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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Count me in on not wanting to be at work today! Mondays, booooooooo.

I have a long week too. M-F work, Saturday class, then Sunday 10AM a work conference. Ick. But, next week I am only working 3 days, then going out of town. That might be the only thing that pulls me through.

Hi PK! It is so nice to see you around. Your trip to Denver sounds like it's gonna be lots of fun. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poopy. :-(

I am jealous of minx & lurv's lunch!

Hi Luna! Glad to hear you are enjoying being back in Mpls & liking your internship. And you get to meet Busties? Sweet.

I had a good weekend. Class Saturday, wrapped up a course. Saturday night MR K & I ate Mexican with two of my friends, then he went out with his friends & I went out with mine. Yesterday we drove around looking at houses & neighborhoods. I am sick right now, I found a house I LOVE on the perfect street, for the perfect price, & it has a sale pending. I need to stop looking online til we are actively looking, it's torture sometimes. Anyhoo.

How's everyone else today?

Hi Whammy!
hi hi hi

how's my bitches this moanin'?

add me to the list of "not-wanna-workers". after the meeting on friday, followed by the meeting on saturday, then family day yesterday for mrfj's dad - phew! i'm all crapped out. i didn't feel like i had much of a weekend. but, here it is monday again and i have things to accomplish. blah.

turbo, i still need to congratulate you on a same-day call-back. that is awesome and certainly confidence-inspiring! now, you have your resume done and ready to send when the next thing comes down the pike (the thing that has exactly what you need and want!). good on you! :-)

my meeting with the boss went ok, and then the group meetings on friday and saturday were fine. i guess they served their purpose of re-energizing us. i got the feeling that many of us were feeling bored and down about our positions (except the ones that are complacent and fine with just sitting in the same position year after year). anyway, i learned about career paths and things that might help me if i do stay here, but i still feel that ultimately i will be happier leaving and working on my own.

minx & whammy, good for you guys for the cleaning out and throwing away! i have three closets that i need to attack. i would like to build some shelving in them to help keep them orderly, but that might have to wait. i need to toss some things first. mrfj and i are pretty good about throwing away and we've moved enough in the past five years to have consolidated much of our stuff, but there's still so much of it.

oh, and i have to share: MRFJ HAS STRONG BOYS!!! hehe. he went to the lab last week at my request and got his swimmers tested and they came back normal range on all counts. so that's cool, right!? YAY! of course, that means that I'M the one with the fertility issues, but we already pretty much knew that. ;)
oh man, I really cant stand mondays. Today I have to give my two weeks notice bc i am switching jobs. I am scared! Seeing as how i am 24, and this is my first real job, I have never done this before. yikes! I love the people I work with, I just dont like management and this new place is offering me more money, so its going to be hard to tell the people i like so much (esp my boss) that i am leaving cause i dont want them to take it personally. its something I have to do.
Good morning everybody!
Congrats to everbody who is enjoying a good house purging. I love doing that. I need to dig through my closets soon, actually. My family is visiting and I want to pass some stuff on to my step-sister. I love having someone to give hand me downs to!
katiebelle - good luck on the job switch. It's never fun to give notice, but more money is good.
Hi, peeps!

I just got this from a friend at work. Go to and type in "asshole" then press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button and see what comes up. It's kind of cool.

Speaking of assholes, my boss is a royal one. He caught me coming in late (no biggie, I would have stayed late anyway) and then he "caught" me on the internet, which I wasn't on because I hadn't got through my email yet. There's a big difference between email and internet. Asshole. I hope they're tracing this and he reads it. My boss can go fuck himself.

Okay, on to nicer things.

PK - Shuggah's registered at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I already sent them something, though. And Avenged Sevenfold and Gorrilaz are probably cool for Heikki. I have a couple Avenged Sevenfold CDs, and besides some swearing, the content is fine. Same goes for Gorrilaz.

Count me in with the pile of don't-wanna-workers. But that's because my boss is an A-S-S-H-O-L-E, the world's biggest asshole-e-oooo.

I need to do some cleaning/purging of my place, too. I'm really starting to think I have a disorder of desparately needing to buy stuff, and it needs to stop. Most of the time, I buy things and they don't come out of the shopping bag for a week or more.

Good luck with the housecleaning, Minx and Whammy.

We do need to have a Bustie gathering. I'm booked pretty solid this week, though, with doing all the preparing for my booth. I'm taking Friday off, and probably also Thursday, and will be working like crazy on purses, jewelry, and other stuff to sell.

