesterday and there are no signs of brain activity anymore, just some really rudimentary reflexes left. So, I suppose she's clinically dead. sad.gif
Aww! ((Tree))

(Halloween-is-over vibes and everlasting peacefulness) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
((((tree and tree fam)))) That's so sad about your auntie. I'm sorry. The office meddler's stroke wasn't nearly that bad. It fried her brain though and she was still slurring when I talked to her over the phone yesterday. She's damn lucky it wasn't a big one like your aunt's. sad.gif

~*~*~*~tree mama vibes~*~*~*~ Poor girl!!

Hi lore!! Hi culture!!

Lunchtime portions? Huh?
pinkpoodle many times do I have to talk to Comcast customer service before they understand that I transfered service to a new address? I've tried to clear this up at least 4 times now, but I still keep getting 2 bills per month for both addresses!!!!! RAAAAWWWWRRR!!!

Okay, well, the Comcast guy said that everything should be in order now, but I don't believe him. I betcha anything that I'm gonna have to call and explain all of this B.S. again.
Lunchtime portions... with a side of aftertaste, eh? wink.gif Why don't we have any restraunts like that around HERE? tongue.gif
(((tree))) I'm so sorry that your mom didn't do well at the nursing home after Hallowe'en. I'm also sorry to hear about your aunt.

Poodle, what a bunch of douche bags at comacst.

Lore, heh. It was a specially run cop restaurant.

Well, I just got back from the park, I'm going to work out now.

CH, I think you have totally made my day with your lunchtime portions/after taste! Heh. You dirty girl...color me jealous.

'Course, Ima gonna get me some tonight too...Mmmmmm....

Poodle, I'm just going to put my bet down for 8 comcraptic calls before they get your billing straight. But then, I have zero faith in them. They ARE very good about discounting your bill when they fuck up, so do ask for that if you have to talk to them again. How's the poodlepalace coming?

(((((Tree, Treemomma)))) I'm so sorry to hear that Halloween was so traumatic - I do agree that staff there should NOT dress up - seems like common sense.

(((((treeauntie peaceful transition))))

Lore! Congrats on doing NaNoWriMo - I've had several friends participate, and they all had a great experience in just juicing up their consistent creative output, even if their novel wasn't a polished work - they got more discipline about their craft. Keep us posted on your progress!

Okay, time to hop in the bath! Be back later!
Aww...he said no. But it was all very dignified and nice. I'm sooooooo disappointed. I've already debriefed with the gay ex-priest, who convinced me to go to the open mike night tomorrow to "get out there" and do something positive. I'm going with or without the guys. I think I need to. And even the idea of playing without them seems less terrifying, now that I've survived being rejected the first time in my life I ever asked someone out.

Probably didn't help that I asked him in front of his boss and his co-worker, but basically, he said, very nicely, "I'm going to have to politely decline, for reasons I can't get into right now." (No doubt because of the boss and the co-worker.) And I said, "That's cool, I just thought I'd ask." And it was all very nice and light and funny and dignified. BUT I can't help feeling really surprised and deflated. Anyway. I wish I knew what his fucking reasons were, but I'd have no idea how to even approach it now, without seeming a bit stalker-esque.

*heaving sigh*

ETA: the guys are home - they "don't know, maybe we should practise" I'm going over there now...
have a good night everybustie. Sweet dreams!

Doodle, I'm sorry about clerk boy. I think he'll reveal it to you. (((Doodle))) *hands a giant Chonger to Doodle*
((((doodle)))) I'm so sorry the boy rejected you, BUT, he did it respectfully, and that's a good feel proud of yourself that you conquered your fears, made the ask, and tomorrow -- you go on stage! Do you see how many cool things you've done in the last several months? New friendships, music, creativity, performance....and now, you have faced down asking a man out! You ROCK, my every sense of the world.

Just had a lovely bath and, watching my favorite/most stressful show - Beyond Everest. Odd compulsion, though it is, I love this show.
Hey again all - thanks for the support, everyone. wub.gif turbo, my dear, you are MY rock...nevermind who's rocking. Heh.

It occurs to me belatedly that it may be store policy for employees to not fraternize with customers....and that I issued my invitation in front of my crush's boss.