Katie, congrats on the new job.

Karianne, you'll find the perfect house when you're ready for it.

Turbo, I hope your mom's doing better. Good on her for refusing the spinal tap.

I need more weekend! I finished off the 2 planters for my parents and they LOVED them. Yay! I think I gave myself carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand/arm, though, from all the scraping of grout. It still really hurts. The giant and I went up to my parents' house yesterday and had hot dogs and pic-a-nic food and played with Sam. I love how he flits around and makes cute little sounds when he's happy. He played soccerball with my brother while my dad taught the giant and I how to put up and take down my newly fixed canopy. My dad's amazing. I didn't think that thing would ever stand upright again, and he made it fairly easy for us to manage. I heard this morning that Pride weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, mid-70s with few clouds and no rain. Perfect.

I saw the weirdest thing on the way to work. At first, I thought it was a picture of a giant steak in the air, but no, it was a "10 week abortion." Yep, great way to make your case, just fly a picture almost too high for anyone to see first thing on a Monday morning, when NOBODY's going to be pissed off about having seen crap like that. Great. It makes the pro-choice movement look that much better.
Katiebelle, don't worry about the 2 weeks notice. I always hate doing that as well, but employers are used to it. Most of them realize business is business & they don't take it personally.

Diva, sounds like you had a great weekend! Nice that your dad was able to fix your canopy. Sweet.

Fj, glad to hear that mr FJ has good swimmers. You two will be such wonderful parents.

Hi kitten!

Watch out, ladies. Don't stand too close.
you're gross, mr fj. ;)
ha! (maybe i need to rethink this whole procreation thing...)


reiterating again that mondays suck.
one of my friends once claimed to have impregnated me across the library, 'cause he had sperm with lasers or some such thing. are yours that good, mr fj? can you impregnate just by looking at someone?
Hi peeps! boss won't leave me alone this morning, and I have a feeling that it's gonna be the same way for the rest of the week. Phoohey.

Um...yay for mr FJ's stuff!

Geesh, I read everything this morning, but now I can't remember what I was gonna say. Hmmm...I dunno.

I had a good time getting my updo on Friday and I'm glad I had it done because it was frellin' hot. The only problem was that I was sweating all over the place shortly after I had it done. It looked great though. She gave me sort of a clean, retro look with subtle curls--no stupid foofy 80's curls or tendrils. It still took a buttload of hairspray and pins though. The resident boy couldn't believe how many pins I had in my hair after I pulled everything out. Boys are so clueless. I figured I wouldn't confuse him more by telling him that it took over an hour and cost me $60.

The wedding was great, but I was sorta pissed because my friend who I haven't seen in ages decided to poop out around 10:00. C'mon, dude! If one of your best college buds is getting married and there's an open bar, then to hell with sleep and sobriety!!!

I'm not a mascara person. My eyelashes are black, so I mostly use mascara to clean up any loose powder.

"i love mn in the summer - there's such a celebratory feeling in the air. minnesotans really appreciate summer." Celebratory feeling in the air???? I think you might be confusing that with humidity and B.O.!!! I haaaaaaaaaaate summer. I'm a fall person. I like to wear pants and layers and feel dry. Seriously, I was soooo angry on Friday that I had to dress up and go to a wedding on such a hot day. I was dripping sweat and hairspray while waiting for the slowass bus.

Sorry 'bout your poopy boss, diva. You should sign him up for all sorts of internet deals and porno spam.
hola busties!!!

mr. fj's sperm is packed with potent possiblities for fj!!

and busties everywhere are purging their closets of needless leftovers. fab.

i think assholes and mondays just go hand in always seems the case in my opinion.

hi divalla, poodle, the fjs, pk, kari, doodle, turbo, tyger, whammy, minx, catsoup, and all the others that i know are lurking....

its frelling hot it was all weekend long...sat was a company picnic for so we invited(dragged willingly) our friends along for the food and festivities. 101 degrees out at knotts berry farm is no fun..unless you are on the log ride with your friends...woooo about getting soaked! the attendants just winked knowingly when we got off our 'wild ride'. lol then we had steak and drinkable tequila(yes it does exist and its soooo nice to sip on ice) and watched a movie...till 2am..and then took off for home...slept in the next day and then cleaned, gave daddygoof a gift of jams and a craftsman house mag...he likes those! we called mr. gb's dad and wished the same...and then watched movies. sooo nice. we get to house sit while my parents go out of town with gramma for a week and a half...i hope i can keep track of things like the trash and the cat. Although, next week will be my break from class,(yay) i still have a lot to do. bleh.

I have to walk around with blinders on a la Cyclops. My gift is also my curse.
Ok, all the swimmer talk is really squicking me out....eeeew. Boys are gross!

Monday does always seem to be a top day for assholes...this place seems to be full of 'em today...everyone's flipping out 'cause there's a new board member orientation tomorrow, and I've dome more PPT tweaking today than I'd like...people who on any other day have no problem creating presentations suddenly decided *today* that what they really need is something *flashy*. gag. Microsoft products suck. especially ppt.
(((turbo))) microsoft does suck (but i'm still in windowsland and can't function without my office suite. just for word. works and wordperfect are, like, sucktacular squared). when i started my job at the university in the media services department, one of the guys couldn't believe that i had *never* used powerpoint before. i discovered when i started doing stuff on it for work that i had every reason not to, 'cause it was teh suck of all sucks. but when i used the mac video editing suite/dvd burner thing it was all completely intuitive, and i managed to make a dvd with a menu and title sequence and everything.

sigh...i wish i would have enough money by the end of the summer for a mac.

so, mister fj, are your blinders on your eyes, or your...BURRITO?
Think you're grossed out now, Turbo? Consider this: was I wearing blinders when we met? Muahahahahaha. I'll drop you a baby name book in the mail. Pick out something nice.
OMG - now I'm really scared, mr fj!!

My BUSTies, after many moons of growing my hair out for maude knows what abstract goal, I have decided that I can't stand it anymore!!!! This hair resting on the back of the neck thing is really overrated, and sweaty, and the humidity is not making my hair cute at all. nuh uh. So, its getting cut, dammit! Thursday. And what spurred this? Realizing I need to renew my driver's license, and I want a cute picture, not me with the crazy midwestern bush woman hair!

So that's my story.
Jenn, I feel your pain-I am growing my hair out too, but now that it is getting so hot outside, I feel like cutting it again. At least now it is long enough for me to pull it all back.

"i think assholes and mondays just go hand in hand..." Msgoof, you crack me up. That is awesome that you have a break from class coming up. How long is it? We are off next Saturday, but I'm going out of town. I like going out of town, but I was out of town on my last Saturday off. It sort of makes it feel like I'll never have a break. eh. What can you do.

Poodes, your hair sounds like it was looking good. Did you take any pics?

I am glad I haven't seen MR FJ recently. EEEEK!
*puts on her steel-belted chastity armor in case Mr. FJ has any wild ideas about walking about in public*

Fahk. I am sleepy. Three hour and a half classes back-to-back. Ah well...I likes what I do.

Diva! A flying steak?!! That made me absolutely scream with delight over here. Fucking flying steaks. I know that abortion is a personal decision and whatnot and the hoo-ha, but WOW! Have any of you seen what a 10-week-old zygote-thing looks like? I have. When Minxlette asked me where babies came from (yes, we have already had that talk around here) I told her that she looked like an alien to which she squealed with laughter. "I was an alien before I became a baby!!!" No shit...I still wonder about her alien status. She got a kick out of formerly having a tail. I used to also call her the "tadpole" when she was a zygote. She went from tadpole to alien to superhuman girlaramadingdong.

Mmm...flying steak--it's what America's eating!!

Pride is gonna be crazy! I have to set up a booth for the Minneapolis Gay-Straight Alliance, make posters on Wednesday, and be there on Saturday for the booth and Sunday for the parade. I need a wagon for her to ride in. I'll have to look for ya, Divalicious.

Assholes. Yeah. The day I DON'T have to deal with one...
yeah, I can *just* grab my hair into a wee stubby little pony, but I'm not diggin' it at all...I know that when I do have long hair, all I do is throw it in a pony, so what's the point? I really am a short hair person, anyway. That way it can be all messy, and it still looks cute. And, I need to look a little more polished for all the interviews I'll be going on to get my next perfect job!
Hi, Poodle! Do you have any pictures of your fabulous self with your fabulous hair?

I've never once used PowerPoint. 90% of all the PPt presentations I've ever seen have had glitches of some sort in them, and I really don't see the point. It doesn't impact your point that much more to have a fancy background and bullet points that swoosh across the screen than to just have a regular old overhead. I'm hoping it's just a phase and it'll eventually go away.