We are all going to open mike night. I had stuck a big post-it on the guys' door that said, "I am going to open mike night. Are you coming?" So when they said, "I don't know, maybe we should practise," I replied, "Good, and I want to finish the new song tonight, too." And we did! I think it might not be totally finished yet, but it's good enough to try on an audience. It's really freaking good. It's called "Downtown" and it's really breezy and funky. The other two are called "Six Dollars in Change" and "What are You Trying to Prove?" So we have three of our own songs that we're prepared to perform, depending how many we're allowed. "Prepared," meaning we have to rehearse tomorrow. Especially since we only just completed one of our numbers! We have to get their early to sign up, too, so the guys have their marching orders for tomorrow. I guess I am leading this band, in more ways than one! (All that women's centre "group process facilitation" experience is paying off. wink.gif)

~*~*~*~treehuggermama vibes~*~*~*~
Good Morning Good Morning lovelies!

Turbo, yay on the portions!

Doodle, how did things go last night?

That's all I've got going on right now. Must go tackle more paper work! Feh.
Good Morning!

What's up people?

((doodle)) I can't believe he said no! I wonder what the reasons are also. It has to be something good. Props to you for asking though, sister! And in frong of other people? I am so chicken, I could never do that. yes, how was Open Mike night??

((TREE)) Oh my. I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. ((Aunt)) And your mother being traumatized. Seriously, did the staff not realize that might frighten some of their residents?? Geez.

Poodle, I hear Comcast is a real bitch. Good luck lady! I hate dealing with any company like that. They make it so difficult.

CH, lunchtime portions? woo hoo!

Hi Lore! That's wonderful that you are writing a novel! Wow! Very cool.

Jenn, do tell, what is Beyond Everest? Are you counting down to the new Project Runway season? I am!

Things here are ok today. Officemate is out, so it'll be nice & quiet. I can play my music louder too. We are having a cold spell. It was in the 30s this morning. Brrrr! The heat had to come on. We'd been delaying that as long as possible.

Good Things Wednesday
1. Office mate out today
2. Really good lunch packed
3. I took off Friday this week, so only today & tomorrow left of work
4. That means this weekend will be a 4-dayer for me

Hey Hey!

Kari, that is really great about a four day work week.

I forgot that I have Monday off in lieu of Rememberance Day! Sweeeeet! CH likey.

I want more lunch time portions.

*scuttles off to phone*

Hi, peeps!

Forgive me for not reading much before posting, but I haven't been on in probably 5 days, so it's a little daunting.

(((((((((((((Tree's mom)))))))))))))) Geez, you'd think they'd know not to fuck with the patients' heads like that. Your poor mom. I hope she can work through it and get back to normal. ((((((aunt))))))

Kari, I'm counting down to the new season of PR, too. Just 7.5 days left! I'm going to have gay boyfriend come over and we're going to have a girly little PR party. Tim Gunn's other show just isn't doing it for me. It's too textbooky and I'm sick of Veronica Webb.

((((((office meddler))))))) I hope she can recover fully and get back to her old meddling ways. Sorry, Poods, it makes for some good laughs.

I've been pretty busy making stuff for my first craft fair of the season this Saturday. I finished that polymer clay covered bottle (it has a little stopper on top, which makes it even cooler because it still works even though I've put clay on the glass - it can now be used as an oil candle or some container of some sort), and did a mason jar in the same pattern and am now on my 3rd wine glass in the same pattern. It looks like a quilt from a few feet away. Then I need to make at least 4 mosaic flower pots (I've got 2 ready to go so far) and a crapload of decoupaged frames, but they take maybe a whole 30 minutes apiece, so that'll be easy.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) today is my Friday, since I need a couple full days to work on stuff without interruption or distraction
2) jackass boss is gone today
3) we already have next Monday off for Veteran's Day, so this will be a 5-day weekend for me
4) my brother is going to bring Sam over on Friday for a little visit - I'm so glad he thinks to do that kind of thing
5) jackass boss will have a rude awakening tomorrow when he sees I've taken 2 days off, since he had left by the time I emailed him that I was taking the time off and he's not here today to see that I'll be gone - guess I might get a talking-to next week, but I really don't care. I had no way of knowing he wouldn't be here today
6) 2 days coming up to catch up on daytime TV and sleep in a little, but not much
7) all my laundry is clean
8) I can start truffles next week, and hopefully finish them, too. I've got almost all my supplies for them, except a few things I'm going to pick up tonight.
9) I now have 3 good truffle spatulas. It sounds dumb, but you woudn't believe how much easier it is to coat molds when you have the correct spatulas - small, narrow, and very flexible.
10) the new Guitar Hero is pretty fun, although all the other characters in the band got uglified, so it's a little painful to watch if you're not actually playing.