Hi, MsGoof! I envy your work-free weekend. I'd like to try this sipping tequila you speak of.

Karianne, yeah it is cool that Dad could fix it. I so totally never thought I'd see that thing upright again. And my weekend wasn't that fun. My arms and hands hurt *so* much from all the work on those planters. But now they're behind me and I can get to normal stuff, although Dad did have a good idea of just having one of those to put out with a really high price (they go for $250 easy with the hand painted tiles) to add some credibility to my booth. Where are you going next week?

How's this for productive: I made a whole entire necklace (very fine sterling silver chain with Swarovski crystals at certain increments) from start to finish over my lunch break. It's good to know I can do them that quick and with no snags. I'm wearing it right now, and may I just say that I'm quite pleased with it.
BWAHAHAHA! tyger, you crack my shit up.


i'm feeling happy about the news. i got his actual numbers this afternoon and i'm just gonna say that he's been a very lucky guy to have not sired a child at this point in his life. i attribute that of course to his um, over-active "self-love" habits.

and with that, i'll stop squicking turbo! hehe

see, IMO, if you want to make a flashy ppt presentation, you LEARN HOW TO MAKE A FLASHY PPT PRESENTATION! i would't dream of asking someone to do it, even if i had a design office that was willing. i don't know. maybe that's just me. but then i'm also of the mindset that flashy ppt is cheap and cheesy. pretty much pointless...

i need to do up a review for my tutoree and shower and walk down to the library for final tutoree session. i feel bad for the kid, half the time i can't tell if i'm fed up with him or if i'm just not in the mood to be doing anything. and i have to put on pants that don't have winnie the pooh all over them and a hole in the crotch. and i forgot to plug in my ipod last night! whaaaaaa!
wtf, fj?... The god of information, Wikipedia, says: "most males masturbate daily or even more frequently well into their 20s and sometimes far beyond."

I'm well within normal limits. Suck it.
yeah, you're well within the limits of *far beyond the twenties* at least... hehe

i personally have no issues with regular self-love, as you well know. but save the boys for my girlieparts!
la la la la la la *plugs ears* I can't hear you... *runs from thread screaming*

diva, social workers and powerpoint should just never meet, can get ugly. And as much as I hate ppt, I'd rather have them looking good out there, then the mash-ups they put together on their own. *shudders*
but then you'd have less to yourself...why would we deprive you of that? I had a college fling who's personal philosophy was that a male had to ejaculate 1 time each day, minimum...process didn't matter as much to him. He was a funny one.

turbo- in the 11?12? years we've been buds, i've never, ever seen you with long hair- the 1 summer of your own wedding excepted. Short all the way, girlfriend! chripes, we're getting old. I also cut and colored my hair just before the big 29.

i want it to be 20 minutes from now, so i can rush home and cuddle the kidlet. The storms have broken, and we're goin for a walk, god dammit. Me and my little tadpole-alien-parasite-boobalah. :-)
by the way, tyger, down there i read tutoree as torturee. hehehe.

yeah, karianne, where ya goin? sorry if you've already said...

diva, is pride this weekend there or how many more weeks for you to prepare? i was talking to the SILs about it this weekend. there's suppsoed to be one in st. aug on saturday and since SIL is working, her wifey invited us to come with her. but we're going tubing with them on sunday (floating down a natural spring) and i have to get some yard work done at some point in the weekend.

i have finally gotten past my non-hair-growth spurt. you know, when your hair just seems to STOP growing at a certain point. i looked at it thismorning and it really is getting long again. i'm just going to have to color it to prevent myself from cutting again. or maybe cut up some layers in it. (see? there i go already)

*quietly backs away from the scissors*
well, fj,if you asked him he'd probably go with your first reading of the word.

my hair is at that stage that it takes all my willpower not to buzz it again. i want to dye it, but i always end up on the 'unnatural' end of the spectrum. but at least now i know what colour hairdye gives me my natural colour back post colour-stripping.

pride here isn't until the first week of july. i can go to the drag show this year 'cause i'm of age, but i don't think i will. last in-town drag show i went to ended up with me and my friend planning a drag queen intervention, as they were all pretty sad, save the one who was prettier than me. i don't need to pay more money to sit there fantisizing about teaching men how to walk in heels and dress for their figures and lip synch properly :P. unrelatedly, cougarlion now has it in her head that it is her responsibility as a bad influence to find me a boy and/or girl toy, because she wants to have vicarious smoochies through other people even though she has her bulldozer.

tomorrow is payday at the restaurant, and i think i'm going to go, get my paycheque, and not go back ever. it sucks, 'cause if i want to get another job serving i'll have to use them on my resume/application, but i'll also have to come up with why i don't want them contacted for references. 'boss is crazy bitchmonster who didn't like me because i was hired while she was out of town' doesn't seem like a good reason to me. any suggestions for if it comes up when i go on job hunting spree number three for this summer?
my shittard torturee just called to say he doesn't want to do any review today for his final because he has a headache, and they moved his exam to tomorrow morning so he won't be doing any review with me at. all. i made him a review sheet and everything. now i'm mad. i could have made other plans for this afternoon, but no, i was tutoring. feh. and i was looking forward to the money, too
tyg, if you don't think you would get a good reference from your boss at the restaurant anyway, just quit, and do yourself a favor. Later, when you get another waiting job, and you don't want them to call, just say you needed to leave the position because of family issues...that one always works. You can even give that excuse while you quit.

Pride is this weekend in Chicago too...its a big deal here, and fun, but I always feel soooo frumpy next to all the pretty pretty boys!

I think I grow my hair long-ish, just so I can cut it off. That sounds about right. I *love* a good dramatic haircut...and my stylist is gonna have fun this time!
I am going with MrK to Virginia. His aunt and uncle have some land there & the whole fam gets together about once a year there. It is lovely, it's in the mountains. We eat, sit around, play badmitton, drink beer....We are taking our dog this year too.

diva, those planters sound beautiful! I envy your talents.

Moxie, how's the bebe??

OOOoooh!!! I saw the flying steak/abortion banner, too!! It flew by as I was standing in the republican's office. I immediately changed the subject because I didn't feel like getting into it with him.

I think the problem might be that mrFJ's sperm is just too potent for the average female womb. Only someone like Wonder Woman could handle his super-juice.

Water rides and tequila!!! Now that sounds like fun!!

I despise powerpoint. It's such a waste of time.

Ugh, I know what you mean about that medium-length/pre-ponytail stage, turbo. I suffered through that stage for a while and now I can finally wear a ponytail that isn't stubby and doesn't leave me with a headache.
This thread is fun today!

My hair is getting loooong again and could really use a trim. I should just go to the Aveda Institute later on this week since all it needs are to have the layers defined and chop off the yucky ends. It doesn't look bad, but it's been 7 months since I've had anything done to it.

FJ, Pride is this coming weekend. We always have it as close to the anniversary of Stonewall as possible. I think the largest Prides in the country are all this weekend (NYC, San Fran, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis). So that means that I've got about 5 more days to prepare, less when you figure in time working and sleeping. I wish I had enough time saved up to take the week off, but I'll have to make due.

Tyger, that sucks about your tutoree. You should still charge him for his lack of notice of cancellation. He sounds like a jackass.

Minx, I think it's so funny that they try to scare you out of having an abortion with pictures of fetuses and ugly kids. I swear, if my decision depended on those pictures, I'd probably abort.

I wanna tell Katie Holmes' baby that it's an alien. Hehe.

I'm going to see if I can fanagle a bunch of peeps together to see a drag show. I miss it a lot lately, and I haven't been to the good drag show in years. I used to be all about that stuff, too.

you mentioned sperm with lasers and now all I can think of is Dr. Evil from Austin Powers saying:

tell me those aren't sperm with lasers!!

My hair is --- gonna be bossed around by nobody and nothing.

Midwestern bush woman **Bwahhahaha!** turbo -- that just about covers it.

I get it cut so that it can look like I am a professional who can afford a hairdresser, and he does silly topiary stuff while still keeping it no shorter than chin length.

Cause I don't think that white woman 'fro look is going to come back any time soon.
Heheheh...I just walked by the 8th Street Grill and they had a sign with a big, bloody steak on it. I couldn't help but snicker.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh....I feel crusty today. I don't feel like talking to my boss, but I just know that she's gonna wanna sit down with me again. Grrrr...