My arm hurts. I had to get my stuff updated at the hospital on Monday, and they gave me a tetnus (I know I spelled that wrong) shot. I wish it would quit being sore. I had to go in to get updated or they woudn't renew my prescription, and I won't go without. I hate going to the doctor.

OK, off to find something else to screw around with since my boss is gone!
Hi everyone!!

Wha? 4 and 5 day weekends?! No fair!! We don't get Vet's day off.

(((diva's arm))) You've been crafting too much!!

Sorry bout the guy, doodle. He sounds very kind.

Nothing much to report today. I get my hair cut this evening!! Yay!!

Turbo, the house is going well, although I've had to put aside decorating projects in favor of winterizing projects.

How's everyone doing?

ETA- Culture, did you get the new mental floss? I'm almost done reading mine!! I just have the Dead Guy Interview to read. I skipped The Annotated Swine, because I like pigs and it grosses me out to think of them as food. Blech!!!!!
Hi hi!!!

Diva a 5 day weekend! I'm jealous!!!!! ~*~*~*~arm healing vibes~*~*~*

Poodle, there's a new issue of mental_floss??? I thought the issue was still the President's one!!! I'll hve to scurry off and go look for it. I wanted to picj up the book they were talking about on their website. It's The Year of Living Biblically. Looks fun.

Well, I'm almost done the day here and the financial advisor is coming around this evening so I can start this retirement deal. And I can claim it on income tax! Sweeeeeeeet.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well this afternoon!


Yep!! It's the Golden Lobes issue. The guy who wrote the Living Biblically book wrote a small article in the recent issue about confusing bible rules, mostly in Leviticus. Leviticus is one of the most fucked up books in the old testament. It's filled with hilarious garbage.

Here's one of the rules the guy interprets (from Deuteronomy):
"...she shall put the raiment of her captivity from off her, and shall remain in thine house, and bewail her father and mother a full month; and after that thou shalt go in unto her, and be her husband..."

Basically, if you capture a women during war, she must get rid of all her clothes and live with you for a month before you can have sex with her and marry her. The guy in the magazine says that she has to shave her hair, but I don't exactly know what word/phrase he's referring to. I looked up "raiment" and it means clothing.
Hey guys!

This workday is feeling eternal! ugh.

Poodes, what sort of winterizing projects are you doing?

I am painting our bedroom this weekend, and I am very excited about it. Well, not about the actual painting, obviously-but the outcome. Right now it is white. Quite plain.

Diva, good for you on taking some time off! I know, I couldn't get into the new Tim Gunn style show. I love Tim, but the show itself is kind of boring. I like the beginning where they go through the person's wardrobe. But after that I lose interest. I looked at the PR website, it lists the new contestants. It's an older group, which I think is rad. Lots of people in their 30s and 40s, only a couple in their 20s. I am very excited for it to start!

I"m sick and shaking...please make this day end. sad.gif
Poodle, you have made my day! A new issue of MF! And I found out I can order a ton of the back issues for cheap! With the Canadian dollar doing so darned well! I'm missing a bunch of issues.

Kari, I agree, the day is dragging on!

Minx, sweetie, what's wrong? (((minx)))

well, half an hour to go.
I dunno...after warding off the Minxlette's germies for the last ten days, I think that my immune system finally took a shit on me. I woke up with huge tonsils, and they still hurt even after taking ibuprofen. Now I have a fever and the fucking shakes. I so rarely get sick, but when I do I do it really well!

You had worktime portions. I am so jealous. How did you pull that off, logistically I mean?
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