My friend accused me of being in love with the resident boy on friday. She's the friend that the resident boy and I have in common. She said I talked about him too much. What can I say? It was nice to be able to talk about the boy with someone who knows him and understands his quirks.
this thread is on FIRE today. i leave for a few hours and WHAM we are already into an archive already. there is talk of everything from hair length to mr falljackets masturbation frequency. i cant handle it!!!!!
anyway, I did it, i told my boss and everything was cool. thanks for the vibes girls. its sad bc i love alot of the people here but you gotta do what you gotta do.

i wanna comment more but i am still catching up!
Oh hey, ya'll, just wanted to let you know that my momma's home! She hassled her way out of the hospital today, even though she has to go back for the next 5 days to get more IV antibiotics so they can treat the brain infection they think she might have, but probably doesn't. She sounded great when I talked to her, and she just called me back to let me know that HGTV just did a show on how my 'hood is the new hotness. Bastards...I did not ask them to tell people about how great our neighborhood is...its our little secret!

Just went to see a movie with my pal. We saw "Friends with Money". It was kind of...suck.

You guys were on a rampage today! Yowza!

Hey, Turbo - my friends used to live right across the street from you. Did I tell you that? We went to your beach all the time. So your 'hood is the new hotness? Watch out! Here comes Starbucks!

So - this guy on MySpace messages me that he wants to chat. I check out his profile and he seems really cool. So I message him back, and he replies, "Yo babe - glad ya holla back. I'm just bugs on yo profile...", etc. WTF??? His profile says he's a 35-year-old grad student!

My hair is a trainwreck. I got it cut short in March, and now it's grown out all messy. One girl the other night said, "You're so beautiful, but your hair looks like shit! Can I give you a makeover?"

OK - see you guys tomorrow. Holla back, yo!
Hi all...I tried not to make this a drive-by, but I read, like, the last dozen posts and I'm exhausted! So please everyone forgive me...

turbo, I'm glad your mama's out of the hospital. I'm sorry your 'hood is now going to be invaded by 'hood-seekers.

tyger...what turbo said about quitting the job and the whole reference thing. And I think you should dye your hair flaming ginger. It's still a "natural" colour - nobody said your hair had to be YOUR natural colour, right?

The FJs' and their sperm talk is totally oogy.

Hi also to PK, diva, poodley-noodley, karianne, moxie, katie, marileen, whammy, miz goof, and...oh lordessa, who have I forgotten? Sorry!

The hair convo...gee, we talk about hair a lot! :-) I get mine cut every six weeks. I even take my daytimer with me to the stylist so I can plan the next appointment. Plus my stylist and I have an arrangement that as long as I maintain my promise never to cut my own bangs again, she will trim them, no charge, in between cuts. (Though I always give her a tip.)

I have serious hair vanity. It's, like, my one true vanity.
Turbo, I am so glad for you and your family that moms is out of the hospital. That stuff is so scary and stressful.

Poods, it sounds like you are feeling better these days as well. Way cool.

PK, don't let veneer like GRAD STUDENT thwart you in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, high education does not equal higher intellectual or emotional intelligence. The majority of boys out there are Peter Pans, waiting for their fucking Blue Faery.

And yes, I am in a bad mood about boys. :-(

I started going through the last closet and realized why I had put it off for so long--I did all of the other ones within a half a day--the last one had THE BOXES OF WOE. You know, the crap you stow away from relationships of yore. I don't know if anyone else does this shit, but I used to.

Most of it was kind of strange and icky to look at, but when I went through the stuff from my ex-fiance I just lost it. Not that I needed to get locked up somewheres nice and safe, but it was PAINFUL. It was a truely dysfunctional relationship in most senses of the word, but in the same turn he was a wonderful human. Very romantic, handsome, HUGE (he was 6'6" and equally burly). I don't want to perseverate, but the sadness washed over me last night and I am having a hard time processing it. The disappointment, the betrayal, the fucking wedding dress pictures (he cancelled the wedding about 3 months before it was supposed to go down), it was really wild.

We are both good people, we just didn't know how to heal ourselves. You know, I was at his parents' house this spring and saw pictures of him and his wife and son and it felt like an out-of-body experience. I am truely happy for him. He looks really contented. I think that, perhaps, it is the residual shame that is coloring my current mood.

And I miss the Minxlette. Her donor has her for an entire week, and instead of getting to enjoy the beginning of my summer, I have to pack up this glorious house and deal with this kinda shit. BAH!

I can be by myself--I am most of the time, or with the is those in-between hours when I wish I had a partner that sting.

Ah well...
Good morning foofy-foofies!!!

Yay for turboma!!! Vibes work!!!

(((minx))) I'm always in a bad mood about boys. What are you doing with a box of woe??? I don't keep that stuff 'cept for a few items that I view more as divorce settlement items, like my formica table and glittery red chairs. I scored big time in that situation.

Hahahaha!!! That's so funny about the hollaback dude, PK!! Maybe he was being facetious.

Last night was fun. Diva and I worked on crafts and she allowed me to eat after I finished my frame. We went to Psycho Suzi's and got a little tipsy on tiki. We also decided that we're gonna start a band that does death metal covers of pop songs like Dancing Queen.

Good things about today:
1. It's not Monday
2. My Grateful Dead LP arrived yesterday
3. I bought this super colorful psychedelic area rug and I'm diggin' it so far. My cats seem to like it, too
4. I have sandwich leftovers from last night
Minxy, I am so sorry that cleaning out your clesets brought up some tough stuff for you....but I agree with the uber-wise poodle, and it is time to literally get rid of that old baggage - maybe cleaning all of that stuff away and not carrying it with you into your new home will bring some new energy into your life so that your perfect partner can emerge!

Poods, I'd love to see your death metal cover of dancing queen!

Good Things Tuesday:
1. I just applied for another great job, for which I am eminently qualified.
2. Moxie is coming in for my birfday this weekend and bringing the wonderful moxieman and I get to meet moxette!! Wheeee! What more could a gril ask, really?
3. I am anticipating a fresh new short haircut on Thursday!
4. Solstice celebration tomorrow
5. Its my birthday on friday!!!

That's a mighty good list there, I think. :-)
Ok, I think I can compete for good things...

1. Its GORGEOUS outside, just perfect weather. The sun is shining into my office window, and the fountains at Tiger Stadium are "practicing" with music. Sigh.
2. I get to go see turbo this weekend! And when i say that, i mean turbodog :-) ( I'm gonna get to see turbojenn...she's stealing my kid!)
3. Our other college roomate and her hubby are meeting us there, too.
4. I am seeing a new thearapist for the first time today. I'm really ready to work this time, so i'm actually excited.
5. Uber productive morning already. Yeah!
((minx)) I'm sorry you had to relive the pain. Did you toss the stuff out? I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have the engagement cut off, especially so close to the wedding.

PK, the message that dude sent you is ridiculous! WTF is wrong with people???

Poodle, that was nice of diva to let you eat! hee hee. What does your picture frame look like?

Jenn, yay! For you mom getting to go home!! I am sure she is much more comfortable. I really hope her health woes stop ASAP.

Hi doodle! How's it goin'? I am with you on the hair vanity. It is the one aspect of myself I pay regularly to be treated. I used to have to go every 6 weeks, but since I am growing it out, it's much less frequent. Which is very good for the wallet.

I'm pretty good today, I went to bed early.

Good Things:
1. I second Poodle-it's not Monday anymore
2. I spent my target amount on groceries last night-half of what I spent last week!
3. I did a hard workout yesterday
4. I am going out to dinner tonight for a friend's birthday.

Serious, Minx.

I threw out old journals and a lot of other old letters and papers and the like. Kept a few that were in really good shape and about relevant things like when I first started art school.

Some brought bad memories but others reminded me how strong and smart I am and always was. I mean, a little conceit of the healthy kind is good.

And I threw them out, threw out any irrelevant past and it felt good.

I think I was saving "evidence" for a "trial" which there isn't going to be.

so -- I dunno, after I threw that stuff out I dreamed a little cat came and coaxed me away from my mom's morbid collected stuff. And she even came back to check on me as I was saying goodbye to it to make sure I didn't get pulled back in, and nuzzled me a little. Sweet.

So if it causes you doubt throw it out!!

I threw a silly self portrait painting into a giant dumpster emptying truck like it was a big square canvas and oil frisbee. Fun.

So far, no regrets. Much lightening and freedom of spirit.
Hi, peeps!

(((((Minx))))) I think most of us have those boxes. But wow, an engagement cut off right before the wedding? That's gotta hurt. I think of the residual stuff as divorce settlement, too. So far, I've gotten a coffee thermos, VHS of The Wall, and that's probably it. The only LTR I've really had (at least worth mentioning) is the giant.

Hooray for Turbomama going home!

PK, that is weird. Are you going to respond to him after that? It's one thing to talk like that, but to write that way? No.

Yeah, Poodle and I are going to have a death metal band that does pop songs, jazz standards, and disco. Yup. That's us.

I think those tiki drinks from last night are still kicking my ass. I've got the most sour stomach ever, even almost called in sick but since I'm taking Friday and probably Thursday off, I figured that it would be bad of me to do. I got tipsy enough (off 2 lousy drinks!) that the giant had to drive us home. And I'm still squicked out by that beetle that settled on my foot. Ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!! I hate things with exoskeletons, especially bugs! But we did get some good work done.

Hi, Moxie, Karianne, Doodle, and anyone I cross-posted with!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) the forecast for the weekend is gorgeous
2) I didn't get caught in the rain on the way to work, although the sky is threatening
3) brother's birfday - I should call him or something
4) new monitor for my computer at work - it's HUGE!
5) darn good HBI from the giant last night
6) my uncle had his kidney removed and the surgery went well, but there's a 13 cm spot on his pelvis that's cancerous, which is causing a much worse problem. He's going to start chemo/radiation really soon. His chance of recovery is 30%, if not, he's going to have a really yucky last 2-5 years of his life. (okay, most of that wasn't such a Good Thing)

((MINX))Just this weekend I found a box of old cards, mostly from my first wedding and a few "romantic" cards the ex had given me. I was like, why are these taking up space in my life now? Pitched em. I even ran into some love letters from a guy I loved in high school. It was sad actually to read how much this guy loved me and wanted me to stay in Washington and be with him, but he also told me to follow my heart and be happy and I follwed it back to Oklahoma and the exasshat.

I'm so jealous of Bustie meetings! The only Bustie I have ever met was Rose Violet...and she and I were family, so that doesn't really count.
hi okays!

i hate throwing things away. but i've already purged almost everything that had to do with the asshat. i finally tossed a picture of the two of us at a fair. the only reason i'd kept it is because i was holding a BABY WHITE TIGER in the picture. but he looked AWFUL in it and it made me sad to look at it. now that i think of it, DID I throw it out? if not, i will do so, next time i run across that scrapbook my mom gave me. i got rid of the wedding and prom pics he was in already. i think i have a trunk of things still at my friend G's house. she's the one that let me move in with her when i left the assface. i know she's got a ton of stuffed animals and my barbies still in her garage. i should really go and get them from her. hey, mrfj, if you're reading this: ask G if we can come pick that stuff up anytime soon...

my bigger problem is throwing away clothes. i'm still pretty much the same size as i was in college and i've got a lot of clothes that i just need to toss. i keep thinking i'll have the opportunity to wear them though. like, just when i throw the old brown overalls away, i'll need them for something. hee. eh. i have been making an effort to toss clothes in the goodwill bag every time i buy some. so that's something. but the stupid goodwill bag is full and in the closet and needs to be taken out!!!

i have a physical therapy appointment today and my back is already hurting pretty badly. i haven't been doing the exercises as often as they told me to, but i'm trying. i'm just going to be honest with them and tell them that i understand that my healing will be a direct correlation to my determination. i've just got to get back into the habit of moving! i've done my program about 6 times in the 7 days since my last appointment. i should have done it about 14. but i HURT!!

good things:
1. i have leftover chinese food in the fridge waiting to be warmed for lunch.
2. i have been somewhat productive today at work.
3. my fridge at home is filled with happy vegetables and fresh yummy foods (and i even went with convenient cut up veggies and meats so i can cook faster after a hard day)
4. mrfj just called and he had a great meeting with his boss just now and is feeling better about his job. (he's so good at his job, but when the numbers aren't there to support him he gets down on himself and doubts his capabilities)
5. tomorrow is first day of summer! yay for solstice! isn't that supposed to somehow correlate to fertility?? (sorry, i have a one track mind sometimes...)
Blah...I was trapped in my boss' office for 2 hours this morning. It was helpful though, so I guess I can't complain.

I'm slipping back into unhealthy resident boy thoughts and it's pissing me off. It's so hard not to indulge. I don't know if it's the chemical mess going on in my head or genuine feelings that could be considered "love." He irritates me so much sometimes, but then he does nice little things for me. This weekend, he actually gave me a genuine "thank you," and acknowledged that I know what I'm talking about a lot of the time. I dunno, I'm not looking forward to him leaving. Gawd...I hate boys.


Hi FJ!!!

I go through fits of throwing shit out and I see it as a good thing. Every so often, I'll wonder what happened to something, but most of the stuff I can't even remember.
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